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Yuletide Spirits

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Yuletide Spirits 


The sun was barely cresting the horizon as the city was only just coming to life amidst the chilly morning air. At this very time, in an apartment complex, were two males still sound asleep in bed as the clock read 6:00. The taller of the two, a well-endowed black panther, was the first to arise from his slumber as his eyes slowly blinked as he looked at the time on the table on his side of the bed and let out a low yawn before smacking his lips as he turned his head over to face his partner, a dark brown Doberman, still sleeping soundly on the red sheets of their bed. The feline gave a soft, tired smile at the sight of his beloved looking so peacefully asleep that he felt it criminal to even think about disturbing his partner’s rest. So, as quietly as he could muster, he slowly pulled himself off the bed and softly walked towards the bedroom door, making sure that it wouldn’t squeak as he made his way to the bathroom. 


Upon reaching his destination, he made his way into the shower as a means of getting himself more awoken, but also as he felt the morning chill spreading across his fur, this was a typical means for him to start the day. It was about half-an-hour as he came out of the bathroom to hear the sound of his canine partner yawning from afar in the bedroom. The Doberman slowly opened his eyes and noticed that the bed was missing someone in it. He looked towards the door for his answer as he noticed his feline partner standing outside looking perfectly awake. 


Panther: Well, it appears my sleeping beauty has finally awoken from his slumber. I saw how peaceful you looked earlier and didn’t want to disturb you in your time of rest.
Blitz: Vell, good to know zat mein Prince Charming knows how to take care of me. Now ‘zen, I believe it is my turn to use ‘ze shower.

Panther: Although, a bit of a pity, nothing is saying I can’t do another .

Blitz: [ chuckles ] At that rate, ‘ve ‘vould be in ‘ze bathroom for half ‘ze day.

Panther: Haha,, I’ll let you have your time in privacy to get ready while I set up breakfast for the two of us [ gives his canine lover a boop on the nose before scurrying off to the kitchen, leaving Blitz to lightly chuckle in flustered delight at his partner’s action before heading off into the bathroom and closing the door ]


It was eight o’clock by the time the two had finished their breakfast and were now sitting in the living room casually drinking their coffee while sitting on the sofa. Judging by the looks of things, the two of them had gotten into the Christmas season with how the apartment had decked out with lights on the top of the walls, mistletoe hanging from several places on the ceiling, and a large tree decorated with all sorts of ornaments, lights, and tinsel. 


Blitz: [ sighs ] It’s so lovely to be able to spend the holidays with you this year. You really know how to spruce things up around here.

Panther: Weeeeeell, I wanted this Christmas to be special for the both of us, which is why I’m glad to have gotten creative input from you. [ boops the dark brown canine’s nose with the tip of his finger ]

Blitz: [ blushes slightly ] Ooooooooh, stooooop...but really, don’t, hehe…

Panther: Oooooooh, does my boo like that? [ leans forward with a cheeky grin ] Well, I’m sure he’ll like this


Just as Panther was about to plant a kiss on Blitz’s lips with the two of them quietly snickering to one another, there was a knock heard at the door, followed by several more to the point where it sounded like it was coming from a woodpecker. Reluctantly, Panther eased off of Blitz and proceeded towards the door.


Panther: Coming, coming! Don’t break it down! [ opens the door to find no one there ] Mmm?

?: Tee-hee, down here, kitty! 

Panther: [ looks down in surprise to see the familiar face of Charlotte staring up at him with her usual cheerful smile ] I say, what brings you here?

Blitz: [ as he sidles up alongside Panther ] Is that-

Charlotte: Oh, I’m just delivering the mail to all the cast members for the Christmas party we’re having at the studio! I happen to have an invitation addressed to you…[ tosses one letter to Panther ]...and you! [ tosses one letter to Blitz ] I can hardly wait for it, and I’m sure you won’t be able to either! Tee-hee! Well, I better be off, got all these pretty letters to deliver, this one even smells like peppermint! Yippie! [ scampers off with the rest of the mail in tow of a little wagon

Panther: [ looks down at the letter curiously ] Well...that was...interesting…

Blitz: [ looks down at his with a smile ] You know, I wouldn’t mind heading down to the party myself, it even says that the people closest to you who aren’t castmates can come as well. 

Panther: Is that right...well, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a few familiar faces in that regard, won’t we? [ lightly nudges the Doberman ] You know, it’s been a while since we’ve had the time to recount with old friends, I’m especially looking forward to seeing my crewmates, heh, you’d hardly believe it, but despite their status, I’ve seen a bit of festive spirit slip into them as of late. 

Blitz: I imagine you must have had a role in that, given your... festive personality ~

Panther: Hehe, weeeeeeell, I was one in playing a role in getting the two of them to show a little more enthusiasm around this time of year. Although, I’ve yet to suggest the idea of Wolf growing a beard and wearing red. 

Blitz: OHOHOHO, you know he’d never dare! 

Panther: Hehehe, I know, but to be fair, I think he’d make a fine Santa Claus, just needs to put on more of a jolly smile is all. 

Blitz: OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO, oooooooooh, Mein Gott, I haven’t laughed this hard in ages! 

Panther: Hmmm, hearing your laughter is like hearing the jingle of bells, such a mellow and... graceful tune~

Blitz: Oooooooh, you really know how to flatter me, mein liebling~

Panther: Well, it’s because I can’t resist the temptation, mi amor~ Just like how I can’t resist you ~ [ trails several kisses down the canine’s neck

Blitz: Hehehe, steady on ‘zere, tiger. ‘Ve don’t ‘vant to be late now. 

Panther: Ah, yes, of course. Come along now, my dear, the party awaits. 


The jungle feline and the German canine retrieved their coats from the closet, zipped up, and headed out of their apartment and into the snowy city. By the time they had arrived at the studio, several of the guests had already arrived before them. As anyone could, there was a lot of commotion going on; boxes of decorations and lights being put down, tables being set, and in the middle of the room was a familiar-looking CIT looking down at a clipboard. 


Courtney: Okay, we need to do this, do this, do this, do-LINDSAY! The tinsel’s supposed to be going on the tree, not on you! 

Lindsay: [ with strings of tinsel wrapped all around her ] Ooooh, so that’s what this is for. I thought it was a fuzzy scarf. 

Izzy: [ grabs onto the end of the tinsel ] Oh, I can help with that! [ pulls hard on the tinsel to pull it off Lindsay which sends her spinning like a top into Gwen who is setting up one of the tables

Lindsay: OOF!
Gwen: GAH!  

Lindsay: Oops! Sorry about that!

Gwen: Lindsay, mind getting off my back? 

Heather: [ teasingly as she’s tending to another table ] Awww, isn’t that just sweet? All that’s missing is a little mistletoe. 

Gwen: Yeah, very funny, Heather…

Izzy: [ appears behind Heather while holding a piece of mistletoe above her head ] Did I hear someone say mistletoe ?!

Heather: [ looks above to see the mistletoe and Izzy standing rather close to her ] Don’t you dare think about it! [ notices Izzy getting closer and awkwardly steps back...before descending into an all-out run ] AAAH, I mean it! 


Gwen and Lindsay chuckled at the sight of Heather trying to escape a very cheeky Izzy while Courtney watched from not too far away with a bemused eye roll. She then turned to see Blitz and Panther approaching and her face lit up. 


Courtney: Oh, you two! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Panther: Indeed it has, I take it you’re in charge of the operations around here?

Courtney: Well, a party needs someone to make sure that everything goes according to plan, so far, we’ve made progress on getting the decorations out and the tables set up.

Top Cat: [ as he sets down a box of lights ] Don’t worry, she hasn’t gone all Ebenezer Scrooge on us yet. 

Hokey: Hohohoho, nice one! 

Courtney: [ gives an unamused scowl as Top Cat and Hokey chuckle at the former’s jest before turning back to the couple ] As I was saying, we’re just waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive, as well as needing the food to be prepared, and of course we need to find the tree to set up. 

Blitz: Hmm, looks like you’ve thought of everything, haven’t you?

Courtney: A good party planner is always organized. 

Hokey: Speakin’ a’ which, who’s gettin’ the tree for the party?

Courtney: Oh, well, I was thinking of dividing the guest list into groups; one group will be heading out to the forest to collect the tree, another group will be staying here to put up the rest of the decorations around the room, another group will be in the kitchen preparing the food, while the last group will be making sure Charlotte hasn’t gotten into any trouble with the mail…[ pulls out a device ]...I have her contacts on the tracking device I gave her to make sure I could navigate just what she’s up to, knowing her and her antics…[ looks down at the device ]...what is she doing at the pond? 

Yogi: [ screeches to a stop before the human girl ] If my ears deceive me, I was hearin’ somethin’ about you needin’ assistance with the food for the party? 

Courtney: Well, yes, but I’m rather apprehensive about letting you near the kitchen before the party starts. I know what your appetite is like and it gives me suspicion. 

Yogi: Aaaah, you don’t need to worry about that, this bear can keep down his stomach for a little bit if it means getting the goodies later, yum-yum-yum. 

Cindy: Ahem, if it’s no trouble to you, I’ll help in makin’ sure Yogi keeps his fingers out of any pies not ready.

Boo Boo: And me, Miss Courtney. 

Yogi: Aaaaaah, you’re all not suggestin’ I’d be takin’ more than a few samples, are you?

Boo Boo: To be fair, Yogi, you’re not one for letting your gluttony get the better of you. After all, need I remind you of the...coughpicnicbasketscough. 

Yogi: Ah, well, those are know…

Cindy: You can eat after everything has been prepared, we need the others to have food too, ya’ know, Yogi dear. 

Yogi: I...well...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…[ crosses his arms and gives a pout ]

Courtney: [ with a content grin ] Well, I can see we’ve got the situation under control in the cattery department. Now then, let’s see here, I’ll need a group of volunteers in fetching the Christmas tree, preferably our strongest members of the fleet. Mmmmmm…

[ scene cuts to a corner of the room where Buster and Tramp are seen chatting, the latter being decked out in a rather feminine attire of a dress in red and green

Buster: Ya’ know, I didn’t think this Christmas could get any better, but here you be lookin’ all festive and gorgeous in that dress of yours. 

Tramp: Oooohh, you. I wanted to spruce up things a little this Christmas, especially given how it’s the first one we’ve spent together in ages and how I wanted it to make it special for you

Buster: Hehehe, I gotta say, I love the way the dress looks on you. Red and green, almost reminds you of somethin’, doesn’t it?

Tramp: Weeeeeeell, I would say it’s the colors of the Christmas season, but I think you have something else in mind.

Buster: [ as he pushes Tramp underneath a hanging mistletoe ] Oh, what could be giving you that assumption? 

Tramp: Well, you seem pretty eager in backing me up to I to expect a present of sorts...?

Buster: [ as he gets Tramp in the right spot ] How’s this for a present? 


The Rotterman meshed his lips together with the Schnauzer under the mistletoe as the grey-furred canine gave a muffled sound of surprise and pleasure. As the two of them continued to kiss, not too far away on a few chairs was the trio of Balto, Steele, and Rufus, watching the couple with bemusement. 


Steele: Heh, that Buster knows how to get sappy when he feels. 

Balto: Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure that he’s the only one who can get “sappy”. After all, you can be a real softie when you want to.

Steele: Pfft, me, soft? Maybe in this right here [ pounds on his chest ], but demeanor, no way. 

Rufus: Really? So you can handle this? [ brushes his tail on the malamute’s nose which causes him to stifle a chuckle ]

Steele: Hehehe, hey, knock it off! 

Rufus: Awwww, why? You seem to be enjoying yourself.

Steele: Mrmph, you know, I could take both of them tails of yours if I wanted to.

Balto: In public, oh, now that’s something I’m sure you’d do.

Steele: I mean, as long as you’re offering~

Balto: [ blushes ] O-Oh, I didn’t mean it literally.

Steele: You still want it though, I can tell by the look in your eye~ 

Balto: [ splutters ] Now, stop that! 


Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Huckleberry Hound and Snagglepuss were preparing the food for the party, with dishes being set on the counter as they went about their work, though it was fair to say that the kitchen was going to need a good cleaning by the time the party was over. 


Snagglepuss: Heavens to Murgatroyd, if there’s anythin’ that gets me into the Christmas season, it’s cookin’ along with my turtle dove. 

Huckleberry: Hehe, I feel the same way, Snag, I like that we got the job of preparin’ the feast for the party. The only thang to watch out fer is you know who sneakin’ in here for a few “samples”. 

Snagglepuss: Ain’t it the truth, no disrespect to that Yogi Bear, but his stomach does more of the thinkin’ than his head. 

Yogi: [ off-screen ] I heard that! [ on-screen, standing just outside of the kitchen ] C’mon, fellas, lend a hand to an old friend. A few cookies aren’t gonna hurt, anyone. 

Snagglepuss: Sorry, Yogi, but you know we can’t do that, we know how you get when you say a “few” because it then turns to “some”, and then it turns to “many”, and then it turns to an empty plate. 

Huckleberry: He’s right, Yogi, we need to have everythin’ ready before all guests arrive. 

Yogi: But...I...cookies…[ tries to reach the plate of Christmas cookies, but is then grabbed by Cindy ]

Cindy: Uh-bup-bup, not so fast. You’re savin’ the food till after everyone has arrived and everything is ready. In the meantime, I have just the thing to keep you occupied. 

Yogi: It wouldn’t happen to be a picnic basket, would it? 

Cindy: Oh, I think you’ll like this more than a picnic basket, but you’ll have to close your eyes, sug’.

Yogi: [ closes his eyes expectantly ] I’mma holdin’ out for you, Cindy. Bring me the goodies...huh, this is feelin’ a little light…[ opens his eyes and his face drops ]...but...this is just a dry cracker…

Cindy: Perfect to hold you down until later, Yogi dear. 

Yogi: But, I-

Cindy: -am going to wait till everything is ready. After all, isn’t there a tradition about folks who’ve been naughty don’t get presents? You wouldn’t want that, now would you?

Yogi: [ looks down at the cracker dejectedly ] Hooooooo…

Boo Boo: [ takes the taller bear by the hand ] C’mon, Yogi, let’s find something else to keep you occupied.

Yogi: [ as the smaller bear escorts him out of the kitchen ] I swear, someone up there’s messing with this bear…


Meanwhile, Hokey and Loopy were on a mission to find Charlotte. Courtney had given the two wolves the tracking device to find the little blue girl and were making their way towards the pond. As they were walking along, Loopy looked over at the tan furred lupine and couldn’t suppress letting out a sigh, which didn’t go unnoticed by Hokey. 


Hokey: Somethin’ on your mind, Loops? 

Loopy: Huh...oh, I was just thinking, is all…

Hokey: What were ya’ thinking about? If I was gonna kiss you under the mistletoe?~

Loopy: [ blushes ] Oh! Well, it would be nice, mon amour~ But, what I was thinking is, well...I couldn’t help but feel...all warm inside with how grateful I am for the gift that you’ve given me.

Hokey: Oooh, and what gift would that be sweetcheeks?~ 

Loopy: Well, it would be you and your kindness that...really no one else has shown me before...especially given my...past misfortunes…

Hokey: Aww, baby, you’re not gonna let those thoughts cloud ya’ head, are you? Especially around this time? 

Loopy: Well, I’ve gotten better at it, but the way you’ve treated me like no other puts into perspective as to how much I was longing for that tenderness of someone recognizing me as more ‘zan just ‘ze big bad wolf...I just wish that it could have happened sooner…

Hokey: [ puts a hand on the brown-furred lupine’s shoulder ] Hey...don’t worry, I’m here for you, sweetheart, and don’t think I’m not gonna teach anyone who messes with this beauty a lesson or two. You’ve been nothin’ but kind and courteous throughout the entirety that I’ve known you, and if those people in the past didn’t see that, well then they’re a bunch a’ absolute morons. Me, on the other hand, I feel honored to have you as a partner, aaaaand, how could anyone be disrespectful to them soft lips a’ yours…~

Loopy: Oh, mon ché really know how to get me in mon point faible~ 

Hokey: Weeeeeeell, you know me, I love to spoil my beauté lupin~ Now, come here and gimme some sugar~ 


Hokey gently pulled on Loopy’s scarf as the French Canadian lupine’s muzzle edged closer to his and their lips made contact with one another. As they were distracted in each other’s kisses, they didn’t notice just how close to the pond they actually were as the familiar sound of childish giggling was heard not too far away. The two wolves slowly opened their eyes to see Charlotte ice skating with a whole group of people skating in a line on the pond. She was in between a rotund black cat who was holding onto a more slender orange tomcat while behind the small blue girl was another girl who was taller, wore a dark green coat and circular glasses, and in contrast to the other more sunny faces, had a rather plain look on her face, accompanied by another girl who was slightly taller than her and wore a dark red coat, but had a similar expression on her face like the girl in front of her. 

Charlotte: Wheeeeeeee! This is fun! 

Daria: Because the last twenty times you said wasn’t evident enough. 

Jane: My guess is that she’s only got one setting; endless joy. Essentially, the anti-me. 

Scat: Awwww, c’mon back there, cool cats. Where’s yo’ festive spirit? 

Daria: In my stocking over the fireplace. 

Thomas: Mmm, you’re cold as ice, aren’t you? 

Jane: You were just waiting to make that pun, weren’t you? 

Thomas: Maaaaaybe…

Loopy: Charlotte, te voilà!

Hokey: I see someone got a little sidetracked. 

Charlotte: Oh! Hi, Hokey! Hi, Loopy! I’m ice skating!

Hokey: Well, we can see that, my dear, but more importantly, we’ve come to pick you up, the party’ll be startin’ soon enough. 

Scat: Hehehe, this lil girl was talkin’ about some party you lot were havin’. Told us she was carryin’ letters to tell everyone about it. 

Charlotte: Oooooh, how about we invite them to the party?! It would be so much fun! 

Loopy: Well...didn’t ‘ze invitations say that along with castmates, you could invite someone close to you? 

Hokey: Ya’ know, I think they, it’d be the least we could do for you guys keepin’ an eye on this one right here. 

Thomas: Well, hopin’ there’s mistletoe and holly, got me a few presents I wanna give to a certain someone. 

Scat: [ wraps his arm around the orange feline’s waist ] You know I’mma beat you to it, O’Malley.

Thomas: Mmmm, is that a challenge, mon amie?

Scat: Ain’t much of a challenge since I know I’mma win. [ clicks his tongue ]  

Thomas: Hmmm, cheeky~

Scat: Only fo’ you, boo~ about you ladies? 

Daria: Yeah, parties aren’t my thing.

Charlotte: Awwww, don’t worry, it’ll be lots of fun, I know it! There’s gonna be tree trimming, cookies, carols, who wouldn’t wanna go?!

Jane: Someone who would rather sleep till the new year. 

Hokey: Aaaaah, don’t be like that, I’m sure you can put aside that cynicism for at least a little while, especially at Christmas.

Daria: I…[ looks at all the hopeful expressions on the others’ faces ]…[notices Jane making a similar expression]...why are you looking at me like that?

Jane: I dunno, I just felt like teasing you.  

Daria: You’re sadistic, you know that?

Jane: I take it with stride. 

Daria: [ sighs ] Fine, you’ve got me. I suppose it can’t be the worst thing imaginable, but anyone pulls me under the mistletoe and I’ll be taking my leave.

Charlotte: Yippie! [ hugs Daria tightly ] This is gonna be the best Christmas party ever! 

Daria: The chances of that are debatable unless you release me.  


The troop of Hokey, Loopy, Charlotte, Daria, Jane, Thomas, and Scat all headed in the direction back to the studio. As they entered, Courtney was pacing about with her clipboard as she examined the rest of the list once, and then twice. So far, the decorations had been strung across the room, the food was being set on the table, the guests had all arrived, along with a few more than expected, all that was left was for the tree to be set up.


Jane: So, how would you say the party’s to your liking?

Daria: I suppose it isn’t the worst thing imaginable. At least there’s no sight of Kevin and Brittany making out under the mistletoe. 

Jane: You’d think they were standing underneath it all the time...well, whenever Kevin hasn’t said anything moronic.

Daria: The day Kevin says something smart is the day I become the queen of England. 

Jane: Hmm, ditto. 

Courtney: Okay, now that the guest list is in order, all we have to worry about is the tree being set up...if it ever gets here. Oooooooh, where are they? 


At that moment, there was a banging at the door, accompanied by the whistling wind outside. Courtney raised a brow as she headed towards the main entrance. Upon opening the door was Wolf hanging down from a ladder along with Fox, Sierra, Eva, Jo, and Jinks with a large helicopter hovering overhead, the pilot to the aircraft being none other than Carmen Sandiego.


Courtney: There you all are! Didn’t expect the entrance, but I suppose everything will be fine as soon as we get the tree did manage to find the tree, didn’t you? 

Wolf: Well, we did actually, and there’s a funny story behi-

Courtney: You can give me all the details once the tree’s been set up, for now, let’s bring it in here, and quickly, please. The wind’s getting fierce. 


As soon as Carmen landed the helicopter in a safe location, the tall pine tree was lifted into the studio and with the help of many of the guests in the room, it was soon set up and ready for decoration. 


Courtney: [ sighs contentedly ] That’s better, now that we’ve got the tree up, it’ll soon be time to decorate it, that means everything on the list has been checked! Now then, what was that about the story behind this?

Wolf: Well, to say this was an easy job would be an overestimate as it turns out, many pine trees can suck in the shape department. Too thin, too tall, too crooked, too puny, plus, given your...specific tastes in wanting perfection, we had to search around the forest for hours in deciding between ourselves which tree was the best...and at times things got a little...messy. 

Fox: For example, this one right here threw a snowball at my back because of my opinion on this one tree.

Wolf: It was merely me screwing with ya’, but to be fair, that tree kinda sucked ass. 

Fox: Not from my perspective. 

Eva: Actually, it did kinda suck ass. It was too puny. 

Fox: I just wanted to take height measurement into account…

Jo: That’s exactly what I was doing, and my tree would have been perfect! 

Jinks: Like, uh, that tree of yours was too tall, none of us could have carried it for that long.

Jo: Nonsense, I could have carried that tree all the way up to the North Pole and back. Especially considering I’ve got the strength for it.

Jinks: [ muttering ] Considering you chucked a snowball at my chest, I’d say you do…

Wolf: Though, as ironic as it is, Sierra was the one who managed to find us a tree.

Sierra: Oh, yes! It was at the top of a hill and I could have sworn I heard it speaking to me! 

Eva: Um, wha-

Sierra: Shhh! 

Eva: Did you just shush me?

Sierra: Anyways, I rushed over to the tree and began work like a beaver in chopping it down...that I kinda forgot the tree was on a hill...and when it fell down it kinda rolled down the hill and nearly fell into a ravine…

Eva: It was only just tipping on the edge, which made it even more of a struggle to keep it from falling off.

Wolf: But, as luck would have it, we got help from an unexpected source...well, as unexpected as you could see it as.

Carmen: Indeed, I had gotten the invitation to the party and was making my way by air when I was passing through the forest and saw them struggling to keep the tree up. Of course, I couldn’t leave a former teammate and his little gang down there, so I decided to surprise them by winching the tree up into my cargo hold. I also figured that given the season I could spare a bit of space for a few passengers. 

Jinks: And like, what a relief that was, cuz right now, this cat’s cravin’ some hot chocolate. [ rubs his paws together for warmth as he heads off for one of the tables

Courtney: Well, I congratulate you for getting everyone here, Carmen, now come along everyone, I want us all by the tree in five! [ walks off to get the tree trimming ready

Ella: Oh, Eva! Come and warm yourself with a nice mug of hot cocoa. 

Eva: [ takes the mug from the songbird and sips it ] Aaaaaaah...thanks for that...and I see you changed your outfit...rather fitting actually. 

Ella: Hehe, I was hoping to go for a more Christmas-y attire with a dress that resembles the colors of the holidays. Rarity was a big help in getting this dress to look as wonderful as she could.

Rarity: [ walks up with a dress similar to Ella’s ] Oh, yes, darling. When I heard you wanted me to give you something more in line with the season, I just couldn’t resist jumping at the chance to give you something that just screamed “fabulous”. Like lights on a Christmas tree. 

Ella: Mmm, and I see you made an additional dress for Tramp. 

Rarity: [ looks over at the aforementioned Schnauzer being given attention by Buster ] Well, it was a request by him and Buster for me to give them something special for their first Christmas together in ages. 

Ella: Aww, such a sweet thing to do.

Rarity: Indeed, there’s just something about seeing happy faces at Christmas that makes everything seem so...wholesome. 

Courtney: Right then, everyone! It’s time for the tree trimming! Everyone grab a set of decorations and let’s keep it nice and orderly! 

[ as the guests all begin to grab a decoration each, a jolly vintage tune begins to play in the background as they set to work on the tree ]

All: We're making a big to-do about this Christmas

Everybody's trimming the Christmas tree

With lights that glow and mistletoe

Augie: Colored balls tied with a bow!

And cookie balls and ginger dough for me. 

Boo Boo: And me!


All: Hey, we're making a big to-do about this Christmas

Huckleberry: Yuletide spirit is catching, yessiree!

Hokey, Jinks, Loopy, Top Cat, Yogi: Popcorn strings!

Alice, Angelina, Cindy, Courtney, Rarity: Tinsel things!

Blabber, Doggie, Huckleberry, Snagglepuss, Snooper: Stars that shine!

Boo Boo: A bell that rings!

All: Shrieks of joy and laughter bring to me...


All: A snowman that is kind of fat 

Boo Boo: That's really made of snow!

All: Stockings hung, the biggest ones

Huckleberry: With no holes in the toe!


All: We're making a big to-do about this Christmas

Doggie: Making a big to-do, and doing it right!

All: The tree is green, the best we've seen

We have swept the chimney clean

So Santa Claus can make the scene tonight...

Santa Claus can make the scene tonight!


Yogi: Soooooooo, Courtney, now that everything’s been set up, all the things on your list have been checked, can you find it in your heart to let this hungrier than the average bear invest in a little food? Please...with a cherry on top…?

Courtney: Well...I suppose you can eat now.

Yogi: YES!

Courtney: BUT, leave food for the rest of the people here.

Yogi: Uh, sure thing, I can say on the bear’s code of honor that I shall be wary of ma’ fellow patrons. 

Courtney: Good, now I’m off to mingle. Enjoy the rest of the party…[ walks off to converse with Gwen and Heather


In a corner of the room, watching everyone tend around the tree while holding a mug in his hand, was Katz, rolling his eyes at the display as he took a sip from his cocoa, accompanying him to his side was one of his associates that he had decided to invite over to the party per invitation suggestion, Cajun Fox. The English laced red feline looked down at the Southern vulpine’s attire, it was a dark orange sweater that had little red cats hugging hearts all over it. 


Katz: You do know that outfit makes you look rather comical and not in the good way? 

Cajun: Why’s that, considerin’ I’m just wearin’ a lil reminder of a certain someone. 

Katz: The last time I checked, I don’t cuddle hearts like a kitten. 

Cajun: Weeeeeeell, that ain’t entirely true. I mean, lookit yours truly.

Katz: Oh, haha, aren’t you the comedian? Now, if you don’t mind, I’d rather have some peace around this cesspool of a party.

Cajun: Really, so you’re sure ya’ don’t wan’ this? [ produces a present from behind his back

Katz: [ raises a brow at this ] What on earth is in that package? 

Cajun: Ya’ gon’ have to find out for yourself if you wanna see. 

Katz: [ cautiously opens the package to find a light red sweater that has little foxes hugging hearts all over it ] You’re having me on, aren’t you…?

Cajun: Awwww, c’mon, sug, put it on fo’ your boo~ 

Katz: Please don’t say it out loud where-

Cajun: C’mon, I’ll help ya’ put it on it.

Katz: I would rather you didn’t-HEY! 


Cajun pulled the sweater over Katz’s head as the latter continued to struggle under the former’s control, knocking them both to the ground which, safe to say, caused a few heads to turn in their direction, which did more than earn them a few chuckles. Katz looked down at the sweater that was now adorned upon him. He felt rather undignified, given the circumstances, especially given that it had been Cajun’s doing that got them into this position. But seeing the chuckling fox distracted had given him an idea to get his own back. He pulled on the vulpine’s collar and pressed their noses to one another, catching him off-guard.


Katz: Here’s my gift to you, clumsy idiot…[ meshes their lips together, causing Cajun to give a muffled sound of surprise...before he settles into the kiss himself


Wolf: [ watching from afar with Fox ] Ya’ know, if there’s one thing I never thought that I would see, it’s Katz sharing kisses, let alone showing affection for someone.

Fox: Well, I could say the same for the guy next to him, you know.

Wolf: Ah, so you’re bein’ a bit cheeky now, aren’t ya’? Did you just happen to see what’s above you?

Fox: Huh…[ looks up to see a piece of mistletoe above him and Wolf ]...oooh, do you have to play it like this…?

Wolf: Awww, is Foxy a lil’ shy about kissing in public?

Fox: What, no...well...maybe just a little…

Wolf: Weeeell, I believe I know of a way to...ease the tension…[ pulls Fox over to a private enough section of the room as the two canines stare at each other and their silhouettes show their muzzles making contact with one another


Meanwhile, Blitz and Panther were watching the activities of the party by relaxing next to each other while sitting on a couple of fold-up chairs. The former gave a content sigh as he looked over to the latter with a smile.


Blitz: You know, ‘zis year truly has been one of change for me...coming to terms with meinself...finding da’ confidence that was locked inside of me for so long...and becoming partners ‘vith someone who I never thought would happen...still, I can’t say ‘zat I regret what’s happened to me...especially considering I have you beside me…

Panther: You took the words right out of my mouth, mi querido...I’m happy to have found partnership with someone as extraordinary as a way, you’ve helped me too as you’ve shown me all these new ways to have show feel’s all I could ever ask for in a partner...we helped each other through thick and thin and were greatly rewarded as a result, by the partnership that binds us such, I just so happen to have a little present to give you to show you how much you mean to me…[ rises up from his chair and stands in front of Blitz before going down on one knee and pulling out a small box with a red ribbon ]

Blitz: [ with a bit of liquid coming to his eyes ] I...Is this…’vat I think it is…?

Panther: Blitz...I ask you...from the bottom of my heart and all that entails us...will you marry me…?

[ the guests of the party are now looking on intently at the couple, some of them on the edge of their seats with anticipation as Blitz looks down at the ring

Blitz: I...I…[ with a tearful smile ]...I will...I will! [ glomps the black-furred feline which knocks the two of them to the floor, but it doesn’t matter to either as they engage in a passionate kiss as the rest of the castmates and guests cheer for the couple


The party continued up until well into the night, and as the guests were leaving, two in particular walked back home without their hands separating from one another. As they reached the room number of their apartment complex, the black panther and the German Doberman settled down into bed as they watched the snow falling outside the window, both of them with content smiles on their faces.


Panther: Proposal during Christmas...could you think of a better gift?

Blitz: To’s ‘ze greatest gift I could have ever received…

Panther: Well, I did want our first Christmas together to be special...only because you deserve the best…

Blitz: Mmmmm…[ kisses Panther on the lips ]...ich liebe dich…~

Panther: [ purrs back into the kiss ] Yo también te quiero…~


With that, the two dark-furred anthros settled in for a good night’s sleep as the cold wind blew and the snow fell. To the two of them and the rest of their friends, comrades, associates, this was sure to be a Christmas to remember.


The End.