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Just take it!

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It was supposed to be a nice relaxing day. Catch some villains here, a press conference there, all in all normal hero work. So how did it end up like this?

Yagi was currently hiding behind a tree, having heard the wail of a child and being a hero he followed dutifully, aware that it probably shouldn’t be anything to serious or the child would be screaming in fear not in mild pain. So imagine his surprise when he arrived, trademark smile on his face, catchphrase already on his lips, only to find All for FREAKING One kneeling in front of a small green-haired boy of the age of seven to eight.

Of course Toshinori immediately readied himself to swoop in and save the poor little one, but was left completely flabbergasted when said child seemed to encourage his arch-nemesis to try and take his quirk. What in the world was going on here?

“Come on! It can’t be that hard. You only need to pull a bit firmer! You almost got it!”

“I’m trying my best here, but it still won’t separate from you. Give me another few minutes, then I should get it off...”

“But this huurrrts! Can’t you speed it up? Please?”

“Izuku this takes time. Only a bit and you’ll be free of this quirk.”

The white-haired maniac carefully ruffled the child’s locks, giving a smile that scared the living hell out of the number one hero. Honestly at this point he ought to call the witness protection services to try and get this kid to safety.

As soundless as possible, All Might slipped out his phone, turned off the alerting sound and send a quick text to Gran Torino. They would need all the backup they could get, especially with it being a hostage situation. Yagi sighed. If All for One let the child go before the reenforcements arrived, maybe there was hope for him, but as it stood the poor thing was likely not to survive this encounter.

“Go! Like All Might! Go Plus Ultra!”

“Please don’t compare me to that man Izuku. Also I sincerely doubt, that he would ever be capable of pulling this off.”

“It’s for the greater good. Now please you almost had it!”

Toshinori watched the two struggle, feeling his left eye twitch in irritation. What in the almighty fuck was going on there?!

Now if you always pull back I will never be able to take it from you. Please hold still.” the ancient supervillain said, while grabbing the small boys arm.

I can’t help it! It’s tickling, but in a bad sort of way! Maybe if you got to it faster I wouldn’t need to...” the other pouted, making All for One stifle a laugh. Yagi shuddered at that. What had that lunatic done to the poor kid to have him willingly donate his quirk? And what had happened to his enemy? Since when was he struggling to take quirks like the trigger-happy person he usually was? Maybe it was a new technique? Have people ‘willingly’ give up their powers and maybe pay them in return? Oh what would the authorities do about an exchange like that? Was it even illegal? Thinking about it… was taking quirks illegal? As in, did the law forbid it? He would need to look that up! What it it wasn’t and-!

...will you tell Mom?”

Sigh, no Izuku. As long as you don’t tell her I won’t either.”

Oh God. The kid was doing it all on his own? But what would possess an adorable child like that to get in contact with the personification of pure evil?!

“She would be mad...” An understatement as far as Toshinori was concerned. He would have to tell that poor woman what happened here and why their family would have to immediately leave the country. Oh what a conversation that would be…

“I think… I almost have it!”

“You got this Dad, Plus Ultra!” Wait…

“I need to concentrate, Izuku.”

And just like that Yagi’s whole concept of the situation shattered into thousands of tiny razor sharp pieces. He did just hear that right? The sound of somebody hissing in pain brought him back to earth as he watched the child, Izuku his name was Izuku, withdraw his hand from his father’s grasp with lightning speed. The older one looked smug, so he had obviously been able to take the quirk from his son at last. A quirk that the younger had probably stolen himself! Toshinori suppressed a whine at the thought of two multi-quirked supervillains roaming the streets. There was only one One for All! How in the world was he supposed to fight them off?

“So… which classmate did it come from this time?”


“Izuku, you know you will have to tell me eventually or I won’t be able to give it back.”

“Tamanaka… but it was an accident! I didn’t mean to!”

I know. You never do. Now how about I treat you to ice cream? I think we both deserve a treat~”

“Even All Might themed one?”

“… yes even that.”

“You’re the best, Dad!”

“Tell me something I don’t know, son~” And with a wink the bane of humanity scooped up his son to give him a piggyback ride to the next ice cream parlour, leaving a mildly traumatised pro hero in his wake.






Toshi! Snap out of it you need to tell us where the bastard is headed! Toshinori Yagi we need you here and now!” Sorahiko was snapping his fingers in front of his old students face, trying to get him to move or even blink. For the last fifteen minutes, three special force units plus a good chunk of pros had gathered around the number one hero, trying and failing to catch sight of humanities scourge. Now if only the blonde would tell them what happened.

“All Might themed ice cream...” Yagi whispered, sounding anything but stable.

Gran Torino could feel his left eye twitch. He would have to call the others old therapist again… oh joy.