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You are the one I was meant to find

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This was a trip to write... I tend to post shorter works (<5k) and I was really expecting to only write the wedding ceremony for around 2-3k... but I got so much brainrot and ideas from Kaeluc Twitter that... it somehow got another 10k words added on LOL and if I had the energy to expand it to exactly what I originally wanted it to be after the shift, it would have been more like 15k in the end..?

In terms of details there are my usual references and callbacks, and I also linked some of the inspirations in the fic/notes (I didn't tag in Hal's Ad Infinitum reference in the body text because I think we all Know The Agony at this point and I also didn't want to drag all of you suddenly into a Pain in the middle of a fluff fic jfksdjflsdjfj)

There's not much to say... I haven't had a wedding before so it was limiting to what I could include or build the "feeling" of attending your own wedding around, so I chose to focus more on Kaeluc's relationship to each other as well as some hints of their friendships/the world that continues moving around them. I think that's a more realistic way of seeing things, and I wanted to give the feeling that Kaeya and Diluc really did have a home and friends and loved ones in Mondstadt, so I hope I achieved that goal.

Also adding that I'm so glad so many of you caught the MDZS/TGCF references!!!! I left it out of the notes at first to check out how much the MXTX/Kaeluc fandoms intersect AND THERE'S A LOT OF YOU WWWWWW CONGRATULATIONS ON HAVING IMPECCABLE TASTE! I adore you all (it's the "I like you, I love you, I fancy you, I whatever you" and "All that matters is you are you" because I can't stop thinking about !HCKaeya hhhh)

I think I've never written crack before (I take myself too seriously LOL) so I might have taken this too seriously... I don't think I'll do it again for a while (unless I get brainrot again??), but I'm not opposed to trying it again if this was a good read for all of you. Let me know!  And congratulations once again to Mr and Mrs Ragnvindr <3