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Konohagakure School for Gifted Children

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Sasuke had never thought about dying.

Well, that wasn’t completely true. He had thought about dying when he had come home to find his entire family slaughtered at his brother's feet, when he had thought for a split second that he would be next. He had thought about dying when an older, stronger mutant had jumped him and left him bloodied and broken in an alley after taking the meager belongings clutched in his eight-year-old hands. He had thought about dying when the images that the Tsukuyomi had ripped into his eyes seemed like too much, when he thought the shadows would eat him alive.

So, correction, Sasuke had never been this close to actually dying.

The room was fuzzy and spinning like a top, the white walls marred by the black spots in his vision growing ever bigger. The fluorescent lights were blinding and the smell of antiseptic and blood burned his nose. People were shouting all around.

“I can’t treat him!” insisted a doctor from both very close and very far away.

“Why not? You’re a doctor! Do something!” a familiar voice cried back.

“Let me rephrase that,” the doctor said, suddenly exceedingly calm. “I won’t treat him.”

“What?!” demanded several voices at once, maybe it was just an echo.

Every stab wound seared like a brand. His breaths came in laboured pants. He was going to die.

“The dirty mutant deserves to die. It’s unnatural. His kind is going to make everyone sick or kill us before we have the chance,” the woman hissed, disgust dripping from every word.

Here was a sudden streak of pink in the corner of his eye but he found that he didn’t have the strength to turn and look.

“Tusande is on her way! Get her out! I need morphine, a syringe driver-” The medical orders went on, making less and less sense with each passing second.

A new voice entered the quarrel, “we need a mutant blood transfusion- we don’t have- no, he needs it-”

Everything was fading in and out sporadically like waves in a tempest. Quiet, loud, quiet, loud. It almost felt like he was crying. Was he going to die looking like a fool?

“Use mine!” the familiar voice shouted.

He hadn’t noticed that most of his body had gone numb but he felt the tube slide into his arm with startling clarity. The veins in his arm were on fire. Was that him screaming? Blood pounded in his ears and behind his eyes.

Everything went red before it went black.