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Avengers Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Earth – V; Themyscira

The Paradise Island of the Amazons. But the whole island wasn't a paradise. Because in a part of the place of the Amazon warriors, there was a prisoner locked in the dungeons. Diana, princess of the Amazons, formerly Wonder Woman. A hero. Until the day the criminal Joker deceived Superman into killing his wife and unborn son and destroying Metropolis. Following this terrible tragedy, with the suffering of the Man of Steel, she had helped him to establish the Regime, capable of protecting the world against all forms of violence. But with Batman's persistence, peace was impossible. Everything had changed since the duplicates had arrived. As well as the two Avengers Wanda Maximoff and Vision. They had defeated Superman and overthrown his Regime. Since then, Diana was locked among her family in the dungeons. She had been stripped of her Wonder Woman outfit. She didn't look like an Amazon anymore.

Someone came to see her in her dungeon. To her surprise, Diana discovered her mother, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. For the first time since she had been locked up in Themyscira, she saw her mother. What could have made her come to see her?

"Diana?" Hippolyta said in a distressed voice.

"What do you want, Mother?" Diana asked without looking at her. "Come to see if I've learned the error of my ways? I don't know what you expected me to learn from being chained and imprisoned by my sisters and my mother, but it is certainly not the lesson you were hoping for."

Despite her heinous acts, Hippolyta still loved her daughter, and seeing her waste away in her dungeon broke her heart. She knelt down to her with emotion:

"Daughter, you were meant to bring peace to the world."

"And I did. Superman and I did. There would always be peace in this world without these duplicates and these two stupid foreign heroes out of nowhere! We brought peace!"

"A world afraid to step out of line. That is not peace," her mother objected, still sadly.

Hippolyta began to caress her daughter's arms, but Diana, outraged to see her mother rejecting her ideology withdrew from her touch and eyed her with hatred.

"You are pathetic! You are a warrior who refuses to fight. You are a coward, Mother!"

Hippolyta took a step back with sadness.

"Diana, what happened to you? How could you have become like this? Despite what you have done, I still consider you my daughter. I will never stop loving you, but you have chosen a dangerous and dark path that I refuse to follow."

"You are against me because you are too cowardly to react!" roared the former Wonder Woman with hatred. "Men have reigned for too long. They continue to war with each other, to kill innocents. They don't care for the world around them. The world we were created to protect."

Hippolyta ceased to be upset and eyed her daughter severely, scolding her like a child.

"What you and Superman did wasn't protection. It was tyranny. Our role is to protect, not to rule. Sometimes not fighting is still the way to go."

"That of cowards, just like you!" she shouted furiously. "When I get out of this dungeon you locked me in, I'll set Superman free. Together we will kill Batman and revive the Regime. We will subdue the world of Men by force. All resistance will be exterminated and peace can return."

"This is not peace. It's a world of terror," replied her mother, standing up in disgust. "I'm sorry what you've become, Diana. I don't know you anymore. I don't know who you are anymore. I'm sorry to see you like this. It's obvious you can't be reasoned anymore. I'll let you atone for your sins."

And the Queen of the Amazons left the dungeon without giving Diana a single glance. The latter lowered her head with an angry pout.

Then a strange female voice echoed in her prison cell.

"Ah, mommies! It's very complicated! When you want to do rebel, they always have to have the last say in everything."

To her surprise, Diana saw a dark-haired woman dressed in black who had just come out of nowhere inside her dungeon.

The new woman gave him a mischievous smile.

"Hey, sweetie! You look… pathetic… Well, you're in prison, so it makes sense that you're not on your best days."

Taken aback, Diana stared at her intruder in amazement.

"You're not an Amazon. Who are you? How did you get in here?"

The new woman giggled before retorting:

"I know some pretty magic tricks that can get me where I want. I can become totally invisible to your boring mother and your warrior sisters! But enough chatter. I am Agatha Harkness. And I'm here to help you!"

Diana looked suspicious and eyed her contemptuously.

"To what?"

"I could get you out of here without your sisters even realizing it. With a snap of my fingers, I can ship you halfway around the world. Far from Themyscira."

"Are you a witch?" Diana pointed out, still suspicious.

"Not a witch," Agatha said firmly. "I am THE witch! The one who can bring the Scarlet Witch to her knees!"

"Who are you talking about?" Diana asked, frowning.

"The Scarlet Witch. A myth. A legend for some. But she does exist. And she came to this world. Besides, you know her very well. This is the redhead girl who knew how to dominate your Kryptonian boyfriend. The reason your Regime fell. The girl who helped the bat undo what you and Super-Male have built!"

"Maximoff?" the amazed Amazon wondered. "Is that her you're telling me about? So she really is a witch? I'll kill her if you get me out of here!"

Agatha chuckled before replying:

"Poor sweetheart! You have no idea what she is capable of. You will never be able to overcome her. I am the one and only witch who can dominate her. Let me help you escape and I'll make sure little Wanda Maximoff doesn't give you a problem."

"Why are you helping me? What do you have to gain by doing this? Want to help Superman restore his Regime?"

Agatha giggled again as she replied:

"Princess, you're so funny! I don't care about Superman or the bat! Your Regime! I don't care about this war between two super-heroes! I don't care who wins between the Man of Steel and a mere mortal in a Halloween costume! What happens on this Earth is your own business guys, not mine! I want Wanda Maximoff. If you are determined to restore your Regime, Wanda's gonna be a problem for you. With the powers she has, she can control you in seconds. She's so, so, much stronger than your Superman. Only I can control her. I will dominate her and I will seize her power. But don't worry, sweetie, I won't bother you and your Super-Boyfriend. So what do you say about that, Princess? Do we have a deal?"

Diana considered the words of the strange witch she had just met. She wasn't the type to ally with strangers. Nevertheless, she saw there a way out of her dungeon. She wanted to go out to find Superman, overthrow Batman and all his allies, and then reform the Regime that will ensure global security. And this Agatha could help her get her goal.

She ended up looking at the witch with a look of determination.


Agatha smiles, satisfied.

"Good. Trust me, you won't regret it, sweetheart!"

"You get me out of here, and then… where do I land?" Diana asked suspiciously.

"I drop you off at your only ally who isn't imprisoned by the bat. The one who comes from a country called Kahndaq."

"Black Adam? Get me out of here and I'll leave this Maximoff to you! Do whatever you want with her, but leave us reform the Regime and kill Batman."

Smiling triumphantly, the dark witch raised her fingers.

"Your wish is my command, sweetheart!"

And she snapped her fingers, and everything around Diana disappeared.

When she could see again, she was amazed to find that she was no longer in her dark dungeon, but completely outside. More exactly, she was on a sailing boat. From a distance, she could see her island Themyscira. And to her surprise, she found that she was now wearing her Amazon outfit, as if she had become Wonder Woman again. It was all there. Her outfit. Her bracelets. Her shield and her sword.

Finally, she saw Agatha who had just appeared from nowhere.

"Here we go, Princess. I gave you your wish."

"You gave me back my weapons and my outfit?" the stunned Amazon wondered.

"It's my little secret! A magician never reveals his secrets. I freed you. So I'll leave you to your business. I have other things to worry about. Hey, sweetie! See you next time!"

And she suddenly disappeared without the Amazon even realizing it. After a brief silence, Diana found that she wasn't alone. Instinctively, her Amazon side resurfaced in her, and brandished her sword at the intruder, only to discover that it was Black Adam.

"Diana? You are here? So this woman wasn't lying! She really had the power to get you out!"

"I'm free! And I found my weapons!" Diana said, smiling ecstatically.

Shazam's enemy smirked at him with an evil grin.

"Good, Diana, because we have a lot to do together. Once we free Kal-El, the entire world will bow to us again, including Themyscira. Even these two Avengers will bow to the might of the Regime."

So there you have it for that first post-credits scene that will tie in with my next Injustice story with characters from the MCU and Arrowverse. It will be the sequel to WandaVision in Injustice. And I intend to insert a link to the Crisis on Infinite Earths that justifies the fact that Wanda was able to bring Vision back to life.

I'll go back to work this week after several months off. Since November 2020. As soon as I can, I will post the first chapters of my next story.

And in the meantime, here is a second post-credits scene that was brought to me by  jetblack1979 of .

Post Credits Scene 

On a distant hostile and dark planet, a strange monk with a disfigured face came to see his master hidden in the shadows.

"My lord! My lord! It seems that Earth's heroes have managed to defeat the Anti-Monitor" said the disfigured monk.

"Perfect. I expected nothing less from these heroes," added the mysterious figure.

"So now we can attack Earth?" asked the disfigured monk.

"Not right now. We're gonna let the heroes enjoy their ridiculous victory. And when they will persuaded that nothing, and no one can reach them, we'll attack when they will least expect it."

"Oh! Very good strategy, Lord Darkseid," approved the disfigured monk.

"I know. Now leave, Desaad. I need to think," ordered his master sharply.

"Yes my Lord. I'll leave you to your thoughts," replied Desaad.

The so-called Desaad left the room to leave his master to his thoughts.

After a moment of reflection, Darkseid grumbled with a voice that growled like thunder:

"When the heroes of Earth will finally meet me and know my existence, they'll soon find out that compared to me, Thanos and the Anti-Monitor were just little insects!" said the dark lord with a smirk.