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When it Snows, it REALLY Pours

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As his relationship with Diluc progresses, Kaeya notices an interesting pattern forming. It starts when Jean sends him on what amounts to a babysitting business trip, escorting a diplomat home to Sumeru with a small handful of other knights. Diluc had asked if Kaeya wanted him to come along, but Kaeya insisted it wasn’t worth his lover’s time. Plus, why would Diluc want to get involved with knight business? 


In full the round trip there and back takes less than a week, but when Kaeya stops by the Dawn Winery on the evening of his first night back in Mondstadt he finds a far clingier Diluc than he’s used to. His typically sullen little calla lily drags him by the hand up to their bedroom and pushes Kaeya down on the bed in an unusually forward way. Then, rather than ravishing him as Kaeya would’ve done, Diluc just climbs on top of the cryo user and lays there with his head pillowed on Kaeya’s chest.


Once he overcomes his surprise, Kaeya begins combing his fingers through the long vermillion hair that he missed so much as he tells Diluc about his trip. Diluc nuzzles into Kaeya’s exposed collarbone like a cat. If his hands stop, Diluc interrupts his story with a whine, which means that Kaeya eventually pets him to sleep. 


The next episode occurs when Kaeya finds himself unexpectedly camping out for a few nights. He is trying to track an errant ruin hunter through the remains of Dvalin’s old lair, and the thing is a huge pain to find. That explains why no adventurer has gotten it yet despite the large bounty that the Adventurer’s Guild posted.


This time when Kaeya gets home he’s dragged to the bathroom while Diluc recites a litany of complaints. Why hadn’t Kaeya sent word? I don’t care if you were stuck in Stormterror’s Lair, I was worried sick, Asshole. All while Diluc helpfully strips off his muddy clothes and then shoves him into a tub of warm water. Kaeya sighs and expects Diluc to leave the room, or at least prop himself up against the wall while he finishes his lecture. To his surprise the redhead kneels next to the tub and runs the back of a hand down Kaeya’s cheek. 


Diluc’s hand wanders gently down Kaeya’s neck, continuing past his shoulder to an arm. Kaeya’s eye closes as he ponders where Diluc’s final destination might be. The pyro user has finished talking, and he silently tugs on Kaeya’s arm until the man’s hand pops out of the bathwater. Diluc idly swipes his thumb over the back of Kaeya’s hand over and over again. When Kaeya opens his eye for a peek, he sees Diluc’s gaze roaming over his face. Kaeya clamps his eye shut again and suddenly the room feels significantly warmer to him.


Once Kaeya is done with his bath, Diluc helps him out of the tub and begins to dry him briskly with a towel. What a good little wife, Kaeya thinks to himself with a smirk. Eventually he’s laid out on the bed again, hair still damp while Diluc climbs on top of him once more. The natural heat of his lover keeps Kaeya as warm as any blanket, and Diluc’s closeness gives him a very cozy feeling. They fall asleep intertwined like two lovebirds in a nest.


The clear pattern emerging is that the longer Kaeya is away, the clingier Diluc is when he returns. It comes as a surprise at first, after the effort Diluc went through to avoid touching or even speaking to Kaeya after he returned to Mondstadt from his years-long absence. Now that they’ve put their differences aside, it almost seems like Diluc is addicted to Kaeya’s touch. Kaeya has no problem slinging an arm around a friend or bumping shoulders with his fellow knights, but considering how buttoned-up Diluc is, it’s likely that he never touches anyone besides Kaeya.


At least now that he’s realized it, Kaeya is able to anticipate his love’s needs. The next time he gets home from a long journey, Kaeya is the one to pull Diluc up to the privacy of their bedroom and slot the smaller man onto his lap. Diluc blushes at the manhandling, but as soon as Kaeya starts running his hands up and down his back he sighs and rests his chin on Kaeya’s shoulder. Kaeya leaves soft, floating kisses down Diluc’s neck, inhaling his favorite scent as he goes.


Gently Kaeya begins peeling the layers off Diluc, making sure to maintain plenty of contact as he helps the man out of his coat, tie, vest. Kaeya tugs at the ribbon binding his hair, letting the soft crimson waterfall flow down over his back. Kaeya presses a kiss to the back of Diluc’s hand before tugging off one glove, repeating the process with the other hand. All the while Diluc sits as lovely as ever with a leg on either side of Kaeya, his weight settled on the cryo user’s lap. The red locks of hair framing his face compliment the flush rising there from all of Kaeya’s attentions. 


Kaeya can’t resist giving a quick kiss to Diluc’s sweet nose, then his pink lips. “Why don’t you take off your shirt and lay down on the bed, Sweetheart?” Kaeya encourages with a tug at Diluc’s high collar.


Diluc frowns. “Now?” he asks skeptically. 


Kaeya gives a quiet laugh and assures him, “I promise I’m not doing anything lewd to you.”


Diluc watches him as he slowly unbuttons his shirt, tossing it to the side of the bed with his other discarded garments. Kaeya takes off his gloves in turn, not wanting them to get in the way of his planned skin-on-skin contact. He gives Diluc a firmer kiss on the lips and maneuvers him so he’s laying face down with his head pillowed on his arms. Kaeya starts by working his skilled fingers into Diluc’s hair, rubbing and scratching at his scalp. He sees Diluc’s eyes close as he lets out a quiet sigh, enjoying the attention.


After Diluc’s breathing evens out to the point where Kaeya is afraid he may put the man to sleep, he moves the mess of fluffy red hair out of his way and scratches lightly down the back of Diluc’s neck. The redhead hums happily so Kaeya rubs gently over the back of his shoulders. Thinking quickly, Kaeya turns to the drawer next to his bedside and pulls out a bottle of oil. Diluc whines in complaint at the loss of contact, so Kaeya shushes him with a few pets on his head as he opens the oil.


Kaeya rubs the liquid between his hands to warm it, well aware of the already stark temperature difference between himself and Diluc. Then he straddles Diluc’s lower back so he can easily reach all of the man’s exposed skin. As Kaeya begins to rub across his lover’s back, he hears Diluc let out a muffled moan. Kaeya glances up to see the redhead’s exposed ear flushed pink and smiles.


Kaeya kneads at Diluc’s back like a cat, pushing and pulling tense muscles until they relax. He can feel Diluc melting into the bed beneath him, which was his goal from the beginning. Once he’s done, he leans down and kisses behind the redhead’s ear. Diluc whines incoherently and Kaeya laughs.


“I’ll be right back,” Kaeya whispers, cursing himself that he hadn’t thought to grab a cloth earlier. Diluc makes vaguely displeased noises, but Kaeya shushes him with another kiss before bolting to their bathroom. Once his hands are clean he has to stop himself from vaulting back into bed with Diluc and undoing his own hard work by bouncing his beloved up into the air.


Diluc’s eyes are still closed, but he immediately rolls up against Kaeya to nuzzle at his chest. Kaeya wraps his arms around his little cat in a tight embrace, whispering sweet nothings into his ear until they both fall asleep. If he’s going to spend the rest of his life with Diluc, Kaeya fully intends to make sure that his love never wants for affection again.