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on a need to know basis Group Chat

SAT 1:08 PM

[Yubin added Jaehyung]

[Yubin added Young K]

Jaehyung: what’s this????

Yubin: we’re just waiting on Young K to show up

Jaehyung: he’s reading over my shoulder

Jaehyung: so what’s this

Jaehyung: omg there are fifty idols here???

Jaehyung: is this a cult??

Jaehyung: did I enter a cult???

Jaehyung: you have to tell me cause I don’t think my mom would approve

Sungjong: newbie will you shut it

Heechul: hi Jae, we aren’t a cult


BamBam: so Jae hyung

BamBam: Brian hyung

Jaehyung: you’re here???

BamBam: jackson is here too he lurking tho

Yubin: stop getting sidetracked 

Jaehyung: OMG NOONA

Sungjong: are you gonna do that every time

Jaehyung: can’t a boy be shook in peace


Jaehyung: YES SIR


Jaehyung: …i’m a what now

Yubin: our highly attuned senses noticed some rings on your’s and young k’s fingers hmm

Jaehyung: oh what

Jaehyung: how’d those get there

Jackson: just spit it out are y’all married

[Jaehyung left]

[Young K left]

BamBam: fuuuuckkk


Seen by Jackson, Yubin, Heechul, Juhyun, 18+


on a need to know basis Group Chat

SAT 4:32 PM

[Heechul added Jaehyung]

[Heechul added Young K]

Heechul: we are so sorry guys

Heechul: we shouldn’t have approached you like that

Heechul: i know it’s scary but this is a safe space

Heechul: no one here is going to harm you 

Heechul: you’re safe here with us

Heechul: we just want to help everyone here is lgbtq+

Sungjong: except Heechul hes our token straight

Heechul: i am not be quiet

Young K: you’re all gay?

Heechul: Yubin and i started this group chat back in 2012 when we realized how many gay idols were suffering alone in the industry

Taemin: i’m about as gay as it gets

Sungjong: we all know babe


Sungjong: TAEMIN

Jackson: not again

BamBam: rip

Jackson : @Jaehyung @Young K sorry for freaking you guys out

Jackson: i’ve been dying to ask ever since you came back from touring

Jackson: do the rings mean what we think hmmmm

Jaehyung: maaaaayhaps 

Taemin: WAIT

Taemin: is this our first married couple???

BamBam: if you don’t count taekook

Jackson: i count taekook

Young K: what’s a taekook

Jackson: Jae we all know you’re on twitter explain to your boyfriend

Jaehyung: *husband

Jaehyung: babe it’s the maknaes from BTS

BamBam: akldhf;asjkjdbds

Sungjong: was that a keyboard smash or did you just face plant into your phone

BamBam: you’re so funny Sungjong-ssi ha ha

Young K: oh those two are pretty obvious at award shows and stuff


Jackson: you were lurking eye see

BamBam: you’re one to talk smh

Taehyung: SHUT

Taehyung: i just scrolled up

Taehyung: alfhjflkjashs

Taehyung: DAY6 OMG

Taehyung: MARRIED????

Taehyung: leave ggukie and i out of this!! 

Jaehyung: so this is a gay idol groupchat????

Taemin: in the flesh

Jaehyung: can I add someone?

Heechul: are they a gay?

Jaehyung: yes sir heechul sunbaenim 

Heechul: then go for it

[Jaehyung added Wonpil]

[Jaehyung changed Wonpil’s name to hisshiss]

hisshiss: COME ON JAE

hisshiss:  o wait what’s this???

Juhyun: i’m adding someone too

Juhyun: y’all better welcome my baby gay!!

hisshiss: baby??? gay???

[Juhyun added Yeri]

Heechul: welcome baby gays

Yeri: i like girls

Juhyun: we know hun

Yeri: sorry i’m nervous

Sungjong: this gc is getting so crowded 

Taemin: half the industry is gay idk what you expect

hisshiss: i am confusion 

Jeongguk: hi confusion i am Jeongguk

Taehyung: STOP

Taehyung: i will tell jin hyung

Jeongguk: DON’T YOU DARE

[hisshiss changed hisshiss’s name to Wonpil]

Wonpil: i’m still lost here!

Taehyung: try me

Jeongguk: DONT

Taehyung: you gonna stop me

Jackson: pack it up gays taekook are flirting again

Jeongguk: what if i do

Taehyung: i’d like to see you try

Jeongguk: THATS IT


Seen by Taehyung, Wonpil, Yeri, Jaehyung, 12+


Private Chat: Jaehyung and Wonpil


SAT 5:12 PM

Wonpil: what was that???

Jaehyung: gay idol groupchat

Jaehyung: you’re welcome



Wonpil: I’M EXCITED???

Jaehyung: sounds fake but go off

Wonpil: XO


Seen by Jaehyung


on a need to know basis Group Chat

SAT 5:46 PM

Hyejin: ok bitches place your bets

Hyejin: Jeongguk vs Taehyung 

Taemin: Jeongguk

BamBam: Taehyung

Jackson: Taehyung

Wheein: Taehyung

Juhyun: Jeongguk

Yeri: what are we betting on?

Hyejin: who fucked who

Hyejin: its Jeongguk btw

Wheein: no it was Taehyung

Hyejin: nooooo

Wheein : @Yongsun back me up here

Hyejin : @Byulyi is siding with me

Yeri: :o

Yeri: Taehyung then

Yongsun: def Taehyung

Heechul: Taehyung!!

Sungjong: not heechul sunbaenim too

Heechul: this is riveting 


Sungjong: TAEMIN

Sungjong: oh and Jeongguk

Jaehyung: y’all are dumb af

Jaehyung: Taehyung

Jaehyung: Bri agrees

Hyejin: WRONG

Hyejin : @Taehyung @Jeongguk well??? Who got it up the ass??

Wheein: we are waiting

Taehyung: ggukie is resting what y’all want

Hyejin: DAMMIT

Wheein: TOLD YOU

Taehyung: i can’t BELIEVE you're betting on us

Taehyung: AGAIN

Wonpil: againakdhfkhsl

Heechul: aren’t you guys on tour? i hope you didn’t go too rough

Taehyung: don’t worry sunbaenim i was gentle with my baby

Sungjong: this is gross

Sungjong: vote the couple out

Sungjong: some of us are single

Taemin: i can change that (✿◠‿◠) 

Sungjong: you already have a harem shoo


Taemin: it’s not a harem :(

Yeri: speaking of taemin’s harem

Yeri: where’s kibum oppa

Taemin: alsdjfhask

Taemin: he got kicked out a few months ago

Yeri: What??? WHY

Heechul: ...lets not talk about that

Taemin: there are some levels of chaos not even this gc can handle

Yeri: eye

Jackson: lets add him back :D

Heechul: you’re on thin ice bub

Jackson: never mind 

BamBam: where’d hyejin and wheein go??

Jackson: probably makeup sex

BamBam: *hate sex



[Young K left]

[Sungjong added Young K]

Sungjong: nice try but there is only one way to leave this gc 

Sungjong: not even death can save you

Jaehyung: I’m intrigued how does one escape this hellscape 

Taemin: ask kibum hyung

Jaehyung: ominous very ominous 

Young K: i hate it here

Jaehyung: LOVE YOU

Sungjong: not another couple i am sick

Sungjong: on second thought

[Young K left]

Sungjong: whoops my finger slipped


[Sungjong add Young K] 

Sungjong: sorry sunbaenim 

Young K: i really almost saw the light :/

Jaehyung: better luck next time baby


Seen by Sungjong, Taemin, Yeri, Young K, 10+


on a need to know basis Group Chat

SAT 7:55 PM

Wonho: some of us are actually promoting

Wonho: i have 208 messages???

Wonho: wtf guys


Seen by Yubin, Heechul, BamBam, Jaehyung, 44+


on a need to know basis Group Chat

SAT 11:59 PM

Wonho: real mature guys

Jackson: “sOme of Us aRE ActUalLY pROmoTIng”

BamBam: yeah well some of us are getting comfortable in the jyp dungeon 

Yubin: amen to that

Taemin: you know whats really comfy? sm dungeon

Taemin: i mean boa noona is here, all of snsd minus Taeyeon (slay queen), tvxq, suju, f(x), exo, we have bean bags and cookies

Wonho: are you okay sunbaenim?

Wonho: all jokes aside, how are you doing?

Taemin: suffering :)

Sungjong: imma get you outta there


Sungjong: TAEMIN

Jackson: not this again

BamBam: rip

Heechul: SLEEP

Sungjong: are you even really a gay if you sleep before midnight sounds het to me

Heechul: sounds like you wanna sleep with the fishes tonight

Sungjong: was nice knowing y’all

Taemin: rest in peace Sungjong 1993-2018

[Sungjong left]

[Taemin left]

Heechul: goodnight everyone :)


Seen by Wonho, BamBam, Jackson, Yubin, 16+