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Be My Valentine

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It didn’t matter what Stephanie did, but she just couldn’t get through to Felicia. It seemed as if anything Stephanie said was the absolute wrong thing and Felicia would just find a new reason to be mad with her.


She knows her children find her to be difficult, but she just wanted to prepare her children for the world. They needed to be tip top if they wanted to succeed in life. They have the illusion that they are so great at everything because Eric spoils them too much.


One would think because Stephanie was the one born with the silver spoon in her mouth that she would be the one to spoil the children but nope that was her husband Eric. Or should she say ex-husband. She had been so angry with him. He cheated on her with that hanger on. She thought to herself what kind of gall Eric had to say he was doing what was right by marrying Brooke for the sake of the baby.  


He threw their marriage into the gutter but for Stephanie she feels like she is being blamed for the demise of her marriage. She knows Felicia blames her. ‘Mother you’re so difficult, I don’t know how you could expect otherwise…’


Her daughter would just say these hurtful things to her to get a rise out of her. Felicia has always been the rebellious one. It was in these times that she wish, she had Kristen to buffer. It was too much to ask of her daughter to be the referee.


She knows Felicia wants to make her cry in a bid to probably see if her mother was human, but she wouldn’t give anyone the satisfaction. She left crying when she left Chicago.


She knows Eric wanted her to cry as well. Beg him to stay to assuage his ego she guesses but she’s propped the man enough why should she allow herself to break to make him feel more powerful? Why should she cry for a daughter who would rather blame Stephanie for Eric stepping out on her instead of looking at the father who couldn’t keep it in his pants?


Stephanie was awarded the house that she raised her children in, but it was so empty now. Carmen was always loyal to her so it wasn’t anything to give Carmen a part of the estate to live with her family instead of driving through the disgusting and wretched LA traffic everyday just to get to work. She would eat with Carmen’s family. They helped stave off the loneliness that came from being here.


With Felicia doing as she pleases and Stephanie at her wit’s end. She stopped putting so much emphasis on trying to get Felicia to see her side.


Stephanie loved being around kids. They kept her young, but she also just liked being needed. She would help Carmen’s nieces with their homework. She always excelled at math, so it was always the first thing the kids wanted help with.


With the holidays being around the corner. She was alone again and her family’s life was messy. Carmen had taken her family on vacation to visit relatives in Arizona. Eric was onto his new wife Sheila ‘the She-devil’ Carter. She finds it so laughable that Sheila is so threatened by her. It wasn’t her fault Eric wanted to get back together and she told him no. It was the root cause of Felicia being upset with her.


Brooke had done so much to drag her family through the mud. She slept with both father and son and didn’t even know who the father was of Bridget.


The fact that Rick is Bridget’s brother and uncle makes Stephanie seethe. It isn’t the children’s problem that Brooke doesn’t think of the consequences to her actions. Even though Eric divorced her she is attached to this animal show.


What bothered her the most was that Brooke thought that she could just have Ridge like he’s a potato because of Bridget. When Brooke got upset, she lashed out at Ridge for still being with Taylor. She had expected Ridge would do what Eric had but her son hadn’t. Now Taylor was raising Bridget alongside Ridge when they had the child. Stephanie knew that Brooke hated it and created obstacles to try and prevent it. Ridge’s patience was ending and started consulting lawyers about going to court for a hammered out custody agreement. The whims of Brooke was frustrating both Ridge and Taylor.



Stephanie was just beside herself because Brooke trying to firmly entrench herself in her family. So the wench went for her younger son and Brooke’s trifecta was complete she ran through all of the men in Stephanie’s family leaving her fuming.


She hates both Sheila and Brooke but for different reasons but of course the two were friends thick as thieves.


Brooke had no decorum as far as Stephanie was concerned and this custody battle has been fodder for the tabloids.


She contended that she was suspicious of Macy and her intentions with Thorne but she was quick to see that it was a love match especially when she compared the woman to that viper from the Valley.


Stephanie wanted to slap her younger son for letting himself be a pawn in this wretched game. The fierce rivalry he has with Ridge makes him so stupid and blinded to see that he is being used.


When she tried to talk some sense into him, he just told her that she was just bitter that Eric left her and that she is alone now. She had never expected her baby boy to say such hurtful things to her, but it was Brooke’s words being thrown at her. She decided to hell with them. They might be her children, but she will not allow them to think that their disrespect will be tolerated. She knows her wretched family will be coming to her doorstep at some point for her to clean up their messes and she wouldn’t be surprised if Felicia and Thorne were the first.


She hears the doorbell ring… normally she would hear someone from the staff saying they would get but she gave everyone the holiday off not just Carmen, so she’s been toiling on herself.


When she gets to the door the first thing Stephanie sees is a stewardess from Delta Airlines. She has taken enough flights to recognize the symbol. She is even more surprised when she sees her niece Jessica and wonders how in the world did this girl get here.


“Aunt Stephanie, my mom didn’t call you?!” It sounds like Jessica was on the verge of tears to Stephanie’s ears and it breaks her heart.


“I’m so sorry honey no she didn’t but you’re here now and boy am I happy to see you! I was just thinking about giving my favorite girl a ring.” This is just exactly what the little girl needed to hear.


Stephanie thanked the kind stewardess for making sure Jessica was safely taken here. The woman tried to refuse the tip that Stephanie wanted to give but Stephanie told her that it was kindness and courtesy that she brought Jessica here. The woman accepted the money and bid both the aunt and niece goodbye.


Stephanie is about had it with the Forresters. How could John and Maggie let Jessica fly alone?! Good thing that the airline doesn’t let minors travel alone but so many horrible things could have taken place if that stewardess just decided that this wasn’t her problem.


Maggie was supposed to call her but the last time they spoke Maggie had been in somewhat of a depression because her own marriage to a Forrester man was falling apart. It would be no sense to rail on Maggie when she’s already so down in the dumps. Divorce or even contemplating it is just something she doesn’t wish upon anyone.


“You know your room is the same way as you left it. I’m sure Mr. Panda would be happy to see you…”


When Jessica hears about Mr. Panda, she becomes excited. Stephanie had won it for her when Stephanie had taken the kids to one of those amusement centers for children. Turns out she was pretty good at those games. She got stuffed animals for Rick, Bridget and Jessica. The car ride home was spent with three children fighting about which game Stephanie got the most tickets…


“Aunt Stephanie, I’m hungry is there some place that sells real hot dogs?”


She loved this girl for being through and through.


“I’m sure we can rustle ourselves some real hotdogs. If we can’t find it, I’ll make them for us. How’s that sound?”


“Like a plan!”


Stephanie and Jessica walk hand in hand to the car.


She decided to take Jessica to Portillo’s. In her opinion it was one of the most genuinely authentic places you could get a real Chicago dog in Los Angeles. Her niece doesn’t deserve anything less.


She had decided she would have a fun day with Jessica and then call Maggie and see what is happening in their lives.


When they get to Portillo’s the little girl is so excited. She can smell the hot dogs and tries to lead her aunt by the hand closer and closer.


They wait their turn in the line. This place is looking pretty popular and Stephanie just hopes they have all the right ingredients, so she doesn’t disappoint her niece nor herself.


“How may I help you ladies today?” Stephanie looks down at her niece waiting for her to tell the nice man what she wants even though she is sure what it will be.


“We would like two Chicago dogs please…”


“Sure you got it doll…”


When they get their hotdogs, they find an empty table to sit at and enjoy their food. It was something that the both of them needed and didn’t know how much. Stephanie asked Jessica to tell her about all the new things going on in her life.


Jessica relays stories about things that are happening at school and her ballet classes but when she starts talking about the things she sees between her parents is where Stephanie gets really concerned.


Her mother would put her to bed, but she would sneak out and hear her parents fighting. Maggie saying that she had to find herself and John saying who’s going to take care of their daughter then because he had to work.


Stephanie never liked the fact that John was a traveling salesman it. He was always on the move and hardly ever home. She felt her niece was just too young to be dealing with an absent parent and apparently another one who needs to find herself.


She understands that Maggie might be feeling isolated with John being gone so much but they should have thought about that before they had Jessica.


She had to stamp down her anger that this little girl traveled across the country alone without even so much as a phone call explaining anything.


Stephanie just wishes John or Maggie said something because she would have had no problem to pick Jess up and take care of the girl as long as needed.


“It seems like you are just the busiest girl in town. I’m glad you could squeeze me in for some lunch.”

The young girl just laughs and earns a wink from her aunt. When they both finished their hotdogs, Jessica asked it was possible for them to have some ice cream.



Stephanie reckons there must be an ice cream parlor near here, so they just decide to walk around until they find one. They happened to stumble upon a place called The Frieze.


“Well hello! What can I get for you ladies?” Stephanie finds the woman behind the counter enthusiastic and it seems to be what Jessica needed.


“I will have whatever she has but she isn’t quite sure what she wants. There’s so many flavors don’t you think Jess?”


“Yeah! This is really hard!”


“Well how about this sweetheart… You can try any flavor you want and whatever you like best can be what you get… How does that sound?”


“Like a plan…” Both Stephanie and the woman at the counter laugh. It seems trying the ice cream flavors made it more difficult for Jessica to choose.


After trying ten or so flavors she got the Rocky Road and so did Stephanie. She thanked the woman for being so nice to Jess because she knows that the woman didn’t have to let her niece try all the flavors she did.


Both Stephanie and Jessica enjoyed the ice cream and both of them said they would be back for more. When they got home it didn’t take long for the little girl to go running to the playroom. It was right next to the kitchen.


Stephanie tried calling the last number she had for Maggie and it went to machine She left a message for her but Stephanie had half a mind to think that Maggie wouldn’t pick up.