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A Christmas Princess

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The Thorulian airport was even more crowded than when Kara had first arrived for the press conference. With the coronation only an hour away, the press now flocked through the airport in droves as they drug their expensive equipment along behind them. The time change had not been kind to Kara and she now found herself running much later than she expected. Checking her phone for the time, Kara raced outside to the turmoil, bypassing the baggage claim by wearing her new blue suit and leather shoes her sister had just bought her nine hours earlier. What better way to break in a new outfit than by pushing past crowds of journalists all waiting ahead of her in line for a cab?

“Taxi!” Kara cried out as she waved her arm frantically into the line of cars idling.


Kara turned and beamed at the familiar face grinning back at her from the front seat of the cab, the very same cab driver who had come to her aid last time she was in this turmoil.

“Hey!” Kara flung open the car door and climbed in, cutting through a line of very disgruntled reporters who shouted at her. When Kara noticed their press badges were that of a tabloid, her guilt faded. “Au palais monsieur!

Je connais le raccourci,” the driver said with a bigger grin towards Kara through the rearview mirror and put the cab in gear.

Even with the shortcut the cab driver took her on, Kara was still running short on time. Her leg jumped restlessly in the back seat of the cab as they pulled off the main road and on to the familiar windy single lane road through the snow covered forest. When the palace did finally come into view, lines of cars blocked their previous entrance to the palace from the back.

Impatient and running dangerously close on time, Kara threw what she now knew as a far too generous tip at the driver and opened the door to head out on foot to the palace. The driver yelled at her french as she trudged through the snow in her leather loafers and the wind blew at her hair, but she didn’t care. She simply tugged her coat tighter and pressed on despite the fact that her shoes were now soaked and the damp fabric of her slacks clung uncomfortably to her calves. It took several steps before Kara realized she now climbed the hill that her and Ruby sled on only last week. Just yesterday, she thought she’d never see this hill again, but now she had a sliver of hope that she might just sled on it again.

Kara’s route seemingly bypassed the guards standing by the palace entrance and the passenger unloading area, but that didn’t mean she had free entrance into the castle. With the coronation already underway, most of the guard stood at the ready by the closed doors and Kara couldn’t help but suck her teeth as she realized just how late she was despite her shortcut. And of course, making her entrance out of the dark snow covered landscape in a now damp stained suit and coat rather than a limo did little to ease her anxiety as several guards reached for their weapons as they saw her crunch through the snow in her approach.

“Hey,” Kara cleared her throat awkwardly as she did her best to ignore the fierce gaze of the armed guards around her and made her way to the smallest, least threatening looking one. “Sorry, I’m a little late. Could you tell me how to get to the coronation?”

“No entrance without an invitation,” the guard said gruffly, his hand not leaving his holster. “Otherwise you will be escorted off the property.”

He nodded his head at the other guards who began to close in around Kara before she threw up her hands.

“Wait, I have an invitation!” she exclaimed, doing her best to ignore the rather large rifles they carried as she rifled through her coat pockets to pull out a now rather wrinkled invitation. “Here!”

The guard eyed it suspiciously and gingerly took it out of Kara’s hands and held it up to the light of one of the lamp posts around him. He frowned as he turned it over and inspected the boarders. Kara could only hold her breath and bite her lip as she watched. Why hadn't she just brought a bag she could have kept it safer in than just shoving it into her pocket?

“This has been crumpled up,” the guard finally said, holding the paper delicately between his thumb and forefinger.

“I can smooth it out if you want,” Kara told him as she wiped the accumulating sweat off her forehead. “Just with the plane ride and then the traffic, I wasn’t able to keep it as pristine as I would have liked.”

The guard studied her intently for several moments before relenting.

“Her Majesty has most likely gone to light the coronation ring by now,” the guard said as he handed back the invite. “Go through these doors, down the hall and to the courtyard. Everyone should be there.”

“Thank you so much!” Kara exclaimed, grasnatched the invite back and dashed through the now open door.

Her wet loafers slid and squeaked on the tile floor of the palace, but that didn’t slow Kara down. Of course, this probably wasn’t the best look to have as an already suspicious looking guest to the guards as she now sprinted down the hallway, but Kara couldn’t bring herself to care. As soon as she found Sam or Ruby, they’d clear her. Maybe even Nia or Jess if they had happened to have forgiven her. Actually, now that Kara thought about, Sam might hold some resentment against her too. Ruby was really Kara’s only hope besides Lena. Unfortunate for Kara was that Ruby just so happened to be about a head shorter than all the other guests milling about tonight.

Finally, Kara found the archway that led out to the courtyard, but of course, it was already crowded with people, all their black tie and evening gown. In her wet loafers, Kara couldn’t see a thing over them and all they gave her in return were dirty looks as she scrambled around them, searching for some kind of opening she could peak through.

That was when she remembered the balcony.

Leaving the crowds behind, Kara scrambled through her mind to the night of the Christmas Eve Party and just what door she had followed Lena through. The different circumstances and starting points threw her off, but Kara trusted her gut when she found it directing her up the stairs and to another door. If she were wrong, perhaps she could find a staff member to direct her to some spare dry clothes. Hopefully all those nights wandering instead of sleeping would finally pay off.

And they did. The cold gust of air that hit her as soon as she opened the door, rippling her skin with goosebumps as Kara rushed out on to. Feeling the cold stone against her feet or the chill in her air brought back the memories of Lena dancing in hers and the heat of her body pressed against hers in longing. The memory tugged at her heart, but she pushed it away with a shake of her head and shiver as she searched through the crowds below for the one her heart called for now.

Beneath her, a flame was lit and the crowd parted, revealing the regal figure of the one Kara longed for and Kara’s heart shuttered. Lena stood tall in her coat of black furs as she readied the bow with a flaming arrow, the fire reflecting against her intricate, bejeweled crown and casting shadows behind her against the crowd. Kara’s mouth went dry. Even at such distance, how was she more beautiful than Kara remembered? Gripping the railing tight with anticipation as Kara leaned dangerously forward, she watched as the now Queen Lena Luthor pulled back her arrow with a deep exhale, take aim while using her mouth as an anchor, inhaled slowly, then released just as Kara had taught her.

The flaming arrow sailed through air, landing on a podium that lit a large standing circle: the coronation ring.

Despite knowing it was a lack of decorum, Kara whooped loudly, throwing her hands in the air as she cheered on Lena. Of course, her girl had done it. There had never been any doubts that she wouldn’t. Thankfully, no one seemed to be able to hear her over the thunder applause from the crowd below as Lena turned to the crowd and offered a polie bow, but Kara could see the smug grin on her face. She was the expert marksman she proclaimed after all. When the staff came to take the bow, Kara put her fingers to her lips and whistled loudly, but the sound unfortunately echoed around trees and exterior palace walls around the courtyard, so while Lena looked up, she didn’t look at Kara.

With a sigh, Kara remained on her perech as she watched the guards escort Lena through the crowd and back into the palace. While she wasn’t entirely sure what would happen next, Kara knew that she would be following Lena. Shivering in her cold and hating herself for not insisting that Alex had bought her a warmer outfit, Kara shuffled back inside, stomping her feet against the carpet as she attempted to regain the feeling in them that the cold had robbed.

As she descended the stairs, she was met with a crowd of people all rushing back inside the palace from the courtyard to the ballroom. Apparently, Kara had missed most of the coronation ceremony in her later arrival and it seemed to already be time for the dance. Ridiculous as it seemed, Kara had hoped she would reunite with Lena in a more private setting. The idea of embracing her and professing her love to her in front of an assortment of dignitaries and journalists in her now cold wet suit made Kara consider just running off to her old bedroom and waiting it out there. The party had to end sometime. Perhaps that wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Unfortunately, one studious bald guard crushed that notion before Kara could act on it as she ran into him at the bottom of the stares.

“Just who are you exactly?” He asked her, his arms crossed as he stood far too close in her personal space.

“Um, Kara,” Kara squeaked, pulling on her shirt collar. “Kara Danvers.”

“Where is your press badge?” He demanded as he effectively blocked the entire bottom of the stairs with his stance.

Really, Kara thought, where were these people when she got into the palace in the first place?

“I’m actually not with any press affiliate at the moment,” Kara explained weakly as her face grew hot while she reached for her coat pocket. “The Queen actually invited me. I can show you the invitation actually.”

But unfortunately, the guard didn’t bother even glancing at the wrinkled paper in Kara’s hand as he reached for his holster.

“You’re going to need to come with me Miss.”


Almost sliding on the carpet with her wet loafer, Kara whipped her head back to see a very elegant Sam rushing towards her in a golden evening gown and elbow length white gloves and the guard automatically steps to the side for her. Behind her, Ruby trailed behind, struggling to walk quickly in her stiff, red, floor length dress with golden fringe and little bits of snow clinging to the hem. Just seeing them in person again made Kara want to cry.

“You know this woman, Duchess?” the guard asked.

“Of course,” Sam quickly replied as she looped her arm through Kara’s and pulled her down the last step to the ground floor. “She’s a personal guest of the Queen. Now, if you would excuse us, we need to freshen up.”

“Of course, Duchess,” the guard took a step back with a bow, clearly still not used to addressing Sam as anything but royalty. “My mistake.”

Sam nodded and quickly, but somehow still gracefully, pulled Kara to the side away from the crowds of press and royals up the stairs to the more dimly lit hallway upstairs. Even in the dim light, her large golden necklace and heavy earrings twinkled as she darted her head around, ensuring they were alone as Ruby joined them at the top of the stairs.

“Sam,” Kara breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s so good to see you.”

“Just what do you think you’re wearing?” Sam gasped as she took a step back to baulk over Kara’s outfit. “Did you swim across the Atlantic and then trek through France? Haven’t you ever heard of planes?”

It wasn’t until now that Kara really had a chance to look over herself, and even with the dimmer light of the hallway, Kara’s mouth dropped. Her slacks had somehow tore the knee and the mix of dirt in the wet and dry fabric on the blue fabric along the calves resembled a poor tie dye job. Her once shiny loafers now appeared faded and cracked as clumps of dirty ice still clung to the toe. The eager woman in new clothes that stepped off the plane was gone and a scraggly mess who was now panicking had taken her place. How on earth had she been let in?

“The cab got held up in traffic and blockades,” Kara stuttered as she stared at her once nice shoes. “I had to walk some of the way through the snow and woods along the property. I haven’t gotten a chance to freshen up.”

“I think it’s sweet,” Ruby smirked as she too looked over her old tutor. “The determination anyway. The appearance is a little questionable.”

“Do either of you have a compact or something?” Kara asked, attempting to wipe off the dirt on her thighs. “Maybe even a change of pants?”

“We have a change of everything,” Sam said, checking her gold watch. “Come on. Lena’s dancing with all the eligible bachelors right now, but we may just be able to squeeze you end towards the end.”

“Eligible bachelors… right,” Kara gulped as she remembered the requirement of all unwed queens being required to dance with all the eligible men in the kingdom. Perhaps then wouldn’t be the most opportune time to make an entrance.

Kara’s developing doubts were soon cut off by a pair of arms suddenly wrapping around her in a vice and a quick squeeze.

“I’m glad you came back,” Ruby said as she hugged Kara tightly.

“Me too,” Kara smiled. Even if Lena did reject her, at least she got to see Ruby and Sam one last time.


“Alright, so I’m loving the suit vibe on you, but I unfortunately don’t have as many as I’d like to choose from. How would you feel if it had a slight floral pattern?” Sam said as she pulled out a black suit with gold and white sunflowers on it from her closet. “It might be a bit of a gamble, but I think it would look great with your hair.”

“It’s not bad,” Kara said slowly. And it really wasn’t. But was it something someone would wear to a coronation? Now that Kara looked at her own suit and thought of the outfits Ruby and Sam wore as well as everyone else downstairs, she felt under dressed.

“Go with the dark blue one, Mom,” Ruby called out as she nudged Kara’s side. “It’s kind of like the one you’re wearing now. And it’s one of Thorulian’s national colors.”

“Good idea, Rubes.” Sam pulled out a navy suit with golden buttons and a white collared shirt underneath and pushed it into Kara’s hands. “And it would match well national color wise with Lena’s red dress. Oh and I have the perfect earrings and shoes to go with it!”

“You really don’t have to,” Kara insisted as she felt the soft silk of the suit fabric beneath her finger tips and felt the ever building anxiety tighten in her chest. “Both of you have already done far too much as it is.”

“You’re giving me an excuse to get out of a boring party,” Ruby grinned. “I’d say we’re about equal.”

“Oh hush, Ruby,” Sam rolled her eyes. “But really, Kara. It’s no trouble at all for us. You’re making a bigger deal out of this than it really is.”

“But I lied to both of you,” Kara said, holding the outfit tighter in her hand. “And I haven’t even had a chance to apologize to both of you yet. Doesn’t that bother you?”

Sam let out a deep sigh as she closed the jewelry box on her dresser and turned to look at Kara with sincere, but tired eyes.

“You weren’t the first person to lie to me, Kara,” she said. “And you certainly won’t be the last.”

“But that doesn’t make it okay.”

“No, it doesn’t,” Sam told her as she leaned against her dresser. “But also not all lies are the same. Yes, you lied about who you were outwardly, but you remained true to the person you really are. And despite your lies, you didn’t use them to intentionally cause harm, even if you did in the end which I am ashamed of you for.” Sam swallowed as her eyes tracked down to her bedroom floor. “But I’ve seen and experienced just how devastating some lies can be. I still carry some of that pain to this day. What you did though, I believe I can look past, which is why I’ve encouraged Lena to do the same.”

“I…” the words caught in Kara’s throat. A relationship to someone like the former king of Thorul was enough to strip anyone of trust or good will for a lifetime, but Sam somehow still managed to keep her heart through it all and still try to help those around her and see the best in them. It was enough to make Kara want to cry. “Thank you.”

“But make no mistake,” Sam continued, her eyes flicking to Kara with a certain power that rose the hair on the back of Kara’s neck. “If you ever lie to Lena or my daughter again, I won’t be so forgiving.”

Kara gulped. “I-I swear…”

“Oh my gosh, Mom, you’re so embarrassing,” Ruby rolled her eyes and pushed at Kara’s shoulder. “Go get ready Kara. You have a coronation to crash!”


Technically, it wasn’t crashing if one was invited, but as soon as the doors opened to the ballroom, Kara felt crashing was the closest thing she was doing. She was a fish out a water when it came to country and culture already, but now class was thrown into the mix. Even the corsets and coat tails some of the guests wore made Kara think she was even wrong the century. Everyone here knew how to hold their head high and pinkies higher as she roamed and socialized throughout the large room while Kara simply shoved her hands in her pockets and hunched her shoulders, hoping it would make her look smaller and insignificant in the sea of people even if on the surface, Kara looked as if she did fit in.

Ruby’s stylings had done wonders to her figure even if she insisted tearing off the sleeves of the suits would be the only way Kara could adequately show off her toned biceps she claimed Lena would fawn over. Sam’s quick work with mascara, a pale lipstick, and hair spray turned Kara’s face into one that was almost unrecognizable to Kara. Of course, that could have just been her lack of glasses and poor adjustment to the new contacts she wore. Still, Kara insisted she carry her glasses in her inside jacket pocket just in case. Who knew what the night might bring afterall.

Now as Kara walked into the ballroom with Ruby and Sam on either side of her, no one spared her a second glance. Despite the effective disguise, Kara still couldn’t help the thundering pulse of her heart. She had felt more calm at the state dinner in her Target dress and pocket full of quiches only a little over a week ago. How she longed for that simplicity.

“Roll your shoulders back,” Sam told Kara with an elbow to the side. “Slouching does nothing for your looks or posture.”

“Oh right,” Kara puffed out her chest as she straightened her spine.

“Oh gosh, not that much,” Sam said with a slight cringe. “I can’t have you busting through one of my favorite suits now.”

“You looked fine just the way you were, Kara,” Ruby insisted. “Mom just gets anxious and nags at these sorts of events.”

“Yeah, she’s the anxious one,” Kara murmured as she herself worried the pit in her stomach would swallow her whole any second.

“I do not nag,” Sam told her daughter with a threatening narrow gaze.

“Sure, you don’t,” Ruby agreed although her tone dripped in sarcasm.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh look, there’s aunty Lee,” Ruby said loudly, pulling Kara along with her forward to the edge of the dance floor.

If Kara thought she was anxious before, it was nothing to how she felt as soon as her gaze landed on the woman dancing in front of them. Her dark furs and the sparkle in her eye of earlier gone, and a red evening gown and a polite smile took its place as Lena sashayed around the dance floor gracefully in the arms of another. Her partner’s frown creases in his forehead and the snobby upturned nose caused Kara’s own face to wrinkle slightly in disgust, but Lena only nodded along with a tight smile as he spoke to her as they danced. Her shoulders held a tension that Kara’s fingers ached to work out and her green held an exhaustion that Kara longed to soothe. Kara shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she fought the irrational urge to run out onto the dance floor and whisk Lena away to the night of relaxation and sleep she deserved, but of course, that wasn’t possible. Especially not with the line of men surrounding the dance floor as they awaited their own dance with the now Queen of Thorul who, by tradition, was required to give.

“My god could these dances be any longer?”

Kara turned her head and disgust fell across her face when she saw the man she and Ruby now stood next to was none other than Lord Mike Matthew, the partying Lord himself. From the way he nursed the champagne glass in his hand, the coronation had not dampered his intake of spirits. And of course, he was an eligible bachelor waiting for a dance. With his personality, Kara doubted if he would ever find himself not in that state.

“Really,” he continued after a generous gulp. “If you have the audacity to have a coronation on New Years Eve, you should at least be respectful of your guests' time. Some of us have places to be before midnight.”

“And where exactly would that be?” Ruby asked, crossing her arm.

“My own party for starters,” Mike told her before he let out a small burp. “I throw a rager every New Year. Of course, this had to be planned during it.”

“I apologize that my ex-husband couldn’t have delayed his arrest to another day,” Sam said coldly.

Mike scoffed his drink. “Sure, I bet you are.”

“Excuse me?” Kara started as she felt Ruby stiffen besider her and her fists clenched, but Sam’s hand on her shoulder stopped her.

“Now isn’t the time or place,” Sam murmured to her.

Kara nodded reluctantly, but her fists remained closed at her sides. Just then, the song ended and Mike perked up as Lena’s dance partner separated with a bow and Lena turned towards them.

“Well, it’s about time,” Mike said, passing his glass off to Kara. “Take this for me, would you? It’s my turn to dance.”

Not sure what else to do, Kara took the glass, holding it away from her as she didn’t want it any closer than necessary, but she longed for something to do as her heart hammered dangerously fast in her chest as Lena approached them. Kara was unable to take her eyes off her, but Lena seemingly hadn’t noticed her. Did she not recognize her in this attire and accessories? Had she given up on Kara already? She had missed most of the coronation after all. Why hadn't she just gotten here sooner?

Mike flashed a crooked grin at the Queen as their eyes met and she approached while he offered her an exaggerated bow.

“Lord Matthews,” Lena said calmly as her gaze lingered on the drink stain on his shirt collar. “I see you’ve been indulging yourself tonight.”

“How could I not, your Majesty?” Mike said in a brown nosing way that made Kara’s skin crawl. “It is a night of great celebration, after all.”

Lena’s red lips curved in a poorly guised fake grin as her exasperated eyes darted over towards Sam, Ruby and Kara.

“I do hope you all have just as much fun as this gentleman,” she said with a slight laugh. “I cannot promise the night will be as enjoyable as-- Kara?”

The proper face of the once princess fell and one of shock took it’s place. Those emerald eyes that haunted Kara’s dreams were now wide and those lips that haunted Kara’s fantasies now hung open. And Kara only knew she looked the same. Despite her planning and the mental preparation the trip had given her, she doubted she would have ever been ready for this. In her hands, Mike's glass slipped before Kara caught it, spilling his drink on her shoes, but she didn’t care. She was finally standing in the presence of the woman she called beloved.

“Hi,” Kara breathed.

“You came,” Lena whispered as her the most beautiful grin slowly overtook her expression as she took a small step forward.

“Yeah,” Kara couldn’t help but grin back, her hands automatically taking Lena’s hand in her own. “Sorry, I’m late. Time zones can be a real pain sometimes.”

“It’s okay,” Lena told her with a squeeze of her hand in hers. “I’m just so glad you made it.”

“Yeah?” Kara asked in a choked whisper as heart swelled impossibly large in her chest.

“Hey,” Mike barked, ripping both of them out of their bubble. “I’m supposed to be your next dance. Not this waitress.”

Lena’s jaw clenched before she took a sharp deep breath, her hand gripping Kara’s tightly before she spotted the glass in Kara’s other hand.

“I do not dance with the intoxicated, Lord Matthews, especially those who cannot keep track of their own glasses,” Lena told him as she took his drink out of Kara’s hand and shoved it back into his own. “I suggest you either sober up or get out before my guards escort you.”

“Excuse me?” Mike bawled.

“I am your Queen and I will not tolerate that tone,” Lena snapped, her nostrils flaring. “Take your drink and leave. Now .”

Mike’s jaw worked up and down several times before he finally relented and took his drink back before turning and pushing his way through the crowd. Whether that was to leave as Lena told him or to go back to the bar for another drink, Kara didn’t know nor did she care. Her focus remained solely on the woman in front of her who’s hand she finally held within her own.

“Wow, the power has gone to your head that fast I see,” Sam smirked.

“I think it was brilliant!” Ruby laughed. “Did you see his face?”

“Sorry about that,” Lena told Kara. “I hope he didn’t bother you for too long.”

“Not at all,” Kara smiled. “I mean, not too long. Especially now that you’re here.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” Lena said, returning Kara’s smile.

They stood now only a foot apart from each other and Kara longed to both close the gap between them but also stay in this heavenly world where only the two of them existed. Lena's new crown only looked larger now this close, but Kara barely noticed it especially with the way those green eyes looked back at her. If she could, she'd stare into them forever.

“Well are you going to ask her?” Ruby demanded as she rocked back and forth on her feet.

“I was getting to that Ruby,” Lena chuckled as she bit her lip. “Kara Danvers, would you do me the honor of a dance?”

“Yes!” Kara squeaked before clearing her throat. “I mean, yeah. Yes. Please.”

The corner of Lena’s mouth crooked upwards as she pulled Kara out onto the dance floor with her. As soon as Lena's feet touched the floor, the band began to play again, and Lena’s hands drifted so one was on Kara’s shoulder and the other holding her hand in the air. Kara’s hand placement followed as she soon fell in step with the song and attempted to lead Lena through it.

“Remember, I only know the steps and none of the spins or dips,” Kara said, suddenly very aware of her feet squeezed in Sam’s too small shoes.

“I remember,” Lena laughed, giving Kara’s hand a squeeze. “Still the best dance partner I’ve ever had though.”

“How you love to humor me,” Kara grinned as they moved together along the ballroom floor.

“It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite pastimes,” Lena admitted before her eyes balanty flicked down to check Kara out. “Especially when you wear suits.”

“You can think Sam for this one,” Kara said, blush tingeing her cheeks. “The sleeves are a little too short.”

“I certainly don’t see any problem with it,” Lena gave a sly smirk.

“Well that’s good because there are definitely a lot of people staring at us.”

And there were. As much as Kara had tried to ignore it, almost every head in the room had turned towards them when they stepped out onto the dance floor, and their dance ability had nothing to do with it. If it weren’t for Lena finally being in her arms, Kara would have longed for when she was either invisible or mistaken as a waitress. Lena, however, only shrugged them off.

“It’s a bit unprecedented for a a recently crowned royal to be dancing with the same sex on the night of her coronation especially when there are other eligible bachelors who have yet to be danced with,” Lena explained. “Actually, it’s a bit unorthodox, I believe. Maybe even a first.”

“Isn’t that a problem, though?” Kara asked hesitantly. “I thought you said we wouldn’t ever be public and all.”

Lena gave a soft sigh. “Let’s just say I’m learning to do better to manage the distractions in my life. That is if you’re willing to be patient with me. It’s not exactly going to be the easiest learning process, but I’d love it if you joined me.”

“Of course,” Kara assured her with a grin. “Anything for you.”

“It also definitely helps that the media is suddenly much more fond of me,” Lena said with a tilt of her.

Kara faltered in her step as her smile fell. “I’m so sorry--”

“No, no,” Lena said, urging her partner to keep moving with a loving squeeze of her hand. “I’m thanking you. And also apologizing to you. I reacted rashly and impulsively by saying things I shouldn’t have.”

“You had every right to,” Kara swiftly assured her before Lena shook her head.

“Reacting to pain by causing more is not excusable and is no way to live,” Lena told her. “I accept your apology and only hope that you accept mine.”

“Of course,” Kara said softly. “I’ll always forgive you.”

“I really do need to thank you again though for what you said in your article. I don’t think you fully understand just how much of an impact that had on my approval rating. People actually seem to want to give me a chance now.”

“It was only a matter of time,” Kara told her with a small smile. “Who wouldn’t want you as their Princess?”

“Well, I’m Queen now,” Lena smirked with a tilt of her head. “And theoretically, I can do whatever I want.”

“And what is it you want, my Queen?”

“You.” Lena’s smile softened. “If you’ll have me.”


Kara’s eyes drifted closed as Lena’s hand on her shoulder glided to hold her neck as Kara pressed her pale lips against Lena’s red as they grinned so wide their teeth clicked. But Kara didn’t mind. She didn’t mind as the cameras flashed around them as she pulled Lena’s hips flushed with her own and cupped Lena’s soft cheek as she lost herself in the kiss she poured every ounce of love and respect in that she could because Lena deserved nothing less.

This was what she had been searching for. This was what filled the hole in her heart. This was her dream in life: to love and support and care for this incredible woman in her arms. She was the home Kara had been searching for all along. And Kara couldn’t wait to spend the rest of her life loving it with her new found home and family.