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have you ever noticed how
brings a welcome relief from

for years,
nothing had ever happened
in this desert town.

it was the same group of people,
carrying out the same tasks,
drinking the same cheap wine every night.
(some more than others)

the band came
and everything changed

well, nothing really changed.

it was still the same people
with the same jobs,
drinking their cheap wine
(maybe a little more now)

but there was an emptiness
to the town
that seemed foreign

it was emptier than usual

the band had brought
nothing with it,

but they had left
a whole world behind

a world full of souls
living in misery,
their monotony disrupted

friends departed

lovers abandoned

promises of a return,
but they knew it would never happen

the records on dina's shelf
once played to exhaustion
were now collecting dust

the rock posters in papi's room
had been replaced with jazz

iris and itzik had empty places
set at their dining table

tzachi no longer remained
by the telephone day and night
but visited daily anyway

sami had kept his distance
from the cafe,
not wanting to be victim
to another of its owner's glares

misery sucks,
thought dina.
but at least i have something
to hold on to.

the paint on park bench,
previously uninhabited,
was becoming chipped with use.

dina spent most of her evenings there
not really looking at anything,
content to watch sand blow across the road.

yes, misery was a terrible feeling
one that dina had grown numb to over the years,
but it was better than the quotidian boredom
that infected the town.

if she was to be miserable,
she was thankful
she had the memories
he left behind
that would replay
in her mind

for the rest of her life