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Those Early Morning Kisses

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Arms slid away from a built frame and the angelic feeling of embrace melted off his skin, a whine slipping out of his lips. A yearning bubbled up in his chest but all he did was squeeze his eyes tighter, grabbing the object closest to him (a pillow, at least) and hugging it tightly. Such a soothing rest, though Yagi wished whomever was behind him - spooning him gently - was there again. It was much easier to sleep soundly with either one or both of his husbands cuddling him in a very protective manner, playing around with his hair - maybe even scratching his scalp. Affection, the tall man was a person who craved and relished in affection greatly.


A scent hit his nose hard as he rolled on his back and opened one eye - it was all too blurry to make anything out. So he stayed there for a moment longer before sighing, the soft air coiling around his lungs. Warmth carcassed his feet as he lingered on the carpet for a moment and stretched out his stiff muscles, starting with the shoulders first, groaning every time a joint clicked (or to some cracked).


Yamada peeked his head through the doorway, smiling ever so gently - the sound pro hero crossing his arms over one another. “So,” He states cooly, his bright blonde hair falling past his shoulders - surprising it looked clean. “You finally decided it was time to get up?”


“I suppose,” Yagi avoided eye contact (he wasn’t comfortable with it most of the time) with his partner. “Where’s Shouta?” - He seemed so naive and innocent when he asked that question, similar to Midoriya when the greenette was lost. Pointing a thumb to the kitchen Yamada rolled his eyes before ‘tsk’ing - and turned back the opposite direction, perhaps trying to convince the much taller to join him downstairs.


The hint seemed easy to pick up and so the pro hero All Might followed behind, his back and shoulders arching downwards to avoid hitting anything in his path. Little bits and pieces of decoration made the room feel safer, almost completely comforting if it weren’t for the stuffed cats sitting neatly in a row on the shelf above the stove. Said raven-haired turned to see a sleepy Yagi sitting down at the table, a yawn slipping from his lips.


“Morning dear,” Shouta grunted before turning around, he was in his usual sleepwear (a thin black tank-top and his thick, pink sweatpants with ‘sexy’ written on the left leg). Loud sizzles died down as he reached forward to turn the eye of the stove off, the button clicking as he twisted to the left. “I’ve made breakfast this morning, if that is alright,” - Like a snail, he set the first plate down and pushed it in Yagi’s general direction.


Before a reply could tumble out of his mouth a kiss was placed on his cheek, a light pink dusted both of his cheeks and he stared wide-eyed. Blood dribbled down his lip (luckily not spurting everywhere) on to his baggy gray pants - still he remain motionless from the sudden action presented to him. Shouta laughs softly to himself before placing Yamada’s plate down as well, taking a seat in the middle of his husbands; hand gripping tight to the latter and a shiver creeping along his spine. “Hold on,” The smaller blonde stated before standing up and going over to Yagi’s right cheek, where he kissed him with ease and confidence before snickering at the almost similar reaction that he had given Shouta. Except this time he was completely flabbergasted and his face felt warm now - a dark pink covering his face and the tips of his ears so he covered them completely.


“Uh oh,” His raven-haired companion commented a volume louder than previous before ruffling Yagi’s loose hair softly and smiled through his words. “I think we broke him,”