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simon's birthday cake

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after the disaster that was the big kablooey and the subsequent fixing of the Serenity and members of her crew that were injured, the crew successfully finished the job with few additional setbacks

"look at all this money," mal said.

"yes," everyone agreed.

"this is a good amount of money."


mal looked around. everyone was there. jayne was looking tough as usual. "what do we do with this money?"

"give it to zoë for being hot."

"no, wash."

mal noticed that simon looked sad. "why are you sad, doctor?"

simon made a sad face. "i did not get cake. and i almost died."

the shepherd nodded wisely. "that is not good."

"yes, it is not."

no one said anything, then kaylee raised her hand and smiled. "why don't we buy him a real cake, huh?"

"but we will get arrested if we go into town proper to buy a cake," mal pointed out.

"no, probably not. let's go."


everyone tagged along behind kaylee to find a cake.

they found one. it was brown and had brown icing. chocolate.

"look at this cake," mal stated.

"yes," everyone replied.

they took the cake to their kitchen and stuck a candle in it.

kaylee handed the cake with the candle to simon. "here is your cake."

simon looked sad but in a happy sort of way. "this is very nice. thank you."

"you're welcome."

simon blew out the candle and everyone clapped, even jayne.

the cake was delicious. it did not taste like protein. even river had some and smiled. inara got multiple pieces of the cake for being so cool. no one died. everyone was feeling better if they had been injured. it was very nice.

everyone had a good time and was happy.

the end.