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The owner of Angel’s Share does not indulge in drinking. It’s been expressed more than once, by himself, and those who frequent his tavern.

Personally, Diluc simply can't be bothered to gain the acquired taste for wines or different types of liquor. It’s not as if he's so prude as to restrict himself from ever taking a drink. He, of course, has done so for the initial purpose of testing his tavern’s card—he concocted the drinks himself after all, and then subsequently memorized how to mix them.

It's leisure drinking that Diluc is not so fond of. Whatsoever.

Of course, one could argue, he is a busy man. He not only owns Mond’s most popular tavern—for informants and drunks alike—but as the richest bachelor in the land, and the owner of what is most likely renowned as Teyvat’s most famous wine producer, it can be seen as quite strange.

For anyone curious, it's natural to want to know the reasons behind such a peculiar preference. However—anyone curious should also be wise to mind their business when it comes to the affairs of the sole Ragnvindr.

Everyone except Kaeya Alberich, who unbeknownst to all par from Diluc, knows exactly what reasons lie behind the redhead’s prig attitude when it comes to drinking. To Kaeya, he finds it a little more than amusing.

Diluc has no idea yet, but that knowledge is precisely, or at least somewhat, the reason why Kaeya has now let himself into the winery estate without much more than a self-sent invitation to do so.

The last time they had seen each other has not been far enough away for Diluc’s liking.


“I was there, I saw a giant serpent of black flames.”

There was a loud shatter that seemed to echo through the room, louder than Kaeya’s words.

“Yeah. I thought it looked like one of your toys.”

Diluc had been throwing darts before his uninvited guest’s arrival. His aim was a practiced one, but hearing such overwhelming information caused him to fumble just as he’d flicked his wrist forward,

He was on was his ninth and last dart. It would have been a perfect game.

It happened almost too quickly, the plain white vase that help up a single Calla Lilly, the same vase that has always sat on the table underneath his dart board, was now in pieces.

Kaeya did not look away from him, and Diluc had ignored the shattered porcelain, opting instead to already grab the next dart, holding it with the tip up.


“…I guess you don’t want to have anything to do with the fate of Mond, right?” Was Kaeya’s response. Diluc thought him foolish. He had not been involved and he knows Kaeya is aware of such.

“I don’t have anything like that. You think I’m behind this? Sir Kaeya. Saving Mond is your job. Do try it properly next time.”

And Kaeya laughed. To Diluc it was an obnoxious, familiar laugh, so nostalgic that he wished there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to hear it again.

“Your bro Kaeya will be back with a new vase. Aim straight next time. Can’t you count to 501?”

Diluc hit the bullseye as soon as Kaeya had left, the man’s flamboyant presence and his strong perfume still lingering in the room long after he’d gone.


A scent Diluc remembers.

One that is gracing his nose far too soon for his liking following that day. He had already gotten a new vase himself—if his attending servants count as himself. However, he knows that the quickness in which he’d replaced the vase means nothing. If Kaeya has an excuse to come back to claw at his nerves; Diluc is not only unsurprised at the visit, but he's rather used to them by now.

It's not as if Kaeya has stopped inviting himself in, by means of announcing that his presence should be expected at any later date.

“Sir Kaeya.” Diluc’s eyes immediately fall to the large abomination in Kaeya’s hands. He feels an immediate twitch of annoyance towards whoever had allowed Kaeya to walk inside holding such a thing.

It's a multi-colored vase, undeniably well-crafted, but painted with a gaudy style that stands out far too much for his liking. The longer he looks at it, the more Diluc can see how little it compliments practically anything else in the room.

“Master Diluc. Your brother has come bearing gifts.”

Diluc simply stares, watching as Kaeya sets the vase down on the nearest table—on top of some very visible documents.

He frowns.

“I’m not your brother.” Diluc says, for what seems like the millionth time since Kaeya had initially decided that bothering him was such a good pastime.

“Don’t be like that, see—I’ve brought you wine as well.”

And that is when Diluc sucks in a sharp breath.

So that's his game.

He can't really explain to himself why this wasn’t something he hasn't yet also grown used to.

“I should have seen this coming.” He says, words mirroring his immediate thoughts. He’s no longer frowning, but he knows the look on his face isn’t a happy one. If anything, his cheeks have flushed pink.

“You wouldn’t be so rude as to decline a drink with the Ordo’s very own Calvary Captain, hm? We can talk business.


And that’s how Diluc ended up sitting in winery’s cellar, on his knees, with the taste of dandelion wine fresh in his mouth, and Kaeya’s cock slowly pushing against the back of his throat.

To put it into perspective—Diluc has needs, and Kaeya is, always is, available.

It had first began with the very night the Fatui Harbinger—Il Dotorre—had decided to crash his annual gathering of the Guild and the Ordo Favonius.

The least he could do as his father’s son was keep good relations with the Ordo, no matter how useless he thinks them to be. Beyond the bother—of what Diluc thought had been quite frankly, rude—that he’d felt from taking care of unexpected business regarding the Fatui, the invitation for Ordo Favonius knights had unfortunately been extended to Kaeya. His 'taking care of business' then was followed by, as Kaeya had put it “a drink” and “something Master Diluc doesn’t know much about.”

Diluc had been wrong to presume that the something he doesn't know much about involved information.

The 'information' he’d learned that night, (and through the early morning) was what he could only describe as absolutely uncouth.

Depraved and inappropriate and scandalous and hot.

He had loved every second of it.

The common denominator in all of the following, similar scenarios had been a bottle of dandelion wine, the label put into Teyvat’s spirits circulation by his very own winery.

The irony.


This time, well, this time Kaeya has simply pushed him onto the floor as soon as the cellar door is locked.

“You could at least have some decency.” Diluc finds himself sneering.

Although, he doesn't stand up.

“I could.” Is Kaeya’s half-assed response.

And as quickly as Diluc's been shoved over, Kaeya squats down to meet his level and extends to him the aforementioned bottle—already opened.

“Why don’t you have a drink.” Kaeya isn't asking, but before Diluc can take it from him, he watches Kaeya laugh, pull it back, and proceed to spit into the opening.

The bottle is near his face again a moment later, as if he hasn't just watched it just be soiled.

“I’m not going to f—” Diluc starts, only to be cut off by the peevish man before him.

“Oh, you poor thing. Let me help you.” Kaeya subsequently lifts the bottle towards his own mouth, takes a swig, and without swallowing, engulfs Diluc’s mouth with his.

It doesn’t take more than a second until the smooth taste of dandelion wine, never mind the additional liquid in the bottle, is sliding down his throat, and Kaeya is tonguing into his mouth after the liquid is gone—not giving him much of a chance to breathe.

When Kaeya pulls away, a string of saliva stretches between them until it drips to the floor and Diluc is wiping at his mouth. The redhead’s face is nearly as bright as his hair, and he can’t stop eyeing the open bottle in Kaeya’s hand.

Already in the cellar, after such a kiss, Diluc knows he’s in too deep again. He tells himself that it would be pointless not to allow himself to just let go after coming this far.

Kaeya, on the other hand, knows his sworn brother wants it more than he’ll ever admit.

To prove it, Kaeya sets the bottle down on the floor in front of Diluc, and proceeds to let his coat slide off his shoulders and onto the floor. They both know what it's for—the cellar isn't the most pleasant place to be on ones knees.

“There’s that decency you desired, dear brother.” Kaeya laughs—as usual—at his own words, and then uses his foot to slide the coat next to the Diluc on the floor.

Diluc has already allowed himself the pleasure of taking his next mouthful of wine himself, but upon hearing Kaeya’s words, doubles his joy by spitting half of it onto the blue, now wet, monstrosity that Kaeya uses as clothing beside him.

Kaeya only tisks. “Now why do you insist on being such a rotten brat, Luc?” He leans forward, taking both the wine bottle and a well gripped portion of Diluc’s hair into each of his hands.

With his left, he jerks Diluc’s head back. And with his right, he begins pouring the wine against Diluc’s already wet lips, watching it spill down his chin and onto his clothes until Diluc opens his mouth to catch it. By the time Kaeya releases him, he’s fed Diluc half of the bottle, and Kaeya doesn’t wait to put it down and swiftly unclasp his belt and unbutton his trousers.

For Diluc, who’s easily a lightweight with how little he drinks, everything seems to become more self-explanatory after the bottle is half-empty and he’s significantly dizzier. When he lifts himself from sitting on his calves, Diluc slides onto the damp coat on the floor without direction. His knees would hurt otherwise, and he doesn’t want to feel that tomorrow.

“That’s the spirit.” Kaeya says, his pants now pushed down enough for him to reveal his thick cock.

(Un)surprisingly enough, it’s Diluc who sheds his gloves and makes grabs for it. Kaeya doesn’t feel the need to say anything as a wet mouth engulfs him.

It all speaks for itself quite beautifully, anyway.

What Kaeya does do however, and Diluc notices, is once again take hold of Diluc’s conveniently thick hair and begin to fuck into his mouth without much restraint.

It’s fast and sloppy and his gagging really doesn’t convince Kaeya to slow down. Only after a good few minutes between using Diluc’s mouth and allowing him to breathe, does Kaeya pull himself back, not concealing the grin on his face when Diluc lets him go with a loud, wet pop from his mouth.

“Do I have to make it obvious for you, dear? Stand up.” Kaeya knows he sounds impatient when Diluc scoffs at him, but he can’t bring himself to care. Diluc following his instructions is all he needs to know about how both of them are feeling.

Diluc pulls himself up with the bottle of dandelion wine, swallowing just enough more of the tangy liquid to keep himself from giving in to the desire of punching that grin off of Kaeya’s smug face. He hands the bottle over to his brother and moves to the side of the room. Without much hesitation, he pulls his own trousers off, props his elbows against the wall, and bends over.

“Just get over here already.” Diluc’s words are slightly slurred, slower and less refined than usual.

Kaeya doesn’t need to be told twice.

After spitting in his wine, Diluc has no qualms over Kaeya spitting on his ass after his cheeks are spread open. He only bites his lip and keeps his eyes tightly shut before he feels a hard cock slowly sliding into him. It hadn’t been so long since the last time, so fingers are hardly necessary.

The tightness does wonders for the both of them, and when Kaeya groans, Diluc simultaneously lets out a small, breathy gasp.

It takes no time for Kaeya to speed up, and for the sounds coming from the cellar to become questionable to those on the ground floor who aren't aware of why the door is locked in the first place.

Kaeya fucks Diluc until he’s practically holding the redhead up himself.

“Come on—your brother has more important things to be doing right now.” He whispers into Diluc’s ear, encouraging a wanton moan from his partner. If he’d known Diluc loved being treated so roughly by him any sooner, by all means, he would have been doing this before the man started wearing so much black.

“Hor-Horrible. You’re horrible.” Diluc bites back, whining from the back of his throat—which is still sounding quite rough as a result of just some minutes ago. When Kaeya reaches under his blouse and pinches at his nipples, Diluc feels like crying, almost. He's dizzy and full and the urge to cum isn't getting any lesser.

He’s already unable to think straight, and Kaeya drilling into the spot right where he can feel it against his prostrate has his own hard cock slowly dripping fluids onto the floor. He’ll have to clean the cellar himself after this.

“You love it.” He hears Kaeya say, words dripping with conceit.

Fucking narcissist.

With a few more of Kaeya’s thrusting into him, Diluc feels that familiar wave of pleasure wash over his body. He groans, using one hand to grab onto his cock and stroke while he pushes his hips back and squeezes down around Kaeya while he reaches his peak. He twitches a few times as he comes, immediately knowing he’ll have to clean the wall as well.

Kaeya finishes shortly after, having felt Diluc’s orgasm aiding in achieving his own. He doesn’t bother pulling out—instead pushing in as deeply as he can (he ignores the flinch of protest from Diluc) and releasing into him, holding himself there for a moment longer before he slides out with a blissful sigh.

Kaeya doesn’t have much time to relax as Diluc uses his elbow to shove him away.

“Looks like I’ll be taking my leave, then.”

Diluc immediately turns around to glare, but given that he now has cum dripping down his thigh, and he's both drunk and thoroughly fucked, Kaeya only snickers in return. He’s got his trousers back on and he’s already at the cellar door before Diluc can do much else but catch his breath.

I’ll be back to pick up my coat. Do have it cleaned. And enjoy the vase!”

Diluc contemplates burning the coat instead.


The next morning, it’s thoroughly washed and set out to dry.