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That's not how you play Twister

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Higari could hear something, it sounded like distress noises, but where were they coming from? there wasn't anyone in the lab with him, it was just him and he was making a transformer...... wait a second...... he's not building a transformer, he's dreaming which means-
Higari rapidly blinked looking for the source of the sounds, which turned out to be Ecto, who was panting and moaning next to him in bed. In a panic Higari reached out and rolled Ecto towards him, trying to see if he was hurt.
"Echo?! What's wrong, what can I do? Do you need your meds?" As Ecto turned to see his boyfriend his breathing hitched and he let out a choked moan, writhing slightly. Understanding crossed Higari's face as he took in the sight before him, Ecto was flushed from his cheeks to his collarbone, his shirt had ridden up and exposed his abs, which quivered with his heavy breathing. As his eyes trailed lower he saw that Ecto was fully hard and a wet spot was forming on his boxers where the head of his cock strained against the material.
“I'm fine, just a little.....worked up, I had a really good dream and I woke up before I could finish it.”
Higari smirked “Do you mean that literally or figuratively?” As he slung a leg across Ecto's hip, knowing the contact would fluster him further. He was surprised when instead of blushing or whimpering Ecto grabbed him by the hips and pulled them flush against each other, rocking slightly.
“Both, so, could I interest you in some naked twister?” Ecto rasped into his ear.
Higari laughed, he loved it when his dorky boyfriend tried to seduce him, he was bold yet goofy and it was working. He slid his hand up Ecto's thigh before cupping his erection and rubbing his fingers in a circular motion.
“Right hand, blue; your move”
Damn Higari and his quick wit, it was nearly impossible to think of a good comeback when someone was massaging your hard on. He had to try, he started this and he was going to finish it, hopefully before it finished him.
Ecto buried his hand in Higari's hair and began rubbing the sensitive spots along his scalp, alternating between tracing patterns and dragging his nails in a feather light touch. Higari melted under Ecto's skillful hand, leaning his head into Ecto, still rubbing him but being careful not to push him over the edge.
“Left hand, green”
Higari traced his hand up Ecto's abs underneath his shirt, drawing lazy designs on the skin he encountered along the way. Ecto sighed breathily before raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend, even though neither of them had actually played Twister he was fairly certain that you weren't supposed to go underneath the specified color.
“Tongue tip, pink”
Before Higari could ask what that meant Ecto stiffened his tongue and prodded his nipple, teasing it to a firm peak, humming his appreciation as his lover hissed through clenched teeth, both hands coming up to grip his shoulders.
“Echoooo, that's cheating!”
“Cheating? We didn't set any rules for this game, and I'm pretty sure you started it when you put your hands under my shirt so I'm afraid I win this round since you didn't respond in a timely manner.”
Higari looked perplexed but Ecto wouldn't let him argue, he leaned down and nipped him on the ear which caused a startled yelp. Higari's hand flew up to grip the attacked flesh and Ecto grinned taking it as his chance to roll away and dig around in his bedside table, he found something recently that he was desperate to try on his boyfriend and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.
Ecto had his back turned but he heard the bed creak as Higari moved closer to see what he was up to, he straightened up slightly, obscuring the view. A huff behind him let him know it worked, he chuckled; if he wanted Higari to know what he was planning he would have told him, it was that simple.
After gathering his supplies Ecto sat up with his back turned and rotated his upper half towards Higari, “I have something I want to try on you, will you close your eyes and keep them closed?”
Higari flopped onto the bed with a dramatic sigh, throwing an arm over his eyes and waited, there was no point in trying to see what was happening if Ecto wanted to surprise him, it never worked in his favor. Ecto wasn't shy about using his quirk against Higari if he refused to behave. Ecto smiled warmly and nuzzled Higari's belly,
“Good boy” he whispered against his skin.
“Yeah, yeah.” It's not that Higari didn't trust his boyfriend, he trusted him with his life (and his body) he just didn't like not knowing what to expect; side effect of being a pro hero he supposed.
He could hear packaging crinkling and a cap being opened but that didn't tell him what to expect, whatever it was he would enjoy it though, Ecto knew him well enough that surprises in the bedroom were usually out of this world. The waiting still sucked though. As Ecto set his supplies down he ran the back of his hand down Higari's ribs reassuringly, letting him know that he was going to start so he wouldn't be startled. When he gave a sharp nod Ecto moved forward, straddling his thighs and adjusting until he was in position. He leaned forward and rested a hand on his chest, running his thumb back and forth, pausing a second time.
“Ready when you are”
That was all Ecto needed, he squeezed a drop of something onto Higari's nipple, spreading it with his fingertip, causing tremors to run through the body below him. He added some to the other nipple as well giving it proper attention, once both were thoroughly coated he leaned back to admire his work. Higari was flushed and panting, his nipples were shiny and dripping with special lube. When he heard of temperature changing lube he thought it sounded interesting but the moment he found a toy he could use to drive Higari wild he knew he wanted to use them together. So here he was, straddling his boyfriend, and preparing to use a nipple sucker on him.
Ecto wanted to build the tension first so he leaned down, hissing through his teeth to activate the lube. Higari's mouth formed an O shape as his chest heaved, his nipples tingled and he didn't know if it was good or not but it was definitely something. It was cool but not unpleasant, if his nipples weren't fully hard before they were now. He could hear Ecto's squeak of delight at his reaction, they were both enjoying this, that was good. Suddenly a warm wet sensation enveloped both of his nipples, causing him to choke on a moan, four different hands rubbed his torso to soothe him, he hadn't noticed Ecto creating a clone but damn if it wasn't amazing having two people licking your nipples in tandem.
“You're doing good, just hang in there, I promise it'll be worth it.”
Higari let out a deep sigh but didn't respond verbally. Then the licking suddenly stopped and some sort of rubber circle was placed over a nipple, there was a slight pressure as the toy was pressed down and Higari felt whatever it was seal against his skin, creating a vacuum. He wasn't even slightly prepared for what came next.
Once Ecto was sure Higari was sensitive enough he secured the nipple sucker and gave it an experimental pull; Higari bucked and let out a surprised cry, hands clutching the sheets as his face twisted in pleasure, eyes screwed shut. Good thing Ecto was straddling him otherwise he might've launched himself off the bed due to his reaction to the toy.
“That good huh?”
“haaaa ungh” Higari couldn't put words together but he relaxed back onto the bed, pliant and submissive, hoping Ecto would continue.
“I'll take that as a yes” Ecto gave a self satisfied smile as he ran a hand along the side of his boyfriend's face, rubbing a thumb on his cheek as Higari turned into the touch, softly kissing the thumb pad.
Ecto's face flushed red hot, he couldn't take it, his boyfriend was too damn desirable! He suddenly pulled on the toy, giving it a gentle twist and repeating the motion. Higari began writhing underneath him in earnest, body twisting back and forth as his hands gripped the pillow, threatening to tear it in half. He was moving so much he nearly threw Ecto off of his thighs. The clone laid next to Higari, rolling halfway onto him careful not to use too much pressure as he held Higari's face in his hands, murmuring soft praise at him.
“Good boy, you're such a good boy, you're doing so well for me.”
The real Ecto leaned over the pair to continue his assault, switching to the other nipple while lightly massaging the skin around the first causing Higari to whimper as his hips jolted upwards, or they tried to, he was still pinned by the clone, who was pressing their foreheads together, massaging Higari's temples with his thumbs while cradling Higari's head in his hands.
“EchooooOOO! I can't- I can't take much more! Mmmm hnnn!” Higari let out a choked sob.
The clone rubbed his nose along Higari's neck while carding fingers through sweat damp hair as the real Ecto ran a comforting hand up his side.
“It's okay, almost done, we're almost done my love.”
Higari threw his arms around the clone, burying his face in his neck, hanging on for dear life. Ecto took that as the sign to finish up, As the nipple sucker was locked down Ecto reached down, freeing their straining erections and taking them in hand, they were dripping so much they wouldn't need lube for this. Ecto squeezed his hand, slightly rolling them against his palm while scraping their shafts with his nails ever so slowly. They were both beginning to shake as Ecto started playing with the nipple sucker again, Higari squirming even though he was pinned by two bodies, tears dripping down his face and onto the clone's shoulder as the clone ran soothing hands along his back and up to his head before retracing his path.
Higari's whole body was on fire in the best way, it was pin points of hot from his chest to his groin and he wanted it to stop and keep going at the same time. The heat started to collect in his stomach just below his belly button, as it reached it's peak warmth he threw his head back wordlessly screaming, eyes opening wide with tears freely flowing down his face as he came.
Higari's orgasm was beautiful, his pretty blue eyes were watery, his whole body was flushed and sweaty and his lips were trembling. Just the sight was enough to put Ecto at the edge, the moment Higari's warmth spilled down Ecto's hand and over his cock he was cumming too, eyes closing as his head lolled forward and shoulders slumping as the tension drained from his body. He shakily rolled off Higari, landing next to him and across from the clone.
The clone gently pushed Higari towards the real Ecto before leaving to get a washcloth. Higari laid boneless against Ecto's side, they were both breathing heavily. When the clone got back he cleaned them both up delicately before stripping their ruined clothes and throwing them into the wash. Once they were comfortable Ecto dispersed the clone, cuddling Higari and nuzzling his soft ginger hair.
“Did you like my surprise?”
“Yeah, I liked it a lot,”
“I'm so glad you did, cause I have another one but that can wait for another time. I just want to hold you right now.”
“Sounds like a plan to me.”
Higari burrowed into Ecto's side before letting out a satisfied sigh, completely relaxed and well loved.