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every inch a holy grail

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With their schedules — and with Diluc still resisting Kaeya's push to move back into the manor, despite the fact that he spends most of his non-tavern free time there anyway — most of their intimate time could be described delicately as "quickies." It's in Diluc's office or in the supply room behind the bar, clothes pushed aside just enough. It's rare that they have the chance to feel the full length of their naked bodies against each other like this, and so when they do, Kaeya relishes it.

But right now, the look on Diluc's face could melt glaciers.

On the surface there's frustration bordering on anger, his eyes narrowed and his mouth downturned. If Kaeya didn't know better, it might have struck him as reminiscent of any of the other times Diluc was displeased with him.

But he also sees the clench of Diluc's jaw, how he's determined to not to open his mouth to gasp; the furrow of his brow that's more concentration than anything else. Kaeya also sees the red spilled across Diluc's cheeks and down his chest, and the slight quiver of his stomach. He knows that Diluc has already come once and is trying to resist the second time, resist giving Kaeya the satisfaction of drawing it out of him without a good fight.

This is the game they play, here in the privacy of Diluc's bedroom: Kaeya likes to push, and Diluc likes to see how far he can hold the line.

Diluc's arms are above his head, tied loosely to the headboard. Kaeya didn't worry about making a tight knot, since it's Diluc's will that really holds them there, only keeping them out of his way.

His come is still pooled on his navel from the first time — it was an easy, painless orgasm Kaeya granted him. "To take the edge off," Kaeya had said with a grin, but what he really meant was to prime you for everything else that's about to come.

Now, Kaeya mouths over Diluc's cock as it hardens again. He trails his mouth further back, dragging his tongue over Diluc’s balls, suckling at the skin there.

Diluc takes a breath and throws an elbow over his eyes.

Kaeya returns to Diluc’s cock, wrapping his fingers around the base. Diluc’s cock is pretty, not that he’d ever let Kaeya say that out loud. He loves tasting it, loves the way it’s the perfect size to swallow down. Kaeya jerks Diluc lazily until the cockhead is fully exposed, and then he tucks some loose hair behind his ear and leans down to take Diluc in his mouth.   

There’s silence above him, but Diluc still arches into his touch, and he slides a knee up, like he means to wrap a leg around Kaeya, and then thinks better of it and flattens his legs. Kaeya smiles to himself as he tongues under the crown of Diluc’s cock.

As he takes Diluc further, Kaeya’s hands spread open across his thighs. He strokes over the soft skin and the light hair, and then he sends a shock of cold through Diluc that has him thrusting up into Kaeya’s mouth. His cock hits the back of Kaeya’s throat, and Kaeya hums and pulls off enough to suck, then sinks back down. Kaeya bobs his head on Diluc’s cock, tracing his tongue over the veins of Diluc’s cock and giving teasing little licks to the crown when he pulls back.

“Suck me properly,” Diluc hisses, and though he says it like a demand, it’s the first crack already showing.

Pleased, Kaeya does as told, working his wet mouth over Diluc’s cock, sucking him eagerly. Once he’s decided to make Diluc come, it doesn’t take long; Diluc thrusts up, shoving himself into Kaeya’s throat as he spills, and Kaeya drinks everything he has to give.

He licks his lips as he pulls back. His eye flicks up to Diluc, who, aside from the body flush that’s ever-present when they have sex, mostly just looks sated.  

But Kaeya’s nowhere near done.

He picks up one of the darts that were just out of reach on the bed.

Flipping the dart in his hand, Kaeya brings the pointed tip down against Diluc's skin, watching the muscles jump at the sudden touch.

He lets it drag lightly, down over Diluc's stomach. Diluc is still breathing easily, steadily, and so when the dart reaches his thigh, Kaeya presses down as it moves. It scrapes his skin — not enough to cut, but enough to summon pinpricks of red to the surface in a bright line.

Above him, Diluc lets out a quiet hiss. Kaeya lowers his lips to Diluc's thigh in reward for the response, licking over the stinging mark. He repeats it on Diluc's other thigh, catching the small dots that well up with his tongue.

The dart grazes Diluc’s pale thighs once more, then up again. Kaeya drags it slowly through the red hair above Diluc’s cock, watching closely as the muscles of his abdomen twitch and his cock stirs.

“Does little Diluc want to play with darts, too?” Kaeya teases, and strokes the tip down just to the base of Diluc’s cock. Diluc inhales sharply. “Maybe next time,” he decides, and wonders if he can find metal rods to stick inside him.

Up the dart goes even more, scratching a light red line in the middle of Diluc’s chest. He circles the sharp tip over the rosy bud of Diluc’s nipple, and Diluc shudders, like he’s cold, while his nipples tighten into little peaks. Lowering his head, Kaeya sucks one of them into his mouth, scraping it with his teeth. The tip of the dart presses into the other one, and Diluc allows a small hiss when it draws blood. Kaeya switches to that one to lick him clean, then drops the dart in favor of kissing a line up Diluc’s neck.

He captures Diluc’s mouth, and this is one thing Diluc never resists during this game. He opens up to Kaeya, sucking Kaeya’s tongue into his mouth. He bites at Kaeya’s lip when he pulls away, and there’s a tang of his own blood when he licks his lips and grins. "On your knees, now," Kaeya says, pushing Diluc to turn over, guiding so his chest is flat on the bed and ass in the air.

While Kaeya likes taking Diluc apart with his own hands and body most, but he makes some exceptions for certain toys. Like the darts — made sweeter since they’re Diluc’s — and the next thing he has planned. As he presses wet fingers into Diluc’s hole, he reaches for the one that’s been in the line of Diluc’s sight the whole time. Diluc sucks in a half-breath, half moan when Kaeya pulls it towards himself.

“Oh? You really like this one, huh?” He rests his cheek on the curve of Diluc’s ass, working a third finger into Diluc, twisting and stretching him with his fingers. “Just a bit more, gē, and then it will be all yours.”

When he pulls his fingers out, Diluc’s hole clenches around him, the rim shiny with lubricant. “Lovely,” Kaeya tells him, and then he picks up the pyro-rifle. It’s a shorter model confiscated from some Fatui skirmishers, maybe a little less than the length of his forearm and easier to handle; Kaeya removed the silencer long ago, so it’s just the blunt, open barrel that he slides between Diluc’s cheeks.

The likelihood that, as a Cryo user, Kaeya could activate it against a Pyro user is extremely low, but still risky — exciting, dangerous — enough that Diluc takes another shaky breath when he feels the barrel touch his hole. Kaeya tilts the gun, nudging the smooth, curved top of the barrel into him.

“Fuck,” Diluc gasps, his first real admission of the night, when the head of the gun breaches him.

Kaeya drizzles more lubricant as he pushes it further inside Diluc, his pink hole stretching against the intrusion. Above him, Diluc shoves his face into the pillow and bites down a whine. Gods, he’s gorgeous. Kaeya hooks his other arm around Diluc’s thighs and tugs him closer, lifts his ass up further, and the weapon sinks deeper inside his ass.

When it nears the handle, Kaeya stops. He gives Diluc two seconds to adjust, to inhale and then exhale. Then he’s rocking the body of the Fatui rifle inside of him, twisting his wrist and the angle so that the head of the barrel brushes Diluc’s prostate and makes his body jerk.

“Careful,” Kaeya says, mouthing the words against Diluc’s bare ass. “You wouldn’t want to make my hand slip on the trigger, would you?” He drags his teeth over Diluc’s cheek as he thrusts the barrel in, and Diluc actually keens.

Kaeya had been patient enough while working him open, but his dick twitches again at the sound. He still wants Diluc to come again before he fucks him. He wants Diluc so spent that he can’t even get hard while Kaeya is inside him using his body, and they both know he hasn’t reached that point yet.  

“Kaeya,” Diluc moans, wet and thick. Kaeya raises his head to look at Diluc and sees him tearing the pillowcase with his fingers, tears sparkling on his closed lashes. His back bows, ass pressing back to meet the way Kaeya rocks the gun into him.

“Mm, are you feeling good, Diluc?” Kaeya teases. “My, it’s a good thing no Fatui ever got you on your knees like this, hm? Bet you’d suck one of their cannon guns just as eagerly as you suck cock.”

“F…fuck. Fuck you,” Diluc groans. His breaths are coming in pants now, huffing out from his open mouth. He rocks back onto the rifle fucking him.

Kaeya rotates the barrel inside him and angles down on the next stroke, and Diluc jolts. He focuses on that same point for each thrust inside Diluc, falling into a rhythm of fucking him. His other hand roams Diluc’s naked skin, over his stomach, an icy touch over his now-leaking cock. He brings his hand down in a hard smack against Diluc’s ass, letting the force of it push Diluc down onto the rifle. He does it again, and again — the weapon fucks into Diluc, and on the way out, Kaeya adds another smack to his ass, Diluc bouncing between the rifle and Kaeya’s hand as red blooms on his fair skin.

Diluc moans freely now as he’s fucked. “Gods, fuck, Kaeya —” He doesn’t even make a move to touch his own cock, just clutches the sheets and stares at Kaeya with glittering eyes. “I’m gonna — do it harder, right there — ahh!”

Kaeya nails the spot, and Diluc gives a cry as he comes, his seed spilling onto the bed underneath him.

Pressing a kiss to Diluc’s back, he eases the gun out of him. Diluc’s hole is stretched well, clenching around the barrel of the rifle and then around nothing as the rifle leaves him. Kaeya lets it clatter to the floor.

“Look at you,” he says, sliding two of his fingers back inside Diluc’s needy hole. “Your ass can’t get enough.”

“Ah,” Diluc gasps as the fingers prod. “Kaeya, no more.”

Kaeya obeys, pulling his fingers out, but it’s to slick up his cock. He slides one hand over Diluc’s damp hip and pulls him backwards, the head of his cock bumping against the sensitive hole.

“Kaeya, I can’t,” Diluc groans. He shudders when Kaeya’s arm loops around him to palm at his soft cock between his legs, but he doesn’t move away when the thick head of Kaeya’s cock starts to press inside him.

“There we go,” Kaeya croons. Diluc bows his head, his back arching as he’s filled again. “I know what you can take, don’t I?”

He can feel the goosebumps as he trails a cold hand up Diluc’s bent back. With Diluc already stretched from the rifle, he doesn’t bother to pause, fucking roughly into Diluc. When he’s fully inside Diluc’s ass, he gives a hard thrust forward, and Diluc cries out.

He pulls Diluc up and towards him, Diluc’s back to his front. He’s so hard and so hot from the long time spent holding himself back in order to break Diluc down, and he mouths wetly at Diluc’s shoulders and neck as he fucks him.

Kaeya,” Diluc moans desperately. “It’s too much, Kaeya, ahhhh, fuck! —”

He nips at Diluc’s ear and pulls him back onto his cock. “Cry for me.” He drags a hand up across Diluc’s chest, letting pinpricks of icicles freeze in his wake. Diluc gasps and clenches around him.

Diluc could stop this at any point. He could scorch Kaeya a little, just the way that Kaeya is working the peak of Diluc’s nipples, pinching them between shards of ice before they melt on his skin. But Diluc always gives in without giving up. He’s arching in Kaeya’s arms, squirming on his cock as he cries out again.

“I —” Diluc heaves a breath as Kaeya slams into him hard, and his wandering hands feel Diluc’s cock begin to stiffen again. He’s impressed. “Oh, gods,” he moans. “I think I’m gonna come again — Kaeya, fuck, right there, I’m —”

Kaeya is getting close too, and quickens his pace, fucking into Diluc’s ass roughly. “You’re so good, gē, you’re so perfect like this,” he says in Diluc’s ear. He presses his face to Diluc’s neck, ignoring the mouthful of hair in order to nuzzle at his hot skin.

“Fuck, ahhhhh oh fuck oh gods —” Diluc is cursing low, his ass tight around Kaeya’s cock. He falls forward onto his hands and knees, dragging Kaeya with him, who adjusts quickly. When Kaeya thrusts again, Diluc practically yowls. “I’m — wait, Kaeya, it’s too much, I’m — I can’t,” he ends in a wail. He yanks at Kaeya’s hair as he releases, spurting across the bed.

Except what comes out isn’t his seed.

“Holy shit,” Kaeya says, pausing, because Diluc came so hard that he pissed  instead, the wet stain beneath him obvious.

The room is silent for a moment as they both observe.

“I will kill you,” Diluc says. There’s something like mortification beneath the fury.

But Kaeya feels even harder than before. He tugs Diluc’s hair to get him to turn, and he ignores the red of his face to place a hungry kiss against Diluc’s lips.

Diluc lets out a sound of surprise, and then another when Kaeya thrusts into him again. He moves like he’s going to pull away, but Kaeya keeps him there, licking into his mouth, sucking his tongue, their voices sharing a moan as Kaeya fucks him. He’s so close, everything so hot and tight from the vision of Diluc like he’s never seen him before.

He buries himself deep into Diluc and comes hard.


“You are never, ever trying that again,” Diluc says.

“Mmm,” Kaeya says non-committedly. He’s already been analyzing what, exactly, made that happen, and how to make it happen again.

"You'll be cleaning that yourself tomorrow," Diluc tells him afterwards, when they switch to the bedroom just down the hall for the clean bed. “I’m not touching it, and neither is the staff.”

"Sure," Kaeya agrees, spooning up behind him. Diluc, for all his supposed complaints, doesn’t object, his hands resting over Kaeya’s. "The least I can do." 

He is, of course, already doing a mental catalogue of who he can tell it was just champagne.