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Saving My Villainous Husband

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Softly groaning, your eyes slowly flutter open, irritated by the bright light of the setting sun shining in through the windows.

“W-what?” You lightly murmur in sleepy confusion.

Suddenly you are fully awake as the unfamiliar setting around you shocks you to your core. Shooting straight up in bed your eyes dart in every direction.

Where on Earth are you? The room around you seems something straight out of a fantasy. A vast room made of marble walls and floor, embellished with gold and dark emerald furnishings and tapestries. Even the bed you woke up on is fashioned out of gold and dark green silk bedsheets. The energy of the room exudes extravagance and luxury.

But what are you doing in a place like this? Closing your eyes, you try to think of the last moments you can recall before waking up here.

You were driving home from the theaters after watching Avengers: End Game. It was late at night since you had gone to see after getting out of work. Your manager had pushed her work onto you, forcing you to stay overtime to finish up the financial report that was necessary for tomorrow’s meeting. It had dampened your mood quite a bit but still, you had been eagerly waiting to see the movie all day, and finally being able to see it had lifted your spirits.

As you processed the movie driving home, one thing above all else bothered you about the movie, in particular your favorite character Loki. He had died a heroic death in Infinity War and in the middle of End Game he escaped alive. But the Loki who escaped wasn’t the same Loki who died. The Loki who lived through his mother’s death and slowly stepped towards redemption in Ragnorak and Infinity War was gone. The Loki who escaped had yet to experience any of that and was never going to now. He was stuck as a villain or anti-hero. Yes, you had wanted Loki to return in End Game but not like this. Why couldn’t have redeemed Loki fight alongside his previous foes and his brother to defeat Thanos? Then maybe leave with his brother after everything was done to continue on his path towards redemption?

Overall, you enjoyed the movie but that one thing with Loki remained in the back of your mind bothering you as you processed the rest of the movie. After that, all you remember was stopping at a four-way stop, your light turning green but as you drove forward the car to your right didn’t stop, plowing right through their red light. Within seconds you were directly slammed into. Every inch of your body screamed in pain as your consciousness slowly faded.

Then you woke up here. Logical conclusion, you should be in a hospital but this looked far from a hospital room. Heaven, maybe? The view around would certainly fit the image better. Had you really died?

You sigh as you open your eyes and slowly slip out of bed as you make your way towards a full-length mirror on the opposite side of the room. It’s not like your life had been anything spectacular or important. You lived alone in an apartment that didn’t allow pets, and worked an office job because it paid decently. You hadn’t had much of a social life and you hadn’t spoken to your family in years so you doubt anyone would genuinely miss you. Maybe Heaven wasn’t such a bad alternative after all.

Halting in front of the mirror you yawn and stretch before immediately freezing. Your eyes widen in shock as your reflection stares back at you.

“I’m gorgeous?!” You exclaim. The face and body reflecting back at you are completely foreign. The only way you recognize it as yourself is because the girl staring back at you mirrored everything you did. “And young.”

The body you now possessed had to be no more than the age of 16 or 17. What on Earth is going on?!

You rush to the balcony, flinging open the doors causing your hair to get drift upwards in the wind. You stare out at the vast world before you, and to your further surprise, you recognize something in the distance. A long rainbow bridge- the Bifrost. Are you in Asgard?! It looks exactly like the one in the Thor movies. What is going on?

“Finally up, I see,” an emotionless voice calls out as someone approaches behind you.

Whipping around your eyes widen once more, “Loki?!”

The young teen crosses his arm, shifting his weight to one side and scowling a bit before sighing, “Yes, who else were you expecting to see in our chambers? Hoping it was Thor?”

“What? No. Wait, our chambers?” You respond in utter confusion.

The young Loki frowns some more, “How hard did you hit your head tripping down the aisle?”

Suddenly memories that shouldn’t exist rush into your mind. Your new name is Kara, a daughter of a low ranking noble who was sold to Odin to be his eyes and ears on Loki. The Allfather had the two of you wed. And embarrassingly, as you were walking back down the aisle after the ceremony you tripped over your gown and hit your head rendering you unconscious.

What on Earth? This makes no sense. Kara didn’t exist in the movies much less Loki being married. What is going on? You try to collect your thoughts.

“So we’re married...?” You ask him.

“Unfortunately,” He mutters icily.

You chuckle nervously. Of course, Loki wouldn’t like you. You are Odin’s spy and he probably knew it.

Loosely crossing your arms you softly sigh as Loki turns and walks off back into the bedroom. Looking back once more at the world before you, you decide to accept things at face value. Until this proves itself to be a dream you won’t treat it as such.

You died in a car crash. Somehow that reincarnated you to the world of the MCU, and you became a completely new character named Kara who is now Loki’s wife. Why and how, you have no idea, but those probably aren’t things you can figure out right now so best not to waste time pondering on them.

One thing’s for sure though. If this isn’t a dream, you will use this opportunity to do everything in your power to prevent Loki from becoming the villain.