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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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Iwaizumi would never label himself as needy - quite the opposite, actually. Looking at him and Oikawa, people would quickly be able to pick Oikawa out as the needy one. The one who constantly whines for attention, the one who hooks onto Iwaizumi until he gives the taller male whatever he wants.

No, Iwaizumi wasn’t needy, but there was always a first time for everything.

Iwaizumi had his face buried in Oikawa’s shoulder, face turned so he could place tender kisses against the exposed skin of his neck. The setter was seemingly unphased by this rare display of affection - maybe because it wasn’t as rare as everyone would think it to be. Despite popular belief, Iwaizumi was always looking for an excuse to have a hand on Oikawa.

“I’m working,” Oikawa mumbled, eyes briefly glancing down to look at the tan hands trying to get under his shirt. Oikawa used the eraser of his pencil to poke at Iwaizumi’s knuckle. When the hands didn’t move, rather continuing their futile quest, Oikawa snapped, “ Hajime .”

Iwaizumi grumbled and adjusted his position so his hands now sat firmly on Oikawa’s thighs and his legs wrapped around the setter’s waist. Oikawa grunted at the shift, pushing his elbow against Iwaizumi’s chest.

“You’ve been working for three hours; take a break, Tooru.” Words that were usually stern were now weak. Something like a plea rather than a demand. Oikawa checked the clock in the corner of his bedroom; Iwaizumi wasn’t lying, he’d really been working that long. Iwaizumi started kissing Oikawa’s neck. “Take a break.”

Wordlessly, Oikawa tilted his head to the side to give Iwaizumi better access. In return, Iwaizumi hummed in delight before attacking the paler flesh. Oikawa’s eyes fluttered shut, hand slithering up to hold the back of Iwaizumi’s neck as his teeth marked his neck.

He rubbed his nape, enjoying the needy kisses and desperate bites.

When Iwaizumi was cut off by Oikawa’s shirt, he tugged at the fabric, a needy Tooru coming from him before Oikawa unbuttoned his shirt. The second the last button was undone, Iwaizumi pulled the fabric and tossed it away.

Oikawa couldn’t help but laugh at his boyfriend’s eagerness.

After removing his own shirt, Iwaizumi swung his legs so he was straddling Oikawa. Oikawa held his shoulders stiff, keeping him away so the setter could admire the wing spiker’s body.

Iwaizumi whined, “Tooru, please.”

“What’s gotten into you?” Oikawa asked, leaning back until his back was pressed against the bed. Iwaizumi followed, sucking on Oikawa’s neck. “You’re never this - “ Oikawa broke off into a moan when Iwaizumi’s teeth grazed his most sensitive area, “You’re never this needy.”

Instead of giving a proper response, Iwaizumi went further down Oikawa’s body, leaving kisses and bites along the way. Oikawa’s hand moved into Iwaizumi’s hair, giving the black locks an affectionate tug before leaving Iwaizumi to do the work.

Iwaizumi popped the button of Oikawa’s jeans, the zipper quickly following. Oikawa helped bring his jeans down to his ankles before balancing himself on one hand. His other one remained firm in Iwaizumi’s hair to lead his head down to his growing erection.

Iwaizumi mouthed at the clothed hard-on, pulling a satisfied groan from Oikawa. The raven teased Oikawa for a few more minutes before he got horribly impatient.

Iwaizumi yelped when Oikawa tugged his hair roughly. “Cut the shit and get to it, Hajime,” he snapped, voice heavy with dominance.

The tone did wonders for Iwaizumi, and he was quick to follow Oikawa’s instructions. His boxers were pulled down, hard cock springing up to lightly slap Iwaizumi’s lips; both males groaned in satisfaction.

Iwaizumi wasn’t the best at giving head - he was sloppy, had a bit of a gag reflex, and often left oral to Oikawa, but the setter was adamant in telling the shorter male how much he loved his messy blowjobs.

Oikawa let out a soft curse when Iwaizumi took the head into his mouth, tongue quickly swirling around his slit to collect the leaking precum. His head hit the side of the bed.

“Fuck, Hajime,” Oikawa mumbled, groaning as his cock slid further down Iwaizumi’s throat. While Oikawa’s body was relaxed, Iwaizumi was tense, curled up in concentration as he breathed heavily through his nose. He was determined as fuck. “You’re doing so good - fuuck - “

Oikawa’s hips bucked up and he almost felt guilty when Iwaizumi gagged around his cock. Almost.

Iwaizumi pulled off with a loud pop, followed by a gasp and a deep inhale for breath. Oikawa pushed harshly on his head, forcing him to take him back into his mouth. The small whimper from Iwaizumi was enough to push away his guilt.

Oikawa’s hips moved in slow, shallow thrusts, enough to stimulate fucking into something much more than a mouth, but weak enough that Iwaizumi didn’t get hurt; Oikawa’s favorite kind of blowjob.

“Baby, I wanna fuck you,” Oikawa said, voice a low grumble that brought another whimper from Iwaizumi.

Iwaizumi sucked once more on Oikawa cock before pulling off. He sat back up and moved to wipe away the line of spit on his face, but was stopped by Oikawa leaning forward and licking it away.

“Tooru,” Iwaizumi mumbled, lips brushing right above Oikawa’s. 

Oikawa stripped Iwaizumi of his remaining clothes, kicking jeans aside and shimmying out of his boxers as he lunged in for a tongue-filled, teeth-clicking kiss.

A happy mood was added to the atmosphere thanks to Iwaizumi bubbly laughter at that. 

Oikawa kneaded Iwaizumi’s ass, relishing in the soft mewls the shorter male made when Oikawa’s fingers brushed against his entrance. 

Giving one more kiss - one softer than the others - Oikawa moved to grab a bottle of lube and a condom.

Iwaizumi whined, arms still extended for Oikawa when he returned after five seconds. 

“So needy, Hajime,” Oikawa teased. He pulled Iwaizumi close, kissing his chest while lubing up his fingers. “What’s gotten into you?”

Iwaizumi inhaled sharply when Oikawa began to prep him, steadily sliding his finger into his entrance. “You looked . . . so hot during practice. I wanted to take you around the corner and suck you off, or have you fuck me with your fingers - “ Iwaizumi cried out as Oikawa started spreading him out - “Tooru, fuck me, please !”

Who was Oikawa to deny? Especially when Iwaizumi was being needy?

In one swift motion, Oikawa turned the wing spiker around, bending him over the coffee table. He tore the condom foil with his teeth, something Iwaizumi would have loved to see if he wasn’t currently bent over the table, and was quick to pull it over his aching cock.


Then, he snapped his hips forward and buried himself to the hilt all at once. 

Iwaizumi screamed, back arching and muscles tensing. Even if he was in pain, whatever voice he could manage to get out was begging, “More, more, harder, more, Tooru!”

Oikawa set a brutal pace, eyes squeezed shut as he listened to Iwaizumi’s moans and pleads like his favorite song. One hand gripped his boyfriend’s hip while the other was buried in his hair, forcing his head up.

“Ah - ha, gah! Tooru, Tooru, Tooru !”

Pride surged through Oikawa; he always felt so accomplished when he fucked Iwaizumi stupid until all he could say was his name.

His orgasm came soon, and even though it overstimulated him, Oikawa fucked Iwaizumi through his own, the accomplishment of making him cum untouched overwhelming.

Iwaizumi was panting heavily as he collapsed onto the coffee table, murmuring Oikawa’s name like a prayer.

Oikawa grabbed his phone, admired his work, and snapped a couple of photos before scooping Iwaizumi up in his arms, and tucking them into bed.

Iwaizumi wasn’t needy, but when he was, it was the best damn day.

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60% of the time, Iwaizumi regretted being friends with Matsukawa Issei.

That percentage was steadily growing into the seventies as Iwaizumi stared down at the non-subtle package being held out to him. Matsukawa’s face was a perfect deadpan. Not a single lick of shame, the bastard.

“What the fuck is this?” Iwaizumi finally asked. He poked the package; he felt disgusting just looking at it. “If you think I’m going to wear this for you or something - “

“It’s for Oikawa, obviously,” Matsukawa interrupted, pushing the package into Iwaizumi’s hands. Iwaizumi wanted to chuck it into the nearest garbage can, or at his friends. He wasn’t feeling picky at the moment. “Trust me, he’ll love it.”

Biting his inner-lip, Iwaizumi flipped the package to get a better look at the object inside. His shame grew, but so did his curiosity. Now red, whether from the shame of toying with Matsukawa’s sick ideas or the image of his boyfriend’s reaction, Iwaizumi shoved the package into his bag.

Matsukawa smirked, eyebrow-raising. “Oh?”

“Fuck off.”



The package haunted him.

Iwaizumi would spend minutes staring at his bag with a curious tingle. He tried to distract himself with everything - homework, video games, books (he fucking hated reading, that’s how bad it was), but nothing could squash his curiosity.

Eventually, after three torturous hours, Iwaizumi dug into his bag, pulled out the package, and walked towards the mirror in the corner of his bedroom with a flushed face.

He tore open the package, pulling out its contaminants and throwing the plastic bag over his shoulder. 

The first thing he noticed was how soft the fabric was. Clearly, it wasn’t cheap. Iwaizumi’s curiosity grew with that revelation and it drove him to unfold the clothing.

His embarrassment quickly caught up with him when the lace underwear fell from the bundle of clothes. Iwaizumi was quick to duck down and snatch them from the floor - they were black, made with silk, and white lace.

The biggest part of the deal was the stockings; a black fabric that was soft to the touch, flexible as fuck, and minimalist. Iwaizumi was slightly ashamed to admit they were just his style.

How much thought had Matsukawa put into this?

Iwaizumi toyed with the idea of putting the articles of clothing on and was leaning towards putting them back into the packaging and pretending this never happened, but then his phone buzzed with a text.

Tooru: Can I come over? Long day

Iwaizumi’s mind moved faster than he expected and he was suddenly imagining Oikawa pinning him to the bed, legs thrown over the setters shoulders as he fucked him, all while wearing the black stockings.

The fantasy was appealing enough for Iwaizumi to text Oikawa a yes then quickly get to stripping off his clothes.

His shame was something of the past.

The underwear fit him perfectly and the stockings squeezed his thighs just enough that they wouldn’t roll down but wouldn’t cut off his circulation. Iwaizumi had to admit, both his ass and thighs looked amazing in this get-up.

He considered putting on the choker that came along with it but decided he was not in the mood to find out if Oikawa was into asphyxiation.

Iwaizumi grabbed his phone and fell onto his bed back first, choosing to lie with one leg propped on his knee. With this position and the angle he was lying at, Oikawa would easily be able to see what Iwaizumi was wearing the second he walked into the room.

He palmed himself through the thin material of the underwear, growing hard at the mere thought of Oikawa staring at him. He tried to even his breath as his fantasies grew more perverse.

Tooru: Is the door unlocked?

Iwaizumi: Always is

Within two minutes, Iwaziumi heard the front door open and his lovely boyfriend call, “I’m here!” There was a moment of rustling as Oikawa removed his shoes and dropped his bag, then his footsteps were approaching as he made his way to Iwaizumi’s room.

Iwaizumi’s stomach bubbled with excitement and a little bit of nervousness.

“Hey, Hajime, do you know why Hanamaki texted me to have fu - “

Oikawa’s grip tightened on the doorknob as he drank in the sight in front of him. Iwaizumi was looking at him from over his legs, eyebrows raised in fake-innocence as if he wasn’t wearing lace underwear and stockings.

“No, I don’t think I do.”

Oikawa instantly slammed the door shut, making a show of locking it before pulling off his tie. He tossed it to the side, pulling his shirt over his head once the first couple of buttons were undone.

Iwaizumi chuckled a bit, quickly spreading his legs so Oikawa could crawl between them. The brunet kicked his pants off, meeting Iwaizumi’s lips in a breathless kiss. His tongue was quick to slip past Iwaizumi’s lips.

As they made out, Oikawa groped Iwaizumi’s chest, giving his nipples hard pinches and tweaks. Every form of contact pulled a moan from Iwaizumi. Oikawa laughed against his lips, swallowing all of his noises, “You’re so sensitive, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi responded by bucking his hips up, rubbing his aching erection with Oikawa’s steadily growing one. 

“You’re so sexy,” Oikawa whispered, gripping Iwaizumi’s thighs to spread his legs a bit further. Iwaizumi threw his head back into the pillows with a whimper when Oikawa sucked on one of his nipples. “Jesus, Hajime, the things I want to do to you.”

Oikawa’s fingers grazed over Iwaizumi’s skin, playfully dodging his hardon before falling downwards, fingers now pressing into his clothes entrance. Iwaiumi cried out, quickly grinding down to meet those fingers.

Oikawa simply hummed.

He hooked his free fingers on the waistband of the underwear, pulling them down at a teasingly slow pace. Iwaizumi whined and tried to move his thighs in some feeble attempt to shed the silk garment.

Iwaizumi yelped, a loud slap echoing around the room. He whimpered and stared up at Oikawa with a small pout. Oikawa smirked, rubbing the red handprint forming on Iwaizumi’s thigh.

“Behave and I’ll be inside you in no time.”

“Fuck,” Iwaiumi whined, doing his absolute best to keep from grinding down into Oikawa’s fingers.

Oikawa removed the underwear after five agonizing minutes of teasing and promises. Iwaizumi was panting heavily, barely getting off on the three fingertips playing with his entrance, and he watched Oikawa bring the underwear to his nose. The setter kept perfect eye contact with the male below him as he sniffed.

“You’re disgusting,” Iwaizumi gasped.

“Maybe.” Oikawa tossed the garments to the side. He leaned over Iwaizumi to the bedside table, swiftly finding the lube and condoms - they were always at the ready. Oikawa was finished with his teasing and his cold finger was soon sliding into Iwaizumi. “So pretty, Hajime,” the brunet whispered, kissing Iwaizumi as he steadily prepped him.

“Tooru,” Iwaizumi mumbled, grabbing Oikawa’s neck and pulling him down for a searing kiss. Oikawa mumbled something against his lips that Iwaizumi couldn’t understand. “What?”

Pulling away to lick a stripe down Iwaizumi’s chin to his bobbing Adam’s apple, Oikawa announced with a devilish smile, “Tomorrow we’re getting blue ones.”

“The fuck we ar-ah~!”

Oikawa scissored his fingers, watching the way Iwaizumi’s thigh flexed.

“Tooru, please,” Iwaizumi gritted out, “just fuck - just fuck me.”

Oikawa slowly pulled his finger out, grabbing the condom at Iwaizumi’s side and tearing it open with his mouth. Iwaizumi draped an arm over his face, trying to collect his breath before Oikawa freed his aching cock.

“Look here, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi lifted his arm, eyes falling downwards to watch Oikawa slide his cock into him. Both males moaned, Iwaizumi’s hips grinding down to meet Oikawa’s. Oikawa tucked his fingertips underneath the stocking, digging deep into the already marked skin.

Oikawa leaned forward to kiss Iwaizumi’s abdomen, whispering the praise, “You’re so beautiful,” over and over again as he slowly fucked into his whimpering boyfriend.



Hanamaki groaned loudly when his phone buzzed. Matsukawa heaved heavily, blindly groping for his phone that was discarded on the bedside table. Hanamaki rolled his hips and Matsukawa groaned loudly.

“Are you answering that now?”

“Like it’s stopping you,” Matsukawa mumbled, using his free hand to pull Hanamaki’s hips down. “It’s Oikawa.”

As Hanamaki continued to grind down on Matsukawa, he mumbled, “Of course it is.”

Flattykawa: Thank you, thank you, thank you

Matsukawa hummed. He rubbed Hanamaki’s thigh before moving it down to grope his clothed legs. The irritated Hanamaki slapped his stomach as a way to tell him to hurry up.

Matsukawa: Just doing the lord’s work

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“So, like, is Iwaizumi a hard dom? Because we have a bet to settle?”

Oikawa raised an eyebrow. Behind him, Iwaizumi stumbled over his feet, almost falling into the volleyball cart he was filling up. Matsukawa and Yahaba were cackling loudly while Hanamki waited patiently for Oikawa’s response.

“What?” The setter finally asked.

“Is Iwaizumi a hard dom?”

Oikawa looked over his shoulder to look at Iwaizumi but the wing spiker had his back to him, ears a harsh red as he tried to avoid the conversation. Oikawa turned his attention back to his teammates.

“Why do you think he’s the top?”

The silence was thick, quiet enough that a pin could drop, then everyone besides the lovely couples started cackling. Yahaba collapsed, using Kyoutani - who looked bored with the entire situation - while Hanamaki and Matsukawa slapped Oikawa’s back.

“Keep dreaming, dude!” Hanamaki hollered. “You might be fit, but you’re a total twink!”

Just as Oikawa was about to open his mouth, betrayal came in the form of his very own boyfriend busting out into laughter. With Iwaizumi’s laughter, everyone laughed harder. Oikawa glared, eyes narrowing in on Iwaizumi, who was laughing along with Hanamaki and Matsukawa.

‘Yeah,’ Oikawa thought, ‘you won’t be laughing in a few hours, Hajime.’



Iwaizumi tapped his foot impatiently. He was leaned up against the lockers, arms folded and gym bag hanging from his shoulder. As the tapping of his foot grew quicker, Iwaizumi growled, “What the fuck is he doing?”

As if summoned, Oikawa swung the door to the locker room open. Iwaizumi opened his mouth to scold his boyfriend for taking so long but was interrupted by Oikawa pointing at him and saying, “Shirt off. On your knees. Now.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me Hajime, on your knees.” Oikawa walked towards Iwaizumi, caging the shorter male between his arms, bringing his body close so their height difference was obvious.

Iwaizumi ground his teeth. “If this is about what Makki said - “

“Knees,” Oikawa cut off. He reached up to grab Iwaizumi’s chin and force him to stare up at Oikawa. “If you want to hold out until we get home, things will only get worse for you, so make up your mind, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi gripped his hands, eyebrows furrowed, and face flushed. After a few minutes of thought, Iwaizumi dropped his bag, unzipped his jacket, pulled his shirt off, and fell to his knees in front of Oikawa.

The brunet hummed approvingly, hands running through Iwaizumi’s hair as he licked his lips. Iwaizumi shot a look up to Oikawa before looking back down. “Your soft,” he mumbled.

“Then make me hard, Hajime, it’s not like you haven’t before.”

Turning a darker shade, Iwaizumi pulled Oikawa’s pants down to his thighs, lips quickly attaching to his crotch. Oikawa hummed, hand sliding down to hold the back of Iwaizumi’s neck.

Iwaizumi sucked and nipped at Oikawa’s steadily hardening cock, hands gripping his pants as he started getting hard as well. 

“You look so good on your knees, Hajime, right where you belong.”

“Fuck - mrph!” Iwaizumi’s hands shot up to hold Oikawa’s thighs as the male above him shoved his face forward. He spun his tongue around the outline of Oikawa’s cock, eyes shooting up to look at Oikawa, who was staring down at him.

“You’re in no place to be talking, Hajime, not after that stunt during practice.”

Iwaizumi moved around on his knees as they steadily grew sore.

Oikawa dug his nails into the skin of Iwaizumi’s neck. “Suck me off properly, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi pulled off of Oikawa’s clothed cock, face growing warmer at the sight of the thick string of saliva connecting his lips to Oikawa’s wet boxers. After wiping off the spit, Iwaizumi pulled Oikawa’s pants and boxers down to his ankles.

Oikawa watched the male below him jerk him off before bringing his leaking cock to his lips. The second the tip of Oikawa’s cock touched Iwaizumi’s lips, Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi by the head and forced the raven to deepthroat him.

Iwaizumi gagged, scratching at Oikawa’s thighs as the setter started to thrust. Oikawa tightened his hold on Iwaizumi’s hair, pulling him closer until Iwaizumi’s nose was pressed up against his pelvis.

Thick lines of saliva rolled down Iwaizumi’s face, dripping down onto the floor as Oikawa continued to fuck his mouth with shallow thrusts. He was breathing heavily through his nose as he tried his best not to moan around Oikawa’s cock.

“Look at you drooling like a whore,” Oikawa teased.

Iwaizumi’s back arched, unable to curse Oikawa out.

Oikawa seemed to read Iwaizumi’s mind. “You know one of my favorite things about you sucking me off? You can’t curse at me, can’t act like you’re the top in the relationship.”

If he could speak, Oikawa was sure Iwaizumi would try to defend himself. Not that it would help him or stop Oikawa from going through with his plans.

Oikawa slipped his hands into Iwaizumi’s hair and pulled his head back, using the back of it to protect his boyfriend’s head from the lockers. Iwaizumi coughed, wiping the drool covering his chin with a disgusted frown.

With an aggressive blush, Iwaizumi whispered, “I wasn’t done.”

“But I was,” Oikawa said, pulling Iwaizumi to his feet. “Take your pants off and crouch by the bench.”

“Someone will - “

“I locked the door,” Oikawa said, holding Iwaizumi’s chin to hold him in place. The setter slipped his tongue into Iwaizumi’s mouth, relishing in the deep groan Iwaizumi made.

When Oikawa pulled away, Iwaizumi’s bottom lip between his teeth, he squeezed the shorter male’s erection. Iwaizumi tilted his head back and groaned quietly.

Iwaizumi tugged his pants off, along with his boxers, and crouched down by the bench, just like Oikawa wanted him to. Oikawa zipped open his bag, pulling out a condom and a half-empty bottle of lube.

He tossed the materials to Iwaizumi’s side before sliding onto the bench to sit above his crouching boyfriend. He held the bottom of his chin with his long finger and tilted it upwards.


Iwaizumi bit harshly into his bottom lip and shook his head. “Mnm.”

Oikawa squeezed his chin harshly. “Hajime, open.”

Squeezing his eyes tightly, Iwaizumi slowly opened his mouth. Oikawa was swift to spit into the open mouth, chuckling when Iwaizumi swallowed it.

Oikawa released Iwaizumi, resting his face in his hand as he stared down at Iwaizumi, who was shifting around. His knees were red from being on them for so long, cock standing tall and dripping.

“Bend over my knee.”

Iwaizumi’s eyes widened in realization and he looked up at Oikawa. The look, on normal circumstances, would’ve made Oikawa throw out his plans and just fuck Iwaizumi, but he was dedicated.

“Come on, Hajime, don’t make me wait any longer.”

Iwaizumi shook with embarrassment as he stood up. Oikawa grabbed his arm and forced him to bend over his legs, face looking at the end of the room. Oikawa rubbed Iwaizumi’s ass before he looked over to the window by the door.

That’s where Oikawa saw a flash of pink and a strand of black in the corner. The setter smirked; looked like things were going according to plan.

“How many do you think?” Oikawa asked, attention dropping back to Iwaizumi. “I’m thinking twenty.”

Iwaizumi gasped breathlessly.

“Twenty sounds right; two more every time you forget to count. Understood?”

“Ye - yes, Tooru.”

Oikawa hummed. He raised his hand and within seconds, loud slaps and yelps of counting filled the empty locker room. Oikawa’s face was mostly blank as he slapped Iwaizumi, who was slipping down grasp on the bench as he cried out.

“N - nineteen! Twenty!”

Oikawa quickly dropped his hand, staring at his red and stinging palm. He couldn’t help but wonder how sore Iwaizumi felt. Oikawa hummed, raising his knee as a single for Iwaizumi to get off of Oikawa's lap.

Iwaizumi fell onto his knees in front of Oikawa, groping at his thighs with shaking lips. “Tooru, please, I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry for laughing at you.”

Oikawa hummed, standing to his feet. He chucked the bottle of lube at Iwaizumi. “Prep yourself; if you cum before I’m in you, you won’t cum at all.”

Iwaizumi nodded rapidly, adjusting his position so he could easily slip his lubed up fingers into his entrance. Oikawa watched from his leaned position on the lockers as Iwaizumi fucked himself on his fingers.

As Iwaizumi continued, moaning Oikawa’s name breathlessly as he did so, Oikawa turned to the window. Hanamaki and Matsukawa flinched, caught staring. Their faces were bright red.

Oikawa smirked.

“That’s enough, Hajime,” the setter said, moving to stand behind Iwaizumi. “Bend over for me, baby.”

Iwaizumi was quick to lie over the bench, watching Oikawa over his shoulder. Oikawa was quick to roll the condom over his cock, giving it a few strokes before lining up with Iwaizumi’s entrance.

He snapped his hips forward, gripping Iwaizumi’s hair as he set a brutal pace that left Iwaizumi screaming Oikawa’s name. Despite the soreness in his ass and his growing sense of shame of being fucked in the locker room, Iwaizumi moved back into every one of Oikawa’s harsh thrusts.

“Tooru!” Iwaizumi moaned, drool slipping down his face once again.

“Tell me something, baby,” Oikawa said, rubbing Iwaizumi’s tensing back, “whose cock do you love?”

“Yours, Tooru! I love your cock!”

“That’s what I thought, Hajime, now cum.”

Iwaizumi’s back bent like a bow and he came wordlessly, voice strained.

Oikawa came soon after, collapsing over Iwaizumi. He turned his face to meet Iwaizumi’s lips in a sweet kiss. “You did good, baby,” Oikawa hummed, “and I’m sure Makki and Matsun would agree.”

Iwaizumi’s eyes snapped open and he stared at Oikawa with lips parted in shock.

If anyone were still at school that night, they’d get front row seats to Iwaizumi Hajime chasing Takahiro Hanamki and Issei Matsukawa while Tooru Oikawa cackled.

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i have . . . no ideas

so, like, someone give me an idea?

im not really into omegaverse, and ageplay and piss kinks are out of the question, but i’m just not feeling it with my own ideas

Chapter Text

“Hey, guys - holy fuck!”

Hanamaki slapped his hand over his eyes while struggling to close the door.

Oikawa and Iwaizumi simply stared at their friend with flushed cheeks. Oikawa’s hand was buried in Iwaizumi’s hair while the shorter teen was on his knees and was in the process of pulling down Oikawa’s pants when Makki interrupted.

“I just - what the hell are you two - In PUBLIC?!” Makki’s yelling would be a problem if the couple being yelled at hadn’t chosen an abandoned hallway to get it on in. “We’re here to study !”

Oikawa opened his mouth to make a comment when Iwaizumi stood up. The setter whined lightly, resting his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. Makki finally dropped his hand, shaking his head at the couple, then he walked away. Bastard didn’t even bother with closing the door.

When Makki’s footsteps faded, Oikawa turned to Iwaizumi with a pleading look. Iwaizumi stared at him blandly. “No.”

“You were just about to suck me off!”

Iwaizumi shrugged. He had no excuse besides the fact he was embarrassed about getting caught. Oikawa grabbed his shoulders and pulled him close. The setter rolled his hips so Iwaizumi could feel his still hard cock.

Releasing a shuttered breath, Iwaizumi squeezed Oikawa’s thigh. “No.”

Head once again falling on his shoulder, Oikawa heaved. “Give me something here.”

“We can keep going when we get home.”

“I’ll be over it by then.”

Iwaizumi narrowed his eyes in annoyance. “Well, I’m not gonna work you off under the table with Matsun and Makki right there.” Oikawa’s hands moved to cup Iwaizumi’s ass. Iwaizumi bit hard into his lip when Oikawa’s fingers brushed his hole. “Tooru.”

Oikawa lifted his head with a smile. “I have an idea.”

Maybe if Iwaizumi wasn’t so heavy in his pants, he would have had the mind to just leave Oikawa and tell him to shove his idea up his own ass.

Unfortunately, Iwaizumi was heavy in his pants, and he didn’t tell Oikawa to shove his idea up his ass.



Iwaizumi’s thighs shook, toes curling every few seconds, and the only thing keeping his extremely flushed face covered was the book in his hands. Makki was keeping his attention on his work while Matsukawa was messing around with Oikawa, who was multitasking like a motherfucker.

Oikawa’s mouth was talking to the others, his left hand was writing his science essay, and his right hand was slowly stroking Iwaizumi’s inner thigh. Iwaizumi squeezed his eyes shut when Oikawa’s fingertips lightly stroked his hard cock.

Risking a glance, Iwaizumi looked at Oikawa. The setter was still talking to Matsukawa when he looked over at Iwaizumi. Oikawa smiled, and Iwaizumi nearly yelped as the vibrations turned faster and harder.

Oikawa took his hand off of Iwaizumi’s thigh, shifting the remote to the buttplug from his left hand to his right. Iwaizumi stared at the remote. It was taunting him, held so loosely in Oikawa’s hands, the small glow showing Iwaizumi that it was only at half its highest setting.

As the conversation continued, Iwaizumi scooted closer to Oikawa, bumping his shoulder with his boyfriend’s. Oikawa slipped the remote between Iwaizumi’s legs before wrapping his arm around the shorter male. 

Makki glanced up, eyeing the couple for a few seconds before looking down. Iwaizumi was thankful that the pink-haired teen didn’t tell Matsukawa what he’d walked in on.

Iwaizumi let his guard down. He stood up slightly to grab something across the table and was promptly reminded what kind of situation he was in. Iwaizumi slammed his hand onto the table, shaking it, and slapped his hand over his mouth. He coughed loudly to conceal his moan.

Matsukawa and Makki starred in surprise while Oikawa remained calm. The setter extended a hand, rubbing just above Iwaizumi’s ass. “You okay?” He asked, voice laced with fake innocence. 

“I’m - I’m fine,” Iwaizumi said gruffly. He slowly sat down, weakly picking up what he was grabbing for. Oikawa’s hand returned to Iwaizumi’s thigh and started teasingly stroking. Iwaizumi glared at Oikawa. 

His face was flushed, his breath growing a little heavy, and he was gripping his knees tightly. Oikawa innocently nuzzled Iwaizumi’s neck. It was a common display of affection that the other third years wouldn’t think twice about seeing.

Iwaizumi knew better. He tilted his head to the side just a bit to give Oikawa better access. Oikawa Tooru, master of subtle, dug his teeth into Iwaizumi’s neck. Deep enough for it to startle the spiker, but not enough to leave a clean mark.

Oikawa licked the aching skin and picked up the remote. Iwaizumi’s breath hitched as he watched Oikawa steadily turn up the vibrations from the corner of his eye. Iwaizumi bit so hard into his lip it bled. His back straightened as he clenched around the plug.

Makki was still staring at his work and Matsukawa had started doing his math. Iwaizumi squeezed Oikawa’s thigh. Oikawa used his free hand to take Iwaizumi’s own. He kissed the back of it then licked between the fingers. Iwaizumi could only stare in shock as Oikawa took all of his fingers into his mouth.

Oikawa spun his tongue around the digits. He found a way to smirk around Iwaizumi’s fingers as he sucked on them. Iwaizumi groaned. Oikawa popped off of Iwaizumi’s fingers just in time for Matsukawa and Makki to look at them.

“You good?” Matsukawa said with just a little bit of concern. “You kinda sick, dude.”

Iwaizumi, still in shock, nodded.

Makki’s face was blank for a few seconds before realization overcame him. His mouth fell open in disgust but he managed to keep his voice down. He shook his head before looking down to pretend this wasn’t happening.

Matsukawa shrugged. The second his head turned down, Oikawa returned to his tormenting.



The second the bedroom door shut, Oikawa and Iwaizumi stripped down into nothing. Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi’s hips, turning the shorter teen around before bending him over the bed. Iwaizumi whined and ground against the bed for friction.

“You held out so well for me, Hajime,” Oikawa praised. Usually, Oikawa would hold it out for much longer. He’d tease and play with Iwaizumi until the usually gruff male was a moaning, drooling mess. Too bad they’d held it out for too long.

Oikawa pulled the still vibrating plug out of Iwaizumi, who gasped at the loss. Once he finished lubing himself, Oikawa gave his cock a couple of pumps. Iwaizumi whined once again. He jerked his hips back in an attempt to get some relief.

Finally, Oikawa pushed in, and both teens groaned loudly.

Iwaizumi’s hands found purchase in the bedsheets and Oikawa set a hard and brutal pace. Iwaizumi buried his face into the sheets as he moaned loudly, only being able to get out breathless pleads of ‘ more’ and ‘harder.’ 

Oikawa hoisted Iwaizumi up so he was lying properly on the bed with his ass raised off of the bed. Iwaizumi moaned at the change of angle. Oikawa’s cock went deeper, finally hitting Iwaizumi’s prostate.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Iwaizumi moaned, head turning to press against the bedsheets, “don’t stop, don’t stop, Tooru - fuck!” Iwaizumi came hard against the sheets and Oikawa came right after thanks to the way Iwaizumi squeezed around him.

The two breathed heavily, staring at one another with hooded eyes. Iwaizumi’s fingers flexed, knuckles white from holding the sheets so hard, and he groaned out, “‘S not enough, Tooru.”

Oikawa chuckled lightly. He gave one shallow thrust to pull a low moan from Iwaizumi. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

The two changed their positions, Oikawa now sitting up against the headboard with Iwaizumi in his lap. Iwaizumi put his entire weight on his knees, face buried in the crook of Oikawa’s neck so he could leave hickeys.

Slowly, Iwaizumi lifted his hips then started bouncing on Oikawa’s cock. The pace started slowly thanks to their first orgasms, but within minutes, Oikawa was digging his nails into Iwaizumi’s skin as his boyfriend rode him harshly.

“Just like that, baby, so good. You look so hot, Hajime, so hot on my cock,” Oikawa praised, fingers running through Iwaizumi’s hair. Iwaizumi groaned, leaning a bit forward. Oikawa’s hips snapped up and Iwaizumi cried out. 

Oikawa pulled at Iwaizumi’s hair to force him to look at him. Iwaizumi’s eyes were hooded, glazed over in pleasure, and his lips were slightly parted. Oikawa took advantage to slip his tongue past Iwaizumi’s lips. Iwaizumi returned the kiss, hands moving to hold Oikawa’s shoulders as he continued to bounce.

“I could never get enough of this,” Oikawa said against Iwaizumi’s lips, “if I could have it my way, you’d never be off my cock, Hajime. I’d have you every day - on your knees, bent over for me, it doesn’t matter.”

Iwaizumi whimpered, thighs shaking as his bouncing grew sloppier. “Tooru, I - I can’t keep - “

Oikawa stopped Iwaizumi before he could finish. He changed the position, lying Iwaizumi onto his back and lifting his legs over his shoulders. Once again, he set a brutal pace. Iwaizumi’s back moved along with the bed and he was pulled back every time by Oikawa.

“T - Tooru, cum - “

“Me, too, baby.”

With one last deep thrust, Oikawa and Iwaizumi came. Iwaizumi’s legs turned to jelly while Oikawa tried his damndest not to collapse on his boyfriend. They panted heavily, relishing in the sound of heavy breathing and the smell of sex.

Iwaizumi rubbed his sweaty face, whimpering when he said, “Tooru, I want more.”

Oikawa nodded. “Give me - give a few minutes here, Hajime, and I promise we’ll go as many times as you want.”

It was a promise Oikawa kept.



Iwaizumi watched Oikawa in envy. The setter walked around the bedroom, shirt removed to show off the countless hickeys, bite marks, and scratches on his body. Iwaizumi’s legs quivered and clenched with every small movement, his hips sore and wrists red from their small round with rope.

“Tooru,” Iwaizumi said, watching Oikawa admire his reflection, “I can’t move.”

Oikawa chuckled lightly. He walked over to the bed, falling on his knees to be on Iwaizumi’s eye level. “What do you want me to do about that?” Though it was supposed to be a joke, Oikawa sounded sincere with his words.

“Make me breakfast and stay in bed until I can move my knees.”

Oikawa kissed Iwaizumi’s temple, massaging his shoulders. “You ask too little of me, Hajime.”

Chapter Text

Oikawa Tooru kept his mouth shut in two different situations:

1) When he’s dead-focused on a game, determined to take down his opponents and win the match. (Iwaizumi admired these moments - he admired the glint in Oikawa’s eyes and the way his jaw tightened in concentration)

And 2) when he was absolutely destroying Iwaizumi’s guts.

Judging by everything Oikawa does, you’d think he wouldn’t be able to stop talking during anything, including sex, and Iwaizumi wouldn’t blame you. Hell, even he had been surprised.

He still remembered how he prepared to get thoroughly annoyed with Oikawa the first time they had sex, only to be blown away when the setter was more than quiet the entire time. Yes, he groaned and moaned and panted the entire time, but nothing but the occasional ‘Hajime’ and ‘Fuck’ slipped past his lips.

The sex was amazing, and Iwaizumi knows no one will ever compare to Oikawa, but he couldn’t help but a little . . . disappointed that Oikawa was so quiet. Iwaizumi would die before he admitted he kinda enjoyed Oikawa’s ramblings.

It also had to do with the fact Iwaizumi had a nice little kink called degradation.

Listen, everyone had their kinks. Matsukawa liked bondage, Hanamaki liked anal, Kyoutani liked knifeplay, so on and so forth. Iwaizumi liked degradation, so sue him.

Even if he greatly enjoyed it, Iwaizumi never had the courage to tell Oikawa. How do you tell your boyfriend you want him to say mean things to him during sex? Especially since he seemed to enjoy the quietness of sex.



Iwaizumi pulled off with a pop. A mixture of drool and cum rolled down his flushed face. Swallowing the bitter liquid, Iwaizumi looked up to see Oikawa. The setter was staring up at the ceiling with squinted eyes, a thin layer of sweat covering his shirtless body. He was breathing heavily but still managing to be quiet.

Frowning, Iwaizumi slid up to sit in his boyfriend’s lap. Oikawa instantly dropped his head to stare at Iwaizumi. One of his hands raised to cup his face, rubbing a loose drop of cum over his lips. Iwaizumi parted his lips to take Oikawa’s finger into his mouth. Keeping eye contact, he sucked.

“Hajime,” Oikawa mumbled, easily sliding a second finger into Iwaizumi’s mouth. Iwaizumi spun his tongue around the digits in his mouth, and he could feel Oikawa already growing hard underneath him.

While Oikawa’s other hand rubbed Iwaizumi’s ass, the setter slowly pushed his fingers deeper into his mouth. Iwaizumi moved to sit on his knees, holding Oikawa’s shoulders and leaned into the fingers. He squeezed his eyes shut when Oikawa’s fingers touched the back of his throat, but he didn’t gag.

“I dunno how you do it,” Oikawa chuckled. He pumped his fingers in Iwaizumi’s throat as if it were his cock. Iwaizumi rapidly tapped Oikawa’s shoulder with three fingers and the brunet added a third finger into Iwaizumi’s mouth. “I can barely take a flu test.”

Iwaizumi briefly popped off of Oikawa’s fingers to quip, “Maybe I’m just that much of a whore.” It was mostly a joke, an attempt to get a small chortle from Oikawa, but there was a thin layer of hope that he would agree.

Oikawa’s brows knit and something shimmered in his eyes. Iwaizumi pulled Oikawa’s fingers back into his mouth, shamelessly moaning around them when they slid just right into his throat.

The hand holding Iwaizumi’s hand moved under his pants and boxers. Iwaizumi moaned around Oikawa’s hands when fingers grazed his hole. He dragged his hips forward in search of friction. 

“Have I ever told you how nice your moans sound?”

Iwaizumi moaned around Oikawa’s fingers once again, nails digging into his shoulders. Oikawa used his free hand to cup Iwaizumi’s face, jerking it so he was looking up. Oikawa’s hand moved down to hold Iwaizumi’s throat.

“Just like a pornstar - loud and needy as fuck. So whorish.”

Pants growing impossibly tight, Iwaizumi pulled off Oikawa's fingers, breaking the strings of saliva by whimpering, “Keep talking.”

Oikawa squeezed Iwaizumi’s hip before turning them over, fingers still working down the shorter male’s throat as he pulled his pants down to his ankles. Iwaizumi scraped his teeth over Oikawa’s knuckles. It was just sharp enough that Oikawa winced slightly.

Iwaizumi gasped when Oikawa squeezed his tongue. “Good sluts get good things, Hajime, do you want to get good things?”

Iwaizumi nodded rapidly, sucking on Oikawa’s fingertips in apology.

“Good boy,” Oikawa praised. He pulled his fingers out slowly, brushing Iwaizumi’s knees slightly before crossing the room to pick up his school tie. Iwaizumi instinctively pushed back onto the pillows, raising his arms towards the headboards. Oikawa’s smirk grew. “You’re such a behaved whore, Hajime.”

A desperate whimper came from Iwaizumi. “Tooru, please .”

Oikawa easily tied Iwaizumi’s wrists to the headboard, fingers teasingly running down the ace’s body to play with his nipples. Iwaizumi panted softly and tried to keep the jut of his hips at bay.

The touches vanished briefly when Oikawa ducked down to grab the lube and a condom. Iwaizumi spread his legs for Oikawa. 

“So needy,” Oikawa shamed. Iwaizumi’s whine broke off into a high-pitched moan when Oikawa slowly slid two fingers into his hole. “I bet you could cum on my fingers; it wouldn’t be hard for a whore like you.”

Iwaizumi was so close already. It was amazing how a mixture of words and fingers could reduce him to nothing but a pathetic mess. 

He ground down on Oikawa’s fingers to meet every shallow thrust, all the while Oikawa continued to degrade Iwaizumi.

Deciding he was ready, Oikawa pulled his fingers out of Iwaizumi, wiping them off on the sheets he’d be cleaning later. He made a show of opening the condom - Iwaizumi managed a light, “Hurry up, Shittykawa” between his heavy breaths - and continued to games when he circled the head of his cock around Iwaizumi’s hole.

“Beg for it, slut.”

“Tooru, please! Please, please, please !” Iwaizumi cried. His wrists were shaking with anticipation. Iwaizumi was sure he looked pathetic, spread out and red, begging for Oikawa’s cock like it was the key to survival.

Oikawa kissed Iwaizumi’s abs. “Good job.”

Then he thrust in.

Iwaizumi yelped at the sudden intrusion, but it was certainly welcomed. Legs instantly wrapped around Oikawa’s waist to drive him deeper. Oikawa held Iwaizumi’s hips, pulling him into all of his harsh thrusts. His lips rested on Iwaizumi’s ear where he whispered,

“Such a good slut, Hajime. You should’ve told me sooner. If I’d known this would get you so riled up, I’d tell you all day how much of a pathetic , whiney , slutty , whore you are.” Each degrading word was punctuated with a thrust harsher than the rest. “Now be good and cum.”

With a silent scream, Iwaizumi came, body turning to jelly as Oikawa’s pace fastened in a search for his own orgasm. It came soon and Oikawa steadied himself on the headboard to keep from collapsing on Iwaizumi.

They stayed like that for a few minutes - Iwaizumi tied up and Oikawa still inside him. When Oikawa did pull out, he sighed.

“That’s . . . the most . . . you’ve ever talked . . . during sex,” Iwaizumi gasped, still searching for his breath. “And the hardest you’ve ever . . . fucked me.”

Oikawa released Iwaizumi’s wrists, bundling up the now sweaty tie and throwing it across the room in the general area of his hamper. He kissed Iwaizumi’s face softly.

“All you had to do was tell me.”

Iwaizumi blushed. “It was embarrassing.”

Oikawa chortled as he helped Iwaizumi sit up. He kissed his temple. “I love you.”

“Love you, too.”

Chapter Text

“Someone’s jealous.”

“I am NOT jealous,” Oikawa snapped, eye twitching ever-so-slightly.

“You’re jealous,” Hanamaki said. He tilted his beer towards Iwaizumi. The shorter male was at the bar, talking with another man. Though he couldn’t make out what they were saying, Oikawa knew the guy was flirting.

Iwaizumi could easily drag Oikawa away from his admirers, but when it came to himself, he was terrible at coming up with excuses. Not everyone accepted a simple, “I have a boyfriend.”

Oikawa tapped his foot impatiently. He watched with growing annoyance as the guy got closer and Iwaizumi tried backing away. He bumped into a barstool, falling onto it. 

“I’m jealous.”

The guy leaned down. One of his hands rested on the bar and the other reached out to hold Iwaizumi’s chin.

Seeing red, Oikawa pushed through the small crowd to reach the bar. He grabbed the guy’s wrist, using his hold on it to spin him around and pull him down to the floor.

“Tooru - “

Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi by the shirt, pulling him towards the bathroom. Iwaizumi growled and tried to pull his hand off. “Hey, let me go, I wasn’t doing anything.”

“Shut up and follow me.”

Normally, Iwaizumi would continue to fight; he’d throw insults, he’d use his strength to pry off Oikawa’s hand, he would sometimes pull his shirt right off. 

However, Iwaizumi knew Oikawa well enough to know that when Oikawa’s voice was low, dark with negative emotion, it was best to close your mouth and let him pull you along.

Oikawa pushed open the bar bathroom door, throwing Iwaizumi inside before slamming him against the door in a needy, angry kiss.

“I don’t care what you were doing, I don’t care if you were completely innocent, you know exactly how I get, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi whined against Oikawa’s lips. His own lips were puffy, red, and covered in spit from the attack Oikawa set on them.

Iwaizumi uselessly grasped at Oikawa’s back in an attempt to get himself off the door, but Oikawa wasn’t moving an inch.

“Lock the door.”

“But, I - “

Oikawa held Iwaizumi’s chin and forced the shorter male to look at him. “Hajime, lock the fucking door.”

Now, Oikawa would never force Iwaizumi into anything. He’d never keep going if Iwaizumi said stop. He took consent seriously. (Remember, kids, basic human rights are sexy)

Iwaizumi just had to say ‘no.’

But if the dark look in Oikawa’s eyes, or the way he held Iwaizumi’s waist like he was the most priceless thing on earth, didn’t make Iwaizumi excited in all the right ways. 

Without any complaints, Iwaizumi locked the door and was swiftly picked up by Oikawa. Oikawa stumbled a bit thanks to the needy kiss he pulled Iwaizumi into, but he was eventually able to carefully place his lover on the sink.

“This is so trashy,” Iwaizumi wheezed, hands buried in Oikawa’s hair as the brunet sucked and bit his skin.

Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi’s hips and pulled him close. He growled against his skin, “Maybe, but I want you now .”

It wasn’t long until their shirts were off, discarded on the floor - “It’s sticky,” Iwaizumi would later say to Oikawa when they get dressed - and Oikawa held Iwaizumi in place as he covered his torso in marks.

“We - we don’t have any lube,” Iwaizumi pointed out when Oikawa pulled his pants down. 

Oikawa wordlessly pulled a thin foil packet out of his pocket. Iwaizumi stared at it with red cheeks.

“You just carry that around?”

“Yeah. Take your boxers off and spread your legs.”

Iwaizumi, in no place to complain or make orders, did exactly as told. It was a little awkward considering he was on a sink, but he made it work enough for Oikawa to be able to slip two lubed up fingers into his entrance.

“Hah, Tooru, f-faster,” Iwaizumi panted. He held Oikawa’s shoulders tightly, nails digging into the paler skin. “Please.”

Oikawa looked at Iwaizumi through his eyelashes. “I should make you beg for it.” To emphasize his point, Oikawa moved his fingers at a pace Iwaizumi would describe as torturous. “ Beg .”

“Tooru, please, please move faster - ah! I want - I want you inside me! Fu - ah - fuck me with your fingers, please!”

Oikawa was always weak for Iwaizumi, and it only got worse when he begged. Within seconds, his hand was moving fast, fingers curling ever-so-slightly to tease Iwaizumi’s prostate.

Iwaizumi’s head was thrown back, jaw slack as he met Oikawa’s fingers with weak, pathetic grinds. He could’ve cum like that, solely on Oikawa’s fingers because they were just that long and that good.

“I - I’m close.”

And just like that, Oikawa pulled his fingers out. He wiped them on the nearby paper towels and dropped his pants, cock springing up onto his abdomen.

“Tell me to stop if it hurts,” Oikawa said, softness briefly bleeding into the harsh atmosphere.

Iwaizumi nodded. He was already too lost for words. 

He found his voice when Oikawa bottomed-out in one thrust. His moan was loud and long, guaranteed to catch the attention of anyone walking by the bathroom.

Oikawa set into a harsh pace, hands the only thing keeping Iwaizumi in place as he fucked the shorter male.

“God, fucking look at you,” Oikawa laughed meanly. He held Iwaizumi’s face, rubbing the collection of saliva on his face. “Am I already fucking you dumb?”

Yes, yes he was. 

Oikawa snapped his hips forward and knocked Iwaizumi down onto his elbows. His cock hit deeper, and Iwaizumi’s back arched as he moaned loudly. His face was hot with arousal and embarrassment - the entire bar could no doubt hear him moaning like a whore.

“Hajime, who do you belong to?”

Iwaizumi tried to respond, but all that came out was a weak whine and a broken moan. Oikawa fastened his pace, smirking as he continued to attack Iwaizumi’s prostate. He played with his boyfriend’s nipples to add to the overwhelming sensations.

“Hajime, answer me .”

“Yours! I’m yours, Tooru! I love your cock, I love the way you fuck me stupid, the way you fuck me until I can’t even walk! I love you, I love you!”

With one final thrust, Iwaizumi and Oikawa came. Iwaizumi’s chest was covered in cum while Oikawa’s cum dripped out of his hole. The two men panted heavily, staring at Iwaizumi’s dirty chest.

Knock, knock, knock.

“You two are fucking disgusting,” Hanamaki’s voice was muffled through the door.

“And we’re banned from the bar,” Matsukawa added. “So thanks for that?”

Oikawa pulled out his phone, ignoring his friends so he could take a picture of Iwaizumi’s blissed-out expression and cum-covered body. 

“It was worth it.”

Chapter Text

The second Iwaizumi woke up, he knew this day would be shitty.

His shoulder was sore was lying on it, eyes heavy and stinging from just staying open, and even without a reflection, he knew his hair was a disaster. Iwaizumi turned onto his side with a simple flip, grabbing his phone that was silently buzzing on the side table.

Iwaizumi glared at his phone and the few notifications on his screen. He cleared them away until he could see the picture of him and Oikawa cuddling on the couch; Oikawa’s sister took the picture on Christmas.

It was barely enough to pull a small smile on Iwaizumi’s lips.

After fifteen minutes of lying around, changing positions every minute due to soreness, Iwaizumi finally stood up. He dragged himself to the bathroom, cringing at his tired face.

He turned to face the mirror completely and his mood only worsened. His hair was too spiky, his face too rough, his body too strong for his embarrassing height. Iwaizumi turned on the sink, splashing some water in his face.

Changing, Iwaizumi did his best to obey school dress codes, choosing the longest, baggiest shirt he had with the most comfortable but loose pants he had. Iwaizumi struggled with his tie as he walked down the stairs.

His phone buzzed in his back pocket.

Tooru Baby: Iwa-chaaaaan! You’re taking too long! I want my baby ;(

Usually, Oikawa’s antics would make him smile, brighten his day, but not today. Iwaizumi left Oikawa on read and walked into the kitchen. He stared at the bowl of fruit along with the toast his mom left out for him.

Iwaizumi touched his stomach and cringed. Ever since their loss to Karasuno and the lack of practice, Iwaizumi wasn’t as strong as he used to be. Shaking his head and ignoring his hunger, Iwaizumi left the house.

He spotted Oikawa waiting for him down the street, talking to three of his fangirls who happened to live in the same neighborhood as them. The sight made Iwaizumi’s stomach twist.

Yes, he and Oikawa have been together for what seemed like ages. They started dating their second year of middle school, coming out their first year of high school, and have been going strong since then.

Yet, Iwaizumi couldn’t help the overwhelming sense of insecurity when he saw the girls flocked around his boyfriend, showering him with compliments and gifts that Iwaizumi was always too embarrassed to say or give because even after years of dating, he was still shy.

Iwaizumi came closer, trying to figure out what to do with his hands. Oikawa noticed him quickly and smiled brightly. He waved to the girls before jogging over to Iwaizumi, greeting him with a hug that Iwaizumi weakly returned.

Oikawa held Iwaizumi closer and harder. “Are you okay?”


Iwaizumi could feel Oikawa’s frown. He pulled back just enough to look at Iwaizumi with an unconvinced look. He looked the shorter male up and down, gaze growing more and more concerned.

“Hajime,” he said softly, caressing Iwaizumi’s hand, “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Iwaizumi lied. He walked away, using whatever strength he had over Oikawa to leave his grasp. Oikawa jogged to keep up with his strong pace. “Those girls seemed nice.”

“Uh, yeah, they are,” Oikawa hesitantly responded. “Is that what’s wrong? Hajime, you know you’re my only one, right?”



Iwaizumi threw the stack of envelopes into the garbage. He had a scowl on his face as he walked down the hallway, hands shoved in his pockets and back slouched. Despite his boiling rage, a pit of sadness in his stomach was blooming.

Against his mind, tears started to fill Iwaizumi’s eyes. He mentally chastised himself before taking a sharp right into the bathroom. He entered the first available stall, slamming it shut and banging his head against the door.

This was stupid. He was being stupid and unnecessarily insecure.

Oikawa loved him, and he knew that, but fuck if it didn’t hurt to have girls handing him love letters for his boyfriend on a daily basis. Some people had no respect.

Iwaizumi’s cheeks were now wet with tears. He cursed sharply, wiping his face roughly, and fought back his sniffles.

There was a light knock on the stall.

“Hey, dude,” a classmate that Iwaizumi couldn’t recognize by name said, “do you want me to get Oikawa? Maybe Matsukawa? You sound like you need a hug and we’re not exactly close enough for that.”

Iwaizumi’s face was hot. He was so fucking embarrassed.

“No,” he hissed through clenched teeth, “just leave me alone.”


Iwaizumi’s day was long and full of suffering.

Lunch was stiff and awkward because Iwaizumi refused to talk to his friends, even Oikawa. He scooted away from Oikawa’s touches while looking over at the distant fan club that was staring at him intensely.

Now, Oikawa was silently walking Iwaizumi home, their pinkies intertwined as Iwaizumi stares at his shoes. Oikawa has tried making conversation a few times but gave up around the third attempt.

A little bit of guilt filled Iwaizumi, but every time he opened his mouth to say something, his voice vanished and all he could think about was how terrible he felt.

He loved Oikawa but he couldn’t help but feel it was unfair.

Oikawa was gorgeous, he was talented and great with words.

And Iwaizumi was . . . he was Iwaizumi.

He just wasn’t what Oikawa deserved.

Before he could stop, Iwaizumi sniffled.

And then he started crying.

“Hajime?” Oikawa whispered, stepping close and cupping Iwaizumi’s face to make him look up. Iwaizumi could see the heartbreak in Oikawa’s eyes when he laid eyes on the tears streaking Iwaizumi’s face. “Baby, I’m worried about you, what’s wrong?”

“I - I know it’s silly, and I know you’ll tell me I’m wrong and that I’m all you need. But . . . but . . . I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve that I’m the one you chose, out of countless pretty girls who would spend every day complimenting you and giving you gifts.” Iwaizumi leaned into Oikawa’s palm. “I’m so . . . I’m so mean and aggressive and violent. I - I would completely understand if you left me for someone else. Someone better.”

Oikawa pressed his forehead against Iwaizumi’s. “Are you finished?”


Oikawa moved his hands up into Iwaizumi’s hair. “I love you so much, Hajime. I have loved you since we were too young to know what love was. I could never love anyone as much as I love you because loving you is like breathing.” Oikawa kissed Iwaizumi softly. “Jesus, Hajime, I couldn’t live without you even if my life depended on it.”

Iwaizumi felt overwhelmed. He wanted to cry more but he also wanted to laugh. Instead, he chose to wrap his arms around Oikawa’s neck, burying his face in his neck, and whispering, “Can you show me?”



Iwaizumi steadily stepped back into his room, hands running through Oikawa’s soft hair as the taller male kissed and softly sucked his neck, leaving faint marks that Iwaizumi would later stroke.

“Tooru,” Iwaizumi whispered. His knees hit the bed and Oikawa grabbed his thighs, lifting Iwaizumi up before placing him comfortably on the pillows. Oikawa got on top of the shorter male, smiling softly while stroking his face

“You are so beautiful.”

Then he descended downward, all the way to his feet. Iwaizumi held his hand to his mouth and watched Oikawa lift his foot. He kissed it softly, steadily moving up his body, kissing a path all the way up to Iwaizumi’s bare chest.

“Baby, you’re all I need,” Oikawa whispered, fingers grazing Iwaizumi’s nipples, “you’re so handsome and kind. I could spend my entire life just holding you in my arms, covering your face in kisses, and telling you how much I love you.”

Iwaizumi moved to cover his face but Oikawa stopped him. He lightly pinned Iwaizumi’s wrists to the bed, not rough but just strong enough that he couldn’t slip out of his hold.

“Let me see you, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi nodded softly.

Oikawa sat up, reaching for the lube set between the bed and the bedside table. He lightly pulled Iwaizumi’s boxers down, placing a kiss to the tip of Iwaizumi’s leaking cock before pulling the clothing all the way down. He dropped it onto the floor and spread Iwaizumi’s legs.

“Hm, you look so pretty, baby.” Iwaizumi sniffled at the praise, a fresh wave of tears filling his eyes. Panicked, Oikawa lunged forward and cupped Iwaizumi’s face. “Hajime, Hajime, what’s wrong? Baby?”

“I - I just - “ Iwaizumi broke off to weakly sob into his hand, “I’m just so glad you love me.”

Iwaizumi never knew Oikawa could look at him so softly. His entire face screamed adoration. “And I’ll always love you, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi pulled Oikawa in softly, kissing him deeply and sighing into it. Oikawa dropped a bit, forcing Iwaizumi to tilt his head down to deepen the kiss. Oikawa pulled away just barely. “You. Are. Every. Thing.” He punctuated his words with a kiss.

The kiss continued, one of Iwaizumi’s hands dropping to hold Oikawa’s hips. Oikawa palmed for the lube, finally finding it by Iwaizumi’s thigh. He uncapped it and pulled away to put some on his fingers.

Prep always took some time. Iwaizumi was overly sensitive from his neck to his hole. Oikawa didn’t mind; he loved the way Iwaizumi would whimper and arch his back with even the smallest touches.

Oikawa spun his finger around Iwaizumi’s rim, swallowing his moans and whimpers with a kiss. Iwaizumi held Oikawa’s shoulders, finger buried in his shoulders as he whimpered, tears once again falling.

He’d never felt so loved.

Iwaizumi’s back arched when Oikawa slowly pushed a second finger, pumping his fingers in and out while carefully spreading Iwaizumi open. Iwaizumi threw his head back to moan loudly. His tears dropped into his mouth.

“Hajime, did I hurt you?” Oikawa whispered, stopping his movements.

Iwaizumi quickly shook his head. “No, no, I just . . . I love you so much.”

Oikawa groaned. “Hajime, if you keep saying these things, I’m gonna cum before I can ever get inside of you.”

Iwaizumi moaned softly. “Tooru, I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?”

Iwaizumi nodded aggressively.

Oikawa smiled, kissing Iwaizumi deeply as he searched blindly in the drawer for a condom. He really needed to stop looking for them with his eyes closed. Iwaizumi grunted, shooing Oikawa’s hand away to grab the condom.

“So reliable,” Oikawa mumbled, pulling away to shuck off his boxers and tear the condom off in one fluid motion. After giving his cock a few strokes, Oikawa rolled the condom on and spread Iwaizumi’s legs a little wider.

Slowly, Oikawa slid into Iwaizumi, once again capturing his lips to suppress his moans. It was slow but pleasurable to both parties. Iwaizumi had his arms wrapped completely around Oikawa’s neck, restricting him from getting more than a few inches away.

“I love you,” Oikawa whispered, wiping Iwaizumi’s tears away, “You’re so beautiful.”

“Tooru, move .” It was always a pleasure to hear Iwaizumi with a whiny tone, one that Oikawa usually used.

Oikawa instantly hiked up Oikawa’s hips, fucking into him at a steady and comfortable pace. Soft sex wasn’t exactly the couple’s forte but every once in a while, when one of them needed comfort or a way to forget a failed test or injury, they always turned to it.

“Tooru, Tooru, Tooru,” Iwaizumi moaned softly, holding Oikawa’s hair and carding his fingers through it. “I love you. You’re mine, right?”

“Only yours, forever,” Tooru instantly responded, no hesitation detected.

Iwaizumi bit his lips. He didn’t want to cry again but it was a hard task. Oikawa stroked his face, hand moving lower to softly wrap around Iwaizumi’s cock. He stroked it in tandem with his thrusts.

“It’s okay, Hajime; you don’t need to cry.”

Nodding softly, holding his eyes tight to avoid any tears from slipping out. He squirmed as a familiar heat pooled in his stomach. “I’m close, Tooru.”

“Me, too, baby. Wanna cum together?”

Iwaizumi nodded, pulling Oikawa back for a harsh kiss as his back arched and he came. Just as Oikawa asked, he came along with Iwaizumi, deepening the kiss and holding Iwaizumi’s face.

The couple panted in synch, smiling softly and tiredly at one another. Oikawa stroked Iwaizumi’s bottom lip and whispered, “I’m gonna marry you one day.”

Iwaizumi released a shuddered gasp. “You don’t have to say - “

“I mean it.” Tooru turned the two of them, pressing Iwaizumi’s face into his chest. “I’m going to buy you a ring, take you somewhere nice - Paris, maybe - and I’ll get down on one knee. I’ll marry you in white and tell you how much I love you then kiss the daylights out of you.”

After a small pause filled with Iwaizumi’s soft cries, Oikawa sighed happily. “Oikawa Hajime.”

Iwaizumi chuckled. “Iwaizumi Tooru is better.”

“No, Oikawa Hajime.”

“Iwaizumi Tooru.”



They continued back and forth, voices growing softer as they dozed off in one another’s arms; Hajime’s heart full and assured.

Chapter Text

“Look at you,” Oikawa drawled, holding Iwaizumi’s hip before spanking his ass like it was a volleyball, “such a fucking whore.”

Iwaizumi mewled, face turned to the camera so they could see the tears streaming down his face and the saliva coating his white facemask. Oikawa was behind him, mounting him while fucking him at an almost tortuous fast pace. His face mask was black to contrast Iwaizumi’s and draw more attention to the currently drooling man.

Oikawa and Iwaizumi could easily tell you how they got into cam work if you asked: a mutual friend caught them having sex, was invited to watch the show, and they’ve been hooked on being watched since.

Hanamaki told them about cam work. It was to suggest a new type of porn. Poor guy didn’t know what he did, and he would never know because Iwaizumi and Oikawa made sure to never let their friends (or god forbid their families) know what they did as a side job.

The first time they streamed, everyone naturally assumed Iwaizumi was the top. Understandable, Iwaizumi was broad and buff while Oikawa’s muscle was mostly in his legs and back.

“Oh, don’t be fooled,” Oikawa said, wrapping his arm around Iwaizumi’s neck before shoving four of his fingers into Iwaizumi’s mouth, driving them as deep as they could go and pumping them in and out, “my baby is quite the slut.”

They gained popularity quickly and found themselves making a lot more money than expected. They didn’t start to make money, just to fill their desires of being watched by an audience bigger than one or two people.

While the face masks were a little uncomfortable - usually becoming damp thanks to their heavy breathing and moans - the couple saw it as essential. They didn’t want to risk their videos getting leaked and someone recognizing them. They both promised that the second they graduated university, they would delete any and all streams.

Thankfully, the website they used was reliable and forcefully disconnected any programs that could record their sessions. It was comforting.

“Pl - please,” Iwaizumi cried, “let me cum! Let me cum!” He begged, thrusting his hips into nothing. The cock-ring was squeezing him tight, preventing anything but precum from dribbling out of Iwaizumi’s neglected cock. “Daddy, I wanna cum!”

Oikawa responded with a low growl and a loud crack to Iwaizumi’s ass. “You wanna cum? You wanna cum, you dirty slut?” Iwaizumi whined, holding the edge of the bed and staring at the camera with a fucked-out expression. “Let’s see what everyone else thinks, uh?”

Oikawa leaned over Iwaizumi’s back to read the comments. While some were asking for Oikawa to keep edging his poor boyfriend, the majority was begging for him to let Iwaizumi cum. Oikawa hummed.

“Our lovelies have spoken, be thankful, whore.”

Grabbing Iwaizumi’s hair, he snapped his head up to stare directly into the camera, eyes crossed with waves of tears. Oikawa shook Iwaizumi's head and tsked.

“Go on, or do you want me to leave you here? All alone and rutting against the mattress because you couldn’t do one simple thing for Daddy?”

Iwaizumi panted heavily. “Th - thank you,” he gasped.

Oikawa hummed. “That’s my good whore.”

He leaned away, returning to his original position. He kept thrusting, watching with a greedy expression as Iwaizumi moved along the bed like a ragdoll. He lifted the shorter male’s hips and slipped the cock-ring off.

Within three thrusts, Iwaizumi covered the mattress and his stomach in cum. Oikawa followed soon after. He filled Iwaizumi with his cum, humming when he pulled out and it was leaking all over.

“Turn around, show our lovelies how full you are.”

Iwaizumi whined and stayed in place. Oikawa growled. Iwaizumi damn near screamed when Oikawa slapped him harder than he ever did before. His ass was burning, surely a dark red in the shape of a handprint.

“Is now really the time to disobey me, slut? You should be grateful I even let you cum in the first place.”

Sniffling slightly, Iwaizumi sluggishly turned his ass to the camera. The second he was facing away, the sound of tips and comments filled the room. Oikawa rubbed Iwaizumi’s face and lifted him up by the chin.

“Did so well, baby.”

Iwaizumi mumbled a weak, “Thank you, Daddy,” before he buried his face into the mattress, ass still raised for the audience’s viewing pleasure.

Oikawa stood up, walking towards the camera and taking it off the tripod. “Always a pleasure, lovelies ~ See you next week!”

Then he turned the camera off and the masks came off. Oikawa crawled over Iwaizumi, kissing his body from just above his red ass to his nape. “You did amazing, Hajime, so fucking hot.”

Iwaizumi groaned.

“Baby, look at me, I gotta take the mask off.”

Instantly, Iwaizumi turned his head and let Oikawa remove the mask. His chin was covered in dried up saliva and tears. Oikawa hummed, stroking underneath Iwaizumi’s face. Then he slapped his ass one more time.

“C’mon, let’s clean up.”


“This is tight.”

“That’s the point, baby.”

Iwaizumi shifted on the bed. He was sitting on his knees, a light purple virgin killer sweater hugging his body like a second skin. He was angled so you could see his back and the end of the vibrator Oikawa put in him. He hadn’t turned it on yet, leaving Iwaizumi to try and drive it deeper to get pleasure before Oikawa even started the session.

The second the red dot started blinking, Oikawa slipped onto the bed, taking Iwaizumi’s thigh and forcing himself between them, stroking the tan man’s thighs. Instantly, the viewer number skyrocketed.

“Hey, lovelies,” Oikawa greeted, voice calm but sultry, “look at my baby, all dressed up and already full for us.” He used his strength to pull Iwaizumi completely on his lap, back facing the camera so the viewers could see the black vibrator inside him.

 Oikawa pulled the remote from his pocket. “100 tokens to start slow, 500 to go midway, 1,000 to go all the way.”

Within seconds, they reached 1,000 tokens and a bit more. Iwaizumi whined, looking at the screen from over his shoulder. Oikawa hummed, using one finger to turn the vibrator to its max setting. Iwaizumi whined, back arching and hips instantly moving to grind against Oikawa.

Dropping the remote, Oikawa spread Iwaizumi’s ass and ran his fingers around his clenching hold. The chat was going wild for the teasing actions, for Iwaizumi’s girlish moans and whimpers, for the way he was already so needy for more.

“Daddy,” Iwaizumi cried, hips gyrating against Oikawa’s, “Daddy, more. I - I wanna suck your cock.”

Oikawa looked at the camera, eyebrows raised in a silent question.

The positive reactions were overwhelming.

“Go on, honey, suck Daddy off.”

Instantly, Iwaizumi descended down onto the floor, legs spread in a V formation to squeeze around the vibrator. Oikawa scooted to the end of the bed and angled the camera down to show Iwaizumi’s face and Oikawa’s thighs.

Oikawa stroked Iwaizumi’s hair before pulling down his boxers. His cock sprung free and slapped Iwaizumi in the face. He moaned at the contact. Carefully, he lifted his mask so his lips and chin could be seen.

Oikawa helped him cover enough of his face to still be unrecognizable before leaning back on his hands to watch the show. Iwaizumi held Oikawa at the base and licked his lips.

Now, Oikawa’s cock wasn’t thick. Compared to Iwaizumi, it was nothing to be impressed with, but his length? A perfect, intimidating 10 inches that Iwaizumi drooled for. Iwaizumi looked up at the camera as he licked up Oikawa’s shaft, hand massaging his balls.

Oikawa groaned. “That’s it, baby, take Daddy’s cock.”

Iwaizumi sucked on the tip, swallowing the pools of precum that gathered on his tongue. Oikawa bucked his hips slightly to give Iwaizumi a signal to take more of him. Iwaizumi responded by bobbing his head, moving lower and lower on Oikawa’s cock.

Finally, when Iwaizumi took Oikawa down and passed the back of his throat, his face was pressed into Oikawa’s perfectly trimmed pubes. Oikawa moaned loudly, hips bucking into Iwaizumi’s wet mouth.

Drool and precum rolled from the sides of his mouth, dripping on his thighs. Neither of them was paying attention to the screen. The sound of comments, tips, and rising viewer numbers white noise to their session.

“Ha - Ha,” Oikawa held back from using Iwaizumi’s name, able to pass it off as pants, “Oh, baby, look at you. You’re taking me down like the perfect slut you are. God, you’re so fucking thirsty of me.”

Iwaizumi moaned loudly. From the mixture of the vibrator and Oikawa’s words, Iwaizumi was a lot closer than he would want to admit. Pulling out with a loud and wet pop, Iwaizumi hesitantly said, “Daddy, ‘m close.”

Quickly, Oikawa laughed meanly, slapping Iwaizumi in the face with his dick. “Already? Just from me talking and having a vibrator shoved up that hole? Fucking pathetic, so slutty.”

Iwaizumi whimpered. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“Over my knees, slut.”

While Oikawa changed the camera angle, Iwaizumi scampered over Oikawa’s knees, pulling his mask down properly before the camera could focus in. Oikawa pulled the vibrator out at a teasingly slow pace.

He pumped it in and out for a few seconds before pulling it out completely. He teased Iwaizumi’s rim. He turned the black toy off and tossed it to the side. “How many spanks are we thinking, lovelies?”



So cruel! Five!



Definitely ten!

“Ten it is.” Oikawa rubbed Iwaizumi’s ass, fingers dipping just slightly into his slicked up hole. “Make sure to count, baby.”



Smack! Smack!

“Tw - two! Three!

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Four! Five! Fi - Six!”

“Oh, no,” Oikawa said with faux concern, “looks like we have to start again, baby.”

Iwaizumi whined, “No, Daddy, I’m sorry!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“One! Two! Three!” He was so hard, cock rubbing against Oikawa’s thigh with every hard slap. He could cum like this; like a fucking slut.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Four! Five! Si - Six!”

“So close, baby.”



A warm, liquid feeling filled Iwaizumi’s belly and he was moaning loudly, thankful for the noise-canceling padding that kept their neighbors completely oblivious.

Smack! Smack!

“Eight! Nine!”


The last slap was hard, loud, and the tipping point. Iwaizumi arched like a bow, screaming as he came all over Oikawa’s lap, cum splattering onto his sweater and dripping down onto the floor.

Oikawa cackled. “Oh, baby, did you just cum? Just from getting your ass spanked? What a fucking dirty, pathetic, sloppy whore.” All of Oikawa’s degrading words were punctuated with a slap harsher than the last.

“How am I going to punish you?” As Oikawa stroked Iwaizumi’s throbbing ass, he looked at the camera. “1,000 and I’ll fuck his throat raw, 5,000 and I’ll bend him like a straw, 10,000 and I’ll leave him here, vibrator shoved in him and make him cum till he’s dry.”

Though 10,000 was a lot to ask for, it was met within minutes.

Oikawa was amazed by the audience’s desperation to see Iwaizumi in such a vulnerable position. If he wasn’t wearing a mask, everyone would be able to see his teasing and condescending smirk.

Iwaizumi had his eyes closed, letting Oikawa move him around until he was bent over the bed, legs spread as wide as they could and his sweater riding up his ass. Oikawa briefly admired the handprints on Iwaizumi’s ass before reaching for the vibrator.

He slipped it into Iwaizumi with ease, ignoring his loud whine and grabbing the remote. He didn’t ease up or wait. Oikawa turned the vibrator to the max, set it down on the floor, and positioned himself at Iwaizumi’s side, stroking his cock

Iwaizumi was screaming in pleasure, tears covering his face as his eyes rolled back and crossed. He was rutting against the edge of the mattress, barely getting any friction due to the angle.

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! I’sh sho good! I - I’m your slut! I’m your dirty slut!”

Oikawa groaned loudly, stroking his cock quickly before squeezing the base to keep from cumming. Iwaizumi continued to ramble, words slurring together as he drooled and cried and clenched around the toy.

He was cumming in quick succession, the countless orgasms painful but so pleasurable. His knees were limp, the only thing keeping him from sliding off the bed being how high he was on the bed.

“Daddyyy! So good! So good!” He was crying his eyes out, mask slipping down from how wet his face was. He’d cum so many times, floor covered in his cum. Oikawa was doing a damn good job of restricting his orgasms, doing his best to keep his dom personality.


Iwaizumi came, but nothing came out. He was shaking violently, still cumming but once again, nothing coming out. Oikawa came hard at the realization. Iwaizumi sobbed softly into the sheets, holding them in a death grip as he shook.

Oikawa briefly kissed Iwaizumi’s neck before picking up the camera. “That’s it for a while, lovelies, I think my good slut deserves a break.”

He didn’t wait for the arguments or whines. Oikawa turned the camera off, carefully placing it on the bed before taking the vibrator out as carefully as he could. Iwaizumi whined at the pull on his rim.

“Are you okay, baby? I didn’t go too far?”

“Nu-uh,” Iwaizumi mumbled, “it was so good, Tooru.”

Oikawa hummed, glad that he didn’t hurt his baby.

Chapter Text

“Iwa-chan, can you help me with the net.”

“No,” Iwaizumi’s response is swift with no hesitation.

Kindaichi and Kunimi stare, shocked. What shocks them, even more, is Oikawa’s reaction; no whining, no squawking, just a simple stare with raised eyebrows and an impatient glaze.

“Seriously?” Oikawa’s tone was low. “Seriously?” He repeated with a challenging tone.

Iwaizumi looked at Oikawa. “Do it yourself.” Then he walked away, leaving two shocked first years and an annoyed captain.


Yahaba and Watari shared amused and knowing looks. Kyoutani is between them, mouth hanging slightly in shock with his eyes focused on Iwaizumi and Oikawa. The couple is on the other side of the net, Iwaizumi standing just barely on his toes while whispering something in Oikawa’s ear; the setter’s eye is twitching, neck and ears pink, but Iwaizumi is smirking, lips brushing the shell of Oikawa’s ear.

“What - what is he doing?” Kyoutani asked, voice softer than usual. “He knows we’re right here, right?”

Yahaba snorted. “Oh, yeah, he knows .”

Iwaizumi’s smirk grew, arms wrapping around Oikawa so he could rest his hands on Oikawa’s pecs, drawing teasing circles. Oikawa pushes his tongue into his cheek and glares at Iwaizumi over his shoulder. Kyoutani chokes as he watches the upperclassman he respected for being serious and stoic, pinch Oikawa’s nipples, all while Yahaba and Watari nudge each other behind him.


“Iwa-chan, eat.”



“Nah, I’m good.”

Hajime .”

Matsukawa and Hanamaki ate their food, completely unphased with the strange behavior; Iwaizumi had his face propped on his hand, staring up at Oikawa with a smile and half-lidded eyes, all while Oikawa was glaring intensely.

“Maybe you should eat, he bought you the food,” Matsukawa unhelpfully added. He felt Hanamaki grip his thigh and glanced at his boyfriend, whose lips were stitched up in a smirk. Matsukawa reflected before continuing, “you’re kinda being a brat.”

Iwaizumi and Oikawa both reacted to the word. Iwaizumi sent the couple in front of them a wink, and Oikawa shoved his chopsticks into his food. He stared at Iwaizumi, clearly annoyed with his behavior.


His tone was cold, low, and the other third years genuinely flinched. Iwaizumi, on the other hand, tilted his head back. Shamelessly, he purred, “Make me~”

Oikawa pinched the bridge of his nose. “Maybe I will.”



And then they turned to sit properly, Iwaizumi smirking and Oikawa frowning. Their amusement full-filled, Matsukawa and Hanamaki relished the silence and ate their food. They knew what was gonna happen to their vice-captain the second the two got home.


The door slammed behind Oikawa. He grabbed Iwaizumi by the chin, forcing his head all the way back so their height difference was horribly noticeable. Oikawa held the sides of his mouth, trying to push them open with his fingers.

“Open, you brat.”

Iwaizumi somehow managed to shake his head, “Mhm.”

“Open. Your. Mouth.”

No longer being able to keep this facade, Iwaizumi opened his mouth wide. Oikawa smirked. “That’s my baby girl,” he said teasingly before spitting into Iwaizumi’s mouth. “Don’t swallow.”

Iwaizumi obeyed, keeping his mouth open and tongue extended so Oikawa could see. Humming in approval, Oikawa pressed his thumb against Iwaizumi’s tongue, collecting his saliva on his thumb, then spread it all over Iwaizumi’s lips, leaving them shiny.

Whimpering at the action, Iwaizumi tried to lean into Oikawa but was quickly pushed harshly onto the bed. Bouncing on the mattress, Iwaizumi leaned back to watch Oikawa walk towards the closet.

Oikawa pulled out folded clothes, setting them on the wardrobe next to the bathroom. He leaned against the wall with an expectant look. Iwaizumi understood it instantly and ran into the bathroom, but not before snatching the clothes.


Oikawa was sitting on the end of the bed, shirt and pants removed to leave him in his tight, black briefs, the front darker from the precum collecting at his tip. The door opened and Oikawa laughed breathlessly.

“Look at you, Princess, so pretty.”

The baby blue skirt barely reached Iwaizumi’s mid-thigh, springing back into place whenever the shorter male tried pulling it down, and the large pink hoodie exposed Iwaizumi’s tan shoulders, the sleeves covering his hands.

“Daddy, this is embarrassing,” Iwaizumi whined, slowly walking to stand in front of Oikawa with a pout. 

Oikawa simply hummed, hand moving underneath the skirt to squeeze Iwaizumi’s bare ass because, in Oikawa’s words, “Underwear ruins the aesthetic!”

Iwaizumi covered his mouth with the long sleeves, whimpering at the way Oikawa pinched and pulled at his skin, his fingertips ghosting over his hard cock. Finally, after leaving a myriad of tiny dark purple marks, Oikawa gripped Iwaizumi’s erection. He moved his hand at a steady pace, using his other hand to pull Iwaizumi into his lap, using the raven’s new height to suck and bite his neck.

Back arching, Iwaizumi panted like a dog. “Daddy,” he whined, hips bucking, but Oikawa pulled his hand away so he was thrusting into nothing, “Daddy, please.” Iwaizumi’s tone was akin to something Oikawa used when Iwaizumi didn’t give him what he wanted: whiny, would be annoying to anyone but each other, and all around, the sound of a little bitch.

“Do you really think you deserve more than I’m giving you, Baby girl? After the way you acted today?” Oikawa laughed, effortlessly picking Iwaizumi up and throwing him onto the pillows; there was a large abundance of them, all comfortable and squishy to the touch because Oikawa, despite his dominant personality, didn’t want to hurt Iwaizumi. 

Oikawa held Iwaizumi’s chin tightly between his fingers. He scowled and held eye contact with his boyfriend. “You’ll settle for what I give you, it’s the least you can do after today, you brat .”

The way he spat the word made Iwaizumi moan softly and unwillingly try to find friction. Oikawa used his other hand to push Iwaizumi down by the stomach, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to get the message of, “If you move, I won’t fuck you,” across.

Pouting once again, Iwaizumi wrapped his arms around Oikawa’s neck and pulled him close. “Will you kiss me, Daddy?”

Cold expression dropping, Oikawa nuzzled Iwaizumi’s nose. “Of course, Princess.” Iwaizumi made a delighted hum before meeting Oikawa’s lips in a needy kiss. Oikawa moved the hand on Iwaizumi’s stomach up to his clothed nipples, which were poking subtly through the thick material of the hoodie.

Iwaizumi pulled away with a pop, thin lines of drool dripping from his mouth. Oikawa wiped it away, wiping it over Iwaizumi’s lips as he did before. His lips were shiny, plump, and red from the biting.

Oikawa dropped his head, holding the sides of Iwaizumi’s neck so he could focus on the middle of his neck (aka: the most sensitive part).

“Mm, Daddy~” Iwaizumi moaned. He moved his hands down to the band of Oikawa’s pants, dragging his nails up to his shoulders. Oikawa hissed against Iwaizumi’s neck when he felt the scratches settle in.

“You know that hurts, Baby girl,” Oikawa mumbled, leaving one last hickey on the base of Iwaizumi's neck before moving all the down to his thighs, “and you know how the team stares in the locker room. I don’t think they’ve wrapped their minds around the fact that the ace of Seijoh is such a bratty bottom.”

Iwaizumi nibbled his bottom lip. He didn’t want to say it.

Fortunately - or unfortunately considering what perspective you have - Oikawa got the unspoken message quickly. He smiled wide and devious, licking his unnaturally sharp canines. 

“Is that what you want? You want everyone’s eyes on us as they try to understand that I’m in charge? You love the attention that much, Princess? How much of an attention whore can you be?”

Iwaizumi covered his mouth and whined. He moved his hips down in an attempt to get closer to Oikawa but was instantly stopped by a hard slap to his thigh. Iwaizumi yelped, jerking back but arching his back and moaning lightly.

“Princess, hold up your skirt.”

“Can’t you do it yourself?” If Iwaizumi had it in a different tone, the question would be completely in character for him. He was staring at Oikawa with the smallest, but still noticeable, pout.

Oikawa raised an eyebrow. “Maybe I should get rid of those pillows; they’re affecting you.”

Iwaizumi snuggled into the pillows in response. The couple stared at each other for a few seconds until Iwaizumi realized he wasn’t winning this argument. He grabbed the end of the skirt, holding it up to show Oikawa his red and leaking cock, along with his hole that was clenching around a vibrator.

Oikawa made a surprised hum. He pushed against the vibe, listening to Iwaizumi’s shaky moan. “So this is why you were desperate, you stuffed yourself full before I could even get my hands on you.”

When Iwaizumi opened his mouth to moan, Oikawa seized the opportunity to once again spit in his mouth. Iwaizumi whimpered but swallowed obediently. “I’m sorry, Daddy,” he said, clearly not sorry.

“You’re a terrible liar.”

“What’re you gonna do about it?”

Oikawa swung Iwaizumi’s legs over his shoulders, lifting himself so Iwaizumi was practically hanging off of him, shoulders and head on the bed, his skirt completely down and hoodie riding up.

Iwaizumi made a surprised noise that swiftly turned into a moan when Oikawa wrapped his lips around his tip. Oikawa sucked, running his tongue around the tip and swallowing every few minutes to swallow Iwaizumi’s precum.

The shorter one had a hand over his mouth to cover his loud and high-pitched moans because even though he knew Oikawa loved hearing him, Iwaizumi wasn’t yet willing to give Oikawa everything he wanted.

Oikawa, noticing this, pulled off Iwaizumi’s cock. “Princess, if you don’t start listening, I’ll leave you right here to satisfy yourself. Is that what you want?”


“Then drop your fucking hands, and let me hear you.”

Iwaizumi sent down his hands, choosing to busy them by gripping the sheets. Oikawa hummed approvingly as he licked from Iwaizumi’s base to his tip. He barely touched the slit with his tongue before pulling away to kitten lick the shaft.

Whining, Iwaizumi pouted. “Don’t tease.”

“Such a hypocrite, Princess,” Oikawa said calmly. He held eye contact with Iwaizumi as he took the shorter’s cock into his mouth. He only broke their gaze when the cock in his mouth touched the back of his throat, and Oikawa had to close his eyes to keep from gagging.

Iwaizumi had always been the better one at oral, but Oikawa would be damned if he couldn’t give his boyfriend at least a half-decent blowjob. Even if he was being a fucking brat.

“Ah - ah, Daddy, it - it feels good~” Iwaizumi moaned, back arching from the overwhelming pleasure from Oikawa’s mouth and the vibrator that was still stirring up Iwaizumi’s insides. His hips were moving to meet Oikawa’s mouth, slick sounds accompanying the symphony of Iwaizumi’s moans and the quiet vibrations. “To - Tooru, I - I’m gonna cu - “

Then everything stopped.

Iwaizumi was flat on his back, head slightly hanging off the bed, vibrator buzzing on the floor as it rolled around uselessly, and Oikawa was straddling Iwaizumi’s knees, far, far away from his weeping cock.

“Wha - what?” Iwaizumi blinked weakly, shivering from the sudden strip of pleasure. “N - no, Daddy, I was - I was so close!”


Iwaizumi somehow managed to sit up on his weak knees. He moved closer to Oikawa, pushing the taller male flush against the wall, and ran his fingers down the setter’s shoulders to his still clothed hips. Even if Oikawa had been doing a good job of holding back, he was still painfully hard, dick straining against his stained briefs.

Looking up at Oikawa through his eyelashes, Iwaizumi moved down so he was staring at Oikawa’s erection. “If I make Daddy feel good, can I cum?”

Carding his hands through Iwaizumi’s hair, Oikawa laughed. “So now that you can’t cum- that’s when you wanna start listening to me?”

Iwaizumi stayed quiet. He could recognize a trap when it was presented to him.

“Open your mouth, Baby girl, I’m gonna fuck your mouth.”

They could do this all night; Iwaizumi could continue to ignore Oikawa’s orders and keep getting teased and taunted all while Oikawa’s patience withered into nothing. They’d done it before - hold it out for hours until both of them were too pent up and edged to even care about who the “loser” was.

But they were both so hard. Iwaizumi’s thighs were already shaking with the need for release, and even if he was pulling it off well, Oikawa was in legitimate pain from his cock being restrained by his underwear for so long.

So, Iwaizumi relaxed his jaw, let his tongue fall out, and looked up at Oikawa with an expectant look. Oikawa sighed happily.

“Thank you, Princess.”

Oikawa pulled his briefs far enough so his cock - angry red and straining and wet - could spring free, the tip briefly running along Iwaizumi’s limp tongue. Oikawa whimpered softly at the quick contact.

Oikawa grabbed his cock by the base and set the tip onto Iwaizumi’s tongue. Iwaizumi adjusted on his knees while Oikawa held his chin tightly in place. Then he snapped his hips forward, driving his cock straight down Iwaizumi’s throat.

The shorter moaned loud around the length, eyes rolling back as Oikawa picked up a harsh pace. The brunette's head was thrown back, mouth open as he groaned loudly. One of his hands moved into Iwaizumi’s hair and pulled him forward, pressing his face into his pelvis.

“Holy shit, Princess, you’re so fucking hot, so wet around me, fuck. Holy fuck, you’re amazing, the best, so fucking good,” Oikawa rambled, thrusts getting sloppier but staying just as harsh. Iwaizumi’s nails dug into the sheets. 

He wanted to touch himself so fucking badly.

“Finger yourself, Baby,” Oikawa groaned as if reading Iwaizumi’s mind, “fucking hell, I wanna watch you fuck yourself, Princess.”

Instantly, Iwaizumi slid two fingers into himself with much resistance. Iwaziumi moaned, moving back and forth on his fingers to meet all of Oikawa’s brutal thrusts.

“Now you’re behaving,” Oikawa groaned, dropping his head to see Iwaizumi’s puffy, shiny red lips wrapped around his cock. “Gave me such a fucking hard time today, Princess, such a fucking brat. Are you gonna act like that tomorrow, or are you gonna be a good baby for Daddy?”

Iwaizumi whined when Oikawa pushed his head away. His throat was throbbing from the abuse, but he shamelessly moaned, “I’ll be good, Daddy, I promise.”

Oikawa groaned, grabbing his cock and stroking himself at the same pace Iwaizumi was fingering himself. Oikawa’s hips moved so he was now fucking his fist, eyes held on Iwaizumi’s face; eyes rolled back to stare up at Oikawa, mouth open and spit rolling down his face.

“Fu - fuck!”

Oikawa groaned loudly, holding Iwaizumi by the hair to keep his face still as Oikawa covered his face in cum. Iwaizumi kept his mouth open, swallowing whatever landed in his mouth when he was sure Oikawa was spent.

Sluggishly, Oikawa moved his arm over Iwaizumi, sliding his middle finger to join Iwaizumi’s two. The reaction was instantaneous and Iwaizumi moaned silently as he came all over his skirt and bedsheets.

As Iwaizumi fell forward onto the bed, Oikawa stood up to start a shower.


“Shittykawa, will you quit flirting and practice?!”

“Iwa-chan, so mean!”

Matsukawa blinked. “Ah, they’re back.”

“That they are,” Hanamaki said blandly.

“They’re so obvious,” Yahaba sighed, shaking his head with Watari like a disappointed parent. “Disgusting.”

Kyoutani watched Iwaizumi carefully. The shorter of the couple was dragging Oikawa away from his fangirls, face contorted in anger as he scolded his boyfriend. 

Kindaichi and Kunimi exchanged confused looks.

“I’m still confused.”

Matsukawa slapped his underclassmen’s backs. “We’ll tell you when you’re older.”

Chapter Text

“I ran into our neighbor again,” Iwaizumi mentioned offhandedly, walking out onto the balcony to bring Oikawa a drink. He scrunched his nose up at the smell of smoke and waved his hand. “Tooru, what have we talked about with smoking?”

Oikawa made his wrist limp so the cigarette hung loosely over the railing. He stared at Iwaizumi for a couple of seconds before blowing the smoke into his fiance’s face. He was promptly hit on top of the head.

“Just because you don’t have to worry about it running your performance doesn’t mean you should do it!” Iwaizumi snapped at the recently retired athlete. “Do you want your lungs to collapse before we can get married?!”

“That won’t happen,” Oikawa responded. He’d only recently started smoking so it hadn’t taken much effect, but Iwaizumi - being the well-educated medic he was - spent a good time of his day telling Oikawa about all the dangers of smoking. 

“You know it turns you on,” Oikawa teased one night. They’d just finished a hard round of sex, Iwaizumi tucked under the pillow while Oikawa sat close to the window, hand turned out the window to keep the smoke out.

Iwaizumi grumbled something. Not confirmation, but certainly not the opposite

Burning the cigarette out, Oikawa dropped it into the ashtray. “What were you saying about our neighbor?”

“We ran into each other at the convenience store,” Iwaizumi said, pulling up a chair for him and Oikawa to sit in, shoulders and thighs pressed close together as Oikawa rested his chin on Iwaizumi’s head. “She gave me some mochi.”

Annoyed, Oikawa hummed.

He didn’t like their across-the-street neighbor much. She was nice, yes, and always willing to help Oikawa out when he carried too many groceries or was having trouble with his knee, but the brunette couldn’t ignore the way she shamelessly eyed his fiance.

She looked at him with something more than adoration and tenderness - lust . And it never failed to make Oikawa angry.

“What flavor?”

“Green tea.”

“You like that one.”

“I do.”

“Only green tea? No strawberry flavor?” Oikawa’s favorite flavor.

Iwaizumi lifted his hand to play with Oikawa’s hair. “No, just green tea.”

Once again, Oikawa hummed, annoyed. He knew their neighbor knew both their favorite mochi flavors - something randomly said when the couple saw her at the restaurant they frequented.

“She’s kinda handsy,” Oikawa finally broke the ice. “Don’t you think?”

Iwaizumi shrugged. “I guess? I’ve noticed that she likes grabbing my arm, but I don’t mind.”

‘You should,’ Oikawa bitterly thought.

As Iwaizumi started talking about his day, Oikawa looked across the street. He wasn’t too surprised to see her looking at them, eyes screwed in envy. Oikawa smirked to himself. He cut Iwaizumi’s sentence off by kissing him harshly, knocking the two back, and using Iwaizumi’s gasp to shove his tongue between his fiance’s lips.

“Mmm!” Iwaizumi groaned, cupping Oikawa’s face and holding his lower back. “Tooru,” he panted when the taller pulled away, his lips shiny and red, even from a kiss. “What was that for?”

“Just felt like it,” Oikawa sighed. He kissed Iwaizumi’s cheek before looking back at the balcony across the street. No sign of their lovely neighbor. “Wanna go inside? Eat some of that mochi?”

Iwaizumi frowned. “You hate green tea flavor.”

“I’ll stomach it; free food always tastes better.”


That night, Oikawa stepped out of the bedroom onto the balcony. He ruffled Iwaizumi’s hair before grabbing his lighter and a pack of cigarettes. Oikawa sighed when his bare skin met the chilly night air. His chest and abs were littered in hickeys and bites, all from Iwaizumi, who was currently scrolling through his phone to work out details with his team.

“You can only have one!” Iwaizumi called when he heard Oikawa flick his lighter. “One!” He yelled again after ten seconds of lack of confirmation from Oikawa.

“Loud and clear, baby,” Oikawa tiredly responded.

He scratched his calf with his foot, leaning against the railing. He hissed slightly, his back still warm and stinging from the scratches Iwaizumi had left. Oikawa basked in the faint sound of cars driving by, groups of friends or couples walking down below, and the wind.

Oikawa opened his eyes. He looked slightly down to see their neighbor, once again. She was sitting on a small bench, wearing nothing but black lingerie and a thin robe. Oikawa noticed how she glanced every couple of seconds up at him.

He squeezed the cigarette when he realized she was looking for Iwaizumi.

“Hajime,” Oikawa called, “come out here.”

Iwaizumi looked at Oikawa, confused for a second, but ultimately stood up from the bed, pulling on some sweatpants before joining him out onto the balcony. “What’s up?”

Oikawa responded by shoving his cigarette into the ashtray then pushing Iwaizumi against the wall, holding him by the jaw, and kissing him exactly the same way he did that afternoon.

Iwaizumi hummed, instantly grabbing Oikawa by the hips and pressing him flush against him. Oikawa groaned in approval as he dropped his free hand into Iwaizumi’s pants. He wrapped his long fingers around Iwaizumi’s semi-hard cock.

“Ah, Tooru,” Iwaizumi gasped, dropping his head down into Oikawa’s neck. “Someone - someone will see.”

“That’s the point, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi made a confused sound, but he wasn’t stopping Oikawa, so the brunette quickened his pace. He closed his eyes to bask in the wet squelching from Iwaizumi’s dripping cock, and the light moans and gasps the shorter was making.

Once he opened his eyes, Oikawa looked across. Their neighbor was staring, jaw slightly dropped and eyes wide. It was a ridiculous reaction - Oikawa and Iwaizumi didn’t try to hide their engagement; bragged about it, actually.

It encouraged Oikawa. He pulled his hand out of Iwaizumi’s pants. He turned the shorter around and pressed him against the railing. Iwaizumi gasped when Oikawa rubbed his hard-on against the cleft of his ass.

“T - Tooru,” Iwaizumi gasped, “what - what’re you doing?”

Oikawa leaned in. His voice was husky, lips brushing against Iwaizumi’s ear, and said, “I’m gonna make you scream so the entire neighborhood knows who you belong to.” Iwaizumi shuttered, back arching and knuckles turning white from how hard he was gripping the railing. “Does that sound good, baby?”

“Mhm!” Iwaizumi nodded his head quickly, pushing his hips back.

“Lemma grab the lube, don’t move.”

Before leaving, Oikawa smacked Iwaizumi’s ass, earning a loud and long moan in return. It took a short thirty seconds to grab the lube, and an extra ten to kick off his boxers and join Iwaizumi onto the balcony.

Oikawa set the lube down on the ground so he could strip Iwaizumi of his pants, his cock instantly shooting up to stand proud; hard and leaking. Oikawa pressed his front against Iwaizumi’s back, long fingers wrapping around Iwaizumi’s cock to stroke him slowly.

As Iwaizumi moaned, hips moving back to grind his hole against Oikawa’s length, Oikawa looked up to stare their neighbor right in the eye. Her jaw was officially on the ground, hands holding her chest like an old woman getting her pearls stolen, and her eyes were focused on Iwaizumi’s cock.

Smirking, Oikawa nipped at Iwaizumi’s ear. “You know, Hajime, you’d expect someone of your . . . physique, let’s say, would have a more impressive dick.” Iwaizumi let out a frustrated grunt, raising one of his hands to weakly smack at Oikawa. The last thing he needed right now was his fiance making fun of the length of his cock; while jerking him off on their very public balcony, might I add. “Good thing you have me and aren’t out there disappointing men and women alike.”

“If you don’t shut the fuck up and get inside me, I’ll lock you out.”

“Since when couldn’t you handle some teasing?”

“Since you had me bend over the railing of our balcony for the public eye to see. Now cut the shit and fuck me.”

Sighing lovingly, Oikawa released Iwaizumi’s cock so he could pick the lube up, squirting it onto his hand then spreading it over his own long and curved cock. Dropping the bottle carelessly, Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi’s hips and sank into him with half-hard thrusts.

“Ah, shit, Tooru!” Iwaizumi called, throwing his head back against Oikawa’s shoulder. Oikawa sucked his neck, leaving a mark that was sure to stay for a while, and would be hard to cover up. “F-faster, fuck me faster.”

Always one happy to oblige, Oikawa picked up the pace of his thrusts, pulling Iwaizumi back to meet him. The sound of Oikawa’s hips slapping against Iwaizumi’s ass was almost as loud as Iwaizumi’s moans. Oikawa was groaning loudly, but not nearly as loud as Iwaizumi, who had lost any remaining shame so he could beg Tooru to go faster, harder, deeper.

“Who do you belong to?” Oikawa asked, covering Hajime’s eyes and tilting his head all the way back. Oikawa caught his neighbor’s eyes once again, and this time she was rubbing her thighs together, watching them with slight shame, but mostly fascination. “Hajime, who do you belong to?”

“You! You, Tooru! I - I’ll always belong to you!” Iwaizumi cried, throat going sore from all the screaming and moaning he’d been doing. “F-fuck me so good, so deep! Your cock is so long, so good!” Iwaizumi babbled, hips barely keeping up with Oikawa’s pace.

“That’s right, baby, all mine, no one else!” Oikawa made sure to emphasize that statement. “So tight around me, Hajime, god, I’m gonna cum. Can I cum inside? Paint your insides with my cum?”

“Yes! Yes! Cum inside me! Please, Tooru!”

Oikawa threw his head back, groan echoing as he came inside his fiance. Iwaizumi moaned, knees buckling before giving out completely as he came. Hard .

The couple breathed heavily as they stumbled back inside. Iwaizumi fell onto the bed, panting into the pillow as Oikawa picked up the lube, his lighter, and the box of cigarettes.

As he stood up, Oikawa once again looked at the neighbor. He smirked - cocky and confident - and flipped her off.

Chapter Text

Iwaizumi chuckled at the shatter of glass, stepping back to make sure none of the shards cut him. Kyoutani stared at the busted car with a disinterested gaze, the cigarette between his lips dripping ash. Matsukawa was at the end of the alleyway on the look-out.

“Hey, ‘Zumi, your boy-toy is here!”

Clicking his tongue, Iwaizumi tossed his bat against the wall and jogged to join Matsukawa. He turned his head to see Oikawa walking towards them, Iwaizumi’s laptop tucked underneath his arm.

He was dressed in cuffed, light blue jeans, a tattered Godzilla t-shirt that was 100% Iwaizumi’s, and a black and white checkered flannel. His rounded glasses sat at the edge of his nose and his freckles were highlighted by the slight sunburn thanks to the summer sun.

“He’s not my boy-toy,” Iwaizumi snapped, shoving Matsukawa’s face, “he’s just some nerd fixing my laptop.”

That, of course, wasn’t true. Yes, Oikawa was a nerd, and he was fixing Iwaizumi’s laptop, but he certainly was just that. Oikawa wasn’t Iwaizumi’s boyfriend, but they were a lot more than friends because friends don’t give each other handjobs and blowjobs every weekend after tutoring sessions.

His friends didn’t know that. Iwaizumi would rather jump in front of a moving car than tell his hard-as-stone delinquent friends that he spent his weekends with a nerd’s dick down his throat.

“Iwa,” Oikawa greeted when he reached the leather-clad teens, “here you go.” He held the laptop out for Iwaizumi; it had a new shine to it, obviously, Oikawa had taken the liberty of not only fixing the bugs but also shining it up, and for that, Iwaizumi was thankful.

Oikawa’s eyes shot up to Matsukawa’s face. “Hello, Matsun.”

“‘Sup?” Matsukawa responded.

Kyoutani approached the trio. He had three fresh cigarettes in his palm along with a lighter. Matsukawa and Iwaizumi accepted two, leaving a third extended for Oikawa. “Want one?” Kyoutani offered despite knowing Oikawa would decline.

“Uh, no thank you.”

Kyoutani shrugged, tucking the rejected cigarette into his pocket for later. Iwaizumi, sensing the upcoming awkwardness, placed his hand on Oikawa’s back and pushed him forward. “Let’s get outta here.”

“What’re you two leaving for?” Matsukawa chuckled, eyebrows raised. “If you keep vanishing like this, people are gonna think you’re dating.

“Haha, very funny,” Iwaizumi weakly snapped, face slightly pink, “he’s gonna get jumped if I don’t walk him home.” It was the truth, though Iwaizumi was excluding the fact that he was going to be staying at Oikawa’s house for the next couple of hours.

Kyoutani took a drag of his cigarette. “Have fun,” he deadpanned.


The second Oikawa shut his bedroom door, Iwaizumi’s lips were on his. Oikawa moaned when Iwaizumi opened his lips with his tongue. The taller of the two gripped Iwaizumi’s shoulders as he walked them to the bed. They fell onto the unmade bed, Iwaizumi on top with his knee between Oikawa’s legs.

“Fuck, you taste so good,” Iwaizumi groaned, pulling Oikawa’s lip between his teeth. “Missed you, baby, been avoiding me?” Iwaizumi teased as he pushed Oikawa’s flannel off and tucked his hand under his shirt.

Oikawa groaned. “Aren’t you the one who told me to keep our interactions limited?” He bucked his hips up, rubbing their growing erections together. They both groaned at the contact and instantly rolled their hips for more. “Fuck - just following your instructions.”

Iwaizumi felt kinda bad. While Oikawa never asked for them to date, and he seemed more than happy with their undefined relationship, the brunette was a little annoyed with Iwaizumi’s hesitance to speak to him in public.

He never understood the whole reputation thing. 

“Yeah, yeah, whatever; take your pants off.”

Oikawa chuckled, sitting up to pull his - Iwaizumi’s - shirt off, then kicked off his pants. Iwaizumi stood up from the bed, shucking off his leather jacket then pulling his shirt over his head.

He caught the way Oikawa licked his lips as he stared at Iwaizumi’s body. He couldn’t blame him, he was ripped. Though Oikawa wasn’t too bad himself. Though not as muscular, he was toned and could hold his own.

Oikawa suddenly sat up completely. “Have a condom?”

Iwaizumi didn’t bother to keep his eyes from widening. They’d never gone farther than face-fucking, and Iwaizumi had assumed Oikawa would never ask for anything more. Not that he was complaining.

“Uh, no, not one me at the moment.”

Oikawa hummed. “Bottom drawer.” He nodded at his bedside table before getting comfortable on the bed, sitting against the headboard. Iwaizumi walked slowly and pulled the drawer open.

A box of condoms and a bottle of lube.

Iwaizumi picked up the box and instantly knew that - “These aren’t going to fit me.”

“Obviously they’re not for you.”

This time, Iwaizumi’s jaw dropped. “You - you want to top? Me?”

“Something wrong with that?”

“I mean - it’s just - you . . . you kinda seem like - “

Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi by the face, pulling him slightly up so he was leaning on the side of the bed. The brunette bit his lip harshly, drawing blood, then licked the scarlet away when it started dripping off his chin.

“I’ve never bottomed, and I don’t plan on ever doing so.”

Iwaizumi’s throat clamped. “You’re not a virgin?”

Hitting their foreheads together - weak enough that it didn’t hurt - Oikawa grumbled, “Listen, either shut the fuck up and let me fuck you, or suck me off till you can’t even talk. Your choice.”

Iwaizumi was . . . conflicted. On one hand, he’d never bottomed either. Every time, he’d been the one doing the fucking, and he enjoyed doing so. On the other hand, this darker - more dominant - side of Oikawa was doing some things to him.

“I . . . can I ride you at least?”

Oikawa smirked, licking from Iwaizumi’s blood-stained lips down to his neck. “If that’s what it takes to get my cock inside of you, absolutely.”

Iwaizumi clambered onto the bed. He’d never taken his pants off faster, and it was a little embarrassing how hard he already was. Oikawa didn’t say anything about it. Instead, he grabbed Iwaizumi by the thighs and helped him comfortably straddle him.

They made out in familiarity. It was a practiced exchange, lips moving quickly together, teeth nipping and tongues clashing. Oikawa had one hand on Iwaizumi’s shoulder while the other crept down his body, groping his muscles and pinching the softer spots.

Iwaizumi’s soft pants turned into gravily groans when Oikawa’s hand moved into his briefs, gripping one of his asscheeks. The tips of his fingers dipped between, and Iwaizumi had never been more thankful that he wasn’t a disgusting pig and cleaned himself properly.

“You’ve never touched down here?” Oikawa asked, voice unusually deep, and Iwaizumi shuddered at the tone.

“Uh, well, I - when - when I was starting to figure out if I was gay . . . a couple of times, but not in a while.” In any other circumstances - if Iwaizumi wasn’t straddling Oikawa, body already sweaty and hot - he would die before he admitted something so embarrassing.

Oikawa hummed, letting go of Iwaizumi’s shoulder so he could pick up the bottle of lube. “Want me to do it?”

“Yes . . . please.”

They resumed kissing, Iwaizumi pinching and scratching Oikawa’s chest to leave some marks. Oikawa squirted lube onto his fingers, pulling down Hajime’s briefs to his thighs to leave him exposed.

Iwaizumi broke the kiss to let out a stuttered breath when Oikawa used one hand to spread him, and the other to poke at his hole. It was definitely weird and new, but it wasn’t disgusting. It was pleasurable, actually, and that feeling only got better when Oikawa pushed a finger in, pushing it into the first knuckle before curling.

Oikawa caught his lips to swallow down Iwaizumi’s groans. He slowly fucked Iwaizumi with his finger, adding a second after a few minutes. Iwaizumi held onto Oikawa’s thighs as his groans turned completely into moans.

“A - another,” Iwaizumi gasped, hips involuntarily moving back to meet Oikawa’s fingers. Oikawa complied, pushing a third finger inside with only a little resistance. It burned, but only a bit and the slight pain only added to the pleasure. “Shit, Oikawa, that feels . . . it feels good.”

“I know,” Oikawa chuckled confidently. “Think you’re ready?”

Iwaizumi nodded, desperate for something more than fingers, though Oikawa’s long and slender fingers were doing wonders to his body. He bit hard into his lip to kill his whine when Oikawa pulled his fingers out.

They fumbled around for the condom for a few seconds before finding it tucked under Oikawa’s thigh. Iwaizumi ripped it open, blindly reaching for Oikawa’s cock from behind. Once he found it, Iwaizumi awkwardly rolled the condom down, but Oikawa didn’t comment on it.

Oikawa seemed to decide to take over because he waved Iwaizumi’s hands away and took the lube to slick up his cock. Iwaizumi lifted his hips, covering his face with his hand, eyes trained on the way Oikawa lined his cock up with Iwaizumi’s entrance.

Then, he used one hand to grip Iwaizumi’s hips, and slowly pushed him down onto his length. The stretch was nothing comparable to Oikawa’s fingers, and it was painful before it was pleasurable, but Iwaizumi powered through it and was rewarded with one of the best feelings he’d ever felt in his entire life when Oikawa was buried balls deep inside him.

“Good?” Oikawa rasped.

“Ye - yes, so good.”

Iwaizumi wondered why he’d never given bottoming a try before.

“Move your hips, Hajime; you wanted to ride me, right?”

Inhaling slowly, Iwaizumi lifted his hips. He used Oikawa’s thick and sturdy thighs for support as he raised himself. Then, he slammed down. Oikawa threw his head back, hitting it against the headboard, and moaned loudly.

Iwaizumi quickly set a fast pace, bouncing on Oikawa’s cock so hard the bed was squeaking. It was amazing, the feelings of Oikawa filing him with every drop, the clenching of his walls around the long cock, and the loud noises Oikawa made.

“Fuck, I’m never topping again,” Iwaizumi moaned, leaning forward a bit to drive Oikawa deeper. His low moans to high and long with the change, Oikawa’s cock down hitting his prostate with every drop of his hips. “It feels so good, Tooru.”

“I know. Keep going - fuck, just like that - keep bouncing. You feel so good around me, sucking me in.”

Oikawa pulled Iwaizumi in for a bruising kiss. As their tongues clashed, Iwaizumi moved as fast as he could in search of the impending orgasm. He could tell by the way Oikawa’s thighs were tensing that he was also close.

It didn’t take much more, only a few more harsh bounces, and Iwaizumi was cumming, covering his and Oikawa’s chests in his cum, and Oikawa was spilling into the condom with a long, throaty moan.

Iwaizumi rolled off of Oikawa when he pulled out, draping his arm over his eyes as the brunette tied the condom and dropped it into the trash can. Iwaizumi felt the bed spring up when Oikawa got off and listened to the padding of feet until a cold bottle pressed against his hot face.


Oikawa hummed then crawled onto the bed, turning so his face was resting against Iwaizumi’s side. “You gonna stay for a bit?”

“Yeah.” Iwaizumi smacked his lips. “Give me an hour and we can do that again.”

Even with his eyes concealed, Iwaizumi could see Oikawa’s smirk. “Take all the time you need.”

Chapter Text

“The lengths you go to support your boyfriend is amazing,” Kuroo deadpanned, throwing his leg over his thigh as he slouched into his seat. “You know I’m only here for the drinks, right?”

Oikawa laughed. “Of course I know that; you don’t get much enjoyment out of strip clubs, Tetsu-chan.”

Kuroo nodded in agreement as he reached for the fruity red drink on the table between Oikawa and him. The strip club was filled with pink lights, men and women alike dressed in skimpy outfits serving drinks and food, and people of various drunkenness surrounding the stage with a shiny pole in the center.

Oikawa's been inside the strip club a handful of times. Enough that a good portion of the wait-staff recognized him, along with the reason he was sitting so close to the stage with a decently sized stack of cash.

He was there to support his boyfriend Iwaizumi.

Oikawa wasn’t the slightest bit angry when Iwaizumi started working at the strip club, which was a surprise considering how jealous he got when people flirted with his boyfriend; the difference was that Oikawa was 100% sure he was the only one who could get away with touching Iwaizumi.

Iwaizumi had always used pole dancing as a way to maintain upper body strength other than weight-lifting, and he preferred it as a way to use his flexibility. He only started working as a stripper because of how much money it could get him. It also helped in the confidence factor, which greatly bled into the bedroom.

Oikawa’s fond memories of Iwaizumi tying him to the headboard and giving him a grueling rimjob were interrupted by the lights dimming just a bit and a song with a sensual beat started up.

Recognizing his boyfriend’s preference of song, Oikawa scooted up closer with a smirk.

Then Iwaizumi strutted out in knee-high, seven-inch black dagger heels, black lace panties, and a pastel pink and black corset. His face was covered in makeup; purposefully smeared black lipstick and ruined mascara, but sharp and well-done eyeliner and glittery eyeshadow.

The room was instantly filled with cheers and hollers, people already tossing money onto the stage from just the look Iwaizumi was sporting. The cheering only got louder as Iwaizumi grabbed the pole, one hand above his other as he teasingly popped his ass out, shaking it slightly before jumping onto the pole and spinning around.

Oikawa laughed slightly, throwing a couple of dollars onto the stage. Kuroo said something along the lines of, “You guys basically share a bank account, you’re gonna get that back.” Oikawa ignored him, throwing a few more just to be smart.

Iwaizumi stopped spinning on the pole, stopping in the middle of it before dropping down onto his knees with the beat-drop. His legs were spread, hands above his head to grip the pole as he bounced to the beat. Oikawa’s mind was briefly filled with memories of Iwaizumi riding his cock for hours, ruining all of his orgasms until he was sobbing, begging for release.

Licking his lips, Oikawa leaned forward a bit, setting his chin on his palm.

Done bouncing, Iwaizumi crawled along the stage. When he reached the end, he swung to sit on his ass, supporting himself on his hands as he extended a foot, teasing a random man in front of him. He pulled his foot back before the man could make a grab for him, standing up and strutting away.

Oikawa loudly whistled a tune far different from the wolf whistles of others, and Iwaizumi instantly snapped his head to look over. His smirk grew when he recognized Oikawa in the crowd. He returned to his knees, once again crawling to the end of the stage to meet Oikawa.

The two got extremely close, lips nearly brushing. Then Iwaizumi grabbed Oikawa’s shoulders and pushed himself up so Oikawa was staring at his boyfriend’s crotch. He rolled his hips and Oikawa’s smirk turned wild at the special treatment.

Then Iwaizumi was back at the pole. Oikawa leaned back into his chair as he watched. He caught a couple of jealous glares from fellow regulars who still couldn’t accept he was the one who Iwaizumi went home with two-three times a week.


Iwaizumi danced around for three more songs before vanishing behind the stage, an impressive stack of money bundled up in his hands. He skipped past his co-workers. He safely secured his money then walked into the pit. He spotted his boyfriend swiftly, as he moved into the back once new dancers moved to the stage. Kuroo was long gone, no doubt tipsy enough to bombard his boyfriend Yaku with annoying voice mails.

Ignoring other people’s advances, Iwaizumi moved behind Oikawa and wrapped his arms around the brunet. Oikawa quickly turned his head to peck Iwaizumi’s lips. “Hey, baby.”

“Hi. Did you enjoy the show?”

“I always do, but look what you did to me.”

Oikawa shamelessly spread his legs for Iwaizumi. The shorter licked his lips at the sight of Oikawa’s hard cock, straining against his pants.

He reached down and fondled Oikawa, relishing in the sharp inhale from his boyfriend. He pressed the heel of his palm into the erection, smirk growing at the way it twitched.

“Mm, Hajime,” Oikawa groaned loud enough for the neighboring tables to hear. Iwaizumi didn’t mind, he was every bit an exhibitionist as Oikawa was. Iwaizumi walked around Oikawa before plopping himself into his lap. He ran his hands up Oikawa’s sturdy chest, briefly pausing to give his plump pecs a squeeze.

They ground their hips together, groaning at the contact. The couple could feel eyes on them but it fueled them on. Just as Iwaizumi was about to strip Oikawa of his shirt, a co-worker cleared their throat, glaring at the two.

Iwaizumi pouted while Oikawa smiled sheepishly. She wordlessly pointed towards the private rooms before walking off to get back to work.


Laughing, Iwaizumi pulled Oikawa into the private room, pulling the curtain back before pushing Oikawa into one of the black chairs for lap dances.

Oikawa smirked, getting comfortable as Iwaizumi turned on a song. 

Then it started: Iwaizumi faced his back towards Oikawa as he swayed his hips, running his hands from his ass to his hair. He pulled it in the same way Oikawa did when he was in a more dominant mood.

Then, he turned around, walking towards Oikawa with swaying hips. Oikawa watched as Iwaizumi circled around him, fingers teasingly brushing his shoulders. Once he was completely behind Oikawa, he snapped his hands down Oikawa’s arms, gripping his wrists and digging his nails into the skin.

After repeating the motion a couple of times, Iwaizumi moved to Oikawa’s side. He snapped his leg up, setting his heel onto Oikawa’s knee. Oikawa took the chance to grab his thighs. Then, in a fluid motion, Iwaizumi dropped onto Oikawa’s lap.

He finished up with Oikawa’s shirt, throwing the article behind the two and scraping down the setter’s chest. Oikawa hissed at the burn, watching as the red marks settled into his pale skin. He shot a glare up at his smirking boyfriend.

“These’ll show for days.”

Iwaizumi nipped Oikawa’s jaw. “Good,” he whispered before harshly rolling his hips. Oikawa’s hands dropped to hold Iwaizumi by the ass, squeezing the muscle as he helped Iwaizumi move against him. “I want your fans to see them when you wipe your face off with your shirt.”

“And you say I’m the possessive one.”

Iwaizumi hummed and got off Oikawa’s lap so he could spin around on his heels. He bent down, shaking his ass. “Didn’t you break a guy’s nose because he held my waist?”

As a response, Oikawa slapped Iwaizumi’s ass.

The dancer moaned. He hooked his pinkies into his panties, slipping them down at a pace to keep up with the song, which had changed to a slower song. Once the panties were completely off, Iwaizumi threw them over his shoulder so they would land on Oikawa’s face.

The brunet chuckled, pulling them down and slipping them into his pocket. He reached out to spread Iwaizumi open, licking his lips at the sight of the clenching hole. The thighs directly under his ass were still covered in hickeys that Oikawa left from last night, and a spike of arousal hit Oikawa when he realized the audience could see them.

“Want me to eat you out, baby?”

“Hm, good idea, but I wanna give you a show, Daddy.”

Oikawa slapped his ass once again, a handprint already forming. “Then give me a show, baby boy.”

Iwaizumi dropped down onto his knees, the exact same move he did against the pole. The difference this time was that Iwaizumi’s hands were on Oikawa’s inner thighs, fingertips teasingly brushing against his dick.

He gyrated his hips to the beat, throwing his head back between Oikawa’s legs. He licked his lips slowly before grinding down against the floor. There was a small pause in the song, and Iwaizumi abused it to whisper, “Daddy.”

Oikawa groaned, grabbing Iwaizumi by the hair to keep him in place for a couple of seconds. He released his boyfriend so he could stand up again. He walked around Oikawa once again. “Are you enjoying this?”

Oikawa rolled his head back. “Of course, baby.”

Iwaizumi returned to Oikawa’s front. He wrapped his arms to the elbow around Oikawa’s neck, bending almost in half, then started rolling his body, the cleft of his ass rubbing against Oikawa’s lower half with every movement.

As Iwaizumi continued, Oikawa pulled a packet of lube from his pocket. He ripped it open with his teeth - making sure to keep eye contact with Iwaizumi, of course - then let the cold liquid dribble down onto his waiting fingers.

“Bend over.”

Iwaizumi instantly dropped forward, his flexibility making the action look like child’s play. Oikawa teased Iwaizumi’s hole for a few seconds before slipping his finger inside, instantly feeling the warm walls clenching around his finger.

The couple groaned, Iwaizumi expertly moving his hips back with the beat. Oikawa, after sliding a second finger in, let Iwaizumi grind back against his fingers, spreading him open whenever he took Oikawa’s fingers all the way to the base.

Once spread out enough, Iwaizumi crawled away, briefly rolling down against the floor before turning around, spreading his legs for Oikawa to see his ready hole. Oikawa’s pants were already off, long and leaking cock free. Iwaizumi licked two of his fingers and dragged them down his body.

His eyes fluttered as he slipped them inside.

“Get over here, baby,” Oikawa whispered, patience finally gone.

Iwaizumi crawled forward.

Once between Oikawa’s legs, the brunet hauled him up, situating them comfortably before pressing his cockhead against Iwaizumi’s hole, the greedy thing already trying to suck him in.

“Ride me, Hajime.”

Happily, Iwaizumi slammed down, shamelessly screaming at the burning stretch and the instant deepness. Oikawa harshly bucked up before catching himself. He relaxed a bit, rubbing Iwaizumi’s ass as the shorter bounced on his cock.

If it wasn’t for the music and the distant sound of the club, then everyone would be listening to the couple’s loud moans and curses, as well as the squelching sounds of Oikawa’s cock burying completely into Iwaizumi with every drop of his hips.

“God, you’re so sexy, baby. All those people are so fucking jealous that I get to touch you like this. Only me, right, Hajime?”

“Ah, yes, of course, only you, Tooru.” Iwaizumi’s back arched like a bow, rhythm turning sloppy before his thighs tensed and quaked. Thick ropes of cum covered his corset as well as Oikawa’s chest, and within five violent bounces, Oikawa was cumming, filling Iwaizumi.

The couple huffed, Oikawa pulling them close together, cum rubbing together with every heavy breath. Iwaizumi threw his hands into Oikawa’s hair and gripped it tight while the taller massaged Iwaizumi’s back muscles.

“Never do that for anyone else, baby.”

Iwaizumi laughed weakly. He sucked hard on Oikawa’s neck, leaving a dark bruise that he wouldn’t be able to hide even if he pulled out a scarf. “You already know I’ll never consider it.”

Chapter Text

“Iwaizumi-sensei, may I get some help?” Oikawa called from the back of the class, hand raised in the air and lips upturned in a smirk.

Iwaizumi swallowed thickly before walking down the rows of student-filled desks to the very back of the room where Oikawa sat. Iwaizumi stood at the side of the desk, leaning down to take a look at the unfinished math equation on Oikawa’s paper.

All thoughts of explaining the word halted when he felt a hand groping at his cock.

He would’ve freaked out, been downright disgusted if it wasn’t for the fact that this was a completely normal occurrence. Nearly every day, Oikawa would find some way to get Iwaizumi in the back of the classroom, then he would grope the teacher, whether it be his cock or ass.

You didn’t need to give Iwaizumi a lecture on morals for him to know being sexually active with his student was a no-no, but he was already too deep in the drug that was Oikawa Tooru to back out now. Besides, Oikawa was eighteen when they started fucking around, and he would be nineteen this July.

Iwaizumi licked his lips, trying to get through explaining the equation - which Oikawa obviously knew because he was Iwaizumi’s best student - as Oikawa’s subtle groping turned into full-on fondling.

Never more thankful for his choice of loose pants, Iwaizumi walked back to his desk, praying to all Gods above that Oikawa was his only student who knew how hard he was. A quick scan over the class gave no signs that it was the opposite, so Iwaizumi relaxed just a bit.

He went back to grading some papers, and he was five minutes in when his phone buzzed quietly. Iwaizumi didn’t have a strict phone policy for his classroom, so he didn’t feel like much of a hypocrite when he grabbed his phone to check his messages.

He regretted choosing to answer a text over grading papers.

Tooru: Touch yourself

Iwaizumi shot an incredulous look at Oikawa. He made eye contact with his student who raised his eyebrows expectantly. Iwaizumi looked back down at his phone when Oikawa started typing away on his own.

Tooru: Don’t make me repeat myself. Wouldn’t want me to turn the vibe on, right?

Iwaizumi shifted in his seat. The vibrator Oikawa had put in him before class started had moved deeper inside him with every bit of movement, and it was God’s grace that Oikawa chose not to turn it on; Iwaizumi wasn’t sure he’d be able to keep his sounds at bay.

Still . . . touching himself in a classroom full of students, students who could easily catch him in the act, it was a lot scarier than simply accepting some vibrations. If push came to shove, Iwaizumi would make up some lie about feeling sick before excusing himself to the bathroom.

Sure, taking the vibrator out without Oikawa’s permission would end with his face in the mattress and ass leaking cum, but at least he wouldn’t end up unemployed.

Accepting fate, Iwaizumi put his phone back and went back to grading papers.

As he expected, the vibrations started. Even though he predicted it, Iwaizumi straightened his back, grip on his pen tightening as he tried to focus on his work. Once again, Iwaizumi’s lax phone policy came in handy, because not a single student wasn’t wearing some form of headphones.

Well, everyone but Oikawa, who was leaning back in his chair with a shit-eating grin. One of his hands was casually on his desk, but the other was underneath. Iwaizumi’s eyes moved down and he stared at Oikawa’s moving hand. He was stroking his cock through his boxers, the button of his uniform pants open.

Swallowing once again, Iwaizumi tried to focus on his work. He was doing a fairly good job until Oikawa upped the vibrator, and Iwaizumi had to cough to push down the needy moans that threatened to spill out.

A few students shot him concerned looks before looking back down at their work, or their phones that they failed to conceal. If Iwaizumi didn’t have an active vibrator in his ass, he’d call those particular students out.

Instead, he loosened his tie, grabbing his water bottle and chugging it until only an inch of water was left. He set the bottle down, sighing when Oikawa lowered the vibrations. He gave his student a thankful look and a soft smile. It was the easiest way to get Oikawa to be softer with him, and it never failed.

The softness didn’t last forever, though, and by the time class would be ending in ten minutes, Oikawa went from zero to one hundred.

Iwaizumi shoved the heel of his palm into his mouth, biting down so hard the skin nearly broke. His face turned hot, knee jerking up to nearly hit his desk. He concealed his loud groan with a cough once again.

“Sensei, are you okay?” A student asked, concerned.

“For the most part, yes,” Iwaizumi croaked, “just a little under the weather.”

Oikawa licked his lips before covering his mouth with his hand. Once he composed himself, the little devil said in fake concern, “Maybe you should see the nurse, wouldn’t want to spread it.”

Holding back from glaring at Oikawa, Iwaizumi nodded. “I’ll do that. There are only a few minutes of class left, so I’ll trust all of you enough to not call a teacher in to watch you. Igarashi, you’re in charge.”

The student looked a little surprised to be told that. Usually, Oikawa would be the one left in charge due to him being the best, the most well-behaved kid in class. Yeah, nothing could be less true.

Iwaizumi briskly walked out of the classroom, but not before catching Oikawa's lust-filled gaze.


The Nurse’s office was empty when Iwaizumi walked in, which, what are the chances?

He walked around before deciding to sit down on one of the beds that were concealed with a curtain, typically used for students with more contagious illnesses before their parents arrived.

Iwaizumi waited only a few minutes before the curtain was pulled back and Oikawa was pushing him onto the bed, quickly straddling his teacher’s thighs. Iwaizumi basked in the sight, the shitty lights giving Oikawa a heavenly glow.

The thought didn’t last long thanks to Oikawa smirking meanly. “Should I take you right here, Iwaizumi-sensei~?” He said his name in a high-pitched tone, mimicking the way countless female students called him, “Fuck you hard enough that we nearly get caught?”

The idea of it made Iwaizumi groan quietly. Even though they both knew they’d never risk getting caught, it was a nice fantasy. Iwaizumi had countlessly imagined Oikawa sucking him off under his desk, or his student taking to the bathroom, pressing him against the stall door as he fucked him mercilessly.

Iwaizumi shivered, and he realized that while he was deep in fantasy, Oikawa had stripped both of them of their shirts, and was in the process of palming Iwaizumi’s cock while sucking on his collarbones.

Panting softly, Iwaizumi held Oikawa’s head by his unfairly soft hair.

“Tooru, feels good.”

“Of course it does. Something as simple as groping makes you leak through your briefs. Can’t believe I ended up with such a slutty teacher.” It took everything in Iwaizumi to not moan loudly at the degrading words. “Like that, baby? Like me telling you how much of a slut you are?”

Whimpering through his teeth, Iwaizumi nodded, thrusting up into Oikawa’s hand. His whimper turned louder when Oikawa pulled his hand away, leaving him to buck into the air.

“Turn around, I’m gonna mount you.”

Not wanting to be edged or denied an orgasm, Iwaizumi kicked off his pants, briefs, shoes, and socks in record time before turning around, pressing his face into the bed while bending his back so his ass was high in the air.

Oikawa held the end of the long but skinny vibrator, circling it around for a couple of seconds before thrusting it in and out of Iwaizumi’s clenching hole. The rim was shiny with lube, his hole just waiting to be filled by Oikawa’s cock.

Humming, Oikawa pulled the vibrator out, tucking it into the pocket of his pants that he shimmed down to his thighs. His cock sprung free, the head running from Iwaizumi’s balls to his hole. Iwaizumi moaned at the unintentional teasing movement.

“Spread,” Oikawa commanded, and Iwaizumi grabbed his ass and spread himself. Oikawa once again hummed in approval, leading the head of his cock to Iwaizumi’s waiting hole. “Now keep quiet.”

Oikawa thrust in, hard, and instantly started fucking Iwaizumi at a quick pace. They both knew this had to be fast, that they’d have to cum much quicker than they liked, and that they would have to keep quiet.

To cover all the bases, Oikawa covered Iwaizumi’s mouth with his hand. Iwaizumi panted heavily into the soft hand. He was moving backward into all of Oikawa’s thrusts, the slapping of skin-on-skin absolutely obscene.

Iwaizumi’s moans would barely be concealed as he felt himself being pulled up to the edge. “Tooru, Tooru,” he panted, attempting to find any kind of grip on the leather bed beneath him, “you’re so big, so good.”

Oikawa laughed through his nose, and he was about to make a comment when the door opened. All movement between the two ceased, Iwaizumi’s eyes growing wide with fear while Oikawa’s narrowed with annoyance.

They listened to the clicking of the Nurse’s heels, the sound of her sitting down in her chair and starting to type away on her computer.

Iwaizumi was about to pull away from Oikawa to try to formulate a plan for how they could get out without being suspicious. Of course, Oikawa had other ideas, and he ground his hips down, pushing himself deeper into Iwaizumi at a pace that could only be described as torturous.

Oikawa waited until the Nurse’s phone rang loudly with a call to whisper, “Keep quiet, baby, we wouldn’t want people knowing how much of a slut you are for your student’s cock, would we?” Iwaizumi shook his head, biting down on Oikawa’s fingers so he wouldn’t cry out.

Thanks to the change in pace, it took a lot longer for the two to cum, and it was harder to not moan loudly when Iwaizumi’s ass was filled with Oikawa’s cum. The teacher pressed his face into the bed, trying to ease his breathing, while Oikawa ducked down to grab something from his pocket.

Iwaizumi’s back suddenly arched. Oikawa slid the plug into him carefully, making sure not a single drop of his semen left his teacher. He admired his work, pulling out his phone to capture the picture of his teacher, legs spread and on his knees, looking over at Oikawa with half-lidded eyes.


A few turns and hallways away from the Nurse’s office - in the science hallway - Matsukawa gripped Hanamaki’s hair to make him stop. Hanamaki hummed, annoyed at having to stop, and glared up at Matsukawa.

The lazy-looking science teacher looked over at the clock.

“Think they’re at it?”

Hanamaki pulled off, shiny lips pulled into a frown. “Really? I’m down here giving you a blowjob and you’re thinking about Iwaizumi-sensei getting his back blown out.”

Matsukawa shrugged, not looking as he pushed his student’s head now. “It was just a passing thought.”

Instead of making a sarcastic quip, Hanamaki opened his mouth and resumed.

Chapter Text

Oikawa was slightly taken aback when he found out about Iwaizumi’s admirers, but not surprised. Oikawa might’ve been considered the pretty one of the relationship, but when Iwaizumi walked into the room, everyone gave him attention. How could they not? He wasn’t the tallest, but he was broad with fantastic arms and large hands, and he was a solid 10/10. Even better, he was a respectful gentleman who listened when you talked, covered the corner of the table when you bent over to pick something and complemented people no matter the gender.

In short, Iwaizumi was a fine example of a man, and Oikawa couldn’t blame a group of girls for noticing.

He didn’t mind it when they cheered for Iwaizumi at every game, he didn’t mind when they put small notes or gifts in his locker, he didn’t even mind when they would take him away from Oikawa for a couple of minutes to confess their undying love.

Because Iwaizumi always came back to Oikawa. It didn’t matter how loud they cheered, how nice their notes and gifts were, or how heartfelt their confession was because Oikawa was the one who could hold Iwaizumi close, the one who got to kiss him whenever he wanted, the one who buried his face in the sheets while reducing the ace to mush.

So that’s why it was pissing Oikawa off when nearly every day, Iwaizumi’s time would be wasted by an annoyingly persistent first year.

Originally, Oikawa didn’t mind her, seeing as she was simply another girl in the crowd, but then she was holding long conversations when Iwaizumi was eating with Oikawa, then she was making him lunches, then she was leaving embarrassingly romantic letters in his locker. 

And bless Iwaizumi’s heart; he rejected her nicely, but he talked with her, thanked her for the lunches, and read her letters every time, and when she got a hold of his number, he texted her back, though he tried to keep the conversation as dry as possible.

“You should block her,” Oikawa suggested, arms wrapped around Iwaizumi’s waist and head buried in his side as he watched the girl quadruple text Iwaizumi in thirty seconds. “She’s annoying.”

“This coming from the same guy who flirts with all his fangirls?” There was no malice in Iwaizumi’s tone; he knew that Oikawa wasn’t flirting, simply being nice to the people who gave him attention. It was sweet, and Iwaizumi was comfortable in their relationship. Iwaizumi smiled softly as he pushed back Oikawa’s bangs so he could kiss his forehead. “You know I love you, babe, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Oikawa pouted. “Yeah, but she still annoys me.”

“Tooru, I’m an eighteen-year-old gay male who has loved you since elementary school, and she’s a first-year with some puppy love.”

“Hmmm, dunno if I’m convinced.”

Iwaizumi sighed, rolling over so he was straddling Oikawa’s stomach. “If I suck your dick, will you stop being so annoying?”

“Can I fuck your mouth?”


Oikawa fumbled to pop the button of his jeans, ignoring Iwaizumi’s chuckling.

Iwaizumi’s back was pressed against the wall, hands tightly on Oikawa’s thighs as the taller male attacked his mouth, biting and sucking his bottom lip. Iwaizumi whined when Oikawa rolled his hips, hands moving from his shoulders down to the front of his shirt, pinching his nipples. Iwaizumi whined again, hips shooting up, slightly pushing Oikawa up from the strength his body possessed.

Oikawa was positive that if he wasn’t so dominant - and Iwaizumi wasn’t so submissive - he’d love to be manhandled, and Iwaizumi could do so effortlessly. It was a nice thought to entertain, but neither could forget the disaster that was Iwaizumi’s attempt to top.

“Tooru,” Iwaizumi gasped, “t-touch me, please.”

Just as Oikawa started to slip his hand down Iwaizumi’s shorts, his phone buzzed three times in a row.

Both teens froze, Oikawa’s right eye twitching in annoyance while Iwaizumi nervously bit his lip.

Steadily, he picked up his phone, chuckling awkwardly when he turned it on.

“Is that - “


“What does she want?” Oikawa pulled his hand out of Iwaizumi’s shorts, not missing the small whimper from his boyfriend.

Iwaizumi turned his screen towards Oikawa.

Yua Takahashi (Class 1-B):

Hi, Iwaizumi-san!

How’re you?

I was thinking we could get some lunch today!

Oikawa laughed emotionlessly. “Is she serious?”

“Tooru -”

“Like, seriously? Who does she think she is? How many times have you rejected her in the last week ? You should stop eating those lunches, just throw them away, and rip up her letters the second you find them.”

“That’s mean, Tooru.”

Oikawa growled. “Do I look like I give a fuck?”

Iwaizumi, sensing Oikawa’s growing anger, tossed his phone aside so he could place attempted-distracting kisses on his clenched jaw. “Calm down, baby, just ignore her.” He grabbed Oikawa’s tense wrist and tried to lead his hand towards his half-hard cock.

Oikawa let Iwaizumi force his fingers into the waistband of his shorts. He ground his teeth as he tried to keep his veins from popping. As he continued to seeth, an idea suddenly came to mind.

“Princess,” Oikawa whispered, turning his head so Iwaizumi’s lips kissed the corner of his mouth. “Let me record you.”

Oikawa didn’t need to elaborate on his idea any further. Iwaizumi tensed slightly, hand gripping Oikawa’s wrist tightening. Oikawa was prepared to apologize for making his boyfriend uncomfortable, but he was stopped by Iwaizumi whimpering:

God, yes .” 

Quickly, Oikawa moved Iwaizumi onto the pillows, stripping him down to his boxers while remaining clothed. On instinct, Iwaizumi raised his hands above his head, and Oikawa sighed.

“Not this time, Princess.” Oikawa pecked the small pout off of Iwaizumi’s lips before leaning back so he could pick up Iwaizumi’s phone, using his thumb to unlock it and switching from his messaging app to his camera. “I don’t want that girl seeing more than she needs to.”

Iwaizumi fumbled with his phone thanks to his shaking hands but managed to hold it semi-straight in one hand, the second squeezed one of the many pillows he was lying on.

After adjusting some more things, Oikawa framed Iwaizumi’s hips with his knees. He played with Iwaizumi’s hair. “Comfortable?”

“Mhm.” Iwaizumi moved his hips up, sighing happily when his erection rubbed against Oikawa’s thigh. “Daddy, please.”

Oikawa kissed Iwaizumi’s forehead. “Soon, Princess, be patient.” The brunet snatched the bottle of lube from between the bed and the table. He shook it to make sure it wasn’t empty - which has happened quite a couple of times. “You’re sure you’re okay with this?”

“Yes, I promise.”

Oikawa pecked Iwaizumi’s lips one last time before scooting down so he could hold up one of his tan legs, sucking and biting his thick thigh. He heard the subtle ring of a video starting and glanced up to stare at the camera.

Sucking dark bruises to Iwaizumi’s skin, Oikawa used his free hand to palm Iwaizumi’s erection, pulling a high-pitched whimper from the man behind the camera.

After a couple more minutes of sucking and biting, Iwaizumi’s thighs were covered in dark hickeys and bite marks. The ace was panting heavily and he was bucking his hips until into nothing.

“Da-daddy,” he whined, “I-I want it.”

Oikawa smirked against Iwaizumi’s abdomen. He looked up to hold eye contact with the camera. “What do you want, Baby girl?”

“M-my cock. Pl-please suck it.”

“Do you deserve it?”

“Yes!” Iwaizumi whined. “Daddy, daddy,” he was begging.

Oikawa hummed in thought. “How about this; if I suck you off, I get to fuck your face. Isn’t that a good compromise, Princess?”

It wasn’t important for the camera to capture Iwaizumi’s quick nod because his pathetic ‘Mhm!’ did all the work.

In one quick movement, Oikawa removed Iwaizumi’s boxers, licking his lips at the small and leaking cock. It was extremely red, shining with precum, and when Oikawa leaned down to place a small kiss on the head, Iwaizumi bucked up, forcing the red tip between Oikawa’s lips.

Oikawa quickly pulled back. He glared not at the camera but at Iwaizumi, who was folding in on himself. “Give the camera - on your knees, and I want that pretty ass up for me.”

Iwaizumi fumbled but quickly got the camera in Oikawa’s hands. He flipped over before it could focus, remembering what Oikawa had said when the setter asked him to do the recording.

Face buried in the pillow, Iwaizumi blushed red when he felt Oikawa spread his hole open, no doubt showing the camera his insides. Despite his embarrassment, Iwaizumi clenched down, arousal outweighing any shame.

“Five slaps, Baby girl.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Iwaizumi got no time to prepare before a hand slapped his ass, the sound filling the room. “One!”

Oikawa slapped two times, his open palm the first time followed by an aggressive backhand. “Two! Three!”

Another one and Iwaizumi’s face was covered in tears and drool. “Four!”

The final slap was the harshest. It was as painful as it was pleasurable. Iwaizumi sobbed but pushed back. “Five!” A hand rubbed the burning flesh. “Daddy, will you suck my cock now? Please?”

Oikawa sighed. “Alright, Princess.”

Angling the camera down, Oikawa helped Iwaizumi turn around, returning to his original position, and handed him the camera. Iwaizumi used both hands this time so the recording was less shaky.

Oikawa lied between Iwaizumi’s spread legs. Holding eye contact with the camera, Oikawa licked up from the base to the tip, the small action making Iwaizumi’s cock twitch aggressively.

After giving the tip a couple of kitten licks, Oikawa easily took both the cock and balls into his mouth, sucking hard. Iwaizumi moaned, high and long as his thighs clenched.

“Daddy! Tooru! It-its feels good.”

Oikawa pulled off to laugh quietly. “Of course it does; pleasuring a cock as small as yours is as easy as breathing.”

Iwaizumi blushed, pouting a bit.

As a form of apology, Oikawa went back to sucking Iwaizumi off, rubbing his thighs whenever Iwaizumi held back from thrusting up. It wasn’t long before Iwaizumi was cumming. Thick ropes of cum shot down Oikawa's throat. The setter did his best to swallow it down, but a couple of drops escaped, rolling down to his chin before dripping down.

Iwaizumi struggled for breath, watching with half-lidded eyes as Oikawa pulled off his cock. The brunet smiled. He took the phone once again, pushing it down into the bed as he removed his boxers, long cock instantly shooting up to slap against his abdomen, then scooted up until his knees bracketed Iwaizumi’s shoulders.

Picking up the phone, Oikawa focused it on Iwaizumi’s face. His mouth was already wide open, tongue hanging limply down his chin. The ace stared at Oikawa.

Oikawa held his cock at the base before slapping Iwaizumi’s face with it. Iwaizumi held his tongue up to briefly get in contact with the long member. Oikawa laughed. “Suck a cock slut, Baby girl.”

Not giving Iwaizumi time to respond, Oikawa grabbed the headboard and thrust into Iwaizumi’s wet mouth. His cock hit the back of Iwaizumi’s throat before sliding down. Iwaizumi gagged weakly before breathing through his nose, curling his toes to push it down.

Instantly, Oikawa started fucking Iwaizumi’s mouth. With every thrust, the bed would creak and Iwaizumi’s body would go back and forth like a ragdoll. The recording would be a little shaky but the image of Iwaizumi getting his throat fucked raw would be clear.

“Take my cock so good, Princess. You’re such a good cocksucker, and your little ass takes me just as good. God, I love pounding you into the mattress, filling your hole with my cum until you’re leaking. Love it when it squirts out.”

Oikawa gripped the headboard tighter as he picked up the pace. Iwaizumi’s eyes rolled so far back into his head that Oikawa could barely see his irises and wide pupils. Large hands grabbed Oikawa’s hips, helping him thrust into Iwaizumi’s mouth.

“You desperate little whore. Baby girl, you just can’t get enough of my cock. Tell me how much you love Daddy’s cock.”

Oikawa pulled back just enough so Iwaizumi could respond in a hoarse voice, “I love your cock, Daddy. It fills me so nicely. I wanna feel you cumming in me. I want your load, Daddy, please give it to me.”

Groaning loudly, Oikawa harshly thrust in, instantly shooting down Iwaizumi’s throat. Weak thrusts helped Oikawa through his orgasm - which was insanely long, but not a single drop of cum left Iwaizumi’s mouth - and when he was completely spent, he pulled back slowly.

Saliva mixed with cum connected Iwaizumi’s lips to Oikawa’s softening cock.

Oikawa stroked Iwaizumi’s cheek. “Such a good baby.”

Then he stopped the recording, using one hand to caress Iwaizumi’s face and the other to send the video to Yua.

It delivered within seconds, and Oikawa blocked her number, throwing Iwaizumi’s phone behind him before scooting back so he could properly kiss his boyfriend.

The next day, there wasn’t a love letter in Iwaizumi’s locker. Lunch wasn’t interrupted, Iwaizumi wasn’t pulled out of practice for a confession, and anytime Yua was close to the couple, she would blush then run away.

Oikawa smirked every time. He wrapped an arm around Iwaizumi’s waist, kissing his temple. Iwaizumi responded to the sudden affection with a shy smile and a, “What was that for, dumbass?”

“Just wanted to show my Princess some affection.”

Iwaizumi’s pink blush turned red. “Don’t say that stuff in public!”

Chapter Text

How untalented do you have to be to fuck up that much?!” Kyoutani snapped at Yahaba, who instantly rolled up his sleeve to throw a punch. Watari instantly wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. “You wanna fight? Fine, let’s fi-”

Kyoutani stumbled as he was smacked on the back of his head. When he regained himself, Kyoutani’s snarl fell when he realized it was Iwaizumi who had smacked him.

“Go outside and do some suicides. Yahaba, you can work with me until Kyoutani’s blown off some steam.”

Kyoutani obeyed without any questions. He jogged out of the gym and Yahaba was practically bouncing at the chance to practice with the ace. Iwaizumi held his hand up as a way to tell Yahaba to hold on for a second.

“Hey, Oikawa!” The captain, who was on the other side of the court, looked up. “Can you go outside and make sure Kyoutani runs his laps?!”

“Mad Dog? Yeah, sure.”

Oikawa tossed the ball into a cart. He walked outside of the gym, leaning against the doorframe. He watched as the fake blonde ran back and forth, complying with whatever Iwaizumi wanted.

As his underclassman ran, Oikawa looked over his shoulder at his boyfriend, who was practicing with the underclassmen. Oikawa smiled softly before instantly looking over to Kyoutani.

Oikawa wasn’t a genius - he actually despised the word - but he could recognize a crush with ease. Kyoutani listens to Iwaizumi because he’s established dominance, but he’s always staring at Iwaizumi because he’s absolutely smitten with the ace.

Of course, Oikawa was annoyed, but he wasn’t jealous nor was he worried about Iwaizumi leaving him for Kyoutani. They’ve been dating since middle school, for crying out loud! They were dating through puberty - which resulted in a lot of wet dreams and eventually awkward handjobs - and they only had three serious fights to speak of.

No, Oikawa wasn’t jealous. Actually, he was curious.

He’d always been possessive of Iwaizumi. There were too many times where Oikawa would come close to beating a guy bloody for touching Iwaizumi or threatening a handful of admirers in private; there was even a time Oikawa had a serious, though not nearly as threatening, conversation with Kindaichi.

Despite his possessiveness, Oikawa couldn’t help but think about what could happen if he let his underclassman sink his nails into his boyfriend.

It was out of character.

But Oikawa is heavily considering letting Kyoutani get a round with Iwaizumi.

They’re studying at Iwaizumi’s house. Oikawa is lying down on his bed, barely putting effort into his work since he's already at the top of his classes. Iwaizumi sits at his desk. He’s chewing on the eraser of his pencil, eyes scrunched in confusion.

Oikawa’s eyes trailed down to Iwaizumi’s bare arms. They flexed with every movement. Oikawa’s mind quickly fills with fantasies of them squeezing, wrists bound as he moans as Oikawa fucks into him.

There’s a third body in the fantasy. Kyoutani has Iwaizumi in his lap, jerking the ace off as he sucks hickeys on his skin, his free hand playing with one of Iwaizumi’s nipples.

“Hey, Hajime.”


“Wanna have a three-way with Kyoutani?”

The sound of Iwaizumi’s pencil moving freezes instantly. Oikawa watches as his boyfriend processes the question. Then, in a swift movement, Iwaizumi spins his chair, grabbing a book and pointing it at Oikawa.

“Who are you and what have you done to my boyfriend?” Oikawa laughed in amusement. Iwaizumi scowled. “Where’s my boyfriend that gets pissy when someone even tries to touch me?”

Oikawa gestures for Iwaizumi to join him on the bed, which he does. He sits down to straddle Oikawa, holding himself up on Oikawa’s stomach. He’s staring at Oikawa with some concern in his eyes.

“Am-am I not satisfying you enough?”

“Impossible.” Oikawa holds Iwaizumi’s hips. “I just think it’d be fun. We don’t have to if you don’t want to, but we’d all benefit from it.”

“All of us?”

Oikawa switched them around, pressing his chin onto Iwaizumi’s chest. “I get to try to water down my possessive streak, you get to have some fun, and Kyoutani gets to fuck his crush.”

Iwaizumi furrowed his eyebrows. “I-I don’t hate the idea; actually, it sounds kind of fun…”

“But?” Oikawa prompted. He reached out for Iwaizumi’s hands, stroking his hand before bringing them to his lips to kiss his knuckles. “You tell me anything, baby.”

Iwaizumi looked away with a cute flush and tiny pout. “I don’t want him to fuck me. He can fuck my mouth or blow me, but...only you can fuck me for real”

Let’s just say Iwaizumi had to skip practice the next day.

While Iwaizumi was absent from school, Oikawa took it upon himself to get Kyoutani alone with him

They were in the darkest corner of the school - an abandoned hallway either used for a quick makeout or a smoke. Kyoutani was against the wall, staring at Oikawa with a slightly disturbed face as the setter held his arm above his head.

“You can’t lie to me, I already know the answer, alright?”

Kyoutani scoffed. “Yeah, sure, whatever.”

“Do you want to fuck Hajime?”

Kyoutani stiffened. Oikawa smirked at the reaction, and he relished the fact the blonde had nowhere to run to avoid the topic. Kyoutani looked Iwaizumi up and down. “Is this a trick? Are you gonna murder me?”

Oikawa laughed. “No. All you have to do is tell me what I already know.”

“If you already know, why are you asking me?”

“I’d prefer some confirmation before I offer a three-way.”

Kyoutani snapped his full attention to Oikawa, mouth hanging open and face flushed hot pink. “Wha-what are you - are you messing with me?”

“I see how you look at him.” Oikawa leaned forward, forcing Kyoutani to move his head back. He used his free hand to tuck his fingers underneath Kyoutani’s chin. He lifted his head. “Do me a favor, and don’t bite me.”

Oikawa ducked down, capturing Kyoutani’s lips in a kiss. The wing spiker gasped into his mouth. He reached up to hold Oikawa’s shirt, and the setter was about to move away but was surprised when Kyoutani pulled him closer.

Oikawa held Kyoutani’s hip to back him flat against the wall, moving his thigh between his legs. Kyoutani squeezed Oikawa’s neck. He moaned when Oikawa pushed his tongue between his reddening lips.

After a few minutes, Oikawa pulled away, listening to Kyoutani’s heaving breathing.

“What - what about Iwa - “

“We talked about it this morning. He knew I was going to do that.” Oikawa licked up from Kyoutani’s neck to his earlobe. He sunk his teeth into the flesh and felt the shorter bury his nails into Oikawa’s shoulder. “He wants to do this as much as I do.”

Iwaizumi sat on the edge of the bed, face a fiery red as he sat on his knees. Oikawa was behind him, kissing his neck, one hand wrapped around his throat and the other playing with the hem of his black thigh highs.

Kyoutani was staring at the two in surprise. Oikawa purposefully withheld the fact that Iwaizumi would be the bottom, and Kyoutani nearly gasped in surprise when he discovered that fact.

He was even more surprised when he saw Iwaizumi dressed in black thigh highs, a white pleated skirt, and a black bralette with a floral pattern on the curve of where breasts should’ve been.

“Join in whenever you want, Kyoutani,” Oikawa encouraged. He bit harshly on the nape of Iwaizumi’s neck, leaving a deep indent of his teeth. It would be impossible to cover up and would last for days. Maybe a week. 

Kyoutani stepped forward. Oikawa helped him remove his shirt before scooting back so he could sit on the bed. Iwaizumi stared up at him with parted lips and half-lidded eyes.

That one expression was enough to push Kyoutani to dive down and kiss Iwaizumi harshly. Iwaizumi moaned, throwing his arms around the blonde’s neck to pull him in. Oikawa kissed down Iwaizumi’s back, listening to the sounds of moaning, gasping, and tongues moving together.

“Remember the rules, Kyoutani,” Oikawa whispered when the two parted, “you get the mouth and Iwa-chan’s cock, but the fucking is all to me.”

Kyoutani grunted in confirmation. He flipped Iwaizumi’s skirt up, and Oikawa didn’t even try to hold back his amused chuckle. Kyoutani was staring at Iwaizumi’s small, leaking cock with semi-wide eyes.

“What? Expected something bigger? I’m sure everyone does.”

Iwaizumi knocked his head back into Oikawa’s shoulder with an offended whine. Oikawa kissed his temple in apology.

“Alright, Princess - “ Kyoutani raised his eyebrows at the nickname, “be a good boy and lie down, ass up.”

Kyoutani scooted back to give Iwaizumi room to do as instructed. He was flat on his stomach, cheek pressed into the sheets as he presented his ass to Oikawa. The setter hummed in approval, spreading his cheeks to see the fluttering hole.

“Want a look, Mad Dog?”

Kyoutani tried to hide his excitement as he stood up from the bed, joining Oikawa’s behind Iwaizumi, who was whining. 

The younger gulped heavily. Oikawa knew he wanted to touch, knew that he wanted to finger Iwaizumi open then fuck him, but they had an agreement to respect what Iwaizumi wanted, so he didn’t say anything.

“Let’s take these off,” Oikawa mumbled, taking hold of Kyoutani’s belt and removing it with ease. Kyoutani watched as Iwaizumi put his hands behind his back so Oikawa could bind his wrists together. “Color, Baby girl?”


“Green, what?”

“Green, D-Daddy.”

Once again, Kyoutani raised his eyebrows at the name. Just like last time, he didn’t comment on it. He stood up from the bed, kicking off his jeans before positioning himself directly in front of Iwaizumi, erection straining against his boxers.

“Go on, Princess.” Oikawa encouraged, rubbing Iwaizumi’s ass.

Iwaizumi shimmied a bit so he was up a bit more. He opened his mouth and started sucking Kyoutani through his boxers. Kyoutani’s eyes fluttered, but he refused to close them. Not with Iwaizumi staring up at him as he drenched the front of his boxers with spit.

“Take it out, Kyoutani.”

Nodding quickly, Kyoutani removed his boxers, dropping them down onto the floor.

Iwaizumi instantly whimpered while Oikawa hummed, impressed. The setter leaned forward, wrapping his long fingers around Kyoutani’s thick cock. His fingertips just barely reached around.

Kyoutani groaned as Oikawa started slowly jerking him off. “Not as long as mine,” Oikawa smirked smugly, “but definitely thicker.” Still stroking his underclassman, Oikawa looked down at Iwaizumi. “I’m sure Kyoutani wouldn’t mind a handjob if you don’t think you can take it.”

“I-I wanna try.” The desperation in his voice made a long streak of precum shoot out of Kyoutani’s cock, covering Iwaizumi’s nose. Iwaizumi licked the white liquid when it rolled down onto his lips.

Oikawa went back to his position behind Iwaizumi. He grabbed the lube along with a condom. Kyoutani stared at the large packet with a subtle XL in the corner. Oikawa ignored Kyoutani's surprise. “Condom, Princess?”

“Yes please, Daddy.”

Oikawa nodded. He set the condom aside for later and popped the lube open. As Oikawa applied a liberal amount to his fingers, he glanced up at Kyoutani. “Let him do the work for a bit. You can fuck his mouth when I’m inside him.”

Before Kyoutani could respond, lips wrapped around his head, pulling a low moan from the blonde. His head dropped down to see Iwaizumi’s plump lips stretched around his thick cock, eyebrows furrowed and tears already rolling down his face.

“If he taps your thigh, pull out.”

Kyoutani nodded. He held Iwaizumi’s hair, helping the ace bob his head to take more and more of his cock in. As he was doing that, Oikawa was prepping Iwaizumi, finger fucking him with three fingers.

Every time the brunet touched Iwaizumi’s prostate, he’d moan loudly, sending shockwaves of pleasure through his body. Kyoutani’s hips jerked forward just a bit. He looked up at Oikawa and growled, “Hurry up, I want to fuck his mouth.”

Oikawa raised a single eyebrow. “You need proper prep if you’re gonna take a cock like mine.”

Kyoutani scoffed, holding Iwaizumi’s head still so he could focus on his inappropriately timed conversation with Oikawa. “You’re just stroking your own ego. There’s no way your dick is that impressive.”

Oikawa pulled his fingers out of Iwaizumi, who made a sound of disapproval.

Sliding off the bed, Oikawa unbuckled his pants, dropping them to the floor along with his boxers. Kyoutanu’s throat went dry. He couldn’t pull his eyes away. Oikawa wasn’t thick - not nearly as much as Kyoutani was - but he was long .

“Jesus,” he finally whispered. “I-I guess I was wrong.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’d rather test your patience than hurt Hajime.” Oikawa dropped down onto the bed. He ground his cock between Iwaizumi’s cheeks and the ace resumed blowing Kyoutani. “Tell me, Kyoutani, are you a virgin.”

Groaning, Kyoutani shook his head. “Nah. Fucked a girl over the summer a couple of times.”

“That’s good. I’m barely holding back from just kicking you out; the last thing I need you Hajime punching your v-card.”

Both Kyoutani and Iwaizumi groaned at that. “Really? You wanted to do this,” Kyoutani snapped. “He’s barely taking me in and you’re already at your thread’s end?”

Oikawa’s eye twitched. He grabbed Iwaizumi by the hair, jerking his head back until he was sitting up. He was panting heavily, thick strings of saliva covering his chin, lips shiny with spit and precum.



Oikawa nuzzled Iwaizumi’s neck. Kyoutani looked away, feeling just the tiniest bit guilty to watch such an intimate moment. “You’re pretty loose, Princess. Can I fuck you now?”

“Ye-yes, Daddy!” Iwaizumi’s excitement slightly startled Kyoutani, but he recovered better than last time. Satisfied with his answer, Oikawa dropped Iwaizumi, who fell back into position like a ragdoll.

It only takes Iwaizumi staring up at Kyoutani, mouth falling open and tongue rolling out, to get Kyoutani to drive his cock into Iwaizumi’s mouth, holding his hair with both hands as he fucks his mouth.

Oikawa sinks in slow, mumbling praises and kissing Iwaizumi’s lower back to balance out Kyoutani’s aggression. When Oikawa bottomed out, he rolled his hips for a couple of minutes, then went with deep and slow thrusts, before picking up the pace.

Within fifteen minutes, Kyoutani and Oikawa were fucking Iwaizumi’s holes, loud squelching noises filling the room along with Oikawa’s long and Kyoutani’s low groaning. Iwaizumi whimpered every time Oikawa hit his prostate or Kyoutani’s cock hit the back of his throat.

“Shit,” Kyoutani snarled, “you’re such a fucking cockslut.”

Oikawa chuckled at that. “He really is, isn’t he? My obedient whore.”

Iwaizumi whimpered once again. He grabbed Kyoutani’s hips to push him forward, burying his face in his pubes. Kyoutani’s balls smacked his chin with every thrust.

“So hungry for it.” Kyoutani laughed meanly. “The ace of Seijoh, reduce to nothing but a cock-hungry skank.”

Oikawa leaned over Iwaizumi, Kyoutani doing the same thing to meet Oikawa’s lips. They both let go of Iwaizumi with one hand to hold each other - Oikawa holding his neck while Kyoutani gripped him by the hair.

Kyoutani would never say it aloud, but Oikawa was a damn good kisser. Every movement of his tongue, every nibble from his lips, every groan, made Kyoutani’s toes curl, leaving him desperate for more.

He chased Oikawa’s lips when the setter pulled away. Thankfully, Oikawa instantly came back for more. When they finished making out, they returned to position.

Kyoutani threw his head back when he saw Iwaizumi’s eyes were rolled into the back of his head. “Fucking hell, I’m gonna cum.”

Oikawa snorted. “So soon?”

“Fuck off.” Kyoutani breathlessly cursed. “God, you’re so good at this.”

“He’s even better at swallowing. Doesn’t let a single drop out.”

Kyoutani was pushed over the edge, burying his cock into Iwaizumi’s mouth, holding him by the hair as he shot cum down the ace’s throat. Oikawa picked up his thrusts, grabbing Iwaizumi’s cock to jerk him off.

By the time Kyoutani pulled his oversensitive cock out of Iwaizumi’s lips, the couple had cum, Iwaizumi falling limp the second Oikawa pulled out of him.

Oikawa pulled the condom off, tying it together and walking across the room to drop it into the wastebasket underneath Iwaizumi’s dresser. Kyoutani assumed it was used specifically for condoms seeing as there was a closer wastebasket by Iwaizumi’s desk.

Iwaizumi sluggishly sat up. He fell onto his back the second he was upwards. Oikawa laughed at it. He handed Kyoutani his ruined boxers after pulling his own on. Kyoutani nodded his thanks. He stood off of the bed so Oikawa could help Iwaizumi get dressed.

“You did amazing, baby,” Oikawa whispered. He kissed every inch of Iwaizumi. Once again, Kyoutani averted his eyes, feeling like he was imposing despite just cumming down Iwaizumi’s throat. Oikawa straightened his back. “I’ve decided-”

Iwaizumi weakly looked up at Oikawa.

“We’re never doing that again. Never gonna share you, Hajime.”

Kyoutani couldn’t be angry even if he wanted to. He expected this from Oikawa and knew it would be a one-time thing. It didn’t bother him in the slightest bit.

No matter the outcome, Kyoutani still got to see Iwaizumi’s lips around his cock, and that was good enough for him.

Chapter Text

The bed is creaking loudly. It’s hot in the room, and Iwaizumi’s body is covered in sweat. He’s squeezing Oikawa’s shoulders as he bounces on his cock. Iwaizumi’s eyes roll into the back of his head, every drop onto the long cock hitting his prostate.

“Tooru, Tooru,” Iwaizumi pants, tears streaming down his face from the overbearing pleasure. “Daddy!” He screams when Oikawa grabs his hips, brutally fucking up into him. “Daddy, harder! It’s so good! Daddy!”

Oikawa opens his mouth, lips turned into a smirk, and he says -

“She’s a Killer Queen!
Gunpowder, gelatine
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow you -”

Iwaizumi grabbed his phone violently off the charger to turn off his alarm. His face was crimson, hands shaking, and his boxers were filled with cum. He groaned, burying his face into the pillow.

These dreams were getting out of hand.

At first, when the dreams of Oikawa started a few months ago, Iwaizumi thought it was just one of those intrusive dreams - like the ones where you dream of murdering your closest friend (Iwaizumi had a dream like that a few years ago, and sometimes he’s still haunted by the image of Oikawa’s bloody body in his bathtub), or incest (thankfully, Iwaizumi’s never experienced that kind of dream). Unfortunately, by week three - dream number seven - Iwaizumi accepted two things: 1) He wanted to take Oikawa to bed, and 2) the dreams weren’t stopping anytime soon.

They started off tame; dry humping on one of their beds, a handjob every so often, even the rare blowjob. The switch flipped around dream 13. Dry humping turned into facesitting; handjobs turned into Oikawa fingering him in the locker room or the back of the bus; blowjobs turned into rimming and straight-up fucking.

Iwaizumi kicked off his boxers with a disgusted sound. He carried them to his hamper, burying the soiled boxers underneath sweaty t-shirts and dirty jeans.

He tugged off the sheets, throwing them into the corner to be washed when he got home. Iwaizumi rubbed his face, holding his hands over his hands for a couple of seconds before groaning loudly.

He grabbed his phone then walked into the bathroom, turning it to its coldest temperature to soften his hard cock.

‘I literally came in my sleep, and I’m still hard?’ Iwaizumi bitterly thought as he tried to tough it out under the freezing water. It was all worth it when his erection went down.

Iwaizumi was quick to change into his practice clothes, throwing some deodorant into his gym bag before running down the stairs. His Ma was in the kitchen, and when she noticed him, she handed him two homemade breakfast burritos wrapped up in blue cloth.

“You’re the best,” Iwaizumi smiled, letting his Ma kiss his cheek. “Is Mom still home?”

“Afraid not, sweetie. Have a nice day!”

Iwaizumi waved to his Ma. He slipped his shoes on before leaving the house. Right across the street was Oikawa. The brunet was looking at something on his phone with squinted eyes and a frown. 

Iwaizumi crossed the street, shoving the memory of his dream into the back of his mind with the others, and Oikawa noticed him quickly. His frown turned into a smile. He pocketed his phone and gasped happily when Iwaizumi handed him one of the burritos.

“Have I ever told you how much I love your Ma?”

“Too many times to count,” Iwaizumi sighed.

Oikawa’s frown suddenly appeared again. “Did you hear the news?”


“Kindaichi went out on a date with Tobio .”

Iwaizumi nearly face-planted. “What?!”

Oikawa was quick to take his phone out. He handed it to Iwaizumi to show him a picture on Kindaichi’s Instagram. It was a picture of Kageyama mid-laugh, covering his mouth with the oversized sleeve of his hoodie. The picture was clearly taken without Kageyama realizing it.

The caption read, “Okay, maybe he’s not so bad.”

Underneath was a comment from Kageyama, “I take you out for food, pay the bill, walk you home like a gentleman, and this is how you repay me?”

Iwaizumi smiled. “I didn’t know Kageyama had a sense of humor.”

Oikawa scoffed and rolled his eyes. He took his phone back before starting to rant about team loyalty and having respect for your captain. Iwaizumi zoned out. He looked down, eyes trailing up the expanse of Oikawa’s legs.

He was wearing leggings today, so every flex of glorious muscle could be seen. Iwaizumi had to bite his bottom lip when he noticed the outline of Oikawa’s dick, along with how nice the leggings made his ass look.

Iwaizumi snapped back into it when he felt his cock twitch in interest.

“H-hah, Tooru,” Iwaizumi gasped, shaking thighs supporting Iwaizumi as he bucked up into the hair. He was biting so hard into his lip to hold back mewls and whimpers. One hand was working his cock fast while the other was moving in and out of his loose hole. The copious amount of lube created an obscene wet noise. “Tooru,” Iwaizumi gasped, “f-fuck me.”

His legs gave out, plopping him back onto the bed with a loud thump. Iwaizumi stopped. He listened for any sign of one of his moms waking up. Luckily, it was 2 AM, and neither of them would wake up.

Still, Iwaizumi held back from raising off the bed, opting to spread his legs as wide as he could. The new availability to deepness pushed Iwaizumi over the edge, and he came with a choked-back moan.

Iwaizumi panted heavily, wiping his hands on the sheets. He rolled off the bed, landing on weak knees. He grabbed some tissues to clean himself off. 

Another dream had woken him up:

Oikawa was fucking him in the locker room showers, fingers buried deep into his mouth to keep him quiet while the other held his throat tightly. Eventually, Iwaizumi lost his hold on the shower wall, so he bent over, driving Oikawa’s cock deeper.

Just the memory made Iwaizumi shiver with arousal. He pushed it down, not willing to masturbate a second time so close to the first.

He crawled into bed and pulled the covers over his head. Iwaizumi forced himself to fall asleep, though he didn’t manage for another twenty minutes.

“You look horrible,” Matsukawa deadpanned.

Iwaizumi glared at his friend from where he was explaining an English problem to Watari. The team was sitting in a private room in the library, helping the underclassmen study.

“Didn’t sleep much,” Iwaizumi gritted out.

After successfully falling asleep at 2 AM, Iwaizumi woke up two hours later to another dream of Oikawa fucking his throat raw, shooting his load into Iwaizumi then forcing him to hold it in as he jerked him off.

Iwaizumi shook his head, looking down to try and remember what question he was helping Watari with.

“Don’t think too hard, Iwa-chan~,” Oikawa chimed, “you’ll hurt yourself.”

Iwaizumi blindly grabbed for a textbook then chucked it at Oikawa.

‘Can’t believe I wanna be fucked by this asshole.’

“Such a fucking slut,” Oikawa snarled into Iwaizumi’s ear. He licked some of the tears rolling down Iwaizumi’s face before biting into his neck hard enough to draw blood. “You enjoy getting all the attention? You just love it when men grab your waist?”

Iwaizumi whined, unable to speak thanks to the gag-ball in his mouth. Oikawa snickered meanly. He sat up, fucking Iwaizumi faster while spanking him like his ass was a volleyball. It hurt so much, but Iwaizumi’s cock was rock hard, and he pushed back to meet all of Oikawa’s thrusts and slaps.

“Whore. You’re a fucking whore, Hajime.” Oikawa dug his nails into Iwaizumi’s hips. “Daddy’s little whore.”

Iwaizumi woke up on his stomach, grinding down on the mattress. He wanted to stop, save himself the shame of humping the bed then cumming in his boxers again, but his cock was harder than it's ever been before. He sucked it up, moving his hips faster for better friction, and was cumming within minutes.

He hid his face in the pillow, whimpering in embarrassment at the mess he made for the fifth time in a row. Usually, the dreams were two times a week - three if they were at a training camp and Iwaizumi was forced to sleep in close proximity to Oikawa - but now they were almost every day.

Which was a problem considering Oikawa would be coming over the next day, and once Oikawa decided he would come over, there was no stopping him. Iwaizumi wondered if he could convince Oikawa to just go home, but he knew it was a battle he’d lose.

Iwaizumi kicked off his boxers, sneering at the mess, and threw them under the bed to be taken care of later. Now bare from the waist down, Iwaizumi decided to sleep on his back just in case he had another dream. The last thing he wanted to do was wash the sheets and pray to any god above that a stain didn't show.

Iwaizumi got some pity for the rest of the night.

He was still groggy when he woke up, but a cold shower and an energy drink booted him but up. He wasn’t listening too much to what Oikawa was saying and focused too much on his hands. A lot of his dreams focused on his hands. His fingers were so long, his palms calloused. They weren’t as big as Iwaizumi’s, but they were flexible.

Iwaizumi shivered at the ideas of what those fingers could do to him.

“- are you listening to me?”

Snapping his head up to look at Oikawa, Iwaizumi gulped. Oikawa was staring at him with narrowed eyes, lips slightly pursed and neck turned just slightly. Iwaizumi pulled at his shirt collar. “Sorry, I zoned out.”

Oikawa didn’t seem convinced, but he let it slide and started talking about the practice match he wanted to get with Nekoma. Iwaizumi let Oikawa get a little ahead so the brunet wouldn’t see the ace adjust his pants.

Fingers were in his mouth, wet and slippery with his saliva. A second hand is wrapped around his neck. Oikawa’s lips are brushing the nape of his neck as he fucks Iwaizumi from behind. They’re lying on their sides, one of Iwaizumi’s legs pushed forward for a comfortable angle.

“So pretty, baby,” Oikawa whispered, “my pretty baby.” He kissed from his nape to his face. He pulled his fingers away briefly so he could turn Iwaizumi’s face around and kiss him. Iwaizumi moaned against Oikawa’s soft lips.

He wanted more. Needed more.

Needed something more than the three fingers going in and out of his mouth. More than the annoyingly mediocre pace Oikawa was fucking him.

“Tooru,” Iwaizumi whimpered, “harder. Please.”

Oikawa groaned. He wrapped an arm around Iwaizumi so he could flip them over, Iwaizumi pressed directly between the mattress and Oikawa’s sweaty body. The setter had picked up pace extremely fast. The headboard slammed against the wall, the springs in his bed squeaking loud enough to match their moans.

“Fuck ‘m gonna cum,” Oikawa hissed. He grabbed the headboard and groaned. “Want me to pull - “

“No!” Iwaizumi yelped, squeezing the bed. “Inside! Cum inside! Ple-please! In - “

Iwaizumi’s eyes snapped open, face on fire and cock so hard it hurt. He was staring up at the ceiling, breathing heavily. Swallowing a thick lump in his throat, Iwaizumi turned his head to look at where Tooru slept on the spare futon. The setter was on his side, facing away from Iwaizumi, and was snoring quietly.

‘Oh, god. Think, think, fucking think!’ Iwaizumi squeezed his eyes shut, inhaling through his nose as he tried to conjure up the best boner killers in the world. Alas, not even thinking about his grandfather could get rid of his erection.

Holding back a groan, Iwaizumi turned onto his side. He rubbed his thighs together for some kind of friction. It wasn’t even close to being enough. Iwaizumi chewed hard on his lip, shamefully sliding his hand into his boxers.

The first touch on his cock made Iwaizumi’s back arch. His eyelashes fluttered as he moved his hand as quickly but quietly as possible. He was horribly aware of Oikawa sleeping at his side, and he wasn’t sure if it was embarrassing or arousing.

Quickening his pace, Iwaizumi turned his head to hide his face in his pillow. God, he needed to get this over with. He needed to stop stroking himself with the thought of his best friend. He needed to stop whispering his name as his toes curled and his abdomen clenched.

“Iwa-chan, are you jerking off?”

Iwaizumi froze mid-stroke, glazed eyes opened wide. His face was on fire both from the lasting arousal and shame, and his entire body was rigid. Maybe he could pretend to be asleep, convince Oikawa he was dreaming in the morning.

It was a shitty plan, but it was all Iwaizumi had.

His plans were thrown out the window when a sudden weight joined him on the bed. Oikawa rested his chin on Iwaizumi’s forearm, staring at his hand wrapped around his dick.

“You said my name.”

“N-no, I didn’t,” Iwaizumi lied.

Oikawa hummed. “Whatever.”

The setter turned onto his back. Iwaizumi watched over his shoulder, eyes widening once again when Oikawa pulled his pants and boxers down. His long cock was half-hard, already leaking with precum.

“What are you - “

“Don’t stop on my accord, Iwa-chan.” Oikawa chewed his lip as he slowly stroked himself. He panted slightly, head turning to look at Iwaizumi. “You could’ve just told me you like me.”

Iwaizumi blinked slowly. The situation wasn’t processing quickly, his mind clouded with arousal. 

Oikawa chuckled softly. He got the point across by working himself faster. “Hajime,” he whispered, hips instantly bucking up into his fist, “Hajime.” Oikawa closed his eyes, smirking as he panted.

Iwaizumi groaned. He turned onto his back just like Oikawa. He removed his boxers completely then started once again. Oikawa moved a little closer, pressing his face into Iwaizumi’s neck, licking the sweat forming there.

“Y-you’ve been looking at me a lot,” Oikawa whispered, nibbling down Iwaizumi’s free arm. “I-I saw you, a few hours ago, you-you adjusted your pants. What were you thinking about?”

Iwaizumi groaned as he lightly fucked his fist. “Your fingers.”

Oikawa hummed. He suddenly moved so he was above Iwaizumi. He swatted his hand away, wrapping his long fingers around both their cocks. Iwaizumi blushed at the vast difference in sizes, but he couldn’t care too much when Oikawa started jerking them off.

“Been dreaming about you,” Oikawa whispered. He bit Iwaizumi’s bottom lip and pulled it back. “Dreaming about you for ages.” Iwaizumi whimpered at the confession. Oikawa stopped moving his hand, leaving the two of them to fuck his fist.

“M-me, too,” Iwaizumi panted. He squeezed Oikawa’s shoulders before moving his nails down, finally scratching the back he’s been wanting to mark for ages. “I-I’ve been dreaming about you - hah! - a lot more than-than usual. Almost every-everyday.”

Oikawa started kissing him. It was more mouthing, but their lips touched so Iwaizumi counted it. Oikawa lifted Iwaizumi’s thighs, practically folding him half. Iwaizumi watched Oikawa rummage around. He came back with lube in hand.

“What’re you…?”

“Can I fuck your thighs?”

Iwaizumi groaned, throwing his hand back. “ Yes .”

Oikawa swiftly covered his hand in lube. He spread Iwaizumi’s legs - Iwaizumi covered his face when he felt his hole clench - and covered his inner thighs in the thick liquid. Oikawa adjusted their positions a bit before pushing his cock between Iwaizumi’s thighs.

“Comfortable?” Oikawa mumbled, biting his lip harshly as he tried to hold back for Iwaizumi’s sake. Iwaizumi nodded excitedly. Oikawa sighed happily and started fucking Iwaizumi’s thigh quickly.

“M-my moms, you dumb-dumbass!” Iwaizumi hissed loudly. He grabbed Oikawa’s hips to slow him down, though he was extremely disappointed with the change in pace. “I’m not going to last long either way.”

Oikawa nodded slowly. “Same here.”

Oikawa started up again, slower than before but enough to make Iwaizumi moan and push down into his thrusts. He held Oikawa’s hips, helping him move back and forth.

Ducking down, Oikawa bit hard into Iwaizumi’s shoulder, leaving a bloody dark. Iwaizumi yelped, cumming over his abdomen. Oikawa briefly picked up his pace so he could cum all over Iwaizumi’s stomach.

Oikawa flopped onto his side.

“Oikawa - “


“But we should - “


“We need to talk - “

Oikawa pulled Iwaizumi close. He buried his face in Iwaizumi’s hair, rubbing his back. “Tomorrow. We can talk tomorrow. Not that there’s much to talk about. I like you, everyone knows I like you.”

Iwaizumi sighed, throwing an arm around Oikawa. “I like you, too.”

Chapter Text

Five paid meals, three weeks of cleaning the gym alone, and keeping quiet for eight study sessions later, and the team agreed to Oikawa’s idea for the cultural festival.

A maid cafe.

Oikawa has suggested it for a couple of reasons: 1) The basketball team already called dibs on a butler cafe, 2) They all didn’t mind wearing skirts, and 3) they're all attractive people, they’re popular, if they do something like this, they’ll get a lot of attention, and the more attention, the more funds for the club.

It was pretty easy to decide who would be cooking. Matsukawa had two little siblings, so they were always at the stove for them, Kindaichi’s parents worked 9-5, so he cooked for his brother and him every day, and Oikawa wasn’t the best cook, but he could make bomb coffee and tea.

Halfway through preparations, the dresses came.

The boys took their dresses, walking behind separate curtains to change.

Kunimi’s dress was the longest, the black skirt reaching down to his ankles. His white socks reached to the top of his calves with frilly tops, and his buckle shoes were brown and flats. The black sleeves were puffy at the shoulders, going down to his fingers with a hole for the thumb. The neck was high, frilly as well.

The dresses for the second years were shorter, going to the knees, and were a lot more traditional; a white dress with puffy shoulder-sleeves and frilly ends, with a black overtop. An apron that wrapped around the waist, a slightly high collar, and a ribbon to match Seijoh’s colors. Their buckle shoes were black with no heel, and their socks were the same as Kunimi’s.

Iwaizumi and Hanamaki’s dresses were the shortest. A white dress with long sleeves - a black ribbon on each side tied just above their wrists - and a skirt that reached their mid-thigh, pushed out by a petticoat. The apron was a black corset combination with white frills. The collar ended just above the collarbones, and there was a window where cleavage would be. While the black buckle shoes were like the others, their socks were black thigh-highs, held by lace white garters.

“Shittykawa, why is it so short?!” Iwaizumi snapped, face aflame. Hanamaki was chill with the get-up. He was looking at himself in a nearby mirror, making faces at himself, and Matsukawa was watching, clearly having a crisis.

Oikawa, who was helping Kyoutani with the small buckle of his shoes, shrugged. “Variety is important, Iwa-chan.”

“Variety, my ass! You’re just a pervert!”

Iwaizumi kicked Oikawa’s back. He quickly dropped his leg when he realized Kyoutani could see up his skirt. Fortunately, his underclassman quickly snapped his head to look at Yahaba, who was taking pictures with Watari.

Hanamaki unhelpfully pointed out, “You can see our boxers in these.”

“I am not wearing girls’ underwear!” Iwaizumi instantly snapped. He tried to pull the skirt down, only for it to snap back into place.

Matsukawa chuckled. “Then don’t wear any underwear.”

Blushing even harder, Iwaizumi whined, “That’s even worse!”

Oikawa approached from behind. He rested his hands on Iwaizumi’s hips, ducking down slightly to whisper into his ear, “But, Princess, you already own so many kinds of panties. I’m sure you could find something.”

It’s a mystery how Iwaizumi didn’t get blood on his dress when he punched Oikawa.

Oikawa’s prediction had been correct - they were a hit.

Girls came to see Oikawa but also talk with the boys about the dresses, guys came for the food or to get a look (some to laugh, others to check them out), and student’s from other schools just wanted to see what was up.

To make sure no one got in trouble for breaking phones, Oikawa collected anything with a camera at the door. He easily convinced people with his charming smile or his threatening words.

Iwaizumi had expected to have a bad time. He thought everyone would laugh at them, that he would spend the entire time adjusting his skirt. He was proven wrong when he was constantly stopped by girls who would usually hand him love letters complimented him on his dress.

A couple of guys from different schools decided to shoot their shot. As much as Iwaizumi was flattered - seriously, he’d never been asked out more - but he was quick to tell them he had a boyfriend.

Thank god for Hanamaki and Kunimi, because if Oikawa found out that people were hitting on Iwaizumi, the brunet would never get back in the kitchen.

Even Kyoutani was having some fun. Some of Karasuno decided to drop by for a visit, and that included their pinch server with acne. Kyoutani had been subtly crushing on the first year for a while, so he was quick to call dibs on serving their table.

The wing spiker had a new pep in his step when Karasuno left, and he had a new number in his phone.

“Hey, we’ll go on break in ten minutes! Close the doors and come take these orders!” Matsukawa called from the makeshift kitchen.

Yahaba jogged over, apologizing to the people in line as he closed the classroom door. Iwaizumi turned to Hanamaki, “I’ll grab the dishes, you handle those orders.” Hanamaki gave him an okay then joined Watari, Yahaba, and Kyoutani in the back to get orders. Kunimi was still handing out his other orders.

Iwaizumi tucked his metal tray under his arm, looking around for plates to grab. As he was scanning, Iwaizumi noticed a member of the soccer team knocking over his fork.

“Let me,” Iwaizumi said. He walked over and bent over to grab the fork. Before he could even get his fingers around the utensil, however, there was a smack on Iwaizumi’s ass. He shot up instantly, discarding the fork to hold his backside. “Did you just slap my ass?” He asked, disgusted by the smirk on the other boy’s face.

“Oh, come on,” he laughed, “dressed like that, you’re practically asking for it.”

Iwaizumi opened and closed his mouth, too shocked to come up with a snarky remark. The boy took that as his sign to stand up. He grabbed Iwaizumi by the waist.

“Oi, let me - “

Iwaizumi stumbled back. He was caught by one arm and the boy fell to the ground. He held his face, which was now covered in blood. Oikawa held Iwaizumi with one arm, pulling him up so he could hold him close, and the other held a metal tray that was now dented.

The boy pulled his hand back, spitting out a tooth. “Hey! Are you crazy?!”

“Maybe,” Oikawa said coldly, “but you’re a pig, so it evens out.” Oikawa dropped the tray with a loud clatter. “Get out of here, and consider yourself lucky if I don’t kill you the second I see you.”

The boy scampered away like a rat.

It was easy to rush everyone else out after that, and Oikawa left the cleaning up to everyone else as he led Iwaizumi out of the classroom for some air. Iwaizumi followed, wrapping his arm around Oikawa, which hadn’t left his waist since he pulled him away from that asshole.

“That was my fault,” Oikawa suddenly said, “I should’ve gotten all long dresses, I’m sorry.” He pulled Iwaizumi into the small space below the stairs, resting his face on the ace’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, baby.”

Iwaizumi sighed. He hugged Oikawa around the neck. “It’s not your fault, Tooru. It’s that asshole’s fault.” Oikawa groaned, nuzzling Iwaizumi’s shoulder, unconvinced. “If it helps at all . . . I like the dress.”

Quickly, Oikawa lifted his head and stared at Iwaizumi. “”

Iwaizumi nodded, face flushed. “I mean, you know I own a lot of skirts, and I like wearing them. Besides - “ Iwaizumi smirked. He cupped Oikawa’s half-hard cock. “I like what it does to you.”

Oikawa looked down. “I-I-I - how long - when did I - have I been like this the entire time?”

“You didn’t notice?” Iwaizumi palmed Oikawa, walking them deeper into the dark until Oikawa was pressed against the wall. “You’ve been half-mast since we left the classroom. I didn’t know you had a kink for rescuing me.”

“I - no - that’s - I didn’t know I was hard.”

“Too distracted by your anger?”

Oikawa sighed. “Yeah. I was...I was so angry, baby.”

Iwaizumi dropped to his knees. He nuzzled Oikawa’s now fully erect dick. “Mhm. Everyone knows how much you hate it when people touch me.”

“No, it’s not just that.” Oikawa stroked Iwaizumi’s forehead. “Yes, I was angry because he was touching you, but it’s also because…”


“I’ve never seen you that scared of someone.”

Iwaizumi stopped his teasing. He looked up at Oikawa - he was sure that if Oikawa had his phone, and the circumstances were different, he would’ve taken a photo of Iwaizumi, eyes wide, on his knees, dressed like a maid.

“I - I looked scared?”

“Absolutely mortified.” Oikawa brought his hand to his eyes, and Iwaizumi realized he was starting to cry. He stumbled to his feet before grabbing Oikawa’s wrist. “God, you can protect yourself, and I know that, but - but when you look like that , I can’t help it.”

Iwaizumi finally managed to pry Oikawa’s hand away from his eyes. He kissed the tears away, his heart tearing at the salty taste on his tongue. “Tooru, it’s okay. If-if I saw you looking scared - because of another person, no less - I would do the exact same thing.”

Oikawa inhaled shakily. “I can’t believe you were about to give me a blowjob and I started crying.”

Iwaizumi laughed. “Didn’t realize I was that bad.”

“Shut up,” Oikawa held Iwaizumi's face and kissed him softly. “You give the best blowjobs.”

Iwaizumi snorted. “You have no one to compare it to.”


Iwaizumi laughed once more before kissing Oikawa. It was soft for a bit before getting heated, turning from soft pecks to practically mouthing at one another. Hands that were once holding his face dropped to his ass, groping it and teasing his hole over his dress and underwear.

Oikawa turned them around so Iwaizumi was the one against the wall. The setter moved down to pepper kisses on Iwaizumi’s sensitive neck. After leaving kisses and hickeys, Oikawa buried his face in the window of exposed chest. Before Iwaizumi could laugh, Oikawa pinched his nipples over the dress.

Iwaizumi slapped his hands over his mouth. His moans were muffled but still fairly loud. His nipples had always been his most sensitive part of himself. Oikawa rolled and pinched his nipples until they were hard and plump, clear bumps in the thin fabric of his dress.

Oikawa dropped down onto his knees. He lifted one of Iwaizumi’s legs, balancing his boyfriend before putting it over his shoulder. Iwaizumi used one hand to lift his skirt and the other to stroke Oikawa’s soft hair.

“Can I eat you out?”

Iwaizumi threw his head back and groaned. “ Yes .”

Oikawa hummed, moving closer to nuzzle Iwaizumi’s cock, which was staining the front of white lace panties. Later, Oikawa would jokingly scold Iwaizumi for ruining Oikawa’s favorite pair of underwear.

“Yes, what, baby?”

Iwaizumi opened his mouth but closed it as an idea came to mind. He smirked, dropping his head while lifting his skirt higher to look at Oikawa. “Yes, Master .”

Within seconds, Iwaizumi’s panties were removed, hanging from his lifted food, and Oikawa was sucking and lapping at his tight hole.

Iwaizumi bit hard into the heel of his palm, whimpering into the skin while pushing down on Oikawa’s face. His thighs clenched from having to support his weight on one leg, but he was too distracted by the pleasure to care about the risk of toppling over.

After a few more teasing sucks and licks, Oikawa pushed his tongue through the ring of muscle. Iwaizumi choked on his loud moan. Usually, he would fill the room with moans and begs, but now, standing underneath the stairs and surrounded by people, Iwaizumi was left to bite into his palm hard enough to mark it.

Oikawa pulled off with a lewd pop. He kissed and nibbled Iwaizumi’s ass. “I love eating you out, Princess, you always taste so good.” He returned to lapping at Iwaizumi’s clenching hole. “What I’d give to have you begging.”

Iwaizumi whimpered. He forced his eyes open to watch Oikawa’s head hidden under the frilly skirt. Once Oikawa’s tongue was back inside him, Iwaizumi slowly slid down until he was supporting himself with his back on the wall, Oikawa’s face completely pressed against his ass and balls.

His flexibility was truly a gift.

Oikawa seemed to think the same because the teasing thrusts of his tongue turned into complete pushes, sucking and spinning his tongue to feel his walls. Iwaizumi gasped, pressing his chin against his chest so he could watch Oikawa.

He nibbled his lip, considering the risks of lifting his skirt. Despite the cons of getting caught, Iwaizumi flipped his skirt up, holding it all the way up so he could see Oikawa tongue-fucking him, as well as the large bulge in his pants.

“Hold - hold the back of my knee.”

Oikawa instantly did as instructed. He used his full strength to hold Iwaizumi’s leg as the shorter one lifted his leg. He reached down, pressing the top half of his foot onto Oikawa’s erection. The push of his leg made him tilt just the slightest bit, and Iwaizumi had to move his hand away from his mouth to press it against the wall as support.

“I-I can’t - I won’t last any longer,” Iwaizumi whispered, pushing as hard onto Oikawa’s tongue as much as he could.

Oikawa hummed, and that simple action was enough to make Iwaizumi’s cum. Thanks to him lifting his skirt, his cum didn’t hit the skirt, but thanks to the angle of his legs, the copious amounts of semen fell on the ground.

Iwaizumi couldn’t even feel guilty about it. Oikawa pulled away, groaning louder than Iwaizumi would’ve liked. He watched the setter shake, squeezing his eyes shut with a slack jaw.

“Did you just - “


Once they cleaned the floor, found a clean pair of boxers for Oikawa, and straightened themselves up, the couple came back to the cafe, holding hands with shy smiles.

“Did you get anything on the dress?” Kyoutani asked.

“Uh, no.”

He nodded. “Good. The warranty of these dresses wouldn’t cover cum stains.”

Chapter Text

The ball dropped, bouncing on the ground as four of Japan’s members dove to save the ball, but they missed by a hair. The four athletes stared up at Tooru, who was staring down at them with a look of disbelief.

Screams from the stands filled the gymnasium. The remaining members of Japan’s National team helped their teammates to their feet, smiling weakly at each other and offering praises to those who were discouraged.

Tooru ignored his teammates, ignored Shoyo, ignored his coach. He ducked under the net before sprinting down the court. Hajime was already racing towards him, and when they were close enough, Tooru launched himself into the air.

Hajime caught him with a loud laugh, arms securely wrapped around Tooru as he hoisted him into the air, shaking him just a bit as the couple laughed. Tooru was already crying, tears of joy racing down his face as Hajime steadily followed suit.

“I’m so proud of you,” Hajime sobbed, setting Tooru back onto his feet so they could properly embrace each other. Tooru buried his fingers into spiky black hair, hiding his teary face in a familiar neck, inhaling the scent that lulled him into comfort for many nights. “I love you, Tooru.”

“I love you, too, Hajime.”

A golden Olympic medal rested on the center of Tooru’s chest. He was flaunting the award even though he had already changed into cleaner, more comfortable clothes. Even though he was currently lounging on a luxurious hotel bed, a beautiful view of the city below.

“You’ll have to take it off eventually!” Hajime called from the bathroom. Tooru didn’t know exactly what he was doing, but judging by the sounds of the shower running and the mysterious lack of his suitcase, Tooru assumed something spicy was about to happen. “Fucking braggart!”

“Tooru Oikawa, Olympic gold medalist,” Tooru sighed happily, dangling the golden circle above him as he smiled brightly. “You’re a lucky man, Hajime, a lucky man!”

Hajime scoffed. He sounded amused, though. “Braggart,” he said once more. 

Tooru opened his mouth to make a witty comment but was stopped by Hajime walking out of the bathroom. Tooru dropped the medal. It landed on his chest with an uncomfortable thump but Tooru was too astonished to care.

Hajime had his hands behind his back, face pink as he chewed his bottom lip. Tooru had been so swept away in his victory that he hadn’t noticed his jersey was missing. It was a little tight on Hajime, making it seem shorter than it really was.

His shaved legs were clad with thigh highs that matched the blue shade of his jersey, and to complete the look, scarlet red lace panties.

“Holy shit,” Tooru exhaled, the end breaking off into an amazed laugh. “Holy shit, baby.”

Hajime quickly got over his embarrassment and crawled onto the bed. Tooru stripped himself of his shirt in record time, barely managing to kick off his pants before he had a lapful for Japan’s athletic trainer.

Tooru sighed when Hajime cupped his face with his hands. Large, warm thumbs rubbed underneath Tooru’s eyes. “I missed you so much,” he whispered, pecking Tooru’s lips.

“We saw each other this morning,” Tooru teased, rubbing Hajime’s exposed asscheeks in a windshield wiper motion. 

“You know what I mean.” Hajime chuckled lightly before fully seating himself on Tooru, their hips knocking together, driving the couple to grind for more friction. They were already hard, not quite at a point of desperation, but enough that the layer of underwear was annoying. “Tooru, lift your arms and wait, okay?”


Hajime pecked Tooru’s lips one more time before slipping off his husband’s lap. Tooru got in a lying-down position, holding his wrists in an x formation in front of one of the bars on the headboard. Hajime returned second later with blue and white rope.

Tooru smirked. “I’m recognizing a pattern with these colors, Hajime.”

“Glad you noticed.”

Hajime tied Tooru’s wrists to the headboard securely, waiting for Tooru to test them out before returning on his husband’s lap. Large hands squeezed Tooru’s thighs before slowly sliding up his body.

“You’re so pretty, Tooru,” Hajime whispered, grinding his hips in a circular motion, pulling grunts and groans from the man beneath him. “I’m so, so proud of you.” He reached Tooru’s shoulders and rubbed them appreciatively. “You’ve gotten so strong.”

Tooru sighed happily. “Hajime, please.”

“Please what?”

“My - my boxers. Take them off. Now, please.”

Not looking to tease or deny tonight, Hajime did as told. He supported himself on his knees as he dragged Tooru’s boxers down. Once his cock was exposed, Hajime kissed the leaking tip and tossed Tooru’s boxers onto the floor.

When Hajime moved to remove the jersey, Tooru gasped. “No! Keep - keep it on . . . please.”

Quirking his brow in amusement, Hajime let the lifted fabric fall back down into place. Instead, he swung off of Tooru’s thighs, standing at his bedside so he could easily slip off the stained panties. Tooru wiggled, hands fighting against the ropes to touch his husband.

Hajime gave two warning tsks, encouraging Tooru to stop pushing and wait patiently, which he did. “Good boy,” he whispered, breath hot against Tooru’s ear. The setter groaned deep from his throat.

Now stripped down to nothing but Tooru’s jersey, Hajime returned to his makeshift throne. He wrapped a hand around Tooru’s cock, relishing in the loud moan Tooru made, and the multiple thrusts of his hips.

“You have such a pretty cock, Tooru,” Hajime whispered and steadily jerked his husband off. “I love having it inside of me. I love it when you fuck me so hard all I can do is claw your back and beg for more. I love you, Tooru.”

Tooru choked back a moan so he could say, “I love you, too, Hajime.”

Humming happily, Hajime turned around, giving Tooru a view of his backside. Tooru panted, once again pulling against the ropes in an attempt to touch. He stopped himself before Hajime could decide to turn dom and edge him for the rest of the night.

“Wh-where’s the lube?”

“Don’t need it,” Hajime whispered, holding Tooru’s cock at the base so he could start sliding down it, “I prepared in the shower; wanted to be ready for you.”

Tooru whimpered with every small clench around his cock. When Hajime had picked him up from the airport, and they fell into the hotel room with needy kisses and desperate touches, they didn’t go further than mutual blowjobs. After six long months, he was finally feeling the warmth of Hajime’s insides, and he wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to part with it again.

“I always knew you’d be here. I always knew you would make it to the Olympics, that you would take the world by storm and show every idiot who let Tooru Oikawa go how foolish they are.” Hajime’s voice was growing louder by the second. 

It was a familiar sight - Hajime bouncing on Tooru’s cock, filling the room with praises and moans while the setter was bound to the headboard - and neither man would ever be able to forget.

They’d never be able to forget how they sounded, how their warmth felt, how both of them could look at the other and know they’d never want anyone else.

“I love you so much,” Hajime moaned, bouncing growing louder, the bed creaking and headboard lightly slamming against the wall. “God, Tooru, all I’ve ever wanted - since we were fucking kids - was to stay by your side. You’re not going anywhere, right?”

Tooru laughed, though it was cracked thanks to his moans. “As if you’d even let me.” He couldn’t reach out and stroke Hajime’s face, so he settled for a beautiful smile. “I’ll never leave you, Hajime, never in a million trillion years.”

Hajime pressed down on Tooru’s stomach, lifting himself high into the air before slamming down one last time. Both men moaned loudly. The sound of their mixed moans bounced off the walls as they came.

Hajime ground his hips down, milking Tooru of every last drop until the setter was writhing beneath him, desperately pulling against the headboard to free his wrists.

After freeing Tooru of his restraints, the couple found themselves in the shower, Tooru washing Hajime’s hair as they basked in each other’s presence and the warm water.



“I got a job offer, one that pays more than Japan.”

“That’s amazing!” Tooru kissed Hajime’s temple. “I’m so proud of you.”

“Wanna know where?”


Hajime stepped away from Tooru, washing the soap out of his hair before turning around. He grabbed Tooru by the shoulders and pulled him close. “San Juan.”

Tooru blinked, processing Hajime’s announcement, and once the news settled in, he picked his husband up, pushing him against the shower wall and starting a second round of celebratory sex.

Chapter Text

At first, Iwaizumi didn’t really care about Oikawa having TikTok.

He was fine with his fiance randomly dancing in the living room, he was fine with randomly being tricked with stupid TikTok pranks (Iwaizumi damn near had a heart attack when Oikawa accused him of cheating), he was fine with Tooru occasionally posting thirst traps.

Iwaizumi was used to it, so he wasn’t at all suspicious when Oikawa suddenly perked up. The two were sitting on the couch in Oikawa’s Argentina apartment. Iwaizumi was on his blessed Summer break. He spent the first half in Japan with his family and was spending the rest with Oikawa in Argentina so they could celebrate each other’s birthdays in person.

While Iwaizumi sat with his legs outstretched, Oikawa was stuffed up in the corner, knees to his chest as he went through his social media.

“Iwa-chan - “ Oikawa flopped down onto Iwaizumi’s side, shoving the man forward so he could spoon the shorter. He showed Iwaizumi his phone where a TikTok of a woman holding an abstract painting of black and grey splotches. 

“What am I looking at?”

“Just watch!”

Iwaizumi smiled slightly. Oikawa unpaused the video and snuggled into his boyfriend’s shoulder.

“So my husband and I made this painting by - “ the woman laughed, “by covering our bodies in paint and have sex over the canvas.”

“Tooru, I love you so much, but what the fuck?”

Oikawa turned off his phone so he could set it down and whine. “But Iwa! Just think about it! We could have a painting to commemorate our love!”

Iwaizumi turned onto his back so he could properly look at Oikawa. “We could, I dunno, get an actual painting of us, or some symbolic shit, but you want a blotchy picture created by us having sex over a canvas?”

“Yes, yes, I do.”

Narrowing his eyes, Iwaizumi was about to reject the ridiculous idea before Oikawa cut him off. “Didn’t we agree we’d always try out what the other wanted?” Iwaizumi closed his mouth, which encouraged Oikawa to keep talking. “I let you top when you wanted to - “

“Don’t remind me of that,” Iwaizumi groaned, turning red at the embarrassing memory of him trying to top Oikawa. “And that’s one thing! If I recall correctly, you’ve brought up three things in the last six months for us to try! Which, may I remind you, I tried!”

“Yeah, and now we know you have a power kink.” Oikawa sat up, flipping Iwaizumi onto his back so he could straddle the shorter man. “I think it’ll be fun! We can make two and you could take it back to Cali.”

“I live in a dorm, babe, I won’t have room for it.”

“Then we’ll make one! Meet me in the middle, Haji.” Oikawa started kissing all over Iwaizumi’s face, holding his cheek so he could rub underneath his eye. “Please?”

Never being one to resist Oikawa, Iwaizumi caved quickly. “Let’s go buy the paint.”

Two buckets of body paint, five large tarps, and an awkward conversation with a professional to stretch the canvas, and Iwaizumi sat in the cleared-out living room, naked as Oikawa - who was covered in coral pink paint - covered him in baby blue paint.

“This is the weirdest thing we’ve ever done for sex,” Iwaizumi sighed once Oikawa was finished. Oikawa ignored Iwaizumi’s comment and helped his boyfriend to his feet, leading him to the canvas sitting in the middle of the multiple tarps.

The second Iwaizumi was lying down on the canvas, Oikawa was on him, ravishing his lips and pinching and pulling his nipples. Hesitance thrown out the window, Iwaizumi threw his arms around Oikawa, rolling the taller over so he was on top.

He supported his weight on his hands, which were placed right next to Oikawa’s head. When Iwaizumi pulled away to catch his breath, he saw that half of the canvas was already covered in blue and pink spots.

Snapping out of his haze, Iwaizumi moaned as Oikawa ground up against him. “Ah, want me to ride you?” He asked, already reaching for Oikawa’s hard cock.

“No,” Oikawa sighed, already dazed - whether that be from their long make-out session or the paints, Iwaizumi wasn’t sure. “Wanna mount you.”

Groaning, Iwaizumi turned to the blankest side of the canvas, lying down on his chest with his ass propped up into the air. His ass, dick, and face were the only parts of his body Oikawa didn’t cover in paint, meaning that when Oikawa came behind Iwaizumi, he could stretch him open and lick at his already prepped hole.

“Fuck, Daddy,” Iwaizumi gasped, already pushing back in an attempt to get Oikawa’s tongue inside of him. “Weren’t you the one who said we can’t tease so the paint doesn’t dry?” His voice was supposed to be teasing or at least annoyed, but Iwaizumi was always weak for getting eaten out, so he could only manage a light tone.

Oikawa hummed against Iwaizumi’s hole, sucking on the rim. He took Iwaizumi’s words to heart and slid his tongue into the warm, wet heat. Iwaizumi cried, fumbling for something to hold onto. His hands slipped, wet with the paint covering them, creating two blue lines up the canvas. He found a grip on the tarp, squeezing it for dear life as he fucked himself on Oikawa’s tongue.

“Shit, Tooru - Daddy! Fuck me, fuck me, please.” 

Oikawa pulled away with one last, lewd suck, smirking at the barely visible flush covering Iwaizumi’s blue-stained body. Rubbing Iwaizumi’s hip, Tooru smacked his ass once before slowly sinking into the tight heat he’s been deprived of countless times over the last two years.

“Ah, fuck, baby,” Oikawa shifted, spreading his legs a bit so he could create two new blotches on the canvas with his knees. “I missed this, feeling you around my cock, fucking back so you can shove me balls deep.”

Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi’s chin between his fingers. He turned his face, sighing happily at Iwaizumi’s fucked out expression; his mouth was wide open, singing moans and gasps of ‘more,’ ‘harder,’ and ‘Daddy’. Tooru could barely see the green of Iwaizumi’s eyes now that his pupils were blown wide. Oikawa released Iwaizumi’s face so he could shove it against the canvas. He mentally promised he would vigorously wipe the paint off.

“You sound so nice, Hajime, I love listening to you.” Oikawa leaned over Iwaizumi’s body so he could press countless kisses to his exposed face, earning a few breathy laughs from the man beneath him. “‘M gonna spend my entire life with you.”

Oikawa was suddenly on his back, half of his body on the canvas. He blinked up with wide eyes at Iwaizumi, who looked at his boyfriend with disbelief and a little anger. “You are NOT proposing while fucking me while we’re covered in paint.”

“I - what - you - are you saying no?”

Sighing heavily, Iwaizumi started bouncing, distracting Oikawa for a few seconds. “Of course I’m not saying no,” Iwaizumi sighed, squeezing Oikawa’s thighs, “but I’d rather have a nice engagement story for our family.”

Groaning, Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi’s hips, holding the shorter still so he could repeatedly thrust up into his now screaming boyfriend. God bless the elderly woman living next to Oikawa, and hopefully not anyone passing by on the street.

“I’ll do better, I promise,” Oikawa gasped, once again changing positions so they were on the tarps and off the canvas when they came. Iwaizumi gasped at the unusually hard orgasm. Oikawa gave slow and shallow thrusts as he came.

Once everything settled down, and the two were washing off cum, sweat, and paint in Oikawa’s unbelievably small bathroom, Oikawa suddenly vanished. Iwaizumi, too tired to notice, leaned back into the bathtub, fingers playing in the murky blue and pink water.

Eyes still closed, Iwaizumi leaned into the hand suddenly holding his face. “Hajime,” Oikawa whispered, “open your eyes.”

Humming, Iwaizumi did as told, and was not disappointed with the sight of Oikawa on one knee, smiling with a gorgeous ring with a Seijoh blue gem. “Hajime, will you marry me?”

“That’s better, Tooru.”

Oikawa hummed. He closed the ring box, setting it safely in the corner before joining Hajime in the tub. It was far too small for the both of them, and water splashed over the sides, but they were too busy exchanging soft kisses to care.

Chapter Text

Iwaizumi hated Oikawa’s wife, and the feeling was mutual. She didn’t like how much time her husband spent with the male, feeling like she had the right to all of Oikawa’s free time. Honestly, it took every fiber of his being to not object to the wedding. He knew doing such a thing would end in Oikawa’s father taking him outside and beating him to a bloody pulp, and Oikawa would get punished for Iwaizumi’s mistake.

The only comfort Iwaizumi was given was the miserable gleam in Oikawa’s eyes as he read his vows - which Iwaizumi knew he didn’t write - and the way he barely kissed his wife at the altar. He looked miserable the entire wedding reception, putting on a fake smile every time his family approached.

That night, in the middle of the party meant to celebrate his marriage, Oikawa dragged Iwaizumi into the bathroom, locking the door and kissing him senseless. What was Iwaizumi to do? He’d been in love with Oikawa for nearly a decade, and even if Oikawa was doing this for stress, he didn’t care.

They had sex that night, and that was the start of a beautiful affair.

Iwaizumi didn’t condone cheating. He was actually the victim of cheating himself, discovering his California boyfriend fucking some girl when he dropped by unannounced. However, he could make an exception in his morals when it came to Oikawa, and the way he would show up to Iwaizumi's doorstep whenever he and his wife came to Japan to visit family.

He loved the way Oikawa would ditch his wedding ring in a bowl by the front door. He loved how Oikawa would take him to bed, mumbling praises and confessions of love between kisses, and how he stayed around after. Iwaizumi loved the way he was the one Oikawa loved, not some random woman who he was pressured into marrying by his family.

It was a cold winter’s night, and Iwaizumi was lying on the couch, watching the snow twist and turn outside in the wind. His hands were folded on his stomach as Christmas music played from the radio in the kitchen.

Despite the calm atmosphere, Iwaizumi was wide awake, and it was all thanks to the text he received from Oikawa two hours ago. The setter was back in Japan to visit his in-laws in Tokyo, and he had full intentions to meet Iwaizumi.

Just as Iwaizumi reached for his phone, there was a knock at the front door. He jumped to his feet and excitedly raced to the front door. He opened it, pulling Oikawa inside by the collar before slamming their lips together.

“Hm!” Oikawa groaned, gripping Iwaizumi’s hair. He tugged it to pull a loud moan from the shorter. Oikawa kicked the front door shut, struggling to remove his wedding room. Once it was off, he tossed it aside, not caring a single bit if it rolled under some furniture. “God, baby, I missed you. I missed you. I missed you.”

Iwaizumi threw his entire body weight back so they could stumble down the hallway, crashing into the bedroom. They laughed against each other’s lips and Iwaizumi held Oikawa by the back of the neck. “I missed you, too. Nudes just don’t feel the same.”

Oikawa’s wife barely had any trust with Oikawa, and she was always snooping around, but she had enough respect for him to never go through his phone. It was so easy to get away with confessions of love, promises to see one another, and countless photos that would surely call for a divorce.

While Iwaizumi effortlessly removed his sweater, Oikawa struggled with unbuttoning his shirt. Iwaizumi rolled his eyes before grabbing the parted sides. He ripped the shirt open, the buttons either holding on by a thread or falling to the ground.

Oikawa laughed in surprise. “Hajime!”

“You can borrow one of mine,” Iwaizumi reasoned. He scooted back so he was properly lying on the bed. Oikawa grabbed the ankles of Iwaizumi’s pants and pulled them down in a swift motion.

Oikawa kicked off his pants and once he was sitting on the bed on his knees, he pulled his briefs down enough for his half-hard cock to spring up. Quickly, Iwaizumi sat up. He crawled forward, wrapping both hands around Oikawa’s cock and jerking him off into full hardness.

“You’re so pretty,” Oikawa whispered, stroking Iwaizumi’s cheek before the shorter one let his mouth fall open, tongue lolling out and eyes rolling up to stare at Oikawa. “So fucking pretty.”

He held his cock by the base, jerking himself for a few seconds before carefully sliding inside Iwaizumi’s warm and wet mouth. Hips instantly bucking back and forth, Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi by the hair, lightly pushing his head to meet all his forward thrusts.

Every time his long cock slid down Iwaizumi’s throat, the man would choke just a bit, throat squeezing around the member, trying to milk it the same way his hole did.

Iwaizumi shoved his hands down his boxers. Oikawa quickly grabbed his arm and pulled it out, tsking. “You know I only want you to cum on my cock, baby. You don’t want me to punish you.”

Not today.

Oikawa, recognizing this, pulled out of Iwaizumi’s mouth. Coughing, Iwaizumi sat up so he could properly fall back onto the bed, bouncing from the impact. Oikawa helped Iwaizumi remove his boxers, throwing them over his shoulder.

Iwaizumi spread his legs, holding his hole by the rim so he could spread himself open. Oikawa groaned happily. He rushed to grab the lube and reached for a condom. Iwaizumi stopped him.

“No,” he whispered, pulling Oikawa’s hand so he could nuzzle into his palm, “I want you to fill me.”

Quickly, Iwaizumi was turned onto his stomach, hips pulled up so his ass was at Oikawa’s mercy. He hummed in approval and that hum turned into a loud, high-pitched moan when Oikawa slid two, lube-covered fingers inside.

“I love your fingers,” Iwaizumi whispered, hugging a pillow as he pushed back. He wanted Oikawa to move faster, wanted the man to abuse his prostate until he was crying and begging for his cock. “M-more! Please!”

Oikawa chuckled. “Greedy,” he insulted but did as asked, slipping a third finger inside and moving his fingers faster. Iwaizumi moaned loudly to show his appreciation.

Eventually, fingers just weren’t enough. “Tooru, fuck me! Fuck me, please!”

“Like I said, greedy,” He teased with a chuckle. He pulled his fingers out, wiping them off on a discarded piece of clothing. “I love you, Hajime.”

“I love you, TOO!” Iwaizumi screamed and tried to squeeze the pillow for support as Oikawa shoved inside of him, fucking him at a pace so fast the headboard was slamming against the wall. 

Iwaizumi was thankful that his neighbors didn’t know who his mysterious hook-up was, who only appeared every few months.

Oikawa moved to cover Hajime’s back with his body. He kissed and nibbled Iwaizumi’s sweaty skin, whispering, “You’re so beautiful,” “You sound so nice,” “I love how you feel around me,” “I love you, Hajime.”

“I wish we could’ve done what Megimi did,” Oikawa confessed as the two cuddled, bodies covered in marks and the sheets hanging low on their hips. “I wish we ran away, eloped in a different country, and never looked back.” He kissed Iwaizumi’s temple, rubbing the dozing off man’s shoulder.

Voice quiet, Iwaizumi muttered, “That would’ve been nice . . . we could still do it.”

“My father would kill you,” Oikawa bitterly said. His body trembled, and Iwaizumi knew he was imagining his father in a rage, beating Iwaizumi to death without any remorse. They knew he could do it, it’s not like he hasn’t beaten someone he should’ve loved without regret. “And could you imagine the slander?”

Unfortunately, Iwaizumi could. He could imagine the countless news articles that would come, the social media posts, the attacks Iwaizumi would have by angry fans. “Oikawa Tooru elopes with childhood best friend.”

Hajime sighed. He turned around, hiding in Tooru’s body. He basked in the warmth, in the way Tooru’s heartbeat was steady, and the way the man he loved rubbed his back.

Chapter Text

Iwaizumi slowly opened the creaky doors of the nave. The benches were empty, the only light source being the moonlight coming through the colored glass windows. The sound of his dress shoes clapping on the floor filled the silent room.

Before he could step up to the altar, Iwaizumi fell back when the candles suddenly lit up and the keys of the pipe organ were slammed, an ugly noise abusing Iwaizumi’s ears. Without his hands to catch his fall, Iwaizumi met the ground with a hard thump.

Eyes wide, Iwaizumi watched the fire of the candles swirl and meet in front of the golden cross. The fire turned far too bright and Iwaizumi squeezed his eyes tight. The fire burned for only a few more seconds before vanishing.

He waited a few beats, relishing in the new darkness. Once Iwaizumi opened his eyes, his fear turned into annoyance. “Are you kidding me?! What kind of dramatic entrance was that?!”

Oikawa laughed, condescending and smug. The demon hadn’t bothered to change into more casual clothes, wearing the same black coat and knee-high white boots he wore when Iwaizumi first met the man - well, Oikawa wasn’t a man, per se.

His dirty gold horns flowed in the moonlight and his red eyes pierced the remaining darkness. Oikawa licked his lips, v-shaped tongue just as long as Iwaizumi remembered.

“Evening, baby.”

“Help me up,” Iwaizumi gruffly responded, extending a hand. He waited not-so-patiently for five seconds before Oikawa wrapped a hand, usually sharp black nails trimmed blunt, and pulled Iwaizumi to his feet. “Woah!”

Oikawa pulled Iwaizumi close, making sure his feet were on the second step so he was shorter than usual. He wrapped a hand around Iwaizumi’s throat, and the priest could only swallow and stare.

Even when Oikawa helped Iwaizumi up completely, there was still a large height difference. Whenever Oikawa changed up his appearance - no horns, red eyes turned brown, face a little softer - he made himself shorter than his normally uncommon height.

The demon was broad and muscular, and his legs were long and sturdy. What Iwaizumi loved most, though, was Oikawa’s back. It was easily his most muscular feature, and Iwaizumi had fond memories of holding it, covering it in scratches and indents from his nails.

“Did you come here to see me?” Oikawa teased, effortlessly picking Iwaizumi up, supporting him on his large arms. He didn’t bother resting him every one, just trying to show off his strength. “I’m so flattered.”

Blushing, Iwaizumi wrapped his arms around Oikawa’s neck. “I came here to pray, idiot. This is a church, you know.”

“Coming to a church after hours to pray with no one other than a cross to confess your sins to, the exact situation that ends with me disrespecting this holy building? How convenient.”

“Put me down.”

Oikawa instead carried Iwaizumi to the pews, lying on top of the short man on the cushiony bench. He kept Iwaizumi’s legs apart with his knees, holding his thighs for extra measure. Iwaizumi held Oikawa’s shoulders with no intention of trying to push him off. He had a streak of playing hard to get, and Oikawa was a master at seeing through it.

“We should stop doing this,” Iwaizumi whispered but turned his head to the side so Oikawa could lick and bite his skin, making sure his clothes would be able to cover the marks. “If we get caught, I’ll be kicked out of the church, and my parents will never talk to me again.”

The demon’s laugh rumbled against Iwaizumi’s neck. “And yet.”

“And yet,” Iwaizumi whispered. He gasped, Oikawa’s nimble fingers playing with his nipples. He hadn’t even noticed that Oikawa unbuttoned his shirt. 

Iwaizumi tugged impatiently at Oikawa’s coat. He struggled to get it off and only managed when Oikawa helped slip it off. Oikawa’s only top was now a skin-tight, sleeveless black tank top. Iwaizumi held Oikawa’s small waist and dipped his thumbs between his abs.

“I’d feel more guilty about this if I wasn’t a demon,” Oikawa mumbled before bunching up Iwaizumi’s shirt and throwing it away. “What’s your excuse?”

Eyes slightly closed and breaths hot, Iwaizumi barely managed to say, “I dunno . . . hate the sinner, love the sin?”

“Good enough for me.”

Iwaizumi yelped loudly. Oikawa stripped him bare easily, grabbing him by the ankles so he could spread him open. Iwaizumi turned bright red and Oikawa licked his lips. “How do you want me to prep you?”

“T-tongue.” Iwaizumi clapped his hands over his mouth. No matter how much they did this - and no matter how much he enjoyed it - Iwaizumi still felt a harsh pang of guilt whenever he gave Oikawa permission to do something to him. This was his family’s church!

Oikawa held Iwaizumi by the hips, effortlessly lifting him into the air and turning him so he was bent over the back of the bench. Iwaizumi flushed with humiliation when he made eye contact with a statue of the Virgin Mary.

His humiliation and embarrassment were replaced with pleasure when Oikawa started lapping his hole with his unfairly long and thick tongue. Curse this fucker and his shapeshifter abilities.

“Hm, Tooru,” Iwaizumi gasped. Guilt could never compare to the feeling of Oikawa holding his thighs, keeping him still as he fucked Iwaizumi open with something as simple as a tongue. He’d never been with someone like Oikawa - though half of that was because of his parents’ strict rules - and he found it impossible to imagine finding somehow half as good as him. “It’s - it’s so unfair.”

Slipping out of Iwaizumi’s slippery hole, Oikawa kissed his ass and purred, “What isn’t fair?”

“How - how you can - how you can ruin me just by eating me out.”

Humming, Oikawa lightly slapped Iwaizumi’s ass. “I can ruin you in a lot more effective ways.” 

“I know,” Iwaizumi hissed through ground teeth. His annoyance was stripped quickly by a particularly harsh thrust of Oikawa’s tongue. He dug into fingers into the wood of the bench, chewing his lip to keep his needy moans to a minimum. “Sh-shit, it feels so good.”

Oikawa held Iwaizumi’s asscheeks between his large hands, spreading the younger one open to get his tongue deeper. Iwaizumi moaned in approval. He couldn’t hold the loudness - and the high pitch - of the noise. It echoed around the chapel, and if Iwaizumi wasn’t absolutely positive that there was no one else around, he would fall into a panic.

The large room was filled with loud keening, breathy gasps and moans, and the obscene sound of Oikawa’s tongue fucking Iwaizumi open.

Iwaizumi’s cock was painfully hard, twitching and leaking and screaming for attention, but Iwaizumi couldn’t let go of the bench. He tried to grind against the fabric for some satisfaction, but Oikawa easily pulled him back onto his tongue.

Didn’t matter, he was already close to cumming.

“I-I-I’m go-gonna-gonna cum!” Iwaizumi yelped, body shaking violently as he came all over his abdomen and the bench. Oikawa continued to eat him out. “To-Tooru, th-that’s enough!”

Oikawa sucked one last time before pulling away, thick strings of saliva connecting his tongue and shiny lips to Iwaizumi’s gaping hole. Iwaizumi let his eyes flutter shut, gasping to catch his breath, and choked when he felt the fat tip of Oikawa’s cock against his hole.

Even when he wasn’t in his natural form, Oikawa’s dick was big, but the difference from shifted to the original was jaw-dropping. Not only was it impossibly long, but it was thick . It was pretty much impossible to not be fucked dumb by it.

“Ready?” Oikawa purred. He was leaning over Iwaizumi’s body, hunched over so he could lick and nibble the younger’s earlobe. Iwaizumi nodded slowly, trying to regulate his breathing. “M’kay, Baby.”

“FUCK!” Iwaizumi screamed. No matter how many times he took Oikawa’s cock, the stretch was always absolutely brutal. He didn’t mind much at all, the burn only added to the pleasure, it with every meeting, Iwaizumi’s body grew more accustomed to Oikawa’s girth. “F-fuck! Tooru! Shit! Feels so good! So good!”

Oikawa hadn’t even bottomed out and Iwaizumi was already losing his mind, and when Oikawa was finally balls deep in Iwaizumi - his cock making a large indent in Iwaizumi’s stomach - the priest was drooling all over himself.

There was no build-up with Oikawa’s thrusts. He gave everything 100% right off the bat, and that extended to the way he fucked Iwaizumi, which was hard and fast. Iwaizumi’s body convulsed with every hard thrust, Oikawa’s large hand holding the back of his head while the other pushed on his back to make him arch.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! Yesyesyesyesyes, Tooru!” Iwaizumi sobbed as his eyes crossed and he lost his grip on the bench. He was completely supported by the hold Oikawa had on his head, leaving his body to be used as the demon’s cocksleeve.

“So fucking tight, Hajime,” Oikawa hissed, slapping Iwaizumi’s ass a couple of times just to hear the shorter’s choked screams, “I can already see you on your knees tomorrow, begging God for forgiveness even though you took my cock so willingly.”

Iwaizumi sobbed and weakly tried to meet Oikawa’s thrusts. “I - you - fu - wha - Tooru, I - ah!” He struggled for words, forgetting his sentences every time they started, and eventually gave up on speaking. Oikawa assisted by shoving his fingers into Iwaizumi’s mouth, which he greedily slobbered on.

“Messy baby,” Oikawa grunted when he pulled his saliva-covered fingers out of Iwaizumi’s mouth. He wiped the shiny substance on Iwaizumi’s cheek. “I’d take you back home with me if I could, make you my personal bitch.”

Iwaizumi whimpered. Tears had started rolling down his face from the brutal fucking he was getting, making him look as wrecked as he felt. Oikawa pulled him back so his front was completely against Iwaizumi’s back. 

Head directly held up, Oikawa stared into Iwaizumi’s unfocused and crossed eyes. He smirked, cocky and confident, and forced Iwaizumi plump lips apart. He spits directly down the priest's throat and groaned when he choked on it.

“Not that you aren’t already.”

When Iwaizumi finally mustered some movement in his hands, he wrapped one around his neck. Oikawa quickly replaced it with his own, now holding Iwaizumi up by the neck rather than the head, which was all kinds of arousing.

“I’ll make you ride me next time,” Oikawa grunted, slowly reaching his climax, “watch you struggle to take my cock, and you know what?” Oikawa waited to continue until Iwaizumi whimpered. “I won’t lift a single finger. You’ll do all the fucking work.”

Iwaizumi sobbed at the idea. It would be pure torture - arousing torture, but torture nonetheless. His few attempts at riding Oikawa’s large cock typically ended in humiliation and Oikawa either leaving Iwaizumi to finish himself off or fucking him into next year.

“Pl-ple-pleash n-no! I-I ca-can’t do-do th-thaht!” He slurred, words being muddled by his sobs and moans. He was writhing against Oikawa as his high was being built up. “Ca-can I cum?!”

Oikawa hummed, squeezing Iwaizumi’s throat. He watched the blood rush to Iwaizumi’s face, relishing in the way he clawed at his hand, then completely dropped his hold when the priest was on the cusp of fainting. Iwaizumi gasped for air, moaning loudly when he fell limp.

“Sure, go ahead.”

Now having permission, Iwaizumi’s back arched and he screamed, cumming violently. Oikawa picked up his thrusts before freezing completely as he came as well. Iwaizumi stuttered a cry as Oikawa filled him. He was bloated slightly after Oikawa pulled out, and leaking cum all over the bench beneath him.

Oikawa smiled. He slapped Iwaizumi’s ass before picking him up bridal style. Iwaizumi was already out, head limply falling against Oikawa’s chest as he shivered and shook. Oikawa tossed his coat over Iwaizumi as a blanket.

A simple snap of his fingers cleaned up their mess, Iwaizumi’s clothes folded and safely put in the man’s bedroom. Oikawa calmly walked along the halls of the chapel, not worried about being spotted, and put Iwaizumi in his bed once entering the bedroom.

“Until next time,” Oikawa whispered happily, kissing Iwaizumi forehead.

Chapter Text

“That was shitty,” Iwaizumi unhesitantly said, staring daggers at Oikawa. “Try again, but, you know, less sucky.”

Oikawa merely hummed. He grabbed another ball from the cart and they started up again. They went five more times before Iwaizumi snapped again, insulting Oikawa while the setter just stared at him.

On the sidelines, Kindaichi walked over to Matsukawa. “Are they fighting?”

Even Matsukawa, who almost always knew what was going on between the dynamic duo, looked confused. “No. Makki, any ideas?” Hanamaki had known Iwaizumi and Oikawa longer than Matsukawa, but his eyebrows were cinched in confusion. “Well, shit.”

The couple continued to bicker - well, Iwaizumi continued to scold Oikawa for “being lazy” and “doing a shitty job” while the captain stared at him blankly, not even trying to defend himself or make a witty quip.

“It’s like watching a dog getting yelled at by its owner,” Yahaba whispered to Watari. Unfortunately, the two were on the other side of the net, so Oikawa and Iwaizumi heard him loud and clear. Oikawa snarled at Yahaba. “Oh, s-sorry.”

“Now you’re scaring the second years, get your head out of your ass!”

Oikawa shot his hand forward. Everyone fell into stunned silence, watching as Oikawa wrapped his hand around Iwaizumi’s throat. He didn’t squeeze or try to pull Iwaizumi closer. He simply held it there and stared into Iwaizumi’s wide eyes.

“The only one who needs to get their head out of their ass is you,” Oikawa said, voice unusually rough and angered, “you’re wasting time by yelling. Either shut up or sit down until you can hit a ball without being a jackass.”

When Iwaizumi didn’t say anything, Oikawa squeezed, and that made everyone inhale sharply, holding their breaths in preparation to hold Iwaizumi back.

But Iwaizumi wasn’t moving. He didn’t even look angry.



Oikawa smiled softly, though it was anything but comforting, and let go of Iwaizumi’s neck. That’s when Matsukawa and Kindaichi took a step forward to keep Iwaizumi from killing his boyfriend, but they were stopped by Iwaizumi turning around and dragging his feet towards the bench.

Iwaizumi was compliant for the rest of practice. Even if it was Oikawa’s fault for a missed spike, he didn’t say anything, just mumbled, “It’s fine,” when the setter apologized.


Iwaizumi hummed and turned his head when Oikawa kissed his temple. “I’m gonna go get us some food; I’ll be back in twenty minutes or so.”


Oikawa cupped Iwaizumi’s face so he could kiss his lips. “I love you, Hajime.”

“I love you, too, Tooru.”

With that, Oikawa left the room, and soon Iwaizumi heard the front door slam shut. Iwaizumi looked around the bed for Oikawa’s hoodie. He pulled it on then slid out of bed. His thighs were covered in hickeys and bite marks, and it was a little hard to walk, but Iwaizumi managed to get to his phone that was still in the pocket of his uniform pants.

Matsun: You and Oikawa good?

Hajime: Yeah, we made up

Matsun: That’s good; I’ll tell the others. You scared us a bit today

Hajime: Sorry

Iwaizumi turned off his phone, setting it down on the bedside table, then crawled onto the bed. Naturally, after such a difficult practice, Iwaizumi had to apologize for the things he said, and once Oikawa forgave him, they had solid three rounds of make-up sex.

Even though it was all over and in the past, Iwaizumi couldn’t stop thinking about what happened at practice. He wrapped his hand around his neck, thinking about the way Oikawa held him by the neck, staring at him while scolding him.

Iwaizumi shuddered with sudden arousal.

He’d always been the stronger one. Oikawa was agile and flexible, and he wasn’t weak by any means, but Iwaizumi was physically stronger, but he felt like a scrawny nothing at that moment, and that was strangely hot.

Oikawa was already dominant in bed. From the first time they had sex to now, there was never a time where Oikawa wasn’t in charge. Maybe someday Iwaizumi would be able to take the reins, but for now, he was happy to be submissive.

However, there was a difference this time. They weren’t having sex, they weren’t even naked or in the privacy of each other’s homes, they were in front of the team, the team who Iwaizumi constantly proved to be a dominant person, and Oikawa looked that in the face and laughed.


Realizing he was hard, Iwaizumi turned onto his back and grabbed his phone. He checked Oikawa’s location, seeing that he was already on his way home, but he was still fifteen minutes away.

Hungry for more than food, Iwaizumi took a picture.

Hajime: Hurry

Oikawa got home in six minutes and that night’s rounds-of-sex count went from a three to a six.

Iwaizumi’s plan was put into play.

From the moment he met Oikawa to walk to school to the end of practice, Iwaizumi was insufferable. He pulled out all the mean nicknames, all the insults, all the bratty moves he’s learned to put into play, and turned up the heat every time Oikawa tried to subtly put him into place.

Now, it was only Oikawa and Iwaizumi. Iwaizumi was taking the sweet time to change into his uniform. When he finally had his pants on, Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi by the collar and slammed him against the lockers.

Oikawa pressed his front against Iwaizumi’s back. He held Iwaizumi against the lockers with his palm flat on the ace’s back, and his second hand was holding Iwaizumi’s side, burying his nails into the exposed flesh.

“May I help you?” Iwaizumi asked, trying to be sassy but only managing a breathy voice. He was already hard from the way Oikawa was pushing him onto the cold metal, and the fact the setter’s knee was between his legs wasn’t helping.

“Get on your knees; I’m going to fuck this annoying mouth then I’ll leave you here, hard and desperate for attention, but I won’t give you shit, baby girl. Do you know why?”

Iwaizumi chewed onto his lips. He moaned when Oikawa shoved him harder and shot his knee up to push on Iwaizumi’s hardon. A few seconds of silence passed before Oikawa spun Iwaizumi around and slapped him across the face.



Oikawa held Iwaizumi by the jaw and pulled him in close. “Because you’re a fucking brat. You’ve been an annoying little bitch all day, driving me up the wall, and what kind of idiot rewards bad behavior? Do I look like an idiot, Hajime?”

Iwaizumi swallowed. His knees were buckling, his heart racing 100 miles per hour, and he was so fucking hard .

Once again, Oikawa slapped Iwaizumi. “Do I look like an idiot?”

“No,” Iwaizumi gasped. He let Oikawa push him down onto his knees without any resistance, staring up at his boyfriend with wide eyes. Oikawa had one arm on the lockers, leaning and sneering at Iwaizumi. “No, you don’t, Tooru.”

“That’s what I thought.” Oikawa popped the button of his pants. He swatted Iwaizumi’s hand away when he tried to pull his pants down. “Toys don’t move, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi dropped his hand with a gulp. Oikawa moved his pants down to the end of his thighs and only pulled down his boxers enough for his hard cock to be exposed. Using his hand, Oikawa pushed Iwaizumi’s face close so he was slapped in the face with his cock.

“Open your mouth.”

With pleasure, Iwaizumi dropped his mouth open, letting his tongue fall out and staring up at Oikawa. Oikawa wasn’t looking at his eyes, his eyes were focused on Iwaizumi’s mouth.

Oikawa placed the tip of his cock on Iwaizumi’s tongue, gave the shorter exact five seconds to inhale a breath, and snapped his hips forward, burying himself to the hilt in one quick motion.

Iwaizumi gasped, choking around Oikawa’s cock, but he didn’t try to pull away or stop Oikawa from fucking his face. He let himself be used as a fleshlight, let Oikawa hold him still by the hair, and fuck his throat raw, he didn’t even mind when Oikawa pulled out his phone and started recording. 

“You’re enjoying this,” Oikawa laughed, “you’re actually enjoying this! I’m using you like a toy and you’re hard. I bet you’re leaking all over yourself, and I bet you’ll cum in your pants like the pathetic slut you are.”

Iwaizumi moaned and his eyes rolled back. Oikawa pulled his cock out completely and scoffed when Iwaizumi whined in protest. “Hold still, baby girl.”

Oikawa turned off his phone, wrapping his hand around his cock and jerking himself off. Iwaizumi did as instructed, not moving a single muscle as Iwaizumi held him by the hair.

“So fucking dirty, so pathetic,” Oikawa gasped, “you’re a slut, Hajime, a fucking slut.” He tugged on Iwaizumi’s hair, forcing his head back. “Say it, say you’re a slut.”

“I’m a slut.”


“I’m a slut.”


“I’m a slut!”

“That’s right, you’re a fucking slut. My fucking slut.” Oikawa slammed his head against the lockers as he came, body shaking from how powerful his orgasm was. Iwaizumi squinted to keep cum out of his eyes, though that didn’t stop it from getting on his eyelids. “There we go, stay still, let me paint your face.”

Oikawa milked himself dry. Once he was spent, he tucked himself back into his underwear, fixed his pants, and grabbed his bag. Wordlessly, he left the locker room. Iwaizumi messily cleaned his face, probably missing a lot of spots, and nearly face-planted as he tried to catch up to Oikawa.

It wasn’t until they were around the block to their houses did Oikawa stop Iwaizumi. He held him still and started licking the dry cum off of Iwaizumi’s face. Iwaizumi chuckled, the feeling ticklish.

“I wasn’t too harsh?” Oikawa asked. He kissed along Iwaizumi’s jaw while stroking his hair.

“Are you kidding me?” Iwaizumi laughed. “I came in my fucking pants, Tooru. I haven’t done that in years.” He turned his head so he could kiss Oikawa. Once their lips were connected, he wrapped his arms around Oikawa and walked back until he was up against a wall. “If you don’t fuck me the second we get home, I’m gonna act the exact same way I did today tomorrow.”

“Careful, I might do the complete opposite.”

Iwaizumi sucked on Oikawa’s jaw, leaving a hickey that the setter would have to cover with makeup unless he wanted everyone to see it. “I’ll take my chances.”

Chapter Text

Surprisingly, Iwaizumi was the first to bring it up.

They’d just finished their fourth round of sex and Oikawa was outside on their balcony having a smoke when Iwaizumi joined him outside, wearing one of Oikawa’s hoodies to cover his hickey-covered body.

Oikawa quickly put his cigarette out, grabbing the water he brought out with him to wash away the taste of smoke and kissed Iwaizumi when the shorter joined Oikawa in appreciating the view of the city beneath them.

“Sure you can stand?” Oikawa teased, noticing the way Iwaizumi’s knees were buckling just the slightest bit. “We can sit down.” He gestured Iwaizumi towards the outdoor couch they had on the balcony, and Iwaizumi let Oikawa sit him down on it.

They situated themselves with Iwaizumi against Oikawa’s chest, the taller’s hands rubbing his exposed thighs. Iwaizumi’s eyes were closed and Oikawa lit a cigarette once he had permission to do so.

After a few minutes of silence, Iwaizumi spoke up, “Tooru?”


“What do you think about somnophilia?”

Oikawa hadn’t choked on cigarette smoke in ages and he wasn’t too happy to be reminded of how it felt. Iwaizumi slapped his fiance’s back as Oikawa scrambled for his water bottle. He chugged the remaining water and went quiet.

Oikawa nodded when he was sure he was okay. “I - okay, say that again.”

Suddenly shy, Iwaizumi fiddled around. “Uh, well - I was just - it’s been a while since we . . . experimented with different . . . kinks,” his voice grew quieter as he spoke, and by the end of his explanation, Iwaizumi had found new interest with the leaf on the cushion.

“So . . . you’re bored?”

“No, that’s not it,” Iwaizumi was quick to reassure, “I just . . . I found some porn and one thing led to another and . . . I kind of like the idea of it.”

Oikawa narrowed his eyes and licked his teeth as he thought. “You like the idea of me using your unconscious body for pleasure?”

Iwaizumi cutely scrunched up his nose. “Well, when you put it like that . . . no, it still sounds kind of exciting, and I was actually thinking that . . . I . . . well . . . that you’d be asleep.” When no one spoke up for a while, Iwaizumi stood up. “Yeah, sorry, too weird.”

“Nonono, get back here!” Oikawa laughed, grabbing Iwaizumi by the waist and pulling him down onto his lap. He buried his face in his fiance’s neck, kissing the bruised skin with a smile. “It just took me by surprise! I’ve never thought about it, but it does sound . . . fun.”


Oikawa nodded. He took a second to think about Iwaizumi above him, riding him while Oikawa was none-the-wiser, most likely groaning even though he’s fast asleep, just letting Iwaizumi use him. It was a lot more arousing than he thought it’d be.

Iwaizumi suddenly gasped. “Da-daddy.”

Oikawa blinked. He quickly realized that he was hard and that Iwaizumi was grinding down on him. 

Quickly, Oikawa gave Iwaizumi a handjob while the shorter one ground on him, and when they cleaned up, they agreed to talk about it more the next day. However, there didn’t need to be more discussion, they were both hooked on the idea.

“So, do you tell me when you’re going to do it or should you just . . . do it?”

Once again, they were on their balcony. Iwaizumi was doing some athletic trainer business while Oikawa watered their many, many plants. Usually, they let silence take over, or had some domestic conversations, but damn it, Iwaizumi was in booty shorts and Oikawa is a horny man.

Iwaizumi pulled his pen out of his mouth and shrugged. “I’m fine with either one.” After a moment’s thought, Iwaizumi mumbled, “It’s up to you but if it were me . . . I would want you to just do it.”

“If you’re okay with that, I am, too,” Oikawa sighed. He put the watering can in its place, shaking off any water or dirt that could’ve gotten on his hands, and joined Iwaizumi on the couch, carefully pushing aside his papers.

Oikawa started sucking on Iwaizumi’s neck. Iwaizumi hummed, tilting his head to the side and holding Oikawa by the back of the head as encouragement. As Oikawa continued to kiss and mark Iwaizumi’s neck, he moved his hand underneath his shirt.

“Ah, Tooru,” Iwaizumi gasped, arching into Oikawa’s touch when he pinched his nipple.

They needed to learn to keep their sex life inside of the apartment.


Oikawa dragged himself into the apartment. He weakly closed the front door, sliding his jacket off and letting it hit the floor, and damn near face-planted when he tried to remove his shoes while also walking.

The bedroom door was wide open so Oikawa was quickly greeted with the sight of Iwaizumi, lying on his stomach with his legs kicking back and forth, wearing the oversized red hoodie from Oikawa’s time at Tokyo University. Thanks to his lifted legs, Oikawa could see the cotton black panties Iwaizumi was wearing.

Oikawa knocked on the doorway and felt a guilty tug at his heartstrings when Iwaizumi excitedly smiled at him. The smile faltered when his fiance took in his tiredness but he instantly smiled softly. He scooted over to make room for Oikawa and the setter instantly flopped down onto the bed.

“You’re wearing jeans, Dummy-kawa, don’t fall asleep yet,” Iwaizumi said as he lightly slapped Oikawa’s ass. When Oikawa responded with a highly exaggerated snore, Iwaizumi sat down on Oikawa’s lower back and patted his back. “Take. The. Jeans. Off.”

Oikawa effortlessly turned around, throwing Iwaizumi onto the other side of the bed, and lifted his hips, unbuttoned his jeans, and kicked them off. He threw off his t-shirt. Once wearing nothing but black briefs, Oikawa turned his head.


Iwaizumi nodded. He cupped Oikawa’s face and kissed his nose a couple of times. “Bad day?” He whispered.

“Yeah; these fucking kids are killing me, babe.” While Oikawa enjoyed - no, loved - his job as a volleyball coach for teenagers, sometimes he just couldn’t deal with the drama and the hormones. “If this is what Coach Irihata felt like with us, we owe him a hand-written apology.”

Iwaizumi snorted. He scooted up so Oikawa could rest his face into the crook of his neck. Oikawa closed his eyes and enjoyed the feelings of Iwaizumi’s fingers playing with his hair, occasionally twisting strands to make it curly.

Sleep came soon.


Iwaizumi tossed and turned. He glared at the clock that taunted him with bright red numbers - 3:27 AM. Trying once again to find a comfortable position, Iwaizumi turned onto his side, pulling his knees close. He was warm, so he kicked off the blanket, but since it was the same one Oikawa was using, it left his fiance exposed.

Any idea of sleeping went away when Iwaizumi focused on the outline of Oikawa’s cock. Even though it was soft, there was still a clear outline, and that just riled Iwaizumi up. He was so distracted with comforting Oikawa to realize how unfair it was for him to wear nothing but his tight underwear to bed.

Deciding enough is enough, Iwaizumi sat up. He went through the drawer, picking up the lube and the ropes. It’d been a while since they used them - they preferred to use them when Iwaizumi was in a more dominant mood, but with Iwaizumi being away from work so often, his need for physical affection has spiked.

Quietly, Iwaizumi tied Oikawa to the headboard. He worried a bit about Oikawa’s reaction to being tied up. Either he would wake up halfway through and realize he’s been tied to the headboard, or he would wake up later in the morning with light marks on his wrists.

Iwaizumi kicked off his underwear then tugged off Oikawa’s. He covered his hand in lube, warming it up before wrapping his hand around Oikawa’s cock. The brunet shuddered and Iwaizumi paused. Once he was sure Oikawa was still asleep, Iwaizumi started jerking Oikawa off into full hardness.

It only took a few minutes to get Oikawa hard, and Iwaizumi held the lube in his hands, staring at the bottle. They’d done it without prep a couple of times. The first time was curiosity after Matsukawa made a comment, but the other times were Iwaizumi’s masochism shining through.

Iwaizumi set the bottle aside. He shuffled up so his knees were at Oikawa’s hips. He wrapped his hand around the base of Oikawa’s cock and inhaled slowly before slowly sinking down. It was a painful stretch, but Iwaizumi wasn’t in a rush, all thanks to Oikawa not being awake to be a sadist.

Iwaizumi wasn’t very patient either but he had enough respect for his body to go at a steady pace. Once he was completely seated on Oikawa’s cock, Iwaizumi grabbed the lube bottle. He dribbled some down to get rid of any leftover burn on his rim, and after he tossed the bottle aside, he started bouncing.

Riding wasn’t something they did often. It was a mix between Oikawa’s need to take the lead, Iwaizumi’s preferences to be submissive, and the fact that it was easier to take Oikawa in when he was on his back or on all fours. Even so, when Iwaizumi was on top, there was a rush. He didn’t want to ease into it.

“Ah, hah, f-fucking - fuck,” Iwaizumi panted, holding Oikawa’s lax shoulders as support. “You’re so big, Daddy,” he whispered as he quickened his pace. The springs were subtly squeaking and Iwaizumi worried that Oikawa would wake up. “Feels good, so fucking good,” Iwaizumi whimpered. He clenched around Oikawa whenever he dropped completely down.

Closing his eyes, Iwaizumi let his mind cloud with pleasure. If this was how Oikawa felt when he was on top, fucking Iwaizumi absolutely senseless, then maybe Iwaizumi needed to ride Oikawa more often. Or maybe it was because his fiance was asleep, allowing Iwaizumi to do whatever he so desired.

Iwaizumi was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice the sudden firmness in the muscles beneath him. It wasn’t until he heard the sounds of the ropes pulling against the headboard did Iwaizumi open his eyes.

Oikawa’s eyes were half-lidded with sleep as he pulled against the ropes. When he felt Iwaizumi staring, the brunet looked up at him with a soft smile. “You’re enjoying yourself,” his voice was slightly slurred and rough from not speaking.

“Mhm,” Iwaizumi whimpered. He moved his hands from Oikawa’s shoulders to his abdomen, appreciating that even though he wasn’t playing anymore, Oikawa was still ridiculously toned, his abs still hard and sturdy.

He noticed that Oikawa was struggling to relax - to recreate the softness Iwaizumi had been enjoying a few moments ago. Iwaizumi smiled in appreciation. “It’s fine, Tooru,” he whispered, “I’m gonna untie you now.”

Oikawa nodded happily. The second the ropes were loosened, Oikawa tore his hands out, grabbing Iwaizumi by the hips and lifting him up and down on his cock.

“Oh!” Iwaizumi gasped, surprised by the sudden shift in power. “F-fuck! That’s good! Oh, shit! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’tstopdon’tstopdon’tstop!” Iwaizumi was suddenly on his back, being held by the ankles as Oikawa pounded into him.

Even though he was completely doused in pleasure, Iwaizumi knew he was screaming. Their neighbors would have some choice words with them. Then again, they’ve had six months to get used to the practically daily racket.

Iwaizumi’s orgasm came hard. He shivered and shook, barely registering Oikawa pulling out and jerking himself off. He felt the warmth of cum on his stomach and felt the sudden change of the bed when Oikawa got off.

“Tooru,” Iwaizumi mumbled when Oikawa came back, “you should try it. It’s fun.”

Oikawa hummed. He cleaned Iwaizumi off completely before mumbling, “Maybe I will.”

Chapter Text

It’s amazing what a couple of martinis and a criminally unbuttoned shirt can do to Iwaizumi. 

Oikawa had low expectations for the night - some drinks, some dancing, then he would take his beautiful fiance home for at least three rounds of tipsy sex, and here Iwaizumi was, exceeding all Oikawa’s expectations.

The first sign that tonight would be different was the athletic trainer’s outfit. He was wearing an extremely low-cut black bodysuit paired with fishnet leggings and boot heels. He’d even put on the silver necklace with Oikawa’s given name on it (Iwaizumi had called it a “stereotypical sugar daddy necklace” but got defensive when Oikawa offered to return it).

Oikawa had been absolutely floored when Iwaizumi walked out of the bedroom wearing such a revealing outfit and nearly canceled their plans for some - ahem - “exercise”.

Of course, they ended up going out. Oikawa wouldn’t be out-done - obviously. While not as revealing as Iwaizumi’s outfit, Oikawa was showing off a lot of skin. His black and red dress shirt was tucked into black skinny jeans, practically every button was undone to show off Oikawa’s toned upper half.

The second sign was that rather than heading straight for the bar or an available seat, Iwaizumi pulled Oikawa onto the dancefloor. It was an out-of-habit action on Iwaizumi’s part, but Oikawa wasn’t complaining. Especially with the way his fiance was grinding on him.

The third and final sign was that the second Oikawa got comfortable in a booth, Iwaizumi claimed the seat of Oikawa’s lap rather than any of the available space around the setter. Oikawa held Iwaizumi by the hip with one hand while the other held a cigarette. The club had countless loose rules, smoking included.

Fifteen minutes into Oikawa and Iwaizumi talking with their faces extremely close to hear one another, Iwaizumi started subtly moving against Oikawa’s thigh. Oikawa waited ten more minutes to see if it was an accident, and by the end of those ten minutes, Iwaizumi was humping Oikawa’s thigh, mewling and panting heavily into the taller’s ear.

“You know we’re in public, right?” Oikawa asked but made no effort to make Iwaizumi stop. Oikawa took a drag of his cigarette while also helping Iwaizumi move back and forth with the hand on his hip. “People are already staring.”

“So?” Iwaizumi gasped into Oikawa’s ear. He nibbled Oikawa’s lobe before licking from underneath his ear all the way to the underside of his jaw. “I need you, Daddy.”

Oikawa hummed. He turned his neck to the side so Iwaizumi could start sucking and chewing. As the shorter did that, Oikawa watched a group of men at a far-off table shoot continuous glances towards them. Oikawa responded by lifting Iwaizumi up so he could wrap his arm around his thigh.

After a few minutes of covering one side of Oikawa’s neck in hickeys and bite marks, Hajime slipped out of his hold and got comfortable on the floor. Oikawa pushed aside the thought of how gross the floor was and focused on the way his fiance was nuzzling the bulge in his pants.

“Are you sure?” Oikawa asked, holding Iwaizumi back by his hair. “People are gonna watch, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi pouted cutely. “Let me suck your cock, Daddy.”

Sighing, Oikawa leaned back, lighting a fresh cigarette, taking a drag, then grabbing the whiskey on the table. Once he finished taking a drink, he gestured for Iwaizumi to continue, to which he smiled.

Iwaizumi swiftly popped the button to Oikawa’s jeans and skipped his usual teasing of soaking Oikawa’s boxers in saliva. Oikawa hummed in approval once his cock was freed from its confines, and didn’t bother covering up his groan when Iwaizumi deepthroated him with practiced expertise.

“There we go, baby girl. You’re making me feel so good - gonna make Daddy cum,” Oikawa mumbled praises just loud enough for Iwaizumi to hear. He had put out his cigarette at this point and had all his focus on the beautiful man beneath him. “Gonna ride me after this? Show the entire club how good you look bouncing on my cock?”

Iwaizumi moaned around Oikawa’s cock. He pulled off the head with strings of saliva and precum connecting his lips to Oikawa’s dick. “Wanna ride you now, Daddy. Can I?”

“Sure, Princess, but I don’t know how well you can take me dry.”

Wordlessly, Iwaizumi stood up. He turned around, bending over the slightest bit for Oikawa. Oikawa raised an eyebrow before pulling aside Iwaizumi’s bodysuit. Nestled between his asscheeks was a glass buttplug.

“Why didn’t I see this coming?” Oikawa chuckled. He slapped Iwaizumi once then pulled the buttplug out. He wiped it off on the leather couch before slipping it into his pocket. Once that was finished, Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi by the hips and rammed him down on his cock. Iwaizumi gasped, mouth falling open and eyes rolling into the back of his head. “Take it, slut.”

As Iwaizumi started steadily riding him, Oikawa looked around the club. They had a good handful of people watching the show, some trying to be less obvious than others. Oikawa covered Iwaizumi’s eyes with one hand and bit his neck possessively.

“So pretty, Princess, doing so good,” Oikawa whispered into Iwaizumi’s ear. His free hand moved to Iwaizumi’s front. He palmed the small cock underneath the bodysuit for a few minutes before taking it out, cautious not to get stains on the fabric. “I’m gonna make you cum, then I’ll fill you up good and plug you. We’ll go home and I’ll fuck you senseless.”

Iwaizumi whimpered in approval. He was holding the edge of the table like a lifeline as he bounced on Oikawa’s cock. If it wasn’t for the loud music of the club, the couple would be listening to the slap of Iwaizumi’s ass hitting Oikawa’s hips, as well as the breathy moans Iwaizumi was making.

This was foreign territory. They’d played around with exhibitionism before - they’ve fucked in the high school locker room more than they’d like to admit, and there were a couple of quickies in a classroom. There was also that one time they were walked in by Bokuto and Akaashi at a training camp. That was an interesting but memorable night. This, however, was different.

This was straight-up public indecency. They weren’t playing with the risk of being caught or fucking with a couple of pairs of eyes on them. No, they were being watched by at least fifteen people in a very public club. It was exhilarating.

“Shit, what are you thinking about? You’re clenching so tight,” Oikawa snarled. He started moving his hips to meet Iwaizumi. “You’re unbelievable, Hajime. You’re the only person in the world who could make me do these kinds of things.”

“It-it’s fun, though, isn’t it?” Iwaizumi gasped.

“Fuck yeah, it is.”

Oikawa soon pulled Iwaizumi all the way down, filling his fiance with his cum while jerking the other off until he covered Oikawa’s hand in cum. Iwaizumi ground down on Oikawa for a minute or two before getting off. Swiftly, Oikawa plugged him up, and the couple left the club before someone approached them.

Iwaizumi gripped the sheets. His face was covered in tear tracks and fresh tears as Oikawa spanked him repeatedly. The second the couple got home, Oikawa stripped Iwaizumi bare, pushing him onto the bed and informing him that for every person that was watching them, Iwaizumi would be spanked.

So far, they were ten spanks in, and Iwaizumi was feeling the perfect mix of pleasure and pain.

“Almost done, Princess,” Oikawa assured, rubbing Iwaizumi’s red ass, “five more to go.”

Whimpering, Iwaizumi nodded.

He really should’ve prepared for the consequences.

Chapter Text

The two couples sat in Iwaizumi’s living room. The coffee table had four beers, a bowl of chips and salsa, and four hands of discarded cards. On the couch, Hanamaki sat curled up to Matsukawa, the taller’s arm wrapped around his boyfriend’s shoulders. Oikawa and Iwaizumi sat in the recliner, Iwaizumi sitting on the setter’s lap with a pink flush.

The four were playing a game called ‘Who Is?’ It was a game created by the team when they were in high school during a training camp. Everyone goes around the circle asking questions that started with ‘who is.' Some answers can get out of hand, and Kyoutani once got into a heated debate with Yahaba over the game.

“Who is the best at sex?” Hanamaki asked.

Matsukawa laughed. “Me. Obviously.”

Oikawa chuckled in disbelief. “You really think that?”

“Yes, yes, I do. I’m the best at sex.”

Recognizing the impending petty spat, Iwaizumi slipped off of Oikawa’s lap to join Hanamaki on the farthest end of the couch. The two watched Oikawa stand up and move to be directly in front of a smirking Matsukawa.

The two went back and forth, both coming up with reasons they are the best at sex. Iwaizumi was blushing while Hanamaki seemed completely fine with Matsukawa exposing their sex life.

As the argument continued, Oikawa seemed to be winning. Maybe it was because compared to Matsukawa and Hanamaki, Oikawa and Iwaizumi were some kinky motherfuckers.

Backed into a corner, Matsukawa confidently announced, “I bet I could make Makki cum twice before you even make Iwaizumi cum once!”

Iwaizumi sputtered while Hanamaki laughed.

Oikawa put his hands on his hips and smirked. Iwaizumi recognized that smirk - he’d been on the receiving end of it countless times, and it always ended in tears, a red ass, and numb legs.

“Is that a challenge?”

Matsukawa shrugged and spread his arms out to rest on the couch. “Maybe.”

Before Iwaizumi could put a stop to...whatever this was, Hanamaki hummed. “Sounds fun.”

Iwaizumi snapped his attention to Hanamaki, absolutely mortified. “What?! How can you encourage this?!”

“Oh, I get it,” Hanamaki chuckled. He turned to look at Iwaizumi with a condescending smirk. “You’re scared.”


“You’re scared. You know Issei and I will win.”

“I know you two will win?” Iwaizumi repeated.

Iwaizumi was competitive. He knew that, Oikawa knew that, Matsukawa knew that, and Hanamaki definitely knew that. He was playing with Iwaizumi, pulling him right into a trap, and Iwaizumi let him.

The former ace shot up to his feet. “Tooru.”

Oikawa smirked. “Yes, dear?”

“Take your clothes off.”

Iwaizumi whimpered, back arching and nails digging into the sheets. Hanamaki was at his side. They were in different positions, Iwaizumi with his face in the sheets and ass up while Hanamaki was on his back, gripping the sheets and twisting them so hard they were pulling off.

Oikawa had a tight hold on Iwaizumi’s hips as he fucked him so hard he was moving back and forth on the sheets like a doll. Matsukawa had Hanamaki’s legs over his shoulders, holding him by the knees so the light brunet was getting the same treatment as Iwaizumi.

While Matsukawa was going at a much slower pace than Oikawa, Hanamaki still looked wrecked. Iwaizumi wasn’t surprised - anyone as big as Matsukawa could get a person off with subtle bumps.

Oikawa’s dick wasn’t anything to scoff at, but Matsukawa was massive . So thick that Hanamaki could barely hold it and he was longer than Oikawa, who was eleven fucking inches long.

What Oikawa lacked in comparison to Matsukawa, he made up for in the way he moved his hips with perfect accuracy. Iwaizumi always knew Oikawa was good at finding his prostate but he never minded the reminder of how skilled his boyfriend was.

“A-ah!” Iwaizumi moaned then slammed his face into the pillow. He bit into it, and an embarrassed flush covering his chest. Hanamaki was so quiet. Iwaizumi imagined it was because of how fucked he was but that didn’t help his embarrassment. He was so loud. “To-Tooru, faster, please, faster.”

Looking over his shoulder, Iwaizumi’s tearful eyes met Oikawa’s annoyed ones.

Then, Oikawa stopped. He pulled out completely and left Iwaizumi to clench around nothing. Matsukawa chuckled and continued to fuck Hanamaki at a pace Iwaizumi would describe as insufferable.

“Wh-why?!” Iwaizumi gasped. “Do-don’t you want to win?!”

Oikawa hummed. He rubbed Iwaizumi’s ass…

Then he startled the second couple when he slapped Iwaizumi so hard it echoed. Iwaizumi choked on a moan that turned into a whimper. His elbows - which he had been supporting himself on so he could look at Oikawa - gave out and he fell into the sheets.


“Why are you embarrassed?” Oikawa responded. “Usually you’re so loud, Princess. Are you not feeling good?” Iwaizumi chewed his lips. Oikawa lifted Iwaizumi’s hips so everyone could see his bright red and wet cock. “That can’t be it - you’re soaked.”

“St-stop! J-just fuck me!” Iwaizumi yelped when he was slapped once again. “Oikawa!”

Oikawa slapped him a third time. “I won’t fuck you until you stop pretending, and beg for it like the slut you are.”

Iwaizumi’s lips quivered. He turned his head to look at Hanamaki. The other had regained some sense and was staring back at Iwaizumi. Matsukawa looked surprised with Oikawa’s sudden dominance.

Inhaling shakily, Iwaizumi looked back at Oikawa. “Daddy, please fuck me.”

Oikawa huffed. “Could be better, but I’ll take it.” He dug his nails into Iwaizumi’s waist and slammed his cock into the shorter one. Instantly, he set a harsh pace. Iwaizumi didn’t bother hiding his high whines and moans. “There we go, that’s what I want to hear.”

“Ah! Daddy! Fee-feels good! Feels good!” Iwaizumi cried. He used whatever strength he had to push back into Oikawa’s thrusts. He moaned when the brunet slapped him repeatedly.

At Iwaizumi’s side, Hanamaki finally made a noise. A loud gasp followed by a whine. His abdomen was covered in cum and Matsukawa slowed his pace so he wouldn’t hurt the other with oversensitivity.

‘God, we better hurry,’ Iwaizumi thought.

Oikawa read his mind perfectly, and he leaned over Iwaizumi, sandwiching him between the mattress and Oikawa’s sweaty body. He pistoned into Iwaizumi, holding him by the neck to keep his face out of the sheets.

Now that his prostate was being abused and his cock was rubbing against the sheets, Iwaizumi was hanging on the edge. So close. So fucking close.

“Daddy, Daddy, shit! I’m close! I’m close! Keep going, keep fucking me!”

Oikawa growled. He bit Iwaizumi’s nape, burying his teeth until he broke the skin. Iwaizumi felt Oikawa’s tongue lapping up the blood leaking from his fresh wound and that was enough to make him cum, covering his body and the bed in his cum.

Good thing, too, because not even seconds after Iwaizumi came, Hanamaki yelped and came for the second time.

The two tops slowed their pace. Neither was in a rush to finish themselves off and Oikawa came after Matsukawa, filling Iwaizumi with his cum. Everything calmed down after that; Matsukawa pulled out of Hanamaki while Oikawa and Iwaizumi cockwarmed until Matsukawa returned with water bottles and wet rags.

Both Iwaizumi and Hanamaki nestled into the pillows, drained completely of their energy. Hanamaki was already asleep while Iwaizumi hazily stared at Oikawa, who sat at the edge of the bed, gulping down his water.

“Say it,” the brunet said with a smirk.

Matsukawa sighed. He grumbled quietly.

Oikawa, ever the jerk, held up his hand. “Uh? I couldn’t quite hear you.”

“You suck so much,” Matsukawa sighed, “you’re the best at sex.”

“Damn right I am.”

Chapter Text

Anyone who shared a class with Iwaizumi and Oikawa could tell you two things about the two: they hated one another, and the sexual tension between them was intense.

Iwaizumi and Oikawa have been butting heads since day one. Iwaizumi thought Oikawa was self-centered, too flirtatious for his own good, and the most annoying person on the planet; and Oikawa thought Iwaizumi was a brute, didn’t think things through, and aggressive. They argued every chance they got, and their classmates got used to it, and they’ve all noticed that the more the two men argue, the thicker the sexual tension gets.

“You two would make amazing hate sex,” Iwaizumi’s friend Matsukawa said one afternoon when Iwaizumi showed up to their apartment just to complain about the brunet, “like, sweaty, brutal hate sex.”

To that, Iwaizumi stole all of Matsukawa’s oranges - their favorite fruits - just to be petty. Unbeknownst to Iwaizumi, Oikawa has had the exact same conversation with his friend Hanamaki on multiple occasions, and, unlike Iwaizumi, Oikawa can’t help but agree.

“I would destroy him,” Oikawa told Hanamaki one morning when the two were walking to campus, “fuck that tiny, tiny brain right out of his skull.” Hanamaki had hummed and nodded his head in agreement. “Not that I’m ever gonna.”


No one could forget the deafening silence that filled the classroom when the teacher assigned Iwaizumi and Oikawa to work on a project together. Both men had looked absolutely mortified with the announcement. For the first time in months, they were both quiet throughout the entire class.

The two hung back until the classroom was empty (neither noticed at least half the class peaking through the windows) before approaching one another.

Through gritted teeth, Oikawa held out his phone. “Here. Put your number in.”

One of Iwaizumi’s eyes was twitching. “How about we rent a private room in the library, and just finish the project in one day?”

“I’m surprised your projects turn out so well with a strategy like that, Iwa-chan - “ Iwaizumi clenched his fists at the nickname Oikawa gave him for the sole purpose of annoying him, “I may dislike your presence, but I’m not going to risk my perfect grades just to get away from you.”

“How mature,” Iwaizumi hissed. He snatched Oikawa’s phone and pressed his number with just a little too much force. “Delete that when this stupid project is over.”


Distracted by their anger, Iwaizumi and Oikawa only now realized how close they were. Oikawa was towering over the shorter male as Iwaizumi stared up at him with a sneer. When they realized their position, they both dropped their attention to each other’s parted lips.

Iwaizumi was the first one to walk away, cheek a dusty pink and jaw clenched.


Iwaizumi H.: I rented a private room in the library so we can go over our notes. 4 PM. If you’re ten minutes late, I’ll lock the door and won’t let you in no matter how much you beg.

Oikawa: I don’t beg.

Iwaizumi H.: Whatever.


The first thirty minutes of going over notes were tense but civil. Neither would say it aloud, but they had amazing notes. Oikawa liked how Iwaizumi printed out pages from the textbooks with his own little notes, as well as the way his other notes matched the professor’s words almost perfectly; and Iwaizumi appreciated how organized Oikawa’s handwriting was, and how he color-coded.

The argument started when they tried to figure out who would be in charge of editing the presentation. Iwaizumi didn’t trust Oikawa to make the slides modest or not condescending, and Oikawa didn’t trust Iwaizumi to catch all spelling mistakes (he had read one of Iwaizumi’s essays and couldn’t help but notice the couple spelling mistakes).

“It’d be more embarrassing to have spelling mistakes than some flashy slides!” Oikawa argued. “Are you worried that people will realize I’m far more presentable than you?!”

Iwaizumi grabbed the collar of Oikawa’s shirt and pulled him over the table. “Unlike you, I don’t want people thinking I’m a douchebag with a pretty face!”

“Oh, so you think I’m pretty?” Oikawa teased with a smirk that made Iwaizumi’s head and dick throb. God damn, Oikawa and his brilliant good looks. “How bold of you, Iwa-chan.”

Iwaizumi pulled Oikawa even closer, forcing the brunette to support himself on his arms alone. “Will you ever shut the fuck up?!”

“Fucking make me!”

The dam broke. Oikawa flung himself over the table, throwing Iwaizumi against the wall as they made out aggressively. It was hardly kissing - more biting and trying to seize the lead. Iwaizumi, to his surprise, was losing big time.

Oikawa held Iwaizumi’s hips in a deathlock while he ruined Oikawa’s soft, soft brown hair with his hands. Oikawa groaned into Iwaizumi’s mouth when he pulled their hips together, rolling his hips to get friction.

Separating for air, Iwaizumi snarled between heavy breaths, “You’re still the most annoying person I’ve ever met in my life.”

“Someone really needs to shut you up,” Oikawa growled. He moved his hands up to Iwaizumi’s shoulders. With strength that Iwaizumi didn’t know he had, Oikawa slammed Iwaizumi down onto his knees.

“If you think I’m gonna suck your dick, you’re more of an idiot than I expected.”

“Oh, please,” Oikawa laughed, “brats like you love a good cock down their throat.”

For the second time that day, Iwaizumi was speechless. He didn’t expect such dominance from Oikawa. The man looked like a top - how could he not? He was captain of the volleyball team - but his whiny voice and tendency to pout made Iwaizumi assume Oikawa was used to being on the bottom.

Even worse, Oikawa was right. Iwaizumi wouldn’t go as far as to call himself a slut, but when he got in the mood, he was quite the submissive man. It wasn’t something he would ever admit, much less to Oikawa, but he couldn’t ignore how hard he was in his pants.

“Fuck you,” Iwaizumi snapped. He took the zipper of Oikawa’s pants between his teeth and pulled it down, then he used his tongue to pop the button. Oikawa pulled his pants down himself but left Iwaizumi to remove his boxers.

Iwaizumi glared up at Oikawa as he ripped his boxers off. His angered expression turned shocked when Oikawa’s cock slapped him in the face. Oikawa was . . . well . . . he was hung. Just above average in girth but so very long.

Suddenly, Iwaizumi felt a smack on his face. He hadn’t realized he was staring, and Oikawa decided the best way to pull him into reality was slapping him in the face with his dick .

“I will bite your dick off.”

“Then how will I fuck you?”

Blushing furiously, Iwaizumi snarled, “If anyone is doing the fucking, it’s me.”

A lie. Despite what girls and some boys thought, Iwaizumi was anything but packing. Once again, something he would never tell Oikawa. Fake it till you make it (more specifically: pretend your dick isn’t four inches for as long as you can).

Oikawa raised an eyebrow. “We’ll see about that. Open your mouth, I’m gonna fuck your throat.”

“Excuse m-MFPH!” Iwaizumi gasped around Oikawa’s cock. The brunette ran his fingers through Iwaizumi’s hair before holding the locks tightly. He rolled his hips shallowly until Iwaizumi’s face was pressed against his groin.

The shorter male was breathing through his nose, eyes watering, and throat clenching around Oikawa’s length. Oikawa gave Iwaizumi only a few seconds before he started thrusting in and out of his mouth, creating a wet squelching sound that would be disgusting in any other context.

‘Shit, it feels so good,’ Iwaizumi thought bitterly. His hands snapped up to hold Oikawa’s thighs, burying his nails into the thick muscles. His eyebrow twitched a bit when he realized how hard he was. ‘I need to touch myself. Fuck, if I take my pants off . . . ‘

Iwaizumi came back to his senses when he choked on the cum filling his throat. He coughed around Oikawa’s cock, spluttering and coughing when the brunette slipped his member out of his mouth.

The second Iwaizumi gulped down the slightly bitter liquid, he gasped, “Fuck you.”

“Oh, please.” Oikawa rolled his eyes, stroking Iwaizumi’s cheek. The touch was so tender that Iwaizumi couldn’t stop himself from leaning into it. The tenderness didn’t last long, and before Iwaizumi knew it, he was smacked across the face

Iwaizumi was too ashamed of the moan he made to care about the blow. 

Oikawa smirked. “Stand up.”

Chewing the inside of his cheek, Iwaizumi stood up. The second he was balanced, Oikawa grabbed him by the thighs and hoisted him up. Iwaizumi gasped and wrapped his legs around Oikawa’s hips.

Oikawa kicked off his pants and boxers before walking towards the table. He slammed Iwaizumi down onto the table. “Fuck you,” Iwaizumi snarled, ignoring the pain in his ass in favor of biting harshly into Oikawa’s neck. 

He watched as Oikawa removed his shirt, revealing the toned product of Oikawa’s volleyball career, and Iwaizumi followed.

The shorter male hissed between his teeth when Oikawa popped the button of his jeans, and his hands got sweaty when the brunette pulled down the zipper. Just before Oikawa could start pulling his pants and briefs off, Iwaizumi grabbed his wrists.

Oikawa snapped his attention up, eyebrows raised.

“Do-don’t laugh at me.”

There was a pregnant pause. Then Oikawa tore Iwaizumi’s bottoms off, dropping them onto the floor. Iwaizumi squirmed. He felt like a tiny animal being stalked by a hawk underneath Oikawa’s gaze.

A long, pale finger moved up his cock, coming to the tip fairly fast. “M’not gonna laugh,” Oikawa chuckled, moving his hand away from Iwaizumi’s cock so he could press his fingers against his lips, “get my fingers wet.”

Wordlessly, Iwaizumi parted his lips, welcoming Oikawa shoving three of his fingers into his mouth. He sucked and licked between the digits, holding eye contact with Oikawa as he covered his fingers in saliva, and it was doing wonders of the taller man.

“Shit.” Oikawa pumped his fingers in and out of Iwaizumi’s mouth. “How many cocks have you taken in this dirty mouth?” 

Iwaizumi pulled off Oikawa’s fingers with a pop and glared at the brunette. “You suck.”

“But you swallow.”

The shorter male ground his teeth. “What kind of playground comeback is that?”

Okawa shrugged. Then he pushed Iwaizumi down onto his back, slamming his hands down at each side of Iwaizumi’s head. He hovered over the shocked male with a devious smirk.

Oikawa raised his hand. His fingers were miraculously still dripping with saliva. Iwaizumi didn’t have much time to stare at the shiny digits, because they moved down to Iwaizumi’s hole.

Iwaizumi squirmed around as Oikawa teased him. “Hurry the fuck u-aaah!” His back arched off the table as Oikawa finger-fucked with, going straight in with three fingers. It burned, but it felt so, so good. What can he say? He’s a masochist.

The brunette truly had the fingers of a setter. Long, flexible, and skilled. He spread Iwaizumi open naturally, finding his most sensitive spots with ease, and when his fingertips brushed Iwaizumi’s prostate, he stroked it in quick circles.

“I’m-I’m gonna - gonna cum!” Iwaizumi yelped. He spread his legs a bit more, driving Oikawa’s fingers hard onto his prostate, which was the final blow. Streaks of white painted Iwaizumi’s clenching abdomen.

If you told Iwaizumi that morning that he would willingly let Oikawa Tooru finger him to orgasm, he would’ve punched you in the face, but here he was, lying on a library table, panting heavily, mind already fuzzy from the intensity of his orgasm.

Once again, Iwaizumi came back into reality thanks to Oikawa’s cock. The thick head pushed through his hold with a little bit of resistance, but the second it slipped inside, Oikawa could slide inside Iwaizumi with relative ease.

God, he was so long. Tears brimmed in the corners of Iwaizumi’s eyes as he gripped for something. He heard paper crinkling underneath his grasp, but his mind was too muddled from the cock filling him up. Every time he thought Oikawa was done, he would just push in more.

By the time Oikawa was balls deep into him, Iwaizumi was gasping with tears rolling down his face. There was a bulge in his stomach from the sheer length of the cock filling him, and Oikawa gave him no time to adjust to it.

Iwaizumi couldn’t remember the last time he screamed during sex. He wasn’t a screamer, he really wasn’t. A moaner at best, and a gasper at worst. The last person who made Iwaizumi feel half as good as Oikawa was right now, was a teammate from high school - Kyoutani.

Half as good , may I remind you.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Ffff-fucking-fuck!” Iwaizumi screamed. His legs were wrapped around Oikawa’s hips as the taller man pounded into him, moving so hard that Iwaizumi was moving back and forth on the table. His nails dug into pale skin, moving down and covering Oikawa’s broad back in red marks. “Shit, Oikawa, don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

Either Oikawa was usually this quiet during sex, or he was completely lost in pleasure. Iwaizumi assumed it was the ladder because the brunette was pushing Iwaizumi into a mating press, pressing him against the table as much as he could.

Iwaizumi’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, mouth falling open and tongue lolling out. The room was filled with the slapping of their skin and Iwaizumi’s screams. Thank god the room was soundproof.

Suddenly, Oikawa pushed himself up, staring at Iwaizumi as he picked up the pace. Iwaizumi sobbed out, back arching and hips instinctively moving down to chase his impending orgasm.

“Fuck,” Oikawa spoke for the first time in fifteen minutes, “I’m gonna cum. Should I pull - “

“Cum inside!” Iwaizumi yelped. “Shit! Cum inside, I don’t care!”

Oikawa sat up as best as he could, grabbing Iwaizumi by the hips so he could slam him onto his cock, body shaking as he filled Iwaizumi with cum. With a gasp, Iwaizumi came so hard some of the white liquid hit his chin.

After a couple of minutes, Oikawa pulled his soft cock out of Iwaizumi, instantly covering the table in his cum. Iwaizumi’s eyes were closed as he tried to get his senses back. Once he had some sense, Iwaizumi released the paper in his hands, which he had torn.

“You ruined our fucking notes.”

Oikawa blinked, eyes wide, then narrowed them with a frown.

Iwaizumi gasped as he was flipped onto his stomach, legs hanging from the table with two hands spreading him open. Oikawa slammed back into him. “Ruined the notes?” Oikawa laughed. “By the time I’m finished with you, you won’t care about some notes.”

They didn’t finish the project in one day. Or in two days. Or in three. 

For the first time in years, Iwaizumi Hajime and Oikawa Tooru finished a project at the last minute.

Chapter Text

It happened thanks to PornHub because of course, it did.

Oikawa was home alone at the apartment and would be for the next seven days because Iwaizumi was with the National Team for a training camp. At the time, they had already called each other, finishing the call off with phone sex, and Oikawa planned on going to bed.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a comfortable position, especially since Iwaizumi wasn’t at his side, either holding Oikawa or being held by the brunette. After trying for thirty minutes, Oikawa pulled out his phone to find a distraction.

Twitter wasn’t doing much for him, and Instagram was drier than the Sahara. Bored, Oikawa pulled up his Incognito tab and started searching PornHub for something to watch.

A few minutes of scrolling later, Oikawa noticed something new. He typically stuck with his recommended section since everything else was heterosexual porn, and Oikawa may be bisexual, but once you’ve spent years with the beauty that is Iwaizumi Hajime as your lover, your preferences change a bit.

This new video caught Oikawa’s attention because the two men looked very similar to him and Iwaizumi, and the man who looked like Iwaizumi was sitting on the face of the man who looked like Oikawa, his face scrunched up in pleasure with a thick layer of sweat.

Like most PornHub videos, the title was in all caps and absolutely shameless: DADDY ASKS ME TO RIDE HIS FACE AND I CUM THREE TIMES!

‘Three times?’ Oikawa thought, unconvinced, eyebrows raised in suspicion. Maybe Oikawa wasn’t one to judge - hell, he made Iwaizumi cum four times three days ago with just his fingers, but there was a difference between four fingers and a tongue.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Oikawa hummed, “but satisfaction brought it back.” 

He clicked the video and instantly had to turn the volume down. The video started with no foreplay or shitty roleplay (Oikawa appreciated that); it went right out the gate with the bottom sitting in the top’s lap, his back facing towards the camera to show the fingers moving in and out of his hole.

The bottom was whimpering and moaning - Oikawa distantly thought about Iwaizumi and his orgasmic noises - while the top grunted every time the bottom rutted against him.

“Fuck,” the top cursed - ah-ha! A difference between him and Oikawa: his voice was much, much deeper than Oikawa’s own - “I want you to sit on my face.”

Once again, the bottom whimpered, then he sniffled when the top pulled his fingers out. “M’kay, Daddy.” (The difference between this man and Iwaizumi was the same as Oikawa’s difference with the top: the bottom’s voice was way too high).

Oikawa was officially invested. He turned onto his back, holding the phone above his head as he kicked the blankets off. He watched as the top lied down, grabbing the bottom by the thighs and effortlessly pulling the smaller man above his face (Oikawa would have to put a little more effort into hauling Iwaizumi around like that).

The bottom supported himself on the top’s collarbones, inhaled softly, then sat down on the top’s face. Within seconds, the bottom was moaning to the heavens, lightly bouncing on the top’s face as the larger man loudly sucked and slurped at his lover’s hole.

The sound - all-in-all - should’ve been disgusting, but it just made Oikawa’s cock twitch in interest. No longer able to brush this off as curiosity, Oikawa pulled his boxers down and started jerking off.

It wasn’t hard to imagine himself and Iwaizumi; it wasn’t hard to imagine Iwaizumi on top, face twisted in pleasure as he moaned, whispering, “Daddy, Daddy, feels good - so good”; it wasn’t hard to imagine Oikawa lying on the bed, arms wrapped around Iwaizumi’s thighs as he pleasured his fiance with nothing but his tongue.

Oikawa finished the video standing corrected, satisfied, with a new video in his favorites, and a planted seed in his mind.

Oikawa was obsessed.

If you looked at his PornHub watch history for the week, you would be bombarded by facesitting videos. The most repeated one was the first video Oikawa watched, but there were plenty of repeated videos just as dirty as it.

Oikawa watched these videos whenever he got the chance. In the morning when he woke up with morning wood, when he got home all pent up but without his fiance to take it out on, after dinner, when he lounged around on the couch or the balcony, and then a couple more times after his FaceTimes with Iwaizumi.

It wasn’t that Iwaizumi wasn’t doing it for him anymore - that could never be possible - it’s just that phone sex didn’t hit as hard as the real thing.

It was kind of funny. Oikawa had been with Iwaizumi since middle school, and after the initial awkward first times and kink discovery, the couple experimented in nearly every kink and sex position on the list.

Ten years of having sex and they never once tried facesitting? Blasphemous.

Oikawa had plans, though, and he’d either effortlessly execute these plans, or die trying.

“Hah, ah - mf! Daddy - fuck - Daddy.” Iwaizumi was panting, hips bucking as Oikawa ate him out. Iwaizumi’s thick thighs framed Oikawa’s head, practically earmuffs from how hard he was squeezing. Oikawa was lying flat on his stomach so he could rut against the sheets. “God, Tooru, you drive me crazy.”

Tooru slowly pulled away from his finance with a smile. “I could say the same to you, Hajime.” He peppered Iwaizumi’s thighs in kisses before moving up the shorter man’s body. Once he was at his nipples, Oikawa wrapped his lips around one, earning a loud keen from Iwaizumi. “So sensitive.”

Iwaizumi ran his fingers through Oikawa’s hair. “You can’t be satisfied with humping the bed,” he laughed breathlessly, “Want me to suck your cock?”

“Tempting, but I want to try something new.”

Oikawa pushed himself up so he could see Iwaizumi’s confused expression. “People don’t typically introduce new kinks during reunion sex.”

“Less of a kink, more of a sex position.”

Before Iwaizumi could comment, Oikawa flipped them over. With a bit of effort, Oikawa moved Iwaizumi up so his fiance was framing his head with his knees. Iwaizumi looked surprised with the sudden change and new position.

“Sit on my face, Princess.”

Iwaizumi openly shivered, chewing his lip to quiet down his moan. “Shit. Are you sure, Daddy? Aren’t I too heavy?”

“Hajime, I’m going to be completely honest with you, dying by suffocation from you sitting on my face is literally the best way I could die.”

Iwaizumi turned bright red. “I would make up something. Imagine me telling your mom that you died because you wanted me to sit on your face.”

“If she were truly related to me, she would be proud.”

“If I sit on your face, will you shut up?”

Oikawa nodded eagerly. Iwaizumi looked over his shoulder, looking Oikawa’s body up and down, eyes staying focused on his hard and dripping cock. There’s no way some friction from the bed did that .

“How-how do I do this?”

“Turn around, support yourself on my collarbones or my chest.”

Iwaizumi nodded. He did as Oikawa said, feeling embarrassment he hasn’t felt in years. They’d done plenty of shameful things in the past, and compared to those things, this was tame, but Iwaizumi never once considered sitting on Oikawa’s face.

“So-so I just . . . sit?”

“Mhm,” Oikawa confirmed. He placed a kiss right above Iwaizumi’s hole then grabbed the shorter man by the hips, slowly easing him down onto his face. 

Iwaizumi swallowed a lump in his throat. While he was filled with nerves, Oikawa was living the best life. His nose rested just above Iwaizumi’s hole, his lips directly on the pink rim, and even though he knew Iwaizumi was nervous, when Oikawa wrapped his hand around Iwaizmi’s small cock, it was soaked with precum.

Thinking about the video that had started all this, Oikawa started sucking and teasing Iwaizumi’s rim; that was the correct move because high-pitched moans and keens filled the bedroom. Iwaizumi’s back arched as he pushed down onto Oikawa’s tongue in an attempt to be penetrated.

He yelped when Oikawa’s palm slammed down onto his thigh. “Daddy,” he whined, holding himself up on one hand so he could rub the stinging flesh.

“Patience, Princess,” Oikawa hummed, sending shockwaves of pleasure through Iwaizumi’s body. Satisfied with the reaction, Oikawa resumed rimming his fiance. He relished in Iwaizmi’s feminine noises and the way he was lightly grinding down on his face as if he were riding his cock.

After licking Iwaizumi’s hole in an up and down motion for a few minutes, Oikawa finally slipped his tongue into Iwaizumi’s hole. The man above sighed happily. To show his gratitude, Iwaizumi wrapped his hand around Oikawa’s neglected cock. It was only fair since Oikawa was eating him out and jerking him off.

Oikawa groaned happily and bucked his hips up. Due to the elevation, Iwaizumi’s entire weight was pushed down onto Oikawa. The shorter man scrambled to sit up, sputtering apologies.

“Sorry, sorry. Are you okay? Shit, this was a bad idea.” Iwaizumi wasn’t red from pleasure anymore. He started crawling off of Oikawa’s face but was quickly pulled back. “Tooru, please, just let me suck you o-aaaah!”

Oikawa had slipped two fingers into Iwaizumi, spreading his hole open so he could shove his tongue in deeper. He licked Iwaizumi’s walls, slurping and sucking as if his life depended on it. Iwaizumi was louder than before.

Both their bodies were drenched in sweat as Iwaizumi jerked Oikawa off and lightly bounced on his face. 

The brunette knew that this wasn’t the most intense thing they’ve ever done - they fuck on their balcony at least once a week - and it was definitely easier to fuck Iwaizumi than to eat him out, but, fuck, the pressure of Iwaizumi’s ass against his face, the way he could easily hold his lover’s cock, listening to him whimper and moan.

If they never did this again, Oikawa might’ve died.

“To-tooru! Daddy! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” Iwaizumi whimpered, trying not to fuck Iwaizumi’s fist - he knew ruining the rhythm would end in a merciless punishment. Thankfully, Oikawa quickened his pace, and so did he.

Iwaizumi came with a high-pitched scream and Oikawa with a muffled groan.

Both men were panting heavily as Iwaizumi rolled off of Oikawa, bouncing on the mattress slightly. Oikawa was silent.



Iwaizumi sat up and touched Oikawa’s chest. “Daddy?”

In a flash, Iwaizumi was pulled on top of Oikawa. The brunette sighed happily and played with Iwaizumi’s hair. “You’re the best, Princess.” He cupped Iwaizumi’s face so he could pepper the shorter man’s face in kisses. “You enjoyed it, too, right?”

“Mhm.” Iwaizumi tilted Oikawa’s head upwards so he could suck and nibble his neck. He ground down on Oikawa’s half-hard cock, smirking. “You’ll still fuck me, right, Daddy~?”

Smirking, Oikawa flipped their positions. “How else will I show my gratitude?”

Chapter Text

“It’d be fun,” Iwaizumi mumbled against Oikawa’s lips. He was sitting in his boyfriend’s lap, dressed in silky baby blue lingerie. “Besides, it’s not child pornography.”

It was Oikawa’s nineteenth birthday, and Iwaizumi had gone all out for it. Not only did he plan and pay for a large dinner with the team, but he also surprised Oikawa with a fairly expensive lingerie set. Now they were sitting in Oikawa’s room, the only light coming from the window, and Iwaizumi was trying to convince Oikawa to do something next level.

Iwaizumi always had a thing for being recorded. He loved opening his eyes and seeing a phone held in front of him, capturing every detail of him being wrecked, and the thought of someone else seeing it - seeing him, seeing Oikawa - made his cock twitch. Now that they were both nineteen, Iwaizumi finally told Oikawa about his biggest fantasy: making and posting a sex tape.

“If you’re worried about people we know finding it, I'll be careful, and if we mess up a take . . . well, it’s not like we were going to stop at one round in the first place.”

Oikawa hummed as he kissed down Iwaizumi’s neck all the way to his collarbones. His hands were cupping Iwaizumi’s ass, which was covered by a pair of blue silk panties, and squeezed.

Iwaizumi shook his ass with a smirk. “C’mon, Daddy, don’t you want people to see how good I look bouncing on your cock? How loud you make me scream when fucking me, filling me with your long cock?” As he spoke, Iwaizumi moved down Oikawa’s body until he was breathing hotly against his erection. “I’ll even let you cum inside.”

“We have practice tomorrow,” Oikawa argued. It didn’t matter, Iwaizumi knew he had Oikawa wrapped around his finger. Had had since day one. “And what if you change your mind after we’ve posted it?”

Shrugging, Iwaizumi pulled Oikawa’s underwear completely off, throwing them onto the floor. “I probably won’t, and if I do, I’ll deal with the consequences of my actions.” With a smirk, Iwaizumi held Oikawa’s cock by the base and licked up to the tip.

Once he had his lips wrapped around the tip, he slackened his jaw and took Oikawa’s long cock down his throat. He hallowed his cheeks once it was completely in his mouth, watching through his eyelashes as Oikawa tossed his head back with a moan.

Iwaizumi continued to suck and deepthroat Oikawa’s cock, filling his mouth with precum and leaving his boyfriend a moaning mess. He held Oikawa’s balls in one hand and started playing with them. Oikawa groaned, bucking his hips up.

Oikawa’s parents were cool. The second Oikawa turned eighteen, they announced that would no longer be monitoring their sex life. In fact, his mom was pretty shameless about all of it, and because of that, the house was empty, leaving the couple to be as loud as they wanted.

Popping off of Oikawa’s cock, Iwaizumi sat up to give the final blow. He turned around, lying down onto his chest so his ass was high up into the air, then he pulled the panties down to his knees, showing off his wet hole, clenching around a thick vibrator.

“Fuck,” Oikawa cursed. He slapped Iwaizumi’s ass. “Fucking slut.”

“I wanted to be ready for you, Daddy.”

Oikawa pulled Iwaizumi close by his ass, fondling the plump muscle. “When did you put this in? Way too thick for you to have put in while changing.”

“I put it in before dinner.” Iwaizumi gasped, whimpering and moaning as Oikawa started playing with the vibrator. “As I said, I wanted to be ready for you. It was so hard to not make noise, I wanted to sit in your lap and ride your thigh, or take you into the bathroom to suck your cock.”

Now that Iwaizumi was closer, Oikawa could easily repeatedly spank his boyfriend. The clapping of his hand meeting Iwaizumi’s ass was nearly as loud as the moans and yelps Iwaizumi was making.

“Fucking shit, you win, Princess,” Oikawa sighed. He leaned down to grab his phone, falling down onto the bed so he flat on his back. He played with the vibrator for a few more seconds before slowly taking it out. It wasn’t the longest, but it was thick enough to leave Iwaizumi gaping. “Go on, ride me.”

Excitedly, Iwaizumi kicked his panties off completely. He got comfortable, both knees framing Oikawa’s thighs, and slowly rubbed Oikawa's cock. He waited for Oikawa to pat his thigh, a silent way of saying, “I’m recording.”

Without hesitation, Iwaizumi slammed down on Oikawa’s cock. The couple moaned in unison, noises growing in volume as Iwaizumi bounced on Oikawa’s cock. The flash of Oikawa’s phone was the only thing allowing Iwaizumi to appreciate his boyfriend’s legs.

They were so long and sturdy, and those thighs. Countless times in the past, Iwaizumi had fantasized about cumming just on Oikawa’s thigh, and he’s done it a lot more than you’d expect. Hell, the most recent time was just last week! The two had come home from a long and brutal practice, and once they both finished showering, Iwaizumi used Oikawa’s thigh as his seat. All while he used Oikawa’s thigh like a toy, the brunette fingered Iwaizumi slowly.

Just thinking about it made Iwaizumi clench around Oikawa’s cock.

Oikawa slapped Iwaizumi’s ass.

The ace yelped then moaned. “Again, Daddy!” His voice was already high-pitched. Usually, it took a lot to get Iwaizumi’s deep voice pitched up; this was just a testament to how much he loved being recorded.

Oikawa gave in to Iwaizumi’s plea and slapped his ass until it was burning, stinging red.

“Such a slut,” Oikawa groaned. His voice was deeper than usual and it brought a whimper from Iwaizumi. “My slut.” He slapped Iwaizumi’s ass one last time before holding the ace’s hip. He pulled Iwaizumi down onto his cock. “So pretty on my cock, so very pretty.”

With a whimper, Iwaizumi begged, “Daddy, fuck me. Please fuck me.”

Within seconds, Iwaizumi was flipped onto his back, one of his legs swung over Oikawa’s shoulder as the setter fucked him at a fast pace. High-pitched moans, low groans, and the sound of skin slapping filled the room, all while Oikawa held his phone above Iwaizumi, capturing everything but his face.

Iwaizumi gripped the bedsheets since he couldn’t hold Oikawa unless he wanted his face in the video. He watched Oikawa angle the camera just right so it was capturing his long cock going in and out of Iwaizumi’s hole. He clenched in response, which earned him a hard slap on the thigh.

“Daddy! Daddy, can I cum? Can I cum, Daddy?”

Oikawa nodded, using his free hand to caress Iwaizumi’s cheek. The affectionate gesture - oddly enough - was the last push Iwaizumi needed, and he moaned, hips bucking off the bed as he covered his stomach in cum.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Oikawa grunted, picking up his pace, “can I cum inside?”

“Yes!” Iwaizmi yelped, both from pleasure and overstimulation.

With a loud moan, Oikawa buried himself inside Iwaizumi and came. Once he finished, he slowly pulled out and showed the camera Iwaizumi’s hole, which was now leaking cum.

The camera now turned off, Oikawa tossed his phone aside so he could flip Iwaizmi’s onto his stomach. He lifted the ace’s hips and started eating him out.

“Ah! Daddy!”


Four rounds of birthday sex, a blowjob in the shower, and some dry humping later, and Oikawa was lying in the bed while Iwaizumi posted the video. He had changed out of the lingerie into one of Oikawa’s many hoodies and some cotton panties (it was the only thing keeping Oikawa from complaining about Iwaizumi changing).

“Are you done yet?” Oikawa asked with a yawn. He sat up and pulled Iwaizumi onto his lap, setting his chin on his boyfriend’s head so he could watch the posting process. “Are you sure you’re okay with us posting this?”

Iwaizumi smiled. “Of course I am.”

Silence lingered. Iwaizumi had finished the important parts, and now all that was left was naming the video.

“If you make it long and all capitalized, I’m gonna be very disappointed in you.” Iwaizumi ignored Oikawa in favor of typing in the title. Oikawa squinted then smirked. “You’re so smart, Hajime.”

Happy Birthday, Daddy - Posted 7/20.

The next morning, Oikawa woke up Iwaizumi between his legs, mouth filled with cock. The brunette moaned in approval, petting Iwaizumi’s hair with one hand while reaching for his phone with the other. Iwaizumi, unbothered, continued to suck and bob his head.

Oikawa skipped through social media notifications. He responded to some late birthday texts from family members and told Iwaizumi that his parents would be back in four hours. 

Iwaizumi hummed before deepthroating Oikawa.

Finally, Oikawa checked the Seijoh group chat, which he had put on silent just in case they started texting during his and Iwaizumi’s “night activities”.

The hand in Iwaizumi’s hair tightened. With a tug, Iwaizumi popped off of Oikawa’s cock, two lines of saliva hanging between his swollen lips and the flushed head of his cock.


Wordlessly, Oikawa showed Iwaizumi the group chat.

Makki: We’re bros, right?

Yahaba: I’d like to think so
Yahaba: Why?

Makki: https://porn.hub/happy-birthday-daddy

Mad Dog: What the fuck is wrong with you?

Makki: Bros share the awesome porn they found

Watari: Debatable
Watari: Are we supposed to watch this?

Mattsun: It’s some good porn

Kindaichi (my favorite child): How do you know?

Makki: We watched it together

Mad Dog: Gross
Made Dog: If we watch it, will you shut up?

Makki: Sure


Yahaba: Wow

Watari: Okay

Kindaichi (my favorite child): That was . . . that was actually pretty good

Mad Dog: I hate it when any of you are right, but that was awesome

Makki: Right? RIGHT?

Mattsun: What’s the happy couple doing right now?

Makki: Probably fucking

Oikawa looked at Iwaizumi. He was surprised to see that his boyfriend was unbothered. 

“Aren’t you worried about this?” Oikawa yelped. He set his phone down and waved his hands around. “It’s one thing for strangers to see it, but our teammates?! Our underclassmen, Hajime! Oh, god, they probably touched themselves to it! They know what your moans sound like . . . they know what my moans sound like! What if they find out it’s u-Ah!”

Iwaizumi was back on Oikawa’s cock. His throat clenched around it while he massaged Oikawa’s balls. Oikawa sighed. He flopped back onto the bed, running his fingers through Iwaizumi’s hair. No point in ruining a perfectly good blowjob.

After some sucking, Iwaizumi slowly pulled off. “They don’t need to know,” he said with a smirk. He kissed the tip then crawled over Oikawa’s body. “Let me take your mind off it, okay, Daddy?”

“You’re a minx, you know that, right?”

Iwaizumi hummed. He rolled the two of them over and spread his legs. “You’ve never complained about it.”

Three days later, and the team won’t shut up about the video.

Every time the team was changing, they would talk about the video, Hanamaki, and Matsukawa leading the shameless conversation. Kindaichi had the decency to keep his mouth shut. The same could not be said for everyone else.

Kunimi, resident aroace, left whenever he got the chance, Kindaichi usually tailing behind him. Yahaba tried to play responsible but gave up within the first day. Kyoutani and Watari barely gave their input, but they never stopped the conversation.

“Hey, Iwa, Oikawa,” Hanamaki said, cutting himself off, “did you two watch the video?”

Oikawa shot a look at Iwaizumi. ‘We are the video.’

“No, we didn’t.”

Matsukawa tilted their head. “Why not? It’s totally your guys’ type of porn.”

Iwaizumi glared. “How do you know what kind of porn we like?”


Yahaba shrugged. “It really is a good video. Something for everyone to like.”

Hanamaki nodded in agreement. “The riding! The bottom makes it look so easy.”

‘It took a lot of practice,’ Iwaizumi thought, eyes moving down to Oikawa’s crotch, where the outline of his unfairly long cock could be seen.

“I like the spanking. It probably hurt like a bitch,” Matsukawa chimed in.

‘I hit him so hard my hand was stinging.’ Oikawa stared at Iwaizumi’s ass, thinking about the various red handprints covered by his briefs.

Kyoutani grumbled with pink cheeks, “I like that there’s a daddy kink in it.”

‘Best thing he’s ever called me.’

“I liked the lingerie, it looked expensive.”

‘It is . . . worth it, though.’

Hanamaki threw his arms around the couple, pulling them close. “See? Just give it a watch, I’m sure you guys will like it.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “You could watch it together.”

Iwaizumi shoved Hanamaki away with a bright red face. Oikawa shrugged the shorter’s arm off with a shake of his head. Hanamaki chuckled and walked away, keeping up the conversation.

At his side, Iwaizumi pulled at his briefs. Quickly, Oikawa noticed the slight stain of precum.



Oikawa looked around the locker room before he pulled Iwaizumi to stand in front of him. “You like this, don’t you?”

“Li-like what?”

“The team talking about the video. Talking about their favorite parts and how good it is, how they got off to it.” Oikawa smirked against Iwaizumi’s neck. “You’re so disgusting, Princess.”

“Hey,” Hanamaki hollered, “what are you two talking about?”

Neither one of them responded. Instead, they were having a staring contest, trying to see who would drop it or make something out of this bizarre situation.

Iwaizumi was the first to crack. “Yeah, I like it.”

Without warning, Oikawa bit into Iwaizumi’s shoulder. Hard.

The bite was all it took to create one of Iwaizumi’s feminine moans.

Silence fell over the locker room. Disgust from the team turned into realization, which quickly turned into shock.

“Wait!” Hanamaki screamed.

“Holy shit!”

Kyoutani turned around so fast he slammed his face into his locker. Yahaba looked absolutely mortified, and Watari was hiding in his shirt.

“Oh, my God!” Hanamaki was still freaking out. “You - you two - the video - that’s you - we got off to that!

Oikawa rubbed the bite mark on Iwaizumi’s shoulder. “How were we supposed to know you would find it?”

Yahaba buried his face into his hands. “I can’t believe we’ve been talking about your sex tape.”

“If it’s any consolation, Hajime is quite flattered.”

Iwaizumi was too busy trying not to grind back onto Oikawa’s half-hard cock to care about the stares the team was giving him. Oikawa dropped his hands down so he could grope Iwaizumi’s ass.

The rest of the team watched, paralyzed, as Oikawa slapped Iwaizumi’s ass, once again filling the room with the ace’s moan.

“We could recreate it if you want.”

Hanamaki pinched himself. Once he was sure he wasn’t dreaming, he hesitantly sat down on the bench. Matsukawa quickly followed, then Yahaba, and finally, Watari and Kyoutani.

Oikawa smirked. “Alright, let’s get started.”

Chapter Text





Name after name. It’s an endless cycle of rude puns of Oikawa’s name, and he usually doesn’t mind it, but he had run into Ushijima on his way to Iwaizumi’s house, so he was already on edge when he met up with his boyfriend, who couldn’t tell how pissed the setter was.

The original plan was to stay indoors watching some movies, but Iwaizumi pushed Oikawa just a little too much.

“Fucking - fuck!” Oikawa hollered, snapping his hand away from the popcorn maker. His hand was bright red from the slight burn - nothing seriously, some cold water would make the pain go down. “Shitty thing.”

Iwaizumi chortled. “How’d you manage that, Clumsykawa?” Oikawa turned his attention to Iwaizumi with a cold glare. Instantly, Iwaizumi stiffened. “Wh-what’re you looking at, Stupidkawa?”

Oikawa ignored the agitated Iwaizumi so he could run his stinging hand underneath the faucet. Once the pain was gone, Oikawa dried his hand off and grabbed Iwaizumi by the collar. The ace yelped as he was pulled from the kitchen towards his bedroom.

Slamming the door open, Oikawa pushed Iwaizumi down onto the bed. “Stay.”

Swallowing, Iwaizumi remained on the bed, slowly sitting up when the brunette walked off. He watched Oikawa go through his closet and then his drawers, and Iwaizumi went bright red when realized what clothes Oikawa grabbed.

“Why - why are you grabbing those?”

“We’re going to the mall.”

“What? Why?”

Oikawa was suddenly standing right in front of Iwaizumi. He wrapped his hand around his throat and leaned down. “Because you’re getting on my fucking nerves, and the only way to make you behave is to humiliate you.”

Iwaizumi’s knees buckled and his body turned red.



Iwaizumi’s face was on fire as he squeezed Oikawa’s arm. Oikawa wrapped his arm around Iwaizumi’s waist before dropping it down to rub just above his ass. Iwaizumi weakly glared at his boyfriend, but his expression was wiped away by the sudden vibration sent through his body.

It was one thing to be in public with a vibrator shoved up his ass, but Oikawa made it worse by having Iwaizumi wear a short black pleated skirt, black thigh-highs, and a pastel pink sweater. The second they walked into the mall, countless eyes were on Iwaizumi.

And Oikawa, the bastard, was pretending that nothing was happening; pretending as if there wasn’t the remote to a vibrator in his pocket, the same vibrator Iwaizumi’s hole was clenching around, covered by nothing but the lace panties Oikawa had him wear.

“I’m gonna go get a smoothie,” Oikawa suddenly said, walking out of Iwaizumi’s hold, “wait there.” He pointed to a wall between a clothing store and a jewelry store. When Iwaizumi turned to him with wide eyes, Oikawa smirked. “Something wrong?”


Oikawa hummed. He kissed the corner of Iwaizumi’s lips before turning him around and pushing him forward. Blushing furiously, Iwaizumi parted from his boyfriend, keeping his eyes on the ground but still feeling eyes on him.

He deserved this, didn’t he? Would it have killed him to drop those stupid nicknames? Now here he is, waiting against a wall, squirming as the vibrator inside him grows in power.

Iwaizumi chewed his inner cheek to swallow down his moans. He locked his knees in to keep them from wobbling, but he didn’t have anything to cover his extremely red face, and he worried someone would get close enough to see the small bulge underneath his skirt.

Oikawa was taking his sweet time getting that smoothie. Iwaizumi was watching from across the food court as Oikawa waited in line. His hand was inside his pocket and a few seconds after someone walked away, Iwaizumi slapped his hand over his mouth to keep from keening. The vibrator was at its highest setting and the only thing stopping Iwaizumi cumming right then was the humiliation that would follow.

It was tortuous, and it took Oikawa six more minutes to get back to Iwaizumi. By the time he was at his side, Iwaizumi was a wreck. He grabbed onto Oikawa’s shirt and pulled him close, burying his face into his neck.

“You okay, Iwa-chan?”

“Oikawa - Tooru .”

“Yes?” Iwaizumi whimpered. His hips bucked forward against Oikawa’s and the pair swallowed down their moans. “What do you think you’re doing, Princess?”

“I can’t take it,” Iwaizumi whined into Oikawa’s ear, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Tooru. Just . . . just fuck me, please. I promise I’ll behave, I promise.” He begged as quietly as he could while also being stimulated from the vibrator and the hard cock against his own.

Oikawa was quiet. Iwaizumi hoped that he would take Iwaizumi into the bathroom, maybe finger him or at least let him suck him off, but his hopes were shattered when his boyfriend pressed a hand to his forehead with a concerned expression.

“Are you okay, Iwa-chan? You’re warm.”

Iwaizumi blinked owlishly at Oikawa. “Wha-what? N-no. Tooru, please, st-stop.”

A straw was forced between his lips. Oikawa pecked his forehead. “Take a sip, sweetie.”

With teary eyes, Iwaizumi did as instructed.

“Good boy.”


“Please. Please. Please ,” Iwaizumi begged. He was standing between Oikawa and some clothing rack. Oikawa had one hand on his hip while the other pushed aside shirts. While Iwaizumi was on the verge of a meltdown, Oikawa unfazed.

They’d been to at least five stores, and at everyone, at least three people eyed the couple suspiciously, and Iwaizumi swore this one woman knew exactly what was going on.

“Iwa-chan, maybe you should sit down.”

Iwaizumi clawed at Oikawa’s shirt. He started sucking and nibbling the setter’s exposed neck, whimpering when the vibrator was turned up. “Tooru, I can’t take it anymore. I’ll do anything, I promise, just - please.”

The hand on his hip tightened. Oikawa turned his head so his lips were directly on Iwaizumi’s ear. “Do you even know what you’re asking for?”

“Yo-your fingers, or your hand, friction. I don’t know.” Iwaizumi’s knees nearly gave out from the overwhelming feeling of the barely-enough vibrations. Oikawa was the devil, so he picked the vibrator for teasing, not orgasms. “Tooru, I-I need something.”

Oikawa kissed Iwaizumi’s temple. “Red?”

Shifting around, Iwaizumi shook his head. “N-no.”

Maybe Iwaizumi should’ve lied, because Oikawa instantly turned the vibrator all the way up, tucked his hand underneath Iwaizumi’s skirt, and started stroking his cock. Right in the middle of the store.

“Th-this isn’t what I - “ Iwaizumi gasped, looking around for anyone staring at them, “To-tooru, le-let’s go to the bathroom or - “

Oikawa chuckled. “This is your punishment, Hajime. You decided to push my buttons, and I let you get away with it for way too long, so be a good bitch and cum.”

Iwaizumi threw his arms around Oikawa’s neck so he could muffle his moan into his boyfriend’s shirt. His hips bucked into Oikawa’s palm, hole clenching around the steadily lowering vibrator, and sniffled once he finished cumming.

“Now, be patient.”

“Okay, Daddy.”


“I’m sorry, Daddy.”

Chapter Text

“I’m this close - “ Iwaizumi held his pointer finger right above his thumb, barely any space between them, “to either killing him or just getting on my knees and sucking his dick.”

“Yeah, because that’s subtle,” Akaashi quipped with a smirk.

Iwaizumi glared at his cousin. “Oh, I’m sorry, how are things going with Sugawara?”

Instantly, Akaashi shut his mouth, mumbling something into his drink about how Iwaizumi was “being unfair”.

“You just have to be honest with your feelings! Have some guts!” Yamamoto cheered and punched Iwaizumi’s arm. “I would’ve never gotten with Kenma if I didn’t just tell him how I felt!”

Ennoshita nodded his head. “I admire Tobio for being so honest with me.”

The strange group of players sat on a bench, waiting for the bus to come and take Iwaizumi and Ennoshita back to Miyagi. The four originally met up just to catch up but halfway through, Yamamoto decided to bring up Oikawa, and Iwaizumi has been complaining ever since.

“Last I checked, you guys aren’t pining for or dating your childhood best friend. If I don’t figure out how he feels about me, I could ruin years of trust. I remember when Makki made out with Oikawa’s ex-girlfriend, he didn’t talk to him for two weeks .”

Akaashi snorted. “Did he miss her as a hook-up that much?”

“He’s not like that!” Iwaizumi yelled, gaining the attention of a passing group of girls. Iwaizumi blushed but held his glare. “He’s had one girlfriend, and he really liked her!” Iwaizumi remembered the countless - and painful - ramblings of Oikawa about his ex-girlfriend, and the heartbreaking effect the breakup had on him.

“Haven’t you been flirting with him for three months? If you haven’t made any progress, then maybe he’s trying to let you down easy,” Ennoshita suggested. He looked at his phone, and Iwaizumi felt a tug of jealousy when he saw the picture of Kageyama in Ennoshita’s lap.

Crossing his arms and slouching, Iwaizumi grumbled, “No, he may be a good liar, but I’ve known him for too long to be fooled. He’s just an idiot. A stupid, pretty, determined, admirable idiot and I want to kiss him and tell him I love him and suck his god damn dick.”

Akaashi grumbled, “Oh, yeah, and when I say that about Suga-san I’m a pervert, and have it bad.”

“Hey, I’m self-aware,” Iwaizumi argued, “and Sugawara obviously likes you back, you’re just a coward.”

“Get off my dick, Hajime.”

Yamamoto snorted. “This is fun, I’m glad we do this.”

“Agreed,” Ennoshita hummed, clearly amused with the cousins’ antics. The brunette stood up and slapped Iwaizumi’s shoulder. “Come on, the bus is coming and I refuse to stand the entire time.”

Giving Akaashi one last glare, Iwaizumi stood with Ennoshita, and they were soon sitting on the bus, Ennoshita texting Kageyama and Iwaizumi pouting like a child. He glared at Ennoshita’s phone screen.

“You’re doing this on purpose.”

“Doing what?”

“Showing off your happy relationship with Kageyama.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Fuck you, Ennoshita.”

Ennoshita smirked. “Can’t. Unlike you, I’m in a dedicated relationship.”

Ennoshita went home with a bruise on his arm.

“Your ass looks good in those pants.”

Hanamaki nearly slammed his locker on his head. 

Everyone looked at Iwaizumi with wide eyes, besides Oikawa, who was changing into a t-shirt. He was already wearing a pair of skin-tight jeans, which, admittedly, did make his ass look really good.

The setter snorted. “Flattery won’t make me help you with math, Iwa-chan.”

“I’m going to break you in half.”

Oikawa flashed Iwaizumi one of his stupidly attractive smiles. “Threats are even less convincing.” Iwaizumi watched with narrowed eyes as Oikawa finished changing. The setter slammed his locker shut then swung his gym bag over his shoulder. “I have to go pick up Takeru, so I’m leaving you to lock up the gym. Okay, Iwa-chan?”


Oikawa left the locker room and after a beat of silence, Matsukawa snorted. “A moment of silence for Iwaizumi.” 

“Three months. I’ve been doing this for three months, and he hasn’t noticed anything.” Iwaizumi hit his head against the lockers with an annoyed groan. “Out of all the people in my life, it had to be him.”

Yahaba squeezed Iwaizumi’s shoulder supportively then gave him an, “I’m with you, dude” look. How could Iwaizumi forget? Yahaba’s been dropping the most obvious hints for Hanamaki for ages.

“Satori gives his condolences,” Matsukawa unhelpfully announced.

“So does Tadashi,” Kyoutani gruffly added.

Iwaizumi glared at his teammates. “Yahaba is my favorite.” Kindaichi turned to Iwaizumi with a hurt look. “I didn’t mean it, Kindaichi, you know you’re the team favorite.”

Instantly, the first year perked up. “I figured. Also, I know you don’t want to hear about us and our happy relationships, but maybe you should do what Shoyo did with me.”

“And what would that be?”

“Grow a pair.”

Hanamaki laughed. “You’re right, Iwaizumi, Kindaichi is the team favorite!”


To: Yamamoto Stop Calling Us “The Boys”
I’m at my limit

From: My Asshole Cousin
You’ve been at your limit for two weeks

From: I get it, you’re happy!
No, this is different
We had a practice match with them yesterday, and Iwaizumi looked like he was going to either murder Oikawa or start making out with him in the middle of the game

From: Shut tf up about guts
Now that would take some guts!

To: Yamamoto Stop Calling Us “The Boys”
Remember when I said I’m not gonna be honest about my feelings because it could ruin everything?
Fuck that shit, I’m throwing subtlety out the window

From: Shut tf up about guts
That’s the spirit!

From: I get it, you’re happy!

To: Yamamoto Stop Calling Us “The Boys”
I’ll text you
Either to come to comfort me or to tell you about the make-out session

From: My Asshole Cousin
Godspeed, soldier


“Are you a virgin?”

Oikawa dragged his pencil across his paper with a stutter. Iwaizumi stared blankly at Oikawa’s now ruined notes, only feeling a little bad since Oikawa was bound to have a backup set in case this happened.

“Iwa-chan, how bold!”

“Just answer the question.”

Oikawa turned the slightest bit pink. “Uh, no, I’m not.” His shy smile faltered. “You know how serious I was about Kaede.”

“Yeah, I do,” Iwaizumi said, trying not to sound bitter. He took a small sip of water before saying, “I’m not either.”

Blinking rapidly, Oikawa slammed his hands onto the table. “Who?!”


“From Fukurodani?!”


Oikawa gawked for a couple of seconds before slapping Iwaizumi repeatedly. “Why didn’t you tell me, you asshole?!”

Laughing, Iwaizumi seized Oikawa’s wrists and held them above his head. “It wasn’t special or anything. He was horny and I was willing. It was supposed to be a blowjob, but one thing led to another.”

After a couple more minutes of Oikawa trying to slap Iwaizumi, the two calmed down. Iwaizumi played around with his pen. “Was it good?” He asked, head lolling to the side so he could see Oikawa, who was pouting.

The setter shrugged. “I don’t have anything to compare it to . . . but, yeah, it was good.”

‘Alright, here we go.’

“Do you want to have something to compare it to?”

Oikawa stopped pouting and looked at Iwaizumi. “What do you mean by that.”

Gathering all his confidence, Iwaizumi dropped his pen and crawled towards Oikawa. He held his friend’s shoulders before sliding onto his lap. Oikawa’s lips were parted in surprise, cheeks pink, and his hands were hovering over Iwaizumi’s hips, unsure if he was supposed to touch him.


“Let me ride you, Tooru.”

Oikawa swallowed heavily. “Wh-what?”

Iwaizumi smirked. He rolled his hips and was pleasantly surprised to find out Oikawa was starting to get hard. “I said - “ he tucked his hand underneath Oikawa’s shirt, slowly appreciating his toned body, “let me ride you.”

“Yo-you mean like - like - “

“Your cock, Tooru.”

Peach lips fell open and Oikawa moaned softly. “Is this a joke?”

Iwaizumi leaned forward. He kissed Oikawa’s neck, quickly finding the spot that made Oikawa moan, and finally placed his hands on Iwaizumi’s hips. “Of course I’m not joking, Tooru.” He sucked harshly, bruising Oikawa’s skin as if it were a peach. “I wanna feel you inside me.”

Hesitantly, Oikawa put a hand between the two of them. Iwaizumi held his breath and exhaled when the faint sound of Oikawa unbuckling his belt filled the room. Iwaizumi pushed away so he could take over. He tossed the belt aside, not caring if he seemed too excited.

Oikawa was quiet as Iwaizumi pulled his cock out of his pants. 

“I knew it.”


Iwaizumi smirked teasingly and started stroking Oikawa’s now fully hard cock. “You’re huge.”

“You-you've thought about this?”

“A lot,” Iwaizumi confirmed with a nod, “are you clean? You went to the doctor last week for a physical, right?”

Oikawa swallowed once again at the implication. “Ye-yeah.”

Iwaizumi’s cock twitched happily at the news. Too impatient to keep teasing, Iwaizumi kicked off his sweatpants. Oikawa reached out for Iwaizumi with shaking hands, holding him by the ass as he pulled him close.

While Oikawa seemed to be focused on the size difference between their cocks, Iwaizumi was busy with situating himself properly over Oikawa. He held Oikawa’s cock by the base and positioned it underneath him.

“Pr-prep! I need to - need to prep you.”

Iwaizumi kissed Oikawa’s neck softly. “Already did it.”


“Before you came over.” Iwaizumi smirked against Oikawa’s skin. “Want to check?”

Quickly, Oikawa’s fingers brushed over Iwaizumi’s wet and waiting hole. He moaned loudly, hips bucking up so the head of his cock slipped into Iwaizumi. They moaned loudly, Oikawa holding Iwaizumi’s ass like a lifeline while Iwaizumi tried to find purchase on Oikawa’s thighs.

“Sh-shit, stay still,” Iwaizumi groaned. He clenched his muscles and slowly started sinking down on Oikawa’s cock. It seemed like an endless process - he was so long, and since Iwaizumi had only had sex once, he wasn’t exactly the most comfortable with his length. He was anything but undetermined, though.

Finally, finally, Iwaizumi was completely seated on Oikawa’s cock.

Oikawa threw his head back, hitting it on the bed. “You’re so tight , Hajime.”

Iwaizumi moaned. “My - my name, say my name again.”


Iwaizumi whimpered. He rocked back and forth on Oikawa’s cock, steadily getting used to his length, and the burning faded with every second. After two short minutes, Iwaizumi was slowly moving up and down.

“So good, feels so good,” Oikawa whispered. His eyes were focused on where his cock was vanishing into Iwaizumi’s hold, his lips parted in pleasure. His mind hadn’t completely wrapped around what was happening but he was clearly enjoying himself. “You’re so tight, so warm.”

“God, Tooru, I’ve wanted this for so long, you have no idea,” Iwaizumi whimpered, picking up his pace until his ass was slapping against Oikawa’s hips with every drop. “You’re so fucking oblivious. I’ve been trying to flirt for three months but you never got it.”

Oikawa squeezed his eyes shut. “I - I’m gonna cum.”

In response, Iwaizumi clenched hard around Oikawa and came all over their stomachs when he felt Oikawa’s cum filling him.

He slid slowly down onto Oikawa’s cock, wrapping his arms around Oikawa’s neck so he could finally kiss the setter. Oikawa hummed against his lips and cupped his face.

“You could’ve told me, Hajime,” Oikawa whispered, “I’ve been in love with you for years.”

“I was scared.”

Oikawa chuckled. “So confessing to me is scary, but asking to ride me isn’t?”

Iwaizumi blushed. He chewed his bottom lip. “Shut up.”

“Mmm. Make me.”


From: Shut tf up about guts
Iwa, dude, it’s been five hours, you good?

From: I get it, you’re happy!
Either he’s asleep from crying too much, or he’s getting fucked

From: My Asshole Cousin
I don’t wanna think about either of those

To: Yamamoto Stop Calling Us “The Boys”
Just finished sucking Oikawa’s dick, what’s up?

Multiple people are typing...

Chapter Text

“I’m giving the key to Todoroki, make sure you clean up before you all leave!” Oikawa called out to the boys in the gym. There were only three of them - including Todoroki, the captain of the volleyball team, who was putting the keys to the gym safely into his pocket - so Oikawa wasn’t afraid of leaving the gym unattended.

Besides, Oikawa had already promised Iwaizumi that he would be home in ten minutes, so he either had to leave now and keep that promise or be forced to sleep on the couch because Iwaizumi has always been petty (to everyone’s surprise).

“Alright, bye, Coach!”

Oikawa waved with a small smile before breaking off into a light jog towards the parking lot. These days, he was thankful that he and Iwaizumi invested in a car after an apartment, because his trip back home was cut in half, saving him from a cold night on the couch and an upset fiance.

It’d been a while since Oikawa got to have dinner with Iwaizumi. With the Olympics coming up, the athletic trainer has been working later days and leaving earlier in the morning, and seeing as Oikawa’s team had won the inter-high, they’ve been training for Nationals nonstop.

A warmth filled Oikawa at the thought of eating his fiance’s cooking and just sitting at the dinner table with him. Hell, Iwaizumi could make bagels and Oikawa would be happy as a daisy.

After parking the car in the apartment’s parking complex, Oikawa raced towards the elevator. He impatiently tapped his foot and speed-walked towards the front door. He knew it would be unlocked, so he threw himself through the door, laughing as he greeted the apartment with a cliche, “Honey, I’m home!”

The soft vibe Oikawa had created all on his own was expelled when he was pushed against the front door, effectively closing it, and he was met with the sight of Iwaizumi on his knees, staring up at him with flushed cheeks and parted lips.


“Welcome home,” Iwaizumi mumbled. He rubbed his face against Oikawa’s crotch with a small smile. “I missed you.”

Oikawa locked the front door, frozen in shock as his fiance started mouthing over his steadily growing erection. Usually, Iwaizumi would lead up to these things with teasing or some foreplay.

Then again, Oikawa could recall plenty of times when Iwaizumi just went right out the gate; mostly morning blowjobs or sneaky handjobs at the back of the bus.

So lost in memories, Oikawa didn’t register that his pants and briefs were at his ankles until Iwaizumi's lips were wrapped around the head of his cock. He moaned lowly, lightly hitting his head on the door when he threw it back.

Iwaizumi was being loud; slurping and drooling around Oikawa’s cock. They’ve been together for years, and they started blowjobs around second year of high school, so Iwaizumi had grown used to Oikawa’s size. He was doing this on purpose; Oikawa had always been a sucker for messy blowjobs.

“Mmm, Hajime,” Oikawa groaned, grabbing both sides of Iwaizumi’s head so he could start fucking his face. “I missed you, baby.”

Iwaizumi attempted to reciprocate the statement, but it was horribly slurred, which made Oikawa pick up the pace of his thrusts. They were so loud; if any of their neighbors walked by, they would know exactly what was going on.

On the other hand, they were introduced very early on to the couple’s very active sex life.

Oikawa groaned loudly, abdomen clenching and body instinctively doubling over when he came down Iwaizumi’s throat, the shorter man’s throat clenching around his cock as he deepthroated.

They stayed like that for a while, Oikawa’s cock down Iwaizumi’s throat and his fiance happily sitting on his knees, staring up at him with wide eyes and tears rolling down his face.

When Iwaizumi finally pulled away, his lips and chin were drenched with drool and cum. Oikawa groaned. He pulled Iwaizumi to his feet before throwing him over his shoulder so he could carry him to the bedroom. 

They had a very late dinner that night.

The first thing Oikawa noticed when he woke up was that his dick was painfully hard and painfully wet. In his tired daze, it took Oikawa a while to realize a couple of things:

1) Iwaizumi wasn’t sleeping next to him, and 2) there was a lump underneath the covers between his legs.

Moaning, Oikawa lifted the blankets. As suspected, Iwaizumi was between Oikawa’s legs, eyes closed, and an almost content expression on his face as he sucked on Oikawa’s cock. One of his hands was playing with his balls while the other stroked his thigh.

“Princess, it’s 6 AM,” Oikawa whispered. He reached out to lightly pull Iwaizumi off his cock but froze into a full-body shiver when Iwaizumi lightly ran his teeth as he pulled up. “Ah, fuck.”

Iwaizumi patted Oikawa’s thigh and the coach dropped his head. His fiance was staring up at him with wide, pleased eyes as he suckled on the head of his cock as if it were a popsicle.

Oikawa lolled his head to the side. “I have to leave soon, Princess.”

Iwaizumi made an annoyed sound before shoving Oikawa’s cock down his throat and giving his balls a slight tug. Oikawa groaned, bucking his hips up and shooting his load down Iwaizumi’s throat.

Humming happily, Iwaizumi drank every last drop.

He held onto Oikawa’s cock and stared up at his fiance. 

“You’re a menace.”

Oikawa adjusted his glasses then rubbed his eyes. “We could switch in Watanabe for some float serves in the second set,” he suggested, holding his phone between his shoulder and cheek. He was currently draped out on the couch, holding a packet of papers filled with possible starting line-ups for Nationals.

On the other end of the phone was the assistant coach, a younger woman who had a bit of a crush on Oikawa, but he ignored it for the most part in favor of coaching the kids. Despite her infatuation, she was an amazing coach and adored the kids as much as Oikawa did.

“We’d have to arrange it so Todoroki and Fujioka aren’t taken out of the game, they’re our best players.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a . . . good . . . i . . . dea.”


Oikawa’s jaw was wide open. Iwaizumi was smirking at him. He was sitting on the couch arm on the other end of the couch, wearing absolutely nothing besides a red and black crop-top sweater.

Once he regained himself, Oikawa muted the call. “I am on the phone .”

“So?” Iwaizumi asked. He slipped off of the couch and crawled towards Oikawa. He pouted once he was seated comfortably in Oikawa’s lap, rubbing his already prepped hole against his fiance’s clothed cock. “Are you talking to that bitch?”

“Hajime,” Oikawa sighed. He squeezed Iwaizumi’s hip softly. “It’s not like that.”

Iwaizumi glared at Oikawa’s phone. “She’s still a bitch.”

“If I let you sit on my cock, will you let me work?”

Eagerly, Iwaizumi nodded. He waited for no confirmation before pulling down Oikawa’s sweatpants and boxers, and he keened happily once he was completely sat on his fiance’s long cock.

He didn’t bounce or move, simply sat as if Oikawa were the couch as the brunette had one arm wrapped around his waist, talking with his assistant coach as if he wasn’t currently cockwarming with his very moody fiance.

Every Time she laughed, Iwaizumi would either clench or roll his hips, forcing Oikawa to cough away a groan.

After one torturous hour of Iwaizumi giving out petty “punishments” and figuring out the line-up, Oikawa hung up the phone. He slapped his papers onto the coffee table, giving a tired, “Up we go,” as he pushed Iwaizumi onto his stomach.

“What am I gonna do with you, Hajime?”

Oikawa drummed his fingers on the table anxious. The team was loudly talking amongst themselves, slapping each other on the back, or shooting smirks as they talked animatedly about how well their games went that day.

After the fifth buzz of his phone, Oikawa excused himself with a smile. He walked into the dark hallway of the reserved restaurant and pressed his knuckles into his mouth as he swiped open Iwaizumi’s texts.

He groaned.

From: Hajime
Tooru, I miss you
I wish you were home, with me, touching me
*Three attachment images + One attachment video sent*

Walking deeper into the hallway, Oikawa opened each picture. The first was of Iwaizumi sucking his fingers, and judging by how slick they were, he’d been doing it for a while; it was captioned, “I wanna choke on your cock”. 

The second picture was of him fingering himself open and chewing his lip, captioned, “I can’t stop thinking about you, Daddy”. 

The third clearly took some effort, seeing as it was a full-body image of Iwaizumi on his knees, legs spread as he stuffed his hole with a dildo. This one was captioned, “Not as good as yours.”

Now breathing heavily, Oikawa turned down the volume of his phone so he could safely play the video. Good call on his part, because the video opened with Iwaizumi screaming Oikawa’s given name.

“Oh, Tooru, Tooru, Daddy ! You feel so good! Oh, you’re so big, so long! Mmm! Cum inside, oh, please cum inside me! Fill me with your cum, Daddy! Fill your pretty slut with your cum!”

Oikawa’s knees buckled as he listened to his fiance pleasure himself. God, of all the days to be apart.

The video ended with Iwaizumi cumming with a scream. Oikawa watched as Iwaizumi slowly fucked himself through his orgasm, sniffling and gasping the entire time. Once he finally removed the toy, he sat up and grabbed his phone. 

Iwaizumi kissed two of his fingers then placed them against the screen. “Call me, Daddy.”

Oikawa thanked every god above that none of his students walked in on him in the bathroom.

“One more.”

Oikawa panted heavily. His body was absolutely drenched with sweat, face hot with arousal and exertion. He stared down at Iwaizumi incredulously. “One more?”

Iwaizumi was beneath him, equally - if not more, somehow - sweaty. His stomach was covered in cum from his previous orgasms, dribbling cum because he refused to let Oikawa wear a condom or pull out the entire session, and he was holding his legs by the knees, spreading himself open with a desperate look.

“One more round, please, Daddy. Just one more, I promise.”

Oikawa arched his back in an attempt to get rid of an ache in his back. God, he was only twenty-seven, why was he getting so strained? He groaned. “Beg harder, Princess, then we’ll see.”

“Please, Daddy! Fill me with your cock one more time, cum inside of me so we can plug me up! I’m leaving soon, Daddy, I don’t want to forget what your cock feels like!”

It was true. The Olympics were finally around the corner and in three days, Iwaizumi would be leaving with the National Team for the Olympic Village. Oikawa technically could tag along seeing as a bunch of other National Team members were taking their partners, but he had too much for him in the city.

Still, five rounds? As embarrassing as it was, they haven’t fucked that much in a while. Maybe it was because of their draining jobs or because Oikawa’s knee just wasn’t the same anymore, but the last time they went five rounds was back in their college days when they finished every school day fucking on the nearest hard surface.

“Please, Tooru!” Iwaizumi wailed. He hooked his legs around Oikawa’s waist and pulled him close. “I want my insides to be shaped like your cock by the time I’m leaving!”

With a predatory growl, Oikawa snapped his hips forward, shoving his cock inside of Iwaizumi. Since it was already so filled, his cum splattered around, and the sound it made should’ve been positively disgusting, but it wasn’t.

“You’re such a fucking filthy slut,” Oikawa groaned, drinking in Iwaizumi’s hoarse moans and wails, “you’re so fucking needy for my cock, it’s almost unbelievable. I bet you’ll be thinking about me the entire time, won’t you? Every chance you get, you’ll think about me filling your whore hole; finger yourself open in every slightly private area just to feel something half as good as my cock inside of you. Huh, Princess?”

“Yes! Yes, Daddy! I love your cooooock!”

After a few more thrusts, Iwaizumi was spasming underneath Oikawa, who was having the same reaction. They were both absolutely drained, leaving them to experience their first dry orgasm in years .

Oikawa collapsed onto Iwaizumi, completely boneless, just like his fiance.

Iwaizumi weakly wrapped his arms around Oikawa with a sated sound similar to a purr.

“You really are a slut, huh?”

In response to that, Iwaizumi clenched around Oikawa, earning a pained, overstimulated whimper.

Chapter Text

Hajime tried his best to relax his body. He was lying on the king-sized bed in his and Tooru’s large bedroom, hands resting on his stomach as he steadied his breathing. He did his best to use every tactic he found online - trying to get into the fuzzy headspace that would leave him pliant and mostly soundless.

This was Tooru’s idea, but Hajime was the one who encouraged it. He had always gotten off on the thought of his boyfriend using him while Hajime had a gone expression, eyes glazed over and mouth open stupidly. He wanted to be Tooru’s object.

Just as Hajime started feeling fuzzy and relaxed, the bedroom door opened. It wasn’t enough to snap him out of his headspace, though his progress definitely took a couple of spots back. Hajime slowly opened his eyes, a small sense of pride filling him from successfully obscuring his vision.

Tooru was looking down at him with an impressed expression. He was undoubtedly shirtless and a small movement on the bed revealed that he was completely bare, his half-hard cock rubbing against Hajime’s knee.

His usually whiny moan was replaced with a distant gasp. Yeah, he was definitely fading, and that made his cock and already slicked up hole twitch happily. Tooru also seemed happy, as he was staring down at Hajime’s lower half with a grin.

This would typically be the time that Hajime would snap at Tooru to get on with it, but he was too dazed to even start forming the words. It felt very similar to the way he felt after many rounds of sex when his mouth was stuck wide open with his tongue lolling out, eyes rolled into the back of his head, and only going down once Tooru wad cleaning him off with a warm rag.

Tooru shifted Hajime around until he was in the middle of the bed, feet slightly hanging off the bed. Tooru moved Hajime’s hands to his sides, then he hovered above Hajime’s face, his leaking cock pressed against his mouth.

The brunette was met with no resistance as he pushed his cock into Hajime’s mouth. It was weird. Hajime wasn’t quiet in bed; he moaned like a whore, slurped around Tooru’s cock, begged to be fucked until he was crying. Still, the difference was equally arousing.

Hajime was practically lifeless beneath him, the only indication that he was alive being the soft puff of breath hitting the base of Tooru’s cock. Other than that, Hajime was basically a corpse. His eyes were wide open and glazed over, mouth wide open without the slightest twitch.

Tooru groaned. He held Hajime by the hair, giving it a tug before picking up his pace. He shoved his cock down Hajime’s throat with every thrust and he was way too aroused by the quietness in the room.

“Fuck,” Tooru hissed as he came down Hajime’s throat. Of course, dolls don’t swallow, so Hajime’s mouth filled with cum, thick streams falling from his mouth from both the sides and the bottom. “So pretty.”

Once his shiny cock was out of his mouth, Tooru rubbed the head over Hajime’s lips. After a few seconds of that, he smacked the man beneath him across the face with his cock. Hajime was in a completely different world at this point. He was barely processing what was happening, only vaguely aware of the kisses Tooru was covering his body with.

His fingers felt heavy but not unmoveable. He didn’t feel like lead, but not nearly close to his usual weight, but Hajime loved it. Tooru was going to - he already did! - use him.

Hajime gasped so quietly that if it weren’t for the thick silence of the room, Tooru would’ve missed it. Tooru decided to not punish Hajime for it since he wouldn’t register it.

He instead chose to spread Hajime’s legs as far as they could go, resting one foot onto his shoulder. Tooru licked his lips and slowly pushed into his awaiting boyfriend. Hajime was silent as Tooru slowly started picking up the pace, his silence and absolutely lifeless look not breaking even when Tooru was fucking him so hard, he was moving up and down.

Like a ragdoll.

Hajime didn’t feel it when he came. He wouldn’t know he came until he came out of his headspace. He didn’t even feel it when Tooru slammed harshly into him, filling him with cum but not at all letting his pace falter.

Tooru took a few minutes to simply fuck Hajime before he pulled out. He effortlessly moved Hajime around, setting the man on his lap, back pressed against his chest and legs spread open. Tooru’s arms strained as he lifted Hajime then dropped him onto his cock. 

A pleasurable buzz filled Hajime’s body, and he was distantly aware that he was lightly clenching around his boyfriend’s cock. If he wasn’t completely out of it, Hajime would be moaning, telling Tooru how good his cock felt, how much he wanted to be fucked until he was unconscious.

Tooru was both fucking up into Hajime and dropping him down onto his cock. It filled the room with obscene slapping and squelching noises. Hajime didn’t know what face he was making. He wouldn’t know until Tooru later showed him the picture he had taken - a picture of Hajime’s eyes crossed and mouth wide open, somehow managing to look lifeless and totally fucked out at the same time.

Twenty minutes that felt like only a few seconds passed, and Tooru came, slamming Hajme down onto his cock, filling him up once again while jerking off the boneless man’s cock.

An hour later, when Hajime could move around and had enough awareness to drink some water, Tooru peppered his face in kisses, telling Hajime how “fucking hot you were, Princess. Top five sexiest ways I’ve seen you.”

After complimenting Hajime, Tooru asked, “You liked it, right?”

With a breathless chuckle, Hajime rolled his head back. “I fucking loved it, Tooru.”

Truly, this was a new form of Heaven.

Hajime was underneath the table, completely nude with a vibrating dildo inside of him, and his lips were wrapped around Tooru’s cock. The other man was sitting on a chair, the only nakedness being his cock, which was sitting down Hajime’s throat.

He wasn’t fucking his face and Hajime wasn’t bobbing his head. No, Tooru was going through their bills, writing checks, or sorting out more complicated papers. His expression was completely blank despite his cockwarming with his boyfriend’s throat.

Hajime wasn’t as deep in his headspace as he was the first time, but he was still majorly dazed. So dazed that he couldn’t find the strength to tell Tooru he needed to catch his breath. Thankfully, Tooru could practically read Hajime’s mind, and he wordlessly pushed Hajime’s head away.

After a minute of Hajime breathing steadily, Tooru released his head. It fell forward lifelessly, Tooru’s cock sliding down his throat like two puzzle pieces coming together.

An hour later: how many times had Hajime cum? How many times had Tooru shot his load down Hajime’s throat, filling his mouth with cum? When was he taken out from underneath the table? When did Tooru slide him down onto his cock, spreading his legs so far his ankles were touching the table?

So many unanswered questions that Hajime didn’t really need the answers to. He was lying on the couch now, blinking slowly as he regained his senses. A volleyball match was playing on the TV and Hajime had been dressed, wearing sweatpants and one of Tooru’s t-shirts. 

Tooru was underneath Hajime, rubbing his hip and playing with his hair.

“Welcome back, baby.”

“Hi, Daddy.”

Tooru groaned softly. “Give me a few minutes to get some energy back.”

Hajime looked around the dark living room. “How long was I-”

“A few hours.”

Maybe Hajime should’ve been horrified to hear that. He wasn’t; instead, he felt a rush of joy and arousal.

Ten minutes later Hajime was riding Tooru’s cock, showing his appreciation.

Chapter Text

Tooru typed away on his keyboard, trying his best to be polite while also threatening the person he was emailing. With a worldwide pandemic going on, Tooru worked from his home office rather than going to work - he feared catching the virus then infecting Hajime, who had always had the weaker immune system between the two of them - but he still dressed up for work; much to husband’s exasperation.

He had just finished up his email when there was a soft, hesitant knock on his door.

“Come in!” Tooru spun around in his chair, thankful for the interruption. He needed a break from work. He’d been working way too many hours to make sure he wouldn’t be fired, and it was definitely affecting him.

The door creaked open and Hajime peeked his head in with a sheepish smile. “Hey…”

Tooru was quick to notice how shaky Hajime’s knees were, as well as how red his face was. “Something wrong, love?”

“I need something from you.”

Always willing to do anything for his husband, Tooru beamed. “Of course. What do you need?”

“Well…” Hajime starts, “if you’re not too busy, do you think you could… fuck me?”

Tooru grinned happily. “Wonderful timing, I needed a break” He patted his thigh and closed his laptop without looking back. “C’mere, Princess.”

Happily, Hajime trotted across the room, falling onto his knees. He pressed his cheek against Tooru’s thigh with a sound similar to a purr a cat would make when fed, all thanks to Tooru running a hand through his hair.

“You’re being a good boy today,” Tooru fondly noted as he pulled Hajime into his lap.

Hajime nodded in agreement with a smile. “I want Daddy to fuck me.”

“I will,” Tooru whispered before pulling Hajime in for a kiss. It started off as soft but turned rough and needy fairly quickly. Tooru held his husband by the hips as he claimed his mouth, feeling tingly due to Hajime’s whimpers and gasps.

They pulled away, both panting heavily. Hajime pecked Tooru’s lips before sliding back onto the floor. He pressed his face directly against Tooru’s erection. He licked it softly for a few seconds before mouthing over it. He moaned loudly over his husband’s clothed cock. He was covering his pants in saliva and Tooru was thankful that when he had his meeting with his coworkers, they wouldn’t see the stain.

Hajime didn’t tease for much longer. He was clearly desperate to get satisfaction to play games. Tooru leaned back into his chair, watching with half-lidded eyes as Hajime unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants with his teeth, then removed his cock from his boxers.

Smiling like a kid in a candy shop, Hajime started mouthing the sides of Tooru’s cock. He moved down the shaft, sucking on Oikawa’s balls before suckling up the other side of his cock.

“There we go, Haji,” Tooru praised. He played with Hajime’s hair and bobbed his husband’s head up and down on his cock, his body choosing to stay on the chair than fucking up into his husband’s warm mouth. “So, so pretty.”

Hajime hummed happily and moved his hands up Tooru’s thighs. He buried his nails into the muscles - which had gotten a little softer now that Tooru retired from his volleyball career - then rubbed the red skin in windshield wiper motions.

Tooru watched his husband suck him off with half-lidded eyes, parted lips, and quiet but heavy breaths. He would never get over this sight: his strong, reliable husband - the one who women stared at, the one many volleyball players were intimidated by - with his mouth full of cock, looking happier than a daisy as he choked and gulped around Tooru’s length.

Tooru came with a groan, toes curling and back arching off his chair. Hajime milked him through his orgasm and kissed the tip of his flushed cock when he pulled off. Tooru smiled down at Hajime, caressed his face, then he pulled up his pants and picked his husband up.

“Tooru!” Hajime laughed as he was carried out of the home office towards the bedroom. “Your knee!”

Pouting like he was back in high school, Tooru whined, “You make me sound so old, Iwa-chan~!”

Hajime laughed but it turned into a yelp when he was dropped onto the bed. He chuckled, removing his shirt then kicking off his boxers. Tooru was on him in an instant, kissing the daylights out of him while reaching for the lube in the bedside table.

“I - think - we’re - out - of con-doms,” Tooru said between kisses. He pulled away from his whining husband to look into the less-than-tidy drawer, finding some junk along with flavored lube, a cock-ring, and baby wipes. “Yeah, we’re out.”

Hajime wrapped his arms around Tooru’s neck to pull him back over him. “We’ll just do it raw, we used to do it all the time.”

“You could hurt your stomach.”

With a dramatic groan that could rival one of Tooru’s own, Hajime softly knocked his head against his husband’s. “Must you remind me how old we are getting? Tooru, remember when we would fuck every.fucking.minute of the day? We did it in a science lab!”

Tooru smiled lovingly at his pouting husband. “Do you want me to fuck you in a science lab?”

“I want you to cover your fingers in lube, finger me open, fuck me, then fill me with your cu-AH!” Hajime moaned loudly when a wet finger pushed inside of him. In his time complaining about being old and their fleeting sex life, Tooru had covered his fingers in lube and was now giving Hajime exactly what he wanted. “Tooru!”

Tooru kissed around Hajime’s neck and collarbones, sucking and nibbling in areas that could be covered up easily. Hajime had his arms around Tooru’s neck as he moved his hips up and down Tooru’s three fingers.

“Ah, Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me now, I need it!”

Tooru happily pulled his fingers out, wiping them off on the sheets - “I’ll wash them!” - and lifting Hajime’s legs. Thankfully, Hajime’s flexibility was one of the many things he kept strong over the years, so Tooru effortlessly folded his husband in half as he fucked him.

Happy moans and the slapping of skin filled the Oikawa apartment. Hajime wrapped his legs around Tooru’s waist to pull him into every hard thrust, moaning into his ear as encouragement.

“Daddy, you feel so good! Ah, fuck! Ah, ah, hah!” Hajim scratched down Tooru’s back and only felt a little back when Tooru hissed in pain. Whatever, some aloe vera would fix the pain right up. “I’m so close, Tooru! Ah! Can I cum? Daddy, can I cum?!”

It was a question that had been missing from the bedroom for ages, and its return made Tooru’s cock twitch. “Yes, Hajime, you can cum.”

Hajime yelped loudly and cum. He clenched hard around his husband, dragging Tooru’s orgasm out of him like a bat out of Hell.

Tooru fucked Hajime through both of their orgasms before slowly pulling out. Hajime moaned softly at the tug of his rim against the tip of Tooru’s cock, body stiff for a few seconds before relaxing like a puddle on the bed.

They cleaned off, and when Tooru moved to get off the bed, Hajime whined. “Where are you going?”

“I have work.”

“Fuck work, cuddle me.”

Tooru checked the bedside alarm.

What were a few more minutes?

Chapter Text

Tooru didn’t like Ushijima much, he really didn’t. But he didn’t hate the guy. Not anymore, at least. Argentina may have helped fuel his need to win and beat everyone - namely Kageyama and Ushijima - but it also helped him make peace with what happened in high school.

Therefore, he wasn’t too angry when Hajime sent him a god-awful selfie he took with Ushijima, just a bit peeved that Hajime felt the need to send such an atrocious thing.

Hajime and Ushijima became good friends, and Tooru wasn’t angry about it. He'd be a damn hypocrite if he got jealous of Hajime spending time with Ushijima seeing as he spent a lot of time with Shoyo.

“As long as you don’t fall out of love,” Tooru had teased on one of their nightly Skype calls. Even though it was a joke, there was a hint of insecurity there. 

Hajime smiled. He showed the ring on his finger and softly said, “You’re stuck with me, Tooru.”

They had some comforting Skype sex after that, but it got Tooru thinking…

Hajime, despite popular belief, was an attention whore. Specifically during sex. If Tooru wasn’t giving him 100% of his attention while they were doing something sexual, he would whine and whimper like an abandoned puppy, and Tooru vividly recalled how damn happy Hajime was after their three-way with Kyoutani.

It never happened again - because Tooru is a jealous bitch, but he never really forgot how excited Hajime was before, during, and even after it happened. He loved his fiance, and Tooru figured might as well give him what he secretly wants.

Step one: Get Hajime on board (easiest step)

Step two: Get Ushijima on board (and judging by how he looked at the two of them on the court back in high school, it wouldn’t be hard)

Step three: Destroy Hajime (the most fun step!)

“Hey, baby-” Hajime smiled at the nickname, silently telling Tooru to keep talking, “do you remember when we had a three-way with Kyoutani a few years back?” 

It was an irrelevant question; Hajime obviously remembered - quote - “one of the best sexual experiences in my life.” (Tooru tried not to come off as bitter about it but he wasn’t too subtle about it, especially when he fucked Hajime stupid only a few minutes later)

A pink flush spread throughout Hajime’s body. He shot a cute glance at the camera. “‘Course I do, Tooru.” He set down his pen, closing his textbook, and pushed his things aside so he could bring his computer onto the middle of his desk. “Why?”

“I was thinking… maybe we could do that again, with someone else.”

Hajime instantly perked up, though he tried to cover it up. “Re-really? Are you sure? We haven’t- we haven’t talked about doing something like that since we did it with Kyoutani.” Despite trying his best, Tooru could tell Hajime was excited. “Who were you thinking about?”

“How about Ushijima?” Tooru snorted at Hajime’s wide-eyed and slack jaw expression. “I’m serious,” he insisted, “we already talked about how I don’t hate him - “

“Yeah, but you don’t really like him.”

Tooru waved Hajime’s comment off. “I don’t hate him, though, and that’s important, and we all know he’s packing. Have you seen his feet?”

Hajime squirmed with an embarrassed frown. “Well, big feet doesn’t always mean a big dick.”

“Aw, don’t worry, Princess,” Tooru cooed, leaning onto the counter and smirking, “I love your ‘Lil cock.”

“Stoooooop,” Hajime whined and hid his face in his hands. Unless it was in a sexual setting, Hajime hated Tooru teasing him about his dick length. Tooru continued to tease until Hajime cut him off. “You want Ushijima to fuck me?”

Tooru blinked. He had almost forgotten what they were talking about before… cock teasing? Whatever. He smirked. “I want to fuck you at the same time Ushijima is fucking you.”

Unconsciously, Hajime cupped his lower cup. “I dunno if… that’s possible.”

“I fisted you before; you’ll be fine.”

Distantly on Hajime’s end, Kevin yelled, “Hajime, close the door whenever Tooru calls!” Hajime scrambled off of his chair to slam his bedroom door shut. Kevin’s boisterous laugh could be heard.

Tooru laughed along with Hajime’s roommate until his fiance returned, pouting with a bright red face. “Keep teasing me like this, and I’ll make you watch as Ushijima fucks me.”

Instantly, Tooru’s mind filled with images of his Hajime pinned to the bed, Ushijima holding him down as he fucks him, Tooru either tied to a chair or on the other side of the screen, forced to watch it all happen.

“Lock the door, grab the lube and one of your toys.”

“Wait, Tooru, I didn’t-”

“Door. Lube. Toy. Now.”

“Okay, Daddy.”


Hajime curled up and glared at Tooru, who was now in his bedroom, wearing absolutely nothing with a thin layer of sweat covering his body. His exposed cock was covered in cum and his spit, taunting Hajime, “Haha, he’s in another country!” Fortunately, Tooru - and his beautiful cock - would be in California in four days.

“You’re the worst,” Hajime snarled.

Tooru chuckled happily. “No, I’m not. So, should we ask Ushijima? I’m visiting soon.”

Tingles rushed through Hajime’s body as he imagined being between his fiance and a brick wall of a man like Ushijima. God damn, why did Tooru have to make him cum until he was dry?

“I’ll talk to him.”

“Make sure you do it like this…”

Kevin was out with his friends, leaving Hajime alone with Ushijima in the apartment. The taller man was on the far end of the couch, one of his arms around the back of the couch and the other resting on the armrest. A movie that Ushijima’s dad recommended was playing on the TV and Ushijima was the only one invested.

Hajime turned on his phone.

From: Tooru
Did you do it yet?

To: Tooru
No, not yet
Are you sure this is okay?

From: Tooru
I’m positive, baby
We already talked about how far you can go
I trust you <3

To: Tooru
Alright, I’ll text you when it’s over
Hope I don’t embarrass myself

From: Tooru
I believe in you
I love you <3

To: Tooru
I love you, too

From: Tooru
Hajimeeee, do it back

To: Tooru

From: Tooru

“Iwaizumi-san, would you like me to change the movie?”

Hajime jumped with an out-of-character squeak. He blushed and looked at Ushijima. He was staring down at Hajime with a raised brow and a slight frown. Hajime swallowed nervously.

“Are you alright?”

Swallowing down his nerves and reminding himself that Tooru consented to this, Hajime put his phone down onto the coffee table and crawled towards Ushijima. Instantly, Ushijima stiffened, watching with wide eyes as Hajime crawled onto his lap.

“Iwaizumi!” Ushijima yelled. He held Hajime by the hips. “This is- what about Oikawa?”

“He knows.”

Ushijima tightened his hold on Hajime’s hips. “I don't… think this is… what are you-” Ushijima broke off with a rumbling groan. Hajime was closer now, kissing and sucking his neck. “Iwaizumi.”

Hajime held Ushijima by the shoulders as he kissed from his neck to his lips. Ushijima tasted like the beer and popcorn the two had been having. Hajime was surprised to find that Ushijima was a magnificent kisser.

Ushijima was a groaner - just like Tooru - and Hajime was making breathy gasps against the man’s lips. Ushijima went from holding Hajime by the hips to his ass, squeezing the plump cheeks.

When Ushijima moved to remove Hajime’s shirt, he pulled away. “Not yet,” he whispered, still a little dazed from such a good makeout session, “we have to wait for Tooru.”

Ushijima didn’t seem to mind in the slightest bit.

Tooru had Hajime pinned on the bed, the two of them lazily making out. Tooru was shirtless and wearing boxers while Hajime was wearing nothing but skimpy dark purple panties - Tooru had picked out the color, insisting on it.

Midway through making out, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Come in!” Tooru hollered. Once the bedroom door opened, Tooru pulled Hajime to sit up. “Thank you for joining us, Ushiwaka.”

Hajime moaned happily - Ushijima came dressed in a tight black tank top and grey sweatpants, and he was already hard. He looked so fucking big. Hajime chewed his lips and tried to imagine taking the two at the same time.

Tooru kissed Hajime’s neck and shoulder. His hands roamed Hajime’s body before he started palming his tiny cock. “Don’t be shy, Ushiwaka, join us on the bed.”

“If you don’t mind, I’d like for the both of you to use my first name.”

“I don’t mind and feel free to use ours,” Tooru hummed against Hajime’s skin. He backed up until he was flat against the wall, Hajime sitting on his lap with his legs spread. The bed barely fit the three of them but they’d manage.

Ushijima swiftly removed his shirt, throwing it onto the floor to join the pile at the foot of the bed. He was fucking ripped. As expected of a professional volleyball player.

Hajime tilted his head upwards to look at Ushijima. The taller man was hovering right above him, waiting to be told what to do. Hajime knocked the side of his head against Tooru’s hair as his fiance covered his shoulder in marks.

“Wakatoshi, kiss me.”

Ushijima was quick to do as told. Hajime moaned into the kiss. It was more tongue but Hajime didn’t care. He threw his arms around Ushijima’s neck and pulled him closer. Tooru continued to mark Hajime up, one of his hands palming his cock over his panties.

After a few minutes of making out, Ushijima dropped down. He replaced Tooru’s hands and held Hajime’s thighs, spreading him even more while also lifting him a bit. Hajime moaned at the display of strength. He played with Tooru’s hair before mumbling for a kiss. Tooru happily complied.

Their kiss was interrupted by Ushijima kissing Hajime’s clothed hole. Tooru chuckled and played with the waistband of Hajime’s panties. “Do you want to eat him out, Wakatoshi?”

“If you don’t mind.”

Tooru leaned over Hajime, bending the shorter man in half so he could bring Ushijima into a searing kiss. It was weird, honestly, watching Tooru fiercely make out with the person he spent years hating. However, it was really hot because neither of them was giving away dominance.

They pulled away with Ushijima’s lip between Tooru’s teeth, just the slightest bit of blood rolling down Tooru’s chin from where Ushijima bit him too hard. Hajime moaned, bucking his hips to get attention.

Both men chuckled lowly. Tooru brought Hajime back up to lie against his chest while Ushijima tugged Hajime’s panties off. “Do you like them?” Tooru asked. “I picked them out, but Hajime’s the one that makes them look so pretty.”

“Do you wear these often?” Ushijima asked. He tossed the panties aside so he could get down in front of the bed. He hooked his arms around Hajime’s knees and effortlessly tugged him down.

Tooru didn’t mind the change of position; his cock was now directly above Hajime’s lips. Hajime opened his mouth and stared up at Tooru with puppy dog eyes.

“Alright, Princess, take what you need.”

Hajime hummed happily before he sat up a bit to wrap his lips around the head of Tooru’s cock. His fiance groaned, instantly rolling his hips to make Hajime deep throat him. Hajime was moaning around Tooru’s cock thanks to the way Ushijima was slowly eating him out.

Tooru held Hajime by the side of his head as he slowly fucked his mouth, trying to maintain the same speed as Ushijima. Hajime knew it wouldn’t last long; he knew that the second the two of them were done with this, he would be destroyed. He moaned happily at the thought.

“What’re you thinking about, Princess?”

Hajime popped off of Tooru’s cock. “You… and Wakatoshi… fucking me.”

Ushijima groaned against Hajime’s rim, sending waves of pleasure through the shorter man’s body. His back arched off the bed when Ushijima started tongue-fucking him, his moans muffled thanks to the cock shoved down his throat.

‘Harder, please, harder!’ Hajime mentally pleaded. He ground down on Ushijima’s face and sucked Tooru’s cock as hard as he could. ‘Wreck me, please!’

Tooru - as always - read Hajime like a book. He pulled out of his fiance’s mouth then grabbed Ushijima by the hair, pushing him away. Ushijima made a disapproving sound but didn’t fight Tooru’s hold.

“Grab the lube, Wakatoshi, top drawer.”

Ushijima didn’t even have to lean over to reach the bedside table. He grabbed the lube along with a string of condoms. “I brought my own, just in case yours wouldn’t fit me,” he said while handing Tooru the lube and condoms.

“No need,” Tooru said, handing Ushijima the condoms, “as long as you're clean, we can do him raw.”

Ushijima was visibly pleased with the news. He threw the condoms somewhere then got back on the bed between Hajime’s legs. Tooru popped the cap of the lube then looked down at Ushijima’s still clothed erection.

“Take your pants off, Wakatoshi, I need to see what we’re dealing with.”

Wordlessly, Ushijima stood off of the bed again and dropped trow. Hajime moaned loudly and arched off the bed, already feeling his guts twist in anticipation.

Tooru whistled. “Pretty impressive.” He gestured for Ushijima to get back on the bed. He wrapped his long fingers around Ushijima’s cock, slowly jerking him off. Ushijima lightly threw his head back with a shallow moan.

Hajime panted heavily as he watched a bead of precum dribble out of the tip. He wanted that in him. He wanted that cock inside of him alongside Tooru’s, filling him with cum until he was leaking.

“Daddy, Wakatoshi,” Hajime moaned, “hurry!”

Ushijima chuckled. “Daddy, huh? Should’ve expected that from the two of you.” As if a switch flipped inside of him, Ushijima wrapped his hand around Hajime’s throat and tugged him close. “If Tooru is your daddy, then I’ll be your sir.”

Hajime keened loudly. “Daddy, Sir, fuck me!”

Both men groaned in pleasure. Ushijima tilted Hajime’s head back so he could cover it in hickeys while Tooru covered his hand in lube. He rubbed his fingers to warm it up then started off with two fingers. He needed to get inside Hajime.

Hajime was in Heaven. Sandwiched between two of the most attractive men he’s ever seen in his life, one of them covering his body in hickeys and bite marks, and the other spreading him open with three fingers, whispering filth into his ear.

“Hm, play with his nipples, Wakatoshi, they’re very sensitive.”

Ushijima hummed. “The best kind of men.”

“I know, right?”

Ushijima moved down to take one of Hajime’s nipples, rolling and tugging the other one between his fingers, and Hajime moaned so loud one of his neighbors knocked on the wall. All three of them ignored it.

“Sir, oh, Sir! Ke-keep doing tha-aaaah-t!”

Tooru kissed Hajime’s temple. “I’m gonna put a fourth one in, baby.”

“Yes! Yes, Daddy!” Hajime spread his legs as far as they could go - which was pretty fucking far - and held Ushijima’s large biceps for dear life. “Mmm! I wa-want your cock! I want your cocks, Daddy! Sir!”

Hajime screamed as he was slapped on the thigh. A large, burning red handprint was on his thigh. Ushijima rubbed where he slapped Hajime but he didn’t seem apologetic at all. “Be patient, pest. The more you beg, the longer we’re gonna tease you.”

Tooru hummed in agreement. “And I’m almost done prepping you, baby, don’t ruin that.”

“So-sorry, Daddy. Sorry, Sir.”

It was Tooru’s turn to slap Hajime. “If you’re not gonna stutter for Wakatoshi, you’re not gonna stutter for me. Got it, slut? Now, try again.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy! I’m sorry, Sir!”

Both Tooru and Ushijima kissed Hajime. “Good boy,” Ushijima whispered. 

He pinched Hajime’s nipple and went back to cover his body in marks. Tooru picked with the pace, filling the room with squelching alongside Hajime’s girlish moans.

“Oh, god, I can’t wait anymore,” Tooru groaned. He pulled his fingers out of Hajime’s clenching hole and wiped them off on the bedsheets. Ushijima pulled away so Tooru could lie down, pulling Hajime directly on top of him. “You can go first, Wakatoshi.”

“If you insist.”

To keep Hajime relaxed, Tooru softly kissed and nibbled Hajime’s ears. Hajime closed his eyes, focusing on Tooru’s affections as long as he could, but he couldn’t ignore the fat head of Ushijima’s cock pushing against his rim.

“Sir! Ah, Sir! Your cock is so big!” Hajime moaned. The only thing keeping him from trying to get Ushijima’s cock inside with one push was the two pairs of hands holding his hips, keeping him in place and forcing him still. “Daddy, I want your cock, too! Please!”

“God, you’re such a fucking whore,” Tooru snarled, spanking Hajime’s thigh. “Just for that, you’re not cumming until Wakatoshi and I do. Understand, slut?”

“Yes! Yes! Please just fuck me! Ruin me!”

God, Hajime’s neighbors must hate him.

Ushijima repositioned himself to make more room for Tooru. He helped the brunette guide his cock against Hajime’s already stretched hole. Then, after Tooru started playing with Hajime’s nipples, he pushed it.

It was painful before it was pleasurable. Really, really painful. Tooru had to stop a couple of times, and Ushijima eventually grabbed the lube, using up the rest of the bottle to cover both their cocks and Hajime’s hole in lube. 

Thankfully, by the time Tooru was balls deep inside Hajime, he was a moaning mess. Even so, they started off slow, trying to sync up while also getting Hajime used to such a large stretch.

“Hah, ah! Da-daaddyy! S-sir!” Hajime slurred, eyes rolled into the back of his head and tongue lolling out of his mouth. Tooru slid three of his fingers into Hajime’s mouth and fucked them down his throat. “Mmmf!”

Quickly, Tooru and Ushijima picked up a fast pace. Hajime clenched and shook with every drag of their cocks against his walls, trying his best to arch his back as their balls slapped against his ass, making it a bright red. He could barely function. It only got worse when Ushijima wrapped a large hand around his neck.

“You’re so sloppy,” Ushijima spat. Literally. He spat right onto Hajime’s face. Hajime moaned as it rolled down his face, choking on a sob when Tooru thrust his fingers down his throat and kept them there. “Have you always been such a whore?”

Tooru laughed meanly. “I was surprised, too. He’s so needy, Wakatoshi, you wouldn’t believe it. He gets so bratty when I don’t pay attention to him; the amount of times he’s sucked me off in the locker room is unbelievable.”

Hajime wasn’t paying attention to the conversation. His mind was filled with three things: Tooru, Ushijima, and their cocks pounding him into stupid town. His cock was completely ignored, a bright red and drenched in precum.

“Ah, shit, Princess!” Tooru suddenly yelled. “I’m gonna cum! Fuck, your tight little ass is so good!”

Ushijima moaned as a form of agreement.

“What do you want us to do, Hajime?” Ushijima asked, letting go of Hajime’s throat at the same time Tooru removed his fingers. “Want us to cum inside? Want us to fill you with our cum?”


By some miracle, Tooru and Ushijima came at the same time, and Hajime instantly came all over himself when he felt himself being filled by both their loads. He sobbed as the two of them kept fucking him, abusing his worn-out prostate, but he didn’t ask them to stop.

“I don't know about you, Wakatoshi, but I could go for a couple more rounds.”

Ushijima’s devilish smirk matched Tooru’s perfectly. “I could go all night.”

Hajime whimpered.

Chapter Text

Hajime kicked the textbook and papers off of the couch so he could throw his legs around Tooru’s hips. He moaned and tugged on the brunette’s soft locks. Tooru growled, biting hard on Hajime’s lip then licking the wound.

“We really- should - start on the pro- ject.”

Tooru grumbled something but ignored Hajime. He moved away from his lips to start sucking and chewing on his neck like a dog toy.

“No visible marks, Shittykawa!”

“aaaaaaand boner is gone,” Tooru sighed. He leaned back so he could flop on the couch, exposing the bulge in his pants. “Do you have to call me that during sex?”

“I have to call you that whenever you start sucking on my neck like a leech.” Hajime adjusted the collar of his shirt, grunting when he couldn’t cover the mark Tooru left. “I don’t need people asking why I’m covered in hickeys.”

Tooru sat up on the couch with a raised eyebrow. “You could just lie.”

Hajime avoided Tooru’s gaze. “I’m not a good liar,” he grumbled and started picking up the papers he kicked off the couch. He quickly opened up his textbooks then sorted out the papers he had messed up.

Tooru watched Hajime for a few seconds before grabbing his laptop off of the coffee table. “Do you understand the bonus question? I get the first half but the teacher loses me at the end.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be top of the class?”

Tooru glared over, gut-twisting in annoyance at Hajime’s smug smirk. “I’m sorry, which one of us came to the other’s apartment because they couldn’t figure out their half of the work?” Instantly, Hajime blushed and glared at Tooru. “That’s what a thought. Now-”

Hajime jumped back in surprise. Tooru sat between his legs, casually unzipping his jeans. “I’ll suck you off if you get through three slides, how does that sound?”


Two months ago, Tooru wouldn’t have believed you if you told him that he would be sleeping with Iwaizumi Hajime, he wouldn’t have believed you. The two didn’t… hate each other, per se, but they didn’t get along. At all. Though, that might be why the sex between them is so fucking good.

Rivals with benefits, Tooru supposes.

They still didn’t get along in class - they still got into heated debates and snapped at each other - but outside of the classroom, they were either strangers or in the slightest private area to make out or touch each other.

Definitely not dating, that’s for sure.

Tooru didn’t think too much about it. He didn’t want to be Hajime’s boyfriend, and Hajime didn’t want to be his boyfriend, so it didn’t matter. What mattered was that liked fucking around. It was a little harder to work together on projects, though, and since they did so well on their first project together, their teacher made a habit of pairing them together.

Sure, their teacher was helping Tooru get laid, but she was making it harder to focus on their damn work.

Tooru decided to not think about it too much.

They argue, they ignore one another, they fuck sometimes (a lot), and there are no strings attached.

Tooru wasn’t into the club scene, even if people thought differently. He was social, yeah, but he preferred meeting people in the library or at a coffee shop, not loud clubs with flashing lights, annoying music, and overpriced booze.

Even so, Tooru gave into Sugawara’s begging and joined his friend and his boyfriend Morisuke in club-hopping. Suga also promised that they wouldn’t be the only people in the group since Morisuke invited some of his friends, who invited their friends.

Decked out in skinny jeans and a black and white checkered button-up (Suga had buttoned it down until his chest was completely exposed when Tooru stepped out of his apartment), Tooru followed Suga and Morisuke to their first destination.

“There they are!” Suga cheered. He grabbed Morisuke and Tooru’s hands and pulled them along. “Hey! Akaashi!”

Akaashi was one of Suga and Tooru’s friends, and his boyfriend Kuroo knew a lot of different people, so Tooru wasn’t surprised to see the energetic Bokuto bouncing around the stoic Ushijima and responsible Daichi.

Tobio and Hinata - who had always been a package deal - were talking to someone Tooru couldn’t quite see. Once Suga let go of his hand, Tooru moved around to see this mysterious person.

“You gotta be kidding me.”

Hajime looked at Tooru in surprise. His expression quickly turned annoyed. “Oh, great.”

Ushijima looked between the two. “I told you we shouldn’t have invited him.”

“But I wanted Tooru to come, and Akaashi wanted Kuroo to come, and Kuroo wanted Bokuto, Ushijima, and Daichi to come, and Hinata overheard and wanted to bring Tobio, but Tobio would only come if Iwaizumi came! We couldn’t just invite one of them!” Suga insisted, ending his statement with a whine.

Morisuke laughed lightly and rubbed his boyfriend’s shoulders. “Come on, I’m sure the two of you can get along long enough for us to all have fun! Right?”

Tooru and Hajime eyed one another. Hajime’s eyes stopped at Tooru’s pale, exposed chest while Tooru’s ended at Hajime’s thighs, which were held tightly by black short-shorts.

Everyone took their silence as agreement.


Three clubs, multiple drinks, and a lot of mean flirting later, and Tooru was wounded up.

He was leaning against the bar with a drink held tightly in his hand. Morisuke was standing at his side, laughing as he watched Suga try to get Daichi onto the dance floor. Hajime was already on the dance floor with the others.

Tooru sipped his drink as he admired how good Hajime’s ass looked in his shorts. He was wearing a long-sleeved black crop-top along with black boots. He was wearing mascara and eyeliner, and Tooru desperately wanted to ruin it.

“Hajime’s looking pretty good, huh?”

“Yeah,” Tooru said absentmindedly. He only caught his slip-up after Morisuke chuckled. “Uh, wait, I mean- yeah, he looks as good as someone as ugly as him can.”

Morisuke shot him an unconvinced look. “Tooru, you’re hard.”

Tooru didn’t even bother to check - he could feel his cock rubbing against his pants. Thankfully, the dark black of his jeans helped cover up how excited he was, and it was all Hajime’s fault.

Hajime and the way he was swaying and rolling his hips; Hajime and the way he chewed his lip every time he looked at Tooru; Hajime and the way he was leaning against the chest of another man - wait.

“What the fuck is he doing?” Tooru snapped, slamming his drink down onto the bar. “Who is that?”

Morisuke shrugged. “Some guy, I guess. Why? Are you jealous?”

Instead of answering, Tooru slammed his phone and wallet down on the counter. “Watch those for me.”

“Will do.”

Pushing through dancing people and ignoring women with half-lidded eyes and flirtatious smiles, Tooru reached Hajime, who was staring directly at him as he let some random guy feel him up.

Wordlessly, Tooru grabbed Hajime by the hips and pulled him away. 

Obviously, the guy who was touching Hajime was annoyed. “What the fuck, dude?”

“Find someone else.”

Hajime remained quiet. He was actually pressing himself closer to Tooru, though the brunette wouldn’t realize that until later.

“I doubt I’ll find anyone dressed as slutty as him, though,” the guy said. He smirked and reached out to touch Hajime’s ass. “Why don’t you just get out of here?”

Tooru shot his hands down and squeezed Hajime’s ass. “Find another whore. This one’s mine.”

This time, Tooru didn’t miss how Hajime pressed against him, nor the way he shivered at Tooru’s words. The guy finally walked away - grumbling something about whores and cockblockers - and Tooru rolled his hips.

Hajime gasped. “Sh-shit.”

“What the fuck was that?” Tooru snarled as he continued to grind against Hajime. “And here I thought you had some class, but you were just letting some random guy feel you up. Even though you’ve been looking at me like a piece of meat all night.”

Shamelessly, Tooru spanked Hajime. “Slut.”

Hajime pushed back enough so he could stare at Tooru with challenging eyes. “What are you gonna do about it?” Confidence turned into arousal when Tooru smashed their mouths together, squeezing Hajime by the hips so he could grind against him.

There was a distant holler of, “You fucking owe me, Tobio!” from Hinata somewhere but Tooru was too distracted with quite literally tongue-fucking Hajime’s mouth to care. 

“Fuck me,” Hajime moaned when the two pulled away with a wet pop and shiny lips.

Tooru smirked. “How dirty, Iwa-chan.”

“Don’t call me that,” Hajime snapped. He looked around the club and nodded at a plain black door that blended in well. “Come on.”

Tooru followed Hajime through the crowds of dancing people, some drunk and others under the influence of less than legal things, then shoved the shorter man out of the club.

They both stumbled into the surprisingly empty alleyway. Hajime whipped around so he could grab Tooru by the neck and smash their lips together. Tooru moaned in approval.

Tooru backed Hajime all the way down the alleyway until they were around the corner. Once Hajime was pushed against the smooth but bumpy wall, Tooru shoved Hajime down onto his knees.

“Suck me off good and I’ll let you cum before we get back to your apartment.”

Hajime glared up at Tooru. “My knees already hurt, you dick.”

A loud smack echoed through the alleyway from Tooru unhesitantly smacking Hajime across the face. The shorter male let out a shameful moan. Tooru seized the opportunity and pulled his pants down, hard cock slapping Hajime in the face.

Without thinking, Hajime wrapped his lips around the head of Tooru’s cock and sucked eagerly. The brunette hummed. He held Hajime by the back of the head, moving his head back and forth in a quick bobbing motion.

“Fuck yeah, Hajime,” Tooru grunted. He snapped his hips forward and watched an outline of his cock appear in Hajime’s throat. He gripped Hajime’s hair and started fucking his face, relishing in the whimpers Hajime was making.

The hustle and bustle of the city drowned out the sounds of Tooru’s balls slapping Hajime’s chin, the sounds of Hajime moaning like a whore around his cock, and the sounds of Tooru degrading the man at his feet.

Eventually, Tooru held both sides of Hajime’s head and picked up the speed of his thrusts. He moaned loudly, shooting his load down the shorter man’s throat. Through half-lidded eyes, Tooru watched Hajime guzzle down his cum, a dazed look in his eyes.

With slow rolls of his hips, Tooru fucked himself through his orgasm with Hajime’s mouth. He pulled out when he was completely drained. His half-hard cock rubbed against Hajime’s lips when he pulled out.

“C’mere, I’ll jerk you off.”

Hajime licked his lips and shook his head. He let Tooru help him stand then turned them around. He turned around, pressing one of his hands against the wall for support so he could lift one of his legs, and pulled aside his shorts.

Tooru hadn’t realized until then that Hajime wasn’t wearing underwear, nor did he realize that Iwaizumi Hajime was a big enough slut to go out with a thick, glass buttplug buried inside him.

It took a few seconds for Tooru to realize something: Hajime had no clue Tooru would be joining him and the group, therefore…

A loud smack filled the alleyway, instantly followed by Hajime yelping. Tooru gave Hajime no time to adjust to the burning of his ass before he started repeatedly spanking Hajime’s ass.

“Fucking whore. You stuffed your slutty hole just in case you found someone desperate enough to take a whore like you home? Weren’t you begging for my cock just yesterday?”

Hajime breathlessly scoffed. “Please. It’s not like we’re dating… I’m not your personal slut.”

Tooru ignored Hajime’s words, as well as the small pit it created in his stomach. He jerked himself off into full hardness then roughly pulled the buttplug off, watching Hajime’s rim catch on it. He carefully set it down on the ground - he could tell it was expensive - then rammed inside of Hajime.

Hajime moaned loudly, back arching and knees turning weak. Oikawa held Hajime’s knee up so he could drive his cock deeper. “Can those men fuck you like this? Can they make you cum so many times that all you can think about his cock and cum? How many of them give your pathetic cock attention?”

Stubbornly, Hajime didn’t respond. Truthfully, Tooru was the first of many men who made Hajime feel satisfied in a long time. His cock was so long, but even if it wasn’t, Tooru knew how to move his hips and his fingers were just as good. His dirty talk was amazing - sometimes Hajime got off solely on the memories of the things the setter whispered in his ear.

Hajime would rather die before admitting that, though. It would go straight to Tooru’s already large ego.

Instead, Hajime moaned loudly and pushed back hard against Tooru’s cock.

“I wonder how long I’d have to take my cock away from you before you’re a sobbing mess. I’m sure you’re slutty enough to get all whiny when someone refuses to fuck you.” Tooru smacked Hajime’s ass, watching it jiggle from the impact. “You’re fucking lucky I fuck you so often.”

“Fucking shut up! God, you’re so egotistical!”

Hajime immediately regretted his words. Tooru slammed him flat against the wall, pressing his cheek against the hard, slightly bumpy surface. Hajime sobbed when Tooru snapped his hips back. His cock was too long to be pulled out so forcefully.


“No,” Hajime spat.




Smack! Smack!

“Hajime, apologize!”

“Fuck you!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Listen, you fucking whore, you either apologize or I leave your pathetic ass here to get off all alone in an alleyway like the back-alley whore you are.”

Hajime sniffled. “To-Tooru - “

“Try calling me Daddy, I think you’d like it.”

He would. He really, really would. So he pushed his ego and dignity aside. “Daddy, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I was mean to you, and I’m sorry I thought of someone else’s cock. Please, please fuck me. Let me cum, Daddy.”

Tooru kissed Hajime’s shoulder. “Good boy.” Then, he started fucking Hajime brutally.

Hajime screamed, moaned, and chanted Tooru’s name or ‘Daddy’, all while Tooru either groaned or remained silent. Hajime was a little embarrassed by it; about how Tooru made him such a loud and broken mess while staying so collected.

It was unfair.

Even though it was unfair, even though Hajime wanted to punch Tooru in his stupid face, the setter made him a fucking mess, and he loved it.

Hajime came with an ear-splitting scream and collapsed against the wall when Tooru’s warm cum filled him up. His body twitched, a pained whimper coming from him when Tooru slipped the glass buttplug back inside, plugging him up.

Tooru, the absolute bitch, moved the plug around and sloshed his cum around.

“St-stop,” Hajime gasped with a light sob. “It hurts.”

Instantly, Tooru stopped. He turned Hajime’s head around, licking and kissing his tears away, rubbing his sore ass. “What have we learned tonight?”

“I-I’m your slut, Tooru. I’m your personal slut.”

“Good, good boy.”

Chapter Text

Tooru ran his fingers through Hajime’s hair, giving the audience the impression that he was going to be soft, but he proved them wrong when he smacked Hajime across the face.

Jesus !” Hanamaki yelped, grabbing Matsukawa’s arm.

Hajime’s back arched and he dug his fingernails into his boyfriend’s exposed thighs.

Yahaba pointed a shaky finger at Hajime. “Is he…”

“He’s fine,” Tooru responded. He held Hajime by his hair and kept the shorter man still.

Tooru pulled Hajime’s head back, his cock leaving Hajime’s mouth with an obscene ‘pop!’ that made the audience adjust their pants.

Wordlessly, Tooru slapped Hajime again. Now that he wasn’t sucking Tooru’s dick, Hajime could moan from the burning hit.

The setter smiled softly and stroked Hajime’s face. Hajime nuzzled the heel of Tooru’s palm before tugging him forward and sucking on his balls.

Tooru’s eyelashes fluttered. It took him a few seconds to focus on their audience. “You can touch yourselves, it’s okay.”

Watari cleared his throat. “ he okay with that?”

Everyone’s attention dropped down to their ace, who was now sucking on the head of Tooru’s cock.

Hajime stared up at Tooru. He nodded as best as he could with his boyfriend’s hand in his hair.

With that wordless confirmation, the audience moved to strip themselves to some degree. The shyer ones - Yahaba, Watari, and Hanamaki - simply held their lengths by the base, and the braver ones - Kyoutani and Matsukawa - slowly started jerking themselves off.

Hajime shifted on the ground. His knees were aching, pink, and a little bumpy because of the floor’s texture. Usually, he was wearing pants when sucking Tooru off in the locker room, but now he was in nothing but his briefs.

Tooru carded his fingers through Hajime’s hair and noticed his boyfriend’s discomfort. He didn’t even look up as he called one of the audience members out. “Kentarou.” Kyoutani groaned lowly. He stopped jerking himself and looked at Tooru with hooded eyes. “Grab that bench over there.”

A little annoyed to be interrupted, Kyoutani quickly picked up an abandoned bench and set it in front of the couple. Tooru helped Hajime stand on his shaking knees then bent him over the bench.

The entire team choked. Now that Hajime was facing them, they could see how absolutely ruined their ace was. Drool and precum covered Hajime’s chin, thin streams of tears rolling down his face, and his mouth was wide open as he panted heavily.

Watari gripped himself by the base as his hips instinctively bucked forward.

Tooru, unfazed by the team’s reaction, pulled Hajime’s tongue out. “Everybody up.” Wordlessly, everyone remaining stood up. “Line up.” Once again, they did as told, ordering themselves from oldest to youngest, excluding Kyoutani, who was at the front of the line. Tooru turned Hajime’s head up so the shorter male was staring right up at his teammate. “Spit.”

Kyoutani grunted in surprise.

Was he really going to spit in the mouth of the man he respected most?

The answer is yes because Hajime was staring up at him with wide, teary doe eyes, mouth wide open and tongue stuck out, waiting.

After Kyoutani was Hanamaki. The light brunette didn’t look nervous anymore. He spat into Hajime’s mouth, even going as far as to wipe some onto his lips. Matsukawa slowly pushed out a droplet of saliva, watching it slowly dribble down onto Hajime’s tongue.

Yahaba was hesitant but he gained a bit of confidence and got closer than the others, spitting onto Hajime’s tongue while holding eye contact. Watari was the quickest, his face and neck covered in a dark red flush.


Hajime didn’t grimace or cringe when he swallowed his team’s mixed saliva, exposing another thing about his and Tooru’s sex life.

“The tape was his idea,” Tooru said once everyone was back on the benches, “so, really, Hajime is all to blame. How should we punish him, Issei?”

“Spanking,” Matsukawa effortlessly responded. He was stroking his long, thick cock while holding casual eye contact with Hajime. It was almost like they were talking about the weather or their science homework.

Tooru hummed in approval. “Should I tie his arms, Shigeru?”


Looking at each teammate, Tooru zoned in on Watari. “Grab your tie, Shinji.”

Watari only had to lean over to grab his tie, and he bundled it up then tossed it to Tooru. The captain caught it easily, tying Hajime’s wrists behind his back with practiced ease. Hajime tested the knot then let his hands fall limp on his back.

“How many times did you all watch the video? Age order again.”

“Like six.”

“Six, too.”


“Six, too.”

“Ten,” Kyoutai shamelessly admitted.

Hajime shook his ass impatiently. He was both humiliated, aroused, and kind of upset that he was being ignored. Tooru, of course, noticed. Instead of assuring Hajime or caressing him, he tugged his hair harshly.

“I think twenty spanks is suitable - four from each.”

“E-each?” Watari choked out. “Us?”

“Of course.” Tooru backed up a bit. He spread Hajime open and licked his clenching hole. “Let’s hurry, I doubt Kunimi and Kindaichi want to stall for us much longer.”

Once the rest of the team stood behind Hajime - they were now all bare from the lower half, hard cocks standing high and covered in precum - Tooru stood up. He sat down at Hajime’s side.

“Make sure to thank them.”

“Okay, Daddy.” Lowly, Kyoutani, Yahaba, and Matsukawa groaned. Interesting.

Hanamaki went first, deciding to go two at a time. Smack! Smack! “One! Two! Thank you, Takahiro!” Smack! Smack! “Three! Four! Thank you, Takahiro!”

Matsukawa was a teaser. He rubbed Hajime’s ass slowly before slamming his large palm down. Smack! “One! Thank you, Issei!” Smack! “Two! Thank you, Issei!” Smack! “Three! Thank you, Issei!” Smack! “Four! Thank you, Daddy!”

The usually stoic male groaned loudly. Tooru tried desperately to ignore his jealousy.

Yahaba, now drained of all his nerves, decided to go all out in the first third. Smack! Smack! Smack! “One! Two! Three! Thank you, Shigeru!” Yahaba rubbed his palms together then used every ounce of strength in his body to smack Hajime. “Four! Thank you, Daddy!”

Tooru ground his teeth, inhaling slowly through his nose.

Watari was quick. Whether that be from his still present nerves or his secret sadism, no one knew. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! “One! Two! Three! Four! Thank you, Shinji!”

Finally was Kyoutani. 100% the most brutal; all four spanks in quick but brutal succession. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Hajime sobbed, digging his nails into his palms. Kyoutani slapped him again when he failed to count. “O-one! Tw-two! Thr-three! F-four! Fi-five! Thank you, Daddy!”

Hajime fucking screamed when Tooru slammed his palm down onto Hajime’s ass. “Ass up, face down, if you make a single fucking sound, you won’t cum.” Hajime sobbed but did as told, keeping his head down.

The audience returned to their seats, a majority of them pressing their palms onto the cold metal. Tooru grabbed his gym bag to pull out a packet of lube. He placed it between Hajime’s lips and the ace tore it open with his teeth.

Tooru rushed through the prepping process. He was angry with Hajime, he really was, but he made sure to keep his ears open for their safeword. When Hajime didn’t even make a sound, Tooru tore open a condom, rolled it onto his throbbing cock, and slammed into his boyfriend.

Hajime gasped loudly then whimpered in a panic. Tooru ignored it, deciding to disregard his threat. Tooru growled and bit harshly into Hajime’s shoulder. He broke the skin, sucking and lapping at the red liquid seeping out.

Distantly, Tooru could hear the slick sounds of his team jerking themselves off. They were either moaning loudly or groaning deeply. Matsukawa and Hanamaki had started jerking each other off.

“Who do you belong to?” Tooru snarled.

“You, Tooru!”

Tooru held Hajime’s hair tightly and jerked his head up. “Who do you belong to?” Tooru forced Hajime to stare at their audience, tearing and drool streaming down his face.

“You, Tooru! Only you!”

“And don’t you fucking forget it!”

Hajime came with a scream that cracked off into a weak squeal when he came. He fell onto the bench boneless, watching through his tears as his teammates came all over their hands. Tooru spilled into the condom but stayed buried in Hajime.

He only pulled away when the others cleaned themselves off, leaving the locker room with flushed faces. The setter had to carry Hajime into the showers and press him against the wall so he could wash him clean.

“I didn’t go too far?”

“Nu-uh… I loved it.”


Hajime chewed his lip. “Yeah, I know.”

Chapter Text

Hajime likes to win. He likes to win, but he takes his losses in stride. Therefore, when he lost a bet between him and his classmates, Hajime didn’t try to get out of his penalty for thinking Morinozuka would actually confess to the captain of the soccer team.

For his foolishness, Hajime was to spend an entire school day dressed in the girls’ uniform. One of his classmates - Nanashima - had an older sister who went to Aoba Johsai, and she kept her uniform just for sentimental sake. She didn’t mind lending it to Hajime.

Nanashima was a tree of a man and his sister was exactly the same, so Hajime fit into the old uniform surprisingly well. He promised his classmates he would wear the uniform on Monday but decided not to tell Tooru.

It’d be a fun surprise when his boyfriend came to pick him up for school.

Hajime looked over his shoulder to stare at his reflection. The lavender dress shirt fitted nicely, as did the beige sweater vest. It was a little hard to get the dark red ribbon around his neck symmetrical, and he ended up asking his mom for help, who didn’t look surprised or disgusted by her son’s outfit.

Below the belt, however, is where Hajime’s concerns arose. The skirt - which had the same pattern as the slacks - was the shortest that the school would allow, meaning it was above the knee and flared.

Because he didn’t want his legs to be exposed, Hajime wore white thigh-highs that had red ribbons around the top. They were a pair that came with a collection of thigh-highs Tooru bought for him for his birthday, but no one else needed to know that.

The shoes were the hardest to figure out. After a lot of trial and error, Hajime’s Ma tossed in a pair of shoes from her days at Aoba Johsai. His Ma’s feet were large for women and Hajime’s were small for men, so they fit like a glove.

After a few more minutes of staring, Hajime decided he couldn’t change anything about his outfit. He adjusted the skirt before grabbing his school bag. His moms bid him goodbye the same way they did every morning, completely unfazed (Hajime really appreciated them for that).

Hajime’s nervousness was washed away by Tooru’s reaction. The setter’s gaze was frozen on Hajime’s thighs. The tight thigh-highs made his thighs look thicker than they already were, and Tooru knew his boyfriend was undoubtedly wearing panties underneath that skirt.

“My parents are already at work. Who needs school?”

Hajime refused to budge when Tooru attempted to pull him in the opposite direction of the school. “Sorry, babe, I lost a bet and I’m not a coward.” He effortlessly tugged Tooru back, leading his pouting boyfriend down the street.

“Give me a peek.”


Hajime’s back shot straight when he felt a palm on his ass, rubbing slowly and pushing the fabric of his skirt up. Tooru’s other hand was on Hajime’s hip to keep him still. Hajime, though bright red and a little humiliated, let Tooru lift up his skirt to see the purple, high-waisted silk panties he was wearing.

Tooru groaned. “Hajime, you can wear this tomorrow, too. Don’t leave me like this .” To emphasize, Tooru rubbed his half-hard cock against Hajime’s ass.

“Tooru, stop.”

Tooru snapped his hands off of Hajime and put a good amount of space between the two of them. He looked at Hajime with wide eyes. “Did I go too far?”

Averting his gaze, Hajime shrugged. “I just… I’m kind of nervous about this. I’ve only worn skirts at the mall and other stores, or when we’re… alone. What if I don’t look as good as I think I do? What if someone touches me?”

“I’ll kill them.” Tooru came closer, waiting for Hajime to face him before wrapping his arms around the shorter male’s waist. “You look so good, Hajime, and that’s not my dick talking. You’re so cute, Princess.”

“Thank you, Tooru. I love you.”

Tooru hummed when Hajime pecked his lips. “I love you, too, baby.”


“Holy shit, you actually did it!” Nanashima hollered. He quickly shot up to his feet and dramatically applauded Hajime. Mafuyu rolled his eyes but joined in the applause, all while Morinozuka looked flustered. “Iwaizumi, you’re my hero.”

Hajime snorted. He sat down on his chair, triple-checking that he was sitting on the skirt and that his underwear wasn’t visible. Mafuyu, like the true friend he was, ducked down to check as well, shooting Hajime a thumbs up when he was finished.

Nanashima popped his butt out. “Do you think I’d look good in a skirt?”

Mafuyu looked his friend slowly up and down. “Not with those legs, no.”

Nanashima gasped in offense.

While Nanashima tried to argue that he had amazing legs, Morinozuka turned to Hajime. “Are you really comfortable with this, Iwaizumi-san? You don’t have to force yourself just because I’m a coward.”

“I’m good, Mori,” Hajime assured. He smiled happily as he recalled Tooru’s reassurance. “Besides, no one seems to care.” Though, Hajime knew that anyone who did have a problem with it must’ve been too scared to speak up, less they wanted Tooru and Kyoutani on their ass.

Nanashima and Mafuyu continued to mess around until class started, and Mafuyu continued to check up on Hajime’s skirt throughout the class. When class ended, Hajime and Mafuyu hung up until they were the only ones left in class.

“Thanks for looking out for me,” Hajime thanked the taller teen, “I’d be mortified if someone saw my underwear.”

Mafuyu nodded. Hajime’s classmate reminded him of Kunimi - apathetic, kind of lazy, always looked bored, but a caring and supportive friend. “Don’t mention it, Iwa. And if your underwear was showing, I would stab the eyes out of anyone looking.”

Hajime laughed. He squeezed Mafuyu’s arm in appreciation before exiting the classroom with his friend. The happy bubble between the two was popped when Hajime spotted Tooru. The setter was leaning against the wall right across from the open door with crossed arms and a blank expression.

Mafuyu took that as his cue to leave. “See ya, Iwa.”

“Uh, yeah, bye.”

The second Mafuyu was gone, Tooru gestured for Hajime to come closer, and Hajime obeyed. Tooru grabbed Hajime by the thighs and pulled him so their chests were pressed up together. Hajime chewed his lip as he tried to hold eye contact with his silently boiling boyfriend.

“Who was that?”

“Mafuyu, you know him.”

“I didn’t know you were so close.”

Hajime pouted. “Don’t be like that. We’re friends.”

“Why were you two alone?”

“I was thanking him.”


Admittedly, Hajime knew the truth wasn’t what Tooru wanted to hear, but his boyfriend could see through all of his bluffs, so he didn’t even try. “I was worried about my… panties - “ Hajime whispered the last word, “showing, so he checked throughout the class for me.”

Big, big mistake. Tooru’s hands moved to Hajime’s ass. He squeezed his plump cheeks harshly then pressed them together, teasing Hajime’s hole with the tips of his fingers. Hajime’s knees nearly gave out, and his back arched from pleasure.

“W-wait, Tooru, not-not here.”

Both males abandoned the thought of going to class, especially when Tooru held Hajime by the thighs and hoisted him up, carrying his boyfriend down the hallway towards the popular abandoned hallway in the school.


Tooru slammed Hajime onto the desk, shoving his tongue into his mouth and digging his nails into Hajime’s ass cheeks. Hajime moaned and rolled his hips, feeling Tooru’s long, hard cock against his thigh.

“Mmm - Ah!” Hajime moaned, the wet smack of their lips filling the empty classroom. Hajime couldn’t even imagine how many students fucked at the very same desk he was currently on. “Tooru - Daddy - fuck!”

With a deep groan, Tooru flipped Hajime around. He pushed down on Hajime’s shoulder blades to arch his boyfriend’s back. He admired Hajime’s round, perky ass before smacking it, the sound of the hit echoing then followed by Hajime whimpering.

Tooru flipped Hajime’s skirt up, showing off his pretty panties, his cock poking out slightly. Tooru imagined Mafuyu ducking his head to check on Hajime’s skirt then seeing his panties. Unhelpfully, his mind supplied him with the image of Mafuyu playing with Hajime’s ass, massaging it and sucking Hajime’s neck.

Tooru! ” Hajime yelped, horrified by the loud tearing sound of his panties ripping. The ruined fabric fell down to his ankles, a useless scatter of light purple silk. “What is wrong with you?!”

Too clouded by his jealousy, Tooru ignored Hajime, choosing to fall down onto his knees and spread his boyfriend open. Hajime’s tight, pink hole was winking at him, his cock already soaked and bright red.

“Are you just gonna ignore me-EE!” Hajime squealed. Tooru squeezed his ass cheeks tightly as he sucked and lapped at Hajime’s hole. His eyelids fluttered shut, lips parting as he sang out breathy moans and whimpers. “O-oh… fuck!”

“This ass is mine,” Tooru mumbled before shoving his tongue inside Hajime. He was practically making out with his boyfriend’s hole, but since Hajime was moaning like a whore while pushing back onto Tooru’s face, he was doing good. He slowly pulled away. He harshly squeezed to leave marks on Hajime’s cheeks. “All mine.”

Hajime held the edge of the desk in a deathlock, knuckles white and hands shaking from a mixture of emotions - arousal from being eaten out, embarrassment from being bent over a desk in a classroom, and a little bit of anger from Tooru tearing his underwear to shreds .

Groaning - from both pleasure and frustration - Hajime glared over his shoulder at Tooru. Any anger he had melted. It was such an erotic sight: Tooru’s face buried between his ass, drool running down his chin from how invested he was in eating Hajime out, and he was ignoring both their cocks completely.

Hajime huffed - though it was more of a whimper - and mumbled, “Of course it’s yours. I don’t want anyone else to be my daddy, Tooru.”

Tooru’s hips bucked up unconsciously, but he didn’t pull away from Hajime no matter how hard his cock throbbed. He moved one of his hands down Hajime’s leg. He squeezed his knee then propped it on his shoulder, driving his tongue deeper.

“Oh-AH!” Hajime moaned loudly. He rutted against the desk, thankful that the desktop was smooth. “Oh, Tooru! Tooru! Daddy! Feels so fucking good! I-I’m go-gonna cum! Gonna cum! Cumming!”

Hajime spurted stripes of white onto the desk, barely missing his skirt. Tooru fumbled to pop the button of his pants. Once his cock was out, he jerked himself off, cumming after five harsh strokes.

Tooru continued to lick Hajime’s hole, only stopping when Hajime actively moved away. They both tried to catch their breath, and once they did, Hajime snarled, “Why the actual fuck did you think ripping my underwear was a good idea?!”

Smirking, Tooru picked up his school bag. He pushed aside some things before pulling out a pair of white cotton panties with a tiny ribbon on the front. Hajime didn’t even question it, he knew Tooru had some weird fetishes when it came to Hajime and his panties.


“Your dick disagrees.”

Hajime jutted his lip out and snagged the panties out of Tooru’s hands.

Chapter Text

Initially, Tooru and Hinata avoided one another. 

Not because of their old high school rivalry but because Hinata was uncharacteristically… negative when Tooru showed him around their college campus.

The usually peppy and curious ginger had a vacant expression, eyes drained of color, and he was aggravated too easily.

Tooru eventually learned from Sawamura that Hinata found out that Hinata’s ex-boyfriend had cheated on him, and their breakup was anything but easy.

After that, Tooru couldn’t blame Hinata for his depressing energy or harsh temper. He’d react the same way if Hajime cheated on him.

It took a few weeks, but Tooru soon won Hinata over and they became amazing friends.

Of course, Tooru eventually tested the boundary.

Hajime went to a different university than Tooru. Separated for the first time in eighteen years, they never really paid attention to other things when visiting each other; all they cared about was reacquainting themselves with each other’s bodies.

So when Hajime came over for the weekend, the last thing on Tooru’s mind was his roommate, who had sprained his ankle and would definitely be in his bed, unable to leave the room without assistance.

Hinata, the absolute gem, loudly made his presence known the second Tooru slammed Hajime down onto the bed.

“Dude,” Hinata said and gestured at his ankle, “can you not?”

“Wha-“ Tooru spluttered. “Shoyo, we haven’t seen each other in three months !”

The two went back and forth with reasons why Tooru should or shouldn’t fuck Hajime until Hinata snapped,

“Tooru, either save it until tomorrow or fuck him while I’m sitting right here!”

Long story short, Hinata got a front-row seat to Tooru rearranging his boyfriend’s guts, and it became a thing.

If Hinata happened to be in the dorm when Hajime came to visit, no one brought it up. The two would fuck without caring if Hinata was in the room or not.

It wasn’t that weird in any of their minds.

Hinata furrowed his eyebrows as he typed away on his phone. It took him a while to get back into the dating game, and Hinata was now understanding why meeting people sucked.

He switched from Tinder to Grindr. If he wasn’t gonna score a date then he was going to get some kind of relief.

Just as Hinata was about to start a conversation with a half-decent-looking man, the bedroom door slammed open, and two tall men stumbled inside. Hajime’s fingers were gripping Tooru’s hair as they aggressively made out, their pants already abandoned (most likely at the front door).

As usual, they paid Hinata no mind, even though they both knew he would be there. Tooru swiftly pulled his shirt off before helping Hajime remove his. They fell onto the bed, lips still locked, and squeezed any exposed skin they could get their hands on.

Hinata felt his cock twitch in his sweatpants. He leaned back against the wall, lazily palming his erection as Tooru started sucking and twisting Hajime’s nipples. The shorter man moaned loudly, hand slapping down onto Tooru’s ass.

Tooru groaned loudly and rolled his hips. Hajime panted. “Fuck! Too many fucking clothes,” he snarled before ripping Tooru’s boxers down, throwing the grey cloth to the side. He pushed Tooru off of him so he could remove his own underwear, and once it was off, he pulled Tooru down for a greedy kiss.

At the angle Hinata’s bed was at, the younger had a perfect view of Tooru’s long, veiny, and curved cock, which was pressing against Hajime’s cute little cock. He pushed down his sweatpants by the waistband, ignoring the stain on his boxers in favor of playing with the tip of his cock.

With the wet smacking of kissing filling the room, Tooru swung the drawer of his bedside table open. He pulled out a bottle of lube, ditching the condom in his rush. He squirted what Hinata knew was far too much lube onto his hands then shoved two of his fingers inside his boyfriend.

Hajime yelped in surprise but quickly started mewling in pleasure. Hinata kicked off his sweatpants and boxers, removing his t-shirt since his body was growing hotter by the minute. He didn’t care about covering himself up; he was practically invisible.

Hajime spread his legs out wide, holding himself open as Tooru fingered him open. The two stared into each other’s eyes, mouths parted as they moaned. When he added a fourth finger, Tooru captured Hajime’s lips in a needy kiss. Hinata groaned, squeezing the head of his cock.

Finally, Tooru pulled his fingers out. He wiped them off on a towel Hinata had generously left by the pillow, and situated himself between Hajime’s legs while sitting on his knees.

“Fucking hell,” the setter mumbled before slamming into Hajime. Hajime moaned like a girl, gripping the bedsheets tightly, back arching off of the bed as Tooru pounded into him. “Fucking take it, slut!”

Hinata groaned. He bucked up into his fist. He licked his dry lips and enjoyed the view: Tooru slamming into Hajime, pulling a feminine moan from the usually masculine man. The bed was creaking loudly and Hinata was thankful their beds didn’t have headboards.

“Oh, Daddy! Daddy!” Hajime keened. “Fuck, Tooru, you’re cock feels so fucking good! Fucking missed this! Missed you filling me up!” His head rolled to the side, eyes fluttering open just a bit. With a dazed look, Hajime unintentionally stared at Hinata, who quickened the pace of his strokes.

Before Hajime could gain the sense to look away, Tooru smacked him across the face. “Don’t look at him. Look at me, whore.” Hajime wordlessly did as instructed. His moans turned into pleasure-filled screams when Tooru’s thrusts turned into him practically dropping his body weight down onto his boyfriend.

Hinata cursed under his breath, his free hand moving to tug and fondle his balls, recreating the stimulation he’s been missing from his own life. Fortunately, the performance his friends were putting on was enough to distract Hinata from his depressing thoughts.

“Gonna cum! Fuck- Hajime! I’m gonna fill you to the fucking brim!”

“Yes! Yes! Fill me, Tooru! Fuck !” Hajime screamed and covered both his and Tooru’s chests in cum.

Hinata sped up his strokes, choking on a gasp as he came, and Tooru came soon after, groaning as if he were stabbed as he spilled into his boyfriend. He continued to slam into him until Hajime was crying out from overstimulation.

The two didn’t stop after one round, but Hinata did. After cleaning up his hand and setting two bottles of water on his own bedside table, Hinata pulled on a pair of jeans along with a hoodie.

He closed the front door, shooting an apologetic glance at one of his neighbors. Even with a room and a heavy wooden door between them, Hinata could clearly hear Hajime and his screams of how good Tooru and his cock were.

Even if he was embarrassed by the glares his classmates were giving him, Hinata would never think differently - being Tooru’s roommate is the absolute best.

Chapter Text

Hajime was not a whore.

He really wasn’t, but he was exactly innocent. While he didn’t throw himself at the nearest willing male, Hajime wasn’t against offering a handjob or blowjob to friends, acquaintances, and sometimes random classmates. He could never hold onto a relationship, but why let that stop him from getting some action?

Still, Hajime wasn’t a whore, so he wasn’t known for offering some action.

Currently, Hajime had his eyes focused on a certain brunette - Oikawa Tooru. Oikawa wasn’t what you’d expect in a nerd. He was an absolute knockout with gorgeous brown hair, a toned body, and thighs that could crush a watermelon. Hajime would know, he’s been between Miya Atsumu’s thighs before.

Hajime and Oikawa were friends in elementary school but stopped talking in middle school. Their interactions were now limited to Hajime occasionally asking to borrow Oikawa’s notes, or if they accidentally bumped shoulders in the hallways.

That didn’t stop Hajime from wondering what it’d be like to have Oikawa for a few minutes. The dude screamed VIRGIN but that just got Hajime going. He wondered how long it would take to make Oikawa cum, how many times he could make him cum before he was crying.

Unconsciously, Hajime slowly licked his lips.

“You’re thinking about him again,” Kyoutani said, not sparring Hajime a single glance as they continued to read Uzumaki. “If you want to suck his dick so badly, just do it. I’m sure he’d let you.”

Chewing his lip, Hajime stared across the library at Oikawa. The brunette was sitting at a one-person table, surrounded by textbooks, homework packets, and two notebooks. His backpack was on the floor, angled so Hajime could see the stupid (cute) alien keychain on the zipper. He was listening to music with those shitty $1 earbuds you’d find in the bargain bin.

Oikawa was wearing a red hoodie and black pants, and Hajime fantasized about lifting that hoodie, licking up Oikawa’s toned body. When Oikawa grabbed his bottle of water and took a drink, Hajime watched his Adam’s apple bob. He could already picture it going up and down as Hajime sucked his cock.

A shiver ran through Hajime’s spin. He grabbed Kyoutani’s forearm. “I’m getting horny. Quick, show me something that’ll kill my boner.”

Wordlessly, Kyoutani turned their book towards Hajime, showing off one of Junji Ito’s iconic disturbing drawings. Instantly, Hajime’s arousal dropped, replaced with morbid interest as he leaned in to get a better look at the drawing.

He was so caught up in taking in every morbid detail that he didn’t notice the person passing by the table until they spoke up. “Uzumaki? I didn’t know you liked Junji Ito’s work, Kyouken.”

Hajime snapped his head up, staring at Oikawa with wide eyes. The brunette had one strap of his backpack over his shoulder, staring down at the two boys. It would’ve been quite the sexy sight if it wasn’t for Oikawa’s nerdy glasses, which he continuously pushed up.

“Yeah,” Kyoutani effortlessly responded, “I like his art style.”

“I do as well. Do you, Iwaizumi?”

“Can I give you a blowjob?”

Oikawa dropped his backpack, his jaw falling open and face exploding into a flaming blush. Kyoutani slammed their book shut and left as fast as possible, subtly kicking Hajime from underneath the table before they made their great escape.

“I- what?”

Gaining back his confidence, Hajime stood up. He gestured for Oikawa to follow, and the slightly taller boy trailed behind Hajime, still blushing like a prepubescent boy.

Hajime took Oikawa into one of the many chemistry labs. He locked the door then pressed the red-faced brunette against the door. He held Oikawa’s pecs, giving them a squeeze, and smirked up at Oikawa.

“I said: can I give you a blowjob? I know you’ve never gotten one before, let me help you out, Tooru.

Oikawa made a sound similar to a dying animal, but he didn’t push Hajime away and try to escape, so Hajime took it as an appropriate answer. He fell down onto his knees, thumbing the waistband of Oikawa’s pants.

Happily, Hajime noted that Oikawa was already rock hard. It was a little hard to tell how big he was since his pants were black, but Hajime never cared much about length. If Oikawa was small, he was small.

Wasting no time, Hajime unbuttoned Oikawa’s pants, letting them fall down to his ankles. Once again, Hajime couldn’t guess the size of his length due to the dark shade of his underwear along with the lack of light in the classroom.

Didn’t matter. Hajime was almost 99% certain Oikawa’s cock wasn’t that impressive.

He shot Oikawa a lustful smile before tugging down his boxers.

Of course, there’s always that 1% chance.

Hajime’s jaw dropped as he stared at Oikawa's pink, wet, veiny, and long cock. Hesitantly, Hajime wrapped his hand around it, feeling how warm it was, and relishing in the loud groan that came from Oikawa.

Oikawa’s cock was considerably thick, but not nearly as impressive as his length. At least 10 inches and Hajime couldn’t confirm if Oikawa was a shower or a grower.

Hajime must’ve been staring longer than he thought because Oikawa started shifting nervously. His face was beet red as he stared down at Hajime with a nervous gaze. “Is- is it too small?”

Too small? Too small ?!

“Dude, I’m gonna fucking choke,” Hajime said before he could stop himself. He shook it away. “No, it’s not too small, quite the opposite.” Hajime leaned forward, kitten licking at the tip. He wasn’t surprised by the spurt of precum that instantly covered his chin and lips. “I’ve never seen one so big.”

A white lie. Hajime had the past pleasure of giving Ushijima Wakatoshi a handjob, and that made it living proof that the bigger the feet, the bigger the dick. Thank god the man was satisfied by a handjob because Hajime didn’t think his throat would survive.

Even so, Oikawa was certainly second best.

Wetting his lips, Hajime licked up and down Oikawa’s length, one of his hands playing with his balls while the other stroked his thigh. Oikawa was already a mess of moans and sweat. It was cute.

After mouthing at Oikawa’s cock for a few minutes, Hajime wrapped his lips around the flushed tip. Oikawa whimpered and hit his head on the classroom door. He ran a shaking hand through Hajime’s hair, hesitantly gripping it as Hajime started bobbing his head.

When the leaking tip hit the back of his throat, Hajime curled his toes and deepthroated. Oikawa released a guttural sound and curled in on himself, unintentionally pushing his length deeper into Hajime’s throat.

Encouraging this, Hajime held Oikawa’s hips to keep him in place until he had the brunette’s whole cock in his mouth. His throat convulsed around the throbbing cock, and he severely underestimated how long he could hold in such a long length. 

Oikawa was quick to pull away when Hajime rapidly patted his thigh, holding the shorter male’s head between his hands. Hajime stared up at Oikawa with his teary eyes and lines of drool running down his face, and he moaned.

Hajime jerked Tooru off as he tried to get his breath back. God, what would it take to boost this nerd’s confidence? He was clearly close to cumming - which Hajime definitely expected - but he needed a push.

Maybe… worth a shot.

“Come on, don’t hold back,” Hajime whispered. “I know you want to, Daddy .” A muffled gasp came from Hajime. Oikawa thrust his cock down Hajime’s throat, keeping a firm grasp on Hajime’s head as he started fucking his face. Hajime’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. 

Oikawa groaned and moaned, whispering praises as he used Hajime like a fleshlight. As the brutal treatments continued, Hajime popped the button of his jeans so he could start jerking himself off.

With a loud moan, Oikawa’s body shook and he shot his load down Hajime’s throat. His orgasm lasted a long time, and when he pulled his cock out of Hajime’s mouth, a gush of cum and saliva followed.

Hajime moved to wipe his face but only added to the mess since he used the hand he released into.

“Uh-uhm,” Oikawa stuttered, “Is there a reason you offered to do that for me?”

Licking away the cum surrounding his lips, Hajime looked up at Oikawa through his eyelashes. The brunette looked absolutely wrecked. His face was covered in sweat, his bangs sticking to his forehead, and his face was a dark pink.

Hajime mentally gave himself a pat on the back.

He shrugged. “You’re cute.”


Standing up on wobbly knees, Hajime slipped Oikawa’s phone out of his backpack. He ripped out a piece of notebook paper then scribbled down his number, sticking it underneath Oikawa’s pastel blue phone case.

“Call me.” He pulled Oikawa down so he could suck on his earlobe. “I’m going to ride that long cock or die trying.”

Chapter Text

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the king and his iron club.”

Hajime munched on his snack as he watched Tooru taunt the two men. Kageyama and Hinata had grown quite a bit since they last saw one another. Kageyama was buffier but not that much taller; it was Hinata who had changed. His orange hair was moppy, held in a small ponytail with face framers, and he was taller now, though still the shortest of the four.

Going off by the black track pants and white t-shirts the two were wearing, they had come from practice. Kageyama was holding two sweaty bottles of soda while Hinata had an armful of chips and pork buns. Maybe they were buying food for their team, though Hajime knew how big both their appetites were.

While Tooru taunted Kageyama, Hinata turned to Hajime. “Iwaizumi-san, how have you been?”

“Good,” Hajime said through a mouthful of food. “Are you and Kageyama coming back from practice?”

“Yeah, we just finished our practice match with Nekoma so Tobio and I picked up some snacks.”

“Tobio, huh? So you two are dating.”

Tooru chuckled. “Isn’t that nice? I’m sure that now the two of you are shagging, your quick attack will be more annoying than ever.” Both Kageyama and Hinata turned crimson, and Hajime slapped his boyfriend on the back. “Ow! Iwa-chan, that hurt!”

“You’re being a dick.” Hajime turned to Kageyama and Hinata. “I’m sorry about him. I haven’t sucked his dick in two weeks and he’s taking it out on others.”

“Oh, buddy, have I been there.” Hinata rolled his eyes. He jammed his thumb in Kageyama’s direction with an annoyed squint. “I dedicated my time to actually studying and he got all pissy when I wouldn’t even give him a handjob.”

Kageyama popped the cap of his soda, taking a long but loud sip to show his irritation.

Tooru smirked. “Well, either way - “ Hajime and Hinata stared at their boyfriends as Tooru got close to Kageyama, pressing their chests together and holding his chin up, “next time we’re on the court together, we’ll beat you.”

Kageyama cocked his chin up. “We’ll see about that.”

Hajime cleared his throat. “Tooru?”

Smiling happily, Tooru turned to Hajime. “Yes?”

“Let’s go.”

Tooru nodded. He shot Kageyama one last cocky smirk before taking Hajime’s hand and letting his boyfriend lead him away from their former underclassmen.

Once they were down the street, Hajime commented, “You and Kageyama have a lot of sexual tension.”

“I guess,” Tooru agreed with a shrug. “Not like I’m going to make something out of it.”

Hajime looked Tooru up and down, finding no sign of a lie in his body posture nor his face. “I wouldn’t be against it if you did.”


“I think it would help get rid of some of the tension when the two of you are talking in public, yeah.”

Tooru laughed in disbelief. “Even if I wanted to, Hinata wouldn’t let it happen.”

“Let’s ask him to join then.” Hajime was tugged back when Tooru stopped walking. His boyfriend was gawking at him, his jaw practically on the ground. Hajime pushed it up then pecked Tooru’s lips. “I’m sure they’re both switches, and I don’t hate the idea of the three of you dominating me.”

“Wha- you want us to- huh?”

“You left your laptop open the other day.”

Tooru blinked for a few seconds. His face turned beet red when he remembered the porn tab he accidentally kept open when Hajime came over. It was a gangbang video. Tooru was embarrassed to admit he’d been watching a lot of them recently.

Hajime looked around then pulled Tooru between two buildings. “Imagine it, Tooru,” he whispered into the brunette’s ear, feeling up his stomach and thigh, “me on my knees, face covered in cum, crying from how sore I am. Kageyama and Hinata taking turns fucking my face while you pound into me.” Hajime shivered. He enjoyed the thought a lot more than he thought he would.

Tooru held Hajime by the hips and started rolling his own. Breathlessly, Hajime kept talking,

“They’re both so competitive. We could ask to see who could fuck me the hardest. God, just think about how quickly they would cum when they fuck me. I can already see how jealous you’ll get.” Hajime shoved his hand down Tooru’s pants. “The three of you could leave me covered in cum. So much of it that we couldn’t tell who it belonged to. We could record it, too.”

Tooru concealed his loud groan by biting into Hajime’s neck, covering his boyfriend’s large hand in cum. Hajime rolled his hips desperately for release and came shortly after with a wheeze.

“Go, go, Ka-ra-su-no! Push it, push it, Ka-ra-su-no!”

“Shir-a-torizawa! Shir-a-torizawa!”

Hajime chuckled, leaning against Tooru, who instinctively threw his arm around the shorter’s shoulders. They sat in the back row of the stadium, watching Tsukishima dive for the ball.

“I’m getting a sense of deja vu.”

Tooru hummed. “Same here.” He checked his phone, turning it off after he texted his mom that he would be home late, then pocketed it so he could give the match his full attention. “It’s getting close. If Karasuno loses, we might have to change up the plan.”

“If they lose, we give them an outlet for their anger.”

“You really want this to happen, huh?”

Hajime licked his lips. “Yeah.” He shifted around in his seat, turning to moan into Tooru’s ear when the vibrator inside of him pressed against his prostate. “Even if this doesn’t happen today, I expect you to fuck me in the locker room. For old time’s sake.”

Tooru weakly glared. “You’re making it very hard to focus on the match.”

“That’s the goal, babe.”

Unable to hold back, Hajime and Tooru vanished for a good ten minutes to make out, and when they came back, Karasuno had the lead of the final set. Hinata and Kageyama were listening to whatever Yamaguchi was saying, faces covered in sweat.

Hinata had his hair up completely, showing off his undercut, and the fabric of Kageyama’s uniform was sticking to his body like a second skin. Hajime took a brief moment to admire Hinata’s thighs, and he knew Tooru was paying close attention to Kageyama’s ass.

“God, I want them to wreck me,” Hajime mumbled into his palm. Tooru simply nodded his head in agreement.


In the end, Karasuno won the match. Unlike the last time Hajime and Tooru watched a Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa match, they stuck around for the award ceremony. They applauded along with everyone else but left before the rest of the crowd to keep from getting lost or losing the small window of opportunity they needed.

“Oikawa, you came,” Sawamura said when he noticed the couple approaching. The two former captains hugged, slapping each other’s backs. Hajime greeted Asahi and Sugawara. Kiyoko gave the two a curt wave seeing as she was too busy calming down her sobbing boyfriend. “I didn’t expect to see either of you here.”

“We wanted to see if Karasuno would be going to nationals again,” Tooru responded calmly, “where are the superstars anyway?”

“Right here!” Hinata cheered. He was wearing his Karasuno track pants, the jacket tied around his waist. Kageyama trailed behind him in the same outfit situation. Yamaguchi and Tsukishima were in the background, chatting with their manager. “I’m glad you all came to watch the match!”

Through his cries, Tanaka said, “Of course we did!”

Hajime and Tooru stepped aside to let the former teammates congratulate their underclassmen as well as the new faces on the team. It took fifteen minutes until the only people remaining were the two couples.

“Did you need something specific?” Kageyama asked. He smirked at Tooru. “Too bad you can’t rub our loss into our faces.”

“You’ve gotten more confident,” Tooru noted with an equally shit-eating smirk. “I’m impressed that Hinata can tolerate you.”

Kageyama ruffled his boyfriend’s hair. “Don’t be fooled, he’s just as bad as me.”

Hajime laughed. “I’m sure he is. We wanted to congratulate the two of you since Karasuno didn’t go to Nationals last year. I’m sure you’ll do great this year.”

“Thank you, Iwaizumi-san,” Hinata beamed.

Tooru shot Hajime a small nod before smiling charmingly at the younger men. “How about we celebrate together? You have three hours to spare before your team dinner, so you might as well spend it with us.”

Hinata and Kageyama looked at each other. They shrugged. “Sure,” Kageyama said, “what did you two have in mind?”

“Well, Hajime and I have this… tradition, per se, for when we win games, and we’d like to share that tradition with the two of you.” Tooru pulled Hinata and Kageyama into the empty locker room. Hajime followed close behind, locking the door once everyone was inside.

Hinata laughed nervously. “Wh-what kind of tradition?”

“Don’t worry,” Hajime said, “I’m sure you’ll like it.” Without further ado, Hajime unzipped and slipped his hoodie off, blushing a bit at the way Hinata and Kageyama were staring at him. The crop-top was a hoodie, cut high enough that the smallest lift of Hajime’s arm would show off his nipples.

Tooru slapped the two third years on the back. “Have you two ever had a three-way?”

Hinata swallowed thickly. “Can’t say we have, no.”

“Hm,” Tooru held Hinata by the waist, pulling the shorter man close. He leaned down so his lips brushed against Hinata’s ear. “You’re both big boys, so I’m sure you know what a gangbang is.”

Kageyama’s eyes were still fixated on Hajime. “You want us to… fuck Iwaizumi-san?”

“That’s what we both want, Tobio-chan,” Tooru cooed, using one of his arms to pull Kageyama against him as well, “come on, let’s have some fun. A last hurrah before you go off to Nationals.”

“Fuck yes,” Hinata groaned and Kageyama didn’t argue with his boyfriend’s agreement.

Hajime smiled confidently. Tooru pushed the two aside so he could grab one of the many benches in the locker room. He put it in front of Hinata and Kageyama, who silently sat down on it, watching their former upperclassmen.

Tooru pulled off his shirt then shucked off his jeans, leaving himself in skin-tight black boxer briefs. Kageyama swallowed, admiring Tooru’s ass then his well-built thighs. Hinata, on the other hand, couldn’t take his eyes off of Hajime.

Once Tooru folded his clothes, Hajime bent over and pulled down his pants. Kageyama cursed sharply. Hajime wore skimpy black panties, and when he turned around to properly pick up his discarded clothes, Hinata and Kageyama were greeted with the numbers 5 and 2 on Hajime’s ass.

“Cute, isn’t he?” Tooru asked. He moved up behind Hajime, slapping his ass loudly. Hajime yelped at the sudden impact but didn’t glare at Tooru. In fact, he lightly shook his ass in a silent plea for me. “And such a slut.” 

“How-” Kageyama cleared his throat, “how do you want to do this?”

Hinata snorted. “You’re talking like you’ve done this before.”

“Shut the fuck up, Shoyo.”

Tooru cleared his throat, gaining the attention of the almost-bickering couple. Hajime was on his knees, his stained panties tossed to the side. “If you two are done, I’d like to get this show on the road. Tobio-chan, come here.”

Kageyama stood.

“And take your clothes off.”

Wordlessly, Kageyama did as instructed. Hajime felt his throat convulse once Kageyama was stripped completely down. His cock wasn’t as long as Tooru’s, but it had a decent thickness and a good curve, not to mention that his balls were heavy.

“Come here, Tobio, I want to suck your cock,” Hajime whispered. Kageyama swallowed and slowly approached Hajime. Once he was standing directly over his former upperclassman, Kageyama pressed the pink tip of his cock against Hajime’s lips.

Hajime bobbed his head back and forth while holding eye contact with Kageyama. The raven closed his eyes, moaning lowly and rolling his hips subtly. Tooru waved for Hinata to join them, and after the ginger stripped, he did. Hinata’s cock was the smallest of the three standing, but it was definitely the thickest.

Tooru opened his mouth - most likely to give instruction - but Hinata cut him off by smashing their mouths together. Tooru groaned, running his fingers through Hinata’s moppy hair as they aggressively made out.

A minute later, Hinata pulled away so he could move behind Hajime. Hajime moved around so he was on all fours with his ass lifted slightly. Hinata squeezed his cheeks and rubbed his stretched rim.

Hajime moaned around Kageyama’s cock, encouraging the other man to keep lightly thrusting into his mouth. Tooru moved to Hajime’s side, grabbing Kageyama by the shoulder to gain his attention. Once blue eyes met brown, the two setters started making out.

Already a little lightheaded, Hajime grabbed Tooru’s cock and stroked it. Tooru groaned into Kageyama’s mouth, fucking Hajime’s fist while also trying to keep the dominance he won against Kageyama.

“Hajime,” Hinata whispered. He pressed his chest against Hajime’s back, rolling his hips to drag his thick cock between Hajime’s cheeks. His hole clenched, missing the plug that Hinata must’ve taken out a few seconds ago. Hinata slowly slipped three fingers into Hajime’s sloppy hole. “You’re so wet.”

Tooru and Kageyama parted with a wet smack, panting while staring into each other’s eyes. Tooru looked down at Hajime before kissing Kageyama again. While he continued making out with the young setter, Tooru held the back of Hajime’s head, helping him move up and down on Kageyama’s cock.

Hinata pulled his fingers out and smacked Hajime’s ass. Hajime’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, back arching. His pleasure only spiked when Hinata started pushing his thick cock inside of him. If it wasn’t for the plug and Hinata’s fingers, Hajime would be squirming in pain from how big the stretch was.

The second time Kageyama and Tooru parted, Kageyama pulled his cock out of Hajime’s mouth. Tooru quickly replaced its spot, holding Hajime’s hair in clumps so he could easily slowly face-fuck his boyfriend, matching the pace Hinata was currently thrusting into Hajime at.

Kageyama stroked himself, watching his boyfriend slowly fuck one of his most respected upperclassmen. Hajime scooped up his balls, playing with them to add to the stimulation Kageyama was giving himself. It was a good move since Kageyama moaned loudly.

“M’gonna go faster,” was the only warning Hajime got before Hinata started pounding into him. Every thrust was hard enough to lurch Hajime forward, therefore shoving Tooru’s cock down his throat. The two quickly set a perfect pace so they pulled away and thrust forward at the same time, filling Hajime’s holes.

“Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck!” Hinata cursed. The locker room was filled with the sound of their skin slapping and the squelching sound of Kageyama jerking off. “Your hole is so tight, Hajime.”

Tooru chuckled. “Feels like fucking a girl, right?”

Hinata grunted.

“Shit,” Hinata cursed, “cumming!”

Hajime shot his hands up to hold Tooru’s thighs as Hinata filled him with cum. Tooru fucked Hajime’s face faster until he snapped his hips back, covering Hajime’s face in his cum.

When Hinata pulled out, Hajime was given no chance to collect himself, because Kageyama was now behind him, holding Hajime’s hips and rimming his hole with the tip of his cock.

“I can see why Oikawa-san likes fucking you so much,” Kageyama growled. He snapped his hips forward. Unlike Hinata, he didn’t build up, choosing instead to drill into Hajime right off the bat. To that, Hajime moaned and wailed in pleasure. “You take it like a good whore.”

Unsurprisingly, Hinata bounced back from his orgasm quickly and was now standing side-by-side with Tooru. The two pressed their cockheads to Hajime’s wide-open mouth. Hajime mindlessly stuck his tongue out, feeling the thick cockheads rubbing against his tongue.

Every thrust from Kageyama sent a splash of cum out, covering Hajime’s thighs and Kageyama’s abdomen in Hinata’s cum. Tooru moved away, leaving Hajime’s mouth for Hinata, who instantly started bobbing Hajime’s head up and down his cock.

“Hope you two don’t mind, but we’ve been recording,” Tooru said, picking up the phone that was currently recording the entire thing, “Hajime loves to be recorded.”

“Doesn’t matter to us,” Kageyama grunted, digging his nails into Hajime’s hips, no doubt leaving painful marks. “Let the slut have what he wants.” Hinata groaned in agreement.

Smirking, Tooru moved around, capturing every angle of his boyfriend being used by Hinata and Kageyama. After getting a good 360 of the scene, Tooru put the phone back in place. 

“Make some room, Tobio.”

Hajime’s hole clenched in excitement. Kageyama did as told, pulling out so he could make enough room for Tooru. The older setter used his thumbs to spread Hajime’s cum-filled hole open. He leaned down, licking up a thick stream of cum.

“Let’s fuck him together, Tobio.”

Kageyama made no verbal agreement. He didn’t have to because, within seconds, Hajime was being spread open by two cocks. He choked around Hinata’s girth, the tears falling down his face turning fat.

Hinata rubbed his face in faux-comfort before slapping Hajime across the face. It had the desired effect and Hajime moaned loudly. Once the setters bottomed out, they started off with small rolls of their hips to create a rhythm.

They found one quickly and were soon plowing into Hajime. Hajime sobbed at the feeling of his rim catching on the men’s cockheads, knees barely able to support himself. When his hands gave out, Hinata caught him by the neck, now holding Hajime by the neck as he fucked his throat raw.

“Gonna cum!” Kageyama warned.

Tooru reached down to play with his balls so he was as close as Kageyama, and within five minutes, the two were cumming inside Hajime. He was already stuffed full, so whatever cum that didn’t leave him bloated dripped out of his red, puffy hole.

Hinata pulled Hajime off of his cock with a loud pop, adding to the mess of cum on Hajime’s face with his own load. Hajime was buzzing, his eyes rolled back, mouth wide open, and every part of his body numb. He had cum a while ago, he just couldn’t remember when.

“We’re not quite finished,” Tooru whispered, using his thumb to feed Hajime his and Hinata’s cum. “Hold out just a little longer, slut.”

“M’kay, Daddy,” Hajime slurred, head rolling back lifelessly so he could see his smirking boyfriend.

Tooru slapped Hajime’s sore and cum-covered ass. “Now that we know your ass can take two cocks, let's see how your mouth handles two at once. Shoyo, Tobio, why don’t you do the honors?”

“Gladly,” Hinata said, somehow not completely breathless after two orgasms, though the same could be said for Kageyama and Tooru. 

Kageyama was now at his boyfriend’s side. The two made out slowly, Kageyama’s hand dropping to squeeze Hinata’s ass. Hajime watched the two through teary eyes, not even feeling it when Tooru pushed back into him.

He only regained a sliver of his sense when his mouth was spread wide open two cocks. The stretch of his lips was a little uncomfortable, but with the cum covering his face acting as a sort of lip balm/lube, the pain melted away.

Loud squelching and groans filled the locker room. Tooru pressed his forehead against Hajime’s nape as he pounded into his boyfriend, the glide of his cock so very easy thanks to the copious amounts of cum, and Hinata and Kageyama devoured each other’s mouths while they brutally fucked Hajime’s face.

Expectedly, they all came quickly. Hajime choked on the two streams of cum shooting down his throat, and he would later thank the two for pulling over and giving him a messy facial rather than forcing him to guzzle their cum.

The second his holes were empty, Hajime fell back into Tooru’s arms and closed his eyes.

Hajime woke up in one of the locker room showers. He was pressed against Tooru’s chest as they sat on a shower stool, hot water streaming down on them. Tooru was washing his body with a bar of soap. In the next shower, Hajime heard groans and the wet smack of kissing.

“Are they-? Hajime cut himself off, absolutely startled by how rough his voice was. He cleared it, only managing to get rid of a little bit of the roughness. “Are they jerking each other off?”

“Yeah,” Tooru confirmed. “You’re an arousing sight, Princess.”

Hajime hummed. He turned his head, feeling the warm droplets of water stream down his face. His body was completely numb, his thighs shaking, and his ass and throat were sore.

Thank god Tooru was the god of aftercare.

Chapter Text

The thunder clapped loudly and Hajime burrowed his head into the blankets, body shaking as he tried to steady his breathing.

Hajime always hated thunder, lightning, and the dark. Separately, Hajime could barely function, but all together, he was a mess. 

Right after the thunder came a bright flash of lightning, which was then followed by rumbling thunder.

Body shaking, Hajime pressed his palms to his ears. Usually, he would grab his headphones and cover up the sounds with music or a podcast, but he forgot to check the weather, therefore he had no problem lending his noise-canceling headphones to Kyoutani.

“Please be over soon, please be over soon,” Hajime whispered, tears pricking his eyes as the thunder shook the room. “Fuck.”

Suddenly, Hajime’s bedroom door opened. Through the small crack in the blanket-bundle Hajime was in, he could see Tooru. The brunette was absolutely soaked, wearing a raincoat and baggy jeans. His hair was sticking to his forehead, which was actually kinda cute.


Hajime pushed aside the blanket and sat up. “Hi.”

Tooru lifted up a messenger bag, which was dark from the rain. “I brought snacks and my hoodie.” Hajime always liked wearing Tooru’s hoodies. Tooru thought it was because his were always just a little too big, but it was actually because Hajime liked how they smelled like him.

After throwing his raincoat into the bathroom and changing into one of Hajime’s many pairs of sweatpants, Tooru handed Hajime his hoodie, which the shorter male quickly pulled on.

“Make room for me,” Tooru mumbled. Hajime scooted over and Tooru slipped onto the bed.

Hajime was debating back and forth about getting closer when the room was filled with white light and the world echoed with a thunderclap.

With a shout, Hajime buried his face into Tooru’s chest, throwing his arms around his friend to pull him closer, as if Tooru would tell him to let go anytime soon.

Tooru wrapped his left arm around Hajime’s waist, grounding him by burying his fingers into his hip. Tooru’s other hand stroked Hajime’s hair comfortingly. Hajime, despite the little voice in the back of his mind, nuzzled closer into Tooru.

This was completely platonic. Neither of them was strangers to cuddling - it was expected from two people who had little to no physical boundaries. Still, Hajime always found himself hoping there were romantic feelings involved. He’d been in love with Tooru since middle school, after all.

Hajime was so invested in his hopeful desires that he fucking screamed when a sudden rumble of thunder and an intense flash of lightning surrounded him. Tooru flinched briefly at Hajime’s reaction before tightening his hold on the shorter man.

“I’m here, baby, don’t be scared.”

Warmth filled Hajime’s body. Tooru always did this when there was a storm. He would come over - if he wasn’t already at the house - drenched in rain with snacks and one of his hoodies or shirts, then he would snuggle up to Hajime and call him ‘baby’ when Hajime got really scared.

“Did you bring strawberry pocky?”

“Course I did.” Tooru pulled his fingers out of Hajime’s hair so he could set the bag of snacks onto the bed. He flipped the cover open to reveal three boxes of strawberry pocky, multiple bottles of blue raspberry lemonade, and a family-sized bag of a very specific brand of potato chips that Hajime liked.

Though he wanted to snatch a box of pocky and a lemonade, Hajime was paralyzed with fear. Tooru recognized this and picked up the box. He opened it up, pulled out a stick, then pressed it against Hajime’s lips. Hajime opened his mouth slightly, holding eye contact with Tooru as he slipped it inside his mouth.

They looked away from each other when Hajime started chewing. Hajime’s ears burned, butterflies swarming in his stomach. He hoped Tooru was feeling the same thing, though he didn’t want to get his hopes up.

For the next couple of minutes, Tooru fed Hajime strawberry pocky and potato chips, occasionally lifting his chin to pour the blue lemonade down his throat. Hajime would always maintain eye contact before looking away with a blush.

Once he was satisfied, Hajime pressed his face into the crook of Tooru’s neck, watching as the brunette texted in a group chat titled “Captains (fuck you, terushima”. They seemed to be having an argument of sorts, judging by how Tooru kept furrowing his eyebrow, muttering Bo-kun, you dumb ass every couple of minutes.

The thunder continued to rumble but the lightning had calmed down considerably. Unfortunately, if Hajime had to rank what he was most afraid of between the dark, thunder, and lightning - thunder would be the first by a landslide.

Hajime shifted. He sat with Tooru’s thigh between his legs, gripping onto the fabric of the hoodie the setter was wearing, twisting it a bit as he tried to drown out the thunder. Tooru’s hand that was twirling Hajime’s barely-long-enough hair moved down to his waist.

Nervous from both Tooru’s touch and the impending thunder, Hajime shifted around. It wasn’t until Tooru painfully buried his nails into Hajime’s waist did he realize he was accidentally rutting against his best friend’s thigh, and as a result, pressing his knee into his crotch.

“Shit, oh my- I’m so sorry,” Hajime mumbled, too scared to even consider leaving the warmth of Tooru’s body. He tried to find a different position but only made it worse by dragging his hard dick along Tooru’s thigh, accidentally letting out a small gasp. “Sorry,” he whispered.

“It’s fine,” Tooru whispered back. He turned off his phone and set it down underneath the pillow. He grabbed Hajime’s hips with both his hands. “Keep going, it’s helping you relax.”

“... are you sure?”


Hesitantly, Hajime rolled his hips. Tooru didn’t make any sign that he was disgusted or uncomfortable, so Hajime started moving back and forth. He panted hotly against Tooru’s neck while digging his nails into his friend’s shoulders.

Tooru was breathing heavily, gasping every time Hajime’s knee pressed up against his hard cock. It only took a few minutes for Tooru to start moving Hajime back and forth, using his hold on Hajime’s hips to pull him down, making the friction more solid.

“Ah, Tooru,” Hajime moaned right into Tooru’s ear. Confidently, he sucked on his lobe, biting into the small hole from Tooru getting his ears pierced on a dare. He tugged slightly then released. “Feels- feels good.”

Calloused hands dropped down to cup Hajime’s ass. Tooru squeezed then massaged the plump muscle. Hajime moaned in approval, chewing his lip as he imagined Tooru’s fingers inside of him, spreading him open.

Now it was Tooru’s turn to moan into Hajime’s ear. “Do you have lube?”


“Lube. I want to finger you, too.”

Hajime’s face burned as he realized he had said that aloud. However, he wasn’t going to deny Tooru. He pointed a shaky finger to his bedside table. Tooru pulled the drawer open, rummaging through it for a few seconds before pulling out the small, travel-sized bottle.

Tooru helped Hajime pull his pants and boxers down, just enough so his ass and cock were out. Hajime was thankful that he was pressed so close to Tooru so the setter couldn’t see his small cock. He doubted Tooru would make fun of him in such a heated moment, but better safe than sorry.

Shivers ran through Hajime’s spine. Tooru rubbed a slick finger against Hajime’s rim, his free hand spreading him open. He didn’t tease for long and slowly slipped his finger inside. Hajime moaned, back arching just slightly.

He fingered himself often, but Hajime couldn’t have imagined that it would be ten times better when another person did it. He pushed back onto Tooru’s finger but Tooru kept him still by the ass. He slowly sank his finger into the end, then held it still for Hajime to get used to.

“Ke-keep going.”

Tooru moved his finger in and out of Hajime, picking up a quicker pace every couple of minutes until he was thrusting his finger. At Hajime’s request, Tooru added a second finger and started scissoring him open once he adjusted.

“Hah, hah, Tooru.” Hajime peppered Tooru’s neck in kisses. Even though he wanted to see Tooru’s face, wanted to see if Tooru was as aroused as he was, Hajime couldn’t bring himself to pull away from the warmth of Tooru’s body.
“A-another, please, I can take it, I promise.”

Tooru hummed. He kissed Hajime’s forehead while adding a little more lube to his stretched hole. He eased his third finger in and Hajime bit into his lip. He released one of Tooru’s shoulders so he could stroke himself in pace with the way Tooru was fucking him with his fingers.

At some point, Tooru curled his fingers and Hajime moaned loudly. “There!” He yelped, pushing back onto the fingers buried deep inside of him. “Right there, Tooru!”

“Look at me, baby.”

Hajime lifted his head and turned to Tooru. Instantly, his lips were captured in a surprisingly soft kiss. Hajime hummed, delighted, and pressed closer into Tooru’s body. Tooru’s free hand assisted in pressing Hajime against himself.

“Mmm,” Tooru groaned against Hajime’s lips, “baby, touch me, please.”

Hajime quickly put his hand into Tooru’s sweatpants - technically his - and boxers, wrapping his large hand around Tooru’s long, thick cock. Hajime shivered as he imagined being fucked by that cock.

The two moved their hands in fast paces, desperate to help the other cum, and after a few more minutes, Tooru was groaning loudly, covering Hajime’s hand in cum while the shorter man tensed up, shooting spurts of cum onto his stomach while clenching around the fingers inside of him.

The two were breathing heavily. Finally, Hajime lifted his head, staring into Tooru’s half-lidded eyes.

Thunder boomed loudly and Hajime shrieked, the intense moment between him and Tooru ruined by his fear. Thankfully, Tooru just laughed. He pulled his fingers out, wiping them off on the sheets with the promise to wash them.

“Let’s take a nap.”

Hajime was in no place to argue. He felt boneless as Tooru turned off the bedside lamp, falling back onto the bed, running his fingers through Hajime’s hair and pressing him against his chest. With a smile, Hajime nuzzled in close, satisfied knowing it wasn’t platonic anymore.

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*rolls in on a wheely chair* hey.

so, as a few of you may know, I have a story called "sugar, spice, and everything nice" and it's an oiiwa sugar daddy au. it's a pretty popular fic but the thing is, I hate it. it's sloppily, inconsistent, and it didn't turn out how I wanted it to at all. so, my focus from now and the foreseeable future will be me rewriting the fic. I'll make it a completely different work but it's pretty much still the same fic - Hajime is a broke college student, Oikawa is a rich CEO, and they become a sugar couple who eventually falls in love.

Chapter one will - hopefully - be posted sometime this week, and while I won't have a concrete update schedule, I won't be posting only every two months or something.

If you want to read the original, have fun with that, but it's a terrible fic, in my opinion.

Alright, that's all I need. If you have suggestions for what you want to see in the fic smut-wise, let me know because the majority of it will be smut, fluff, and shenanigans.