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The thunder clapped loudly and Hajime burrowed his head into the blankets, body shaking as he tried to steady his breathing.

Hajime always hated thunder, lightning, and the dark. Separately, Hajime could barely function, but all together, he was a mess. 

Right after the thunder came a bright flash of lightning, which was then followed by rumbling thunder.

Body shaking, Hajime pressed his palms to his ears. Usually, he would grab his headphones and cover up the sounds with music or a podcast, but he forgot to check the weather, therefore he had no problem lending his noise-canceling headphones to Kyoutani.

“Please be over soon, please be over soon,” Hajime whispered, tears pricking his eyes as the thunder shook the room. “Fuck.”

Suddenly, Hajime’s bedroom door opened. Through the small crack in the blanket-bundle Hajime was in, he could see Tooru. The brunette was absolutely soaked, wearing a raincoat and baggy jeans. His hair was sticking to his forehead, which was actually kinda cute.


Hajime pushed aside the blanket and sat up. “Hi.”

Tooru lifted up a messenger bag, which was dark from the rain. “I brought snacks and my hoodie.” Hajime always liked wearing Tooru’s hoodies. Tooru thought it was because his were always just a little too big, but it was actually because Hajime liked how they smelled like him.

After throwing his raincoat into the bathroom and changing into one of Hajime’s many pairs of sweatpants, Tooru handed Hajime his hoodie, which the shorter male quickly pulled on.

“Make room for me,” Tooru mumbled. Hajime scooted over and Tooru slipped onto the bed.

Hajime was debating back and forth about getting closer when the room was filled with white light and the world echoed with a thunderclap.

With a shout, Hajime buried his face into Tooru’s chest, throwing his arms around his friend to pull him closer, as if Tooru would tell him to let go anytime soon.

Tooru wrapped his left arm around Hajime’s waist, grounding him by burying his fingers into his hip. Tooru’s other hand stroked Hajime’s hair comfortingly. Hajime, despite the little voice in the back of his mind, nuzzled closer into Tooru.

This was completely platonic. Neither of them was strangers to cuddling - it was expected from two people who had little to no physical boundaries. Still, Hajime always found himself hoping there were romantic feelings involved. He’d been in love with Tooru since middle school, after all.

Hajime was so invested in his hopeful desires that he fucking screamed when a sudden rumble of thunder and an intense flash of lightning surrounded him. Tooru flinched briefly at Hajime’s reaction before tightening his hold on the shorter man.

“I’m here, baby, don’t be scared.”

Warmth filled Hajime’s body. Tooru always did this when there was a storm. He would come over - if he wasn’t already at the house - drenched in rain with snacks and one of his hoodies or shirts, then he would snuggle up to Hajime and call him ‘baby’ when Hajime got really scared.

“Did you bring strawberry pocky?”

“Course I did.” Tooru pulled his fingers out of Hajime’s hair so he could set the bag of snacks onto the bed. He flipped the cover open to reveal three boxes of strawberry pocky, multiple bottles of blue raspberry lemonade, and a family-sized bag of a very specific brand of potato chips that Hajime liked.

Though he wanted to snatch a box of pocky and a lemonade, Hajime was paralyzed with fear. Tooru recognized this and picked up the box. He opened it up, pulled out a stick, then pressed it against Hajime’s lips. Hajime opened his mouth slightly, holding eye contact with Tooru as he slipped it inside his mouth.

They looked away from each other when Hajime started chewing. Hajime’s ears burned, butterflies swarming in his stomach. He hoped Tooru was feeling the same thing, though he didn’t want to get his hopes up.

For the next couple of minutes, Tooru fed Hajime strawberry pocky and potato chips, occasionally lifting his chin to pour the blue lemonade down his throat. Hajime would always maintain eye contact before looking away with a blush.

Once he was satisfied, Hajime pressed his face into the crook of Tooru’s neck, watching as the brunette texted in a group chat titled “Captains (fuck you, terushima”. They seemed to be having an argument of sorts, judging by how Tooru kept furrowing his eyebrow, muttering Bo-kun, you dumb ass every couple of minutes.

The thunder continued to rumble but the lightning had calmed down considerably. Unfortunately, if Hajime had to rank what he was most afraid of between the dark, thunder, and lightning - thunder would be the first by a landslide.

Hajime shifted. He sat with Tooru’s thigh between his legs, gripping onto the fabric of the hoodie the setter was wearing, twisting it a bit as he tried to drown out the thunder. Tooru’s hand that was twirling Hajime’s barely-long-enough hair moved down to his waist.

Nervous from both Tooru’s touch and the impending thunder, Hajime shifted around. It wasn’t until Tooru painfully buried his nails into Hajime’s waist did he realize he was accidentally rutting against his best friend’s thigh, and as a result, pressing his knee into his crotch.

“Shit, oh my- I’m so sorry,” Hajime mumbled, too scared to even consider leaving the warmth of Tooru’s body. He tried to find a different position but only made it worse by dragging his hard dick along Tooru’s thigh, accidentally letting out a small gasp. “Sorry,” he whispered.

“It’s fine,” Tooru whispered back. He turned off his phone and set it down underneath the pillow. He grabbed Hajime’s hips with both his hands. “Keep going, it’s helping you relax.”

“... are you sure?”


Hesitantly, Hajime rolled his hips. Tooru didn’t make any sign that he was disgusted or uncomfortable, so Hajime started moving back and forth. He panted hotly against Tooru’s neck while digging his nails into his friend’s shoulders.

Tooru was breathing heavily, gasping every time Hajime’s knee pressed up against his hard cock. It only took a few minutes for Tooru to start moving Hajime back and forth, using his hold on Hajime’s hips to pull him down, making the friction more solid.

“Ah, Tooru,” Hajime moaned right into Tooru’s ear. Confidently, he sucked on his lobe, biting into the small hole from Tooru getting his ears pierced on a dare. He tugged slightly then released. “Feels- feels good.”

Calloused hands dropped down to cup Hajime’s ass. Tooru squeezed then massaged the plump muscle. Hajime moaned in approval, chewing his lip as he imagined Tooru’s fingers inside of him, spreading him open.

Now it was Tooru’s turn to moan into Hajime’s ear. “Do you have lube?”


“Lube. I want to finger you, too.”

Hajime’s face burned as he realized he had said that aloud. However, he wasn’t going to deny Tooru. He pointed a shaky finger to his bedside table. Tooru pulled the drawer open, rummaging through it for a few seconds before pulling out the small, travel-sized bottle.

Tooru helped Hajime pull his pants and boxers down, just enough so his ass and cock were out. Hajime was thankful that he was pressed so close to Tooru so the setter couldn’t see his small cock. He doubted Tooru would make fun of him in such a heated moment, but better safe than sorry.

Shivers ran through Hajime’s spine. Tooru rubbed a slick finger against Hajime’s rim, his free hand spreading him open. He didn’t tease for long and slowly slipped his finger inside. Hajime moaned, back arching just slightly.

He fingered himself often, but Hajime couldn’t have imagined that it would be ten times better when another person did it. He pushed back onto Tooru’s finger but Tooru kept him still by the ass. He slowly sank his finger into the end, then held it still for Hajime to get used to.

“Ke-keep going.”

Tooru moved his finger in and out of Hajime, picking up a quicker pace every couple of minutes until he was thrusting his finger. At Hajime’s request, Tooru added a second finger and started scissoring him open once he adjusted.

“Hah, hah, Tooru.” Hajime peppered Tooru’s neck in kisses. Even though he wanted to see Tooru’s face, wanted to see if Tooru was as aroused as he was, Hajime couldn’t bring himself to pull away from the warmth of Tooru’s body.
“A-another, please, I can take it, I promise.”

Tooru hummed. He kissed Hajime’s forehead while adding a little more lube to his stretched hole. He eased his third finger in and Hajime bit into his lip. He released one of Tooru’s shoulders so he could stroke himself in pace with the way Tooru was fucking him with his fingers.

At some point, Tooru curled his fingers and Hajime moaned loudly. “There!” He yelped, pushing back onto the fingers buried deep inside of him. “Right there, Tooru!”

“Look at me, baby.”

Hajime lifted his head and turned to Tooru. Instantly, his lips were captured in a surprisingly soft kiss. Hajime hummed, delighted, and pressed closer into Tooru’s body. Tooru’s free hand assisted in pressing Hajime against himself.

“Mmm,” Tooru groaned against Hajime’s lips, “baby, touch me, please.”

Hajime quickly put his hand into Tooru’s sweatpants - technically his - and boxers, wrapping his large hand around Tooru’s long, thick cock. Hajime shivered as he imagined being fucked by that cock.

The two moved their hands in fast paces, desperate to help the other cum, and after a few more minutes, Tooru was groaning loudly, covering Hajime’s hand in cum while the shorter man tensed up, shooting spurts of cum onto his stomach while clenching around the fingers inside of him.

The two were breathing heavily. Finally, Hajime lifted his head, staring into Tooru’s half-lidded eyes.

Thunder boomed loudly and Hajime shrieked, the intense moment between him and Tooru ruined by his fear. Thankfully, Tooru just laughed. He pulled his fingers out, wiping them off on the sheets with the promise to wash them.

“Let’s take a nap.”

Hajime was in no place to argue. He felt boneless as Tooru turned off the bedside lamp, falling back onto the bed, running his fingers through Hajime’s hair and pressing him against his chest. With a smile, Hajime nuzzled in close, satisfied knowing it wasn’t platonic anymore.