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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the king and his iron club.”

Hajime munched on his snack as he watched Tooru taunt the two men. Kageyama and Hinata had grown quite a bit since they last saw one another. Kageyama was buffier but not that much taller; it was Hinata who had changed. His orange hair was moppy, held in a small ponytail with face framers, and he was taller now, though still the shortest of the four.

Going off by the black track pants and white t-shirts the two were wearing, they had come from practice. Kageyama was holding two sweaty bottles of soda while Hinata had an armful of chips and pork buns. Maybe they were buying food for their team, though Hajime knew how big both their appetites were.

While Tooru taunted Kageyama, Hinata turned to Hajime. “Iwaizumi-san, how have you been?”

“Good,” Hajime said through a mouthful of food. “Are you and Kageyama coming back from practice?”

“Yeah, we just finished our practice match with Nekoma so Tobio and I picked up some snacks.”

“Tobio, huh? So you two are dating.”

Tooru chuckled. “Isn’t that nice? I’m sure that now the two of you are shagging, your quick attack will be more annoying than ever.” Both Kageyama and Hinata turned crimson, and Hajime slapped his boyfriend on the back. “Ow! Iwa-chan, that hurt!”

“You’re being a dick.” Hajime turned to Kageyama and Hinata. “I’m sorry about him. I haven’t sucked his dick in two weeks and he’s taking it out on others.”

“Oh, buddy, have I been there.” Hinata rolled his eyes. He jammed his thumb in Kageyama’s direction with an annoyed squint. “I dedicated my time to actually studying and he got all pissy when I wouldn’t even give him a handjob.”

Kageyama popped the cap of his soda, taking a long but loud sip to show his irritation.

Tooru smirked. “Well, either way - “ Hajime and Hinata stared at their boyfriends as Tooru got close to Kageyama, pressing their chests together and holding his chin up, “next time we’re on the court together, we’ll beat you.”

Kageyama cocked his chin up. “We’ll see about that.”

Hajime cleared his throat. “Tooru?”

Smiling happily, Tooru turned to Hajime. “Yes?”

“Let’s go.”

Tooru nodded. He shot Kageyama one last cocky smirk before taking Hajime’s hand and letting his boyfriend lead him away from their former underclassmen.

Once they were down the street, Hajime commented, “You and Kageyama have a lot of sexual tension.”

“I guess,” Tooru agreed with a shrug. “Not like I’m going to make something out of it.”

Hajime looked Tooru up and down, finding no sign of a lie in his body posture nor his face. “I wouldn’t be against it if you did.”


“I think it would help get rid of some of the tension when the two of you are talking in public, yeah.”

Tooru laughed in disbelief. “Even if I wanted to, Hinata wouldn’t let it happen.”

“Let’s ask him to join then.” Hajime was tugged back when Tooru stopped walking. His boyfriend was gawking at him, his jaw practically on the ground. Hajime pushed it up then pecked Tooru’s lips. “I’m sure they’re both switches, and I don’t hate the idea of the three of you dominating me.”

“Wha- you want us to- huh?”

“You left your laptop open the other day.”

Tooru blinked for a few seconds. His face turned beet red when he remembered the porn tab he accidentally kept open when Hajime came over. It was a gangbang video. Tooru was embarrassed to admit he’d been watching a lot of them recently.

Hajime looked around then pulled Tooru between two buildings. “Imagine it, Tooru,” he whispered into the brunette’s ear, feeling up his stomach and thigh, “me on my knees, face covered in cum, crying from how sore I am. Kageyama and Hinata taking turns fucking my face while you pound into me.” Hajime shivered. He enjoyed the thought a lot more than he thought he would.

Tooru held Hajime by the hips and started rolling his own. Breathlessly, Hajime kept talking,

“They’re both so competitive. We could ask to see who could fuck me the hardest. God, just think about how quickly they would cum when they fuck me. I can already see how jealous you’ll get.” Hajime shoved his hand down Tooru’s pants. “The three of you could leave me covered in cum. So much of it that we couldn’t tell who it belonged to. We could record it, too.”

Tooru concealed his loud groan by biting into Hajime’s neck, covering his boyfriend’s large hand in cum. Hajime rolled his hips desperately for release and came shortly after with a wheeze.

“Go, go, Ka-ra-su-no! Push it, push it, Ka-ra-su-no!”

“Shir-a-torizawa! Shir-a-torizawa!”

Hajime chuckled, leaning against Tooru, who instinctively threw his arm around the shorter’s shoulders. They sat in the back row of the stadium, watching Tsukishima dive for the ball.

“I’m getting a sense of deja vu.”

Tooru hummed. “Same here.” He checked his phone, turning it off after he texted his mom that he would be home late, then pocketed it so he could give the match his full attention. “It’s getting close. If Karasuno loses, we might have to change up the plan.”

“If they lose, we give them an outlet for their anger.”

“You really want this to happen, huh?”

Hajime licked his lips. “Yeah.” He shifted around in his seat, turning to moan into Tooru’s ear when the vibrator inside of him pressed against his prostate. “Even if this doesn’t happen today, I expect you to fuck me in the locker room. For old time’s sake.”

Tooru weakly glared. “You’re making it very hard to focus on the match.”

“That’s the goal, babe.”

Unable to hold back, Hajime and Tooru vanished for a good ten minutes to make out, and when they came back, Karasuno had the lead of the final set. Hinata and Kageyama were listening to whatever Yamaguchi was saying, faces covered in sweat.

Hinata had his hair up completely, showing off his undercut, and the fabric of Kageyama’s uniform was sticking to his body like a second skin. Hajime took a brief moment to admire Hinata’s thighs, and he knew Tooru was paying close attention to Kageyama’s ass.

“God, I want them to wreck me,” Hajime mumbled into his palm. Tooru simply nodded his head in agreement.


In the end, Karasuno won the match. Unlike the last time Hajime and Tooru watched a Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa match, they stuck around for the award ceremony. They applauded along with everyone else but left before the rest of the crowd to keep from getting lost or losing the small window of opportunity they needed.

“Oikawa, you came,” Sawamura said when he noticed the couple approaching. The two former captains hugged, slapping each other’s backs. Hajime greeted Asahi and Sugawara. Kiyoko gave the two a curt wave seeing as she was too busy calming down her sobbing boyfriend. “I didn’t expect to see either of you here.”

“We wanted to see if Karasuno would be going to nationals again,” Tooru responded calmly, “where are the superstars anyway?”

“Right here!” Hinata cheered. He was wearing his Karasuno track pants, the jacket tied around his waist. Kageyama trailed behind him in the same outfit situation. Yamaguchi and Tsukishima were in the background, chatting with their manager. “I’m glad you all came to watch the match!”

Through his cries, Tanaka said, “Of course we did!”

Hajime and Tooru stepped aside to let the former teammates congratulate their underclassmen as well as the new faces on the team. It took fifteen minutes until the only people remaining were the two couples.

“Did you need something specific?” Kageyama asked. He smirked at Tooru. “Too bad you can’t rub our loss into our faces.”

“You’ve gotten more confident,” Tooru noted with an equally shit-eating smirk. “I’m impressed that Hinata can tolerate you.”

Kageyama ruffled his boyfriend’s hair. “Don’t be fooled, he’s just as bad as me.”

Hajime laughed. “I’m sure he is. We wanted to congratulate the two of you since Karasuno didn’t go to Nationals last year. I’m sure you’ll do great this year.”

“Thank you, Iwaizumi-san,” Hinata beamed.

Tooru shot Hajime a small nod before smiling charmingly at the younger men. “How about we celebrate together? You have three hours to spare before your team dinner, so you might as well spend it with us.”

Hinata and Kageyama looked at each other. They shrugged. “Sure,” Kageyama said, “what did you two have in mind?”

“Well, Hajime and I have this… tradition, per se, for when we win games, and we’d like to share that tradition with the two of you.” Tooru pulled Hinata and Kageyama into the empty locker room. Hajime followed close behind, locking the door once everyone was inside.

Hinata laughed nervously. “Wh-what kind of tradition?”

“Don’t worry,” Hajime said, “I’m sure you’ll like it.” Without further ado, Hajime unzipped and slipped his hoodie off, blushing a bit at the way Hinata and Kageyama were staring at him. The crop-top was a hoodie, cut high enough that the smallest lift of Hajime’s arm would show off his nipples.

Tooru slapped the two third years on the back. “Have you two ever had a three-way?”

Hinata swallowed thickly. “Can’t say we have, no.”

“Hm,” Tooru held Hinata by the waist, pulling the shorter man close. He leaned down so his lips brushed against Hinata’s ear. “You’re both big boys, so I’m sure you know what a gangbang is.”

Kageyama’s eyes were still fixated on Hajime. “You want us to… fuck Iwaizumi-san?”

“That’s what we both want, Tobio-chan,” Tooru cooed, using one of his arms to pull Kageyama against him as well, “come on, let’s have some fun. A last hurrah before you go off to Nationals.”

“Fuck yes,” Hinata groaned and Kageyama didn’t argue with his boyfriend’s agreement.

Hajime smiled confidently. Tooru pushed the two aside so he could grab one of the many benches in the locker room. He put it in front of Hinata and Kageyama, who silently sat down on it, watching their former upperclassmen.

Tooru pulled off his shirt then shucked off his jeans, leaving himself in skin-tight black boxer briefs. Kageyama swallowed, admiring Tooru’s ass then his well-built thighs. Hinata, on the other hand, couldn’t take his eyes off of Hajime.

Once Tooru folded his clothes, Hajime bent over and pulled down his pants. Kageyama cursed sharply. Hajime wore skimpy black panties, and when he turned around to properly pick up his discarded clothes, Hinata and Kageyama were greeted with the numbers 5 and 2 on Hajime’s ass.

“Cute, isn’t he?” Tooru asked. He moved up behind Hajime, slapping his ass loudly. Hajime yelped at the sudden impact but didn’t glare at Tooru. In fact, he lightly shook his ass in a silent plea for me. “And such a slut.” 

“How-” Kageyama cleared his throat, “how do you want to do this?”

Hinata snorted. “You’re talking like you’ve done this before.”

“Shut the fuck up, Shoyo.”

Tooru cleared his throat, gaining the attention of the almost-bickering couple. Hajime was on his knees, his stained panties tossed to the side. “If you two are done, I’d like to get this show on the road. Tobio-chan, come here.”

Kageyama stood.

“And take your clothes off.”

Wordlessly, Kageyama did as instructed. Hajime felt his throat convulse once Kageyama was stripped completely down. His cock wasn’t as long as Tooru’s, but it had a decent thickness and a good curve, not to mention that his balls were heavy.

“Come here, Tobio, I want to suck your cock,” Hajime whispered. Kageyama swallowed and slowly approached Hajime. Once he was standing directly over his former upperclassman, Kageyama pressed the pink tip of his cock against Hajime’s lips.

Hajime bobbed his head back and forth while holding eye contact with Kageyama. The raven closed his eyes, moaning lowly and rolling his hips subtly. Tooru waved for Hinata to join them, and after the ginger stripped, he did. Hinata’s cock was the smallest of the three standing, but it was definitely the thickest.

Tooru opened his mouth - most likely to give instruction - but Hinata cut him off by smashing their mouths together. Tooru groaned, running his fingers through Hinata’s moppy hair as they aggressively made out.

A minute later, Hinata pulled away so he could move behind Hajime. Hajime moved around so he was on all fours with his ass lifted slightly. Hinata squeezed his cheeks and rubbed his stretched rim.

Hajime moaned around Kageyama’s cock, encouraging the other man to keep lightly thrusting into his mouth. Tooru moved to Hajime’s side, grabbing Kageyama by the shoulder to gain his attention. Once blue eyes met brown, the two setters started making out.

Already a little lightheaded, Hajime grabbed Tooru’s cock and stroked it. Tooru groaned into Kageyama’s mouth, fucking Hajime’s fist while also trying to keep the dominance he won against Kageyama.

“Hajime,” Hinata whispered. He pressed his chest against Hajime’s back, rolling his hips to drag his thick cock between Hajime’s cheeks. His hole clenched, missing the plug that Hinata must’ve taken out a few seconds ago. Hinata slowly slipped three fingers into Hajime’s sloppy hole. “You’re so wet.”

Tooru and Kageyama parted with a wet smack, panting while staring into each other’s eyes. Tooru looked down at Hajime before kissing Kageyama again. While he continued making out with the young setter, Tooru held the back of Hajime’s head, helping him move up and down on Kageyama’s cock.

Hinata pulled his fingers out and smacked Hajime’s ass. Hajime’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, back arching. His pleasure only spiked when Hinata started pushing his thick cock inside of him. If it wasn’t for the plug and Hinata’s fingers, Hajime would be squirming in pain from how big the stretch was.

The second time Kageyama and Tooru parted, Kageyama pulled his cock out of Hajime’s mouth. Tooru quickly replaced its spot, holding Hajime’s hair in clumps so he could easily slowly face-fuck his boyfriend, matching the pace Hinata was currently thrusting into Hajime at.

Kageyama stroked himself, watching his boyfriend slowly fuck one of his most respected upperclassmen. Hajime scooped up his balls, playing with them to add to the stimulation Kageyama was giving himself. It was a good move since Kageyama moaned loudly.

“M’gonna go faster,” was the only warning Hajime got before Hinata started pounding into him. Every thrust was hard enough to lurch Hajime forward, therefore shoving Tooru’s cock down his throat. The two quickly set a perfect pace so they pulled away and thrust forward at the same time, filling Hajime’s holes.

“Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck!” Hinata cursed. The locker room was filled with the sound of their skin slapping and the squelching sound of Kageyama jerking off. “Your hole is so tight, Hajime.”

Tooru chuckled. “Feels like fucking a girl, right?”

Hinata grunted.

“Shit,” Hinata cursed, “cumming!”

Hajime shot his hands up to hold Tooru’s thighs as Hinata filled him with cum. Tooru fucked Hajime’s face faster until he snapped his hips back, covering Hajime’s face in his cum.

When Hinata pulled out, Hajime was given no chance to collect himself, because Kageyama was now behind him, holding Hajime’s hips and rimming his hole with the tip of his cock.

“I can see why Oikawa-san likes fucking you so much,” Kageyama growled. He snapped his hips forward. Unlike Hinata, he didn’t build up, choosing instead to drill into Hajime right off the bat. To that, Hajime moaned and wailed in pleasure. “You take it like a good whore.”

Unsurprisingly, Hinata bounced back from his orgasm quickly and was now standing side-by-side with Tooru. The two pressed their cockheads to Hajime’s wide-open mouth. Hajime mindlessly stuck his tongue out, feeling the thick cockheads rubbing against his tongue.

Every thrust from Kageyama sent a splash of cum out, covering Hajime’s thighs and Kageyama’s abdomen in Hinata’s cum. Tooru moved away, leaving Hajime’s mouth for Hinata, who instantly started bobbing Hajime’s head up and down his cock.

“Hope you two don’t mind, but we’ve been recording,” Tooru said, picking up the phone that was currently recording the entire thing, “Hajime loves to be recorded.”

“Doesn’t matter to us,” Kageyama grunted, digging his nails into Hajime’s hips, no doubt leaving painful marks. “Let the slut have what he wants.” Hinata groaned in agreement.

Smirking, Tooru moved around, capturing every angle of his boyfriend being used by Hinata and Kageyama. After getting a good 360 of the scene, Tooru put the phone back in place. 

“Make some room, Tobio.”

Hajime’s hole clenched in excitement. Kageyama did as told, pulling out so he could make enough room for Tooru. The older setter used his thumbs to spread Hajime’s cum-filled hole open. He leaned down, licking up a thick stream of cum.

“Let’s fuck him together, Tobio.”

Kageyama made no verbal agreement. He didn’t have to because, within seconds, Hajime was being spread open by two cocks. He choked around Hinata’s girth, the tears falling down his face turning fat.

Hinata rubbed his face in faux-comfort before slapping Hajime across the face. It had the desired effect and Hajime moaned loudly. Once the setters bottomed out, they started off with small rolls of their hips to create a rhythm.

They found one quickly and were soon plowing into Hajime. Hajime sobbed at the feeling of his rim catching on the men’s cockheads, knees barely able to support himself. When his hands gave out, Hinata caught him by the neck, now holding Hajime by the neck as he fucked his throat raw.

“Gonna cum!” Kageyama warned.

Tooru reached down to play with his balls so he was as close as Kageyama, and within five minutes, the two were cumming inside Hajime. He was already stuffed full, so whatever cum that didn’t leave him bloated dripped out of his red, puffy hole.

Hinata pulled Hajime off of his cock with a loud pop, adding to the mess of cum on Hajime’s face with his own load. Hajime was buzzing, his eyes rolled back, mouth wide open, and every part of his body numb. He had cum a while ago, he just couldn’t remember when.

“We’re not quite finished,” Tooru whispered, using his thumb to feed Hajime his and Hinata’s cum. “Hold out just a little longer, slut.”

“M’kay, Daddy,” Hajime slurred, head rolling back lifelessly so he could see his smirking boyfriend.

Tooru slapped Hajime’s sore and cum-covered ass. “Now that we know your ass can take two cocks, let's see how your mouth handles two at once. Shoyo, Tobio, why don’t you do the honors?”

“Gladly,” Hinata said, somehow not completely breathless after two orgasms, though the same could be said for Kageyama and Tooru. 

Kageyama was now at his boyfriend’s side. The two made out slowly, Kageyama’s hand dropping to squeeze Hinata’s ass. Hajime watched the two through teary eyes, not even feeling it when Tooru pushed back into him.

He only regained a sliver of his sense when his mouth was spread wide open two cocks. The stretch of his lips was a little uncomfortable, but with the cum covering his face acting as a sort of lip balm/lube, the pain melted away.

Loud squelching and groans filled the locker room. Tooru pressed his forehead against Hajime’s nape as he pounded into his boyfriend, the glide of his cock so very easy thanks to the copious amounts of cum, and Hinata and Kageyama devoured each other’s mouths while they brutally fucked Hajime’s face.

Expectedly, they all came quickly. Hajime choked on the two streams of cum shooting down his throat, and he would later thank the two for pulling over and giving him a messy facial rather than forcing him to guzzle their cum.

The second his holes were empty, Hajime fell back into Tooru’s arms and closed his eyes.

Hajime woke up in one of the locker room showers. He was pressed against Tooru’s chest as they sat on a shower stool, hot water streaming down on them. Tooru was washing his body with a bar of soap. In the next shower, Hajime heard groans and the wet smack of kissing.

“Are they-? Hajime cut himself off, absolutely startled by how rough his voice was. He cleared it, only managing to get rid of a little bit of the roughness. “Are they jerking each other off?”

“Yeah,” Tooru confirmed. “You’re an arousing sight, Princess.”

Hajime hummed. He turned his head, feeling the warm droplets of water stream down his face. His body was completely numb, his thighs shaking, and his ass and throat were sore.

Thank god Tooru was the god of aftercare.