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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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Hajime was not a whore.

He really wasn’t, but he was exactly innocent. While he didn’t throw himself at the nearest willing male, Hajime wasn’t against offering a handjob or blowjob to friends, acquaintances, and sometimes random classmates. He could never hold onto a relationship, but why let that stop him from getting some action?

Still, Hajime wasn’t a whore, so he wasn’t known for offering some action.

Currently, Hajime had his eyes focused on a certain brunette - Oikawa Tooru. Oikawa wasn’t what you’d expect in a nerd. He was an absolute knockout with gorgeous brown hair, a toned body, and thighs that could crush a watermelon. Hajime would know, he’s been between Miya Atsumu’s thighs before.

Hajime and Oikawa were friends in elementary school but stopped talking in middle school. Their interactions were now limited to Hajime occasionally asking to borrow Oikawa’s notes, or if they accidentally bumped shoulders in the hallways.

That didn’t stop Hajime from wondering what it’d be like to have Oikawa for a few minutes. The dude screamed VIRGIN but that just got Hajime going. He wondered how long it would take to make Oikawa cum, how many times he could make him cum before he was crying.

Unconsciously, Hajime slowly licked his lips.

“You’re thinking about him again,” Kyoutani said, not sparring Hajime a single glance as they continued to read Uzumaki. “If you want to suck his dick so badly, just do it. I’m sure he’d let you.”

Chewing his lip, Hajime stared across the library at Oikawa. The brunette was sitting at a one-person table, surrounded by textbooks, homework packets, and two notebooks. His backpack was on the floor, angled so Hajime could see the stupid (cute) alien keychain on the zipper. He was listening to music with those shitty $1 earbuds you’d find in the bargain bin.

Oikawa was wearing a red hoodie and black pants, and Hajime fantasized about lifting that hoodie, licking up Oikawa’s toned body. When Oikawa grabbed his bottle of water and took a drink, Hajime watched his Adam’s apple bob. He could already picture it going up and down as Hajime sucked his cock.

A shiver ran through Hajime’s spin. He grabbed Kyoutani’s forearm. “I’m getting horny. Quick, show me something that’ll kill my boner.”

Wordlessly, Kyoutani turned their book towards Hajime, showing off one of Junji Ito’s iconic disturbing drawings. Instantly, Hajime’s arousal dropped, replaced with morbid interest as he leaned in to get a better look at the drawing.

He was so caught up in taking in every morbid detail that he didn’t notice the person passing by the table until they spoke up. “Uzumaki? I didn’t know you liked Junji Ito’s work, Kyouken.”

Hajime snapped his head up, staring at Oikawa with wide eyes. The brunette had one strap of his backpack over his shoulder, staring down at the two boys. It would’ve been quite the sexy sight if it wasn’t for Oikawa’s nerdy glasses, which he continuously pushed up.

“Yeah,” Kyoutani effortlessly responded, “I like his art style.”

“I do as well. Do you, Iwaizumi?”

“Can I give you a blowjob?”

Oikawa dropped his backpack, his jaw falling open and face exploding into a flaming blush. Kyoutani slammed their book shut and left as fast as possible, subtly kicking Hajime from underneath the table before they made their great escape.

“I- what?”

Gaining back his confidence, Hajime stood up. He gestured for Oikawa to follow, and the slightly taller boy trailed behind Hajime, still blushing like a prepubescent boy.

Hajime took Oikawa into one of the many chemistry labs. He locked the door then pressed the red-faced brunette against the door. He held Oikawa’s pecs, giving them a squeeze, and smirked up at Oikawa.

“I said: can I give you a blowjob? I know you’ve never gotten one before, let me help you out, Tooru.

Oikawa made a sound similar to a dying animal, but he didn’t push Hajime away and try to escape, so Hajime took it as an appropriate answer. He fell down onto his knees, thumbing the waistband of Oikawa’s pants.

Happily, Hajime noted that Oikawa was already rock hard. It was a little hard to tell how big he was since his pants were black, but Hajime never cared much about length. If Oikawa was small, he was small.

Wasting no time, Hajime unbuttoned Oikawa’s pants, letting them fall down to his ankles. Once again, Hajime couldn’t guess the size of his length due to the dark shade of his underwear along with the lack of light in the classroom.

Didn’t matter. Hajime was almost 99% certain Oikawa’s cock wasn’t that impressive.

He shot Oikawa a lustful smile before tugging down his boxers.

Of course, there’s always that 1% chance.

Hajime’s jaw dropped as he stared at Oikawa's pink, wet, veiny, and long cock. Hesitantly, Hajime wrapped his hand around it, feeling how warm it was, and relishing in the loud groan that came from Oikawa.

Oikawa’s cock was considerably thick, but not nearly as impressive as his length. At least 10 inches and Hajime couldn’t confirm if Oikawa was a shower or a grower.

Hajime must’ve been staring longer than he thought because Oikawa started shifting nervously. His face was beet red as he stared down at Hajime with a nervous gaze. “Is- is it too small?”

Too small? Too small ?!

“Dude, I’m gonna fucking choke,” Hajime said before he could stop himself. He shook it away. “No, it’s not too small, quite the opposite.” Hajime leaned forward, kitten licking at the tip. He wasn’t surprised by the spurt of precum that instantly covered his chin and lips. “I’ve never seen one so big.”

A white lie. Hajime had the past pleasure of giving Ushijima Wakatoshi a handjob, and that made it living proof that the bigger the feet, the bigger the dick. Thank god the man was satisfied by a handjob because Hajime didn’t think his throat would survive.

Even so, Oikawa was certainly second best.

Wetting his lips, Hajime licked up and down Oikawa’s length, one of his hands playing with his balls while the other stroked his thigh. Oikawa was already a mess of moans and sweat. It was cute.

After mouthing at Oikawa’s cock for a few minutes, Hajime wrapped his lips around the flushed tip. Oikawa whimpered and hit his head on the classroom door. He ran a shaking hand through Hajime’s hair, hesitantly gripping it as Hajime started bobbing his head.

When the leaking tip hit the back of his throat, Hajime curled his toes and deepthroated. Oikawa released a guttural sound and curled in on himself, unintentionally pushing his length deeper into Hajime’s throat.

Encouraging this, Hajime held Oikawa’s hips to keep him in place until he had the brunette’s whole cock in his mouth. His throat convulsed around the throbbing cock, and he severely underestimated how long he could hold in such a long length. 

Oikawa was quick to pull away when Hajime rapidly patted his thigh, holding the shorter male’s head between his hands. Hajime stared up at Oikawa with his teary eyes and lines of drool running down his face, and he moaned.

Hajime jerked Tooru off as he tried to get his breath back. God, what would it take to boost this nerd’s confidence? He was clearly close to cumming - which Hajime definitely expected - but he needed a push.

Maybe… worth a shot.

“Come on, don’t hold back,” Hajime whispered. “I know you want to, Daddy .” A muffled gasp came from Hajime. Oikawa thrust his cock down Hajime’s throat, keeping a firm grasp on Hajime’s head as he started fucking his face. Hajime’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. 

Oikawa groaned and moaned, whispering praises as he used Hajime like a fleshlight. As the brutal treatments continued, Hajime popped the button of his jeans so he could start jerking himself off.

With a loud moan, Oikawa’s body shook and he shot his load down Hajime’s throat. His orgasm lasted a long time, and when he pulled his cock out of Hajime’s mouth, a gush of cum and saliva followed.

Hajime moved to wipe his face but only added to the mess since he used the hand he released into.

“Uh-uhm,” Oikawa stuttered, “Is there a reason you offered to do that for me?”

Licking away the cum surrounding his lips, Hajime looked up at Oikawa through his eyelashes. The brunette looked absolutely wrecked. His face was covered in sweat, his bangs sticking to his forehead, and his face was a dark pink.

Hajime mentally gave himself a pat on the back.

He shrugged. “You’re cute.”


Standing up on wobbly knees, Hajime slipped Oikawa’s phone out of his backpack. He ripped out a piece of notebook paper then scribbled down his number, sticking it underneath Oikawa’s pastel blue phone case.

“Call me.” He pulled Oikawa down so he could suck on his earlobe. “I’m going to ride that long cock or die trying.”