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Hajime likes to win. He likes to win, but he takes his losses in stride. Therefore, when he lost a bet between him and his classmates, Hajime didn’t try to get out of his penalty for thinking Morinozuka would actually confess to the captain of the soccer team.

For his foolishness, Hajime was to spend an entire school day dressed in the girls’ uniform. One of his classmates - Nanashima - had an older sister who went to Aoba Johsai, and she kept her uniform just for sentimental sake. She didn’t mind lending it to Hajime.

Nanashima was a tree of a man and his sister was exactly the same, so Hajime fit into the old uniform surprisingly well. He promised his classmates he would wear the uniform on Monday but decided not to tell Tooru.

It’d be a fun surprise when his boyfriend came to pick him up for school.

Hajime looked over his shoulder to stare at his reflection. The lavender dress shirt fitted nicely, as did the beige sweater vest. It was a little hard to get the dark red ribbon around his neck symmetrical, and he ended up asking his mom for help, who didn’t look surprised or disgusted by her son’s outfit.

Below the belt, however, is where Hajime’s concerns arose. The skirt - which had the same pattern as the slacks - was the shortest that the school would allow, meaning it was above the knee and flared.

Because he didn’t want his legs to be exposed, Hajime wore white thigh-highs that had red ribbons around the top. They were a pair that came with a collection of thigh-highs Tooru bought for him for his birthday, but no one else needed to know that.

The shoes were the hardest to figure out. After a lot of trial and error, Hajime’s Ma tossed in a pair of shoes from her days at Aoba Johsai. His Ma’s feet were large for women and Hajime’s were small for men, so they fit like a glove.

After a few more minutes of staring, Hajime decided he couldn’t change anything about his outfit. He adjusted the skirt before grabbing his school bag. His moms bid him goodbye the same way they did every morning, completely unfazed (Hajime really appreciated them for that).

Hajime’s nervousness was washed away by Tooru’s reaction. The setter’s gaze was frozen on Hajime’s thighs. The tight thigh-highs made his thighs look thicker than they already were, and Tooru knew his boyfriend was undoubtedly wearing panties underneath that skirt.

“My parents are already at work. Who needs school?”

Hajime refused to budge when Tooru attempted to pull him in the opposite direction of the school. “Sorry, babe, I lost a bet and I’m not a coward.” He effortlessly tugged Tooru back, leading his pouting boyfriend down the street.

“Give me a peek.”


Hajime’s back shot straight when he felt a palm on his ass, rubbing slowly and pushing the fabric of his skirt up. Tooru’s other hand was on Hajime’s hip to keep him still. Hajime, though bright red and a little humiliated, let Tooru lift up his skirt to see the purple, high-waisted silk panties he was wearing.

Tooru groaned. “Hajime, you can wear this tomorrow, too. Don’t leave me like this .” To emphasize, Tooru rubbed his half-hard cock against Hajime’s ass.

“Tooru, stop.”

Tooru snapped his hands off of Hajime and put a good amount of space between the two of them. He looked at Hajime with wide eyes. “Did I go too far?”

Averting his gaze, Hajime shrugged. “I just… I’m kind of nervous about this. I’ve only worn skirts at the mall and other stores, or when we’re… alone. What if I don’t look as good as I think I do? What if someone touches me?”

“I’ll kill them.” Tooru came closer, waiting for Hajime to face him before wrapping his arms around the shorter male’s waist. “You look so good, Hajime, and that’s not my dick talking. You’re so cute, Princess.”

“Thank you, Tooru. I love you.”

Tooru hummed when Hajime pecked his lips. “I love you, too, baby.”


“Holy shit, you actually did it!” Nanashima hollered. He quickly shot up to his feet and dramatically applauded Hajime. Mafuyu rolled his eyes but joined in the applause, all while Morinozuka looked flustered. “Iwaizumi, you’re my hero.”

Hajime snorted. He sat down on his chair, triple-checking that he was sitting on the skirt and that his underwear wasn’t visible. Mafuyu, like the true friend he was, ducked down to check as well, shooting Hajime a thumbs up when he was finished.

Nanashima popped his butt out. “Do you think I’d look good in a skirt?”

Mafuyu looked his friend slowly up and down. “Not with those legs, no.”

Nanashima gasped in offense.

While Nanashima tried to argue that he had amazing legs, Morinozuka turned to Hajime. “Are you really comfortable with this, Iwaizumi-san? You don’t have to force yourself just because I’m a coward.”

“I’m good, Mori,” Hajime assured. He smiled happily as he recalled Tooru’s reassurance. “Besides, no one seems to care.” Though, Hajime knew that anyone who did have a problem with it must’ve been too scared to speak up, less they wanted Tooru and Kyoutani on their ass.

Nanashima and Mafuyu continued to mess around until class started, and Mafuyu continued to check up on Hajime’s skirt throughout the class. When class ended, Hajime and Mafuyu hung up until they were the only ones left in class.

“Thanks for looking out for me,” Hajime thanked the taller teen, “I’d be mortified if someone saw my underwear.”

Mafuyu nodded. Hajime’s classmate reminded him of Kunimi - apathetic, kind of lazy, always looked bored, but a caring and supportive friend. “Don’t mention it, Iwa. And if your underwear was showing, I would stab the eyes out of anyone looking.”

Hajime laughed. He squeezed Mafuyu’s arm in appreciation before exiting the classroom with his friend. The happy bubble between the two was popped when Hajime spotted Tooru. The setter was leaning against the wall right across from the open door with crossed arms and a blank expression.

Mafuyu took that as his cue to leave. “See ya, Iwa.”

“Uh, yeah, bye.”

The second Mafuyu was gone, Tooru gestured for Hajime to come closer, and Hajime obeyed. Tooru grabbed Hajime by the thighs and pulled him so their chests were pressed up together. Hajime chewed his lip as he tried to hold eye contact with his silently boiling boyfriend.

“Who was that?”

“Mafuyu, you know him.”

“I didn’t know you were so close.”

Hajime pouted. “Don’t be like that. We’re friends.”

“Why were you two alone?”

“I was thanking him.”


Admittedly, Hajime knew the truth wasn’t what Tooru wanted to hear, but his boyfriend could see through all of his bluffs, so he didn’t even try. “I was worried about my… panties - “ Hajime whispered the last word, “showing, so he checked throughout the class for me.”

Big, big mistake. Tooru’s hands moved to Hajime’s ass. He squeezed his plump cheeks harshly then pressed them together, teasing Hajime’s hole with the tips of his fingers. Hajime’s knees nearly gave out, and his back arched from pleasure.

“W-wait, Tooru, not-not here.”

Both males abandoned the thought of going to class, especially when Tooru held Hajime by the thighs and hoisted him up, carrying his boyfriend down the hallway towards the popular abandoned hallway in the school.


Tooru slammed Hajime onto the desk, shoving his tongue into his mouth and digging his nails into Hajime’s ass cheeks. Hajime moaned and rolled his hips, feeling Tooru’s long, hard cock against his thigh.

“Mmm - Ah!” Hajime moaned, the wet smack of their lips filling the empty classroom. Hajime couldn’t even imagine how many students fucked at the very same desk he was currently on. “Tooru - Daddy - fuck!”

With a deep groan, Tooru flipped Hajime around. He pushed down on Hajime’s shoulder blades to arch his boyfriend’s back. He admired Hajime’s round, perky ass before smacking it, the sound of the hit echoing then followed by Hajime whimpering.

Tooru flipped Hajime’s skirt up, showing off his pretty panties, his cock poking out slightly. Tooru imagined Mafuyu ducking his head to check on Hajime’s skirt then seeing his panties. Unhelpfully, his mind supplied him with the image of Mafuyu playing with Hajime’s ass, massaging it and sucking Hajime’s neck.

Tooru! ” Hajime yelped, horrified by the loud tearing sound of his panties ripping. The ruined fabric fell down to his ankles, a useless scatter of light purple silk. “What is wrong with you?!”

Too clouded by his jealousy, Tooru ignored Hajime, choosing to fall down onto his knees and spread his boyfriend open. Hajime’s tight, pink hole was winking at him, his cock already soaked and bright red.

“Are you just gonna ignore me-EE!” Hajime squealed. Tooru squeezed his ass cheeks tightly as he sucked and lapped at Hajime’s hole. His eyelids fluttered shut, lips parting as he sang out breathy moans and whimpers. “O-oh… fuck!”

“This ass is mine,” Tooru mumbled before shoving his tongue inside Hajime. He was practically making out with his boyfriend’s hole, but since Hajime was moaning like a whore while pushing back onto Tooru’s face, he was doing good. He slowly pulled away. He harshly squeezed to leave marks on Hajime’s cheeks. “All mine.”

Hajime held the edge of the desk in a deathlock, knuckles white and hands shaking from a mixture of emotions - arousal from being eaten out, embarrassment from being bent over a desk in a classroom, and a little bit of anger from Tooru tearing his underwear to shreds .

Groaning - from both pleasure and frustration - Hajime glared over his shoulder at Tooru. Any anger he had melted. It was such an erotic sight: Tooru’s face buried between his ass, drool running down his chin from how invested he was in eating Hajime out, and he was ignoring both their cocks completely.

Hajime huffed - though it was more of a whimper - and mumbled, “Of course it’s yours. I don’t want anyone else to be my daddy, Tooru.”

Tooru’s hips bucked up unconsciously, but he didn’t pull away from Hajime no matter how hard his cock throbbed. He moved one of his hands down Hajime’s leg. He squeezed his knee then propped it on his shoulder, driving his tongue deeper.

“Oh-AH!” Hajime moaned loudly. He rutted against the desk, thankful that the desktop was smooth. “Oh, Tooru! Tooru! Daddy! Feels so fucking good! I-I’m go-gonna cum! Gonna cum! Cumming!”

Hajime spurted stripes of white onto the desk, barely missing his skirt. Tooru fumbled to pop the button of his pants. Once his cock was out, he jerked himself off, cumming after five harsh strokes.

Tooru continued to lick Hajime’s hole, only stopping when Hajime actively moved away. They both tried to catch their breath, and once they did, Hajime snarled, “Why the actual fuck did you think ripping my underwear was a good idea?!”

Smirking, Tooru picked up his school bag. He pushed aside some things before pulling out a pair of white cotton panties with a tiny ribbon on the front. Hajime didn’t even question it, he knew Tooru had some weird fetishes when it came to Hajime and his panties.


“Your dick disagrees.”

Hajime jutted his lip out and snagged the panties out of Tooru’s hands.