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Tooru didn’t like Ushijima much, he really didn’t. But he didn’t hate the guy. Not anymore, at least. Argentina may have helped fuel his need to win and beat everyone - namely Kageyama and Ushijima - but it also helped him make peace with what happened in high school.

Therefore, he wasn’t too angry when Hajime sent him a god-awful selfie he took with Ushijima, just a bit peeved that Hajime felt the need to send such an atrocious thing.

Hajime and Ushijima became good friends, and Tooru wasn’t angry about it. He'd be a damn hypocrite if he got jealous of Hajime spending time with Ushijima seeing as he spent a lot of time with Shoyo.

“As long as you don’t fall out of love,” Tooru had teased on one of their nightly Skype calls. Even though it was a joke, there was a hint of insecurity there. 

Hajime smiled. He showed the ring on his finger and softly said, “You’re stuck with me, Tooru.”

They had some comforting Skype sex after that, but it got Tooru thinking…

Hajime, despite popular belief, was an attention whore. Specifically during sex. If Tooru wasn’t giving him 100% of his attention while they were doing something sexual, he would whine and whimper like an abandoned puppy, and Tooru vividly recalled how damn happy Hajime was after their three-way with Kyoutani.

It never happened again - because Tooru is a jealous bitch, but he never really forgot how excited Hajime was before, during, and even after it happened. He loved his fiance, and Tooru figured might as well give him what he secretly wants.

Step one: Get Hajime on board (easiest step)

Step two: Get Ushijima on board (and judging by how he looked at the two of them on the court back in high school, it wouldn’t be hard)

Step three: Destroy Hajime (the most fun step!)

“Hey, baby-” Hajime smiled at the nickname, silently telling Tooru to keep talking, “do you remember when we had a three-way with Kyoutani a few years back?” 

It was an irrelevant question; Hajime obviously remembered - quote - “one of the best sexual experiences in my life.” (Tooru tried not to come off as bitter about it but he wasn’t too subtle about it, especially when he fucked Hajime stupid only a few minutes later)

A pink flush spread throughout Hajime’s body. He shot a cute glance at the camera. “‘Course I do, Tooru.” He set down his pen, closing his textbook, and pushed his things aside so he could bring his computer onto the middle of his desk. “Why?”

“I was thinking… maybe we could do that again, with someone else.”

Hajime instantly perked up, though he tried to cover it up. “Re-really? Are you sure? We haven’t- we haven’t talked about doing something like that since we did it with Kyoutani.” Despite trying his best, Tooru could tell Hajime was excited. “Who were you thinking about?”

“How about Ushijima?” Tooru snorted at Hajime’s wide-eyed and slack jaw expression. “I’m serious,” he insisted, “we already talked about how I don’t hate him - “

“Yeah, but you don’t really like him.”

Tooru waved Hajime’s comment off. “I don’t hate him, though, and that’s important, and we all know he’s packing. Have you seen his feet?”

Hajime squirmed with an embarrassed frown. “Well, big feet doesn’t always mean a big dick.”

“Aw, don’t worry, Princess,” Tooru cooed, leaning onto the counter and smirking, “I love your ‘Lil cock.”

“Stoooooop,” Hajime whined and hid his face in his hands. Unless it was in a sexual setting, Hajime hated Tooru teasing him about his dick length. Tooru continued to tease until Hajime cut him off. “You want Ushijima to fuck me?”

Tooru blinked. He had almost forgotten what they were talking about before… cock teasing? Whatever. He smirked. “I want to fuck you at the same time Ushijima is fucking you.”

Unconsciously, Hajime cupped his lower cup. “I dunno if… that’s possible.”

“I fisted you before; you’ll be fine.”

Distantly on Hajime’s end, Kevin yelled, “Hajime, close the door whenever Tooru calls!” Hajime scrambled off of his chair to slam his bedroom door shut. Kevin’s boisterous laugh could be heard.

Tooru laughed along with Hajime’s roommate until his fiance returned, pouting with a bright red face. “Keep teasing me like this, and I’ll make you watch as Ushijima fucks me.”

Instantly, Tooru’s mind filled with images of his Hajime pinned to the bed, Ushijima holding him down as he fucks him, Tooru either tied to a chair or on the other side of the screen, forced to watch it all happen.

“Lock the door, grab the lube and one of your toys.”

“Wait, Tooru, I didn’t-”

“Door. Lube. Toy. Now.”

“Okay, Daddy.”


Hajime curled up and glared at Tooru, who was now in his bedroom, wearing absolutely nothing with a thin layer of sweat covering his body. His exposed cock was covered in cum and his spit, taunting Hajime, “Haha, he’s in another country!” Fortunately, Tooru - and his beautiful cock - would be in California in four days.

“You’re the worst,” Hajime snarled.

Tooru chuckled happily. “No, I’m not. So, should we ask Ushijima? I’m visiting soon.”

Tingles rushed through Hajime’s body as he imagined being between his fiance and a brick wall of a man like Ushijima. God damn, why did Tooru have to make him cum until he was dry?

“I’ll talk to him.”

“Make sure you do it like this…”

Kevin was out with his friends, leaving Hajime alone with Ushijima in the apartment. The taller man was on the far end of the couch, one of his arms around the back of the couch and the other resting on the armrest. A movie that Ushijima’s dad recommended was playing on the TV and Ushijima was the only one invested.

Hajime turned on his phone.

From: Tooru
Did you do it yet?

To: Tooru
No, not yet
Are you sure this is okay?

From: Tooru
I’m positive, baby
We already talked about how far you can go
I trust you <3

To: Tooru
Alright, I’ll text you when it’s over
Hope I don’t embarrass myself

From: Tooru
I believe in you
I love you <3

To: Tooru
I love you, too

From: Tooru
Hajimeeee, do it back

To: Tooru

From: Tooru

“Iwaizumi-san, would you like me to change the movie?”

Hajime jumped with an out-of-character squeak. He blushed and looked at Ushijima. He was staring down at Hajime with a raised brow and a slight frown. Hajime swallowed nervously.

“Are you alright?”

Swallowing down his nerves and reminding himself that Tooru consented to this, Hajime put his phone down onto the coffee table and crawled towards Ushijima. Instantly, Ushijima stiffened, watching with wide eyes as Hajime crawled onto his lap.

“Iwaizumi!” Ushijima yelled. He held Hajime by the hips. “This is- what about Oikawa?”

“He knows.”

Ushijima tightened his hold on Hajime’s hips. “I don't… think this is… what are you-” Ushijima broke off with a rumbling groan. Hajime was closer now, kissing and sucking his neck. “Iwaizumi.”

Hajime held Ushijima by the shoulders as he kissed from his neck to his lips. Ushijima tasted like the beer and popcorn the two had been having. Hajime was surprised to find that Ushijima was a magnificent kisser.

Ushijima was a groaner - just like Tooru - and Hajime was making breathy gasps against the man’s lips. Ushijima went from holding Hajime by the hips to his ass, squeezing the plump cheeks.

When Ushijima moved to remove Hajime’s shirt, he pulled away. “Not yet,” he whispered, still a little dazed from such a good makeout session, “we have to wait for Tooru.”

Ushijima didn’t seem to mind in the slightest bit.

Tooru had Hajime pinned on the bed, the two of them lazily making out. Tooru was shirtless and wearing boxers while Hajime was wearing nothing but skimpy dark purple panties - Tooru had picked out the color, insisting on it.

Midway through making out, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Come in!” Tooru hollered. Once the bedroom door opened, Tooru pulled Hajime to sit up. “Thank you for joining us, Ushiwaka.”

Hajime moaned happily - Ushijima came dressed in a tight black tank top and grey sweatpants, and he was already hard. He looked so fucking big. Hajime chewed his lips and tried to imagine taking the two at the same time.

Tooru kissed Hajime’s neck and shoulder. His hands roamed Hajime’s body before he started palming his tiny cock. “Don’t be shy, Ushiwaka, join us on the bed.”

“If you don’t mind, I’d like for the both of you to use my first name.”

“I don’t mind and feel free to use ours,” Tooru hummed against Hajime’s skin. He backed up until he was flat against the wall, Hajime sitting on his lap with his legs spread. The bed barely fit the three of them but they’d manage.

Ushijima swiftly removed his shirt, throwing it onto the floor to join the pile at the foot of the bed. He was fucking ripped. As expected of a professional volleyball player.

Hajime tilted his head upwards to look at Ushijima. The taller man was hovering right above him, waiting to be told what to do. Hajime knocked the side of his head against Tooru’s hair as his fiance covered his shoulder in marks.

“Wakatoshi, kiss me.”

Ushijima was quick to do as told. Hajime moaned into the kiss. It was more tongue but Hajime didn’t care. He threw his arms around Ushijima’s neck and pulled him closer. Tooru continued to mark Hajime up, one of his hands palming his cock over his panties.

After a few minutes of making out, Ushijima dropped down. He replaced Tooru’s hands and held Hajime’s thighs, spreading him even more while also lifting him a bit. Hajime moaned at the display of strength. He played with Tooru’s hair before mumbling for a kiss. Tooru happily complied.

Their kiss was interrupted by Ushijima kissing Hajime’s clothed hole. Tooru chuckled and played with the waistband of Hajime’s panties. “Do you want to eat him out, Wakatoshi?”

“If you don’t mind.”

Tooru leaned over Hajime, bending the shorter man in half so he could bring Ushijima into a searing kiss. It was weird, honestly, watching Tooru fiercely make out with the person he spent years hating. However, it was really hot because neither of them was giving away dominance.

They pulled away with Ushijima’s lip between Tooru’s teeth, just the slightest bit of blood rolling down Tooru’s chin from where Ushijima bit him too hard. Hajime moaned, bucking his hips to get attention.

Both men chuckled lowly. Tooru brought Hajime back up to lie against his chest while Ushijima tugged Hajime’s panties off. “Do you like them?” Tooru asked. “I picked them out, but Hajime’s the one that makes them look so pretty.”

“Do you wear these often?” Ushijima asked. He tossed the panties aside so he could get down in front of the bed. He hooked his arms around Hajime’s knees and effortlessly tugged him down.

Tooru didn’t mind the change of position; his cock was now directly above Hajime’s lips. Hajime opened his mouth and stared up at Tooru with puppy dog eyes.

“Alright, Princess, take what you need.”

Hajime hummed happily before he sat up a bit to wrap his lips around the head of Tooru’s cock. His fiance groaned, instantly rolling his hips to make Hajime deep throat him. Hajime was moaning around Tooru’s cock thanks to the way Ushijima was slowly eating him out.

Tooru held Hajime by the side of his head as he slowly fucked his mouth, trying to maintain the same speed as Ushijima. Hajime knew it wouldn’t last long; he knew that the second the two of them were done with this, he would be destroyed. He moaned happily at the thought.

“What’re you thinking about, Princess?”

Hajime popped off of Tooru’s cock. “You… and Wakatoshi… fucking me.”

Ushijima groaned against Hajime’s rim, sending waves of pleasure through the shorter man’s body. His back arched off the bed when Ushijima started tongue-fucking him, his moans muffled thanks to the cock shoved down his throat.

‘Harder, please, harder!’ Hajime mentally pleaded. He ground down on Ushijima’s face and sucked Tooru’s cock as hard as he could. ‘Wreck me, please!’

Tooru - as always - read Hajime like a book. He pulled out of his fiance’s mouth then grabbed Ushijima by the hair, pushing him away. Ushijima made a disapproving sound but didn’t fight Tooru’s hold.

“Grab the lube, Wakatoshi, top drawer.”

Ushijima didn’t even have to lean over to reach the bedside table. He grabbed the lube along with a string of condoms. “I brought my own, just in case yours wouldn’t fit me,” he said while handing Tooru the lube and condoms.

“No need,” Tooru said, handing Ushijima the condoms, “as long as you're clean, we can do him raw.”

Ushijima was visibly pleased with the news. He threw the condoms somewhere then got back on the bed between Hajime’s legs. Tooru popped the cap of the lube then looked down at Ushijima’s still clothed erection.

“Take your pants off, Wakatoshi, I need to see what we’re dealing with.”

Wordlessly, Ushijima stood off of the bed again and dropped trow. Hajime moaned loudly and arched off the bed, already feeling his guts twist in anticipation.

Tooru whistled. “Pretty impressive.” He gestured for Ushijima to get back on the bed. He wrapped his long fingers around Ushijima’s cock, slowly jerking him off. Ushijima lightly threw his head back with a shallow moan.

Hajime panted heavily as he watched a bead of precum dribble out of the tip. He wanted that in him. He wanted that cock inside of him alongside Tooru’s, filling him with cum until he was leaking.

“Daddy, Wakatoshi,” Hajime moaned, “hurry!”

Ushijima chuckled. “Daddy, huh? Should’ve expected that from the two of you.” As if a switch flipped inside of him, Ushijima wrapped his hand around Hajime’s throat and tugged him close. “If Tooru is your daddy, then I’ll be your sir.”

Hajime keened loudly. “Daddy, Sir, fuck me!”

Both men groaned in pleasure. Ushijima tilted Hajime’s head back so he could cover it in hickeys while Tooru covered his hand in lube. He rubbed his fingers to warm it up then started off with two fingers. He needed to get inside Hajime.

Hajime was in Heaven. Sandwiched between two of the most attractive men he’s ever seen in his life, one of them covering his body in hickeys and bite marks, and the other spreading him open with three fingers, whispering filth into his ear.

“Hm, play with his nipples, Wakatoshi, they’re very sensitive.”

Ushijima hummed. “The best kind of men.”

“I know, right?”

Ushijima moved down to take one of Hajime’s nipples, rolling and tugging the other one between his fingers, and Hajime moaned so loud one of his neighbors knocked on the wall. All three of them ignored it.

“Sir, oh, Sir! Ke-keep doing tha-aaaah-t!”

Tooru kissed Hajime’s temple. “I’m gonna put a fourth one in, baby.”

“Yes! Yes, Daddy!” Hajime spread his legs as far as they could go - which was pretty fucking far - and held Ushijima’s large biceps for dear life. “Mmm! I wa-want your cock! I want your cocks, Daddy! Sir!”

Hajime screamed as he was slapped on the thigh. A large, burning red handprint was on his thigh. Ushijima rubbed where he slapped Hajime but he didn’t seem apologetic at all. “Be patient, pest. The more you beg, the longer we’re gonna tease you.”

Tooru hummed in agreement. “And I’m almost done prepping you, baby, don’t ruin that.”

“So-sorry, Daddy. Sorry, Sir.”

It was Tooru’s turn to slap Hajime. “If you’re not gonna stutter for Wakatoshi, you’re not gonna stutter for me. Got it, slut? Now, try again.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy! I’m sorry, Sir!”

Both Tooru and Ushijima kissed Hajime. “Good boy,” Ushijima whispered. 

He pinched Hajime’s nipple and went back to cover his body in marks. Tooru picked with the pace, filling the room with squelching alongside Hajime’s girlish moans.

“Oh, god, I can’t wait anymore,” Tooru groaned. He pulled his fingers out of Hajime’s clenching hole and wiped them off on the bedsheets. Ushijima pulled away so Tooru could lie down, pulling Hajime directly on top of him. “You can go first, Wakatoshi.”

“If you insist.”

To keep Hajime relaxed, Tooru softly kissed and nibbled Hajime’s ears. Hajime closed his eyes, focusing on Tooru’s affections as long as he could, but he couldn’t ignore the fat head of Ushijima’s cock pushing against his rim.

“Sir! Ah, Sir! Your cock is so big!” Hajime moaned. The only thing keeping him from trying to get Ushijima’s cock inside with one push was the two pairs of hands holding his hips, keeping him in place and forcing him still. “Daddy, I want your cock, too! Please!”

“God, you’re such a fucking whore,” Tooru snarled, spanking Hajime’s thigh. “Just for that, you’re not cumming until Wakatoshi and I do. Understand, slut?”

“Yes! Yes! Please just fuck me! Ruin me!”

God, Hajime’s neighbors must hate him.

Ushijima repositioned himself to make more room for Tooru. He helped the brunette guide his cock against Hajime’s already stretched hole. Then, after Tooru started playing with Hajime’s nipples, he pushed it.

It was painful before it was pleasurable. Really, really painful. Tooru had to stop a couple of times, and Ushijima eventually grabbed the lube, using up the rest of the bottle to cover both their cocks and Hajime’s hole in lube. 

Thankfully, by the time Tooru was balls deep inside Hajime, he was a moaning mess. Even so, they started off slow, trying to sync up while also getting Hajime used to such a large stretch.

“Hah, ah! Da-daaddyy! S-sir!” Hajime slurred, eyes rolled into the back of his head and tongue lolling out of his mouth. Tooru slid three of his fingers into Hajime’s mouth and fucked them down his throat. “Mmmf!”

Quickly, Tooru and Ushijima picked up a fast pace. Hajime clenched and shook with every drag of their cocks against his walls, trying his best to arch his back as their balls slapped against his ass, making it a bright red. He could barely function. It only got worse when Ushijima wrapped a large hand around his neck.

“You’re so sloppy,” Ushijima spat. Literally. He spat right onto Hajime’s face. Hajime moaned as it rolled down his face, choking on a sob when Tooru thrust his fingers down his throat and kept them there. “Have you always been such a whore?”

Tooru laughed meanly. “I was surprised, too. He’s so needy, Wakatoshi, you wouldn’t believe it. He gets so bratty when I don’t pay attention to him; the amount of times he’s sucked me off in the locker room is unbelievable.”

Hajime wasn’t paying attention to the conversation. His mind was filled with three things: Tooru, Ushijima, and their cocks pounding him into stupid town. His cock was completely ignored, a bright red and drenched in precum.

“Ah, shit, Princess!” Tooru suddenly yelled. “I’m gonna cum! Fuck, your tight little ass is so good!”

Ushijima moaned as a form of agreement.

“What do you want us to do, Hajime?” Ushijima asked, letting go of Hajime’s throat at the same time Tooru removed his fingers. “Want us to cum inside? Want us to fill you with our cum?”


By some miracle, Tooru and Ushijima came at the same time, and Hajime instantly came all over himself when he felt himself being filled by both their loads. He sobbed as the two of them kept fucking him, abusing his worn-out prostate, but he didn’t ask them to stop.

“I don't know about you, Wakatoshi, but I could go for a couple more rounds.”

Ushijima’s devilish smirk matched Tooru’s perfectly. “I could go all night.”

Hajime whimpered.