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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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Hajime tried his best to relax his body. He was lying on the king-sized bed in his and Tooru’s large bedroom, hands resting on his stomach as he steadied his breathing. He did his best to use every tactic he found online - trying to get into the fuzzy headspace that would leave him pliant and mostly soundless.

This was Tooru’s idea, but Hajime was the one who encouraged it. He had always gotten off on the thought of his boyfriend using him while Hajime had a gone expression, eyes glazed over and mouth open stupidly. He wanted to be Tooru’s object.

Just as Hajime started feeling fuzzy and relaxed, the bedroom door opened. It wasn’t enough to snap him out of his headspace, though his progress definitely took a couple of spots back. Hajime slowly opened his eyes, a small sense of pride filling him from successfully obscuring his vision.

Tooru was looking down at him with an impressed expression. He was undoubtedly shirtless and a small movement on the bed revealed that he was completely bare, his half-hard cock rubbing against Hajime’s knee.

His usually whiny moan was replaced with a distant gasp. Yeah, he was definitely fading, and that made his cock and already slicked up hole twitch happily. Tooru also seemed happy, as he was staring down at Hajime’s lower half with a grin.

This would typically be the time that Hajime would snap at Tooru to get on with it, but he was too dazed to even start forming the words. It felt very similar to the way he felt after many rounds of sex when his mouth was stuck wide open with his tongue lolling out, eyes rolled into the back of his head, and only going down once Tooru wad cleaning him off with a warm rag.

Tooru shifted Hajime around until he was in the middle of the bed, feet slightly hanging off the bed. Tooru moved Hajime’s hands to his sides, then he hovered above Hajime’s face, his leaking cock pressed against his mouth.

The brunette was met with no resistance as he pushed his cock into Hajime’s mouth. It was weird. Hajime wasn’t quiet in bed; he moaned like a whore, slurped around Tooru’s cock, begged to be fucked until he was crying. Still, the difference was equally arousing.

Hajime was practically lifeless beneath him, the only indication that he was alive being the soft puff of breath hitting the base of Tooru’s cock. Other than that, Hajime was basically a corpse. His eyes were wide open and glazed over, mouth wide open without the slightest twitch.

Tooru groaned. He held Hajime by the hair, giving it a tug before picking up his pace. He shoved his cock down Hajime’s throat with every thrust and he was way too aroused by the quietness in the room.

“Fuck,” Tooru hissed as he came down Hajime’s throat. Of course, dolls don’t swallow, so Hajime’s mouth filled with cum, thick streams falling from his mouth from both the sides and the bottom. “So pretty.”

Once his shiny cock was out of his mouth, Tooru rubbed the head over Hajime’s lips. After a few seconds of that, he smacked the man beneath him across the face with his cock. Hajime was in a completely different world at this point. He was barely processing what was happening, only vaguely aware of the kisses Tooru was covering his body with.

His fingers felt heavy but not unmoveable. He didn’t feel like lead, but not nearly close to his usual weight, but Hajime loved it. Tooru was going to - he already did! - use him.

Hajime gasped so quietly that if it weren’t for the thick silence of the room, Tooru would’ve missed it. Tooru decided to not punish Hajime for it since he wouldn’t register it.

He instead chose to spread Hajime’s legs as far as they could go, resting one foot onto his shoulder. Tooru licked his lips and slowly pushed into his awaiting boyfriend. Hajime was silent as Tooru slowly started picking up the pace, his silence and absolutely lifeless look not breaking even when Tooru was fucking him so hard, he was moving up and down.

Like a ragdoll.

Hajime didn’t feel it when he came. He wouldn’t know he came until he came out of his headspace. He didn’t even feel it when Tooru slammed harshly into him, filling him with cum but not at all letting his pace falter.

Tooru took a few minutes to simply fuck Hajime before he pulled out. He effortlessly moved Hajime around, setting the man on his lap, back pressed against his chest and legs spread open. Tooru’s arms strained as he lifted Hajime then dropped him onto his cock. 

A pleasurable buzz filled Hajime’s body, and he was distantly aware that he was lightly clenching around his boyfriend’s cock. If he wasn’t completely out of it, Hajime would be moaning, telling Tooru how good his cock felt, how much he wanted to be fucked until he was unconscious.

Tooru was both fucking up into Hajime and dropping him down onto his cock. It filled the room with obscene slapping and squelching noises. Hajime didn’t know what face he was making. He wouldn’t know until Tooru later showed him the picture he had taken - a picture of Hajime’s eyes crossed and mouth wide open, somehow managing to look lifeless and totally fucked out at the same time.

Twenty minutes that felt like only a few seconds passed, and Tooru came, slamming Hajme down onto his cock, filling him up once again while jerking off the boneless man’s cock.

An hour later, when Hajime could move around and had enough awareness to drink some water, Tooru peppered his face in kisses, telling Hajime how “fucking hot you were, Princess. Top five sexiest ways I’ve seen you.”

After complimenting Hajime, Tooru asked, “You liked it, right?”

With a breathless chuckle, Hajime rolled his head back. “I fucking loved it, Tooru.”

Truly, this was a new form of Heaven.

Hajime was underneath the table, completely nude with a vibrating dildo inside of him, and his lips were wrapped around Tooru’s cock. The other man was sitting on a chair, the only nakedness being his cock, which was sitting down Hajime’s throat.

He wasn’t fucking his face and Hajime wasn’t bobbing his head. No, Tooru was going through their bills, writing checks, or sorting out more complicated papers. His expression was completely blank despite his cockwarming with his boyfriend’s throat.

Hajime wasn’t as deep in his headspace as he was the first time, but he was still majorly dazed. So dazed that he couldn’t find the strength to tell Tooru he needed to catch his breath. Thankfully, Tooru could practically read Hajime’s mind, and he wordlessly pushed Hajime’s head away.

After a minute of Hajime breathing steadily, Tooru released his head. It fell forward lifelessly, Tooru’s cock sliding down his throat like two puzzle pieces coming together.

An hour later: how many times had Hajime cum? How many times had Tooru shot his load down Hajime’s throat, filling his mouth with cum? When was he taken out from underneath the table? When did Tooru slide him down onto his cock, spreading his legs so far his ankles were touching the table?

So many unanswered questions that Hajime didn’t really need the answers to. He was lying on the couch now, blinking slowly as he regained his senses. A volleyball match was playing on the TV and Hajime had been dressed, wearing sweatpants and one of Tooru’s t-shirts. 

Tooru was underneath Hajime, rubbing his hip and playing with his hair.

“Welcome back, baby.”

“Hi, Daddy.”

Tooru groaned softly. “Give me a few minutes to get some energy back.”

Hajime looked around the dark living room. “How long was I-”

“A few hours.”

Maybe Hajime should’ve been horrified to hear that. He wasn’t; instead, he felt a rush of joy and arousal.

Ten minutes later Hajime was riding Tooru’s cock, showing his appreciation.