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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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“I’m giving the key to Todoroki, make sure you clean up before you all leave!” Oikawa called out to the boys in the gym. There were only three of them - including Todoroki, the captain of the volleyball team, who was putting the keys to the gym safely into his pocket - so Oikawa wasn’t afraid of leaving the gym unattended.

Besides, Oikawa had already promised Iwaizumi that he would be home in ten minutes, so he either had to leave now and keep that promise or be forced to sleep on the couch because Iwaizumi has always been petty (to everyone’s surprise).

“Alright, bye, Coach!”

Oikawa waved with a small smile before breaking off into a light jog towards the parking lot. These days, he was thankful that he and Iwaizumi invested in a car after an apartment, because his trip back home was cut in half, saving him from a cold night on the couch and an upset fiance.

It’d been a while since Oikawa got to have dinner with Iwaizumi. With the Olympics coming up, the athletic trainer has been working later days and leaving earlier in the morning, and seeing as Oikawa’s team had won the inter-high, they’ve been training for Nationals nonstop.

A warmth filled Oikawa at the thought of eating his fiance’s cooking and just sitting at the dinner table with him. Hell, Iwaizumi could make bagels and Oikawa would be happy as a daisy.

After parking the car in the apartment’s parking complex, Oikawa raced towards the elevator. He impatiently tapped his foot and speed-walked towards the front door. He knew it would be unlocked, so he threw himself through the door, laughing as he greeted the apartment with a cliche, “Honey, I’m home!”

The soft vibe Oikawa had created all on his own was expelled when he was pushed against the front door, effectively closing it, and he was met with the sight of Iwaizumi on his knees, staring up at him with flushed cheeks and parted lips.


“Welcome home,” Iwaizumi mumbled. He rubbed his face against Oikawa’s crotch with a small smile. “I missed you.”

Oikawa locked the front door, frozen in shock as his fiance started mouthing over his steadily growing erection. Usually, Iwaizumi would lead up to these things with teasing or some foreplay.

Then again, Oikawa could recall plenty of times when Iwaizumi just went right out the gate; mostly morning blowjobs or sneaky handjobs at the back of the bus.

So lost in memories, Oikawa didn’t register that his pants and briefs were at his ankles until Iwaizumi's lips were wrapped around the head of his cock. He moaned lowly, lightly hitting his head on the door when he threw it back.

Iwaizumi was being loud; slurping and drooling around Oikawa’s cock. They’ve been together for years, and they started blowjobs around second year of high school, so Iwaizumi had grown used to Oikawa’s size. He was doing this on purpose; Oikawa had always been a sucker for messy blowjobs.

“Mmm, Hajime,” Oikawa groaned, grabbing both sides of Iwaizumi’s head so he could start fucking his face. “I missed you, baby.”

Iwaizumi attempted to reciprocate the statement, but it was horribly slurred, which made Oikawa pick up the pace of his thrusts. They were so loud; if any of their neighbors walked by, they would know exactly what was going on.

On the other hand, they were introduced very early on to the couple’s very active sex life.

Oikawa groaned loudly, abdomen clenching and body instinctively doubling over when he came down Iwaizumi’s throat, the shorter man’s throat clenching around his cock as he deepthroated.

They stayed like that for a while, Oikawa’s cock down Iwaizumi’s throat and his fiance happily sitting on his knees, staring up at him with wide eyes and tears rolling down his face.

When Iwaizumi finally pulled away, his lips and chin were drenched with drool and cum. Oikawa groaned. He pulled Iwaizumi to his feet before throwing him over his shoulder so he could carry him to the bedroom. 

They had a very late dinner that night.

The first thing Oikawa noticed when he woke up was that his dick was painfully hard and painfully wet. In his tired daze, it took Oikawa a while to realize a couple of things:

1) Iwaizumi wasn’t sleeping next to him, and 2) there was a lump underneath the covers between his legs.

Moaning, Oikawa lifted the blankets. As suspected, Iwaizumi was between Oikawa’s legs, eyes closed, and an almost content expression on his face as he sucked on Oikawa’s cock. One of his hands was playing with his balls while the other stroked his thigh.

“Princess, it’s 6 AM,” Oikawa whispered. He reached out to lightly pull Iwaizumi off his cock but froze into a full-body shiver when Iwaizumi lightly ran his teeth as he pulled up. “Ah, fuck.”

Iwaizumi patted Oikawa’s thigh and the coach dropped his head. His fiance was staring up at him with wide, pleased eyes as he suckled on the head of his cock as if it were a popsicle.

Oikawa lolled his head to the side. “I have to leave soon, Princess.”

Iwaizumi made an annoyed sound before shoving Oikawa’s cock down his throat and giving his balls a slight tug. Oikawa groaned, bucking his hips up and shooting his load down Iwaizumi’s throat.

Humming happily, Iwaizumi drank every last drop.

He held onto Oikawa’s cock and stared up at his fiance. 

“You’re a menace.”

Oikawa adjusted his glasses then rubbed his eyes. “We could switch in Watanabe for some float serves in the second set,” he suggested, holding his phone between his shoulder and cheek. He was currently draped out on the couch, holding a packet of papers filled with possible starting line-ups for Nationals.

On the other end of the phone was the assistant coach, a younger woman who had a bit of a crush on Oikawa, but he ignored it for the most part in favor of coaching the kids. Despite her infatuation, she was an amazing coach and adored the kids as much as Oikawa did.

“We’d have to arrange it so Todoroki and Fujioka aren’t taken out of the game, they’re our best players.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a . . . good . . . i . . . dea.”


Oikawa’s jaw was wide open. Iwaizumi was smirking at him. He was sitting on the couch arm on the other end of the couch, wearing absolutely nothing besides a red and black crop-top sweater.

Once he regained himself, Oikawa muted the call. “I am on the phone .”

“So?” Iwaizumi asked. He slipped off of the couch and crawled towards Oikawa. He pouted once he was seated comfortably in Oikawa’s lap, rubbing his already prepped hole against his fiance’s clothed cock. “Are you talking to that bitch?”

“Hajime,” Oikawa sighed. He squeezed Iwaizumi’s hip softly. “It’s not like that.”

Iwaizumi glared at Oikawa’s phone. “She’s still a bitch.”

“If I let you sit on my cock, will you let me work?”

Eagerly, Iwaizumi nodded. He waited for no confirmation before pulling down Oikawa’s sweatpants and boxers, and he keened happily once he was completely sat on his fiance’s long cock.

He didn’t bounce or move, simply sat as if Oikawa were the couch as the brunette had one arm wrapped around his waist, talking with his assistant coach as if he wasn’t currently cockwarming with his very moody fiance.

Every Time she laughed, Iwaizumi would either clench or roll his hips, forcing Oikawa to cough away a groan.

After one torturous hour of Iwaizumi giving out petty “punishments” and figuring out the line-up, Oikawa hung up the phone. He slapped his papers onto the coffee table, giving a tired, “Up we go,” as he pushed Iwaizumi onto his stomach.

“What am I gonna do with you, Hajime?”

Oikawa drummed his fingers on the table anxious. The team was loudly talking amongst themselves, slapping each other on the back, or shooting smirks as they talked animatedly about how well their games went that day.

After the fifth buzz of his phone, Oikawa excused himself with a smile. He walked into the dark hallway of the reserved restaurant and pressed his knuckles into his mouth as he swiped open Iwaizumi’s texts.

He groaned.

From: Hajime
Tooru, I miss you
I wish you were home, with me, touching me
*Three attachment images + One attachment video sent*

Walking deeper into the hallway, Oikawa opened each picture. The first was of Iwaizumi sucking his fingers, and judging by how slick they were, he’d been doing it for a while; it was captioned, “I wanna choke on your cock”. 

The second picture was of him fingering himself open and chewing his lip, captioned, “I can’t stop thinking about you, Daddy”. 

The third clearly took some effort, seeing as it was a full-body image of Iwaizumi on his knees, legs spread as he stuffed his hole with a dildo. This one was captioned, “Not as good as yours.”

Now breathing heavily, Oikawa turned down the volume of his phone so he could safely play the video. Good call on his part, because the video opened with Iwaizumi screaming Oikawa’s given name.

“Oh, Tooru, Tooru, Daddy ! You feel so good! Oh, you’re so big, so long! Mmm! Cum inside, oh, please cum inside me! Fill me with your cum, Daddy! Fill your pretty slut with your cum!”

Oikawa’s knees buckled as he listened to his fiance pleasure himself. God, of all the days to be apart.

The video ended with Iwaizumi cumming with a scream. Oikawa watched as Iwaizumi slowly fucked himself through his orgasm, sniffling and gasping the entire time. Once he finally removed the toy, he sat up and grabbed his phone. 

Iwaizumi kissed two of his fingers then placed them against the screen. “Call me, Daddy.”

Oikawa thanked every god above that none of his students walked in on him in the bathroom.

“One more.”

Oikawa panted heavily. His body was absolutely drenched with sweat, face hot with arousal and exertion. He stared down at Iwaizumi incredulously. “One more?”

Iwaizumi was beneath him, equally - if not more, somehow - sweaty. His stomach was covered in cum from his previous orgasms, dribbling cum because he refused to let Oikawa wear a condom or pull out the entire session, and he was holding his legs by the knees, spreading himself open with a desperate look.

“One more round, please, Daddy. Just one more, I promise.”

Oikawa arched his back in an attempt to get rid of an ache in his back. God, he was only twenty-seven, why was he getting so strained? He groaned. “Beg harder, Princess, then we’ll see.”

“Please, Daddy! Fill me with your cock one more time, cum inside of me so we can plug me up! I’m leaving soon, Daddy, I don’t want to forget what your cock feels like!”

It was true. The Olympics were finally around the corner and in three days, Iwaizumi would be leaving with the National Team for the Olympic Village. Oikawa technically could tag along seeing as a bunch of other National Team members were taking their partners, but he had too much for him in the city.

Still, five rounds? As embarrassing as it was, they haven’t fucked that much in a while. Maybe it was because of their draining jobs or because Oikawa’s knee just wasn’t the same anymore, but the last time they went five rounds was back in their college days when they finished every school day fucking on the nearest hard surface.

“Please, Tooru!” Iwaizumi wailed. He hooked his legs around Oikawa’s waist and pulled him close. “I want my insides to be shaped like your cock by the time I’m leaving!”

With a predatory growl, Oikawa snapped his hips forward, shoving his cock inside of Iwaizumi. Since it was already so filled, his cum splattered around, and the sound it made should’ve been positively disgusting, but it wasn’t.

“You’re such a fucking filthy slut,” Oikawa groaned, drinking in Iwaizumi’s hoarse moans and wails, “you’re so fucking needy for my cock, it’s almost unbelievable. I bet you’ll be thinking about me the entire time, won’t you? Every chance you get, you’ll think about me filling your whore hole; finger yourself open in every slightly private area just to feel something half as good as my cock inside of you. Huh, Princess?”

“Yes! Yes, Daddy! I love your cooooock!”

After a few more thrusts, Iwaizumi was spasming underneath Oikawa, who was having the same reaction. They were both absolutely drained, leaving them to experience their first dry orgasm in years .

Oikawa collapsed onto Iwaizumi, completely boneless, just like his fiance.

Iwaizumi weakly wrapped his arms around Oikawa with a sated sound similar to a purr.

“You really are a slut, huh?”

In response to that, Iwaizumi clenched around Oikawa, earning a pained, overstimulated whimper.