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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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“I’m this close - “ Iwaizumi held his pointer finger right above his thumb, barely any space between them, “to either killing him or just getting on my knees and sucking his dick.”

“Yeah, because that’s subtle,” Akaashi quipped with a smirk.

Iwaizumi glared at his cousin. “Oh, I’m sorry, how are things going with Sugawara?”

Instantly, Akaashi shut his mouth, mumbling something into his drink about how Iwaizumi was “being unfair”.

“You just have to be honest with your feelings! Have some guts!” Yamamoto cheered and punched Iwaizumi’s arm. “I would’ve never gotten with Kenma if I didn’t just tell him how I felt!”

Ennoshita nodded his head. “I admire Tobio for being so honest with me.”

The strange group of players sat on a bench, waiting for the bus to come and take Iwaizumi and Ennoshita back to Miyagi. The four originally met up just to catch up but halfway through, Yamamoto decided to bring up Oikawa, and Iwaizumi has been complaining ever since.

“Last I checked, you guys aren’t pining for or dating your childhood best friend. If I don’t figure out how he feels about me, I could ruin years of trust. I remember when Makki made out with Oikawa’s ex-girlfriend, he didn’t talk to him for two weeks .”

Akaashi snorted. “Did he miss her as a hook-up that much?”

“He’s not like that!” Iwaizumi yelled, gaining the attention of a passing group of girls. Iwaizumi blushed but held his glare. “He’s had one girlfriend, and he really liked her!” Iwaizumi remembered the countless - and painful - ramblings of Oikawa about his ex-girlfriend, and the heartbreaking effect the breakup had on him.

“Haven’t you been flirting with him for three months? If you haven’t made any progress, then maybe he’s trying to let you down easy,” Ennoshita suggested. He looked at his phone, and Iwaizumi felt a tug of jealousy when he saw the picture of Kageyama in Ennoshita’s lap.

Crossing his arms and slouching, Iwaizumi grumbled, “No, he may be a good liar, but I’ve known him for too long to be fooled. He’s just an idiot. A stupid, pretty, determined, admirable idiot and I want to kiss him and tell him I love him and suck his god damn dick.”

Akaashi grumbled, “Oh, yeah, and when I say that about Suga-san I’m a pervert, and have it bad.”

“Hey, I’m self-aware,” Iwaizumi argued, “and Sugawara obviously likes you back, you’re just a coward.”

“Get off my dick, Hajime.”

Yamamoto snorted. “This is fun, I’m glad we do this.”

“Agreed,” Ennoshita hummed, clearly amused with the cousins’ antics. The brunette stood up and slapped Iwaizumi’s shoulder. “Come on, the bus is coming and I refuse to stand the entire time.”

Giving Akaashi one last glare, Iwaizumi stood with Ennoshita, and they were soon sitting on the bus, Ennoshita texting Kageyama and Iwaizumi pouting like a child. He glared at Ennoshita’s phone screen.

“You’re doing this on purpose.”

“Doing what?”

“Showing off your happy relationship with Kageyama.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Fuck you, Ennoshita.”

Ennoshita smirked. “Can’t. Unlike you, I’m in a dedicated relationship.”

Ennoshita went home with a bruise on his arm.

“Your ass looks good in those pants.”

Hanamaki nearly slammed his locker on his head. 

Everyone looked at Iwaizumi with wide eyes, besides Oikawa, who was changing into a t-shirt. He was already wearing a pair of skin-tight jeans, which, admittedly, did make his ass look really good.

The setter snorted. “Flattery won’t make me help you with math, Iwa-chan.”

“I’m going to break you in half.”

Oikawa flashed Iwaizumi one of his stupidly attractive smiles. “Threats are even less convincing.” Iwaizumi watched with narrowed eyes as Oikawa finished changing. The setter slammed his locker shut then swung his gym bag over his shoulder. “I have to go pick up Takeru, so I’m leaving you to lock up the gym. Okay, Iwa-chan?”


Oikawa left the locker room and after a beat of silence, Matsukawa snorted. “A moment of silence for Iwaizumi.” 

“Three months. I’ve been doing this for three months, and he hasn’t noticed anything.” Iwaizumi hit his head against the lockers with an annoyed groan. “Out of all the people in my life, it had to be him.”

Yahaba squeezed Iwaizumi’s shoulder supportively then gave him an, “I’m with you, dude” look. How could Iwaizumi forget? Yahaba’s been dropping the most obvious hints for Hanamaki for ages.

“Satori gives his condolences,” Matsukawa unhelpfully announced.

“So does Tadashi,” Kyoutani gruffly added.

Iwaizumi glared at his teammates. “Yahaba is my favorite.” Kindaichi turned to Iwaizumi with a hurt look. “I didn’t mean it, Kindaichi, you know you’re the team favorite.”

Instantly, the first year perked up. “I figured. Also, I know you don’t want to hear about us and our happy relationships, but maybe you should do what Shoyo did with me.”

“And what would that be?”

“Grow a pair.”

Hanamaki laughed. “You’re right, Iwaizumi, Kindaichi is the team favorite!”


To: Yamamoto Stop Calling Us “The Boys”
I’m at my limit

From: My Asshole Cousin
You’ve been at your limit for two weeks

From: I get it, you’re happy!
No, this is different
We had a practice match with them yesterday, and Iwaizumi looked like he was going to either murder Oikawa or start making out with him in the middle of the game

From: Shut tf up about guts
Now that would take some guts!

To: Yamamoto Stop Calling Us “The Boys”
Remember when I said I’m not gonna be honest about my feelings because it could ruin everything?
Fuck that shit, I’m throwing subtlety out the window

From: Shut tf up about guts
That’s the spirit!

From: I get it, you’re happy!

To: Yamamoto Stop Calling Us “The Boys”
I’ll text you
Either to come to comfort me or to tell you about the make-out session

From: My Asshole Cousin
Godspeed, soldier


“Are you a virgin?”

Oikawa dragged his pencil across his paper with a stutter. Iwaizumi stared blankly at Oikawa’s now ruined notes, only feeling a little bad since Oikawa was bound to have a backup set in case this happened.

“Iwa-chan, how bold!”

“Just answer the question.”

Oikawa turned the slightest bit pink. “Uh, no, I’m not.” His shy smile faltered. “You know how serious I was about Kaede.”

“Yeah, I do,” Iwaizumi said, trying not to sound bitter. He took a small sip of water before saying, “I’m not either.”

Blinking rapidly, Oikawa slammed his hands onto the table. “Who?!”


“From Fukurodani?!”


Oikawa gawked for a couple of seconds before slapping Iwaizumi repeatedly. “Why didn’t you tell me, you asshole?!”

Laughing, Iwaizumi seized Oikawa’s wrists and held them above his head. “It wasn’t special or anything. He was horny and I was willing. It was supposed to be a blowjob, but one thing led to another.”

After a couple more minutes of Oikawa trying to slap Iwaizumi, the two calmed down. Iwaizumi played around with his pen. “Was it good?” He asked, head lolling to the side so he could see Oikawa, who was pouting.

The setter shrugged. “I don’t have anything to compare it to . . . but, yeah, it was good.”

‘Alright, here we go.’

“Do you want to have something to compare it to?”

Oikawa stopped pouting and looked at Iwaizumi. “What do you mean by that.”

Gathering all his confidence, Iwaizumi dropped his pen and crawled towards Oikawa. He held his friend’s shoulders before sliding onto his lap. Oikawa’s lips were parted in surprise, cheeks pink, and his hands were hovering over Iwaizumi’s hips, unsure if he was supposed to touch him.


“Let me ride you, Tooru.”

Oikawa swallowed heavily. “Wh-what?”

Iwaizumi smirked. He rolled his hips and was pleasantly surprised to find out Oikawa was starting to get hard. “I said - “ he tucked his hand underneath Oikawa’s shirt, slowly appreciating his toned body, “let me ride you.”

“Yo-you mean like - like - “

“Your cock, Tooru.”

Peach lips fell open and Oikawa moaned softly. “Is this a joke?”

Iwaizumi leaned forward. He kissed Oikawa’s neck, quickly finding the spot that made Oikawa moan, and finally placed his hands on Iwaizumi’s hips. “Of course I’m not joking, Tooru.” He sucked harshly, bruising Oikawa’s skin as if it were a peach. “I wanna feel you inside me.”

Hesitantly, Oikawa put a hand between the two of them. Iwaizumi held his breath and exhaled when the faint sound of Oikawa unbuckling his belt filled the room. Iwaizumi pushed away so he could take over. He tossed the belt aside, not caring if he seemed too excited.

Oikawa was quiet as Iwaizumi pulled his cock out of his pants. 

“I knew it.”


Iwaizumi smirked teasingly and started stroking Oikawa’s now fully hard cock. “You’re huge.”

“You-you've thought about this?”

“A lot,” Iwaizumi confirmed with a nod, “are you clean? You went to the doctor last week for a physical, right?”

Oikawa swallowed once again at the implication. “Ye-yeah.”

Iwaizumi’s cock twitched happily at the news. Too impatient to keep teasing, Iwaizumi kicked off his sweatpants. Oikawa reached out for Iwaizumi with shaking hands, holding him by the ass as he pulled him close.

While Oikawa seemed to be focused on the size difference between their cocks, Iwaizumi was busy with situating himself properly over Oikawa. He held Oikawa’s cock by the base and positioned it underneath him.

“Pr-prep! I need to - need to prep you.”

Iwaizumi kissed Oikawa’s neck softly. “Already did it.”


“Before you came over.” Iwaizumi smirked against Oikawa’s skin. “Want to check?”

Quickly, Oikawa’s fingers brushed over Iwaizumi’s wet and waiting hole. He moaned loudly, hips bucking up so the head of his cock slipped into Iwaizumi. They moaned loudly, Oikawa holding Iwaizumi’s ass like a lifeline while Iwaizumi tried to find purchase on Oikawa’s thighs.

“Sh-shit, stay still,” Iwaizumi groaned. He clenched his muscles and slowly started sinking down on Oikawa’s cock. It seemed like an endless process - he was so long, and since Iwaizumi had only had sex once, he wasn’t exactly the most comfortable with his length. He was anything but undetermined, though.

Finally, finally, Iwaizumi was completely seated on Oikawa’s cock.

Oikawa threw his head back, hitting it on the bed. “You’re so tight , Hajime.”

Iwaizumi moaned. “My - my name, say my name again.”


Iwaizumi whimpered. He rocked back and forth on Oikawa’s cock, steadily getting used to his length, and the burning faded with every second. After two short minutes, Iwaizumi was slowly moving up and down.

“So good, feels so good,” Oikawa whispered. His eyes were focused on where his cock was vanishing into Iwaizumi’s hold, his lips parted in pleasure. His mind hadn’t completely wrapped around what was happening but he was clearly enjoying himself. “You’re so tight, so warm.”

“God, Tooru, I’ve wanted this for so long, you have no idea,” Iwaizumi whimpered, picking up his pace until his ass was slapping against Oikawa’s hips with every drop. “You’re so fucking oblivious. I’ve been trying to flirt for three months but you never got it.”

Oikawa squeezed his eyes shut. “I - I’m gonna cum.”

In response, Iwaizumi clenched hard around Oikawa and came all over their stomachs when he felt Oikawa’s cum filling him.

He slid slowly down onto Oikawa’s cock, wrapping his arms around Oikawa’s neck so he could finally kiss the setter. Oikawa hummed against his lips and cupped his face.

“You could’ve told me, Hajime,” Oikawa whispered, “I’ve been in love with you for years.”

“I was scared.”

Oikawa chuckled. “So confessing to me is scary, but asking to ride me isn’t?”

Iwaizumi blushed. He chewed his bottom lip. “Shut up.”

“Mmm. Make me.”


From: Shut tf up about guts
Iwa, dude, it’s been five hours, you good?

From: I get it, you’re happy!
Either he’s asleep from crying too much, or he’s getting fucked

From: My Asshole Cousin
I don’t wanna think about either of those

To: Yamamoto Stop Calling Us “The Boys”
Just finished sucking Oikawa’s dick, what’s up?

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