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Name after name. It’s an endless cycle of rude puns of Oikawa’s name, and he usually doesn’t mind it, but he had run into Ushijima on his way to Iwaizumi’s house, so he was already on edge when he met up with his boyfriend, who couldn’t tell how pissed the setter was.

The original plan was to stay indoors watching some movies, but Iwaizumi pushed Oikawa just a little too much.

“Fucking - fuck!” Oikawa hollered, snapping his hand away from the popcorn maker. His hand was bright red from the slight burn - nothing seriously, some cold water would make the pain go down. “Shitty thing.”

Iwaizumi chortled. “How’d you manage that, Clumsykawa?” Oikawa turned his attention to Iwaizumi with a cold glare. Instantly, Iwaizumi stiffened. “Wh-what’re you looking at, Stupidkawa?”

Oikawa ignored the agitated Iwaizumi so he could run his stinging hand underneath the faucet. Once the pain was gone, Oikawa dried his hand off and grabbed Iwaizumi by the collar. The ace yelped as he was pulled from the kitchen towards his bedroom.

Slamming the door open, Oikawa pushed Iwaizumi down onto the bed. “Stay.”

Swallowing, Iwaizumi remained on the bed, slowly sitting up when the brunette walked off. He watched Oikawa go through his closet and then his drawers, and Iwaizumi went bright red when realized what clothes Oikawa grabbed.

“Why - why are you grabbing those?”

“We’re going to the mall.”

“What? Why?”

Oikawa was suddenly standing right in front of Iwaizumi. He wrapped his hand around his throat and leaned down. “Because you’re getting on my fucking nerves, and the only way to make you behave is to humiliate you.”

Iwaizumi’s knees buckled and his body turned red.



Iwaizumi’s face was on fire as he squeezed Oikawa’s arm. Oikawa wrapped his arm around Iwaizumi’s waist before dropping it down to rub just above his ass. Iwaizumi weakly glared at his boyfriend, but his expression was wiped away by the sudden vibration sent through his body.

It was one thing to be in public with a vibrator shoved up his ass, but Oikawa made it worse by having Iwaizumi wear a short black pleated skirt, black thigh-highs, and a pastel pink sweater. The second they walked into the mall, countless eyes were on Iwaizumi.

And Oikawa, the bastard, was pretending that nothing was happening; pretending as if there wasn’t the remote to a vibrator in his pocket, the same vibrator Iwaizumi’s hole was clenching around, covered by nothing but the lace panties Oikawa had him wear.

“I’m gonna go get a smoothie,” Oikawa suddenly said, walking out of Iwaizumi’s hold, “wait there.” He pointed to a wall between a clothing store and a jewelry store. When Iwaizumi turned to him with wide eyes, Oikawa smirked. “Something wrong?”


Oikawa hummed. He kissed the corner of Iwaizumi’s lips before turning him around and pushing him forward. Blushing furiously, Iwaizumi parted from his boyfriend, keeping his eyes on the ground but still feeling eyes on him.

He deserved this, didn’t he? Would it have killed him to drop those stupid nicknames? Now here he is, waiting against a wall, squirming as the vibrator inside him grows in power.

Iwaizumi chewed his inner cheek to swallow down his moans. He locked his knees in to keep them from wobbling, but he didn’t have anything to cover his extremely red face, and he worried someone would get close enough to see the small bulge underneath his skirt.

Oikawa was taking his sweet time getting that smoothie. Iwaizumi was watching from across the food court as Oikawa waited in line. His hand was inside his pocket and a few seconds after someone walked away, Iwaizumi slapped his hand over his mouth to keep from keening. The vibrator was at its highest setting and the only thing stopping Iwaizumi cumming right then was the humiliation that would follow.

It was tortuous, and it took Oikawa six more minutes to get back to Iwaizumi. By the time he was at his side, Iwaizumi was a wreck. He grabbed onto Oikawa’s shirt and pulled him close, burying his face into his neck.

“You okay, Iwa-chan?”

“Oikawa - Tooru .”

“Yes?” Iwaizumi whimpered. His hips bucked forward against Oikawa’s and the pair swallowed down their moans. “What do you think you’re doing, Princess?”

“I can’t take it,” Iwaizumi whined into Oikawa’s ear, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Tooru. Just . . . just fuck me, please. I promise I’ll behave, I promise.” He begged as quietly as he could while also being stimulated from the vibrator and the hard cock against his own.

Oikawa was quiet. Iwaizumi hoped that he would take Iwaizumi into the bathroom, maybe finger him or at least let him suck him off, but his hopes were shattered when his boyfriend pressed a hand to his forehead with a concerned expression.

“Are you okay, Iwa-chan? You’re warm.”

Iwaizumi blinked owlishly at Oikawa. “Wha-what? N-no. Tooru, please, st-stop.”

A straw was forced between his lips. Oikawa pecked his forehead. “Take a sip, sweetie.”

With teary eyes, Iwaizumi did as instructed.

“Good boy.”


“Please. Please. Please ,” Iwaizumi begged. He was standing between Oikawa and some clothing rack. Oikawa had one hand on his hip while the other pushed aside shirts. While Iwaizumi was on the verge of a meltdown, Oikawa unfazed.

They’d been to at least five stores, and at everyone, at least three people eyed the couple suspiciously, and Iwaizumi swore this one woman knew exactly what was going on.

“Iwa-chan, maybe you should sit down.”

Iwaizumi clawed at Oikawa’s shirt. He started sucking and nibbling the setter’s exposed neck, whimpering when the vibrator was turned up. “Tooru, I can’t take it anymore. I’ll do anything, I promise, just - please.”

The hand on his hip tightened. Oikawa turned his head so his lips were directly on Iwaizumi’s ear. “Do you even know what you’re asking for?”

“Yo-your fingers, or your hand, friction. I don’t know.” Iwaizumi’s knees nearly gave out from the overwhelming feeling of the barely-enough vibrations. Oikawa was the devil, so he picked the vibrator for teasing, not orgasms. “Tooru, I-I need something.”

Oikawa kissed Iwaizumi’s temple. “Red?”

Shifting around, Iwaizumi shook his head. “N-no.”

Maybe Iwaizumi should’ve lied, because Oikawa instantly turned the vibrator all the way up, tucked his hand underneath Iwaizumi’s skirt, and started stroking his cock. Right in the middle of the store.

“Th-this isn’t what I - “ Iwaizumi gasped, looking around for anyone staring at them, “To-tooru, le-let’s go to the bathroom or - “

Oikawa chuckled. “This is your punishment, Hajime. You decided to push my buttons, and I let you get away with it for way too long, so be a good bitch and cum.”

Iwaizumi threw his arms around Oikawa’s neck so he could muffle his moan into his boyfriend’s shirt. His hips bucked into Oikawa’s palm, hole clenching around the steadily lowering vibrator, and sniffled once he finished cumming.

“Now, be patient.”

“Okay, Daddy.”


“I’m sorry, Daddy.”