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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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“It’d be fun,” Iwaizumi mumbled against Oikawa’s lips. He was sitting in his boyfriend’s lap, dressed in silky baby blue lingerie. “Besides, it’s not child pornography.”

It was Oikawa’s nineteenth birthday, and Iwaizumi had gone all out for it. Not only did he plan and pay for a large dinner with the team, but he also surprised Oikawa with a fairly expensive lingerie set. Now they were sitting in Oikawa’s room, the only light coming from the window, and Iwaizumi was trying to convince Oikawa to do something next level.

Iwaizumi always had a thing for being recorded. He loved opening his eyes and seeing a phone held in front of him, capturing every detail of him being wrecked, and the thought of someone else seeing it - seeing him, seeing Oikawa - made his cock twitch. Now that they were both nineteen, Iwaizumi finally told Oikawa about his biggest fantasy: making and posting a sex tape.

“If you’re worried about people we know finding it, I'll be careful, and if we mess up a take . . . well, it’s not like we were going to stop at one round in the first place.”

Oikawa hummed as he kissed down Iwaizumi’s neck all the way to his collarbones. His hands were cupping Iwaizumi’s ass, which was covered by a pair of blue silk panties, and squeezed.

Iwaizumi shook his ass with a smirk. “C’mon, Daddy, don’t you want people to see how good I look bouncing on your cock? How loud you make me scream when fucking me, filling me with your long cock?” As he spoke, Iwaizumi moved down Oikawa’s body until he was breathing hotly against his erection. “I’ll even let you cum inside.”

“We have practice tomorrow,” Oikawa argued. It didn’t matter, Iwaizumi knew he had Oikawa wrapped around his finger. Had had since day one. “And what if you change your mind after we’ve posted it?”

Shrugging, Iwaizumi pulled Oikawa’s underwear completely off, throwing them onto the floor. “I probably won’t, and if I do, I’ll deal with the consequences of my actions.” With a smirk, Iwaizumi held Oikawa’s cock by the base and licked up to the tip.

Once he had his lips wrapped around the tip, he slackened his jaw and took Oikawa’s long cock down his throat. He hallowed his cheeks once it was completely in his mouth, watching through his eyelashes as Oikawa tossed his head back with a moan.

Iwaizumi continued to suck and deepthroat Oikawa’s cock, filling his mouth with precum and leaving his boyfriend a moaning mess. He held Oikawa’s balls in one hand and started playing with them. Oikawa groaned, bucking his hips up.

Oikawa’s parents were cool. The second Oikawa turned eighteen, they announced that would no longer be monitoring their sex life. In fact, his mom was pretty shameless about all of it, and because of that, the house was empty, leaving the couple to be as loud as they wanted.

Popping off of Oikawa’s cock, Iwaizumi sat up to give the final blow. He turned around, lying down onto his chest so his ass was high up into the air, then he pulled the panties down to his knees, showing off his wet hole, clenching around a thick vibrator.

“Fuck,” Oikawa cursed. He slapped Iwaizumi’s ass. “Fucking slut.”

“I wanted to be ready for you, Daddy.”

Oikawa pulled Iwaizumi close by his ass, fondling the plump muscle. “When did you put this in? Way too thick for you to have put in while changing.”

“I put it in before dinner.” Iwaizumi gasped, whimpering and moaning as Oikawa started playing with the vibrator. “As I said, I wanted to be ready for you. It was so hard to not make noise, I wanted to sit in your lap and ride your thigh, or take you into the bathroom to suck your cock.”

Now that Iwaizumi was closer, Oikawa could easily repeatedly spank his boyfriend. The clapping of his hand meeting Iwaizumi’s ass was nearly as loud as the moans and yelps Iwaizumi was making.

“Fucking shit, you win, Princess,” Oikawa sighed. He leaned down to grab his phone, falling down onto the bed so he flat on his back. He played with the vibrator for a few more seconds before slowly taking it out. It wasn’t the longest, but it was thick enough to leave Iwaizumi gaping. “Go on, ride me.”

Excitedly, Iwaizumi kicked his panties off completely. He got comfortable, both knees framing Oikawa’s thighs, and slowly rubbed Oikawa's cock. He waited for Oikawa to pat his thigh, a silent way of saying, “I’m recording.”

Without hesitation, Iwaizumi slammed down on Oikawa’s cock. The couple moaned in unison, noises growing in volume as Iwaizumi bounced on Oikawa’s cock. The flash of Oikawa’s phone was the only thing allowing Iwaizumi to appreciate his boyfriend’s legs.

They were so long and sturdy, and those thighs. Countless times in the past, Iwaizumi had fantasized about cumming just on Oikawa’s thigh, and he’s done it a lot more than you’d expect. Hell, the most recent time was just last week! The two had come home from a long and brutal practice, and once they both finished showering, Iwaizumi used Oikawa’s thigh as his seat. All while he used Oikawa’s thigh like a toy, the brunette fingered Iwaizumi slowly.

Just thinking about it made Iwaizumi clench around Oikawa’s cock.

Oikawa slapped Iwaizumi’s ass.

The ace yelped then moaned. “Again, Daddy!” His voice was already high-pitched. Usually, it took a lot to get Iwaizumi’s deep voice pitched up; this was just a testament to how much he loved being recorded.

Oikawa gave in to Iwaizumi’s plea and slapped his ass until it was burning, stinging red.

“Such a slut,” Oikawa groaned. His voice was deeper than usual and it brought a whimper from Iwaizumi. “My slut.” He slapped Iwaizumi’s ass one last time before holding the ace’s hip. He pulled Iwaizumi down onto his cock. “So pretty on my cock, so very pretty.”

With a whimper, Iwaizumi begged, “Daddy, fuck me. Please fuck me.”

Within seconds, Iwaizumi was flipped onto his back, one of his legs swung over Oikawa’s shoulder as the setter fucked him at a fast pace. High-pitched moans, low groans, and the sound of skin slapping filled the room, all while Oikawa held his phone above Iwaizumi, capturing everything but his face.

Iwaizumi gripped the bedsheets since he couldn’t hold Oikawa unless he wanted his face in the video. He watched Oikawa angle the camera just right so it was capturing his long cock going in and out of Iwaizumi’s hole. He clenched in response, which earned him a hard slap on the thigh.

“Daddy! Daddy, can I cum? Can I cum, Daddy?”

Oikawa nodded, using his free hand to caress Iwaizumi’s cheek. The affectionate gesture - oddly enough - was the last push Iwaizumi needed, and he moaned, hips bucking off the bed as he covered his stomach in cum.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” Oikawa grunted, picking up his pace, “can I cum inside?”

“Yes!” Iwaizmi yelped, both from pleasure and overstimulation.

With a loud moan, Oikawa buried himself inside Iwaizumi and came. Once he finished, he slowly pulled out and showed the camera Iwaizumi’s hole, which was now leaking cum.

The camera now turned off, Oikawa tossed his phone aside so he could flip Iwaizmi’s onto his stomach. He lifted the ace’s hips and started eating him out.

“Ah! Daddy!”


Four rounds of birthday sex, a blowjob in the shower, and some dry humping later, and Oikawa was lying in the bed while Iwaizumi posted the video. He had changed out of the lingerie into one of Oikawa’s many hoodies and some cotton panties (it was the only thing keeping Oikawa from complaining about Iwaizumi changing).

“Are you done yet?” Oikawa asked with a yawn. He sat up and pulled Iwaizumi onto his lap, setting his chin on his boyfriend’s head so he could watch the posting process. “Are you sure you’re okay with us posting this?”

Iwaizumi smiled. “Of course I am.”

Silence lingered. Iwaizumi had finished the important parts, and now all that was left was naming the video.

“If you make it long and all capitalized, I’m gonna be very disappointed in you.” Iwaizumi ignored Oikawa in favor of typing in the title. Oikawa squinted then smirked. “You’re so smart, Hajime.”

Happy Birthday, Daddy - Posted 7/20.

The next morning, Oikawa woke up Iwaizumi between his legs, mouth filled with cock. The brunette moaned in approval, petting Iwaizumi’s hair with one hand while reaching for his phone with the other. Iwaizumi, unbothered, continued to suck and bob his head.

Oikawa skipped through social media notifications. He responded to some late birthday texts from family members and told Iwaizumi that his parents would be back in four hours. 

Iwaizumi hummed before deepthroating Oikawa.

Finally, Oikawa checked the Seijoh group chat, which he had put on silent just in case they started texting during his and Iwaizumi’s “night activities”.

The hand in Iwaizumi’s hair tightened. With a tug, Iwaizumi popped off of Oikawa’s cock, two lines of saliva hanging between his swollen lips and the flushed head of his cock.


Wordlessly, Oikawa showed Iwaizumi the group chat.

Makki: We’re bros, right?

Yahaba: I’d like to think so
Yahaba: Why?

Makki: https://porn.hub/happy-birthday-daddy

Mad Dog: What the fuck is wrong with you?

Makki: Bros share the awesome porn they found

Watari: Debatable
Watari: Are we supposed to watch this?

Mattsun: It’s some good porn

Kindaichi (my favorite child): How do you know?

Makki: We watched it together

Mad Dog: Gross
Made Dog: If we watch it, will you shut up?

Makki: Sure


Yahaba: Wow

Watari: Okay

Kindaichi (my favorite child): That was . . . that was actually pretty good

Mad Dog: I hate it when any of you are right, but that was awesome

Makki: Right? RIGHT?

Mattsun: What’s the happy couple doing right now?

Makki: Probably fucking

Oikawa looked at Iwaizumi. He was surprised to see that his boyfriend was unbothered. 

“Aren’t you worried about this?” Oikawa yelped. He set his phone down and waved his hands around. “It’s one thing for strangers to see it, but our teammates?! Our underclassmen, Hajime! Oh, god, they probably touched themselves to it! They know what your moans sound like . . . they know what my moans sound like! What if they find out it’s u-Ah!”

Iwaizumi was back on Oikawa’s cock. His throat clenched around it while he massaged Oikawa’s balls. Oikawa sighed. He flopped back onto the bed, running his fingers through Iwaizumi’s hair. No point in ruining a perfectly good blowjob.

After some sucking, Iwaizumi slowly pulled off. “They don’t need to know,” he said with a smirk. He kissed the tip then crawled over Oikawa’s body. “Let me take your mind off it, okay, Daddy?”

“You’re a minx, you know that, right?”

Iwaizumi hummed. He rolled the two of them over and spread his legs. “You’ve never complained about it.”

Three days later, and the team won’t shut up about the video.

Every time the team was changing, they would talk about the video, Hanamaki, and Matsukawa leading the shameless conversation. Kindaichi had the decency to keep his mouth shut. The same could not be said for everyone else.

Kunimi, resident aroace, left whenever he got the chance, Kindaichi usually tailing behind him. Yahaba tried to play responsible but gave up within the first day. Kyoutani and Watari barely gave their input, but they never stopped the conversation.

“Hey, Iwa, Oikawa,” Hanamaki said, cutting himself off, “did you two watch the video?”

Oikawa shot a look at Iwaizumi. ‘We are the video.’

“No, we didn’t.”

Matsukawa tilted their head. “Why not? It’s totally your guys’ type of porn.”

Iwaizumi glared. “How do you know what kind of porn we like?”


Yahaba shrugged. “It really is a good video. Something for everyone to like.”

Hanamaki nodded in agreement. “The riding! The bottom makes it look so easy.”

‘It took a lot of practice,’ Iwaizumi thought, eyes moving down to Oikawa’s crotch, where the outline of his unfairly long cock could be seen.

“I like the spanking. It probably hurt like a bitch,” Matsukawa chimed in.

‘I hit him so hard my hand was stinging.’ Oikawa stared at Iwaizumi’s ass, thinking about the various red handprints covered by his briefs.

Kyoutani grumbled with pink cheeks, “I like that there’s a daddy kink in it.”

‘Best thing he’s ever called me.’

“I liked the lingerie, it looked expensive.”

‘It is . . . worth it, though.’

Hanamaki threw his arms around the couple, pulling them close. “See? Just give it a watch, I’m sure you guys will like it.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “You could watch it together.”

Iwaizumi shoved Hanamaki away with a bright red face. Oikawa shrugged the shorter’s arm off with a shake of his head. Hanamaki chuckled and walked away, keeping up the conversation.

At his side, Iwaizumi pulled at his briefs. Quickly, Oikawa noticed the slight stain of precum.



Oikawa looked around the locker room before he pulled Iwaizumi to stand in front of him. “You like this, don’t you?”

“Li-like what?”

“The team talking about the video. Talking about their favorite parts and how good it is, how they got off to it.” Oikawa smirked against Iwaizumi’s neck. “You’re so disgusting, Princess.”

“Hey,” Hanamaki hollered, “what are you two talking about?”

Neither one of them responded. Instead, they were having a staring contest, trying to see who would drop it or make something out of this bizarre situation.

Iwaizumi was the first to crack. “Yeah, I like it.”

Without warning, Oikawa bit into Iwaizumi’s shoulder. Hard.

The bite was all it took to create one of Iwaizumi’s feminine moans.

Silence fell over the locker room. Disgust from the team turned into realization, which quickly turned into shock.

“Wait!” Hanamaki screamed.

“Holy shit!”

Kyoutani turned around so fast he slammed his face into his locker. Yahaba looked absolutely mortified, and Watari was hiding in his shirt.

“Oh, my God!” Hanamaki was still freaking out. “You - you two - the video - that’s you - we got off to that!

Oikawa rubbed the bite mark on Iwaizumi’s shoulder. “How were we supposed to know you would find it?”

Yahaba buried his face into his hands. “I can’t believe we’ve been talking about your sex tape.”

“If it’s any consolation, Hajime is quite flattered.”

Iwaizumi was too busy trying not to grind back onto Oikawa’s half-hard cock to care about the stares the team was giving him. Oikawa dropped his hands down so he could grope Iwaizumi’s ass.

The rest of the team watched, paralyzed, as Oikawa slapped Iwaizumi’s ass, once again filling the room with the ace’s moan.

“We could recreate it if you want.”

Hanamaki pinched himself. Once he was sure he wasn’t dreaming, he hesitantly sat down on the bench. Matsukawa quickly followed, then Yahaba, and finally, Watari and Kyoutani.

Oikawa smirked. “Alright, let’s get started.”