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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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It’s amazing what a couple of martinis and a criminally unbuttoned shirt can do to Iwaizumi. 

Oikawa had low expectations for the night - some drinks, some dancing, then he would take his beautiful fiance home for at least three rounds of tipsy sex, and here Iwaizumi was, exceeding all Oikawa’s expectations.

The first sign that tonight would be different was the athletic trainer’s outfit. He was wearing an extremely low-cut black bodysuit paired with fishnet leggings and boot heels. He’d even put on the silver necklace with Oikawa’s given name on it (Iwaizumi had called it a “stereotypical sugar daddy necklace” but got defensive when Oikawa offered to return it).

Oikawa had been absolutely floored when Iwaizumi walked out of the bedroom wearing such a revealing outfit and nearly canceled their plans for some - ahem - “exercise”.

Of course, they ended up going out. Oikawa wouldn’t be out-done - obviously. While not as revealing as Iwaizumi’s outfit, Oikawa was showing off a lot of skin. His black and red dress shirt was tucked into black skinny jeans, practically every button was undone to show off Oikawa’s toned upper half.

The second sign was that rather than heading straight for the bar or an available seat, Iwaizumi pulled Oikawa onto the dancefloor. It was an out-of-habit action on Iwaizumi’s part, but Oikawa wasn’t complaining. Especially with the way his fiance was grinding on him.

The third and final sign was that the second Oikawa got comfortable in a booth, Iwaizumi claimed the seat of Oikawa’s lap rather than any of the available space around the setter. Oikawa held Iwaizumi by the hip with one hand while the other held a cigarette. The club had countless loose rules, smoking included.

Fifteen minutes into Oikawa and Iwaizumi talking with their faces extremely close to hear one another, Iwaizumi started subtly moving against Oikawa’s thigh. Oikawa waited ten more minutes to see if it was an accident, and by the end of those ten minutes, Iwaizumi was humping Oikawa’s thigh, mewling and panting heavily into the taller’s ear.

“You know we’re in public, right?” Oikawa asked but made no effort to make Iwaizumi stop. Oikawa took a drag of his cigarette while also helping Iwaizumi move back and forth with the hand on his hip. “People are already staring.”

“So?” Iwaizumi gasped into Oikawa’s ear. He nibbled Oikawa’s lobe before licking from underneath his ear all the way to the underside of his jaw. “I need you, Daddy.”

Oikawa hummed. He turned his neck to the side so Iwaizumi could start sucking and chewing. As the shorter did that, Oikawa watched a group of men at a far-off table shoot continuous glances towards them. Oikawa responded by lifting Iwaizumi up so he could wrap his arm around his thigh.

After a few minutes of covering one side of Oikawa’s neck in hickeys and bite marks, Hajime slipped out of his hold and got comfortable on the floor. Oikawa pushed aside the thought of how gross the floor was and focused on the way his fiance was nuzzling the bulge in his pants.

“Are you sure?” Oikawa asked, holding Iwaizumi back by his hair. “People are gonna watch, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi pouted cutely. “Let me suck your cock, Daddy.”

Sighing, Oikawa leaned back, lighting a fresh cigarette, taking a drag, then grabbing the whiskey on the table. Once he finished taking a drink, he gestured for Iwaizumi to continue, to which he smiled.

Iwaizumi swiftly popped the button to Oikawa’s jeans and skipped his usual teasing of soaking Oikawa’s boxers in saliva. Oikawa hummed in approval once his cock was freed from its confines, and didn’t bother covering up his groan when Iwaizumi deepthroated him with practiced expertise.

“There we go, baby girl. You’re making me feel so good - gonna make Daddy cum,” Oikawa mumbled praises just loud enough for Iwaizumi to hear. He had put out his cigarette at this point and had all his focus on the beautiful man beneath him. “Gonna ride me after this? Show the entire club how good you look bouncing on my cock?”

Iwaizumi moaned around Oikawa’s cock. He pulled off the head with strings of saliva and precum connecting his lips to Oikawa’s dick. “Wanna ride you now, Daddy. Can I?”

“Sure, Princess, but I don’t know how well you can take me dry.”

Wordlessly, Iwaizumi stood up. He turned around, bending over the slightest bit for Oikawa. Oikawa raised an eyebrow before pulling aside Iwaizumi’s bodysuit. Nestled between his asscheeks was a glass buttplug.

“Why didn’t I see this coming?” Oikawa chuckled. He slapped Iwaizumi once then pulled the buttplug out. He wiped it off on the leather couch before slipping it into his pocket. Once that was finished, Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi by the hips and rammed him down on his cock. Iwaizumi gasped, mouth falling open and eyes rolling into the back of his head. “Take it, slut.”

As Iwaizumi started steadily riding him, Oikawa looked around the club. They had a good handful of people watching the show, some trying to be less obvious than others. Oikawa covered Iwaizumi’s eyes with one hand and bit his neck possessively.

“So pretty, Princess, doing so good,” Oikawa whispered into Iwaizumi’s ear. His free hand moved to Iwaizumi’s front. He palmed the small cock underneath the bodysuit for a few minutes before taking it out, cautious not to get stains on the fabric. “I’m gonna make you cum, then I’ll fill you up good and plug you. We’ll go home and I’ll fuck you senseless.”

Iwaizumi whimpered in approval. He was holding the edge of the table like a lifeline as he bounced on Oikawa’s cock. If it wasn’t for the loud music of the club, the couple would be listening to the slap of Iwaizumi’s ass hitting Oikawa’s hips, as well as the breathy moans Iwaizumi was making.

This was foreign territory. They’d played around with exhibitionism before - they’ve fucked in the high school locker room more than they’d like to admit, and there were a couple of quickies in a classroom. There was also that one time they were walked in by Bokuto and Akaashi at a training camp. That was an interesting but memorable night. This, however, was different.

This was straight-up public indecency. They weren’t playing with the risk of being caught or fucking with a couple of pairs of eyes on them. No, they were being watched by at least fifteen people in a very public club. It was exhilarating.

“Shit, what are you thinking about? You’re clenching so tight,” Oikawa snarled. He started moving his hips to meet Iwaizumi. “You’re unbelievable, Hajime. You’re the only person in the world who could make me do these kinds of things.”

“It-it’s fun, though, isn’t it?” Iwaizumi gasped.

“Fuck yeah, it is.”

Oikawa soon pulled Iwaizumi all the way down, filling his fiance with his cum while jerking the other off until he covered Oikawa’s hand in cum. Iwaizumi ground down on Oikawa for a minute or two before getting off. Swiftly, Oikawa plugged him up, and the couple left the club before someone approached them.

Iwaizumi gripped the sheets. His face was covered in tear tracks and fresh tears as Oikawa spanked him repeatedly. The second the couple got home, Oikawa stripped Iwaizumi bare, pushing him onto the bed and informing him that for every person that was watching them, Iwaizumi would be spanked.

So far, they were ten spanks in, and Iwaizumi was feeling the perfect mix of pleasure and pain.

“Almost done, Princess,” Oikawa assured, rubbing Iwaizumi’s red ass, “five more to go.”

Whimpering, Iwaizumi nodded.

He really should’ve prepared for the consequences.