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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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Iwaizumi slowly opened the creaky doors of the nave. The benches were empty, the only light source being the moonlight coming through the colored glass windows. The sound of his dress shoes clapping on the floor filled the silent room.

Before he could step up to the altar, Iwaizumi fell back when the candles suddenly lit up and the keys of the pipe organ were slammed, an ugly noise abusing Iwaizumi’s ears. Without his hands to catch his fall, Iwaizumi met the ground with a hard thump.

Eyes wide, Iwaizumi watched the fire of the candles swirl and meet in front of the golden cross. The fire turned far too bright and Iwaizumi squeezed his eyes tight. The fire burned for only a few more seconds before vanishing.

He waited a few beats, relishing in the new darkness. Once Iwaizumi opened his eyes, his fear turned into annoyance. “Are you kidding me?! What kind of dramatic entrance was that?!”

Oikawa laughed, condescending and smug. The demon hadn’t bothered to change into more casual clothes, wearing the same black coat and knee-high white boots he wore when Iwaizumi first met the man - well, Oikawa wasn’t a man, per se.

His dirty gold horns flowed in the moonlight and his red eyes pierced the remaining darkness. Oikawa licked his lips, v-shaped tongue just as long as Iwaizumi remembered.

“Evening, baby.”

“Help me up,” Iwaizumi gruffly responded, extending a hand. He waited not-so-patiently for five seconds before Oikawa wrapped a hand, usually sharp black nails trimmed blunt, and pulled Iwaizumi to his feet. “Woah!”

Oikawa pulled Iwaizumi close, making sure his feet were on the second step so he was shorter than usual. He wrapped a hand around Iwaizumi’s throat, and the priest could only swallow and stare.

Even when Oikawa helped Iwaizumi up completely, there was still a large height difference. Whenever Oikawa changed up his appearance - no horns, red eyes turned brown, face a little softer - he made himself shorter than his normally uncommon height.

The demon was broad and muscular, and his legs were long and sturdy. What Iwaizumi loved most, though, was Oikawa’s back. It was easily his most muscular feature, and Iwaizumi had fond memories of holding it, covering it in scratches and indents from his nails.

“Did you come here to see me?” Oikawa teased, effortlessly picking Iwaizumi up, supporting him on his large arms. He didn’t bother resting him every one, just trying to show off his strength. “I’m so flattered.”

Blushing, Iwaizumi wrapped his arms around Oikawa’s neck. “I came here to pray, idiot. This is a church, you know.”

“Coming to a church after hours to pray with no one other than a cross to confess your sins to, the exact situation that ends with me disrespecting this holy building? How convenient.”

“Put me down.”

Oikawa instead carried Iwaizumi to the pews, lying on top of the short man on the cushiony bench. He kept Iwaizumi’s legs apart with his knees, holding his thighs for extra measure. Iwaizumi held Oikawa’s shoulders with no intention of trying to push him off. He had a streak of playing hard to get, and Oikawa was a master at seeing through it.

“We should stop doing this,” Iwaizumi whispered but turned his head to the side so Oikawa could lick and bite his skin, making sure his clothes would be able to cover the marks. “If we get caught, I’ll be kicked out of the church, and my parents will never talk to me again.”

The demon’s laugh rumbled against Iwaizumi’s neck. “And yet.”

“And yet,” Iwaizumi whispered. He gasped, Oikawa’s nimble fingers playing with his nipples. He hadn’t even noticed that Oikawa unbuttoned his shirt. 

Iwaizumi tugged impatiently at Oikawa’s coat. He struggled to get it off and only managed when Oikawa helped slip it off. Oikawa’s only top was now a skin-tight, sleeveless black tank top. Iwaizumi held Oikawa’s small waist and dipped his thumbs between his abs.

“I’d feel more guilty about this if I wasn’t a demon,” Oikawa mumbled before bunching up Iwaizumi’s shirt and throwing it away. “What’s your excuse?”

Eyes slightly closed and breaths hot, Iwaizumi barely managed to say, “I dunno . . . hate the sinner, love the sin?”

“Good enough for me.”

Iwaizumi yelped loudly. Oikawa stripped him bare easily, grabbing him by the ankles so he could spread him open. Iwaizumi turned bright red and Oikawa licked his lips. “How do you want me to prep you?”

“T-tongue.” Iwaizumi clapped his hands over his mouth. No matter how much they did this - and no matter how much he enjoyed it - Iwaizumi still felt a harsh pang of guilt whenever he gave Oikawa permission to do something to him. This was his family’s church!

Oikawa held Iwaizumi by the hips, effortlessly lifting him into the air and turning him so he was bent over the back of the bench. Iwaizumi flushed with humiliation when he made eye contact with a statue of the Virgin Mary.

His humiliation and embarrassment were replaced with pleasure when Oikawa started lapping his hole with his unfairly long and thick tongue. Curse this fucker and his shapeshifter abilities.

“Hm, Tooru,” Iwaizumi gasped. Guilt could never compare to the feeling of Oikawa holding his thighs, keeping him still as he fucked Iwaizumi open with something as simple as a tongue. He’d never been with someone like Oikawa - though half of that was because of his parents’ strict rules - and he found it impossible to imagine finding somehow half as good as him. “It’s - it’s so unfair.”

Slipping out of Iwaizumi’s slippery hole, Oikawa kissed his ass and purred, “What isn’t fair?”

“How - how you can - how you can ruin me just by eating me out.”

Humming, Oikawa lightly slapped Iwaizumi’s ass. “I can ruin you in a lot more effective ways.” 

“I know,” Iwaizumi hissed through ground teeth. His annoyance was stripped quickly by a particularly harsh thrust of Oikawa’s tongue. He dug into fingers into the wood of the bench, chewing his lip to keep his needy moans to a minimum. “Sh-shit, it feels so good.”

Oikawa held Iwaizumi’s asscheeks between his large hands, spreading the younger one open to get his tongue deeper. Iwaizumi moaned in approval. He couldn’t hold the loudness - and the high pitch - of the noise. It echoed around the chapel, and if Iwaizumi wasn’t absolutely positive that there was no one else around, he would fall into a panic.

The large room was filled with loud keening, breathy gasps and moans, and the obscene sound of Oikawa’s tongue fucking Iwaizumi open.

Iwaizumi’s cock was painfully hard, twitching and leaking and screaming for attention, but Iwaizumi couldn’t let go of the bench. He tried to grind against the fabric for some satisfaction, but Oikawa easily pulled him back onto his tongue.

Didn’t matter, he was already close to cumming.

“I-I-I’m go-gonna-gonna cum!” Iwaizumi yelped, body shaking violently as he came all over his abdomen and the bench. Oikawa continued to eat him out. “To-Tooru, th-that’s enough!”

Oikawa sucked one last time before pulling away, thick strings of saliva connecting his tongue and shiny lips to Iwaizumi’s gaping hole. Iwaizumi let his eyes flutter shut, gasping to catch his breath, and choked when he felt the fat tip of Oikawa’s cock against his hole.

Even when he wasn’t in his natural form, Oikawa’s dick was big, but the difference from shifted to the original was jaw-dropping. Not only was it impossibly long, but it was thick . It was pretty much impossible to not be fucked dumb by it.

“Ready?” Oikawa purred. He was leaning over Iwaizumi’s body, hunched over so he could lick and nibble the younger’s earlobe. Iwaizumi nodded slowly, trying to regulate his breathing. “M’kay, Baby.”

“FUCK!” Iwaizumi screamed. No matter how many times he took Oikawa’s cock, the stretch was always absolutely brutal. He didn’t mind much at all, the burn only added to the pleasure, it with every meeting, Iwaizumi’s body grew more accustomed to Oikawa’s girth. “F-fuck! Tooru! Shit! Feels so good! So good!”

Oikawa hadn’t even bottomed out and Iwaizumi was already losing his mind, and when Oikawa was finally balls deep in Iwaizumi - his cock making a large indent in Iwaizumi’s stomach - the priest was drooling all over himself.

There was no build-up with Oikawa’s thrusts. He gave everything 100% right off the bat, and that extended to the way he fucked Iwaizumi, which was hard and fast. Iwaizumi’s body convulsed with every hard thrust, Oikawa’s large hand holding the back of his head while the other pushed on his back to make him arch.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! Yesyesyesyesyes, Tooru!” Iwaizumi sobbed as his eyes crossed and he lost his grip on the bench. He was completely supported by the hold Oikawa had on his head, leaving his body to be used as the demon’s cocksleeve.

“So fucking tight, Hajime,” Oikawa hissed, slapping Iwaizumi’s ass a couple of times just to hear the shorter’s choked screams, “I can already see you on your knees tomorrow, begging God for forgiveness even though you took my cock so willingly.”

Iwaizumi sobbed and weakly tried to meet Oikawa’s thrusts. “I - you - fu - wha - Tooru, I - ah!” He struggled for words, forgetting his sentences every time they started, and eventually gave up on speaking. Oikawa assisted by shoving his fingers into Iwaizumi’s mouth, which he greedily slobbered on.

“Messy baby,” Oikawa grunted when he pulled his saliva-covered fingers out of Iwaizumi’s mouth. He wiped the shiny substance on Iwaizumi’s cheek. “I’d take you back home with me if I could, make you my personal bitch.”

Iwaizumi whimpered. Tears had started rolling down his face from the brutal fucking he was getting, making him look as wrecked as he felt. Oikawa pulled him back so his front was completely against Iwaizumi’s back. 

Head directly held up, Oikawa stared into Iwaizumi’s unfocused and crossed eyes. He smirked, cocky and confident, and forced Iwaizumi plump lips apart. He spits directly down the priest's throat and groaned when he choked on it.

“Not that you aren’t already.”

When Iwaizumi finally mustered some movement in his hands, he wrapped one around his neck. Oikawa quickly replaced it with his own, now holding Iwaizumi up by the neck rather than the head, which was all kinds of arousing.

“I’ll make you ride me next time,” Oikawa grunted, slowly reaching his climax, “watch you struggle to take my cock, and you know what?” Oikawa waited to continue until Iwaizumi whimpered. “I won’t lift a single finger. You’ll do all the fucking work.”

Iwaizumi sobbed at the idea. It would be pure torture - arousing torture, but torture nonetheless. His few attempts at riding Oikawa’s large cock typically ended in humiliation and Oikawa either leaving Iwaizumi to finish himself off or fucking him into next year.

“Pl-ple-pleash n-no! I-I ca-can’t do-do th-thaht!” He slurred, words being muddled by his sobs and moans. He was writhing against Oikawa as his high was being built up. “Ca-can I cum?!”

Oikawa hummed, squeezing Iwaizumi’s throat. He watched the blood rush to Iwaizumi’s face, relishing in the way he clawed at his hand, then completely dropped his hold when the priest was on the cusp of fainting. Iwaizumi gasped for air, moaning loudly when he fell limp.

“Sure, go ahead.”

Now having permission, Iwaizumi’s back arched and he screamed, cumming violently. Oikawa picked up his thrusts before freezing completely as he came as well. Iwaizumi stuttered a cry as Oikawa filled him. He was bloated slightly after Oikawa pulled out, and leaking cum all over the bench beneath him.

Oikawa smiled. He slapped Iwaizumi’s ass before picking him up bridal style. Iwaizumi was already out, head limply falling against Oikawa’s chest as he shivered and shook. Oikawa tossed his coat over Iwaizumi as a blanket.

A simple snap of his fingers cleaned up their mess, Iwaizumi’s clothes folded and safely put in the man’s bedroom. Oikawa calmly walked along the halls of the chapel, not worried about being spotted, and put Iwaizumi in his bed once entering the bedroom.

“Until next time,” Oikawa whispered happily, kissing Iwaizumi forehead.