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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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Iwaizumi hated Oikawa’s wife, and the feeling was mutual. She didn’t like how much time her husband spent with the male, feeling like she had the right to all of Oikawa’s free time. Honestly, it took every fiber of his being to not object to the wedding. He knew doing such a thing would end in Oikawa’s father taking him outside and beating him to a bloody pulp, and Oikawa would get punished for Iwaizumi’s mistake.

The only comfort Iwaizumi was given was the miserable gleam in Oikawa’s eyes as he read his vows - which Iwaizumi knew he didn’t write - and the way he barely kissed his wife at the altar. He looked miserable the entire wedding reception, putting on a fake smile every time his family approached.

That night, in the middle of the party meant to celebrate his marriage, Oikawa dragged Iwaizumi into the bathroom, locking the door and kissing him senseless. What was Iwaizumi to do? He’d been in love with Oikawa for nearly a decade, and even if Oikawa was doing this for stress, he didn’t care.

They had sex that night, and that was the start of a beautiful affair.

Iwaizumi didn’t condone cheating. He was actually the victim of cheating himself, discovering his California boyfriend fucking some girl when he dropped by unannounced. However, he could make an exception in his morals when it came to Oikawa, and the way he would show up to Iwaizumi's doorstep whenever he and his wife came to Japan to visit family.

He loved the way Oikawa would ditch his wedding ring in a bowl by the front door. He loved how Oikawa would take him to bed, mumbling praises and confessions of love between kisses, and how he stayed around after. Iwaizumi loved the way he was the one Oikawa loved, not some random woman who he was pressured into marrying by his family.

It was a cold winter’s night, and Iwaizumi was lying on the couch, watching the snow twist and turn outside in the wind. His hands were folded on his stomach as Christmas music played from the radio in the kitchen.

Despite the calm atmosphere, Iwaizumi was wide awake, and it was all thanks to the text he received from Oikawa two hours ago. The setter was back in Japan to visit his in-laws in Tokyo, and he had full intentions to meet Iwaizumi.

Just as Iwaizumi reached for his phone, there was a knock at the front door. He jumped to his feet and excitedly raced to the front door. He opened it, pulling Oikawa inside by the collar before slamming their lips together.

“Hm!” Oikawa groaned, gripping Iwaizumi’s hair. He tugged it to pull a loud moan from the shorter. Oikawa kicked the front door shut, struggling to remove his wedding room. Once it was off, he tossed it aside, not caring a single bit if it rolled under some furniture. “God, baby, I missed you. I missed you. I missed you.”

Iwaizumi threw his entire body weight back so they could stumble down the hallway, crashing into the bedroom. They laughed against each other’s lips and Iwaizumi held Oikawa by the back of the neck. “I missed you, too. Nudes just don’t feel the same.”

Oikawa’s wife barely had any trust with Oikawa, and she was always snooping around, but she had enough respect for him to never go through his phone. It was so easy to get away with confessions of love, promises to see one another, and countless photos that would surely call for a divorce.

While Iwaizumi effortlessly removed his sweater, Oikawa struggled with unbuttoning his shirt. Iwaizumi rolled his eyes before grabbing the parted sides. He ripped the shirt open, the buttons either holding on by a thread or falling to the ground.

Oikawa laughed in surprise. “Hajime!”

“You can borrow one of mine,” Iwaizumi reasoned. He scooted back so he was properly lying on the bed. Oikawa grabbed the ankles of Iwaizumi’s pants and pulled them down in a swift motion.

Oikawa kicked off his pants and once he was sitting on the bed on his knees, he pulled his briefs down enough for his half-hard cock to spring up. Quickly, Iwaizumi sat up. He crawled forward, wrapping both hands around Oikawa’s cock and jerking him off into full hardness.

“You’re so pretty,” Oikawa whispered, stroking Iwaizumi’s cheek before the shorter one let his mouth fall open, tongue lolling out and eyes rolling up to stare at Oikawa. “So fucking pretty.”

He held his cock by the base, jerking himself for a few seconds before carefully sliding inside Iwaizumi’s warm and wet mouth. Hips instantly bucking back and forth, Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi by the hair, lightly pushing his head to meet all his forward thrusts.

Every time his long cock slid down Iwaizumi’s throat, the man would choke just a bit, throat squeezing around the member, trying to milk it the same way his hole did.

Iwaizumi shoved his hands down his boxers. Oikawa quickly grabbed his arm and pulled it out, tsking. “You know I only want you to cum on my cock, baby. You don’t want me to punish you.”

Not today.

Oikawa, recognizing this, pulled out of Iwaizumi’s mouth. Coughing, Iwaizumi sat up so he could properly fall back onto the bed, bouncing from the impact. Oikawa helped Iwaizumi remove his boxers, throwing them over his shoulder.

Iwaizumi spread his legs, holding his hole by the rim so he could spread himself open. Oikawa groaned happily. He rushed to grab the lube and reached for a condom. Iwaizumi stopped him.

“No,” he whispered, pulling Oikawa’s hand so he could nuzzle into his palm, “I want you to fill me.”

Quickly, Iwaizumi was turned onto his stomach, hips pulled up so his ass was at Oikawa’s mercy. He hummed in approval and that hum turned into a loud, high-pitched moan when Oikawa slid two, lube-covered fingers inside.

“I love your fingers,” Iwaizumi whispered, hugging a pillow as he pushed back. He wanted Oikawa to move faster, wanted the man to abuse his prostate until he was crying and begging for his cock. “M-more! Please!”

Oikawa chuckled. “Greedy,” he insulted but did as asked, slipping a third finger inside and moving his fingers faster. Iwaizumi moaned loudly to show his appreciation.

Eventually, fingers just weren’t enough. “Tooru, fuck me! Fuck me, please!”

“Like I said, greedy,” He teased with a chuckle. He pulled his fingers out, wiping them off on a discarded piece of clothing. “I love you, Hajime.”

“I love you, TOO!” Iwaizumi screamed and tried to squeeze the pillow for support as Oikawa shoved inside of him, fucking him at a pace so fast the headboard was slamming against the wall. 

Iwaizumi was thankful that his neighbors didn’t know who his mysterious hook-up was, who only appeared every few months.

Oikawa moved to cover Hajime’s back with his body. He kissed and nibbled Iwaizumi’s sweaty skin, whispering, “You’re so beautiful,” “You sound so nice,” “I love how you feel around me,” “I love you, Hajime.”

“I wish we could’ve done what Megimi did,” Oikawa confessed as the two cuddled, bodies covered in marks and the sheets hanging low on their hips. “I wish we ran away, eloped in a different country, and never looked back.” He kissed Iwaizumi’s temple, rubbing the dozing off man’s shoulder.

Voice quiet, Iwaizumi muttered, “That would’ve been nice . . . we could still do it.”

“My father would kill you,” Oikawa bitterly said. His body trembled, and Iwaizumi knew he was imagining his father in a rage, beating Iwaizumi to death without any remorse. They knew he could do it, it’s not like he hasn’t beaten someone he should’ve loved without regret. “And could you imagine the slander?”

Unfortunately, Iwaizumi could. He could imagine the countless news articles that would come, the social media posts, the attacks Iwaizumi would have by angry fans. “Oikawa Tooru elopes with childhood best friend.”

Hajime sighed. He turned around, hiding in Tooru’s body. He basked in the warmth, in the way Tooru’s heartbeat was steady, and the way the man he loved rubbed his back.