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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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The ball dropped, bouncing on the ground as four of Japan’s members dove to save the ball, but they missed by a hair. The four athletes stared up at Tooru, who was staring down at them with a look of disbelief.

Screams from the stands filled the gymnasium. The remaining members of Japan’s National team helped their teammates to their feet, smiling weakly at each other and offering praises to those who were discouraged.

Tooru ignored his teammates, ignored Shoyo, ignored his coach. He ducked under the net before sprinting down the court. Hajime was already racing towards him, and when they were close enough, Tooru launched himself into the air.

Hajime caught him with a loud laugh, arms securely wrapped around Tooru as he hoisted him into the air, shaking him just a bit as the couple laughed. Tooru was already crying, tears of joy racing down his face as Hajime steadily followed suit.

“I’m so proud of you,” Hajime sobbed, setting Tooru back onto his feet so they could properly embrace each other. Tooru buried his fingers into spiky black hair, hiding his teary face in a familiar neck, inhaling the scent that lulled him into comfort for many nights. “I love you, Tooru.”

“I love you, too, Hajime.”

A golden Olympic medal rested on the center of Tooru’s chest. He was flaunting the award even though he had already changed into cleaner, more comfortable clothes. Even though he was currently lounging on a luxurious hotel bed, a beautiful view of the city below.

“You’ll have to take it off eventually!” Hajime called from the bathroom. Tooru didn’t know exactly what he was doing, but judging by the sounds of the shower running and the mysterious lack of his suitcase, Tooru assumed something spicy was about to happen. “Fucking braggart!”

“Tooru Oikawa, Olympic gold medalist,” Tooru sighed happily, dangling the golden circle above him as he smiled brightly. “You’re a lucky man, Hajime, a lucky man!”

Hajime scoffed. He sounded amused, though. “Braggart,” he said once more. 

Tooru opened his mouth to make a witty comment but was stopped by Hajime walking out of the bathroom. Tooru dropped the medal. It landed on his chest with an uncomfortable thump but Tooru was too astonished to care.

Hajime had his hands behind his back, face pink as he chewed his bottom lip. Tooru had been so swept away in his victory that he hadn’t noticed his jersey was missing. It was a little tight on Hajime, making it seem shorter than it really was.

His shaved legs were clad with thigh highs that matched the blue shade of his jersey, and to complete the look, scarlet red lace panties.

“Holy shit,” Tooru exhaled, the end breaking off into an amazed laugh. “Holy shit, baby.”

Hajime quickly got over his embarrassment and crawled onto the bed. Tooru stripped himself of his shirt in record time, barely managing to kick off his pants before he had a lapful for Japan’s athletic trainer.

Tooru sighed when Hajime cupped his face with his hands. Large, warm thumbs rubbed underneath Tooru’s eyes. “I missed you so much,” he whispered, pecking Tooru’s lips.

“We saw each other this morning,” Tooru teased, rubbing Hajime’s exposed asscheeks in a windshield wiper motion. 

“You know what I mean.” Hajime chuckled lightly before fully seating himself on Tooru, their hips knocking together, driving the couple to grind for more friction. They were already hard, not quite at a point of desperation, but enough that the layer of underwear was annoying. “Tooru, lift your arms and wait, okay?”


Hajime pecked Tooru’s lips one more time before slipping off his husband’s lap. Tooru got in a lying-down position, holding his wrists in an x formation in front of one of the bars on the headboard. Hajime returned second later with blue and white rope.

Tooru smirked. “I’m recognizing a pattern with these colors, Hajime.”

“Glad you noticed.”

Hajime tied Tooru’s wrists to the headboard securely, waiting for Tooru to test them out before returning on his husband’s lap. Large hands squeezed Tooru’s thighs before slowly sliding up his body.

“You’re so pretty, Tooru,” Hajime whispered, grinding his hips in a circular motion, pulling grunts and groans from the man beneath him. “I’m so, so proud of you.” He reached Tooru’s shoulders and rubbed them appreciatively. “You’ve gotten so strong.”

Tooru sighed happily. “Hajime, please.”

“Please what?”

“My - my boxers. Take them off. Now, please.”

Not looking to tease or deny tonight, Hajime did as told. He supported himself on his knees as he dragged Tooru’s boxers down. Once his cock was exposed, Hajime kissed the leaking tip and tossed Tooru’s boxers onto the floor.

When Hajime moved to remove the jersey, Tooru gasped. “No! Keep - keep it on . . . please.”

Quirking his brow in amusement, Hajime let the lifted fabric fall back down into place. Instead, he swung off of Tooru’s thighs, standing at his bedside so he could easily slip off the stained panties. Tooru wiggled, hands fighting against the ropes to touch his husband.

Hajime gave two warning tsks, encouraging Tooru to stop pushing and wait patiently, which he did. “Good boy,” he whispered, breath hot against Tooru’s ear. The setter groaned deep from his throat.

Now stripped down to nothing but Tooru’s jersey, Hajime returned to his makeshift throne. He wrapped a hand around Tooru’s cock, relishing in the loud moan Tooru made, and the multiple thrusts of his hips.

“You have such a pretty cock, Tooru,” Hajime whispered and steadily jerked his husband off. “I love having it inside of me. I love it when you fuck me so hard all I can do is claw your back and beg for more. I love you, Tooru.”

Tooru choked back a moan so he could say, “I love you, too, Hajime.”

Humming happily, Hajime turned around, giving Tooru a view of his backside. Tooru panted, once again pulling against the ropes in an attempt to touch. He stopped himself before Hajime could decide to turn dom and edge him for the rest of the night.

“Wh-where’s the lube?”

“Don’t need it,” Hajime whispered, holding Tooru’s cock at the base so he could start sliding down it, “I prepared in the shower; wanted to be ready for you.”

Tooru whimpered with every small clench around his cock. When Hajime had picked him up from the airport, and they fell into the hotel room with needy kisses and desperate touches, they didn’t go further than mutual blowjobs. After six long months, he was finally feeling the warmth of Hajime’s insides, and he wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to part with it again.

“I always knew you’d be here. I always knew you would make it to the Olympics, that you would take the world by storm and show every idiot who let Tooru Oikawa go how foolish they are.” Hajime’s voice was growing louder by the second. 

It was a familiar sight - Hajime bouncing on Tooru’s cock, filling the room with praises and moans while the setter was bound to the headboard - and neither man would ever be able to forget.

They’d never be able to forget how they sounded, how their warmth felt, how both of them could look at the other and know they’d never want anyone else.

“I love you so much,” Hajime moaned, bouncing growing louder, the bed creaking and headboard lightly slamming against the wall. “God, Tooru, all I’ve ever wanted - since we were fucking kids - was to stay by your side. You’re not going anywhere, right?”

Tooru laughed, though it was cracked thanks to his moans. “As if you’d even let me.” He couldn’t reach out and stroke Hajime’s face, so he settled for a beautiful smile. “I’ll never leave you, Hajime, never in a million trillion years.”

Hajime pressed down on Tooru’s stomach, lifting himself high into the air before slamming down one last time. Both men moaned loudly. The sound of their mixed moans bounced off the walls as they came.

Hajime ground his hips down, milking Tooru of every last drop until the setter was writhing beneath him, desperately pulling against the headboard to free his wrists.

After freeing Tooru of his restraints, the couple found themselves in the shower, Tooru washing Hajime’s hair as they basked in each other’s presence and the warm water.



“I got a job offer, one that pays more than Japan.”

“That’s amazing!” Tooru kissed Hajime’s temple. “I’m so proud of you.”

“Wanna know where?”


Hajime stepped away from Tooru, washing the soap out of his hair before turning around. He grabbed Tooru by the shoulders and pulled him close. “San Juan.”

Tooru blinked, processing Hajime’s announcement, and once the news settled in, he picked his husband up, pushing him against the shower wall and starting a second round of celebratory sex.