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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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Oikawa was slightly taken aback when he found out about Iwaizumi’s admirers, but not surprised. Oikawa might’ve been considered the pretty one of the relationship, but when Iwaizumi walked into the room, everyone gave him attention. How could they not? He wasn’t the tallest, but he was broad with fantastic arms and large hands, and he was a solid 10/10. Even better, he was a respectful gentleman who listened when you talked, covered the corner of the table when you bent over to pick something and complemented people no matter the gender.

In short, Iwaizumi was a fine example of a man, and Oikawa couldn’t blame a group of girls for noticing.

He didn’t mind it when they cheered for Iwaizumi at every game, he didn’t mind when they put small notes or gifts in his locker, he didn’t even mind when they would take him away from Oikawa for a couple of minutes to confess their undying love.

Because Iwaizumi always came back to Oikawa. It didn’t matter how loud they cheered, how nice their notes and gifts were, or how heartfelt their confession was because Oikawa was the one who could hold Iwaizumi close, the one who got to kiss him whenever he wanted, the one who buried his face in the sheets while reducing the ace to mush.

So that’s why it was pissing Oikawa off when nearly every day, Iwaizumi’s time would be wasted by an annoyingly persistent first year.

Originally, Oikawa didn’t mind her, seeing as she was simply another girl in the crowd, but then she was holding long conversations when Iwaizumi was eating with Oikawa, then she was making him lunches, then she was leaving embarrassingly romantic letters in his locker. 

And bless Iwaizumi’s heart; he rejected her nicely, but he talked with her, thanked her for the lunches, and read her letters every time, and when she got a hold of his number, he texted her back, though he tried to keep the conversation as dry as possible.

“You should block her,” Oikawa suggested, arms wrapped around Iwaizumi’s waist and head buried in his side as he watched the girl quadruple text Iwaizumi in thirty seconds. “She’s annoying.”

“This coming from the same guy who flirts with all his fangirls?” There was no malice in Iwaizumi’s tone; he knew that Oikawa wasn’t flirting, simply being nice to the people who gave him attention. It was sweet, and Iwaizumi was comfortable in their relationship. Iwaizumi smiled softly as he pushed back Oikawa’s bangs so he could kiss his forehead. “You know I love you, babe, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Oikawa pouted. “Yeah, but she still annoys me.”

“Tooru, I’m an eighteen-year-old gay male who has loved you since elementary school, and she’s a first-year with some puppy love.”

“Hmmm, dunno if I’m convinced.”

Iwaizumi sighed, rolling over so he was straddling Oikawa’s stomach. “If I suck your dick, will you stop being so annoying?”

“Can I fuck your mouth?”


Oikawa fumbled to pop the button of his jeans, ignoring Iwaizumi’s chuckling.

Iwaizumi’s back was pressed against the wall, hands tightly on Oikawa’s thighs as the taller male attacked his mouth, biting and sucking his bottom lip. Iwaizumi whined when Oikawa rolled his hips, hands moving from his shoulders down to the front of his shirt, pinching his nipples. Iwaizumi whined again, hips shooting up, slightly pushing Oikawa up from the strength his body possessed.

Oikawa was positive that if he wasn’t so dominant - and Iwaizumi wasn’t so submissive - he’d love to be manhandled, and Iwaizumi could do so effortlessly. It was a nice thought to entertain, but neither could forget the disaster that was Iwaizumi’s attempt to top.

“Tooru,” Iwaizumi gasped, “t-touch me, please.”

Just as Oikawa started to slip his hand down Iwaizumi’s shorts, his phone buzzed three times in a row.

Both teens froze, Oikawa’s right eye twitching in annoyance while Iwaizumi nervously bit his lip.

Steadily, he picked up his phone, chuckling awkwardly when he turned it on.

“Is that - “


“What does she want?” Oikawa pulled his hand out of Iwaizumi’s shorts, not missing the small whimper from his boyfriend.

Iwaizumi turned his screen towards Oikawa.

Yua Takahashi (Class 1-B):

Hi, Iwaizumi-san!

How’re you?

I was thinking we could get some lunch today!

Oikawa laughed emotionlessly. “Is she serious?”

“Tooru -”

“Like, seriously? Who does she think she is? How many times have you rejected her in the last week ? You should stop eating those lunches, just throw them away, and rip up her letters the second you find them.”

“That’s mean, Tooru.”

Oikawa growled. “Do I look like I give a fuck?”

Iwaizumi, sensing Oikawa’s growing anger, tossed his phone aside so he could place attempted-distracting kisses on his clenched jaw. “Calm down, baby, just ignore her.” He grabbed Oikawa’s tense wrist and tried to lead his hand towards his half-hard cock.

Oikawa let Iwaizumi force his fingers into the waistband of his shorts. He ground his teeth as he tried to keep his veins from popping. As he continued to seeth, an idea suddenly came to mind.

“Princess,” Oikawa whispered, turning his head so Iwaizumi’s lips kissed the corner of his mouth. “Let me record you.”

Oikawa didn’t need to elaborate on his idea any further. Iwaizumi tensed slightly, hand gripping Oikawa’s wrist tightening. Oikawa was prepared to apologize for making his boyfriend uncomfortable, but he was stopped by Iwaizumi whimpering:

God, yes .” 

Quickly, Oikawa moved Iwaizumi onto the pillows, stripping him down to his boxers while remaining clothed. On instinct, Iwaizumi raised his hands above his head, and Oikawa sighed.

“Not this time, Princess.” Oikawa pecked the small pout off of Iwaizumi’s lips before leaning back so he could pick up Iwaizumi’s phone, using his thumb to unlock it and switching from his messaging app to his camera. “I don’t want that girl seeing more than she needs to.”

Iwaizumi fumbled with his phone thanks to his shaking hands but managed to hold it semi-straight in one hand, the second squeezed one of the many pillows he was lying on.

After adjusting some more things, Oikawa framed Iwaizumi’s hips with his knees. He played with Iwaizumi’s hair. “Comfortable?”

“Mhm.” Iwaizumi moved his hips up, sighing happily when his erection rubbed against Oikawa’s thigh. “Daddy, please.”

Oikawa kissed Iwaizumi’s forehead. “Soon, Princess, be patient.” The brunet snatched the bottle of lube from between the bed and the table. He shook it to make sure it wasn’t empty - which has happened quite a couple of times. “You’re sure you’re okay with this?”

“Yes, I promise.”

Oikawa pecked Iwaizumi’s lips one last time before scooting down so he could hold up one of his tan legs, sucking and biting his thick thigh. He heard the subtle ring of a video starting and glanced up to stare at the camera.

Sucking dark bruises to Iwaizumi’s skin, Oikawa used his free hand to palm Iwaizumi’s erection, pulling a high-pitched whimper from the man behind the camera.

After a couple more minutes of sucking and biting, Iwaizumi’s thighs were covered in dark hickeys and bite marks. The ace was panting heavily and he was bucking his hips until into nothing.

“Da-daddy,” he whined, “I-I want it.”

Oikawa smirked against Iwaizumi’s abdomen. He looked up to hold eye contact with the camera. “What do you want, Baby girl?”

“M-my cock. Pl-please suck it.”

“Do you deserve it?”

“Yes!” Iwaizumi whined. “Daddy, daddy,” he was begging.

Oikawa hummed in thought. “How about this; if I suck you off, I get to fuck your face. Isn’t that a good compromise, Princess?”

It wasn’t important for the camera to capture Iwaizumi’s quick nod because his pathetic ‘Mhm!’ did all the work.

In one quick movement, Oikawa removed Iwaizumi’s boxers, licking his lips at the small and leaking cock. It was extremely red, shining with precum, and when Oikawa leaned down to place a small kiss on the head, Iwaizumi bucked up, forcing the red tip between Oikawa’s lips.

Oikawa quickly pulled back. He glared not at the camera but at Iwaizumi, who was folding in on himself. “Give the camera - on your knees, and I want that pretty ass up for me.”

Iwaizumi fumbled but quickly got the camera in Oikawa’s hands. He flipped over before it could focus, remembering what Oikawa had said when the setter asked him to do the recording.

Face buried in the pillow, Iwaizumi blushed red when he felt Oikawa spread his hole open, no doubt showing the camera his insides. Despite his embarrassment, Iwaizumi clenched down, arousal outweighing any shame.

“Five slaps, Baby girl.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Iwaizumi got no time to prepare before a hand slapped his ass, the sound filling the room. “One!”

Oikawa slapped two times, his open palm the first time followed by an aggressive backhand. “Two! Three!”

Another one and Iwaizumi’s face was covered in tears and drool. “Four!”

The final slap was the harshest. It was as painful as it was pleasurable. Iwaizumi sobbed but pushed back. “Five!” A hand rubbed the burning flesh. “Daddy, will you suck my cock now? Please?”

Oikawa sighed. “Alright, Princess.”

Angling the camera down, Oikawa helped Iwaizumi turn around, returning to his original position, and handed him the camera. Iwaizumi used both hands this time so the recording was less shaky.

Oikawa lied between Iwaizumi’s spread legs. Holding eye contact with the camera, Oikawa licked up from the base to the tip, the small action making Iwaizumi’s cock twitch aggressively.

After giving the tip a couple of kitten licks, Oikawa easily took both the cock and balls into his mouth, sucking hard. Iwaizumi moaned, high and long as his thighs clenched.

“Daddy! Tooru! It-its feels good.”

Oikawa pulled off to laugh quietly. “Of course it does; pleasuring a cock as small as yours is as easy as breathing.”

Iwaizumi blushed, pouting a bit.

As a form of apology, Oikawa went back to sucking Iwaizumi off, rubbing his thighs whenever Iwaizumi held back from thrusting up. It wasn’t long before Iwaizumi was cumming. Thick ropes of cum shot down Oikawa's throat. The setter did his best to swallow it down, but a couple of drops escaped, rolling down to his chin before dripping down.

Iwaizumi struggled for breath, watching with half-lidded eyes as Oikawa pulled off his cock. The brunet smiled. He took the phone once again, pushing it down into the bed as he removed his boxers, long cock instantly shooting up to slap against his abdomen, then scooted up until his knees bracketed Iwaizumi’s shoulders.

Picking up the phone, Oikawa focused it on Iwaizumi’s face. His mouth was already wide open, tongue hanging limply down his chin. The ace stared at Oikawa.

Oikawa held his cock at the base before slapping Iwaizumi’s face with it. Iwaizumi held his tongue up to briefly get in contact with the long member. Oikawa laughed. “Suck a cock slut, Baby girl.”

Not giving Iwaizumi time to respond, Oikawa grabbed the headboard and thrust into Iwaizumi’s wet mouth. His cock hit the back of Iwaizumi’s throat before sliding down. Iwaizumi gagged weakly before breathing through his nose, curling his toes to push it down.

Instantly, Oikawa started fucking Iwaizumi’s mouth. With every thrust, the bed would creak and Iwaizumi’s body would go back and forth like a ragdoll. The recording would be a little shaky but the image of Iwaizumi getting his throat fucked raw would be clear.

“Take my cock so good, Princess. You’re such a good cocksucker, and your little ass takes me just as good. God, I love pounding you into the mattress, filling your hole with my cum until you’re leaking. Love it when it squirts out.”

Oikawa gripped the headboard tighter as he picked up the pace. Iwaizumi’s eyes rolled so far back into his head that Oikawa could barely see his irises and wide pupils. Large hands grabbed Oikawa’s hips, helping him thrust into Iwaizumi’s mouth.

“You desperate little whore. Baby girl, you just can’t get enough of my cock. Tell me how much you love Daddy’s cock.”

Oikawa pulled back just enough so Iwaizumi could respond in a hoarse voice, “I love your cock, Daddy. It fills me so nicely. I wanna feel you cumming in me. I want your load, Daddy, please give it to me.”

Groaning loudly, Oikawa harshly thrust in, instantly shooting down Iwaizumi’s throat. Weak thrusts helped Oikawa through his orgasm - which was insanely long, but not a single drop of cum left Iwaizumi’s mouth - and when he was completely spent, he pulled back slowly.

Saliva mixed with cum connected Iwaizumi’s lips to Oikawa’s softening cock.

Oikawa stroked Iwaizumi’s cheek. “Such a good baby.”

Then he stopped the recording, using one hand to caress Iwaizumi’s face and the other to send the video to Yua.

It delivered within seconds, and Oikawa blocked her number, throwing Iwaizumi’s phone behind him before scooting back so he could properly kiss his boyfriend.

The next day, there wasn’t a love letter in Iwaizumi’s locker. Lunch wasn’t interrupted, Iwaizumi wasn’t pulled out of practice for a confession, and anytime Yua was close to the couple, she would blush then run away.

Oikawa smirked every time. He wrapped an arm around Iwaizumi’s waist, kissing his temple. Iwaizumi responded to the sudden affection with a shy smile and a, “What was that for, dumbass?”

“Just wanted to show my Princess some affection.”

Iwaizumi’s pink blush turned red. “Don’t say that stuff in public!”