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bottom iwaizumi one-shots because i can

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“I ran into our neighbor again,” Iwaizumi mentioned offhandedly, walking out onto the balcony to bring Oikawa a drink. He scrunched his nose up at the smell of smoke and waved his hand. “Tooru, what have we talked about with smoking?”

Oikawa made his wrist limp so the cigarette hung loosely over the railing. He stared at Iwaizumi for a couple of seconds before blowing the smoke into his fiance’s face. He was promptly hit on top of the head.

“Just because you don’t have to worry about it running your performance doesn’t mean you should do it!” Iwaizumi snapped at the recently retired athlete. “Do you want your lungs to collapse before we can get married?!”

“That won’t happen,” Oikawa responded. He’d only recently started smoking so it hadn’t taken much effect, but Iwaizumi - being the well-educated medic he was - spent a good time of his day telling Oikawa about all the dangers of smoking. 

“You know it turns you on,” Oikawa teased one night. They’d just finished a hard round of sex, Iwaizumi tucked under the pillow while Oikawa sat close to the window, hand turned out the window to keep the smoke out.

Iwaizumi grumbled something. Not confirmation, but certainly not the opposite

Burning the cigarette out, Oikawa dropped it into the ashtray. “What were you saying about our neighbor?”

“We ran into each other at the convenience store,” Iwaizumi said, pulling up a chair for him and Oikawa to sit in, shoulders and thighs pressed close together as Oikawa rested his chin on Iwaizumi’s head. “She gave me some mochi.”

Annoyed, Oikawa hummed.

He didn’t like their across-the-street neighbor much. She was nice, yes, and always willing to help Oikawa out when he carried too many groceries or was having trouble with his knee, but the brunette couldn’t ignore the way she shamelessly eyed his fiance.

She looked at him with something more than adoration and tenderness - lust . And it never failed to make Oikawa angry.

“What flavor?”

“Green tea.”

“You like that one.”

“I do.”

“Only green tea? No strawberry flavor?” Oikawa’s favorite flavor.

Iwaizumi lifted his hand to play with Oikawa’s hair. “No, just green tea.”

Once again, Oikawa hummed, annoyed. He knew their neighbor knew both their favorite mochi flavors - something randomly said when the couple saw her at the restaurant they frequented.

“She’s kinda handsy,” Oikawa finally broke the ice. “Don’t you think?”

Iwaizumi shrugged. “I guess? I’ve noticed that she likes grabbing my arm, but I don’t mind.”

‘You should,’ Oikawa bitterly thought.

As Iwaizumi started talking about his day, Oikawa looked across the street. He wasn’t too surprised to see her looking at them, eyes screwed in envy. Oikawa smirked to himself. He cut Iwaizumi’s sentence off by kissing him harshly, knocking the two back, and using Iwaizumi’s gasp to shove his tongue between his fiance’s lips.

“Mmm!” Iwaizumi groaned, cupping Oikawa’s face and holding his lower back. “Tooru,” he panted when the taller pulled away, his lips shiny and red, even from a kiss. “What was that for?”

“Just felt like it,” Oikawa sighed. He kissed Iwaizumi’s cheek before looking back at the balcony across the street. No sign of their lovely neighbor. “Wanna go inside? Eat some of that mochi?”

Iwaizumi frowned. “You hate green tea flavor.”

“I’ll stomach it; free food always tastes better.”


That night, Oikawa stepped out of the bedroom onto the balcony. He ruffled Iwaizumi’s hair before grabbing his lighter and a pack of cigarettes. Oikawa sighed when his bare skin met the chilly night air. His chest and abs were littered in hickeys and bites, all from Iwaizumi, who was currently scrolling through his phone to work out details with his team.

“You can only have one!” Iwaizumi called when he heard Oikawa flick his lighter. “One!” He yelled again after ten seconds of lack of confirmation from Oikawa.

“Loud and clear, baby,” Oikawa tiredly responded.

He scratched his calf with his foot, leaning against the railing. He hissed slightly, his back still warm and stinging from the scratches Iwaizumi had left. Oikawa basked in the faint sound of cars driving by, groups of friends or couples walking down below, and the wind.

Oikawa opened his eyes. He looked slightly down to see their neighbor, once again. She was sitting on a small bench, wearing nothing but black lingerie and a thin robe. Oikawa noticed how she glanced every couple of seconds up at him.

He squeezed the cigarette when he realized she was looking for Iwaizumi.

“Hajime,” Oikawa called, “come out here.”

Iwaizumi looked at Oikawa, confused for a second, but ultimately stood up from the bed, pulling on some sweatpants before joining him out onto the balcony. “What’s up?”

Oikawa responded by shoving his cigarette into the ashtray then pushing Iwaizumi against the wall, holding him by the jaw, and kissing him exactly the same way he did that afternoon.

Iwaizumi hummed, instantly grabbing Oikawa by the hips and pressing him flush against him. Oikawa groaned in approval as he dropped his free hand into Iwaizumi’s pants. He wrapped his long fingers around Iwaizumi’s semi-hard cock.

“Ah, Tooru,” Iwaizumi gasped, dropping his head down into Oikawa’s neck. “Someone - someone will see.”

“That’s the point, Hajime.”

Iwaizumi made a confused sound, but he wasn’t stopping Oikawa, so the brunette quickened his pace. He closed his eyes to bask in the wet squelching from Iwaizumi’s dripping cock, and the light moans and gasps the shorter was making.

Once he opened his eyes, Oikawa looked across. Their neighbor was staring, jaw slightly dropped and eyes wide. It was a ridiculous reaction - Oikawa and Iwaizumi didn’t try to hide their engagement; bragged about it, actually.

It encouraged Oikawa. He pulled his hand out of Iwaizumi’s pants. He turned the shorter around and pressed him against the railing. Iwaizumi gasped when Oikawa rubbed his hard-on against the cleft of his ass.

“T - Tooru,” Iwaizumi gasped, “what - what’re you doing?”

Oikawa leaned in. His voice was husky, lips brushing against Iwaizumi’s ear, and said, “I’m gonna make you scream so the entire neighborhood knows who you belong to.” Iwaizumi shuttered, back arching and knuckles turning white from how hard he was gripping the railing. “Does that sound good, baby?”

“Mhm!” Iwaizumi nodded his head quickly, pushing his hips back.

“Lemma grab the lube, don’t move.”

Before leaving, Oikawa smacked Iwaizumi’s ass, earning a loud and long moan in return. It took a short thirty seconds to grab the lube, and an extra ten to kick off his boxers and join Iwaizumi onto the balcony.

Oikawa set the lube down on the ground so he could strip Iwaizumi of his pants, his cock instantly shooting up to stand proud; hard and leaking. Oikawa pressed his front against Iwaizumi’s back, long fingers wrapping around Iwaizumi’s cock to stroke him slowly.

As Iwaizumi moaned, hips moving back to grind his hole against Oikawa’s length, Oikawa looked up to stare their neighbor right in the eye. Her jaw was officially on the ground, hands holding her chest like an old woman getting her pearls stolen, and her eyes were focused on Iwaizumi’s cock.

Smirking, Oikawa nipped at Iwaizumi’s ear. “You know, Hajime, you’d expect someone of your . . . physique, let’s say, would have a more impressive dick.” Iwaizumi let out a frustrated grunt, raising one of his hands to weakly smack at Oikawa. The last thing he needed right now was his fiance making fun of the length of his cock; while jerking him off on their very public balcony, might I add. “Good thing you have me and aren’t out there disappointing men and women alike.”

“If you don’t shut the fuck up and get inside me, I’ll lock you out.”

“Since when couldn’t you handle some teasing?”

“Since you had me bend over the railing of our balcony for the public eye to see. Now cut the shit and fuck me.”

Sighing lovingly, Oikawa released Iwaizumi’s cock so he could pick the lube up, squirting it onto his hand then spreading it over his own long and curved cock. Dropping the bottle carelessly, Oikawa grabbed Iwaizumi’s hips and sank into him with half-hard thrusts.

“Ah, shit, Tooru!” Iwaizumi called, throwing his head back against Oikawa’s shoulder. Oikawa sucked his neck, leaving a mark that was sure to stay for a while, and would be hard to cover up. “F-faster, fuck me faster.”

Always one happy to oblige, Oikawa picked up the pace of his thrusts, pulling Iwaizumi back to meet him. The sound of Oikawa’s hips slapping against Iwaizumi’s ass was almost as loud as Iwaizumi’s moans. Oikawa was groaning loudly, but not nearly as loud as Iwaizumi, who had lost any remaining shame so he could beg Tooru to go faster, harder, deeper.

“Who do you belong to?” Oikawa asked, covering Hajime’s eyes and tilting his head all the way back. Oikawa caught his neighbor’s eyes once again, and this time she was rubbing her thighs together, watching them with slight shame, but mostly fascination. “Hajime, who do you belong to?”

“You! You, Tooru! I - I’ll always belong to you!” Iwaizumi cried, throat going sore from all the screaming and moaning he’d been doing. “F-fuck me so good, so deep! Your cock is so long, so good!” Iwaizumi babbled, hips barely keeping up with Oikawa’s pace.

“That’s right, baby, all mine, no one else!” Oikawa made sure to emphasize that statement. “So tight around me, Hajime, god, I’m gonna cum. Can I cum inside? Paint your insides with my cum?”

“Yes! Yes! Cum inside me! Please, Tooru!”

Oikawa threw his head back, groan echoing as he came inside his fiance. Iwaizumi moaned, knees buckling before giving out completely as he came. Hard .

The couple breathed heavily as they stumbled back inside. Iwaizumi fell onto the bed, panting into the pillow as Oikawa picked up the lube, his lighter, and the box of cigarettes.

As he stood up, Oikawa once again looked at the neighbor. He smirked - cocky and confident - and flipped her off.