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You Get Me so High

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It was his idea at first.

After weeks of stress with college projects and the end of the semester, both of them just wished for an hour or two of peace and rest. So by the end of the week, when he told Wei Wuxian ㅡ as a fucking joke ㅡ that they should get high and wasted to relieve stress, he didn’t believe the other would actually show up in their tiny flat with something other than a bottle of vodka. 

Imagine his surprise while he watched Wei Wuxian taking not only marijuana out of his backpack, but also a glass bong.

“Don’t give me that look!” Wei Wuxian said as soon as Jiang Cheng opened his mouth “You were the one who told me to get high!”

Jiang Cheng crossed his arms and rolled his eyes as he answered “It was just a joke!”

“Well next time I think you better be more specific” His brother replies with a mischievous smile that makes Jiang Cheng shiver.

To tell the truth, Jiang Cheng did not care about the drug and he was not against individual use ㅡ even though he himself had never smoked a joint in his life ㅡ, but there was something about the malicious gleam in Wei Wuxian's eyes that baffled him. Perhaps it was his own fear of what it would be like to get rid of his inhibitions, but Jiang Cheng was never quite sure what to expect when the subject was one of his adopted brother's crazy ideas.

So Jiang Cheng watched in silence as Wei Wuxian sat on the sofa and spread his things on the coffee table they owned in the living room, busy grinding the pot while Jiang Cheng continued to stand there not quite sure what to do. Seeing him that way, Wei Wuxian raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to smoke, you know?” 

What to anyone else would sound like an affectionate comment, for Jiang Cheng was a challenge. 

“Just keep doing whatever you’re doing, I'll get glasses for the vodka”

He could hear Wei Wuxian laughing as he turned to get glasses from the kitchen cabinet. Since they were fourteen and Jiang Cheng’s parents adopted Wei Wuxian as part of their family, everything between them was a competition. Raised in different ways, Wei Wuxian was used to freedom afforded by his parents and their constant travels around the world, at only thirteen the boy had already visited more places than many adults. 

And then the accident came.

It seemed like the work of destiny that, the only time Wei Wuxian's parents decided not to take him on the plane, a crash took their lives leaving the boy as an orphan. Jiang Cheng's parents, old friends of the family, decided to take responsibility for raising the boy as the long fights between the still living relatives were more interested in the fortune his parents left him than in Wei Wuxian’s feelings. 

It was strange at first, Jiang Cheng didn’t quite see Wei Wuxian as his older brother, but as a friend who was raised in his house. On the other hand, his sister treated the two as equals and, without realizing it, generated a kind of competitiveness among the boys that remained alive even after eight years. 

Still, Jiang Cheng couldn’t lie to himself either. After all those years he watched Wei Wuxian in secret admiration, losing track of time by observing the way that Wei Wuxian's long hair was usually tied in a ponytail, exposing the lines of his neck and the outline of his shoulders. Jiang Cheng could get lost just by looking at him laughing, a sound so beautiful that made the world brighter. He knew those feelings were not common, or just a bond of brotherhood that he was recognizing only now that he was older, but something else. Something that made a-jie look at him as if she could see through him and his scowl

“So, how are we doing this?” Asked Jiang Cheng sitting on the couch next to Wei Wuxian, who was now filling the bong with the weed “Have you ever smoked in the first place?”

“Of course!” The boy replies standing up and walking to the kitchen sink behind the counter “Remember that time you found me and Nie-xiong laughing non stop? Right after we were admitted to college”

Jiang Cheng remembered well. 

He had spent hours looking for Wei Wuxian so they could go out for the celebration dinner his parents had planned, only to find him laughing sitting almost on Nie Huiasang's lap in the back garden of the other's house. Not that he was jealous, but Wei Wuxian should have thought of celebrating with him before anyone else.

“Yeah, I remember” Jiang Cheng replies instead.

“We were high as fuck” He laughed, coming back to the couch with the bong now filled with water “And you? Have you ever smoked, Jiang Cheng?”

The question took him by surprise and the answer was nowhere to be found. He had not been the most rebellious teenager in the world, nor had he done more than drink hidden when his parents were away at important meetings. Between the two, it was easy to know that Wei Wuxian would have more experience.

And for the grin in Wei Wuxian’s eyes, he knew it too.

“Oh my god, Jiang Cheng, you are a virgin!”

He couldn’t help but blush at the words, hiding his face with his own hands to calm down.

“Please, shut up” Jiang Cheng’s voice was low and he wanted to sink on the couch until he disappeared.

“Don’t worry I will be gentle with you, A-cheng”

This time Jiang Cheng hit him while Wei Wuxian laughed as if he didn’t know the implications of those words, which to be fair he didn’t. It was Jiang Cheng’s fault that his heart was racing inside his chest, hands trembling with anticipation for something he wouldn’t even get.

Therefore he tried his best to ignore the turmoil inside his heart, grabbing a glass and filling it with vodka as fast as he could to keep himself busing with anything other than Wei Wuxian’s eyes. 

“So, basics: we’re going to light this” Wei Wuxian points to a small funnel shaped piece where he could see the weed “And then you’re going to put your mouth here on the mouthpiece and inhale the smoke slowly, make sure your finger cover this hole”

“Ok, light, inhale and cover the hole” Repeated Jiang Cheng drinking his vodka to mask his nervousness.

Wei Wuxian seemed amused by this for the way he was looking at him now, eyes shining bright and hands occupied with the bong and a lighter. They both stared at each other for a few minutes, the silence around them not exactly uncomfortable, but with an almost palpable anxiety in the air.

Coughing to break the silence and avoiding Jiang Cheng’s eyes, Wei Wuxian asked:

“Do you want me to go first? So you can see how to do it”

The thought of letting Wei Wuxian teach him something made Jiang Cheng almost angry, however he wasn’t in the mood to embarrass himself trying to smoke for the first time without guidance ㅡ also, Jiang Cheng was pretty sure Wei Wuxian would laugh at him for doing it ㅡ; so swallowing his pride, he nodded.

Carefully, Wei Wuxian held the bong with one hand, placing his mouth inside the mouthpiece so that it’s rim was pressed around his mouth. Using the lighter he held in his other hand, he lit it and waited for the flame to appear, pressing lightly on the pot in the bowl so that only the edge burned. Before long, smoke began to fill the bong and when Wei Wuxian was satisfied with the quantity, he stopped and removed the bowl of weed ㅡ pressing his finger in the small hole on the side of the piece. ㅡ  and inhaled deeply.

The way Wei Wuxian's full lips blew off the whitish smoke in the air was mesmerizing and suddenly Jiang Cheng couldn’t look away. The hot summer air made the living room feel stuffy, however Wei Wuxian smiling slowly as he threw his head on the back of the sofa made the atmosphere almost light. The black tank top he wore left little to the imagination and Jiang Cheng could see the outline of his collarbone, while his brother opened his lips to let out more of the smoke he had inhaled.

There was something almost sensual about the way the smoke left Wei Wuxian's mouth to disappear into the air, and when the other looked at him with misty eyes Jiang Cheng thought he would never see something so sexy.

“Your turn, A-cheng” His voice was raspy and sent a shiver down Jiang Cheng’s spine.

So, before he could say anything and embarrass himself, Jiang Cheng took the bong and lighter out of Wei Wuxian’s hands mimicking what he saw his brother doing, it was kind of strange to have that glass around his mouth and he could feel his hands shaking ㅡ partly in anticipation, partly because he was not sure if the result of that would not bring him regrets.

“Wait, let me help you” 

Before he could say anything Wei Wuxian was already getting closer to him, fitting the funnel back into the bong and holding Jiang Cheng's hands in the right way to smoke. 

“I will light it for you now” Wei Wuxian warns him, taking the lighter from his hands “Just inhale when there’s enough smoke, ok?”

Jiang Cheng could only look at his brother, the proximity between them distracting him from the situation he was in, the weed was the least of his worries when Wei Wuxian was close enough that Jiang Cheng was able to smell the perfume he was using. 

Wei Wuxian busied himself with burning the pot, then moved away from Jiang Cheng to observe the amount of smoke in the bong with a smile, guiding one of his fingers to the hole to cover it.

“Try to inhale just a little” He tells Jiang Cheng in a low voice, attentive eyes fixed on his lips while he takes off the bowl  “Don’t worry if you cough, it’s normal”

Glancing down, Jiang Cheng watched as the chamber of the piece began to fill with smoke, thick and milky. Immediately Jiang Cheng opened his mouth to inhale the smoke as his brother did moments before, taking his finger off the small hole and taking it in one quick take. 

Instantly Jiang Cheng wanted to cough and curse himself for being stupidly competitive.

Wei Wuxian's attentive gaze, however, encouraged him to fight the urge to cough and do his best to hold his breath, feeling his lungs burn. When he felt it was too much, he opened his mouth and exhaled thick smoke in the air, watching as a part of it hit Wei Wuxian's face, his penetrating gaze fixed on Jiang Cheng's. There was something on his brother’s eyes, that made him shiver, admiration perhaps? Or…

No, Jiang Cheng wouldn’t even dare to think about that.

“Wow, you took so well, Jiang Cheng” 

The praise fell on his ears like the most beautiful melody and Jiang Cheng had to bite his lip to avoid saying anything, the ambiguous phrase bringing color to his cheeks ㅡ God, he would be able to fantasize about that for days and he hated himself for this. Jiang Cheng hated that he would lose his mind in daydreams.

“So this is it” He tells Wei Wuxian, spreading out on the couch “How long does it take us to get high?” 

Wei Wuxian laughed at that, grabbing the bong from his hands. “It depends, each person is different”

Jiang Cheng watched as his brother put the bowl back on the bong, positioning himself again to take another hit. This time he watched the way Wei Wuxian’s eyes were a little red around the edges already, staring at the smoke he inhaled as if it were nothing, hence Jiang Cheng suspected that that time with Nie Huaisang was not the only one.

He finished his vodka in silence, grabbing the bottle to pour himself one more drink. His head felt a little cloudy ㅡ a little lightheaded for not being used to smoking ㅡ, but otherwise Jiang Cheng didn’t feel any different. He had heard the craziest stories about people who were stoned and how it all seemed lighter and funnier when you’re high, however all Jiang Cheng felt was a little drowsiness.

“Let me take another hit”

Wei Wuxian was surprised by this, even so Jiang Cheng could see that his brother was already stoned by how slow his movements were.

“You should take your time, though” He replied in a low voice, a hint of noticeable concern “It's your first time, no need to rush”

“I’m not” Jiang Cheng says while finishing his vodka “Are you high?”

His brother looked at him with a lazy smile playing on his lips and eyes as red as the ribbon in his hair, the bastard was high as shit.

“Give me that” 

Without waiting for a answer, Jiang Cheng grabs the bong from his hands and ㅡ this time with more confidence than before ㅡ takes another hit, feeling the smoke burning his lungs once again. When the thick smoke left his lips, he closed his eyes and leaned his head on the couch trying to relax his body to feel any difference caused by marijuana. For a moment, while doing so, he thought he heard Wei Wuxian let out a low ‘wow’ , but he soon dropped the idea, that was probably just another bullshit of his imaginative mind.

They were both silent, each one lost in their own thoughts. Jiang Cheng’s mind was kinda fuzzy and as the time dissolved into something else, he could finally start feeling his body as light as a feather. His lips started to curve into a smile as if he heard a joke without realizing it, however it was Wei Wuxian the first to laugh.

“Jiang Cheng, do you remember that time we competed to see who could climb a tree faster?” He inquired, his laugh was so loud that Jiang Cheng felt the couch shaking “We were fifteen and you thought that everything was a challenge”

Jiang Cheng snorted at that, then opened his eyes to look at his brother “I remember you fell and cried like a baby”

“Don’t say that!” Wei Wuxian whined approaching Jiang Cheng and slapping his thighs lightly “You are jealous because I was cute”

They were closer now, if Jiang Cheng wanted he could caress his brother’s face and drown in the darkness of his eyes. Suddenly, he noticed that he really wanted that. He wanted to touch Wei Wuxian and keep him as close as possible, hold him and say all those words he promised himself to never say out loud.

“You’re still cute, Wei Wuxian” He says instead, hands now holding his jeans tight. 

His words seemed to take Wei Wuxian by surprise and Jiang Cheng watched as the other tried to recompose himself, a slightly blush painting his cheeks.

Jiang Cheng decided he liked that.

He liked to leave Wei Wuxian bewildered and embarrassed, the red in his cheeks matching the one of his eyes. Somewhere in that apartment time seemed to melt on the walls, however Jiang Cheng felt that his brother could be his anchor to reality. He felt light and, even sitting on the couch, he seemed to float over there.

The mix of vodka and weed made him feel brave, as when touching Wei Wuxian's face, Jiang Cheng no longer knew for sure what the plan was but the desire burned inside him. He needed to get closer, closer, closer, closer-

“Jiang Cheng”

Wei Wuxian’s voice was like a warning, even though he wasn’t scolding Jiang Cheng ㅡ it was more of a calling ㅡ he suddenly felt ashamed, as if he had crossed an invisible line that he shouldn't have. So he retreated his hand and started putting some distance between them or soon Jiang Cheng would do something he would regret, something that would break the barrier between them for once and for all.

“Do you…” Wei Wuxian started asking as soon as Jiang Cheng moved away “Do you want to try something?”

The sultry summer air now looks different with Wei Wuxian looking at him so immersed, maybe it was the weed, maybe Jiang Cheng was just tired of lying to himself but he realized that afternoon would be a good memory even if he didn't have the courage to do what he wanted. He would always remember the way Wei Wuxian seemed to devour his soul when looking at him, both staring at each other in a silence that seemed to exist beyond space and time.

His knees were weak in anticipation and his voice would probably fail if he tried to speak. Jiang Cheng's mind was confused and he felt too high to be able to formulate in words everything he felt ㅡ ‘Can he feel the way my body asks for him?’ he thought while Wei Wuxian waited for his answer.

So instead of talking, Jiang Cheng nodded once.

“There’s this thing called ‘shotgunning’, me and Nie-xiong tried it once” Wei Wuxian tells him, now avoiding his eyes “I’m already super high but it can help you get stoned”

Jiang Cheng swallowed dry, not even sure of what to say because, in a way, he knew he was as high as Wei Wuxian but it was kinda cute seeing him so worried about making this a good experience for him as well. So he nodded again in silence and watched as his brother started to roll a blunt with skilled fingers ㅡ which further confirmed Jiang Cheng's theory that he had smoked more than once.

When he was finished, Wei Wuxian looked at him with the blunt between his lips. “I need to explain something to you first”

“Ok” Jiang Cheng replied, too distracted with how Wei Wuxian’s lips looked good holding the blunt while he talked.

“Shotgun means I’m going to smoke and…” Wei Wuxian paused as if he was choosing the right words “And force the smoke into your mouth”

Jiang Cheng wanted to drop dead right there.

A bubble of excitement seemed to form in his stomach, that invisible line from before gradually becoming distant and blurred for Jiang Cheng.

“Ok” He repeated like a fool, too busy to mind anything else beside the possibility of feeling Wei Wuxian’s lips on his.

Without further ado, Wei Wuxian lit the joint and took a long drag, the scene would probably be left in Jiang Cheng's memory for the next ten years. The way his red lips looked sexy around the joint, his ponytail slightly sloppy from the way he was propped up on the couch moments ago and the collar of his tank top exposing more of his shoulders.

He was probably the sexiest person Jiang Cheng had ever seen.

In the next moment, before Jiang Cheng could think of anything else, his brother came over and held his face gently, so that he felt himself falling apart in Wei Wuxian's hands. In silence, he met his brother's eyes and couldn't help but think about how Wei Wuxian would be seeing him at that moment.

And then he opened his mouth to Wei Wuxian.

It was strange at first, the smoke hit his face before his mouth but then Jiang Cheng started to inhale the smoke and feel dizzy, not only because he was high but because Wei Wuxian was too close . It made him self aware of his presence, but at the same time angry. 

Me and Nie-xiong tried it once.

Perhaps it was the memory of the words said moments before, or perhaps jealousy of what else Wei Wuxian would have done with Nie Huaisang behind his back, but at soon as the smoke was gone from both their mouths and lungs, Jiang Cheng held Wei Wuxian's face and kissed him.

The kiss seemed to take Wei Wuxian by surprise by the sigh he let out but his lips moved skillfully to the rhythm of Jiang Cheng's lips, as a result he couldn’t think of anything else besides the feeling of his brother’s lips on his. Everything happened too fast, one moment they were at the beginning of a curious kiss and the next Wei Wuxian was on Jiang Cheng's lap, legs pinning him in the middle so that, if he wished, he would be able to brush his already growing erection in Wei Wuxian.

It was already too much.

Too much yearning for all those years pining for Wei Wuxian, afraid that he would just see him as a foster brother and nothing more, never returning his feelings. But here they were now, both stoned as hell clinging to each other as if they weren't in the middle of summer.

Kissing while he was high was weird, he decided, his body didn’t feel like his own and at the same time Jiang Cheng could feel everything . Wei Wuxian’s lips were wet and it made their kisses sound filthy, what surprised him the most was Wei Wuxian continuing to kiss him, never pushing him away and resting his hands on Jiang Cheng's shoulders, so that he could have some balance and control of the situation.

Before Jiang Cheng could register what was happening he was kissing Wei Wuxian harder, deeper, teeth grazed over lips and ㅡ when Jiang Cheng bit his brother's bottom lip  ㅡ Wei Wuxian left a moan that went straight to his dick.

“Wei Wuxian” He calls him breaking the kiss, surprised by how raspy his voice sounds “We should talk about this”

Ignoring what Jiang Cheng said, Wei Wuxian takes advantage of the chance to gain access to his neck, depositing kisses from his earlobe to his collarbone exposed by the tank top he was wearing. And everything seemed to be too much . Wei Wuxian's touches were not innocent and made him feel wanted, as if it hadn't been Jiang Cheng himself who had started the kiss moments ago.

Still he needed to know if Wei Wuxian really wanted this, if he wasn't getting carried away because he was stoned enough that he could imagine someone else in Jiang Cheng's place.

Then, suddenly, there’s a hand cupping his bulge with a gentle squeeze. “ Wei Wuxian!

“What?” He asks him, voice as sweet as honey and eyes innocently blinking at him “Do you really want to talk while my hand is on your dick?”

Yes! ” Jiang Cheng replies exasperated as Wei Wuxian sighed.

He watched his brother stop and stare at him, Wei Wuxian’s bloodshot eyes matched the color of his spit-slick lips, he was so pretty it was unfair.

“Ok, so here’s your talk: I’m not doing this because I’m high or whatever bullshit you’re thinking” He licked his lips and removed a hand from Jiang Cheng’s shoulders to run it through his hair “I’m kissing you because I like you”

It was as if the air had been taken from Jiang Cheng's lungs at once, the euphoria in his chest was a mix between how stupid it felt to have taken all these years to take action and the shame of having heard those words ㅡ ‘he said he likes me’ , the thought taking up the whole space of his mind.

“You like me”

Wei Wuxian stared at him with amusement in his eyes. “Yeah, I've liked you since we were fifteen, will you tell me you never noticed?”

Jiang Cheng could only open his mouth, the answer lost somewhere in his mouth.

Oh my God , you didn’t! Jiang Cheng I was your first kiss!”

“Yeah, because you told me I should practice for this one girl at school!”

The two looked at each other indignantly until a roaring laugh left their lips, at this point he did not know if they were laughing at the absurdity of the situation, at the marijuana or because they were just happy. Jiang Cheng thought it was all that and more, the lightness he felt now was enough to take him to the clouds.

“I don’t wanna ruin this moment but I’m horny” Wei Wuxian tells him, resting their foreheads together “Honestly I would leave the whole conversation for later and suck your dick now”

Jiang Cheng had the feeling that he could explode right there just by hearing such words.

“I don’t think I can last more than a minute if you blow me”

That made Wei Wuxian laugh “Oh, I didn't know this was a problem for you”

“It’s not!” Jiang Cheng could feel himself blushing “It’s just… I'm high enough for everything to look more incredible and feel better than it already is, I don't know how long I could take it with my cock on your mouth”

“Ok, but can we kiss and see how this goes? I just want to touch you and I really want you to touch me too”

Hearing Wei Wuxian say those words sitting on his lap as his fingers traced irregular shapes on Jiang Cheng's chest really made it difficult to deny anything to him; so smiling he joined his lips with Wei Wuxian's and let his brother take control of their kiss.

The kisses they traded were dirtier this time, unashamedly sloppy as they licked into each other’s mouths and nipped at each other’s lips. It made Jiang Cheng growl as Wei Wuxian's hands caressed his abdomen making a dangerous path near the zipper of his jeans, to tell the truth, Jiang Cheng can barely believe they are still dressed. 

As if Wei Wuxian can read his thoughts, he pulls his own tank top over his head hastily and ㅡ it's not like it's the first time that Jiang Cheng sees his brother's naked torso, but in a way, it's the first time that he does. For this time he knows that he can touch him, so he takes his time sliding his hands across Wei Wuxian's chest, admiring the muscles beneath his fingers and the delicacy of his nipples. Biting his lips, Jiang Cheng rubs one of Wei Wuxian's nipples in a test and is delighted to hear the sound that leaves his lips, a kind of mixture between unsteady breathing and moaning.

“You’re so beautiful” He can’t help but say, a part of him still feeling like this was all a dream.

Wei Wuxian’s voice is weak when he replies: “Kiss me”

And who’s Jiang Cheng to deny him that? 

As soon as they kissed again, Jiang Cheng's tank top was immediately removed, Wei Wuxian started mouthing at his neck while he whined, too lost in his pleasure and hands tangled in Wei Wuxian’s hair. And Jiang Cheng can’t stop feeling like making out high is the best feeling ever, he could do this all day if it meant he would be able to hear all those little noises Wei Wuxian makes when he's touched.

This time, when he feels Wei Wuxian's hand on the volume of his pants, Jiang Cheng lets him unzip and move the garment out of the way, so that his pants are now forgotten on the floor. Before he can even think about what they’re doing, his brother is already on his knees mouthing at his bulge, splotching the cotton of his briefs darker here and there as a result, Jiang Cheng couldn’t control his moans, the room now feeling like a sauna.

“Do you like that?” Wei Wuxian murmurs, keeping his eyes on Jiang Cheng’s groin “Do you like watching me get on my knees for you?”

His voice is soft, but at the same time there is a certain malice in his tone and in the way Wei Wuxian licks his own lips, preventing any response from leaving Jiang Cheng's mouth. And, in a way, it looked like his brother was waiting for it because the next moment he’s stretching his mouth lewdly over the head of Jiang Cheng’s cock and sucking through the fabric.

It makes him shiver, his body sensitive to touch due to the weed that he smoked moments before. 

On the other hand, Wei Wuxian looked satisfied with his response as he proceeded to lower his boxers and toss it to the floor so now Jiang Cheng's hard cock rested on his abdomen, head flushed pink dripping from the tip. He watched as his brother swallowed, biting his lower lip afterwards.

“Like what you see?” Jiang Cheng asks him with a smirk.

Wei Wuxian smiles before replying in a low voice “Very much”

And then, before either of them says anything else, Wei Wuxian chases a bead of precum from the shaft to the head, tongue flat against the heat of it. He sucks, briefly, just at the tip, closing his lips around the head and moaning; thus Jiang Cheng can't help grabbing Wei Wuxian's already messy hair with one hand to bring him closer. 

Wei Wuxian seemed to understand what Jiang Cheng wanted, opening his mouth to suck his cock gently as Jiang Cheng’s hips jut upwards subconsciously at the feeling. He watches as Wei Wuxian starts to bob his head and bites his lip, arching ㅡ the memory of his brother with Jiang Cheng’s dick in his mouth will burn forever in his mind. He looked beautiful with a cock in his mouth, his eyes closed with his long lashes as the hair that was not caught in Jiang Cheng's hand fell under Wei Wuxian’s eyes. 

He swallows Jiang Cheng down to the base and suddenly he couldn’t think straight anymore. The warm embrace of Wei Wuxian’s hot mouth made him dizzy ㅡ wishing to lose himself in that pleasure that made him shiver ㅡ and guide his cock more and more into Wei Wuxian's mouth, which the boy willingly obeyed. 

Fuck ” 

Jiang Cheng can hear it before he sees Wei Wuxian choking on his dick, the sensation making them both moan in pleasure, and he definitely wouldn't last much longer if Wei Wuxian continued to suck his cock like that. 

So, with all the self-control that still remained in him, Jiang Cheng pushed Wei Wuxian away from his penis, ignoring the sound of protest that left his lips.

“Let me finish, Jiang Cheng!” His brother exclaims as if he were a child who lost his candy.

“Come here, I’m feeling lazy because of the weed and I don't want to come and feel too weak to help you do the same”

He watched as Wei Wuxian stood up, taking off his shorts and underwear at once, being completely naked in front of Jiang Cheng, who, in turn, took his time watching every muscle contour. Delighting in the knowledge that Wei Wuxian's hard cock was for him, Jiang Cheng had left him like that. 

Without wasting any more time, Wei Wuxian sat on Jiang Cheng's lap again and the contact of each other's skin made them moan, the closeness that hours before would have been absurd now a reality that they both enjoyed. Jiang Cheng took the opportunity to deposit wet kisses on his brother's neck, firm hands holding him in place while Wei Wuxian arched his back granting more access to Jiang Cheng's kisses.

Again, time seemed abstract and the notion only took shape again when their erections, due to their proximity, rubbed against each other and made them groan in unison. Holding Wei Wuxian's back with just one hand, Jiang Cheng used his free hand to grab their cocks together and pump them at a fast pace, getting lost between the sounds that left his brother's lips and the feeling of being surrounded by Wei Wuxian.

“Jiang Cheng, fuck” Wei Wuxian whined, hands holding Jiang Cheng’s face on his neck.

Jiang Cheng took the opportunity and bit the sensitive skin, so that tomorrow a purple mark would probably be there, but neither of them seemed to care. Pleasure was everything that occupied their minds, the smell of pot and sex filling the small apartment they shared while their skins dripping with sweat were pressed together.

“Are you close?” He whispers the question in Wei Wuxian's ear.

Yes! Yes!

He can feel in the way Wei Wuxian trembles on his lap now that it won't be long before he comes, so Jiang Cheng takes his lips again in an open-mouthed kiss. Twisting the hand that pumped their dicks together until he felt the familiar pressure on his lower abdomen, pleasure dominating his body causing Jiang Cheng to close his eyes and bite Wei Wuxian's lower lip, who was now saying his name like a prayer.

Jiang Cheng is the first to come, the pleasure reaching his body in waves and at the same time he continued to stimulate Wei Wuxian, who now hid his face in the outline of Jiang Cheng’s neck. 

“I’m going-” A broken cry left Wei Wuxian’s lips before he can finish.

Using his free hand to stroke Wei Wuxian's messy hair and speeding up his hand by pumping his cock, Jiang Cheng says “Yes, let me see you come”

Jiang Cheng

One bite on his shoulder was all the warning Wei Wuxian gave him when he came, coming apart into Jiang Cheng's lap in ecstasy as he milked his brother until the end. When Jiang Cheng stopped, they were both breathing hard and he could feel the cum sticking to their skin, but the sense of reality was slowly returning and he still didn't want to get up. Jiang Cheng did not want to leave and discover that the last hour had been a marijuana-induced dream.

Therefore Jiang Cheng closed his eyes and leaned his head against the back of the sofa bringing Wei Wuxian with him, distracting himself while his fingers played with the dark strands of his hair. 

“So…” Wei Wuxian started saying, hands flat on Jiang Cheng’s chest.

“So…” Jiang Cheng repeats a smile already on his lips “You like me”

That made Wei Wuxian laugh and Jiang Cheng thought he could bottle up the sound to listen whenever he needed it, because nothing made him as happy as that.

“No” He replies standing up just enough to look into Jiang Cheng's eyes “I love you”

The words tickled Jiang Cheng's skin and he could have sworn there were butterflies dancing in his stomach, the effects of weed were almost gone but a new euphoria was taking over his mind.

Euphoria over being loved by Wei Wuxian.

“Come on, we need to clean up” Jiang Cheng tells him, ignoring the whine of protest that left his brother’s lips.

Immediately after Wei Wuxian leaves his lap, Jiang Cheng goes to the bathroom in search of a cloth to clean up the mess they have made. In the mirror, before returning to the living room, he could see the red marks from the bites Wei Wuxian left on his skin and smiled at his own reflection ㅡ the line between reality and dream now vanished.

He busied himself with cleaning himself with the mirror, the sticky white liquid staining his groin and abdomen. Before leaving the bathroom, he quickly washed his face and noticed that his eyes were red which made him smile. Jiang Cheng would have to thank the weed for the momentary courage that being stoned gave him to finally kiss Wei Wuxian.

Upon returning to the living room Jiang Cheng found Wei Wuxian lying lazily on the sofa, his legs dangling out of the sofa's arm as he was much larger than the space he occupied. It was a captivating scene to see him like this and Jiang Cheng would be lying if he said that his heart was not jumping inside his chest, and knowing that now he could just reach out and kiss him filled him with euphoria.

“You’re so lazy, do you know that?” Inquired Jiang Cheng approaching the couch and cleaning the cum out of Wei Wuxian’s abs “What guarantee did you have that I was going to clean you up?”

“I just knew you would” His brother answered a satisfied smile on his face while he looked at Jiang Cheng.

Clicking his tongue and giving Wei Wuxian a light slap on the thighs, Jiang Cheng took his underwear from the floor and put it on, throwing Wei Wuxian's underwear so he could do the same. 

“I’m hungry as hell, we should order a pizza or something”

And without waiting for a response from Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng walked towards the counter that separated the living room and kitchen space, looking for something to chew on that could distract his stomach. Getting high was really a strange thing.

Then suddenly he felt arms wrapped around his waist in a tight hug, Wei Wuxian's nose nuzzling the back of his neck before the boy rested his chin on Jiang Cheng's shoulder. The action made them look like a couple and, for God's sake, Jiang Cheng had been smiling stupidly like a teenager for the past fifteen minutes.

“Jiang Cheng” Wei Wuxian started saying in a low voice, pressing a light kiss on his shoulder “Are you… you know…”

“I'm what? Gay? I think the answer for this one is kind of obvious”

His reply made Wei Wuxian laugh “No, that part I was able to come to a conclusion alone, but thanks for clarifying anyway”

“So what exactly are you asking me?”

Wei Wuxian's silence was short, but when he spoke again, shame ㅡ such a rare feeling to observe in the boy ㅡ was noticeable.

“I told you I loved you, but you…”


And then it hit Jiang Cheng that he never said it back.

After years of keeping and accumulating all his feelings inside himself, Jiang Cheng was used to not saying things out loud and now he felt like a complete idiot for hoping that Wei Wuxian would just understand everything without him saying a word. It was almost embarrassing to need his brother to ask for something so simple, something that Jiang Cheng had not been able to control since he was fifteen when he first saw Wei Wuxian.

So, turning to hold Wei Wuxian's face in his hands and looking into the darkness of his eyes, Jiang Cheng smiled before kissing him gently. Depositing on his lips all the feelings that he kept under lock and key in his heart.

Breaking the kiss and watching Wei Wuxian's happy smile, Jiang Cheng felt the words leave his mouth out loud for the first time:

“I love you, Wei Wuxian”

And honestly, if Jiang Cheng knew before that a stoned afternoon could grant him everything he wanted, maybe this would not be the last time he would use marijuana.