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Ancient Powers x Cale

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Cale shivered as he walked through the Forest of Darkness alone at night. Normally, Cale would not even consider doing such a dangerous thing alone, especially in a time and place worthy of being the setting of a horror movie, but his ancient powers had told him that he could only fortify them alone this time and that they would protect him from any dangers.  

At first, he did not really believe them, but the Indestructible Shield told him that she could tell the trees in the forest to hinder and bind any nearby animals and monsters and Sky Eating Water said that she could scare them all away as she had when she was the Grey Eye Lake. Judging by the lack of animals and monsters so far, they both really were doing a good job keeping their promise.  

Still, Cale could not help but grumble at having to do whatever the ancient powers insisted on doing in the dead of night when he should be asleep like the rest of his friends. A tint of red dusted his cheeks when he remembered how they had all offered to stay up and wait for him to return home. Of course, Cale refused and ordered them all to sleep. Since the ancient powers said that the fortification this time was extremely safe but might take a really long time, he would be trash for keeping them all awake for no reason when even he longed to be under his warm, soft comforter in bed. 

‘Here! This spot is good!’  

The fire with which Fire of Destruction was keeping him warm with flared in excitement and Cale stopped to find himself in a clearing. Well, the ground was cleared. Instead of the night sky that Raon and Mary often liked staring at, however, there were overhanging vines dangling down from the forest canopy. The vines seemed to shift and sway like snakes slithering closer to their prey with the chilly winds of night. Cale suppressed more shivers at the sight that reminded him of the other possible creepy crawling dangers possibly hiding in the darkness of the forest. He really could not wait to get this over with and head back home. 

“So? Will you finally tell me exactly what it is that you want to do?” The ancient powers had all been oddly vague about this, even as they insisted that it was a sure proof method that will make him stronger. Cale did not bring any money or treasures with him as he would have for the fortification of the Fire of Destruction, however, and Cale did not see any ancient artifacts like the Sound of Wind’s whip. Although Cale did not see any signs of the fortification method or even anything besides the bare ground of the clearing, however, Cale could feel all the ancient powers within him tremble and even bounce with excitement. 

Super Rock coughed before starting awkwardly. 

‘We, ancient powers, have been talking...’  

Cale’s brows furrowed. Last time they had talked among themselves, they had come up with the idea to take the White Star’s ancient powers which Super Rock confidently told him. This time, however, Super Rock’s voice held some hesitation and it almost felt like the ancient powers were up to no good... 

‘Anyways, Cale...’  Super Rock’s voice continued on. ‘Will you sacrifice yourself?’  

“What--” Cale began before stumbling backwards when he felt something trip him. His eyes widened when he saw all the vines of the canopy really did move, descending from above and wrapping around his ankles, wrists, and torso. “You--” That was the only word he got out before a smooth green vine covered his mouth tightly.  

Cale’s instincts screamed and he tugged and fought against the vines that held him in the air. It was futile, he knew it after having used Indestructible Shield to bind golems and black mages so many times before, but he continued struggling. He knew that the ancient powers would not injure or kill him, but he could not help the uncertainty filling him as he took in the sight of the clearing again, seeing the darkness of the night, the silence and absence of any living beings around, and the vines of the canopy that were entangling him in another light. His breaths were becoming short as he slowly wore out, but his breath hitched when he felt the vines pull at his clothes, undoing buttons and steadily bereaving him of any covering. The smooth vines brushed against his chest and around his naked legs and Cale gasped like a man who had just escaped an illusion when he realized belatedly that in the time he had frozen, the vines had already stripped him of everything and were now working their way towards his groin. 

“What are you doing?”  Cale shouted in his mind, scrambling and twisting to get away before his muffled voice hitched as a tender vine wrapped around his cock and began stroking the head. Simultaneously, the other vines that had brushed against his chest began caressing his nipples and the sides of his chest. Cale’s vision blurred as he gasped against his gag again and even found himself suppressing whines when pleasure began trickling into his system.  

“No--”  Cale clenched his eyes at the sensations that he had never felt before, not even when he was Kim Rok Soo, thirty-six years old in another world. He steeled himself and renewed his struggles though, struggling even as his limbs trembled from pleasure and from the depleting strength from his struggles. Cale wanted to glare and shout, but he could feel the invisible ancient powers feigning silence and ignorance despite their infuriating warm radiance and the slight fluctuations of their presence each time he held back a moan.  

“S-stop this right now!”  As if excited by his reactions, the vines around his nipples and cock slowly intensified to an almost unbearable pace and more of them began stroking him in other places as if trying to find his sensitive spots. A soft vine brushed against the skin behind his ears, another nipped and pinched at his neck, and yet another traced down his collarbone.

“I mean it! P-please-! Ahh!”  At some point in time, heat greater than even the Fire of Destruction that lit and warmed the clearing began pooling within him and Cale had to close his eyes in a futile attempt to ignore the sensations when they escalated beyond his control.

Mmmph, nnnahhn, ahh--”  The vine muffling his mouth had left, but Cale didn’t dare open it as he tried suppressing the moans threatening to escape him.

"S-stop--”  Then Cale felt a thin tendril poke around the sensitive underside of the head of his cock while his length was being stroked to completion.

"N-no--”  The tendril continued delicately pressing against the sensitive underside in false kisses, wrapping itself around his cock and stroking, and Cale jolted as white flooded his vision and he screamed in pleasure. “Ahhhhhh!” 

Stars filled his vision and Cale’s body shuddered after the wave of heat raced through him, cresting and breaking out until he came all over his body. Cale panted, breath coming out in large heaves as he hung limply in the cradling vines, sensitive body twitching within their grasp. Cale’s mind blanked in the warm lull until the vines on him started moving again, causing his brain to kick back into gear. 


“N-no!” Cale cried out before gasping out in moans again when the vine around his oversensitive cock came back to life and began stroking him again. Another flicked his raised nipples, another teased the inside of his inner thigh, and yet another traced the rim of his wet lower cavern...

“W-wait... Nnaahn! St—ahhhh—p! Ahhh!! Nooo-- Ahhh!!” Cale keened and cried, trying to recover his already battered defenses, but failed as he lost himself to the newfound tide of heat and pleasure that only climbed higher and higher as the night went on.

‘More! I want more!!’  Fire of Destruction shouted, his voice echoing throughout Cale’s mind as he sobbed. "You really are an angel!! This is – This is way better than I thought!’  

‘...I’m sorry, Cale, but I... I really couldn’t help but help him after listening to this crazy pervert talk about all his fantasies 24/7. Even if I was blind, his descriptions were so tempting and detailed and... Ahem, I mean, he wouldn’t shut up so I had no choice but to help him for the sake of my sanity.’  

‘XXX liar. I knew you both were best XXX-ing friends for a reason... but..." Sky Eating Water whistled and drooled as she watched, Indestructible Shield having held Cale's head at just the right angle with vines so that he could see himself being penetrated and touched. It didn't help that Cale's voice was so hot and sensual. "Damn. I thought the cheapskate was only crazy about him because of all that money he was given... but Cale really is XXX-ing XXX-ly hot.'  Sky Eating Water stared intently at the vines stroking and abusing Cale's cock before creating a mirror of water in the air to reflect Cale's face. 

‘...not fair... Food for the eyes really got better over time... now, I’m really hungry too...’