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“Ah, splendid, everyone is here,” Albert said as he stepped into the living room.

“It’s more surprising to find you hear, dear brother,” William replied with a smile. He tilted his head and hummed, “You do spend a majority of your evenings at Mycroft’s manor these days.”

“Yes, well, on that note actually, I’ve come to personally deliver something from him.” Albert waved a pair of letters in the air. He looked around at everyone then back at William before he clarified, “Well, technically they’re from Sherlock, I suppose.”

“Oh? That’s rare.” William could feel all eyes upon him as he held out his hand. He didn’t blame the lot of them. That guy’s mind games were nearly on par with his own and he’d been more than a little lost in a few of them. Luckily, he had a faithful group of companions to keep him grounded whenever he started to stray. He nodded thanks when Albert handed him one of the envelopes then raised his eyebrows curiously after he handed the second one to Louis. Now he was intrigued.

Louis tore open the envelope then gasped, “This is–!”

“An invitation to the Holmes-Watson wedding,” William finished the thought for him. He held up the card with the lovely golden lettering so the others could see.

“You can’t be serious. Just what kind of game is that guy playing now?” Sebastian groaned. He watched the way that William studied the invite with great interest.

“Maybe it’s a trap?” Fred asked softly.

“Either way we shouldn’t go,” Louis chimed in.

“It’s not a trap, it’s actually long overdue. Those two have been dancing around their desire to marry for so long it’s stupid,” Albert said. He looked at the curious gazes upon him then cleared his throat and added, “According to Mycroft, at least.”

“We’ll attend.” William nodded.

“Brother! Please think about it before deciding!” Louis exclaimed. “Would it really be wise for us to go, all things considered?”

William smiled as he replied, “Love is worth putting aside our petty differences for a single afternoon and celebrating, don’t you think?”

Louis opened his mouth then shut it again without a word. His brow knitted together but he didn’t voice what was on his mind. Instead he nodded once in agreement.

“It seems we were both given plus ones,” William added as he studied the invitation. He looked back at Louis and said, “I assume that means you’ll be bringing Fred along? If so, everyone will be accounted for and should we need to make a quick escape for any reasons the odds will be in our favor.”

“Me?” Fred asked, clearly surprised. He nodded when the blond looked his way then said, “If that’s your command.”

“I’m not commanding you to attend, don’t worry.” William explained. “If you two would prefer to take the day off and spend it on your own then feel free.”

Fred’s eyes widened then a faint blush filled his cheeks. He bowed his head and mumbled, “Thank you, sir.”

“You said everyone would be accounted for,” Louis spoke up. He blinked a few times before he side-eyed the man in question and asked, “Does that mean mister Moran will accompany you?”

William continued to smile as he replied, “If he wishes to.”

Sebastian rubbed the back of his neck and frowned. He shut his eyes then sighed, “A wedding of all things? That sounds so… boring.”

Louis jolted in surprise at his words. He immediately turned towards the dark-haired man and wagged a finger at him as he exclaimed, “You should be thrilled that brother William would even consider bringing you along! Show some respect!”

William chuckled softly and shook his head. He held up a hand to silence the noise and hummed, “It’s fine if he doesn’t want to go, Louis. I can attend like the eligible bachelor I am. Who knows what kind of fateful encounter that might lead to?”

“William…” Albert sighed. He looked from the blond to Sebastian, whose brain seemed to be working overtime. He swore he could see the gears turning. A glance back at the blond and he found that William had gone right back to reading his book, evidently done with the conversation for now. Albert shook his head then said, “Well, you have some time to figure it all out. The wedding is next weekend.”

“It’s what?” Louis asked, quite shocked. “That’s not nearly enough time to prepare for such a thing.”

Albert chuckled then shrugged and shook his head. “I won’t pretend to understand it. Luckily for us, we all have tuxedos readily available in our closets. All we would need to consider would be an appropriate gift.”

“Cash is fine, isn’t it?” William asked without looking up from his book. “It’s impersonal enough but you can still show off a bit depending on the amount.”

“As usual you make a practical point,” Albert nodded.

“I’m glad you agree,” William hummed. He shut his book, set the invitation atop it, stood, then walked across the room. Once he reached the doorway he stopped and looked over his shoulder as he said, “Join me for a quick smoke, mister Moran.”


Everyone knew they hadn’t left the room for a smoke and not a single one of them said a word. There was no reason to. He and Sebastian weren’t trying to hide the fact that they’d been seeing one another. At the same time, they never actually told anyone either. They simply waited for the lot of them to put things together on their own. Eventually they all did, even if no one actually said as much. A home without secrets was a lot more welcoming in his opinion. Though that was hardly important at the moment.

William’s eyes fluttered shut and he moaned as the fingers inside of him curled deliciously. Sebastian used both of them as if they were one. The man was so skilled it was a bit ridiculous. The silk bedsheets beneath him felt positively decadent against his bare skin. It was a shame that the dark-haired man was still fully clothed and couldn’t enjoy them to the fullest as well.

“Eligible bachelor, huh?” Sebastian grumbled. He applied pressure to that perfect spot without warning and William keened.

It was definitely not a sound he’d intended to make but there was no holding back when this man wanted to hear some noise. He’d find a way to get exactly that. Once Sebastian pulled his fingers back enough to relieve some of the pressure, William licked his lips then nodded and replied, “What? Jealous that someone else might catch my eye?”

“So what if I am?” Sebastian asked as he shoved his fingers all the way into the blond once more.

William gasped at the feeling. His chest rose and fell slowly with his deep breaths. All too suddenly, his entire body felt like it was aflame. This man was such an expert at using his fingers to drive him to the brink of madness. Though he couldn’t help but want to pretend otherwise. Call it pride, or defiance, it boiled within him whenever at another person’s mercy.

His gaze never left Sebastian’s as he declared, “You’d only have yourself to blame for not accepting my invite.”

“Did you invite me? Because all I heard was an assumption that I’d be your arm candy for the evening.”

William bit down on his bottom lip to keep from making any noise as Sebastian curled his fingers in that perfect way once again. He laid his head back against the bed then tangled his hands in his own hair. The fingers that pumped in and out of him felt so good he could hardly think at all. This conversation was a test of wills at this point. It was only after Sebastian stopped moving his hand that he finally regained his ability to speak.

“Is that…” William panted softly. The devilish man began to slide his fingers back into him as soon as he started talking. “Is it really such a– hng– such a bad deal?”

Sebastian bent down so they were nose to nose and grunted, “Ask me properly.”

William looked back at him with all the defiance he could possibly muster while naked with two fingers knuckle deep inside of him then asked, “And if I refuse?”

Sebastian didn’t say a word. Instead he started to finger the blond in earnest, making sure to apply constant pressure to that spot within him. The lewd sound of squelching lubricant mixed with William’s needy moans. There was no point in trying to feel ashamed. He was way too close to his climax to care. As soon as William cried out that he was almost there and his back arched off the bed, Sebastian stopped what he was doing. There was a devilish smirk upon his face when the blond shot a glare in his direction.

The dark-haired man wasn’t deterred at all by the look. In fact, he seemed rather pleased by the sight. William’s cheeks burned with blush and he did his best to take quick breaths to calm his racing pulse. He didn’t get the chance to say anything before Sebastian started to move his fingers again. The terrible man brought him to the edge of climax another three– or was it four– times without allowing him that final release.

William finally couldn’t take any more. His mind was in a haze. He was an oversensitive writhing mess and this battle of wills was a loss on his end. He whimpered softly to get the other man’s attention.

“What was that? Speak up.”

“Sebastian…” William managed to mumble between haggard breaths. His eyes were half-lidded and clouded with lust as he stared at the man above him and added, “Be my plus one…”

“See? That wasn’t so hard,” Sebastian purred with just the faintest of smiles upon his lips. He slipped a third finger into his lover and picked up right where he’d left off.

At this point all William could do was pray that he’d be shown some mercy this time around. He squeezed his eyes shut and whined as he approached his climax yet again. Yes. Just a little more. He was almost there. “Please.”

Stars exploded in his eyes and he cried out something that was probably supposed to be his lover’s name as his orgasm crashed through him furiously. William’s whole body shuddered with the force of it.

Sebastian repositioned himself so he was lying next to the blond, kissed his cheek, then whispered, “You’re beautiful when you come.”

“You can be quite cruel when you want to…” William muttered under his breath. He ignored the way that compliment made his cheeks burn. What a silly thing to be embarrassed about now of all times.

“I learned from the best,” Sebastian replied with a snicker. He slid his arm around his lover then pulled him against his chest and pet his sweat-soaked hair.

The two of them were silent after that while William took a few moments to bask in his post-orgasm high as well as the feeling of the hard chest he was lying against. Once that wore off and he finally had control of his mind again he nuzzled Sebastian’s chest and mumbled, “You never gave me a proper answer.”

Sebastian pressed a soft kiss to his blond hair then muttered, “Sure, I’ll be your arm candy.”




The next two weeks went by at an alarmingly quick rate. William swore he merely blinked and suddenly the day of the wedding was upon them. Everyone was dressed in their best outfits and they all looked rather dashing, if William did say so himself. A newfound sense of pride bubbled within him. His companions, no, his family were the best of the best.

They lined up two by two in order to be announced so they could gain entry to the venue. It was all rather pretentious, but such was the life of a noble. He noticed how Albert chuckled at some joke that Mycroft had evidently whispered into his ear. It was nice to see his older brother smile like that. Behind them were Louis and Fred, silent as always. Other than the fact that they were arm-in-arm one wouldn’t even know they were together. Those two needed to lighten up a bit and learn to have some fun, especially when it was at someone else’s expense. William and Sebastian brought up the rear.

When it was finally their turn, William couldn’t help but smile. He could sense Sebastian’s curious gaze upon him but didn’t dare look his way. He stared straight ahead and waited on the attendant to bellow their names.

“Announcing mister William James Moriarty and mister C. Andy.”

William had to grit his teeth to keep from laughing. He and Sebastian walked into the venue and as soon as they were out of earshot of the usher he heard a soft, “Very funny.”

He certainly thought so, yes. Judging by the look that Louis gave him as they took their seats, the sentiment was not shared by all. No matter, it had nothing to do with anyone but the two of them. If William wanted to tease Sebastian then he would. It was as simple as that.

Once all the guests were seated, the main event finally began. As far as ceremonies went, it was pretty much ordinary. Lots of talking accompanied by the happy couple making goo-goo eyes at one another as if they didn’t know anyone else was even in the room. William was sure he never got like that; it was just silly. Especially knowing there were so many onlookers around. He was knocked out of his own thoughts when he felt a hand upon his thigh.

He turned to his right just in time to see Sebastian wink at him before refocusing his gaze on the couple before them. It was a bit ridiculous that such a little gesture could make his chest fill with warmth but that’s exactly what happened. William didn’t let it show, of course. He simply faced forward again as well, still quite aware of the hand that rested upon his leg. More than aware. His body knew all too well just what that hand felt like against his bare skin and a pang of arousal shot through him.

William couldn’t really say just how long he was distracted by thoughts of the way Sebastian’s calloused fingers felt against his skin. Those rough hands were only ever gentle when they touched him. Well, that is unless the occasion called for a bit of a rougher touch. That was an entirely different situation. He blinked a few times when everyone around him began to applaud. William joined in as soon as he saw the newlyweds kissing. Sherlock had John dipped backwards as the poor blond clung to him with one hand and his hat with the other. Gratuitously dramatic, as usual.

It was nice to finally be able to stretch his legs now that the ceremony was finished. The reception was next and in the same building so there wasn’t really any risk of running late. William decided to make the most of this and go for a short walk. He told Louis to go on ahead and find their table, he’d meet them there. As soon as his brother’s brow furrowed William told him not to worry since his faithful companion would be with him every step of the way. Then they parted ways.

“Where are we going?” Sebastian asked, clearly ready to get to that reception hall and make use of the open bar.

“Nowhere in particular,” William hummed. “Just exploring the venue and admiring the gothic architecture.”

“Why do I not believe you in the slightest…” Sebastian sighed.

William hummed softly then stopped walking outside of a seemingly random door. He tested the knob to find it unlocked and let out a soft ‘ah’. He smiled at his companion then opened it and stepped inside.

Enough light entered through the row of small windows near the ceiling to see clearly by. That was good. There would be no need to light any candles. William looked around at all the carefully stacked supplies. The organization of the seemingly random things was striking. Everything had its proper place and he didn’t even see a molecule of dust. This storage room was well taken care of.

Sebastian looked at a stack of folded towels and asked, “Why would you want to tour a storage room?”

“Why indeed?” William hummed. He ran his fingers along the labels of some bottles on a nearby shelf, drawing the other man’s attention to them. Then his fingers danced along the top of a wooden crate which just so happened to be about waist high. How interesting. The taller man was so close behind him that he could practically feel his body heat. Perfect. William spun around quickly and grabbed Sebastian’s tie then yanked him down into a kiss.

Finally. He’d been wanting to do that since the moment he saw Sebastian looking delicious in his tux. The man had no right to clean up so well. William tilted his head to find a better angle and they both breathed in harshly through their noses as they deepened the kiss. Kissing this man was the rush he needed to get through the day.

They were left breathless for a second once they finally parted. Amusement shined in Sebastian’s eyes as he hummed, “Hooking up at someone else’s wedding is a bit cliché, don’t you think?”

“You say that as if you haven’t been giving me bedroom eyes all afternoon,” William replied haughtily.

“What! That’s just how I look at you!” Sebastian exclaimed.

William smiled devilishly as he purred, “So naughty.”

“It isn’t!”

William chuckled softly at the incredibly appealing blush that crept into the taller man’s cheeks. With his schedule being even more packed than usual, it had been a few days since the two of them had a moment to themselves like this. William knew that he wasn’t the only one who was rather pent up because of it. The good news was that the solution was simple.

He lifted his chin to look up at Sebastian. William’s hand wandered downward to rub the front of his trousers. He felt the other man’s body instantly react and start to grow. It was always nice to know he wasn’t the only one weak to his lover’s touch. William continued to rub that same spot as the cock beneath continued to harden. A soft grunt got his attention and he blinked at the taller man.

While Sebastian made no move to stop him, he also didn’t put his hands on him. Well, if that’s really the way he wanted things, William would just have to try harder. He expertly released the buttons of Sebastian’s trousers one by one, until his cock was freed. The man was gifted with both length and girth, and William loved the weighty feeling of his fully erect penis in his hand.

He wrapped his hand around it and gave it a quick stroke then rubbed his thumb over the velvety tip. William slid his hand along the shaft once more, tracing that prominent vein. It was so warm, clearly the only place Sebastian’s blood was flowing right now. The tip glistened with beads of precome and just the sight of that made William’s mouth start to water. The soft grunt and way that Sebastian moved his hips as if asking for more were telling indeed.

William lifted his chin and was immediately met with a kiss. The passionate way Sebastian’s lips moved against his own was enough to make his knees go weak. No, not yet. He wasn’t done. They continued to kiss as William pumped his hand, pausing only to fondle his lover’s balls just the way he liked it. Sebastian broke the kiss to groan softly and William watched the way his cock twitched as if to egg him on. Someone was enjoying himself. Good. Without warning, he stopped completely.

He put his hand against Sebastian’s chest and poked out his bottom lip as he muttered, “Although, perhaps you’re right. What kind of example would we be setting for the others if we gave into our desire on a whim?”

“They don’t need to know,” Sebastian grumbled. He leaned in even closer then turned his head and whispered into the blond’s ear, “You’ve teased me enough, William.”

William couldn’t do a thing about the smug smile that spread across his face. Things were always so lovely when they went exactly how he predicted. Unfortunately, their time was limited, and he couldn’t prolong this delightful foreplay. His eyes darkened in a lustful haze and he purred, “Do you want my mouth, then?”

“Think again.”

William watched as Sebastian stepped away from him and removed his jacket. Then he laid it atop the nearby crate and smoothed it out, ever the gentleman. Afterwards he turned around and grabbed one of the nearby towels and laid that out as well. Then he nodded, satisfied with his job. Finally, he turned and gave William a look that sent a shiver down his spine. This man was a walking problem. One that William quite enjoyed having. He held back a surprised yelp when Sebastian lifted him off his feet as if he was weightless. Next thing William knew, he was seated atop the crate.

He didn’t say a word as he watched Sebastian remove his boots for him. Their eyes were fixed upon each other as those fell to the ground one after the other with a soft thud. Next, the dark-haired man worked on unbuttoning his trousers so he could remove them as well. Though much gentler than the man’s usual attempt to rip his clothes off after he got him all hot and bothered, the action still wasn’t what one would call careful. He couldn’t imagine how he’d ever explain it if his pants were torn during this process.

Luckily, that didn’t happen. Sebastian managed to remove them without issue. William sat there completely unashamed, even with his lower half totally exposed like this. Maybe it was the way that Sebastian looked at him like he was an ethereal being, or perhaps it was his own ego at work, but he really had the utmost confidence when naked. Or partially so, since the rest of his clothes stayed on.

There was something dark and full of desire in Sebastian’s eyes as he looked up at him. This was quite similar to when he’d sworn his loyalty. The man on his knees as William looked down at him from above. Only this time Sebastian was also caressing his thighs. Their eyes were locked on each other as the dark-haired man kissed his way up William’s right leg slowly. Once he made it to the top, he pushed the blond’s legs apart.

William couldn’t do anything about the soft gasp that escaped him when Sebastian licked along the length of his cock without warning. He bit down on his bottom lip when the dark-haired man took the tip into his mouth then swirled his tongue around it before he sucked lovingly.

Sebastian took the whole shaft down to the base and held it there. William grew even harder in that perfectly moist mouth of his. Sebastian slurped lewdly as he pulled off of the cock again. Then he winked at the blond before taking it back into his mouth and bobbing his head as he sucked along it. William gripped at either side of the crate and tossed his head back as he let out a soft groan. So warm, wet, and perfect. He’d be done for quickly if this continued.

Sebastian seemed aware of this fact, perhaps from the way William’s body reacted. He pulled off of the cock then stood upright. He kissed William quickly– making sure to use extra tongue–  before he turned towards the nearby shelf with the bottles of olive oil that the blond pointed out earlier. He grabbed then opened one and poured some of the liquid onto his fingers. William made a mental note to send the venue compensation as they weren’t petty thieves.

William shuddered as Sebastian slipped a slicked finger past his entrance. There was no time to waste teasing like he normally would, and that urgency made it all the hotter. He moaned as his lover fingered him in that way that would send him over the edge any moment. William had to bite back a cry when a second finger joined the first. He panted softly and squeezed his eyes shut, waiting for that last push towards his much-needed orgasm. Instead of that, however, the fingers slipped out of him. William whimpered softly, much to his own dismay. The teasing smile upon his lover’s face told him he had nothing to worry about and he’d leave satisfied, as always.

After pouring some more oil into his palm, Sebastian gave his cock a few good strokes. Once it was good and slicked he stepped closer to William and kissed him with all the passion he could muster. The blond barely had a chance to kiss back before Sebastian pushed the tip of his cock into him. William moaned into the kiss as the thick cock slid inside inch by inch, spreading him wide along the way.

When he was finally all the way inside Sebastian broke the kiss to look at the blond. William panted softly as he gripped at the crate for dear life. He kissed the blond’s forehead then mumbled, “All right?”

“Move,” William demanded. He groaned louder than he meant to when Sebastian did just that. There was no slow and steady this time, no. The dark-haired man began to fuck him in earnest as soon as he was given permission. Each thrust somehow felt deeper than the last and William was sure he’d end up a quivering puddle of goo any moment now.

Sounds of skin slapping against skin echoed through the room in time with Sebastian’s unforgiving pace. Their grunts, the lewd noises, the fact that anyone could walk in on them at any moment and catch them in this compromising position… it was a rush. The act was even more satisfying than usual with all those factors adding to the thrill of it.

William grabbed his lover by the tie and pulled him into a sloppy kiss. It was an attempt to quell the sounds they were making and didn’t really work. All it accomplished was getting them to moan into each other’s mouths instead, which was just fucking hot. William gasped when Sebastian’s hand wrapped around his neglected cock and began to stroke it in time with his thrusts.

“Ahh! I’m… close!” William cried. He clung to the fabric of the other man’s shirt desperately as his body bounced in time with the hard thrusts.

“Come for me, William,” Sebastian purred, his voice gravelly with his desire. “Let me feel your body clench around my dick.”

Fuck.” It was a rare occurrence to hear William swear. He didn’t care for it at all. But when he came so hard that his entire body shuddered with the force of it and he swore he saw through time itself, well, that was as good an excuse as any.

Sebastian pushed all the way into him and groaned, “Ahh… Will… William… hng!”

The two of them stared at one another as they tried their best to catch their breaths. William squeezed his eyes shut and bit on his bottom lip when Sebastian finally slid his flaccid cock out of him. Almost immediately he felt warmth ooze out of his hole as well. Proof of their naughty escapades slowly escaped his body.

Sebastian reached for the end of the towel that dangled over the side of the crate and wiped off his hand then gently wiped William off as well. Again their eyes met, and William had never seen anyone look at him with such an intense amount of unabashed affection before. He certainly hoped that the look in his own eyes reflected the same sentiment.

Sebastian kissed his forehead, nuzzled the spot, and then muttered some sweet nonsense. He was always inclined to tell William just how much he cared for him after they had sex. It showed that these things they did together were important to him, not some casual fling. One more kiss to the blond’s forehead then he hummed, “Feel better?”

“Much, yes,” William nodded. His devilish smile returned and he added, “Don’t worry, I’ll return the favor and make you see stars later tonight.”

Sebastian stiffened with a grunt. He narrowed his eyes at the blond as he grumbled, “Why would you go and say something like that? Tryin’ to get me worked up again?”

“I’m allowed to be a bit of a tease, darling.” William put the tips of his fingers beneath Sebastian’s chin to hold his face in place as he leaned in. He kissed the corner of his lover’s mouth then whispered, “Let’s go before we’re missed.”

The two of them got dressed in a hurry. It wasn’t perfect, but it’d have to do. They stepped out of the storage room to find the hallway clear of witnesses, thank goodness. It was a short walk to the room where the reception was being held so they headed in that direction. As soon as they turned the first corner, they saw a familiar face.

“Brother! Where have you been?” Louis gasped. He let out a sigh of relief then explained, “I got worried so I came looking for you.”

“You’re too kind, Louis,” William replied with a warm smile. He tilted his head and added, “We simply got distracted during our little tour, but we’re on the way in now.”

Louis gave his brother’s outfit a once over and frowned. He quickly started to smooth out the material and fix what he could. He shook his head and clicked his tongue then sighed, “Why is your outfit so unkempt?” His gaze shifted to the taller man. “Mister Moran, if you’re accompanying him you should always stick right by his side to avoid whatever lead to this catastrophe.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more,” William hummed with a nod. He quite liked the idea of having Sebastian right by his side always. The soft snort from the dark-haired man wasn’t nearly as effective as he probably thought it was. William knew all too well that Sebastian would love nothing more. Good. His smile widened and he thanked Louis for the assistance then hooked his arm in Sebastian’s and said, “Lead the way, we’re right behind you.”