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Im not okay (and thats okay)

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Giorno woke up in a haze as he attempted to focus his blurry vision. His headache was bad and it was hard to get out of his very torn, stiff mattress on the floor of his room. His walls were covered in holes from his stepfather's fits of anger and his window was broken. Unfortunately he didn't have any heating. Giorno shivered as a breeze blew past, making his already frigid room even colder. As he stood up, he felt his whole body protest against the action. His back felt like it was ready to leap out of his body and his legs shook.

Giorno sighed, choosing to ignore the feelings in his body. He looked up on his calendar to see what day it was.

April 6th? Thank god it's Friday. He briefly looked at the day he had marked in red but quickly looked away.

Not yet...

He sighed, taking a deep breath to clear his mind and walked to the bathroom. At least at school he could actually be warm. Maybe if he's lucky he'll be able to eat some lunch today too if he found any money.

Walking into the bathroom, Giorno kept quiet so he wouldn't wake up his parents. He knew what would happen if he did, and he didn't want to risk it. Silently, he closed the bathroom door and turned on the light.

Since there was only one light in the bathroom, it was relatively hard to see but he didn't mind. He took a washcloth and turned on the shower, making sure it was on the lowest setting and that the water was cold. Sometimes he wished he could use the hot water but he was already privileged enough and asking for more seemed ungrateful of him. He already had enough so he should stop being so selfish, it was useless in the end anyways.

His hair was a curly mess of blonde and absolutely frizzled up after he was done. The cold water always made his hair less manageable and even curler than before and he struggled to comb through it. Eventually he managed to make it look presentable as he put his hair up into his 3 victory rolls, the only creative liberty he had to his appearance. He stared at himself in the mirror to see if anything was out of place but he quickly became distracted.

One look at himself and all he saw was an ugly abomination. He had his mother's face, which wouldn't have been a bad thing if he was remotely good looking or a female. But he wasn't, Giorno was a male and therefore he was hideous. If he had looked normal, maybe the kids outside wouldn't have tormented him as a child. Maybe they would stop saying he was undesirable in every way possible.

His eyes are even worse, they freaked him out and many others. They were the sole reason for his step father's hatred towards him and his mother's neglectfulness. She was probably assumed to have given birth to someone like Haruno. The disgusting blue color they had made him feel awful. No matter how he thought about it, his eyes reminded him of the man in the Polaroid picture, though his eyes were not blue he still felt like he got them from him. A father that probably didn't even know him, a man who probably wouldn't have cared anyways because who likes useless, little Haruno? Yet he still prayed his pathetic song, hoping that the man would come and save him. Begging that the man in his mother's little Polaroid picture actually existed.

Useless thinking.

He shook his head, now was not the time to dwell on that. He quickly wiped his body off and applied a light shade of foundation to hide the bags from under his eyes. When he finished, Giorno returned to his room, feeling worse than he had when he woke up.

He decided today he would wear a pale gray sweater and some jeans. He wished the sweater was a nice baby blue or pink but his stepfatherwould get mad, overtly homosexual things pissed him off (The man was a hypocrite, Giorno thought). His clothes were a little big one him but he was alright with it. They covered his scars and made him look a little more fit and not so skinny so his teacher's wouldn't realize he didn't really eat much. He didn't want them to find out, they would make a big deal out of it and it would make the bullying worse.

Grabbing his backpack, Giorno sprinted out the front door, passing by his drunk step father on the way out.

Thank god.

The walk to his school was pretty normal by his standards. The usual group of bullies hadn't even approached him but he still felt their eyes on him. They were planning something but he chose to ignore it.

Oh how stupid that decision had been.

When he finally arrived at school, he quickly made it to his homeroom class. He saw two people he's never seen before. One of them had platinum blonde hair and the other had bright pink hair. They were at the table he usually sat at but he didn't want to be rude so he grabbed an extra chair and sat at the broken table in the back of the classroom.

When he looked up his gaze met his teacher, Mr. Bucciarati. The man was nice but Giorno felt he didn't really deserve his respect, it felt weird and that probably meant it was a bad thing. Bucciarati smiled at him and went up to the front of the class.


"Hello class, how are you doing? As you may have noticed, there are two new students here today!" Mr.Bucciarati beckoned for the two students to stand in front of the class.

"Their names are Trish and Fugo. I hope you will treat them with respect," he hesitated for a moment and looked at Trish and Fugo. They looked back and shook their heads. Strange. The two introduced themselves, and quickly went back to the table.

Once again Bucciarati and Giorno made eye contact. Bucciarati looked like he was going to say something but ultimately decided against it. Giorno was more confused.

Was there something wrong with him? Did he forget to hide something?

Before he knew it, the class was already over and the students were getting up to leave. Giorno did the same but was quickly stopped by Mr. Bucciarati. Of course his classmates snickered at him, thinking that he had done something wrong.

Maybe he did and he was just too stupid to notice.


"Giorno, I noticed you sat at the back today, Is there a reason why?"

Shit, that didn't sound too good.

"I didn't want to disturb Fugo and Trish sir, and I felt that they might have been uncomfortable with a stranger being there with them. It is their first day afterall."

Bucciarati looked at him, studying his body language. Giorno stiffen up.

Giorno was starting to second guess himself. What if he said something wrong?

"Oh I see, well it's alright I was just wondering if you could help them around today, I've told them someone was going to help them and I really think you're the best person to do so." Bucciarati replied.

"I can sir."

"Ah that great! Thank you Giorno." Bucciarati looked up and smiled at him.

Giorno was beginning to feel a little queasy, this is so weird.

"No problem sir."

Giorno was about to walk away when Bucciarati started talking again.

"Hey Giorno, you know you can talk to me about anything right? I'm always here to help." Bucciarati gave him a reassuring smile.

Giorno looked back at him. His heart raced. Maybe he was a little too obvious.

Calming himself down, Giorno put on his best mask and turned to look at Bucciarati again.

"Im perfectly fine sir, it's alright you don't have to worry about me." Giorno gave him a soft smile to future prove his point.

Bucciarati gave him a little smile, he looked a little skeptical but he sent Giorno on his way.

He met up Trish and Fugo by the Door. They looked a little annoyed.

"Ah, are you the person that's supposed to help me and Trish?" Fugo asked, looking at him. He felt a little self conscious.

"Yep, that would be me. Sorry for taking so long. Where would your next class be?" He asked. Was he being too rude? He hoped not.

"Ah, me and Panna got the same schedule so we're heading to chemistry!" Trish spoke up.

Fugo got all red in the face

"Trish I told you not to call me that!" He exclaimed, his earrings swung as he spoke.

"Oh, you have the same class as me then, follow me." Giorno began leading the way as he heard Fugo and Trish bickering. He thought they might be siblings when they were introduced in class but they don't look related. Maybe they are step siblings?

As they stepped into chemistry he heard two very loud voices.

Ah, Mista and Narancia are awfully early today, maybe someone finally got to through to them about skipping class.

As the three walked into the room Mista and Narancia looked up. A look of surprise spread across their faces and they got up enthusiastically to greet Fugo and Trish.

"Woah, Panna, Trish, you guys didn't tell us that Bru-, I mean your dad was going to transfer you to this school!" Narancia stuttered. He looked very enthusiastic.

"Shh, Nara nobody knows that yet," Trish, looking a little warry, turned to Giorno. "Hey, Giorno was it? Could you please leave us alone for a moment, we're kinda having a personal conversation." He nodded and left to go to his seat. He knew when He wasn't wanted anymore. It was better if they didn't associate with him anyways. He'd feel horrible if people started bullying them if they found out they hung out with Giorno Giovanna.

They all seem to know each other anyways.

Sometimes he wishes he had friends too.

The rest of the day went by in a blur, at some point Fugo and Trish asked if it was alright if Mista and Narancia showed them the rest of their classes. Of course he said yes because he didn't want to overwhelm them. It was their first day afterall and it would probably help if someone they knew showed them around. He couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.


The walk to his house had been shit. At some point, he crashed into a tall, white haired police officer and accidentally made him drop his belongings. After apologizing profusely, he helped the man pick up all his stuff and left.

God that was awkward.

What Giorno hadn't realized yet was the group of boys from earlier. They slowly were approaching him but by the time Giorno had realized it was too late to run.

Giorno looked around, seeing if there was any place he could pretend to walk into. He made sure not to make the group of bullies find out that he knew they were following. He walked right into a small looking gas station.

The place looked shady as the floors were cracked and the walls were dirty. It hadn't bothered him though, these were the part of town he grew up in. He knew the streets quite well. He looked up to see an old nasty looking cashier staring at him. The old man looked intimidating and Giorno felt his heart pound in his chest. He looked back to see the group of boys still approaching his direction, probably splitting up to not look as suspicious.

What the hell do they even want from him?

Giorno turned again and went up to the counter to ask the old man where the bathroom was. He hoped to find some kind of window so he could climb out and get the hell away from his bullies.

After the man had pointed in the direction of the bathroom, he quickly ran inside and closed the door. Luckily for him, there was a window inside. Perfect. He quickly made sure nobody was inside the bathroom and opened the window. He could see an alleyway but he would have to run at breakneck speed to not get caught. His backpack would also slow him down but he needs the thing inside of it so he held onto it. Alright, he'd have to run.

He sighed one more time than began climbing out the window, he heard voices from the gas station and decided he had to get out faster. Giorno could feel his heart pounding in his chest almost akin to a drumline. Blood flowed through his body as he tried to escape faster.

But Giorno Giovanna had horrible luck. He ended up falling from the window and had the air stolen from right under him.

That was a horrible decision in hindsight. He felt every nerve in his leg give out when he hit the ground. The sound he had made alerted his bullies as well and before he knew it, they were headed straight towards him, nothing but malice in their eyes. They looked hungry and mad. Suddenly Giorno was Haruno again but this time he stood up and ran. He ran and ran and ran till there was nowhere left to run. The three boys had cornered him and he was stuck.

Giorno felt like he couldn't breathe. Everything was spinning he couldn't see. He felt his body shiver violently.

This is it, his life is over. They had finally come to get him. He would finally be killed so he couldn't pester the people anymore. Before he did anything else, he felt a stinging pain to the head, and then it was lights out.

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He didn't stay knocked out for long. Giorno woke up to the bullies kicking him in the stomach, his body in more pain then it had been just minutes before. 

He shouldn't have ran, that was a horribly stupid idea, he knew better. Why does he still bother to be optimistic at this point. It doesn't matter anymore. 

They kicked him over and over again till he started seeing stars, the colors looked pretty. 

He wishes he was as bold as they were. 

He could hardly hear the insults over the ringing in his ears as they continued to paint his body black and blue. The ringing got worse one one of them hit his head a little too hard. 

He layed like that, every time they hit he he just wanted to disappear, far far away. Maybe he'd go and become a vet or maybe he could run a little fruit parler. A flower shop didn't sound too shabby either. They always looked so pretty. 

Giorno wishes HE was pretty. He would wear the cutest clothes and walk out with confidence. Everything that Haruno had swore to become. 

His fantasy ended when he heard the bullies getting tired of him. 

"Nobody likes you Haruno!" One of them spat.

He already knew this, of course. 

Who would like Haruno of all people, he sure didn't. 

"You're just a stupid asian kid!" The other said. 

He kinda wishes he wasn't sometimes. 

Another part of him said that they would say that, of course he would never say it outloud but he really didn't care about his race. The others seem to think so, so maybe it was a bad thing. 

"Why'd you change your name huh? That's desperate for recognition?!" 

Not really, he just wanted to fit in. He just wanted to feel accepted. What a foolish dream that was. 

"You're an attention whore!" 

Maybe he was after all.. 

He let them berate him. He couldn't do anything about it anyways. His parents definitely didn't care so why would anyone else? It was useless to hope that anybody ever truly cared about him. 

Giorno's mind kept flashing back to the date he had circled on his calendar. 

Still no, not yet 

He had to keep reminding himself that, he promised himself that he wouldn't yet.. 

By the time his bullies got bored with him, he was sore all over. His hair was now a mess, the styled hairdo falling apart. His lip was split open and he wouldn't be surprised if he had gotten a concussion or something. 

His head hurt so bad. 

Giorno stood up, grabbing onto his stomach so he could balance himself before picking up his backpack and making his way home.  


At some point on his lovely walk , Giorno saw people looking at him. He didn't care that they were staring, it hardly matters anyways. He didn't care about the pain he felt through his whole body when he would stumble and when his breath was a little too heavy. All he cared about was going home and forgetting about today. He just wanted to sleep forever. He needed to do some......rescheduling to his plans. 

The closer he got to his house, the less he wanted to go inside. Giorno was late. He doubted his mother would care, she would usually ignore him nowadays but his stepfather was different. If he was in one of his moods then there was no way Giorno could avoid the inevitable beating he would be getting. He just hoped his stepfather wasn't in that kinda mood. Giorno could deal with everything else but not...that. Giorno sighed as he continued walking, his house in view. 

The place was awfully rundown, vines and dead leaves running up the old walls as white paint was chipped from them. Mud and dirt caked the interior of the house and a giant tree stood tall in his front yard, covering the window to his room. 

With a deep breath, Giorno quietly opened the front door and peeked inside. He looked for any signs of his parents before he let himself inside, avoiding all the creaking floorboards. He had practically memorized all the good and bad places to walk. 

He stood in the living room for a while, catching his breath. God his body hurt so bad. He still didn't understand why they beat him up anyways. Where did they get mad at him? He probably insulted them without knowing it, Or maybe insulted their culture. In that case, it was his fault and this whole thing is 100%  justified. He just needs to stop being a little bitch about it. 


The sound of his stomach startled him out of his thoughts, he had forgotten he hadn't eaten anything for a couple of days. He had grown so used to the mild pain that hunger gave him hadn't noticed. 

He contemplated the pros and the cons of going to the kitchen. If he went and grabbed a little bread or some kind of food then he could find a way to make it last at least a week, but if his parents found out they would beat him for being disobedient. It was greedy to take what you had not been offered. 

But he couldn't really hear anyone upstairs moving around and the television was off. Maybe he could take something without them noticing... 

He felt his stomach protest again and decided to cave into its demands. He just hopes he doesn't run into his stepfather. Sometimes he was unexpectedly quiet which made it hard to avoid him. Especially when he does cocaine. He quietly snuck into the kitchen, making sure not to make any noise. 

He made it to the pantry before he heard someone behind him. In his panic, Giorno dropped the piece of bread he had attempted to steal. 

" piece of shit.." 

Oh no, it's him... 

Giorno felt his skin crawl as the man continued to slur. 

"Hmm, what had I warned you about boy...disobedient as always.." 

He saw his stepfather move closer, with the aforementioned white powder all over his face. 

Shit, how could he forget that today was when his drug supplier gave him more coke?!! Stupid, useless Haruno. You fucked up again. 

He kept looking at him weird. It made him want to cover up his body. 

Was he getting ready to hit him? Maybe he could anticipate his attacks so he wouldn't be hurt even more. The bruises he had gotten already would 100% worsen if he wasn't careful. 

"Fuckin dumbass with that hair of yours, looks exactly like one of 'em whores~" 

He didn't like the tone of voice the man was making. He watched his stepfather lick his lips, looking him right in the eyes. Giorno felt like someone was choking him, he couldn't breathe. 

He watched his stepfather move to the living room and sit on the couch, tripping along the way. Even though he didn't say anything, Giorno knew what he wanted him to do. He followed his stepfather into the living room, even more uncomfortable than before. 

His body already hurts from getting kicked over and over again and he wasn't looking forward to being in more pain. The best he could do is follow his stepfather's orders so he could minimize the pain. 

"Giorno~ come sit on ya pops lap~" 

His stepfather looked him up and down smirking. He finally understood why he felt so much more uneasy than normal around him. He could see the lust in his eyes, burning brighter than any fire could. 

Sirens were going off in his head. 

Oh no, 


So he isn't getting out the belt. 

Not again, he thought this was over, had he not been good enough all those other times? He had to do better. 

Giorno reluctantly sat down and started sweating. He felt so uncomfortable but this is the only way to please his father, at least that's what he kept telling himself. 

Deep breaths, just keep your breathing normal. 

He felt his stepfather's hands creep up his sweater and touched his cold skin. He groped his hip and rubbed up against him. Giorno's breathing was irregular, the oxygen refusing to reach his lungs. It was like the universe itself left him. 

Calm down, calm down, calm  down 

He could feel his stepfathers bulging through his pants. He was scared, so scared. He felt himself starting to shake, only to quickly tense up. 

If he shows weakness,  everything will just be worse. Stop panicking, you deserve this. 

He just wanted food. He just wanted to eat. Not this, why do these things always happen?  Why was he the one cursed with bad luck? 

Calm down calm down calm down 

This wouldn't be happening if the man in the photo had wanted him. If only he took Haruno when he had the chance, but instead he left him. He left him to rot and now he's here. 




Before Giorno knew it, his stepfather had discarded his clothes. They were naked now. He could see it. He could see the way his stepfather felt up and down his skin, lips close to his birthmark. He could see the way his body reacted, and in some sick, twisted part of his mind he liked it. 

Times like these were the only times he received a positive reaction out of his stepfather. This is when he could tell that all the things he's ever done to him, all the pain he felt was to show that he cared about him. 

That moment all the times that his stepfather had terrorized him were justified. All of this for a stupid nobody. He must be in so much pain just taking care of him. But his parents still kept him which HAD to mean something. 

Then why does it hurt so much? This is normal right? Why does it make him want to scream and cry and rip out all his skin. He just wants to die 

That would be best for everyone.  

Someone help him. He doesn't want to do this anymore. He can't, he's only 13. 


"Giorno, you're so much more better than your bitch mother" 

Warm air flooded his ears, a cold, baritone filling his senses. 

Gross, when will this end? Make it stop...

Suddenly, the front door opened, revealing Giorno's mother. She had on her usual tight night club outfit. Her heels were as pretty as ever. Her hair was a mess and her lipstick was smeared on her lips but she still managed to look beautiful. 

Giorno sometimes wishes he was her. 

He looked at her, pleading with his eyes like he had done all those years ago when he still lived in Japan. He wants her to help him, save him just one time. 

He needs her, why can't she see that?

Why does she hate him? 

She looked at the scene in front of her, his stepfather choosing to ignore her presence and continued touching him up. Giorno tried so hard not to bust into tears as he looked at him with an all to familiar blank stare. One that he had used to model his own because it was so perfect. She looked away from him, frowning at her husband but still not looking like she cared. 

"If you're gonna fuck my son, make sure not to make it mess" 

She looked him straight in the eyes right after that. He could see the disgust in her eyes, she looked so angry. 

"Anata wa yakunitatanai musuko, Harunodesu.." 

(You are a useless son, Haruno..")

She turned away, leaving the two on the couch as he made her way upstairs. 

Giorno felt horrible. How could he have done this? He hurt his family so much, how could he continue living his life after this? Why'd he always have to mess up everything? 

The rest of the evening went by in a blur. He could barely register what his stepfather was doing to him over his nebulous mind. It didn't matter what he was doing anyways, he probably deserved it. By the time he came too, there was both blood and cum covering his legs. Gross, disgusting but fitting for a person like himself. 

By the time he cleaned himself up and got to his room it was nearly 2am. Oh how long and horrible today had been. He looked over to where he hung his calendar and saw big red markings on his birthday saying "Goodbye." 

Just a couple more days and I'll be free. Just a little more and Haruno will cease to exist.  He wonders how everyone will react. His Parents would probably be so happy, he'd be happy too if he had gotten rid of a leech or a parasite. He bets his bullies would be happy too. No more Giovanna to annoy them with his presence. They'd probably feel so liberated. And his teachers?

None of them would care, they all ignored him. He was a speck of sand in a dessert to them. No matter how bad he got they never noticed.

Except for Mr. Bucciarati

That doesn't count, he's a counselor he's supposed to act like he cares. Thats what his elementary school one did. They oy do it for the money. Nobody wants to talk to a broken kid.

"Giorno, you know you can talk to me about anything, right?"

The man's words played in his head in a loop. He wishes he could, but he didn't want this to be just another sick prank. His heart can't take anymore. He just wants to be left alone, is that too much to ask for?

With that thought in mind, Giorno fell into a restless slumber, dreams of better days dancing inside his mind. 

Soon he'll be free..

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Giorno stayed in his room during Saturday and Sunday, he didn't feel like going downstairs. It was terrifying living in a house where he wasn't wanted. He couldn't look at his mother the same ever again. It's not like he could to begin with but he had crossed big boundaries that day. 


Stupid, Stupid Haruno. He didn't deserve food anyways, nobody had given it to him so why was he so insistent on getting it? If only he had been better... 


He could still feel the phantom feeling of his stepfather's hands-- his...body. Unfortunately he could see them to, his stepfather was..rough to say the least. He left bruises all over Giorno's already hurt body. They felt unpleasant and gross, like a bunch of bugs had crawled up his skin and made themselves at home, slowly eating away at his flesh. He didn't feel like himself, a little disoriented even. It was weird how gross he felt considering it was still his fault. Everything was always his fault. 


When he took a shower, he made sure to scrub until his skin was red and his muscles were sore but it didn't get rid of the feeling in his skin. It didn't get rid of that horrid pain in his bottom and it definitely didn't get rid of the pain in his chest that grew like a wildfire every passing hour. 


He couldn't sleep at all, why can't he sleep? 


He sat up from his mattress, starting a rope from across the room he had placed in the closet. It was a good size, he had found it just a couple of months prior but was too scared to do anything with it. Though, the thought of getting it over with got even more appealing the longer he kept disappointing both his family and people in general. Something in him kept telling him not to do it, that there was still some hope out there. And for now he would listen to it, but his will was growing dimmer by the day. How easily he could just put that rope around his neck and just end it. 


He'd finally be free... 


He bets it would be painful though. Maybe he should just jump off a building instead, it would go by way smoother and there wouldn't be any pain. But then he would just be putting the burden of cleaning up his guts to the poor soul who would find him. Why couldn't there just be an easy way to end this pain? Whatever deity was up there already decided he was undeserving of anything so why make him go through all this? Wouldn't it be easier to just strike him dead where he stood? God, why was this so complicated? 


Giorno sighed and walked into the closet where the rope was. He moved it to the other side as he crouched down and closed the door. This is the only place he felt at peace anymore. He had grown quite attached to the place, or rather tight spaces in general. His mother used to lock him in a closet when he was a child when she didn't want to deal with him (which was a lot).  At first it terrified him, being isolated and so touch starved but as time grew on for some reason he started liking it. Maybe he realized that it was a lot safer there or learning that crying was useless. He didn't know or want to think about it.

It was the only place safe nowadays, the darkness was a blanket of warmth and the quiet atmosphere made it so much more enjoyable. He old plushies were in there too. One of a ladybug he called Haru-chan (named after himself) and another of a frog he named Kero Kero-kun. His mother had gotten them from her coworkers when they found out she had a son. Of course she didn't want to seem rude so she had taken them and given them to him. They were the only toys he was allowed to have when he was younger and he loved them very much. 


He wanted to keep them on his bed but the last time he had done that was when he was seven. Poor Kero Kero-kun and Haru-chan having to witness his failures. His stepfather gave him the beating of a lifetime and called him a bunch of slurs. He learnt that he couldn't enjoy things like that. Only girls like that kinda stuff and if boys did, Haruno sure wasn't deserving of one. That's just the rules of life. That didn't stop him from indulging in secret though. 


Giorno picked up Kero Kero-kun and looked him in his beady little eyes. 


"Would you miss me Kero Kero-kun, if I was gone would you be sad?" 


He picked up Harun-chan afterwards, petting the soft material the plush was made out of. 


" And you Haru-chan? Would it be bad if I left you two all alone?" 


Of course he got no answer. He sighed and hugged the plushie to his chest. He would miss Kero Kero-kun. He would miss both of them. They were with him through thick and thin and he had kept them in tip top condition because they deserved it. He wouldn't let them get hurt the way he had been. They were his best friends.

That night, Giorno fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. He wasn't looking forward to school but he was so hungry that it didn't matter. He needs to keep up his energy if he wants to look at least somewhat normal tomorrow. Looking out of place would be detrimental to both his safety and his privacy. He didn't want that at all. 




The next morning, Giorno woke up to a horrible pain shooting up his neck. Of course that would happen, he slept in the closet after all but he couldn't bring himself to care. He slowly got up, hiding both Kero Kero-kun and Haru-chan in their usual spots after hugging them for (an admittedly) long time. Stretching, he left the closet, ignoring the slight tingling sensation from his stomach. He looked on his bed side table to see what time it was so he could leave earlier. It was 6:00am, Perfect. He quickly made his way to the bathroom to get ready for another tedious day at school. Sure, he didn't really feel like it but he had to look presentable. He didn't take a shower that morning as he already did so many times this weekend. He didn't want to drive up the water bill, that would just be a waste of resources. He was already clean (on the outside) anyways, no need to be stingy. 


He fetched his make up kit out from under the sink where he hid it and applied the usual makeup. It took longer today because he had a lot of bruises to cover up. He didn't have enough foundation to cover them all up so he grabbed some bandages and put them on the more prominent marks. Afterwards, he turned his attention to his hair. He put them up in his usual victory rolls and brushed his teeth before leaving the bathroom. This time he didn't even bother looking at himself because he knew all he'd see is disappointment. Useless 


For school he chose to wear a hoodie and black sweatpants. It was low effort but great for today because it was a little chilly outside. It also made him feel a little safer and it was cozy, definitely better for hiding the hand marks on his arms too. 


He put on his shoes and grabbed his backpack then quietly made it down the stairs. He looked to see if anyone was downstairs and then bolted out of his front door, making sure to make as little noise as physically possible. The faster he was out of that house the better. 


He left pretty early today, he did not want any surprise encounters with his bullies anyways. It was better to get to school and hide inside of the bathroom until class starts. 


His stomach rumbled in protest, clearly he still hasn't eaten, but now he refused to. What good does food do when the last time he had gotten punished for simply wanting it? But even he knew his logic was flawed. He sighed before turning his backpack around and looking in his front pocket. He took out the money he was saving for emergencies like if his bullies ever wanted some or if he'd ever have to pay off his father's drug dealers. He had stolen a good amount of it from unsuspecting strangers. Honestly, he never thought he'd use it for something like food. Food was earned with money people had gotten from a job. He clearly didn't do any of the two things but he couldn't bring himself to care anymore. He's going to be gone soon anyway, why not indulge himself a little. Maybe food will stop the tiredness for a bit. 


The moment he reached the school gates he wanted to turn back around and go to the park. Standing on the far side right of the building was none other than Giorno's least favorite people. 


How did they know he left earlier today?  


Before Giorno could even think about slipping away the boys caught up to him. 


"Ah there you are twerp, listen we need cash, and we figured if you give us some we'd take that as sorry for running away from us." He stared at Giorno, clearly expecting him to just have the money over. The kid was wrong, Giorno didn't owe them anything anymore. They had gotten their revenge when they decided to beat him senseless that day but he would say that outloud. That would be disrespectful. 


Giorno looked over to the other one who looked 5 seconds away from slapping him.  

Maybe he had taken too long to reply.. 


"Yah, ya know you owe us Haruno, come on." Before they could get their hands on him Giorno reluctantly gave over his emergency money. Before they left, the boys made fun of him a little more than left. Welp, there goes breakfast. It was 7:44 so he could actually walk into class early and not look like a total dumbass. He was greeted by Mr. Bucciarati again today, the man looking as happy as ever. Surprisingly, both Trish and Fugo were here too along with a couple of other students. Before he had the chance to move to his seat Mr. Bucciarati beckoned him over to his desk at the back of the class. 


Why was this happening a lot more recently?  


"Hey Giorno, how is it going?" Bucciarati looked at him and smiled.The tone of voice he used was so soft and delicate. So motherly too which was surprising considering he was a Man but he didn't mind at all. 


"I'm doing alright sir, is there a reason why you called me here?" Giorno looked down a little. He didn't have the guts to look Bucciarati right in the eyes and started feeling a bit clammy. 


Why is he so nervous? He had to keep himself together if he didn't want Bucciarati to find out. 


"Ah, well I was wondering if you needed any help with anything Giorno. To be honest I'm do I say this, worried." Bucciarati looked at him a little longer. It felt like he was trying to find something, anything to incriminate him. Ah shit, did he give himself away? Jeez, congratulations Giorno, proving once again you can't do anything right. Giorno worked up the courage and put on his best neutral face. 


Be prefect,  Be perfect, Be perfect 


Giorno looked back up at him, this time looking him in his eyes. "What is there to be worried about sir?" 


"Ah, well I noticed how you gave those students your money outside today while I was coming out of the teachers lounge."

Bucciarati smiled at him sadly. It was as if he knew what he was going through, of course that was impossible though. 


Is it? 


"Im fine sir, I just owed them money for something they did for me." At least he wasn't lying about that, he truly did owe those kids, a lot more than money actually. 


"Well if you say so Giorno, please come talk to me if anything is on your mind, I want everyone in this class to feel safe." The tone the man had was kinda gloomy, almost as if he had been expecting something more to happen. Giorno kinda felt bad about it but if this is what he has to do to protect himself, so be it. 


"Thanks for the consideration sir." 


And with that, Giorno had turned around and made his way to his desk, sitting on the far end of away from both Fugo and Trish. The two looked at him, they clearly wanted to say something but Giorno didn't want to talk. He looked down at his desk in thought.

Bucciarati sighed, watching the interaction between the three. 


What the heck is up with Giorno Giovanna, he acts even more reserved than Fugo did on his first few days at his house...



Half way through Giorno's day, he got the worst headache ever. He ignored it in favor of finishing the assignments he was given. The only bad part was that he couldn't really focus on doing it with his headache. His stomach also hurts but he didn't really know why. He knows he hasn't eaten anything for a couple of days now so it shouldn't be upset. Maybe water could help? 


Giorno stood up, thankfully it was individual work time in English so he wasn't annoying anyone anymore then he had to. He went up to his teacher and politely asked if he could go and after he had her approval he left. 


When he got to the bathroom he ran into both Narancia and Mista. Narancia was wearing a bright orange hoodie with his usual head band and Mista was wearing his usual beanie and sweater with the most atrocious pair of jeans Giorno has ever seen. They were talking about something but the moment he walked in they got quiet. They looked over at him and sighed in what he could only guess was relief. 


"Gosh, you really scared us dude, we thought it was a teacher or something." Mista said with a smile on his face. They were probably skipping class, figures. 


Narancia's eyes lit up as he looked at him. "Hey, aren't you the guy who helped Panini head and Trish the other day, was it umm..... Groin right?" 


"Its Giorno."  He blushed a bit, feeling a little embarrassed by all the attention he was getting from both Mista and Narancia. They seem to care so much about someone like him and they've only now have a somewhat proper conversation. 


Is this what having friends is like? 


"AH, my bad, thanks a lot Giorno! I'm glad a nice person helped them out instead of a meanie. Fugo probably would have gone ape shit if that happened. He's like that sometimes, especially if I get my math problems wrong. Hey, do you like frogs?!"  Giorno struggled to keep up with Narancia, the boy spoke so much more to him than anyone had ever in his whole life. The mention of frogs made him pick up though. He does like frogs, not just like-- he loves them. They were so cute and very interesting creatures. 


--Wait, how do you respond to people you just met? God this is confusing. 


Giorno just nodded his head, hoping that would be enough to please the boy. Narancia was so happy, he looked like he was about to explode, but before he could Mista spoke up. 


"Hey Nara, as much as i'd let you talk to Giorno over here we still gotta go to class or else Abba will have our heads tonight." 


"Aww stupid, grumpy Abbacchio and his stupid rules--"

The boy grumbles, puffing out his cheeks. It kinda made him look like a chipmunk. "--Wait Giorno before you go, do you have a phone?!" Narancia smiled up at him. Well he does have a phone but it's pretty outdated, his stepfather had let him have one so he could "blend in more and not cause any unwanted calls'' whatever that meant. 


"Yes I do but I left it in my backpack." 


"Well, if its alright with you can I have your phone number...I want to talk about frogs with someone but Trish is always in her room, Mista is dumb--" 


Mista interrupted, clearly hurt by Narancia's words. "Hey dumbass, you're the one with a D in--" 


"AS I WAS SAYING-- Mista is boring and Fugo would just turn it into some boring study sessions or something, please Giorno let me have your phone number," Narancia gave him big puppy dog eyes just to seal the deal. Normally those wouldn't work, that this was all some sick joke and they would bully him. Something in Giorno's mind didn't listen though, he felt like he could actually trust them. He WANTED to trust them so eventually, Giorno caved and gave them his number. They talked for a bit longer before Mista decided they probably should head back to class. 


That was weird...  


Giorno quickly got a sip of water, which really helped his headache, then rushed back to class. Thankfully the teacher didn't realize he was even gone for too long so he didn't get in trouble. Though he was still a little disappointed that the teacher hadn't noticed, or cared for the matter. He guesses it's pretty normal though, he is just some useless loser anyways, who even cares about him? 


Why is he so fucking needy nowadays, who even cares anymore?

The second time Giorno felt light headed was during PE. He knew he should have skipped class but that probably meant a call to his already disappointed parents. Of course he wasn't going to dress out, that would draw too much unwarranted attention to go his way. The mere thought of people looking at him-- fuck it, seeing his disgusting brused and unpure body made him sick. What would they think? What would they say? He could already here it now, "Giorno Giovanna is a slut," they'd say, "He fucked his father, he did it willingly," and, "He deserves it, he fucked up!" 






"WORTHLESS!" was utterly useless ....he was useless  



Giorno snapped out of his episode the moment his gym teacher walked in. He was doing his usual check up, dressing out was a big part of his daily points after all. It was pretty good until his eyes landed on Giorno. 


"Giovanna, you gotta dress out," the man said with a stern voice, he could hear the boys around him start to snicker. Giorno stiffed out, not used to becoming the center of attention so fast. 


"Im sorry sir....I can't today...," Giorno looked down in shame, his voice wavering as he tried to seem okay, nonchalant even. He could see the looks that everyone was giving him. He was the prey and they were his predictor, constantly circling around him waiting to get a bite. 


"Gosh dammit kid, you know what? I hate entitled pricks like you, always thinking they can get away with shit. Just for that attitude of years I'm making you do extra laps." Giorno can feel the venom in the man's words the more he talks. He could see his classmates trying hard to counsel their laughter,  only to fail. Giorno felt his cheeks warm up in shame but he concentrated on keeping his face as neutral as possible. It was the only way he had some semblance of control in his life. 


As everyone was walking out of the locker room, someone decided they would trip him to add salt to injury, literally. He felt himself fall on his already shore side. Thankfully nobody felt his small cry for pain as he stood up again and pretended nothing happened. 


When it was time for them to run on the track, Giorno was already exhausted. His stomach felt tingly and he was struggling to see things. It looked like there were two of everything, the world was spinning but he ignored it. Nobody deserves to pity him so he sucked it up and prepared to run. He ran for two laps before he started to feel the world spinning again and before he knew it, he was on the ground. He had no energy left to use, hell he bets he never had any. He felt his stomach empty out everything it had, which was nothing. The disgusting taste and smell of bile filled his senses before he collapsed on the ground, holding his stomach in pain. 


Nobody did anything to help him until after Pe when a student finally decided to speak up about Giorno laying on the ground. They grabbed him from the floor and the Pe teacher dragged him to the nurses office. He felt how light Giorno was for a kid his age, he definitely didn't mention it when he dropped him off in the nurse's office.



When Giorno woke up he was face to face with none other that Bucciarati himself. The man looked him in the eyes but Giorno quickly looked away, feeling far too exposed for someone like himself. Bucciarati sighed as he scooted up closer to his bed, making sure not to be disruptive. He offered Giorno a candy bar and after a while of persuading, Giorno took it out of the man's hand. He still didn't eat it though, he was waiting for something. 


Bucciarati thought for a little while. He had experience with kids who were defensive just like Giorno. Maybe he was looking for permission? It was worth a try. Bucciarati cleared out his throat and made sure to sound as encouraging as he could. 


"Hey Giorno, you know you can eat it right?" Giorno looked at him, then down at his lap where he had placed the chocolate bar before he reluctantly opened it up and took a bite, looking away from Bucciarati the time. After Giorno had finished his chocolate bar, which took an admittedly long time to finished he took a peak at Bucciarati. The man had a soft smile on his face directed at him. Giorno quickly looked away feel embarrassed. 


"Giorno, please look at me," Bucciarati pleaded, waiting for the boy to look around. Giorno quickly gathered himself, slipping on his usual mask, though it didn't really seem to work on Bucciarati today. 


"Please, I have a question-- It's very serious--I want you to answer honestly," Bucciarati looked directly into Giorno's very light blue eyes, they looked so unhealthy,  "..Do your parents ever hurt you..or put their hands on you in an inappropriate way.." 


Giorno was caught off guard, out of all the questions Bucciarati could have asked him he asked that one. 


It's too late, he's been found out 


After all the hiding it finally came out.

Chapter Text

Giorno looked away in shame, picking up the chocolate bar wrapper and pretending to be interested in it. 

How did he know? He's pretty sure he hid his bruises and scars pretty well. 

Maybe he was overreacting-- he's just warping the implications of Bucciarati's questions. Ya, that's it, he just needs to breathe and calm down. He didn't know anything, Giorno reasoned with himself. Its just a stupid assumption made by a teacher that cared way too much about his stupid well-being. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Giorno schooled his facial expression, his heart was racing and he was cold and tired but he at least looked calm. That's all that matters in the end. As long as he always looked a certain way nobody would know, and that means nobody would care. It was one of the only things he was good at in his opinion, other than being the scum of the earth of course. 

Giorno turned back and looked at Bucciarati, speaking as clearly as possible as to not give away his very well hidden nervousness, "No sir, im perfectly fine. Nothing bad happened at my house, I just got tired because I stayed up too long yesterday," Giorno lied with both class and elegance. 

He looked to Bucciarati to see his reaction, hoping that the man would let him off with a fake smile just like everyone else had. 

He is a mastermind when it comes to lying, it is practically second nature at this point in his life. He had fooled many with his acting, frequently playing the part of the perfect son or the quiet but smart asian kid. He wrote beautifully scripted scenes with his words whenever he had to appear like he had a normal home life so that the kids at school didn't have anymore anuimition to use against him. 

Everything had to perfect, it was the only way anyone wouldn't get too close -- to lessen the pain that flowed through his veins like mercury waters-- so that maybe one day when he wasn't so scared, he'd go out as quietly as a chrysanthemum in both its meaning and subsequently beauty. The best part is that nobody would care about him. He'd decay and wilt and be purified in the hands of death. Maybe he came across as arrogant or cocky this way, but he felt way better playing the role than being himself. 

Who wants to be Haruno Shiobana anyways? He was flawed and annoying and made trouble wherever he went. He was a mere stain on what was supposed to be Giorno Giovanna. He just had to play the part of Giorno, a well-rounded, friendly and serious boy that was both charming and very ambitious. He doesn't care if he's a little too perfect or bland, as long as nobody knew or realized, he was fine. 

But of course Bucciarati still noticed his imperfections. He wanted the man's blue-- way to blue-- eyes to stop looking at him. He felt him dissecting and pulling apart everything about him. He was nothing but an insect or microorganism being observed through a microscope. Maybe even a cell being peered down upon the mighty eyes of God Themself. 

How useless can he get? 


How much more does he have to do to be left alone before he snaps? 



Bruno sighed while seemingly contemplating what he was going to do in this situation. He didn't know how Giorno was going to even take the information that he was about to lay onto him. This was clearly something he wanted to keep hidden from everyone, unfortunately, he didn't have the option to open up to it himself. 

The sad expression did not leave his face as he turned to the boy in question who looked very much exhausted. He tried to give him another one of his signature smiles but it came off was ungenuine and fake. Today was a rather eventful day, especially for a monday. He sighed and mentally prepared himself for what he was about to say. 

"Giorno, you know you don't have to lie to me right? I'm here to help you... I promise I won't do anything else.." 

"Well Mr.Bucciarati, I believe that there is nothing wrong here. Everything is fine. As I said before, I simply passed out from exhaustion, and sir i'm not lying. Sorry if that comes off as rude but I really need to get home." 

He looked Giorno in the eyes, feeling a chill run down his back while he made painful eye contact with him. It felt like all the oxygen had been stolen from right out of his lungs. 

Bucciarati looked away from him and his voice got softer, which was never a good sign from anyone. 

" I-- the school nurse and I....we saw the scars, Giorno. She was looking to see if you possibly got injured when you fainted on the track field. She...rolled up your sleeves. She didn't look anywhere else and contacted me for help. I--please Giorno, tell me whats going on.."

Bucciarati spoke, the words falling out of his mouth like they hurt too much to keep to himself. 

The whole atmosphere of the room changed after that. There was a heavy silence that floated amist both of them as Giorno shifted a bit in bed he was laying on. It had grown terribly cold. 

Bucciarati was tense, waiting to see Giorno's reaction. Maybe he shouldn't have mentioned it, maybe he made a huge mistake but something in him told him he couldn't let this go. It was way too important to him, nobody deserves to hurt like that. He saw the size of that bruise on Giorno, the mark twisting in a horrible gradient of both the colors blue and purple. It was too big to be anything other than a hand mark and definitely was not a mistake. Nobody holds on that hard to someone like that unless they intended to make it hurt. 

Of course, Giorno had done a steller job at hiding it but he's still human, fuck, he was still 13. What else had he gone through without any help? The thought kept on weighing on him. He had noticed how Giorno acted both in his class and whenever he caught glimpses of him in the hallways. He was always too quiet, too hidden. 

So he just assumed that the boy had been introverted and just needed some time to warm up to everyone. Now he knows that's definitely never the case. 

Seeing Giorno reminded him of his own children, how they once were like him, but somehow the way Giorno acted scared him. He acted so differently, as if he had to fight tooth and nail the moment he took his first cruel breath into this world. Another thing told him if he couldn't--no, didn't--help him soon that maybe the amazing young man in front of him right now may not exist anymore.


Giorno's whole body stopped functioning, every single organ stopped pumping and he was in utter shock. He didn't feel like he was himself and his breathing was getting quicker by the second. His body felt like jelly but at the same time, he felt like he was stuffed full with lead. He could hear the blood rushing to his head, his heart was beating so fast that any drumline would be put to shame. The adrenaline of the sudden new information he was given was taking over his body, his thoughts and his mind. 

He needs to get out of here. 

He needs to run, this is so bad. 

He had thought the man felt bad because he found out he wasn't eating but nope, instead Bucciarati and the nurse had a peak at his awfully rundown and used body. They saw that god forsaken mark his stepfather had given him in his drug filled state. 

Suddenly, he could feel the man again. His touches, his words. They filled his head like a poison. It hurts so bad. He wanted to leave. Why did this all happen today? They knew too much, it felt like they had torn each and every part of his defenses and disregarded them like they were unimportant. 

Of course they are because they were his but it didn't make the pain hurt any less. It didn't make his paranoia and easier either. 

He willed himself to calm down. Slowing down his breathing and scolding himself for being overly reactive again. He indulged himself with his heavy mask of neutrality that held away a million words and hidden thousands of tears. 

To Bucciarati it looked like Giorno had started to shake before going suddenly stilling while looking down at the mattress. 

Suddenly, Giorno slowly stood out of the bed, startling Bucciarati who started to speak up again, "Giorno I-," 

Before he could finish his sentence, Giorno quickly muttered, "Sorry sir, that isn't true, I'm fine, everything is fine," he looked up to Bucciarati and gave him a sad smile. 

"Unfortunately, the marks on my arms are from my bullies. My father would never do such a thing." Giorno felt the acid in his stomach sloshing around as he turned away from Bucciarati once again. His lies felt like metal shackles he had fastest on himself. They were the only things that kept him grounded. 

"I'll be going home now sir. I'll miss dinner if I don't go home soon." 

With that, Giorno quickly turned and walked out of the room, leaving Bucciarati in shock. 

"Giorno, please wait up!" Bucciarati exclaimed,  speed walking to catch up with him. 

Giorno stopped and looked at him, curious as to what was about to happen. Bruno sighed in relief when he saw the boy stop and put his hands on his knees to catch his breath. He had horrible lungs. 

"Giorno, hold out your hand for me please." 

Giorno was a bit confused but still followed the orders he was given. He still wanted to appear polite, it was practically hardwired into him. Even though he really did want to be there right now and would much rather go home. 

Bucciarati took out a pen from his spotted suit and a piece of paper, quickly scribbly down something before handing it over to him. 

"I know i'm not going to be able to stop you from going anywhere and I know that you probably don't want my help, but please, if anyone and I mean anyone is giving you trouble please come talk to me." 

Giorno nodded at him, looking down at the floor and wondering if it was the most intriguing thing he'd ever seen. 

"And Giorno," Giorno looked up to Bucciaratis face, seeing the most kind and caring expression he'd ever seen on anyone, and if he didn't know any better, he'd assume that Bucciarati was an angel sent down to save him. 

"Please make sure to get some rest, you need it." 

Giorno nodded before turning around and walking away, feeling more numb than anything after his and Bucciarati's interactions. He didn't look back, just desperate to leave as fast as he could so he could go to his house and lock himself in his room. The chocolate bar he ate earlier sat heavy in his stomach and he knows that is going to throw it up later. 



Bruno watched him walk away, pain and regret already flooding his senses. He felt he did the wrong thing by letting Giorno walk away like that, probably into the jaws of danger. He just wishes that maybe if Giorno reaches out to him, he wouldn't have to go through all the trouble of trying to convince the flawed police department for help. He knows just how corrupt they are, they're just one bribe away for letting another abusive adult out into the general public. 

He didn't want Giorno to look so sad. He didn't want him to think that nobody cared. If Giorno was going through anything he wanted to help him. He wanted to get him out of whatever slip he was in. Based on Giorno's reaction, his parents were the ones that were doing this to him, and Bruo hated neglectful and abusive parents. How dare someone think they can treat anyone like that, especially their own children. It made him sick. 

God, he was new to this whole counselor thing. 


In truth, he was actually supposed to be a substitute for someone called Polpo. The man had apparently been fired after he was found not only harrasing the female students, but also belittling the students that needed him the most. The school was too lazy to find another counselor and since he had actually gotten a bachelor in social work as a foster parent they decided he was a perfect candidate for the job. He has no idea why they made him be both a homeroom teacher and a counselor but didn't mind, per say. He was just stressed, very, very stressed. 


Goddammit! He had failed, hadn't he? 


Bucciarati decided to head back, maybe if he gave Giorno some time he would come to him, he was being very reckless, he knew that. Leone would probably know what to do, he always did. 

With that Bucciarati took one last look at the hallway where Giorno had gone by. He had made up his mind, he was going to do everything in his power to help Giorno out of his situation. He was going to free him and he was going to make sure that nobody looks like they'd had to grow up far too young and fast to enjoy their youth. Being old was overrated anyways. 



Giorno's walk home felt like it took hours. He can't believe he's been caught, he even fucking ran away. His previous actions are weighing on his mind, festering and adding themselves to the reasons why he hated himself. If only he had told Bucciarati, he was given a chance to be saved-- to finally be free-- but instead he ran away like a coward. Why did he do that? Did he enjoy actively screwing himself over? He threw a great opportunity away and now he doesn't ever think he'll ever get it back, no matter how hard he'd beg for it. Whatever shitty entity up there had given him his chance, and in true Haruno fashion, he royally fucked it up. 

He hated himself, he hated himself so much that his brain could not contain his hatred for himself anymore. Everytime he tried to do something, anything, he'd always end up failing, and now he doesn't even have his acting to fall upon anymore. Sooner or later he's going to accidentally let Haruno out and then he wouldn't be able to control his fickle emotions anymore. He needs to be punished for his wrong doings, he deserves it. 

Thoughts of self harm festered inside his mind. He had played with the thought before but ultimately decided that it wasn't worth it. But now, he was starting to see the appeal. The thought of just cutting himself and his pain going away was a liberating one. He felt like it was the only thing he would have control of. In the end it has his blood that he voluntarily decided he was going to expel. 

He knows it's a horrible idea, that the nurse and Bruno both had first hand accounts of his bruises and if they were to even see one self harm mark then he'd be sent to some kind of mental health facility and strapped down. Then he would probably be pumped full with some kind of antidepressant that actually made him feel like shit but he didn't care. 

He just wanted to feel an emotion that was familiar. 

He wanted to feel grounded and safe and comfortable. 


Pain was comfortable. 


Pain was familiar. 


Pain was safe, it had to be safe. It was the one thing Giorno knew ever since he was a child and his mother would leave him in that tiny apartment complex in japan while she went out to party with her friends. He learned to bear with the pain when he was the ripe age of 3. 

Now he felt the same pain, but in a new kinda way. It was no longer familiar, there was more to it. The pain was jumbled and jammed with a whole lot of different emotions. It would drag and on for so long but it also felt numb at the same time and sometimes about that was inferreyating. Every ounce of sanity he had was quickly draining, and if he didn't do something soon, he knows he would do something that he would regret. 

Normally, Giorno would have walked right to the park and go to that lovely bridge with all tge frogs around it or maybe go home and tie that fucking rope around his neck. He wouldn't of course,  cause no matter how hard he wished, he was too scared of killing himself. He was so damn scared. 

Before he could fully indulge himself in his thoughts, he was already at the front door of his house. He made sure to quietly open the door and shut it before walking right up strais. He hasn't stepped foot in the kitchen since the incident. Apparently is mother was still home because when he turned the corner, he bumped right into her, almost falling right down the stairs that he previously walked up from. 

"Oh, it's you," she said, her voice devoid of all emotion and her words as blunt as ever. The boy nodded back to her before attempting to walk to his room. 

"Where do you think you're going, huh? You know you could actually make yourself useful instead of being a lazy little shit." 

That was untrue, he was the only person that cleaned anything in this godforsaken house and she knew damn well that he was nothing but obedient. 

"It’s the least you can do after seducing my fucking husband you whore!" She screamed. If He looked close enough he could probably get a glimpse of the smoke rising out from her ears. 

He looked down in shame, not knowing what to say. It was his fault but he still didn't fully understand how or why it was. All he knows is that he's causing his mother to be stressed right now and that he was probably gonna get in trouble if he didn't resolve it soon. 

"I'm sorry..." he mumbled, hoping that she would at least let it slide because he knew that she didn't actually care about him anyways. 

"Sorry is right you pig, I can believe he have a sluty f** as a son, I hate you Haruno. I hope you know that. I should have had an abortion like your father had told me too." 

With that, she shoved him out of the way and angrily walked out of the house before slamming the door shut.

It took him a while to process just what she had said but when he did, it hit harder than a speeding bullet train. His legs felt like mush as he walked down stairs, making his way into that dreaded kitchen. 

He was so useless,  she was right. He shouldn't have ever existed, even his biological father hadn't wanted him to exist. 


Giorno walked right up to where all the knives were placed and grabbed one before slowly making his way upstairs. 


He should have died a long, long time ago. He should have left his poor family alone. Then maybe they wouldn't be in poverty, he was nothing but a glutinous parasite sucking up nutrients for both his parents and his teachers. He only burdened others. 


He walked up to his room, grabbing onto the handle and slowly walking into the closet


He had probably insulted so many people by him existing alone. He had people who wanted to help him but he only pushed them away. 


He grabbed the knife and with shaking hands made a long, thin mark on his skin. He watched the blood pool out of the wound and drip down his arm. 


He was useless, utterly useless. He would never look like the others, he would never have any friends. He would never have a family or a home because he was simply undeserving of them. The bare minimum was even too much. He deserves to die. 


For a while he slit his wrist and watched as the blood flowed out of his body. It was so beautiful, a nice scarlet color. In a strange way, slitting his wrist was therapeutic, he felt a lot more calm and all his worries disappeared. 


Giorno was suddenly starting out of his thoughts when he heard his phone ping from his pockets. Quickly, he rushed to the bathroom and washed up the blood before wrapping his arm up in a gaze and slashing  water in his face to wake himself up. 


What the hell had he done? Why did he do that and why did he actually feel good after it? 

He realized that he didn't really feel much of anything other than a small ping of relief. It was like he had taken a nice nap after eating the best food he'd ever tasted. 


He kinda liked it.


When Giorno got back to his room, the first thing he did was hide the knife he had used under a floorboard, making sure that nobody would find it. The second thing he did was grab his phone out of his backpack and shut himself inside of his closet where both Kero Kero-kun and Haru-chan greeted him. He gave the plushies a little squeeze before he made himself comfortable and checked to see what he had received. 



Hey :^3


                                                                                               I'm sorry but who might this be?


It's me! Narancia from bio :^]

Oh, he had forgotten he gave Narancia his phone number earlier in the day. He thought the boy would have forgotten about him already.


Hey Gio, can I call you that?
Watever, anyways you wanna sit me wit my homies for lunch tmr? 


                                                                                    Im sorry but I feel like I'd be imposing 



Nah, don't be silly Gio, if they gotta problem with ya then I'll tell em to back off 

Mista been complaining about there being 4 of us any way :"") 


Giorno did not want to go. He didn't really want to risk ruining their reputations and making people hate them for just associating with him, but at the same time he didn't want to disappoint Narancia either. Though he hasn't really talked with him before, he knows that Narancia is a pretty nice person. He seems sociable which he definitely was not. Yet here he is, talking to the friendly Narancia Ghirga after he asked for his phone number just so they could discuss frogs. 

Has he mentioned that today has been a lot?



                                Well, if they won't mind then I guess I could eat lunch with you tomorrow



Yah! Tk sm Gio! Sorry for overwhelming ya btw, I just get so excited to meet cool people 

Lol X^3


Giorno felt his cheeks warm up when he read that. Nobody has ever said that to him before so he was quite startled. How was he supposed to respond to all this sudden positive attention being thrown at him like this?


 It's alright Narancia, thanks for even inviting me  



Np Gio! See ya tmr ;)                                                                                                                                     



After that he threw his phone on the floor and his face in both Kero Kero-kun and Haru-chan's soft plush bodies. How was he supposed to respond ro this feeling coursing through him right now. He has never felt like this before and honestly it was overwhelming. 

Was he actually going to sit with them tomorrow? How was he even supposed to react? His mind kept running through series of what could happen tomorrow. He knew that he was probably gonna fuck up some how but maybe if he was well behaved they would realize that he wasn't worth his time. 

But his mind kept playing an awful whole sequence of events that would lead him to him getting his first human friends. Of course he didn't have high hopes for it but the thought was enough to make his face feel a million times hotter and his heartbeat erratic. 

He let go of his death Grip on both Kero Kero-kun and Haru-chan, letting them breath even though they were inanimate. Look, Giorno cares about them, alright? 

"What am I supposed to do now guys, they wanna talk to me.." 

Giorno sighed again before petting both plushies. 

"Today has been such a bizarre day, hasn't it?"



Chapter Text

Bruno Bucciarati was an unconditionally nice man. He cared greatly about the people who surrounded him to the point that it was borderline insane. It was one of his greatest strengths as well as his biggest fatal flaw. Leone was always telling him how he shouldn't just give away his kindness like candy but he didn't mind in the slightest. It made him happy to no end that he was filling someone with joy or relief, even if he was hurt badly because of his generosity.

Unfortunately, he himself had his bad day and many people seem to forget that. So it was very shocking to his kids when he had almost snapped at them for fighting instead of listening to him and getting in the car so he would leave already.

Bruno had ( the number that is between 3 and 5) kids to handle. Trish, Fugo, Mista, and Narancia. His recent marriage had allowed them all to finally move to a pretty urban house with a big backyard and a pool that he and Leone had scraped together after they got married. It was helpful that Leone was a background investigator who was home more often than not and made more money for them.

Along the fence were carefully trimmed hedges and freshly cut lawn.There were also a lovely assortment of flowers carefully planted outside that Fugo and Narancia were pretty adamant on not letting Bruno touch because the last ones they had didn't even last a week in his care. It's not like they cared for them anyways and Fugo himself wasn't really interested in taking care of them.

He loved his family with all his heart and he couldn't help but feel nothing but utter despair when he saw kids clearly in pain.

That all leads up to his current worry: Giorno Giovanna.

He had noticed the boy was just strange in general. His mannerisms felt calculated; like he ran through a million little things that could happen and had chosen the best way to respond based on said assumptions. He had average grades in all his classes which also helped him blend in to the general crowd, but something was just unsettling about it all. He acted more like a Marionette doll being dulling moved around than human.

Though the boy didn't want to stand out, he still had a lot of bullies (many of which he himself had tried to stop multiple times. He had tried talking to the other staff members in the school but they were unhelpful and chose to ignore the school-wide bullying problem.) He had tried to help the boy feel more comfortable around him but nothing had seemed to work. So now he's in his car, driving his kids back home while Mista and Narancia bickering about something again, which is greatly contributing to his ever growing headache.

"Ha, check this out Mista, remember when I got Gio's number?" Narancia exclaimed, looking at his curly haired brother for his attention.

Bruno's ears perked up.

The kids had managed to befriend Giorno?

"Ya, what about it? He didn't actually reply right? Not to be mean or anything but he's kinda quiet." Mista sighed, looking over his shoulder to look at Narancia's phone.

"Come on Mista," Trish spoke up, "Don't be rude! I'm sure that he probably doesn't want to talk to you cause you stink!"

"Hey, come on man don't be rude! I smell perfectly fine!" Mista huffed, sticking his tongue out as Trish.

"Ya, if you consider smelling like a dumpster fire nice."

"Can you guys shut up, i'm trying to do my homework!" Fugo interrupted from his seat in the back next to Trish. He had multiple different worksheets spread out against his lap but it looks like he only had half of work left to do.

"Shut up Fugo, we all know you were born with a stick up your ass, you have no room to talk." Narancia replied, giving the younger a knowing look.

"Says the guy with two fucking brain cells, Idiot!"

"Can you guys stop fighting!? Fugo, that 10 dollars for the swear jar, I don't want to hear anymore bickering between any of you, got it?!" Bucciarati interrupted, annoyed at the continuous noise that his kids were making. He could slowly feel his headache getting worse the more they fought and he was not about to let it escalate into something worse, especially with Fugo's award-winning anger issues. He already felt horrible today, he couldn't handle the extra stress.

The car went silent at Bucciarati's somewhat harsh words. Nobody wanted to worry their parents in fear of him getting angry. Bucciarati when he was mad was a can of worms nobody wanted to open.

The silence in the car became tense, looming over them in a nebulous haze as nobody wanted to say anything. The only thing that was audible was the sound of the car moving on the road and the cars driving past them. Sometimes the awkward shuffling of the kids moving around would be heard along with a cough. Honestly, Bucciarati was thinking about just turning on the radii but he was feeling a little petty at the moment. It continued like this until Narancia's phone buzzed with life.

After carefully removing his phone from his pockets and checking the messages, his expression beamed with life. Now, the new sound of Narancia's nimble fingers furiously typing away accustomed them to Bucciarati's 5 minute hell he had set up.

Narancia looked up, ready to spew something out of his mouth until he remembered how angered Bucciarati had seemed to be.

"...uh, Bruno....can we talk now or..."

Bucciarati sighed, quickly hiding his amusement, as if he'd actually go hard on them. He loved them too much for that, though they did need to control their volume while speaking. That's something he'd rather deal with later though.

"It's fine Narancia, I wasn't mad, just please don't be too loud, I have a horrible headache."

"Ah, heck ya! Thanks Mom."

With the conformation he had just gotta he quickly turned back around to give his big announcement to his siblings.

"Guys! I convinced Giorno to eat lunch with us tomorrow, so be nice!"

"He did!? Ah sweet dude! It finally won't be the cursed number of us anymore." Mista sighed in relief. At that moment, he felt the weight of his fears leave his shoulder just a little bit more. I have less to worry about at night.

Bruno silently listened to their conversation, suddenly interested.

"Wow, i'm still surprised you even got his number." Fugo spoke, putting his worksheets he was doing away.

"Ya Fugo's right, how did you do it anyways?" Trish spoke up, putting her pink-clad phone down and messing with the hem of her skirt.

"Umm well, we were in the bathroom an-,"

"Ha! He practically begged Giorno for his phone number after Narancia randomly brought up frogs in his random babbling." Mista interrupted, mocking Narancia's mannerisms to further prove his point.

"Shut up Mista, geez you didn't have to call me out like that!" Narancia pouted.

The kids quickly changed their conversation, talking about who was the most likely to join the mafia. (For some reason they said everyone but Trish would because she has class, she'd never want to give away her fancy french water.)

The moment Bucciarati had parked the car, the kids immediately ran out of the door, eager to see what Abbacchio had cooked up. His lasagne was the best.

Bruno sighed and slowly got out of the car, the stress of the Giorno situation still playing heavily in his mind. He locked the car before going to greet his husband just like his kids had done.

When he walked into his home, Leone walked up to him and gave him a little kiss on his forehead before closely observing his face. He immediately recognized that Bruno was stressed about something and it made him worried.

"What wrong Bru, did something happen at work?" He asked, leading his husband to the kitchen where their children were waiting for them.

Bucciarati felt so happy to have someone who knew him so well.

He looked up and gave Abbacchio a tried smile, giving him a small peck on the lips before reply, "It's fine Leone, I'll tell you after dinner."

Abbacchio nodded before bringing out his famous lasagna for him and his family to dig into.



After Dinner, the kids all went to their rooms. Mista and Narancia shared a room because they refused to ve separate from each other (and because Narancia really likes playing with mistas hamster, the sex pistols, named after his favorite band.) Bothe Fugo and Trish on the other hand, had their own rooms, Fugo's being the largest because he liked to collect a random assortment of books (and his strawberry themed merchandise.)

After Abbacchio made sure the brats were not around he turned to his husband who was now sitting at a couch close to the fireplace, a book placed right next to him but he didn't seem too keen on reading it. Instead, he was texting on his phone. What he was texting, Abbacchio had no idea. He just hoped that Bruno wasn't being overwhelmed by the beed to help others. He really needed to focus on his own mental health more.

Abbacchio went and sat down next to Bruno, distracting him.

"Bruno, tell me what's wrong." He said sternly, looking at Bruno's ocean blue eyes.

Bucciarati looked down for a second, thinking about what he was going to say before looking back up, pushing his somewhat ruined black bob out of his eyes, a worried expression on his face.

"..Leone I- I don't know what to do...I feel like I failed one of my students..," Bruno stuttered.

Abbacchio thought for a moment. Of course Bruno was worried about another child, he had a knack for attracting the broken and abused, something that perplexed him a bit. (He refused to acknowledge how they had first met, because then he'd be a hypocrite considering their whole little family.)

"How exactly did you "fail" this kid," he asked, hoping to get more information out of his lover before drawing anymore conclusions.

"Well, I confronted him about a mark I saw on his arm but he said it was bullies. I felt-no, I knew he was lying but I didn't say anything about it....Leone I just-, I just let him walk away. I don't know how to feel.." Bruno muttered, sweat gathering on his brows and a judge's look of shame colored his feathers.

Abbacchio hugged him for a while, letting his husband relax while rubbing circles on his back in reassurance.

"Bruno, you can't help anybody, especially someone who themselves don't know they need help. If the brat isn't ready, give him some time. He'll realize it soon enough. You need to stop pushing yourself so're only 28." Abbacchio lifted Bruno's face up so they were looking right into each other's eyes. Bruno had tears in his eyes, threatening to spill.

"But what if i'm too late and he does something he'll regret, Leone what if I fail him," Bruno hiccuped, tears starting to fall and making his vision blurry.

Abbachio stroked his lover's cheeks, kissing away his tears before softly speaking.

"Bru, I believe in you, I know that you can do this and if something does happen, just know it's not your fault. It was never your fault, okay? I'll be right here to help you. We can do this together if you want, I can even contact Cps if it gets serious. Just give the kid time."

Bruno sniffled, nodding before snuggling with Leone on the coach, feeling a lot less stressed about his whole predicament. The two watched Tv for the remainder of the evening before Narancia came downstairs and demanded he was hungry, even though he had eaten only a few hours ago.





The sun peeked out of Giorno's very broken window, notifying him it was morning. The moment he opened his eyes, his vision went blurry. It took him awhile for them to adjust before he got up, his back in pain from sleeping on his so called "mattress" that was more like a brick than a bed.

His arms hurt terribly from the night before but he chose to ignore it. He, of course inflicted that onto himself, he had no room to say anything about it. The moment he stood up he felt his legs buckle beneath him. He quickly tried to find something, anything to grab onto so he could hold his balance but failed.

A hard thump was heard across the room, rippling into the house and echoing through the rooms. Giorno quickly stifled his breath, hoping that it hadn't woken up his stepfather. He looked at the door, anticipating what was to come next before he decided he was safe enough to move again.

He quickly walked into the closet, grabbing the biggest black hoodie he had and throwing on a pair of skinny jeans that looked too baggy on him to be considered "skinny" jeans. He then crept into the bathroom, brushing his long, blonde hair.

He was alarmed to see just how much hair had come out after the first stroke of the brush. Had he begun aging faster? He started to shake a little in fear. Why was his hair falling out? He decided he didn't want to comb his hair anymore and moved on to styling it instead. He put it up in his usual victory rolls and braided the end. Finally, he moved on to brushing his teeth, making sure to brush them thoroughly.

He stopped dead in his tracks the moment he felt the metallic tang of blood on his lips. He spit out the contents in his mouth with surprise and watched as the blood stained saliva spiraled down the drain in shock. What was that and why was he suddenly bleeding?

He quickly washed out his mouth and left the bathroom, he didn't want to deal with that at the moment. He didn't want to deal with a lot of things. If only he wasn't so scared of dying. He looked over to his calendar and checked the date he circled previously.

Only 8 more days, huh?

Did he actually want to do this, was it worth it? He didn't even know himself anymore. He had planned to take his life on his 14th birthday but he doesn't know if he'll be able too anymore.

What if at the end it's just more torment? If hell does exist then why would he kill himself just to to end up in more pain than before? He just felt numb. The whole idea of dying became more and more dim as his motivation declined more and more.

Even if he died nobody would care enough to search for his body and the thought of that just made him feel worse.

He shook his head, no need to be thinking about that he just has to get to school..ya.

Giorno silently slipped out of the room, avoiding the rotting floorboards and making it to the front door. He looked back just before he closed the door, catching a glimpse of his stepfather. Quickly he shut the door and booked it, ignoring the sound of his front door opening again and the shouts from his stepfather.

His heart was chalk full of adrenaline as he ran as fast as his legs could take him, slowly hearing his stepfather's shouts become quieter and quieter.



On his walk to school, Giorno felt his shitty cracked and beaten android phone buzz in his pockets. He reluctantly took it out of his pocket, confused as to who had texted him.




He looked at the messages and smiled a bit, blushing. It was a weird feeling, his whole stomach felt like it had been pumped full of butterflies and they had nowhere to fly away. He never had a friend or anyone talk to him like a friend would so he felt a giddy.

He kinda liked the feeling, it was comforting and soft, something he was severely lacking in his own life. He had to remind himself not to get too excited because Narancia might just be nice to him just because he felt bad or he was dared to. Ya, that's it, nobody would talk to him out of their own kindness. It still was nice talking to someone though.

The rest of his walk to school and into his homeroom were relatively peaceful, fortunately none of his bullies had approached him today, which was a little distressing at first but he chose to focus on the fact that they hadn't been beaten up. When he sat down on his shared table with him he spotted Trish, who was wearing a baby blue crop top with a nice white high waisted skirt. Fugo was also there, he had the comfiest looking purple sweater on (there were little strawberries embroidered on the hems of it) and khaki pants. He felt their eyes on him, suddenly self conscious about his rather dirty looking attire.

That's right, he was going to eat with them for lunch today. He felt embarrassed, forgetting such an important thing. He didn't know what to say to them and the longer he tried to stall, the worse his palms felt sweaty. He put his hands on his lap whipping away the moisture on them.

"Hey Giorno, is it your turn to eat lunch with you today?" Trish interrupted his fantic panicking. He looked over at her a little and nodded his head.

"That's great, we need another sane person in our little group, so far it's me and half of Trish," Fugo stated, giving Trish a shit eating grin. Giorno watched as his strawberry themed earrings swung a little bit. He kinda wants earrings to.

They both Continue to talk to Giorno for a while before Advisement starts. Giorno learned that Trish was obsessed with fancy French water that he couldn't fathom even buying and that Fugo probably had his own personal library in his room.

The light hearted conversation quickly ended the moment a couple of students walked up to their desk, one of their names being Marco. He was significantly taller than him so Giorno felt even smaller when he was sitting. Marco didn't really push him around like his other bullies but he was responsible for spreading multiple rumors about him, one of them being that he was a prostitute who secretly loved to do crack. He of course never had done such a thing but he had no friends to back him up.

Marco and his lackey looked over at the three in disappointment. Giorno felt like there was no oxygen in the room. He looked down in shame.

"Hey Trish, ya know you don't gotta talk to that loser, huh," he said pointing towards Giorno.

"I know you 'an Fugo been hanging so i'm not gonna say nun bout him,' ' Fugo gave him a death glare. He looked like he was trying to contain his anger. Marco continued his onslaught of words.

"Did ya know that Giovanna is a f*g huh? He's probably fuckin' his good ol' pop at home poor man. You needa stay away from him Trish, he's dangerous. Right guys?"

The rest of the class nodded along with Marco's words, wanting to see what would happen. It's only been a week since both Fugo and Trish have been introduced to the school but almost all the guys had a crush on her.

Giorno wanted to sink into his seat and melt away. He didn't want to think about what Marco had just implied, he didn't want to think about that.

Never again, never ever again. He could still feel his stepfather's calloused fingers all over his chest and back. Giorno forced his expression to go neutral but he couldn't exactly stop his hands from shaking a little bit.

In his peripheral vision he saw Fugo slowly put his hand on his back and slowly rub circles on them. Giorno flinched at first but slowly allowed it to happen. He could hear some people begin to snicker aloud. He slowly sunk into his seat, the only thing keeping him from having a panic attack where the comforting touches by Fugo.

"Hey asshole, leave Giorno alone, he didn't do anything wrong." Trish retaliated, standing up and crossing his hands across her chest.

"HE'S A F*G, GIORNO GIOVANNA IS A-," Before Marco could finish his sentence, Mr.Bucciarati walked into his classroom, distressed and angry at the same time.

The whole class instantly got Quiet. The bell had rung and it was officially time for class to start.

"Marco," Bucciarati said in a cold voice, "principal's office, NOW."

Everyone saw as Marco slowly approached the door, head hung low and his once high pride wounded. Marco's luck quickly hurried back into his seat and sat down pretending nothing happened.

Mr. Bucciarati walked into the classroom. He carried an air of seriousness, quickly shutting up the most obnoxious in the class. Usually he would greet his class but today he walked right up to the white board and in bold Letters wrote down, "Zero Tolerance," before turning to the class and quickly taking attendance.

"Now," he began, "I feel stupid that I have to say this but I must remind you all that there is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for bullying in this school."

Everyone felt a chill run down their spine.

"I am appalled by the behavior exhibited by some students today even though I was not around to see a majority of the conversation. Because of this, instead of having time to do any missing class work or discussion about grades, I would like you all to sit and read for the remainder of the class period. If I see someone not doing so, it will be a deterion with me after school. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yessir." The class replied. Fugo looked over at Giorno one last time in what Giorno had guessed was either disgust or understandment. He slowly took his hand off Giorno's back before looking him over. He decided that Giorno would be okay and quickly sat back down in his seat.

Giorno felt ashamed that someone even had to do that for him to calm down but oddly enough he didn't regret it either. He gave fugo a glance before blushing and turning his head in embarrassment. Okay, maybe he still kinda regrets it.

The rest of the class period, Giorno ended up reading a pretty good book about flowers and how people developed flower language. He got the occasional glance from either Fugo or Mr. Bucciarati, but he didn't mind. At the end of the class period, Mr.Bucciarati gave him a sad smile before once again reminding him he can come to him whenever he needed to.

The next class period went by in a blur, he would occasionally chat with the others if they were in his class. Narancia had told him to meet up with them at the library before they went to the cafeteria which was good.Thankfully nobody had tried anything. The news of the morning with Marco had spread around the school and people didn't really want to mess with Giorno anymore. He was glad that he didn't have to worry about being for another day.



The moment the lunch came around, Giorno started to panic. How did he go the whole day forgetting that he had nothing to actually eat. He tried checking his backpack but to his dismay, there was nothing there. Maybe if he just told them he'd had a big breakfast then nothing would happen, ya thats it. With his plan in mind, Giorno made his way to the large library.

He looked around, finally finding the group of kinds by the back where all the windows had been. He slowly made his way toward them, waving a little. God, he felt so awkward. He'd never talked to anybody as much in his life as he did today alone. This was a very new thing to him and he was constantly stressing about what he should do.
Was he walking right? What if this was just a prank? God, he hopes this is a one time thing because he would hate for the group to be Austrizued even more. It was like every second he breathed towards their general direction, one whole sociability point was taken away from them. He should have turned around when he had the chance.

"Hey Giorno, how is it going," Mista greeted. He somehow looked even happier than he's ever seen him before. He looked like the personification of a golden retriever. Gioeno could practically see his tail. His questioning must have shown on his face because Trish quickly replied.

"Don't mind Mista Giorno, he's just glad that there's finally 5 people here instead of four. Giorno was still confused but he just nodded anyways, not wanting to seem rude.

"Well we don't have all day here, c'mon guys lets get some grub." Narancia exclaimed, the colorful kandi bracelets making a sound as he put his hand up in the air.

The group made their way to the cafeteria, Trish and Narancia having a heated discussion on if orange juice was good or not. The moment they reached the entrance, Giorno started to feel more anxious, he's never actually been inside of the cafeteria before unless it was for an assembly or something. He'd usually hide out in either the bathroom or the janitors closet for lunch. He felt what he thought were a million different eyes on him. He ignored this though, choosing to follow his acquaintances? Friends? To their lunch table.

He waited for them to sit down first, not wanting to take any of their spots before sitting down himself. He ended up sitting right next to Mista, which was a little unpleasant. Mista smelt...weird and Giorno definitely didn't like his striped leather pants he had on.

They had all started taking their lunch boxes out. He started to sweat, hoping nobody would realize that he was the only one not reaching into their backpacks for food.

"Eww, Abba made meatloaf again," Narancia lamented.
Guess he was eating all the snacks he'd saved up in his backpack.He puffed out his cheeks in disgust as he watched the others not give a reaction at all.

"Narancia, we all know meatloaf aint THAT bad," Mista replied, taking a big bite out of the meatloaf some of the chunks ended up on Giorno's face. He grimaced, gagging as he watched Giorno slowly whip the chunks off his face with his sweater.
Ew, they seriously liked that stuff? He really needs to find better siblings.

Narancia made eye contact with Giorno after the boy had whipped Mista's meatloaf chunks off his face.

"Hey Gio, where's your lunch at? He questioned. Giorno's face drained of color as he looked away.

"Uh, I had a big breakfast so I'm not really that hungry, '' he lied, hoping that Narancia would just take it as fact. The others all gave him little glances before deciding that ya, he was probably telling the truth. Giorno doesn't seem like the type of person to lie.

"Hmm, alright man, I was gonna offer ya a piece cause I hate meatloaf and if Abba found out I didn't eat it he'd have my head. Are you sure you don't want it?" Narancia questioned, pleading with Giorno using only his eyes. He needs to get rid of this Pronto. Please Giorno, just take the food.

Giorno stayed at Narancia for a while, seemingly calculating both the pros and cons of taking up Narancia's offer on food.

This was his chance! If he said yes to Narancia then he'd finally eat a proper meal. He could already feel his body flip in excitement. No, that would be selfish, he couldn't just take Narancia's food and eat it like that.

But it WAS for a good cause though, how would hate for Narancia to get in trouble.....

"Alright Narancia, I don't mind eating more today.. thank you for the meal," He said quietly. Narancia sighed in relief as he slid his meat loaf to Giorno.

"Hey dumbass, I don't wanna hear you complaining later on that you're hungry," Fugo said, looking at Narancia to gage his reaction.

"Yah, yah Panini head, I won't complain or whatever," Narancia stuck out his tongue, taunting Fugo even more. Fugo had all hot headed but before he could choke Narancia, Trish held him back.

Giorno was quite honestly stared at by how fast Fugo had snapped at Narancia. He made a note to himself to not ever piss him off.

"Calm down Fugo, he's just messing with you," she commented softly, rubbing circles in his back just like Fugo had done with his this morning. Fugo grumbled, sitting back in his chair and angrily stuffing his face with food.

"Don't worry about his Giorno," Mista spoke up, "He just gets irritated easily when he doesn't have anything in his little stomach of his, don't cha buddy?"


Everyone soon went back to talking again, the atmosphere becoming light hearted as they discussed which animal crossing villager was the best. Giorno didn't even know what Animal crossing was bit by the sounds of it, it was a lovely little game. He ate as he listened to their conversation, making sure to savor each and every last crumb of food he was given. This might be his last meal after all. This Meatloaf was amazing as well, whoever made it must be a 5 star chef. Now that he thinks about it, why do they all have the same lunch?

He struggled that question off, maybe it's something people with friends do. Maybe these people have known each other since elementary. He doesn't know if he'll stick around long enough to find out.



When lunch was over, Giorno gave Narancia his container back and thanked him once again for letting him eat it. Narancia ashered him; it was nothing before they all went their separate ways. Giorno's overall mood was lifted and he felt a lot more energized. The rest of his classes went well, Giorno feeling more awake helped the time move faster and made the droning on by the teacher more bearable. When he had made it to PE, the teacher had given him an apology and told him the nurse had excused him from activities until next week which was shocking to him but he took advantage of the crime he had gained and finished up any homework he had.

The walk home was also a pleasant one, he found $10 on the ground and of course his bullies hadn't been anywhere to be seen. He was pretty sure they were going to come for him the moment he was out of the school campus but maybe they had better things to do. This was so good that Giorno was starting to get suspicious. Why was everything going so good?

Maybe he shouldn't jinx it. Ya, he's going to go home and take a big, fat nap and then maybe talk to the plushies.


Of course, that didn't ever end up happening. Maybe I should have not questioned his luck in the beginning. He always had horrible luck, why would his day be ruined.




Chapter Text

The moment Giorno reached his house, his body tensed up. His alarms were setting off and his gut feeling was telling him to run, to get out of there while he still had a chance. He started to get nervous, something was wrong and he didn't know what it was. He looked around, trying to find a sign of anything that looked suspicious. He didn't find anything though, just the awful silence of his dirty neighborhood.  

Ignoring his heart and all his senses, he decided to walk into the house anyways. Maybe he was just making up stuff.....ya it was just an overreaction to things. He tends to do that according to his mother. It was just like all the times he's tried asking her for food when his stomach felt like it was eating itself as a child and his protruding ribs started to irritate him. It's a horrible habit he's gotten into he noticed, always blowing the things in his life out of proportion. He was fine, he always will be fine. He just needs to stop complaining.  

Giorno walked up to the front door step and slowly pulled open the door to the house. Unlike the silence he expected, he was greeted with the shouts of both his Mother and his Stepfather fighting which would have been fine if not for the fact that there was a suitcase by the door.  


"Oh, shut up! You're to busy fucking with drugs and little kids you f*g, go fuck off!" His mother turned around, going to pick up her suitcase but before she could she ment eyes with Giorno.  

"Oh lookie here, you're little fuck toy is back," Giorno's mother looked her son up and down before smirking.  

["Wait until he finds your little toys Haruno,"] she said, smirking at him. He's never seen her like this before in recent memory.  

["W-what...."]   he replied.  

["You're a little sissy, keeping a toy in your room like that,"] she replied, taking some of her long, black hair and twirling it around on her finger.  


Giorno grew silent, not knowing where this conversation was going. How did she find out about Kero Kero-kun and Haru-chan? Did she do something with them? But he thought she didn't even care about could this be?  

["Haruno, your little toys are gone. I threw them away, I'm not raising some freak,"] She sang, walking right up to him and getting in his face.  

Giorno felt his face become two shades darker in a mix of frustration and embarrassment. His best friends were gone, just like that but that also means his mother snooped around in his room. Something about that made him feel violated, the only safe place in his house was broken into and he didn't know how to feel about it. He was practically a human furnace. He was so nervous and his mother had never gotten this close to him before.  

He looked into her eyes, searching for anything. Maybe this was a misunderstanding that he wasn't getting. All that was behind her gaze was pure hatred. There was nothing as her face became neutral and her eyelashes veiled her eyes.  

["I'm leaving Haruno, I hope you enjoy messing around with my husband for now on. This has been your plan all along, huh? Pretending to be hurt. You're nothing but a whore, stupid useless prick,"] Giorno's mother stood up, brused her cherry red dress off and sized up her son.  

["Wait Mom, please do-,"]  before Giorno could finish his sentence, his mother's hands flew into the air and smacked him right in the face. He fell down from shock, not expecting his mother to touch him like that. Sure she would push him around but he's never known her to strike him. His cheek stung as he sat on the ground, staring at her dumbfounded.  

She turned around and faced his stepfather who had been watching the whole thing confused on what they were saying but still angry. 

"I'm leaving now, don't try to find me unless you want to go to jail. I'm not taking Haruno either, I don't need him anymore." She said and flipped her hair before leaving the house grabbing her suitcase on the way out.  

It stayed silent for a while. Giorno was still stunned by what had happened a couple of minutes prior and his stepfather was uncomfortably silent.  

Suddenly, his stepfather stood up and started walking towards him. He quickly stood up, snapped out of his trance and was about to run up the stairs before anything happened but he felt his stepfather's hands roughly tug at his skinny arms.  

"WHERE THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING,HUH?!" His stepfather shouted, spit flying out of his mouth. Giorno froze and put his head down. He could feel his stepfather's sharp and dirty nails dig into his already bruised arm. He tried to stifle a whimper but it still came out anyway.  

"S-sorry..s-sir," he stuttered back, starting to shake.  

His stepfather took him and slammed him onto the ground, Giorno's head slamming into the ground first. He felt his ears ring as he curled into himself.  


Giorno's stepfather started kicking him over and over again. The food he had eaten had started making it's way out of his stomach and his body ached more and more. One rather strong kick into his stomach forced Giorno's mouth bad before long Giorno was puking all over his stepfather.  

"WHAT THE FUCK, WHY YOU LITTLE.." His stepfather grumbled, grabbing onto his head and throwing Giorno's head up. Large chunks of his hair were ripped out of his scull and his head started pounding. Everything was fuzzy as the ringing in his ears worsened and he struggled to get his eyes to focus.  

"You're just askin for it huh? You deserve this you know, always being fucking narasicisstic. You're nothing but a leach Giorno."  

He felt himself slump onto the floor as his stepfather dropped him onto the floor again. The unzipping of his fathers pants was heard and before long Giorno could see the belt that he had strived to avoid. Before he could fully register what was happening, he could hear the cracking of the air around him and the belt made harsh contact to his back.  

Giorno yelled in pain and he tried to cover himself again, curled up in fetal permission.  

"You did this to me, you made her leave, THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" His stepfather continued to shout as he hit him harder and harder. Giorno felt his back sting as pain as he felt the metallic part of the belt dig into his skin. He started bleeding, brushes blistering all over his body.  

His body shook even worse as he started feeling light headed. At some point Giorno's stepfather had grabbed him again and started choking him. Tears started flowing out of his eyes and his face blued and he begged for his stepfather to let him breathe. He didn't even know what he did wrong. No matter how much he tried to avoid conflict it always seemed to find him everywhere he went and now he was going to die. He was going to die and the last thing he would see is his stepfather's angry face.  

Before he could fully pass out his stepfather let go of his neck and threw him onto the couch. He started coughing, trying to take in any amount of air he could. His vision started to get better as he looked around frankly trying to anticipate his stepfather's next attack.  

The moment he laid eyes on him, Giorno's heart dropped. There standing next to Giorno was his stepfather pants off and looking at him with a lust filled gaze.  

No, not again.. 

Why does this have to happen again?


"Please don't  do this, please im sorry I'll do anything but not THAT," he choked out, begging his stepfather to stop.  

The man ignored him, attempting to take off Giorno's  clothing.  

"No, please please, I don't want this. Please I beg you to have mercy. I'll stop being burned just don't do this," Giorno was hysterical, crying and kicking his stepfather off. 


"SHUT IT! YOU FUCKING DID THUS TO YOURSELF YOU WHORE!" His stepfather's beat him up even more to shut him up.  


Slowly, Giorno felt his clothes being pulled to his body. Everytime time he felt his stepfather's hands on his skin he would sob. 

It hurt, it hurt so bad. His stepfather kept forcing himself in and Giorno shook so violently that he couldn't control his breathing. He tried time and time again to get out but his stepfather always went harder every time he tried. 


"This is for your own good," he would say. 


"You deserve this." 


"You're filthy Giorno, let me cleanse you." 


He started feeling aroused somewhere mixed in with the pain that ran through his body and it made him feel disgusted. Time slowed more and more and before long Giorno was in a limbo somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness. His legs were numb and to some extent he himself had grown numb. 

When his stepfather was finished with him he promptly passed out, falling on top of Giorno. He was so tired, he didn't have any energy or motivation to push him off. So, uncomfortable and hurting all over, Giorno layed on the couch and just stared into the ceiling the whole night. He didn't sleep, all he could think about is how fast the day had gone horribly. He was so happy earlier,  talking to people he had never thought he'd ever talk too. But now he was in his dingy house, naked and in pain as his stepfather crushed him. 

His sleep and his support system was gone, Kero Kero-kun and Haru-chan...he really wished they were still there with him. They were the only things keeping him sane and now they were gone..


Sometime in the middle of the night, Giorno's stepfather shifted his position which allowed Giorno to slip out of the couch. He picked up his clothes and limped to the bathroom. He didn't even take a bath this time. He only treated his wounds and used the bathroom, making sure to wipe away the blood on his bottom. 

The moment Giorno reached his room he looked in his closet. Maybe his mother hadn't thrown away Kero Kero-kun and Haru-chan, maybe she was lying he thought but they weren't where he had left them. 

He tore apart his room, becoming more and more fanatic the more time had passed. By the time it was 1am in the morning, he was curled up in a fetal position in his closet and just cried. 


He cried about his mother leaving. 

He cried about his two best friends in the whole entire world being torn away from him. 


And he actually cried about how he was so useless. Everytime he managed to mess up something. He was such a screw up. He wished he never talked to Narancia that day in the bathroom because then he wouldn't have to subject him with his presence. All he ever did was lie to everyone. 

He lied countless times to teachers, to classmates but especially to himself. He promised himself that maybe things were better and deep down he knew that on April 16th he probably would have chickens out of killing himself. But not anymore. He sees now just how harmful his presence is in the world. 

Imagine how many happy families he's torn apart. Even poor Marco from eiller was suffering just for stating a fact whether he knew it or not. He was just a good for nothing blonde whore. The only thing of value was his body but even that was tainted. Everyday he would earn another bruise on his body. There was nowhere on his skin that looked somewhat normal anymore. 

He was basically purple and blue and green all over and he was sick of it. If he just died then everything would be over...everything. 

Slowly, Giorno got up and headed towards the floorboard where he knew a knife had been. He had put it there after its previous use and started cutting his arms. 

He cut because he wanted to feel in control again. 


He cut because he wanted to feel happy. 


He cut because he wanted to die. He wanted so badly that it made him go crazy. 


That night, instead of falling into a dreamless sleep, Giorno passed out from blood loss, his arms and legs deep gashed through them. 



When Giorno woke up the next day he was extremely dizzy and his body burned from all directions. He sat up in hazy confusion, not remembering much of anything. All he knew was that his mother had left and gotten rid of...them. He guessed his stepfather probably did something too but he actively tried not to think out that today. 

He attempted to stand but quickly fell over again, hissing in pain. In defeat, he crawled to the bathroom instead and grabbed the first aid kit before quickly crawling back in his room. He wrapped himself up, ignoring the amount of blood pouring out onto the floors. 

Maybe he shouldn't go to school today, he thought after he was finished. He didn't want to do anything anymore. There was no motivation and his body was dying. He was dying and he didn't care. Slowly he crawled into his bed and layed down staring at nothing and everything at the same time. 

His mind wandered into the faraway depth of his memories. He tries to remember the times he was truly happy even though these times had been few and far between. 

He remembers being five, finally being allowed of the confines of his small apartment, small suitcase in hand. It was the first time he'd been out with his mother and also the last time he'd ever been in japan. He would miss the sakura trees but he was excited because his momma finally was paying attention to him. They went shopping that day, she had even bought him a little putting pack. 

By 3pm they were at an airport. It was the first time little Haruno has seen an airplane with his own two eyes. He was mesmerized by the giant machined that swore in the sky, free. He liked them alot, though he didn't really get to admire them a lot as his mother had dragged him away from the window. Before he knew it, they were inside of one. He was ecstatic! There were nice people who would come and give him snacks or food.  The curry and Miso soup were his favorite. 

After the fight he ended up in Italy, a majestic place it was. The first time he met his stepfather, he was shy but the man was nice. He would help Haruno with learning Italian, sometimes he would let him sit in his lap and they would watch a tv show together but his touches were always kinda weird so Haruno didn't really like doing that much. Everything in his life had been perfect then, his stepfather never beat him and his mother was never annoyed by his presence. 

But then his stepfather started selling drugs for money which turned into him using those drugs in turn. He then started drinking and before Haruno knew it the man had spiraled out of control. His mother watched it all go down but she didn't care. All she wanted was to go out and party all day with her new Italian friends who happened to be men. Haruno was left alone with a monster who would constantly hurt him and maybe he deserved it. If only he had tried to help, then none of the things that happened to him would have..will happen. In his eyes he was 100% responsible. 

Ya it was his fault, he should have died a long time ago. 




When Bruno stepped into the classroom today, he had expected his class to be as rowdy as usual, thus was a middle school after all but it was silent. The kids looked uncomfortable and somewhat guilty. Well, they deserved it, he wasn't going to deal with there shit anymore.  He looked over to his kids, who looked bored out of their minds. What had caught him off guard was that Giorno wasn't their. He had never known the boy to be absent, in fact he had a perfect attendance record. 

Bruno grew concerned but shook his head, he had a job to do right now. He just hopes that Giorno contacts him soon. He was getting more and more worried as the days passed. Maybe Fugo and Trish know?  Giorno had been pretty close to them lately. He'd ask them after class. 

Today he didn't greet his students either, he was still mad at them. 

"Well, since the situation yesterday happened I have something I like for all you to do." He said, passing around a packet. The kids in his class looked confused. 

"In this packet I'm passing around stories of students from different schools who have been bullied, I'd like you all to read at least one of them and in the back write about how it affected that person's life. I have provided a warning for some of the stories as they include trigger warning for those who need them. Please have this done by tomorrow as I intend to have a discussion about this." He informed his class. A couple of students signed, not wanting to do anything that morning. 

Bruno looked over at his students before giving them one of his soft sad smiles. 

"Please know that I'm doing this for educational purposes, if-if you're being bullied or have anything going please talk to me. I want you all to feel comfortable in this school because I care so much about all of you. I want you all to grow up being proud and happy." He smiled, this time a genuine one. The tense atmosphere surrounding all of them before had all but dissipated. Bruno even decided to put on some soft music to help them relax. 

By the end of the class, the kids had all finished their assignments and were talking to each other quietly. He took time to go up to Fugo and Trish to chat with them a little. 

"Hey guys," he greeted. 

"Ah, what's up Bruno," Trish perked up. 

"Trish, you can't call him that in school," Fugo whispered in response. 

"It's fine Fugo, hey have you gotten any kind of message from Giorno? I saw you guys hangout yesterday so I wanted to check." 

"Ah, Giorno?" Fugo replied, "Well I really don't have his number, Nara does and he never said anything about it. Sorry.." 

"Don't worry about that Panna, it's not your fault," he replied, messing with Fugo's hair a bit. 

"Hmmp, whatever...don't call me that..'' Fugo mumbled. 

The bell rang shortly afterward and he bid his children farewell. He sighed, picking up his things and going back to the counseling office to gather his thoughts. 


Where exactly had Giorno gone? 

Was he safe? 


These thoughts kept running through his head but he forced them away. Only time will tell he guesses. 

Giorno didn't show up to school for the rest of the week, ignoring the text from Narancia. His father didn't reply to any of the absent emails that the school had been sending.



For the rest of the week, Giorno fell in and out of consciousness. His body and mind were in a state of limbo, half responsive but also tired. The only time he would get up was to please his stepfather in his every needs. Without his mother in the house who, he admits was the only one paying for anything, he was forced to take on the quote on quote "Women's" role which consisted of basic human necessity like cleaning or cooking. 

He also was forced to take care of his stepfather's...other desires. He would often be forced to touch his stepfather inappropriately to get him off or other things Giorno didn't want to acknowledge even happened. 

Everyday was a nightmare. His stepfather forced him to go out and find money. He had told him to use his body but Giorno had horrible social anxiety so he went for good ole' pick pocketing instead. He was already good at it so it wasn't a big deal. He also became somewhat of a scam artist. His stellar acting was great for tricking tourists to give him their money. 

By Saturday, Giorno was famished and tried. He hadn't even had a good meal to keep him energized. Every night, the scars multiplied and he started crying himself to sleep. At the rate he was going, Giorno doubted he'd even make it for the next few days. He couldn't take this torment anymore. He was done with everything. It feels like he says it all the time but he actually intends on acting on it now. 

The thought of dying gave him great peace. He finally would be out of everyones hair. The relentless pain will pass and he'd be free! He did a little thinking on how he wanted to actually do it. 

There was a nice bridge to buy the pounds he used to frequent to look at all the animals while he was a kid. It sounds nice, dying by the nature that surrounds him. He could even look at the flowers blooming in the fields before he was gone. He daydreamed on how the nice spring breeze would feel in his hair or how relaxing it would be to bask in the sun. 

If there's a slim chance, he hopes to be reincarnated into a butterfly.  It'd be a nice change from being the human equivalent of a roach. 


But what about Mr.Bucciarati? 


Or Narancia and Mista? 


Or even Fugo and Trish? 


How would they feel? He supposes they might be a little distraught at first but they'd probably be happy afterwards. He was a parasite on them and even though he was even in their lives briefly, he's probably caused them so much embarrassment. 

This is the only way they would forgive him, he was sure of it. But he still had to hold onto his promise to himself, not until he turned 14. He doesn't know why he set the goal but it's only a few days away. It was nice...experiencing what having friends was like he'd have to admit. It's a shame he was born a failure. 

In another way, maybe he could be happy.


The day of Giorno's birthday began like any other from the horrible, chipped paint on the walls to the creaking floorboards. Giorno sat up, feeling well rested and at ease. He was at peace, knowing what a big day it was. It felt more like a nice Saturday morning then a Tuesday. Stretching, Giorno crept out of his bed, standing in his noticeably empty room. 

On the weekend he had resorted to getting rid of all his things so his stepfather could have one less thing to worry about. He also gave his stepfather the most pleasure he could get as that day would be his last. 

Giorno still felt gross and sore but he didn't mind, he told himself. This was his last day. He had considered writing a note to his parents but he had no idea where his mother had gone and his stepfather probably won't care for one. 

Instead, he finally got out that piece of paper Bucciarati had given him with his contact information and added his phone number into his phone. He also decided to message Narancia, he deserves to know what's going to happen to him anyways.

Giorno to Mr.Bucciarati:

Hey Mr. Bucciarati, it's me Giorno. I know tou told me your contact information if I needed help but Im texting you to tell you im no longer going to need it. I appreciate all the times you have attempted to help me but please don't worry yourself when im gone. I know it will stressful, but I believe you will overcome it. I've always admired you sir and im sorry I was too weak to take you up on that offer. Soon I'll be with the fish, in the field, in the breeze....Please do tell the other students Im sorry for burdeing them for so long, nobody deserves that torment. I guess, in a way im happier because of the fact that after im gone, everyone will be more at ease. Im so very sorry for that once again and I hope you could find it in your ever expansive heart to forgive me.

-Giorno Giovanna 


Giorno to Narancia:

Hey Narancia, sorry that I haven't really been responding. I suggest you ignore my contact from now on. Im sorry it had to end like this, tell the others Im sorry we couldn't have another lunch together. Don't worry, I'll be out of your hair by tomorrow. Im going to free. Im terribly sorry again...please don't get torn up about it. Whatever happens it's not your fault but mine. This is my own decision.

sorry once again

- Giorno Giovanna 


He smiled, content with his message and put his phone in his pockets. He looked around his shitty room for one last time and decided that it was time. Some part of him was telling him not to go through with this, that this was a horrible mistake, but the larger part of himself agreed that it was simply time to go. 

He walked out of his house, a small smile on his face that didn't quite reach his eyes and prepared his final walk.




"Ughh, why won't the text be backkkkk," Narancia wined to Mista who sat right next to him. Right how they were in their shared room, procrastinating on picking up their clothes from the floor like Bruno had asked them to. Oh well, what did he expect by putting the two messiest people in the world together in one room. 

"Give em so time Nara," Mista replied, messing with his hat and feeding his hamster, the sex pistols, "Maybe he went on some family trip or something, ya know?" 

Narancia sighed in defeat and rolled over to his bean bag. 

"Ya...maybe, I just wish he would pick up though, I miss him.." 

"Dude, we've only talked to him about 5 or 6 times," Mista reminded him. Turning his attention away from the pistols and metring Narancia violet eyes. 

Narancia puffed out his cheeks, "hmmp, it doesn't matter Mista, I still think he's neat," he muttered. 

The two slowly fell into a peaceful quiet after that, Narancia deciding to take a break and look through his snoop dogg vinyl collection in hopes of finding a song that would brighten his mood a little. While he was searching, his phone pinged with life and he was alerted of a new notification. Since Mista was the closest, he picked up Narancia's bright orange phoebe and checked what it was. 

"Hey Ghirga, Giorno texted!" He informed me. 

Narancia quickly abandoned his snoop dogg vinyls and rushed up to Mista snatching the phone out of his hands quickly. 

"Yaa! He texted me back finally!," he exclaimed, doing a little dance around the room in excitement. (He almost stepped on Mista's electric guitar which would have ended up in his untimely demise.) 

He quickly tapped on the notification only to be met with a wordy block of text. He didn't mind, maybe Giorno just had a lot of things he wanted to talk about. 

The more Narancia read, the worse and worse his expression became. Tge once stupid smile plastered across his face had basically vanished, leaving only worry and displeasment. He was almost at the brink of tears by the time he was finished. Mista had caught on half way through and looked over Narancia's soldiers to see what was going on. His eyes winded when he realized the text was essentially Giorno's suicide note. 


"Oh god..," Mista quietly muttered to himself. 


"Mista, we have ro do something about this, fuck how didn't we notice!?" Narancia cried, he was panicking, walking back and forth across their shared room. 

"Okay, Okay, god...okay let's calm down Narancia we just-...I- I mean we just gotta tell Bruno right..!? Ya...let's go do that," Mista grabbed onto the walls to keep himself up as blood flowed through his ears. He knew something terrible was going to happen this month, it was cursed and now someone who he had personally talked to, even if it wasn't a lot, was about to be gone. The thought of Giorno silently suffering all the time he had seen him at the school started haunting him. 

Sure, he didn't really know him that well before Fugo and Trish had come along. They had some classes together but to his knowledge Giorno was in 7th grade and not 8th grade like him and Narancia. He regrets all the times he's seen Giorno getting picked on and idly let it happen. Truth be told, he thought Giorno was lame and uninteresting until he actually talked to him and now he realizes that Giorno was just shy, horribly so. Giorno was also in pain, he doesn't know to what extent his friend- god it felt weird thinking about how they were technically friends now- but it was enough that it made Giorno think himself unworthy of living. 

He almost threw up when he got down stairs and walked right into the living room. Narancia had silently been following him from behind, pale as a ghost and silent which was strange for him. The moment he saw Bruno look at them, he knew the man suspected something. 

"What's going on here," he spoke, approaching them. Abbacchio watched them closely as he stood in the kitchen making himself some jasmine tea. 

"Can we sit down first..," Narancia spoke, barely coming out as a whisper. Bruno started getting worried and nodded, leading his two eldest sons ro the couch. Abbacchio prepared more tea for the (cursed number) of them. 

Bruno made sure to give them bothe extra back rubs as he knew how fond of physical touch they were. 

"Care to tell me now," he spoke softly. 

"Bruno..I think-" 

"God! He's gonna kill himself! I don't know what to do, i'm scared!" Narancia started crying harder and harder, snot running down his face. 

"Who? Narancia please tell me," Bucciarati questioned, trying to keep himself as calm as possible. 

"Giorno, Oh god please Bruno, you gotta help us, I don't want him to die," Narancia started walking, eyes puffy and his face bright red. He tried to wipe his face only for my tears to pool out replacing the old ones. 

Bucciarati was shocked, not knowing what to do. He had hoped with all his might that the boy would reach out to him at least once but now it was almost too late. 

He hid his fears from both Narancia and Mista as he went in to give them both a hug. Abbacchio had come out of the kitchen and went straight to the living room to also comfort them. He knew the pain they were experiencing right now. 

Suddenly, Bruno's phone went off, he didn't want to leave his kids, heck he didn't want to deal with their current situation but Abbacchio had reassured him that he had handled the situation. Bruno walked out of the room, and checked his notifications. He didn't really have any social media so when ever he had a notification it was something work related. Hopefully it was nothing serious. 

He was shocked to see it was a message from none other than Giorno himself. He wrote about all the things he was sorry about and how he was going to be free. The moore Bruno read the worse he felt. How could he have failed so hard? Was there even a way to help h8m? Bruno's head ran situation after situation, trying to somehow magically will that this was all but a bad dream. 

He read Giorno's message over and over again until the words, fish, field and breeze caught his attention. He thought maybe Giorno was describing heaven, but there was a place like that just 5 minutes from his house. There was a park, where the fields were filled with flowers and the breeze was crisp. 

Is that where Giorno is headed? 

Quickly, he whipped off the few tears that were in his eyes and ran back into the living room. It seems in the time he was gone, Fugo and Trish had joined them on the couch. They look stressed. 

"I KNOW WHERE HE IS- at least I think he I know," he stuttered. Abbacchio and the others all looked up at him, Abbacchio being the most out of the loop as he didn't really know Giorno like the rest of them did. 

Narancia and Fugo perked up when they heard Bruno's outburst. 

"WHERE!?" they both shouted simultaneously. 

"At the park, Leone, can you contact the police or fire station just in case I'm wrong, we need people looking out for him." 

Abbacchio nodded, going to grab his phone. 

"Bruno, you have to let us come," Trish stated, shaking a little from shock. 

"Im sorry Trish, this is such an unstable situation. I need you guys to think of places he might of went to." He replied, Giving Trish a sad look. 

"But how! We barely know the guy!" Mista responded. 

Bruno looked at them, and turned around, biting on his lips hard enough that they drew blood. 

"I....don't know," he stuttered, "But we won't allow this to happen, not on my watch. We're going to save Giorno Giovanna, mark my words."

Chapter Text

What is life? Is it the people who inhabit the plant or is it the wilderness? 

Is life like the endless tidal wave of emotions constantly turning, or is it the will to get back up after being knocked down over and over again. 

Is life simply the act of being alive? 

Then what is being alive? Does it even matter? 

Being alive is to live and prosper, but why is it so unfair? Why is it that people will experience different things based solely on gender, sexual orientation, or race? 

Does that mean we truly are not equal in a sense? It must be true, it simply must. If we are all truly not the same in life, then one person has to be lower than someone else just like a food chain. Giorno just happened to be at the bottom of the barrel, and below that, in the vast space of emptiness was where Haruno resided. 

It is true, he is unworthy of life and freedoms. He is nothing, the very soil he walks upon ends up dead, the nutrients it once had sucked out of it. People end up hurt emotionally and he has nothing but the audacity to complain. He should have remembered all the people who have it way worse than him. 

The kids who have not eaten in months, the kids who aren't allowed a roof over their heads, those where to ones truly suffering. Compared to them, he was nothing but some snobby, slutty brat who continued to make his life worse and worse for himself. 

He wasn't even supposed to be here, if his mother had not loved the man that was Dio Brando so much, she would have gotten rid of him. The only reason he is alive is because his mother had hopes, she had dreams that he would end up like her beloved, an angel incarnate. But she got cursed and was sent a demon instead who leeched of her emotional well-being and made her go poor for it. 

That is why he has to die. So he will stop hurting the people who mean the most to him. At least, that's what he keeps telling himself as he walks to his final destination. 

He remembers being worried about people finding his body, he remembers convincing himself that dying was scary, but not anymore. 

The happiness Giorno felt in the morning was gone, and now he was numb to the world around him. He heard conversations from people as they walked passed. 









Things he himself will never get to experience but it doesn't matter. 

The field where the flowers bloom and the grass is soft as silk...and the sky..oh the sky crystal blue....he just wants to see it one last time. He wants to see it before his clock finally runs out of time to give to him. 

He wants to see it before being sent to a world of emptiness. 

When he reached the park...he saw children playing by the swing sets and chasing each other. The happy cries of friends filled his ears and the joyful giggle mocked him. 


"You'll  never have this Haruno ," they whispered. 


"You don't deserve it," they shouted. 


But over time the messages all twist and turn and suddenly there was the continuous choir of Die... 




It was so loud... 


It was too loud.... 


He needs it to shut up, shut up, shut up SHUT UP

He continued into the park, venturing into the part with long trees that told stories of ages long past. They had history, extensive background on things most people wouldn't even think about, but Giorno took it in. 

He felt each tree he walked past, slowly tracing the bark and all the while telling himself this was goodbye and that he wasn't stalling for time. He wanted to die, he reminded himself, he had too. 

The chirping of birds up ahead told him that he was close. He could hear the rushing water of the lake. 


It was time. 

He wasn't ready 


He quietly made it to his death place, looking around the area and sighed. 


He can't do this 


It wasn't a particularly nice day outside, which was a shame because he planned to sunbathe before he died, but he still enjoyed just lying on the grass and staring up at the semi-blue skies. 


Stop this, please 


A thought popped up in his head as he pondered his life....why was he stalling. 


He's scared 


He's here and the lake.....the lake is so, so close. All he had to do was get up and jump....but for some strange reason he was here on the ground instead. 


He doesn't want this 


Giorno knew he wanted to die, he promised himself no more stalling but here he was, doing the exact opposite. 


He wanted to scream 


He wanted to Cry, he wanted to cry so bad


He knew the face he was making, it was the one he always used when he tried to hide his emotions but can't cry....his body physically can't and all he was left with was the scorching emotions running through his blood. 

He shook his head and finally stood up, no...he had to do this. He had to..what else was their left. 

There was Bucciarati, he said he cared , he told me he cares about me...


no im was lying, nobody ever feels like that about me.


Slowly, he walked to the bridge and stood on the railing,  forcing his fears to go away.


You have to do this, it's time. It doesn't matter what you think of Haruno. 


He wonders how everyone would feel, once they find his body. He imagines the look on the face of all people he's ever hurt. He imagines the bullies that he wronged, because deep down he knew they didn't really hate him and they needed an outlet. He just happens to be it. They'd probably see his death as symbolic, they finally would be able to rid themselves of the physical manifestation of their problems. 

He hopes they're happy, he hopes his stepfather becomes happy again. He just wants them to stop hurting...ironic coming from him, he knows but that doesn't matter now though. The only thing that concerns him is the water and the bridge. 

They'd probably be happy......

He's not happy though....he doesn't want to .....die.....he just wants something else....


Bruno rushed into his car, and put on his seat belt in a panic. The others still tried to follow him, but he insisted they don't. Just in case.... 

If Giorno had managed to....and they saw.. He doesn't know if he'd ever be able to live with himself. They already had problems from their past that haunt them, he doesn't want to add on to that, they were just kids goddammit. If he had to, he would take all their pain...they deserve it......including Giorno. 

He had to hurry, he had no time to waste. Every second he wasted was a lost opportunity to save Giorno. He made sure to tell Leone to contact the fire station  and find more information. They probably have to get in touch with Giorno's made Bruno queasy but he didn't really know them, he kept reminding himself. 

He can't judge them...he just hopes that his suspension of them isn't true for Giorno's sake. He doesn't  want Giorno's situation to be because of people who have no respect for their children. All he can do now is drive, and fast. 

He didn't even know if Giorno was at the park. The messages he gave were vague and Bruno was only basing his thinking on a gut feeling. He knows the boy enjoys nature, he just hopes it's the right place for his sanity. 

The recklessness of his driving was pissing some people off but he couldn't find it in him to care all that much. The only thing Bruno could feel was the constant surge of adrenaline in his body. 

His mind began to wander as he drove, He had to have seen some red flags about this right? He'd know Giorno ever since he had joined their class. He heard from kids gossiping one time that Giorno used to dye his hair black and cut it short in elementary before he told them to stop talking about people behind their backs. 

He assumed that since he was now choosing to keep his natural hair color that maybe the boy was beginning to try and open up more. 

Of course he should have assumed the worst, he had only known the boy for a couple months, he had no idea how Giorno even started to act so reserved in the first place. It was definitely unsettling just how little he seemed to interact with people. 

If only he had done more as a teacher. He knows that his degree in concealing only helped cases and he was by no means a therapist but still, he didn't want any child ever to go through the things he had to in his life. It's so frustrating seeing people you care about get to such a low point in their lives when you were right there . If only he had tried harder... 

He gave a dark chuckle as he slowed his breath down.

He knows if Leone was here right now he would have smacked him in the face and gave him the whole, 

"Bruno, you can't prevent everything from happening, it's not your fault," talk but he was scared and being scared was messed up with his rational thoughts. 

When his speeding car made it to the park area, he quickly parked and ran out of the car. It looked very strange for the people at the park to see a 5'10 male in a polka dot shirt and sweatpants leapt out of his car and raced down the sidewalk like it was on fire. His hair was flying everywhere and he looked like a maniac but he could care less. This isn't about them, this isn't about him, it's about Giorno. 

Hurry, hurry hurry 

He kept his phone close to him and constantly checked it as he ran through the park in hopes of finding the golden haired boy anywhere. He just hopes he isn't too late. He wouldn't know what to do with himself if he was. 

Please let Giorno be okay. Please... 

Bruno looked down at his phone whenever it dinged, getting little updates here and there from Abbacchio and the others. Abbacchio sent a message informing him that 911 was called and they were on the way with help just in case. 

Narancia kept messaging him over and over again if he had found Giorno yet. He beats the boy and is really scared right now. 

He picked up the pace, running even faster. His body protested the action and he tripped and fell multiple times, getting up right after like nothing had happened. His lungs hurt and his legs felt like jelly but he still continued. He refuses to give up. He had to reach the boy. 

Hurry hurry hurry 

The more he ran, the more he could hear the rush of water from the lake. At this point he almost started crying, the emotion he felt was unbearable. He just needed to know if Giorno was okay. 

I'm coming to Giorno, please hang in there for me. 

So, so close. 

He rushed into the clearing and stood there stunned for a moment before looking around frantically, his hair making it hard to see anything and the dizziness from fatigue engulfed him. His eyes refused to focus and he shook with so much adrenaline that it was hard to get his breathing to calm down. The moment he finally spotted the person he was looking for, he almost let out a sigh of relief. 

Thank goodness, he wasn't too late! Giorno....Giorno is still there, he's alive 

He must have been making too much noise because Giorno suddenly jumped and turned his head at breakneck speed to see what had made the sudden sound. 

He looked like a deer caught in headlights, his poster was stiff and his eyes drunk. 

Bruno's heart stopped and for the first time in weeks he met eyes with Giorno Giovanna. 

He was standing on the edge of a bridge. 

He looked....he looked so scared and it broke his heart. It hurt so bad. He was so used to seeing Giorno emotionless... 

That wasn't normal either but the look on his face was down right heart shattering. Giorno was just a kid..a child. He looked so small like this. 

They had a stare off of sorts, they both looked into each other's eyes, waiting for someone to make the first move. 

Lifeless sky blue eyes bore into rich dark blue and suddenly he didn't know how to feel anymore. 

Who ruined his life so bad that the childish glimmer he saw in his own kids had been ripped out. Who made Giorno feel so bad about himself as a human being that this is what he had to resort to. 

At that moment, Bruno swore to God that he will have whoever did this to Giorno in jail, he'll watch them rot, suffer for what they did. Only monsters do this to kids, absolute nobodies who pray on people younger than them are the scum of the earth and should be treated as such.This is absolutely ridiculous. 

Bruno's thoughts were cut abruptly when he noticed Giorno starting to move again. He watched as he started to shake, maybe in fear or panic but it was bad. 

"Giorno..." Bruno whimpered, taking a step closer to the boy. 

He watched as the Giorno froze and stood uncomfortably. Giorno schooled his expression to a harsh neutral look and willed himself to stop shaking. 

It hurts so bad, why....why did he just do that? 

His eyes wandered to the rest of Giorno's face which gave him such a shock. How had he not noticed until then? 

Giorno's skin which already looked like it lacked color was now a sickening pale. He had brushes and small cuts on his face, the most obvious of them all being the large blackeye he sported. If he looked hard enough, he could see tear track stains covering his face. 

He looked so much like a walking corpse. It scared him so, so bad and for what felt like the hundredth time, the thought question of "what happened to him," crossed his mind.


"Giorno, please come down from there," Bruno said softly. 

Giorno refused to move and focused his gaze to the ground. 


"I know this may be hard for you but please, whatever you need help with, I'll be there for you...I promise." Bruno spoke again, now walking towards the kid. 

He watched as Giorno shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. 

Bruno calmly spoke to him once he got close enough to Giorno that he would be able to touch him. In a way, the boy was acting a lot like Fugo whenever remembers his past trauma. He didn't want to go that far and speculate's the only explanation he has so far. 

"Giorno, please come down from there, let's talk, okay?"  

He watched as he slowly looked up at him, his eyes telling him that he was hesitant. Bruno smiled, encouraging him to come closer. 

Giorno looked around, then slowly climbed down. Bruno stretched out his hand, and the boy slowly grabbedit. For a while they stood there in silence, hand in hand and just listened to the birds chirp all around them. It was peaceful. 

"Hey Giorno," Bucciarati suddenly spoke, "Can we go somewhere else for a little bit, I think it would help clear both our heads," he whispered, making sure his voice was clear and his tone was relaxed. 

Giorno nodded his head,  grasping Bruno's hand tighter. He was still radio silent but Bruno could tell by his body language alone that the boy would follow 

He walked towards one of the large trees in the park, letting Giorno set the pace as they walked. Once they found a good spot in the shade, they sat down, Giorno choosing to seat himself away from Bruno. It was silent after that, still very awkward but much better than the previous situation. 

Time seems to slow down as it was just them, and the bustling life in the park. The stream water was lathertic and calm. He watched as Giorno visibly relaxed, he must feel so exhausted from all this. 

"Hey, Giorno...can I hug you?" 

The words left his mouth before he could even register what he was saying but they came out anyway. He looked at Giorno for his reaction just to see the boy looking at him weirdly. His eyes asked 1,000 questions and for the first time that night, he saw Giorno Giovanna's infamous mask fall off. 

He'd never seen the boy emote so openly, his face was twisted in a mix of pure confusion and excitement. In a way, he looked like a young child. (He WAS a young child.)  

Bruno couldn't help but smile before answering the silent questions with a nod while stretching out his hands. 

He made sure to slowly wrap his arms around the boy and he immediately relaxed around the hug. It was warm and sweet and comfortable. All the things Bruno wished he could provide for the boy. He felt as Giorno shifted a bit, wrapping his arms around Bruno's torso. 

Bruno squeezed him tighter, tucking his head onto his soldier. Having the boy in his arms made him relieved just how small he was. Giorno was practically a stick and his skin was uncomfortably cold but he dealt with it. 

"Giorno, i'm here for you, always alright?" 

He felt him nod and nuzzle his face even more into Bruno's neck before the tell tale signs of him falling asleep were noticeable. 

Bruno sighed and picked him up carefully, trying not to wake him up and took him to the outside of the park to wait for the ambulance. 



The rest of the day was a blur for Giorno. Even though he intended to die, the world has told him no and he found  himself blindly following Bucciarati before falling into the best sleep he's ever had. He vaguely remembers people picking him up and asking him questions while he was on a.... stretcher? To go to the... hospital? 

Honestly, he has no idea what's happening, his head hurts and he wants to go back to sleep. This bed was rather compact after all. 

Wait at the hospital?! 

His stepfather will kill him if he ever finds him here! He started to panic, if the man ever found, he's sure he'll do something to him that is far worse than death. 

He decided to keep laying down in fear of what would happen if he opened his eyes. Once the shock wore off he heard a sound...maybe a heart monitor? And hushed whispers too. 

Whoever was talking, wanted not to bother anyone. 

But who? Clearly not him. He doesn't deserve that luxury. 

Why was he at the hospital again? 

He kept hearing the people talk, their voices becoming less and less muddled the longer he laid there. 

".....He.......alri..ght?" One of them questioned. It was very familiar and soft. Something about the vibes of the voice made him want to curl up to seek warmths. 

A hug, his very first hug...what was this thought coming from? 

","  Another spoke, this one sounding more stern and steady, very professional. 

"," The soft voice spoke again. Councilor? Is that what it said? It sounds familiar...oddly enough Giorno knew a counselor. 

Wait...could it be- 

"Mister Bucciarati-," Giorno gasped suddenly, feeling his brain finally catch up with the information it was given. The hazy feeling was gone but he was slowly being engulfed by a new feeling of urgency and discomfort. 

Giorno's sudden movement startled both the occupants of the room. He watched as a long haired nurse jumped a little from surprise and Bucciarati froze. They quickly got over it, however, and before he knew it the nurse was asking him questions. He was overwhelmed, she kept asking if he was feeling well and if anywhere hurt. He just wanted her to stop talking, her voice was too loud, he wanted to go back to sleep. 

"Ma'am please, you're overwhelming him, " Bruno said. 

The nurse looked back at the man, then looked at him before backing away. She looked away in embarrassment, he couldn't wrap his head around why she was so worried. 

"..Giorno are you alright?" The man asked. He nodded, finding it hard to speak. 

"Alright, I'll be back, okay? I have to talk to some people first," Bruno replied before giving him a nod and a pat on the back. 

He watched as the nurse and Bucciarati left the room. 

What was Bruno going to talk to people about? What was happening right now? Was this about him? But why though, he doesn't understand. How can people care so much about him? It doesn't make any sense.The whole ordeal he was in right now was disorienting and confusing. He looked around the room, hoping to find any clues to calm himself down. 

Maybe some pretty flowers or a book, he liked those. 

His surroundings were pretty typical for a hospital, a side table had a flower vase filled with Daffodils and lavender. He liked how they looked and the meanings that the flowers hold was fitting for a hospital in his opinion. There was a window right next to a heart monitor, unfortunately it was raining outside so the view wasn't very pretty. 

The room was pretty cozy if he ignored the fact he was in a hospital room where people have probably died before. He sighed, shifting a little and tilted his head making his long hair cascade down his back. He could tell that it lost its volume and he was losing large amounts of it everyday.

He looked down and stared at the Iv connected to arms. It was strange in his opinion, how do Iv's even work? What exactly do they pump through his body? These were all questions he had. 

He continued to look at the Iv on his heavily bandaged arms. 

Wait....something isn't right...he doesn't know what it is, his brain is still catching up with his body.. 






That was when the realization hit him. 

He was in completely different garments, his broken and tattered clothing were replaced with a hospital gown and all his cuts and brushes were all probably banged up. He frantically looked around for his clothes but they were nowhere to be seen. 

He lifted his gown up and paled as he saw a stomach with many different kinds of gauze and bandages. His gaze shifted to his thighs which had also been bandaged up. 

They had seen them....there was no other way. 

The nurses....Mr.Bucciarati...they knew the whole time. 

They were mocking you Giorno! Useless children, they don't care. No one does! 

They had seen the impure, unsanitary and ugly side of himself that he strove to hide.... 

They all knew, they probably all knew now..they know. 

Studid stupid stupid Haruno! You're so dumb! You do is make people worry! They're hurt! It's your fault! Not even the devil wants you! Not even god can save you! 

This is too much to process,  too much going on! He cant take this! He's really gonna end up dead now, after the hospital is done patching him up, his stepfather is going to raise hell upon him... 

He already was gonna get it after being emited to the fucking hospital but now he made it worse. This was all his fault, he was nothing but a stupid, worthless good for nothing whore. He was disgusting...... 

Nobody wants him, not even death. 

How dare he try to run and hide, stupid ,worthless, good for nothing but sex! You're a prostitute whore! Scum of the earth! 

And...he hurt them...he hurt the only people who showed any genuine care for him. Bruno, Mista, Trish, Fugo, Narancia.....he failed each and everyone of them. 

And his stepfather...he's coming. He's going to kill the hospital. Giorno doesn't want to see him. He doesn't want to remember all the things the man has  done to him over and over again to his ugly body and his broken mind. 

But he loves him...His stepfather said so, he promised. It's out of love, he has ro keep reminding himself. He's going to go crazy. 


He loves me 

He loves me 

He loves me 

What is love then? 


Why does this always happen? He's 14 now and still is acting like an overgrown child. He should be happy, he tells himself. Theses doctors and nurses are wasting valuable space on what was practiy a glorified sex doll. They could be using their resources on someone who needed the service but of course it was him. 


He wishes he would have died, then maybe none of this would have happened.


Bruno had led the nurse into the main hallway and asked her to sit down on one of the nearby benches. 

"So...what is it that you wanted to discuss with me sir?" The nurse asked. 

"I have reason to suspect that..Giorno Giovanna is do I say this..uh, abused at home." Bruno spoke, finding it hard to put his words together while he was panicking a little. 

"Oh...well sir..are you sure it's because of that? That's a pretty huge accusation..," The nurse replied, a little nervous. He was sure she already had speculation and even some sort of information but legally, the nurse cannot disclose the details to him. 

He sighed in frustration before begrudgingly getting closer to the nurse. 

"Please, whatever you do, DON'T contact his parents as of now," he pleaded. His gut was telling him that this was the right thing to say, it just had too. 

"Im sorry sir, we have to inform the family or guardian of the patient, as for you I can no longer allow you to see him until the family approves of you, please head back to the waiting room." She stated, looking a little wary of herself before turning around and heading somewhere else. 

He cursed before quietly and made his way to the waiting room. If he wasn't going to be allowed to see Giorno, he would at least wait and see if his father was attentive.

He bounces his leg and fingers his fingers, sitting in the waiting room of the too-cramped hospital. His phone occasionally buzzed, probably messages from Leone telling him he'll be there soon. Unfortunately, he couldn't really focus on that because he was fuming. He understands that the people in the hospital can't do curtain things pertaining to the law but the least they could do was listen to him even a little. He doesn't really understand and it's making his head hurt. 

He hopes they'll at least let him talk to Giorno's stepfather so he can get a gage on what type of man he is. He's good at reading people, he prides himself with that, but if the man is anything like Giorno then he's really going to have a hard time deciphering anything. 

He doesn't even know if they'll let him back into Giorno's room after his little outburst but he hopes that he might be able to convince them. There's no way he's going to let Giorno sit in the hospital for god knows how long on the chance that the boy's parents do not show up. 




It took 20 minutes for Leone and their gaggle of children to arrive. Narancia was practically glued to Abbacchio's arms and they rushed over. He could see how much distress they all have been through. Narancias' eyes were rimmed red and puffy. He could even see the faint tear tracks on his face. 

He feels horrible for him, Narancia was really bad with topics like this and he's proud the boy can face his fear of the Hospital to see his friend. 

Leone looked stiff. Bruno could tell he was stressed, he probably had to try and calm all of the kids down without any help. He knows the man is in his "cop mode" right now. He never was good with superfly emotional people. Bruno let his eyes wander to observe the rest of his family. 

Mista looked so tired, he wished the boy wouldn't keep insisting that his emotional well-being wasn't important in times of distress. 

Trish was shut off and quiet, her green eyes practically glued to the floor as she held her arms around herself in a sad attempt at comfort. He just wants to hold her hand and tell her she'll be okay but...he honestly doesn't want to lie. 

His eyes linger on her before he catchesh sight of Fugo, who he could tell that he was tense. His fist was practically white and his hair was in disarray. The poor boy was using everything in his power not to burst out and scream. 

Bruno quickly gathered them up and forced them into a group hug. He could tell that they all really needed it after the events of today. Hell, he probably needed a mental health day of two from his job. He'll have to contact the school later. 

After their little reunion, they continued sitting in the waiting room, Bruno's hand wrapped tightly around Leones. They had asked a Nurse earlier if they still allowed visitors just to make sure they weren't sitting there for nothing. She had assured them that they could see him after the boy's parents had come. 

He was surprised when he heard that. Something didn't really feel good about the statement. Surely Mr. and Mrs. Giovannan would have gotten here sooner if they found put their only son had attempted suicide. He's not sure if they live far from the hospital but the thought that complete strangers had managed to get to the hospital for his son there first felt wrong. 

Another list of suspension he has on Giorno's family life was added to his already growing collection. 

He's aware that he's probably jumping to conclusions but it has been a full 3 hours now and the infamous Giovanna's haven't made any indication of them being there at all to comfort Giorno. 

That is, until he heard a man walk in, well walk was a generous word. 

The man appeared to be sluggish in his movements. He was slow, and quite frankly looked unkempt. 

The guy was average sized with a respectable amount of muscle and a beer belly. His face looked dirty, white substance (that Bruno HOPED was just powdered sugar hung to his shirt). His hair was brown but he could see white streaks in them and there was a noticeable bald spot on the top of his head. He looked a little beat around the edges,  mysterious stains on his white tank top and blue jeans. 

Bruno had never been to America, but he had heard stereotypes about the people there (especially down in Texas) and he would say that the man currently in front of him was the stereotype personified in real life. 

The man had sighed into the front office, smoothly talking to the nurses (they looked nervous and grossed out) before plopping down onto the seat right beside him. They were in silence for about 5 minutes until a nurse called the man up.

"Mr. Giovanna, you may see your son now, please follow me," a nurse spoke. 

Bruno was shocked, so that was Giorno's father?



Giorno was in deep thought but was quickly dragged out of them the moment he heard familiar footsteps approaching his room. He knew who it was, he has spent months memorizing them in order to avoid conflict. He tensed up as he heard the door open and two voices filled the room like stormed clouds. 

Giorno quickly wrapped his hands against his legs and hid his head in his knees, as if that was actually supposed to accomplish something. 

He couldn't bring himself to look up as the people walked up to his bed. The first person, who he assumed was his nurse, gave his stepfather one final comment before leaving the room. 

The air was tense as Giorno- no, Haruno  refused to look up and curled into himself even further. His bangs covered his face, making it harder to see him. His stepfather watched with disgust and annoyance radiating off of him and piercing into his skin. 

He knew the man was stalling, waiting for the sound of people in the hallway to subside. Giorno was living on borrowed time, and he didn't know how much of it was left. 

Apparently not much more of it. His stepfather decided that only after 5 seconds of peace and silence would he shout and speak. 

"What the hell is this, huh!?" 

He could hear all the poison leaking out of his voice. 

He was here….

God, please just let him be left alone.

Chapter Text

Haruno.....Giorno, whoever he was now kept his head down and shook with anxiety. He's pretty sure his heart monitor is starting to pick up speed. He refused to look up or else he'd remember.  

He'd remember everything and nothing whenever he would drift. He'd remember hiding and always being hungry. He'd remember the stench of alcohol and drugs festering in the air. He'd remember it all.  

"Boy, look at me when I speak to you goddammit! I give you a roof over your head and a place to stay and THIS is how you repay me!?"  

Giorno slowly lifted his head in fear, hoping it didn't show too much. He was tired, he just wanted to sleep.  

"I'm sorry sir," he whispered, his nervousness making it increasingly hard to do much talking.  

"Huh, do you take me as some kind of joke?! You were good for nothing son of a bitch! If you wanted to die so bad then ya should have succeeded but nope, you didn't die." 

His stepfather spat out, his voice becoming louder and louder as he spoke. Giorno could feel the spit leave his mouth and he got closer and closer. He's surprised that people haven't come rushing out to see the commotion.


"Oh suck it UP! You ungrateful bastard. First, your mother leaves me and now I'm stuck with her bratty child?! Fuck you bitch, I hate you. Rot in this stupid fucking hospital for all I care!"  

Giorno tried to block it out, he knows. He knows he's fucked up and it's all his fault but he doesn't want to think about it right now. He just wants to slip back into a dreamless sleep and never wake up. He wants Bucciarati to come and save him because the man promised he'd come back..please come back 

Don't leave me alone anymore  

Oh please, why doesn't god or whatever fucked up deity just let him die! He knew he wasn't wanted, so why was he alive right now!? He lives in an endless title wave of emotion and fear. 

It hurts... 

His stepfather was starting to get angry at him. He wouldn't talk back and had averted his eyes. Of course, he was mad, they all are mad at him, the world hates him. He didn't know why he did anything or tried anything knowing he was going to get hurt either way. Why does it matter, what use if the results are the same in the end?  

"HEY FUCKING BITCH, LOOK AT ME WHEN IM TALKING TO YOU!" The man growled, slapping Haruno so hard that the sound of a snap reverberated across the room and he bit down on his tongue, drawing blood. He could feel the warmness of the hand mark and somehow was calmer, just for a moment. 


He got closer, his nasty breath lingering in the air around Giorno's face. The closer the man got, the more his heart would race. His mind was jumping from place to place as tantanted memories filtered into his mind. They reminded him of all the things the man in front of him could do to him.  

He felt calloused hands grab onto his hair, and yank it off, the weak golden locks being ripped out of his scalp. His hair was already falling out but the man-made it worse. 

We watched as large chunks of the only thing he had control of in his life were torn away from him as his stepfather violently shook him in place. 

He didn't even register what his stepfather was saying. The only thing he could focus on was his hands. He was touching him. His hair, his body, and his soul all had been contaminated by his hands. 

Like all those times before. And it wouldn't stop, it never stops. The gross feeling in his skin won't wash off. They won't go away.  


Before he knew it, his stepfather was grabbing at his head and screaming in his face. The noise was loud and raw. Animalistic even. Giorno could hear ringing as he was repeatedly pushed into the mattress. Was he trying to suffocate him ? He had no idea. His head was swimming, the world was muffled. His stepfather pulled and yanked and kicked him in his bed over and over again. He could imagine all the new scares that would litter his body already.  

He could feel the man's hands on his hips.  

This was familiar, this was safe and the more his stepfather hurt him, the more he could feel himself becoming grounded. It was nedolgic in a sense and so much easier to deal with than whatever kindness everyone was showing him lately. The thought of that made him sad, the only reason he feels like himself is when he's getting hurt. But he's fine with it, this is the only thing he knows and he'd rather be in a situation he knew how to control than the opposite.  

The staff at the hospital didn't feel the same way. At the sound of his stepfather's booming voice and the harsh sound of a slap reverberating through the halls, a staff member came rushing to assess the situation. Right behind them was the hospital security.  

There was a lot of screaming and fighting. His stepfather was being restrained but the man didn't go down without a fight. He kept screaming about how this was all his fault, that if he had just killed himself at the house then he'd probably not be in this situation. It was his fault that his mother left and it was his fault that they were dirt poor.  

He caused everything, his stepfather had to turn to drugs and alcohol to keep himself sane. It was his fault that his mother no longer wanted to have sex with him. It was his fault that he had seduced his stepfather into sex, the man was justified.  

But he didn't want to hear that right now, he knew everything was right but he didn't want to hear it. It's too much, it's too little. The world was a tidal wave of confusion and colors. His memories were mixed and mashed and muddled and all he wanted to do was forget. Forget everything and everyone and go back to normal.  

He wanted to be in his old, dingy room with creaky floorboards and a broken window. He wants to go into his closet and just shake all his emotions out while he clings onto Haru-chan and Kero Kero-kun. But he can't do that anymore and it hurts...  

This is your fault 


You did this  

He squeezed his ears closed and eyes shut to keep the voices away. 


Gross, you're so weird! 






Before he knew it, hospital security was dragging his stepfather out of the room, handcuffs and nasty words being flung everywhere and then the room became completely quiet.  

He sat there, still perplexed and startled. This was too much, it was uncomfortable and embarrassing. He wonders if life will continue to be normal after this.. he hopes though. He doesn't care about himself anymore. He knows now that everything that's ever happened to him was divine punishment. Maybe he fucked up in a past life or a hundred past lives. Maybe that's why everything hurts.  

His thoughts were interrupted by a nurse walking into the room. Her cart filled with first aid type stuff and medicine. Behind her, he could see a familiar black bob peeking out of the door before being dragged away by someone.  

The nurse quickly went to close the door before making her way up to Giorno.  

She had nice, black hair with some white hairs littered into the mix. She was somewhat tall but he had to admit she was very pretty. In some sick, twisted way, the nurse reminded him of his mother which made him uncomfortable. 

She approached his bed, looking over his injuries before smiling sadly at him. He felt like she was judging him.  

"Hey darling, are you feeling right?" She inquired, her voice was calming and sweet, kinda like Bucciarati's but different.  

He shifted around in his bed a little, trying too hard not to blush by the women's remarks. He didn't like it when people worried about him. It's awkward and he has no idea how to respond to praise. It made him want to huddle in a closet like that time he ran away from Bucciarati.  

Ah, a closet doesn't seem so bad right about now.

She continued talking as she realized he wasn't going to say anything.  

Giorno sat in the room, dazed. It was weird, this all was weird actually.  

"I'm going to need to check up on some things, alright? Just a couple of pictures. " She spoke. He nodded, looking a little ways toward the window to avoid eye contact. He doesn't quite understand why she needs pictures of his body, is this a common medical thing?  

He watched as the nurse prepared her things, it was making him super nervous. 

"'am...may..I uh well..ask why you need the pic..tures.." he struggled to speak without his voice wavering. It was embarrassing, he shouldn't have done that.  

"Ah, well honey, we need some images so we can properly assess the damage your skin has gone through. If you want, I can give you some space or let you request any trusted adult you may have to help you through this. I know there's some people waiting to see you out there. she replied, turning around and giving him a gentle smile.  

'People? As in Multiple people? Who else was here besides Mr.Bucciarati,' He thought. 

He weighed the pros and cons of having someone there with him. On one hand, he'd be letting the man see his scars and bruises and burns, all the parts of him that he was unable to keep hidden behind his neutral facade. But then again, He knows Bucciaratiis somewhat aware of what happened to him, I'd be stupid for him to fain ignorance when he had been nearly caught multiple times. 

'Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, ' he told himself. 

He wouldn't....mind if Mr.Bucciarati came in here, the man did promise he'd be okay, right? But it's so hard to trust people nowadays. Just a moment early, a nurse had his stepfather in the room, he didn't want something like that to happen again.... 

But it was Mr. Bucciarati!  He'd never do that....right? 

"Uh...yes please..I-I'd like that a lot...just bring in Mr.Bucciarati...please- ack I'm.. sorry," He stuttered, finding it hard to convey to the nurse what he wanted. 

"Oh, you're quite alright. Honestly, I should be apologizing for my coworkers past actions, I'll go get that man for you alright sugar?" 

Giorno watched as the lady turned around and left the room. 

Welp, here goes nothing.. 


The waiting room was as Bruno and the others waited to be let in. He had a bad feeling about Giorno's stepfather, he could just feel in his bones that the man was abnormal. He glances to his side to see Narancia and Mista passed out from all the stress they'd probably gone through. Fugo and Trish were silently talking to each other, probably to pass the time. He eventually made eye contact with Abbacchio, who had that look on his face he made whenever he was in deep thought. 

"Bruno, did you say this kid's last name was Giovanna?" He asked. Oh, so he was definitely on to something then. 

He nodded, turning his full attention to his husband. He was in "detective mode," Bucciarati could tell. He often gets like this if he remembers one really specific thing, Bruno doesn't know how he knows about Mr. Giovanna though. 

Abbachio nodded before turning to his phone and typing rapidly searching for something, probably a file, before turning his phone back around to show him a public record of Mr. Giovanna. 

"I was wondering where the name sounded familiar, turns out the fucker has a history with drugs. Been locked up once and his wife had also done the same." He informed. 

"What really?! I had no idea Giorno's parents were like that..." 

Abbachio nodded before continuing to speak, "I don't know what exactly happened, but I was doing an updated background check on him a couple of weeks ago because of some noise complaints from neighbors until this brat ran into me and made me drop my shit. I just didn't know that the Giorno kid's father was THIS Giovanna. 'Seems too coincidental, I should have gone with my gut feeling. " 

Bruno watched as his husband's expression turned cold. He had a scowl and Bruno could see all his stress lines. To anyone else, it would look like he was seriously pissed off at something, but he knew that it wasn't the truth. Abbacchio is probably beating himself up right now for not realizing sooner. 

"Hey leone, it's alright. I wouldn't have assumed that-," 

Bruno was interrupted by a large slap that reverberated across the hospital. He watched as everyone jumped up in shock. Everyone in the waiting room sat in anticipation. 

What just happened? 

Everyone was still for a while until the sound of shouting became louder and louder. Security had come rushing not long after that, heading towards the direction of the ward the sound came from. Not long afterward, there was a man- no Mr. Giovanna being led out of the hospital while the man yelled and screamed. He looked animalistic, his face was red from shouting and spit was spewed everywhere. He looked almost like a wild boar. 

Children in the waiting room started crying and he could see his kids petrified, Narancia practically clung to Abbacchio as Mr. Giovanna was led out of the hospital with handcuffs. 

It took a while for things to calm down, he made sure to check on his children before returning to his seat. The whole experience was entirely out of left-field, he had never even heard of this sort of thing happening at a hospital before. He's pretty sure they take extra precautions to take care of people, right? 

-WAIT!! It was Mr. Giovanna right!? THE Mr. Giovanna that had been sent in to see GIORNO Giovanna. Does that mean that the sound that they heard was mostly from Giorno's room?! 

Wait, did Mr. Giovanna hit his child in a PUBLIC space!? How was Giorno' then, he- he needs to go check on him asap. He PROMISED the boy that he would be safe, that nothing would happen to him but now he was breaking his promise. 

"Leone I-I need to go check on him god-- I PROMISED - I could never forgive myself if-if-if--," 

"Bruno look at me, this wasn't your fault, it wasn't anyone's fault, hell I have to remind myself that too okay? Just...calm down, Bruno you've been overworking yourself.  I'm sure this Giorno kid would appreciate it if you didn't worry yourself to death, okay?" Leone took his hand and held it tight. 

"B-but what do we do Abbacchio? Can we foster him for a while? Maybe until they find him a proper home. I doubt that his mother will be around." Bruno professed. 

Leone looked at him strangebe for chuckling a little bit. 

"What, did I say something wrong, leone?," Bruno questioned. 

"No, I thought you were already planning on doing that, Caro, might as well adopt the kid at this point. I'm sure the rats wouldn't mind having another sibling, right guys?," The man joked. 

"Huh?" Mista Questioned, they all turned to their parents, not knowing what they were talking about. 

"Oh nothing, forget I said anything," Abbachuo teased, giving them a shit eating grin. 

"Hey, that's not fair, now you're just gonna make us question it more." Trish whined. 

"Oh! And don't forget you're gonna make panini head angry!" Narancia added, sticking out his tongue when Fugo went red in the face. 

The sight of his little family bickering was quite the relief, although they were in a hospital waiting room, their antics gave him a little more hope. 

"Hello sir, are you Mr. Bucciarati?," Their conversation ended when a nurse came by. 

"Yes, that would be me." 

"Okay, great. I need you to come with me, Giorno has made a request to see you...ONLY you." She informed, glancing at the people behind Him before looking away. 

He nodded, making sure to compose himself the most that he could with PJs on and messy hair before following the nurse. He took a quick glance behind himself, watching his warry children as he left. 

"You know, I wouldn't usually do this with patients. Especially with ones that seem to have severe anxieties" The woman spoke as she led the way to Giorno's room. 

Bruno stayed quiet and listened. 

"I trust my judgment, however, I heard from another staff member that he seemed quite calm aroundt you beforehand." 

He only nodded in return. 

"Unfortunately, I believe that the boy will have to be taken to foster care after this. We can't locate the position of his mother and his father has been arrested for reasons that I'm sure you are aware of now. I believe that he may have some....blemishes on his body so please, be mindful sir." 

"Of course, I've had to take care of my fair share of troubled teens and children. I am all but qualified to foster Giorno if I need to be. Whatever he needs, I will provide it because I made a promise to him and all of my other students.`` Bruno spoke. 

The Nurse smiled a little bit, finding the man's resolve quite refreshing. 

"I'm sure that you will, Mr.Bucciarati. Though, I will be gathering evidence and presenting it to cps so they could sort things out with the boy's father. We have no idea of the extent of things the patient has gone through. Best case scenario, the father will not press any additional charges and you maye foster the boy in a couple of mounts." 

Bucciarati noded, taking all the information he was given in. In truth, this is the first time he's had to deal with anything like this. It is so surreal to think that Giorno was being hurt from right under everyone's noses. Justice is the only thing they could pray for now. 

The nurse was quiet after that. They ended up by Giorno's door. Before she opened it, she turned around to look at Bruno's face before smiling. 

"You're a good man, Mr.Bucciarati. I can sense it in you." With that, she opened the door to reveal a nervous Giorno. He looked better than he did before, not including the new hand print settled on the boy's face. He approached his bed before squatting down so he was Giorno's level. 

"Hey Giorno, how are you feeling," he all be whispered, making sure to be soft with his words 


He knows the boy is lying, he can tell. Nobody would be okay after all that's happened to him. 

"Are you sure?" 

Bruno watched as Giorno shifted a little in his bed, staring at his hands. He shook his head no before turning to face the opposite direction. 

"Hey, can you look at me for a second?" 

Giorno turned back around reluctantly. When Bruno could see his face, he gabes a hold onto the boy's boney hands and squeezed it. 

"Giorno, you're alright, okay? I'm here to help you and the nurse over there is too. I need you to be strong, okay?" 

"O-okay," the boy stuttered. 

He helped Giorno stand up, iv still attached to his arm. The nurse told them to follow her to a specific room, it looked quite private which was understandable in this context. 

"Alright Giorno, please tell me if you get uncomfortable with anything." 

The boy nodee his head before shyly turning his head to Bucciarati for approval. The man smiled down at him before giving him a nod of approval. 

"I'll be right here Giorno, okay? I promise nobody will feel differently about you." 

"O..okay," Giorno whimpered. 

Giorno slowly removed his hospital gown (of course the two adults looked away as per his request) thankfully, the hospital had given him a pair of boxers to put on so he didn't feel exposed. But it was still much, he could feel sweat roll down his body as he felt self conscious. 

Bucciarati and the nurse both turned back around after they got Giorno's confirmation. The nurse looked un-fased, as she had dealt with things of this nature before (that doesn't make it hurt any less.) Bucciarati, on the other hand, was trying his damn near hardest not to blow up. 

His suspension where finally cleared (they SHOULDN'T have been, who even does that to someone?) when he finally laid eyes on Giorno's body. There were cigarette burns, nasty gashes and bruises everywhere. Not the mention his boney thighs and arms were littered with self harm scars. The worst he sees though are the large belt gashes on the boys back. They looked healed over but you could literally SEE the shape of the belt in his skin. Large dents and missxolores skin littered his back like an ugly blanket. Poor Giorno didn't even have the option of getting rid of them because they were just THAT bad. 

It took Bruno everything not to lash out and get angry. He wanted to beat the hell out of Mr. Giovanna, he wanted to choke him and hit him just as he did to this child! Where had Giorno's mother been in all this? How could she see her son be brutalized like this and not do ANYTHING of the sort to get him out of the situation? Giorno had been violated by the people who were supposed to be the closest to him and now he doesn't even know how to feel anymore. 

Bucciarati snapped out of his thoughts when Giorno had started to move, presumably to alleviate some stress he felt. The nurse had begun to work, making sure to get multiple shots of the bodily damage from both far away and close ups as is necessary in these types of situations. She did, however, stop when she caught sight of some particular things she saw on the boy's thighs and neck. 

"Hey Giorno, do you mind if I ask you a question, you can say no of course. I'm not trying to pressure you or anything dear," she requested. 

Giorno looked dazed but gave a little nod anyway. Bruno walked a little closer and offee the boy his hand to the boy who slowly took it. Bucciarati knows that this is about to be a particularly hard thing for the boy ro answer. 

"Alright, I'd just like to ask specifically in what ways you have been touched, it will help us determine what exactly we need to do to help out, alright sweetie?" 

Giorno nodded. 

"Okay first question, "Has your mother ever done anything to you, like hit you? 

Another nod. 

"Have you been eating much at home?" 

He shook his head no. 

Bucciarati didn't know where the Nurse was going with this. 

"Have you ever been...touched anywhere inappropriate  ?" 

That question caught them off guard. He could physically see the boy stiffen in fear like he was just exposed (more so that he already HAS. ) His face was stone cold, but Bucciarati was well acquainted with the look the boy had by now. It was his infamous neutral mask, one that was hard to read what exactly the boy felt at the moment because he couldn't express it himself. The mere thought of it made his heart ache. 


It stayed silent for what felt like forever. The boy was just standing there, stiff as a board as he was bombarded with emotions. The Nurse was just about to sobhest the move on; that Giorno's silence was more than enough confirmation and that he could go back to his room and see the others if he wanted to. That was until the boy started to nod his head, fist it was very unnoticeable, almost like a flinch before he whispered a small, "yes." 

Bruno fought the struggle not to wrap his arms around Giorno in that instance and tell him that it's over, that he would never be touched like that again by any family member because he deserved it, god knows that he does. He deserves ti be a normal twenage boy, playing and hanging out with his friend and do stupid shit together. He deserved to have a normal childhood by unconditional love and cheerishment from his parents. He didn't deserve to feel uncomfortable in his skin and he certainly didn't need to feel threatened in the place where he slept and ate every day. This is making him feel sick, oh god.. 

"Alright, one more question, remember Giorno, you can always say no, pumpkin. You've been so brave so far, tesoro." 

Giorno nodded his head, but this time he kept his head down, his gaze was practically glued to the floor. His grip on Bucciarati's hand had gotten hard (not as hard as it should have been, he was far too weak for that). 

"If I may ask, when was the last time he did anything of that nature to you." 

"....two days ago..." 

A nod and a hum were heard followed by the sound of paper being written on. Bruno slowly rubbed circles into Giorno's back ro help calm him down. 

"Alright, this should do for now. Giorno, im sorry again for this but I need to set up a rape kit, don't worry we have most of the evidence pieces already such as clothing and such but I do need to examn your privates, again I will always give you the option of saying no. This is your body, okay sweetie? You do whatever you feel like doing with it." The Nurse reassured. 

Giorno nodded again before hesitating, "Can I do this.. tomorrow...I don't think I could handle it right now.." 

"Of course you can! You've been a very brave Giorno, I thank you for cooperating with us today. You can go back to your room now and we'll let you see your friends for 30 minutes but after that, I'm going to have to ask them to leave, okay?" 

Giorno nodded one more time, before being led back to his room by Bucciarati. 



The whole time Giorno was examined, he constantly tried ro remove himself (mentally) from the situation. He heard the questions and answered them honestly but he wasn't exactly there  if that made sense. His brain would constantly do it whenever bad stuff happens to him. His mind would wander but he still had enough senses to give people what they wanted or needed. Its weird, he knows but its normal for him. 

When the nurse started asking questions about his stepfather and their sexual activity he filled his thoughts with flower language, he had been teaching himself it for some reason or the other as well. He thought of Marigold flowers or Tagetes (the scientific term). They're in the daisy family and unlike their appearanc3, the meaning behind the flower was not exactly pleasant. With a name like Marigold, you would assume that they symbolized happiness or wealth but in fact they actually mean Despair, grief and jealousy. Another flower he was infatuated in was the Chives even though they are technically food. Scientifically they are named Allium schoenoprasum, and stand for usefulness. He would imagine himself as being useful to someone one day, but maybe that was too much of a dream right now. 

He knows his life is never going to be the same after this, that nothing will be normal and he'd probably be passed around a bunch of random families so they could earn money from him and ignore him the whole time. He's seen how the system had been like, he didn't want to be apparent of it but now he has to face the consequences of his actions. Though, He's alright with the fact now though, nobody wants him, not even death so he has to stay. He just hopes when the doctors prescribe him some short of antidepressants or something, that they just make him feel nothing. I'd be a dream come true, honestly. 

"Giorno, where in your room now, you can let go unless you want me to stay for a while." 

The sound of a voice snapped him out of his daze. When he came too, he realized he was grabbing Bucciarati's arms very tightly. 'Well that's embarrassing,' he thought to himself. He went back to his bed and sat down with the help of Bucciarati because his Iv was in the way. 

They sat in awkward silence as they waited for the others to come in. Good, he didn't want to talk about anything that happened today anyways. It was too much to process at any given time and he honestly just wanted to be alone. 

Stupid, the others are being nice enough to come visit YOU of all people and you want them to leave

He's so selfish and rude for no reason. Why...why? It doesn't make sense, he tried so hard to stop thinking about himself and think about others but he keeps messing it up. It's always about him and no one else, jus- 

"Giorno! Oh my gosh Giorno I'm glad you're alright!!," 

Before he could blink a head of black, bedridden hair was in his face. He had no time to process what was happening but whoever was by him just gave him the biggest hug ever. 

"Giorno, don't ever do anything like this again!" The person cried, rubbing his face all over Giorno's hospital gown. He looked down only to meet the eyes of Non-other than Narancia. 

"What-" he began to speak but was interrupted by Fugo. 

"Hey, get off of him, you might be overwhelming him right now, idiota." 

"Aww, but Panna, he's alive, I'm so happy.." Narancia replied with tears running down his face. 

"Alright everyone, let's settle down. One at a time please okay?" Bucciarati announced. 

Slowly, Narancia detaches  himself from Giorno's body and rubs his eyes before standing up and giving him the largest sad smile he's ever seen. Giorno wouldn't be lying if he said it didn't make him embarrassed. 

He looked around the room and examined who was in there with him. Fugo was standing by Mista, who refused to make eye contact with him. Trish was standing by herself, she looked awkward and shy. He wouldn't blame her, he'd do the same if a virtual stranger tried to kill themselves and after he was forced to be in the same room as them. 

His eyes did latch on to a new face though. He was a tall man, with long white hair and the nastiest scowl on his make-up ridden face. Something about him seemed familiar but he didn't know if it was the extreme amount of fear being pumped into his body by just looking at him, or if it was the man in general because he thinks it's both. 

He must have been starting because the man piped up to introduce himself. 

"..the name Abbacchio, I already know your name so you don't have to say anything, uh...sorry for your loss..? No um..ah that's not what I meant...I-," 

He looked down, maybe frustrated or maybe just flustered. Abbacchio's antics seem to lighten up the mood though because Trish and Bucciarati started laughing. 

"Abba, you're so corny," Trish snorted. 

"You're just a huge softy, huh?" Bucciarati added while kissing the man's cheek. He looked away, his face was practically a tomato at that point. It made the rest of the room start laughing too. 

"Pfffft- Damn Abba, you built like Fugo when he gets ultra mega mad," Mista piped up. 

"Hey! Why'd you bring me up!" 

"Because making fun of you is funny," Trish replied. 

Giorno just sat there awkwardly, he clearly didn't have the chemistry that the people in the room had. Actually, now that he thought about it, why were they all together like this? He always just assumed that they all had been really close friends. 

Once the laughing calmed down, Mista looked more inclined to speak with him. 

"Look Gio, I can call you that, right? Ah, anyways we care about you man. And you know Fuck those kids and school and stuff and fuck that man who tried to say he was your dad. He sucks shit and you deserve better." 

"Ya! Don't let assholes hey to you Gio. You're so friggin cool like, you like tiny froggys like me so you're 1000000% percent cooler then Fugo and his lame books," Narancia added. 

"Hey! Ugh, whatever. Look GioGio, even in our limited time together I know you're way more smart then these three morons so don't let so crusty ass Dick get in the way of your happiness." Fugo declared. 

" Giorno if anyone tries to mess with you again I'll send them straight to the show verse, literally like I hate those boys too. They think i'm some sort of Bimbo so if you feel bad for making me beat them up, don't worry its therapeutic for me too! Trish exclaimed. 

"Giorno, we all care about you, alright?" Bucciarati smiled. 

"Ya..or uh..fuck your parents kid," That one was definitely Abbachio. 

Giorno's eyes traveled across the room ro people who he knew for only a couple of weeks (and like a couple of minutes in Abbacchio's case). It was strange to think that they said they cared about him so much even after just meeting him. And he knew that it was a stulid thought, but he couldn't help but think that what they were saying was real. They all Actually cared about him enough to be worried. 

They cared about him enough that they stopped his plan on taking his life. And they cared about him enough that they all were here right now that they all were here in this hospital room to see him. 

The feelings he had about this whole ordeal was complicated...but they made it feel livable. He could breathe. Without even knowing it, they saved him.... he's starting to get choked up. 

"...thank you guys.." He whispered, big fat tears running down his face and he knew he looked ugly right now, but it felt good to let it all out. 

The thought of that made him start to cry harder. He hasn't cried in years but now it's over. He doesn't care about the snot running down his nose or the ugly sobbing noises coming out of him. 

He's tired of bottling up all his emotions. Maybe it's time to let go and start all over.

Chapter Text

After the excitement of the first day wore off, Giorno internalized just what had happened within the last few days. The main nurse who had come and checked up on him was the woman who took pictures of him when he first got into the hospital. Her name is Calogera and she said she was a  welfare nurse. He didn't know what that was until she explained to him that her job was to take care of kids like him with family and medical issues. 

The second day at the hospital, she introduced him to a specialist who helped him set up a rape kit so the authorities would have evidence to convict his stepfather. Bucciarati was also there because he was the only adult Giorno felt moderately safe around and he probably knew more about the extent of his injuries than anyone else. 

The whole ordeal had been so scary, Calogera examined his privates for both DNA and STDs. He almost had a panic attack when she said she had to check internally as well. 

"It's alright Giorno, just breathe with me okay, just in and out," Bucciarati had comforted him by rubbing slow circles on his back and helping him slow his breathing down. Everytime Giorno's eyes would linger towards the nurse, Bruno would slowly move his head away and distract him by asking him little questions. It helped him calm down quite a bit and by the end of it he felt relieved that it was all over.

The next week at the hospital was quite strange to Giorno. He was switched to a different ward with more monitoring equipment for people who were malnourished. They gave him food to eat everyday. Of course, they didn't start him off on solids, they said it was dangerous and he could end up being sick. Instead, he started liquids first like soup and the occasional cracker which had tasted like heaven. He hadn't eaten in so long that when they first gave him the soup, he drank it faster than he had intended and threw it all back up. It was humiliating and the nurses told him he needed to eat slower so his body could get used to having food again. 

They would constantly come in, making sure he was eating enough. He's pretty sure they had a camera installed somewhere too.

 It was scary to say the least. 

They would come in, give him food and some vitamin supplements and make sure he ate them all before leaving. The worst part though, was not the constant monitoring, he could deal with that. Infact, it was the counseling sessions he had to attend. 

He had a private counselor assigned to him by the hospital to help him recover faster. 

The sessions were weird and he hated them, constantly they made him talk about himself, his struggles with food and his feelings. The questions felt so foreigne to him, he's not familiar with much of what they're asking him to do. 

He doesn't even know how to answer, what do they want him to say?? It's easier to put on a mask when you know what someone wants to hear. 

One day, his counselor showed up with a bunch of journals and set them in front of him in his hospital room. 

"Pick one, I brought them for you," they said as they smiled. 

He looked down, observing the objects in front of him before moving his gaze upwards and looking at them for a sign. 

Why do they want him to take one? 

Why does it matter? 


They gave him a nod, as if that answered anything but he looked down at the journals again. There were 5 of them, all of the same brand but in different colors.  Green, blue, orange, purple.....and pink. 

At this point they were just setting him up for failure.

He knew exactly which one he wanted, but the problem was that it was a girl color. His Stepfather had told him so. 

But he really, really wants the pink. 

Again he looked up to the counselor for some kind of sign only to receive a smile in return. Again, not much help. 

He hesitated before slowly picking up the pink journal and blushed a deep crimson color, hoping that the counselor wouldn't mind his very feminine choice of color.

They took no mind to his color choice, which really surprised him. He thought he would at least be disappointed but the counselor didn't seem to care at the slightest. Instead, they explained why he was given a journal to begin with. 

Apparently it was supposed to be a positive outlet to get out his feelings, a good way to express himself. He was hesitant to believe it would do anything but since he didn't want to bother the counselor with questions he just accepted it. 

For a day or two, he had left the thing alone before he got bored and his curiosity got the better of him. The first thing he did was write about the animals he spent hours reading about in the public library. He also wrote about how he was currently learning more about flower language as well as brushing up on his Japanese. 

His thought process then delved into people around him.He wrote about how nice Mr. Bucciarati had been to him and how Narancia was the first person to talk to him without being forced to. 

He doesn't know how long he spent just writing random things that came to his mind but before he knew it, the topics he focused on changed to something more morbid and depressing. It was the thoughts he desperately ran away from, one's he wished he could whip from his memory. 

He wrote about how he often picked pocket people just so he could eat for another day. He wrote about his time in japan, how his mother would lock him inside the closet for hours while she went and partied. He wrote about the times his stepfather had violated him in all the ways he knew. He wrote about how the kids in school would constantly call him slurs to his face and how the teachers told by and did nothing while he suffered. 

He hated them, he hated them, he hated them he hated them 

......It was therapeutic--which of course was its intended effect but it still felt nice. His mind was a lot more clear after he was done writing and even though he felt horrible, it wasn't as bad when he has somewhere to put his thoughts into and think about again. 



In the week following his admission, Giorno had begun to see a small change in the way he thought about things. He felt nice more often than not, and though the feelings of self hatred were there, they didn't completely consume him like they did previously. Whenever he felt horrible, like memories that haunt him crept up on him, he would usually write or draw in the journal. Sometimes it was an incoherent mess of things that nobody else would understand, mix-mashing of Japanese and Italian spread across the page like bleeding ink.

In a way, it was a part of himself that nobody else can see even if they found his journal, because only he can decipher it for himself. It was a way for him to feel in control of himself and his thoughts without the fear of judgement from others. 

He also had to do online school in the meantime so he doesn't fall behind on his classes. Summer break was in June so he really has to keep up with his work. He'd been getting little packets to finish here and there from Bucciarati to keep his brain more active. None of the materials were too hard for him to handle, it seems that the teachers had cut him some slack based on his current situation.

Speaking of Bucciarati, he began to visit more and more. Sometimes he'd stay until vistatons were over just so Giorno would have someone to talk too. He trusted the man with his life long secrets and in return, he gave Giorno reassurance on his future.

The frequencies of the visits from both  Bucciarati and the others, (he now knows them as a family, Narancia let it slip in one of his many rants about 2-pac.) The white haired man, Abbacchio also showed up a lot more. He told Giorno he was a private investigator who was currently running an updated background check on his stepfather. He didn't speak much to him, but sometimes he'd make idle conversation about little things like plants Giorno liked. He appreciated Abbacchio for even sitting there and entertaining the thought of even talking to him, even though he did feel that he was just boring the white haired male. His 'straight to the point' attitude to things made him feel safe in a strange kind of way, he'd dare say the man reminded him of his stepfather (but not in a bad way, it was just very complicated. Maybe he acted more like him when he originally dated his mother? He doesn't know and honestly he doesn't really have the mental strength to dig into that right now.)



One day, the topic on where he was going to live came up in a conversation with Mr.Bucciarati. Abbacchio had also been there to accompany his husband. The others had school work to catch up on. 

"Hey Giorno, I just got word that you'll probably be able to leave the hospital in about 3 days," Bucciarati said while rearranging some flowers from his bedside table.( It was a rather sad sight, the way he arranged them looked awful but nobody had the heart to tell him.)

3 days? That great! He was getting tired of the constant sounds of machines and the bustling of nurses and doctors. The only problem was, where was he going to go from here on out? His dad was incarcerated and his mother abandoned him...will he have to go homeless? What about school? What is he going to do? How will he was going too- 

"Hey kid, I can practically hear the gears turning in your head," this time Abbacchio spoke up as he removed his headphones. 

He got embarrassed, blushing profusely before looking down at his hands, fiddling with them like a little kid who just got in trouble. 

"Leone, that wasn't very nice." Bucciarati retorted, giving his husband a nasty glare. 

"Bleh, whatever." 

Bruno turned to face the boy and when he got his full attention, he began to speak. 

"Well Giorno you see, Me and Leone have been thinking lately and...well, we know you don't really have anywhere to stay and you'll probably be put in foster care BUT,'re always allowed to come live with us, if you want too..," 

"Ya kid, " Abbacchio pipes up, "I know I don't really know you as much as the little rwts at home but like, you deserve a nice place to stay and it just so happens that me and good 'ol Bruno over here are foster parents." 

The room was radio silent after that. Giorno was completely frozen, replaying the words over and over again to himself. 

Was he hearing this right? 

They wanted HIM ? To live with their family?! 

Giorno looked between the two adults like they had just grown horns out of their heads. They wanted to take him in? They wanted him? 

"..why.." He found himself asking out loud. 

"Because you deserve it, kid, everyone does." Abbacchio answered.

"Ya Giorno, we really don't mind having you stay for a while, you don't have to worry about anything, " Bucciarati added, stepping closer to Giorno's bed and getting on his level. 

"I-, am I supposed to pay you all back? I don't have a job or anything and..and,-" 

Before he could finish, Bucciarati was embracing him in his arms. Abbachio had moved and put a hand on his shoulder, rubbing small circles into them. 

"Look kid," Abbachio began. "You don't need to pay us back for anything, alright? This is what you deserve, like I said before. Everyone deserves a place to sleep and eat without fear. It's okay, you really shouldn't apologize for anything, it's not your fault, okay?" 

"Ya Giorno, me and Leone are here for you, please don't feel like you have to pay us back, we want to help you. If you EVER and I mean EVER need anything, we'll be here for you. No matter how unimportant it may be." 

An overwhelming sense of emotion flooded Giorno's senses, he had no idea people could care so much for him. It was weird, it felt unnatural and he wasn't used to anything that was happening to him. But the thought that someone cared that he wasn't  a berdin or a lost cause made him feel so light and airy that he could cry again. He could cry for years, not out of sadness but out of relief. 

He was relieved! That's what he felt. 

He was relieved that he would never have to see his stepfather again and that the icy, cold glare from his mother. 

He was free, and Bucciarati was here for him. 

They all were here for him, and dammit it felt good. Really, really good. 

"Okay, I'll live with you." 

And that was that. 



Bucciarati and Abbacchio had a lot of preparation to do before they could welcome Giorno into their home and they didn't have much time to do it. Usually, they would have been watched vigorously by social workers but since the whereabouts of Giorno's extended family is unknown and he came on such short notice, they needed to find Giorno a home asap. Bruno and Leone happened to be the two people who offered to take him in.

When the two got home, they immediately called a family meeting in the living room. It was a hassle to get them all to sit down and be quiet (Fugo and Narancia had gotten into a fight about math again) but they managed. 


"Okay, I've brought you all here today to make an announcement. " Bruno said. 

"Ya, we all know that Bruno, why else would you gather us all up," Trish said while examining her nails a little bit. They were pink, just like her hair (which was strange cause people aren't usually born with pink hair but who knows? Abbacchio had lavender hair, maybe it was common. ) 

Bucciarati gave her the, 'You didn't let me finish look,' that made him look sassy to all hell but Abbachio thought it was hilarious, when it wasn't appointed to himself, of course. 

"There's going to be another person  moving in with us so I'd like you to treat them with respect." He continued. 

Narancia visibly piped up in his seat, jumping up in what everyone could only describe as him getting ready to go into rant mode. 

"Ohh, who is it Bruno!? Do we know them? What are they like, are they mean or cool? Do they have cool hair? Would they bully me? On a scale on one to ten, how swag are they? Are they lame like Fugo-" 

"Hey! Why do you keep CALLING me that you son of a-" 

"Fugo, 10 more dollars to the swear jar," Bucciarati interjected, feeling annoyed that he was interrupted for the 2nd time in the span of a couple of seconds. 

"But, I didn't even SAY it yet Bruno," Fugo whined, throwing his white hair back in annoyance and groaning. Abbachio snickered again, because GOD he loved this family they've created  so much. 

"As I was saying, there will be someone living with us and yes Narancia, it is someone we all know. I hope you'll all help me and Leone set up so he can feel more welcome." 

"Wait," Mista said, "Does that mean the New kid gets the room with all of our stuff in it? 

"Yes, that is correct. That's why I called you here all today, we are gonna clean that room up and make it in top tier condition. We only have three days to do this." 

A collective groan was heard across the spacious living room, making the sentiment of what they all felt known. 

After some more convincing and bribing the kids (and Abbacchio for some reason, why is he always so difficult?) With a day home from school, they were up and running up to the extra bedroom they had. 

It was right next to the Fugo's room, very spacious but not too big that it was disorienting. It had two windows, facing the back of the house so you could see Bruno's very pitiful looking garden from the inside. 

In the room there were a lot of miscellaneous items ranging to wedding photos of Bruno and Abbacchio to large amounts of trash and junk haphazardly spread across the ground. 

They ventured inside the room, Bruno inspecting it to check just what exactly the room needed to be more habitable before making a mental list for himself. 

It looks like he needs to find a better bed frame for the bed. He also needed new seats and a night stand. They also needed to do a serious deep clean. The room had been basically abandoned, and used as a storage rather than an actual room. 

There were many things inside such as Fugo's old english books and apparently, the rap albums that Narancia had lost 3 weeks ago. No doubt Mista put them in there after getting annoyed with the blasting music Narancia was fond of. 

"Jeez, this room is a mess!" Trish cried, desperately avoiding spider webs on the ground. 

"Well team, we better get through it! Narancia, I want you to short out the things in the room with Fugo. Trish, you and Mista will dust and broom the room. Me and Leone have some shopping to do. And remember, Mista's in charge while we're gone."Bucciarati Voiced, before forcing his husband into their car and driving away. 

The cleaning was hard, Fugo's inner neatfreak activated halfway through and he ended up being the one in charge. He had to practically teach Mista how to clean because apparently his 17 years of life had taught him nothing about cleanliness. 

He also ended up basically man handling Trish into picking up anything related to trash. Of course, she pouted and said, "Fugo, I'm going to ruin my designer skirt," with him replying with a chuckle and scoffed. " Trish, we all know you got that skirt from a thrift store." 

It took a while but they ended up leaving the room in top-tier condition. They could clearly see the floor, and the afternoon sun made the room look stunning. All it needed now was some air fresheners to set the mood. 

The kids eventually ventured to the living room to rest and wait for Their parents to come back home. It was peaceful, except for the fact Narancia decided to watch a video game let's play on the Tv but everyone was used to that by now. 

"So...about Giorno, how do you guys think he's doing," Mista suddenly questioned. 

The room went silent for a while, Narancia turning the tv off. It was quite traumatic for them still. It hit Fugo the hardest because he remembers being in that head space until Bruno saved him... 

"I hope he's doing alright...he's been through a lot," Trish replied, fiddling with the hem of her skirt. They nodded in agreement. The boy HAD been through a lot. 

"I think he's gonna go through foster care, his father seems like a bitch," Narancia added, visually getting mad at the thought of Giorno's father. The small encounter they had with the man was enough to instill raging hatred for the man. 

He just hated fathers in general, why do they suck so much? It's like they are actively trying to screw their children's lives over. Well except for his fathers, Bruno and Abba were the best. 

"Hey, do you guys think that Bruno will adopt him? I was thinking and he didn't mention the kid he was gonna have to stay at our house." Mista suggested. It made logical sense actually. Bruno was the type of man to do anything for someone that needed help. They wouldn't be surprised if he had gotten through to Abbas stone (which was not actually a stone, more like puddy) heart. 

Fugo nodded. "Ya, it would make sense, well just have to ask when-" The boy was interrupted by the sound of the door opening and the sound of footsteps. 

"Well, speak of the devil.." 

They watched as Bunno and Abbachio carry new items for the room, as well as take-out which probably means that both of them weren't up to cooking. They got up, and quickly helped them finish the room up before pouring into the dining room to eat the take-out, which had ended up being some lasagne with a side of octopus salad. Nobody really liked the salad though, so they ended up just keeping it in the fridge. 

It was peaceful, and there was a lot of playful banter going back and forth but that didn't stop the kids curiosities. Who exactly was coming to live with them? 

"So," Mista started, "Are you gonna tell us who's moving in or..." 

Trish put down her fork, wiping her mouth. "Ya, who exactly is gonna move in with us? I'd like to know so I don't have to worry about another Mista. His style is atrocious." 

"Hey, that's rude Trish, not everyone can look like they walked out of a fashion show." 

"Alright, Alright let's settle down now," Bruno interrupted, making sure another fight wouldn't break loose. He sighed, preparing himself mently, this was such a hard topic to talk about. He looked over to Leone for assistance. His husband gave him a nod of reassurance and squeezed his hand, making sure to show him that he could do this. 

"As you all know, there is gonna be a new person coming to live with us.Giorno gonna be joining us in our little family really soon so I expect you all to give him nothing but respect and kindness. I'll talk to each of you after Dinner about possible triggers and stuff like that but for now, let's finish dinner." 

Narancia leapt out of his seat, the energy already radiating off of him, "OMG GIORNOS OKAY!?? AND HE'S GONNA LIVE WITH US?? HELL YA!! IM SO GONNA--," 

"Hey rat, sit down. You're gonna spill your food." Abbacchio interrupted, giving Narancia his infamous "get down from there before I make you" look. 

"Hmph, you mean," Narancia muttered to himself, pouting as he slowly slid back into his seat. 

The rest of dinner went by in a flash, the family conversation quickly delving into what kinds of foods Giorno would like to what would human flesh taste like unfathomably fast. 

Abbachio had lost his appetite the moment Mista mentioned Narancia being the most fit to be eaten. 

Trish looked 5 seconds away from leaving the room all together. 

After Dinner, Bucciarati went over the things they could do to prevent Giorno from feeling uncomfortable, like random touches or loud noises. They were used to these kinds of conversations, especially because none of them had particularly great pasts, so it helps to know what could send someone into a particularly bad panic attack. Since Fugo probably went through something the most similar to Giorno, god know how much Bucciarati wanted to beat the hell out of his past teacher, he made sure to tell the white haired boy that if things became too much to talk about, then he could simply walk away. 

After his whole spiel, he made sure they all felt comfortable before sending them off to bed with a warning to Mista and Narancia that they should probably clean their room first, especially for the pistols. Hamsters needed better living conditions then whatever war zone the two of them decided was okay. 



Giorno was scared.

No, scared wouldn't be the right word, more like terrified

He slowly packed up all his belongings from his hospital room, which had been so miniscule that what he was doing wouldn't even be considered "packing". He was being discharged today and was going to go live with someone else. 

Specifically his homeroom teacher

Oh no... 

He should be excited, he even agreed to this. So why was he so FUCKING scared all of a sudden?!

"Giorno, Mr. Bucciarati is waiting outside for you,"  Calogera said, peeking her head into his room and sacking him out of his thoughts. 

"Ah..okay, thank you," he replied with a half-hearted smile. 

Pull it together Giovanna, you can do this. Forget Haruno, he doesn't exist any more. Stop being a pussy and act like a man. 

He stood up tall, grabbing onto his journal and making it out of the room, giving it one more glance before walking out of the room. 

He arrived just in time to find Mr.Bucciarati,-- no Bruno taking some documents from the Doctors before giving the man a handshake. 

When he turned around and spotted Giorno, he gave him the biggest smile he's ever seen. 

"Well, are you ready to go, Giorno?" He said, standing side by side from him. Giorno nodded, not knowing what else to say before glancing away from the man. 

Bruno chuckled, leading Giorno out of the hospital- 

Good riddens, that place gave him major anxiety anyways. 

- And to a very nice looking blue SUV. 

"This is sticky fingers, I named 'em after my favorite Rolling stones album and not the band." Bucciarati laughed. 

Giorno wouldn't lie and say he wasn't confused, firstly because he had no idea what the hell a 'rolling stone' was and secondly why anyone would even decide to name their car, Sticky fingers. 

They both entered the car, Giorno sitting in the passenger side as Bruno backed up and left. It was a peaceful ride, and Giorno enjoyed watching the scenery pass by as they drove. Bucciarati had asked him at one point if he wanted to choose the music with Giorno blushing and shaking his head no. 

He doubts Bucciarati could understand most Japanese music anyways. 

The rest of the car ride went by very quickly. The scenery quickly transformed from large buildings to a pretty looking neighborhood. He made sure to take in the healthy looking plants that surrounded the houses. Eventually, they pulled up to a pretty sizable house. Unfortunately, the plants and flowers looked like one bad windstorm away from turning to dust and crumbling away. Other than that, the house was beautiful and certainly much better than whatever place His parents insisted was a home. 

Bruno led him out of the car, making sure to lock the door before guiding him to the front doorstep and pausing. 

"You okay Giorno? We can stay out here for a little longer before you have to walk in if you want." Bruno reassured, gently placing his hand on Giorno's back. 

He shook a little, and took in a large breath while clutching onto his journal before nodding. This was the beginning of his new life, and he needed to make his new impressions important. 

" ready," he stuttered. 

Bruno nodded, slowly opening the door and stepping aside so Giorno could enter before closing the door behind him. 

The house was nice and pretty spacious, Giorno bets that this kind of house must have cost a fortune to get. He couldn't even begin to comprehend how someone could even begin to afford decorations, let alone multiple family pictures. The only one he had was at his old house and it had been one of his mother's wedding photos. They didn't even choose the one that he was in. 


Instead of creaky floorboards and dirty walls, the floors looked like they were washed regularly and the house was clearly loved. He started to doubt his own sanitation. 

"I'd like to introduce you to everyone if that's alright with you," Bruno said, looking too Giorno for some signs that he was comfortable with the idea. The boy had his head down, long blonde curls obscuring his face to hide his facial expressions. 

"You know what, Let me introduce you to your room first okay?" The man offered again. Giorno simply nodded this time. 

They made their way up the stairs and followed a long, narrow hallway. There were about 5 doors, he wasn't really checking but Bruno stopped him once they reached the door at the end of the hallway. He opened the door, motioning for the boy to walk.


The room was huge! Instead of broken glass, the windows were actually intact. The floors didn't have any loose wood panels that left splinters wherever you stepped but, instead it was carpeted. The bed didn't look like a brick on the floor, there were no loose springs from it. He looked around in awe. He had so much room that it was unbelievable. Who knew that closet doors don't regularly fall apart if you don't treat them like fragile glass. And the temperature, it wasn't freezing cold. 

Bucciarati watched as the boy walked around, examining the room with wide, curious eyes. 

Giorno couldn't even fathom the whole thing. The best part was that this was his room. Bruno had thought of him so highly that he prepared such a place like this for HIM of all people to call his own. 

He almost started crying all over again, another overwhelming flood of emotion filling his body. 

He really could never get used to them, he was used to being passive, but now he was so, so....




This was what true happiness was. 

Bucciarati gave him a moment to compose himself, and though his face had become neutral again, Bucciarati could tell that the sear gleam in his eyes that Giorno was probably feeling so much better already. He was incredibly happy with the boys growth over these last few weeks. 


After Giorno was a little emotional outburst, well it was more like curiosity induced happiness, Bucciarati decided to sit everyone down so they could all properly introduce Giorno into their little home. 

"Alright everyone, I'd love if you all treat Giorno with resp-" 

Mista interrupted, "You already told us this Bruno, remember two day ago?" 

That was a bad idea on Mista's part, Bucciarati gave him a side glare. The teens shut up immediately afterwards. 

"So, before I was rudely interrupted. I was thinking we could give Giorno a tour of-" 

Another interruption, this time it was Narancia. 

"OHHH- OHHH, Can I do that? I wanna be like a super cool real estate agent or something. Like, I'd be the perfect candidate." 

Abbachio snorted, " You in what world Shrimp? I personally don't think you should be dragging Giorno anywhere. The last time you tried showing anyone around was with Trish, and you ended up almost burning down my apartment building." 

Trish nodded, "Ya Abba, I don't know why you let him even show me around, I should have stayed at Bucciarati's apartment with Fugo that day." 

"Hey, are you saying that me and Narancia were totally not super cool people to hang with!?" Mista Questioned, giving trish his pouty face. 

"Oh will you all be quiet, Bucciarati looks two seconds away from blowing up," Fugo interrupted, pointing his finger towards Bucciarati's direction. 

Sure enough, the white haired boy was right. Bucciarati looked one more bad bay from just giving up on them (Giorno excluded, the boy looked lost. He clearly had no idea what was even going on). He gave Abbachio an especially telling look. 

"Abbacchio."  Sweat poured down the goths face as he was addressed. 

Yikes, Abbacchio messed up, his husband wasn't using his First name. 

"You were supposed to be helping me, guess you just really wanted to sleep on the couch tonight." 

Abbacchio looked down in shame, he had messed up. 

Giorno, still being the newest there, was even more confused. 

Would that happen to him too if he made Bruno mad or was this just something they did all the time. He looked around to the others to gauge what the general consensus was. 

They all looked pretty unbothered, in fact Trish appeared to be filming the exchange and Mista and Narancia were desperately trying not to burst into tears. 

He met eyes with Fugo, who had given him a knowing glance, as the strawberry clad boy could read his mind. 

"This happens all the time Giorno, in about 2 minutes they'll be all over each other again." Fugo said.




Wow, was a bizarre family he's found himself in. He thought.