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I'm bored and in love with these characters. Give me prompts to write.

Requests are CLOSED

Characters I will x Reader:
Barbados from Obey Me!
Connor from Detroit: Become Human
Diavolo from Obey Me!
Judy from Dangerous Fellows
Lawrence from Dangerous Fellows
Lucifer from Obey Me!
Mammon from Obey Me!
Sebastien from Black Butler

Characters I plan to add:
Lawrence from Dangerous Fellows
Nadia & Portia from The Arcana

I will do non ship-stories involving other characters from:
Bendy and the Ink Machine
Dangerous Fellows
Detroit: Become Human

If you want a story that's not on here, assume I don't know about it. You can still ask for it and I'll see what I can do.

Will write:
Father / Son Relationships
High School AU
Medieval / Magic AU
Shitpost / Memes
Swap AU

Will not write:
Fetish fuel
Minor x Adult fics (can age up or down characters to fix this)
NSFW (can be mentioned)
Reader x Abusive Character
(If you want something that's not listed, assume I'm ok with it.)

I might write some NSFW, however I'm not taking NSFW requests as I want to write those stories on my own terms and when I'm ready.

When I write something that has a spoiler, I'll add the part of the story needed to have read to read spoiler free.

I will do any gender asked, just give me the pronouns to use. You can even ask for a story rewritten with preferred pronouns and body parts. If not specified, I will default to female.

Some stories might be a few hundred words to (if I get creative enough) multiple chapters long.

It might take me a bit before your prompt is written as I have school and I might just be lazy or not get anything from it. Please note that there might be the change that I could refuse a request, it'll mainly be because I just might not get any good motvation from it.

If you want a certain AU written about, add info about the AU or give me a link that I can use.

If I write anything that could be considered offensive, please inform me what I did wrong and how I can fix it. I love constructive criticism and will gladly try to learn from it. I also can't spell if my life depended on it, so please call me out if you see a spelling misstake.

I'm not very good at sticking to a character's personality and offten add my own head cannons to the stories, so expect the characters not to act exactly like the socrce mettereal. (I can't spell ;-;)

Y/N = Your Name
N/N = Nick Name
M/N = Middle Name
L/N = Last Name
H/C = Hair Color
H/L = Hair Length
S/C = Skin Color
E/C = Eye Color
F/C = Favorite Color

This guideline is subject to change at any point in time because I have commitment issues, lmao.