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It was no secret to anyone that Diluc Ragnvindr was the bachelor of Mondstadt. Being gentle, smart and wealthy did this kind of thing, apparently. 

Whenever he would host a party at the Dawn Winery, suitors would wait in line to get a chat with Master Diluc only to be swooned by his charms and his words. Of course they would.

Kaeya would call it idle and sugar-coated words but it was far from the truth. 

Truth was Master Diluc cared greatly for everyone in Mondstadt. Considering his background, his childhood and his tutoring, time would have given them a treasure many would try to grasp.

So it was no surprise for Kaeya, who got to know Diluc for so long now, that he was the most popular man of all Mondstadt. 

The state of being a bachelor oddly pleased more people than disappointed, Kaeya chuckled as he watched the said man twirling the glass in his hands, rubbing it dry and shiny. Oh, if they knew…!

If only they knew that their said bachelor wasn't one anymore. 

His eye caught Diluc's while he continued his peeking, his smirk drowned in his very favorite cocktail himself prepared. He surely didn't miss the way Diluc would follow the length of his throat as he swallowed the burning liquid. 

There. Caught . Diluc was left the mouth dry, the hands halting half a second before continuing what he was supposed to do, his eyes averting away from his own. 

Nobody had to know. 

Nobody had to know how Diluc's hands would fumble with his clothes at night, how flustered he would get under him, how much he would deny his pleasure before finally giving in. Nobody had to know how he could be a wild beast sometimes.

Surely, nobody had to know Master Diluc was no longer to be flattered and wooed. If Diluc wanted to come out clean and reveal that the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius and him were an item, then so it be. It wasn't as if Kaeya had to worry about anything; Diluc was a honest man, and Kaeya knew it too well. 

Whatever Diluc would do about their relationship, Kaeya would follow. 

But in the meantime, it meant Kaeya could play with him, toy with him. He knew the effect he had on Diluc, how he could make his hands sweaty and his heart burn harder than his flames; did you expect him not to tease Diluc endlessly? Who would be Kaeya if he didn't?

"One more!" A customer shouted from behind Kaeya, snapping Diluc out of his stupor as he wordlessly slipped back in his work demeanor. "Right away," he confirmed, remembering the exact drink the old pal had ordered without a single beat of thinking. 

But his hands betrayed him, shaking when he reached for the bottle on the top shelf. 

Diluc was such a weak man, to fall for old tricks such as swallowing and making his interest watch him. So weak and yet so charming. 

And Kaeya reached up before momentarily clumsy fingers could snatch the bottle down after stepping over the counter without Diluc's notice. "Here," he handed over the bottle of alcohol in question, "You seemed to require some extra help, Master Diluc."

A glare, the effect completely ruined by how crimson his cheeks were. "I didn't. Get out of here," he hissed while gesturing at his space behind the counter before finishing the ordered drink.

His customer was more than delighted by the speed of his work when he was finally served, catching Diluc in a small chat. "Thanks as usual, Master Diluc. The drink is amazing, as expected!" 

Gratefulness always managed to make Diluc draw a tiny smile, one nobody would really notice but it was plentifully audible in his voice.

"Thank you for your patronage and your patience as always," Diluc managed to reply without stuttering which was a good surprise, considering how hot he was few seconds ago because of Kaeya's antics. Of course, it went completely unseen as he was given a rather generous bill in exchange, the sum excessively over what he had to pay for a whole tab. 

"Don't sweat it, Master Diluc! It is a pleasure! Oh, speaking of which," and suddenly, Kaeya was more interested by their conversation than not. 

He knew what that customer was going to say because it happened more than too often; "My dearest daughter entrusted me a letter designated for you since she heard I would be swinging by. I would be as delighted as she would if you could hold onto it, if not replying to her." And here went the tip. 

Not that Mondstadt citizens were pushy, but Diluc was still in the market, a target to get a hold onto. Love is war; people didn't hold back when it came to conquer Diluc's heart. 

But the man was taken, Kaeya gritted his teeth.

… Maybe it wasn't official, but still. Kaeya deemed it was alright to be slightly annoyed, downing his glass in a go, completely aware nobody would notice the feeling inhibiting him right now. 

Aside from Diluc, nobody really caught on his thoughts, except maybe that traveler, but that was entirely another story. 

So what, he was kinda pissed off, but not much. Wasn't it a normal thing, to feel anxious when your lover (were they, now?) received a wooing letter? Probably, but again, they never did things like the others, so Kaeya preferred to swallow down his thoughts and let it go. 

Diluc will deal with it himself. It wasn't a first, after all. And guess what? He was such a gentleman he would answer the damsel, although it would carry a negative reply or so Kaeya expected it to be negative. 

The last remaining customers slowly called it out for the night, filtering out of the bar with cheerful farewells for the Master of the house, but Kaeya couldn't care less about leaving soon. It wasn't as if he was living literally down the street. He could afford taking his sweet time drinking his ale and—

"Your glass is empty, dumbass."

Oh, right. Red eyes caught his crystal blue as he looked up his tense fingers, swallowing his bad mood. It would be soon over, no need to linger on negative feelings when he was spending a rare night with Diluc. 

"I didn't take notice," he genuinely chuckled, letting out the stiffness off his chest. If Diluc noticed, he didn't say a word about it, sliding behind his counter after locking the door, confirming no bother will cut in their business —whatever their business was, if they had any. 

"Aren't you playing silly now. You're usually the first one asking for a refill once you're done," Diluc said in a monotone voice and Kaeya knew it came out flat to anyone else but it certainly wasn't. 

It wasn't, when hands came behind his shoulders, giving a warm (too warm, way too warm) squeeze on his stuff shoulders. Diluc knew, but he didn't say a word about his moodiness, which Kaeya was grateful for. 

Enough bad thoughts for the night, he didn't need a talk about it. Perhaps he ultimately did need it, especially coming from the main concern here, but Kaeya knew they couldn't simply address the problem so soon. 

After all, Diluc was officially not taken.

How could they even call off all the courting for Master Ragnvindr when they couldn't even put a name on their on-and-off relationship? 

Right. So they couldn't. 

But it didn't stop them. Moral used to be there, to stop them, some time ago. Diluc's moral; they were once brothers , or so they lived under the same roof so they couldn't have anything more than a fraternal relationship. But it was now long gone. 

At least, Kaeya had no more doubt, not after Diluc had left for years, only to be back out of nowhere when he clinged to a hint of him being alive, delivered safely in this (ugly) vase they kept at the Dawn Winery. He wouldn't try Barbatos and let go on Diluc once more, even if it meant what they currently had.

Fleeting touches in the dark, when everyone was fast asleep, when nobody could color the idea that Master Diluc was the infamous Darknight Hero , when Diluc was slipping to his true self, his hands scratching down painful and angry red lines in his back. 

That was what they had. And Kaeya loved it to fucking pieces. 

When skillful hands poured the red cocktail in his glass, refilling it to the top, he reached for it without a single thought, his eye glued to Diluc's face who rose an eyebrow at him. 

"What is the matter now?"

"You say this as if it happened often," Kaeya whined around the rim of his drink. Diluc merely rose his other eyebrow at this, tidying his work bench. "You're always a pain in the ass."


A beat, and Kaeya knew Diluc let him a window to explain himself or not, pretending he wasn't paying much attention. 

He chose the latter. "Nothing important. Work matters." 

Work meant knights. If it was truly Mondstadt-threatening, Diluc would definitely have heard about it before Kaeya would mention it, so it immediately made him drop the subject. 

Diluc still disliked the Knights of Favonius after all, but not Kaeya. Or Jean. But he was slowly opening his mind about them in general, sometimes chatting with the guards at the entrance of Mondstadt. 

Maybe Diluc didn't buy it, but whatever, Kaeya thought and gone was his drink. Diluc narrowed his eyes at him when he downed his drink in one go, but he really needed to feel less conscious about their delicate situation. 

He defiantly stared back at Diluc and suddenly, the Master of the house seemed completely disinterested in tending his bar and more interested in pumping Kaeya. He pulled the letter out of his inner jacket only to put it aside, out of reach, out of view. It wasn't time for it but time for Kaeya, apparently.

'Don't address the letter, or my bad mood', Kaeya would reply to Diluc's curiosity anyway.

But when Diluc's question came out differently from what he expected, his own words didn't stumble as he wished they would; "Jealous much now?" 

Kaeya gapped. What…

"Or is it something else? Are you going to tell me I should ask to meet with her so I can keep the interest up in my suitors?" 


Diluc was different tonight. The Diluc now would never mention it directly, always letting Kaeya work his way with his words to let him say what he wished for, what he wanted. But tonight, this late at night, Master Diluc appeared to be fearless. Bold , Kaeya would say, daring

"That…" he repeated himself, his throat suddenly dry, but it didn't deter Diluc, if not the opposite. A hand reached for his chin and suddenly, he was forced to stare into red orbs. "Or is it entirely something else?" 

There, his escape: Diluc wasn't pushing him to reply, but it would break the atmosphere for sure and Kaeya wasn't sure he wanted that.

It was heavy, full of secrecy but it was so them Kaeya didn't think he wanted it another way for now. So he didn't take the chance to change subject, closing his hanging mouth with a chuckle of Diluc. 

Has he… "Have you been drinking?" 

A smirk, and his fingers parted from his tanned skin. "Touché," he mirrored his words, dropping the cleaning rag on the counter. "Not much, though." 

"Don't you dare ask to meet up with her," he said suddenly, cutting Diluc off.

That seemed to catch Diluc by surprise, who slowly mimicked his usual self almost perfectly, too perfectly.

His lips curled in a manner that completely broke the illusion of a sober Diluc, honesty at reach. It immediately reminded Kaeya of more carefree days, when responsibilities didn't weight on their back, when nothing was complicated and oddly soft fingers found the tip of his nose in a teasing gesture. 

They slid to his lips, feeling up the fullness of his bottom lip before retracting back, Diluc's hand hanging between them.

"I shall entertain your thoughts, then." 

In a second, he was standing, his right hand flat on the counter while he caught Diluc's wrist in the other. His breath caught in his chest and Kaeya let his eye wander at how well-groomed Diluc was, as always. 

A high ponytail tonight. His shirt was black, contrasting with his immaculate white jacket and if anyone ever told Diluc it didn't suit him, then they would be a blind person. 

In fact, his mouth watered at the thought of running his hands on his curves to undress him, his mind further ahead as he slowly met up with Diluc's eyes. 

Instead of finding a surprised expression, he was met with a dazed face, his lips parted and shaking, his eyes blurred and his eyebrows furrowed. A crimson red slowly coloured his cheeks in a manner that didn't let any doubt about the fact that Diluc drank tonight, tanned fingers slowly trailing on the red of his face. 

"Not a word about this anymore," Kaeya unconsciously whispered, as if he was afraid of breaking the spell cast between them. But there was no spell: it was only the two of them, slowly dancing around each other, waiting for the other to give in their attraction.

"I won't," Diluc equally whispered back.

His red eyes shut and Kaeya knew how to read the signs, Diluc's begs. With a sigh, he leaned in, deliberately slow so Diluc could pull off if it wasn't what he wanted, what wished from Kaeya. 

But Diluc didn't scatter away.

Instead, he let out a small gasp when their lips touched as if it was their first kiss and Kaeya was thrown back years ago, when they clumsily shared their first kiss behind the manor of the Dawn Winery. Kaeya had said it would have been fun, to try so they could be perfect for their first partner. 

Who would have guessed they would immediately get hooked on kissing each other until their lips puffed red? Kaeya, probably. 

Diluc didn't pull off this time either, but Kaeya needed him to say the words, no matter how dishonest Diluc was with him, nowadays. 

Diluc pushed closer in hope it would make Kaeya budge but it was pointless. "Come on," Kaeya said instead, a teasing edge flowing in his voice. He grumbled back, letting Kaeya think Diluc might have sobered up. 

He didn't, but perhaps he wasn't as intoxicated as Kaeya thought he might be. 

"Come on what? Isn't it what I am supposed to say?" 

Their lips were still touched, fused together and Kaeya's hands twitched at the thought of this being more than just chatting with Diluc's lips on his.

"You know what to say." 

"Say what?" Diluc surely liked to play dumb but none of them were; he unknowingly rotated his head on the side so their lips would fit better than pressing and oh! Kaeya absolutely loved this. 

He growled in answer, "Don't complain later, then," he spat, and he didn't wait for Diluc to reply when their tongues finally coiled into each other. Their lips fitted just well, Kaeya's finger guiding Diluc's jaw and suddenly, teeth joined the feast. 

"I will not," he managed before Kaeya swallowed his cries, before he melted in the kiss.

Diluc whined audibly in the kiss, opening his mouth further as he tried to part but as if Kaeya would let him go now. His fingers slipped behind his neck, his fingers spreading on his nape as he tightened them, holding him prisoner as he drank and drank into Diluc's mouth. 

He starved for him. 

Unusually uncovered hands found the low cut of his shirt, tearing the top buttons of his jacket and shirt in the process, earning a gluttonous growl of approval of Kaeya. Cryo slowly sipped through the hand holding him by the neck, sending shivers down Diluc's spine as he curved in, his eyes burning and wild when they parted with a loud noise, Diluc's chin wet of mixed saliva.

What a sight, his eyes blown, his lips a crimson red but his eyebrows low on his face in a challenging glare. Kaeya mirrored the way Diluc licked his abused lips. 

Kaeya yearned for that kind of attention from Diluc.

"Fuck, look at you already," he breathed out lowly while pulling on Diluc's bottom lip with his teeth, earning a cry of the other man, almost whistling at how Diluc's hips swayed in small circles in answer. Diluc smirked back, biting at Kaeya's comment for once and he slowly thanked the ale in Diluc's blood for this. "Could be better if you actually get on the serious business already." 

His hand left the counter to slide on Diluc's side and Diluc prompted his hip up, accentuating the curve under the unfocused eye of his. When he rose his knee over the surface of the bar, Kaeya immediately ran his hand down his knee, caressing his thigh in an appreciative manner. 

Diluc hummed as he knew he had the upper hand, guiding his hand with his own to open his palm flat on his thigh, pushing his thumb in his inner leg. 

Soft. And hot, so fucking hot. 

Kaeya's breathing hitched, his gaze lost at where he should be looking at before a hand caught his jaw to pull him down in a hungry kiss, more tongue than lips as far drops of saliva dripped down Diluc's chic shirt. "Come on, Kaeya," he whispered on their lips, a doppelganger of what Kaeya usually did to him.

Kaeya felt himself going on overdrive, his heartbeat spiking in a blink, his heart pounding heavy in his ears as he bent over the counter to reach for Diluc's thigh supporting him to swing it up. 

Coherency was no more in his tangled thoughts, his mouth sucking red, purple marks over the collar of his black shirt. Whispers of Kaeya's name mingled with 'more's danced on their lips while they kissed wet and heavy, Diluc's knees parted around Kaeya to accommodate him.

Kaeya knew how tough alcohol was on Diluc when a tear fell down his closed eyes as his mouth rambled on, begged for more attention. It usually didn't colour him needy and whiny but Kaeya would take it. 

He would take any Diluc, in all honesty. So when Diluc slowly wrapped his legs around his middle with a hump, he couldn't hold back and pushed his clothed and growing erection on the tent of Diluc's black pants, drawing more half bitten off cries.

"I'll give you more, Diluc, fuck ."