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The Last Frontier

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That night


Anne had just finished reading to the children … they were just a couple of chapters into A Wrinkle in Time.


“Off you go,” Anne said as she gave them a hug. Ann kissed the tops of their heads as they reluctantly trudged off to bed. They were exhausted and it showed.


“Don’t forget to brush your teeth,” Ann called out to them. Elizabeth had gone out after dinner with friends leaving her sister and Anne in charge.


Ann laid back against Anne, Anne’s arms around her middle. She sighed and relaxed. Anne nuzzled her neck. Contented moments went by. Anne said, “You smell good.”


“What do I smell like?”


“Mostly you, but a summer you.”


“What does a summer me smell like?” Ann wondered if Anne could describe it.


“Your hair smells like outdoors. Your neck smells faintly of your soap and your perspiration.” Anne kissed Ann’s neck and ran her tongue over the skin. “Just a bit salty,” she added. Ann shivered a little. She got up, extended her hand toward Anne. Ann’s voice was low and demanding. “Take me to bed.”


Anne said not a word but grasped Ann’s hand tightly as they went upstairs. Ann whispered to Anne, “Go get ready. I want it all tonight … all of you.”


Now it was Anne’s turn to shiver. Ann checked on the children—both were asleep. She watched each of them for a bit, her chest full of warmth and love.


Anne was waiting when she went into their room. She watched Ann take off her clothes and loosed her hair, shaking it out. She knew the effect that, in particular, had on Anne.


“I’ll be right there,” Ann said, going into their ensuite for a few minutes. When she returned, she went to the window, drew back the drapes, and opened it. A breeze stirred the gauzy curtains. Ann looked out the window for a moment, illuminated by moonlight. She could feel Anne’s eyes on her. Anne forgot to breathe.


Ann turned and walked to their bed, pulled back the sheet, and straddled Anne. She lowered herself and kissed Anne, her hands on either side of Anne’s face.  Anne felt as though time was passing more slowly than usual. Ann’s lips and teeth found Anne’s neck, shoulders, and then lower onto her breasts—Ann’s hair brushed her skin—a contrast to the delicious agony of Ann’s teeth. Ann gripped the toy between Anne’s legs and lowering herself onto it, her eyes locked with Anne’s. Anne watched as she adjusted before she began an unhurried up and down. Ann closed her eyes and tipped her head backward, mouth open. Anne’s hands clasped Ann’s hips lightly. Time passed … Ann took Anne’s right hand and brought it between her legs.


“Just tease me …I don’t want to come.”


Anne tried to follow those instructions, but Ann got close so she rose from Anne, lay back on the bed with her knees to her chest. She didn’t have to say anything. Anne lubed the toy quickly and took Ann, almost roughly, holding her legs up so they rested on Anne’s shoulders, tilting Ann’s pelvis to the necessary angle. Anne began to perspire as did Ann beneath her. Anne held herself up with her left hand and arm, bringing her right hand down between Ann’s legs. Ann could see the effort in Anne’s muscles. She licked her lips and ran her hand over Anne’s straining arm, gripping it tightly. She began to buck as much as the position would allow, calling Anne’s name in different pitches as she came. Anne pulled out, slowly, tossing the harness aside. She covered Ann, their bodies slick against each other, Anne licked the sweat from between Ann’s breasts, Ann continued to shudder against Anne.


“It smells like sex in here,” Ann offered in a low tone. “Dirty, dirty sex.”


“Jesus, Ann.” Anne’s breath hitched. She moved against Ann, still beneath her, as she thrust against Ann’s thigh.  


“Roll over … so I can do what I want.” Ann commanded. What I want is to feel you come on my hand and in my mouth.


The next morning


Ann almost postponed the proposal. When she mounted her horse to ride out to where she intended to surprise Anne, she was reminded of how perfectly she’d been railed last night. Thank god for padded riding underwear.


Ann knew the place Anne liked to stop during her brisk morning walk. Well, brisk was what Anne called it, but it was more akin to race walking. Anne didn’t pause long, but she did stop long enough to look out over the valley below and the hills beyond for a few minutes. Ann knew she she’d have to be quick to arrive ahead of Anne—as soon as Anne left the house, Ann hustled to the stable, saddled her horse, and after a few minutes of walking to warm up, urged him into a trot.  


Ann tapped her inside jacket pocket for the millionth time that morning. The ring was still there.


As it was when she got to her destination. Ten minutes later, she heard Anne call her name, a note of question in it. She turned to smile at Anne as she approached. Swinging a leg over her horse, she dismounted as Anne caught her and lowered her to the ground. Ann didn’t let go and Anne didn’t either.


Before Anne could say anything, Ann looked up at her, touched her cheek, and asked, “Anne Lister, will you marry me?” She moved back a bit and displayed the ring to Anne, taking Anne’s right hand, which was still lightly gripping her left elbow, waiting for Anne’s answer.


Anne looked at the ring, at Ann, back at the ring and then at Ann again. Anne grinned and said, “Yes …  yes, darling.”


Ann put the ring on Anne’s right hand ring finger. “I’ll move it to your left hand on our wedding day,” she said softly.


Ann noticed a single tear on Anne’s check. She brushed it away with her thumb, moving toward Anne, nearly imperceptibly. When they kissed, Anne opened her eyes just once. This was real. She had Ann’s ring on her finger. That was real.


“Do you want to continue your walk?” Ann’s question was a bit cheeky and said a little breathlessly when they’d stop kissing. Anne chuckled her response. “A clutch of zombies could not separate me from you today.”