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“Anytime my life involves a crisis I always come to your office”Kathryn chuckled

“Sounds like you could use a drink?”Phillip asked her

“The travel always is worth wait”Kathryn smiles

“I’ve been around a little longer on this earth”Phillip pokes fun at his elderly age

“I don’t know how I’ll manage this on my own”Kathryn says

“Have you tried finding common ground with Sarah?”Phillip asked her

“I have tried multiple ways of communication”Kathryn said

“She’ll open up to you sooner or later”Phillip says

“I’ve always heard be prepared to deal with moody teenagers but no matter the age it’s different when it’s your child”Kathryn lamented

“Don’t rush her”Phillip cautioned

“Grief has no time stamp”Kathryn suddenly remembered memories of her own deceased father brook

“This is making you think about your father huh?”Phillip became concerned for his friend

“Death in general sucks”Kathryn muttered