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The head of the Wyvern was smashed into mush as soon as it was hit by Yoo Jonghyuk’s first that had enchanted [Ki Enhancement]. The wyvern had to feel sorry for itself when it mistook the fear it felt triggered by [Intimidation] for excitement leading to its miserable death. The fate of the other wyverns following the first one also didn’t change much as they lied down one by one after they landed down to fight Yoo Jonghyuk. Yoo Jonghyuk would become stronger as the number of his opponents increased due to the effect of [Lone Fighter], a passive skill that he acquired while joining the combat arena without telling anyone in his party. 


“Don’t steal all the prey like that.” Kim Namwoon revealed himself out of the corner as he grumbled to Yoo Jonghyuk for killing too many. However, he didn’t kill any less because he joined the battle even earlier than Yoo Jonghyuk, evidenced by the river of blood dripping from his clothes and the disturbing orb of blood floating on top of his head, [Blood Pool] making Kim Namwoon look like he was showered with blood.


As Yoo Jonghyuk was busy with his foes and striking out combat skills, he didn’t answer Kim Namwoon ’s critique getting him on Kim Namwoon ’s nerves. 


“Hey you…” Kim Namwoon who was in the middle of another round of grumbling abruptly stopped as he swung his [Carnwennan Dagger] to slice off the Wyvern that tried to attack him from behind into half.


At the same time, another corpse of Wyvern dropped from the sky and almost hit Kim Namwoon who stood in its way to come to ‘Mother Earth’ after it was shot with [Critical Hit], the skill that greatly contributed to Lee Jihye ’s nickname, ‘One Hit One Kill’.


“Sorry.” Lee Jihye quickly threw an apology to the Red Drake who hastily jumped to the side as she dived into the shadow to load her guns and prepared for another round of hunting.


Because not many of them had transformed into the second phase because Tactus, the Wyvern King who was busy on the other side of the battle looking for the ‘Treasure of Beastmen’ hadn’t allowed them to do so although their blood had been eating up from smaller attack from the member of Nora’s squadron, this was the perfect time to mass kill them.


As Yoo Jonghyuk used his two massive and hard iron hands to rip off the wings of a Wyvern causing it to fall down, he quickly rushed to another, and without waiting for it to react, he brutally gripped its neck and squeezed it like a toy making the head to drop off. Lee Jihye on the back also just stopped for a while to recover her mana before she sang another song named [Song of the Dead Ningyo] that would heal small wounds and recover the stamina of the people on her sides over time as they had also become a bit tired.


However, Kim Namwoon was an exception, the more he fought, the better he felt, especially when he was soaking in blood. Lee Jihye hated this effect of [Blood Euphoria] the most, however, she couldn’t say that it was completely useless because due to its effect, half of the corpse eaten by the hounds was killed by Kim Namwoon himself.


“HAHAHAH…” Kim Namwoon laughed in madness as he bit through the neck of a Wyvern with his sharp and jagged teeth and drank its blood. Because the Wyvern race was also a distant relative of Dragon, Kim Namwoon was also buffed by the effect of his class “Dragon Slayer”, hence there was no one more perfect than Kim Namwoon to be the MVP of this battle.


However, his bloody style of fighting wasn’t very fond of many people and one of them was Lee Jihye. As she approached Lee Jihye , another version of herself from the other worldlines, she asked as she worriedly looked at Kim Namwoon who just made some enemies explode into small pieces by [Implosion] and collected their blood into his [Blood Pool], “Will he turn crazy?”


Lee Jihye’s question was quite frequently asked because normally, a class that drank blood like Kim Namwoon would have [Blood Frenzy] which means they would lose control of themselves the more blood they drank. However, in Kim Namwoon ’s case, luckily, thanks to the [Golden Bracelet of Guanyin], a relic rank accessory helped in keeping his mind straight. As the effect of the bracelet, the skill [Blood Frenzy] also altered into [Blood Euphoria].


“No, he won’t.” Lee Jihye quickly answered as she stood up in front of the halfling and released the triggers. [Invisible Bullet] was fired from her guns hitting the Wyverns who tried to move randomly in the sky, so that it would disturb her sight causing her to miss the target. However, they didn’t know that Lee Jihye had trained her [Dynamic Visual Acuity] to the highest level, hence there was no way she would miss them with their pathetic speed when they were reaching the end of their stamina as well.


From somewhere, as they heard Yoo Jonghyuk’s voice yelled out, “They are transforming.” Kim Namwoon and Lee Jihye immediately stopped using the skills that would deal too much damage that could kill the enemies before Yoo Jonghyuk could take the ‘Nightmare’ parasite out of them.


Then, when before all of the Wyvern's hearts were struck through causing them to die in real life if ‘Nightmare’ was taken off their bodies, Yoo Jonghyuk violently released probability causing Lee Jihye to quiver for a bit. As Yoo Jonghyuk’s furry body was wrapped with probability, it reminded her of the time back in the scenario when all of them could still use probability. This scene was nostalgic in that sense when she was still a kid following him around with too much respect when she thought back about herself that day.


After the ‘Nightmare’ parasites had taken out of the Wyvern’s bodies, Kim Namwoon and Lee Jihye led the squadrons to clean off the rest. Because they weren’t influenced by the death penalty of ‘Nightmare’ anymore, they also didn’t have any mercy in killing them.


<Your request had been approved>




Came back about one hour ago, when ‘Secretive Plotter’ led his squadron consisting of Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung coming down to the SouthEast region of Schiele City. As they just entered the hunting ground, they were attacked by a flood of low-level demons and monsters.


From a glance, ‘Secretive Plotter’ immediately recognised that these were low-rank demons that could be summoned by a ‘Demon’ with a reasonably high status mixed in the demon's wave. [[Strike through them and find the leader.]] ‘Secretive Plotter’ gave out his order as he dashed forward while unleashing the sword on his hip.


As his right hand moved a bit, the sword emanating black aura swung in the air with the speed of light that normal human eyes couldn’t see while the demons in the radius of 3 meters were cut into small pieces by [Phantom Swords]. ‘Secretive Plotter’ had reached the level of a ‘Sword Saint’ as no one could see where his sword was slashing through, contributed by the skill [Phantom Swords]. Thanks to this, he formed an open path for the people behind him to drill through the sea of demons.


“Follow me.” Lee Gilyoung used [Transformation] to change his appearance into a massive Tigerman as he threw his fist forward in a curve to fend off the attack of the demons while wagging his other man to tell the others on the right-wing to come up.


Meanwhile, Shin Yoosung took charge of the left-wing. As Shin Yoosung hurled her lance that was enchanted with [Brilliant Radiance] that will increase 50% damage point to Dark Attribute race, her [Sigrun’s Juvalin] drew a straight gleaming line in the air while it pierced through approximately through about ten or so foes in one go. When she raised her hand, the spear automatically came back to her hand for another round of meat skewing.


“Gruhhh…” From aside, some beasts stood up their furs and sneered at them, the people who came and disrupted their days, in the same manner, they would treat the adventurers who came to hunt them. Because this was the hunting ground, hence a ruckus this big would definitely attract more beasts to come along and join or scare them away. However, if they could turn these beasts into their supporters, it would be a big advantage. And they had the perfect person for it.


“Gilyoung.” Shin Yoosung turned her head to the right in the direction of Lee Gilyoung to tell him this was a good chance as she avoided a Demon’s hand that was going to scratch her face.


Lee Gilyoung with sweat-soaked fur annoyedly answered while he broke the neck of another monster with a chop, “Don’t order me around, Yoosung.” He then quickly jumped up, breathed in a deep one, and roared. Shockwave emitted from his mouth causing the trees to shake vigorously as the birds flew away in mass. Most significantly, the monsters and demons to be paralysed for a bit while the beasts standing on the side got down to their knees bowing toward him, the ‘Beast Lord’.


‘Secretive Plotter’, who hadn’t stopped swinging his sword which was dripping blood from its tip, took the advantage of them being paralysed to its fullest extent as he whispered, [[Jupiter.]]


A black thunder tornado emerged from his black aura, penetrating in the formation of the enemies. Those black thunders were even more dangerous than normal thunders due to their immense speed and destructive power that could turn everything on its way into ash. And those paralysed monsters and demons were no special cases when they couldn’t do anything but widened their eyes looking at the death approaching them. This was one of the seventh skills in his [Incarnation of Calamity] combo.


After Lee Gilyoung used his skill [Commanders] in conjunction with the effect of his title ‘Beast Lord’ to drag the beasts inside their fight, their speed increased notably. Then when the demons and monsters' waves were nearly exterminated, an unfamiliar voice echoing in the air caught their attention.


“Your team is not too bad, ‘Sword of Disaster’.”


As they shifted their eyes around to find the owner of the voice, they quickly spotted out a Demon sitting on a branch of a tree on top of their heads. She didn’t even bother to hide. She seemed confident in herself and she got the right to do it because she was no stranger to ‘Secretive Plotter’ at all.


[[You never want to stay in silence, huh, Marchioness of the Dusk.]] ‘Secretive Plotter’ lifted up his head looking at Auditus who put on a mischievous smile on her greyish face.


Auditus slightly dropped her lids down as she wrapped her hair around her index fingers and said, “I am just bored.”


‘Secretive Plotter’ exhaled. This was the reason why he couldn’t never like women, at least women that he couldn’t get his head around their thoughts such as this ‘Marchioness of the Dusk’ or Celeana. Thinking of Celeana made the line in between his eyebrows deepened. He wondered where she disappeared into when things were such a big mess in here. This was her responsibility, not his to clean up. Somehow, ‘Secretive Plotter’ felt like Celeana must be the one who plotted all of this thing up although she was not here at the moment.


[[Is it accurate?]] ‘Secretive Plotter’ unpredictably threw a question at Auditus.


The smile intensified as she asked back, “What is accurate?”


[[The ‘True Edition’.]] ‘Secretive Plotter’ didn’t hide the fact that they had read the book because he was certain that Auditus might also have had some ideas about why they fought against them, the ‘Nightmare’ because they had read it.


As expected, Auditus was agitated for a very short time before she came back to normal. Her interests about ‘Secretive Plotter’ remarkably escalated as she answered his question. “I don’t know. But that was what the prophet said.” She referred to the Spiritus, their main communicator with ‘Sun God’ and also the one who wrote down the ‘True Edition’.


 ‘Secretive Plotter’ squinted his eyes because it was a vague response. However, now they knew that they definitely had to pull the Spiritus out of his or her hideout.


[[Who is the prophet?]] ‘Secretive Plotter’ asked because if they knew the identity of the prophet, they might be able to work out the traitors among them, who they had been speculating around but couldn’t withdraw a proper conclusion because of the lack of evidence.


However, Auditus had to say no because she didn’t know who the prophet was either because everything she heard from the prophet was handed down from the Cardinals, or the Animus.


Then the conversation between ‘Secretive Plotter’ and Auditus ended as no one else besides them understood what was talking about them. Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung only knew the part about ‘Nightmare’ and their organisation but had never been told about or read the ‘True Edition’ but from what they could see from the former fake constellation’s face, they were certain that it was something very important.


Yet, the silence didn’t stand long as ‘Secretive Plotter’ attacked Auditus first because she didn’t want to raise her white flag yet.


“It will be boring that way.” Auditus said as she flew up to avoid a strike from the black sword toward her.


Then from the forest behind her back, an army of demons appeared while screaming, “Protect the Marchioness!!!”


The wave of demons and monsters that they fought previously was only a warm-up round because the new demons rushing toward them now were all at least middle-rank demons.


Lee Gilyoung heavily stomped his foot down on the ground to signal his right-wing to get into the position while Shin Yoosung raised her spear ready to attack at any time.


When Auditus ordered her ‘Demon Troop’ to advance forward, they also started to fight. Lee Gilyoung started their attack with [Feral Roar] which worked more effectively on an army than in a PvP. The skill not only triggered fears and immobilised the opponents but also gave a temporary buff to his companions, raising up the fighting spirit as well as recovering stamina over a period of time.


Meanswhile, Shin Yoosung also summoned the souls of ancient warriors through [Einherjar] to balance out the numbers between the two sides. She also activated [Ragnarok], a skill that illustrated the battle between Gods and humans and temporarily increased all stats of the summoned warriors by half. 


As soon as, [Feral Roar] put the opponents into paralysed state for at least 10 seconds based on their rank, Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung led their wings and tried to kill as many demons as possible. 


“Crush them.” Lee Gilyoung commanded his beast army to tear apart the demon while he turned into [Berserker] state that increased his strength by double.


Shin Yoosung with her [Brilliant Radiance] emitted at its maximum level and the [Sigrun’s Javelin] pierced through the enemies that packed the hunting ground. The ancient warrior souls, who sided with humans during [Ragnarok] following her also didn’t just stand there for fun as they held their weapons and swept out the followers of ‘Sun God’ without any mercy under the lead of ‘Leader of Immortal Souls’.


‘Secretive Plotter’ calmly let the kids deal with the paralysed foes while he took care of Auditus, the one who Lee Gilyoung’s [Feral Roar] didn’t have any debuff effect on due to her high rank. As ‘Secretive Plotter’ fended off her whip with his sword, Auditus clicked her tongue pretending like she was annoyed because she couldn’t hit him.


Then Auditus shot massive black fire from her hand to ‘Secretive Plotter’ at the angle which he had to avoid it to the left while she controlled her whips to wrap tightly around the sword at his blind spot. As ‘Secretive Plotter’ ducked the fire in the direction she had expected, Auditus tensed up her muscles and used all her strength to swing back the whip with the sword with it.


Auditus curved up her lips into a wicked smile as she caressed the sword which ‘Secretive Plotter’ didn’t grasp back in time. “You should be careful next time.” Her words were filled with tease because what could a magic swordsman do without his sword?


However, she wouldn’t have got the chance to take the sword if the sword was that important to him. ‘Secretive Plotter’ nonchalantly looked at Auditus as he calmly extended his hand into a fist and swung it as if he actually held a sword in his hand while he chanted, “Mercury.”


“Hahaha, are you wielding an invisible sword???” Auditus raised her eyebrows as she laughed. But the laughter didn’t last long because she was right, ‘Secretive Plotter’ actually had another sword that had the same name as his modifier [Sword of Disaster], the sword would be invisible to other people who represented mortals who denied for their sins causing the nature to be destroyed leading to those calamities. With this sword, ‘Secretive Plotter’ could show off the true power of [Incarnation of Calamity].


In a blink of an eye, with ‘Secretive Plotter’ as the center, a vast lake of lava emerged up from the ground. Some people who reacted in time quickly flew up into the sky so that they wouldn’t be burned by the heat emanating from the lava. This was an area of effect skill that damaged both the opponents and the companions if they didn’t jump up as the lava appeared. And because ‘Secretive Plotter’ didn’t tell his companions in advance, some of them were damaged by the lava as he heard Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung complained.


“Commander, can you please tell me whenever you use it?”


“Don’t kill your own squadron like this, ahjussi.”


However, ‘Secretive Plotter’ ignored them because the physical damage from the lava wasn’t the main effect of the skill.


[[Take down all the enemies.]] ‘Secretive Plotter’ told the squadron to kick those who had escaped the lava back down to the lake before his actual intention kicked into effect.


The kids pouted as ‘Secretive Plotter’ didn’t explain anything at all but still did exactly the same as they were instructed because he wouldn’t do something meaningless. Meanwhile, ‘Secretive Plotter’ also used [Hermes Steps] to dash ahead with the speed of light and grasp the wrist of Auditus before she even recognised that she was caught and threw her down the lake of lava as he took back his sword from her other hand.


Not long after, when most of the demons flying in the air were forced to come down because their wings were ripped off their backs, a layer of red flame revealed itself on top of the lava, climbed up, and wrapped around the people who were in its territory. As the demons twisted their bodies and tried to take the flame off but they couldn’t because their hands started to burn as they touched the flame. This flame was a thousand times hotter and deadlier than the lava underneath them. Sizzling sound mixed in the screaming sound echoing in every meter square of the lake.


The flame fed on the demons as fuel and became stronger as it tightened its net wrapping around its prey more and more. The net pressed down harshly on the demons’ skin and tore them apart. And when the tightening process stopped and the flame net had gone deep down their flesh exposing the white bone, the flame pulled them down into the lake to finish up the rest, and gradually, the lake fainted and disappeared, leaving a mountain of white bone and black ash left on the ground.


“You bastard. You kill your own people.” Auditus, one of the few higher rank demons that survive the [Mercury] squealed out of her ripped open mouth as she glared at ‘Secretive Plotter’. This demon was fucking strong. Now she understood why the highest rank demons were so insistent in making him the ‘Demon King’.


‘Secretive Plotter’ threw a frozen glimpse at Auditus as he didn’t care an inch about the Demon race, he didn’t take his role in the game that seriously. [[They are not my people.]]


As Auditus had expected this attitude of him, she just laughed it off while piercing through her own heart with other survived demons. “Let’s see who will be the winner.” ‘Nightmare’ covered her body and Auditus’s aura increased exponentially.


“All squadron back up.” Shin Yoosung yelled at the people who still stood at the front as she commanded her ancient warrior souls army to come up front to cover them from any damage.


Lee Gilyoung also did the same thing as his face turned more serious. He carefully observed the movement of the other high-rank demons to be prepared to react at any moment. As the demons turned into the completed form, something unexpected happened. A big gloop of black liquid that seemed to be ‘Nightmare’ crawled out from the mountain of white bones and black ash and entered the bodies of Auditus as well as those demons making them become even stronger.


[[I will take care of them. You two protect the other.]] ‘Secretive Plotter’ squinted his eyes as he signaled Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung to withdraw to the back with other people while he didn’t hesitate and wait for the demons to complete their transformation but attacked head-on.


With the black sword on his right hand and the [Sword of Disaster] on his left, as ‘Secretive Plotter’ joined them together, the black aura expanded forming in the shape of a large sword and when he swung it, [Incinerating Deadly Splash] cut through the sky and divided it into half while emitted shriek sound.


At the place where Auditus and other demons stood, as the black splash was about to hit them, they completed their transformation and opened their eyes, however it was too late to duck it as the [Incinerating Deadly Splash] had grimed into their bodies and exploded. 


Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung swallowed their dry saliva as they looked at the explosion pushing the second phase demons back a few dozen meters while the whole forest behind those demons became blank space as if nothing was there at first. How strong were those demons had become? If they were hit by this skill at the start, the kids guarantee that they would vanish right away, let alone still survive.


None of the demons had died yet, but none of them were not injured either, which might be the perfect situation because their ultimate goal was not to cause actual death in real life for anyone inside this battle.


Additionally, as the demons had absorbed all the ‘Nightmare’, might be because of their very Dark Attribute, they didn’t have to worry about collecting the ‘Nightmare’ again. This was the perfect opportunity to capture the whole. However, ‘Secretive Plotter’ didn’t have any imprisoning skill and the capture capsule wouldn’t be strong enough to hold them back, so he decided to activate his probability.


As soon as ‘Secretive Plotter’ released his Outer God’s probability, the Demons suddenly flinched as their ‘Nightmare’ cover broke off and the ‘Nightmare’ slowly detached from their bodies as a response to his probability. ‘Secretive Plotter’ didn’t fail to notice this detail as he switched to use Celeana’s probability to test out the ‘Nightmare’ reaction to see if it only behaved that way to his probability or probability in common.


When the translucent sparkles just covered his body, the ‘Nightmare’ wasn’t hesitant anymore as it completely ejected the Demons Yet, he didn’t expect the ‘Nightmare’ to react that strongly to Celeana’s probability which made him more certain that she was the one that whoever created the ‘Nightmare’ wanted to deal with. ‘Secretive Plotter’ increased the probability density to trap the ‘Nightmare’ inside an orb while Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung took care of the Demons who were unconsciously lying on the ground.


“What do we do with them, commander?” Shin Yoosung pointed her fingers at the Demons that were tied together.


[[Kill them. ‘Nightmare’ came out already.]] ‘Secretive Plotter’ said without a second thought. That way they didn’t need to worry about these Demons going after them anymore.


Lee Gilyoung slightly stretched his arms out as he said, “Got it.” Then, those demons became the food waiting for being digested inside his beast army’s stomach as a reward for their hard work. “Good boy, is it good?” Lee Gilyoung happily smiled as he rubbed the head of one beast.


“Ew.” As Shin Yoosung canceled [Einherjar] to get her mana a chance to recover properly, she partly closed her eyes and her nose wrinkled while she looked at the scene. Her Chimera Dragon inside the scenario was way cuter than those beasts.


Although the noise she made wasn’t loud, Lee Gilyoung could hear it due to his sensitive Beastmen’s ears. The smile on his lips immediately dropped off as he cupped his fist in another hand and looked up at Shin Yoosung with not very friendly eyes. “You wanna fight.”


Despite the flame burning in her heart wanting to fight back, the tiredness she felt throughout the body saying that she shouldn’t provoke another fight because they might need the energy that they spent in those useless fights in other situations. Hence Shin Yoosung actively backed off for the first time and Lee Gilyoung also turned his attention back to the beast.


Meanwhile, those two were trying to keep peace, ‘Secretive Plotter’ was talking with Nora through telepathy.


__ You captured them? That’s quick.


Nora from the other side praised ‘Secretive Plotter’ for his efficiency as he continued to tell him about the way to destroy ‘Nightmare’.


__ Just use Master’s authority to wipe it out. It shouldn’t take too much.


__ Anything else important?


As he felt like Nora was going to babbling around again like he used to sometimes, ‘Secretive Plotter’ immediately cut in between and told him to talk faster.


__ Alright, one more thing, Tactus had come to ‘Beast Alliance’ and caused a war there but Yoo Jonghyuk was taking care of it.


And before ‘Secretive Plotter’ ended the call because Nora predicted he would do that when he just told him something that was unnecessary as someone had taken care of it and he wouldn’t need to go there, Nora hastily said.


__ I will let Oldest Dream for you.


That was the last thing ‘Secretive Plotter’ heard from Nora.


Then, according to Nora’s instruction, without worrying that he would waste Celeana’s probability because it wasn’t his anyway, ‘Secretive Plotter’ quickly destroyed the ‘Nightmare’.


<Your request had been accepted.>


At the same time, the beast army also finished their meals and came back to their home.


[[Let’s go.]]


After the short break, the squadron followed their commander, ‘Secretive Plotter’ to head toward the East battlefield where they would find ‘Oldest Dream’ aka Kim Dokja .