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Lately Diluc has been spending much of his time at the winery, reviewing recipes and overseeing preparation for one of the yearly events. Kaeya invited himself, as one of Mondstadt's foremost experts in alcoholic beverages, and then, well — 

"I believe I told you to leave before I woke up," Diluc grumbles into his pillow. 

Kaeya grins, pressing himself closer against Diluc's back, skating a cool hand up under Diluc's nightshirt and over his bare hip. "But then I wouldn't get to see that adorable bedhead of yours." 

That's true — Diluc's sleep-mussed hair has always been a sight to enjoy, though not quite as messy these days as when they were teens, since he's learned Diluc often puts it in a braid now before retiring to sleep. Mostly, though, Kaeya looks forward to how pliant Diluc is in the mornings, the walls around his emotions not yet fully erected. He gripes at Kaeya like usual, but never tosses him out of the bed. When he turns his head back now to look at Kaeya, his face is soft, lips parted.

Kaeya's hand rests in the hollow of Diluc's throat when he leans in to kiss him, and Diluc melts. Kaeya may enjoy the fights and tussles and getting Diluc to submit to him, but there's truly no wine as sweet as Diluc like this. He guides Diluc onto his back as their mouths move together, Kaeya's tongue pushing inside to lick at the fuzzy morning taste. He can feel Diluc's morning hardness pressing against him through his thin nightshirt, and the unconscious lift of Diluc's hips. 

Just when Diluc sighs, Kaeya pulls away. "Well, then, I should be going."

Diluc's eyes fly open, then narrow. "Kaeya."

"Hm?" Kaeya smiles, feigning to reach for his trousers on the floor. Unlike Diluc, he never redressed last night. "Didn't you say as much? Your dear bro Kaeya is just respecting your wishes."

He makes a face, even as his cheeks flush, and Kaeya just knows he's warring between his usual you're not my brother retort and demanding that Kaeya finish what he started. "I have no recollection of that," is what he says. 

"Of saying as much?" Kaeya asks, quirking a brow.

"Of you ever respecting my wishes," he replies, but the noble sniff he gives to punctuate it is lessened by his pinkened face and the wet sheen of his mouth.

Kaeya laughs and feigns being wounded, bringing a hand to his chest. Everything that matters — everything that has been his own choice — has been done with his love for Diluc in mind, but he needn't know that.  Instead, he swoops down to Diluc's pursed mouth and kisses him again, nipping Diluc's bottom lip with his teeth. 

Voice catching on a gasp, Diluc opens his legs so Kaeya can slot closer to him, holding his knees tight against Kaeya's sides.  His nightshirt rides up, and their hard cocks slide together. 

"Kaeya." Diluc breathes his name out between them when Kaeya drags his mouth down Diluc's jaw and then his throat. He sucks a hard kiss right above Diluc's collarbone, drawing little needlepoints of red just under the surface, and Diluc moans. His slender fingers clench in Kaeya's loose hair.

Kaeya reaches between them, dancing his cold fingertips along the shaft of Diluc's cock to the dripping head. Diluc gives a rare curse, arching into the touch. 

"Oh, does Master Diluc want something?" he teases. He lightly grazes the slit of Diluc's cock with an icy fingernail, making the other main hiss. 

"Bastard," Diluc grits out, but his body betrays him, cock leaking.

Licking over the swell of Diluc's throat, Kaeya walks his slick fingers further back between Diluc's legs, prodding between the cheeks of his ass. "Now, now, you know that's not true," he says. "Behave and you'll get exactly what you want." 

He presses two fingers inside. Kaeya cleaned him up after their activities last night — something Diluc always manages to insist on no matter how well-fucked and sleepy he is — but he's still relaxed and stretched, and his hole eagerly accepts Kaeya inside. It's a quick preparation, just enough to get Diluc wet, and then he's replacing his fingers with his cock. 

As Kaeya slides into him, into the hot perfect heat of him, Diluc turns his head to the pillow. It pulls wisps of hair free of his braid, red strands framing his face. He's gorgeous, and Kaeya can admit, silently and beneath everything, that he is so utterly, devastatingly in love. He would betray many lands for this.

Diluc tends to be quiet until he's close, which means pulling more sounds from him is a fun little goal for Kaeya. He brings their mouths together again as he thrusts, forcing Diluc open with his tongue,  pressing inside until he's invaded the space of Diluc's mouth Diluc whimpers and sucks at Kaeya's tongue. 

Kaeya holds tightly to Diluc's waist as he fucks him, hard and cold enough that later Diluc will have a bruise to remind him. Let Diluc never forget that even if they are not linked by blood, they are linked like this, and how good it feels when he opens and entrusts himself to Kaeya. 

With another pointed, rough thrust, Diluc gasps. Kaeya pushes Diluc's thigh against his chest and presses in deeper, rocking into him as Diluc stares into him, lip bitten. He drags his cock out, then in, a purposeful fuck that brushes against Diluc's sweet spot slowly.

Kaeya pulls out partway and then slams back inside, hard enough that Diluc says " Fuck ," in a choked whine. His nails drag down Kaeya's naked back, again and again, once for each time Kaeya thrusts into him. The trail he leaves burns, and he accepts it as his own unforgettable evidence of Diluc's desire.

"Kaeya… I'm close." Diluc gasps again, "Harder."

On another day, Kaeya would make Diluc wait, would slow his pace and squeeze a hand around Diluc until he came first, perhaps then pull out and make Diluc come on his tongue. But he knows Diluc has a full schedule today, and he's not that inconsiderate.  

Between their bodies, he takes Diluc's hot, leaking cock in his hand. He strokes him quickly, Diluc keening as Kaeya's cock and Kaeya's hand drives him closer. He meets Kaeya's thrusts, fucking himself into Kaeya's fist, and then he comes, spurting white streaks onto his nightshirt and Kaeya's smooth brown chest. 

"Gods, Diluc." Kaeya groans, dropping his forehead against Diluc's, fucking him through the other's orgasm. When Diluc hisses softly, he knows he's reached the point of being oversensitive, and he leans back to watch Diluc's softening cock twitch and bounce against his wet abdomen as Kaeya drives into him. He pulls Diluc onto his cock roughly as he thrusts deep, spilling his seed inside him.

Diluc squirms and sighs an "Ah — hmm," clenching around him as Kaeya fills him, his hole milking every drop from Kaeya's cock. 

Movement slowing, Kaeya eases his softening cock out of Diluc, some of his come dripping out of Diluc's hole around him. 

He's surprised when Diluc stops him from pulling away and tugs him back, and he drops his weight on the man below him. "Ah, much as I'd love to stay inside you all day, some of us are still knights who cannot shirk our responsibilities," he teases. 

Diluc levels him with a look. "As if I would." He trails a gentle hand over the patch across Kaeya's face. He rests his palm against Kaeya's cheek, and Kaeya turns to press a kiss into it. 

The two of them used to be in sync, Kaeya thinks again, knew each other so well it's like they shared a heart. They don't talk about it, they don't say the words, but Kaeya feels like maybe they're starting to beat in the same rhythm again. It's not quite romantic, since Diluc doesn't really have a romantic bone in his body, but Kaeya can make up for that.

Their next kiss is interrupted by a knock on the door. 

"Master Diluc." 

Without any warning, Diluc shoves Kaeya off him and throws a pillow in his face. He gets a face full of downy softness just as the door opens. 

"Master Diluc, my apologies, but I've been knocking for a few minutes — will you be staying in the house for breakfast?" Adelinde, the head maid, takes in the scene calmly, eyes skating over Kaeya's form, given a smidge of decency by grace of where the pillow fell. "And will Sir Kaeya be joining us?" 

"No, he will not."

"I'd be delighted, Miss Adelinde," Kaeya says.

"Very well," she agrees. "Shall I prepare a room for Sir Kaeya?" 

"No, he is not staying," Diluc says.

"Not staying in a separate room," Kaeya adds with a grin. "But you have my utmost thanks for the thoughtfulness, Miss Adelinde."

She nods and turns on her heel, shutting the door gently behind her. 

Diluc sighs and turns to Kaeya. "I'm going to have a bath. Do not follow me." 

"Yes, have fun with that," Kaeya says, waving a hand. 

Since Diluc hasn't kicked him out and didn't stop Adelinde to argue, that means he has the rest of the day to follow him around. He wonders how many times his hands can wander to inappropriate places in front of the consultants before Diluc's composure breaks.