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Hotel Fantasia

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A rough day had passed, full of disappointments and blame, and you were more than happy to rest in your soft, cozy bed, escaping the world of day and freeing yourself in the comfort of the night.

As slumber took you away, you appeared in front of a massive hotel, the top of which you couldn't see. This infinite hotel was known as "Hotel Fantasia," the name of which was placed right above the revolving doors at the entrance. The hotel floated in an endless sea of blackness, standing alone in the void.

Cautiously, you entered the hotel, and found nobody inside save for a tall woman standing behind the information desk.

"Ah, good morning, Mr. Anon," she said cheerily. "We've been waiting for you."

You approached the information desk on the other side of the room. As you did, you noticed the woman had a large pair of fox ears, as well as a set of three bushy tails behind her. She wore a blue kimono, which was tied at the front with a massive bow.

"Um, hi?" you asked.

The woman giggled. "Welcome to the Hotel Fantasia. My name is Rena, and I'll be your assistant in this world."


She giggled again, flashing you an understanding smile. "This is a world created just for you, Mr. Anon. Each room of this hotel is booked by a very beautiful woman, all of whom would love to... spend time with you."

Rena winked, and you could feel yourself blushing. "So, this is a dream?"

The fox-woman nodded. "A very special dream, one where you can make love to any woman you want. Whether a real woman or a fictional one, any girl's on the menu!"

"Woah, 'make love'?" You asked, surprised. "So, if I wanted to fuck, say, Princess Peach, I could do that here?"

"Yes, of course!" Rena's face lit up as she typed on the computer beside her. "Ah, floor 9, room 85! Would you like me to message her about you arrival?"

"Uh, s-sure!" you stutter.

"So cute..." Rena whispered as she continued typing. "And... there! Ooh, she just responded! 'Tell Anon to come immediately, by the Princess' orders!' And then she added, like, twenty different heart emojis."

You could feel your heart pounding as she said that. "S-so, I can go see her now, right?"

"Be patient, cutie," Rena said, moving around the information desk. "I will accompany you to her room, so you don't have to fear getting lost."

"Sounds good to me!" you said as she approached, taking your hand.

"Follow me," she said with a big smile.

As the two of you entered the elevator, you could feel her fox tails stroking your back, making you feel comfortable and cozy. "I hope I don't wake up anytime soon," you tell her.

"You should be fine," Rena said while pressing the elevator buttons. "This is a special dream, after all."

"A... special dream?" You ask.

Rena only giggled before pressing her soft chest to yours. The kitsune woman was just a couple inches higher than you, but when she stood this close, she felt huge.

"I hope you're ready for the princess, Mr. Anon," she whispered into your ear, as your erection grew in your pants.

"I-I'm ready for anything," you stutter out.

"You're so cute... the guests are so lucky to have you here," she continued, hugging you tight.

She reached for the bulge in your pants as the elevator reached the ninth floor. The doors swung open, and Rena sighed. "I was having fun..."

"M-me too..." you say, still reeling from how good it felt for her to touch you.

"Ah, well," Rena said, taking your hand again and leading you out of the elevator. "We'll have our fun another time, I'm sure."

The two of you walked down the hall, searching for the eighty fifth room. At last, the two of you came to Princess Peach's door, which was decorated with her picture and several mushroom and star stickers.

"Here we are!" Rena said, letting go of your hand. "I'll leave you to have your fun," she said. "Have a good time, and I'll come get you when you're done."

You thanked Rena for taking you here as she left down the hall to the elevator. You mustered up the courage and knocked on the sticker-covered door.

"In a moment~!" a cute voice said from inside. A few seconds later, the doors swung open, revealing a young woman about your height, with long blonde hair and a pair of beautiful blue eyes. Her skin was soft and clear, and her soft pink lips looked practically irresistible.

"You must be Princess Peach," you said, trying to sound cool.

"And you must be Anon," she replied, extending her gloved hand to take your own, pulling you inside. "You're even more handsome than I imagined!"

"Haha, thanks," you say, blushing. "And you're a lot more beautiful than in the games."

The princess giggled, before inviting you to sit on the bed with her. Her room was a bright pink, and surrounded with shelves full of Super Mario Bros. power-ups and other trinkets. At the center, against the back wall, was a large canopy bed big enough for the both of you (or perhaps one more).

As you sat there next to her, she put her arms around you and hugged you tight, kissing your cheeks and leaving bright pink lipstick marks on your face.

"Tonight, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is all yours..." she whispered as she kissed your ear. "And you, Anon, are all mine."

You shudder as she says those words, hugging her tighter in return. You could feel your boner growing harder and harder as the princess cuddled you tighter. She pulled you down onto the bed with a laugh, before holding your face in her gloved hands and kissing you deeply.

Those soft, pink, kissable lips were just as incredible as you had expected. It felt too real to be any normal dream, if it was a dream at all.

"So sweet..." she whispered tenderly as she kissed you, caressing the back of your head as your lips met. "What I wouldn't give for you to rule by my side..."

You can't help but laugh hearing that. "I'd love to be your king," you tell her.

"You sweet boy," she said, gently stroking your erection through your pants. "Oh my! You're so hard!"

You laugh a little more before pulling your pants down, revealing your cock to her. You don't remember it being this big before, though.

Peach gasped. "Anon, your p-penis..."

She grabbed it, wrapping her silky evening glove around your erection and stroking it slowly, up and down, her eyes intently fixated on it. "It's so... beautiful."

While stroking your penis with one hand, she uses her free hand to hold one of yours, intertwining her fingers with yours. She slowly begins to move faster and faster over your throbbing manhood, her full pink lips curled in an adorable smile.

"Ah, P-Peach, I'm gonna-"

Before you could finish your sentence, Peach let go of your cock with a giggle. "Aww, sorry, Anon, but not yet," she said cutely.

You couldn't exactly be angry with her, though, since she got up and began taking her pink dress off slowly. It dropped to the floor, revealing her beautiful pair of breasts. They weren't massive, but they looked so soft and comfortable that you immediately got up and rested your face between them.

"Ah, Anon! You must really like them," Peach giggled, stroking your head as you nuzzled into her C-cup bosom. "I like this quite a bit, too. Maybe even a little too much!"

You started jerking off with your face still in her breasts. When she noticed you were, she pushed you onto the bed.

"Uh-uh-uh, Anon. No masturbating," she teasingly chastised, getting on her knees and crawling to you. "With your royal girlfriend here, there's no need to, after all..."

"Girlfriend?" you asked as she removed her evening gloves, stroking your boner with her amazingly soft bare hands.

"Of course," she replied with a giggle. "You don't mind being my boyfriend, right?"

"O-of course I don't mind!" you exclaim, causing her to laugh and stroke you harder.

"Good boy," Peach whispered, kissing the underside of your erection with those soft, soft lips...

You can't help but pant as her lips kiss your boner up and down, and when she took the whole erection in her mouth without even gagging, you couldn't help thrusting up into her soft, perfect lips...!

"Ah, ah, P-Peach, I'm...!"

Peach winked up at you as she sucked harder on your cock, pumping up and down and covering your shaft in pink lipstick.

"I'm c-cumming!!" you exclaim, releasing your seed into the princess' mouth. Peach swallowed it all, moaning happily as she pulled off your cock with a loud pop.

"Mmmm, yummy!" she said with a smile before crawling onto the bed, resting beside you. "You're so tasty, Anon," she giggled.

The two of you shared a laugh before cuddling on the bed under the covers, your shirt and pants now thrown to the other side of the room as you snuggled with her naked. As the night went on, you sucked her pink nipples as she stroked your boner, hugged and cuddled with her soft skin against yours, and heard her shower you with praise and compliments.

It felt like hours later when the two of you finally decided to have sex for real. She smiled shyly as she spread her legs for you on the bed.

"Please be gentle," Peach asked. "It's my... first time."

"Really? Your first?" you replied, lining up your throbbing erection with her dripping wet vagina.

"Yes... I... I want you to be my first," she said, her face blushing more than she ever had this night. "No, it's more like... I want you to be my only one."

"Peach..." you whisper, thrusting into her.

"Ah!" she exclaimed as you fucked her. "A-Anon! Anon, I love you! I love you so, so much!"

You couldn't stop thrusting into her wet, pink snatch, pounding the princess faster, but with control so as to not hurt her.

"Peach, I love you too!" you couldn't help but shout as you made love to her.

She gripped the bedsheets and cried out in please as you kept on, fucking her more and more. "I'm cumming, Anon- AH!" Peach shouted, her body shaking beneath yours as you felt her cum on your cock.

Her soaking wet pussy clenched down on your cock as you kept slamming into her, over and over, until you couldn't hold on either. You grunt loudly, cumming hard and filling her pussy with your hot white jizz.

The two of you locked eyes while you basked in the afterglow before kissing deeply, in yet another wonderful French kiss. Eventually, even the kiss tired you out and you collapsed on top of her.

"Mmm, peachy~" she whispered into your ear as she held you tight. You fell asleep on top of her, drifting off to the feeling of her stroking your hair with her soft hand.



You expected to wake up in your own home after the incredible night you had with Princess Peach. Instead, you woke up beside her, the princess still asleep with a beautiful smile on her face. You gently stroked her back, gently waking her up.

She yawned, and greeted you with a kiss to the forehead. "Good morning, my prince," she said. "Did you sleep well?"

"Y-yeah, I did," you stutter, still in shock that the night's events actually happened. "You?"

"Oh, very well," she giggled, kissing you again on the lips. "My body's still shaking a little."

The two of you laughed and kissed for a while, then got your clothes on. Just as you did, you heard a knock on the door.

"Room service," the voice said.

"Come in!" Princess Peach invited.

The door opened, revealing Rena, who rolled a cart full of food into the room. "How was last night, you two?"

"It was so sweet!" Peach exclaimed, before excitedly telling Rena all the naughty details.

"Oh my, sounds like you two lovebirds had fun," Rena giggled, handing you a plate with a slice of pie. "I made it myself," she said. "Apple pie for the princess and her prince~"

"Aw, you should've made peach pie," you joked. "Wasted a perfectly good pun opportunity."

"Ah-ah-ah!" Rena said, pulling out a pair of glasses before filling them from a pitcher. "Peach juice, nice and fresh!"

"Thank you so much!" Peach exclaimed, taking a glass and drinking. "Mmmm, sweet!"

As the two of you ate breakfast on the bed together, Rena and Peach continued to talk about how handsome and sexy you are, punctuated with kisses from the princess.

"So, when am I going to wake up?" you asked Rena.

"Whenever you want to," she said with a smile. "Just leave the hotel and you'll wake back up in your bed."

"So, how long have I been asleep? In the real world, I mean."

"Oh, about six hours," she replied. "Time flows differently in the Hotel Fantasia."

"Just two more for a good night's sleep!" Peach said, putting an arm around you. "Which means you can stay here for a lot longer!"

"Aren't you a lucky boy?" Rena laughed. "And just remember, you can have sex with Peach any time you fall asleep."

"Or other girls, too," Peach said, pulling you close to her. "It's okay, I won't mind!"

"You sure?" you asked.

Peach nodded. "Of course! Just be sure to spend time with me every once in a while, okay?"

"He's a good boy," Rena said. "I'm sure he will."


You spent what felt like a whole day, talking with Rena and Peach, before deciding it was time to wake up. You said your goodbyes to Peach, sharing one last kiss - okay, maybe twelve kisses - and walked with Rena back to the entrance.

"Thanks for today," you told Rena.

"Oh, the pleasure was all mine," Rena replied, stroking you with her soft fluffy tails. "Next time, why not ask another girl out? Any girl you want, be they from movies or cartoons, video games or anime, from legends or real life, all are your loving guests at the Hotel Fantasia!"


As you left the hotel, your eyes slowly opened up, revealing the ordinary bedroom you knew so well. You stretched your arms and yawned, slowly leaving your bed to wash your face in the bathroom sink.

You just wish the pink lipstick marks were easier to get off.

Chapter Text

Every night for about a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?




The receptionist, Rena the kitsune, gave you a warm welcome as always, a gentle smile spread across her cheeks. You returned her greeting and asked for a room.

“Whose room would you like, sir?”

You pondered the question for a moment. “Hm, how about… the Wii Fit Trainer?”

Rena laughed.

“Hey, what’s that for?”

“Nothing, nothing at all, sir…” she said, still laughing. “It’s just… an odd decision, for someone so…” She snorted, unable to contain her amusement.

“I’m not… that out of shape, am I?”

“N-no, sir, not at all… it’s- it's just…”

You laughed with her, shaking your head. “It’s okay, it's okay. What’s her room number?”

Rena typed at the computer in front of her. “Hm… ah! Floor 121, room 7. I’ll send her a message informing her of your arrival… and send! Well then, shall we go?”

“Let’s,” you replied as she took you by the arm, leading you into the elevator.




Rena leaned against you as the elevator ascended. “This may be a while, sir. Her room is rather… high up.” She ran her hand up your leg to your thigh, then to your crotch. “Perhaps you would like something to… pass the time?”

You couldn't help but smile at her proposal. “Don’t drain me before meeting her,” you groaned, though not unhappily.

“It’s a dream, you’ll live,” she replied, rubbing your erection through your pajama pants and licking her lips. “Your Wii Fit Trainer can have you all she wants once I’m through with you. Just lie back and enjoy what I’m capable of.”





The elevator stopped, opening for you and Rena. “Ah, here we are,” Rena said, licking the cream off her lips as she guided you from the elevator. Your shaky legs managed to follow behind her before finally arriving at Room 7.

“And here we are!” Rena said. “Go ahead, give it a knock.”

“I… I know what to… do,” you panted with a smile, breathless after your activities in the elevator. Rena left as you knocked on the door.

The door opened shortly after, revealing the Wii Fit Trainer in all her glory. Her skin a pure white, her eyes a gentle silver, and her hair a lovely black; all looked simply stunning. Her alabaster bosom was covered by a blue sports bra, and her thighs by a pair of gray yoga pants that show off her thick, shapely thighs.

“Ah, Anon, welcome,” she greeted with a smile. “You’re here for a workout, right?”

“Um, actually, I-“

She winked. “Come in, Anon.”

The Wii Fit Trainer yanked you inside with her strong, toned arms before closing the door. Her silver eyes met your own. "Your face is red, and you're sweating... Ah! You were working out earlier, right?"

"Uh... yeah! Totally."

Her white lips form a smirk. "Good boy. Fitness isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle." She led you across the room - which looked more like an exercise gym - to her bed, laying you down on the cyan sheets. "But after such a hard workout, you need to rest."

"Thanks," you replied as she began stroking your head, running her white fingers through your hair.

"So soft..." she whispered in admiration. "Oh! I nearly forgot, you need to hydrate after exercising." She grabbed a bottle of water from her bedside and handed it to you. "Drink up!"

You gladly did so, gulping down the water she so generously provided.

Wii Fit Trainer smiled down at you. "I guess this is an indirect kiss? So romantic~" She giggled.

You stopped drinking her water to immediately smash your lips against hers. "Direct kisses are even better," you said, way more smoothly than you expected.

She stared at you for a moment before laughing. "Well done! You made my heart skip a beat, you stud!" (Note: WFT's heart rate is generally around 60-80 BPM)

You laugh with her again. "Was it that good?"

"It was amazing~" she said, wrapping her strong arms around you. "For such a dork, you can be quite the romantic."

"Oh, I'm a dork, am I?" you tried to say, but were interrupted by her own kiss.

Her soft, white lips felt heavenly against your own, and her strong arms made you feel almost... safe. She stroked your back with one hand as your tongues began to dance in each other's mouth. Her embrace just got tighter and tighter with every passing second...

Eventually, she broke the kiss to breathe. "Wow... you're amazing..."

"I can say the same for you," you said.

"I think it's time to get back to working out. Care to join me?"

"Of course," you said, though perhaps a little hesitantly.




"That's it, feel the burn!" she cheered as you reached your 20th consecutive push-up.

Just because this was a dream, it didn't make exercising any easier. At least when you were hitting Sandbags together, it didn't feel like punching through Jell-O, like in other dreams. Unfortunately, she had to confiscate any food you got from hitting the Sandbag.

"I- gh! - I think I'm hitting my limit..." you finally said, your limbs trembling.

"Alright, you can stop, then." She stopped doing her own push-ups to check her timer. "So, how many did you do?"

"Um, around 60-"

She turned to you, a single eyebrow raised. "Just because I'm your girlfriend doesn't mean you can lie about exercise. Right now, I'm your coach."


"Twenty's not bad," she reassured, her cold glare turned to a genuine smile. "Especially for someone who's new. You just need the encouragement."

Before you knew it, she was hugging you from behind, her arms draped across your shoulders. You sighed, leaning back into her chest.

"You're amazing," the Wii Fit Trainer whispered. "You're trying so hard, putting so much effort into it. But don't feel the need to do it for me. Do it for your own health, okay? Your health, your life, it matters to me. I love you, Anon."

Without even realizing it, a tear fell down your cheek. She squeezed you tighter from behind.

"I love you too," you whisper back.




"Now then, Anon," the Wii Fit Trainer said between kisses. "There's one last exercise we have to do."

"Oh, really?" you replied, savoring her quick pecks.

"It's very healthy, I promise," she said, kissing down your chin to your neck. "Very good for the heart." Her kisses trailed down to your chest. "Hm, that's a good heartbeat. You're going to love this."

Before you even realized it, your shirt was not only off but flung halfway across the bedroom-gym.

"I think I can guess," you smirked.

"Oh, I'm sure you can. You're as smart as you are healthy."

"Gonna take that as a compliment for now."

You took the initiative by pulling her sky blue sports bra over her head, revealing her pale white breasts and silver nipples.

"You like what you see?" she winked. "Do whatever you want with them. Let's call this a warm-up."

Your mouth was immediately on the Wii Fit Trainer's breasts, suckling her as she stroked your head. You could feel your cock struggling against your pajama pants as she held you close to her.

"I love my strong, hard-working trainee..." she cooed into your ear. "You should come here every night. I'll keep you healthy and comfortable right- mmmmmph, right there. Good boy... Good boy, anon..."

Hearing such praise coming from the Wii Fit Trainer's alabaster lips felt strangely comforting. You continued licking and sucking her nipples until she pulled you off to kiss you.

"Mmmmmmm~" she moaned into your mouth. "It's time."

Wii Fit Trainer immediately pushed you to the bed, pinning you down before grinding her toned ass against your crotch.

"Take your pants off, Anon," she ordered, though without any hostility. You immediately obliged, letting your erect member feel the cool air of her hotel room.

She looked down at it, licking her lips. "My my, Anon... you must have been waiting so long for this~"

"Only because you made me wait," you faux-complained.

"Aw, but aren't you glad I made you exercise so much? You must have lost over a hundred calories just this night alone." The Wii Fit Trainer winked at you as she rubbed her crotch, still covered by her tight yoga pants, over your erection.

"Actually, yeah, I am," you smiled, unconsciously humping up to her inviting womanhood. "Thanks."

"It's my pleasure," she replied. "Actually... I think THIS is."

Just as she said that, she ripped a massive hole in her yoga pants, revealing her pure white, hairless vagina.

"Woah..." you said, wide-eyed with excitement.

"Don't worry, these weren't expensive." She began rubbing her wet womanhood up and down along your boner. "Besides, anything that lets me see that cute expression is worth it."

Your breath became heavy, your heart pounded, and her movement just became faster until finally, your erection slid inside. Both of you gasped at the same time, eyes meeting as your bodies became one.


"Wii Fit..."

A brief look into each other's eyes ended only with a French kiss. Your tongue and hers waged war in each other's mouths as her hips slammed up and down on your cock. Her body, heavy with muscle yet lean, began fucking the life out of you. The Wii Fit Trainer's wet, aching womanhood swallowed you up with each downward thrust.

"This exercise," she said, a thick line of saliva still connecting you two, "is called the Amazon Position." She immediately slammed her lips onto yours yet again, fucking you faster and harder in her favorite position. She felt so wet along your cock, her slick white walls ravaging your throbbing erection.

She broke the kiss again. "Well? Wanna exercise with me more?"

"YES!" you scream out, unable to handle the pleasure. "EVERY NIGHT! I WANT TO DO THIS EVERY NIGHT! I LOVE EXERCISING! I LOVE IT AND I LOVE YOU!!"

"Great!" she replied, kissing you once again before pulling off of you. "Let's step up the intensity."

She lied down on the bed, her white legs spread wide as she exposed herself for you. "It's your turn," she winked.

"Yeah... okay!" you said, mounting her and shoving yourself in.

"Mmmph...!" the Wii Fit Trainer moaned. "M-Missionary Position is another favorite of mine...!"

You thrusted into her with all your might, savoring the heat, the wetness, the texture of her inner walls. This was the body of the goddess of exercise, the queen of the gym, and your beloved Trainer.

Faster and harder, you kept up the pace, grabbing her thighs to pull her in closer. She grabbed the bedsheets as she started drooling in pleasure, gripping them tightly as her body reached climax after climax.

"GREAT!" she cried out as her eyes rolled back. "YOU'RE DOING GREAT, KEEP IT UP!"

You wrapped your arms around her neck while still thrusting into her, pulling her in for another kiss. Your eyes met as you kissed, and you realized you couldn't hold it back any longer. Your body shivered with excitement as you blew your white load into her white vagina, filling her up with your heat.

"Now, that... was a great workout..." she whispered as you fell onto her, both of you tired from your long, arduous workout.





"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena shouted as she barged in. "Oh, my..."

"D-don't worry, you can come in," the Wii Fit Trainer assured as you pounded her from behind. "Mmm, anal isn't so bad, Anon. We should try this exercise more often~"

The kitsune giggled. "I understand. I brought your favorite, plus some extra for Anon, here. Sorry if it isn't as meaty as you like, Anon, but Wii Fit prefers clean eating."

"It's alright," you assured, receiving a healthy BLT from Rena while still fucking the Wii Fit Trainer. "Mm, tasty!"

"Glad you like it," Rena smiled. "So, how was your night?"

"I'm coming back at least once a week to work out," you replied, drooling a little as you spoke. "No way I'm falling behind. I want to be fit and lean like Wii Fit Trainer. After all, fitness isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle!"

A silver blush crossed the Wii Fit Trainer's face. "You're- hah- so sweet! I'd be glad to be your girlfriend and personal trainer forever!"

"How romantic!" Rena squealed in delight.






As you left the hotel many hours later, you woke up in the same bed as always. You stretched your arms with a yawn as the familiar bedroom reveals itself to your eyes.

But even though the bedroom is the same, the bathroom scale tells a different story than yesterday. Ten pounds lighter? That can't be right.

Chapter Text

Every night for over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?




"Welcome back, master!" Rena greeted as you entered the hotel.

"Glad to be back," you said with a smile. "Been a long day."

"Oh, I'm sure it has," she said sympathetically. "But now that it's nighttime, you can dream for as long as you like, with any girl you want~" She winked at you.

"In that case, I wanna see... Paula from EarthBound!"

"...One second," the kitsune said, grabbing a nearby phone. "Hello, Chris Hansen?"

"Okay, SURELY you've got an aged-up Paula in here somewhere!" you shout.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" she laughed, setting the phone down. "I'll contact her right away." She typed at the keyboard in front of her. "Sorry for teasing you. Let's see... Aha! Floor 3, room 30! I've already sent her a message saying you'll see her soon."

"Great, let's go," you said as Rena entered the elevator with you.



As the elevator door shut, the kitsune girl went to the elevator controls, choosing the right floor. You couldn't help but notice her fantastic, wide hips, matching her thick fluffy fox tails.

She could tell you were staring at her hips, so she turned around and immediately kissed your cheek.

"Since it's only Floor 3, this is all we have time for tonight, handsome."

She winked at you before kissing you again and again, each one closer to your lips. You could feel your erection slowly growing in your pajama pants as the kitsune's soft, inviting lips peck at you over and over, eventually culminating in a warm, wet French kiss...



"And here we are!" she said, leading you by the arm from the elevator. "Room 30 is just this way."

After some walking, you finally made it to the bright-pink door labeled "30".

"Thanks for bringing me here," you told Rena.

The kitsune girl giggled. "Anything for you, master. Have fun~"

As she walked back to the elevator, you knocked on the door. Moments later, the cute girl you were hoping for opened up. Short blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a bright red hair bow, and a cute pink dress; this was definitely Paula. Her room, you observed, was almost entirely pink, with teddy bears practically lining the walls.

"Thanks for coming," she said, taking your hand. "Please, come in, Anon."

Her soft hand guided you inside as you shut the door behind you. "You look amazing tonight."

She giggled. "So do you," she said, stroking your cheek with her other hand. "You're really, really cute..."

The two of you blushed as she came closer, kissing your cheek with her bright red lips. "So cuuute!"

"You're the cute one," you said, kissing her cheek back. She blushed even harder, taking both your hands and kissing you right on the lips.

"Mmmmmm~" she purred into your lips. "You're tasty." She winked at you before hugging you tight. "Ohh, I'm so glad you're here!!"

You return her hug, pulling her closer to her pink, teddy bear-laden bed. The two of you laughed as you fell onto it, still kissing over and over as you cuddled. Her body nuzzled into your as you shared kiss after kiss.

"This is heaven," she whispered. "You're so cuddly!"

"So are you," you whispered back, running your fingers through her blonde hair.

She purred a little as you stroked her head, before resting it on your arm. "I could get used to this..."

"I could, too. You're the cutest girl I've met in this hotel," you said.

"Thanks," she said, nuzzling her cheek into your shoulder. "But I'm not just cute, you know. I can be sexy, too."

"Oh, really? I'd love to see that."

Without even using her hands, she pulled your pants to your ankles, revealing your growing erection.

"Psychic powers are very useful in bed, Anon," she said with a giggle before stroking the underside of your cock with her fingertips.

You gasped a little at her subtle, gentle touch, your hips unconsciously bucking upwards, if only a little.

"Do you like it?" she asked, kissing your shoulder. "Much better than using a pair of dirty socks, right?"

"So much better," you reply as her index finger and thumb form a loop, rubbing up and down your shaft. "Y-your hands are so soft..."

She giggled. "Thanks. I wanted them to be nice and soft for you." Paula started kissing up your shoulder to your neck. "You deserve only the best, Anon," she whispered into your ear.





"Actually, I think I have an even better idea," she said, ceasing her gentle, teasing handjob and searching beneath the bed.

Your manhood twitched with expectation as she emerged, revealing a metal tube device.

"What's that?"

"This," Paula said proudly, "is a modified Hungry HP Sucker, designed to suck... other things." She winked, pressing the cool metal entrance to your lower head.

"Did... did Jeff make this?" you asked.

"Don't think too hard about this," she replied, pushing it slowly over your cock's head, then the shaft, until your entire manhood was engulfed by it. "Now, then, Hungry PP Sucker... ON!"

She flicked the device on, causing the device to vibrate and shake in all the right places as a strange lubricant began leaking inside, coating your manhood. You flung your head back as the extreme pleasure of the machine overtook your body, causing you to hump the air violently. Paula laughed as the pleasure virtually melted your mind, and you felt your body racing to orgasm as she started jerking you off with it.

The machine started to suck at you like eight powerful blowjobs at once, the vibrations becoming more and more intense, not helped by Paula's own movements.

"P-Paula, I...!"

Before you could announce your orgasm (like any good hentai protagonist), Paula pulled the Hungry PP Sucker off your throbbing erection, climbed between your legs, and grabbed it with her own soft hand. She jerked you off fast and hard until your cum exploded from your cock, all over her hands and dress.

"Ahhh!" you moaned as you came. "S-sorry, Paula."

"It's okay," she said calmly, licking the cum from her hands. "You looked like you really enjoyed it."

"I did..." you said, panting. "I... really did... woah..."

She giggled before pulling her pink dress off, revealing her nude body. Her breasts were small, on the smaller end of a C-cup, but she was definitely a grown woman. "Sorry they aren't as big as your other girlfriends'."

"No, they're amazing," you said, hopping up to lick her breasts.

"Mmmm..." she purred at your licking. "That's nice... I like that..."

"I thought you would," you replied, alternating between her bright pink nipples.

After a few minutes of taking in the pleasure, she whispered, "I bet you'd like it, too."

She pushed you down onto the bed and pulled your shirt off.

"Woah, Paula!" you said in excitement.

"Are you ready, Anon?" she winked, pressing her smooth, wet tongue to one of your nipples.

You breathed heavy as she teased your nipples, getting each one wet with her saliva as she alternated between them.

Paula then started to blow on your nipple gently, getting it hard.

"Haaah..." you moaned, unable to hold back your pleasure. "This is pretty amazing..."

"You think it's amazing now?" she teased, pressing her fingertips to your wet nipples. "Then get ready for this..."

Suddenly, a powerfully cool sensation covered both. Your eyes went wide as your nipples hardened at her touch.

"P-Paula, what's...!"

She giggled. "PK Freeze," she whispered. "But a very low-power version, so it won't hurt. Instead, it'll feel really, really good..."

She continued teasing your nipples with her hands, lips, tongue, and psychic powers, causing your erection to return to you.

"Mmmm~" you can't help but moan. "Paula... I'm hard again..."

"I know," she says with a wink. "But let's cuddle for a bit first."

She stopped teasing your nipples to bring her face close to yours, gently kissing your cheek while wrapping her arms around you. Your nude bodies nuzzled together as you embraced her in return.

"I love you, Anon," she whispered.

"I love you too, Paula," you whispered back, kissing her cheek.






Somehow, you must have fallen asleep in each other's arms; the clock on the wall says it's been an hour and a half.

"Mmmm, Anon?" Paula whispered.

You turned to her. She flashed you a charming smile, biting her lip as she looked into your eyes.

"I want more," she said low, rubbing her lower lips with her fingers. "I want you so badly."

Immediately, your cock sprang to life once more, and you started getting on top of Paula.

"Mmm, that's it!" Paula cheered, laughing as you pressed your cock to her entrance. "Do it! Make love to me, Anon!"

You pushed your way into her, watching as her face contorted in pleasure. "Yes! Ohh Anon, you feel amazing inside me!"

"You're the amazing one," you said, pushing in and out of her warm pussy. "You're so hot inside...!"

"That's- oh!- that's because I'm using a low-level PK Fire to heat my- ah!- my walls up. The heat feels good, right?"

"YES!" you exclaimed, kissing her while fucking her even harder.

Paula grabbed you while you kissed her, shaking with delight as you pounded the life out of her. Her arms squeezed you tight as her soft, smooth tongue entered your mouth, playing with yours.

You pulled away from her mouth to focus on fucking her pussy, slamming her while grabbing her thighs. The cute blonde moaned loudly as she grabbed the teddy bears behind her, gripping them tight as you thrusted in and out. You then started to squeeze her hip with one hand while rubbing her hard clit with the other, causing her to shake and shiver in excitement.

"YES!" she screamed as she reached orgasm. "ANON! ANON! KEEP GOING! AHHHHH~!"

You complied with her request, thrusting in and out faster and harder while teasing her clit. Her hot, wet orgasm covered your dick, encouraging you to fuck her harder. The warm walls of her pussy shook with her orgasm, vibrating your dick just as her toy did earlier.

"Paula, I'm about to-"

"Good!" Paula moaned from the bottom of her heart. "Go, Anon! Keep going! Let it all out in me if you want!"

With that, you felt your hips shake more than ever, your body begging to fill her up. Once more, you grabbed her face and kissed her passionately, feeling your own orgasm approaching.

"Hnnnng- AH!" you exclaimed, cumming inside Paula with a massive orgasm. Your body trembled as her tongue passionately danced with yours.

She broke the kiss, a line of saliva still connecting your mouths. "Oh yes! Yes! More! More! Please cum in me more!" she squealed in delight, reaching a second orgasm just from feeling you cum in her. "I'm yours forever! I LOVE YOU, ANON!!"

She flung her head back as she came again, squirting on your erection once more. Both of you started panting as the realization of how wonderful it was settled in. You pulled out of her, causing her pussy to drip with your cum. Your hot, sweaty, nude bodies began cuddling together as you took yet another nap on her pink bed.






"ROOM SERVICE!" the kitsune girl cried out as she barged in. "How'd you enjoy your night together, master?"

"It was wonderful," you replied, stroking Paula's head as she rested it on your chest.

"It really was," Paula replied, her red lips kissing your chest while listening to your heartbeat.

"I'm glad," Rena said, setting down a couple plates for you and Paula. "You like Steak too, right, Anon?"

"Of course!" You and Paula sat up together, gladly taking a plate each.


"So, will you be going home soon, Anon?" Rena asked.

"Hm, maybe-"

"Oh!" Paula exclaimed. "Before you do, take this!"

Paula reached under the bed once more to grab a white present box with a red ribbon.

"Thanks!" you said, about to open it.

"Wait until you get home," Paula said. "It's special. I made it myself."

You smiled. "I will," you said, before pecking her on the lips.

"You two make the cutest couple," Rena giggled, her fox tails shaking happily.

"You'll come visit me again, right?" Paula asked.

"Of course," you replied, kissing her again and again. "I love you."

Paula gasped before kissing you back and hugging you tight. "I love you too, Anon!!"






As always, morning broke as soon as you left the dream hotel. You yawned, stretched, and got out of bed, only barely ready for the new day. While you wanted to wake up next to your cute girlfriends, such things just couldn't happen. Even so, at least you'll always have your memories of the Hotel Fantasia.

That, and whatever's in the box Paula gave you.



Anon opened the present.

There is a Cookie inside!

Anon takes it.

Chapter Text

Every night for over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





As you arrived in the Hotel Fantasia, you noticed something odd: Rena wasn't at her desk. You've been coming to this world for well over a month at this point, and she's never not been at her usual position. Normally, she was the lobby's only occupant, but not only was she absent, two other people were in the lobby.

On a nearby couch, two anime girls - who you didn't recognize - were making out. One had a dark, goth aesthetic while the other was a gyaru with pink and white clothes. It was awesome to watch them make out, but you needed to know where Rena was.

"Um, excuse me-" you asked.

"OH HEY!" the gyaru exclaimed, immediately breaking the kiss. "You must be Anon! ❤"

"Obviously," the dark-haired girl said, rolling her eyes. "I'm Dokuko Kurosuke. The annoying one is Shirohime Tanoshi."

"Nice to meetcha~★!" Shirohime replied, grabbing you by the arm and pulling you onto the couch beside her. "What's up, stud?"

"Well, I wanted to know where Rena was," you said, blushing from how close she was.

"She went out to get Starbucks," Dokuko said, checking her phone.

"Isn't this hotel floating in a black void?" you asked.

"Don't question it!♡" Shirohime said with a cutesy pose. "So, while you wait for her, how about some fun time with us~?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

"Good freaking grief, you pervert..." Dokuko bemoaned.

"Aw, don't pretend like you don't wanna fuck him, too~ 8===ↄ ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)" Shirohime teased, removing her pink and white schoolgirl outfit to show off her tanned body.

"The hell kinda emoji is that?!" the goth anime girl cried, before sighing and stripping herself.

"So, who were you gonna fuck today?😏" Shirohime said, getting on your lap.

"Urbosa," you replied, grabbing the gyaru's big titties.

"Aw, I see you like tanned girls!~(*^3^)" she teased, grinding her crotch into your erection. "Urbosa would destroy you, though! ⚆ᗝ⚆ Maybe it's better to be with more gentle girls like us~(^_−)☆"

"Speak for yourself," Dokuko said, getting close to your ear and whispering. "I can destroy you even better than Urbosa. If you shoved your cock in me, you wouldn't want to leave this dream... You'd be addicted to me, understand? I can do things with your body that would make gods cum."

Your body shivered as she spoke into your ear, occasionally licking along its outer edge.

"You lucky boy, you~♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)" Shirohime giggled. "You don't need Urbosa, you just need us~ (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)"


"Are you two bothering our guest?" Rena asked.

"GAH! (゚Д゚;)" Shirohime exclaimed. "M-M-Ms. Rena...(/ω\)"

"Remember what I said about seducing our guest without being chosen first?"

"Tch, what a bullshit rule..." Dokuko scoffed. "Our manga doesn't even exist in his universe."

"What manga's that?" you asked. "Is it romance? Shonen? Idol-"

"Horror," Dokuko interrupted. "Specifically, extremely gory horror."

"We died! 😁" Shirohime explained.

"Please forgive those two, master..." Rena said. "I'll punish them thoroughly later."

"P-P-P-PUNISH?!?!?! (゚Д゚;∬" Shirohime gasped melodramatically.

"Dammit, Shiro..." Dokuko groaned.

"Now then, master," Rena said, taking you by the hand. "Where will you go tonight?"







"Floor 86, room 4!" Rena said as the elevator doors opened. "Her room's right over here."

Rena took you by the hand to the door. "And here we are! Parting kiss before I go?"

You nodded, giving the kitsune a kiss right on the lips.

"So sweet!" she squealed in delight. "You're such a sweetheart, Anon. Have a fun night~"

Rena returned to the elevator, leaving you to knock on the door.


“Well, well, well... You sure do know how to keep a woman waiting,” Urbosa said, her fists on her hips.

The dark-skinned Gerudo woman stood a solid foot above you, your face directly in front of her ample bosom. Long red hair, thick blue lips, and abs you could grate cheese with; this was the Champion of the Gerudo herself, Urbosa.

“Oh, yeah, sorry about that,” you stuttered. “There were these girls in the lobby, and-”

“No excuses,” she said with a smile, pulling you in and slamming the door shut. “Just because I’m not mad doesn’t mean I’m not annoyed. I’m going to have to punish you.”

Urbosa licked her lips, grabbed you by the armpits, and lifted you up to face her. Your legs dangled a foot off the floor.

“Do you like strong, powerful women, Anon?” she asked.

You nodded.

“Good voe.” Suddenly she kissed you passionately, slamming her bright blue lips against yours and forcing her tongue in. She utterly dominated your mouth while holding you up against the wall. After a solid minute of kissing, she broke it, leaving a thick strand of saliva between your mouths.

“You look good with my lipstick,” Urbosa teased. “You’d make a cute vai.”

You simply nod, unsure of what to say.

Urbosa laughed, kissing your cheeks and down your neck, leaving bright blue lipstick marks wherever she goes. "You're adorable, Anon. Just the voe for me."

She pulled you off the wall and into a hug, still dangling off the ground. "Mmmm, that's nice."

"This is... this is..." you said, breathless.

"Hm? Does my handsome voe have anything to say?" she asked, stroking your head while embracing you.

"...this is awesome." You hugged her as tight as you could, savoring the heat of her muscular body surrounding you.

Urbosa laughed once again, squeezing you tighter in her embrace. "I agree, this isn't much of a punishment. Come with me," she said, carrying you to her canopy bed and setting you gently on it.

She placed her large, warm hand on your chest. "My, my," she purred. "Your heart's beating so fast. Do I have anything to do with that~?"

You nod, grinning ear to ear.

Her hand moves further down your body, across your stomach to your crotch. "And is this my fault too?" she asks, rubbing your erection with her palm.

"Y-yes, Lady Urbosa," you stuttered, your heart captivated by this glorious woman.

She smiled down at you before pulling her top off, revealing her massive brown breasts. "Then I'll have to fix that, won't I? We Gerudo have no tolerance for unfinished business, after all~"

She shoved her breasts into your face. "Suck," she ordered.

Immediately, you began sucking on one of her massive breasts, like a newborn baby trying to get milk. You lick and suck her nipple like you were made for this.

"Hmhmhm, good voe," she said, holding your head to her breast with one hand and pulling your pajama pants down with the other. She grabbed your erection with her thumb and three fingers, but not with her pinky. "You seem very happy to see me."

She started stroking you off, but at an agonizingly slow pace. You hugged her while sucking on her tit, your hips shaking in time with her slow stroking. Her hand on your head began petting you, slowly and tenderly.

"You must really like me, Anon. Do strong vai turn you on?"

Her handjob slowly started to speed up, just a little.

"Strong Gerudo women with big breasts, warm hands, and powerful muscles?"

Her hand moved slightly faster.

"Maybe you're the kind of voe who likes being pounded over and over by a vai. Is that the kind of voe you are?"


"Would you like me to pound you on this bed?"


"Against the wall?"


"In front of other Gerudo?"

Much faster now.

"Maybe letting them join in? Do you want an army of strong, mighty Gerudo running train on you?"

Even faster.

"Oh, you're definitely the kind of voe who wants to be dominated."

She jerked you off so fast, so hard, that your hips bucked into the air involuntarily.

"Nothing wrong with that, of course. I'm the kind of vai that wants to dominate you."

"MNNNNPH," you grunted into her breast as you hit orgasm, cumming all over her hand.

She chuckled to herself. "My, my, Anon. That's quite the load you gave me."

Urbosa pulled you off her breast and up to her face, laying on the bed next to you. She hugged you, pulling you tight into her strong embrace.

"You know something?" she whispered. "The way your hips shook right before that orgasm? You came for me just like Zelda does."

Your boner revived at her words, poking her in the abs. She laughed.

"Well, well, well. Someone's not quite done yet." She started kissing you again, removing your shirt and running her hands up and down your body. Her lips trailed down your face to your chest and stomach, leaving bright blue lipstick marks all over.

"U-Urbosa, w-wait..." you stammered out. "I'm not- hnng!"

Urbosa's lips made contact with your manhood, kissing along its length and marking it as hers. You flung your head back at the feeling of her lips and tongue against it, still recovering from the first orgasm. Before you knew it, your crotch and inner thighs were painted bright blue with her lipstick.

"Hm? Are you alright?" she teased, licking you from your balls to the tip, over and over as your erection throbbed.

Your body shook with excitement, your head arched back against her pillows. "U-Urbosaaaaa!"

She shoved your entire manhood in her mouth and started sucking, bobbing up and down on your cock. She winked at you as she sucked, blowing the cock of her voe. Her cock. Her property.

"HNNNG... GAH!" you grunted, your eyes growing wide as your body shakes even harder.

She grabbed your hips with both hands before deepthroating you. She only gagged a little; it was obvious that she could handle more. You could feel her tongue dancing around your dick, drooling on it. She pulled off you with a loud pop.

"How was my throat?" she asked, smirking. Her eyes weren't even tearing up.

"N-nice," you manage to say, still shaking from the pleasure.

"Don't worry. You're the only voe I've had sex with. I practiced with dildos to perfect my deepthroating ability."

"I bet they're... way more impressive than me," you chuckle.

"Oh, they are," she laughed, kissing your balls. "But I don't need impressive. I don't need huge cocks or massive, bulging muscles. I just need you. My special, precious voe."

Your heart skipped a beat listening to her. "Urbosa..."

She smiled at you, crawling up your body to your face and kissing you on the forehead. "I love you, Anon."

Before you could even respond, she shoved your face between her massive tits, smothering you. Rather than protest, you just closed your eyes and fell asleep between them.








"Hmhmhm, that's a good angle."


"My little bird's going to love this one."


"That's right, good voe."

"Mmmmnf..." you groaned, waking up to see Urbosa taking pictures of you with her Sheikah Slate. "H-hey!"

"Aw, you're finally awake?" she giggled. "I just wanted to send a few pics to Zelda. You don't mind, do you?"

Your erection throbbed to life again. You shook your head.

Urbosa laughed. "I felt like you said that," she said, snapping a picture of your face, awake this time. "How does it feel, knowing that Princess Zelda will finger herself to these?"

"Pretty good," you chuckle.

"Hmhmhm, I can imagine~" She took another picture. "Oh, your smiling face is to die for. Beats how I died in canon, at least."

You both laughed. Urbosa set down her Sheikah Slate and hugged you, your face smothered once again by her massive breasts.

"Now then, my beloved voe," she said, kissing your forehead, "do you want me to make love to you?"

You nod, your cheeks squished by her bosom.

She laughed, hugging you tighter. "I figured that would be your reaction. You're very honest about what you want."

Urbosa let go of you and lied on her back, her glistening womanhood exposed. "I can't wait to see you fill me with your seed," she said. "One thing at a time. First, eat me out."

You happily complied, licking and kissing her vagina with delight. The warmth felt so good, and she dripped more and more as you licked her. Her hard clit was the focus of your efforts, causing her to moan and throw her head back, just as you did when you ate her.

"Mmmmph, Anon," she moaned. "Good voe! Eat me just like that! Ohhh, you're as good as Zelda!"

Hearing that, you doubled your efforts, eating her out faster and harder, your tongue entering her.

"MMMMMMM, YES!" Urbosa exclaimed, wrapping her mighty legs around your head as you ate her. "GOOD VOE! VERY GOOD VOE! AAHHHHH!"

Suddenly, your face was splashed with a warm, clear liquid, as her body shook and shivered.

"Was that good?" you asked, smirking.

"Y-yes..." she panted, a wide grin spanning her face as she regained her composure. "That was incredible. You may have to teach Zelda a thing or two."

"Happy to impress," you said, getting up and stroking your cock before her pussy.

"Oh? Are you going to make love to me?" she asked, licking her lips.

"Naturally," you grin. "Of course, you'd probably rather be on top."

"I don't mind," she said, laying back with her arms crossed behind her head. "Show me what you got."

Immediately, you thrusted into her, the heat of her insides overtaking your cock. She gasped, smiling at you as you thrusted in and out of her.

"Yes... that's my voe..." she encouraged, holding you close with her powerful thighs. "I've waited so long for the moment to see you finally rush me..."

You panted, unable to handle just how good her walls were. The inside of her was too good...!

You fucked her faster, harder, just trying to last a little longer. She could tell.

Urbosa laughed. "That's a good voe," she said, pushing you off of her and onto your back. "But it's my turn now... Anon."

Her wide hips stood directly over your cock, eager to eat it up. Drops of her warm "love liquid" dripped onto your throbbing erection, causing it to shiver each time.

"Looks like your body needs me just as I need yours," she said, licking her lips. Your body, covered all over in blue lipstick marks, did not disagree.

"Take me, Urbosa," you said without thinking.

"I plan on it," she grinned, slamming down on your dick.

"GHAH!" you shout as the Gerudo Champion began riding you fast, Cowgirl style.

Her wet, slick pussy slid up and down your member, coating it in her warmth. "That's it, Anon... Try and last as long as you can. I'm counting on you," she winked.

You tried your best, but the muscular Gerudo goddess before you made it difficult.

"Hang in there! Stay focused!" she cheered, fucking you faster and harder.

"AAAAAH~!" you moan, trying to keep it together inside her.

Urbosa panted as she fucked you, sweating from the intensity. "I can tell you're almost there, almost at the point where you can't hold back any longer. That moment... is going to be so delicious."

She grabbed your legs and pulled them over her shoulders, still fucking you just as hard. "This is called 'Gerudo position' where I'm from."

The intensity of her fucking, combined with the powerful position she fucked you in, made you want to cum so badly. Nevertheless, you persisted, holding it back as long as you could.

"You're doing well," she said with a wink, "but overconfidence can be a terrible foe." She bent forward while still fucking you "Gerudo style", slamming her lips against yours and forcing her tongue inside. At the touch of her magnificent tongue, you couldn't hold back, bursting inside her and moaning into her mouth.

She broke the kiss after a solid minute of cumming. "Well done. I couldn't be more proud of you," she said, kissing your cheek and pulling off of you.

"Th-thanks..." you said, still reeling from the intense fucking you received. "I... I love you, Urbosa."

She chuckled. "The feeling is very much mutual, my precious voe," she replied, stroking your head while looking into your eyes. "My precious, precious voe."





"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena shouted, entering the room. "Ahaha, did I come at a bad time?"

"Hardly," Urbosa said, fucking you reverse cowgirl, her massive brown ass shaking in your face.

You gave the kitsune girl a thumbs-up as the Gerudo champion continued.

Rena laughed, pulling out food for you and Urbosa. "Let's see, a Mighty Salt-Grilled Gourmet Meat for Urbosa, and a plate of Energizing Seafood Rice Balls for Anon."

"Ah, boosting his stamina, I see," Urbosa winked. "I like the way you think, Rena."

"It's not just Anon I have to keep happy," Rena giggled. "I have to make sure all our guests enjoy their stay. Those who behave, anyway."

"Oh? You've had some rowdy girls here?"

Rena nodded. "They're why it took so long for Anon to see anyone tonight. Don't worry, though. They've been dealt with."

"GHHHAH!" you grunt, busting yet another nut deep in Urbosa's huge ass.

"Oh? Better eat those rice balls, Anon," Urbosa said, turning around to wink at you. "You're going to be here a few more hours."






Eventually, Urbosa let you leave, but not without a hot, wet goodbye kiss. As you exited the hotel, reality came back to you, and the dream world left you. Now that you were awake, it was time to get ready for work, starting with a shower.

There was a lot of lipstick to clean off.

Chapter Text

Every night for over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?






Rena waved to you as you entered the Hotel. "Welcome back, mast- Hm? Why are you so sweaty? I mean, already?"

"Sorry," you said as you approached the front desk. "It's been really hot lately. I guess it carried over into the dream."

"It's a miracle that you can even stay asleep when it's so hot." Rena reached under the desk and pulled out a bottle of lemonade. "Here you go, Anon!"

"Oh, I couldn't just take that from you, it's yours."

"Really, I insist," she said with a smile.

You took the bottle and drank some of it. The lemonade was refreshing, cooling you off quite a bit. "Thanks, that really-"

Rena giggled.

"...Why are you-"

Rena poked your nose from across the desk. "In-di-rect-kiss~" she said, sticking her tongue out.

The two of you laughed.

"Well, if you want to get even cooler, maybe pick a girl known for living in the cold," Rena recommended. "The girls usually make their hotel rooms as comfortable as possible, so if she's used to cold places, she'll pick a cold place."

"Hm... known for living in the... got it!"

"Oh? Who is it?"

"Nana, the Ice Climber!" you exclaim.

"...Do I have to call Chris Hansen again?"


Rena laughed. "No need to shout. It's not like the Ice Climbers even have a canon age. I was just teasing, silly."

"Jeez, Rena..." you bemoan as she laughs.








"Floor 32, Room 85!" Rena announced, taking you by the hand to Nana's room. "It's a long walk, but don't worry; her room should be nice and cool."

"I hope so," you replied, wiping the sweat with your other arm.

After a few minutes of walking, you reached Room 85.

"Here we are, master!" Rena said. "When I messaged Nana, she said you could just come right in, no need to knock."

"Awesome," you replied, opening the door.


A blast of cold air practically exploded from the door.

"KYAAAAH!" the kitsune shouted. "Cold cold cold cold COLD!"

Your body began shivering as you walked in.

This was no hotel room. It wasn't even a room. This was a mountain. A huge iceberg, surrounded by a frigid ocean, where a hotel room should have been.

"Th-this is...!" Rena exclaimed upon seeing it.

"How the hell-?!" you shouted, trying to heat yourself up.

"E-every room in this hotel is its own pocket dimension, so they can be as big or small as they need to be... but this...?!"

"HEEEEEEY!" a voice called from inside.

Inside a cave on one of the ice mountain's ledges, a girl in a pink parka yelled for your attention, waving for you to notice. It was Nana, but she certainly looked more grown than in Smash Bros. She jumped from the ledge, sliding down the bottom and running to you, hugging you with a hop.

"Hey, Anon! I'm so glad you're here!" Nana greeted, nuzzling into you with a hug. Her slightly-chubby body felt warm and cozy despite the frigid "room" she lived in. As she embraced you, she pressed her boobs into your chest...

You hugged her back, squeezing her just as tight as she squeezed you. "Glad to be here. You're super cute."

Nana giggled, hugging you even tighter.

"W-well, I'll go back now," Rena shivered, heading back to the elevator. "H-h-have fun!"




You put on the blue parka Nana gave you. Almost immediately, you felt warm all over, yet still comfortably cool. It was a different kind of warm than how it felt earlier; this warmth was gentle and cozy.

Nana took you to a nearby cave at the base of the mountain. "My bed's at the top, but we can have fun down here first," she said, clinging to your arm and guiding you to the opposite wall. You sat down beside her, leaning into each other.

"I'm so excited," she whispered.

"Me too," you whisper back, leaning down to kiss her forehead.

She giggled, kissing your cheek. "You're cute."

"You're the cute one," you replied, squeezing her mitten-clad hands with your own.

"Oh, stop it," she said, pushing you playfully.

"You first." You pushed her back.

Both of you laughed, hugging each other.

"We're acting like we've been dating for years," Nana giggled. "I kinda like it."

Nana grabbed your face with both hands, her soft mittens squeezing your cheeks as she brought your face close to hers. Slowly, she pressed her pink lips against your own, virtually purring as she kissed you. You grabbed her by the hips in response, pulling her body even closer to you.

It already felt amazing; it felt even better when she pushed her tongue into your mouth. Your tongues teased and played in each other's mouth; hers felt so soft and smooth.

Eventually, she pulled away from you with a loud pop. "That was nice and warm, right?" she whispered.

"Yeah... it was," you said, smiling.

She giggled once again. "You taste sweet. I like that."



"Well, let's go!" Nana exclaimed, taking you by the hand out of the cave. Your face was hot after several minutes of making out, helping you survive the cold of her room. She led you up the ice mountain, across its steep path, avoiding falling to the ground or, worse, into the freezing ocean surrounding it.

Eventually, you made it to another cave, the one she leapt from when you arrived. Inside was a lamp, a sleeping bag, and a bunch of vegetables scattered around.

"Welcome to the bonus stage," Nana said, pulling you into the room. "C'mon, let's relax here."

You and Nana sat beside each other once again, sitting on her soft sleeping bag. "Since this isn't where I normally sleep, there's just a sleeping bag here. Only one, too."

"I wouldn't mind sharing one," you said.

Nana blushed. "That sounds like fun," she replied.

The two of you enjoyed eating the vegetables surrounding you for several minutes.

Eventually, she ended up grabbing an eggplant from beside her. "Eggplants are my favorite vegetables."

"Really?" you asked, grabbing a zucchini from beside you. "Why's tha-"


Your head snapped in her direction. Nana's warm leggings were around her ankles as she pushed the narrow end of the eggplant in and out of her pink vagina. Her previously cute and sweet voice was replaced with lewd moans of desire.

"Mmmmmm, Anon... Haaah..." she groaned in pleasure, her half-lidded eyes meeting yours. "Mmmmmph..."

The sight of this cute girl doing something so sexy was so arousing, you immediately pulled down your own warm leggings, jacking off to her. "Damn, Nana..."

"Oooohhh... y-you like it?" she moaned. "Y-you like watching me... d-do this...?"

"Fuck, yeah..." you moaned, rubbing yourself off to the sight of her fucking herself.

"Hahhhh... Anon... you look so hard..." Nana said as she thrusted the eggplant in and out of herself faster. "I... I want to make you feel good too..."

Before you knew it, one mitten was stroking your cock, while the other continued fucking herself with the eggplant. You thrust your hips up to meet her hand, while your own hand grabbed the eggplant from her and took control. Both of you savored your mutual masturbation.

"Anon~" Nana moaned, her hips shaking. "I'm gonna c-cum..."

"Me too..." you replied.

Nana stopped jerking you to pull her mitten off, rubbing you with her soft, warm bare hand.

"A-ah!" you whisper in delight, the smoothness of her skin now taking control.

Nana squeaked as her body began shaking, unable to control her hips as you fucked her with the eggplant. She threw her head back as she came, squirting her juices all over the vegetable.

The sight of the cute ice climber's orgasm caused you to burst into her hand, filling it with your seed. Your body shook and shivered from the amazing sensation.

"Th-thanks, Nana," you managed to say.

"Thank you," she replied, slowly pulling the eggplant from her dripping pussy and presenting it to you. "Now, eat it."

Her bedroom eyes already made you want to eat it, but the delicious taste of her orgasm on it made it delicious.





"You're such a pervert," you giggled, hugging her.

"You're the pervert, pervert," Nana giggled back, rubbing the back of your head.

"How am I the pervert, miss eggplant fucker?" you said, pulling the hood off her head and stroking her hair.

"It's your dream world, pervert," she replied, kissing your forehead.

"I didn't even consider 'eggplant fucking' a fetish until now, thank you very much," you insisted, kissing her cheek.

"Well, now you do," she persisted, pecking your lips.

"Hell yeah, I do," you laughed, and she with you. "How about we get in the sleeping bag for a rest already?"

"That sounds nice," Nana replied. "There's room for both of us."


You and Nana faced each other in the sleeping bag, your bodies pressed against each other.

"I can feel you getting hard," she giggled.

"I can feel you getting wet," you replied.

"Oh, really?" she asked. "Can you feel... this?"

Immediately, her hand was in your pants, rubbing your steadily-growing erection.

"Ah! Haven't fully recovered yet," you gasp from her touch.

"Oh? Still in the refractory period?" she said, her voice low and sensual, in stark contrast to her normal cutesy voice. This must be her "horny voice".

In the warmth of the sleeping bag, her hands rubbed up and down your length, slowly teasing it.

"Fine," you replied, "I'll just have to do this."

You pulled her leggings down and started fingering her. She gasped, her hips now shaking in rhythm with you.

"I like this sleeping bag," you whisper. "I'm going to love making it smell like sex."

"Pffft..." she laughed. "You're- mmmph- you're such a dork, anon~"

"Shut up," you said, laughing with her. "Let me be sexy, dammit."

"You're sexier when you're quiet," she teased, jerking you off with only three fingers.

"Well, excuse me," you said, fingering her wet pussy faster, rubbing her g-spot.

"Ahhhh~!" she moaned. "S-sorry for teasing you- mmmmm~"

"That's right, apolog- ah!"

Two hands were now stroking you off, one on your shaft and one rubbing your balls.

"Does that- mmmm- feel good?" she moaned. "Do you want this ice climber to make it snow?"

"PFFFTT," you laughed. "That's even dorkier than what I said!"

"Shut up," she said, jerking you faster. "You don't wanna make fun of a girl who's grabbing your balls- ah!"

She squeaked in delight as your other hand began massaging her clit, the other still fucking her and rubbing her g-spot. She began bucking her hips violently, shaking as though her orgasm was close.

"Ohhhhh, Anon...."

"Sorry for making fun of you," you said, leaning your face to her ear. "Will making you cum make up for it?"

"Haaah... haah... hah..." she moaned, her face red and her body sweating. "A-Anon... I..."


"...take me, Anon."

Nana's dark eyes looked directly into your own. You knew what she meant.

"Of course," you replied, kissing her passionately as you lined your throbbing erection up with her wetness.

Slowly, you pushed into her, savoring the feeling of her warm walls.

"So warm..." you whispered. "It's the coziest cave I've been in today."

Nana laughed. "You pervert! Pervert pervert pervert!"

Her hips shook as you shoved yourself in and out of her.

"At least it wasn't as bad as 'let this ice climber-'"

"Shut up, it was way worse!" she exclaimed, grinning as you penetrated her. "But I don't even care! Just make love to me!"

"Anything for you!" you grunt, pounding the ice climber while you cuddled in the sleeping bag.

You continued to thrust in and out of her warm, wet "cave". Each thrust felt hotter than the last, and eventually she got so wet your sex started making splashing sounds under the sheets, making you both laugh.

"I'm getting close," you whispered, hugging her tight as you pounded her.

"Do it, Anon!" Nana moaned, grabbing your hips and shaking her own. "Fill me up! Give me your WINNER BONUS!"

You laughed, grabbing her own hips and pounding into her. "That's so dorky," you teased.

"You're the dork here!" she shouted, pushing her face into yours, kissing you. Her tongue danced in your mouth as her body started violently shaking, her hips virtually taking control. "But I still don't care! I LOVE YOU, ANON!" she cried out, breaking the kiss.

"Ghhhh, AH! I LOVE YOU TOO!" Your intense orgasm shook both your bodies as you held her close, your seed bursting into the ice climber's warmth.




For several minutes, the two of you lay there, panting and moaning as you looked into each other's eyes.

"You're amazing," she said.

"Yeah..." you replied. "So are-"

"Amazingly corny," she teased.

"Ohoho, do I gotta make you cum again?" you said, grinning evilly.

"Go right ahead, pervert."

"ROOM SERV- MOTHERFUCKER, THIS ROOM IS COLD!" Rena shouted from the bottom of the mountain.

You and Nana laughed. "We should go meet her," she said.

"Yeah, that's probably for the best.



"Thanks for leaving the room for this, both of you," the kitsune said. "I can't stand cold places."

"It's no problem," Nana said, sitting beside you in the hallway.

"So, did you and Anon have a good time?"

You and Nana shared a glace before looking back at Rena. "Yeah, we did," she said.

Rena smiled. "So, did you manage to cool off?"

"Actually, I think I'm sweatier than when I started," you laughed.

"Hm?" Nana tilted her head.

"Oh, Anon was hot when he went to bed, so he needed someplace cool for tonight," Rena explained.

"Really?" Nana asked, looking at you. "Anon, you... needed me?"

You looked at her.

"You could've picked any character who likes her room cold, like Elsa or some ice-type Pokemon trainer... but you picked me?"

You nodded, and she embraced you once again.

"I love you, Anon!" Nana said, kissing your cheek.

"Hnnnnng, this is just too cuuute!" Rena laughed, her fox tails swishing back and forth as she blushed. "You make such an adorable couple!!!"

You kissed her back. "I'll come see you again, okay?"

Nana gasped. "Really?"

You nod. "How could I not? I need to get back at you for calling me corny."

"Oh, shut up, you!"

And everyone laughed.








Eventually, you left the Hotel, leaving Nana behind as you awoke in your own bed. For some reason, though the morning felt hotter than it did yesterday. After a brief moment, you realized why:

You were still wearing the parka Nana gave you.

Chapter Text

Every night for over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





"Good evening, master!" Rena greeted, her fox tails swishing in excitement.

"Someone's happy to see me," you noticed.

"Oh, I'm always happy to see you," she said, grinning. "I'm just happy because we've started construction on a hot spring in the Hotel!"

You turned to your right, where you saw the room past the hotel lobby closed off with yellow tape. Inside, you could see construction being performed by several scantily-clad anime catgirls, none of whom you recognized from anything.

"Neat," you said. "So, when will it be done?"

Rena shrugged. "Someday. But anyway, do you know who you want to sleep with tonight, Anon?"

"Mii Gunner," you immediately reply.


"You know, from Smash Bros."

"I know who you mean, but..." Rena typed on the computer, searching for the Mii Gunner. "...Oh, wow, she's actually cute. I'll send her a message, letting her know you're coming. I must say though, master, that's an... interesting choice."

"Like you said, she's cute."

"Oh! She sent back, says she's ready for you. Shall we go?"


Rena took you by the arm into the elevator. "It's floor 9, room 13. Excited?"

"Very," you said as the elevator began ascending.

The kitsune giggled. "You pick the oddest choices sometimes, master."

You shrug, smiling. "Everything's odd to someone."

"Sure, but..." Rena stood close by you. She was a few inches taller than you, but when she was this close she looked huge. "You can fuck anyone you want in the Hotel Fantasia, real or fictional. Celebrities, porn stars, anime girls... yet, you chose Mii Gunner."

"Yeah. She's cute, and she's still a girl, like everyone else here. She deserves to be loved."

Rena hugged you. "You're so sweet, Anon! She'll adore you!"

"R-Rena, not so hard-!"

She just squeezed you tighter. "All the girls here are so lucky to have you! You're the sweetest, cutest, most loving person ever!!"

"Rena, too tight-!"




"Here we are!" Rena said as the doors flung open. "Let's go, mast- master?"

You lay limp in her arms, your face blue.





The room you woke up in was nicely decorated, with a desk and a nightstand nearby. Practically everything in the room displayed a Super Smash Bros. logo, even the bed you were laying on.

"Good morning, Anon," a woman's voice said. You looked up to face her; your head was on her lap.

She had brown hair, an orange dress, a brown glove on one hand with which she was stroking your head, and a metal arm on the other.

"Good morning," you replied with a smile. "So, you're Mii Fighter, right?"

She nodded. In Super Smash Bros., her face was expressionless; here, a warm smile crossed her lips as she petted you. "Rena took you here after you passed out. Did she hug you too hard?"

"Yeah, I think so," you chuckled.

She chuckled back. "She told me you were being too cute and sweet, and she couldn't hold herself back. Is that true?"

"I mean, sort of-"

She pulled you up with her immense strength in order to hug you from behind, pressing her soft breasts into your back. "You really chose me, Anon?"

"O-of course," you replied, pressing your hands to the arms around your chest. "You're really cute, and I-"

"I love you."

You turned around, kissing her forehead. "I love you too, Mii."

She gasped. "Mii?"

"Is it a bad nickname?"

She shook her head. Her face looked so cute. "No, it's just... it's actually really cute."

You kissed her lips this time, causing her to gasp. "You're the cute one."

She blushed. "You keep saying I'm cute... when you're the cute one here." Immediately, she pushed you to the bed, pinning your arms down.

"B-be careful with the arm cannon!"

"You think I'd hurt someone as sweet as you?" she smirked, kissing you passionately.

You pushed your tongue into her mouth; she returned the favor. The kiss was so incredibly good that you almost forgot to breathe. It's almost like she was made to kiss. As her tongue enchanted yours, she grinded into your crotch and moaned into your mouth.

You tried getting up, but you were pinned down too hard; she was way stronger than you, without debate.

Eventually, she broke the kiss, giving you a grin and bedroom eyes. "You're a good kisser."

"I may have had some practice," you reply.

"Practice can only get you so far," the Mii Gunner teased. "The other girls are Training Mode compared to me. Now then, Anon..." She leaned close and whispered in your ear. "Do you want to Smash?"

The throbbing erection in your pajama pants told her everything she needed to know. She laughed before pushing her big, dress-covered tits into your face, smothering you. "Not yet, Anon," she teased, rubbing your face with her soft melons.

You sighed beneath her, contentedly resting under her rack. She released her grip on your arms, instead wrapping them behind your head and holding you closer. It was amazingly sexy, but you couldn't help but remember suffocating earlier today.

The Mii Gunner laughed as you tried to escape for air. "You can handle it," she said.

She was right; the pleasure of being smothered by her huge Mii tits overpowered your need to breathe. Eventually, though, she released her grip on your head, getting her boobs off your face. You took your first full breath in several minutes, trying not to pass out again.

She looked over you with her dark eyes, smiling. Her whole body was actually pretty thick, especially her thighs and (as you now knew) breasts. You sat up in front of her, no longer held down by her arms or rack.

"Ready, Anon?" she asked, grabbing the hem of her dress and slowly pulling it up, first over her toned stomach, then to her underboobs. She started bouncing her tits under her dress using the fabric she gathered lifting it up. Her soft melons shook and jiggled, and she bit her lip watching your reactions. Finally, she released them, and they virtually bounced with joy at their freedom.

Her pale breasts were tipped with large, reddish-brown areolae. She smiled as you gazed at her, eyes addicted to her huge bosom. She pulled the dress over her head, leaving her only with a pair of dark gray leggings and a single glove (and, of course, her arm cannon). She spread her arms wide, grinning while looking into your eyes.

You caught her gaze, understanding what she wanted. You quickly hopped across the bed to embrace her, and the two of you shared a warm hug, her bare breasts now pressed into your chest.

"Mmmm, Anon..." she purred, holding you close. "I figured you were gonna play with my boobs, but this is way better..."

"Do you want me to?"

"Well, yeah, but..." She squeezed you tighter. "I like you here. You're warm."



The Mii Gunner pulled your shirt off before hugging you again and kissing your neck. "Mmm, our bare skin against each other... so nice~"

"You're telling me," you said, rubbing her bare back. "I could get used to hugging you."

"Same," she chuckled, before pulling off you and grabbing her tits. "But there's a lot I want to do with you, Anon. Take off your pants."

You immediately complied, pulling your pajama pants off and tossing them across the room.

"Mmmm," she purred, looking your erection over and licking her lips. "Lie back."

You complied yet again, resting your head on the pillows while she got between your legs.

"You know what a paizuri is, right?" she asked, pulling her leggings off to reveal a pair of white panties, as well as her magnificent ass.

You nodded. "Tittyfucking."

She giggled. "Good answer." She grabbed her tits and smothered your cock between them. "Cozy, right?"

You could hardly answer. They felt so smooth against your dick, so soft and comfortable. Most of all, they just made your erection more powerful. "F-fuck, yes..."

The Mii Gunner smirked before rubbing your boner up and down slowly with her tits. "You really seem to like my boobs. I hope the rest of my body doesn't disappoint. I want to use every part of myself to please you~"

The pleasure of her titfuck made your body shake. You threw your head back in joy, but kept watching her as she eyed you and your boner. Each time the head of your cock popped up from between her boobs, she gave it a lick and flashed you a naughty smile. Her tongue felt so amazing on your dick...

Her slow paizuri quickly evolved into a fast, powerful titfuck, smothering your dick up and down quicker and quicker. Your eyes were closed, head firmly on the pillow behind you, and you let out a small moan of pleasure from her talented tittyfucking.

However, just as you were about to cum, she stopped.

"Huh?" Your eyes shot open as she stopped.

The Mii Gunner smiled, hopping off the bed and pulling down her panties before leaning against the wall. Her pussy, clearly visible before you, was dripping wet.

"Fuck me," she simply said.

Almost immediately, you got up and grabbed her hips, lining your dick up with her clean-shaven pussy before thrusting in.

"Ah~!" she gasped. "You're... inside!"

You thrust in and out, her soaking vagina splashing as you pounded her. The ridges of her inner walls felt like tiny kisses along your cock, and her voice sounded like a symphony of pleasure.

"YES!" she grunted in desire. "Harder, Anon! Make me all yours!!"

You gripped her hips tighter, pounding her harder and faster. "Mii, you're so..." Your hips kept pounding her as you grabbed her tits from behind. "You're so fucking hot!!"

"HNNNNNGHAH!" she shouted, her hips shaking as your cock was suddenly covered in an abundance of her juices. "Ohhhhhh yes~!!! You just made me cum!"

You pulled out of her, slowly jerking yourself as you kneeled down.

"Hm? What are you-AH!"

Your tongue penetrated her anus as you ate her ass, licking and teasing her clean asshole.

"F-f-f-FUCK!" she shouted as a second orgasm shook her body. You continued eating her ass even as her legs quivered.

"Anon~! ANON! OH FUCK YES, ANON, I LOVE YOU!!!" the Mii Gunner screamed in delight, pushing her ass further into your face as the orgasms just kept coming. "ANON! ANON! ANOOOOOON~!"





"Mmmmm..." the Mii Gunner gently moaned as you licked and sucked her nipple. She bit her lip watching you, caressing your head with her gloved hand while her cannon arm stroked your stomach and chest.

You opened your eyes, looking up at her. She smiled, hugging you as you sucked her.

"You know I don't have any milk, right?" she teased, smirking.

You pulled off her tit with an audible pop. "Not yet," you said, winking.

"Ohohohoho, you want to get me pregnant?" she chuckled. "I'm definitely not opposed to that. Of course, it might interfere with my Super Smash Bros. appearances... buuut I'm sure they have maternity leave."

The two of you shared a laugh, then a kiss.

"Hey, here's an idea," she said, leaving you on the bed while she went to her closet. "Just give me a moment."

"Hm? Whatcha getting?"

"Just changing my arm cannon... and my clothes."




"Haaah... haah... M-Mii, this is...!" you moan as the Mii Gunner jerks you off. "This is weird!"

"Aww, what's the matter?" she teased. "Never had your cock jerked off by a girl in a bear costume before?"

"No!" you shout, trying not to nut for Mii Gunner's Bear Suit.



"C'mon, Anon, boldly cum where no man has cum before~" Mii Gunner said, spreading her exposed ass.

You thrust your lubed-up cock into her. "Fuck, Mii!" you shout as you pound her ass.

"Yeah, that's it! Fuck your ass-tronaut!" she exclaimed in delight, drooling with her mouth wide open.



"You've interrupted my work flow for the last time, Anon," the Business Suit-clad Mii Gunner growled, pushing your head into her pussy. "Eat."

You immediately started eating her out, licking everywhere you could to pleasure her.

"That's right, keep going~" she purred. "Maybe if you're a good boy, I'll raise your salary..."




"Mmmm, master, your cock is so tasty~" she purred, licking the head of your erection.

You threw your head back in pleasure. "Mmmmph, you look so cute in that maid costume, Mii~!"

"Hm? What costume, master?" she asked innocently, before winking and returning to her blowjob.



"Okay, I'm not sure about this one," you said as the Mii Gunner rode your cock with her big tits out.

"Aww, what's the matter?" she teased once again. "Afraid you'll cum for Cuphead?"

"YES," you shouted, trying not to nut inside a beloved indie game icon.




The Mii Gunner spoke into her arm cannon. "This is Special Forces Agent 69. I've located the hostage, but he's badly injured."

"H-help..." you groan in pseudo-agony. "M-my dick... they..."

"Tch," she grunted. "Those bastards. They were using him for sexual experimentation. They probably injected him with something. What's that, Commander? Relieve him sexually? ...Affirmative, proceeding with the mission."

"Wh-what's gonna happen to me?" you pretended to sob.

"It's okay," she said kindly. "I'm going to help you. Take off your pants."





"This town ain't big enough for the two of us..." the Mii Gunner said, in the second worst southern accent you've ever heard.

"Then draw, you yellow-bellied varmint," you replied, in the first.

There was a slight pause, before the two of you burst into laughter.

"I don't- I have no idea where this one's going," she laughed.

"Yeah, same," you said. "How about we just fuck?"

"Sounds good to me!"

And then you fucked.




"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena shouted as she entered. "Hm? That's kinky."

She walked in on you, tied to the bed, with the Mii Gunner sitting on top of you in her Dragon Armor costume.

"Hey, Rena," she greeted. "Don't worry, he's fully recovered."

"That's good," the kitsune giggled. "Looks like he's more than recovered, given his hard-on."

"Cosplay sex is fun as hell," you grinned.

"I've got way more than these," the Mii Gunner giggled. "This is just the beginning."

"I hope so," you replied, winking at her.

"Damn, Gunner, you look badass," Rena observed, setting the food on a nearby table to examine the Mii Gunner's Dragon Armor.

"Oh, this? It's nothing," the Mii Gunner said, blushing.

"Well, it got me hard, so it's gotta be pretty good," you said with a grin.

"Please, you got hard when I wore that Proto Man costume."

"Your curves made it work, dammit!" you exclaim in your defense.

The two girls laughed, and the night continued.





Many hours of kinky cosplay sex passed in the dream world, but eventually you had to wake up. Upon exiting the Hotel Fantasia, you woke up in the same bed as usual, in the same room as usual, and in the same house as usual.

Only this time, you have rope burns on your wrists. Note to self: tell Mii Gunner to use silk ropes next time.



Chapter Text

Every night for over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





"Welcome back, master!" Rena greeted as you entered the Hotel. "Thinking of anyone in particular tonight?"

"Hell yeah," you replied with a smile. "Rosalina, from Mario."

"Ohoho, excellent choice," she giggled. "Looking for an out of this world experience, are we?" the kitsune said with a wink.

You groaned. "That was bad, Rena."

"Oh, pooh," she pouted, before typing on the computer in front of her. "Let's see, Rosalina is in... aha! Floor 111, room 7!"

"Alright, let's go!"

Rena chuckled. "Don't you mean... 'Let's-a Go!'?"

You groaned again.

"I'm hilarious, shut up," the kitsune pouted again, smacking you with her huge, fluffy fox tails.




As the elevator rose, Rena smiled at you, wrapping an arm around your chest and pulling you close.

"Rena?" you asked. "What's up?"

She giggled. "Whatever do you mean, Anon? Do I need a reason for hugging my sweet, sweet guest?"

"You're not gonna tire me out again, right?

"Oh, don't worry..." she whispered, running the tips of her fingernails down your chest. "I just don't want you bored on this elevator ride. A hundred and eleven floors is such... such a long time."

Rena began kissing along your jawline while tracing circles on your stomach. You sighed contentedly; you knew you were in for a long ride.





"And we're here!" she said, leading you out of the elevator by the arm.

"H-hold on!" you shouted, trying to get your pajama pants back on.


"And here we are, Room 7!" Rena said with a grin. "Have lots of fun, handsome~"

"Thanks!" you called to her as she left, before knocking on the door in front of you.

"Come in~" a woman's voice said from inside.

Slowly, you opened the door. Inside was a round, dimly-lit room with purple walls and a beautiful starry aesthetic. What was even more beautiful, however, was the woman sitting on the canopy bed. Platinum blonde hair covering one blue eye, skin pale as the morning stars, and a long flowing cyan dress: Rosalina.

Her full pink lips curled into a gentle smile. "Welcome," she said, beckoning you in with one hand.

You happily entered, shutting the door behind you. You sat down beside her, where she put her arm around you.

"Thank you for asking for me, Anon," she said softly.

"I'm glad to be here," you chuckle nervously as she slowly caressed the side of your head.

"There's no need to fear. You'll like it here." She pressed her soft lips to your cheek before quietly giggling.

You turned your head and kissed her on the lips. She seemed surprised, but only barely showed it. Instead, she just kissed you in return, stroking the back of your head as she did.

"Anon..." she whispered into your ear softly, her breath tickling you. "Will you be my 'special one'?"

You nod enthusiastically.

She smiled, before forcing you to lie on her lap, your head on her thighs and her breasts above you.

"I've been watching you from here, Anon," she said, one hand stroking your head while the other rested on your stomach. "I've seen your struggles, your heartaches, your pain." Her hand slowly moved down your stomach towards your crotch. "I can't promise to take them away, but... I'd like to be with you through your hardships."

"R-Rosalina..." you whispered, hearing her tender words.

She pulled your pajama pants off with one hand, looking at your penis with the same soft smile she's worn this entire time. The moment she touched it with one fingernail, it began growing erect.

"I'm ever so thrilled," she said before rubbing it up and down with her fingers, slowly stroking you. "Your body seems to like this."

"Your hands are... incredible," you gasped in delight at her smooth touch.

"Thank you, Anon," she said, going a little faster. "I've always adored you. I... want you to rule the stars with me."

"I'd- ah... I'd love that."

Her hands only stroked faster; even so, her face still refused to change expression. "Then, Anon... would you like to cum into my hand?"

"Y-yes!" you said, your hips starting to react to her touch, thrusting up into her hand.

Rosalina squeezed your cock with her whole hand, rubbing you up and down faster and harder. "That's it," she whispered, the same gentle smile as ever looking down on you. "Let it all out."

"Hnngh-" you grunted, blowing a huge white load into her hand.

"Oh, my," she said with a giggle before examining her hand. "Incredible. The seed of life, released on my palm. Perhaps I should have let you ejaculate somewhere more... functional." She winked at you. "I may be a mother to the Lumas, but I've yet to have children of my own. Perhaps we could someday~"

Suddenly, the semen on her hand glowed with a blue aura, flying off her hand and congealing into a sphere before vanishing.

"All clean," Rosalina giggled before stroking your face with both hands. "Has anyone ever told you how handsome you are?"

"Just in this hotel," you said.

"Tsk, tsk," she said, her smile turning into a frown. "That won't do at all. A man as handsome as you are deserves to be recognized as such." She leaned down to kiss you again, her full pink lips easily overtaking your own. Rosalina wrapped both arms around you, pulling you tightly into her embrace and off her lap before falling backwards onto the bed, still kissing you.

"You're so sweet to me," you say between kisses.

"It's what you deserve," she replied, gently running her fingers through your hair.

And so your kiss went on.






"Are you ready, Anon?" Rosalina asked, grabbing the hem of her dress.

You nodded, sitting on the floor in front of her. "Yeah."

She smiled at you, slowly pulling her dress up to reveal... a galaxy.

"That's so cool," you said, gazing at the stars underneath her dress.

"Isn't it?" she said, looking at your face in utter adoration, her soft smile full of gentle affection. "You can get closer if you like."

You did just that, scooting closer to her. Just then, she dropped her dress over your head, trapping you inside. You gasped, and she just giggled in amusement. Even so, the inside of her dress was gorgeous; the galaxy illusion surrounded you, and you could feel her legs on both sides of your head.

Wait, you thought. If this is an illusion...

"Ah~!" Rosalina gasped as your finger entered her warmth, thrusting in and out. "Oh, Anon... Well played."

Her cool, calm demeanor returned to her, but you were happy to break it just for a moment. "Let's see if I can make you cum, too." You pushed two fingers in and out of her faster, while licking where her clitoris had to be. You couldn't see it, but the soft squeals of Rosalina revealed that you'd found it.

"Ohh, Anon..." she moaned gently. "You truly are remarkable."

"Thanks," you replied, continuing to lick and finger her, eliciting more and more noises from the celestial princess.

Eventually, however, Rosalina dropped her dress, revealing her full nude form. Her breasts looked wonderfully soft and somewhat big on her slender, slightly curvy body. She tenderly smiled down at you as you continued fingering her.

"Stand up, Anon," she calmly ordered.

You complied, standing slightly underneath her height.

"Good boy," she whispered before kissing you, this time pushing her tongue into your mouth. Your tongues wrestled with each other, yet savored the feeling of each other's mouth. Your passionate kiss continued for several minutes before she pulled off you, several lines of saliva still connecting your mouths.

Her kiss left you breathless. You could barely say anything to her at this point.

She just giggled before pulling your shirt off, leaving the two of you completely nude and exposed to one another.

"You're so beautiful," you manage to say.

She stepped forward, pressing her breasts against you. "So are you," she whispered, rubbing them against you while looking at you with a calm, subtle expression. "We're going to have so much fun tonight~"





"Please, Anon. I have a request."

Rosalina lied on her bed, spreading her long, smooth legs. "Let us begin," she said gently, spreading her arms wide.

You practically leaped on top of her, hugging her tightly and rubbing the tip of your penis against the entrance of her wet womanhood.

She kissed your forehead as you pushed yourself in. Her face showed neither pain nor pleasure; simply a warm, kind, tender smile of love. "That's it, Anon. Go at your own pace. Make love to me."

You started off slowly, holding her by her hips. "R-Rosalina...!" you couldn't help but moan at the feeling of her walls, so different from any other girl.

"Mmmm, Anon," she said, in her dreamy way. "You can go faster. You're making me feel so good~"

Your hips thrusted faster, your body unable to resist the sound of her voice. The celestial princess' hips began shaking with you as you thrusted in and out of her faster and harder.

"That's it, Anon," she said, pulling you closer with one leg around your back. Go faster. Faster." Her gentle smile never changed, but there was a subtle hint of desire evident in her voice. You could tell, despite her collected, cool demeanor, she wanted to be FUCKED.

So you fucked her, pounding her harder and faster than ever, making her tits bounce everywhere as you rammed her celestial cunt.

"You're being a little rough," she said softly, "but that's okay. Keep going."

You were more than happy to, grabbing one of her big tits as you did. You noticed a drop of milk squirt out when you grabbed it.

"Mmph, now be gentle with those," she said.

"You can give milk?" you grunted while pounding her.

"I induced lactation," she said, wrapping her other leg around you and keeping you in. "I'm still not a mommy... yet. Now, then, Anon..."

She leaned forward, whispering directly into your lips as you continued thrusting into her.

"Put a baby in me."

You shouted, fucking her like never before, pounding her with all your might. She bit her lip, still gently smiling but now gripping her bedsheets. You needed to cum in her. You needed to give this woman your seed.

"ROSALINAAAAA!!" you exclaimed, busting a nut deep into her. Her warm walls seemed to grip your cock, almost milking you dry.

"Very good," she said calmly. "You made me orgasm twice."

"I... I did?" you asked, calming down after your own orgasm.

She nodded. "And they were fantastic, too. Didn't you notice?"

You shook your head.

"Ah, I see," she said. "Forgive me, I'm not as... expressive as some of the other girls here."

You leaned forward, kissing her on the lips. "You don't need to be. You're perfect the way you are."

She blushed for the first time, grinning widely before pulling you tight for a cuddle.

Your body was way sweatier than hers, though.




"How does it taste?" she asked, holding your head to her nipple.

You gulp down her milk and respond. "So sweet," you reply.

Rosalina continued stroking your head and giggling. "It's because of those Star Bits. I tend to eat a lot of them."

You teased her nipple with your tongue before continuing to suck, causing her to giggle.

"Enjoying the milky way, I see," she cooed, rubbing your back with her other hand. "Drink as much as you want, my special one. We've got a long night ahead of us."




(For the next scene, this is recommended. You probably know what it is.)

You were suddenly forced to the floor, as if the gravity around you suddenly became heavy. Rosalina looked down at you with her seductive bedroom eyes and that same addicting smile.

As she straddles you, she lets out a small gasp of desire, pushing you into her warmth.

"HNNNNGH-" you grunt in pleasure as Rosalina bounced on your dick. With one hand on her waist and the other resting on her thigh, she looked almost imposing as she rode you. This was no mere princess, her gaze told you; this was a queen.

"Mmmmm~" she subtly moaned, her slick walls stroking you with each bounce. She leaned back, her hands on your thighs as she continued bouncing. Her subtle expression never changed, but you could tell from her light moans that your cock was hitting her g-spot now.

Her hips started to shake more than usual, and her inner walls became tighter for a moment, though no less slick. Her warmth covered your erection as she continued riding you. She looked away, swinging her hips in a circle on your dick.

"You made me cum, Anon," she said, smiling.

"Thanks for telling me," you chuckled.

She looked back at you, licking her lips before pushing herself forward. Her hands were on your chest now, and her tits bounced in your face. Her lips parted as she let out a soft, enticing purr. You couldn't help but stare at her bouncing bosom.

She laughed while watching you. "Enjoying the show, I see~"

"How could I not? They're awesome."

Rosalina laughed, getting off your chest and continuing to ride you. "Bend your knees."

You did as she asked. She held onto your kneecaps as she rode you, swinging her hips back and forth. She moaned a little more, closing her eyes as if to savor the experience.

The movement of her hips almost felt too good on your cock. You valiantly tried to hold back an orgasm.

"Not yet," she said, letting go of your knees and turning around to fuck you "reverse cowgirl style". Her ass bounced as she rode your throbbing erection. She grabbed her own ass, maintaining perfect control of the speed at which she made love to you.

"How could I p-possibly hold back?!" you moan in pleasure.

Rosalina merely giggled, eyes still shut as she savored the feeling of your cock, as if to make this sensation a memory she would never forget.

You wouldn't forget it, either.

Suddenly, Rosalina's hips shook harder than ever before, riding you faster. "Then don't hold back."

You grabbed her hips from behind, pounding upwards into her. "AHHHHH!" you shouted, fucking her from below.

"Yes!" she said, encouraging you. "Hah~ Good! Yes! Mmmm! Alright! Ah! That's right! Okay- Ah! Ooh, nice!"

This was the most noise she had ever made while fucking; she must've been enjoying it. You pounded her harder and faster, at the same rhythm she was fucking you in. Your body shook as you neared orgasm.

She turned around, grabbing one kneecap again as she rode your cock up and down harder than ever. Her shouts of encouragement increased as she fucked you, watching your face contort in pleasure at the intensity of this princess' fucking.

Suddenly, your body couldn't handle it any more, and you burst your load into the Princess' warm cunt.

"Hmmm, not bad," Rosalina said with a subtle smile, licking her lips.





"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced as she entered. "Oh, wow, Rosalina..."

The kitsune walked in on Rosalina rubbing your cock up and down with her soft, smooth breasts. The sensation was addictingly sweet, especially when drops of milk squirted from them.

"H-hey, Rena," you greeted.

"Good evening," Rosalina said. "Care to watch?"

"I'd be glad to," Rena said, placing a large bowl of Star Bits on the nightstand before taking a seat on the bed. "You've got some good technique."

"Oh, it gets better," she purred, sucking on the head of your dick while tittyfucking you.

"AH!" you exclaimed, your body shivering in delight. Her full, soft lips and smooth, slick tongue made her tittyfucking all the more pleasurable.

"Oh, damn," Rena said, her hand sliding under her blue kimono. "Mmmph, you're both so hot."

"She's hotter," you said, panting.

Rosalina giggled on your dick, her warm breath making it feel even better. She grabbed your thighs instead, ceasing her titfuck but continuing to suck your dick. Up and down, the gorgeous princess' head bobbed, her single blue eye gazing at you seductively.

"Fuuuuck, that's hot," Rena moaned, saying what you were thinking as she fingered herself. "Yeah, suck him off! Make him nut in your mouth!"

Rosalina's sucking became more and more intense, giving you bedroom eyes as she deepthroated your member, taking the whole thing in without even gagging.

"H-HNNNNGHH!" you moan and grunt, your body unconsciously thrusting upward into her mouth, blowing a massive load down her throat.

"YES!" Rena gasped in pleasure. "Fuck yes! Did that feel good, Anon?"

"Hell yeah," you said as Rosalina pulled off your dick with a loud, wet pop.

Rosalina giggled, stroking your cheek with her knuckles. "That should do it for today. You're welcome to stay with me, however."

You nodded. "I'd love to."

She giggled at your smile, kissing your forehead.

Rena grinned, hugging you from behind as her fox tails wagged. "You're such a cutie, Anon! Did the princess of the stars give you a good time?"

"The best," you said, your body still shaking from each orgasm you gave her.

"You lucky boy, you," she said, kissing your cheek. "Well, I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of the evening. Just give me a call when you're ready to leave."




You both put your clothes back on, and you spent the rest of the night cuddling on the bed and eating sweet, sugary Star Bits. Rosalina waved her hand, creating visions of stars surrounding the two of you. She pointed out various stars and constellations, teaching you about astronomy as you snuggled close by her. Every once in a while, she would "test" you on the names of various stars and planets; for each correct answer, you received a soft, wet kiss.

You were a master before the night was over.

Eventually, though you had to return to the waking world. Rosalina nodded in understanding, kissing your cheek.

"May the stars shine down on you," she said as you left.





As you left the hotel, the dream faded away as your familiar bedroom faded in. While it may have all been a dream, the memories of that night will linger with you forever, as will the joy of knowing you can return to her in future dreams.

But for now, the Star Bits you took with you will suffice. Damn, these are tasty, you thought.

Chapter Text

Every night for over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?






Rena waved for you to come in as the Hotel appeared before you.

"Welcome back, Master!" she greeted. "How was your day?"

"Busy," you replied. "I'm just glad I could finally get some sleep."

Rena giggled. "So, who's your lady for the evening?"

"Let's see... Ah, of course! Jessica Rabbit, please."

"Oho! A classic animated waifu!" the kitsune girl said, typing at her computer. "Let's see... Floor 88, Room 47! I'll send her a message and we'll get going, sound good?"

"Absolutely," you said, eager to meet her.


"Going up!" Rena said as she typed in the floor number into the elevator's computer. "It's floor 88, so it'll be another long wait.

"That's fine," you said with a smile, relaxing on the floor in the corner.

Rena walked over to you with a wide grin on her face, standing over you.

"Hm? Rena?"

The kitsune smirked, lifting the hem of her blue kimono. "We've got time. Wanna practice your 'skills' while we wait?"

You licked your lips. "Good idea. She'll appreciate that."

"Hmhmhm... I'll help you learn exactly  what a woman likes..."





"F-floor e-eighty eight... h-here we are..." Rena panted, stumbling awkwardly trembling legs. "It's... mmmm, that way," she pointed, and you lead her by the arm in that direction.

"Shouldn't you be the one leading me?" you asked.

"Tell that to your g-god tongue..." she shivered, biting her lip.


Eventually, the two of you reached Room 47. "H-here we are," she said before giving you a kiss on the cheek. "Have fun, and please... please eat her out!"

You waved to Rena as she left, then knocked on the door.

Seconds later, the door swung open, revealing a stunning woman in a glistening red dress and purple evening gloves: Jessica Rabbit.

The tall woman's half-lidded eyes met your own. "I see you're finally here, Anon," she said, in her slow seductive voice. "Won't you come inside?"

"Well, that is the premise," you said, before being yanked inside by a single purple glove, the door slamming shut behind you.


Her full red lips pressed tightly against your own as hands gripped your face. She kept on kissing you, over and over, starting with your lips, then your cheeks, then slowly along your jawline.

"Mmmm, Anon..." she cooed. "You look good in my color."

"What a coincidence, so do you."

Immediately, she kissed you again, pushing her tongue against your teeth. You opened your mouth for her, allowing her to enter. Your tongues wrestled as a gloved hand reached down, caressing you. You sighed contentedly into her mouth, and she pulled off you with a wet, audible pop.

She bit her lip, gazing into your eyes. "Anon, darling... I hope you're prepared for this evening," she said, stroking your face with her knuckles as her other hand rubbed you with its palm.

"Well, I didn't bring protection, if that's what you mean," you joked.

She laughed. "I have that taken care of, don't you worry."

Jessica took you by the hand to her bed, pulling you onto it. As she lied down on the soft bed, your head found itself somewhere else soft. Her massive bosom pressed against your ears.

She gave you a warm smile, running her fingers slowly, sensually through your hair.

"Ready to play, Anon darling?"

"Play what, patty cake?"

She pressed both her hands against your cheeks. "Oh, we're going to do much more than play patty cake tonight."

Jessica rolled you to the side before getting up, standing beside the bed. You watched as the tall, stunning sex symbol slowly tugged at her dress, teasing you with the prospect of seeing her nude. She blew you a kiss, smacking your face with yet another lipstick mark, this time from a distance.

Her wide hips slowly shook as her body bent forward; a slow, subtle dance, a private performance for you alone. With a single, sharp tug, her massive breasts bounced from her dress. Your eyes could hardly leave them except to stare at her long, smooth legs and her seductive gaze.

Slowly, she pulled the rest of the dress down, tugging it over her thin waist, her wide hips, and her gorgeously long legs. Jessica stood completely nude before you, save for her red heels and purple evening gloves. She walked towards the bed slowly, kicking her dress aside as she approached you. 

She lifted her leg, slamming her foot behind you. Between her legs, you observed, was a small tuft of red hair glistening with desire.

Remember your training, Anon, you thought, grabbing her by the hips and immediately going down on her. Soft "mmm"s and "ooh"s were uttered from her perfectly-drawn lips as your tongue teased her, licking her up and down. You pleasured her clit with your tongue, eliciting a gasp. Her gloved hands pulled your shirt off before pressing your head tightly against her.

"Mmm, Anon, darling..." she purred, her body shivering.

She pulled herself from your mouth before kneeling down to face you directly, stroking the side of your face with her gloved hands. She gave you a soft smile as her fingers danced along your jawline.

After caressing your face for a while, she tugged at your pajama pants, pulling them to your ankles. She moved from stroking your face to stroking the underside of your hard-on, gently rubbing you. Her eyes were focused on your lips, however, even as her fingers slowly wrapped around you.

Her touch was slow, sensual, almost calculated for maximum pleasure. As she rubbed you, she kissed along your neckbone, even licking it every so often, sending shivers down your spine.

She pulled her hand off you before licking her lips. "How long will you be, Anon?"

"I don't know, I haven't measured in a while."

Immediately, her huge breasts squeezed your erection from both sides, their softness rubbing against you. She titfucked you up and down, faster than she was ever doing with her hands. You tried as hard as you could to avoid cumming immediately, gripping the blanket beneath you.

She licked her lips again while watching your face, amused by your attempts to resist blowing your load. Her eyes returned to your throbbing manhood as your hips started bucking up in rhythm with her titfucking.

You grunted as her movements only got faster. You grabbed her tits yourself, thrusting yourself between them in and down. She began fingering herself with a glove as you humped her massive breasts.

Right before you got too close to orgasm, though, she pulled herself off you. You fell backwards onto the bed, and she stood in front of you, holding her breasts with one arm while rubbing herself with the other. You unconsciously licked your lips while looking at her. She climbed over you on the bed, pressing her tits to your face. You immediately began licking her nipples, eliciting moans of delight.

Your need for release relaxed, but only temporarily. Her ass pressed down against you, rubbing back and forth along your length. You bit your lip, trying to resist blowing your load too early.

"Mmmm," she purred. "How much longer, Anon?"

"I think it's as long as it's going to get-"

She smashed her lips to your own in a powerful, intense French kiss. Your tongues danced like never before as she pressed her whole body against your own.

"It's time," she said, a subtle growl of desire in her voice.



She pulled from a box of Acme Condoms and slid it onto your throbbing member. Slowly, she climbed on top of you, her warm hear above your tip. She dropped her wide hips onto you slowly, embracing you from all sides. She adjusted your member with her gloved fingers, making sure you entered.

Inside, she was tight and blazing hot, but also slick with desire. Her hips rose and smashed down against you, over and over, going faster each time. You panted and gasped as the gorgeous woman fucked you.

Jessica looked down at you, her bedroom eyes staring directly into your own. Your glance shifted between her, her swaying breasts, and her bouncing hips. You grabbed her hips, thrusting your own in time with hers. As your bodies found a pleasurable rhythm, your voices grew louder and louder. Pants and moans and gasps erupted from both your lips and hers.

Your shouts of desire sounded like a symphony; her lips tasted like the richest dessert; the feel of your sweaty bodies, slamming against each other, felt like the embrace of lovers who had known each other their whole lives.

Her hips gyrated against you, circling your own hips as she leaned forward. She kissed you from your forehead to your lips, then along your jawline to your chin, then down your neck to your chest. You were stunned by her incredible flexibility, being able to kiss you in this way despite being taller than you.

"I-I'm close," you utter, trying to resist.

She kissed you by your ear "Do it," she whispered, before sucking on your earlobe.

You couldn't resist any longer, thrusting your hips up to meet hers as your body tremored, an intense orgasm exploding through your body, through the cheap condom, and into her.

"Mmmmph," she grunted, turning around and feeling your seed inside. "Damn Acme condoms..." she bemoaned, before turning back to you, stroking your face with her knuckles. Her smile was warm, almost grateful for the time you spent together.



"You were magnificent," Jessica said, cuddling with you in the nude, your face on one of her huge breasts. A gloved hand caressed the back of your head, while the other rubbed the tip of your still-erect member.

"Thanks, you were too," you replied, face red with blushing. "I'm still surprised by how sweet you've been to me."

"I'm not bad, Anon," Jessica ran her index finger over your erection, along your stomach and to your chest. "I'm just drawn that way."

You chuckle at the iconic line, squeezing her close with your arm. She smiled, returning the favor.

"It seems like you're not done yet," she said, looking at your erection hungrily.







"Yes- that's it- don't you dare stop now," she moaned as you fucked her against the wall, her fat ass bouncing against your hips. You grabbed her full, red hair and pulled back; she rewarded you with a scream of pleasure as her walls trembled around you.

"Fuck yeah," you grunt while pounding her. "You like that, don't you?"

"YES~!" Jessica screamed, crying out as her body gave in to yours yet again.



Her thick, red lips surrounded the head of your dick, her tongue circling the head at varying speeds. She winked as she sucked on the tip, driving your cock insane.

You moaned before grabbing her by the head and pushing her down on your dick. "FUCK!" you exclaimed, forcing her to deepthroat you over and over.

She didn't resist, but instead started fingering herself wildly. You could feel her moan as you face-fucked her, practically drooling on your cock.

"MMMMMMMPH~" she moaned around you, her tongue stuck out and touching your balls with each thrust.

Eventually, you couldn't hold back, blowing load after load down her throat. She gulped down each one before winking at you and continuing to suck you off, regardless of how sensitive you now were.



"Anon, darling... what on earth IS this position?" Jessica asked, her curvy toon body having no troubles pulling off the complicated position.

"I saw it in a porn video once," you replied, positioning yourself to fuck her. "I think it's called the 78 Position. Are your legs okay?"

"They're fine, but... are you sure those were humans in that video?" she asked, observing herself in a nearby mirror. "This doesn't look... natural."

"Aw, it'll be fine," you assured her.

And then she came seven times.






Rena knocked on the door.

"Room service!" she called.

No response; just the sounds of two people fucking.

Rena knocked again. "Hey, horndogs! Dinner's ready! Don't let it get cold!"

The kitsune sighed, ignored again.

"...How long am I going to have to wait? This isn't fair at all..."







Eventually, the time for you to leave had come. Everyone must wake up eventually, even if their dreams are this pleasant. You bid your farewells to Jessica as Rena (though annoyed at being forgotten) led you to the entrance. Upon leaving the hotel, as always, you woke up in the same bedroom as always, in the same bed as always, and in the same life as always. As usual, you got up, put on your clothes, and headed for work.

But not before peeling off all the toon lipstick marks Jessica left you with.

Chapter Text

Every night for over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?






"Gooooood evening, master!" Rena greeted.

"Someone's happy this evening," you said, smiling as you approached her desk. "What's up?"

"The hot spring we're adding is soooo close to being done! Mmmm, I can't wait to just slide this kimono off and relax in the nice, warm steam~"

"Sounds like fun," you replied, imagining all the girls you've been with so far in there, wrapped in towels that just barely cover their amazing bodies...

Rena smirked, looking at your face.

You tilted your head. "What's up?"

"You're thinking naughty thoughts, aren't you, master?" Rena teased, her fox tails shaking slowly.

"When am I not?" you laughed, and she with you.

"Oh, master," the kitsune chuckled, before clicking something on her computer. "Anyway, what girl do you want to spend the night with? Maybe getting nice and sweaty with them, like in a relaxing onsen~"

"Chie Satonaka," you said, "from Persona 4."

"Ooh, I know her," Rena said as he typed on the keyboard in front of her. "Floor 312, Room 730."

"Those are the highest numbers so far," you noticed.

"It was bound to happen," Rena shrugged. "I'm surprised we haven't gotten over Floor 1000 yet. Maybe next time~"

Rena send Chie a message, informing her of your arrival and wish to meet her.

"Just give her a moment to respond- oh! That was fast," Rena said, opening Chie's response and reading it aloud. "'Tell him 2 cum 2 my room right now.' And right below it- oh!"

"What's up?" You walked around the desk to see what she gasped at.

It was a selfie of Chie in the shower, her arm over her breasts. Her cheeks were practically glowing red, but there was still a smile on her face.

"Sexy~" Rena teased, putting an arm around you and brushing your back with her tails. "Looks like someone's ready. She's so cute, blushing so hard out of embarrassment but still wanting to please you~"

You yourself blushed, smiling and looking away from the kitsune. "So, can we go?"

"Oh, yes, of course. The sooner the better, Anon-kun~" she said, leading you by the arm to the elevator.




"Floor 312, Room 730!" Rena said as she typed the floor number into the elevator's computer. "We should be there eventually."

"Alright," you said, taking a seat in the corner. "Sounds like it'll be a while, though."

"Oh absolutely," she replied, snuggling up next to you in the corner. "It could be sooo... long."

Her fingernail circled the crotch of your pajama pants. She bit her lip, looking at you then back to your slowly-growing erection.

"Fuck, Rena..." you gasped out.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Rena teased. "Not tonight, you can't. It's Chie's night, after all, the lucky girl. I'm just the dirty, dirty receptionist."

She kissed along your jawline towards your ear.

"But you like it when I'm dirty, don't you Anon? Dirty boy~" Rena kissed you under your ear. "Dirty boy... but a very, very good boy..."

She kissed you again, and again, and again, each kiss sending your body into shivers of delight.

"What might Chie do with you, I wonder?" Rena went on, rubbing your erection through your clothes with her palm. "Will she stroke this hard, throbbing 'meat'? Maybe gobble it all down, like the juicy steak it is? Or maybe... her hot, soaking cunt will keep it company..."

Your body shakes and shivers under her touch, trembling in pleasure from her voice and words. This elevator ride, you could tell, was going to be a long one.

But who's complaining?






"And we're here!" Rena announced, hopping out of the elevator, her body and yours dripping with sweat.

"That felt like forever," you said, following behind her and trying to wipe your sweat with your arm.

"We're almost at her room," she assured. "Room 730 is pretty far, though, so just follow me."

The kitsune receptionist walked with you for what seemed like forever, but eventually, the two of you finally made it.

"And now we're here for real," Rena said with a smile. "Go ahead and knock, Anon. Oh, but... you may want to ask for a shower. You're awfully sweaty already."

"Yeah, I know," you said, faux-annoyed. You and her shared a laugh and a kiss before she took her leave. You waved goodbye to her before knocking on the door.

"Oh! Coming!" Chie called from the other side of the door.


Seconds later, it opened, revealing Chie. She was short, with brown eyes and short brown hair, wearing a green tank top and dark blue shorts. Most of all, she was cute as hell.

"H-hey, Anon!" she greeted, nervous but still smiling. "How about you come inside and- huh? You're... pretty sweaty."

"Yeah, I was, uh... running," you reply.

"Running? What for?"

"I mean, the walk from the elevator to here's pretty far, and I... well, I wanted to see you really badly."

Chie's face flushed red, her eyes wide. "Wait, really? You wanted to see me that bad that you ran all the way here?"

"I mean... yeah," you reply, becoming more confident in your excuse. "I, uh, I know it's bad form, but can I use your shower?"

"Oh! Yeah, sure, come in," she said, leading you inside.


"Thank again," you said as you opened the door to her bathroom. "I'm really sorry about this."

"Oh, no, it's okay," she said. "I understand. Like, I get sweaty after working out and, you know..."

Chie trailed off.

"Well, I'm gonna get in."

"Yeah, sure, sure! I'll, uh, see you soon!"


You tossed your dirty clothes in her washing machine and got into the shower, still awkward and embarrassed about the whole thing.

"Dammit, Rena," you muttered under your breath as you turned on the water. You couldn't help but think about how weird it is to use someone else's shower, especially someone you just met today.

You took her shampoo, lathering it on yourself, and trying not to take too much.

"Heheh, I'm gonna smell like Chie," you mused, chuckling to yourself.

After a few minutes in the shower, you heard a small creak.

Ah! It's Chie, you realized. Wait, is she... spying on me?

Besides the sound of the shower, the room was silent. However, if you listened hard enough, you could hear the subtle sound of Chie's breath.

You smirked.

"Damn, Chie's cute," you said aloud. "Definitely the cutest. I feel like a jerk for taking her shower, though, so I'd better find some way to make it up to her~"

A small, mute squeak came from the door.

"I wonder if she'd want to go on a date sometime. Maybe to a fireworks festival, or a ski resort..."


Chie gasped. You pretended not to hear.

"Of course, maybe she'd rather me make it up to her with attention. I wonder... does she like holding hands?"






"Or maybe she'd like to cuddle on the bed~"


You smirked again. Chie tried so hard to be quiet, but her small moans of approval gave her away.

"And after cuddling for a while, maybe she'd like to... do other things."

You grabbed your dick, slathering it with Chie's hair conditioner. You started jerking off in her shower, loudly beating your meat.

Chie gasped again. "Ah-!"

"Haaah... haaah... mmmph, Chie..." you moan aloud, deliberately trying to turn her on.

"Haah..." Chie silently moaned, trying to hold herself back.

"Chie... Chie... Oh, Chie..!" you moaned even louder, as theatrically as possible.

"Mmmph, Haaaah..." Chie moaned, a little louder.

"I love you, Chie," you said.

"Ah!" Chie gasped, the door squeaking shut a moment later.

You laughed at her shyness as you turned off the shower. "I was expecting shower sex, though..."



You came out of the shower in your pajamas, freshly washed. "Thanks again, Chie."

Chie was sitting on her bed, smiling. "Oh, it's nothing," she said, a giggle in her voice. "Anyway, c'mon, sit by me!"

You happily complied, bouncing onto the bed beside her. She laughed, and you with her. You put an arm around her, and she leaned into you, grinning.

"I still can't believe it," she said, almost dreamily. "You actually chose... me."

"Of course I did," you said, squeezing her with your arm. "Why wouldn't I?"

"I'm so... ordinary, compared to Yukiko, or Rise-chan, or Naoto-kun..."

Chie nuzzled her face into your side.

"Yet, you picked me," she said, a wide grin spreading across her face. "If this is a dream, I better not wake up."

"Well, it is a dream for me," you said.

You and Chie laughed. She hugged you tight, her face in your chest.

"Then you don't wake up."

You smiled, kissing her on the forehead. "I won't."

She chuckled nervously. "I'm stupid. That line was more romantic in my head."

"What do you mean?" you asked, stroking the back of her head. "I thought it was."

"Oh, uh, r-really?" she stuttered, looking up at your smiling face.

You bent down, your nose touching hers. "You're adorable."

She blushed. "D-don't just say things like that all of a sudden!" she groaned, embarrassed.

You laughed before pressing your lips against her.

"Mmph-!" she gasped, before quickly accepting the kiss.


You kissed for several minutes, your lips dancing with hers. Eventually, you found your hands running down her back to her thighs.

"I'm kinda nervous," Chie said, awkwardly chuckling and flushing a bright red.

"It's okay," you said, understanding. "We'll go at your pace."

"It's just... I know you're here to make love with me and stuff, but like..."

You grabbed her hand, your fingers intertwining with hers. "I'm here to spend time with you, Chie."

Chie gasped, squeezing your hand in return. "R-really? So, like, you don't mind if we don't-"

You nod. "I mean, I still want to do you, but I really just want to be your boyfriend."

Chie's heart practically pounded out of her chest. "S-sure..." she said, blushing and resting her head on your chest.

You held her close, smiling as she softly nuzzled herself into you.

"This close to you, I can hear your heart beating," she said, a contented smile on her face. "Thump... thump... That's how you sound." She gave an awkward, nervous laugh as always. "I love everything about you. Your sounds, your smells..."

She squeezed your hand tighter.

"I wish we could become closer, and they'll become one. The sounds of you and me..."

She looked up from your chest, to see your smiling face. Your eyes met, then your lips... and then your tongues.



Chie stood before you, slowly lifting her green tank top.

"Nice abs," you said, looking at her waist.

She chuckled. "Thanks," she said. "I've been training a lot. We should train together sometime."

"I'd love that," you said. "You gotta teach me the Galactic Punt."

The two of you laughed, as if you've known each other for years.

Chie continued lifting her top, pulling it over her bra and off her body before tossing it aside.

"Um, so... what do you think?" she asked.

You smiled. "So sexy," you said.

She blushed. "S-sexy? C'mon, it's just me..."

"Exactly," you said, kissing her belly. "You're sexy."

She pulled back. "W-wait a minute, Anon, let me get undressed first."

Chie's body shook and shivered in excitement, as she unclasped her bra. Her boobs weren't big, but they were definitely cute.

"Sexy~" you teased.

"Sh-shut up," she said in mock disapproval. "They're so small."

You shrugged. "They're basically B-cups. Nothing to be ashamed of."

"Yeah, but you've been with girls with way bigger boobs, right?"

"So what? I like yours, too."

She blushed. "Th-thanks..." she said. "Y-y'know, you should be getting naked too, right?"

"Oh, you're right," you replied before pulling your own shirt off.

Chie gasped.

"Hm? Is something wrong?"

"Oh, haha, nothing..." Chie stuttered. "It's, um, i-it's just, you're so..."

You smirked. "You sure you didn't see way more of this when I was in the shower?"

"Wh-what?!" she gasped. "Crap, you heard me, didn't you?"

You laughed. "And you heard me too, right?"

"Y... yeah..." Chie blushed heavily, embarrassed beyond words.

You hugged her, pulling her topless body against yours. "You should've joined me."

"Oh, nonononono, there's no way I could've done that..." she stammered.

You chuckled, stroking her head. "C'mon, let's get the rest of our clothes off."

"S-sure..." she said, pulling away from you.

You took yours off first, your pajama pants falling to your ankles. She gasped, seeing your throbbing erection.

"A-Anon... your d-d-d..."

"Yep. Sorry it's nothing special."

"Are you crazy?! It's amazing!" She got on her knees in front of you. "C-can you sit on the bed, please?"

You complied, sitting on the bed. "What are you gonna do with it?"

She gulped, poking it with her finger. "S-sorry... I'm new."

You laughed. "It's okay, no need to worry."

Your dick throbbed in response to her touch. She started rubbing the underside with a finger, then two. Her eyes were wide in excitement as your cock throbbed before her.

"Chie~" you faux-moaned. "Oooh, Chie~"

"I-is this good?" she asked.

"You don't need to ask that," you assured. "Don't think. Feel."

"Hey, that's my line," she grumbled.

"I mean, you stole it from Bruce Lee, so..."

"Shut up," she said, flicking your boner.

"Ow!" you exclaimed. "Don't do that!"

"Ah!" she shouted back. "Sorry!! I wasn't thinking!"

She stared at your throbbing member.

"Can... can I kiss it better?"

"Please do," you said quickly, an excited grin on your face.

Chie complied, kissing the underside slowly, up and down. "You know, it's not that bad. I expected it to smell worse," she chuckled.

"Well, I did just take a shower," you laughed.

"Haha, explains why you smell like my conditioner," Chie laughed, continuing to kiss you. Her soft lips felt wonderful on your erection.

"Mmmph, Chie~" you moaned, for real this time. Her gentle kisses felt more and more amazing as time went on.

Eventually, she kissed up to the head, licking it gently.

"Ah-!" you gasp as her tongue rapidly teases your head.

"Feels good?" she asked, smiling.

You just nodded. "Glad you're becoming more confident."

"Oh, no, I'm still just as terrified," she said. "But... you're making me feel at ease."

Her soft lips surrounded the head, sending shivers of pleasure throughout your body. "Gh-ah! Chie~" you moaned unconsciously.

In her mouth, you could feel her tongue teasing you as she sucked hard. Her soft lips squeezed tightly around the head.

"Hnng, Chie...!" you moaned, the sensation making you cry out in pleasure. "Trust me, you got no need to be scared."

She pulled off you. "Really? Is it that good?"

You nod furiously. "You're like a sex goddess."

Chie snorted. "Shut up, no way."

"It's true! It felt amazing!"

She laughed, but then rested her cheek against your throbbing member. "Thank you... Anon."



Chie finally dropped her shorts and underwear as you sat on the floor in front of her.

"So, um... this is me," she said, her body fully exposed for you.

You smile. "You're amazing."

She beamed at you. "You're the amazing one. My body's still shaking, my heart's still pounding, but... I think I'm ready. I want to do this. I want... you."

A mutual blush crossed both your grinning faces. Chie walked towards you slowly, her pussy right in front of your face.

"Now, um... uh..."

"You want me to return the favor, right?" You grinned, grabbing her waist and pulling her close to your mouth.

"Ah! Anon!" she gasped, though not unhappily, as your tongue made contact with her. "Mmmmph... Gah!"

You continued eating her out, slowly but surely, causing her hips to tremble more than ever.

"Anon... Anon...!" she gasped and moaned, grabbing your head as you ate the tomboy out. "This is... so intense...!"

Your tongue touched everywhere it could, from her clit to inside her walls, up and down her lips, and anywhere else you could. She felt so good that she started humping your face, thrusting her hips unconsciously into you. Her moans of pleasure grew louder and louder. Eventually, after minutes of humping her face and eating her out, her body shook with one more tremor as she squeaked in delight and your mouth felt something squirting onto it.

She panted before falling to the ground in front of you. "Anon..."


You embraced, both of your grinning madly.

"We're... not done yet, right?" Chie asked, stroking your back.

"Not until you say so," you whispered in her ear.

She smiled softly, burying her face in your shoulder.



"O-okay, I'm ready!" Chie said, laying on the bed with her legs spread wide.

You lined yourself up with her, rubbing her entrance with the tip.

"H-hey! Don't just tease me!" Chie complained. "I'm wet enough, believe me."

"Sorry, sorry," you said, pushing yourself in slowly.

"Hnk-!" she grunted.

"You okay?!" you asked, concerned for her safety.

"I-it's fine!" she assured, one eye open as she endured.

"Alright, but tell me if I'm going too fast or slow. Communication is key."

"G-got it," Chie said. "In that case... fuck me."

Your already-hard erection throbbed with desire as you pushed yourself in, penetrating her hard.

She gasped again, and the look on her face said it wasn't just the pleasure.

"Remember: this is your day," you assured her, "not just mine. If anything hurts or feels bad, tell me."

"N-no, I'm fine," she said.

You looked down at where your bodies connected. No blood, thank fuck, you thought, before slowly moving in and out. She wasn't lying about being wet, but the tightness was more than expected.

Chie panted, looking at your face as you pushed in and out of her. Slowly at first, but building up speed, you continued making love to her. The adorable, awkward tomboy bit her lip watching you.

"Chie..." you moaned.

"A-Anon..." she replied. "You can... go faster."

You grabbed her hands, intertwining her fingers with yours. You nodded.

You started thrusting in and out of her, faster and harder, watching her body shake as she moaned and cried out. "Don't... stop! Don't you... dare stop! So good... so good!" 

Her encouragement made you keep slamming her, the wetness and tightness virtually milking your erection. Your body wanted nothing more than to make her cum.

"You're so beautiful, Chie."

"Mmmmmng, so are you," she moaned, her eyes fixated on yours as you made love to her. "Uh-um, I mean, uh..!"

You laughed, bending down to kiss her while still inside her.

"Mmmmph!" she gasped into the kiss, before closing her eyes and letting the feelings overwhelm her. Your hands tightly squeezing her own, your hips thrusting in and out, your lips and tongue wrestling with hers...

The kiss lasted several minutes. "D-damn, Anon," she gasped, laughing. "You're- ah! You're amazing! You're- I- you... I love you!"

She wrapped her strong, toned legs around your waist as you continued pounding her.

"Give it to me," she said, blushing and looking away, a small smile on her face. "You're... the only one for me."

You happily complied, holding her hands tighter while kissing her collarbone. Your hips thrusted into her faster than ever, causing her to scream; there was no pain, only the beautiful, romantic pleasure of sex with someone you love.

"A-ANON!" she shouted, her hips shaking just as hard as yours.

"Chie!!" you exclaimed as you explode inside her, your bodies trembling as one. After cumming, you fell down on top of her, your cheek beside hers.

You both panted, your bodies sweaty with desire.

"I love you," Chie said, hugging you tightly, her muscles squeezing you.

"I love you too," you whispered before kissing her cheek.



"C'mon, Anon!" Chie shouted on top of you, her hips gyrating on you. "Don't you want to cum again?"

"Hnk, Chie," you gasped in pleasurable agony. "I'm still not over the last three!"

"Too bad," she laughed, her hands on your chest. "This is what you get for making me horny!"

"Haaah... Chie!!" you exclaimed, another orgasm rippling through your body.

"Yeahhhh!!" she shouted, her body filling with your cream.



Chie's hands were already amazing on your erection. Her Persona, Tomoe, was equally good at handjobs.

"Mmmmm," you moan as your girlfriend and her Persona stroked you off.

"Is this good?" Chie asked, kissing your cheek and stroking your shaft.

"I'd say so, judging by his moans," Tomoe said, caressing your balls. "Should I take my helmet off and blow him?"

"Hm, good idea!" Chie laughed. "Wanna get sucked off by a Persona, Anon?"

"S-sure," you say, eyes wide in anticipation.



Chie laughed. "We got so sweaty," she said, dripping all over.

"It's because you got a sudden confidence boost," you laughed.

"I couldn't help it!" Chie shouted. "You were being sweet, and I wanted to... well... I wanted to make you happy."

You kissed her cheek. "You do that just by being yourself."

She slammed her face into your chest. "Geez, why do you gotta be so romantic with me? You know I'm bad with that stuff."

"You weren't that bad a minute ago," you chuckled.

"Th-that's because Tomoe was-"

You kissed her before she could continue. "Calm down," you said, a kind smile on your face.

"You're right," she said, nuzzling into your chest. "U-um... how about we get that shower?"

You grinned. "Sounds good to me."





> You spent a long time with Chie...






"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced as she entered. "Who wants steak?"

"I do!" Chie exclaimed, grabbing a plate from the kitsune girl.

"Surprised to see you both fully clothed," Rena laughed.

"So am I," Chie whispered, taking her seat beside you on the bed.

"You're so cute together," the kitsune giggled. "No wonder you picked her."

You smiled, turning to Chie who was happily chomping down on her steak. You grabbed a plate yourself and began eating with her.

"You'll come see me again, right Anon?"

You nod. "Absolutely."

"Great!" she exclaimed, kissing your cheek and embracing you from the side.

"HNNNNNG, you're so cuuuute!" Rena exclaimed, and the three of you laughed.

"Oh!" Chie said, letting go of you. "There's something I got for you! Hang on just a second!" She hopped off the bed and opened her dresser, grabbing a pair of wristbands. She gave one to you.

"Matching wristbands!" she said with a smile.

"Wow, thanks," you said, immediately putting it on. "I love it."

"Seriously?" she said, sitting beside you again. "I'm so glad. I was nervous about what to get you, y'know..."

Rena squealed with delight. "It looks so nice on you, Anon," Rena said.

You grinned, hugging Chie and kissing her on the cheek.

"I love you," you both whispered, content.





Many more hours passed in that dream world before it was time to leave. Rena guided you back to the entrance, and you woke up as always upon passing through the doors you entered through. As always, you woke up in the same house, the same bedroom, and the same bed. Later that day, you put on your clothes and went to work as always...

...and showed off your Wristband to your coworkers.

Chapter Text

Every night for over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





You entered the Hotel Fantasia one evening, walking inside as usual.

"Hey, Rena," you greeted, waving to the kitsune girl.

She didn't wave back; rather, she seemed distracted by something.

"Um, Rena-"

"DAMMIT!" she exclaimed, throwing a Nintendo Switch across the lobby before turning to you. "Oh, uh, hey Anon," she said sheepishly.

"Hey," you replied. "Is, um, everything okay?"

"I hate playing with randos," she groaned. "They never paint the battlefield, they just focus on splatting the other team."

"Oh, you're playing Splatoon?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I love it," she grinned. "When my teammates are good, anyway."

You chuckled. "Maybe we should play sometime."

"I'd love to, master!" Rena squealed, her fox tails wagging. "Oh, but let's not forget, you're here to make love, right?"

"Yeah," you replied. "Hm... Since we're talking Splatoon, let's do Marie!"

"Oho! Understood, master~" Rena said, fingers clacking on her computer's keyboard. "Let's see... Ah, both Squid Sisters are right beside each other. Maybe you'll do Callie some other day?"

"Probably," you said. "Maybe even a threesome."

"Mmmm, hot," Rena giggled. "They're on Floor 529. Marie's in Room 14 and Callie's in room 15. I'll send Marie a message and then we'll go!"


Rena typed the floor number into the elevator computer. "And here we go!" she said as it came to live, going up to the five hundred twenty-ninth floor.

"Sounds like we're gonna have to wait a while," you said.

"Yep," Rena replied, walking close to your side. "But you know what that means, right?"

"Oh, um..." you stuttered, her face close to your ear.

"Now that we're alone... with no one to... stop us..."

She reached inside her purse, grabbing something.

"We can have a little... fun together~" she whispered, before handing you a Nintendo Switch. "I'm a Charger main, what about you?"



"YES! We won!" Rena exclaimed, cheering at her victory and hugging you. "Thanks for your help, Anon. You really carried us."

"Nah, it was all you," you said, your arm around her as you left the elevator. "You're great with a Charger."

Rena giggled proudly as the two of you walked to Room 14.

"Aaaand here we are!" Rena announced as you arrived at the room. "Ready to fill her with all your white ink?"

"Heheh, naturally," you chuckled, though blushing a little.

"Hmhmhmhm~" the kitsune girl laughed. "Enjoy yourselves~"

You waved goodbye to Rena as she walked back to the elevator, leaving you to knock on the door.




A beautiful young Inkling woman opened it, revealing her silver hair-tentacles, golden eyes, white gloves, and a black and green dress with green leggings beneath it.

"Glad you could come, Anon," Marie said, a small half-smile on her face. "Come in."

You followed her inside. Her room was neat and tidy, with plenty of Squid Sisters merch lining the walls, along with a Hero Charger mounted over her bed. You walked with her to the bed, sitting beside her.

"I love you room," you said.

She smiled. "Thanks." She grabbed a bottle of milk tea from off her nightstand and handed it to you. "Indirect kiss?"

You chuckled, receiving it. "Thanks," you said, drinking it. "Hm, not bad."

"Nice and sweet, right?"

"Yeah, just like you."

She laughed. "Already trying to flatter me, huh?"

"Should I not?"

"Hm, nah." Marie scooted closer to you, putting an arm around you. "I think you're pretty sweet, too."

The two of you laughed. You put your arm around hers in return, pushing her close to you.

"Hey," she whispered into your ear. "Wanna have our own 'Splatfest'?"

"Huh? Sure, but-"

Marie pulled her green leggings down to her ankles. "This is Handjobs vs. Fingering. Take off your pants and we can get started."

You complied, your pajama pants now on the ground in front of you. She smirked, looking at your erection.

"Looks like someone's ready to lose," she chuckled, before lifting her dress over her stomach. "Make the other player 'squirt their ink' first to win. Ready?"

She wrapped two fingers around you as you pushed two fingers into her. She gasped lightly.

"Ready," you said, looking in her eyes.

She bit her lip as her eyes met yours. Her hand moved slowly up and down, stroking you gently as you fingered her.

"Your glove's... really soft," you said, lightly grunting from the pleasure.

She chuckled. "Try not to focus on it too much. You'll cum in my hand if you do." She leaned in close. "I got better turf for it to claim," she whispered, causing your body to shiver.

You started rubbing her g-spot, causing her to gasp audibly. "You're not bad," she said, her hips shaking a little. "But I'm not done with you."

She let go of you before pulling her glove off, licking her palm, and grabbing you with her whole hand.

"Hah-!" you gasped at the touch, her wet palm rubbing up and down your hard shaft.

"Had enough?" she teased. "Don't you just wanna fill this soft, smooth hand with your hot, white ink? You do, right? You want to blast this Squid Sister's fist with your jizz?"

"I... ghrk..." you grunt, valiantly holding back.

"Go ahead," Marie whispered, her lips agonizingly close to your ear. "Make a MESS. Just- hah!"

You started directly stroking Marie's erect clit with your palm, your fingers still inside her. Her hips shook more than before, her body.

"Mnph..." she moaned. "S-so g- no! You're not gonna- h- haa-!"

You felt her insides contract as a flood of warmth squirted out, soaking your hand.

She panted into your shoulder as her body trembled in pleasure at her first orgasm of the evening. She nuzzled into you with a contented smile on her face. "Nice play, Anon."

"Y-you too," you said, still in awe at her smooth, soft hands on you. After a moment, she let go of you, put her glove back on, and gently turned your to hers.

Marie pressed her lips against yours softly, slowly kissing you. Her lips and yours felt like they were dancing.

"You're awesome," you said, a grin spread across your face.

She smiled too, her sharp squid teeth showing. "We're gonna have so much fun tonight, I can tell."



Marie pulled her dress off, revealing her full nude body. You took off your shirt at the same time.

She chuckled, putting her hands on her hips and eyeing your body over. "Holy carp, Anon, looking good!"

You laughed, embarrassed. "You're the one who's looking good."

She chuckled again, grabbing her boobs. "I'm alright, I guess. Small boobs, though."

"They're pretty normal," you said, grabbing them yourself.

She moaned a little. "Be gentle."

"No problem," you said, squeezing and rubbing her. She bit her lip as you did.

"You can lick them if you want," she said.

"Really? I can?"

"No getting starstruck now, Anon. We're naked, so we can do what we want."

You smirked before bending down to suck and lick her nipples.

"Mmmmph," she moaned as you played with her, teasing her boobs with your hands, tongue, lips, and breath. "Haaah... haah... Mmm, Anon~"

You looked up at her, and she down at you. She nodded with a small, open-mouth smile on her face. Eventually, you pulled off her nipple with an audible pop, causing her to moan again. You kissed down her chest to her stomach, then to her thighs. Her perfectly soft, smooth skin felt incredible to touch, especially against your face. You continued kissing down her body to her dripping entrance.

She stroked your head as you lips met her lower ones. "Anon..." she said, voice shaking with excitement. "Lemme get on the bed first."

You and her walked back to the bed. She lied down, spreading her legs wide and exposing herself to you.


You licked your lips; she laughed.

You got between her legs; she grinned.

Your tongue glided up her inner thigh; she gasped.

You sucked on her clit; she groaned.

You licked her while sucking; she moaned.

Your tongue entered her; she grinded against your face.

You stood up, rubbing up and down her dripping entrance; she begged.

"Do it," she growled, rubbing herself. "Don't tease me."

You nodded, pushing your throbbing hard-on into her. She gasped, head flung backwards as you thrusted.

"Yesyesyesyesyes-" she audibly moaned, her soaking wet Inkling pussy gripping you. "More, Anon! More! Moooooore- ah!"

You grabbed her by the hips, pulling herself into you with each thrust. Her smooth skin felt slick with sweat as you made love to her; she must've been as excited as you.

"Marie, you-"

She sat up, kissing you before you could say anything. Her long, wet tongue entered your mouth, taking full control of your own. You continued rocking into her as you shared a passionate, addicting French kiss. Marie moaned into your mouth as her arms wrapped around you, her whole body trembling at your motions.

Her legs wrapped around your hips, keeping both your dick and your tongue firmly inside her. You felt the need to breathe, but kept fucking her anyway; the pleasure just felt too good.

She broke the kiss, allowing you to breathe. "You're amazing," she said, beaming. She hugged you tighter with both her arms and thighs, making sure you couldn't escape her.

Not that you wanted to.

You pushed yourself on top of her, pressing her to the bed.

"A mating press?!" she exclaimed, gasping in pleasure. "Ohhhh yes...!"

You pounded her while pushing her down, thrusting as she held you in place with her legs wrapped firmly around your back. Your eyes met, both of you full of desire and love.

A tremor shook throughout her whole body as her eyes rolled back. You felt her squeeze tightly with you inside as another orgasm squirted through her, coating your member. You kissed her neck, only intensifying her orgasm.

"A-Anon!!" she exclaimed, her body trembling in joy. "It- it's..."

"What's up?" you asked, kissing her neck.


Marie grabbed your ass, squeezing tightly with both hands.

"It's time for you to cum."

Marie fucked you from below, her body gyrating beneath yours as she squeezed you close. You kept on thrusting into her, splashing the juices of her affection all over her bed.

"Do it," she moaned, biting her lip. "Cum. Explode inside me. Make me a mama squid, Anon."

The hungry look in her eyes, the way she licked her lips, the feeling of your body against hers... it was too much to take. Your hips bucked against hers, your body trembled in pure desire, and finally... release.

You exploded inside her, just as she asked, filling her up.


You got off her, the two of you panting. "Marie... That was... inkredible."

"UGHHHH, you did not," she groaned. "That was terrible, Anon."

You laughed. "Sorry, sorry."

Marie rested her head on her pillows, and you lied down beside her.

"So, uh, how was that?" you asked.

"Meh, it was okay."

"Oh, uh, really?"

She turned to you, smirking. "It was great, stupid. I love you."

She kissed your cheek, making you smile.

"I love you too," you said, reassured.

You put your arm around her, and the two of you relaxed on the bed for a while.






"C'mon, Anon, I know you wanna try costume sex with me," Marie said.

"But that dress looks way too pretty," you said hesitantly. "What if I cum on it? You'd never get it out."

"Meh, it's not like it's a real fancy dress," she shrugged. "I'm not gonna wear it to any formal events... not that I'd go to any, since they suck."

"Oh, uh, alright," you said, spreading Marie's legs in the beautiful, elegant dress.




"Yeah! That's right, pound me!" Marie cried out.

You grunted as you fucked her against the wall, her ass shaking with each intense thrust.

Marie bounced against you as you rammed her. You grabbed her tits from behind, then started kissing her back.

"Mmmph! Booyah, Anon!" she shouted in delight. "Don't stop!!"





Marie's tongue ran up and down your side, licking your sweaty body.

"U-um, Marie?"

"Phew," Marie said, "your armpits must be pretty sweaty by now, haha."

"Uh, y-yeah, they are-"

Her tongue glided along your underarm, tickling it.

"I mean, after all that sex, of course you'd be sweaty. Especially your armpits, haha."

"...Hey, Mar-"

"Maybe we should go hit the showers," she said. "Don't worry, it's freshwater so I'll be fine. More importantly, I can help clean those sweaty armpits of yours, haha."

"...Marie, d... do you have a fetish?"

She was silent.

"You do. You have an armpit fetish."


"A sweaty armpit fetish. You have a-"

"Don't kinkshame me, Anon," she demanded. "Now, raise your arms nice and high."






After a nice shower, you and Marie put on clean clothes.

"Looking fresh, Anon," Marie said, smiling as she tugged on your new T-shirt.

"Same to ya," you said, pecking her on the lips.

There was a knock on the door. "Room service!"

"Hm? Seems a bit soon for dinner," you thought aloud.

"Um, come in?" Marie said.

It wasn't Rena this time; it was Callie!

"Huh?!" Marie exclaimed. "Callie! It's my night with Anon!"

"Aw, c'mon, I just wanted to check up on you two~"

"Well, we're doing just fine," Marie huffed.

Callie hopped up and hugged you. "So, how's our favorite stud doing?"

"I'm doing fine," you said, putting an arm around her and Marie. "Just got finished having crazy good sex with Marie."

Callie laughed. "I know, I could hear from my room! Didn't even need to watch the stream."

"..the what-"

"If Rena catches you, you're chum," Marie groaned at Callie. "You know how strict she is about the rule."

"Aw, it's not breaking the rule if I don't have sex with him, right?" Callie squeezed you tighter. "Besides, how can I resist cuddling with this cutie, right?"

Callie kissed you on the cheek. Marie growled jealously.

You could tell the tensions were high. "Um... how about we all sit on the bed and watch SpongeBob?" you suggested, trying to diffuse the situation.

"...fine," said Marie.

"Okay!" Callie cheered.



"Nice job winning that mini-Splatfest," Callie congratulated as the TV played commercials. "Team Fingering for life!"

You laughed, lying between the girls on the bed. "She got close, though."

"Hey, I let you win that one," Marie said. "I just wanted a good orgasm."

"Oh, please," Callie teased. "You licked your palm for a handjob. That's way too sexy for 'letting him win'."

You smiled at both of them.

"Marie was a bottom the entire time, wasn't she?" Callie smirked.

"Nothing wrong with that," Marie said.

"Damn right," you replied. "Can't all be tops or switches."

"Yeah, but tops are way more fun," Callie said, winking.

"Yeah, if you like doing all the work," Marie bemoaned. "Being under a guy's the best."

"Yeah, if you're a lazy bum," Callie replied. "Being on top's awesome. You get all the power, and guys like girls who can take charge."

"Guys are built to fuck, Callie. Their dicks are for giving, not receiving."

"Um, do I get a say in-" you tried to say, but the debate raged on through the night.





"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced as she burst into the room. "One pineapple-free pizza for- oh, hello, Callie."

"'sup," Callie said. "Don't worry, you can put the pizza cutter down, I'm just here to hang out."

"She's right," Marie said. "You don't gotta punish her... this time."

"Oho, okay," the kitsune girl said, setting the pizza cutter down. "So, Marie, how was it?"

"Fantastic," Marie sighed, throwing her head back into the pillow, then turning to you. "We're gonna have to do this more often."

"I'd love that," you replied, kissing her.

"Awww, that's just too cute," Rena giggled, her fox tails wagging. "Of course, I'm sure Callie would like to spend a night or two with you."

"Naturally," Callie said, kissing your cheek. "You need a girl who's wayyy more naughty than her."

"I dunno, she got pretty naughty," you said, before leaning in and whispering. "Did you know about her... fetish?"

Callie gasped. Marie grabbed you by your shirt.

"Don't you dare!" Marie exclaimed. "That stays between you and me!"

You all shared a laugh.




The night went on, and the time to leave had arrived. Both Marie and Callie sent you off with a "Stay fresh!" and a kiss each. Rena led you back to the entrance, and you awoke up just as you left the Hotel's doors. Looking around, you found the same old room, the same old bed, and the same old house.

Your T-shirt was different, though. It's nice, but you're not sure you can wear a shirt that reads "Team Fingering" around town. It's still fresh, though.







Moments after Anon woke up, Rena turned the TV in the lobby on.

"Oh, the Squid Sisters," Rena observed.

"Aaaand it's here!" Callie announced on the TV. "We've got the Splatfest theme!"

"Let's hear it! Let's hear it!" Marie said, excited.

"All right then, I'll announce the theme!" Callie replied, getting ready to reveal it.

Marie gulped.

"The theme for the upcoming Splatfest is..."

"Wait for iiiiiit..."

Suddenly, the Splatfest theme was revealed behind them: TOP vs BOTTOM!

"It's fuck-"

"-or get fucked!"

"Would you rather conquer your man from above-"

"-or enjoy him from below?"

"Top's obviously the best," Callie proudly proclaimed. "If you really love a guy, show him by riding the carp out of him!"

"Seriously? And get sweaty and tired?" Marie bemoaned. "Pass. I'm a bottom 'til the end."

"Wow, just gonna announce that on live TV, are we?" Callie laughed.

"Dicks are made for giving, not receiving. It's just basic biology."

"Oh, you and your 'science.'" Callie rolled her eyes. "Sex is more than biology. It's about love and raw emotion, and what's more emotional than pinning a guy down and showing him what a woman can REALLY do?"

"Nothing I can't get from the guy being on top," Marie said.

"Wait!" Callie exclaimed. "What if the viewer's a switch?"

Marie shrugged. "I dunno. Flip a coin, I guess."

"A heated battle, to be sure," Rena said, watching the whole exchange. "Hm... I wonder where Anon stands on this..."




Chapter Text

Every night for over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





Finally, after a long day, you returned home and went to sleep. As you rested your head, the tenderness of night carried you from the world of the conscious to the world of the sleeping; more importantly, it took you to your beloved Hotel.

"Good evening!" Rena greeted, the kitsune's smile welcoming you home.

"Evening," you replied, walking to her desk. "How's everything been?"

"Busy as always," she said, smiling, "but it's nothing to worry about. The same's true for you, right?"

"Naturally," you said. "Actually, there's something I've been wondering about."

"Hm? What is it, master?"

"How many girls are in this hotel, exactly?"

"Infinite!" she smiling. "Any girl you could ever want is here. Anime girls, video game girls, celebrities, porn stars... heck, even ones not from your world!"

"So, there's no limit?"

"Basically, no," Rena said, leaning forward on her desk to kiss your nose. "So you can spend a sweet, romantic night with anyone. You. Want!" She emphasized her words with additional kisses.

You blushed at her affection. "Does that mean you have Pokémon here?"

Rena leaned back from your face. "Well, Monster Girl-ified, humanized Pokémon, but yeah!"

"Sounds good to me!" you cheered. "I pick Pikachu Libre for tonight!"

"Right away, Anon!" Rena quickly typed on her computer. "Hm, quite a few Pikachu girls here. Which one's the cutest...? Hm... oh! Anon, you like 'thicc' girls, right?"


"Because I got a thick, sexy Pikachu Libre right here. Want me to message her?"

Rena turned her screen to you, showing a picture of the Pikachu Libre girl in question. She was tall, curvy, and her face looked absolutely adorable.

"Yeah, I'm picking her," you said.

"As you wish, master~" Rena said, messaging her. "She's on Floor 25, room 1013."

"More walking than waiting," you observed. "That's fine."

"Anything for a cutie with a curvy body~" the kitsune girl giggled. "Not that I can blame you. Looking at her pic, I'm half-tempted to join~"

"Oh? You like girls, too?"

"Hmhmhm," Rena chuckled. "I may have fooled around with one or two girls here before~"

The two of you laughed.

"I may have to watch out for you," you joked.

"Oh? Worried I'll steal your girls?" Rena teased. "Anyway, she messaged me back. She's ready for you, so let's go!"






"Floor 25, here we come!" the kitsune girl proclaimed as the elevator ascended.

"Shouldn't be too long," you said.

Rena giggled to herself before standing beside you, putting an arm around you. "Heyyy, Anon~"

"What's up?" you asked.

"Are you ready for an... electrifying night with her?"

"Ughhhhh, Rena..." you groaned.

"I bet her moves will... shock you~"

"Shut uuupppp..." you moaned in agony.

"Watts the matter, master? Don't you want to feel the sparks of romance?"


"Don't you want to get ohm top of her and plug yourself into her, you stud?"


And this went on for some time.






"-put your family joules into her mouth and- oh, we're here!" Rena said as the elevator doors opened.

"FREEDOM!" you exclaim, running out of the elevator.

Rena giggled. "It's this way, silly Master," she said, pointing in the other direction. "You can't just..." -she snorted- "...charge in like that."










"Here we are," Rena said as you arrived. "I'm positive you'll have a good time, so don't be so negative."

"Please shut up," you groaned.

The kitsune girl giggled. "Have fun with Pikachu Libre, Anon. Oh! I should've made wrestler puns, too. That would've Rocked."

"Thank you and goodbye," you called out to her as she left.


Before you could knock on the door, though, it opened.

"Was she making bad puns again?" the Pikachu girl asked.

Her bright yellow body was curvy, with a heart-shaped Pikachu tail behind her and a pair of Pikachu ears on her head. Her wrestler's outfit gave who she was away: Pikachu Libre.

You were stunned in silence for a moment at the gorgeous woman standing before you. "Oh, ahem, yeah, she was."

Pikachu Libre giggled. "Yeah, she always does that. Anyway, come on in."

She pulled you in and slammed the door behind you.


"You're looking good, Anon," she said, picking you up by your armpits with her immense strength. She pulled you in for a kiss, your body pressing tightly against her massive, soft breasts. Her lips were just as soft, pressing against your own adoringly. She broke the kiss with a chuckle. "Hey Anon, did I get you hard with a kiss?" she smirked.

It was true; your dick was rock solid against her body.

"Cute," she said, kissing you again. She set you on the ground, grabbing your cheeks instead and continuing to kiss you. "Mmmmmm!"

"This is amazing," you gasped out.

She smiled. "It's only the beginning, babe," she winked, pecking your forehead before picking you up again. She carried you to her bed, lying you down on it.

She stood beside you and leaned over to show off her cleavage. "Like my boobs, Anon?"

"Yeah, they're awesome," you said, gazing at her massive breasts. "They're huge..."

"Yep. They're big 'n' heavy, but I can carry 'em just fine." She squeezed them for emphasis, bouncing them for you.

You started pulling down your pajama pants. "Hey, can I jack off to you?"

"Sure!" she exclaimed, turning around to show off her ass. "Just don't bust a nut yet!"

You pulled them to your ankles and grabbed your rock-hard member, pumping it for her.

Pikachu Libre bounced her ass with her hands, showing off how "thicc" it truly was. Her skintight wrestler's pants could barely contain it.

"Fuck, you're sexy," you said, beating your meat.

She turned her head, biting her lip. "You wanna stick your dick in a Pikachu, doncha?" she winked.

You nodded.

Libre laughed. "Nothing wrong with that." She pulled her pants to the ground, revealing her perfectly-smooth, round, bouncy ass. Kicking them aside, she started hopping up and down, causing her asscheeks to clap.

You laughed. "Nice assclapping."

"Thought you'd say that," she said. "So, how about you bury your face in this smooth, perfect Pikachu ass?"

Immediately you jumped off the bed, slapping your face into her cheeks.

"Mmmmmph, yeah..." Libre moaned. "You like that, doncha, Anon? Such a fat, perfect ass..."

You couldn't deny just how soft her cheeks felt, how nice they felt on your face, how smooth her whole body was. She shook her ass into your face, pushing you to the ground. She laughed as she grinded into you.

"Hungry for some Pika-pussy?" she asked, licking her lips.

You grabbed her thighs from below, pulling her down and eating her out, your tongue and lips teasing her in harmony.

"Mmm, oh Anon..." she moaned, grinding her hips into your face harder. "You've had practice, I can tell."

You shoved your tongue inside, licking rapidly. She gasped, her back arching as she moaned.

"Anon!" she shouted, her body trembling. "D-damn, you're good." She leaned forward, her huge breasts pressed against your member. She pulled her top down with one finger, releasing her massive tits and squeezing you on both sizes between them.

You moaned into her as she jerked you off with her breasts. Her warm, glistening womanhood trembled with the rapid touch of your eager tongue. A tremor of desire shook through her as she moaned. "Thanks, Anon," she said, tittyfucking you faster and harder. "Now your turn."

The sensation of her soft breasts pounding your erection only got faster and harder as she went on, and the feeling of her breath on you only made you want to cum more.

"L-Libre, I-"

Before you could continue, a feeling like an electric shock shot through your body. You threw your head back and cried out as your seed blasted between Pikachu Libre's soft breasts.

"You're welcome," she said, smirking as she got off you. She laughed, seeing your soaking wet face. "Damn, was I that horny?"






You and Libre rested on her bed, butt-naked while looking at pictures on her phone.

"And here's my Eevee friend. Like her tits?" she asked.

"Yeah, they're big." You pushed your head into her breasts. "Not as big as yours, though."

"Aw, cute," she said, nuzzling against you. She slid her thumb across the phone's screen. "Here's me and her making out."

"Damn, that's hot," you observed. "Who took the pic?"

"My Charizard friend," she replied. "She's got amazing lips, gives badass kisses."

"Should I ask for a threesome sometime?"

"Foursome," she corrected. "Eevee's gotta join in, too."

"Oh, hell yeah," you said.

You shared a laugh, and she kissed your forehead.

"I just noticed, you're still wearing your mask."

"Yeah, the mask stays on during sex," she said, grinning at you. Her hand swiped on her phone again. "Here's Eevee 'n Charizard gettin' it on."

"Holy crap," you exclaimed, eyes wide.

"I know, 's a complex position," Pikachu Libre said. "It's called the... 78 Position, right?"

"I didn't know lesbians could do 78," you said in awe at the erotic scene on her phone.

"Looks a little uncomfortable, but they said they liked it," Libre said. Her eyes glanced at your erection. "Heh, looks like you like it, too."

You chuckled. Pikachu Libre handed you her phone, using that hand to jerk you off, slowly.

"Go to the next pic, okay?" she whispered, one arm acting as your pillow while the other pumped you.

"Haaah, okay," you moaned at her touch, swiping the screen to more and more sexy pictures, with even more of her Pokémon-Girl friends...




"Alright, I'm officially horny again," she said, letting go of your dick. "Sit up. I wanna ride you."

You sat up on her bed, your back to her pillows. She smiled, straddling you and lining you up to enter her.

"Ready to play rough, babe?"

You nodded.

She smirked, then slammed down onto you. You shouted as you entered her. She was slick, and her warm walls almost seemed to vibrate.

Your eyes widened at the sensation. You looked up at her.

"Breathless already, huh?" the Pikachu girl smiled, her hands on her wide hips. "You must really, really like getting fucked."

You nodded again before grabbing her tits. In response, she started moving, going up and down on your throbbing hard-on. You moaned as she rode you, slowly at first but getting progressively faster. Her huge, curvy body slammed onto yours over and over, practically milking you. She bit her lip as she watched your face contort in pleasure.

She put her hands on your chest, pressing you into the back of the bed. She squeezed her bare breasts together with her arms, giving you something nice to look at.

You grabbed her hips, thrusting up in time with her. "Fuck, Libre..." you whisper.

"Getting close already?" she growled sensually, leaning forward with her face only a couple inches from yours.

"Hardly," you said with confidence.

"Hmhmhm," she said before slamming her face into yours with gusto, her tongue wrestling with yours. Your bodies trembled together as her ferocious kiss rocked your body. You felt yourself getting near the climax, when suddenly she hopped off you.

"Huh? What's up?"

"I got a better idea," she said, pulling you off the bed.



You faced each other, mentally preparing yourselves for battle. She put her luchador outfit back on, while you put on a custom one that she had made for you before you came.

"So, who's Face and who's Heel?" you asked, adjusting your mask.

Libra laughed. "Anon, if you were any more of a Babyface, this fic would be tagged with 'Underage'."

"Harsh," you replied.

"Heel, remember?" she smirked, her hand on her waist.

"Right. So, uh, when do we start?"

"Well, good little Faces like you wait until the bell."

"...But we don't have a-"

She ran across the room towards you. "Exactly!"

Thinking quickly, you grabbed her hands, performing a grappling hold. Unfortunately, she just pushed you back against the wall slowly, letting down a growl of desire from her perverted grin.

"You're a smart boy, Anon," she said, "But not a strong one." She pressed her breasts against your face, practically suffocating you with them. Her knee rubbed up and down your crotch, trying to force you to cum.

Miraculously, you found the strength to push her back, wrapping your arms around her waist and attempting to pull her down.

"Ohoho, a bear hug, Anon?" she chuckled, grabbing you in the same way. "Are you trying to fight or cuddle with me?"

She fell down on top of you, pressing you to the ground with her huge body.

"You don't stand a chance," she said smugly, pulling her top off. Her plump breasts bounced as they were freed. She pressed a nipple to your lips. "Suck," she ordered.

You grabbed both her tits, sucking on one of them. You pushed against them, managing to roll her over onto the ground. You pulled off her nipple with a loud pop.

"One... two... three..." you said with a grin, looking her in the eyes.

"Oh no, you don't," she said, pushing you over with your stomach to the ground. She rolled over and pushed a single hand down your skintight wrestler's pants, stroking your erection slowly.

You grunted, trying to resist how good it felt.

"That's it," she whispered into your ear, occasionally licking your earlobe as she spoke. "Just cum, Anon. Don't you want to lose to me? Don't you want this curvy, sexy Pikachu wrestler to make you explode?"

You pushed back against her, but that only made her handjob from behind faster and harder. You moaned, you body shaking in pleasure. "L-Libre, I-"

She immediately pulled out of your pants, right as you were close.

"This must be why co-ed wrestling isn't a thing," she chuckled. "The girl could just jack the guy off and win."

"Yeah," you laughed, turning to face her. "I'd totally watch that, though."

You rushed at her, your face in her stomach as you tried pushing her to the ground.

She smirked. "No sell." She grabbed you again, slamming you to the floor. She sat on your face, her ass clapping against you.

You pushed her off you, but her thick thighs were still around your head. You slapped her leg in your struggle to escape.

"One... two... three... four... five..." she said sensually.

Somehow, you managed to escape her thighs, but in the process she grabbed your pants and pulled them to your ankles, tripping you when you tried to get up.

"Classic Heel trick," she said. "Or at least, classic me trick."

You rolled onto your stomach, trying to catch your breath with all the excitement. She stood tall in front of you as you rested on the ground, her arms crossed as she licked her lips.

She walked backwards, slowly. "Ready, Anon? Ready for my finishing move?" She ripped her leggings off as she continued stepping backwards, exposing all of her smooth, sweat-glistening nude form.

She started running towards you before jumping, arms outstretched right over you. "FLYING PRESS!"

Only one bone in your body was looking forward to this.

She slammed on top of you, her massive weight covering your whole body. You felt yourself slipping into her when she fell, and now you felt her move, her ass clapping as she rode you violently.

"One... two... three..."

It felt so good.

"Four... five... six..."

The electrifying vibrations inside her, the soaking warmth wrapping around your raging hard-on...

"Seven... eight... nine..."

She grabbed your face, slipping her tongue into your mouth as your body trembled beneath her. The same electric shock ran through your body as before, causing an intense orgasm to rock through you, exploding in her.


She kissed your cheek. "Like my finishing move?"

"It's... the best..." you panted, out of breath.

She smirked, kissing you again. "I'm sure a ref would've had my ass for that play, buuut I don't think you're complaining," she giggled.

"Yeah... no complaints here..." You kissed her back, making her smile.

"Let's rest for a bit, then we can have some more fun." she said, cuddling with you on the ground.





Pikachu Libre kissed down your neck, causing your body to tremble in desire.

She smirked, adding tiny licks after every kiss. She trailed further and further down, until she reached your erection.

"Well, well, well," she teased, before licking your balls and teasing them with kisses. She stroked your dick at the same time.

You moaned, blushing at her skills.

She chuckled, her breath tickling your testicles. She grabbed both your thighs and slammed her mouth down on your throbbing erection, drooling on it before pulling up and suckling the head.

You threw your head backwards, drooling as she sucked and licked the tip. She stroked the base with her fingertips while teasing you with her tongue. Her mouth felt so warm and wet, and her tongue teased you so quickly. You groaned in pleasure, addicted to her blowjob.






Pikachu Libre started ass-clapping on your face, her smooth cheeks smacking against you as you ate her out again.

"Can you tell I have a favorite position?" she laughed, grinding herself into you. "Mmmmph, you're amazing~"

Your tongue continued teasing her as she let out a squeal of delight, her body trembling as she came again...





"MMMMPH, fuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK!!" the Pikachu girl shouted as you slammed her against the back of the bed. "You're crazy good at this~!"

"Heheh, thanks~" you grinned, slamming against her as she moaned, a wide smile across her face.

She wrapped her powerful thighs around you, locking you from pulling out. "Do it! Keep going! FUCK ME!"

Pikachu Libre laughed as you kept thrusting, her hot walls encouraging you to orgasm.

She panted loudly. "A-Anon! I love you! You're the greatest in the world! Keep fucking me! I love you!!!"

A powerful tremor erupted through both your bodies as you pressed against each other.

"I love you t-" you grunted, but were interrupted by her lips against yours, her hand cupping your cheek as you tongues met once again.





"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced as she barged in, as always.

You and Pikachu Libre were wrestling on the ground, your nude bodies covered in oil.

"Sexy," the kitsune giggled as she watched the two of you.

"Thanks," you both said, grabbing each other and trying to assert dominance.

Rena placed the food on a nearby table. "I got Poké Puffs and a whole basket of berries for you two."

"Awesome," Libre said, trying to titfuck you while pinning you down. "But we might be a bit."

Rena giggled. "That looks like fun. Mind if I watch?"

"Not at all," the Pikachu on top of you said, right before being rolled over. You ate her out as you got on top of her, causing her to moan.

"Mmmmph, someone likes Pika pussy~" she growled, just before grabbing your head with her thighs again.

And thus, the night went on, with Rena commenting on the struggle between you and your curvy Pikachu Libre girlfriend.





But eventually, the time came for you to wake up. You said your heartfelt goodbyes to Libre, and Rena led you back to the entrance. Upon crossing the familiar threshold, you woke up in the same home as always, in the same room, and in the same bed. Though one thing was definitely different:

You were still wearing the luchador mask that Libre gave you.

Chapter Text

Every night for over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





There was never a better cure for the mundanities of daily life than falling asleep and dreaming of the Hotel. Rena always greeted you with a smile and a wave as you walked through the threshold.

"Evening, Anon," Rena greeted.

"Hey, Rena," you said, smiling.

"Someone's happy tonight," the kitsune giggled. "Anyone in particular you'd like to spend the night with?"

"Yeah," you said. "You know Lottie? From The Princess and the Frog?"

"The Disney movie? Of course!" She immediately began typing on her computer. "Charlotte LaBouff, Floor 129, room 20. Let me send her a message and we'll go see her, okay?"




"129's pretty far," Rena said, typing the number into the elevator's keypad. "You're okay with waiting, right, Master?"

"We've been up further," you said, lying down on the elevator's floor.

She smiled at you, walking over to where you were and lying down beside you.

"So, you wanna feel like a prince tonight, huh?" she giggled.

You chuckled, leaning against her shoulder. "It'd be nice."

"I've seen the movie. She's really sweet," Rena said, leaning against you. "You'll be happy tonight."

For over a hundred floors, you rested there against each other, practically dozing off to the sound of the elevator.





"Mnnnph..." you groaned, waking up from your nap-within-a-dream.

"Hehe," Rena giggled, whispering. "So, Anon, this is what it's like waking up next to you."

The kitsune girl stroked your cheek with her hand as you woke up.

"Good morning," you said drowsily.

She shook her head, smiling. "Still evening, sweetheart. You must be so tired from today. I bet sleeping with a cute girl will make all that stress go away~"

You smiled, kissing her cheek. "Thanks, Rena."

She giggled, taking you hand and helping you up. "Now, let's go see Lottie."




"Room 20, here we are!" Rena announced as you arrived. "Hope you're ready," she winked.

You nodded. "I'm absolutely ready," you said confidently before knocking on the door.

Immediately, you were pulled in by a pair of fair arms, the door slamming shut behind you.

Rena looked on with wide eyes. "...Well, okay, then."





Charlotte's lips smashed against your own, leaving bright red lipstick marks everywhere she kissed. She squeezed you in her arms like a teddy bear, practically crushing you in her embrace.

"Mmm-mmm-mmm!" she squealed in delight, her arms wrapped around you as she swung you side to side. "I waited so long for you, my prince! I've just been countin' the hours, waitin' for you to finally come! So, how long were you- hm?"

You laid limp in her arms, dazed and overwhelmed by her affection.



You woke up in her bed moments later. She was sitting beside you on a chair, her hand on your forehead.

"Oh, thank goodness, Anon," she said, concerned. "You're finally awake!"

"You're surprisingly strong," you coughed.

Charlotte hopped onto the bed beside you, hugging you again but much gentler than before. She nuzzled her cheek into your own, grinning madly.

"I can't believe you're finally here, Anon baby!" she squealed.

You hugged her back, nuzzling into her just as she did to you. "I'm glad to be here, Charlotte."

"Oh, honey, you can just call me Lottie," she said, kissing your cheek. "Ain't no need for my man to be so formal 'n whatnot. 'specially if we're gonna be... makin' love later."

The two of you cuddled in bed, playfully growling at each other and sharing kisses. As she squeezed you close, she felt you slowly hardening against her leg. She bit her lip, looking deep in your eyes with burning desire. Her pink-gloved hands stroked your back, running her fingers up and down your spine.

"Anon, sugar," she whispered low, her hands moving to your cheeks as she grinned. "Somethin' feels like it's gettin' hard down there."

You nod, gently pushing yourself into her. "Yeah, it's-"

Without breaking eye contact, she grabbed you from under your pajama pants, still biting her lip and giving you bedroom eyes.

"We're gonna have ourselves a good ol' time tonight!" she exclaimed, jerking you off quickly and without mercy.

"Haah, L-Lottie, that's-"

You were interrupted by her kiss, her tongue slipping inside your mouth and wrestling with your own. Her gloved hand pumped you hard, causing your hips to thrust into her. You moaned into her kiss, practically addicted to her touch now. She broke the intense kiss to breathe, giggling at you.

"You feelin' good, sugar?" she asked, a laugh in her voice.

"Incredible," you replied, kissing her back and slipping your own tongue into her mouth. She moaned as you French kissed her in return, your tongues dancing together in desire.

She pulled her hand out from under your pajama pants and wrapped both arms around you tightly. She kept kissing you before finally pulling off you with a pop. "Mmmm, Anon, you stud~!" Lottie exclaimed in admiration. "Where'd you learn to kiss like that?"

Before you could answer, she pulled your face into her bosom, squeezing you and snuggling you.

"Anon, my sweetheart, my prince, my loverboy, my cute li'l man," she giggled in delight, holding you close. "We're gon' be the best lovers ever!"


Lottie bit her lip as she dropped her beautiful pink dress in front of you, revealing her soft breasts. "Like 'em, sugar?" she asked, cupping them from below.

You answered her by grabbing them, rubbing her nipples with your thumb until they got hard. They weren't very big, but they were all yours tonight. She squealed in delight as you played with her breasts, before pulling your face right into them.

"Oh, darlin'!" she exclaimed, her bosom on either side of your face. "You're such a beast~" she growled playfully, stroking your head with a pink glove. "But now, you gotta start takin' somethin' off, honey~"

She grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it right over your head, squealing at the sight of your exposed body. She pinned you to the bed, kissing your lips before kissing downward, leaving a trail of lipstick marks behind her. Her eyes met yours as she licked and sucked on each of your nipples, blowing cold breath on each.

"Mmm, Lottie," you said at her touch.

"Hmhmhm~" she giggled, before grabbing your pajama pants and pulling them to your ankles in one quick motion. "Oh my!" she shouted upon seeing you. "It's so... hard! Did I get you like this, sugar?"

"All you," you replied, cupping her cheek and pulling her to your lips for yet another erotic kiss. Her tongue and yours struggled against one another in each other's mouth, her lips firmly against yours.

She pulled off you with a trail of saliva connecting your mouths. "Mmmph, you sexy man," she purred, before kissing down your body again to your throbbing erection. She pressed her lips firmly against the shaft, kissing you up and down quickly, covering you with lipstick marks. Her lips wrapped around the head as she sucked on it, surrounding it with tiny licks.

You gasped at her touch, the feeling of her lips and tongue around you. She moaned into the tip as she teased it. Slowly, she pushed her head down over your shaft, taking it in. She bobbed up and down, her lipstick and saliva mixing on you. Her mouth felt so good around your member that you couldn't help but thrust in rhythm with her blowjob.

"Mmmmnph, Lottie," you moaned, feeling her mouth.

She winked at you before pulling off you and stroking you with your hand. She kissed and sucked on your balls while rubbing your now-slick erection with her pink gloved hands.

"You're g- ah, going to ruin those gloves," you said.

"Aw, I can always wash them," she said, kissing you between your thighs. "But you're somethin' special, sugar. I gotta make sure our lover's night's somethin' special." She stroked you faster and harder as she pressed her lips against the tip.

You threw your head back, you hips thrusting into the air. "L-Lottie!" you exclaim as you feel an orgasm approach.

She bit her lip. "Aw, is someone gonna c-"

You grunt in desire as your orgasm shoots through your body, blasting Lottie's face and gloves with hot, white cum.

"Um... sorry," you said after recovering, seeing Lottie covered in your jizz.

She giggled. "Nothin' to worry 'bout," she said, quickly wiping her face off with a nearby towel before reapplying all her makeup.

"Damn, you're fast," you said, before being kissed on the cheek.

"I love you, Anon," she whispered into your ear, your nude bodies pressed against one another.

"I love you, too, Lottie," you whispered back, causing her to squeal louder than ever as she tightly snuggled with you on the bed.



Lottie spread her legs for you on the bed. "C'mere, loverboy!" she exclaimed, her womanhood exposed for you. "Make me a woman, sugar!"

"Gladly," you said, licking your lips while stroking your erection. She was dripping with desire between her legs, hot and ready for you. You teased her lips with the tip, rubbing up and down along her. She moaned aloud, begging for you to claim her. You complied, thrusting yourself into her, causing squeals of delight and passion to erupt from her mouth.

"OH-! Oh, darlin'! That's right, sugar, keep- oh! Keep it up- YES!" she moaned, the pleasure obvious in her voice. She looked up at you, biting her lip. "Anon, darlin', you're the man of my dreams! Mmm, thank the evenin' star we can be together tonight!!"

You grabbed her hips, pulling her into your throbbing erection in time with your thrusts. She gasped, her body shaking at the intense pounding. She grabbed your head with both hands, grinning madly before kissing you. You shook her body more and more, your throbbing erection causing her hips to tremble. You kept fucking her, harder and faster, as your tongues danced together.

She moaned into your mouth as you pounded her, her soaking womanhood practically drowning you. The heat of her walls enveloped you as her body shook violently. She wrapped her legs around you, pulling you tightly into her.

"Anon!" she shouted as you broke the kiss. "Do it, Anon! Make love to me harder! Make me yours! Make me your bride~!!"

You were more than happy to, thrusting into her while squeezing her tightly. You kissed her neck, causing her body to tremble yet again, her hands digging into your back. She bit her lip as her body was enveloped by sensual pleasure on all sides, and she threw her head back at her third orgasm in the past ten minutes. Her eyes teared up as her body shook, her warm insides squeezing you on all sides.

You felt your erection being practically milked inside her as she came, a flood of heat and desire surrounding you as you pumped into her. You couldn't resist; tremors erupted through your bodies as you kissed again, filling her womanhood with your hot seed. She moaned into your lips as you filled her up, squeezing you tighter with her arms and legs.

"Anon, darlin'," she whispered as you began to relax, "that was the best." She kissed your cheek and rested beneath you, relaxing in your arms.

You kissed her back, resting on top of her. "Anything for you, Lottie."

She squealed in delight yet again, squeezing you in a tight cuddle.




Lottie leaned her back against the wall as you entered her. She bit her lip, looking down at where you were entering.

"Mmm, you stud," she gasped as you entered her, pounding her against the wall. She put one leg around you as you grabbed her by the hips, thrusting into her.

"Hope the neighbors won't mind," you grunted with a smile.

"Mmm- oh, don't worry," Lottie said as you screwed her against the wall. "Tiana's -oh! Not the jealous type~"





"Mmmm! Somebody's hungry!" she growled with desire as you ate her out, her thighs smothering you as she sat on your face. She thrusted her hips against your lips and tongue, grinding herself into you.

Your tongue pushed itself into her, causing gasps of desire to erupt from her lips. She tasted so good...

"That's the ticket, sugar! Keep it up! I'm almost there- ah!"

She squirted onto your face, her trembling hips grinding against you harder as she erupted with warmth. You grabbed her by the hips and continued eating her, causing her to squeal in delight louder and louder.




As Lottie spooned you from behind on her bed, you looked out the window, seeing two stars lighting up the normally pitch-black void. You couldn't help but smile at the sight of them.

Lottie's cheek nuzzled into your back as you gazed up at the night sky...




"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced as she arrived. "I ran into Tiana outside, and she wanted me to bring you this," she said, setting a big pot on a nearby table.

"Tiana's gumbo!?" Lottie exclaimed, running over to the table.

"That's right," Rena smiled. "Heheh, looks like you two were having fun."

"Naturally," you said, sitting beside Lottie with an arm over her shoulder.

"We're gon' have a big New Orleans weddin', and everyone's invited!" Lottie squealed, kissing your cheek rapidly. "Ain't he just the bee's knees?" 

Rena laughed. "He certainly is. Of course, he'll have to marry more than just you, Lott-"

"Oh, don't I know it! But don't worry, I'll get 'im all the weddings he wants!" Lottie exclaimed, kissing you again before handing you a wad of cash. "You'll buy me a ring first, right, Anon baby?"

"O-of course," you said, taking the money.

Lottie squealed again, hugging you tight and pulling you to the floor amidst your protestations.

Rena just giggled as you begged for help.





You spent hours talking with Lottie and Rena, but before long it was time to leave. Rena led you back to the entrance, where you returned back to your old bed, the dream of the Hotel Fantasia vanishing. The bedroom you always fell asleep in returned to sight as you awoke, remembering the wonderous night of passion you spent with Lottie.

Remembering your promise, however, you pulled out the wad of cash from your pocket, eager to buy a ring.




"...wait, did I just spontaneously generate cash in my sleep? ...I can abuse this."

Chapter Text

Every night for over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





Rena grinned happily as you passed through the entrance. "Welcome back, Master."

"Thanks," you replied, smiling just as much. "How've you been?"

"Just fine," she nodded. "That's so sweet of you to ask, Anon." She leaned over the reception desk to stroke your cheek. "I couldn't ask for a better master."

You blush at her touch. "Hey, can I ask something?"

"Oho, I know what you're gonna ask," she winked, "and yes, I'm single~"

"Ahaha, not even close," you laughed.

The kitsune pouted. "Aw, fine. So, what is it?"

"Is it possible to bang Dark Samus?"

"Sure!" she said, typing on her computer. "I was waiting for you to ask! Samus' room is on Floor 86, room-"

"No, no, Dark Samus."

Rena turned from her computer to look at you, her head tilted. "...Qué?"

"C'mon, you got humanized Pokémon, so why not Dark Samus?"


"Stop saying 'what' in foreign languages."


"The hell language even is that?!"

"Klingon," she said, grinning. "I took a college course."

"That only raises further questions- bah, whatever, just let me pound Dark Samus."

Rena sighed. "Fine, fine. We got Dark Samus - heavily altered from canon for your, ahem, purposes. Her room's in Basement 2, Room 4."

"Basement? That's new."

"We keep the more... dangerous girls in the basement floors," she explained. "The ones we're concerned about. As such, your sexy fun time will need to be heavily monitored for your protection. Just in case."

"Protection?" You tilted your head. "So like, if I die in the dream, do I die in-"


"...Oh, damn." You suppose it made sense; the Hotel Fantasia did operate under "but was it a dream?" rules since the start, and if objects and lipstick marks could be transferred to the outside world, wounds weren't too far off.

"Do you understand now? The severity of your request?"

You nod.

"Do you still want to have sex with Dark Samus?"

"...I mean, yeah."

Rena laughed, her serious mood shifting instantly. "That's my master, always so horny~!" She punched your shoulder playfully. "I'm sure you'll be fine, sweetheart. Sorry for trying to scare ya." She kissed your cheek, nuzzling her face against your own as she hugged you from over the reception desk.





"So, um, why haven't we gone yet?" you asked, sitting beside Rena in the lobby.

"Well, I was serious about needing you to be monitored," she replied, stroking your hair. "So I called in a lifeguard. She should be down soon."

A few moments later, the elevator dinged. Out of it, a woman in an orange metal suit emerged.

"I'm here, Rena," the woman said. "Hello, Anon."

"Samus?" you gawked at her.

She stepped up beside you. stroking your cheek with her hand. "Aren't you brave, choosing to fuck Dark Samus?"

You chuckled. "I'm just curious. I wanna know what it'd be like."

She kneeled in front of you, her face meeting yours. Her visor retracted into her spacesuit, revealing her soft smile.

"I admire your bravery," she said, continuing to stroke your cheek. "I bet you'll have a good time. I'm just going to make sure you're safe... because I care about you." Samus planted a kiss on your lips, causing you to blush.

Rena bit her lip. "Aw, you're a cute couple," she said.

"Are we?" Samus joked. "Well, we had better get going."

The three of you stepped into the elevator.



"Basement 2, Room 4," Rena said. "Pretty short trip, but it's the first time Anon's ever gone down."

"That's not what the livestreams tell me," Samus joked, leading to Rena bursting out in laughter.

"Oh, no, in that sense, Anon's a damn veteran," Rena chortled.

"Livestreams?" you asked.

"Oh, Rena's never told you?" Samus said, kneeling beside you due to her height. "Your little sexcapades are streamed for any girl in the hotel to watch."

"What?!" you exclaimed. "But- but I- what if I look stupid while fucking? Or I make a dumb joke that everyone hears?"

"All I remember watching is a cute, sexy stud," Samus chuckled, removing her helmet. "Remember, to everyone in this hotel, you're the most desirable man in the world."

"She's right," Rena said, kissing your cheek on the other side. "So don't worry about it. Just keep being your cute, sexy self."

You blushed, and the girls hugged you on both sides. Samus purred into your ear while Rena's fox tails wagged behind her.





"And here we are," Rena said, leading you and Samus out of the elevator.

Samus put her helmet back on as she led you to Room 4. "I'll be coming in with you, whether or not Dark Samus appreciates it."

"Maybe she likes being watch, ehehe~" Rena elbowed Samus in the side.

"Doubtful," Samus replied, readying her arm cannon.

You arrived at Room 4.

"Well, here we are," you said. "Should I knock?"

The girls nodded, and you knocked on the door.

"Be safe..." Rena whispered.

"While in there, tell me everything you're feeling," Samus ordered. "Especially if you're feeling forced to do something. I don't think she'll accept safe words."

The door opened, revealing a creature that bore a striking resemblance to Samus' Varia Suit. However, her suit was a dark blue, with an exposed torso of translucent, light blue "skin", showing off a pair of breasts and vagina.

"Interesting," Samus observed, scanning Dark Samus with her visor. "The Phazon making up her body isn't radioactive. Fascinating..."

Dark Samus pulled you in with her hand. She turned to Samus.

"I will be monitoring you," Samus said. "I need to keep Anon safe."

Dark Samus nodded slowly, taking you inside as Samus followed behind you. Rena shut the door behind Samus.

"...I love you, Anon," Rena whispered, her voice shaking.




Your heart pounded as Dark Samus lied you on the ground. Her room looked more like the inside of a Phazon-infected spaceship, lacking any bed.

Dark Samus rubbed her huge, blue breasts against you, up and down your own chest. Her soft pseudo-skin glided against yours, arousing you.

"I-it feels good so far," you told Samus, taking off your shirt.

Samus nodded, sitting a safe distance away, legs crossed as she monitored you.

Dark Samus' hand stroked your bare chest, while her cannon arm rested behind your head. She began teasing your nipples with her fingers. A low growl came from the creature's helmet.

"Uh, she's... growling," you said. "But I think it's more like a... sensual growl?"

"Like she's purring," Samus observed. "Alright, I don't think she's going to hurt you."

Your body shivered at Dark Samus' touch. She continued playing with your nipples while her huge breasts squished against your stomach. Your hips involuntarily thrust up into her soft body.

"Th-this isn't bad..." you shivered. "Uh, should I just shut up if nothing's wrong?"

"If you stop talking, I'll think something is wrong," Samus warned. "Just tell me everything. It's not like I'll get sick of your voice."

"A-alright," you replied, feeling your erection hitting her stomach.


Dark Samus' breasts glided up your body to your face, smothering you.

Samus quickly stood up, aiming her arm cannon at Dark Samus. "Anon, state your condition!"

"Is 'marshmallow heaven' a condition?" you replied, cheeks squished on either side.

Samus sighed in relief, lowering her arm. "Affirmative," she said with a smile.

Dark Samus stroked your face with her massive, soft bosom before moving downward, rubbing along your body to your groin. She grinded her chest into your pajama pants.

"I think she wants to tittyfuck me," you told Samus.

Samus nodded. "Paizuri authorized."

You slid your pants down to your ankles. Dark Samus made another low, growling sound before pressing your erection between her breasts. You let out a gasp, alerting Samus, but seeing your pleasured face assured her nothing was wrong. Dark Samus stroked your throbbing member, her translucent bosom jerking you off. It was slow and sensual at first, but every second she built up speed, pumping you until you moaned.

Samus got closer to further observe the titfuck. She licked her lips at the sight of your erection, jealous of Dark Samus.

"H-hey, Dark Samus," you moaned out, "a little s-slower- ah!"

Your hips thrust up as an orgasm shot through you, your cum blasting between her breasts.

"Orgasm confirmed," Samus said, putting her hand under your head. "Anon, are you alright?"

You nodded, face red with blushing. "That was... really good."

Samus smiled under her visor.

Dark Samus' blue pseudo-flesh absorbed your seed into her. Another low growl from the creature told you that she was happy.



Dark Samus rested on her back, her legs spread to expose her blue, glowing womanhood.

"Anon, take this," Samus said, handing you a small, cylindrical device.

"What's this?" you asked, turning it on all sides.

"Put simply, it's a sex toy with data reading capabilities. I want you to insert it in her vagina in order to make sure it's safe for intercourse."

You nodded, understanding her concerns. You pushed the electronic dildo into Dark Samus, causing her hips to shake.

"You can thrust it if you'd like," Samus said, reading the data on her visor as you masturbated her. "Let's see... vaginal lubrication appears normal, with any differing bacteria remaining harmless to humans. Vaginal canal appears safe for intercourse, and there's no evidence of infection or disease. Hm... she's experiencing quite a bit of arousal..."

Her hips began thrusting upward into your dildo as you continued fucking her. "I think she likes it."

"Her vaginal canal is, indeed, expanding," Samus noticed. "Furthermore, her natural lubrication is increasing at a tremendous rate."

Suddenly, Dark Samus grabbed the dildo herself, knocking your hands away. She thrust it into her faster than you ever did, arching her back with her hips to the air.

"Orgasm imminent!" Samus exclaimed.

Dark Samus exploded with desire, shaking with multiple squirting orgasms at once. The toy shot out of her by the force of her orgasm, her body shaking and shivering at the powerful orgasm.

"...I guess we're even now," you said, causing Samus to smirk.



Samus nodded as you lined yourself up with her. "She's completely safe, physiologically speaking. Intercourse authorized."

You pushed yourself in, shouting as you did.

"What's going on?!" Samus demanded.

"N-nothing's wrong," you exclaim, thrusting into the pseudo-Phazon vagina. "It's really... really good."

You gripped her hips, fucking her slowly. She thrusted herself up to meet you with each rhythmic pump, her wet walls surrounding you with each thrust. Dark Samus' growls of passion only got louder as you made love to her. You could hear the real Samus breathing heavily as you had sex with her Phazon duplicate.

"Having fun?" you asked, turning to her.

"More than I should," she said, panting. "Keep going."

You squeezed Dark Samus' hips harder, leaning forward to suck on one of her tits. Her body glowed a bright blue as you continued slamming your hips against hers; Samus' silence told you this must be okay.

Suddenly, Dark Samus pushed you off her, slamming you to the floor.

"ANON!" Samus shouted.

"I-I'm okay!" you said, just as Dark Samus mounted you, her soaking wet pussy holding you inside. "Ah!"

"How does it feel?" Samus asked, trying to reassure herself.

"It's- haah- it's really wet and- mmmph -warm!" you panted, gazing at her glowing body. You could see the blurred image of your cock inside her blue, translucent body.

Dark Samus bent forward, her huge blue breasts bouncing in your face, shaking as she rode you.

"It- it's so good..." you moan, right before Dark Samus began smothering you with her breasts again. You sucked on her nipple, causing her hips to fuck you faster. Her glowing body surrounded you as she embraced your head, pulling your face further into her.

You moaned into her breast as her slick walls milked you. She pulled off your face and spun around on your boner, showing off her fat blue ass. Dark Samus continued riding you, reverse cowgirl style now, her ass bouncing around you.

"Fuuuuck, she's so thick!" you cried out as her fucking became outright ferocious, her pussy splashing on you as her body vibrated violently.

"Another orgasm," Samus observed, before putting her hand to your chest. "I think you should return the favor," she cooed into your ear. "Orgasm authorized~"

You grabbed Dark Samus' fat ass, pulling it onto you as you humped up in rhythm with her. Your bodies tremored as one as an orgasm erupted from your body into hers, filling her Phazon pussy with your seed. You could see it in her translucent body, the cum surrounding your erection.

After a moment, Dark Samus pulled off you, letting your creampie drip onto your flaccid penis. She turned to face you, pressing her tits into your chest again, this time while hugging you.

"It's almost... cute," Samus said, smiling at the two of you. She stroked her dark copy's helmet. "Good girl."

The creature growled again, pushing its head into Samus' hand.

"I think she likes you," you laughed.

"Nah," Samus chuckled. "I think we just both like you."






Dark Samus rested on her stomach, her fat Phazon ass exposed for your pleasure. You thrusted into her asshole, amazed by its tightness, even with the lubricant Samus provided.

"Go slowly," Samus advised. "Anal's almost never fun the first time. For a girl, anyway."

You nodded, rocking in and out of Dark Samus' anus. You couldn't help but pant at how good her thick ass felt, especially in your hands, which seemed to just sink into her.

"Your ass is really nice, Dark Samus," you said, trying to communicate with her.

She pushed herself back, bouncing herself on you.

You laughed, continuing to make love to her anally. "Your body's incredible~"

She started pushing herself back into you in time with your own thrusting, causing an insanely pleasurable rhythm.

Samus bit her lip as she watched the two of you make love, as if it was second nature.




Dark Samus pushed you to the ground yet again, this time putting her arm cannon directly over your dick.

Samus immediately aimed her own arm cannon at the creature's head. "GET AWAY FROM HIM, YOU BI-"

"DON'T!" you exclaimed as Dark Samus began sucking your dick with her cannon. An insanely pleasurable sensation surrounded your throbbing member as she pushed it up and down her shaft. "IT'S LIKE A PHAZON FLESHLIGHT!" you yelled, drooling as your body shivered in ecstasy.

Samus lowered her arm. "A Phazon... fleshlight?" Samus pondered it for a second before bursting out into laughter. "Damn, what a good way to get dick cancer. Good thing this world's Phazon isn't radioactive."

"Hey, you- ah!! -you laughed!" you said, grinning at Samus.

"I laugh all the time," Samus insisted.

"You chuckle, but that was a big laugh," you replied. "I like it- ah! Yes!!"

Samus chuckled again. "Looks like it's not the only thing you like. Keep going, Dark Samus," she insisted.

Dark Samus complied, increasing the power of her suction and cupping your balls with her other hand.




Samus leaned back against the wall as you and Dark Samus continued fucking each other's Mother Brains out. (AN: delete that joke before publishing) (LEAVE IT IN)

"Hey, Rena?" she called, using her helmet's communication feature.

"Rena here, what's up?" Rena replied. Samus could hear music in the background; Rena must've been in the middle of a game.

"It's been a few hours. Is-"

"Oh, you want room service?" Rena giggled. "Someone's getting hungry, huh?"

"I know it's a little early, but these two need a distraction before they fuck each other to death."

"Ah, it's not that early. I don't mind coming~"

"Thanks," Samus said, leaning her head back. "Dark Samus consumes Phazon, but I'm not sure how canonical this one operates. Just get me and the horndog some fruit or something."

"Oho, 'horndog,' eh?" Rena teased. "Sounds like someone's jealous~"

"Yeah, well..." Samus sighed, watching you and Dark Samus entangled in passion. "It's hard not to be. I... love him."

"He's gonna pick you eventually, Sammy," Rena comforted. "I mean, you're Samus Aran. Why wouldn't he?"

Samus smiled. "Thanks, Ren'."

"Anytime," Rena giggled, "Of course... I'm more than willing to tide you over tonight~"

Samus felt a tingle; she crossed her legs.

"Y-you promise?"

Rena growled playfully. "Once our beloved 'horndog' leaves the building, you just let me take care of your loneliness."

"Th-thanks," Samus whispered, the memory of the last time still fresh in her mind. She bit her lip, trying to control herself.

"Anytime~" the kitsune said. "Anyway, I better go make dinner for you guys. See ya~"

Rena hung up, leaving Samus to watch you and Dark Samus mess each other up.






"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced as she barged in, as always.

Dark Samus growled as her head shot towards the poor kitsune.


"Relax," Samus said, "both of you." Samus got up, helping her set up a place to eat on the floor. "C'mon, you two," she called, making you and Dark Samus stop screwing.


You, Samus, Dark Samus, and Rena all sat around the food, laid out as though it were a picnic. You sat between the two Samuses, snuggled close.

"So, was she good?" Rena asked.

Samus nodded. "Started sweating a few times, but other than that, no problems."

"I'm perfectly fine," you assured.

Rena nodded. "Good, good," she said, wiping her forehead.

"I think we might be able to leave them alone next time," Samus said. "She seems to love him just as much as we do."

Rena giggled. "What's there to not love about Anon? He's sweet, cute, kind-"

"-Handsome, friendly, wholesome-"

"-Sexy, warm, snuggly-"

"Stoooooop," you insisted, blushing a bright red. "I don't deserve all this affection...!"

Samus put a metal arm around you. "Too bad, babe," she insisted.

Dark Samus put her own arm around you, as if to agree.

"We love you, dummy," Rena grinned. "Welcome to Hotel Fantasia. First time?"

You laughed with them, wiping away the occasional tear of joy as you ate with the three of them.




After a warm goodbye to Dark Samus, it was time for you to leave. Samus insisted she and Rena wash you before you returned home. After all, Phazon may be harmless in the Hotel, but in the waking world? Best not to take any chances. Thus, the kitsune and the space bounty hunter washed you thoroughly, cleaning everywhere they could with their skilled hands.

Afterwards, Rena and Samus led you back to the lobby. Samus removed her Varia Suit, hugging and kissing you goodbye in her Zero Suit instead. Rena joined in, giving you all kinds of kisses, like neck kisses and even three-way kisses. For some reason, they seemed really good at the latter.

You left the two of them as you passed through the entrance, waking up in the same bed as always... but like always, the memories of the previous night did not leave you.

You checked the bathroom mirror; Samus left a hickey on your neck before you left.

Chapter Text

Every night for well over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





As night came, so too came dreams, and with dreams came the Hotel Fantasia. As you crossed the threshold, you expected to see Rena sitting in her usual seat; instead, you found her on one of the lobby's couches, watching the TV.

"C'mon, get 'im, get 'im, you- GAH! You almost had him!" the kitsune shouted. "Dammit, now the other team's gonna-"

"Hey, Rena," you greeted.

"AH!" she exclaimed. "Don't startle me like- ah! Good evening, master. I'm just watching the recent Splatfest."


"Oh, I suppose you haven't heard. Callie and Marie are hosting a Splatfest, and the top ten players on the winning side get a special reward~"

You sat down beside Rena. "What's the reward?"

"Well, the Squid Sisters and I came to an agreement that, if you were okay with it, the top ten winners would get to sleep with you."

"I'm definitely good with that," you said with a grin.

"You sure? What if they're weird?"

You shrug. "I've picked weird girls before, and I'll pick them again."

Rena giggled, pecking your cheek. "You're sweet." She put an arm around you. "Wanna keep watching for a bit before you go?"

"Sure," you said, leaning your head on her shoulder.


You spent about an hour sitting beside Rena, watching Splatoon gameplay and talking nonstop.

"Oh, I recognize her handle," Rena said, pointing at the player the video was focusing on. "It's Princess Daisy. She's really good. She'll probably end up in the Top 10."

"I was thinking about requesting her," you said, nuzzling into the kitsune's neck.

Rena chuckled. "I bet you'd like her. Can't go wrong with a tomboy princess, 'specially one who kisses like her."

"Oh? You've kissed her?"

"She was begging for it," Rena boasted. "You don't mind Frenchin' my sloppy seconds, do ya?"

You laughed. "You can be such a perv sometimes, Rena."

"Oh, am I?" she chuckled, kissing your forehead. "You're the one who's hard~"

You looked down at the tent in your pajama pants. "Maybe."

You shared a laugh before Rena pulled out a phone. "I know her number, so I'll just call her once the game's done. No need to shoot her a message on the computer."


Just as she said, Rena texted Daisy as soon as the game ended. The princess sent back a message filled with heart (and eggplant) emojis, encouraging your arrival. Rena took you by the hand to the elevator.

"Floor 9, room 89!" the kitsune announced as she typed the number into the elevator's computer. "I know it by memory~" she said with a wink.

"So, you two are close?" you asked, sitting on the elevator floor.

She sat beside you. "Sort of. She helps out around the hotel every once in a while. Most of all, though, she..." Rena chuckled. "She gives great kisses."

"You're a pretty good kisser yourself," you said, putting an arm around her, "so that's a big compliment."

She blushed, pecking you on the cheek. "You're becoming a master yourself, you know."

"Well, I've had a lot of practice," you joked.

She put her hands on both your shoulders. "Why not have a little more?" she growled, licking her lips.

The two of you shared a good time together as the elevator ascended, reaching the ninth floor.




"Room 89's that way!" Rena said, leading you in that direction.

"Um, will she mind the-"

"It's just a few tiny bitemarks, nothing major," Rena giggled. "Besides, it's not like she'll get that jealous of you."

"...That's not- nevermind."

Soon, the two of you reached Room 89, marked with a big daisy drawing on the front. You knocked on the door, and the princess opened it seconds later. Brown hair, blue eyes, lightly-tanned skin, and a big, bright smile: this was Princess Daisy. She wore a yellow tank top with a flower brooch and a pair of orange shorts.

"Yo, Anon!" Daisy greeted. "And you too, Rena!" The tomboy princess spread her arms wide. "C'mon, hug me!"

You immediately ran into her arms, embracing each other.

"Hnnng, you're so cuuute...!" she said with delight, squeezing you into her chest. She pulled one arm off you, extending it again. "You too, Rens, c'mon!"

"'Rens'?" the kitsune giggled. "That's a cute nickname."

Rena joined in, the three of you laughing and hugging each other at the same time.

"Mmmm, I love you both sooo much," Daisy exclaimed, squeezing you both.

"We love you, too," Rena said, kissing the princess right on her full, pale orange lips.

"Mmhmmm~" Daisy playfully growled, returning the kiss. "Hey, Anon, ever had a three-way kiss before?"

Before you could answer, Rena pulled you close to the two girls, your lips now touching both of theirs. They felt so soft, so full of love as you shared your first three-way kiss. They opened their mouths to play with each other's tongues, and you followed suit. The tomboy princess and the kitsune receptionist both tasted sweet; you were addicted to their taste in moments.

It felt like forever before the kiss ended, not that you wanted it to.

"I had better leave you two here," Rena said. "See ya, cutie."

"Which one?" Daisy teased, pulling you close with her arm and putting her other on her hip.

Rena giggled. "Have fun~" she said, closing the door behind her.

Daisy kissed the outer rim of your ear. "And so, now that we're alone..." she growled. "Why don't you join me on the bed?"

"Sure-" you tried to say, before being pulled to her bed by her strong yet slender arms. She basically threw you onto it before jumping on beside you. "Like my room?" she asked, putting one arm behind your head as you relaxed next to her.

Her room was painted yellow and orange, with a clear daisy theming all around. Even her large, flat screen TV on the other side of the bed was styled like a daisy.

She grabbed her Nintendo Switch from the side of her bed. "Been playing a lot of Splatoon lately. I'm a Splattershot main. Just won my eleventh game in a row a while ago."

"Nice," you said, nuzzling into her side. "Can we play together?"

"Sure!" she exclaimed. "Winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser. Sound fun?"

"Totally," you replied, excited regardless of the outcome.

"Rad," she said, handing you a Switch of your own. "Then let's do this!"


With 90% of the battlefield her color and only 10% yours, Daisy utterly destroyed your team. 

"Oh yeah, I won!" she boasted.

"Well, that's that," you said with a smile.

"Be honest, you let me win," Daisy smirked, elbowing you playfully.

"Nah, my team just sucked."

Daisy laughed, pinning you to the bed. "Well, a deal's a deal. You're alllll mine!"

Her soft lips kissed up and down your jawline and neck, causing you to moan lightly.

"Heh, nice," she chuckled at the sound of your voice. "Oh, looks like Rena had some fun here," she said, rubbing the bitemarks Rena's nibbles left.

You smirked. "Jealous?"

"Yeah, of both of you."

Daisy pulled off your shirt before kissing down your chest, a naughty grin on her face. She pulled your pajama pants off with a quick tug, revealing your slowly-hardening cock. She licked her lips before kissing up the shaft, rubbing your balls in her smooth hands. By the time she kissed the tip, you were completely erect.

"This is awesome," you muttered as she kissed your tip over and over, her amazingly soft lips pressed tightly against it.

"You bet it is," she said, stroking your shaft. "Ready for the 'royal treatment'?"

You nodded.

"Let's see if I can outdo Peach," she said, pushing her lips down your shaft.

You flung your head backwards as she started bobbing up and down your erection, the warmth of her mouth surrounding you. Her tongue teased you as she swallowed your throbbing hard-on over and over. You moaned aloud from the pleasure, unable to control your voice or your hips. As you humped up into her, she started playing with your balls, kneading them gently.

"Ghhh, Daisy, I-" you grunted as she sucked you, bobbing on your erection faster than before. She winked at you; you came in her mouth, moaning as your seed filled the princess' lips.

"Mmmmph," she moaned before swallowing it all down. Daisy's lips left your cock with a loud pop. "Heh, I knew winking would do it," she said.

"That was... really good," you said, panting.

"Yeah, I guess I'm a pro," she bragged, putting an arm around you. "Of course, this bad boy's my first." She jerked your cock gently, trying to avoid hurting you during your refractory period. "And, y'know, only."

Daisy kissed your cheek; you kissed hers back.

"Love ya, Anon," she said with a wink, pulling you closer to her with her arm.

"You too," you replied, blushing as you leaned into her.

"You're still up to play, right? If you're not up for Splatoon, I got other games."

You hugged her. "Sure, you're on."



"GAME! Daisy wins!"

"Heh. Beat you as yourself," you joked smugly.

"Yeah, yeah," Daisy said in a faux-bitter voice, falling backwards onto the bed with her arms spread. "Guess you can do whatever you want with me~"

She bit her lip as you ran your hands up her waist to her breasts. You rubbed them over her clothes, feeling her nipples harden with your touch. They poked out of her orange top, stiff from your touch. She purred in approval before grabbing her top and yanking it off, her large breasts bouncing as she did. While most of her skin had a slight tan, her breasts were lighter.

"Nice tan lines," you said.

She smiled. "Glad you like 'em," she grinned, squeezing them herself. "All natural tits, just for you!"

You laughed before continuing to caress them, causing her to release soft moans and gasps from her wide grin.

"This is awesome!" she said, wriggling in pleasure on the bed as you groped her. "Buuut there's something else you wanna do, right?" She winked, tugging at your dick.

"Heh, sure," you said, straddling her chest and resting your manhood between her breasts. She pushed her tits close, surrounding you with her bosom as you began thrusting into her.

"That's right!" Daisy exclaimed as you humped her chest. "Fuck those titties!"

You squeezed her royal breasts as you thrusted your cock into them. Their incredible softness surrounded you on all sides, and the warmth from them made your erection tingle with desire. She licked her lips as you continued thrusting, over and over.

"You can cum on my face, sweetie," she winked. "Make a mess of this princess!"

As you kept on pumping yourself between her breasts, she shook them with her hands, rubbing against you more and more. She was trying to milk you with them. You couldn't resist; you had to cum on her. A huge load exploded from your cock as she drained you, her boobs continuing to stroke you even as you came. She licked her lips, savoring the taste of your seed.

"Woo!" she exclaimed, her face blasted with white. "Not too bad, huh?"

"Hell yeah," you said, pulling her up into a hug. Her breasts felt so soft against your chest, pressing into you as you embraced.

"Best two out of three?" she whispered, squeezing you.



"Aw yeah! Daisy's the winner!" she exclaimed.

"Good job," you congratulated, still bitter about that spiny blue shell she smuggled into 2nd place. "Guess that means-"

She pushed you to the bed before you could say anything else. She slammed her soft, full, pale orange lips against your own in a powerful kiss, slipping her tongue inside. The princess grabbed your shirt, pulling it over your head before continuing to wrestle her tongue with yours, making out with you. She pulled from your mouth with a loud pop, a thread of saliva still connecting you.

"Time to take what's mine!" Daisy said, pulling her shorts off, exposing herself to you. She rubbed herself in front of you, moaning as she got herself off. She then grinned as she grabbed you with her wet hand, jerking you until you were completely hard. Daisy bit her lip as she stroked you, her slick hand a hint to how good she would be inside.

She straddled you, her warmth directly above you as she panted, heart pounding in anticipation.

"Ready for Daisy?" she asked, winking.

You nodded, and her hips slammed onto you in response, surrounding your erection in a moment. Her wet heat engulfed you, welcoming you on all sides as she began moving up and down.

"Woo! Not too bad, right?" she said, winking as she rode you.

"It's the best," you panted.

"Yeah, I'm the best!" she exclaimed, thrusting her hips back and forth with you inside. "Let's see how long you can last before busting a nut in this princess pussy~!"

She leaned forward, her breasts bouncing in your face as her hips shook in a circle on your erection. You moaned from the sensation of her body shaking on top of yours. She fucked you more fervently, licking her lips in response to your pleasured face. Daisy smiled as she began bouncing on your cock, the irresistible pleasure of her walls rubbing you up and down overtaking your mind.

You gasped as she leaned backwards, her hips thrusting in rhythm with yours. She grinned at your pleasured face.

"Uh huh, that's right," she said, blowing a kiss. "Your dick belongs to Daisy!"

She shook her hips left and right on your throbbing erection, her body taking full control you of yours. Daisy leaned forward again, this time to kiss you while her hips slammed up and down on your cock. She was so soaking wet that she began splashing against you, her juices gushing from her as her body trembled on top of yours. She shook violently, her tongue dominating yours as she kissed you and her hips dominating yours as she fucked you.

She broke the kiss, another strand of saliva connecting the two of you even as she leaned back again. You grabbed her hips, thrusting up in time with her riding. She gasped in pleasure, grinning.

"Oh yeah! Woohoo!" she exclaimed as you fucked her from below. "I love it!"

Your hips slammed against each other, the sound of your bodies and voices getting louder and louder. You realized there was no way you were going to be able to hold back. She realized it too, leaning forward again to push her soft chest against your own. You could feel her heartbeat as her hips pounded you harder and faster.

"Gonna cum, Anon?" she asked, winking. "Let it fly!"

You grabbed her ass, humping into her as your orgasm rocked through your body, exploding inside her. Your seed filled her, making her laugh as she sat up on your dick. She pulled off you, her pussy dripping with your cum.

"Yes-yes!" she exclaimed, feeling your creampie inside her. "We won! High-five, Anon!"

You and her shared a high-five, the orgasmic feeling still lingering as you grinned and laughed together.

"So? You forgive me for that blue shell trick, right?" she chuckled.

You nodded with a smile, sitting up and kissing her. "I forgive you."

"Thanks. Wanna do one more game?" she asked, licking her lips. "I'll go easy on you this time."




It was much more than one game.




Daisy shook her hips as she leaned against the wall. "Well, a deal's a deal. C'mere, sweetie!"

You grabbed her round, smooth ass and slid your cock inside, causing her to moan and pant. She shouted your name as you thrusted into her ass, her body shaking with desire as you made love to her.

"YES! OH, YEAH, ANON! DO IT!" she exclaimed, bouncing her ass against your cock.

"You like it up the ass?" you whispered in a low voice, leaning close to her ear.

"YEAH, I DO!" she shouted again, drooling as you fucked your princess against the wall.






"Hope ya like it!" Daisy said, pressing her soft ass to your face.

You worked her pussy with your tongue and lips, pleasuring the princess now sitting on your face. She moaned, biting her lip and grinding into your face.

"Mmmmm, Anon!" she giggled. "Seems like you're into this, babe! Make this princess cum on your face!"

You grabbed her hips from below, continuing to eat her out, working to make her wish come true. She leaned forward, moaning in intense pleasure as your tongue and lips drove her mad with desire.





"D-Daisy, slow d-" you gasped.

"Hell. No," Daisy insisted, slamming your dick with her hips faster than ever. "No way am I slowing down anytime soon, 'specially for a dick like yours~" she growled, grinning and biting her lip as she fucked you over and over.

You threw your head back, eyes wide at the pleasure as she continued pounding you to orgasm after orgasm.






Daisy ran her cum-covered tongue up and down your trembling shaft. "So, be honest. Am I better than Peach?"

You panted, trembling as you laid back. "I-It's been a while since Peach and I-"

Daisy chuckled. "Then how about a threesome sometime? We'll compete for the coveted title of sexiest princess~"

"I bet you'd like that," you smirked.

"Hey, I love competition, what can I say?" she laughed before crawling up your nude body to hug you. "But I love you more, babe," she whispered.

You pressed your cheek against hers. "Love you too, Daisy."





"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced, bursting through the door.

"'sup!" Daisy said, sitting on the bed with you, playing video games.

"Hm, wearing clothes, I see?" the kitsune giggled. "Kinda surprising."

"Well, I'm in my princess dress instead of my casual wear, so what's that tell you?" Daisy said, laughing with her.

"We tired ourselves out from fucking so much," you said. "Now we're just playing games and hanging out."

Rena set the nearby table with the food she brought. "That's so sweet! I love seeing you girls just being friendly with Anon, especially after a long night of... well, you know," she winked.

Daisy paused the game before grabbing you by the arm and pulling you off the bed. "Oh trust me, we definitely did that, too."

Rena giggled. "I bet. Why not tell me all about it?"

"Sure!" Daisy cheered, taking a seat beside you.

And so, you and Daisy spent hours with Rena, talking about your night together... as well as sharing many, many more three-way kisses.




But, as the night went on, the time for you to leave had approached. Time may move slower in the Hotel, but everyone must wake up eventually. After a warm goodbye from Daisy, Rena led you back to the entrance, where you parted ways.

Upon passing the threshold, you bedroom came into vision as always. The ordinary world you knew all too well had welcomed you back once again. You got up from your bed, walked over to your- 

Hang on.

You checked your pants, finding a blue Joycon. Apparently, you stuffed one of her Switch's Joycons in your pocket by accident. You grabbed some sleeping pills from the medicine cabinet, hoping to quickly return it before work. Such is life, you suppose.

Chapter Text

Every night for well over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: Who's next?



As you arrived, you found the lobby packed with dozens of women, all talking and laughing together. You moved through the crowd to the front desk, gently pushing through the many women as you made it to where Rena was.

"Hey, Rena," you greeted, sweating a bit. "What's going on?"

The kitsune girl grinned. "It's the last day of the Top vs Bottom Splatfest! Everyone's here getting their prizes, relaxing in the newly-built onsen, and generally just having a good time together."

"Yeah, it's a rad party," you said, looking around at the beautiful ladies, many of whom were familiar faces. "How 'bout I stay here tonight?"

Rena giggled. "That's fine. You have a fun time, sweetheart."

Suddenly, someone grabbed your arm. "Hey, Anon! Remember me? (◕‿◕✿)" She was tan, with dyed blonde hair and a pink school uniform.

"Oh, hey Shirohime," you said, remembering her from the night you saw Urbosa.

"Did you miss me? (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ" Shirohime giggled, nuzzling into your arm.

"He probably forgot all about you," her friend said. She had dyed black hair, very pale skin, and a black school uniform that resembled her friend's.

"Don't be mean, Dokuko! ಠಗಠ" Shirohime pouted. "Anon likes me, right Anon?"

You patted her head. "Totally," you said, smiling.

She squealed in delight, burying her face into your arm.

Dokuko rolled her eyes before grabbing you by the other arm. "Let's sit down."

So you, Dokuko, and Shirohime sat down on one of the lobby's couches.


"I know our manga doesn't exist in your world," Dokuko said, her head on your shoulder, "but I think you'd like it."

"Isn't it a super gory horror manga?" you asked.

"Yeppers! ❤" Shirohime exclaimed, still clinging to your arm. "Both me and Dokuko died in our source material! 😁 But it's okay, now that we're in the Hotel Fantasia~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

Dokuko kissed your neck, leaving black lipstick marks. "We should give you a copy of our manga sometime," she said. "You might appreciate us more."

"Doku-chan kisses so many girls in it! ( ˶˘ ³˘(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)♡" Shirohime giggled. "She loooves kissing girls~😉"

Dokuko rolled her eyes. "Yeah... I guess."

"Heheheh...ಠ‿↼" Shirohime chuckled, running her fingers in circles above your crotch. "Why not whip this bad boy out and show us all what you g- ACK!。゜(`Д´)゜。"

Rena karate-chopped her head. "Is someone being horny?"

"Owies... ಠ_ಥ" Shirohime rubbed her head.

"You're horny all the time, Rena," Dokuko said, glaring at her.

"I've earned my horniness," Rena said, hands on her hips. "Why don't you run an infinite Hotel for a night and see how you like it?"

"Mnnnng, stop fighting...😢" Shirohime said. "I'm sorry for trying to jerk you off, Anon.(╥﹏╥)"

"Literally never apologize for that," you said, your pants forming a tent.

Rena leaned forward to whisper in your ear. "Why not go talk to some of your other girlfriends, Anon?" Rena said, smiling. "I bet they'd love to spend time with you at this party."

"Tch," Dokuko scoffed. "You better request us sometime, Anon."

You nodded, before bidding the two farewell.

"Mmmmm, I wanted to see his cock...😞" Shirohime moaned.

Rena rubbed the shoulders of both girls. "It's okay, girls. I promise, I'll put in a good word for you two."

"...Thanks," Dokuko said, pushing her hand off. "I guess."

"In the meantime..." Rena leaned in close, pulling the two girls close to her. "Why not have some fun of our own~?"

Shirohime and Dokuko looked at each other.







You sat between Peach and Daisy, who fawned over you while chatting.

"Just the other night, he kissed me so passionately..." Peach reminisced, stroking your head.

"Heh, nice," Daisy said, her arm around your back. "He kisses me like that too, but most of the time it's down south~"

Daisy winked, and Peach giggled in response. "Oh my, Anon~" Peach laughed, kissing your cheek and leaving a big, pink lipstick mark behind. 

A moment afterwards, three Lumas floated by, presenting each of you with a cup.

"Yo, thanks!" Daisy exclaimed, taking her cup.

"Rosalina, you're such a sweetheart," Peach said, taking her cup and patting the head of the Luma who brought it to her.

Rosalina came by afterwards, sitting down beside Daisy. "Anything for my friends... and my beloved."

Daisy chuckled. "You guys up for a threesome sometime?"

"Oh, of course!" Peach cheered. "I'd love to share him with the two of you."

"Agreed," Rosalina said. "I'm sure Anon would be very happy. We would make him feel so spectacular..."

Daisy smirked before planting a kiss on your lips. "You look like you really want that, Anon~"

You nod, causing the three princesses to giggle and laugh.

A moment later, you turned your head, seeing the Wii Fit Trainer approaching slowly with a playful look on her face.

"Don't even try it," Daisy said.

The Wii Fit Trainer groaned. "How did you know I was going to sneak up on you?"

"I got eyes in the back of my head, Fittie," she replied. Everyone laughed, talking together and spending a good time with you.







You sat between Paula and Chie, who were talking about their mutual love for steak. Meanwhile, Nana the Ice Climber sat on your lap, feeling your slowly-stiffening erection beneath her.

"He's getting so hard~" Nana mumbled out, blushing.

"Nice," Chie said, putting an arm around you. "Hey, Anon, check it out." Chie lifted her top over her stomach, revealing a set of nice abs.

"Damn, nice," you said, admiring her body.

"Yep, been training hard," she beamed at you before kissing your cheek. "The Wii Fit Trainer helped a lot, too. Maybe after the party, you can admire them more~"

Paula pouted. "Hey, Anon, I have something for you to see, too."

You turned to Paula, who pulled her dress all the way over her breasts. "Woah!" you exclaimed, seeing how much bigger they got.

"Aren't they so big now?" Paula said, winking. "I think the Hotel's working its magic or something~"

"Or you just gained weight," Chie teased.

"Girls, don't fight," Nana said, grinding her ass into you. "Make love, not war."

"That's what we're trying to do!" they shouted. You laughed, at they laughed with you, all three spending a good evening together as friends.






Urbosa licked her lips. "We totally need to have a threesome."

"Totally," the tall, thicc Pikachu Libre said. "Two strong Electric-type girls, one cute Normal-type boy."

Urbosa squeezed you close with her arm as Libre stroked your head. Both of them had a hand on one of your thighs, rubbing near your crotch enticingly. Pikachu Libre bit her lip, watching you get hard for the two strong women.

"I think he's ready for us," Libre whispered.

"Well, he's got to wait," Urbosa insisted. "As much as I'd love to take him right now, we're at a party. Plus, the other girls would get jealous."

"Screw all of them," Libre growled into your ear.

"All of them?" Urbosa chuckled. "But my heart belongs to Anon... and Princess Zelda, of course~"

Pikachu Libre chuckled, pressing her huge breasts against your cheek, and Urbosa with her. Their bodies squished together as they embraced you.

"You think I can get in on that list?" Libre asked, smirking.

Urbosa chuckled. "Maybe. Why don't we find out?" The Gerudo woman stroked the Pikachu woman's cheek, who stroked hers in return.

"Let's," Libre said, before slipping her tongue into Urbosa's eager mouth, French-kissing her above your head as their breasts squeezed your face from both sides. You spent a long time with them, especially when they let you join in...





"Pucker up, buttercup~" Lottie grinned before smashing her lips against yours, kissing you passionately. Your tongues danced in each other's mouths as she made out with you.

"Damn, Lottie..." Jessica said, biting her lip. She stroked your clothed erection with one gloved hand, putting the other around your back.

Lottie popped off your face, leaving a trail of saliva behind. "Your turn!"

Jessica grabbed your face, quickly smashing her own lips into yours. She slipped her tongue inside, wrestling with your own while stroking your cheek. You could hear Lottie giggling from behind, hugging you from the side and nuzzling her cheek into your arm.

"Oh sugar! I just love you SO MUCH," she exclaimed, excitedly cuddling against you.

Jessica broke the kiss, smiling while continuing to caress your face. "And so do I~"

"I love you both, too," you said, grinning.

The two toon girls fawned over you for a long time...






"Um, are you sure she's safe to have here?" you asked.

Samus nodded. "I've got her on a tight leash." She put an arm around Dark Samus. "Besides, you know how much she likes you."

The Mii Gunner stood beside you, eyeing the creature's huge Phazon breasts and ass, biting her lip while admiring them.

Samus chuckled. "Looks like someone else likes her."

Gunner nodded, squeezing one of Dark Samus' huge breasts. She growled lightly, but out of pleasure, almost like purring. You joined her in groping Dark Samus, playing with her bouncy breasts. Suddenly, she pulled the two of you in with both arms, hugging your faces to her breasts. You both yelped, but the softness of her Phazon body made you relax.

The Mii Gunner put an arm around you. "Wanna suck her tits?"

You nodded, smiling. "Hell yeah."

The two of you began sucking Dark Samus' breasts, playing with her blue, glowing nipples as she growled more and more. Her body began shaking as your tongues teased her, and she threw her head back.

"Like that?" Samus whispered. "Your body's a lot like mine."

Dark Samus nodded, turning to Samus, who chuckled.

"The pleasure on your nipples... it's good, right? The cute boy and girl sucking them must really, really like you. You're gonna be good to them, right?"

The creature waited for a moment before nodding.

"Good girl," Samus said before kissing her on the "cheek".

You spent a long time with Samus, Dark Samus, and the Mii Gunner, sharing affection amongst each other.






"May I have your attention please?" Rena announced. "The Splatfest Results are about to be announced!"

Anticipation struck the entire room, everyone's eyes fixated on the TV. The winning team was about to be announced...




Team Top won!

"Booyah!" Callie exclaimed. "Team Top comes out on top."

"Great job, Callie," Marie congratulated, though still bitter. "Team Bottom did good work, too."

"Remember! The top ten players get a special prize..."

"They get to fuck Anon!"

Cheering erupted around the room, particularly, by ten specific women.

"I can't believe Team Top fucked us over..." Marie sighed.

"Well, we're Tops," Callie explained. "It's what we do."

Everyone laughed, and the party continued on with many happy guests, though some were a tad disappointed.



"Hey, Anon."

You turned your head. A young woman in red, wearing a red ribbon on her head, approached you. You recognized her immediately: May from Pokemon. She immediately hugged you, pressing her breasts into your chest intentionally with a big smile on her face.

"Guess who's the number ten winner?" she said, winking.

You chuckled. "Nice," you said, hugging her in return. "Guess we'll have to do it soon."

"Mmmmm, I hope so~" she said, nuzzling her leg into your crotch. "I really, really, really like you, Anon~" she said, kissing your cheek.

You kissed her back, squarely on the lips.

"Here are our top ten winners!" Callie announced on the TV.


10. May (Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald)

9. Zan Partizanne (Kirby Star Allies)

8. Flamberge (Kirby Star Allies)

7. Fransisca (Kirby Star Allies)

6. Rouge the Bat (Sonic the Hedgehog)

5. Piranha Plant Gal (Super Mario Fandom/Minus 8)

4. Ana (EarthBound Beginnings)

3. Kasumi Yoshiwara (Persona 5 Royal)

2. Alice Margatroid (Touhou)

1. Callie (Splatoon)


"You seriously participated?" Marie asked, eyebrow raised.

"What? I was passionate about this!" Callie shouted.

"There's gotta be a rule about this..." Marie sighed.




"Looks like an interesting bunch," you said, looking at the list of top players.

Rena approached you from the side. "I'm surprised Kasumi got a place but not Futaba."

"I'm surprised too- wait, what happened?"

Rena's face was covered in pink and black lipstick smears. "Oh, nothing~" she said, winking.

"Looks like someone was having a wild party themselves," May teased, putting an arm around you while observing Rena's face.

Rena chuckled, and the three of you shared a laugh.




The night was long, but eventually everyone returned to their rooms.

"That was a fun party," you said, putting your arm around Rena while sitting on the couch with her in the lobby.

"Yeah, totally," Rena giggled, putting an arm around you in return. "You don't mind the list, right?"

"Nah, I like it," you said, smiling. "I think we'll have a good time together."

Rena nodded. "I think so, too." She planted a kiss on your lips; you returned it.

And the next one.

And the next one.

And the next one.



You and Rena spent an hour kissing before it was time to go. You left the hotel, embracing your beloved kitsune receptionist before returning to the waking world. The dream faded away, returning to the home you knew so well. You went to the bathroom, looking in the mirror.

You didn't want to wash off all these lipstick marks, from so many wonderful women.


Chapter Text

Every night for the past few months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?




"Good evening, Anon!" Rena exclaimed as you arrived. "You ready for a fun, sexy night with a cute Splatfest winner?"

"Hell yeah," you grinned. "So, who's first?"

"May from Pokémon," she said. "You were chatting her up last night, remember?"

You smiled, remembering her soft boobs pressing against you as she hugged you. "Yeah, I remember."

Rena giggled. "Cute~" She typed on her computer, messaging May about your arrival. "Floor 96, room 33! Shall we go?"




"Going up~" Rena giggled as the elevator ascended.

You smiled, putting an arm around Rena. "That really was an awesome party."

"Ever been surrounded by that many girls?"

"None like them," you laughed.

The kitsune kissed your cheek, putting her own arm around you. "It's nice, huh? A whole hotel of girls who adore you, who love you, who want to make you feel so, so happy~"

You kissed her square on the lips. "Thanks, Rena. For everything."

Rena closed her eyes, blushing as a single tear rolled down her cheek. You spent the rest of the elevator ride in each other's arms.





The elevator doors opened, and you and Rena left with your hands intertwined.

"May's this way, sweetie," the kitsune girl said, leading you to her room.

After some walking, you arrived at Room 33, the door of which was marked with May's name and a few Pokéball stickers. You knocked on the door, and May opened up shortly after. She wore a red short-sleeved top, a red bandana on her head, and a pair of gloves.

May smiled as you arrived. "Hi, Anon!"

"Hey," you said, smiling back. "Um, good job getting into the top ten."

She giggled. "Thanks."

"I'll just leave you two cuties alone~" Rena said, leaving the two of you be as she returned to the elevator. "Have fun!"

"We will!" May called as she hugged you tight. "Mmmm, you're so warm!"

You returned her hug, squeezing the Pokémon Trainer tight. "I'm actually really, really glad you won."

"Me too," she said, whispering as she hugged you. "Anyway, come inside. We can hang out for a bit before smashing, right?"




You and May lied down on her soft, cozy, Torchic-themed bed. She set a basket of Berries on your stomach, feeding them to each other while watching live Pokémon battles on TV.

"This is an Oran Berry," she said, holding it near your lips.

You crunched into the blue fruit she gave you. "Mm!" you moaned, tasting its various flavors.

May giggled. "Pick one for me next," she said.

You grabbed a pink Berry from the basket, offering it to her.

"Ah, a Pecha Berry," she said, before sticking her tongue out and licking, her eyes meeting your own. "Looks like something... familiar, right, Anon?" You blushed as she teased you, pretending the Berry was a dickhead and whipping it with her tongue.

You both laughed. She bit into the tender, sweet Berry, savoring it.

"Mm! It's sweet, just like you!" she giggled upon eating it. You both laughed again, continuing to feed each other as you watched the battle on TV.


"Want another Wiki Berry?" May asked.

"Sure," you nodded.

May giggled while feeding it to you, licking her lips as the Berry entered your own. "Tasty, right?"

"Yeah, totally," you replied, smiling.

She grabbed the basket, setting it on the nightstand. "I bet I know something even tastier!"

You turned to face her, your bodies close together. As you both sat on your side, she put one leg on your thigh as you got closer. You both grinned as your arms wrapped around each other, squeezing each other cozily.

"Anon..." May whispered, smiling before pressing her soft lips to yours. She opened her mouth, pressing her tongue against your teeth, begging to enter. You obliged, and your tongues danced in each other's mouths, both sweet from all the Berries you had eaten. Your mutual fruity flavors made kissing each other all the more delicious and desirable.

May stroked your cheeks with her gloved hands, caressing the face of her boyfriend. She giggled into your mouth while you squeezed her tight, hugging her as your tongues played with one another. One gloved hand moved to stroke your back, while the other held your head in place.

She broke the kiss, still licking her lips. "That was amazing, Anon," she said, beaming.

"That was all you," you replied, still hugging her tight.

You both giggled in each other's embrace. You shared that tender moment for a long while, before May got up to refill her Berry basket.


While spending time on the bed with May, her chest caught your eye. You hadn't noticed it before, but she was a lot bustier than in canon. Her slim body was complimented by the pair of large breasts hidden under her clothes.

She caught you staring at her chest, which made her smile. "What's up?" she asked, squeezing her tits through her top while grinning. Her eyes turned to the TV. "This is a pretty boring match, to be honest. I'm not even sure they know about type advantage. No wonder your eyes are wandering~" She turned back to you, rubbing her breasts through her top and winking.

"They're pretty big," you observed.

"And," she said, unzipping her top to reveal her undershirt, "they're all yours!"

You kissed her cheek before grabbing her boobs through her clothes. Her D-cup breasts had a nice firmness to them while still being soft, making them fun to squeeze. She giggled as you played with them over her undershirt.

"No bra?" you asked, not feeling one.

She shook her head. "I figured I'd make it easier for you. Unhooking bras are hard, even for us girls."

"You're really thoughtful," you said, kissing her as you groped her breasts.

"Hey, anything for my boyfriend," she said, beaming at you. "Mmm, your hands are so nice."

You pulled her shirt over her breasts, exposing them completely. "You're incredible," you said, looking at her body. Her bare breasts felt so smooth, as if she had just moisturized them.

She bit her lip as you played with her, grinning at your touch. "You're the incredible one, Anon."

You grinned, licking her nipples and causing her to gasp. You suckled her wonderful breasts, teasing them with your tongue.

"Haah, Anon..." she moaned, stroking the back of your head. "You like that? Feels good, right?"

You nod, one nipple still in your mouth. You swapped to the other, exposing the first to the room's cool air. Her eyes virtually rolled back as she gasped, throwing her head back from the pleasure.

"Mmm," she moaned. "Just imagine if I was lactating..."

You sucked her a bit harder, causing her to gasp, wrapping her legs around your waist.

"You want that, huh?" she said, licking her lips slowly and stroking your head. "Maybe in the future, after you've married me and given me your babies..."

You pulled your lips off her nipple with an audible pop. "That sounds nice," you grinned.

The two of you giggled for some time, laughing like the warm, loving couple you were.


May had pulled her top all the way off, leaving her wearing just a pair of bicycle shorts. She put a gloved hand on your shoulder, her arm around your back as she leaned against you in bed. Her other hand made circles on your chest, rubbing your nipples through your shirt. May giggled as she saw you making a tent in your pajama pants.

"I see someone's ready to screw," she said, looking at your boner. Her firm yet soft D-cups pressed into your side, squeezing against you.

"How could I not be?" you laughed. "You're cute, hot, and crazy sweet."

She giggled. "So are you, Anon!"

You shared a quick peck on the lips.

"Then let's do it," you laughed.

"Yeah!" May exclaimed, grabbing your pajama pants and pulling them off. She relaxed between your legs, admiring your stiff erection. "Wow, it looks amazing..."

"You're a top, right?" you asked, leaning back with your arms behind your head. "What are you gonna do to me?"

"Hm..." she pondered. "Oh, here's an idea!"

May started kissing up and down your shaft, pressing her soft lips against you over and over.

"Mm, Anon," she purred as she smooched your erection over and over. "You're so excited~"

"How could I not be?" you gasped out, enchanted by her kisses.

She planted a big kiss on the tip of your erection before teasing it with her tongue, rapidly licking it like she had done with the Pecha Berry. She teased you with her tongue, savoring your taste as she made you moan.

"You're all mine," she said with a wink, before grabbing her breasts and pushing them around your dick, squeezing it between them.

You gasped again, head thrown backwards at the feeling.

May giggled. "Ready for a nice, sweet paizuri?"

You nodded, body trembling already.

She licked her lips slowly before laughing. "Enjoy!"

She suddenly started pumping up and down, rubbing her huge breasts along your shaft. Their smoothness was insanely pleasurable, as was her smile of delight while fucking you with her tits. May started rubbing them out of sync, pulling one up with the other following shortly after. You gasped at how sexy she looked, her soft yet firm boobs practically milking you.

She went faster, continuing to tittyfuck her beloved. She winked before drooling a little, lubing your erection with her saliva. She pushed her tits against you harder, her smooth and warm breasts crushing your erection between them. You moaned aloud, causing her to giggle.

"You seem about ready to burst," she said, giving an expectant smile while tittyfucking you faster than ever. "Just let it all out."

"Haah... haah... May..." you moaned, your hips thrusting into her tits.

She hugged your erection between her large breasts, holding you inside. Your hips shook and your breath got heavier as your body begged for release. You tried to hold back your orgasm, but your valiant efforts were for naught as you exploded, shooting your seed between her tits and on her face.

"S-sorry," you said, looking at her cum-covered face.

"It's fine," she assured with a smile. "Did you like that?"

You nodded, still trembling from the orgasm.

She giggled, licking the cum off her lips. "Good," she said, pulling her tits off your flaccid penis. "I'm gonna wash this off. Wanna help me?"

"Sure," you said, grinning as you followed her to her bathroom.




May kissed you as she took off your shirt, leaving you completely naked on the bed with her.

"You're cute in the nude," she said, squeezing your cheeks while smooching you again and again.

You grabbed her by the hips, slowly pulling her bicycle shorts down. You ran your hands across her smooth ass, causing her to squeal into your lips. She leaned back, letting you look at her entire, nude body.

"So are you," you said, looking her over. She looked so smooth, so soft, so cute...

She giggled. "Thanks, Anon." She swung her hips left and right, hypnotizing you with her body. She was clean-shaven, her beautiful pink slit glistening with desire. Despite her wetness, her smile showed no lust, only love and adoration. She lowered her hips, kissing your tip with her dripping entrance.

"This is gonna be awesome," you said, looking up at her.

She smiled warmly, blowing you a kiss before lowering herself, pushing you into her. She moaned aloud, gasping as you took her virginity. Her hot, slick entrance made you throw your head back, pleasure filling both your bodies.

"Woah," May said, trembling with desire already. She laughed, grinning as she started riding you. "This is awesome! I love this already!!"

She leaned forward, slamming her hips onto yours over and over. She grabbed your face with her gloved hands, kissing you over and over while making love to you. She sighed into her kiss, filled with love.

"I love you," you panted out, her warmth combining with your own.

"I- ah! I love you too, Anon!" she gasped out, panting as she rode you. She grinned, the pleasure rising with each thrust. Your nude bodies smashed together, and your kisses only became more and more frantic. You ran your fingers through her light-brown hair. She pressed her forehead to yours, laughing with you.

You grabbed her hips, thrusting up into her, filling her with more and more desire. She laughed louder, and you with her.

"Oh! Anon!" she exclaimed, grinning as you fucked her from below. "You're- ah! You're better than I expected!"

She leaned back, grabbing your hands and intertwining your fingers. You held hands while she shook her hips into you, riding you harder and faster than before. May laughed while holding your hands, fucking you with more desire than ever. You laughed with her, squeezing her hands while continuing to thrust your hips into her.

"Isn't this great?!" she exclaimed, drooling a little. "I love you! I love riding you! I love you so, so, so much, Anon!!"

You kept fucking as she squealed in delight, your bodies smashing against one another. She let go of your hands, turning her body around with you still inside. She grabbed the bed in front of her, slamming her hips onto you harder than ever. Her round, smooth ass shook in front of you, bouncing beautifully.

"Your ass is amazing," you grunt in desire, staring at her. You grabbed her ass from behind, pounding her in rhythm.

She shouted as you did, her body shivering with pleasure as she did. You felt her vibrating on you as her orgasm raged within her. She squealed in delight yet again before falling backwards onto you, panting.

"A-Anon..." she gasped, putting an arm around you, kissing you. Your erection was still inside her shaking body as she kissed you, her ass pressed against your crotch. "I... I..."

She sat back up, spinning around again before pinning your limbs to the bed. She licked her lips, her body over yours as she continued her fucking.

"I'm not done yet."

Your hips splashed against each other, her soaking wetness surrounding your crotch as the heat increased. She bit her lip, looking into your eyes as your back arched, the pleasure overtaking you.

"M-May..." you groaned, your body shaking under hers.

"Do it," she growled in desire. "Cum."

You complied, the orgasm shooting through your body as you shook under her. You drooled as you came; she licked it off your face, winking at you. You filled her up, and your seed dripped onto you as she pulled off of your dick.

"That was intense," you said, panting.

She fell down onto you, kissing your jawline and giggling. "I loved that so much."

Your hot, sweaty bodies squeezed together as you hugged on the bed, laughing and smiling together.





"Hey, Anon," she said, running her fingers through your hair. "Wanna do something really fun?"

You kissed her cheek, hugging her from the side. "Of course. What're we gonna do?"

She opened her dresser drawer, pulling out three Pokéballs. She threw one into the center of the room, and a humanoid Pokémon appeared in a flash of light. She was tall, with green skin and hair, yellow orbs along its back, and a large tail like a palm tree. Most of all, she had wide, thick hips and thighs compared to her small breasts. The most noticeable thing, however, was that she was completely nude.

"Hey, Sceptile," May greeted. "This is my boyfriend, Anon. Wanna play with us?"

"Hmhmhm~" the Pokémon girl replied, getting onto the bed and crawling towards you, licking her lips. She grabbed your penis in her long fingers, stroking you slowly until you got hard.

May hugged you as her Sceptile-girl jerked you off. The Sceptile kissed your cock, holding it in one hand while stroking the head with her thumb. Up and down, her soft lips pressed, sending pleasurable tremors through your body.

"Like it?" May asked, holding your head close.

You nodded, kissing her cheek.

She giggled. "How about you, Sceptile?"

Sceptile smiled, pressing her cheek to your erection. "Can he be my boyfriend, too?"

"Naturally," May winked. "Now, then, Sceptile... use Double Team."

Before you knew it, you were being licked and jerked off by two hot Sceptile girls while you used their Trainer's breasts as pillows.




The Blaziken girl's soft, ruby red lips wrapped around the head of your cock. Her talon-like hands caressed your balls gently, squeezing them with pure adoration.

"Use Work Up," May ordered, as her Sceptile kissed her neck while laying beside you.

Blaziken immediately began fingering herself with sucking you off, rubbing her clit fast. Her hips shook as she played with herself, pumping her lips around you at the same time.

May wrapped her arms around your chest while hugging you from behind. She looked down at you, kissing the top of your head as Sceptile kissed her.




"How's this?!" the curvy, slippery Swampert girl shouted, riding your cock and slamming her huge, wide hips against you. Her blue ass shook as she rode you, her tail fin rubbing against your stomach.

"Haah, it's amazing...!" you exclaimed, her body splashing against yours.

"I bet I'm even wetter than May, huh?" she laughed, fucking you harder.

May giggled from behind you. "I doubt it," she laughed.

Blaziken and Sceptile kissed both your cheeks while rubbing your chest.

"Go faster," the Blaziken girl insisted. "Make a mess of 'im."

"Plant your seed in her," the Sceptile girl growled into your ear. "Fill her Water-type womb with your human babies."

"Swampert, use Bulk Up!" May exclaimed, watching her fuck you. "Get that ass even thicker! He'll love it!"

"Anything for you~" Swampert shouted, her body becoming even thicker and bouncier.





"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena cried as she entered.

You, May, and her three Pokémon partners panted on the bed, tired out from your activities.

"Oh, a Ninetails," Sceptile said.

"I'm not a Ninetails," Rena insisted. "I only have three, anyway," she said, her tails shaking with her words.

"Hey, Rena!" May called, waving to her. "We had a blast with Anon tonight!"

"That's great!" Rena grinned. "You can tell me all about it over dinner. Your Pokémon can join in too, of course. I made more than enough!"


The four girls all licked their lips as they observed what Rena made for them. "THANK YOU FOR THE MEAL!" they cried before digging in, and you with them.

Rena giggled. "You girls must've been hungry," she said.

You nodded. "Funny thing is, we ate a lot when I got here."

"We must've worked up a big appetite, huh, Anon?" May said, rubbing her elbow against your shoulder.

"Well, that tends to happen when you're fucking someone you love," you said, kissing her cheek.

Rena grabbed her chest. "HNNNNG, MY HEART!" she exclaimed. "IT'S TOO CUTE!"

Everyone laughed, sharing a big meal together.




"You know, Anon," May said as it was time to go, "when I got in the Top Ten, I was worried you wouldn't like me. But I had absolutely nothing to worry about!" She kissed you yet again, pressing her sweet lips to yours. "You're amazing, Anon. Keep it up! Oh!"

She grabbed something from her beside drawer.

"And here! I have a present for you," she said, handing it to you.

"Thanks, May," you said, happily taking it.

"Open it when you get home, okay?" She smiled at you, eyes closed from the utter joy of being with you. "Well... bye then... ...Anon! See you!"


After a heartfelt goodbye, Rena returned you to the entrance, where you awoke upon passing through the threshold. As the room you fell asleep in came into view, you wondered just what was in that present May gave you.

Upon opening it, you found a small, metal sphere, half white and half red. You pressed the button on the front, and a beam of energy blasted onto the floor.

"Good morning, Master," the cute orange girl said. She posed, her talon-fingers making a V-shape over her eye as her feathery hair flapped. "I'm Torchic, but you can nickname me whatever-you-like~"

You were almost late for work from kissing your new Torchic girlfriend.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past few months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?




"And so, the Splatfest Reward Arc continues!" Rena announced, giving you a thumbs-up.

"We're calling this an Arc?" you asked, elbows on her desk.

"Well, of course! It's a story arc of sorts..."

"Who'd read a story where someone just fucks fictional characters every chapter?"

"I mean, I would, but I'm into trashy crossover lemons like that." She coughed. "Anyway, up next is Zan Partizanne from Kirby: Star Allies!"

"One of the Three Mage Sisters, hm?" you pondered. "Think I can request a foursome with all of them?"

"Oho!" Rena exclaimed, her three fox tails wagging behind her. "First time you've requested more than one girl, Anon~" She typed on her computer. "I'll message all three, ask 'em what they wanna do. Group chat, go!"


You sat in the Lobby, waiting a few minutes for Rena's response.

"Anon!" she called. "You'll be in Zan's room: Floor 92, Room 18."

You got up, walking to her. "Nice," you said. "So, all three will be there?"

She nodded. "Yep! So, let's go!"




"Ascendio!" Rena cried as the elevator went up.

"NERD!" you shouted, cupping your hands to amplify it.

The kitsune stuck her tongue out at you. You laughed, and she with you. She sat down in the corner next to you, putting an arm around you.

"So, we've got some time," Rena said, setting a large, floral-pattern tote bag on your lap. "I brought video games, snacks, movies..." she licked your ear. "Fleshlights..."

You shivered, excited. "You didn't bring this much before when we went up high."

"I came prepared this time," she said. "I don't want my favorite guest getting bored~"

You kissed her cheek. "Let's play some games together," you said. "But, uh... leave the Fleshlight out, okay?"

She nodded, pulling out two Nintendo Switches... and a transparent, purple cylinder made of rubber. "It's modeled after my pussy. Try not to get too addicted~"






Rena pulled the Fleshlight off your trembling dick as the doors opened. "And we're here!" she announced, jumping up. "C'mon, let's go meet those cuties, Anon! ...Anon?"

You body shivered in delight on the floor, your mouth hanging open and drooling. "G-give me a minute, Renny..."

The kitsune girl giggled over your body, driven mad with pleasure.





"Room 17 is Francisca's," Rena said, walking by her door. "18 is Zan's, and 19 belongs to Flamberge."

Your knees were still trembling from Rena's fake pussy, your cock solid in your pajama pants. "Number 18, right?" you said, trying to compose yourself.

Rena nodded. "Have fun~" the kitsune girl said, winking as she left.

You knocked on the door eagerly, and it opened seconds later.

"Bonjam!" three voices happily greeted from within.

You smiled, greeting the three as you entered.


The three girls who floated before you were short, each with brightly-colored hair and wearing a robe that covered their mouths. They were shorter than you, but not exactly small. Each had floating hands, disembodied from the rest of them, and no legs could be seen beneath their robes.

The blue-haired Francisca floated to you first. "Bonjam," she said with a bow. "We're glad you could make it, Anon. I am Francisca, one of the three generals of magic. We have waited for your arrival with beating hearts, filled with desire." Francisca pulled the face-covering of her robe down, revealing her lips. "But I do not wish to waste my time with pointless chatter. So I won't!"

Immediately, Francisca began kissing you, her lips pressed tightly against your own. She kissed you again and again, much to the jealousy of her sisters. Her floating hands squeezed the sides of your head as her lips glided lovingly against yours.

Eventually, she stopped, smiling at you before floating back down to the ground.

The red-haired Flamberge floated up to you next. The red-haired general of magic had her disembodied fists on her hips, her face in yours. "You make us wait forever, Anon! Jamblasted!" she shouted, before pulling down her face covering and smashing her rouge lips against yours. "I will never ever forgive you!" she shouted again, before kissing you once more. "Ever!!" she exclaimed, kissing you a third time.

Flamberge pouted as she floated back down.

Lastly, the yellow-haired Zan Partizanne floated up to you. "Bonjam," she said, pulling her own face covering down. "Please forgive Berge, my beloved liege. She merely longed to see you... as did I." She pressed her own lips against yours slowly, kissing you tenderly before slipping her tongue in. Her floating hands held you close to her, pulling you in as your tongues danced in your mouth.

After a moment, she pulled herself from you, licking her lips slowly before floating back down with the others.

"It looks like someone enjoyed that kiss," Francisca giggled.

"Nah, he had that boner when he came in," Flamberge said, pointing at your throbbing erection.

Zan Partizanne smiled at you. "Excited, I take it?"

"Shall we all relax together?" Francisca suggested.

"Sounds good to me!" Flamberge exclaimed.

Zan Partizanne nodded, and the three of you sat close together on the lightning general's bed.




You were a bit big for Zan Partizanne's bed, but she didn't seem to mind. You lied between Flamberge and Francisca, while Zan Partizanne herself sat on your chest. The two beside you nuzzled into your shoulder, hugging you despite their lack of arms.

"Is it alright if I go first?" Francisca asked, staring at your erection.

"If the others are okay with it, sure," you replied, hugging her with one arm.

"I'm okay with it if Anon is," Zan Partizanne said, pressing her chest into you. She smiled at you, stroking your chest softly.

"Fine," Flamberge grunted, "but if you hurt our sweet Francisca at all, even one hair on her perfect head, I'll-"

"Ms. Flamberge... please calm down a little," Francisca insisted, floating from your side to your pajama pants, slowly pulling them down.

Zan Partizanne moved to your side, nuzzling her cheek into you as she watched Francisca. Your erection popped out of your pants as she pulled them down. The three girls stared at it, eyes wide as it throbbed in anticipation.

"Woah..." Flamberge said.

Francisca licked her lips, before hovering over the tip of your erection, lining herself up. "Will this... hurt?"

"I believe so at first," Zan Partizanne said, "but if you go slowly, it should be fine."

The blue-haired sister nodded, slowly pushing your erection inside. She gasped as she surrounded the tip of your erection. "Ah!"

"Jamblasted!" Flamberge exclaimed, grabbing you by the shirt collar.

"J-janno, janno!" Francisca cried, pushing herself onto your full erection, surrounding you in her dripping wetness. "Janno rigga vun, jhappy rigga!"

"She must be in so much pleasure," Zan Partizanne said, "that she can't speak Anon's language right now."

"Jhappy! Ji jhappy!" she exclaimed, drooling a little as she rode you, her hips going up and down on you, the feeling of her warm walls squeezing you all around. Your body shook with the pleasure as she rode you, her legless hips slamming against you as she thrusted onto you. "Anon! Ji lor!"

Flamberge sighed in relief. "Seems like she's really enjoying it," she said, kissing your cheek. "...japologa."

You gasped out as Francisca continued riding you, the two of you panting in desire as the General of Ice made love to you. She cried out in ecstasy as her body shook and trembled, and an explosion of warmth squirted from her. "A-ANON!!! JI JHAPPY VUN!!!"

As her intense orgasm shook both of you, her face landed on your chest. You both panted as she gasped in desire. "Th-thank you, Anon..." she said.

"Can't believe you wore your robe for that," Flamberge said, taking her by the hand and picking her up. "You looked like you really enjoyed that."

The blue-haired general nodded before hugging her red-haired sister. 

"You should go next, Berge," Zan Partizanne said, kissing your cheek.

"Sounds good to me," Flamberge said, dropping her robe to the ground, revealing her nude body. She was fit, but with nice breasts that looked soft to touch. She moved close to your cock, grabbing your dick and stroking it fast. You grunted in pleasure as she jerked you off with her warm, floating hands. "Let's stoke this flame so it's nice and hot~" she growled playfully, winking at you.

You smiled. "I'm rock solid already," you replied, your hips already shaking from her hot touch.

"Heh, is that right?" she chuckled, quickly floating to straddle your dick. "Bahaha! Get ready, Anon, as I make you explode in a blaze of glory!"

"Were those puns- ah!" you tried to say, but were interrupted by her blazing heat surrounding you, the texture of her hot walls rubbing against you quickly as her hips rode you hard and fast.

"Mmmph," she grunted in desire, licking her red lips. "I see why- ah! -why Francisca liked it so much," she said, a wide grin on her face as she fucked you even faster than her sister. "I'm getting fired up!" she exclaimed, her hips shaking wildly around you.

"Mmm-ah! Flamberge-!" you shouted, grunting as she rode you like her life depended on it.

She laughed. "Too hot? Is the friction of our bodies too much to take?" her hips began moving even faster on you, her warmth dripping around you as she fucked you senseless.

Your hips bucked up into her involuntarily. Between her pussy and Francisca's, the pleasure was becoming too much to handle. You grabbed her by her hips, fucking her in rhythm with her.

"A-ah!" she exclaimed, tremors of passion raging through her body. "You wanna cum in me, don't you? Don't you dare try to deny it!"

You grunted in approval, squeezing her hips tighter and fucking her just as hard as she fucked you.

"Then do it!" Flamberge shouted, her body trembling as she came.

"Nnngh- Flamberge!" you cried out, bursting all your seed into her, filling her up as you came.

She panted, pulling off your erection and laying on top of you. She spread her thighs, exposing herself to her sisters. "Looks like I win."

"Sorry, Zan," you said.

Zan Partizanne shook her head. "Janno japologa. No need to apologize," she assured. "I'm sure I'll get my chance soon... my beloved liege." She kissed your cheek again, grinning as she did.

"Hey, I know a way we can get you hard again, Anon," Flamberge said, laying beside you and and motioning to Francisca to come closer.

"Oh!" the blue-haired girl said. "I-I think I understand..."

Flamberge licked her lips as Francisca's head sat between her legless thighs, her cream-filled snatch inches from her lips. She licked along her entrance, up and down, eating your seed as she ate the redhead out.

"Mmmmph!" Flamberge groaned, biting her lip as Francisca's tongue explored her. "How's it taste?"

Francisca chuckled. "Majicious vun," she described, continuing to eat Flamberge out, grabbing her hips and pulling her further into her mouth.

The redhead shouted in desire, roaring with ecstasy as Francisca's lips and tongue pleasured her.

"F-fuck, that's hot," you said, watching them.

"It seems you've come back to life~" Zan Partizanne said, floating to your erection and gently rubbing the tip with one floating hand, the other intertwining her fingers with yours.

Your eyes quickly darted between her and her two companions, whose passionate cries echoed in your mind. The blonde general laughed, stroking you up and down your shaft, occasionally kissing the tip and leaving lightning-quick licks on your tip. You body shivered at her touch. She smiled warmly, her entrance hovering over you just as her sisters' did.

"My beloved liege," she said, looking you in the eyes as her womanhood kissed the tip of your dick. "Say my name."

"...Zan Partizanne."

"...I love you," she said, slamming her hips onto you, immediately taking you in. She shouted, pressing against your stomach as she rode you. "Anon!" she cried out, her walls stroking you up and down.

"I love you, too!" you exclaimed, savoring the feeling of her around you.

"I promise to -ah!- forever be loyal to you!" she shouted again, her hips moving up and down faster as she became more and more slick with desire. "I vow to be yours -ah!- until the end! Anon! Ohh, Anon!!"

Zan's body vibrated on yours, shaking at untold speeds with untold desire filling her, as if her whole body was pleading with you. She rode you faster and harder, dripping with pleasure as she splashed against your erection. She licked her lips slowly, virtually hypnotizing you before roughly kissing you, slipping her tongue inside with your erection still inside her other mouth. She continued fucking you, even through the kiss.

When she finally broke it, a thick strand of saliva connected your mouths.

"Z-Zan, this is...!" you tried to say.

Suddenly, you felt a warm hand squeezing your balls. It was Flamberge, massaging you as Francisca sucked her clit, flicking it with her tongue in her mouth. Flamberge moaned, throwing her head back as she pleasured you.

Zan Partizanne squeezed your cheeks with her floating hands. She smiled, with tears of joy in her eyes as her hips continued pounding against your own.

"Ji jhappy!" she said, grinning. "Ji jhappy vun! Anon, ji lor!"

She kissed you again, her tongue dancing inside your mouth as it had before. A festival of pleasure raged between you two as your hips bucked into her, your bodies no longer able to resist orgasm.

"AH!" Flamberge exclaimed, grabbing Francisca's head as she ate her out. "Jonto! Majaja!" she shouted, her body trembling as she squirted on the frozen general's face.

You and Zan Partizanne shouted similarly as an orgasmed rocked through the latter like a bolt of lightning, shaking the two of you. You grunted as you reached a second orgasm, this time hugging Zan as you did, filling her up just as you had with Flamberge.

"It's my turn next," Francisca insisted. "I want this majicious seed inside me."

You and Zan Partizanne panted, your bodies still shivering in delight, trembling with the passion you made love with. You cuddled on the bed, full of love.

"...Am I seriously the only one who got fully naked?" Flamberge asked as her orgasm subsided.




The three of you pushed your lips together, smiling as you shared a four-way kiss. Your tongues glided against one another's, dancing as you made out together. You could feel yourself throbbing as the Three Generals of Magic, nude and dripping with desire, French-kissed you at once. The sound of their giggling and kissing mixed with whispers of adoration and affection, uttered in a language you couldn't understand. All you knew was that you wanted to kiss these girls forever.

Suddenly, you felt three pairs of hands on you, gently playing with your most sacred parts.

"He's rock solid!" Francisca exclaimed, stroking your shaft lovingly.

"Someone's ready to cum," Flamberge said, tenderly massaging your balls.

Zan Partizanne licked her lips. "Francisca. Flamberge," she said, rubbing your tip with both hands. "It's time now for us to repay our debt to Lord Anon."

Flamberge chuckled. "This is what you deserve, Anon," she growled, purring in lust.

"Your reward for cumming in each of us," Francisca said, biting her lip.

Suddenly, the three girls started jerking you off at full force, their hands stroking you up and down at untold speeds, causing you to shout. You groaned in desire as they rubbed you, stroked you, massaged you, and virtually milked you, all the while continuing their four-way kiss with you. Their lips and tongues played with yours in arousing passion, their love and lust for you mixing into a dance of pure desire.

You moaned into the kiss, causing the three girls to laugh. Their hands were unrelenting in pleasuring your throbbing erection. It was hard to resist the touch of all three girls, their magic hands driving you mad with passion.

Flamberge was careful not to harm your balls, but she was no longer gently massaging them; she was squeezing them, carefully but roughly at the same time, not causing pain but inducing insane amounts of pleasure. All the while, her tongue glided against yours forcefully, with a desire to dominate your tongue.

Francisca stroked you with both hands quickly, up and down your rock-solid shaft. She moved her hands quickly, lubing her palms by fingering herself, the dripping evidence of her affection acting as the perfect lubricant. At the same time, her tongue gently danced with yours, circling and teasing it lovingly.

Zan Partizanne teased the sensitive tip of your cock with two thumbs, masterfully massaging you. Her fingers, moistened by your precum, glided against you as she circled your head, running her fingers around it. Her goal with your cock was the same as with your tongue: maximizing your pleasure.

You grunted, hips shaking with the desire to ejaculate. The Three Generals of Magic laughed, floating down to your cock as they continuing their kiss without you. They let go of your erection, instead choosing to use their mouths. You gasped aloud as Flamberge sucked your balls, Francisca licked and kissed your shaft, and Zan Partizanne sucked your head, licking it rapidly in her mouth.

"Ghhh-ah!" you exclaimed, the pleasure too much to handle. You threw your head back, hips thrusting into Zan Partizanne's lips. "I-I'm close-!"

The three girls winked at you, continuing their lustful plot to milk you. Their lips and tongues masterfully glided, sucked, and teased your cock, making it unbearable to hold it in. Quickly, you gave in, you body convulsing in the desire to cum. You filled Zan Partizanne's mouth with your seed, her tongue circling your head as you came again and again.

You panted as your intense orgasm subsided. "Th-thank you, that was-"

Zan Partizanne pulled her lips from you, opening her mouth wide to show your cum on her tongue. Francisca and Flamberge stopped pleasuring you, instead licking their lips at the sight of your seed in Zan Partizanne's mouth. Immediately, Flamberge shoved her tongue inside, French-kissing her as Francisca watched. She pulled off the blonde general's lips, her mouth now filled with your seed as well. Flamberge then kissed Francisca, feeding her your cum in a passionate, pleasurable kiss.

The three girls continued sharing your cum, kissing one another with love and lust.

"Jamanke vun!" they shouted to you between kisses as you watched them, growing hard yet again as the girls shared your seed.




Francisca grinded her pussy into your face, her hips shaking above you as you ate her out.

"You like that?" she asked, giggling as your tongue and lips pleasured her. "I certainly didn't expect this to- ah! -to feel this good."

Your tongue licked up and down her slit, the dripping wetness soaking your face. Meanwhile, Flamberge and Zan Partizanne fingered each other, mutually masturbating to Francisca's pleasure.

"Do it!" Flamberge cried out. "Cum on his face!"

The blue-haired general above you grinded into you harder, her clit against your tongue as she moaned, arching her back in ecstasy.




Flamberge licked your tip before quickly taking your entire length into her mouth, her lips kissing your base as she deepthroated you. She winked, neither gagging nor gasping for air. Instead, she bobbed up and down your cock, her tongue licking your shaft rapidly as she ate you.

You threw your head back in pleasure, watching Zan Partizanne and Francisca kiss each other, their tongues rapidly wrestling in each other's mouths as they moaned. They broke the kiss, giggling as they saw you watching them.

"I hope our liege isn't jealous," Zan Partizanne laughed, kissing your cheek.

"We can kiss you, too," Francisca offered, her tongue gliding against your lips. You stuck your tongue out, and the two girls giggled as they continued their kiss with you as well.

Flamberge moaned into your cock as her rouge lips pumped up and down your shaft, the "majicious" taste of your erection and precum overwhelming her. She felt so hot on your cock, the warmth overwhelming your mind as you took in the pleasure.

She pulled her lips off your dick with an audible pop, stroking your wet member with her hand while she fingered herself with the other.

"Ooooh yeaaaah! My flames and I are fully stoked now!" Flamberge moaned as she masturbated herself before continuing to suck you off, harder and faster than before as her tongue rapidly pleasured you.




"Ah! Anon!!" Zan Partizanne moaned into your lips as you fingered her. Her soaking pussy vibrated with your fingers in her, shivering in desire around them. She continued kissing you, her tongue speedily dancing with your own as her lips glided against your own.

She pulled your head in closer, her floating disembodied hands forcing you into her lips. You could tell she enjoyed this kiss as she grinded her hips into your fingers, shaking even harder as you found her g-spot. She moaned loudly into your kiss as you massaged it, fingering her like a pro.

She broke the kiss, eyes full of joy as she cried out in ecstasy. "Anon! I love you, Anon! Ah! Please, don't stop!"

"I never will," you said, kissing her, "Zan Partizanne."

She kissed you again fervently, the love and desire filling her like never before.

Meanwhile, Francisca masturbating Flamberge just as you were with Zan Partizanne, rubbing the redhead's clitoris while kissing her.

"You're burning up," the blue-haired girl observed, her tongue connected to Flamberge's by a thick thread of saliva.

Flamberge could only pant, massaging Francisca's soft breasts as the pleasure overtook her.

The four of you spent a long time like that, pleasuring one another out of pure, genuine love...




"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena shouted as she barged in as always.

"Ah! Intruder!" Zan Partizanne shouted, and the three girls summoned their weapons.

"Ahh!!" Rena exclaimed. "Stop! Don't! I have food!"

"Oh, food?" Francisca said, lowering her ice axe.

"Sorry 'bout that," Flamberge said, tossing her blazing sword aside.

"You sure you wanna fight in the nude, anyway?" you asked, causing the Three Mage-Sisters - and Rena - to laugh.


You shared a delicious meal with all of them, with plenty of Maxim Tomatoes, super-spicy curry, Pacific saury, energy drinks, and so on to go around."

"I may have went a little overboard this time," Rena chuckled, "but they're all made to perfection, so I hope you like them!"

"They're delicious," Zan Partizanne said, holding hands with you under the table, fingers intertwined with yours. "Thank you, Rena."

"Thanks for not skewering me with that electric spear," the kitsune said, laughing.

You all shared a laugh together.

"So, Anon," Flamberge said, also holding you hand under the table. "Think you'll come back sometime?"

You nodded. "I had a blast with you three."

"I'm glad," Francisca said, secretly jerking you off under the table. "I'd love to spend much longer with you~"

"Well, you've got a couple hours in Anon's time," Rena said, secretly fingering herself under the table. "Which means you've got plenty of time before he's gotta wake up."

"Perfect!" Flamberge said, kissing your cheek. "Then I want you to eat me out! You did the other two, so it's my turn!"

"I'd like to feel you inside me one last time," Francisca insisted, smiling at you.

"And how about you, Zan?" Rena asked.

Zan Partizanne considered it for a moment. She squeezed you hand, looking into your eyes.

"Anon, I..."






"I want you to say my name again."






The hours passed, and you eventually had to go home. With a heartfelt "jambuhbye!" you left the Three Mage-Sisters as Rena guided you back to the entrance. Passing through the threshold just as you entered it, you felt your familiar bed, your familiar blanket, and your familiar bedroom all around you. You awoke just as always, not particularly eager to start the day, but eager to return to the fantastic world of the Hotel Fantasia.

At least Rena let you keep some of those Maxim Tomatoes. No wonder Kirby likes them so much, they're delicious.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past few months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





"H-hey, Anon!" Rena greeted, shivering for some reason. "W-welcome back!"

"Is... something wrong?" you asked, approaching her desk.

"N-no, everything's- ah! Everything's just fine." Rena bit her lip, grinning madly.

Without a word, you peeked behind her desk.

"Ah-!" Rena gasped as you did.

Two people were under her blue kimono, one in front and another in the back. You could tell they were eating her out from both sides, driving her crazy.

"I p-promised I'd give them some attention today..." Rena said, blushing heavily as the pleasure assaulted her from both sides. "Th-they've been very good the past few days..."

The girl eating her pussy pulled the kimono over her face, waving to you. "Hey, Anon-kun! ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )" the tan girl said.

"Oh, hey Shirohime," you greeted.

The girl eating her ass gave you a pale thumbs-up, the rest of her staying under her kimono.

"And hi to you too, Dokuko."

"After the Splatfest Reward Arc is over, be sure to request us~" Shirohime said, continuing to eat Rena's pussy.

Rena shivered, gripping the desk in front of her. "Th-the next girl is- ah!" she gasped in pleasure, panting as her body trembled. "Mmmmph... I came," she said, licking her lips.

"You're welcome, Rena-chan! (ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ)" Shirohime said from under the desk.

"...So?" you asked.

"Oh, right!" the kitsune said. "Up next is Rouge the Bat."

"I thought there weren't furries in this hotel ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)," Shirohime asked.

"Did I say you could stop?" Rena insisted.

"Ack! (ʘᗩʘ’)" Shirohime gasped, continuing to eat out the kitsune.

"Mmmmmph, that's better," Rena said, elbows on the desk with her face in her hands. "Anyway, Anon, is Rouge- mmmph, good with you?"

You nodded. "I'd love to fuck Rouge."

Rena bit her lip. "I'll be sure to tell her that..."

The kitsune girl typed at her computer, messaging Rouge about your arrival and telling her how much you want to fuck her, though possibly in more words than you said. Rouge responded with a selfie of her topless chest, one hand squeezing a breast while the other took the picture. Rena showed it to you, making you hard.

"Mmmmm-ah!" Rena cried out, shaking. "Dokuko, you're a master at eating ass~"

Dokuko responded by squeezing the kitsune's ass cheeks, causing her to giggle.

"Anyway, Anon, you ready to see her? Just- mmmmph! Just let me have one more orgasm- AHHH!"

"(*^3^)" Shirohime said as Rena squirted on her face a second time.






"Floor 91, room 6," Rena said, typing the floor number into the elevator's computer. "Another long ride up, but at least the walk won't be long."

You sat down in the corner of the elevator. "I'm definitely gonna have to request those two," you said.

"Hm? Oh yeah, Dokuko and Shirohime," Rena replied, sitting beside you. "They really like you."

"They seemed like they liked you more," you chuckled.

Rena giggled before pushing her three fluffy fox tails behind you, giving you something soft to lean back against. "Oh, you know~" She winked. "They just like me for my body."

"Well, it is an amazing body," you said, admiring the tall kitsune girl's large chest under her blue kimono, tied at the front with a large bow.

She giggled before putting an arm around you, pulling you close. "Your body's pretty amazing, too," she growled playfully, her other hand on your inner thigh.

You spent a long time cuddling with Rena in the elevator, admiring each other's body.





The elevator opened, letting you and Rena walk out hand in hand, still talking about each other's features.

"I like the shape of your lips," Rena said, grinning.

"I like how soft your skin is," you said, squeezing her hand.

"I like the color of your eyes," she whispered.

"I like how good you are at Splatoon," you replied.

Rena giggled. "I like how your semen tastes."

You laughed. "Someone's horny."

The kitsune girl laughed with you. "I can't help it~" she said as you arrived at Rouge's pink door. "But right now, someone else is horny, too."

You smiled, imaging everything you'd do with Rouge the Bat.

"Ready, stud?" she asked.

You nodded, knocking on the door as Rena said her goodbyes.


White bat fur, tan skin, pink lips, blue eyeshadow, and large breasts behind a heart-shaped chestplate: this was definitely Rouge the Bat, the G.U.N agent and former jewel thief, who opened the door.

She stood about at stomach height, not including her white bat ears. She smirked upon seeing you, her hands on her curvy hips as she gave you bedroom eyes. 

"Nice to meet you, Anon," she said, inviting you in with one finger.

You came inside, closing the door behind you.

The bat girl's wings flapped as you stood inches away from her, your slowly-hardening erection virtually in her smiling face. She licked her lips, gently rubbing you through your pajama pants.

"Now this is a buried treasure," she said, eyeing your bulge. "Why don't we have some fun on the couch, Anon?"

You nodded, joining her on her couch.


The room was decorated with gems and jewels, all of which were almost definitely stolen. Not that you cared, of course; the décor was wonderful. Rouge leaned against you, one hand stroking your back while the other rested on your crotch.

"You seem pretty excited to see me," she said, teasing you. "I'm the same way."

She looked up at you, her half-lidded eyes full of desire before kissing you. The hand that was stroking your back was now cupping your cheek as her lips pressed against yours. The fingers of her other hand circled your erection as a tongue slipped into your mouth.

Your tongues wrestled and glided against each other in your mouths, her warm pink lips pressed tightly against you. As your passionate kiss continued, she slipped a hand under your pajama pants, stroking you.

She broke the kiss, your tongues still connected by a line of saliva. She smiled as she got between your legs, pulling down your pants to expose your rock-solid boner.

Rouge chuckled, her bedroom eyes fixated on you. "Nice cock," she said, jerking you up and down with her gloved hand.

You gasped as the pleasure soared through your body. "Thanks..." you said.

"Hmhm~" She pressed her soft, pink lips to the head of your cock, leaving a bright lipstick mark there. You gasped in pleasure as she continued kissing your head, shaft, balls, inner thighs, everywhere she could, leaving pink lipstick marks everywhere she went, occasionally winking at you when she did.

You hips bucked into her hand involuntarily, the feeling of her hands and lips driving you wild. "R-Rouge, I'm-"

Immediately, she pulled her hand from you, still smirking. "Getting close?" she teased. "Not yet. We've got time to play some more."

Her gloved hands slid up your body as she crawled towards your face, the short bat girl growling playfully as she approached you.

"In fact, we've got all night together, where no one can interrupt us..."

She kissed your cheek.

"No one can stop us..."

She kissed along your your jawline.

"No one can tell us what to do..."

She kissed your neck, leaving a hickey.

"Just you and me... together."

She kissed your lips, moaning into your mouth as she held you there with both arms.

"Hmhmhm, I can tell you like that," she chuckled, pressing her head to your chest. "Your heart's beating so fast~ You're just dying to let me have my way with you..."


Rouge pointed to the bed. You lied down, as per her unspoken request. Your pants were on the floor by her couch, and she had already taken your shirt off. Your body was covered in pink lipstick marks, especially your raging hard-on.

The bat girl climbed on top of you, sitting on your stomach. "Cozy?"

"Actually, there feels like something's behind me."

You sat up, grabbing something underneath the blanket. It was a red vibrator, one with four heads.

Rouge chucked as you stared at it. "Don't be jealous. It looks big, but it's nothing compared to a real one."

She grabbed your face, kissing your cheek.

"After all, you can't fall this in love with a toy."

She stroked your cheek as you blushed, smiling. You set her sex toy aside hugging her before kissing her lips. She gasped into your mouth before French kissing you.

"My, my," she smiled as she pulled from your lips. "I picked the right man to fall in love with."

Rouge grinded into your erection, the warmth of her pussy evident, even through her black unitard. Her wide hips swayed side to side as you fell back onto her bed, lying before her.

"It's so hot, Rouge..." you moaned in anticipation.

"All for you," she said, biting her lip. She slid her gloves off, revealing her bare hands. She stroked your chest, her nails running along your skin gently. Her boots came off next, then the heart-shaped chestplate. Her incredible cleavage was exposed as she bent forward, squeezing her breasts together with her arms.

You reached forward, grabbing and rubbing them through her unitard. She chucked as you played with her tits.

"Wanna see them?" she asked, shaking them back and forth as they hung down.

You nodded furiously, causing her to laugh again.

"Now that's the right attitude!" she cheered, pulling her unitard down and exposing her full, tan breasts to you. "You saw them in the picture I sent earlier, right? Aren't they just wonderful in real life?"

"They're the best," you said, grabbing them and rubbing her nipples between your fingers. She bit her lip, moaning lightly as you groped her.

"Glad you noticed," she smirked, guiding your hands around her tits. "And they're all yours, Anon."


After rubbing her soft, pillowy tits for a while, Rouge pressed them to your chest before crawling down your body to your cock. She squeezed it between them, slowly pumping you up and down. You gasped at the incredible pleasure of her tittyfuck, panting and moaning as she milked your hard-on.

"Ahaha~" she laughed. "Someone's into this, huh?"

You nodded, gasping as she went faster. She drooled into her cleavage, her saliva surrounding your cock as she massaged it. Her slick cleavage grinded you up and down quickly, faster and faster as her hot breath greeted your head with each thrust.

"You're mine," she insisted, biting her lip as she watched the tip in anticipation.

Your hips humped into her involuntarily as your body trembled at her touch. Rouge laughed as your precum squirted into her chest, making her paizuri even slicker than before. Your body longed for the pleasure she gleefully provided.

"Just let it go," she said, her tongue lapping at your tip, still dripping precum.

The feeling of her breasts and tongue, they way she looked at you, the passion in her voice... it was all too much to handle. You grunted as your orgasm shot through your body like fireworks, exploding into her chest and all over her face. She was surprised for a moment before the seductive smile returned to her face.

"Satisfied?" she asked, kissing your tip one last time while looking at your face.

You nodded. "For now, anyway."

Rouge chuckled, climbing next to you and hugging you, pressing her cum-covered cheek into your chest. "Then let's rest for a while... my precious gemstone~"

You smiled at your new nickname as you napped next to Rouge.



You woke up some time later to the sight of Rouge naked, masturbating with her four-headed vibrator inside her.

"Mmmph... ah... Anon..." she mumbled as she fucked herself, her thighs trembling as her pussy dripped.

"Having fun?" you asked.

"Oh- mmmm, good morning, Anon~" she greeted, still fucking herself with her red toy. "I'm just- oh~ I'm just getting myself ready for you..."

She pulled the vibrator out of her, utterly soaked with her juices. She smirked as she saw you staring at it.

"You better not be getting jealous of this," she insisted, tossing it on the ground beside her bed. "I'm going to do much more fun things with you~"

She lifted off the bed, hovering with her bat wings and posing for you, reclining on her arm in midair. She smirked at you, blowing you a kiss before spreading her legs wide, still fluttering in midair. Her pink pussy dripped with lust, her inner thighs soaked with her desire. She thrusted her hips towards you, prompting you to grab her by her soft, wide ass and pull her close.

She moaned audibly as your tongue touched her. She bit her lip as she grinned at you, holding the top of your head as you ate her out. She panted, gasped, shook, and shivered as you licked her, dancing around her clitoris and lips. She groaned in pleasure, grinding against your face as her body trembled against you.

Rouge stopped fluttering her wings as she fell to the bed, panting and shaking. Her seductive smile became a wide grin of joy.

"Anon, baby..." she said, groping her own breasts. "I think it's time we settled this."

The bat girl grabbed your hard, aching erection, stroking it with her soft hand.

"Rouge, I..." you tried to say, but the pleasure of her hands felt too good for words.

"You want me to ride you, right?" Rouge said, smiling. "Anything for my precious gemstone."


Rouge pressed her soaking pussy to your hard-on, rubbing you up and down. You laid back, your body trembling at the excitement as she stroked you with her dripping womanhood.

"Nice and slick, right?" Rouge asked with a wink.

You nodded. "Feels perfect."

She laughed, smirking at you once more as she pressed her entrance to your tip. She looked you in the eyes, slowly licking her lips as she finally mounted you. You threw your head back, your body shaking in ecstasy.

"Rouge!" you exclaimed, unable to contain the pleasure.

She laughed again, bouncing on you, her large breasts shaking with her. Her short, curvy body mesmerized you, making you unable to resist staring. Noticing your attention, she grabbed a breast, squeezing it for you as her hips rode you nonstop. Your breath became ragged as she continued.

The bat girl leaned forward on your erection, shaking her full tits back and forth, hypnotizing you even further.

"This is paradise," she moaned in joy, her hips pounding you again and again. Her slickness, warmth, and passion only fueled your desire further.

You grabbed her hips humping into her at the same rhythm as her, your bodies meeting at the same time.

"No," you smirked, "this is paradise."

Though shocked at first, her own playful smirk quickly returned. "Hmhmhm, then let's be each other's paradise, Anon baby~"

You fucked each other harder and faster than ever, your hips pounding against one another over and over as the pleasure built up. Your hands moved from her hips to her tits, kneading and groping them, causing her to moan louder than ever.

"Anon!" Rouge exclaimed in joy. "Oh, yes, Anon! Yes!" she cried out again and again.

"Getting close?" you asked.

Suddenly, she pinned you down, pressing her lips to yours as she fucked you harder and harder, her soaking wetness practically splashing against you. Her bat wings fluttered faster and harder than ever. Her tongue slipped into your mouth, wrestling with yours in the most intense kiss of the evening. As her passionate kissing and riding grew ever stronger, you felt an orgasm building up inside you.

"R-Rouge," you tried say, failing to escape the bat girl's lips... not that you truly wanted to.

She could tell what was happening, choosing to wrap her arms around your head as you came deep inside her, filling her up with your hot seed. Her body trembled with her own orgasm at the same time, tightening around your dick as she came.

Rouge broke the kiss, grinning wickedly at you. "Nice work, Anon. Let's do that more often."

You nodded. "Let's."





Your hands pressed against the wall as Rouge jerked you off from behind, her skilled hands threatening to milk you dry.

"AH!" you grunted as her fingers skillfully masturbated you. "R-Rouge, that's-"

"Shhh~" Rouge whispered, rubbing you harder. "You deserve this. Make a mess for me, okay?"

You cried out in intense pleasure as you came on the wall for her amusement.




Rouge pulled a long, ornate box from under her bed. "You'll never guess what's in here~" she teased.

Your eyes were wide as she opened it, revealing seven gemstones of different colors. "Are these-"

"Yep," Rouge said, "the Chaos Emeralds."

She picked one up out of the box, watching it glimmer in the light. "Curious? Wanna know what happens if I became Super Rouge? It's certainly not something that'll happen in canon~"

You nodded. "I gotta see this."

She smirked, kissing you before using all seven Chaos Emeralds. Her body glowed with a glistening pink light as her body transformed...!




(Recommended music for this part)

Rena knocked on the door. "Room service!" she cried.

No answer.

She tried jiggling the handle; no dice. This door was locked.

"Pfft, no problem," the kitsune said. "I'll just use the master key-"

She checked her kimono; no master key, either.

"...This is gonna be another Jessica Rabbit incident again, isn't it?"



The glowing, sparkling body of Super Rouge slammed you against the bed over and over, her wide hips surrounding you.

"R-Rouge, I-!"

"Gonna cum again, Anon?" she chuckled, licking her lips. "That's the fourth time so far!"

"GHHHHHAH!" you moaned, busting yet another massive nut inside her.

Rouge laughed, continuing you ride you as you through your head back, shouting.



Rena took a fighting stance, ready to pound the door down. She took a deep breath in preparation.

"FALCON PAWNCH...!" she exclaimed as her arm ignited, before yelling for a different reason: her arm was on fire.




Rouge laughed as you fucked her against the wall.

"You like this?" you asked, smirking at the bat girl in front of you.

"How could I not?!" the short bat girl cried out, gripping your body with all four limbs. "Harder! Harder! Make me addicted to you!"

You gripped her tighter as you pounded her warm, wet snatch harder, causing her to cry out even louder.




"Forgive me, master," Rena said, unsheathing her katana, "but I must go all out... just this once."

She swung her blade at the door... snapping the flimsy plastic in half.

"...I got the Party City one, didn't I?"




"My Super Form's about to run out, Anon," Rouge said, her thick ass pounding against you, reverse cowgirl style.

You couldn't reply; your body was tired out from all the awesome sex.

"Oh?" Rouge chuckled, her curvy body pounding against you even faster. "Maybe I've overdone it... How about one last orgasm?"

You gave her a thumbs-up, causing her to laugh.

"Then it's settled!" she exclaimed, continuing to milk you dry as her ass clapped against you.




"Fine, then, you stubborn door..." Rena grunted. "You leave me with no other choice...!"

Rena grabbed her cell phone from her pocket.

"Heyyyy, Shirohime..." she called. "Can you come to Floor 91 with the Master Key? ...Fine, you can bring the strap-on, but let Anon finish with her first." 




You snuggled close to Rouge, now in her normal form, beneath the sheets of her bed.

"ROOM SERV- thanks for that, by the way- ROOM SERVICE!" Rena cried out, entering the room along with Shirohime.

You turned over, looking at the two of them. "Oh, hey guys," you said, smiling.

Rena giggled. "Good morning."

"Did you two lovebirds tire yourselves out? ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)" Shirohime giggled.

"I suppose we did," Rouge said, spooning you from behind.

"Well, your food might be a tad cold," the kitsune said, setting the table, "so I may need to use your stove."

"That's fine," Rouge said, getting out of bed with you.



You, Rouge, Rena, and Shirohime enjoyed a nice meal together, consisting of chili dogs and... well, probably something else, but the chili dogs were the highlight. You and Rouge teased each other under the table, her hands grazing your crotch while you rubbed against her clit.

Shirohime flirted with you a little while Rena and Rouge flirted with one another.

"What can I say?" Rouge teased. "I like kissing cute foxes~"

Everyone laughed, and you shared a wonderful evening together.




But, like all wonderful evenings, it had to end. After a heartfelt farewell to Rouge, Rena led you back to the entrance, where you crossed the threshold and returned to the waking world. The dream of the Hotel left your eyes, leaving you alone in bed...

...with Rouge's parting gift: a long, ornate box.

You wondered for a moment if Super Anon could be a thing. Or maybe Super Torchic? Oh, the Endless Possibilities...

Chapter Text

Every night for the past few months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





"Hey, Anon!" Rena greeted as you walked into the Hotel. "Welcome back!"

"Good to be back," you said, exhausted, as you approached her. "It's been a long day."

Rena bent over the desk to stroke your head. "You poor thing. You deserve some comfort." She leaned back to type on her computer. "Maybe laying in the arms of a sexy Piranha Plant girl will help."

"So, the Piranha Plant Gal is up next?" you asked.

The kitsune nodded, her three fox tails wagging behind her. "Yep! She's got smooth skin, long green hair, a big red petal over her eyes, and huge, milky titties!"

"Huge milky titties?"

"HUGE MILKY TITTIES!" Rena jumped for joy as she exclaimed it, her own huge titties bouncing inside her kimono. "Doesn't that excite you?!"

Your eyes were fixated on Rena's rack. "Huh? Oh, uh, yeah."

She giggled, giving you a seductive look. "Let's go see our plant girl, shall we?"





"I'll let you type it in, Anon!" Rena said, giving you control of the elevator's computer. "It's Floor 9!"

The computer's touchpad glowed for you, blinking as you inputted the floor number. You noticed, however, that there were more than just numbers on the touchpad.

"Why are there letters here, too?" you asked.

"Special reasons," Rena replied. "There's a few floors that get labeled with words, not numbers."

"Really? Like what?"

Rena put an arm around you. "There's actually a top floor, if you can believe it."

"Seriously? There's a roof on this place?"

Rena nodded. "Yep! The Hotel may be infinite, but there IS a top floor~" She pulled you tightly against her, hugging you with one arm. "But let's not worry about that right now~"

The kitsune girl kissed your cheek as she hugged you, planting kiss after kiss on your face as the elevator went up.




Rena sighed. "This floor always interrupts my fun," she said, pulling her blue, floral kimono over her shoulders.

"It's Room 70, right?"

The kitsune nodded. "Right! Good job remembering it, Anon sweetie~"

"It's the same number that Piranha Plant is in Smash Bros.," you said, causing her to giggle.

"An unexpected character, as always~" Rena said. "I certainly wasn't expecting to see her in the top ten Splatfest winners~"

"Heheh, top ten," you said.

Rena laughed again, kissing your cheek.

After several minutes of walking together, your hand in hers, you finally made it.

"And here we are!" Rena said, leaving you with one final kiss on the lips. "I'll see you later, Anon~"

You waved goodbye to the kitsune girl - watching her hips swaying for a while - before knocking on the door.

Barely seconds later, it opened.


Rena was a few inches taller than you; the Piranha Plant Gal, on the other hand, stood over a foot above your head. She smiled down at you, the top half of her head covered by a Piranha Plant-like hat with fake teeth around the front, matching the fake teeth surrounding the cleavage of her red tube dress. Her long, messy green hair went down to her legs, where she wore a pair of red heels.

The Piranha Plant Gal's hips swayed back and forth, her breasts bouncing in time with her hips. "Hello, Anon~" she said with a giggle. "Come on in!"

She grabbed you by the hand, pulling you into her room. It was dark, its blue brick walls illuminated only by glowing question mark boxes that hovered stationary in midair. The tall, curvy plant woman pulled you to her couch, sitting beside you and putting an arm around you, her other hand gently stroking your chest.

"So, wanna do it?" she giggled, her finger circling your heart. "Wanna have s-e-x?"

You chuckled. "Totally, but let's take it slow at first."

"Sure, Anon baby~" she said, kissing along your jawline to your lips. She grabbed your face with both hands, her soft lips pressing against yours again and again. "Mmm, your lips are to die for, Anon!"

"So are yours," you replied, your hand stroking her soft, smooth thigh. "Your body's incredible..." you whispered.

She giggled again. "You're such a sweetheart~! Your body's pretty amazing, too," she said, feeling you up and down. "Mmmm... such a perfect boy..."

Her long tongue licked her lips slowly as she took your hand, guiding it up her body to her large, soft bosom. You gladly squeezed her breasts, rubbing them through her clothes.

"Aren't they so nice?" she asked, whispering. She breathed heavily as you rubbed her chest, her cleavage spilling from the top of her tube dress. You could feel her nipples hardening from your touch, causing her to purr in arousal.

"They're so bouncy..." you observed, playing with them.

She giggled yet again, pulling you close to her in a hug. You looked up at her face, her sweet smile turning into a naughty, perverted grin as her long, dripping tongue left her mouth. Almost out of instinct, you began sucking on her long tongue, causing her to pant in desire. Her sweet, honey-scented breath fell onto your face as you sucked the Piranha Plant Gal's sweet tongue.

As you did, you felt a shiver down your whole body, an electric shock of desire, slowly building up within you. Your body began trembling under her touch as you kept sucking and sucking...

She pulled her tongue from your mouth, licking her lips again. "Liked that?" she asked.

Your body shivered from her voice, squirming with desperate desire. "Wh-what's...?"

The Piranha Plant Gal squeezed you tight, pressing your face to her bountiful cleavage as the sensation soared through your body, she stroked your head with one hand, holding you close with her other. "Shhh... that's a good boy..." she whispered.

You hugged her, almost out of instinct, as your body trembled with lust. You pushed your face further into her, nuzzling into her warmth.

"My saliva has a little... toxin in it," she said seductively, in a low voice. "Don't worry, it's not harmful or anything. Rena would've put me in a basement floor if you were in any danger. No, no, no, Anon honey... Mommy Piranha Plant's saliva acts like a kind of... Viagra."

As she spoke, you felt your cock stiffen in your pants, hardening faster than it ever had before. You grunted, not in agony but in insane pleasure.

"More than that," she continued, running her fingers through your hair, "it'll make you want to cuddle with your new plant mommy~"

"Y-yeah..." you mumbled into her cleavage, hugging her tighter and rubbing her back. "I... mmmmph... I can tell it's working."

"You're not in any discomfort, right?"

Your cock twitched as her words tickled your ears. "I... I need to cum."

She laughed, pulling your face to hers and showering you with kisses. "Then let mommy make you cum, Anon."

Suddenly, a pair of vines emerged from the ground, pulling down your pants and exposing your throbbing hard-on, stiffer than it had ever been. The smooth, soft hands of the Piranha Plant Gal stroked you slowly before wrapping around your length.

"You don't need to hold back," she whispered into your ear, her tongue licking along the outside as her soft hand pumped you. "You don't need to resist... When you feel like cumming for me, you can... You have such a beautiful cock... So hard, so full of life... Does that feel good, baby? Do you want to explode in my hand?"

You turned your head, kissing her. She giggled into your lips.

"P-please," you moaned, "I... I need..."

"What do you need, sweetheart?" she asked. "A blowjob, maybe? With this long... long tongue wrapped around you?"

You nodded. "Please, hurry..."

Your hips thrust again and again, begging for release. Your body trembled with desire as she got on her knees between your legs, shaking with the irresistible need to cum. Her long, dripping tongue passed through her wicked grin, its slimy texture wrapping around your raging hard-on. You gasped at the unbearably sweet sensation; she laughed, her tongue stroking you up and down, squeezing you in its warm, wet grip.

You threw your head back in pleasure, arms and legs shaking and jolting as your hips thrusted into her face. Her soft, smooth lips wrapped tightly around your head as her tongue started almost vibrating on your dick. The pleasure mounted, becoming more and more intense...!

"Mmmmph... Aghh...! P-Piranh-AH!" you grunted and groaned, blasting every drop of your seed into her mouth. The orgasm exploded through your body for several minutes, the pleasure lasting even after you were done ejaculating. As it subsided, you fell back onto the couch, totally limp and panting for air.

The Piranha Plant Gal swallowed everything before pulling off your cock. None of your semen was visible anywhere, even in her mouth. She giggled, standing imposingly over you. In the dim light of the room, you watched her hips sway back and forth, just as when you met her at the door, her breasts bouncing with each movement.

"Awww, Anon..." she cooed, leaning forward with her hands folded to the side. "Did that help?"

You couldn't deny, the sensation had finally left you. Whatever "toxin" was in her saliva had finally vanished after the most intense, powerful, and longest-lasting orgasm of your life. You nodded. "Yeah. Thank you."

She giggled. "Anything for my Anon!" she smiled, pressing her lips to your forehead. "Now, would you like to cuddle with me more, or do you want to go all the way-"

"Cuddle," you insisted. "I don't want anything that intense for a while...!"

She laughed, leaning down to hug you, pressing her pillowy breasts into your face. "I don't mind! I'd love to cuddle you, dear Anon. I love you~"

"I love you too," you mumbled into her cleavage yet again.




Several minutes later, you found yourself sitting on her bed, snuggling with her. She stroked your head, running her soft fingers through your hair. Your face rested on her soft bosom as you nuzzled your cheeks into her. The gorgeous Piranha Plant Gal held you close, caressing you in the dim light of her room. Her thigh slowly rubbed against your crotch, causing you to get hard once again.

"Oh, Anon~?" she said, in a singsong voice. "Are you getting hard again?"

"Yeah, 'cause of you."

She giggled, before letting go of you and reaching down, pulling her white panties down from under her tube dress. "Do you like my panties, Anon?"

Your eyes focused on the pair, dangling from her finger. "Yeah..." you said, staring at them with intensity.

"You can keep them afterwards if you like..." she cooed, swinging them back and forth, as if hypnotizing you with a pendulum.

You nodded. "I'd love to..."

She set them on your exposed erection, causing it to jump. "Maybe you can jerk yourself off with them... while you suck on these."

The Piranha Plant Gal's long tongue fell through her wide grin as she pulled the brim of her tube dress down, exposing her soft, creamy breasts. You gazed at her large bosom, her perfectly purple nipples almost begging to be suckled.

"Anon~ Anon~" she whispered, grabbing her breasts and bouncing them up and down. "Don't you want my sweet milk?"

You nodded, almost reflexively, before cupping one of her breasts and wrapping your lips around its nipple. She gasped in pleasure, her hot breath on the top of your head as you started sucking, licking her nipple inside your mouth. She squeezed her breast, releasing her warm milk into your mouth. The taste was shocking at first, but you quickly started enjoying it as she stroked your head and held you close.

Your throbbing hard-on stiffened all the more as you suckled her. You grabbed the panties on your cock and started using them to jerk off, the soft fabric causing you to tremble. You humped her underwear more and more as you sucked her breasts, gulping down her milk.

There was no wonder why Rena recommended her "milky titties"; they were astonishing. As she growled sensually above you, you couldn't help but keep sucking her large, pillowy breasts, gulping down each drop she gave you.

"It's nice, right?" she whispered seductively, holding you close to her, squeezing her breast with one hand and pressing your head to her with the other. "So soft, so warm, so cozy... Feels like paradise, right? Don't you just want to stay with me... forever?"

You closed your eyes as you listened to her seductive rambles, tasted the sweetness of her milk, and nuzzled your face against her large, perfectly soft breasts...




You woke up a half-hour later to find her completely naked, standing over you on top of the bed. Her hips swayed back and forth, as if in time with some unheard music, and her massive, creamy breasts bounced with her. The Piranha Plant Gal licked her lips slowly, staring at you from above.

"Good morning, Anon," she said, a wicked grin over her face. You could see her green eyes almost glowing from underneath her Piranha Plant hat. "Did you have a good nap? Did my baby enjoy his treat?" She grabbed her breasts, rubbing them all over while moaning softly.

You nodded. "That was awesome."

"It's going to get a lot more awesome soon, Anon..." she replied, running one hand down her body to her soaking pussy. "Do you like how wet I am for you?"

You sat up, licking her up and down, causing her to gasp and moan in affirmation.

"I'll take that as a yes," she said, pushing your head off her and back onto the bed. She started lowering your hips to your now-erect penis, her pussy dripping all over you.

"P-Pira, I-"

"'Pira'? Is that my nickname, Anon?" she asked, laughing. "I love it! You're so sweet to me~"

Before you knew it, she was on top of you, and you were inside. You gasped, grunting aloud at the sensation of her surrounding you. It was nothing like you had ever felt before, like her soaking walls were wrapping tightly around your erection as she bounced up and down on you. She felt like she was milking you.

You thrust your head backwards, shouting at how good it felt. She leaned forward, laughing as her hips pounded against you. Her breasts swayed in front of your face, back and forth, sometimes dripping warm milk onto your face and chest. They bounced each time she bounced on you, surrounding you over and over with the hot, warm, strange feeling of her soaking pussy.

You shouted in lust, thrusting your hips up to meet hers, almost in rhythm with her. As you opened your mouth to tell her how good it felt, she pressed her lips against yours. Her tongue ran along your lips, begging to come inside. You opened your mouth, French-kissing her, well aware of the consequences.

You got harder than ever inside her, your throbbing erection becoming rock solid within the gorgeous plant woman's body. She moaned in joy, continuing to fuck you, her soft hips and ass bouncing as she rode you.

Your tongues danced desperately in each other's mouths, your lips tightly sealed together as you kissed. As she pulled off of you, a long strand of saliva connected your adoring mouths. She sat up, still riding you joyfully, her breasts bouncing wildly with each thrust.

As the pleasure filled your body, you grabbed her wide hips, thrusting up in time with her. Your aroused rhythm only got more and more arousing as you fucked.

A vine appeared from the ground, grabbing a watering can from her nightstand and handing it to her. She giggled, pouring the water over her body, causing her to glisten in the dim light. Her curvy, seductive body glimmered as it splashed against your own.

You grunted, aroused by everything about her, begging to cum deep inside her. Your body tremored with desire, your heart practically pounding out of your chest.

"Hnnng... PIRA!" you exclaimed, sitting up and hugging her as the electric shock of orgasm shot through your body, refusing to subside even after pouring every drop of cum into her. You grunted, shaking and shivering as you clung to her. She stroked your head and back, shushing you softly while caressing you. Your body shook more and more as the tall goddess continued grinding into you.

"Shhh... that's a good boy..." she whispered softly. "Does my sweetheart Anon like that?"

You squeezed her tighter, the orgasm refusing to leave your body. You nodded into her breasts, your face smothered by her cleavage. As it finally began to subside, you whispered a quiet "thank you."

The Piranha Plant Gal wrapped her arms around you, hugging you just as you hugged her. "I love you, Anon."

"I love you, too," you said, still struck by the intense, lasting orgasm...





You were held in the air as her vines wrapped around each limb. She walked towards you seductively, her hips swaying with each step. She pulled her tube dress down to expose her breasts to you, causing your exposed dick to twitch to life.

She laughed, squeezing it between her as she jerked you off between her. The softness of her pillowy bosom was too much to handle; you were already thrusting your hips into her.

"P-Pira!" you exclaimed. "It's so good!"

She laughed, titfucking you harder. Her long tongue tickled the the tip of your erection, her saliva making her cleavage slick and much more pleasurable.

"I want you to enjoy it, my beloved Anon~!" she exclaimed, pressing them together tighter. Your hips thrust into her breasts harder, her body driving yours wild. "I want my sweetheart to cum again and again~!"

You cried out in intense pleasure as her paizuri only got more and more ferocious...





"And this..." she said, her vines now wrapped around your erection, "is a vinejob."

You panted, thrusting unconsciously into her vines as she jerked you off with them. "It's incredible...!"

She laughed, laying against the wall as she watched her vines play with you. She pulled her dress up, exposing her pussy and rubbing it with one hand. Her other hand squeezed one of her exposed breasts, rubbing it with her nipple between her fingers. The Piranha Plant Gal gleefully masturbated while watching you, her soaking pussy trembling in anticipation as you moaned in excitement, your trembling body on the verge of yet another orgasm...





"That's it... That's right, Anon..."

"I'm so close, Pira...!"

"You're amazing~ Keep it up!"

"I'm almost there...! Nnnnng- Yes!"


You double high-fived the Piranha Plant Gal. "We won!"

"Nice job, Anon!" she congratulated. "You're really good at Rainmaker~"

"It's all thanks to you," you replied, tightly embracing her.

She hugged you back, pressing a kiss to your forehead. "Nice job splatting Daisy, too~"


"Damn it!" Daisy shouted, tossing her controller. "Can't believe we lost at Rainmaker... Stupid Anon..."


"We were so close for a while there..." May bemoaned, leaning back into her Swampert Girl's massive breasts.


"I'm sure we'll get them next time," Rouge comforted, talking into her microphone.


"My liege is better than expected," Zan said, as Francisca held Flamberge back from destroying the TV.





"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena exclaimed, bursting into the room as always.

"Hey, Rena~" The Piranha Plant Gal said, walking to her seductively as your limbs hung from the ceiling, your erection stiff as it pointed to the ground.

"Um, a little help here?" you asked.

"Damn, someone's up to some kinky stuff," Rena observed, playfully elbowing the plant girl.

"I was sucking him off," Pira laughed.

"While suspended? Nice." The kitsune girl gave a thumbs-up. "So, I got dinner for the two of you. You might wanna... let him go?"

"Terrible choice of words~" The Piranha Plant Gal said with a smirk, snapping her fingers. Suddenly, one of the vines came loose, causing you to yelp in fear of falling.

The two girls laughed.

"Very funny..." you said, annoyed.



You enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the two of them, telling Rena all about what Pira did with you. The Piranha Plant girl giggled, kissing both you and Rena, though not with tongue... yet.

"I'll save my French kisses for later, Rena~" she winked.

Rena blushed, pressing her hand to her crotch under the table. "I'm looking forward to it, Piranhy..." she said, shivering in anticipation.

"You two have definitely done it before," you said, causing both of them to laugh before kissing you.


Hours passed with the Piranha Plant Gal, having fun together and making love over and over. Eventually, though, the time came to leave, and after a heartfelt goodbye Rena led you back to the entrance, where you left the Hotel and returned to your bedroom.

As the room came back into view, the intense pleasure you felt in that dream still lingered in your body. Your legs trembled, your heart beat, and your hands felt-


Oh, you still had her panties in your hand.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past few months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?



"H-hey, welcome, Anon!" Rena greeted, waving to you.

"Um... is everything okay?" you asked.

Rena's orange hair, though normally straight, was messy. Her face was red and sweaty, and it looked like she hadn't slept in a while.

"The, um, the elevator's... broke." She sighed. Fortunately, the next Splatfest winner's on Floor 3, so we can take the stairs."

"How'd it break?"

"No clue. I'm bringing in someone to look at it. They should be here soon."

"What if you're not here when they get here? Like, if you're bringing room service?"

"I'll ask Dokuko to watch the desk again," she said, typing on her computer. "Okay, so... ask Dokuko to watch the desk... and tell Ana that you're here."

"That's Ana from EarthBound Beginnings, right?"

"That's the one," Rena said, starting to relax. "She's older than she was in her original game, so don't worry."

You smiled. "I bet she's cute."

Rena nodded furiously. "Super cute."

"You've seen her?"

"Yep! I tried to kiss her, but she's saving that for you. You lucky stud, you~" she said with a wink.

You blushed. "That's... really sweet- hey, stop stealing all my girlfriends!"

Rena laughed, and you with her. After messaging Ana about your arrival, the kitsune girl took you by the arm up the stairs.




"It's Floor 3, Room 8," Rena said, walking upstairs with you. "So don't let me forget."

"That's easy to remember," you replied. "Three Mother games, plus Eight Melodies."

"Nice mnemonic." She gave you a thumbs-up. "My brains too frazzled right now to remember even easy room numbers."

"The elevator's gonna get repaired soon, though, right?"

Rena sighed. "It's not just the elevator. The Lobby seriously needs repainting, some of the bathrooms are starting to leak, and the basement's rusty metal floor - while absolutely rocking the aesthetic of the place - just isn't healthy."

"That's a lot," you said, putting an arm around her in a hug. "I wish there was some way to help you. I hate that you've got so much on your mind right now."

Rena stopped walking, turning to you with tears in her eyes. Before you knew it, you were being lifted off the ground in the tightest hug you'd ever been in.

"Anon...!!!" she cried, squeezing you tight while sobbing into your shoulder. "I love you!! Love you, love you, love you, love you, love you...!!!"

You hugged her in return, stroking her back with both hands until she calmed down.

"I love you too, Rena," you whispered.






"Did you really just yell out 'ding dong'?" you asked.

"I miss the elevator sound, okay? It's iconic."

"I'm just glad you're feeling better," you said, squeezing the kitsune girl's smooth hand.

She smiled at you. "You make everything better, Anon."

You blushed, smiling as well as the two of you made it to Room 8.

"Well," said Rena, "here we a-"

Before she could finish, Ana opened the door. She wore a pink dress and hat, the latter of which was embroidered with her name. Her blonde hair was curled into two pigtails, each wrapped with a ribbon. Her glossy purple lips formed a sweet smile upon seeing you.

"You have appeared," she said, beaming at you. "Just like in my dream... The boy in my dream looked just like you."

Rena's heart shivered upon hearing those last words. The boy in my dream...

"Won't you come inside?" she asked, offering your hand.

You gladly took it, following her in.

"Treat him right, okay?" Rena said. "He deserves it."

"I will," Ana said, smiling at Rena. "Have a nice night, Rena."

The fox girl smiled warmly, her two tails wagging. "You too."

The door shut, leaving Rena by herself while you and Ana went inside.

"...The boy in your dream, huh?" Rena mused, a small tear rolling down her cheek as she smiled. "Guess we have something in common."

I'll do it! I'll marry that boy from my dream, just you wait! Then you'll all stop making fun of me!

Rena sighed at the memory, wiping a tear from her eye. "I guess I showed them." She turned to go back down the stairs. "Now then, the elevator repairman should be here by now..."






Ana embraced you, her soft breasts pressed tightly against your chest.

"Anon... please stay with me," she whispered softly.

You kissed her forehead. "All night long."

You spent several minutes together in each other's arms, cozy and comfortable. Silence fell in the room, until she spoke up.

"Would you like to dance?" she asked.

You nodded. "I've never danced before, though."

"It's alright. I can lead," she said with a wink.

Suddenly, a record player in the corner of the room started playing, almost by magic... or by psychic power.

You took her hand in yours, holding her waist with the other. Slowly you revolved together, awkwardly but sweetly nonetheless. You felt her smooth hands and arms against yours as you held her, spun her around and embraced her. She led you in circles, dancing around the room, your hearts swelling more and more with affection for one another. She grinned as she pressed her body against yours yet again, her hands on your shoulders with yours on her waist.

"Anon?" she asked, still dancing with you. "Do you love me?"

You nodded. "Yes. I do, Ana."

She embraced you again, burying her smiling face into your chest. "Oh, Anon, I've loved you for such a long time. I've loved you ever since I saw you in my dream. And now..." She looked up at you, her piercing blue eyes meeting yours.

Before you knew it, her lips pressed against yours, the sweetness of her lip gloss overtaking you. She giggled into the kiss, unable to contain her happiness. You held her close, your bodies still slow-dancing to the music.

"My first kiss," she gasped in delight. "Thank you... Anon."

"Glad I got to you before Rena," you joked.

She laughed. "I'm just glad I could keep myself completely pure for you."

"Sorry I couldn't do the same-"

She pressed a finger to your lips, shaking her head. "I don't mind. There's a lot of girls here who love you just as much as I do."

Taking your hands, she danced with you towards the bed. Her eyes were full of love and affection, but you could sense a strong desire behind them.

The music stopped. A powerful, invisible force pinned you to the bed.


She giggled. "It's just telekinesis," she said, smiling at you kindly. "There's no way I'm going to hurt you, so please don't be worried."

"Oh... okay," you sighed in relief.

She ran her soft, smooth hands along your sides, pulling your shirt up. The touch of her skin sent shivers down your spine. "Nnnng, Ana..."

Ana giggled once again, taking your shirt off and gently setting it to the side. "You're so cute, Anon." She crawled up your body to your face, kissing you over and over. Your lips cheeks, jawline, even your neck felt the softness of her glossy, purple lips. She kissed down your body, immobilized by her psychic power. 

She's so cute, you thought, but she's got complete control over me now.

She winked at you, as though she knew exactly what you were thinking. "There's a reason I chose Team Top, Anon." She bit the elastic of your pajama pants, pulling them to your ankles with her teeth. You now stood completely nude in front of her, while she still wore all her clothes. She stood up, gazing at your slowly erecting penis with a warm smile.

She grabbed you in her hand, pumping you slowly while making eye contact. Her bright blue eyes met yours as she milked you slowly, gently, lovingly. Her pace increased, but the gentleness of her pale hands never changed. As she pumped you up and down, she slowly licked her lips, making sure you were watching her tongue. Your body trembled beneath her touch, aroused by every aspect of the cute, psychic girl.

"A-Ana...!" you groaned, your body eager to burst in her hands.

She gasped, letting go of you. "Is everything okay?"

"I-I'm gonna cum soon..." you said.

"Oh!" she said, laughing in relief. "I thought I might've hurt you..."

"You should've read my mind," you teased.

"Sorry, but all I could hear was, 'ANA, ANA, I LOVE YOU ANA, OH ANA, ANA YES, ANA...'" she said with a smirk.

You shared a laugh, despite your aching balls.

"In all seriousness, though, I'm not as... confident in my abilities as the others," she said, continuing to stroke you. "Everyone here's a virgin, but a lot of them know exactly what they want to do with you. Me, though, I'm..."

She trailed off.

"You're more innocent than them," you comforted. "There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, I'm honored that you waited for me. I love you, Ana."

Ana gasped, her heart melting at your words. "Anon..." she whispered.

She crawled up your immobilized body to kiss you again. This time, however, her wet tongue slipped between your lips, touching your own. Your tongues danced in each other's mouths, just as the two of you had danced moments prior.

"Anon!" she cried out, a trail of saliva connecting your mouths. "Oh, Anon! I love you!! I love you so much!!"

She hugged you, rubbing her cheek into your chest before kissing it. Ana slid back down your body, her breasts rubbing against you as she did. As she moved down your body, you felt the soft fabric of her dress touch your erection. Your body jolted at the feeling.

"Oh? You like that?" Ana asked, tilting her head. She stood up, grabbing the hem of her dress and rubbing it against your cock.

You nodded, your body trembling in desire with her touch.

She smiled. "Oh, Anon..." she whispered, pulling her dress over her stomach, exposing her panties. "Is my body nice? My waist, my hips...?"

"Yes!!" you exclaimed, nodding furiously. "It's all nice!!"

Ana laughed. "How about... these?"

She pulled her dress up, exposing her breasts.

"They're not as big as other girls'..." she said shyly. "But they're soft! A little bouncy, too," she insisted, hopping up and down to bounce them.

You laughed. "That's hot," you said, still psychically pinned to the bed.

She sat on her knees, dropping her dress back down her body. She undid a few buttons in the front of the dress, exposing a hole. She smiled at you, looking into your eyes as she pushed your cock through the hole. You gasped at the silky feeling of her dress on one side of your erection, her bare skin on the other.

"This is really hot," you said, body trembling

She giggled, pressing her small breasts together, squeezing your cock from both sides. "They aren't that big, but I can still hold you in place.

From the outside, your cock almost bulged out of her dress, hard and throbbing from her touch. She grabbed her breasts, giving you paizuri as you gasped and moaned, panting from the sensation.

Your body wanted to move. All it could do was tremble, shiver, and experience the pleasure Ana provided.


You gasped, her breasts moving faster and faster, your throbbing cock still bulging out of her dress as her small breasts milked you.

"W-wait a minute," you said, your body swelling with pleasure. "What happens if I-"

"It's okay," she said, not stopping or slowly down. "It's okay to cum in my dress."

"B-but it's-"

She giggled. "I know it's pretty, but... I'd like to wear this dress, knowing exactly what you did in it. Knowing that the boy I love, who loves me in return, released the evidence of his love inside it... would make me happy, Anon."

Your hips humped up involuntarily, breaking the psychic hold she had on you. "ANA!" you exclaimed, an electric shock exploding through your body as you shot out load after load into her dress, all over her breasts. She gasped, giggled, and laughed as she milked you dry, still stroking your ejaculating cock with her boobs and dress.

"Did that feel good, Anon?" she asked.

"You already know," you replied.

She smiled, kissing your stomach as she pulled her dress from your cock. Your seed dripped from the hole, the inside of her dress soaked with your seed. Her sweet, innocent smile became sexy to you, almost addicting to look at.

"I love you, Anon."

You sat up, kissing her cheek. "I love you too."

She kissed you back. You took turns kissing each other, again and again. She giggling into your lips, grinning as her face pressed against yours.

"You're all mine, Anon," she said, hugging you tightly as she kissed you.

You spent several minutes in each other's arms, kissing and cuddling, laughing and giggling, as if the two of you had been dating for years.


Ana's leg rubbed against your crotch. "Hm? Are you hard again?"

"Well, we were kissing for a while," you replied, savoring the feeling of her dress on your dick. "Plus, my refractory period seems way shorter in the Hotel."

She giggled. "Good to know~"

Ana turned around, sitting on your lap with your erection between her soft, smooth thighs. You gasped at the feeling, the softness of her pale thighs squeezing you.

"One of my friends mentioned something called a 'thighjob,'" she said. "You take the boy's erection and rub it with your thighs until he ejaculates. Does that sound fun for you?"

You nodded furiously, hugging her from behind. "Please do that."

She giggled. "Anything for you~" she said, slowly rubbing you between her thighs, lifting one and then the other.

You shivered at the sensation, her smooth thighs squeezing you.

Her body turned to the side. She put an arm around you while you sat there, still trapped between her. "How is it?"

"So good..." you said, staring at the head of your erection poking through her dress.

She giggled, rubbing the head slowly through her dress. "It looks like I have a-"

"Don't say it," you said.

She laughed. "Feels good though, right?"

Her soft, smooth, creamy thighs stroked you more and more. You humped up into her in rhythm with her movements.

"Mmmmph, Ana..." you moaned.

Ana giggled. "I like the way you moan~" she teased, winking at you before kissing you. "Do you want to cum between my thighs?"

You trembled at her words, squirting precum into her dress as she spoke.

"I take it you do," she said, continuing to rub the head through her dress. "Go ahead. Cum. I want you to ruin this dress."

Your body couldn't take it any more. You grabbed her breast with one hand, still sticky with your seed. She gasped as you humped up into her thighs, your body trembling as another powerful orgasm shot through you, spurting again and again in her dress, on her thighs and panties.

She giggled, kissing your forehead. "You know, Anon, I haven't even taken my clothes off yet, and you've soiled me with your seed twice~"

"Y-yeah, sorry," you said, your body trembling from the second orgasm.

"It's okay," she said, stroking your cheek with her hand. "No need to apologize. You just have to make me cum next, okay?" She smiled at you before kissing you, again and again.


Ana's dress fell to the bathroom floor as she stood before you, wearing only her panties. She giggled as she watched your gaze. "You're staring too much."

"Oh, uh, sorry-"

"I'm teasing, silly," she said, walking up to you and kissing your nose. "Stare as much as you like."

You held her by the waist, pulling her close for a kiss. After pulling her panties off, you tossed them aside and got into the shower with her, turning the water on.

You trembled, getting hard at her words. "Y-yeah."

She giggled, grabbing her boobs from below and bouncing them for you. "Then wash me up~"

You lathered your hands with soap, caressing her chest and washing it clean of your seed. Your thumbs teased her nipples, causing her to moan as you groped her. You moved down her body, washing her stomach and thighs. You rubbed her inner thighs deliberately, slowly, watching her reactions the whole time as you inched closer to her warmth...

She bit her lip, moaning lightly as you "washed" between her thighs, moving closer and closer to her womanhood, soaked with more than water. She started washing her arms and shoulders as your fingers entered her, causing her to yelp.

"Are you-"

"N-no, I'm fine," she assured. "Please, Anon... keep going..."

You nodded, continuing to finger her as you knelt before her. Her gasps and moans were cute, full of delight and love. Her hips trembled as your fingers thrusted into her, again and again, rubbing her g-spot. She squealed as tremors of desire surged through her body, shaking her everywhere. Her knees became weak, but she grabbed onto your head, holding her up.

You stood up, kissing her with your fingers still inside her. She squealed in delight into your mouth again, her tongue gliding against yours in your passionate kiss. She tasted so sweet, almost addictingly so.

She broke the kiss, gasping for air. "A-Anon! I love this, Anon!!" she exclaimed. "That was- ah! my first orgasm."

"Really? Your first?"

She nodded. "I've resisted the temptation for years, saving myself... for you." She kissed your cheek before whispering into your ear. "And believe me, whenever I thought about you... I was very tempted.

You shivered upon hearing her words. "Then let's give you a few more," you whispered back, continuing to finger her, causing her to yelp again, begging for you to keep going.


You left the bathroom, still naked but holding hands, beaming at each other. You lied down on her soft, pink bed as she straddled your face, her wet pussy hovering tantalizingly above you.

"I heard from a friend that you're good at this," Ana said. "Are you ready?"

You already had your tongue out, eager to eat her out.

She giggled. "I guess that's a yes." She lowered herself onto your face, gasping immediately at the feeling of your tongue. Her soft, smooth thighs squeezed both sides of your face. "Oh! Anon!!"

As soon as you started licking her, she started gasping and moaning, shaking her hips into your face eagerly. She couldn't even speak, just letting out sounds of desire and approval. Her soft body trembled above you, trying to resist cumming into your face immediately.

She pulled off your face, shaking and shivering. "Th-that's enough..." she said, her voice trembling with desire. "N-now let's get to the main attraction~"

She crawled backwards slowly on her knees, her soaking entrance hovering over the head of your throbbing erection.

"Are you ready?" you asked.

Ana blushed, grinning but looking away shyly. "Th-the better question is..."


Suddenly, the same psychic force as before pinned you to the bed, causing you to yelp as your whole body was surrounded by it.

"Are you?" she asked with a naughty smile, looking into your eyes as she slid onto your entrance. She grunted as you entered her, taking her virginity. You couldn't help but let out a gasp as well, feeling her slick walls surrounding you.

"S-so..." she gasped, panting as she started riding you, "this is a... a..."

You tried to nod, but the force of her psychic power was too much. You could barely even speak. Despite this, it wasn't painful.

If anything, it felt wonderful.

"I-I'm gonna try going faster, okay?" she announced, her face a mixture of "seductive lover" and "shy former virgin". Her heart was full of desire for you, but her heart full of love. Nothing showed this more than how she rode you, slowly but deliberately, just like how you washed her in the shower. The feeling of her vagina was slick and wet, but her movements were still unsure. She was definitely a top, but new to it.

"A-Ana..." you grunted out, trembling from the feeling. "Y-you're so sexy..."

"You're- mmmmph~! You're the sexy one, Anon," Ana said, her hips slamming against you. "Your body is perfect, your heart is so pure, your mind is beautiful... ah! I've loved you for so long, Anon!"

"I'm- mmm, ah! I'm all yours, Ana!" you exclaimed, struggling to speak between her psychic push and her hot, warm fucking. "P-please, don't stop!"

"Never!" she shouted, leaning back as she rode you faster and faster. "I'll never stop! You're mine and I'm yours! I LOVE YOU, ANON!!"

A powerful jolt ran through both your bodies, your eyes growing wide as the need to orgasm increased. Her body shook and shivered on top of yours, her hips grinding into you intensely as she bent forward, grabbing your face in both hands and kissing you passionately, her lower body milking you faster and faster. Your genitals splashed together, the sound of your bodies increasing with your desire. The psychic hold on you vanished as she came, squirting all over your cock her warmth dripping down your balls.

Freed from her hold, you hugged her, humping up in rhythm with her. She cried out in desire, cumming again, her pussy squeezing you as tightly as her arms returned your hug. Your body trembled and shook, an orgasm exploding through you as you grunted, moaning Ana's name as you blew your seed deep in her soft, comfortable body. You panted as your orgasms slowly subsided, sharing kisses and words of affection.

"I love you" being the most common words.




Ana used her psychic powers to cloud your vision in darkness. Meanwhile, you could feel her teasing you with kisses, licks, and even a few feathers. You squirmed in pleasure on her bed, laughing as she played with you.

"You like this?" she said. "It's fun when you can't see."

She was right; the pleasure increased when you lost your sense of sight; your sense of touch was empowered without it.

"Y-yeah..." you said, on the verge of cumming as she teased your cock with her fingertips. "But... I like seeing your face more."

She giggled. "That's so sweet!"

You could tell she was moving, but couldn't tell where. Suddenly, you felt something warm hovering above your face, and heard a splashing sound as drops of liquid touched your lips.

The darkness subsided as Ana continued fingering herself above your lips, moaning aloud in intense pleasure.




Ana tied your hands and legs with rope, laying you on the ground.

"Um, A-Ana?"

"Hold on," Ana said, messaging her friends on her computer. "I'm asking what to do next. Hm... 'keep teasing him'... 'send pics'... 'spank him with your frying pan'... Hm... I think I'll start by sending them pictures. Now, where's the phone Rena gave me?"

You struggled in your bonds as Ana searched the room. "Um... are you sure-"

"Hang on," she said, finding her phone and taking pictures of you. "Kumatora requested a butt picture, so I'm gonna give her one."

"Wait, I'm insecure about-"

"Oh! They love it!" Ana exclaimed. "Ms. Venus especially likes it, and Paula wants to kiss you all over~" she giggled. "Don't be so insecure, Anon. You're a lot better than you think you are."

Her last words were filled with so much kindness and warmth, you couldn't help but blush. Ana continued taking pictures of you with her phone, sending them to her friends and showering you with compliments.

Suddenly, being tied up didn't feel so bad.





You and Ana cuddled together in bed, feeling her soft, smooth touch. Your nude bodies snuggled close together as you fell asleep embracing her. Your dream within a dream was full of her words, whispered to you telepathically.

Milk you dry in my hands

I'm gonna rub these soft breasts against your face

Pin you to the bed and rock back and forth on you

Paint your penis in kiss marks

Make you scream my name

Lick you up and down your shaft

Give you hickeys and heal them with my powers

Rub you while you suck my nipples

Tease you until you can't stand it

Invite my friends over to make love to you

Hold your hand in public

Remind you how much I love you

Marry you and make you the happiest man ever.


Her words of love continued as you slept beside her, squeezing each other tight.





"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced as she barged in. "Haha, better than having a giant robot do it, huh?"

You and Ana were still asleep in each others' arms, your nude bodies tightly embracing even in slumber.

"Aw..." The kitsune girl smiled warmly, approaching the two of you. She stroked your head in your sleep, admiring your face. "So sweet... just like I always dreamed..."

I'm telling you, he's real! The boy in my dreams is real! His name is Anon, he's got sweet lips and kind eyes and warm hands... and he's real!

Rena chuckled at the memory of her younger self. "I bet the two of you are having just as sweet dreams..."

Your eyes slowly opened, revealing Rena's face.

"Oh! Good morning, sleepyhead," she said, still stroking your face. "Dinner's ready. I was gonna make prime ribs, but the elevator's still out, so I ordered pizza instead. Hope you don't mind."

"I don't mind," you replied, kissing her as you sat up.

Rena gasped a little into your lips.

"Is... everything okay?" you asked. "You're blushing a lot more than usual."

"Oh, it's... ah, it's nothing," she insisted, kissing you back. "I was just... remembering some things, is all."

"Bad memories?"

"No!" she insisted. "No, no, no, they were... ah, maybe a little." She hugged you, squeezing you tight with her head on your shoulder. "But it's alright now. I have you here, after all!"

You smiled, hugging her back. "I'm glad. I'd hate it if you were sad."

She squeezed you tighter. I know you would, she thought. That's one of the reasons why I love you so much.

Suddenly, another pair of arms hugged you from behind, and a pair of soft, small breasts pressed into your back. "Good morning, you two. Is dinner ready?"



The three of you ate pizza together, talking about the wonderful night of love you and Ana shared together. Rena laughed as she heard about all the fun, naughty things you did with one another, even giving Ana tips on what to do "next time".

"It'll be a while before next time, though, right?" Ana asked. "I mean, there's still a lot more Splatfest winners."

"They'll be done before you know it," Rena insisted. "Anon will be back to spend time with you."

You nodded. "You know it," you said, kissing Ana's cheek. "I'd love to keep spending time with you."

Ana blushed, taking your hand. "Th-then get the other's over with so I don't have to wait!"

The three of you laughed, spending a long time together.





Hours passed afterwards, where you and Ana had more fun together, but eventually the time had come for you to leave. After a heartfelt goodbye and many farewell kisses, you left Ana and returned to the Lobby with Rena.

"Take care, Anon," Rena said, kissing you before sending you on your way.


You passed through the threshold, waking up in your familiar room. The warm, delightful dreams of last night still lingered, and you could still feel Ana's kisses on your lips...

And the letter she wrote for you in your hand, full of her words of love.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past few months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?






When you arrived, the lights were dimmed, and the walls were painted a dark blue, as opposed to the beige they had normally been. Rena sat behind her desk as always, but now her fingers were intertwined as she looked up at you.

"Welcome... to the Velvet Room, my dear young Anon."


Rena sighed. "Almost as soon as the elevators were fixed, the lights started messing up. We're running on emergency power right now until the electric guys show up. On the bright side, the Lobby's been repainted. I just thought I'd have some fun with this."

"Your nose isn't long enough to be Igor's," you said, approaching her desk.

The kitsune laughed. "Yeah, curse my beautiful, perfectly-proportioned nose."

You chuckled. "It is a nice nose."

She giggled, kissing your nose from across the desk. "So is yours~" she said, winking. "Anyway, tonight's special girl is... Kasumi Yoshizawa. Or, wait..." She grabbed the computer mouse, scrolling down. "...Sumire Yoshizawa?"

"I finished Royal," you said. "It's Sumire."

"...Well, okay, then," she said, typing on her computer. "Let me just tell her you're here... and sent!"

"So, is the elevator working?"

Rena nodded. "Good thing, too, since she's on Floor 312."

"Another long ride," you said.

"At least you won't have to walk as long as when you met Chie."

"Oh, Sumire's on the same floor?"

"Yep!" Rena smiled. "I try to put girls from the same universe on the same floor. Well, usually."


Rena shrugged. "Things happen. Sometimes people have to change rooms for whatever reason, or they don't wanna be on the same floor as others."

"I understand," you replied. "So, can we go?"

"My, my, someone's eager!" Rena winked. "As a matter of fact, she just messaged me back. We can go right now!"




"Floor 312, here we come!" Rena announced.

"So, it's Floor 312, Room 325?" you asked, clarifying what she told you earlier.

"Yep! I know that's a lot of waiting and a lot of walking, but don't worry. I have a plan~"

You sat down in the corner of the elevator, with Rena sitting beside you shortly afterwards.

"In the meantime," the kitsune girl said, reaching into her large bag, "why not play some games together to pass the time?"

"I'd love that!" you said, nudging closer to her. "So, what are we gonna play?"

She pulled out a pink strap-on. "Endure."

Your eyes grew wide.

"Haha!" she laughed. "Just teasing you, Anon. This isn't for you~" she said, stuffing it back in her bag. "It's for Margaret," she whispered, her breath tickling your ear.

You trembled, imagining exactly what she was going to do with that strap-on.

"So, uh... what room's Margaret in?" you asked, trying to get your mind off your raging erection. Rena and Margaret, fucking each other senseless...

"Floor 312, Room 3." Rena bit her lip, looking at the tent in your pajama pants. "Looks like someone wants to watch."

You nodded.

Rena laughed, pulling out a small laptop. "Here, I have some fun videos for us to watch." She turned it on, looking for her videos. "Let's see... ah! Here's me and Margaret a couple months ago."

She hit play, and your ears were immediately greeted with the sounds of Margaret and Rena making love, the kitsune girl wearing the very same pink strap-on you saw earlier. Margaret moaned in deep, agonizing pleasure, her body shaking with desire.

"Rena...!" the recorded Margaret moaned, her mature, seductive body shaking under the kitsune's fucking. "I-I'm so close...! AH!"

"Isn't she so pretty?" Rena whispered, licking along the outside of your ear. "But you know... she's really thinking about you right now~" The kitsune girl winked at you, putting on video after video of her exploits.




Rena closed the laptop as the elevator reached Floor 312.

"Ah, well, that's enough of that," Rena giggled, kissing your blushing cheek as she got up.

"N-Nice job doing the 78 Position..." you stuttered out, amazing at what you just saw.

The kitsune girl took your hand, helping you up. "Aw, thanks!" she said, smiling. "It's hard, but very rewarding."

"Lavenza certainly seemed to like it," you chuckled, leaving the elevator with her.

As you exited, you saw a familiar person: Chie Satonaka.

"Hey, Anon!" she greeted, a wide smile crossing her face. "How's it been?"

"Chie?" you gasped, embracing her. "It's great to see you again! I'm doing well."

"That's awesome!" Chie said, squeezing you in her arms. "I heard you're gonna meet Kas- I mean Sumire, right?"

"Yep," you said, before noticing something behind her.

It looked like a metal dolly behind her, but with a long, wide platform. On the platform was a blanket and a pair of pillows.

"Hey, what's that?" you asked, pointing to it.

"That," Rena announced proudly, "is my plan."



Rena and Chie were not only stronger than you expected, but faster. They pushed you through Floor 312's halls at remarkable speed, while you sat on the metal platform's blankets, begging to not be flung off after a sharp turn.

"Aaaaaand... here!" Rena cried.

Rena and Chie stopped on a dime, causing you to slip off and hit the floor.

"Oooooh..." the two girls groaned.

"S-sorry..." Chie apologized, wincing.

"It's not a bad idea," you groaned, rubbing your head, "but next time, add some kind of restraint."

Rena and Chie nodded.


After getting up, you said your goodbyes to Rena and Chie before knocking on the door to Sumire's room.

"J-just a second!" she called from the other side.

Moments later, the door opened, revealing her. She was shorter than you, thin, with her red hair in a curly ponytail, wearing a black and red school uniform.

"Oh, Anon!" Sumire said, blushing. "I'm glad you made it!" She smiled, taking your hand and leading you inside.

As you closed the door behind you, she embraced you. Her light, slender body squeezed against yours. She grinned, her cheek firmly pressed into your chest. You returned her embrace, holding her close.

"You're so warm..." she said, hugging you tight.

After a while, she let go, standing a few feet in front of you. "So, um, what do you think?"

You grinned at her. "I'm in love," you said, looking her over.

She gasped. "Wh-what? Did you just say what I think you just said!? You said you're... in love?"

You chuckled, taking her hand. "Isn't that why I'm here?"

Sumire blushed, squeezing your hand. "Y-yeah... Um, it's a little embarrassing to say this, but..." She stepped forward, taking your other hand. "I... I can't wait to..." She stood on her toes, kissing your cheek. "I can't wait to sleep with you, Anon."

You chuckled, kissing her cheek in return. "I feel the same... but let's take our time, okay?"

A wide smile crossed her face. "Great! I'm so glad," she said, before leading you to her bed.

You sat there beside her, admiring her nice, tidy room. She giggled a little, her soft, smooth hands still holding yours. Before you knew it, you were kissing. Her soft, gentle lips glided against yours, and you could feel the love in each individual kiss she gave you. Your hands squeezed hers, your fingers intertwining.

"I... I'm in love with you!" she exclaimed breathlessly as she broke the kiss.

"I love you too," you replied, kissing her back.

She squealed in delight as your lips met hers again. Her hands moved from your hands to your cheeks, pressing your face further into hers. You chose to hug her, squeezing her close.

"S-so... I guess it's mutual, huh?" she asked, blushing a bright red.

"Very," you said, kissing her cheek.

She blushed, flustered by your amorous behavior. "I'm so embarrassed," she confessed.

"You weren't a moment ago when we were kissing," you replied.

"Th-that was different!" she stammered. "I was c-caught up in the moment, and... ohhh..." Sumire covered her face in her hands. "I... I want to..."

Suddenly, she hugged you even tighter than before, her thin frame hiding her strength. You returned her hug, warmly embracing her.

"I want to be even closer to you," she said, squeezing you tight. "I love you so much, Anon. I'll always want your eyes on me."


You spent a long time with Sumire, sitting on her bed and chatting. After she calmed down some, the two of you began to share conversations and stories. As you spoke with her, she became more and more at ease around you, though still blushing quite a bit.


"I can barely make sense of all these feelings," Sumire said, stepping off the bed to stand in front of you, "but there's one thing I know for sure."

Sumire grabbed your hands, pulling them to her chest.

"I'm so happy that we've gotten this close," she said, allowing you to touch her breasts. "Anon... please stay by my side forever."

You nodded. "Anything for you," you replied, rubbing her breasts through her school uniform.

She smiled, savoring the feeling of your hands. "This is... actually really nice," she giggled. "You're not too rough, but not so gentle that I can't feel it. You're really good at this, Anon!"

You grinned at her compliments. "Your boobs are actually pretty big," you noticed.

She flushed red. "B-big!?"

"Yeah. They're a nice size."

She shook her head, trying to regain her composure. "B-big, huh? I guess that's good."

The two of you laughed as you continued groping her.

"Would you..." she stuttered. "Would you... like to see them?"

You nodded furiously. "YES."

She laughed. "Okay, then..."

Before you knew it, her top and bra were on the floor, exposing her bare breasts. She hid her red face in her hands as you admired their shape and size.

"They're incredible," you said, feeling her up.

"Th-thank you..." Sumire whispered, before hugging you tight, pushing your face into them. "P-please savor them... because they're all yours."

"Sumire..." you murmured before nuzzling your face into her chest, causing her to giggle.

"I want to show you a side of me that only you'll know," she said gently, stroking your head as she began to calm down.


After a long time of feeling the softness of her breasts in your face, she took a step back away from you. She pulled her skirt and leggings down, exposing herself entirely to you. Her thin, nude form almost shined in the soft light of the bedroom.

"You look radiant," you gasped, admiring her form.

"Thank you," she replied, beaming with joy. "When you compliment me like that, I feel like everything going to turn out well in the end!" She stepped towards you, one leg after the other, before pushing you backwards onto the bed.

"Woah!" you gasped, surprised by her sudden forcefulness.

"Don't you remember?" she winked. "I voted for Team Top."

"Right, you did," you replied, smiling. "I'm excited now."

"You should be." Sumire started pulling your shirt off, admiring your chest and stomach with her hands. "You're so handsome, Anon. I'm so glad you're all mine for tonight."

"All yours~" you sighed happily.

Sumire kissed down your forehead to your lips, then along your jawline to your chin, then down your neck all the way to your stomach. Her tiny kisses drove you mad with passion, wanting to pleasure her for days.

She grabbed your pajama pants, pulling them down to your ankles. She gasped, freezing upon seeing your slowly-hardening erection.

"A-Anon, it's..."

"...Yeah. That's my dick," you said.

"I know what it is!" Sumire's voice cracked as she looked at it.

"You were so confident a second ago."

"I-it comes and goes..." She hesitantly started stroking it with her fingers, caressing it up and down.

You let out a small gasp of appreciation, savoring the feeling of her hands. "Th-that's nice..."

"Oh, i-is it?" Sumire nervously chuckled before stroking you faster.

"It's not going to hurt you," you replied, smiling warmly. "You don't need to be so nervous around someone who loves you."

Her heart started beating faster. "Someone who... loves me?" she whispered, gasping as she repeated your words. "Anon, I... I love you so much."

Before you knew it, Sumire had climbed up your body to your face, kissing you as she pressed her nude body against yours. Her skin felt so soft and delicate against yours as the two of you cuddled on her bed. Sumire's kisses felt even sweeter when she slid her tongue between your lips, inciting a French kiss. It was hot, wet, and passionate, just like her womanhood was quickly becoming.

"Anon...!" she moaned between kisses. "I... I'm wet."

She slid her body against yours, moving herself up until her wet pussy was in your face. Almost instinctively, you began licking it, sending tremors up her body as you rapidly teased her with your tongue. She cried out your name over and over as your lips and tongue ran along her eager, moistening slit. She grinded into your face, her hips shaking against you as she grabbed your hair. She moaned your name, blushing as her pussy was eaten by you.

"ANON!!" she exclaimed, shivering like never before as electric shocks of pleasure traveled through her body. She squirted onto your face as the orgasm rocked her senseless. You kept licking her until she pulled off you, leaving your face soaking with her warm juices.

She gasped, panting as she rested beside you, taking your hand in hers. "Anon, th-that was..." she said breathlessly.

You smiled, kissing her cheek. "Yeah, it was."

The two of you giggled as you held hands, cuddling there for a long while.



Sumire left to her closet, claiming that she had an idea. She came back out a few minutes later, dressed in her Phantom Thief outfit.

"S-Sumire..." you gasped, looking her over. She looked amazing, but the one place you couldn't resist looking at was her exposed thighs. Those beautiful thighs...

She bit her lip, staring at your nude body. "For some reason, I feel a lot bolder wearing this."

"You look awesome," you said, unable to look away from her.

She giggled, stepping forward to take your hands in hers. "Then, let's do it."

Sumire pinned you to the bed, her smiling face just inches above yours. She pulled at the crotch of her leotard, exposing her beautiful, glistening pussy to you. She laughed while straddling you, eager to take you inside. Her vagina kissed you as she rubbed against you, grinding herself into your erection. You let out a soft, involuntary moan at her touch, making her giggle again.

She took your erection in her hand, guiding you into her hole. "Here we go," she whispered, pushing you inside.

She gasped, her eyes wide as you entered her. Regaining her composure, she slowly removed her jacket before pulling the top of her leotard down, exposing her breasts to you.

Upon seeing them, your hips thrust up into her involuntarily, causing her to tremble in pleasure. You shared a mutual look of desire, gazing at each other with pure adoration. She felt hot inside, and her walls were tighter than expected, likely from how nervous she had been. She was still plenty wet, however, as each bump of her inner walls told you.

"S-Sumire!" you gasped, your body shaking underneath her as she rode you.

Nervous as she may have been, her hips were still slamming onto yours, aggressive yet graceful. Her face was blushing the brightest it had ever been, but her smile was full of passionate desire. She licked her lips slowly, watching you pant and gasp beneath her as she rode you faster.

She sat up, still hopping on your throbbing member. She placed a hand on your chest while fucking you, asserting her loving dominance. You couldn't help but stare at her breasts, bouncing up and down as she rode you. Noticing your gaze, she grabbed one of her breasts, squeezing and caressing it for you.

You grabbed her hips, thrusting up into her in rhythm with her. She shouted, crying out in pleasure as you fucked each other.

"Th-this is amazing!!" she exclaimed. "It's- ah! It's like a duet! Your body and mine- oh! ANON!"

She started riding you faster, her hot vaginal walls promising to milk you dry. You gasped out in pleasure as she only moved faster and harder, her body pleasuring you roughly.

You could tell you weren't going to last much longer.

As she kept making love to you, she leaned forward to kiss you softly. She started moving slower and more deliberately, rocking her hips into you gracefully. Somehow, her more gentle movements felt even more erotic, more sensual. You could feel her love, her admiration, and her affection in each movement. She fucked you gently while kissing you, her lips and tongue sensually gliding against yours.

"Sumire... I..." you whispered between kisses.

"I love when you say my name," she said, her tongue gently trailing against your lips. "It makes me feel proud to be Sumire."

You smiled, hugging her tightly, your erection still firmly inside her. "You should be. I love you."

She gasped, embracing you in return as her hips slammed against you, harder and faster than ever. Your hips shook involuntarily as sensations of pleasure shot through your body, exploding out of you in an powerful, intense orgasm. Sumire gasped as she felt you fill her up, your seed spilling from the place where you were connected. Slowly, she lifted off you, your semen dripping back down onto you.

The two of you gasped and panted yet again, the intense pleasure still surrounding the two of you. She rested her whole body on top of you, her cheek pressed tightly against yours.

"So..." you whispered, "I guess we're even."

"Even?" she chuckled. "No way. The orgasm you gave me was way too good. You deserve a second one."

You laughed. "Can we wait a bit? Refractory period, remember?"

"Oh! Of course, sorry," she said.

You kissed her, wrapping your legs around hers as you rested below her. "No need to apologize. I still love you~"

She blushed, nuzzling her face into your shoulder. "I l-lo-l-love you too..." she stuttered.

The two of you rested there together, embracing in love.





"Enchant us, Ella!" Sumire cried, summoning her Persona. Suddenly, a woman in white appeared, holding a bouquet of flowers.

You stared in amazement as her Persona approached you, getting on its knees and kissing your erection. You gasped in pleasure at its touch, looking at Sumire's proud smile.

"Do you like it?" Sumire asked.

You nodded in awe, the feeling of her Persona's lips sending waves of pleasure up your body. "It's amazing."

"Good," she said, hugging you from the side. "This is my true self. I want you to feel how much she loves you."

Suddenly, your entire erection entered Ella's mouth, surrounding you. Her tongue rapidly stroked the underside of your penis as she bobbed up and down.

"Gh-AH!" you grunted, the incredible sensation nearly overwhelming you.

Sumire kissed your cheek as Ella sucked you off.

"S-Sumire, I..." you panted. "I can't imagine feeling any better than this...!"

Suddenly, the lights went out.

"Huh!?" you and Sumire said at the same time.

"Attention, all hotel guests," Rena's voice announced on the intercom. "The lights will be off for the next thirty minutes. The electric team is working to fix them. Please be patient and don't panic. Thank you. Atención, todas las huéspedes del hotel. Las luces están apagadas durante los próximos treinta minutos. El equipa eléctrica está trabajando para arreglar las luces. Por favor, tenga paciencia y no se asuste. Gracias."

As you listened to Rena's multilingual announcement, Sumire started licking and teasing your nipples in the dark, the sensation multiplied by the absence of light. Her Persona's intense blowjob only increased in power as time went on, causing you to exclaim in desire. Sumire giggled, joyously pleasuring you in the dark with her and Ella.




After about half an hour, the lights turned back on, revealing Sumire riding you as Ella held you from behind. The Persona's arms were tightly wrapped around you, holding you close to her chest while Sumire's breasts bounced in front of your face. You moaned as she happily made love to you, her hips slamming against yours quickly and gracefully.

Ella squeezed you from behind, lovingly holding you close. She caressed your chest as you rested against her bosom. Sumire leaned forward, kissing your lips passionately and happily as she rode you.

"Mmnnnph, Sumire..." you moaned, your body addicted to her.

She giggled, continuing to kiss you lovingly.





"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced, barging into the room as always.

She found you resting your head on Sumire's soft thighs, her fingers running through your hair.

Rena giggled. "Seems like you had a good time."

Sumire nodded. "I loved every second of it."

The kitsune girl grinned. "I'm so happy. Let's talk about it over dinner, okay?"


You sat beside Sumire, holding her hand.

"You look really pretty with your hair down," Rena said.

Sumire smiled. "Thanks. Anon wanted to see me with it down."

Rena gave you a thumbs-up. "You got good taste, Anon."

You chuckled. "Yeah. I guess I do." You kissed Sumire's cheek, causing her to blush.

"A-Anon...!" she gasped, embarrassed and hiding her face in her hands.

Rena laughed. "You two just got done having sex!"

"Th-that's different...!" Sumire stuttered. "Anon's... Anon's..."

"Hm?" you asked.

"...Anon's the best," she whispered, before pulling you in for a hug.

Rena smiled, appreciating the romantic embrace between you and Sumire.




A few more hours passed, and the time to leave had come. After wishing Sumire a heartfelt goodbye, Rena led you back to the lobby.

Before you could leave the hotel, though, someone started running towards you.

"A-Anon!" she called.

"Huh?" Rena gasped, turning around.

"Sumire?" you said. "What's up?"

She panted, trying to catch her breath. "I wanted to give this to you before you left."

In her hands was a small, red present wrapped in a violet bow. You humbly took it.

"Be sure to open it when you wake up, okay?"

You nodded. "I promise."

With one final goodbye kiss, you left the hotel, returning to reality. As you opened your eyes, your familiar room appeared around you.

However, as you awoke, you felt her present in your hands. You started opening it eagerly, revealing its contents: A red ribbon.

The same one she wore in her hair.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past few months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





"Welcome back, Anon!" Rena said cheerily as you arrived.

The Lobby was much brighter than it was yesterday, illuminating its newly-painted blue walls.

"Looks like the technical difficulties are over with," you said, looking around as you approached her desk.

The kitsune nodded, her three bushy fox-tails wagging in joy. "It's about time, too. Now this beautiful hotel can be just right for our Anon~" She winked, making you smile.

"So, who's the next girl?" you asked.

"You're on the Splatfest Arc's final two," Rena said, typing on her computer. "The penultimate waifu is... Alice Margatroid! Familiar with Touhou?"

You nodded. "I'm looking forward to this," you replied, grinning.

"That's great!" Rena smiled. "I'm really glad. Now, let me message her... and sent! And now we wait~"

"It's a little surprising, though," you mused. "I mean, isn't it weird that everyone I've slept with for the past few days specifically plays Splatoon? It seems... unlikely."

"It's not that unlikely," Rena said, leaning back in her chair, her arms crossed behind her head. "People like video games, simple as that. May, Rouge, Ana, the Three Mage Sisters, Kasumi, the Piranha Plant Gal... They all liked a game and got really good at it."

"Yeah, but... I dunno, some of them don't seem like the gamer type."

Rena smirked. "I mean, most of them didn't start rising in the ranks until Callie, Marie, and I came up with that reward~"

You blushed a little. "Oh... so you mean-"

The kitsune girl nodded. "The moment they heard they could spend time with you, they suddenly got really, really good at it." She giggled. "You underestimate how much the girls here love you, Anon."

You blushed a lot more, smiling. "O-oh, I getcha..."

Rena leaned forward, typing on her computer. "Looks like Alice responded... oh! It's actually one of her dolls that typed back. She says she told Alice and she's looking forward to it. Shall we go?"





Rena let you type in the floor number again. "Floor 98, Room 73," she said.

You nodded, typing the floor number into the elevator's computer. "And done!"

"Great!" Rena cheered, hugging you. "You're so good at this!"

"H-hey, all I did was type in a number," you insisted, shocked by her sudden hug.

The tall kitsune woman giggled. "I know, Anon. I just wanted to hug and praise you." She started stroking your head. "Good boy... good boy... That's okay, right?"

"Yes, please keep doing that," you insisted.

"Hmhmhm~ Anything for you," she whispered, holding you close to her chest. "You're a good boy... So sweet, so perfect..."

You always forgot how much taller than you she was until she was this close. Excluding her fox ears, Rena stood three inches above you, which she liked to call "perfect forehead-kissing height." Rena giggled as she whispered praise into your ears, kissed your forehead, and held you close to her warm, soft body...





"Floor 98, here we are! Room 73 should be... Ah! This way," Rena said, taking you by the arm.

You walked quite a ways with her through the floor's many hallways until finally reaching Alice's room.

"And here we are!" Rena announced. "Goodbye kiss?"

You kissed the cute fox woman goodbye before knocking on the door.


You expected Alice to open the door. Instead, a porcelain doll in a maid outfit, around stomach height, welcomed you on the other side.

"Oh, um, hi," you greeted. "Is, uh, Alice here?"

The doll nodded, smiling before taking your hand. Despite definitely being made of porcelain, her hand felt smooth and warm.

"Oh, okay," you replied, closing the door behind you before following her.

Alice's "room" was more like an entire house. Inanimate dolls, much smaller than the one leading you, lined the cream-colored walls while living dolls dusted, swept, and washed dishes. You stared in amazement as you looked around.

"Are you taking me to Alice's bedroom?" you asked.

The porcelain doll nodded, smiling.

"You're very cute," you said, causing the doll to giggle, beaming at you as she led you.

Eventually, the two of you reached a door, undoubtedly the one to Alice's room.

"So, a bedroom within a house within a hotel? Oh, the Inception jokes I could make," you chuckled, before knocking on the door.

"Come inside," said the young woman on the other side.


The door creaked open, revealing Alice sitting on the other side of a round table in the center of the room, reading a book.

She looked up from it, smiling. "Welcome, Anon," she said warmly, gesturing for you to take a seat.

You sat across from her, admiring her blue and white dress, her white sleeves, and her pale face. She wore a red band in her short blonde hair, as well as two pink ribbons around her neck and waist.

"It's, ah, nice to meet you," you said awkwardly.

She sighed, staring at your lips with a dreamy expression on her face. "It's nice to meet you, too. I would love to get acquainted with you."

Seconds later, a pair of French dolls in elegant blue dresses brought tea and cake, setting them on the table for you and Alice.

"Please, eat as much as you like," Alice insisted. "I have plenty for you."

"Thanks," you said, taking a fork and eating the warm, freshly-cooked cake. "Mmph, It's delicious."

The doll-like woman smiled warmly, a light giggle passing through her pink lips. "Nothing makes me happier than hearing you say that."

"Your dolls are cute," you complimented.

Alice smiled. "You said so before. I heard it through the doll who lead you in." She took a sip of the hot, red tea prepared for you both. "You're rather cute yourself, Anon."

You blushed, grinning. "That means a lot coming from you."

She giggled. "You're so sweet. I'm lucky to have won that contest to meet you..."

"I mean, I would've requested you eventually," you insisted, taking a sip of her tea. "I've liked you for a long time."

"Mnnnnnngh..." she groaned, biting her lip and blushing. She looked away, grinning wildly. "Th-thank you, Anon. I've... felt the same way, actually."

Suddenly, the two French dolls at your side began kissing your neck, causing you to gasp. They hugged you tight, their small porcelain breasts pressing into your side.

Alice turned to face you again, a wide smile on her pink lips. "I love you, Anon."

"I love you too," you replied, hugging her dolls and squeezing them close. Her dolls giggled, laughing as they were embraced.


You spent a long time there, eating cake and drinking tea with Alice. You talked about life, hopes, dreams, and of course, your loving adoration for each other. She showered you with compliments as her dolls showered you in affection. Eventually, though, the two of you decided you had eaten enough, and Alice took you to her bed. The two French dolls left, leaving you and Alice alone.

Alice sat close to your side, her thigh against yours. You were surprised by how tall she was, being practically the same height as you. You were also surprised by how nice it felt with her soft, warm arms around you.

"You're beautiful," you whispered.

She giggled, kissing your forehead. "So are you." She stroked your cheek, admiring your face as though you were a finely-crafted doll yourself. Her skin felt so smooth and creamy, you couldn't help but push your face in her hand. She laughed in adoration before pressing her soft, pink lips to your own. Alice giggled into your mouth, the joy in her kiss obvious.

"I love how cozy this place is," you said, squeezing her in your arms. "I feel like I could live here forever."

"Hm? In my home or in my arms~?" she teased, causing the two of you to laugh, hugging each other even tighter. "Either way is fine by me... though I'd much rather take you back to Gensokyo with me." She ran her fingers through your hair. "I'd protect you from all the youkai, fairies, and annoying black-and-white magicians in my forest home. That doesn't sound too bad, right?"

You nodded, nuzzling your face into her shoulder. You had no words anymore, only sighs of contentment in her cozy arms.

After resting there a while, though, you felt a soft hand running down your body to your crotch, stroking the slowly-hardening erection growing there.

"My my, Anon..." she whispered. "Someone else is falling in love very quickly~"

You shivered in pleasure as her fingers circled your groin, forming a tent in your pajama pants. Alice bit her lip, watching your penis erect for her. As she was watching, a pair of red-haired Dutch dolls floated into the room. At first glance, you thought they were human, until you saw their wooden bodies. They floated near your crotch, giggling before pulling your pants down, exposing you to the cool air of Alice's bedroom.

You gasped as the two began kissing your shaft up and down, their lips causing you to tremble. Alice held you close to her with one hand while stroking the closest doll's head with another. She pecked at your cheek with her soft lips, whispering into your ear.

"Does this feel good?"

You nodded. "Y-yeah..."

"It'll get even better," Alice said, compelling the dolls to start licking you up and down. They felt just like real people...

You trembled even more from their touch, their soft lips and warm tongues pleasuring you as Alice giggled into your ear.

"I love the face you make when you're being wrapped in pleasure~" she whispered. "I want to make you wear that face all the time."

Her dolls started stroking you with their hands while rapidly licking your head. They giggled, planting many kisses and causing you to thrust involuntarily. Alice smiled warmly, pressing her lips to yours yet again, this time slipping her tongue between them. As her dolls' tongues glided along your shaft and head, Alice's tongue glided against yours, dancing in your mouths in a romantic French kiss. She savored the exchange, passionately making out with you all the while.

Breaking the kiss, you saw the two Dutch dolls drop their dresses to the floor, exposing their wooden bodies to you. They had no nipples or vagina, but they bounced their rather large breasts in front of you as though they were real, staring at you with seductive faces. They pressed their soft bosoms together, squeezing them against one another, causing your hard-on to twitch. Alice bit her lip looking at you, watching as the pair of magical dolls squished your cock between them.

You moaned as they started titfucking you gleefully. You threw your head back, where Alice started kissing you yet again.

"I knew this would make you feel good," she said, smiling. "And don't worry about ejaculating on them." She leaned in close, whispering in a low, husky voice.

"I want to watch your balls empty all over them."

She licked your earlobe as the two dolls continued giving you paizuri together. It felt nothing like wood, only like smooth, soft human breasts, working together to milk you dry. You hips thrusted in time with them as Alice continued teasing you, running the tip of her smooth tongue along the outer rim of your ear. You couldn't hold back anymore, your cock exploding over them, your hot white seed covering the dolls' huge breasts. They grinned at you, staring at you with bedroom eyes as their tits filled with your cum.

Alice bit her lip, crossing her legs as she looked at your semen on her dolls. "Very good," she whispered before kissing you. "I'm sure it'll feel even better inside me."

You shivered at her words, hugging her tight. "Th-thanks, Alice."

She smiled, hugging you in return. "You're welcome, Anon. I love you."



Half an hour later, you found yourself nude, pinned to the bed by four chalk-white Russian dolls, each one biting their lips in anticipation for what would happen. Alice stood in front of you, lifting her dress.

"Can you see it, Anon?" she asked.

Her clean-shaven pussy, glistening with desire, was exposed for you. You stared in amazement at her beautiful body.

"Do you like it? It's very wet right now." She licked her lips slowly, rubbing her pussy with one hand while holding her dress up with the other. "It's been like this since you got here actually."

The dolls holding down your hands and feet giggled, watching you get erect for Alice once again. Alice hopped up, hovering in midair over your erection and slowly descending until your tip kiss her wetness. She smiled, moving her hips in circles over your cock before finally pushing down, taking it all in.

"Ah!" she gasped, feeling you enter her. Her hot, slick walls surrounded you, stroking you with their bumps and folds as she began moving. "Oh, Anon..."

"Gnnnnh... Alice..." you moaned, the sensation causing your body to shake.

Alice leaned forward, pushing down on your shoulders as her hips rode you fast and hard. You could see the desire in her shining blue eyes as she fucked you, her wet pussy milking you.

Her hips moved back and forth, forward and backward, up and down. She bit her lip, looking at you as the pleasure filled your powerless body.

"Is this magician's pussy nice?" she asked sweetly. "Do you like my hot, magical folds? You can feel free to cum whenever you like, Anon..."

Her dress covered where you were connected, but you could feel everything that was going on. She rode you intensely, her smooth groin overtaking yours while her dolls laughed around you. Before you knew it, you were surrounded by dolls, hovering and watching in arousal. If they didn't look so cute, it'd be a scene from a horror movie.

Instead, it was hot.

"Is my precious Anon going to explode soon?" Alice purred.

"We've- hnng- only just started..." you grunted, the intense pleasure causing you to shake.

She giggled, the splashing of her pussy slamming onto your cock intensifying. Each fold touched you like a passionate kiss, just like the one she was giving you now. Her tongue slipped into your mouth as her soft, pink lips pressed tight against yours. Her body shook intensely as she kissed you, and you could tell by her pussy squeezing around you that she just had an orgasm.

Alice licked her lips. "You made me cum, Anon..." she said, grinning as she fucked you faster. "It's only a matter of time before I return the favor..." She sat up, continuing to grind on you, her hips shaking left and right. Alice raised her arms, and two dolls floated beside her to lift her dress up, exposing her completely nude body to you.

You stared in admiration at her breasts, stomach, hips, everywhere... especially where the two of you were connected. Your crotches were soaking wet with her cum.

She smiled warmly at you as she continued fucking you, admiring your nude body just as much as you admired hers. She ran her hands down your chest, along your sides to your hips, grabbing them and seemingly thrusting into you, despite being inside her. The dolls holding your feet down lifted your legs, and Alice grabbed them, holding them in the air while still around you.

"When you- mmph- when you came here," she panted, "were you expecting this?"

You shook your head, eyes wide as Alice Margatroid fucked you in the Amazon Position, riding you with your legs in the air.

She chuckled. "I figured as much. Now, cum deep, deep inside me, Anon, while all my dolls watch. I want them to know who their mistress loves."

At the word "love" you felt a powerful tremor, your body shaking in pleasure as it humped up into her. You wanted to grab her hips, but her dolls held you down. You exploded inside her, crying out as your orgasm rocked through your body into her. Alice moaned as well, her eyes sparkling with affection.

"Thank you, Anon," she said, laying back down on top of you. She hugged you from above, resting on your chest while her many, many living dolls floated towards you one and a time, each one planting a kiss on your forehead or cheek.

It was a very long time before they were all done, and by that time, Alice awoke from her post-coital nap.






You rested your head on Alice's lap as she stroked your hair, running her fingers through it while giggling.

"You're so cute," she said, admiring you.

While one hand stroked your head, the other caressed down your chest to your stomach, then down your stomach to your erection. Her smooth, soft hand slowly rubbed you up and down while you rested on the puppeteer's soft, creamy thighs...

"Mmmph, Alice..." you sighed contentedly.

Alice smiled softly. "Anything for you, my dear Anon..."






"This is a very special doll, Anon," Alice said, introducing her.

The doll smiled at you before dropping its dress to the floor, revealing its fine china body. Its full, large breasts bounced as she bowed, and her wide hips shook with each movement. The most interesting thing about the doll was its nipples and vagina, both fully modeled on her.

"This doll," Alice continued, "is made to fuck you."

Before you knew it, the doll's tight - yet very, very wet - pussy surrounded you, riding you furiously while biting her lip.

Alice giggled, watching you hips shake involuntarily at the intense pleasure now surrounding you. The puppeteer kissed your forehead while her porcelain puppet fucked you senseless. You grabbed her hips, thrusting into her as a reward.

Alice moaned, her body shaking as well. "O-one other thing, Anon... Th-this doll, like th-ah! L-like the others, this doll is c-connected to me... Any p-pleasure she feels- ohhh!!"

This knowledge only encouraged you to fuck her doll faster and harder that before, filling Alice's body with more and more pleasure.

"Mmmmph, I love you..." Alice moaned as she came.






Alice held you from behind, pressing her soft breasts into your back, while you played video games with her dolls. She giggled as she watched you having fun with them... or, really, having fun with her, since she directly manipulated all her dolls.

"You know..." she whispered in your ear, "I've practically mastered every fighter in this game through my dolls. There's no way you can win~" she teased.

"Oh, I don't care about winning," you smiled. "I just wanna have fun with you."

Her eyes were wide in amazement for a moment, before closing them and resting her head on the back of her neck. "I want to have fun with you, too, Anon..." she sighed. "I want you to enjoy yourself. I love you."

You paused the game, turning around to kiss her. "I love you too, Alice."






"ROOM SERV- AHHHH, CREEPY DOLLS!" Rena exclaimed as she barged in.

The dolls pouted at being called "creepy."

You and Alice returned to the living room where Rena had entered from.

"Don't worry, they're nice," you assured the fox girl.

"I-I'm sure they are, but..." Rena sighed. "I've got a thing about dolls."

One doll in a maid dress floated to Rena, offering her a slice of cake. The kitsune girl sighed again, taking the plate.

"Thanks," she said, nodding to the hovering doll. "Anyway, room service."

Alice bowed. "Thank you very much, Rena."


The three of you sat together in Alice's dining room, enjoying the meal Rena made for you.

"It's impressive what you did with your room," Rena said in amazement. "Most people just recreate their own bedroom, but it looks like you remade your whole house."

"I'm sure you've seen more interesting rooms," Alice insisted. "Anon tells me you once went to an ice mountain."

"Oh, right, Nana's room," Rena chuckled. "I think I blocked that one out of my memory from how cold it was."

Alice nodded, smiling. "The cold of winter is fine, but I much prefer springtime."

"Oh, yesss," the kitsune grinned, delighted by the thought. "I love spring! Cherry blossoms, flower viewings, and all that... It's wonderful."

You smiled at the two girls' conversation about spring, all while holding Alice's hand under the table and enjoying Rena's cooking with your other hand.






But like every night, you had to wake up eventually. Hours passed, but the time to awaken eventually approached. You gave Alice Margatroid a warm goodbye, coupled with several sweet kisses, and returned with Rena to the entrance. Passing through the threshold, you walked through the dark void until finally opening your eyes, returning to your familiar bed.

With an unfamiliar doll by your side.

"Huh," you though. "This would be terrifying if it were a horror movie-"

And then the doll lifted its skirt before winking at you.

"...Still a little creepy, but work's not for a few hours, so-"






Alice grabbed her breasts as she fingered herself. She could tell you were balls deep in her "present" already, if the tremors of lust surging through her body were anything to go by.

"Ah! Anon! Anon!" she cried out, moaning in agonizing pleasure. The Seven-Colored Puppeteer's head swung back as she reached yet another orgasm, squirting all over her bed.


Meanwhile, Marisa banged on Alice's door, yelling for her to keep it down.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past few months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?




Rena wasn't at her desk when you arrived. Instead, she was lying on a couch in the lobby, watching the nearby TV, where Callie and Marie were on.

"Hold on to your tentacles..." Callie said.

"It's Inkopolis News time!" Marie announced.

"Watching TV?" you asked.

Rena gasped, turning to see you. "Oh, Anon! Sorry, I was just..." She sat up, her three bushy fox tails behind her. "You're a little early, Anon. Couldn't wait to go to bed, huh?"

You chuckled, taking a seat beside her. "Today was just so tiring, I just had to go to bed."

"Aw, poor thing," Rena cooed, stroking your head while hugging you. "Don't worry, you've got plenty of time here."

"Before we reveal today's stages," Callie said on TV, "some special news!"

"What is it? What is it?!" Marie gasped.

"Tonight... I'm getting laid!" Callie laughed.

Marie groaned. "I thought this was gonna be important..."

"Well, it's important to me!" Callie grinned. "Tonight, it's my turn! TEAM TOP FOREVER!"

"I should've called for a recount..." Marie sighed.

Rena giggled. "Once their broadcast is over, I'll message Callie. Sounds good?"

You nodded, your head on her shoulder. "Yep, sounds great."

"Of course, since you came early... we can watch a Turf War together, too! That sound fun?"

"Hm... sure!" you replied eagerly.

You and Rena continued watching after the Inkopolis News section, enjoying a fun match between a few familiar players...




"Oh!" Ana gasped. "Anon's here!"

"Huh?" Rouge said, splatting XxM1str3ss0fFl4m3zxX. "Seems a bit early. Did you sense him with your psychic powers?"

"Mhm," Ana replied, launching an Inkstrike and splatting two hidden players at once.

"Nice play, Ana," May complimented.

Suddenly, Flamberge joined the Discord call. "ROUGE, I SWEAR TO VOID TERMINA, I'LL KICK YOUR- mmmph!"

Zan Partizanne sighed on the other end. "Sorry about that."

Rouge chuckled as Flamberge (and by extension, Zan) left the chat.

"Ohoho, A-Anon's here...?" the Piranha Plant Gal chuckled wickedly. "Mmmph, Callie's going to be very lucky..."

"Oh, Callie's next?" May asked, dodging an enemy Inkstrike. "I can't believe Anon already went through nine girls so far."

"He must have the fortitude of a hundred men~" Alice Margatroid giggled.

"Hey, Alice, you're on the enemy team!" the Piranha Plant Gal growled. "You gotta leave the call or else Rouge will block you."

"Hmhmhm..." Alice laughed. "You fool. I have seventy alternative accounts! YOU WILL NEVER KNOW MY MAIN!"

Rouge chuckled. "Are you referring to dollfucker1, dollfucker2, dollfucker-"

Alice left the Discord chat.




"Floor 529, here we come!" Rena announced, activating the elevator.

You noticed that the elevator now had a long, cushioned seat in the back. "Is that new?"

"Hm? Oh, yeah, had it installed after you left yesterday. Figured it'd be more comfortable than just leaning on the wall or sitting on the floor." Rena sat down on the red seat, smiling at you. "Care to join me, Anon?"

"Gladly," you grinned, resting your head on her lap while laying on the rest of the seat.

Rena beamed at you as you napped on her thighs. She stroked your head, running her fingers through your hair.

"Callie's gonna have so much fun with you~" After a while, Rena pulled out her Nintendo Switch from her tote bag. "In the meantime, though..."




Kasumi squealed in delight as the next game began. "Alright, let's go!"

"I'll cover you from above," Francisca assured, aiming her Charger as their team went into battle.

"I've learned a lot from Futaba-chan," Kasumi said, "so there's no way I can lose!"

She was immediately splatted by a user named Alibaba.

Daisy chuckled. "The master still outclasses the student."

"Oh, hush," Kasumi said, causing the others to laugh.

"Hang on, I got Samus on the ropes," Daisy said, coming straight for VariaSuitor with her Roller. "Time for the kill!"

Suddenly, Daisy herself was splatted by an enemy Charger.

"Grrr..." She grunted. "Who the heck's InceptionDesk?"




Rena chuckled. "Can't believe I got Daisy."

"Nice play," you said, watching her.

"Yeah, that was great!" Futaba exclaimed on the other side of the Discord call. "Now help me paint the east side."

"On it," Rena said.

"Hang on, I'm closer," Samus replied. "Plus, I have Killer Wail ready."

"In that case, I'm going to their base," Rena said. "Pira, how are you-"

The Piranha Plant Gal breathed heavily. "I can't believe... I'm on a Discord call... with Anon..."

Rena chuckled. "Someone's horny~"

You smiled. "I'll come see you after the Splatfest Arc, okay?"

Pira squealed in delight, falling backwards. You could hear the Piranha Plant Gal hitting the floor, along with something splashing and squishing.

"Is... Is she okay?" Futaba asked.

You glanced up, looking at the digital sign above the elevator's computer. "Oh! Rena, we're close."

"So am I!!" Pira shouted.

"You just STARTED!" Futaba exclaimed, listening to the Piranha Plant Gal's squealing.

"Hm? Oh!" Rena saw the Floor number as well. "We just passed Floor 500, so this'll probably be our last game."

"That's fine," Samus said, splatting Yoshizawa2.

"We'll miss you!" Futaba said.

"MMMPH, FUCK YES, ANON!!" The Piranha Plant Gal screamed in pleasure.

"How are you still playing while masturbating?!" Rena exclaimed, watching her continue splatting foes and painting the battlefield.

You shrugged. "She wasn't Top 10 for no reason."





"And here we are!" Rena said, shutting her Switch off. "Floor 529, Room 15!"

The kitsune girl led you by the arm as you walked to Room 15.

"You did great," you said, complimenting Rena.

She blushed, kissing your forehead. "You're the great one," she replied. "I couldn't have done it without my special, precious Anon by my side~"

Before you knew it, you were at Callie's door, covered in Splatfest-related stickers.

"At last, Room 15!" Rena announced. "Beyond this door is the final challenge, the ultimate battle of the Top vs. Bottom Splatfest Arc! Who will reign victorious!?"

"I mean, both of us?" you said, scratching the back of your head. "We're gonna have sex, right?"

"Yeah, but... I like being dramatic." Rena pouted. "Anyway, I'll leave you to it, you stud~" She winked, walking back to the elevator. "See ya~!"

You waved to her before knocking on the door.


Almost immediately, Callie flung the door open, embracing you.

"ANON!!" the upbeat Squid Sister exclaimed. "It's awesome to see you!"

"It's great to see you too, Callie," you replied, hugging her tight.

She wore black shorts, a white shirt, a black undershirt, and a pink hoodie, the same color as the beanie she wore on her black hair-tentacles. Her infectious grin was mere inches away from your face before she started kissing you. Her soft, smooth lips smashed against your own, eager to make out with you.

You stepped into her messy room, littered with clothes, ink splatters, and a couple discarded chip bags. You'd definitely seen worse, but it was still very unkempt. Like her cousin's room, Squid Sister merchandise lined the walls, as well as a mounted Hero Roller, a Carbon Roller Deco leaning against the wall below it.

"Ugh, your room's a mess," you said. "Lemme help you pick up your clothes at least."

"Meh, I don't see the point," Callie replied, smirking as she slammed the door shut. "Our clothes are gonna end up on the floor anyway."

You blushed, turning around to see her crossing her arms with a perverted grin on her face.

"C'mon, let's hang out on the couch~" she said, taking your arm and pulling you along.


Callie slammed you to the couch, facing you as she sat on your lap. Her arms grabbed both your shoulders as her naughty smile approached your lips yet again. Before you knew it, her long, slick tongue pushed itself into your mouth, wrestling with your own. Her tongue felt too good as you French kissed her...

Eventually, she pulled herself from your mouth, a line of saliva connecting your mouths. She grinned at you, putting both arms around your head.

"So? How was it?" she asked, giving you bedroom eyes.

"Amazing," you sighed.

Callie laughed. "You're the amazing one!" She hugged you tight, her arms still around your head as she snuggled her cheek into your own. "Mmmm, I love you...!"

"I love you too," you chuckled, embracing her in return. Her body felt so warm against yours, and you could feel her breasts squishing against your chest. She felt bigger than Marie, maybe even a C-cup. It didn't matter, though; all that mattered was that she was hugging you.

She started running her fingers through your hair. "I'm gonna love hanging out with you, Anon~" she giggled. "So, what do you wanna do? Sure, I'm soaking wet right now, but that doesn't mean we can't do other things!"

"Hm..." You thought for a bit. "How about some games?"

"Sure!" Callie cheered, hopping off of you. "Video games it is!"


Callie took off her hoodie as you lied on your stomachs, playing video games together for about an hour. Together, you played Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, ARMS, and more, hugging and kissing in between games. She even flashed you more than once, showing off her braless breasts as a reward for good teamwork or a hard-earned victory against her.

"Be careful not to go blind with how much I'm flashing you~" Callie teased, winking.

"Believe me, I'm gonna go blind for other reasons," you joked.

She snorted. "I wasn't expecting that."

The two of you laughed, hugging and rolling on the bed, your face in her soft boobs. She stroked your head as she squeezed your face between them, savoring the feeling of your face on her chest.

"You know, Anon," she said, "I've shown you my boobs a lot, but you still haven't shown me your dick..."

"Hm? Oh, uh, alright," you stuttered, getting off her to pull you pajama pants down.

Callie licked her lips. "Awesome," she growled playfully, eyeing it up and down. "Hey, how 'bout you lie down?" she grinned. "I wanna make you feel awesome!"

You nodded. "Yeah!"


You lied down on the bed, completely nude and fully erect. Callie, still wearing her clothes, posed in front of your dick.

"Anon!" she exclaimed. "Are you ready for the best sex EVER?"

"HELL YEAH!" you cheered.

"Then let's DO IT!" She fell to the bed, rapidly kissing up your stiff erection. Her soft, smooth lips gleefully planted kisses as they traveled up your boner to its head, before leaving one final smooch. "Mmmm, your body's incredible!"

"Yours is even better," you said, eyeing her over.

Callie giggled. "I know, I got that perfect body~" she teased, winking. "I guess we're the perfect couple, then!"

You blushed, smiling. "I guess we are."

She grinned at you before sitting between your legs, grabbing your throbbing member with both hands, her fingers intertwined around your shaft.

"So soft..." you moaned, feeling her hands against you.

Callie laughed. "Like that?" she giggled before pumping you up and down. "Don't be afraid to cum!"

You gasped as she jerked you off with her smooth, soft hands. She kept laughing, grinning happily as she played with you. Her smile was the same as when you were playing video games together; in a way, both of these were her way of showing affection to you.

"C-Callie, this is awesome...!" you moaned, your hips bucking into her hands.

"Yeah, it is!" she shouted, laughing while watching your face contort in pleasure. "Remember, you can pump my hand-pussy full of your hot white ink any time you want!"

You grunted at her words, making your body really want to take her up on that offer. Your body trembled under her touch, under the fast pumping of her slick hands. She giggled, licking her lips before humming Bomb Rush Blush to herself, all while happily jerking you off. You threw your head back, crying out in pleasure.

You exploded in her hands, filling them with your seed. She grinned, cheering as you ejaculated every drop into her "hand-pussy".

"BOOYAH!" she exclaimed. "Nice play, Anon! Mmmph, you came a lot, too! Were you saving up for me~?"

You chuckled. "M-maybe..."

She beamed at you, wiping her hands on the blanket. "Remind me to change the sheets, mmkay?"

You nodded. "Sure."

She smiled, before bending back down and kissing the head of your still-recovering dick.


Callie slid her shorts off, laughing. "I'm gonna sit on your face, mmkay?"

"Sounds good to me!" you said, eager to taste her.

She stood over you, exposing her soaking wet pussy. She giggled, lowering her hips onto your face. Immediately, you began licking her, teasing her with your tongue and lips, running up and down her entrance happily. She moaned, grinding into your mouth while laughing at how good it felt.

"A-Anon, yes!" she cried out. "Mmmph, shell yes! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!!"

You gladly complied, continuing to eat the Inkling's warm, dripping womanhood more and more. She cried out in pleasure as you rapidly licked her clitoris, eating her out furiously.

"Mmmmmmph, YES! I LOVE YOU, ANON!!" she exclaimed, her body shivering in delight.

You ate her out with even more passion, as if to say "I love you too". She groaned in pleasure as she squirted onto your lips, her juices flowing down both sides of your face as she covered you in her female cum. She screamed in pleasure, unable to say anything coherent other than "love you" and "Anon". She panted, lifting off your face, which was utterly soaked by Callie's "love juices".

Callie bit her lip looking at you. "Holy carp, Anon... You're a mess."

The two of you shared a playful, friendly laugh.


Callie slammed her hips onto your cock, taking you in immediately. Her soaking pussy surrounded you, the bumps and ridges of her warm walls accepting you.

"Ready?" she asked, leaning forward and giving you a wide grin.

You nodded. "Take me."

Callie roared in laughter, riding you. "That's what I wanna hear! TEAM TOP FOR LIFE!"

You panted as she fucked you, her creamy hips bouncing up and down your dick. She licked her lips slowly as her cross-shaped pupils fixated on your own eyes. She laughed, giggled, and moaned in pleasure as she pounded your hard sex. From her obvious joy, you could tell this was no casual sex for her; this was how she fucked someone she loved, someone she longed for.

You felt the same way. Your body humped up into her involuntarily as she screwed you. Callie gripped your shoulders, her hips pounding yours even harder as her warm walls stroked you off even harder. Her muscles started shaking, her walls squeezing your erection tighter as she screwed you senseless.

"Mmmmph, oh yeah! Anon!" she cried out, her eyes rolling back in pleasure as her smile only got wider. "Your dick's the best! Anon's the best!"

"Y-You're the best," you panted, savoring the intense sensation. You moaned audibly as her hips splashed against yours.

"I- hahh- I can tell you're gonna cum soon..." Callie growled playfully.

Your body trembled beneath hers. "Heh, you can?"

She licked her lips. "Yep~ because I'm gonna cum, too." Almost immediately, she slammed her lips against yours in a tight, erotic kiss, forcing her long, slick tongue into your mouth.

"Mmmmm~!" she moaned into your mouth. Suddenly, she pulled off you, still leaning forward while riding your throbbing hard-on. "Here it comes~!!"

As she said it, you felt a powerful surge of lust rocket through your body, exploding out of your dick and deep, deep into the Squid Sister on top of you. At the same time, her body trembled, and she gasped in bliss as she squirted onto your dick, just as she had on your face. Her wide grin only got wider as she orgasmed on top of you.

She looked down at you, smiling with her eyes closed. "Nice play," she giggled.

"Nice?" you panted. "That was... inkredible."

Callie laughed, falling on top of you in a tight embrace, pressing her tits against your chest and laughing. "You get me, Anon. You really get me."






Callie pulled down the pants of her fancy suit, exposing her perfectly smooth ass to you.

"Ready, Anon?" she asked, straddling your dick with her ass.

"You sure you wanna do this wearing that?" you asked. "That suit looks really expensive."

"Exactly," she said, turning around to wink at you. "I wanna wear this suit to every black tie event I go to, knowing that we fucked in it."

Your cock throbbed, understanding her sentiment as she rode you, reverse-cowgirl style. Her smooth, soft ass bounced on your dick as she fucked you on the side of her bed.






Callie shoved her big, soft tits into your face, smothering you in them as she jerked you off. Even though your face was buried in her chest, you could still hear her sweet voice.

"-and after that, I'll buy you a fancy suit of your own and take you to a party, proudly showing you off to all my friends. Afterwards, we'll go out to eat, maybe invite Marie along. If you're sick of fancy stuff by then, we can go this really rad burger joint, you'll love it. Once we're done there, we can..."

You sighed into Callie's boobs as she spoke, your hips shaking with each pump of her smooth hands.

"...and don't worry, I'd pay for it all. I got more money than I can count, so don't hesitate to point out something you want, 'kay? Spending money on you is actually something I fantasize about. Of course, we're too close in age for you to call me a sugar mommy, so 'sugar girlfriend' will have to do~" Callie laughed, jerking you off harder until you couldn't handle the pleasure anymore, blowing a massive load all over her hands.

You moaned, content, before Callie continued her speech about everything she wanted to do with you, interspersed with her licking your seed off her hands...






As Callie played Splatoon in the nude, lying on her stomach, you got between her creamy ass-cheeks and started eating her ass. She roared in laughter and pleasure, the sensation of your tongue in her driving her nuts with pleasure.

"Sounds like someone's feeling good," Rena chuckled on the other end of her Discord call.

"Mmmmmph, yessss..." Callie moaned, grinding her pussy against the bed and shaking her ass in your face. "Holy carp, Rena, you taught him well~"

Rena giggled. "I only taught him the basics. He's just naturally gifted at pleasuring cute girls, I guess~"

"Well, he's- mmmph, ah- he's really good at eating ass."

"Ohoho, your ass? I only taught him how to eat pussy. Our little Anon really is a natural~"

"Fuuuuck, I'm wet just hearing you (ᵔヮᵔ)," another girl said. "I want Anon to eat my ass, too... (╯ ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)╯┻━┻"

"You'll get requested eventually, Shirohime," Callie assured.

"Hey, Callie, is it cool if I come over?" Marie asked, launching an Inkstrike at ZanPartizanne1.

"Sure!" Callie replied.

"Hey, remember the rules, okay?" Rena insisted.

"Ugh, I will..." Marie sighed. "Kissing him is cool, right?"

"Oh, totally, totally," Rena said, chuckling. "No way I'd restrict Anon from getting affection from his cute, cute girlfriends~"






"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced as she barged in.

"Oh, h-hey..." Marie panted, fingering herself while watching you and Callie sixty-nine one another.

"Mmm, can't blame you there," the kitsune girl giggled. "You two horndogs hungry?"

Callie's soft lips slobbered on your dick. "Mmmm, 'bout to swallow down something in a minute. Anon's gonna get a- oooh- get a drink, too~"

Almost immediately, Callie squealed as she squirted on your face, her rapidly-shaking hips grinding on your face. Your felt your balls about to explode in return, begging to blow your seed between her soft, eager lips.

Meanwhile, Rena joined Marie on the couch, fingering herself with her.






Rena wiped her forehead with a towel. "A-anyway, here's your dinner. I got pizza, burgers, noodles... Oh! Callie asked me to get Anon a Short-Respawn Mocha~"

Marie smirked. "Anon's 'respawn time' too long for ya?"

Callie laughed, putting her arm around you. "Can't help it! I just love doing it with him so much~"

You chuckled, putting your own arm around her, feeling her smooth skin against yours. "I love you, Callie."

Callie turned her head to you, kissing you softly. "I love you too, Anon. You're the best boyfriend a Squid Sister could ever have!"

Marie put her hand on your thigh, whispering into your ear. "We both love you. So you better treat us right~"

"We'll definitely treat you right," Callie giggled, pressing her soft, creamy boobs against your chest.

You couldn't help but grin, squeezed between the two beautiful Inklings.

Rena giggled, watching the three of you virtually cuddling in the nude. "You're all so cute! Now, eat up before your food gets cold, okay?"



You enjoyed a delightful meal with Callie, Marie, and Anon, talking about anything and everything as you spent a cozy time together. As the hours passed, however, you unfortunately had to leave. After a warm goodbye, Rena led you back to the lobby, where you passed through the threshold and left the beautiful dream, waking up in your own bed.

With one difference: You were wearing the custom T-shirt that Callie and Marie got you. "Team Top for Life," indeed.

Chapter Text

Every night for well over a month, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: Who's next?




"Good evening, Anon!" Rena greeted, her three fox-tails wagging in delight with your arrival.

"Evening," you replied, grinning at her as you approached.

"So, who will it be tonight~?" Rena asked. "Now that the Splatfest Reward Arc is complete, you can do whatever - and whoever - you'd like." She winked, making you blush a little.

"Actually," you said, pointing to the nearby Onsen entrance, "I'd like to try the hot springs, if that's alright."

The kitsune girl chuckled. "It's fine by me! Our hotel offers a one-of-a-kind Onsen experience. Unlike many modern Onsen, which are divided by gender, our hot springs are more traditional, offering a mixed bathing experience unlike any other."

"Mixed bathing, you say?" Your eyes widened with excitement.

Rena smirked. "Mixed bathing. Since you're the only boy here, it'd be pretty lonely if you had a hot springs all to yourself. You deserve better." She leaned over her desk, planting a kiss on your forehead.

You blushed. "S-so, may I go in?"

"Well, first," Rena said, coming around her desk, "I want to explain a few etiquette rules."


"Now, just step inside the shower," Rena instructed.

"I have to bathe before bathing?" you joked.

The kitsune girl giggled. "It's to keep the hot spring nice and clean. Everyone else has to do this, too."

You nodded, removing your clothes and stepping inside, all while Rena bit her lip, grinding her hand into her crotch through her blue, floral-pattern kimono. You got hard from the attention, arousing the beautiful kitsune even more...


After washing up, Rena handed you a towel. "Wrap this around your waist. You'll be taking it off before stepping into the hot spring, of course."

You nodded, following her instruction and covering yourself with the towel. "So, is that good?"

"Very," she replied, biting her lip. "A-anyway, I'll take your pajamas and fold them," she replied. "You... enjoy yourself..." she said, breathless at your nude body, hidden only by a towel.

You smiled, hugging her. "Thanks, Rena. You're seriously the best."

She gasped, blushing at your words before immediately hugging you back. "A-Anon, you- I- th-this, I... Th-thank you..."

You chuckled, squeezing the kitsune girl even tighter. "I should be thanking you," you replied, hearing her heartbeat intensify.

You spent a while hugging her before finally heading off to the Onsen.


Rena sighed, content. "Those girls better treat you right," she said as you entered the hot spring.

When I meet Anon, I'm going to shower him in so much love that he'll never be sad again! I'll get a whole bunch of other girls, too, and we'll make him happy together! That's what Anon deserves!

Rena nuzzled her cheek against your shirt before folding it and setting it in a basket. She sighed, the memory of her younger self making her chuckle. "Can't believe it actually happened, though... You lucky stud."





You stood before a curtain marked with a "湯" (yu) kanji, meaning "hot water". You could hear girls talking and giggling behind it. You entered nervously - though why you'd be nervous at this point was a mystery even to you.

Passing through the curtain, you were greeted by the stunning sight of eleven beautiful women, all of them completely nude in the water.


"Hmhmhm, Flamberge~" Rouge chuckled, feeling up the fiery Mage Sister's breasts. "You're much bigger than I imagined..."

"J-Jamblasted, this feels good..." Flamberge moaned under the bat girl's touch.

Francisca and Zan Partizanne fingered each other while watching the perverted scene.


Meanwhile, Alice Margatroid, Ana, and Kasumi Yoshizawa relaxed in the water nearby.

"S-so lewd..." Ana gasped, averting her eyes.

Kasumi blushed. "Y-yeah..."

Alice shrugged. "Nothing I haven't seen before~"

"For real!?" Kasumi exclaimed.

The doll-like girl smirked. "What happens in Gensokyo stays in Gensokyo."

"L-LEWD!" Ana shouted, covering her red face. "LEWD, LEWD, LEWD, LEWD, LEWD!"

Everyone nearby laughed.


"So then," May continued, "I told Swampert to use Bulk Up, making her body nice and thick..."

"Mmmm, I bet he loved that," the Piranha Plant Gal moaned, fingering herself. "So she's bouncing on Anon's cock like that?"

The Pokémon Trainer nodded. "'Bouncing' is right. Her big butt looked really hot jiggling on him."

"I'll- mmmmph- I'll have to come over some time..."

May giggled. "You're more than welcome to! Maybe we can convince Anon to have a threeway~"

"Or a sixway, counting all your sexy Pokémon girls..."


"Yo, Anon," Callie said, she and Marie approaching you. You couldn't help but stare at their nude bodies.

"I see you've decided to join us," Marie said, giving you a small smile. "Wanna take a dip in the water? Don't worry, it's safe for us."

"Sounds good to me," you replied, taking the two up on their offer.




You blushed, panting from the two Inkling girls jerking you off underwater.

"W-will Rena be okay with this?" you asked.

"Aw, she'll be fine," Callie assured. "Besides, it's not like you can get this kind of experience in your own world!"

"Yeah, for several reasons..." Marie said, caressing your balls gently. "Now, don't worry about busting a nut for us, okay?"

Callie giggled, pumping your dick faster. "Looks like the other girls might be getting jealous."

You looked up; nine blushing faces were watching you, each of them grinning or licking their lips.

"Yeah, yeah, they can have him later," Marie groaned before kissing your neck.

Your body shivered in pleasure as the Squid Sisters showered you in affection.




"Hey, Anon, watch this!" Kasumi said, before getting out of the water and performing a perfect standing split.

You clapped, amazed by her skill. "Nice job!"

She giggled, blushing. "Th-this would normally be embarrassing, but... I don't mind if you see it."

You stared at her pussy, completely exposed by her pose. She looked away, blushing even harder.

"O-okay, no need to stare that hard- ah!!"

In a flash, Flamberge zipped towards Kasumi and started eating her pussy. You watched her licking and sucking her clitoris while tongue-fucking her. The sight of her cunnilingus - as well as Kasumi's moans - left you throbbing.

Zan Partizanne and Francisca hovered towards you, their floating hands grabbing you.

"You look really aroused, my liege..." Zan Partizanne whispered as she stroked you.

"Just let us satisfy you..." Francisca purred, kissing you while gently pumping your erection.




Alice Margatroid held you from behind, pressing her breasts into your back as Rouge's soft tits squeezed your cock from both sides.

"Enjoying my tits?" Rouge teased.

You nodded. "They're awesome."

Rouge and Alice laughed as you took in the incredible titfuck. Alice kissed your neck from behind, whispering soft words of affection.

"You should've brought your dolls, Alice," Rouge chuckled. "I bet Anon's cock would love that."

"You'd love them, too," Alice said, smiling warmly. "They don't discriminate~"

Rouge bit her lip, pumping your dick harder between her breasts. "Neither do I~"

The two very different girls continued flirting with one another as they made sweet love with you...




May panted as she rode you in the water, gripping your shoulders hard while fucking you.

"Haah... haah... Anon...!" she moaned, her tongue hanging from her mouth.

"Mmmph, May..." you grunted in pleasure, addicted to her body.

Ana buried her face in her hands, blushing. "Y-you're all so dirty...!"

"H-hey, you were doing this with Anon too, you know!" May teased.

"Y-yeah, but..." Ana stopped covering her face. "I-it's..."

"Aww, is someone embarrassed to do it in public?" the Piranha Plant Gal asked, her swaying hips behind her.

Ana gasped, turning around.

The Piranha Plant Gal licked her lips before smashing Ana's mouth against hers, shoving her extra-long tongue inside. Ana gasped, squealing with the very tall plant woman's tongue swirling around her own.

Pira pulled off Ana's face. "Mmm, tasty...!"

Ana panted. "Th-that was... my first kiss with a gir- AH!"

Suddenly, her pussy started dripping wet, and her legs trembled. She fell to her knees, fingering herself uncontrollably. 

"Wh-what's happening?!" Ana shouted, gripping her breast with her other hand. "I-it feels... it feels... GOOD!!"

May giggled, still slamming against you, her warm pussy surrounding you. "Anon, how about you help her? She won't stop until she cums."

You nodded. "On it."

May got off you, and you walked towards Ana... who immediately pinned you down with her psychic powers.

"Did you forget I was a top, Anon~?" she growled uncharacteristically, drooling in lust before slamming her soaking wet pussy onto your throbbing, rock-solid dick.

The Piranha Plant Gal laughed, falling backwards. "Didn't see that coming!! Glad I could break your shell, Ana~"

"S-SO GOOD!!" Ana screamed. "SEX WITH ANON IS THE BEST!!"


Rena listened in from outside the curtain, giggling. "Ana's spitting straight facts~"

"Tch, stupid twelve person limit..." Dokuko groaned, the goth anime girl crossing her arms.

"Tell me about it...😡" Shirohime sighed, the girly gyaru pouting.

"Aw, c'mon girls..." Rena said, taking both girls' arms. "Let's go have our own Onsen party~"

The two manga girls looked at one another, before silently agreeing to join Rena in the other hot spring.






Hours passed in the Onsen, surrounded by affection and care. Eventually, you and the others left, each wearing your own clothes as you went to the Lobby.

"Ah, welcome back!" Rena said, beaming. "So, did you all enjoy yourselves?"

Everyone gave their approval.

"That's great," the kitsune girl said, her three fox tails wagging even more than before. "Oh! I have an idea!"

Rena took out her cellphone.

"How about I take a picture with all of you on the couch?" she asked.

"Heh, sounds fine by me!" Rouge replied.

"Can't guarantee I won't flash the camera back," the Piranha Plant Gal teased.

"Let's do it!" you said, taking a seat on one of the Lobby's couches.

However, nobody joined you. Instead, they just stared at you on the couch for a minute.

"Um... what's up?" you asked. "Did I do something wrong?"

"...I think we all just had the same idea," Rena said.

Everyone, all eleven girls, stood or hovered behind the long couch, while you sat in its center.

"Say fuzzy pickles!" Rena announced, readying her phone's camera.




"Ah, what a great photograph," Rena grinned, showing everyone the picture. "It'll always bring back the fondest of memories~"

"Nice!" Callie exclaimed. "A picture of the winners!"

"Um, I was Team Bottom," Marie said.

You put an arm around Marie. "You're still a winner to me," you told her.

She blushed. "Th-thanks."

The other girls laughed.

"Hey, Anon loves you, too," Callie said. "That definitely makes you a winner."

Marie smiled, hugging you tight. "I love you, too," she whispered.




You spent some time with the girls in the hotel cafeteria before, eventually, the time came to leave. All twelve girls - Rena included - walked you back to the entrance, where they each gave you a heartfelt goodbye kiss.

Walking through, you woke up in your own bed, in your own room, in your own home. The events of the dream seemed so real but, like always, the time to wake up had come.

At least you got to keep the picture Rena took.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past several months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?



"Heyyyy, Anon!" Rena greeted, waving to you. "Ready for another night of passion and romance?"

"I'm always ready for that," you said, smiling as you approached her desk.

"Good to hear~!" the kitsune girl giggled. "Well, then, who's it gonna be tonight?"

"Shantae," you replied, almost immediately.

"Ohohoho!" she laughed. "Very nice choice! She's really beautiful, isn't she?" Rena quickly typed on her computer. "Let's see... Ah, Floor 2, Room 6!"

"That close? We could just walk there."

Rena nodded. "Absolutely! But first, let me message her so she knows you're here."


Rena took you by the arm, leading you up the stairs. The beautiful kitsune giggled as she walked with you. "Are you a hips man, Anon?"

You chuckled. "Totally. I'm really looking forward to spending time with Shantae."

"Oh, I can imagine~" Rena smirked, her lips close to your ear. "She's really cute, but also really sexy. The way her ass moves, her hips sway, her perfect body shakes so pleasingly..."

You shivered, the feeling of her words on your skin teasing you. "Have you met her?"

"Only once, but that was just when she first came here," she replied. "I just like her games. Anyway, we're almost there. Just a few more steps, and you can empty your balls in Shantae."

She winked at you, arousing you even further as you approached Shantae's room.





"Seriously? This again?" you said.

"IT'S AN ICONIC SOUND!" Rena shouted.


Eventually, after some walking, you finally made it to Shantae's door on the second floor.

"And here we are!" Rena announced. "Just knock and remember to have fun!"

You nodded. "Thanks, Rena."

The kitsune blushed, beaming at you. "Anything for our Anon~"

She left you with a parting kiss and returned to the lobby.


You knocked on Shantae's door, expecting her to open it. Instead, you heard a young woman's voice from inside.

"Come in," she said.

You turned the handle, slowly opening the door, where you saw a woman belly dancing to music. Tan skin, long purple hair in a ponytail, and wearing a red bedlah outfit: it was definitely Shantae.

She smiled at you as you entered, closing the door behind you. Her half-lidded eyes gazed over your body as her wide hips shook left and right, her slender stomach undulating in and out. As she danced, her hands motioned for you to come further in, her fingers seductively calling for you.

You stepped towards her, already hard at the sight of her. She giggled, looking at the bulge in your pants.

"You can take a seat if you want," she said, her cute voice alone making you grin. "Watch as much as you like." She winked at you, smiling.

You nodded, taking a seat on the nearby couch.

She continued dancing, the music intensifying with her movements. Her arms moved like snakes, her wrists making circles as her hips swayed and jolted. Eventually, though, she started walking towards you, still belly dancing. With each step, one hip tossed itself upward, followed by the next. Every couple steps, her stomach undulated with one hand behind her head, one hand forward.

Her movements, expressions, everything got you hard. Shantae bit her lip, staring at your throbbing erection. As she approached, the half-genie straddled your hips, sitting on your lap. She gripped your shoulders, a seductive look in her eyes.

And then she laughed.

"Sorry, sorry," she chuckled. "I'm trying way too hard."

You laughed with her. "Nah, it was really sexy. I really liked it."

She grinned. "I can tell. You're really hard right now."

"Can you blame me?"

The two of you giggled, hugging with her still on your lap, her crotch unconsciously grinding into yours.

"It's awesome that you're here," she said, her arms tightly around you.

Her skin felt so soft against yours. She beamed at you, her glossy lips forming a wide smile. Her playful giggles were music to your ears as she sat in your lap, snuggling with you...


Shantae rapidly started kissing you, her lips pressing tightly against your own lips, your cheeks, your nose, your forehead, along your jawline, and down your neck. You could feel her joy and excitement in each individual smooth, full of love and affection. She giggled, continuing to kiss your lips again and again, faster and faster, as she squeezed your cheeks between her hands.

When she was done showering you in kisses, she pressed her forehead to yours and laughed. "Oh, Anon, I love you so much!"

You smiled, laughing with her. "I love you too!"

"You're just so cute!!" she squealed in delight before kissing you one last time on the lips.

She hopped off your lap, standing before you and swaying her wide hips seductively. "So, what're you looking forward to tonight?"

You chuckled. "Just spending time with you."

Shantae burst out in laughter, belly-dancing for your entertainment once again. "Yeah, right! I know what you wanna do," she winked.

You smirked, your erection threatening to burst through your pajama pants. "Oh, really? Then why don't you tell me?"

She giggled, grabbing between your legs while still standing before you. "Now you're the one who's trying too hard." Her smooth, tan hands stroked you through your pants, slowly and gently rubbing you.

You grunted lightly, the pleasure causing you to tremble a little.

"You want me to be your personal genie... Isn't that right?" she whispered low, winking at you.

"Hnnngk..." you grunted again. "Y-yes..."

Shantae smirked, her hands rubbing you faster and faster. "I can make you really happy, Master... if you give me the chance."


She licked her lips slowly, her eyes gazing into yours and she continued stroking you through your pants. "For now~"

The half-genie grabbed your pajama pants, kneeling down and pulling them to your ankles. Your cock twitched as it was exposed to the cool air of the room. Shantae giggled, staring at it.

"So... this is the penis that you touch whenever you think about me," she teased.

"I- uh..."

She giggled. "It's alright. How could I possibly mind?" She started teasing you with one finger, up and down your shaft. "In fact, I like it. I like that you've jerked off to me before. After all..."

She kissed the tip of your dick, her soft lips pressing against your little head.

"I've rubbed myself off while thinking about you, too."

Shantae's words made your body tremble with desire. You thrusted up unconsciously, your body filled with the need to cum. She giggled before licking you, slowly, from your balls all the way to the tip. Shantae's tongue felt so slick, so smooth, and so wet. She started kissing your erection slowly, focusing on the tip but not neglecting the shaft. Her wet, pillowy lips moved faster and faster, rapidly kissing up and down your throbbing erection, leaving strands of saliva behind.

She winked at you as she kept on kissing you, not slowing down for even a second. She purred as she planted kiss after kiss on your cock. You threw your head back, moaning in desire. You wanted to cum. You needed to cum.

Despite this, Shantae stood up, smiling innocently. "How was that? Did that make you feel good?"

"S-so good..." you panted, your body full of desire.

She giggled. "Great! Ohhh, I'm so glad...!" She hugged you tight, sitting on your lap yet again, your solid cock pushing against her ass.

You embraced her in return, feeling her soft breasts against you.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, leaning backwards as she broke the hug. "Wanna see my boobs?"


Shantae laughed, pulling the top of her bedlah outfit off, exposing her soft, C-cup breasts.

"They aren't that big," she said, squeezing them in front of you, "but I'm sure you'll love them!"

"I really do," you chuckled, grabbing them.

She squeaked in surprise, but didn't stop you. "O-oh... yeah, that's nice..." She grabbed your hands, guiding them around her chest as you groped her boobs. "Your hands are... even better than I imagined..."

You blushed, staring at her content smile as you felt her up. "Feeling good, I take it?"

She nodded. "I had dreams about today, you know."


"Yeah, but... mmmph, the reality is so much better." Shantae let go of your hands, instead leaning forward. "You can lick them, too, if you want."

You leaned forward into her breasts, taking a nipple into your mouth. She squeaked again, but clearly still enjoyed it. She wrapped her arms around your head, holding you close to her tit as you sucked it.

"A-ah..." she moaned, feeling your tongue circling her nipple. "A-Anon... You're- ohhh- you're the best..."

You massaged her other breast with your hand while sucking and licking her. You moaned into her boob as her hips started swaying against your erection.

Shantae panted, squeezing your face into her tighter. You alternated breasts, suckling the other while your hand massaged the first. She moaned even louder, feeling the cool again against her now-wet nipple.

"Anon... Mmmph, I love you so much, Anon..."

Hearing those words from Shantae's mouth felt incredible, even better than when she was rapidly kissing your erection. With each new moan and purr, you felt Shantae's affection for you spill out, showering you in her genuine love.



Shantae pulled you into her bed, giggling and laughing with you as you kissed her now-nude body. She pulled your shirt off, licking and teasing your nipples just as you did hers. You moaned from the feeling of her tongue and lips on your chest.

Eventually, she licked up your chest, her tongue gliding along to your neck, then to your lips. There, you eagerly pecked her lips and cheeks. She grinned as you kissed her, squealing in delight with each one.

As you kissed, you felt your erection squeezing between her thighs. She giggled, feeling how hard you were against her.

"Mmmm, Anon..." she cooed into your ear. "Do you want me?"


She giggled. "You don't have to shout. I want you, too..." Shantae slid down your body, her smoothness rubbing against you until she reached your penis. She licked her lips, pressing her breasts against you on either side. The comforting softness wrapped around your member before stroking it gently, up and down. Shantae smiled, looking at your penis between her bosom.

You threw your head back as she tittyfucked you faster and faster, licking her lips as she pumped you. Every so often, she stopped to suck the head of your erection, driving you even more insane with pleasure, before continuing her passionate paizuri. She practically crushed your throbbing, aching erection between her pillowy breasts, giggling and grinning all the while.

Your hips unconsciously thrust upwards as she played with you, your body reacting to the intense pleasure. She smiled, knowing that you were definitely close.

"Do it," she demanded, grinning. "Explode for me!"

You complied, a surge of lust exploding through your body, just as she requested. You shot rope after rope of seed between her breasts, covering them in strands of semen. She smiled, gathering some on one finger before licking it slowly, making eye contact with you all the while.

"Mmmmmm~" she purred. "Tasty!"


After cleaning herself up, Shantae leaned back on the bed, her spread legs dangling over the side. Between them, you could see her warm, dripping wetness. She giggled, rubbing it with her fingers while grabbing one of her breasts.

"Hungry, Anon?" she asked, teasing.

You nodded. "May I?"

"You never need to ask," she replied, smirking as your face approached her womanhood. She squeezed your face with her thighs playfully. "You're so cute!!" You tried to reply, but your face was squished between her legs, making her laugh even more.

Shantae spread her legs, allowing you to slowly lick her womanhood, savoring her taste. She moaned softly as your tongue glided along her labia to her clit, where you teased her until she moaned your name. Your lips and tongue practically French kissed her as you ate the half-genie's pussy.

You grabbed her wide hips, gripping them tightly in her hands as she cried out louder, moaning your name with intense, passionate desire. As your tongue entered her, her back arched as she squirted onto your face. Her body shook with her intense orgasm, grinding her hips into your mouth as she came.

"ANON!!" Shantae exclaimed, humping into your face. Her thrusts slowed as her orgasm subsided, though the sensation of pleasure remained.

You pulled from her pussy, your face dripping with her cum. "Ready for more?" you asked.

She panted, nodding while sweating from her explosive orgasm.

You smirked as you stood up, your hard-on mere inches from her entrance.

Shantae nodded, looking you in the eyes. "I'm ret-2-go!"

You grinned, grabbing her thick hips and plunging yourself into her. She shouted, but not in pain; instead, she grinned madly as you thrusted, the pleasure filling every pore. Her breasts bounced as you pounded her, shaking the bed beneath her with every thrust.

"MMMMMMPH, YES!!" she exclaimed, gripping the bedsheets behind her. Her moans of incredible pleasure only intensified each time you entered her.

The hot, wet walls of Shantae surrounded your cock as you fucked her. You felt every fold caressing you like a warm hug, or like a kiss from a lost lover. Each thrust felt like being welcomed home, as though this was where you belonged. Shantae's cries of passion, her moans of desire, and her purrs of affection only seemed to confirm this theory.

She wrapped her legs around you, her thick thighs holding you in place. She humped up into you, still gripping the bedsheets behind her as you made love.

"A-Anon!!" she cried. "Please...! Please...!"

"Y-yeah?" you asked, the pleasure surrounded you becoming nearly unbearable.

Shantae suddenly sat up, grabbing your shoulders.

"Please let me take control," she growled, licking her lips.


Shantae pushed you to the bed, her hands stroking your chest down to your throbbing cock. Her cute smile illuminated the room as her wide hips straddled you.

"Ready, Anon?" she asked sweetly.

You nodded, gasping as you entered her again. Her hot walls felt even hotter than before as she rode you, her thick hips slamming against your erection over and over. She giggled, watching your aroused face as she fucked you, which encouraged her to go even faster.

"Sh-Shantae...!" you moaned, arching your back for a moment.

She laughed. "Feels amazing, right? It's- ah! It's amazing for me, too!"

Her wide hips started moving left and right as her arms stretched outwards, relaxed. Her stomach rolled up and down, slowly at first but quickly moving faster with each gyration of her hips. Her upper and lower abs undulated as she moved, her hot vaginal walls practically vibrating on your cock.

She was belly dancing on your dick.

Shantae's bedroom eyes and lip-biting only made it sexier, making you want to burst inside her more and more.

As she was riding you, though, your cock slipped out of her pussy.

"Whoops," she said, grabbing your erection. "Trying to escape, huh?"

Both of you laughed as she brought you back inside her, continuing her lustful riding. Your smiles of sensual passion quickly became the smiles of two friends who loved each other, giggling and chuckling over anything that came to mind. Even the sexy way her hips moved weren't enough to make the two of you stop laughing.

Eventually, though, your body's desperate need to cum inside her increased tremendously. She could tell, biting her lip as she increased the speed of her hips shaking. You grabbed her thick thighs, humping up into her at the same rhythm.

"I'm getting close," you told her.

"Oh, really?" she giggled, excited. Suddenly, she hopped off your throbbing dick, instead getting off the bed and leaning forward against it, her big breasts pressed against the bed in front of her. "In that case, I want you to cum in me like this."

You nodded, getting off the bed to fuck her the way she now wanted: doggystyle.


"AH!" she exclaimed as you thrusted into her, your cock plunging in and out of her pussy from behind. Her hot walls squeezed you tighter than ever, soaking with so much lust that it dripped down your balls.

Her thick ass bounced as you pounded her, jiggling more and more with each thrust. She shook her mesmerizing backside for your amusement, filling you more and more with desire. She pushed backwards against your cock each time you thrusted forward.

She moaned your name, shouting it over and over as you made love to her. Her jiggling ass made you want to slap it, causing her to cry out louder than before. She drooled, still moaning and gasping with each thrust.

You grabbed her long, purple ponytail, tugging on it while thrusting into her. She gasped, screaming in pleasure as you yanked her head back by her hair. She tried calling out your name, but only incoherent moans of pleasure came out. As you pulled her hair with one hand, you gripped her soft ass tight, squeezing it while you made love to her from behind.

"TAKE ME, ANON!" she exclaimed, horny.

Suddenly, her whole body shook and shivered more than ever, and burst after burst of warm liquid squirted from where you were connected. She gasped, panting from the intense series of orgasms you had suddenly gave her. Shantae's hot, wet walls squeezed tightly around you, encouraging you to follow suit. You moaned as she shook her ass harder than ever, driving you to explode deep in her, blasting her insides with your hot, white seed.

You grunted in pleasure as you came inside her hot, tan pussy, moaning from her feeling as you pulled out of her.

She giggled, hopping onto the bed and spreading her legs for you, exposing her womanhood filled with your cum. She gave you bedroom eyes as she bit her lip, arousing you even after your orgasm.

"See, Anon?" she said low. "Even though I'm a half-genie, I can still grant your wishes..." She rubbed her clitoris with one finger. "You can do me... anytime you want, every day... And you know I won't mind."

Shantae winked at you, before spreading her arms wide.

"Now, c'mon! Let's cuddle!"

You smiled brightly, jumping into the bed with her and cuddling under the sheets.




Shantae belly-danced in front of you, eager to show you her powers. In a flash, her human body transformed into a half-bird harpy, with blue skin and cyan wings. Her feathery thighs straddled yours as she grinned at you.

"Ret-2-go, Anon?" she asked.

You nodded, more than ret-2-go.

Harpy Shantae rode you hard and fast, the soft feathers of her thighs and arms tickling you as she belly-danced on top. You smiled warmly at each other as you happily made love.




The cyan arms of Spider Shantae's humanoid half wrapped around your thighs as she kneeled before you. She licked her lips at the sight of your erect cock, eager to learn what a spider girl's mouth felt like. She grinned, biting her lip as she watched your cock bounce in anticipation.

"Someone's excited," she teased.

"Can you tell?" you replied.

The two of you laughed, even as Spider Shantae licked up and down your aching hard-on.




Mermaid Shantae's titties bounced up, down, left, and right as you fucked her in her bathtub, the warm water surrounding both of you as you made sweet love to her.

"You're so hot as a mermaid," you groaned, fucking her slick pussy.

She gasped in pleasure. "You're even hotter!" she exclaimed, hugging you with her scaly arms. "Please, shoot everything you have into me!"

You smashed your lips against hers, giving her a French kiss even wetter than the bathtub you were screwing her in.




Dryad Shantae's hips swung back and forth as you stared at her beautiful, tree-like body. She giggled, winking and inviting you to play with her.

"I'm all yours, 'master'~" she teased.

You put one arm around her, kissing her as your other hand pushed two fingers inside her. She gasped into your lips as you fingered her sticky pussy, her love juices now much more sap-like.

"Mmmmmmph~" she moaned, her tongue pushing into your mouth, dancing with your own tongue elegantly. Your lips glided against each other as you continued fingering your half-genie, dryad girlfriend...




Succubus Shantae gazed at you, her yellow eyes meeting yours. Suddenly, you felt your whole body seize up, unable to move.

"That's right..." she purred lustfully, pulling her black panties aside. "Just give in to Shantae... Shantae knows what's best for you."

You repeated her words as she pressed her wet entrance against your erection, rubbing it up and down with her wetness. You couldn't help but moan; just the feeling of her pussy on you drove you mad with pleasure.

"Shantae loves you... Shantae loves everything about you..."

You shivered at her words, your body addicted to her touch, her voice, everything about her.

"You want to cum deep, deep in Shantae, right?"

You nodded. "Yes, mistress. I want to cum in you."

Succubus Shantae giggled, squeezing your cheeks in her pale white hands. "Mmmmph, you're so cuuuute! I love you so, so much!!" she squealed, giving up the sexy seductress persona altogether.




Naga Shantae's long tail wrapped around your body, gently squeezing you.

"I-is this good?" Shantae asked, unsure of herself.

"You're doing great!" Tuki answered from the nearby computer, watching through the webcam. "Guys love being wrapped up in a naga's tail, trust me"

You nodded. "She's right. This is awesome!"

Shantae giggled. "Well, alright then..." she said. "It's not too tight, right?"

"It's fine," you assured her.

"Next, give him a big, fat, wet SMOOCH!" Tuki instructed, the naga girl secretly fingering herself off-screen.

Shantae gleefully complied.




"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced as she barged in.

Shantae was snuggling with you, the two of you in your pajamas. Shantae's long hair was let down, her ponytail holder sitting on the nightstand beside you.

"Hey, Rena," you greeted her. "Took you a while."

"Yeah, I got turned around," she said, embarrassed. "I got my east and west mixed up, and... ah, never mind."

You and Shantae giggled at Rena.

"Yeah, laugh all you want," the kitsune said, sticking her tongue out at you. "Just be glad your food isn't cold."


You and Shantae enjoyed a delightful dinner together, served by Rena. Shantae held hands with you under the table, pressing herself close to you as you ate.

Rena giggled, watching how close you were. "You're so cute together!" she exclaimed. "Gotta say, though, I'm surprised to see you both clothed."

The two of you laughed. "Me, too," Shantae purred. "But he wanted to cuddle in our pajamas, and I wasn't about to complain."

"Awwww!" Rena blushed, squealing in adoration.

Shantae picked up a fork full of meat, offering it to you. You ate from her fork, before feeding her some of your plate as well. Rena's heart nearly exploded as she watch the two of you loving feed one another.

The love in that room was so thick, you'd think it was Shantae's hips. (AN: Remove that line before publishing, that was stupid.)





After dinner, you continued spending several hours with Shantae, enjoying each other's company in more ways that just sex. However, like every night, it had to end eventually. As the time to wake up approached, you said your goodbyes to your half-genie girlfriend. Rena led you back to the entrance, the kitsune girl happy that you enjoyed your evening with Shantae.

You passed through the threshold of the Hotel Fantasia, returning to the waking world once again. As the sleep left your eyes, the memories of that dream remained vivid in your mind.

The feeling of Shantae's bedlah top in your hands made it even clearer what happened.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past several months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?



As you arrived, you found Rena staring intensely at her computer, a wide grin on her face.

"Ehehehehe..." she chuckled, licking her lips.

"Watching something good?" you asked.

"ACK!" She grabbed the mouse, licking away from whatever it was. "Oh, h-hey, Anon, I d-didn't see you come in."

You smirked. "What were you watching~?" you teased.

She blushed. "Oh, j-just some... uh..." The kitsune girl sighed. "I was... reading a fanfic..."

"Oh, really? Can I see?"

"Uh-ah-um..." Rena stammered. "I... I guess..."






Anon licked his lips, his rigid cock pulsing with lust as he violently bent you over. You felt him penetrating your most precious threshold, his throbbing erection piercing your drooling depths. Anon chuckled, watching you writhe in pleasure beneath him.

"Does my dirty little kitty like this?" he growled sexily.

"KYAAA!" you moaned, unable to handle the pleasure as he fucked you senseless. He had already cum on your face, tits, and stomach mere seconds before; now it was time for him to claim your womb.



Rena buried her face in her hands as you read passage after passage aloud.

"I don't think I've ever called someone my 'dirty little kitty,'" you commented.

"Shut uuupppp..." Rena moaned.

"And I already came all over here 'mere seconds before'? Does this author not know what a refractory period is?"


"Aw, I'm just teasing with you," you said, putting an arm around the embarrassed kitsune. "So, who wrote this?"


You scrolled up, finding the author's name: InceptionDesk.

"Wait..." you realized. "Isn't that...?"

Rena turned away, covering her face even tighter. She nodded.


You spent a long time with Rena, calming her down.

"Sorry for making fun of your fanfiction..."

"It's alright," she replied, "but you need to make me feel better with a kiss."

Immediately, you slammed your lips against hers, taking in their wonderful softness. For some reason, she smelled like freshly-baked cookies...

She giggled as you broke the kiss. "Apology accepted. Mmmm, tasty..."

"Gonna add how tasty I am to your fanfic?"

Rena punched you in the shoulder playfully. "Oh, you."

The two of you shared a laugh, smiling together.


"So, Anon," Rena asked, "who's the lucky girl tonight?"

"I'm thinking Palutena," you replied.

"Oh!" she gasped. "As a matter of fact, she just went into the onsen."

"She's in the hot springs?"

The kitsune nodded. "Yep! Not to mention, she picked a private room, meaning she's there all by herself~"

A twinge of excitement surged within you. "All by herself?"

Rena smirked. "I'm sure she brought her phone in there. Shall I message her?"

"PLEASE DO," you replied, extremely aroused.

She laughed as she messaged Palutena, informing her of your arrival...


Rena led you by the arm to the room where Palutena was.

"Private onsen number 4!" Rena announced as you arrived. "Palutena's in here. You ready, big guy?" she asked, playfully nudging you.

You nodded. "Hell yeah."

The kitsune girl giggled. "Shouldn't that be 'Heaven yeah,' in her case?"

You groaned, causing her to laugh at your suffering.

"Well, she expects you," Rena said, unlocking the door with her master key, "so you can just barge right in."

"Good to know," you replied, giving her a parting hug before going inside.

Rena smiled, before returning to her desk to write more dirty fanfics about you.





The small room was lined with lockers for the tenant's clothes. On the other end was a red curtain, marked with "湯" (yu), the kanji for "hot water." You could hear Palutena's contented sighs on the other side. After adjusting the towel around your waist, you went inside.


"There's nothing like a soak in a hot spring after a hard day..." Palutena sighed, smiling. "I just hope Pit doesn't mind being alone in Skyworld..." She giggled. "I'm sure he'll be fine."

You pushed the curtain aside, waving to Palutena. "Um... hey."

"Oh!" Palutena beamed at you as you entered. "Hello, Anon. Care to join me in the hot spring?"

"Yes, please," you said, grinning as you stepped inside.

You'll never forget the way she bit her lip when you took off your towel.


The warm water surrounded you as you sat beside the green-haired goddess. She put her arm around you, staring at you adoringly. You leaned against her, feeling the immeasurable softness of her nude body.

"This is... really nice," you mumbled, relaxed.

"Isn't it?" Palutena replied, stroking your arm as she pulled you even closer. "I'm so glad I get to meet you, Anon!"

"I'm even happier to meet you."

She giggled as you nuzzled into her. "You're so sweet."

You spent a long time cuddling with Palutena in the onsen. Because this was a private hot spring, the room was smaller than the other one you had been in. Because of that, it felt even more cozy and intimate.

Palutena ran her fingers through your hair, smiling warmly at you. "My sweet, sweet Anon..." Suddenly, she grabbed you with both arms, pulling you close in a tight hug. "You're so cute! Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!"

Your face was smothered between her rather large breasts, pressed tight against her smooth, glistening skin. Her affectionate embrace only made your already-hard erection even harder.

The goddess giggled, hugging you gentler and stroking the back of your head. "Sorry, Anon, I got a little... excited."

"Literally never apologize for that," you replied.

She laughed. "Oh, Anon! Cute, handsome, and funny! I'm such a lucky goddess~"

Before you could return her compliments, you felt her soft lips press against yours. The sweet, creamy kiss of a goddess enchanted you as she held you close, the warm water around you making it even sweeter. Your nude bodies hugged close together.

Palutena chuckled into your mouth as she felt your boner against her leg. She stroked it gently with a hand as she pressed her tongue against your lips. She forced it in, giving you a slow French kiss while gently stroking your erection with her fingertips. Her tongue glided against yours as her fingers glided along your shaft, elegantly teasing it. She felt so soft, so smooth, so gorgeous...

This was what it was like to be loved by a goddess.





"Did you enjoy the hot spring?" Palutena asked, drying her long, gorgeous green hair with a towel.

"Of course," you replied with enthusiasm, drying your own body off. "It was incredible..."

She giggled. "I used my Power of Coziness to make it extra comfortable for you. My beloved Anon deserves only the best!"

You laughed. "You're the best."

She winked at you. "Then I guess we deserve each other~" She grabbed another towel, drying your back off with it. "What would you like to do tonight, Anon? Would you like to try my cooking? Play games with me? Or are you just looking forward to making love to me?"

"Mmmph, can we do all of those?" You asked, savoring the feeling of her back-rub.

Palutena giggled, kissing the back of your neck. "We can do all that and more. Once you're dried off, we'll go back to my room for some... mutual worship."



You left the hot spring, hand in hand with Palutena. She wore her usual white dress and laurel crown, looking as elegant as always. By contrast, you were still in your pajamas. You reminded yourself to fall asleep wearing a three-piece suit one of these nights.

Rena greeted you as you returned to the lobby. "Well, aren't you two looking refreshed!"

"We had a great time," you said, grinning.

"Hmhm, the best," Palutena replied before kissing your cheek. "I'll be taking this cutie to my room now, okay?"

Rena nodded. "Of course! Oh, but..."

"Hm? What's wrong?"

"...I like riding the elevator with Anon."

Palutena laughed. "Then join us!"

"Really?" Rena gasped, before leaping over her reception desk to glomp her. "PALUTENA, YOU'RE THE BESTTTT!!"

"Woah, c-calm down, Rena!"

The three-tailed fox girl continued nuzzling her face into Palutena's arm. "I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOUUUUU!!!"




"Floor 86, Room 12, right?" Rena asked.

Palutena nodded, prompting the kitsune to type it into the elevator's computer.

You and Palutena sat beside each other on the spacious elevator's cushioned seats. Rena joined you, sandwiching you between two gorgeous women.

"You know," Rena said, smirking, "I'm surprised you didn't just make Anon come out in a towel~"

"Oh, no, definitely not," Palutena objected. "If Viridi or Pandora saw him like that, she'd ravish him without a second thought!"

Rena laughed, her three fox tails wagging. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind that~" she teased, pointing to the bulge in your pajama pants.

Palutena stared at it, biting her lip. "But he's all mine tonight," she insisted, pressing you close to her. "They'll have to wait their turn~"

You spent a long time in that elevator, snuggled between a beautiful kitsune girl and a gorgeous goddess of light...




The elevator doors opened as Palutena broke the intense kiss, letting you breathe as a line of saliva connected your mouths.

"Ah, here we are!" she said. "Let's go, Anon!"

You just sat there, drooling as Rena continued kissing your neck and massaging your bulge. Palutena giggled, before pulling the two of you up.


The door to Room 12 was elegantly designed, with the goddess of light's seal carved into it, and several images of heroic battles gorgeously panted on.

"You two have fun," Rena said, patting you both on the back.

"Oh, we will," Palutena assured, before cupping your chin and leaving a kiss on your lips. "We definitely will."

Rena returned to the elevator as Palutena unlocked the door, leading you inside...




Before you knew it, the goddess of light had you pinned to the bed. She smiled at you kindly, beaming at you with an expression of pure adoration.

"Is my bed comfortable, Anon?"

You nodded, looking around her gleaming silver room. It looked a lot more like a heavenly temple than a hotel room, but you've gotten used to that by now. The bright, glorious abode truly felt like a palace of the gods... or at least a goddess.

Palutena giggled, cuddling with you on her soft bed, wrapping her smooth arms around you.

"Let's wait a little while to make love," she insisted. "After all we've already seen each other in the nude."

"Yeah, that makes sense," you replied.

That said, your erection certainly wasn't going down, instead poking into Palutena' thigh.

She smiled, kissing you softly before moving down your body, rubbing against you. "Well, I suppose I can take care of this," she said, kissing your bulge through your pajama pants.

You gasped, surprised by the pleasure. Feeling her soft lips against your boner, even through your clothes, was enough to make you tremble. She pulled down your pants with her hands, causing you to bounce free. She giggled, kissing up and down your solid shaft happily.

"Mmmm... haah, Lady Palutena..." you moaned.

"Oh, Anon, there's no need for honorifics," she assured, continuing to kiss you. She snaked her arms around your hips, holding you close to her mouth. "I'm your girlfriend, now. Just call me Palutena."

She winked at you before pressing her divinely plush lips to your head, kissing it several times before circling it with her tongue. Your back arched as she teased you, making you want to orgasm already.

"In fact, you could even give me a cute nickname if you wanted," she continued, still kissing and licking your head. "You don't need to be formal with me, Anon. I love you."

"I-I love y- AH!"

Before you could finish your reply, she swallowed you whole, your erection deep in her mouth as her lips squeezed tightly around your base. She pumped up and down your cock quickly, soaking it in her divine saliva. You gasped, panting and moaning as she gave you a blowjob worthy of the gods.

Does this feel good, Anon? she asked.

"Hnng- huh?"

She giggled, her voice echoing in your mind. I'm speaking to you telepathically. Do you mind?

"N-no... I don't mind..." you grunted.

Good. The goddess opened her mouth wider, pushing you cock deeper into her. Mmmm, you're so tasty. I don't know how I've gone so long without you. You're so perfect, Anon...

You panted, your mind melting at her words and stimulation.

I've loved you for so long, Anon. Your eyes, your lips, your hair... everything. She stopped deepthroating you, instead pumping her lips up and down your length like before, her tongue rapidly licking you at the same time.

"Hnnngh...!" you moaned, trying to resist exploding already.

Is it nice, knowing a goddess has longed for you for years, dreaming about you? She winked at you, still blowing you like never before. Isn't it sweet, a mortal and a goddess in love? Imagine the myths we could make together... or the demigods.

"Ghhh-ah!" you grunted, a massive tremor surging through your body as you orgasmed, blowing a huge load in Palutena's mouth. Rope after rope of your seed burst between those divine lips, sending your body into intense shivers of pleasure.

As the powerful orgasm subsided, she continued holding your erection in her mouth, sucking and licking it gently.

Was that nice, Anon? she asked. Mmmm, sooo tasty...! So, this is the seed of the human I've been in love with for years. I never dreamed it would be this... wonderful!

You panted, stroking her head. "Th-thanks."

You're welcome, sweetheart, she replied, pulling her lips off your cock with a wet pop, grinning at you.

"I love you, Palutena," you grinned, feeling her "Power of Coziness" surround you, its warmth and comfort pushing all your anxieties away.

She climbed up your body, kissing your cheek. "I love you too," she cooed. "Now, in a few minutes, I'm going to make you a nice lunch. Afterwards, we'll snuggle and play games together, and I'll shower my favorite mortal with all the love and affection he deserves. Would you like that?"

You blushed, hugging her tightly. "Yes, please," you whispered.

She squeezed you close to her, embracing you as you shared her soft, comfortable bed...





You eagerly sat at Palutena's table as she searched for a recipe.

"Let's see... too sweet, too spicy..." Palutena said as her finger flicked through the projection she created, searching through meal after meal. "Ah! Vegetable Surprise with a side of Skyworld Soup!"

"Vegetables? Really?" you faux-groaned.

"Oh, Anon," she chuckled. "Keep eating hamburgers and you'll turn into one!"

"I'm only teasing," you replied. "I'm actually really flattered that you'd cook for me."

She blushed, smiling as she took your hand, pulling you up from your seat. "Of course I'd cook for you! That's what having a goddess as a girlfriend is for~"

You enjoyed the feeling of her soft, silky hand in yours as she guided you to the kitchen. You walked together to the counter, where Palutena gathered the necessary vegetables. Baskets of carrots, eggplant, lettuce, and so on lined the counter as she pulled them out.

"Seems like we're out of tomatoes," Palutena noticed.

"Maybe we should ask Viridi, see if she can spare a few Forces of Nature~" you joked.

Palutena did not giggle. She did not chuckle. She snorted.

"PFFT, A-Anon, you... ahahahahaha!"

You'll never forget that beautiful, uproarious laugh.


"Now, we'll also need some dark, leafy vegetables," she said, before cutting up some romaine lettuce. "It'll be a special ingredient for the Vegetable Surprise!"

"Why dark, leafy ones, specifically?" you asked, washing broccoli and cauliflower in a pot.

Palutena giggled. "You see, Anon, the folate found in spinach, romaine lettuce, and other such vegetables increases the quality of your sperm."

"Woah, huh?!" you exclaimed, not expecting her to say anything so lewd, at least not right now.

She giggled. "Wasn't expecting that, huh? It's important to eat right so you have strong, healthy sperm." She continued chopping the lettuce, before tossing it all in a bowl. "Also, you should avoid caffeine, fried foods, and processed meats."

"Wow... Pit must have horrible sperm," you joked.

Palutena laughed again. "Considering he's been fried food before, you're probably right."

"I can't imagine being a tempura is very good for your nut."

"Oh! Speaking of nuts, nuts are also very good for your sperm! Brazil nuts, in particular, contain high amounts of selenium, which highly improves semen production."

"Wow, you're... really knowledgeable about this stuff."

She smirked. "I just care about your health, is all," she said. "So you better not be thinking about anything... naughty."

"Too late," you replied.

Palutena laughed yet again.


"Do you need any help cutting the carrots?" Palutena asked, standing behind you with her hands on yours.

"Well, I can probably do it by myself," you replied, "but I really want the excuse to feel your hands again."

She giggled, smiling warmly. "Here," she said softly, guiding your hands to set a carrot on the cutting board. "First, you want to slice both ends of the carrot off. You don't want to eat those, of course."

As you cut them, you heard a small yelp coming from the carrots.

"Oops," Palutena whispered, embarrassed. "Seems like I used too much Rejuvenator again~"

You chuckled, still guided by her silky hands.

"Now, then," she continued, "we're going to cut them into small cubes, so follow my lead..."



You carefully opened the oven, removing Palutena's dish with your mitten-clad hands. You set the pan on the counter, waiting for it to cool before uncovering it. After a few minutes, it was ready: a nicely-baked Vegetable Surprise, made with carrots, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, eggplant, scallions, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, squash, Brazil nuts, and tomatoes (generously provided by Viridi... after Palutena begged for them). Together with the Skyworld Soup, now boiling on the stovetop, your mouth was watering in anticipation, purely from the smell alone.

Taking a bowl of each, you took a seat across from Lady Palutena, each with your own plate.

Let's see if his table manners are better than Pit's, she thought, using her Power of Mood Lighting to dim the dining room.

"Thank you for the meal," you said. "Oh, should I pray it to you?"

She giggled. "There's no need to say grace to me, Anon. Just dig in!"

You enjoyed a delightful, romantic meal with the goddess of light.


It was absolutely delicious, by the way; Pit was missing out.




After your special dinner, you sat close to Palutena, talking and laughing for some time. After a while, though, she pulled your head onto her lap, forcing you to lie there. She giggled as you smiled up at her, relaxing on her soft thighs.

"Cozy?" she asked.

You sighed contently, nodding. "I guess."

"Then let me help!"

Suddenly, in a flash of light, Palutena's clothes completely disappeared.

"W-woah!" you said, shocked by the immediate change. You felt yourself quickly hardening at the sight of her nude body, amusing her.

"Surprised? This is the Power of Disrobing, yet another one of my awesome god powers~"


She sighed. "Fiiine, I just teleported them away. Don't spoil my fun." She stuck her tongue out at you, but smiled afterwards.

Palutena ran her silky fingers through your hair while you rested on her bare, creamy thighs. As the goddess massaged your scalp, you couldn't help but stare up at her cushiony, C-cup breasts. Catching you staring, she rubbed them slowly for your amusement. You shared a laugh as the gorgeous goddess played with her breasts, before returning to stroke your head.

Several minutes passed as you relaxed on her lap pillow. You must've dozed off at some point; when you opened your eyes, your own clothes were gone, no doubt teleported away by the goddess of light. Palutena giggled, biting her lip as she gazed at your throbbing erection, rock-hard for her.

A silky smooth hand caressed down your chest to your stomach, while her other hand continued running its fingers through your hair.

"Anon?" Palutena asked sweetly. "Would a nice, after-dinner orgasm make you happy?"

"I'm already happy just being with you," you replied, content.

"Oh? If that's the case, I guess you don't need a hand job-"

"No, no, no," you quickly interrupted, "I still want one."

The goddess laughed, stroking up and down your aching shaft with one fingernail, teasing you immensely. "Really? Is this what my beloved Anon wants?"

"Haaah...." you moaned.

"Or maybe..." Two fingers, rubbing circles along your member. "Is this what you want?"

You grunted at her teasing. The worst part was, her touch felt so good, you felt like you were going to cum right there.

Palutena giggled, letting go of you as your erection throbbed with desire. She licked her hand before grabbing you this time, pumping her hand at maximum speed. You practically screamed  in pleasure as the goddess jerked you off, moaning at her silky, divine touch. She laughed as your hips thrusted in time with her, before pulling your face up to hers.

She pressed her tongue to your lips, softly forcing its way inside to greet yours. You and Palutena shared a gentle kiss while she forcefully masturbated you. Her breath was sweet and cool, and she tasted just like the fresh vegetables you shared not long ago. She melted your mind with pleasure, making you erupt in her hand. Your body shook with your orgasm, a divine pulse of lust bursting through your whole body as you filled her sacred, holy hand with your seed.

She chuckled, continuing to French kiss you, her semen-covered hand resting on your cock. After a few minutes, she broke the kiss, a line of saliva connecting your mortal lips to her immortal ones.

"I love you so much, Palutena," you said breathlessly.

"I love you too," she beamed at you. "Everything about you is amazing. I adore you, Anon..."

Her hands, now miraculously clean, squeezed your cheeks together gently. She held your face between her silky hands as she cooed to you, pressing her forehead to yours.

"I love your eyes, your lips, your hair, your skin, your nose, your chest, your belly, your..."

The goddess of light continued to praise you for several minutes, holding you close and occasionally pressing her soft, divine lips against yours. You wondered if you should return the praise, but it honestly felt too good to hear her shower you in compliments that you didn't say anything.









You gripped Anon's rigid cock, licking your lips. He whimpered cutely beneath your touch, longing for whatever you had in store for him. You could tell he was trying to resist orgasming all at once between your fingers, but you knew it was no use.

"Oh, Anon... you filthy boy..." you growled at him.

"M-mistress..." he moaned sexily, the tears dripping from his manly yet powerless eyes.

"If my dirty, dirty little Anon wants it soooo badly, he needs to work for it."

He nodded, humping up into your hand. "Y/N... Mistress Y/N..."

"Yes... that's a good boy..." you whispered coyly, pressing your rouge lips to the tip of his pulsing member. "Keep humping my hand-pussy..."

"M-Mistress' hand-pussy feels so good..."


Rena wagged her three fox-tails as she reread what she had written three months ago.

"F-fuck..." she whispered under her breath, rubbing herself through her kimono. "A-Anon... MMMMMPH, Palutena, you lucky goddess..."

She swapped tabs from AO3 to the Hotel Fantasia Lewdstream, where you were laying on the bed beside said goddess, holding hands with her.

"OH FUCK YES...!" She squirted inside her kimono as a powerful orgasm shook through her. Just the sight of you on the livestream made her cum...




Palutena's silky-smooth, divine fingers intertwined with yours as you relaxed beside her, each of you completely nude. You faced each other with wide, adoring smiles. The cute face of your goddess beamed at you, and you at her.

"Thank you for helping with dinner, Anon," she said, caressing your cheek with her other hand.

"It was my pleasure, my goddess," you replied cheerfully, stroking her own cheek.

She giggled, blushing. "You're very sweet. Skyworld will be lucky to have you."


"Well, assuming you want to come," she continued, kissing your forehead. "I'd make you a co-ruler of Skyworld, if you so desired. You don't have to anytime soon, and you could come back here or to your own world whenever you wanted." Her hand moved from your cheek to your chin, cupping it as she pulled you close to her celestial lips. "The best part is, you can order Pit around, too!"

You shared a laugh, interspersed with kiss after kiss.

"Sounds really nice," you replied, blushing a bright red. "Really, really nice."

"The only problem is, Viridi would want you, too. Oh, and Pandora, and Phosphora... and Medusa, come to think of it..."

"Not fond of sharing?" you teased.

"Oh, I'm fine with that," she replied, smiling. "It's just that... some goddesses just aren't as wonderfully benevolent as I am."

You chuckled. "I'm sure Viridi would come around."

She laughed with you. "She would. She loves you just as much as I do. In fact..." She kissed you again, pressing her soft, pillowy lips to yours. "You should absolutely request her."

"Is this because she gave you those tomatoes?" you asked.

Palutena laughed, stroking your chin while still cupping it. "I suppose I owe her one, after all... Maybe we could set aside our differences in a threesome," she giggled, winking.

"Sounds fun~" you replied, kissing those perfect lips yet again.





Viridi fingered herself, watching the livestream projected in front of her as she lied on her bed, just as nude as you and Palutena. She bit her lip, her eyes scanning you up and down.

"Mmmph, it's not fair..." she moaned, "Why'd someone like you have to be a filthy human?" 

Her other hand grabbed her breast, squeezing it as she gazed at your hard erection, aching with lust, projected before her.

"Stupid sexy Anon..." the goddess of nature growled, licking her lips. "You should've picked me... I'd make you feel better than her- gah!"

Her body trembled, her back arched, her bed was soaked with her juices; she orgasmed.

"Grrr... Just you wait, Palutena, I'll get Anon next!"






Palutena straddled your face, her pure pink vagina hovering over you, dripping with desire.

"You know what to do, right, Anon?" she asked cheerily.

"Of course," you replied, grinning as she lowered her hips to your mouth. Your tongue greeted her eagerly, lapping at her entrance before pushing itself in.

She moaned joyously, gently grinding herself into you. "A-Anon...!" the goddess gasped. "This is- ooohhh...!"

Palutena drooled from the feeling of your tongue inside her, her eyes wide as she experienced your cunnilingus. She grinned, laughing between moans of pleasure.

"Mmmmm, I could get used to this, Anon!" she exclaimed, before leaning forward and shaking her ass, grinding into you even more.

So could I, you thought, grabbing the smooth, creamy ass above you, almost hugging it.

Palutena giggled. "So eager! Well, then..." She kissed your shaft, her divine lips pressing against it tight. "I guess it's time for that 'mutual worship' I mentioned..."

You gasped into her pussy as she swallowed you, her pink lips devouring you whole. Her smooth, wet tongue swirled around you inside her mouth, pleasuring you beyond words. She pumped up and down your cock, milking you with her whole mouth.

You moaned, the sensation too sweet to describe. You managed to endure, trying your best to pleasure her just as much as she pleasured you. You could feel her humming as she sucked you off, her tongue swirling more and more rapidly.

The goddess pulled off your soaking cock, stroking it gently in her hands while pressing it to her cheek. "Mmm, such a perfect penis... So sweet, and so hard for its goddess... This is a penis worthy of the gods..."

After a while, she lifted her hips off your face, strands of saliva and love juice connecting your face to her crotch.

"I think it's time, Anon..."






You spread your hips wide for Anon, exposing your most sacred and holy place.

"Anon, beloved," you groaned passionately, "my heart and vagina ache for you! Please, release your seed into me!"

"Y/N..." Anon whispered. "I shall, my darling. Your vagina alone is all my aching mancarrot craves. I shall unleash all my power into you, impregnanting your ever-blossoming cunt."

You cried out in ecstasy as his rigid member pierced through your veil, smashing you senseless in his fervent lust. His eyes glowed with desire as his throbbing staff of glory drooled precum into your eager lovecavern. As he lewdly growled into your face, you could smell the freshly-baked cookies you made him on his breath.

As he-


Rena had to stop writing; she made herself too horny.






The goddess of light laid back on the bed, spreading her legs in invitation. She smiled warmly at you, welcoming you into her. You breathed heavily as your tip kissed her wet entrance, just as your own lips had before. You gasped as you pushed yourself in; her slick, bumpy walls surrounded you.

She licked her lips, smiling warmly at you. "Is it nice inside a goddess, Anon?"

You nodded, your whole body shivered as you slowly began thrusting.

Palutena giggled. "That's wonderful!" She put both hands on your sides, stroking your abdomen. "You can relax in here anytime you want."

"A-anytime?" you panted, breathless already.

She winked at you. "Anytime. I belong to you just as much as you belong to me~" She pulled you close, kissing your lips. "Your goddess girlfriend loves you very much..."

"Haah... y-your human boyfriend l-ohhh, loves you too..."

The goddess giggled, wrapping her legs around your waist as you thrusted into her.

"You know, Anon..." She took your hands, her fingers intertwining with yours. "Maybe we could... make a new addition to the pantheon~"


She bit her lip, looking deep into your eyes. "Would you like to impregnate a goddess?"

You felt your already raging hard cock twitch inside her as you thrusted. She wrapped her legs around you tighter, her thighs holding you inside her.

"I want to bear your child, Anon. A beautiful demigod, with your handsome looks and my immense power..."

"Y-yeah..." you moaned, squeezing her hands tighter as your hips pounded her more and more fervently. "Yeah! I'd love to!" you cried out in desire.

She giggled again, smiling at you with half-lidded eyes. "And you know... such a child would be a very... dramatic change, wouldn't it?"

She licked her lips.

"Almost... sequel worthy, wouldn't you sa-"


Your body shook with the most intense orgasm yet as a burst of lust surged through your body, shaking you as you came deep in your goddess' hot pussy. Palutena moaned as you blew your load deep inside, filling her with your sperm. She hugged you tight, pulling you in for yet another sweet kiss. She laughed into your lips as you continued shooting rope after rope of cum from your trembling cock.

"I love you, Anon..." she whispered, holding you close. "You'll make a good dad, I'm sure."

You fell on top of the goddess, relaxing in her soft, smooth embrace.






"Of course," Palutena said, resting beside you with your arm around her back, "orgasming in me once doesn't guarantee that I'll get pregnant. You'll have to keep at it. Oh! And eat plenty of semen-enhancing food, too."

You smiled, resting your head on her cushiony breast. "I'd be glad to keep trying with you."

She purred a little, squeezing you close. "Oh, you have no idea how happy that makes me," she replied, beaming. "Anyway, how about we have some fun?"

Palutena projected a screen in front of the two of you, showing the front page of AO3.

"Would you like to read some naughty fanfiction together?" she asked cheerfully.






Rena threw open the door. "Sorry to keep you waiting! ROOM SERVICE!"

"And then," Palutena read, "Anon whipped out his delicious member, throbbing with pleasure."

"This is, like, the eleventh time she's used the word 'pleasure' in this chapter," Anon observed.

"Noooooooo..." Rena moaned. "Please don't tell me that's my account..."

Palutena giggled. "Don't be embarrassed, Rena. I've been following you for months now."

The kitsune gasped, her mood immediately changing. "Really? I'm so flattered! I love writing fanfics about Anon."

"You're very good at it," Palutena assured her. "My favorite story was 'Beach Day'."

"Mine was 'Handjobs & Holidays'," you told her.

"You seriously liked that one?" Rena cringed. "I wrote that, like, a year ago."

"I thought it was sweet," you replied.

"It definitely was," Palutena said. "Now, why don't we all enjoy a meal together?"


You sat beside the gorgeous goddess, eating while you leaned against each other. Rena giggled as she watched the two of you.

"You're a very cute couple," the kitsune said, grinning. "Did you have a good time."

"It was the best," you said.

Palutena nodded. "I've never been happier." She kissed your cheek, putting an arm around your back and holding you close.

Rena beamed at you... before staring at Palutena's boobs, licking her lips. "I'm not sure which one of you is the lucky one," she said, eyeing both of you. "Mmmph, you're both so hot!"

You and Palutena laughed, enjoying Rena's compliments as you enjoyed her small meal.





Hours passed with you, Palutena, and Rena. You talked, played games together, and shared more and more love. Unfortunately, the time had come for you to wake up. After a heartfelt goodbye from Palutena (as well as a special gift), you left the gorgeous, green-haired goddess of light. Rena led you back to the entrance, where you passed through the threshold and awakened in your usual, ordinary bed.


Now... where to put all 500 of these Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards...












Rena threw her head back as Palutena fingered her, still reading the lewd, perverted fanfiction.

Behind the door, you caught Anon furiously masturbating to the picture, his throbbing member threatening to burst his precious seed over it.

"Anon, no!" you cried out, terrified that his hot, white goodness would explode somewhere other than your womb.

"Ehehehe..." Rena chuckled, drooling as her mind melted from Palutena's divine touch and voice. "Anon good... Palutena good too..."

Palutena giggled, happy to help her beautiful kitsune friend. Her soft, pink lips hovered over Rena's, eager to show her just what their beloved Anon experienced that night...

Chapter Text

Every night for the past several months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?




"Out for Lunch" read the sign on the reception desk, written in impressive handwriting. "P.S. Anon: If I'm not here before you get here, I'm in the Cafeteria."


In the mysterious Hotel Fantasia, every floor had its own cafeteria, a necessity for an infinitely tall hotel. The ground floor, however, had the largest cafeteria. You walked down the hallway, past several people's rooms, before making it to the wide open doors.

You had been to the cafeteria once or twice before. This time, though, there was a sign outside:

It's Ramen Day! Enjoy 50% Off on Ramen!

Offer available from 12 PM to 3 PM (Hotel Standard Time)

As you were reading the sign, a couple women walked past you, excitedly chatting about how they were looking forward to eating the Hotel's ramen.

You decided to go inside. The wide, spacious restaurant was utterly packed, with a gorgeous woman in every seat, many of whom you recognized. The smell of warm, savory ramen filled the restaurant; you knew you had to have some.

The line to get ramen, however, extended all the way to the entrance. There was no way you were getting a bowl anytime soon.

At least, until Rena ran to you.

"ANON!" the kitsune exclaimed, hugging you.

"Oh, uh, hey, Rena," you said, hugging her back. "Is everything-"

"No!" she groaned. "Everything is not okay! We've got over 300 girls in there begging for ramen, and we're crazy understaffed!"

You hugged her tighter. "Do you want me to help, then?"

She gasped, kissing you. "YES! Please, please, please help us, Anon! You're our only hope!"

"Hey, that's my line!" shouted someone from inside the cafeteria.






"Aaaand... there!" Rena tied the apron around your waist, completing the uniform. "Great! You look adorable!"

"I'd say so," said a young woman behind her, wearing a similar black uniform. You didn't recognize her immediately, but you could tell you'd seen her somewhere. She smiled at you, her green eyes shining with affection.

You smiled back. "Thanks, both of you."

"Alright, let's get to work," the green-eyed girl said. "Anon, I need you at tables 8, 9, and 10. With this many people, we're gonna have to work more like a restaurant than a cafeteria. Wǒmen zǒu ba!"


Quickly springing into action, you took orders and delivered them to their proper tables. You never failed to deliver, no matter how many people came. Fortunately, many of them ordered their ramen to go, but those who stayed were impressed with your speed and memory.

The green-eyed girl was especially impressed, commending you on your hard work. Never slowing down, you continued giving each beautiful woman her meal, often receiving "tips" in the form of kisses... or rupees, on occasion.

The lunch rush continued for well over an hour before Rena finally announced that it was over. Virtually everyone left, save for those still eating.


You, Rena, and the green-eyed girl breathed a heavy sigh of relief. The three of you relaxed in the lobby, slouching on the couch.

"I haven't had a rush like that in a while," the green-eyed girl said, taking off the black bandana holding her hair back. With it gone, you immediately recognized her: the short, blonde hair under an orange toque, bright green eyes, and cute face told you this was The Ramen Bomber, Min Min.

"I know..." Rena groaned. "I've never seen the cafeteria that full. Thank goodness you were there, Anon."

"I'm... glad I could help..." you panted, still exhausted.

Min Min put an arm around you. "You did great," she whispered, kissing your cheek. "Xièxiè, Anon."

You blushed, putting you own arm around her. She giggled, removing her uniform to expose her normal orange attire.

"You know," you said, kissing her cheek back, "I was gonna ask you out tonight."

She gasped. "Really?!"

Rena laughed, her three fox tails wagging behind her. "What are the odds? Min Min, you lucky girl~"

The ramen bomber blushed before pressing her soft, warm lips to yours. She stroked your cheek with her hand while you shared a sweet, slow kiss full of affection. As she rubbed your cheek, you ran your finger through her blonde hair, making her giggle into your lips.

Rena grabbed her heart, feigning a heart attack. "Hnnnnng, too cute, too cute!"

You and Min Min laughed, your hands still on each other's faces as your foreheads pressed together. You noticed that, as you were kissing, an orange mask had appeared on her face, and her arms (or ARMS, as the case may be) were now long spirals.

"Would you like to come to my room?" Min Min asked, beaming at you.

You nodded, kissing her again. She tasted like ramen... unsurprisingly.






"Floor 17, Room 76!" Min Min said, as Rena typed the floor number into the elevator computer.

You sat beside the ARMS fighter on the elevator cushion, her long ARMS coiling around you. Your cheeks were pressed together as you laughed and giggled over silly things.

"You know," you said, looking at her ARMS, "it's weird to see you like this with human hands."

Min Min giggled. "Well, I can't exactly do this-" (she rubbed your crotch) "-with my Dragon ARM, could I?"

You nodded. "N-not safely, anyway," you panted, savoring the feeling just as so many had savored her cooking earlier.

The ramen girl kissed your cheek, squeezing her coiled arms around you tighter. "Isn't this a nice hug? Wrapped around you twice while I rub your kuàbù? ARMS fighters give great hugs, huh?"

You shivered a little in excitement, leaning harder into her while she continued rubbing you. Meanwhile, Rena stood in the corner, watching Min Min touch you while she touched herself, biting her lip all the while.

"I could get used to this..." you whispered, hugging Min Min in return.

Min Min pressed her soft lips along your jawline, kissing down to your neck. "Go ahead," she whispered. "You can."






"You know," Rena said as the doors opened, "this is the second time this week Anon's taken the elevator with the girl he asked for. Heheh, it's funny, ri-"

Rena turned around; you and Min Min were on the elevator floor, making out while her long, spiral ARMS wrapped around you several times, squeezing you into her.

Min Min bit her lip. "Mmmmph..." she moaned, the desire mounting inside her as her tongue played with yours.

Rena giggled, watching the two of you.



"74... 75... Ah! Room 76, at last!" Rena announced, standing before a door marked with a 麺 (men) character, meaning "noodle".

"Here we are, Anon," Min Min said, holding your hand with her ARM coiled around you.

"I'm excited," you told her, earning you a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, I'll leave you two lovebirds to do that thing lovebirds do~" Rena teased, winking as she left. You and Min Min waved to the three-tailed kitsune girl as she returned to the elevator, leaving you alone with Min Min.

Min Min searched her clothes for the hotel room key. Meanwhile, you hugged her from behind; you were surprised by how much shorter she was than you. She giggled, happy to feel your arms around her when her ARMS had been around you for most of the elevator ride. She unlocked the door, allowing you to enter with her.


Her hotel room looked a little like a high-class Chinese restaurant, save for the obvious bed, dresser, and TV at the back of the room. There were many tables and chairs littered about, and right by the entrance was a counter with several seats.

"My friends are going to be so jealous," she giggled, kissing you as you entered. "Twintelle was talking about you all last night, saying she wanted to star in a movie with you."

You laughed. "There's no way; I can't act."

Min Min smirked at you. "I don't think she was talking about the kind of movie where acting's an issue~" she teased, rubbing into you while her ARM coiled around you.

You blushed, looking away. "I-is that so...?"

She laughed, leading you to the counter. "I'm only teasing. Anyway, take a seat! I'll make you some lāmiàn."

"Hm? But... you've been making ramen all day!"

Min Mind winked, already preparing the noodles. "That's different. Making food for a lot of people isn't the same as making it for your boyfriend. Besides," she stretched an arm backwards to stroke your cheek as she continued working, "a true member of ramen royalty never gives up."

You smiled, nuzzling your cheek into her hand before it returned to her body.


Some time later, Min Min set a large bowl before you, full of noodles and broth. A soft-boiled egg, sliced in two, sat on the side, along with a slice of narutomaki. Some mushrooms and green onions were sprinkled on it, and you could even see a few chunks of beef mixed in.

"Chī ba!" Min Min said.

"Thank you!" you replied, beaming at her before gleefully eating her savory ramen. It was hot and spicy, full of incredible flavor. She was definitely ramen royalty; everything about the bowl was perfect. You could tell it was made with love.

"So, how is it?" she asked.

"It's delicious!" you told her, still slurping down your noodles. "It's the best ramen I've ever had!"

Min Min giggled. "I'm glad you love it so much. If you want more, just ask."

You slurped down the broth. "I think this'll be my only bowl. I have more that I wanna eat tonight~" you said, winking.

She blushed. "Anon! That's lewd, you bèndàn!" she exclaimed in faux-disapproval.

You laughed. "Sorry, sorry."

Min Min leaped over the counter, hopping beside you before leaning close to your ear.

"It's okay, I don't mind," she said, whispering sensually.

You shivered a little, feeling her breath against your neck. She giggled, wrapping her ARMS around you in a tight embrace, coiling around you again and again. Eventually, her hands reached your pajama pants, pulling them down to expose your erection.

She positioned herself behind you, pressing her boobs into your back. You sighed happily, pressing backwards into her, causing her to giggle. Min Min's smooth hands started caressing your cock, one under and one over it. You couldn't help but moan lightly at her reach-around handjob, taking in the incredible softness of her palms.

Min Min began whispering in her native language, something sensual and erotic, but it was too low to understand. All that you knew was how amazing it felt under her touch, the feeling of her fingers stroking you, one hand milking your shaft while the other gently played with your balls. You let out a loud sigh as your hips started bucking into her, the desire filling your loins.

She purred into the back of your neck, knowing that you wanted to cum. She started stroking you faster, kissing your neck while rubbing you off. You gasped, throwing your head back in pleasure as her skilled hands jerked you off faster and harder than ever.

"Mmmph, Min Min..!" you moaned, your hips trembling with the desire to burst.

Suddenly, she let you, uncoiling her ARMS from around you.

"Grrrrgh..." you groaned, your cock still throbbing.

Min Min giggled. "Don't worry, I have something even better than my hands..."

She turned you around in your seat, making you face her. She kissed your lips, their overwhelming softness teasing your own, before kissing down your body to your exposed, throbbing erection. The ramen girl licked her lips slowly, eyeing you up and down. Her slick, smooth tongue teased up and down your shaft, circling your head and sucking on your balls.

She giggled, winking at you before pressing your cock to her soft lips, taking you into her. You gasped at how warm it felt in her mouth, how nice her tongue felt as she slowly licked you. Suddenly, though, she began pumping up and down your cock, drooling on it as her tongue rapidly licked your underside. You yelped, moaning at the sensation uncontrollably as she gave you an intense blowjob.

You threw your head back, shocked at the incredible sensation. "Mmmmph, M-Min Min!" you moaned, crying out her name in pure adoration.

She continued sucking, creating loud slurping sounds as she milked you between her lips. Her drool dripped down your balls as she sucked you off intensely, her slurping getting louder and louder as you threw your head back, crying out in wide-eyed ecstasy. Your hips trembled, your legs shook, your breathing got heavy; you knew you couldn't hold back much longer.

"MIN MIN!!!" you exclaimed, bursting your seed in her mouth. Her eyes were wide as she tasted your cum for the first time. However, she did not pull off you; instead, she stayed on, gulping down every drop she could, before finally pulling off with a loud pop. She made eye contact with you, licking her lips slowly and sensually.

"Anon..." she growled lustfully. "That was delicious."

"Oh, uh, really?" you stuttered, the incredible orgasm still shaking you.

She nodded. "Really." She kissed your slowly-softening dick, placing small pecks along your shaft. "I could get addicted to that taste."

You blushed, staring in amazement at how sexy Min Min really was.



Min Min grabbed you with her ARMS before throwing you onto the bed. You hit the green and yellow blanket with a thud, your body still shocked by what happened. She walked to the front of the bed and crawled on, her body straddling yours.

She sat up on your crotch, grinning as she took her top off. Her boobs were bigger than they had seemed in her clothes; they were around the larger end of a C-cup. She winked, bouncing them up and down for you.

You laughed, taking your own shirt off for her, leaving you totally nude. Min Min smiled warmly, laying down on top of you and kissing your chest. She nuzzled her cheek into you, her ear listening to the sound of your heartbeat. She sighed in sweet contentment, cozy as she rested on your nude form.

"You're really cute," you chuckled, stroking her head softly.

She chuckled into your chest. "You're cuter."

The two of you relaxed on the bed, practically dozing off in one another's touch.


You woke up to the feeling of Min Min's lips gliding against yours, her soft kiss tempting you awake. The ramen girl was only wearing a pair of bicycle shorts as she snuggled close to you.

"Sleep well?" you asked, grinning at her.

She beamed at you in return, nodding. "Want some more ramen?"

"Hm, maybe later..." you said, rubbing her pussy through her shorts. "Right now, though, I'm hungry for something else..."

Min Min bit her lip, the excitement obvious on her face. "Someone's hungry for action! Returning the favor, I take it?"

"You deserve it," you said, kissing her lips before pecking down her body to her shorts. You pulled them down slowly, exposing her. Min Min was so wet, strands of her love juice connected her inner thighs to the inside of her shorts.

You licked your lips, eyes wide at the sight of her arousal. You completely pulled her shorts off, exposing both of your nude bodies.

You put your hands together as if praying. "Itadakimasu."

"B-biàntài...!" she bemoaned, grabbing your head and pushing you into her.

You gladly ate her out, licking and sucking her clit fervently. She threw her head back, moaning as she gripped your hair. You only ate her harder, your tongue working her most sensitive spots.

As you teased Min Min's hard clit, you fingered her as well, causing her to shout in pleasure. She grinned as she moaned your name, again and again, drooling from your touch.

"Mmmmmmph, Anon!!" she exclaimed. "Y-you're so...! Ghh- AH!"

She let out one last moan before exploding all over your face, squirting with an intense, body-shaking orgasm. Her legs and thighs trembled, her toes curled, and she gripped the bedsheets as she came.

As she relaxed, she looked down at you with a sweet, approving smile.

"Mmmm," you teased, licking your lips. "Tastes like ramen~"

"NO, IT DOES NOT!" she shouted, squeezing your head between her thighs. "Pervert."

You laughed, and she eventually laughed with you, hugging you while your face was soaked in her juices.



Min Min's ARMS wrapped around you while you rested beside her. As she kissed you passionately, she played with your erection just as she did before, hugging you at the same time. As she played with you, you played with her, thrusting your fingers into Min Min's warmth.

She pulled away from your mouth, licking her lips to savor your taste. She giggled, looking at your twitching erection. "Looks like your noodle's nice and hard. I think it needs to be somewhere wet and warm."

You shivered in desire. "Yeah..."

Min Min lifted one leg as she sat on her side, inviting you into her soaking depths. You lined yourself up, still wrapped in her ARMS as you pushed your rock-hard boner to her hole. She bit her lip, looking you in the eye as you pushed yourself into her, making her moan as you filled her up. Her grip on you only got tighter as you thrusted into her.

Her slick walls rubbed against you, milking you with their bumps and ridges. You couldn't help but let out a moan of your own as you pushed into her. Min Min stroked the back of your head with her hand as her ARMS wrapped around you.

"D-do it..." she panted. "Harder..."

You complied, fucking the ramen goddess before you. You grabbed her lifted leg, holding it while fucking her on your side. She let out tiny gasps of pleasure as her warm body trembled. Her hips shook on your "noodle," milking it with her hot walls. She moaned, her eyes wide as she squirted on you. You kissed her as the orgasm rocked her body, intensifying the pleasure for both of you.

"Cum in me," she whispered, licking the outside of your ear. "Explode in the warm broth you love so much~"

At her seductive words, you couldn't hold back any longer, humping into her harder and faster while you both sat on your side. You exploded into her, blasting her walls with your white seed. Min Min moaned as you filled her up, your cum pouring out the sides. She squeezed you tighter in her arms, kissing you just as passionately as before.

"Anon..." Min Min whispered, the love and adoration obvious in her voice. "Wǒ xǐhuān nǐ."






You sat at the counter again, enjoying another bowl of Min Min's incredible ramen. At the same time, she gave you something just as incredible: her paizuri.

"Are they soft?" Min Min asked as she jerked you off with her soft, creamy breasts.

You nodded, trying not to cum too quickly.

She licked her lips, pumping you faster and faster with her plush bosom, occasionally pelting the tip with soft kisses or tiny licks. Your hips trembled beneath her touch, making your toes curl as your orgasm approached.






Min Min sat on your lap, her exposed pussy dripping on your quivering dick. You hugged her from behind while she played ARMS on her TV, playing as herself against Twintelle.

"Are you really sitting on Anon's lap while playing?!" Ribbon Girl gasped, her voice coming from the nearby phone.

Min Min giggled. "Yep. He's all mine tonight~"

"I'm a little jealous~" Twintelle purred from the same phone.

You grunted, your cock hard as diamonds beneath Min Min's body.

"You gotta tell us everything, Min Min!" Lola Pop exclaimed. "How was he? How big is he? What color's the head? Did he eat you out?"

Twintelle chuckled. "You've gotta calm down, Lola. I'm sure Min Min will tell us everything later..."

Min Min bit her lip. "Oh, I will, don't worry. But first...!"

The in-game Min Min used her ARMS Rush against Twintelle, defeating her.

"Bien joué!" Twintelle said over the phone, gracefully accepting her defeat.





You cuddled with Min Min on the bed, your face in her tits as she coiled her ARMS around you, hugging you several times at once.

"I ate a lot of ramen tonight..." you chuckled. "Wii Fit Trainer's not gonna be happy with me."

"What she won't know won't hurt her," Min Min joked, kissing your forehead.

"I just hope she's not watching the livestream."

"Oh, there's no livestream tonight."

"Hm? I thought they were always livestreamed."

I wish, Min Min thought. "They're only livestreamed when the girl asks for it."

"Oh, so I don't get a say in it?" you groaned.

Min Min giggled. "Is it really that embarrassing? It's a hotel full of women who love you very, very much. Basically, you're giving us- them something to hold them over with until you ask them out."

"So... I'm their porn," you said, blushing bright red.

"Hm, sort of," the ramen girl replied, kissing your forehead. "I suggest not worrying too much about it. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Just let us- them enjoy the streams while you enjoy your girlfriends' love..."

Something about her words made you feel especially cozy, and you drifted off again while smothered in Min Min's soft, pillowy bosom...






"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced, bursting in. "It's mostly just dessert, since I know you had lots of ramen."

You chuckled. "How'd you know?"

The kitsune girl smirked. "Call it a hunch, big boy."

Min Min's arms stretched to Rena's shoulders, grabbing her. The three-tailed fox girl yelped as she was pulled to Min Min, who hugged her.

"Mmmm... Hey, Rena!" Min Min giggled, squeezing the fox girl.

"I hate when you do that," Rena gasped out, before grabbing one of Min Min's boobs and drooling. "Mmm, but I do love your hugs..."

Min Min giggled, hugging her closer as she played with the noodle girl's soft tits. You joined in, sharing a tight three-way hug between a sexy kitsune and a sweet ramen girl...


Rena made you and Min Min a sort of pastry with a thin, flaky crust.

"Oh, a sweetheart cake," Min Min observed, taking a seat with you and Rena.

The kitsune nodded. "Yep! I figured it was fitting~" she grinned, her three tails wagging behind her.

You and Min Min giggled, sharing the dessert. It wasn't as sweet as pastries you'd had before, but sharing it with Min Min made it delicious.






After eating, you continued spending hours with Min Min, talking and kissing over and over. Eventually, though, the time had come for you to wake up.


"You'll come back to see me, right?" Min Min asked, holding both your hands.

You nodded. "Of course! Especially if I can have more of your broth~" you teased.

Min Min smirked. "Fine, so long as you bring the noodle~"

Rena groaned at your dirty talk, making you and Min Min laugh.


After saying your warm goodbyes, Rena took you back to the lobby. Passing through the Hotel's threshold once more, you awoke in your bed, as if the past night was merely a dream. Of course, at this point, you knew there was no way this was a dream...

After all, Min Min gave you her cookbook.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past several months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





Rena waved to you from inside the hotel, as she always did, beaming at you from the reception desk. In front of her was a stack of papers, which she was hard and word signing.

"Hey, Rena," you greeted. "What's up?"

"Good evening, Anon~" Rena grinned. "I'm just working on a room transfer request."

"Room transfer?"

The kitsune nodded. "Guests here aren't limited to just their room. They can ask to change rooms if their guests are too noisy."

"I thought every room was a pocket dimension."

"Oh, they are," She assured, "but for some girls, it isn't enough. They can get very loud sometimes. Now, let's see..." Rena scanned the paper, looking it up and down. "Everything seems to be in order..."

She grabbed a red stamp and marked the paper "APPROVED!"

"And there we go!" Rena said. "So, remember when you went out with Alice Margatroid?"

You got a little hard from the memory. "Totally," you grinned.

The three-tailed fox girl smirked at you. "Well, apparently, you got her so horny, she's been loudly masturbating every day since. Marisa was next door, and she got so sick of hearing her that she asked to go to another room."

"Loudly masturbating?" You got even harder hearing that.

Rena giggled. "Interested in seeing her again?"

"Totally," you said, "but first, I wanted to see another Touhou character."

"And who might that be?"

"Yukari Yakumo."

"Hmmm...." Rena quickly typed at her computer. "Oh! Now that's a surprise..."

"What's up?"

The kitsune girl squinted at the computer. "If I'm reading this right, Yukari... is on Floor 0."

"...Ah! The boundary between the top floors and bottom floors. Makes sense."

"What about that makes sense to you!?" Rena exclaimed.






You typed the enigmatic floor number into the elevator's computer. Rena nervously shuffled in the corner, completely unsure of what would happen.

"Never been to Floor 0?" you asked.

"Nope," she replied, biting her thumb. "I've been to Floor 10,000. I've been to the Top Floor. Hell, I've been to Floor 9 and three quarters more than once; Hermione's insatiable, lemme tell you. But floor zero? Not once."

"Huh," you said. "I wonder what it'll be like."

As the elevator began to move, it shifted in weird ways. It was definitely going down, but it felt like it was going down at an angle. You weren't sure at what angle, though; it felt like it was going left and right at the same time. Or maybe it was forward and backward? Maybe it was spinning, turning around as it descended.

It shouldn't have been a long descent. After all, you were on the ground floor, Floor 1; floor 0 should've been a snap to get to, but the descent was taking quite a while. Eventually, though, the doors flew open.

"...What, no 'DING DONG'?" Rena asked, irritated.


D̨̛ͣ̌ͧ҉̰̥̣͉I̷͚̦͍̎̓ͨ͠Ñ̸͇̻̒̂ͫͩ͊ͫͦ͝Ğ̛͉̱͇̲̰̫̩̗̻ͨ͗̎̿͊̄̍ ͂̓͊ͭ͂͂̏̇҉̝̪D̵̘͈̠̯̒ͨ̒͘O͂͏͚̪͖͕̦͈͍͖N̴̪͔͙͒̏̋̄ͮG̷͙͎͍̒͒ͬ̓ͥ͂̿ͨ̚


"Yeah, I regret asking that."




The hallways of the top floors looked like normal hotel hallways. The hallways of the basement floors were dimly lit and made of rusty metal. This floor, Floor 0, looked like both at once. Ordinary walls and a steel floor would, with the blink of an eye, become steel walls and a carpeted floor. Once in a while, it would be neither, instead becoming a dimension of undulating red and black.

"What the actual-" Rena said, walking through the weird hallway.

"Now, see, this? This feels like a dream," you said, marveling at the strangeness of it all.

Eventually, you made it to her room: Floor 0, Room 7. The door looked normal, save for the large "八雲紫" (Yakumo Yukari) carved into the side.

"Well, uh, here we are," Rena said, eager to bolt for the exit.

"Are you sure you don't wanna stay~?" Yukari asked.

"Yes, I'm su- AH!"

A gash in space appeared next to Rena. This "gap" was full of eyes, with two red ribbons tied to each end.

"You're free to open the door, Anon," the gap youkai assured. "And you too, if you like, Rena-chan."

"S-sorry, I-I have to go, Yakumo-sama," Rena said.

H-huh? 'Sama'? Rena thought, not used to using honorifics in the Hotel.

"Aw, I understand..." Yukari sighed, disappointed. "Well, no matter. Anon, will you come in?"

"Yeah, totally," you said, scared but still excited. "See you, Ren-"

Rena was already gone.



"FUCK THIS SHIT I'M OUT," Rena sang, furiously typing Floor 1 into the hotel computer. "FUCK THIS SHIT I'M OUT!"

As the elevator ascended - though at what angle, she didn't know - she breathed a sigh of relief.

"I just hope Anon will be fine..." she thought. "Fuuuck, I'm hungry."

A Gap opened up beside her, where a pair of hands offered her a plate of inarizushi.

"Mm, my favorite," Rena said, taking the plate...

...before screaming.




You passed through the door, entering Yukari's room. She was laying on a perfectly normal bed, in a perfectly normal room, wearing a purple dress and a pale pink mob cap with a thin ribbon over her long, blonde hair. She smiled at you, her golden eyes glistening with love as she invited you in with one finger.

You gladly entered, grinning at her as she enticed you. You turned around to close the door, but it was already closed. More importantly, it was further away than you recalled walking. Turning back to face Yukari, you found yourself sitting next to her on the bed.

"How have you been, dear Anon?" she asked sweetly, putting an arm around your back.

"Oh, uh, fine," you stuttered, a little afraid of the beautiful woman beside you.

She giggled. "Nervous? There's no need to be. I'd never hurt you~"

The gap youkai by your side pressed her soft lips to your cheek. You blushed, smiling before returning her hug and kiss. A naughty smile crossed her lips before cupping your chin, pressing her mouth to yours. Her tongue and yours danced together sensually as you closed your eyes, taking in the tingling sensation.

So sweet... she said telepathically, whispering into your heart. I could get used to kissing you, Anon~

You embraced her tighter, savoring her kiss and her cozy body. Her soft, full breasts pressed against your chest as her hands stroked the back of your head, running her fingers through your hair. You could tell that she wanted this, that she wanted you.

Eventually, she broke the kiss, a line of saliva connecting both your tongues. Her sweet, kind face smiled for you, taking your hands in hers.

"I'm so glad you chose me, Anon," Yukari whispered to you, blushing. "I've wanted to be with you for a very... very long time." Her hands continued stroking your hair adoringly. "I want to be yours... and I want you to be mine."

You nodded, grinning. "I'll be all yours, then."

She smirked playfully, grabbing your head and pulling you to her lips yet again.

Good boy, she whispered telepathically once again, arousing you. Very good boy... I love you so, so much, my precious Anon...

She grabbed your whole body, giggling as she pulled you to the bed. You laughed with her as she cuddled with you, the softness of her purple dress almost enveloping you in its smooth texture. You snuggled with Yukari for what felt like hours, relaxing in her gentle touch while you laughed and nuzzled against her, sharing a kiss every so often and giggling almost immediately after, as if you had known each other for years.



I'm going to love being your girlfriend, Anon. I can tell already...



You felt yourself dozing off in her arms, yawning as you nuzzled your chin into her neck. She laughed, running her evening glove-clad fingers down your chest, to your stomach, then to your crotch. You watched as she teased you with her fingertips, giggling as your hips reacted to her touch. You turned to face her, your eyes meeting hers as you gently kissed her.

As your lips touched, her hand began stroking your exposed erection up and down. You could tell your pants were gone, but you didn't care about that; all you cared about was the feeling of her silky glove slowly pumping you up and down.

"Y-Yukari..." you whispered, the sensation too sweet to describe.

She smiled at you. "How does it feel? I want my beloved Anon to be the happiest he can be."

"I-it's great..." You moaned a little under her touch.

The youkai of boundaries giggled at your pleasure. "You know, Anon, if you lived with me, I could shower you in affection just like this... every single day."

You panted, blushing at her words and at the sweet feeling of her touch. She continued pumping your erection with one hand, holding you close to her side with the other as you laid on her bed.

"That... sounds really nice..." you whispered, grunting with desire as she jerked you off.

"And if any nasty youkai tried hurting you... well, they would not succeed." She pressed her soft, tender lips to your cheek. "You would be safe by my side forever. Even if death were to take you from me... I would take you back."

The fierceness in her sweet words melted your heart, and the powerful pumping of her smooth, bare hand - Where did the gloves go? you thought - melted your mind with pleasure, forcing you to hump up in time with her hand.

"The boundary of life and death is mine to control," she whispered softly, teasing your earlobe with the tip of her tongue. "You need not fear anything by my side... my beloved."

The kindness and ferocity of her words made you feel comforted and relaxed, but the intense handjob her gentle, tender hands provided made you want to orgasm over and over. Truly, this was the youkai of boundaries, manipulating the border between kindness and wrath, the border between calm and excitement, and the border between softness and intensity, all at the same time.

It all felt too good to describe, and your body knew it.

Your hips and legs shook as a powerful, toe-curling orgasm rocketed through your body, shooting out of your erect, throbbing member...

...and into a Gap.

Your seed shot into the gash in space, teleported to somewhere unknown. Yukari giggled, hugging and kissing you as you continued cuddling with her, slowly recovering from your orgasm.

"I hope Ran likes my present~" she giggled, embracing you tight.




Yukari stood up as you sat on the bed in front of her. She smiled warmly, stepping towards you and pressing her soft bosom to your face. You hugged her, nuzzling your face into her warm breasts. She laughed, holding your face there in her arms, stroking the back of your head lovingly.

"Does my Anon like this?" she cooed, caressing you head with all her affection.

You mumbled your approval into the gap youkai's softness.

She giggled, before pulling your face away from her now-bare breasts, completely exposed to you. Her dress was gone, vanished when you weren't looking, revealing her beautifully smooth D-cup breasts.

"You're allowed to play with them," she insisted, bouncing them with her own hands.

You licked your lips unconsciously, reaching out to touch them. They felt firm yet soft, squishing in your fingers but not too much; yet another example of her boundary powers. You throbbed at the sight of them, fully erect at her exposed body, and feeling them only made you harder. You rubbed them all around, occasionally squeezing her nipples. Sometimes you licked them, making them hard in your touch.

She grabbed the back of your head, gently yet firmly pressing your lips to her nipples. You happily sucked on them just as she desired. Yukari threw her head back, grinning madly as your tongue teased her pink nipple.

She giggled, looking down at you in pure adoration, stroking your head softly. "You're very cute, my beloved Anon..."

After several minutes of sucking on her breasts, alternating between them every minute or so, she rubbed them down your face to your crotch, pressing them against your twitching boner. They felt so soft on your hard erection...

Yukari licked her lips, locking eyes with you. "Anon... do you want my paizuri?"

You nodded, unable to speak.

She chuckled, placing you between her big, soft boobs and slowly squeezing you against them. Their softness surrounded you, absorbing you in their massive size. She gently rubbed them up and down your shaft, refusing to break eye contact.

"This is... amazing..." you moaned.

Yukari gave you a naughty smile, savoring your pleasured expressions. "I can make it feel even better."

She held her hand out, summoning a Gap above it. Out of the Gap came a bottle of lubricant, which she gladly poured into her cleavage. You felt the cool substance surround your erection, making her breasts slick.

You moaned loudly, throwing your head back as Yukari pressed her breasts together hard, rubbing her lubricated breasts up and down faster than ever. The loud, squishing sound they made caused you to squirt precum into her cleavage, making her giggle.

"That's it..." she whispered. "Cross the threshold... release your warm seed into my breasts..."

You grunted, unable to resist as her words and touch melted your mind. Her slick paizuri, her creamy breasts, her sexy voice... everything conspired against your ability to hold back. You humped up into her uncontrollably, following the same rhythm as her.

You moaned in deep, intense, mind-melting pleasure as you blasted your cum between her tits. Your body shook with desire. She whispered words of encouragement as you came between her massive, soft boobs.

"Good boy, my Anon. Good boy."



After giving you the softest paizuri ever (and cleaning her breasts up), she lead you to her desk, where she began to teach you the art of Onmyōdō.

"Now, to review, what are the five phases of Wu Xing?"

"Fire, Earth, Metal... Water, and Wood," you replied.

"Very good!" Yukari cooed, kissing your forehead. "And how do they influence each other?"

"By... mutual generation and mutual overcoming."

"Correct!" She kissed your nose. "You'll be an Onmyōji before you know it," she said, winking.

You blushed. "Does that mean I can have a Shikigami, like Ran or Chen?"

Yukari giggled softly, taking your hands. "Someday, I'm sure. Maybe yours will be even better~" She stroked your hands with hers before interlocking your fingers. "Now, answer this next question and we'll take a break, okay?"

You nodded. "Sure."

She leaned in close, pressing her forehead to yours. "Who do I love very, very, very, very, very much?"


You answered correctly.


Moments later, the youkai of the gap was laying on her bed, legs spread wide for you.

"Look, Anon..." she smiled, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers. "This... is my most precious gap. Call it the 'boundary between humans and youkai.' No man has ever crossed this boundary before... until today."

Your body shivered as you approached her. An overwhelming sense of desire took you, for her love and for her gorgeous body. Your cock throbbed for the woman in front of you, whose legs were spread only for you.

"Yukari..." you whispered. "I... I love you."

She blushed, smiling wide. "I feel the same, Anon. Please... claim this boundary for your own."

You grabbed her pale, creamy hips and rubbed her entrance with the tip of your rock-solid boner, teasing her. She gave you a soft smile, her eyes half-lidded and glistening with desire. You pushed yourself into her, moaning at the warmth surrounding you.

Her walls wrapped around you, almost pulling you in as you thrusted into her. She bit her lip, grabbing the bedsheets behind her.

"Mmmmm~" she moaned. "Is this your first youkai vagina, Anon?" she asked.

You nodded.

"You'll ruin yourself for marriage with me," she teased, her body shaking with each thrust. "Or perhaps that's what you want? To be married to the infamous Gap Youkai, and live a long and happy life together~"

Your heart melted at her words, and your cock throbbed inside her. You pounded her harder, your body filled with desire. Desire for her. Desire to make love to her. Desire to fuck her senseless. Desire to make her happy. Desire to make her cum. Desire to marry her. Desire to fill her youkai womb with half-human babies.

She giggled, her soft smile not changing no matter how hard, how furiously you plunged into her. Her legs wrapped around your waist, holding you close as you pounded her with every ounce of your being.

"Enjoying yourself?" she whispered low, a naughty look in her eyes. "I know I am. Right now, you're feeling the effects of my power: manipulating the border of love and lust."

You panted, your face blushing a bright red as you gripped the youkai's legs, fucking her on the bed. You want to make her smile. You want to make her scream. You want to make her happy. You want to make her horny. You want her.

Yukari licked her lips slowly, thrusting her hips upward into you. "Right now, your mind is full of lovey-dovey, romantic thoughts and hot, sweaty, horny thoughts, all jumbled together." She chuckled, crossing her arms behind her head. "No... it's more like they're the same thoughts. Love and lust are now one in your mind... just as they are in mine."

You grunted, leaning forward as you felt a surge of passion burst through your body. You want to blow your load in the woman of your dreams. You want to make sweet love to this perverted youkai slut. You want to fuck a baby into her and raise a family together.

All your desires, all your passion, mixed together as your hot, sweaty bodies collided together.

"I love you, Anon," she moaned, smiling sweetly.

You burst inside her, blasting her insides with your hot seed. The powerful, intense orgasm was undoubtably a result of her power. Your balls emptied inside the arousing, sensual gap youkai, and you fell on top of her, your face resting between her huge, soft, bouncing breasts.

"I..." you panted, trying to catch your breath, "I love you too... Yukari."

She beamed at you, stroking your head as your nude bodies snuggled close together. "Now, let's rest for a little while. We can go back to studying together later. Right now, I... I need to nap."

And so, you rested in bed with Yukari for a long while, napping in her soft, smooth arms...






Yukari straddled your cock as you sat up, hugging her tight. She sat down on you, forcing you into her warm depths. Despite being perfectly still while sitting on your cock, you could feel her moving on you.

"Gnnnngh," you grunted, the pleasure almost too much to handle. "W-what's...?"

"Manipulating the border between motion and stillness is easy," she explained. "While I sit on you, perfectly still, you feel as though I'm moving."

She was right; it felt like she was riding you at full force, her pussy grinding over you again and again. Instead, though, she was just embracing you as you sat in her chair.

"Feel free to cum as many times as you desire," she whispered, teasing your ear with her tongue one again.

You complied happily, giving in to her charming domination...




Yukari opened a Gap on the wall in front of you, insisting that you push your cock into it.

"Now," she said, a naughty grin crossing her pretty face, "tell me what you feel."

"Um... I don't really- ah~!" you moaned. "I feel a... a mouth... she's licking me a lot- ohhhh....!"

The youkai giggled, stroking your back. "That's Ran's mouth. I know you're fond of kitsune girls, so please... let my shikigami have as much as she likes."

"S-sure, I'd love t- oh!" you gasped. "Th-there's a second mouth... she's kissing me a lot...!"

"Oh my," she chuckled, kissing your neck while the two unseen girls teased your shaft. "Seems that Chen's with her right now, as well. How wonderful~"

You tried to resist cumming too soon for the two shikigami women, but your fortitude could only last so long...








While reading with Yukari, you heard a small, timid tap on the door.

"Hm? Come in," Yukari invited.

The door opened slightly. "Um, r-room service," she stuttered. "Oh, hey, this room's normal."

The gap youkai giggled. "I thought you were Ran at first."

"And I thought you were gonna kill me," Rena snapped back.

"She's not scary," you assured her. "You should get to know each other."

"I'd like that," Yukari replied, smiling at Rena. "Anon tells me you're very sweet."

The kitsune girl sighed. "Alright. Sorry, Yukari. And, uh, thanks for the inarizushi."

The youkai giggled at Rena's embarrassment.


You left to the bathroom, leaving Yukari and Rena alone.

"So, uh, thanks again for the inarizushi," Rena said, setting out plates for you and Yukari.

"It was my pleasure," the gap youkai replied. "I heard it was your favorite."

Rena gave her a small smile. "So... I have to ask you something."

"Hm? What might that be?"

The kitsune pulled out her cellphone, showing it to Yukari. "This is the hotel's database. Everyone who lives in the hotel has an entry here."

Yukari nodded, still smiling. "I see. What might be the problem, then?"

"Well, according to the database, you first came to the hotel... today. Specifically, one minute before Anon went to sleep. It's strange."

"What is strange?" Yukari asked, taking a sip of the tea Rena prepared. "The hour of my arrival? Or..."

"The fact that I've never met you before." Rena looked her in the eyes. "Now, a lot of people came to this hotel before I did, but ever since I became the receptionist, I've met everyone who checked in to the Hotel Fantasia. Everyone... but you."

"Well, that's not too hard to explain," Yukari said calmly, taking another sip of tea. "I simply - this is wonderful tea, by the way - I simply came here myself. No need for that goddess to invite me."

"You came here... uninvited?" Rena put her hand to her chin, pondering what the youkai had said. "So... you weren't invited by her... then, how did you find out about her? About the Hotel? About Anon, actually?"

Yukari giggled. "There's a lot I should explain... but I could certainly do that another time. In the meantime, though, we should enjoy the meal you prepared. You're certainly a wonderful cook, Rena."

The kitsune blushed, annoyed at her non-answer but happy that she didn't seem dangerous.

"So, although I was never invited, even though I stand on the boundary between safe and dangerous, will you accept me?"

Rena thought for a moment before nodding. "Yeah... I think I will."

The two girls smiled at one another, coming to a mutual understanding... as friends.





After a long while (and lighting a candle), you finally left the bathroom. "Alright, I'm back- woah."

"Oh h-hey, Anon- ah~!" Rena moaned as Yukari's long tongue pushed deep into her wet pussy. "Y-Yukari- mmmmph, Yukari and I are j-just getting to know each oth-AH!"

The youkai giggled. "Squirting so early, Rena? And here I thought Anon was a quick shot~"

"Rude," you snapped, already beating your meat to them.



After your dinner - and a long, long love session between Yukari and Rena - you spent several more hours with the gap youkai. Before you knew it, though, it was finally time for you to wake up. You gave your heartfelt goodbyes to Yukari, kissing her again and again, promising to see her again.

She gave you a naughty smirk. "Oh, I know you will," she purred before giving you yet another French kiss.


Afterwards, you returned to the lobby with Rena, giving her a heartfelt goodbye of her own. Passing through the Hotel Fantasia entrance, you found yourself in your usual bed, in your usual room, in your usual home. The dream of the Hotel vanished, leaving you in your otherwise ordinary home.





"But of course, can we truly leave it off there?"

You gasped, turning around in your bed. It was her. She was in your bed.

"The boundary between dreams and reality... is an easy border to cross, wouldn't you agree? Now then, Anon, why don't you call your office and tell them you can't come today? After all, you need some time off to... relax."

She stroked your cheek while you stared at her, dumbfounded. This was real. She was here.

"So then, my beloved Anon... where shall we go for our first date? Oh, and don't worry about money; any price is enough for my beloved Anon's happiness~"

Chapter Text

Every night for the past several months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





As you drifted off to sleep, the inside of your dark room slowly transitioned to the outside of the Hotel Fantasy. The pitch-black darkness of the void was illuminated only by the mysterious building, a place where you could-


You jumped; someone shouted as soon as you arrived.

"Oh! Don't scare me like that when I'm carryin' cargo!"

You looked to your right, seeing the woman you accidently scared with your arrival. She looked like an anime cat girl, with orange and black hair, big blue eyes, cat ears and a tail to match. More interestingly, though, she was wearing a red trucker's hat, and a red uniform that read "OLLO VAE DELIVERY SERVICE" in bold white letters. In her arms was an animal carrying case, containing three very pudgy bunnies.

"Sorry!" you said, not wanting to scare her.

"Aw, it's fine- hey! You're Anon, aren't you?" she grinned.

You nodded. "Yeah, that's me."

She giggled, almost hugging the carrying case she was holding. "You're even cuter in real life than in those dreams. Oh! Hey, I'll feel bad about this later, but d'you mind helping me with these bunnies?"

"Sure, I don't mind," you replied.

"Great!" the cat girl exclaimed. "I knew I could count on you~!"


You helped the cat girl trucker carry several bunny cages out of the truck, stacking them safely in the Lobby. Oddly, Rena didn't seem to be in there, at least not at this time. After several minutes of bunny-carrying, your mission was complete.

"Thanks a bajillion, man," she said, slapping your back. "You're a real top-tier guy, y'know that? They didn't give me any partners for this today, so I had to do this all by myself."

"Glad I could help," you replied. "So, what's your name?"

"Hm? Oh, I'm Miyu Hakobu." She put her hands on her hips proudly. "You might know me from the legendary Skill★Strikers franchise~"

"Skill... Strikers?"

She raised an eyebrow. "C'mon, y'know, Skill★Strikers! Don't tell me you've never heard of it. Skill★Strikers? Skill★Strikers Episode 2? Skill★Strikers X Unlimited? Skill★Strikers Final Clash re:LOAD? Super Skill★Strikers re:SET IV AWA.KEN+? I was playable in that one. Ah, you should've seen my Level 3 Super, now that was an attack. Still not ringing any bells?"

"I, uh, don't think your game exists in my world."

Awkward silence.

"Huh," Miyu said. "I... I see."

You put an arm around the dejected cat girl, comforting her. "Maybe you could... show me your game sometime? Sounds fun."

She immediately brightened up, gasping in joy. "You mean it? You really, really mean it?"

You nodded, kissing her cheek. "Totally," you said.

The catgirl trucker hopped in place, squealing. "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, ANON!" she exclaimed, slamming her soft, warm lips onto yours. "Mmmmmm~!!!"

"Ahem," Rena said, watching them.

Miyu's eyes went wide, before immediately backing off from you and grabbing the clipboard she absolutely had near her a moment ago. "Ahem, th-that's, uh, all 50 rabbits, by the way. Sign here."

The three-tailed kitsune smirked at the delivery girl, signing her name on the paper.

"Th-uh, thanks," Miyu said sheepishly, blushing a bright red. "I'll, uh... I'll be going, then."

Miyu left the Hotel lobby, returning to her truck and driving off.

"Oh, Hakobu," Rena chuckled.

"Friend of yours?"

"An acquaintance," she replied. "Whenever girls here order stuff, or grab a whole bunch of stuff from their home, she's almost always the delivery girl they send. She's a sweet girl, but she can be very... quirky sometimes."

"I got that impression," you said, smiling. "Anyway, who are all these bunnies going to?"

"Let's see..." Rena said, checking the request order. "Shipment of 50 rabbits from Cutopia to Hotel Fantasia, made by... Ah, her name's Beebee!"

"Beebee? Why does that name sound familiar?"

"Well, let's see..." The kitsune receptionist typed on the computer for a moment. "Beebee... 'Original Franchise: MySims'."

"MySims?!" you exclaimed. "Right! THAT'S where I remembered her from! It's been years since I've played those games!"

"Oh? I take it you're a fan?"

"Hell yeah, I'm a fan!" you cheered. "Actually, tell ya what: I'm gonna ask Beebee out tonight!"

"Oho, really?" Rena smirked. "In that case, mind helping me get all fifty of these bunnies to her?"

"...A small price to pay for bunny girl."




"And that's the last of them!" you said, setting the last bunny cage in the elevator. "Just curious, but what's the weight capacity on this elevator?"

"Ninety-nine thousand, two hundred pounds or so," Rena replied. "That's around forty-five thousand in kilograms, by the way."

"Ah, I see." You relaxed on the elevator's long cushioned seat, sitting between a pair of bunny cages. "These are adorable."

Rena smiled, sitting on the floor in front of you, between your legs. "You're adorable~" she purred, winking with her fox-tails wagging behind her.

You trembled as she pushed one hand up your pants leg, grabbing your slowly-hardening member and stroking it slowly.

"Haaah... R-Rena..." you moaned, trying not to cum.

"Don't worry, I won't make you pop," she insisted. "I just wanna have some fun before you see Beebee. You don't mind, do you?"

You shook your head, letting the seductive kitsune have her way with you.





"Floor 7, here we are!" she exclaimed, grabbing rabbit cages and pulling them out.

You followed suit, helping her move the rabbits into the hallway... with a raging erection.


"It's Floor 7, Room 59," Rena said, looking around for Beebee's room. "57... 58... ah, here we are!"

The door to Room 59 was painted hot pink and covered in bunny stickers.

"...You sure?" you smirked.

Rena chuckled before knocking on the door. Moments later, Beebee opened it. She was shorter than you, but only by a little, with a slender tan body and poofy pink hair. Her teal eyes glistened as they met yours, and below them was a cute, freckled face.

"Hey, Beebee," Rena greeted. "We got all your bunnies right h-"


"Um... what?"

"Y-you didn't tell me Anon was going to be here!" Beebee exclaimed from the other side.

"I... didn't?" Rena muttered. "Oh crap, I didn't."

"I-I'm not at all decent! I'm in my pajamas, I'm not wearing any makeup... oh Watcher, have I shaved my legs in the past 30 minutes?! I don't think I have!!"

"...Huh." You looked at Rena, then back at the pink door in front of you. "So that's why you message them first."

The kitsune slammed her forehead into the wall. "I'm an idiot...!" she bemoaned.

"And where the woohoo are my bunny ears???"


A few minutes later, the door opened, where Beebee was standing seductively in the doorway, one hand on the doorframe and the other on her hip.

"Welcome, Anon~" she greeted, as if her freakout never happened.

She was now wearing a pair of floppy rabbit ears in her long, curly pink hair, and a pink dress skirt with go-go boots. Her lips, curled into a cute smile, were painted a bright pink, as were her nails.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," she continued, giving a faux-regal voice. "I am Princess Beebee the Kind and Wise, ruler of the bunny people!"

Rena smirked, giving a sideways glance at you. "Well, your majesty, we've got the bunnies you requested. Shall we bring them into your castle?"

"Bunny people don't live in castles," Beebee insisted. "In the land of the bunny people, you see, all houses are carved from very large carrots!"

"Good grief, she's neurotic," Rena whispered to you, making you chuckle.


You delivered the fifty bunnies to Beebee's pink, sparkly room, which was fortunately big enough to house all of them. While the main room looked more like a pink hotel room, there were hallways to rooms meant specifically for her rabbits, with large exercise wheels and plenty of hay.

"Nice place," you said, looking around. "Looks like a whole house in here."

Beebee giggled. "Naturally! The walls here are made out of lovingly-painted carrot, just like my home in the land of the bunny people!"

"Anon," Rena whispered, letting three bunnies out from their cage. "Are you aware of the ancient Japanese proverb that says, uh, 'don't fucking stick it in crazy'?"

"She's not crazy," you whispered back. "She's, ah, quirky?"

Suddenly, you were tackled from behind by a very giggly Beebee. Her boobs felt really soft against your back...

"Thank you ever so much for bringing my bunnies to me, Nonny!" she giggled.

"'Nonny'?" you repeated.

"Yeah, 'nani' is right," Rena said, raising an eyebrow and forgetting that 'Anon' isn't really your name, just a substitute for it like Y/N or [Reader], meaning this joke makes no sense in-universe.


"Well, that's all fifty bunnies delivered," the kitsune girl said, reading the clipboard that she definitely always had with her. "Now, you are aware of the hotel's policy on pets, right?"

"No problem, Renny!" Beebee replied, hopping up and down. "I'll keep them all in here! I've got plenty of food and water for them, so there's no way for them to get out!"

"Good to hear. Now, one last thing," Rena continued, "are you okay with Anon being here tonight-"

"Yes!" the bunny-loving girl cheered. "Yes! I wanna snuggle up with Nonny so, so, so, so, so bad!"

Rena giggled. Big mood, she thought, smirking at you. "Well, then, I hope you two have a great night together."

"I'm certain we shall," Beebee replied, in her faux-regal voice once again. "As princess of the bunny people, I vow to provide Anon with only the finest of evenings... and carrots."

The kitsune girl chuckled awkwardly. "I'll leave you to it, then. Take care!"

And thus, Rena left, leaving you alone with Beebee.



Beebee nuzzled her cheek into your chest as she hugged you, cuddling with you while you sat on the bed.

"Oh, Anon...!" she purred, her face pressed against you. "I'm ever so glad you came~"

"I am, too," you replied, hugging her tight. "You're seriously the cutest."

"I am?" she gasped. "Ohh, you're so sweet!!" Before you knew it, her soft pink lips pressed against yours. You felt her moan a little into the kiss, and you couldn't resist squeezing her tighter in your arms.

"Beebee..." you whispered as you broke the kiss. "That was... nice."

She giggled. "I felt the same way," she whispered in return.

Just as she said that, a bunny came up and hopped on the bed beside you, nuzzling into your side just as Beebee had. You stroked the bunny's head gently, making it happy.

"That's adorable!" Beebee squealed in delight. "My sweet Anon, it appears my bunnies adore you just as much as I~"

You chuckled at her princess voice before kissing her again.

"What's this bunny's name?" you asked.

"This is Flumparella XIII, a direct descendant of Flumperella I, the prize-winning bunny of Queen Bebe, my grandmother. Oh, and over there is Carotina, and beside her is Lili the Brave. They're both very sweet bunnies. Oh, and beside the door is Bunnessa, and she's playing with..."


"...and that's Pawdia, Duchess Hoppelchen, and lastly, Fluffarina Rosabelle of the Capital. Right?"

Beebee cheered. "You did it! You remembered all of them!!!" She glomped you hard, pushing you to the bed. "Oh, Anon! I've never had a boyfriend who remembered the names of all fifty of my bunnies!"

You smiled, stroking her long, curly hair as she embraced you. "It's not that hard. Maybe they just weren't trying hard enough."

She smiled at you. "Maybe you just love bunnies more."

You pressed your lips to hers. "Maybe I just love you more."

Beebee gasped, blushing a bright red. "A-Anon..."

You stroked her head more, pulling her close to you. "I love you, Beebee."

Beebee closed her eyes, grinning as you held her close. "I love you too, Anon..."

The two of you rested on the bed together, cuddling at the minutes went by.



Beebee took your hand, pressing it to her chest.

"W-woah..." you whispered, amazed by the size and softness, even through her dress. They had to be about a C-cup, maybe even a little bigger, in stark contrast to her game version.

She giggled. "Is it nice? My big, soft, bunny boob?"

"Y-yeah..." You stroked her breast through her dress, softly caressing her as her hand guided yours. She definitely wasn't wearing a bra, since you could feel her nipple hardening. "They're huge..."

"And they're all Anon's!" She said, sitting up and straddling your stomach. She grabbed your other hand, pressing both to her chest. "You're the only one worthy of these big bunny boobies!"

You laughed, squeezing them as she sat on your belly. "I love your bunny boobies, Beebee!"

Beebee laughed too, guiding your hands around her well-endowed bosom. "I love feeling your strong, manly hands on them!"

You blushed at her sweet compliments, continuing to rub her where she guided. "Can I see them?"

"H-huh?" she gasped, looking around. "N-not with my subjects watching~"

You looked where she did, seeing a few rabbits nearby. While many had left to her other rooms, there were still several close by, even on the bed.

"Oh, I see," you said understandingly. "Then we can save that for later."

Beebee bit her lip, obviously still wanting it. "Y-yes, we certainly shall... later..."

You sat up, kissing the bunny-loving woman on your stomach. She gleefully returned your affection, showering you in her sweet kisses and warm hugs.


"Actually, Anon, I have an idea," Beebee said, pressing her forehead to yours.

"Oh, really?" you asked, savoring the intimacy.

She giggled, taking you by the hand to the bathroom. She slammed the door shut, quickly flicking on the lights. She was blushing heavily, looking at you with a cute smile and eyes full of desire.

"A-Anon..." she whispered low, pressing herself close to you, with her hands on your shoulders. "Do you... want to see my boobies?"

You nodded. "Yeah, I'd love to."

She breathed heavily. "O-okay, here we go..." She undid the belt around her waist before pulling her dress down to the floor, completely exposing her body. "I didn't bother with underwear today, since you were here. H-how do I look?"

"You look amazing," you said, looking over the tan lines around her bare breasts and clean-shaven vagina.

She blushed, her freckled face becoming even redder than before. "I-I never did this with Preston before, or anyone else either... so I'm a little nervous. Can... can you take off your clothes, too?"

You nodded. "Sure," you said, slowly removing your shirt. She gasped, her eyes fixated on your body.

"Y-you're... so handsome..." she whispered.

You chuckled, blushing. "Thanks," you said, slowly taking your pajama pants off as well. "So, what do you think?"

Her hands were over her mouth, and her once tanned face turned the brightest red you've seen. "A-Anon's p-p-p... penis..."

You smiled. "Is it too big?" you joked.

"I-It's... beautiful." She stepped forward, gently rubbing it with one hand while making eye contact with you. "Anon... you're perfect."

You chuckled again before kissing her cheek. "Why so shy? Never expected you to be like this."

"A-as princess of the bunny people, it's my job to remain pure and chaste, as an example for them..."

They're rabbits, you thought. They're, like, the least chaste animal of them all.

"B-but..." she kissed you in return, her soft pink lips leaving a mark on your cheek. "I really... want you to be my king."

Something about her words made you feel warm and sweet. Your penis twitched in her hands as she spoke, longing for more of her.

"A-Anon, I..." she gasped out. "I love you... I love you ever so much..."

"I love you too, Beebee," you replied, hugging her tight, your nude bodies pressed tightly together. "I'm going to love being your boyfriend."

She squealed in delight, nuzzling her cute face into your chest. You were really going to love it, you could tell.


You ran your fingers on Beebee soft, squishy, pale breasts, listening to her delighted giggles as you did. She beamed at you as you gently, softly massaged them, rubbing small circles along her bosom as you circled her large chest.

"Does her majesty enjoy this?" you asked, smiling up at her.

"Yes," she giggled, "she enjoys this greatly. By all means, beloved Anon, continue~"

"Anything for the princess..." you grinned, continuing to massage her massive mammaries.

"You know, my sweet," Beebee giggled, "you can kiss them, too, or suck on them. They're all yours..."

"All mine?" you asked, before pressing your lips to her breasts, kissing them both.

She giggled. "Yes, all yours. Please, do whatever you want with me. I trust you."

You smiled, gladly kissing them as you massaged. She made many cute sounds as you did, rubbing and smooching her soft C-cup boobs. She grinned as you played with her breasts, kissing and sucking them.


Beebee wrapped herself in a towel, leaving the bathroom in order to shoo her "subjects" out of the main bedroom. After a few minutes, she came back inside, dropping the towel to the floor in front of you as she invited you back with one finger.

Before you knew it, you were on the bed again, Beebee's gorgeously tan body on top of you as she kissed you madly. You returned each kiss, giggling with her as you pressed your lips to her cheeks, jawline, neck, shoulders, breasts, stomach, thighs...

And finally, her most precious place.

"A-Anon..." she whispered, biting her lip in excitement. "Sh-shall you eat my v-v-v..."

You licked your lips in front of her, arousing the "bunny princess" even further.

"I'm going to do more than that," you teased. "I'm going to give my princess the royal treatment."

The moment your tongue met her pussy, she threw her head back, squealing in delight over the intense cunnilingus. Your kisses, licks, and teases drove her wild, making her thrash her hips and shout sweet words of admiration as she felt her body shivering over and over again.

"Anon, you... you..."

"Hm? Yes, my princess?"

"...You try too hard to be sexy."

You burst out laughing, and so did she. You continued eating her out, licking and sucking her clitoris until she finally squirted, the powerful orgasm rocketing through her adorable body. She screamed, her body convulsing as she came, squealing your name over and over. Eventually, though, she calmed down, panting.

You crawled up to her, laying beside her and putting your arm behind her head, feeling her soft pink hair on your arm.

"Nonny..." she panted. "No boy's ever made me feel like you do. Not Preston, not... not anybody."

You smiled at her, kissing her cheek and making her giggle.

"I... wanna make you just as happy..." Beebee whispered, stroking your face with one hand and putting the other behind your back. "If there's any way your princess can reward you, please just ask."

"Hm... I know one way," you replied.


You smirked, grabbing her boobs and smothering your face in them, rocking your head back and forth while making a raspberry sound. She laughed as you motorboated her, vibrating her boobs with your mouth. She grabbed the back of your head, squishing you further into them.

"You're so funny!" she squealed, holding you in her soft, warm bosom. "I love you, Nonny!!"




Beebee sat on your lap as you rested in her prized bunny chair.

"Let's not do this too roughly, okay?" Beebee insisted. "A very good friend of mine made that chair for me."

You nodded. "No worries."

Beebee slowly lowered her rear to your hard-on, rubbing against you with her soft cheeks. You let out an involuntary moan as she started bouncing up and down on you, stroking you with her bountiful backside.

You panted, moaning as she jerked you off only with her ass.

"Mmmmm, do you like my bunny booty bouncing on your boy bits?" she giggled, jiggling it for you. "Make a mess on me, Anon!!"

You grabbed her hips, humping up into her asscrack and hotdogging her, grunting in pleasure all the while.

"Ohhhh!!" Beebee moaned. "Anon, you beast! You dirty, dirty boy...!!"

"Should I stop?" you asked.

"NO!" she cried out, leaning onto the table in front of her, her elbows resting on its surface as she shook her ass for you. "Don't stop! I love the way you treat me!!" She bounced her butt for you, enticing you even more.

You panted, lining your throbbing hard-on up with her wet, dripping pussy.

"Do it!" Beebee shouted, panting in desire. "Woohoo me! Woohoo me until you can't stop!!!"

"As you wish, princess," you growled playfully, grabbing her hips and thrusting in. She screamed in pleasure, her walls tight but soaking wet, eager to take you in. The slick bumps of her innermost place rubbing sensually against you, almost milking you.

Both of you panted in desire as you fucked her on her bunny-themed table. She bit her lip, her eyes rolling back as she experienced a powerful orgasm. She giggled from the delectable sensation, her body trembling beneath yours as you thrusted even harder into her.

"A-ANON!!" she exclaimed. "H-harder!! WOOHOO ME HARDER!!!"

You panted. "A-anything for you...!!"

You hips smashed against hers harder and harder. You slammed your hands onto the table in front of you, making her gasp as your pelvis continued rocking into her over and over. Beebee moaned incoherently, unable to handle the sensations any further. The only words the bunny-eared woman could cry out were, "ANON... NONNY... W-WUV YOU..."

You chuckled, leaning forward to kiss her neck. "Wuv you too, Beebee."

"Aaaaaaahhhhh~!" she moaned, orgasming yet again. Her warm vagina splashed on you, surrounding you in her intense, delicious heat. There was no holding back any more, you had to cum in her.

You thrust into her one last time, grunting as a powerful orgasm rushed through your body, blasting her insides with your seed. She cried out, feeling you fill her up. Her mind was virtually broken with pleasure, panting and drooling on her table. You pulled out of her slowly, your cock dripping onto the ground as your cum dripped from her pussy.

"Did..." you panted, leaning onto her and hugging her from above. "Did that satisfy you, Princess Beebee?"

She squealed in delight, holding your arms close as she hugged them. "Yes, Anon. That... that will suffice?"

"Suffice?" you teased. "Does that mean my princess wants more?"

She sighed, content. "Yes. I want to woohoo with you every day, more and more, feeling you every moment. But for now... just a kiss will suffice."






Beebee squeezed your cheeks between her hands, kissing you rapidly and leaving pink lipstick marks wherever she went.

"Anon, you are the sweetest boy I ever did meet," she said, her faux-regal voice coming out once again. "I shall make you an honorary Bunny Person!"

"An honorary... huh?"


Moments later, you left her closet, blushing profusely in a custom-made bunny costume.

"Dare I ask where you even got this?" you asked. "Or why it matches my measurements perfectly?"

Beebee just squealed in delight, hopping up and down all the while. "Oh, Anon, don't you look ADORABLE???"

"I look like the kid from A Christmas Story."

"I think it's fantastic!! You're so amazing, Anon!"

You blushed, accepting her praise.






Beebee gleefully snuggled with you on her bed, watching a sci-fi adventure show together.

"Enjoying the show?" she asked as it went to commercial. "It's a season 13 episode, so it might be hard to follow."

"I think I understand," you replied, putting your now-fluffy arm around her. "I like Captain Argon."

"He's my favorite," Beebee giggled, nuzzling into you. "He reminds me of you."

You smiled, kissing her forehead before continuing to watch Starcruiser X.






You carefully chopped the leafy tops off the carrots before tossing them into the bunnies' room. You chuckled, watching them all scramble to get one.

"Very good," Beebee said, in her finest princess voice. "You've proven yourself to be a fine caretaker of bunnies."

"I just know that they can't actually eat carrots," you replied, "or at least, not too many of them. It's the leafy part they like, though."

"You're so amazing, Anon!!" Beebee exclaimed, giggling over you. "Actually, come to think of it..." she smirked, walking two fingers up your body, "I'm starting to get hungry for your... carrot."

She winked at you, arousing you once more. "L-let's leave these bunnies alone, then," you said, before being yanked into a nearby closet with her.

"Oh, by the way," she whispered, unzipping the front of your bunny costume, "the outfit simply must stay on~"

Beebee winked as you felt your boner exposed to your cute, geeky bunny princess.






"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced as she burst in. "I got carrot cake, carrot pudding, spicy carrot chili, and did you know you can make carrot ice cream? It's actually really good, I- huh?"

"Hey, Rena!" Beebee waved to her cutely. "It's dinner time already? Nonny and I must've had so much fun together that I lost track of time!"

"Oh, uh, hey..." you said, embarrassed.

"Anon, are you... wearing a bunny costume?" Rena asked, her eyes wide.

"I made it!" Beebee exclaimed. "Fashioned just for him~"

Rena immediately prostrated herself, kneeling before Beebee. "YOU ARE A GODDESS AMONG WOMEN!!!"

"H-huh?!" you and Beebee both said.


"Woah, c-calm down, Rena!" you shouted.

"Of course I'll be your friend, Renny!!" Beebee replied, squeezing Rena even tighter in a mutual hug. "Let's enjoy a delicious carrot meal together!"


"...Well, okay, then," you said, taking your seat as the two girls hugged it out.



The kitsune girl set out dishes for you and Beebee, on the same table Beebee lost her virginity on. You and her giggled as Rena obliviously set out all the food.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing~" Beebee giggled, remembering how you "woohoo'd" her right here. "Wow, all the food looks delicious!"

"I heard from an online friend that you were really into carrots," Rena replied, smiling. "I bet Anon's carrot got plenty of action this evening."

"Oh, y'know," you grinned, winking at her.

"Heh, yeah, I know," she winked back.

"I think me and Anon make a great team," Beebee giggled, clinging to your arm. "Even if he wants other girlfriends, too."

"I bet you'd make friends with them all," Rena said warmly. "I mean, already like you."

"Awww, you do?!" Beebee gasped, beaming at the kitsune with her face in her hands. "I like you too, Renny-Ren!"


"Your nickname has evolved," you teased.

You all laughed, enjoying a wonderful evening together and a delicious, carrot-y meal.




But like every night, morning had to come. As the time came for you to awake, Rena came to guide you back to the lobby. After a heartfelt goodbye, plenty of kisses, and a present for all your love, Beebee said farewell to you for the night.

Rena took you by the arm as she led you back to the entrance. Passing through the threshold, you found yourself slowly awakening in your bed, familiar and mundane as always. As your eyes adjusted to the morning light, you found your entire room was familiar and mundane, without an ounce of uniqueness anywhere.

Of course, if you built the Bunny Chair featured in the blueprint Beebee gave you, that could change.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past several months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?





"Aaaaand... there!" Rena proudly declared, putting her hands on her kimono-clad hips.

"Hey, Rena," you greeted her, passing through the entrance.

"Oh, hey, Anon! You're just in time to see what I've created...!"

You looked at her desk as you approached, seeing an origami crane on there.

"Isn't it cute?" she giggled. "That's one out of a thousand~"

"Wow, nicely done," you said, examining it from several angles. "You did a really good job with it."

"As always," she boasted, her hand on her chest.

"Actually, this reminds me of a request I've had for a while."

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah, I've been wondering..." you said, putting your hand on your chin. "There's a certain girl from a game I've played, and I've been wondering if she's here."

"A certain girl?" Rena asked, tilting her head. "...Oh! You mean like Samus? 2B? Tracer?"

"No, no, she's... kinda nonstandard."

"Ah, I getcha. You mean like Midna? Bowsette? Some busty JRPG enemy?"

"Actually, it's Olivia from Paper Mario."

The kitsune receptionist was silent.

"Um, Rena?"

After a long pause, she took a deep breath. "Anon."


"You're weird."



"Buuut Floor 9 it is, I guess," Rena said, typing it into the elevator computer.

"Thanks for understanding," you said, taking a seat.

"You're still weird," she said, sitting beside you. "Don't get a paper cut on your dick."

"Ouch," you grunted, covering your crotch. "Don't give me nightmares in this dream hotel."

"I'm just sayin', you get a papercut in the dream, you get a papercut in real life. Don't fuck any lemons."

You grabbed your crotch harder. "Aaaaaaah, Rena, stahp."

"Get kinkshamed on, Anon."




"Now, here's the thing," Rena continued as the doors opened, "she's in Room 1000."

"A small price to pay for cute origami girl," you assured her, leaving the elevator by her side.

"I hope you don't think I'm mean," the kitsune insisted. "It's just... weird."

"Don't kinkshame me, dammit."

"So, like, did you go through all of Origami King fapping or what?" Rena made a jerking-off motion with her hands. "Like, did you just bust nut after nut for Olivia whenever she was on screen?"


Rena burst out laughing for the entire duration that you walked, until you finally made it to Room 1000.


"And at last... Room 1000," Rena announced.

"Just watch," you insisted, knocking on the door, "she's gonna be this thick, busty version of herself, and you're gonna be the idiot here-"

"Oh! Anon, it's you!" Olivia said, opening the door.

"Goooood evening, Olivi- ah."

Floating in front of you was a large, sentient origami woman, exactly as she appeared in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Rena died of laughter in the corner of your eye.

"You're, um, looking a bit more... canon-compliant than I was expecting," you said.

Olivia smiled at you, not really paying your comment any mind. "I'm sure we're going to have a great time! Come on in!"

You smiled back, though a bit awkwardly, as you walked inside.

"Y-you two have f-f-pfffffAHAHAHAHA-" Rena laughed, tearing up as you closed the door on her.





Olivia nuzzled into your chest, floating off the ground as her origami face pressed into you.

"I'm so glad to see you, Anon!" Olivia said warmly. "You're even cuter in real life than I imagined!"

"I could say the same for you," you replied, hugging her gently so as to not bend her.

"Oh! I just remembered!" Olivia said, floating away from you. "Since it might be difficult to, um... do fun stuff together in this form, I wanted to show off my new power!"

"Your new... power?"

Suddenly, right beneath Olivia, a magic circle glowed on the floor. As it did, Olivia unfolded and refolded herself, her body becoming thicker, taller, and more humanoid. Her creases folded into full breasts, a chubby belly, a bouncy ass, and a far more human-like face. Before you knew it, Olivia was an entirely new shape, still appearing like paper but in an entirely new, incredibly sexy way.

But all you could think was, Who's laughing now, Rena?!

"How do I look?" the origami girl asked. "Powerful? Imposing? Magnificent? Maybe even a li'l cute?"

"Very cute," you said, hugging her. She didn't really feel like paper in this form; rather, she felt like an ordinary (and very curvy) human, just with certain creases befitting an origami person. 

"Awwww!" she squealed, hugging you in return. "Thank you, Anon! You're very sweet."

You pressed your foreheads together, giggling as you embraced each other.

"I think we're gonna have a lot of fun," you said, kissing her cheek.

She blushed a bright red. "A-Anon!" she gasped.

"Oh, crap, sorry," you exclaimed. "I should've asked first!"

"No, no, it's okay!" Olivia assured, stroking your head with her hands. "I just wasn't expecting that! Here, let me return the favor."

She pressed her soft lips to your own cheek, leaving an inky lipstick mark.

You chuckled, grinning at her. "Thanks."

"Anything for you..." she whispered, taking your hand. "Now, um... c-can we cuddle on the bed?"

You nodded. "Sure, I'd love to."



"This is a really nice form," you said, admiring the origami girl's newfound curves. "How long will you stay in this form?"

"Um..." She thought for a moment. "About... twelve hours, probably. I've been practicing with it a lot... you know, just in case." She blushed heavily, looking away. "And, um... there's a lot we can do like this... lots of things..."

"What kinds of things?" you asked, spooning her from behind.

She bit her lip, squeezing her eyes shut as she felt your body wrap around hers. She moaned a little, your touch inviting lewd thoughts into her mind.

"H-hand... holding..."

"...How lewd," you teased.

She blushed again, burying her face in her hands.

You laughed, squeezing her even tighter. "I'd love to hold your hand. Maybe we could go for a walk together, even?"

"A-Anon, I... I'd love that, but..."

"Hm? What's wrong?"

"I... I can feel your..."

Just then, you understood what was getting the origami girl so flustered; as you spooned her, she felt your hard-on pressed into her thick ass.

"Oh! Uh, sorry..."

"It's- it's okay!" Olivia assured. "Actually, I... I kinda... l-like it..."

You smiled, pressing your crotch even harder into her. "Is this okay?"

"Y-yeah..." She pressed her bottom into you, rubbing into your dick. "D-do you, um... w-wanna feel my b-butt without the... you know..."

Your cock twitched at the thought of feeling her bare skin on yours. "Sure," you said, blushing just as she was.

She slowly removed her leggings, exposing her nude ass to you. While it certainly looked like paper, it felt like nothing of the sort. You rubbed her butt with your hands, caressing her smooth pseudo-skin.

"Mmm, folded to perfection~" you teased, before taking off your own pajama pants.

"A-Anon!" she squealed in embarrassment, but laughing all the while.

You laughed as well, kissing her from behind as you returned to spooning her. "Don't be so shy. You don't need to be embarrassed."

"O-okay..." she whispered, pressing her ass into you harder, rubbing it against your now-exposed erection. "Mmmmmm..."


"A buttjob?" she asked, tilting her head.

"Yeah, it's when you rub my dick between your buttcheeks."

"And it... makes you feel good?"

You nodded. "Really good."

"Hmmm... okay!" she said cheerfully, much less shy than before. "You should sit on the chair over there, then."

You complied, sitting there with your legs spread, your hard cock exposed for her. She backed herself up onto you, pressing you between her thick ass-cheeks.

"S-so, how is it?" Olivia asked, rubbing her ass up and down.

"A-amazing..." you gasped out as the origami woman hot-dogged you. She shook her hips left and right, sending shockwaves of pleasure through your body. Her thick, origami ass jiggled, making you want to cum already.

"I'm so glad," she whispered, grinning madly as she virtually twerked on your throbbing erection.

My Handaconda don't! My Handaconda don't! you sang in your head. "I-I think I'm gonna cum soon..."

"R-really?" she gasped. After a moment, she started rubbing you faster, even grabbing her ass cheeks to squeeze them against your cock. Olivia pumped you harder and harder with her thick, jiggling ass, making you want to bust.

"O-Olivi-AH!" You shouted, grabbing her yourself as you humped up into her, blasting her ass with your seed. "Haah... ahh..."

Olivia giggled. "I can't believe I did it..." she said. "I really made you... c-cum..."

You nodded. "Yeah... you did..." You hugged her from behind, squeezing her soft body in your tight embrace, making her giggle.



Olivia returned to her normal origami form, gasping and panting on her bed. "Anon... thank you for choosing me..."

You kissed her cheek. "It was my pleasure. I've been meaning to ask you out for a while now."

She giggled, floating herself onto your chest, nuzzling her face into you happily. "I love you, Anon!"

You hugged her close to you, still trying not to hold her too tightly. "I love you too, Olivia."

You rested there together, relaxing in a sweet, wholesome embrace as the origami princess purred into your chest.



Returning to her humanoid form, Olivia pressed her soft lips to yours, kissing you. She giggled into your lips, intertwining her fingers with yours as you made out. She pushed her tongue to your teeth, wanting to French kiss you. You gladly opened your mouth for her, your tongues gliding against each other. You moaned into her, squeezing her hands tightly as passionately kissed.

Eventually, she pulled from your face, leaving a very thick strand of saliva connecting your mouths. She gasped for air, panting at the incredible kiss. "That was... my first kiss..."

You chuckled, kissing her cheek. "And how was it, my paper princess?"

She giggled, kissing your nose in return. "It was marvelous, my... I dunno, 'meat prince'?"

You burst out laughing. "Yes, a perfect name for me!"

She laughed with you, hugging you tight. "My beautiful, strong, handsome, sexy meat prince!" she exclaimed, embracing you warmly.

"My meat is all yours!" you shouted, causing you both to burst into intense laughter.



Olivia blushed at the sight of your nude body, but refused to look away. She took in every inch of you, amazed by what you looked like naked. "You're... incredible."

You chuckled. "You're pretty amazing, too."

She smiled, before slowly removing her top. Her big boobs bounced free from her elegant dress as she pulled it off. You stared in amazement at her.

"So sexy~" you teased, smirking.

Olivia giggled, sitting on your lap, facing you. "Do you, u-um... wanna have... y'know..."

You laughed, kissing her. "Yes, my princess, I'd love to have 'y'know' with you."

She grinned, her face still a bright red from embarrassment. "O-okay..." she said, breathing heavily as she lined herself up with your erect penis. The origami woman lowered her pseudo-paper vagina onto you, taking you inside...

...and making you gasp in pleasure.

You immediately felt countless slick, hot folds surround you, rubbing against you as you entered her. You hugged her tight, smashing your face into her bountiful bosom. Olivia moaned, the sensation filling her as well. She started moving on you, grinding her hips into your hard-on.

"I don't know what's happening," she gasped, "but my hips suddenly started shaking by themselves!"

"D-don't stop!" you panted, eyes wide as the pleasure built inside you. Your own hips started bucking upwards into her involuntarily, as if your body needed to fuck her. She gasped your name over and over as you matched each other's rhythm.

Her thick body got hot as it bounced on yours. Your perspiring bodies splashed against each other, increasing in heat as you made love. Your eyes met as her body rocked into yours, threatening to milk your aching erection dry. Your mouth latched onto her nipple, sucking her tit and making her moan even louder.

"A-Anon, I...!" Olivia moaned. She suddenly gripped your body hard, pushing you to the bed as a powerful orgasm shot through her curvy body. You felt her love juices splash on your dick, soaking your groins even further. She cried out, screaming in lust as the orgasm refused to subside.

Her shaking, jiggling flesh drove you made with lust yourself, and you gripped her tight as well, bucking your hips up into her even harder.

"I'm cumming too-AH!" you grunted as the desire built within you, unable to stop. A powerful sensation rocked through your body, exploding as an intense, toe-curling orgasm blasted into the origami woman. The two of you let out powerful moans of pleasure as you orgasmed as one.

You and Olivia panted, your hot bodies still embracing. Her thick form laid on top of you, drifting off into hot, pleasurable sleep.

"I-I love you, Anon..." she whispered, holding you tight on the bed.

"I love you too, Olivia," you whispered in return, kissing her forehead. "My princess..."

She giggled, and the two of you fell asleep in each other's touch.






"Hmm..." Olivia thought as she sat next to you. "This might be silly, but maybe it's worth a try..."

"What's up?" you asked.

Olivia hopped off the bed, standing in front of you. As yet another magic circle appeared beneath Olivia, her body transformed yet again, folding into yet another humanoid shape. This form, however, looked more like a humanoid turtle. A humanoid turtle with a massive dumptruck ass, even bigger than her other form.

"W-woah!" you exclaimed, seeing her thick, turtle-like body. "You look amazing!"

"This is the Earth Vellumental form, only... bigger! I definitely feel powerful... Like I could really shake things up in here!" Olivia exclaimed, before turning around and shaking her massive ass. "Anon! Something feels really... good about this form!"

Your cock got hard as you saw her shake her giant, turtle-like ass in front of you.

"A-Anon, can you..." Olivia moaned, rubbing her pussy with one hand, "can you shove your boy-parts into my butt?? Oh, no, why'd I say that? That's not ladylike at all- ACK!"

As the horny origami princess spoke, you complied with her request, slamming your cock into her tight, bouncing ass. She shouted, but not in pain; rather, it was in intense pleasure, as your stiff member pounded the hot folds of her anus.

"Sh-sho goooood~!" she moaned, her face pressed into the ground as you fucked her. "Ohhhh Underwhere YES!"

"O-Olivia, you're so hot...!" you exclaimed, grabbing her massive ass with your arms, thrusting into her even harder.

Olivia drooled on the floor, her tongue hanging from her mouth as you pounded her anally. She felt herself cum over and over, squirting at your feet as her jiggling turtle ass was penetrated. She grinned, still drooling, as her eyes rolled back in her head; she was cumming yet again.






Olivia's curvy body transformed into a half-dragon shape, complete with thick thighs and a soaking wet pussy. The water dragon-girl moaned, fingering herself as she looked at you. This was her Water Vellumental form, altered considerably for your "purposes".

You licked your lips, making her even wetter as you got between her thick, dragon-like thighs. Immediately you began eating her pussy, licking up and down before sucking and kissing her swollen clit. Olivia cried out in pleasure as you ate her out.

"A-ANON!!" she screamed. "I LOVE YOU!! I-I-I... I'M CUMMING!!!"

Immediately, she released a massive orgasm on your face, her pussy splashing all over you as she came. You were shocked, but only for a moment as you continued eating her pussy. Her hips shook in pleasure as electric shocks of lust blasted through her draconic form, exploding on your face each time. You looked up at her grinning, blue face, chuckling as she moaned in desire with each lick, kiss, and suck you gave her.

Her body continued spraying orgasm after orgasm on you, exploding with powerful lust each time. You could only imagine the pleasure she was experiencing at this moment, and if her drooling face was any indication, she was feeling worlds of pleasure.






Olivia's Fire Vellumental form flapped its fiery, feathery wings as she rode you, her massive body pounding you from above.

"Haah... haah... isn't this great?" she said, panting as she rode you cowgirl style.

You nodded, eyes wide with pleasure as the folds of her hot pussy drove you insane with pleasure. "YES! YES, IT'S AWESOME!!" you shouted, throwing your head back as her hips rocked into yours.

"I'm so glad!" she said, grabbing her boobs in her feathery arms. "I knew being on top would make you happy!! Hehe, I'm cute and clever~!"

You drooled as she fucked you faster, the friction of her walls only increasing the heat. She felt so intense above you, driving you mad with desire.

"OLIVIA!!" you moaned, over and over again, making her giggle as the origami princess made sweet, sweet love to you.





The soft, smooth ass of her Ice Vellumental form pressed against your face as she sat on it.

"Is... is this okay? I'm not too heavy, right?" Olivia asked, concerned.

You gave her a thumbs up with one hand, jerking off with the other.

"O-Okay..." she said, grinding her butt into your face. "Is this really that sexy?"

Another thumbs-up from you. You stuck your tongue out, licking her vulva and clitoris.

The half-bear origami girl moaned as you ate her from below. "A-Anon, that's... that's really good...! I think I might really like face-sitting..."

You laughed into her squishy origami ass, continuing your loving cunnilingus from below...





"Rena's gonna be so surprised..." you laughed to yourself. You and Olivia got onto the elevator, with her in her voluptuous, humanoid form.

"Hm? What'll surprise her?" she asked, tilting her head.

"Oh, nothing..." you said, pressing the "Lobby" button on the elevator computer.

Olivia giggled. "Heyyy... could you humor me for just a second?" She stepped in front of the computer, clearing her throat. "Now passing the third floor! Cosmetics, handbags, men's slacks, oranges, perfume, and camping gear."

You laughed, hearing her impression of a fancy department store's elevator operator.



"Wow, twice in one chapter," you said, arriving in the lobby with Olivia.


Rena was sitting at her desk, folding yet another origami crane. "Just 988 to go..." she whispered.

"Hey, Rena," you greeted.

"Hm? Anon?" the kitsune girl gasped. "Wasn't expecting you here! I was just about to make din- WOAH, HUBBA HUBBA!"

"Is something wrong?" Olivia asked, her thick body jiggling in ways you would not expect origami to jiggle.

Rena stared, mouth agape at the origami woman's boobs. You smirked at her, as smug as humanly possible.

"N-no, nothing's wrong," Rena said, still in shock and possibly arousal.

"Olivia and I were going to take a dip in the onsen." You squeezed Olivia's hand in your own, looking into her eyes lovingly.

"Uh... o-okay..." Rena replied. "I'll just, uh, t-text you when it's time to eat, okay?"

You nodded. "Sounds good!" you said, smiling at the perplexed kitsune.  "See you later, okay?"

"Y-yeah..." Rena said as you and Olivia walked into the Onsen.


"...fuuuuuck me, she's hot," Rena moaned, rubbing herself through her blue floral kimono.





Removing the towel around your waist, you walked right into the hot spring, reclining against the stones in the back. Olivia removed her crown in the lockers outside before coming in to join you. She smiled cutely as she saw you relaxing in the nude, and gladly climbed in beside you. She blushed heavily, but a content grin of bliss spread across her face.

"Ohhhhh..." she moaned in delight, the warmth spreading across her origami body. "Just gonna... bliss out for a while... Don't mind me."

You chuckled, putting an arm around her, and hers around you. Her relaxed face looked so cute...

"It feels SO good..." she sighed. "Bad news, Anon. I only care about the hot springs now. Ahhh..."

You laughed. "Don't forget about me, now."

Olivia giggled, squeezing you closer with her arm. "I'm just kidding. I love you, Anon."

You kissed her cheek, relaxing next to her in complete bliss. "I love you too."



The phone Olivia brought with her began to ring. Rena had left a message, saying that she had delivered dinner to her room. You and Olivia reluctantly left the hot spring, returning to Floor 9, Room 1000. You enjoyed a wonderful dinner with both Olivia and Rena, talking about your evening and the warm, romantic experiences you shared together.

Hours passed, and like every night, the time eventually came for you to wake up. You gave Olivia a heartfelt goodbye; she pushed you against the door, kissing you passionately in her original form, not wanting you to leave. Rena comforted her in a soft embrace, not wanting the origami girl to feel alone. Together, the two girls led you back to the entrance, each of them hugging you as you passed through the threshold into the waking world.

As you entered the void, though, you felt something suddenly slam at you from behind, pushing you. The sensation continued as you woke up, having fallen on the ground in the middle of the night.

"Did... did something hit my back?" you panted, breathless as you woke up in your usual bedroom.

"Oops... sorry," Olivia apologized. "I just didn't want to say goodbye, so I... I kinda just ran at you."

"Aw, it's okay, O-"






"...Huh. Okay," you said, immediately accepting these circumstances.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past several months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: who’s next?












Anon's throbbing, rigid erection bulged from his pants as he stared at you, eyeing you up and down as though you were the tastiest morsel of flesh to ever cross his lustful gaze. He licked his lips hungrily, knowing exactly what to do with a girl like you. Before you knew it, he pinned you against the wall, his tower of meat pressed hard against your stomach.

"Nnnnnghhh... A-Anon..." you moaned, your body aching for this rigid cock, the erection of the man you loved.

"Ohhh, Y/N..." he purred, stroking your cheek with his manly hand. "I know you're just longing for this cock, but be patient, my precious little fox~"

You nodded anxiously, your dripping cherry blossom quivering for him.

"Good girl~" he growled sensually, the hunger in his rigid manmeat blazing intensely. Before you knew it, his tip was kissing your clitoris, begging to penetrate your most sacred, inner depths. "Now, cry out in lust as I conquer your lustful pink fuck-cavern!"

"Ehehehehehe..." Rena giggled pervertedly, drooling as she read the filthy fanfiction on her screen. She was so wrapped up in the story that she didn't even hear you approach the front desk.

"Um, hey?"

"ACK!" Rena quickly clicked off that tab, wiped the drool from her face, and sat at her desk professionally. "H-hey, Anon, how's it going? I was just, uh..."

You smirked at her.

"...Shut up, I have needs, too," she shot at you. "It's not like you don't read crappy, smutty, self-indulgent fanfics."

"I have no idea what you're talking about. I only read the finest in smutty, self-indulgent fanfics."

"Sure ya do," the three-tailed kitsune said, raising an eyebrow.

"ANYWAY," you interrupted, "I wanna hang out with Susie from Kirby tonight, okay?"

"Oho..." Rena chuckled, checking her computer. "Let's see... Susie is on... ah, Floor 92, Room 86! Let me send her a message first, okay?"




"And up we go!" Rena announced as the elevator ascended.

"Another high-up floor," you said, leaning back against the elevator wall as you sat on its long, cushioned seat.

Rena relaxed beside you, putting her arm around you and resting her head on your shoulder. "I've been on higher floors."

"Oh, really? How high?"

"Hm... I think the highest I've ever gone was Floor 8,765,309."

"Holy crap, that many?"

"It's an infinite hotel. Even I don't know how many floors there really are, and I'm in charge here. Of course, there's also a Top Floor, but that's besides the point."

"Okay, seriously, though, how can there be a top floor on an infin-"

Immediately, Rena smashed her lips against yours, making out with you. Her smooth, creamy lips glided against your own, and her slick tongue danced with yours as it pushed past your teeth. You immediately forgot the question you had, instead submitting to the fox girl's delicious kiss...




"At last!" Rena said as the elevator doors swung open.

"This isn't the end of this," you insisted, your face covered in pink lipstick marks. "I will learn about that Top Floor."

The kitsune girl giggled, wiping her kisses off you before taking your arm and exiting.



"Room 86 should be this way," Rena guided, leading you down the hallways of Floor 92.

"I'm looking forward to this," you told her.

The fox girl giggled. "I can tell, big boy~"

You looked down; there was definitely a tent in your pajama pants right now. You blushed as Rena teased you, pushing you playfully. You pushed her back, and this continued until you finally made it to Room 86.

"And we're here!" she announced. "You have fun, okay?"

You nodded. "Thanks, Rena."

Rena blushed, smiling before kissing your cheek and walking back to the elevator. You watched her three bushy tails bouncing as she left before knocking on Susie's door.

"Oh! Come in," a woman said on the other side.




You slowly opened the door. On the other side, a very short young woman was typing at a large computer, her disembodied, floating, gloved hands clacking away at its keyboard. She seemed busy, watching the large monitor along with the six others surrounding it, each one displaying information that you couldn't quite understand.

"Just give me a moment," Susie said as you entered, still focused on her task. "You can take a seat anywhere."

Her room looked very mechanical, almost resembling a factory. That said, there were still seats for you or other guests, so you relaxed on her couch, smiling at the hard-working girl.

"And... there," Susie sighed in relief, finally done. "You know, it's wonderful to work in a completely controlled environment. Everything working just as it should, flowing perfectly without a issue... but at the end of the day, it can be rather tiring." She turned in her seat to face you, her round face beaming at you with her stunning blue eyes. "Excuse my manners. I'm glad you're here, Anon."

You smiled at her, spreading your arms wide to invite her in. "Break time?"

Susie giggled, before hopping off the seat and running into your arms, floating along the ground as she did. She hopped onto your lap, hugging you with her floating hands pushing against your back. You returned the hug, pressing your cheek into her short pink hair. For some reason, she smelled... super sweet.

"Heehee, I think I'm going to enjoy this break," Susie giggled, nuzzling her face into you.

"I hope so," you replied, kissing her forehead.

She laughed, her small yet slightly curvy body hovering on your lap. "May I cuddle with you?"

"You don't need to ask that," you replied, and the two of you shared a laugh before cuddling on the couch, giggling and laughing.


"You know, I was expecting you to be more serious," you said, kissing her cheeks.

"Were you, now?" Susie chuckled. "Just because I'm President of Haltmann Works Company, you expected me to be strict and business-minded?" She stroked your cheek with a yellow-gloved hand. "How could I be so stoic with a cute, handsome boy like you?"

You blushed, laughing with her. "You're cuter."

"Oh, stop it, I'm not that cute," she replied, grinning at you lovingly and blushing softly. "But... thanks. I love you."

You kissed her softly, making her purr as she cuddled with you.

"Oh, I just remembered something," Susie gasped. "Wait right here."

You waited there for a few minutes as Susie searched for something in a nearby room.

"Aha!" she exclaimed, returning with a small, blue, cylindrical device.

"Is that a..." you asked, your dick slowly hardening as you saw it.

Susie nodded. "You see, Anon, I've been curious about whether or not human seed can impregnate someone of my species. With your permission, I'd like to analyze it."

You nodded furiously.

She laughed, hovering in front of your pajama pants, gazing at the slowly-forming tent. "Oh wow, Anon..."

You chuckled. "It's all yours," you said, slowly removing your pants.

"No, don't!" Susie exclaimed, making you stop. "P-please.. let me."

Susie set the device on the ground beside her, grabbed the elastic around your pants, and slowly, carefully pulled them downward. Your hardening erection popped from your pants, causing her to gasp, her bright blue eyes gazing at it.

"I-It's..." She stared in wonder, looking up and down. "So, this... is a human p... penis..."

"Do you like it?" you asked.

She nodded. "A-Anon, you're... you're beautiful. I've never even seen the penis of my own species before, but you... your penis is amazing." She shook her head, trying to refocus herself. "A-alright, back to the task at hand."

Susie grabbed the device again, placing it over the tip of your erection. Immediately, it began vibrating, the walls of the sex toy surrounding you in pleasure. You gasped, leaning your head back as she pushed it over your head, then down your shaft. You couldn't help but moan, which made her laugh.

"Just let it milk you, Anon," Susie whispered. "If you successfully ejaculate in here, I'll increase your salary and give you an extra vacation day."

"Oh, I'm- ah! I'm an employee now?" you laughed.

She giggled. "I'm only teasing... but I wouldn't mind hiring you! Would you like being my secretary, Anon?"

"Only if- mmmph! If we can do that thing bosses and secretaries do~"

Susie laughed, jerking you off with the vibrating device, pumping it up and down your shaft. "Every day. Call it an 'employee benefit'... even though you'd be the only employee allowed to~"

You beamed at her, moaning at her lightning-fast masturbation. "When can I start, Boss?"

She growled playfully, breathing on your balls. "You can start with that job once I'm done with this one." Suddenly, she started jacking you off faster and harder, the vibrating fleshlight pounding you harder. You couldn't help but thrust up into it, moaning as you did.

"S-Susie, I- ah!" Your body shivered as you came into the device, filling it with your orgasm.

"Mmm, that's it, Anon..." Susie teased, watching the device fill with your seed. "Once its all out, I'll analyze this to see if your semen can impregnate me- I mean, someone from my species."

You nodded. "Th-thanks, Susie."

"It's my pleasure," she replied pulling the sex toy off your dick, making it shiver as the air hit it. "I love you, Anon."

"I... love you too..." you panted, savoring the feeling of that orgasm.


Susie plugged the sex toy into the computer. "Now then, it should take thirty or so minutes for that to scan."

"You seem pretty invested in knowing whether or not humans can impregnate your species," you observed.

"It would be a fascinating discovery!" Susie insisted. "It may not have much to do with Haltmann Works Company, but if such a valuable discovery was found by its president, it would almost definitely raise the company's stock!"

You smirked. "Is that the only reason? It's purely business motivated."

She blushed. "Well... I may have an... ulterior motive~"

You chuckled, hugging her. "And what might that be?"

Susie giggled, nuzzling her face into yours. "You want to know? I can tell you..." she whispered. "It's simple: I want to earn... shall I say... 'maternity leave'."

You felt yourself get hard again. Something about the way she said those words aroused you. "I... I'd love to help you with that..."

She blushed, her hands on her cheeks. "Really, Anon? You'll help me?"

You nodded, kissing her softly and making her giggle even more. "I'm surprised you'd want a break for so long, though."

"Well, you know..." she stroked the back of your head with her floating hands, "if I had a... a husband like you, I'd probably want to work less. You understand, right?"

"Yeah... I understand," you replied, kissing her and holding her body close.

You spent a long while together.




Analysis complete. Human sperm has 99.86% potential to produce a child.

Additionally, resulting child is unlikely to be born with physical deformities, disease, etc.




"You know, the analysis is probably done by now," you said, sitting in Susie's kitchen.

"I'll see the results later," Susie said, grabbing two ice cream cones from the freezer. "For now, let's enjoy something nice and cool," she smiled, handing you one.

"Thanks." You licked your ice cream slowly, making eye contact with her as you did.

Susie giggled. "So naughty..."

"Is something wrong?" you asked playfully.

She laughed, eating her own ice cream as she sat by you. "You know what you're doing."


You shared a warm laugh, enjoying your delicious ice cream together.

"Actually..." Susie said, one hand pushing between her thighs, pressing against her skirt. "I... I'd like to be... to formally request a..."

"Hm? What's up?" you replied, wiping your hands after finishing your cone.

"Anon, I... would you please... perform cunnilingus on me?"

You blushed a little. "You want me to eat you out?"

Susie looked at you with a blushing face, her bright blue eyes gazing into yours longingly. "Yes... please, Anon..."

You nodded, kissing her cheek before. "Do you want another ice cream first?"

"Mmn... yes, I would."

You smiled, kissing her again. "Just wait right here."


You got her another ice cream cone before immediately getting on your knees in front of her. Her beaming face flushed red as you slowly pulled her skirt down over her cream-colored thighs, exposing her small, stubby legs hidden beneath. Between them was her womanhood, bedight with a tuft of pink hair. You ran a finger through her pubic hair, making her giggle, before licking along her labia to her clit.

Susie moaned softly. "That's... Anon, that's very good..." she whispered, squeezing her eyes shut as she let the sensations take over.

Your tongue glided against her hardening clitoris, lapping at it again and again, making her whole body tremble. You grabbed her hips gently, holding her close to your mouth as you pleasured her.

"Yes... that's right, A-Anon..." Susie purred, shaking her hips in your face. One hand floated onto your head, while the other rubbed her breasts. "Oooohhhh.... Lick it like you lick ice cream..."

You winked at her before continuing to eat her out, licking her faster and faster. You sucked on her clit, licking it at the same time, making her moan louder than ever. She cried out your name, showering you with incoherent praises as her body trembled and shook. She cried out in pleasure, both her hands pushing your head further into her as she came on your face.

She panted, recovering from her intense orgasm. You smiled, pulling away from her and towards her face.

"So? How was it?" you asked playfully.

"That was... remarkable. Your technique is beyond anything I've- well, I've never actually done that before, but... oh, whatever. Just hug me."

You happily complied, squeezing the cute alien woman tight in your embrace, which she gladly returned.



"You're sure you don't want to check the computer first?"

Susie shook her head. "The results can wait. I... I need this, Anon." Susie laid back on the bed, spreading her legs. Her pink pussy dripped with excitement, enticing you in. "You're the first man to ever... make me feel like this. I love you, Anon."

"I love you too, Susie..." you said, lining up your hard penis with her. "I want to make you feel even better."

"Anon..." she whispered sweetly, holding your face her in floating hands. "You make me feel that way just by being you. You're so strong and full of confidence, so manly yet so cute... you're perfect for me, Anon."

Wordless, you merely kissed her, pushing into her at the same time. The charming company president moaned into the kiss, shocked but full of desire. Her warm, wet walls surrounded you as you thrust into her, plunging into her hot depths. She held your face to hers, forcing you to kiss her as you made love.

Your tongue met hers as your embraced, fucking her faster at the same time. Her sweet, ice-cream flavored lips pressed tight against yours as you pounded her.

Susie broke the kiss, her head falling backwards as she gasped for breath, her body shaking beneath you as she came again. You felt her hot, warm orgasm surround your cock, making it even easier to keep fucking her. She moaned your name, crying out her desires over and over again.


She came again, her body trembling even harder beneath you. Her small, stubby legs wrapped around you as best they could. You panted, her amazingly slick folds threatening to milk you dry.

You wanted to cum for her. Looking at her blushing, joyful face, all you wanted to do was fill her with your hot, warm seed... something she wanted just as much.

"I-I'm gonna c-"


You grunted in pleasure, blasting her womb with your seed, filling her up as your body shook from the orgasm. She cried out in ecstasy, gripping the sheets behind her as she came. You panted, falling down beside her as your cum dripped from her pussy.

"W-wow... so much..." Susie gasped, panting.

"You might even get pregnant from that," you suggested.

Susie giggled, putting her hands on her cheeks as she smiled, blushing. "You think so?"

You nodded. "Should I buy a ring?"

She laughed, hugging you. "Anon, I'm the one with money here. Let me take care of that~"






Susie straddled your hips, leaning forward while smirking at you. Her floating hand carefully positioned your hard cock into her, eager to ride you. She teased you by shaking her hips before pushing down onto you. You gasped, feeling her surround you yet again, each wet fold caressing you in her cozy depths.

She moaned, winking at you before sitting upright and swiveling her hips in a circle, almost as though she were dancing on you. She grinded into you, letting out small gasps of pleasure every few seconds as she rode you.

"S-Susie, you're... amazing...!" you grunted, unable to handle the pleasure.

She giggled. "Any 'assistant' of mine deserves only the best~"

You laughed, your hips bucking upward into her with each movement of her hips. "My 'boss' deserves the best, too, miss President..."

She blushed, winking at you before continuing to make love to you, her body bouncing on you again and again, driving you to moan in pleasure...






"Does this feel good, Anon?" Susie asked, stroking you slowly with her disembodied hands. One caressed your shaft, while the other stroked your head.

You nodded. "So good... I can't even describe it..."

"I'm glad!" she replied, grinning madly. "I've never done this before... but sometimes, when I'm not working, I... watch videos."

"Oh, really?" you chuckled, halfway between amused and aroused. "What kind of videos?"

"Um, well..." Susie blushed, still smiling even as she glanced away. "Y-you know how many girls a-allow their night with you to be... l-livestreamed?"

You threw your head back, her handjob intensifying in pleasure. You couldn't help but blush at her words, knowing what she had seen. "S-so does that mean...?"

She nodded, a little embarrassed. "I... masturbate to you, Anon. Frequently."

You let out an involuntary moan, her words and touch causing you to squirt precum into her delicate hands.

"Ah!" she gasped, feeling the substance in her fingers. "Did that... arouse you?" She giggled, putting one hand on her cheek as she gleefully stroked you with her wet hand. "Then should I tell you my favorites? For starters, I quite enjoyed the one with you and Flamberge..."

She continued describing her favorite videos, her favorite scenes, and how she wanted to treat you even better than they had. The adoration in Susie's voice, coupled with her skilled handjob, drove you to orgasm more than once...






Susie held out a glass tube, sealed tight on both ends with metal domes. Inside was some kind of goo-like substance, formed into the shape of a purple ball.

"Can you guess what's in here?" Susie asked.

"Um... Well, if I remember the game right, isn't that a Dedede clone?"

She laughed. "Oh, no, don't worry. This is a different clone. She was created from the latest in nanogenetic technology. She's brilliant. She's driven. She's... a clone of presidential proportions!" Susie giggled, grinning at you playfully. "Heehee! And it seems she has a long-standing crush on you~!"

Suddenly, the purple ball within the chamber started shaking, growing and pulsing wildly.

Susie tossed the tube into the air, where it floated in place for a while. "Get ready for..."

The slime ball expanded, bursting through the tube as its remains fell to the ground, immediately being swept away by a nearby robot. Meanwhile, the slime remained in midair, forming into a more humanoid shape.

"Model S-0086, Susie Clone!" Susie announced, the slime taking her form as it (or perhaps she) descended gracefully to the ground.

"W-woah!" you gasped, seeing both girls smile at you as they approached.

The real Susie giggled, pointing to you. "Here, see that adorable, lovely human? Make him orgasm!"

The clone nodded as both girls approached your throbbing erection. They pressed their small breasts against your cock on both sides, rubbing you with your chests. You couldn't help but pant a little from the sensation, making them laugh. You humped up unconsciously, your body excited and aroused by theirs...








Anon's lustful mouth wandered down your bare torso, mapping out each curve and every muscle with his lips, tending to every inch as if it were an act of divine worship. There was only one thing warmer than his affection: the heat of your quivering rose tunnel.

"Anon, I need you... sexually."

"Y/N..." Anon whispered, unable to handle his sexual desires any further. His rigid mantower pulsed with aching desire as it hovered anxiously by your drooling coochie.

Suddenly, he entered you like you were the lottery.

"GAH! ANON!" you roared in passion as he penetrated your perfect cherry blossom. He grinned at your flesh, highly responsive to his own, as he rammed through your mystic square.

As the imperishable night went on, you cherished his fantastic object as it ravished your pleasurehole. You tried to control your emotions, but it was a hopeless masquerade; you longed for this for too long to resist screaming ten thousand desires into the aether.

As his wily beast plunged deeper into your lotus land, you knew you could no longer live without him, without his love, without his raging cock.

And now, with his eyes gazing into yours, you knew he felt the same.

"Beloved," he whispered arousingly, like the night air on your warm flesh, "you are the only one for me. No longer can I cherish the common flowers; yours is the only rose for me."

"Oh, ANON!" you cried out, your thirtieth orgasm for the night blasting through your virgin flesh onto his throbbing meat wand.

"Y/N!!" he exclaimed, having a dick aneurysm inside you as he tightly groped your buttermilk mountains. Suddenly, as he-


Rena stopped typing, too horny to continue as she fingered herself under her kimono. "F-fuck, Anon... Mmmph, nothing better interrupt me-"


Rena groaned at the ringtone, picking up her phone. "Front desk, Rena speaking~" she said cheerily.

"Hey, Rena?" Susie asked on the other end.

"Oh, hey, Susie," Rena greeted. "What's up?"

"Is, um... is room service coming?"

"Oh, that. It's-"

Rena checked the time; there was only two (Hotel Fantasia) hours before you had to wake up.

"ACK! I'MSOSORRYI'LLBERIGHTWITHYOU!" Rena exclaimed, scrambling to the main kitchen with phone in hand.

"It's alright- ah! Anon!"


"Oh n-nothing... Anon's- ahhh~ f-fingering me..."

"R-really? Can you describe it? Preferably in purple prose with a heavy use of metaphor?"


"Um, n-nevermind. ROOM SERVICE ON ITS WAY!"





You enjoyed Rena's quickly cobbled-together meal with Susie. Unlike normally, though, you had much less time to stay afterwards, and quickly found yourself having to leave.

"Oh! Before you go," Susie exclaimed, grabbing a blue, electronic-looking cube from her desk, "I want you to have this."

Looking at it, you recognized it to be a Core Cube. "Thanks... but, um, what's it do?"

"You'll see," she teased, winking.

You happily took it, leaving her with a goodbye kiss (or twelve) before leaving with Rena to the entrance.


As you passed through the threshold, you found yourself back in your own home, in your own room, in your own bed. The events of the previous night became as a dream, leaving you only with the memory...

And, of course, the Core Cube that Susie left with you.


Finding a USB port on the side, you connected it to your computer, where you found one file on it: 86555.mp4. You clicked on it, and it started a special video, one made specifically for you by Susie.

Noble Anon, how we adore you so
Noble Anon, how we adore you so
Kingly lord of our hearts and our Hotel!

Noble Anon, we love his very soul
Noble Anon, we love his very soul
For he puts all our hearts under his spell!

May he always be showered in affection!
May he always smile when he stays!
If I could, I'd give him every planet,
Give him love every night and day!

We implore you, our beloved Anon
We implore you, our beloved Anon
Spend each night with us in peace!

Praise and pleasure, in sweet romantic dreams
Praise and pleasure, in sweet romantic dreams
We'll bring favors such as these!

All we wish for you, our beloved Anon,
That you never feel alone!
Love us all, beloved Anon, oh please,
Make our Hotel your new home!


You couldn't help but shed a tear at her song.

Chapter Text

The orange-skinned Torchic girl hopped onto the bed before you could even get through the door. "I win!" she proudly proclaimed, her feathered arms in the air.

"I wasn't aware this was a competition," you replied, raising an eyebrow at her.

"Oh, hush," she scoffed, pulling her top off to expose her B-cup breasts. "I think they're getting bigger. Big sis told me that when I become a Combusken girl, my thighs will get thicc, so I hope my boobs do too!"

You laughed, hopping into bed beside her. "You don't gotta worry about that. Boobs are boobs."

"Aww, you mean it?" she asked.

You gleefully kissed her sunset-colored boobs, making her laugh. "Of course!"

The two of you cuddled in the bed, laughing and kissing each other all over.

"So, did you have a good Christmas?" she asked.

"Naturally. After all, I got to spend it with you~"

"Oh, stop it!" she laughed. "Don't make me tickle you with my feathers!"

"Ack! N-no, Torch~" you protested, trying to avoid being tickled. It was no use; she had you right where she wanted you.


"I love you, Torch," you whispered to her.

"Awww!!!!" she squealed in delight. "I love you too! You're the best boyfriend ever!"

You grinned, slowly kissing her soft, yellow lips. "I suck as a Pokémon trainer, though."

"It's okay, cutie~" Torch giggled, running her fingers through your hair. "I'll just fight the local wildlife until I level up~"

"You better not. I'm sick of the neighbors complaining about you scorching their cat."

"Hey, that was one time, and I thought it was a Purrloin!"

You laughed, cuddling tighter with her in your bed.

"I love being your Pokémon, Anon..." she whispered, nuzzling into your chest.


"Alright, time to go to sleep," you said, resting your head on the pillow.

Torch kissed your forehead. "Bring me back something good, okay? Maybe bring back another Pokégirl, so I can have a girlfriend, too!"

"Oh, Alice's doll not enough for you~?" you teased.

"No way! That doll's creepy. She keeps winking at me..." Torch turned to the nearby shelf, where the doll sat. "That's right, Annabelle 2.0, I'm talkin' to ya!"

You laughed, hugging the feathery young woman. She felt so warm...

"Maybe you could ask Rena for a Gardevoir girlfriend. Ooh, or a Jynx girlfriend! Maybe a Lickitung girl would be sexy~"

"You're so dirty," you teased, putting your arms around her warm, cozy body. "Not that I mind, of course."

"Anon, no matter how dirty I get, you're worse."

"Heh, maybe you're right," you replied, kissing her cheek. "Hey, I got an idea."


"Wanna come to the Hotel with me?"

Torch gasped. "Can I?"

"Sure! We'll just do what Olivia and I did when she was here."

The Torchic girl purred sensually. "I like the sound of that... so, should I put my top back on?"

You smirked. "Nah, let Rena see. I bet she'll love your boobs."

Torch giggled, wrapping her arms around your head and kissing you. "I hope so. I've never actually met her, you know. Anyway, just hug me nice-and-tight, okay?

You nodded, hugging her tight as the two of you drifted off to sleep...



Every night for the past several months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: Who's next?




"MERRY CHRISTMAS, ANON!" Rena greeted as you entered. "Oh, and you must be Torchic- woah!"

Torch chuckled, putting her hands on her hips. "Hmhmhm, quite an entrance, yes?"

Rena laughed, checking Torch's boobs out. "Definitely. I'd love to see Anon walk in topless sometime, too~"

You grinned, chuckling to yourself. "Merry Christmas, Rena. Nice Mrs. Claus costume."

"Oh? You like?" Rena smirked, twisting left and right to show off her red and white outfit. "Quite the change from my usual kimono, yes?"

"You're so sexy!!" Torch exclaimed, bouncing up and down. "No wonder Anon likes you so much."

Rena blushed. "Oh? Anon likes me?"

"Um, duh! He's always going on about you~"

You blushed as well, looking away. "I-I might've said a couple things..."

Torch laughed, putting her arms around both of you. You and Rena joined in, joyfully embracing one another.


The three of you sat on a nearby couch, facing a TV across from it. The Hotel Fantasia lobby was decorated for the Christmas season, with garlands and lights circling the elegant room, as well as a Christmas tree right in the center.

"So, who's gonna be your Christmas date?" Rena asked, sitting between you and Torch.

"I wanna suck on a Miltank girl's big boobies!" Torch exclaimed. "Ooh, or cuddle with a Roserade! Big sis Blaziken told me that Vaporeon girls are awesome, too!"

Rena giggled, stroking the Torchic girl's warm back with one of her three tails. "I was asking your boyfriend, you know."

"Aww..." Torch pouted, making Rena laugh.

"Hm... I'm not sure who to pick tonight?" you replied.

"Ooh! Ooh! I have an idea!" Torch exclaimed. "Why not call all your girlfriends? We can have a huge Christmas party in the lobby!"

"A huge Christmas party?" Rena pondered. "Hm... sounds like fun, but I'd need to call a lot of girls, then..."

"C'mon! Do it, do it, do it!"

You laughed, putting an arm around Rena. "Think we can do that?"

Rena giggled, pecking you on the cheek. "I think we can," she winked. "But all your girlfriends? That's, like, over thirty girls!"

"Woah, that many?!" Torch gasped. "Wow, Anon, you got busy! Any chance I can play with them~?"

You and Rena laughed together, hugging one another yet again.







The elevator doors swung open, revealing Min Min inside.

"Shèngdàn Jié kuàilè!" she greeted, hugging you from across the room.

You squeezed the long, spring-like arms wrapped around you as approached, kissing you on the lips when she was closest. "Merry Christmas, Min Min," you said warmly.

"It feels like forever since you and I last... hugged like this," the ramen bomber whispered passionately.

"Then lets hug for a bit longer," you replied, kissing her a couple more times.

"Wow, you're really pretty," Torch observed, sitting next to Rena on the nearby couch.

Min Min giggled. "Thanks," she replied, turning to the Pokémon girl with a warm smile.

"This is Torch," Rena said, patting the Torchic girl on the head, making the latter grin. "She's Anon's Pokémon and... well, I guess you could say his real-life girlfriend, too."

"Well, you're very pretty, too," Min Min replied, patting her on the head from several feet away, making the Torchic girl beam even more.

"Are you here for the Christmas party?" you asked.

"Unfortunately, I'll probably be in the kitchen for most of it," she replied. "I'm on Christmas Dinner duty, I suppose, but I'm sure we can hang out afterwards!"

"Christmas ramen? Sounds interesting," you chuckled before kissing her soft, pink lips once again. "But anyway, I'll miss you."

Min Min smiled softly, hugging you even tighter. "Wǒ xǐhuān nǐ," she whispered.

"Mmm, I love you too," you replied, holding her closer in return.





Shantae stepped out of the elevator, immediately dashing to where you were sitting. "Hey, Anon! Merry Christmas!"

"Hey, Shantae! Merry Christmas!" you replied before hugging her tight, savoring the embrace.

She giggled, her hips swaying left and right as she held you close, stroking your back. Torch couldn't help but stare at Shantae's soft ass through her pants.

The half-genie giggled, pressing her lips to yours in a sweet, tender kiss. "Having a good Christmas so far?"

"Definitely," you replied.

"Same here," Torch drooled, mesmerized by Shantae's curvy body.

Shantae purred into your lips before letting go of you and pushing you to the couch. She sat on your lap, shaking her soft ass slowly.

"Wow... that's a sexy lapdance..." Torch moaned, biting her lip and grabbing her exposed boobs.

The half-genie giggled again, turning to Torch. "Hey, you're pretty cute."

"Hmhm, so I've been told," the Torchic-girl boasted playfully.

"Wanna help me tease Anon?" Shantae asked.

"Mmmm, I'd love to," Torch chuckled before getting up, standing in front of Shantae, and kissing her.

The sounds of the two girls making out filled the azure hotel lobby as the half-genie's thick ass grinded against you. You couldn't see their faces, but you could tell their tongues were dancing with one another as they loudly kissed.

And so the night continued...





"Sorry to keep you waiting~" Palutena said, arriving from the elevator.

"Hey, Palutena!" you called to her.

The goddess of light sat beside you, putting an arm around your back as she gently pulled you closer to her. "So, how's my favorite mortal been?"

You grinned. "Been doing just fine. How about you?"

"Oh, things have been alright," she said, pressing the side of her head to your own. "Pit's a bit curious about why I keep leaving every other night, but other than that, everything's fine."

"That's good," you sighed contently, resting against the green-haired goddess.

In another seat, Shantae and Torch continued their make-out session, getting steamier and steamier with every second. Palutena giggled, watching the two.

"Seems like your girlfriend stole your girlfriend," the goddess teased, making you laugh.

"At least you're still here," you said, taking her hand.

She smiled warmly, squeezing her hand as you rested against her. "I'll always be here. I love you, my Anon."





This time, four people exited the elevator: Susie, Zan Partizanne, Flamberge, and Francisca.

"Hey, Merry Christmas!" you called to them.

"Merry Christmas, Anon," Susie replied, waving happily.

"Jhappy Jambasmas!" the three Mage-Sisters exclaimed, each of them flying to you and embracing you.

Susie giggled, watching them float around you for a moment before hovering into your arms as well.

"Feels like just a couple days ago, doesn't it, Anon?" Susie giggled. "When you... you know..."

You blushed, making the girls laugh.

"I bet it was just as sweet as when we first made love," Francisca mused. "I'll never forget that day..."

"Nor will I," Zan Partizanne replied, clinging to you even tighter. "My liege's sweet embrace... the way he kissed me... the way he... remembers..."

"And the way he destroyed us in bed!" Flamberge teased, laughing as she grinded her hips into you. "I bet you wanna go for one more round, right?"

You chuckled. "If you want, but I'm sure Rena wouldn't want us to do it in the lobby."

"...Jamblasted," Flamberge growled under her breath, making the other girls laugh.





"Merry Christmas, Anon!" the origami girl said, floating out of the elevator and into your arms.

"Hey, Olivia!" you greeted back, gently squeezing her.

"I missed you so, so much!" she squealed. "I missed the time we spent together, both in the hotel and out. I loved going on that date with you, spending time with you and Torch, and... pleasing each other..."

Olivia blushed, making you laugh. You kissed her paper face, making her smile.

"Oh! Should I turn into my humanoid form?" she asked.

You shook your head. "Maybe later. You can stay in this form for a while, if it's more comfortable."

"But... my other form is sexier..."

"Heh, she's right about that-ah!" Torch moaned, gasping as she was eaten out by Francisca. "Y-you water types... always g-getting me- ohhhh, so wet..."

You and Olivia laughed at the dirty, naughty scene unfolding (pun intended) on the other couch.





Beebee hopped from the elevator to where you were sitting, immediately smashing her face against yours. Her freckled face smiled brightly as she squeezed you tight in her arms, giggling all the while. "Merry Christmas, Anon! I wuv you!!"

"Wuv you too, Beebee," you replied, hugging her in return.

She was wearing a warm sweater, a rabbit-themed scarf, and a knit hat with bunny ears coming out the top. Her warm body pressed against you, letting you feel her soft, large breasts... and letting her feel your erection.

"Oh? Is that a carrot I feel?" she teased, rubbing her hand into your crotch. You tossed your head back, savoring the sensation. "Did my prince bring his bunny princess a warm, yummy carrot to eat?"

You moaned lightly, allowing the young woman to do what she liked with you. She giggled before kissing your neck, still gently teasing you with her hand.

"B-Beebee, I..." you gasped out.

"Shhhh, my prince..." she whispered, licking your earlobe lightly. "Just let Beebee have her way with you~"

"Mind if I join in?" a voice asked.

"If you like," Beebee replied, in her faux-regal voice. "So long as you make Anon- huh?"

Suddenly, a Gap opened up in front of you, and Yukari appeared from it.

"Aaaah!!" the bunny-loving girl exclaimed.

Yukari giggled. "It's alright, Beebee. Anon's my boyfriend, too."

"O-oh... okay," Beebee said, calming down. "In that case... should we...?"

"Oh, of course we should," Yukari chuckled, hopping out of the gap to your side.

Both girls kissed your cheeks, leaving lipstick marks on your face as they smooched you over and over. The giggling girls embraced you as they continued, stroking your crotch or inner thighs with their hands every so often...







"And... there!" Rena said, setting the last plate of food down. The lobby was complete, and just in time; many more girls had arrived, and were now sitting around you. The three-tailed kitsune chuckled, watching them exchange kisses with you.

Min Min giggled, standing beside her. "Anon certainly seems to be enjoying himself."

"As he should be," Rena replied. "He deserves a good Christmas."

"So, did you get him anything?" the ramen bomber asked.

"Naturally... but I'll save that gift for later. For now, let's go tell them that dinner's ready."


"Hey, Anon!" Rena greeted. "Enjoying the party?"

"Hell yeah," you replied, watching Palutena pole-dance on her staff while surrounded by a group of very excited girls. "Is it dinner time now?"

"Yep! We're having a buffet, so you can eat what you like."

"I wanna eat Anon," Shantae teased, sitting close beside you.

"Well, you know the rules," Rena said. "You can only do dirty stuff with Anon if he requested you."

"...But I did request her," you remembered. "Actually, I requested... everyone here."

Rena smirked. "I know. Go wild, Anon~" she said, kissing your forehead.

Suddenly, all the girls turned towards you, hungry looks in their eyes and seductive smiles on their faces.

"Heh... you hear that?" Princess Daisy chuckled, crawling towards you.

"I think Rena just said something... very nice..." the Piranha Plant Gal growled playfully, hips swaying left and right as she approached.

Shantae giggled, putting an arm around you as several girls grabbed your pants, pushing and shoving as they tried pulling them down. The hunger, the desire, the lust in their eyes only grew as they exposed your erection to the air, cheering as you had your pants removed.





Callie and Marie rapidly kissed your hard-on up and down, savoring the smell as their soft, glossy lips pressed against it. The two squid girls moaned into your erection, winking at you every so often.

"Nothing better than getting your boner kissed by the Squid Sisters, huh?" Callie asked, winking at you.

"You can make a mess on us," Marie assured, "so there's no need to hold back."

Callie's long tongue traveled up and down your shaft, while Marie began kissing up your stomach to your chest, pulling your shirt off as the many girls in the room cheered. Callie's tongue wrapped around your boner, stroking it up and down. Marie, meanwhile, began licking your side, kissing up to your armpit.

"Someone's definitely getting sweaty, haha..." Marie chuckled.

"C'mon, explode on me!" Callie demanded playfully, before wrapping her soft lips around your head and pumping up and down your shaft with her smooth, creamy hands. "Spray your white ink all over me!!"




Rouge chuckled as she rubbed your cock in her gloved hands, pumping you up and down in her touch. She made a ring with her thumb and index finger, stroking you slowly.

"So? Does this make you feel good?" Rouge asked.

You nodded affirmative, making the bat girl laugh.

"Are you gonna cum in her fingers?" Min Min asked, putting her long arm around you over and over as she held you close. "Is that what you want? You want to empty your balls for us?" The ramen bomber pressed her soft, pink lips to your cheek.

You moaned, humping up into Rouge's touch. The two girls laughed, giggling as they teased you.

"Do it," Rouge ordered. "Explode for me. Now."

"Mmmm, I want to slurp it up like ramen..." Min Min moaned into your ear.




May pressed her large breasts into your face, rubbing their softness against you. She giggled, watching her Blaziken girl suck you off with her full, red lips. Her warm, long tongue snaked around you inside her mouth, threatening to milk you dry. You let out a moan into May's chest, making her smile.

"Is my boyfriend getting close? Are you gonna pop inside my Blaziken's mouth?" May teased, stroking the back of your head.

Meanwhile, Torch was being eaten out by May's Sceptile, her emerald lips sucking on the Torchic girl's clit. The grass-type amazon licked up and down her pussy, making her cry out in pleasure.

"I think Torch likes it even more than Anon," May's Swampert chuckled, rubbing Torch's small boobs. "You're really cute, Torch."

"Haah... th-thanks..." the Torchic girl moaned, humping into Sceptile mouth involuntarily. "H-having fun, big sis?"

The Blaziken girl gave a thumbs-up while continuing to suck your cock. You could feel her warm saliva dribbling down your shaft and balls as she slobbered on you. May laughed, sliding down your body to face you before kissing you passionately. The love of the Pokémon trainer before you mimicked the affection her Pokémon had for you and Torch. You spent a very long time with May and her three loving Pokémon, 




Palutena's bare breasts pressed against Yukari's, squeezing your throbbing erection between them. You grunted in pleasure, feeling them rub up and down your length joyously.

"Isn't Anon just the best~?" Palutena giggled.

"Oh, he certainly is..." Yukari agreed, rubbing her breasts into you harder. "So sweet and perfect..."

Alice Margatroid sat beside you, kissing your neck on one side while her living dolls kissed you on the other. You let out a moan of intense pleasure as you were surrounded by them.

"Is your Christmas coming along nicely?" Alice asked, her nude body pressed tightly against yours.

You nodded, turning to kiss her soft, sweet lips. "It is. I love you, all of you."

She blushed, returning your kiss with warm affection. "We love you, too... especially me."

"So, Palutena," Yukari asked, continuing her dual paizuri, "do you have any plans with Anon?"

Palutena giggled. "Besides taking him to Skyworld and ruling the heavens with him?"

"My, my," the gap youkai smirked, "that's quite high plans you have for him. I was planning to let him live with me on the border of Gensokyo."

"Surely we could share him," Palutena suggested, using her goddess powers to make her breasts ultra-soft and smooth. "After all, he's belongs to all of us."

"And us to you," Alice whispered into your ear, kissing it.

"Should we pass him around every day or so?" Yukari asked, using her youkai powers to make her breasts simultaneously squishy and firm. "Or perhaps he could request a world to rest in, just as he requests which woman he desires to sleep with?"

You flung your head back, your body shaking from the intense, mounting pleasure. "I-I'm gonna-"

Suddenly, Palutena and Yukari hugged each other, squeezing your penis between them even tighter.

"Do it," Palutena insisted, biting her lip.

"Cum on us," Yukari agreed, licking her lips slowly for you.

"Let out every drop onto them," Alice whispered into your ear. "Make a goddess and a youkai your cum-sluts. You can do whatever you want with them. That's right... cum."

You complied, exploding between the breasts of two unbelievably powerful women.




"Make sure not to overeat~" the Wii Fit Trainer teased, stroking Chie's head with her alabaster hand.

"Mmmm..." Chie moaned, her lips around your head. "I can't help it! Oh, I love his meat so much..." She pumped her lips up and down your dick several times before pulling off it. "Um, sorry, that was pretty lame, wasn't it?"

You, Wii Fit, and Kasumi laughed. The blushing Chie continued sucking you off, harder and faster than ever.

"Teasing aside," Wii Fit continued, "you girls are in excellent shape."

Kasumi blushed. "Thanks. I do a lot of acrobatics, and she's training to be in the police force."

"Mhm," Chie nodded in affirmation, rubbing your underside with her tongue.

The Wii Fit Trainer grinned. "That's wonderful. You two are really impressive." She then started stroking your stomach. "Anon's looking pretty impressive, himself."

"All thanks to you," you said, kissing her.

"You're remarkable, Anon..." Kasumi whispered, rubbing your chest with one hand while the other held your head.

You smiled, turning to Kasumi and kissing her as well.

Chie popped off your saliva-coated dick. "Mmmph, Yukiko's gonna be so jealous..."




"And then, I started whipping Anon's butt with my hair~" Shantae said, continuing her story.

"Mmmph, so sexy..." the Piranha Plant Gal moaned, licking her plump lips with her long tongue.

"Mmm, I bet he started moaning, didn't he?" Daisy asked, riding on your dick as Shantae and Pira sat at both sides of you.

Shantae giggled. "Naturally. He's so cute..."

"H-hey, I didn't moan- ah!" you moaned, feeling Daisy's warm walls surround you.

Shantae and Pira giggled.

"Oh, Anon, you dirty boy," the Piranha Plant Gal teased, grabbing your face in her hands before violently kissing you, shoving her long, sweet tongue down your mouth. You felt her saliva affect you already, your body getting more and more aroused.

You moaned even louder, eyes wide as you gripped Daisy's hips and began furiously fucking her from below. The princess cried out in pleasure as Shantae laughed.

"Nice one, Pira," the half-genie complimented, fingering herself while she watched you.

"AH! ANON!" Daisy cried out, drooling from your hardcore fucking. "Mmmmph, this is AWESOME!!"

You spent a very long time with Daisy, Shantae, and the Piranha Plant, kissing and screwing constantly...




Susie licked her lips as she covered her strap-on in lotion. "Ready, Torch?" she asked.

"U-um, ready..." Torch replied, nervous as she bent over. "This is my first time with a strapon, so p-please be gentle."

"Don't worry, everything is going to be fine," Susie assured, lining herself up.

"W-wait!!" the Torchic girl exclaimed. "Th-that's my-!!"


"S-Susie, you..." Torch moaned, feeling the ridged strapon fill her insides up. "Y-you took my butt virginity..."

"Oh? Anon never did this to you?" Susie giggled, thrusting in and out of her. "I'm surprised. Your butt is wonderful. Smooth, firm, and a beautiful orange color, as well."


Meanwhile, you found yourself laying on the floor, with the Three Mage Sisters running train on you, fucking you over and over, one after the other. With each orgasm, they'd get off you and swap to the next until she orgasmed, continuing the cycle. You found your mind going blank with pleasure as the three short mages fucked your brains out.




"So, what do you think, Anon?" the Mii Gunner asked.

"Um... isn't that the Barret costume?"

"Look, it's the only new Gunner costume besides the Geno one," she insisted, before jumping into your lap, "and I'm saving that one for our 'special cosplay time'~"

Paula snorted in laughter. "You're going to do it with him in the Geno costume?"

"Not only that," Gunner continued, "he's gonna cum in Geno."

"S-so lewd..." Ana blushed, looking away.

"Oh?" Mii Gunner smirked. "I thought you liked lewd things now~"

"N-no!" she insisted. "I-I mean, when I'm alone with Anon, it's... ah..."

Paula and Gunner laughed. You put your arm around Ana reassuringly.

"I'd rather do stuff in private with you, too," you told her.

"Anon..." Ana whispered, before kissing your cheek. "I-I love you..."

You embraced her, making the other girls coo adoringly. "I love you too, Ana..." you replied, kissing her over and over.



"Hey, you aren't a real bunny at all!" Beebee pouted.

Jessica Rabbit rolled her eyes, before she and Lottie continued to peck your cheeks with thick red lipstick marks.

"Sorry to disappoint," Jessica snarked at her.

Suddenly, Beebee felt someone standing behind her.

"Ara ara, Beebee-chan~" the Piranha Plant Gal growled lustfully as her hips swayed seductively behind her.

"Ah!" the bunny-loving girl yelped, turning around... and immediately found herself in a rough, hardcore lesbian kiss.

Jessica and Lottie laughed before continuing to kiss you, with Lottie's kisses becoming more and more excited.

"Mmmm, I just love you to bits, sugar!!" she squealed, continuing to kiss you. "I never got to thank you properly for this ring~" She held out her hand, sparkling with the ring you bought for her.

Jessica smiled, taking Lottie's hand to see the ring closer. "Oh my, it's a wonderful ring. I'm a little jealous."

"Anon's gonna propose to you too, Jessie," Lottie assured, hugging her toon friend. "Just you wait!"

You nodded. "I just gotta make some more money, that's all."

Jessica smiled at you warmly, stroking your head with her purple evening gloves. "I know you will, Anon. I love you."

"Ooooh, I just can't WAIT for the ceremony!" Lottie exclaimed, before going into all the details of your future wedding...




Peach and Rosalina examined Olivia's humanoid form in excitement, their hands exploring every crease of her curious origami-human body.

"S-stop that, it tickles!" the origami girl insisted.

"But you're amazing!" Peach insisted, rubbing her large breasts.

"It's indeed a curious body..." Rosalina pondered aloud, caressing her folded thighs. "The two of you have made love in this form, yes?"

You nodded. "She's incredible, too. I had no idea-"

"No, stoooppp!!" Olivia insisted, burying her red face in her hands.

The other princesses laughed, hugging her. You joined in, before kissing her on the lips. "Love you, Olivia."

"L-love you too..." she stammered.

"Perhaps we should spend some alone time together," Rosalina suggested, caressing your head. "You, Peach, Olivia, and I. Of course, Daisy would be invited, too."

You nodded. "That sounds amazing."

"C-count me out!" Olivia exclaimed, blushing harder than ever. "Th-that's too much! I don't think my poor origami heart can take it!"

Peach and Rosalina laughed, continuing to playfully tease the poor origami princess while you comforted her.




"Mmmm, you're sooo warm, Torch!" Nana purred, cuddling nude with your Torchic girlfriend.

"Th-thanks, but you're kind of- Grnk!" Torch grunted, trying not to be crushed to death in the Ice Climber's death grip.

You laughed before joining in. "Mmmm, a warm cuddle with a cute fire-type. Perfect for the Christmas season."

"Sh-shut up...!" the Torchic groaned, getting squeezed even tighter by you and Nana. "Mmmph, it's too tight...!"

"Hey, count me in too!" exclaimed the huge, thick Pikachu Libre girl now running towards your cuddle puddle.

"No... No... NOOOO!!!!"



Torch fainted!


Dark Samus pressed her huge, blue phazon ass against Urbosa's, squeezing your rock-hard cock between them. Moving up and down, they jerked you off with their huge, gloriously thick asses.

Samus laughed, sitting beside you with her arm around you. "Looks like fun," she said.

"I'm sure you want to join in, Sammy," Urbosa teased.

Samus shook her head. "I'll wait until Anon's officially requested me. Until then, I'm just here to watch Dark Samus."

"I'm- mmmph! I'm definitely gonna ask you out someday," you grunted out, moaning from the incredible buttjob you were recieving. Dark Samus' bouncy ass... Urbosa's muscular one...

The bounty hunter smiled lightly before kissing your forehead. "I can wait a million galactic years for that, Anon. I love you."

You blushed at her sweetness, leaning into her. "I love you too, Samus."






"That's a lot of cum to clean up..." Rena noted, looking around the lobby. "Guess I'll be having fun this Boxing Day- Oh, for the love of Amaterasu, how'd they get on the CEILING?"

Ana, Paula, and Rosalina giggled, hearing Rena talk to herself.

The kitsune girl sighed. "Well, with that out of the way, did everyone eat enough? 'Cause we've still got dessert!"

Everyone cheered as Min Min brought out several plates of dessert, setting them on the tables.

"Dig in!" Rena exclaimed, and everyone followed suit.



"Hey, know what might be fun?" Rena said, sitting beside you. "We should tell Anon our favorite things about him~"

You blushed, glancing away. "Aw, you- you don't gotta do that-"

"He makes me laugh," Jessica Rabbit said, smiling at you.

"And he's always so kind," Princess Peach chimed in.

"He never gives up, no matter what!" Wii Fit Trainer said, giving you a thumbs-up.

"He's very handsome," Paula said, blushing.

"He's got good stamina," Urbosa chuckled, making everyone else laugh as well.

"He's basically both a boyfriend and a best friend," Nana grinned. "It's really nice."

"He doesn't mind weird sex," Mii Gunner laughed.

"Or almost anything weird at all, for that matter," Olivia agreed, now in her standard form. "He never judges you."

"He looks sooo cute!" Beebee giggled. "Especially in a bunny costume..."

"He... always remembers to go at your pace," Chie chimed in, her face a bright red. "Like, if you aren't used to something, he doesn't insist on doing it. He totally could, but he doesn't, and that... oh, sorry, rambling again," she chuckled awkwardly.

"He's very... quick to learn," Rosalina said softly.

"He's strong as hell!" Pikachu Libre roared, flexing her muscles as her heart-tail wagged behind her. "I battlefuck him into submission every time he comes over, and he's always raring for more!"

You blushed, embarrassed. "Y-you don't have to all say something-"

"I love your smile, darlin'," Lottie beamed.

"I love how he basically tamed Dark Samus," Samus said, with the aforementioned creature nodding in agreement beside her.

"I love playing games with him!" Princess Daisy exclaimed. "He's awesome!"

"I like his fresh style!" Callie said.

Marie nodded. "And I like how he always listens."

"I adore how he cuddles," Alice Margatroid said, wrapping her arms around a doll in her lap as she spoke.

"He... always believes in you, no matter what," Kasumi said.

"He never forces anything lewd on you!" Ana exclaimed. "He doesn't like making you uncomfortable!"

"I like how wild he can get when you let him, though," the Piranha Plant Gal chuckled wickedly.

"Hmhm, I love the way he appreciates a woman~" Rouge the Bat purred.

"I love how he... never forgets," Zan Partizanne said. "He never forgets anything about you..."

"I love the way he kisses," Francisca said dreamily, imagining you kissing her.

Flamberge grinned mischievously. "I love the way he grunts and moans when he busts a nut!"

Everyone in the room cheered in agreement, making you blush even more, hiding your face in your hands.

"I love how well he takes care of his Pokémon!" May said. "I mean, even if he's only got one."

"Hey, can we say one?" May's Blaziken asked. "I love how he's taken care of my sister."

"I love the name he gave her," May's Swampert said. "I mean, 'Torch'? That's crazy cute!"

Torch blushed. "I... love the way he treats me at home. I never imagined living with someone so... loving."

"I love how he doesn't treat Pokémon like objects," May's Sceptile said. "Excluding May, of course, most trainers treat their Pokémon like weapons in battle, instead of like friends. Anon's not like that at all."

"I love how he can appreciate a nice bowl of ramen," Min Min grinned.

"I love listening to Anon's voice," Susie said, smiling with her hands on her cheeks. "It's like... what it called again? Ass-mur?"

"ASMR," Rena corrected.

"Well, I like how Anon watches me when I belly dance for him~" Shantae giggled, winking at you.

"I adore the way he blushes when you shower him with compliments," Palutena chuckled.

"I love how he can be both loving and naughty," Yukari smirked. "As though he's on the Border of Love and Lust~"

Rena giggled, wagging her three fox tails. "And I love..."




"Rena? You okay?"

The kitsune girl wiped a tear from her face, smiling all the while. "Anon... I... I've loved you for so long that... it's hard for me to just pick one thing. I-If I had to choose just one, I'd... I'd say it's the way you've made all these girls so happy. I mean, just look at them! You've brought joy to so many people, and I... I think it's wonderful."

You embraced her, causing her to gasp.

"I love you too. All of you. Especially you... Rena."

Rena cried tears of joy as she buried her smiling face into your shoulder. Everyone cheered as they watched the two of you hugging it out.

Their adoring shouts weren't just for you this time.




The hours continued to pass in that dream world, but the time quickly approached for you to leave. You and Torch left the Hotel hand-in-hand after thanking each of the girls who came to the party. The topless, lipstick-covered Torchic girl giggled as she pressed her chin to your shoulder.

"So? We're coming back tomorrow, right?"

You laughed, exiting the Hotel and awakening, once again, in your shared bed.



With about 30 or so Christmas presents in hand.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past several months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: Who's next?



"Good evening, Anon!" Rena greeted, perky as always. "How was your day?"

You shrugged. "Pretty good. Not much to talk about."

"Well, maybe you'll have something to talk about tonight," the kitsune chuckled, winking at you. "Anyone in mind?"

"Hm... well, I was thinking about Pauline from Mario lately."

"Oh, Pauline!" Rena grinned, shaking her three tails. "It's funny you should mention her; I just beat Super Mario Odyssey last night!"

"Nice!" you said, giving her a thumbs-up.

"Still have to collect all the moons, though..." she sighed. "Anyway, let me message her real quick, and then you can go meet her. Sound good?"




"Floor 9, Room 81, here we come!" Rena announced, typing the floor number into the elevator computer. "You ready to jump up, Superstar?"

You chuckled, sitting down with her on the elevator's seats. "Totally."

Rena nuzzled her face into your shoulder. "Mmmm... So nice..."

You smiled warmly, putting an arm around the kitsune girl as her tails began to wag.

She giggled. "I had soooo much fun playing Odyssey. Remember when Mario possessed the T-Rex?"

"Remember the Lord of Lightning boss?"

"Remember New Donk City? Like, all of it?"

"Remember the 100% completion bonus?"

"Oh, I haven't gotten there yet!" Rena hurriedly said. "Don't spoil it for me!"

"Oh, sorry."

The two of you continued gushing over the game as the elevator ascended.





"Let's see, Room 81 is... ah, that way!" Rena announced, taking you by the hand and leading you to Pauline's room, skipping all the while.

You chuckled, smiling at her. "I love seeing you this happy."

Rena blushed, grinning from ear to ear. "Heheh, th-thanks..."

"Aw, why so shy now?" you smirked, bumping into her playfully.

"Oh, shut up, dork," she teased in return, returning your bump.

The two of you laughed as you made your way to Pauline's door.


The door was decorated with several Donkey Kong-themed stickers, as well as the numbers "81" in gold.

"Must be her room," Rena said, patting you on the back. "Ready to get fucked by an elected official?"

"Most elected officials do that."

Rena burst out in laughter. You smiled, giving the Kitsune receptionist a hug before she left. As she returned to the elevator, you knocked on Pauline's door.

"Come on in," a voice said from inside.

You opened the door slowly. Inside, you saw a woman in a red pantsuit sitting at a desk, reading and signing papers. She looked up from them to see you, smiling at you with her full, red lips. She had blue eyes, violet eye shadow, and long brown hair adorned with a purple hat. This was definitely Pauline.

"I can't thank you enough for choosing me, Anon," she said with a grin, "but I'm a little busy. You can take a seat, if you'd like."

You nodded, taking a seat across from her as she continued signing papers. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"Oh, don't worry, you're fine," she assured. "I've just got a lot on my plate right now. New Donk City really means the world to me, so I'm working my hardest to make it even better."

You smiled. "That's really cool."

Pauline giggled. "You think so?"

Suddenly, you felt something touch you underneath the desk. Glancing down, you realized it was a foot, gently stroking your inner thigh.

"I think we'll make a good couple, Anon," Pauline giggled. "You know, I take walks around New Donk City every day. I'd love to take them with you someday."

You felt her smooth, foot slowly stroke you through your pants, making you moan softly.

"Would you like that, Anon?" she asked, resting an elbow on the desk with her cheek in her hand, her eyes gazing at you lovingly. "Would you like to hold my hand while walking down the street?"

You nodded, feeling your erection get harder and harder as her foot played with you.

Pauline smirked at you before winking. "Just so you know, Anon... you don't have to be formal around me. I'm your lover, not just a mayor."

You blushed, smiling. You slowly began slipping off your pants, allowing Pauline's foot access to your throbbing boner.

"Good boy," she whispered, before gently stroking your length with her soft, pale foot. A small moan of pleasure left your mouth, making the mayor giggle once again.

"S-so hot..." you grunted out.

Pauline winked at you again before continuing to sign her papers. "I'm still a little busy, so I hope this small amount of pleasure can satisfy you."

You nodded. "Thanks, Pauline," you replied, leaning back in your seat.


The mayor finished her footjob just as her papers were finished. "And... done! That's the last of 'em!"

You nodded, your face a blushing mess from her seductive touch. "S-so can we... you know..."

Pauline giggled, standing up. "Aw, are you sure you want to do that already? There's other things we can do, too, you know."

She walked around her desk to your side, putting one arm around you while the other gently gripped your aching, throbbing hard-on.

"Mmm, looks like someone's 'Big Banana' is happy to see me..." Pauline teased, her soft, smooth hand held you tight. "Did you get tired of princesses, Anon? Decided a mayor was a perfect lover for you?"

You couldn't speak; the pleasure from her touch was too good, and you were still reeling from her footjob.

"Of course, I'm only teasing," she continued. "I'm very good friends with Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina. In fact... they're probably cheering us on right now~"

You put an arm around Pauline, smiling. "I'm- mmmph, I'm sure they are," you moaned.

Pauline pressed her soft, full, crimson lips to your cheek, leaving a large lipstick mark behind. "You look wonderful in my color, Anon. Maybe I should cover more of your face~"

She kissed along your jawline, moving upwards from your cheek to your earlobe, which she teased with her tongue. Her hand, painted with red nail polish, pumped your cock up and down, from the base to the tip.

"P-Pauline, this is wonderful..." you gasped in pleasure.

She giggled, licking her hand before continuing her handjob. "It'll be even better when you explode in my hand."

You grunted out, almost ready to blow in her touch, when she suddenly smashed her full, plush lips against yours, kissing you deeply as her tongue pushed into your mouth. She moaned into your lips, her slick tongue gliding against yours passionately. You felt an electric jolt shoot through your body, bursting into the mayor's soft hands.

As she pulled away from your lips, you panted, trying to recover from the intensity of her kiss and handjob. She giggled, examining her cum-coated hand with admiration, before pressing her plump lips to your own once again.

"You did wonderfully," Pauline said softly, beaming at you.

"So did you," you replied, recovering from the orgasm with a wide smile on your face.

"Would you like to cuddle for a while? I'll just change first, if that's alright with you."



You rested on Pauline's cozy, red canopy bed as you waited for her. As she emerged from her closet, you saw the red halter dress she was wearing, showing off her curves and her considerable cleavage. You didn't quite recall her having such a bountiful bosom in Odyssey, but they certainly looked natural.

She giggled, seeing where your eyes wandered. She laid down beside you, putting her arms behind your head before giving you several quick kisses. Her soft lips were addicting, sending tingles through your whole body with each smooch.

You shared kiss after kiss with Pauline, snuggling tight against her hourglass-shaped body in her bed. After several minutes, your face was almost completely red with her lipstick marks. The two of you shared a laugh, pressing your foreheads together as you embraced.

"You're adorable, Anon," Pauline said softly, running her fingers through your hair. "I just can't thank you enough for coming!"

You beamed, a grin spread wide across your kiss-covered face. "I'm glad to be here. You're really incredible."

"Oh, stop it, you," she said, faux-modestly. "I... love you, Anon."

You hugged her tight, nuzzling into her shoulder. "I love you too, Pauline."

"Mmm, you've got no idea how long I've waited to hear you say those words," Pauline replied warmly, holding you even closer.

After a few minutes of hugging, Pauline pressed your face down to her large, soft breasts. You sighed contently, resting your cheek on her cleavage. She giggled, stroking your head as you nearly dozed off on her soft, tender "pillows".

"They making you happy?" Pauline asked, smirking with amusement as you nuzzled your face into her bosom.

You gave her a double thumbs-up, your face smashed in her softness.

She laughed, louder and more jovial than ever. "Then maybe you'll like this~" Pauline whispered, lowering a strap on her dress, exposing one of her boobs. Her light-red nipple, slowly hardening from arousal, now sat mere inches from your face. "Suck," she softly ordered.

You gladly complied, pressing your lips around her nipple before sucking on it. She moaned, stroking the back of your head just as she did before, her body shivering from the sensation you gave her. Your erection poked against her thigh as you licked her nipple inside your mouth, still gently sucking on her.

"Mmmph, so nice..." she said breathily, squeezing you into her breast with a hug. "You're very good at it. Maybe our children will be just as good~" she giggled, now playing with your hair with one hand. "That is, if you want a family with me."

You nodded, her boob still in your mouth.

Pauline laughed, squealing adoringly at you. "This is so exciting! Thank you!"

She lowered the strap on her other shoulder, exposing her other breast. You quickly swapped to the other nipple, gently teasing the former with your hand, making Pauline moan with desire.

"We'll- mmmph, we'll get married, live in New Donk City, and have a dozen children together. Sounds good?"

You chuckled, still fervently sucking her tit. You pulled off from her with a loud pop, grinning. "Yeah, it does."

Pauline smiled, spreading her arms wide to invite you into another hug. You shared a warm, sweet embrace with Pauline on her bed, feeling her large, bare bosom press against you.


"Now, Anon, are you ready?" Pauline asked, standing across from you as you sat on the bed.

You nodded, smiling from ear to ear.

The mayor smirked, dropping her dress to the ground, exposing her completely nude body. Her curvy, hourglass-shaped body looked incredible, as did her sweet smile as she watched you gazing at her. You chuckled a little, seeing her brown pubic hair trimmed to the shape of a Power Moon.

She began walking towards you slowly, her hips swaying with each step. She stood directly in front of you before leaning down and pulling your shirt off. She bit her lip, admiring your nude body just as you had admired hers. Your dick twitched with excitement as you stood close to each other.

"Well, Anon?" Pauline asked softly, turning around to show you her creamy, smooth ass. "What do you think?"

You immediately buried your face in her ass, causing her to help before moaning in desire. Your tongue rapidly teased her anus, making her cry out in pleasure. She bent over, her hands on the ground as you ate her.

"G-good think I clean my pipes well," Pauline joked, her body quivering in delight.

You chuckled, rubbing her pussy with one hand while continuing to eat her. She moaned once again, her body shivering from your touch and your tongue.

"MMMMMPH, oh, Anon!" she cried out, trembling with desire. She dripped in your hand as you began to finger her. "I'm... I'm close already...!"

You stopped eating her ass, instead kissing her cheeks as you continued fingering her. "You're gonna cum?"

"Mmm, I... I..."

Suddenly, Pauline turned around, pinning you to the bed. Your erection twitched as her eyes, full of hunger and desire, met yours.

"I'm not done yet," she said seductively, lowering her hips onto yours slowly. Her wet, dripping entrance hovered over you, ready to take you inside.

You smiled at her, eager for her to claim you. "Sounds good," you replied, grabbing her hips and thrusting up into her.

She yelped in pleasure as you entered her. You felt an electric surge shoot through your body as her wet, slick walls surrounded you. As she moved, her warm folds stroked you up and down, almost milking you as she rode you.

Pauline gasped and panted as she rode your erect cock, bouncing up and down on you fervently. She grinned with each drop on top of you, savoring the feeling of your cock inside her. Her hips shook left and right as the mayor of New Donk City claimed you as her own.

"H-hey," you said beneath her, smirking playfully, "does this count as a sex scandal, Miss Mayor?"

"Haah... n-not if you're my husband..." she panted, beaming at you.

"Is- mmmph- is this a proposal?" you asked, gripping her hips tighter.

She nodded, blushed a bright red as she smiled at you, her red lips curled into a sweet grin. "I-if you'll have me."

You sat up, hugging her tight. "I do," you replied, kissing her blushing cheek.

"A-Anon..." Pauline gasped before hugging you in return. "Then let's get married for real, then! Ooh, New Donk City's gonna be so excited! We'll have to have a whole 'nother festival to celebrate!"

You chuckled, squeezing her soft, nude body even tighter, your bodies slick with sweat as you embraced. "Sounds like fun. Will the princesses be invited?"

Pauline giggled. "Maybe we can make it a five-way marriage~"

The two of you shared a laugh, your bodies still connected as one.

"Mmmmph, I think I'm close, Pauline..." you panted.

She smirked, shaking her hips rapidly with you inside. "Good. Put a baby in me."

You gasped from the intense pleasure, gripping her tighter. "P-Pauline...!"

Your body shook with desire before exploding inside her, your seed blasting into her welcoming womb. She laughed, kissing your cheeks as you filled her up. The intense orgasm made your grip on her weaken, causing you to fall backwards onto the bed.

"Th-thanks, Pauline," you whispered.

She giggled, laying down beside you. "You're welcome, Anon. Did I tire you out?"

"I usually get like this after fucking," you replied. "It's kinda becoming a cliché."

Pauline laughed, hugging you and setting your head on her bosom. "I know plenty about clichés, trust me. I used to be the classic 'damsel in distress' archetype before Peach showed up."

You chuckled, the two of you cuddling together as you relaxed on the bed, embracing as one.









You woke up in Pauline's bed, feeling something on your dick. You lifted the blanket to reveal her, kissing up and down along your shaft. You shivered from the erotic sight, moaning from the sensation. Her full, plush lips pressed tight against your cock, leaving bright red lipstick marks everywhere she went.

"Good morning, Anon," Pauline said cheerily before kissing you again. "I got excited while you were asleep. You don't mind, do you?"

You shook your head. "P-please, continue."

She laughed before rapidly kissing your length, making you moan from the sensation. She giggled as she watched you writhe in pleasure, licking up your length with just the tip of her smooth pink tongue. Her hands gently caressed your balls at the same time, making you throw your head back as your body was surrounded with the wonderful pleasure she provided...






You sat in Pauline's desk chair, grunting in desire as she pressed her breasts around your shaft, pumping you up and down.

"Aren't they so soft?" she cooed, pumping just a little faster with each word. "Don't you feel so... at ease with them?"

You nodded, the pleasure becoming more than you could handle already. "I-it's incredible...!"

Pauline laughed, winking at you. "It gets even better, my 1-Up Boy~" she teased, grabbing a bottle of lotion from under the desk and squirting it between her cleavage. Suddenly, her paizuri became even faster, slick with the lotion as she surrounded your cock. You moaned loudly, throwing your head back as her massive mayoral mammaries drove you to cum, over and over...





Pauline fell backwards onto the bed, her legs spread wide for you. She pressed a finger to her lower lip seductively, enticing you to approach with her other hand.

"Come," she whispered lustfully. "Make me your 1-Up Girl~"

Your cock twitched in desire, wanting the same things as she did. You grabbed her soft thighs, pressing your erection to her entrance. She gripped her large, soft breasts with both hands, kneading them gently as she enticed you further. You teased her entrance with the tip of your dick, making her moan.

Pauline wrapped her long legs around your waist, pulling you in.

"Do it," she growled in desire.

You nodded, gladly thrusting into her. She cried out in pleasure, moaning as you penetrated her slick, warm, soaking depths. Her body shivered in lustful anguish beneath you as you pounded into her, over and over.

"Yeahhh!!" she moaned, her hips shaking with each thrust, her seductive personality replaced with her usual vigorous one. As you fucked her, she leaned forward, grabbing your face and pulling you in for a hot, wet, passionate kiss.





"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced, barging in as usual.

"Oh, hey, Rena," Pauline said, waving to her. "I was just telling Anon about what our wedding night would be like."

You blushed, nodding. "She's got a lot of good ideas..."

The kitsune giggled, setting the nearby table with food - particularly, fried mushrooms. "Marriage plans already? Most girls in the Hotel wait a few nights before popping the question, you know."

"I just couldn't resist," Pauline said, stroking your chin. "Rena, you really must join us for our upcoming festival!"

"Festival? Like, in New Donk City?"

"That's right. I'd love to show my gratitude to both you and Anon."

Rena blushed, smiling modestly. "T-to me? I'm- I didn't do anything."

"Oh, nonsense," Pauline insisted, getting up to hug Rena. "You're always doing your best to make everyone happy. I can honestly say, your hotel beats anything we have in the Metro Kingdom!"

Rena sighed softly. "P-Pauline, I..."

"Are you okay, Rena?" you asked.

Rena wiped a tear from her face. "I... I just wanna say..."

The kitsune grabbed Pauline's bare ass, squeezing both cheeks tight and making her squeal.

"DAYMN, Lady, you got a hell of a donk on ya!" Rena exclaimed.

You laughed, while Pauline simply blushed heavily.

"D-don't squeeze so hard!" the mayor admonished. "Honestly, you're worse than Donkey Kong!"

You and Rena couldn't stop laughing, even as you enjoyed a meal together.



Unfortunately, like every night, the dream had to end. As the time came to wake up, you gave Pauline your heartfelt goodbyes before Rena led you back to the entrance. You passed through the threshold, walking through the dark void until your eyes finally opened, revealing your ordinary bed and your ordinary room.

But in your hand, however, you found a small square CD box, with the CD inside labeled "For my 1-Up Boy❤️"

"...Hm. Might was well listen to it."

Chapter Text

Every night for the past several months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: Who's next?




Rena groaned, leaning back on the lobby couch as she clutched her Switch controller. "Lost again..."

"What's up?" you asked, walking over to her.

"Oh! Good evening, Anon," she replied, immediately perking up. "I was just... playing."

You recognized the game on the TV in front of her. "Oh, Tetris 99?"

She nodded. "Yep! Only... I keep losing to this one player," she bemoaned.. "Their handle's SHSLGamer7."

"SHSL... oh, Super High School Level Gamer! It's Chiaki, from Danganronpa."

"Ohhh, that'd explain it," Rena realized. "Guess that's why there's no way I can win... UNLESS."

"Unless... what?"

Rena turned to you with a mischievous grin. "Heyyy, Anon... if Chiaki was 'distracted' for a while, I might be able to actually win a round~"

"...I thought manipulating my requests was against the rules."

"Oh, silly," Rena playfully dismissed. "I'm not manipulating your requests. I'm just giving a suggestion. If you do, I might give you a nice reward~" she winked.

"This is... weirdly uncharacteristic of you," you said, raising an eyebrow.

"What do you mean? I've always been a colossal troll," she replied, a mischievous smirk across her face.

You sighed. "What's her room number?"




"Floor 77, Room 2!" Rena exclaimed, quickly typing it into the elevator computer.

"Now, remember, I'm not doing this for you," you told her. "I'm doing this because Chiaki's a top-tier cute gamer girl."

The kitsune girl giggled. "Relax, I getcha," she assured, leading you to the elevator's seating as it ascended. "I just wanna win a game, that's all. Is that too much to ask?" she pouted.

You groaned, playfully punching her shoulder. "You're the worst."

"Aw, c'mon, don't say that," Rena insisted, gripping your shoulder and giving you the saddest puppy-dog eyes possible. "Don't you want to defend your fair maiden's honor?"

"Isn't Chiaki also a 'fair maiden'?"

"Yeah, but fuck her," she replied. "Literally. Fuck her."





"Just down the hall," Rena said, leading you forward as the elevator doors opened.

"Sounds good," you replied.

Just then, something caught your eye. Leaning against the wall was a strange-looking vending machine, marked with a certain black-and-white bear mascot.

"Hm?" Rena noticed what you were looking at. "Oh! That's a MonoMono Machine. I... don't know who put them there, but they're all around this floor. And Floor 11037, come to think of it."

You considered the strange machine for a while. "Hey, uh... mind if I get something from here for Chiaki? I promise I'll pay you back."

Rena smirked, grabbing her coin purse from her blue floral kimono (which apparently has pockets) and handing you a 500 yen coin.

"Thanks," you replied, inserting it into the machine.

Inserting it into the machine, it rumbled for a moment before dispensing a orb-shaped capsule. Opening it, you found a small, beautiful rose within a glass test tube.

"Ooh, a Rose in Vitro," Rena observed. "There's a lot of girls who'd like that."

You smiled. "Think Chiaki will?"

"Nah," she teased, nudging you with her elbow. "I think she'll love it."



"And here we are!" Rena announced. "Since you're holding that, should I knock for you?"

You nodded. "Yes, please."

The kitsune suddenly started banging on the door. "YO, GAMERSLUT! OPEN UP!"

"R-Rena!" you gasped disapprovingly.

The door opened up seconds later. "Hm? Oh, hello, Anon," Chiaki said, a small smile on her face.

Chiaki was a bit shorter than you, with short pale mauve hair and a white hairclip in the shape of a Galaga spaceship. Her pale pink eyes gazed at your face, her pink lips gently grinning. She wore a teal-gray cardigan over a white buttoned shirt, a pale beige skirt, and black thigh high stockings.

Most of all, though, she looked adorable.

"Hey, Chiaki," you greeted. "I, uh... I got you this."

Chiaki's sleepy eyes lit up upon seeing your present. "Anon... You seem to be holding something really nice." She took it in her pale hands, looking over the rose in the test tube with wonder and adoration. "Thank you. No one has ever given me such an awesome present before."

You blushed. "Hey, anything for you," you chuckled. "Wanna hang out?"

She gasped, hugging you tight. "Can we? I want to play games with you all night... maybe..."

Rena chuckled at your mutual adoration. "Well, I'd better go. You two have fun, okay?"

"We will," you said, waving goodbye to Rena before stepping inside Chiaki's room.



"Sorry Rena knocked so loudly," you said sheepishly, sitting beside Chiaki on her bed.

"It's okay," she replied calmly. "If she hadn't, I would've still been playing Tetris 99. I... tend to lose myself playing games."

"I understand," you replied, squeezing her hand in yours.

She turned her head to you. "You do?"

You nodded, smiling. "I do it all the time, myself."

Chiaki blushed before pressing her soft, pink lips to your cheek. "Thank you, Anon. You're the sweetest guy in the world... I think."

You laughed, gently nudging her. "So, what do you wanna play first?"

Chiaki thought about it for a while. "How about an FPS?"





"You shoot like Helen Keller joined the Stormtrooper academy."


"On second thought, maybe not," Chiaki said. "I just had a Monado vision. It's for the best that we don't."

"Um... okay," you replied, a little confused. "How about a fighting game?"

She gasped, suddenly very excited. "I love that idea! Let's do that!"




"Ah, looks like you win again," you chuckled, putting your arm around her. "Wanna play something else?"

"Huh?" She turned to you, tilting her head. "You sure you wanna stop? You're getting really good at it."

"Aren't you getting tired of winning?"

"Hm... not really," Chiaki said, resting head on your shoulder. "Games are fun when you play with someone else... I think."

You smiled, gently stroking her head as she rested against you. She smiled, entranced by your soft caressing... before falling asleep on your shoulder

"Um, Chiaki?"



"Oh, did... did I fall asleep on you?" she asked.

You chuckled. "Sort of."

"Sorry, it's just... you're really cozy."

"Cozy?" You blushed a little.

She nodded. "It felt... nice. You know... I had a dream about you while laying against you."

"Really? What was it about?"

"We were heroes in an RPG, fighting a slime monster... except..." She blushed, looking away nervously. "I-I think the eroge I played earlier affected my dream. The slime monster was... playing with you."

You chuckled a little.

Chiaki pouted, upset. "Without me! I was watching the slime girl have sex with you, and I...!"

"OH," you said in realization. "Sorry... Didn't realize it was an NTR game."

She sighed. "It's okay. Don't worry, I'm okay with you having other girlfriends," she assured, giving you a soft smile. "It's just... seeing you so close... yet so far..."

You wrapped your arms around the Ultimate Gamer, hugging her tight. "It's okay. I'm here, right now."


You could feel her heart beating faster as her soft chest squeezed against yours. She hugged you in return, almost purring into your ear as she rested her head on your shoulder yet again.

"Don't fall asleep again now," you teased.

She giggled, kissing your neck. "I... I love you, Anon."

Her sweet words made you blush a little, before kissing her neck in return. "Love you too, Chiaki."



You hugged Chiaki from behind as she played Super Mario 64, the gamer effortlessly backwards-longjumping up the endless staircase. You grinned, amazed at her skills.

"I'm close to beating my record," she said, already at Bowser's lair. "At least, I think so."

"What's your best time?" you asked.

"Six minutes, 31 seconds."

"Six minutes-!?" you exclaimed. "That'd be a new world record!"

"Hm? Really?" Chiaki tilted her head, still playing. "I don't really care about world records or anything. I just love games."

"So, you've never posted your best times online?"

"Sometimes I do. I just don't care if I have a world record or not. I'm happy to have just played it." She turned around to face you, a small smile on her pink lips. "Just like I'm happy to be here with you, even if I'm not the best girlfriend."

"Chiaki..." You held her cute face in your hands, pressing your lips to hers.

She gasped into your mouth, before wrapping her arms around your head to hold you even closer. You felt her slick tongue lapping at you, making you open your mouth wider to French kiss her. She moaned into the kiss, squeezing you tighter in her arms as your tongues danced in each others' mouths.

She pulled from your face, gasping for air. "A-Anon, that was..."

You nodded. "Yeah, it was."

The two of you giggled, pressing your foreheads together and sharing a sweet, warm laugh.

"You're an amazing girlfriend, Chiaki," you whispered, beaming at her.

"And you're an amazing boyfriend... I think." Chiaki turned to the screen, where Mario had been standing for the past ten minutes. She turned back to you, pouting. "I almost had world record, you jerk."

"I thought you didn't caaare!"



Chiaki's soft ass pressed into your slowly-hardening crotch as she sat in your lap, playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate against online players. Despite her immense focus and mastery of every fighter, she still managed to lose... to a Little Mac main.

"Heh, couldn't get him to Side-B off the edge?" you teased.

She pouted, turning to you with an adorably angry expression. Without warning, she pushed you down onto the bed.

"W-woah, Chiaki...!" you exclaimed, surprised by her suddenness.

She quickly removed her skirt, exposing her pink panties with a cute 8-bit pattern. She turned around before slowly sitting on your face.

"H-hey, Chiaki-Mmmph!"

Her soft cheeks pressed into your face as she continued her game, sometimes grinding her crotch into your face as well. You felt yourself getting harder and harder every second she sat on your face.

Chiaki noticed as well, occasionally glancing down at the tent in your pajama pants. As she stared, you could feel her getting wet through the panties smothering you. You started pressing your tongue into her, causing her to gasp as she continued playing. You lapped at her, making her grind her face into you more and more. Chiaki panted, moaning as she fought her online adversaries.

"A-Anon, I'm gonna... mmph!" she squeaked, grabbing your thighs as her body trembled.

Suddenly, you felt her squirt through her panties, soaking them and your face in turn. You grabbed her hips from underneath her, holding her into your face as you continued licking. She kept moaning, dropping her controller as she shook and shivered above you.

"Y-you made me cum, Anon..." Chiaki moaned, her voice trembling. "I-it was even better than doing it alone..."

Your twitching cock, held back by your pajama pants, caught her eye once more.

"Y-you deserve... you deserve to cum too... I think."

She leaned forward, stroking your throbbing boner through your pants before slowly pulling them down your legs. She gasped, seeing it pop up in front of her.

"A-Anon... It's amazing..." she said softly, gazing at it as it got even harder. "I'm... I'm not all that good at dating sims, but... I really like eroge..."

You gasped, bucking your hips upward as her soft, pale hand wrapped around you, slowly and gently pumping you.

"F-fuck, Chiaki..." you mumbled, your face still beneath her ass.

She giggled, softly kissing your tip. "Am I doing it right? I'm just copying what I learned in games."

You nodded, your face rubbing her plush butt.

Before you knew it, you felt her soft lips wrap around the head of your cock, slowly sucking it. You grunted a little from the pleasure, humping up unconsciously as she gave you head. Her tongue circled around it as she slowly began pumping her head up and down your shaft.

"C-Chiaki...!" you moaned, your voice muffled beneath her.

Chiaki continued her slow, addicting blowjob, savoring your taste while taking mental notes of what made you feel good. She popped off your now-wet dick, continuing to stroke it with her gentle hand.

"If I treat it like a game, I can probably make you feel really good," she said, her warm breath tickling your cock. "I just gotta find your weak points..."

Her hands gently caressed your balls, handling them with care as she licked up and down your shaft, slowly and deliberately. Her soft, smooth, wet tongue trailed along your cock to the head, where her lips pecked at it again, making you twitch. She giggled, before rapidly licking your head over and over, her tongue quickly moving left and right.

You let out yet another moan, your hips bucking up into her touch, begging for release.

"I think I found your weak point, Anon!" she exclaimed triumphantly before gliding her hands up your shaft to the head. She tenderly kneaded it with her fingers, her tongue quickly lapping at the very tip. You groaned in pleasure, squirting precum into her mouth.

"Hm! Hmmm..." she thought, tasting it while still stroking you. "It's... definitely a unique taste. But I know that's not all..."

Just then, Chiaki grabbed your thighs before taking you all in, sucking on your entire length. You moaned aloud as her quickly-moving tongue stimulated your cock as she rapidly pumped up and down, sucking you harder than ever. Your body trembled beneath her seductive touch, begging for release. Eventually, with a loud groan of satisfaction, you exploded in the mouth of the Ultimate Gamer.

"Mmmmph?!" Chiaki gasped as your cum shot into her mouth. She pulled off of your dick, your seed still between her lips. She swirled it around in her mouth for a bit, contemplating it as she sat up. "Hm? Hm. Hm..."

She swallowed it all before getting off your pussy juice-soaked face.

"That was pretty good... I think," Chiaki said. "Your semen was... not as bad as I was expecting."

You chuckled, sitting up. "Good to hear," you replied, putting an arm around her.

"Although... it tasted a little familiar... kind of like Teruteru's cooking-"




Kirigiri: It was Nanami-chan.

Kirigiri: She was the last person to be seen near Maizono-chan in Electrical.

Kirigiri: Furthermore, I saw her leaving Medbay facing right, indicating that she used the vents.

SHSLRockstar: purple sus

SHSLPrincess: purple

Anon: i have shields can anyone follow me

SHSLGamer: it's purple

Komaru: i'll follow you anon

SHSLPianist: purple sus

Kirigiri was not the imposter

2 Imposters remain

You sat at Chiaki's computer, playing the steam version of Among Us while Chiaki played the mobile version on her bed. Every once in a while, you'd glance back at her, seeing her intense focus as she definitely did tasks and probably wasn't killing crewmates.

"Thank you for playing Among Us with me, Anon," Chiaki said sweetly. "I've wanted to play this with you for a long time, ever since it got popular."

You smiled, doing tasks with Komaru's character following close behind. "I've actually imagined it before, too."

"Really?" Chiaki gasped. "You imagined playing Among Us with me?"

"Yep. In fact, I-"

Suddenly, your crewmate avatar was stabbed to death by Komaru's.

" mean the other one isn't Ibuki?" you asked, continuing to do tasks as a ghost.

"No, she's a 'third imposter'," Chiaki said, killing Kaede in the Reactor. "We should play using Discord next. It'll be easier than typing everything out."

You sighed, leaning back as you finished your final task. "Well, I'm done, you said, turning around in Chiaki's gamer chair to face her on the bed. She had taken her hoodie off, leaving her in her white button up shirt and panties. You could see her fairly large boobs pressed on the bed, squished gently as she played the game.

Your eyes went down her body to her butt, which she had rubbed in your face an hour earlier. You felt yourself getting hard again just looking at her, stiffening at the sight of her ass. You got up and sat on the bed beside her, rubbing her.

"Mm?!" she gasped, before immediately calming down. "Did you do all your tasks, Anon?"

"Yep," you replied, squeezing her big, soft ass cheeks.

She looked back at you, smiling. "Then keep going. Do whatever you want with me."

"Oh? Whatever I want, eh?" you teased.

She nodded, turning back to play her game. "Anything you want. I'm yours~"

Chiaki shook her ass left and right, enticing you even further. Aroused, you began rubbing your cock against her soft, squishy butt, her pale cheeks barely hidden by her thicc ass. Chiaki giggled as you grabbed her hips, pumping your dick on her.

"Grinding is for RPGs, Anon," Chiaki teased, pushing herself backwards into you.

"Yeah, you're about to make me level up."

"Hm... that line's kinda lame, Anon. You should try harder."

You laughed before slowly removing Chiaki's 8-bit pattern panties, completely exposing the ass that smothered you before. You licked your lips unconsciously before rubbing your cock between them, humping the gamer girl's ass crack uncontrollably.

"Mmmmmph... Having fun, Anon?" Chiaki asked, watching as Komaru was voted off.

Komaru was an Imposter.

1 imposter(s) remain.

"You bet," you grunted in desire, the smoothness of her body melting your mind with desire. Chiaki smiled softly as she was hotdogged, taking in the sensation of your cock against her body. She felt herself dripping onto the bed, the juices of her arousal intensifying with each thrust.

"Mmmph... if this was an eroge, I'd probably say something really sexy right now, like... 'Anon, take me! Make my body your own! My innocence belongs only to you...!' ...or something."

You chuckled. "That is pretty sexy," you said, lining your cock up with her pussy. "Do you want me to, though?"

Chiaki's body jolted in desire, her toes curling at the thought of you entering her. Her eyes widened, her breath got heavier, and her pussy dripped more and more.

"I... consent," she replied awkwardly, wanting to masturbate despite still playing the game. "Please, Anon..."

"As you wish." The head of your dick rubbed against her entrance before pushing in.

She yelped, feeling you fill her up so suddenly. It didn't hurt, but it definitely shocked her. Chiaki bit her lip as you thrust into her, making her squeal and moan as she tried to focus on not being sus.

"Heh, never thought you'd lose your virginity playing Among Us, huh?" you teased.

Chiaki giggled, savoring the sensation. "Never. Actually, I- ohhh- I thought sex would have a higher difficulty rating, but- mmmm! This isn't so bad... It's- ah! It's fun...!"

"Seems like you're enjoying yourself," you smirked, squeezing her ass cheeks while pounding her. "We can do this all the time, if you wanna."

"C-can we!?" Chiaki gasped, moaning from the sensation. "This might be my new favorite game, Anon... m-maybe..."

You fucked her even faster, gripping her hips tight as you pounded her alpha gamer pussy. [Note: Remove that last part before publishing]

"A-Anon...!" she moaned, her face slamming into the bed. "Mmmmph, it's so good...! It's even better than video games!!" she cried out, drooling as the pleasure filled her body.

SHSLRockstar: ibuki thinks its chiaki

SHSLRockstar: she's been pretty quiet tbh

SHSLGamer: sorry i'm with anon rn

SHSLGamer: were havings ex


SHSLGambler: Ibuki, you voted Kirigiri off earlier despite the lack of evidence.

SHSLPrincess: <3 <3 <3

SHSLGambler: Now you're accusing Chiaki?

SHSLPrincess: Enjoy yourself, Nanami-chan

SHSLPrincess: Anyway, it's Ibuki.

SHSLRockstar: WTF NO

SHSLGamer: bluewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Chiaki's finger stayed on the "w" as you fucked her even harder, making her whole body shake. She moaned your name, drooling as her body trembled in a powerful orgasm. Even as Ibuki was ejected, she felt her orgasm blasting through her whole body. You felt her soaking wet pussy squirt on your dick, making it impossible to resist cumming yourself.

"Ch-Chiaki, I'm...!"

"Do it, Anon...!" the Ultimate Gamer exclaimed, drooling for you. "Take me like I'm post-battle loot! I'm yours forever!! MMMMMMMMMMPH...!"

As her back arched, you felt her cum once again, this time causing you to lose your resistance and cum inside her. Your body shook just as powerfully as hers, the orgasm exploding through your flesh as you blasted your seed into her. She moaned your name over and over, making you feel incredible as you came. You fell forwards, hugging her from behind as your mutual orgasms subsided.

You kissed Chiaki's cheek from behind, making her smile.

"Did you have fun?" you asked.

She beamed, nodding. "Thank you. You've made me really happy."

You smiled, hugging her even tighter. "That's the best reward I could've gotten for this quest."

The two of you shared a warm laugh, continuing to play video games as the night went on.






Chiaki embraced you tightly, wearing her white ruffled bikini. Her big, soft boobs pressed into you as she grinned into your chest.

"You're beautiful, Chiaki," you said softly, making her squeeze you tighter.

Eventually, she let go, letting you look at her soft, tender breasts. Her right breast had a beauty mark, which stood out against her pale skin. You ran her hands along her sides up to her armpits, before pressing your face into her tits.

She giggled, feeling you so close to her. She stroked your head as she gently pushed you onto the couch, smothering you in her boobs.

"You're adorable, Anon..." Chiaki whispered, petting you as her creamy bosom squished against you face. "I love you."






"Ch-Chiaki... this is..."

"I know..." Chiaki moaned, rubbing her vibrator against her crotch. "It's really sexy."

You and Chiaki continued masturbating to the eroge, watching the custom characters you and Chiaki made.

"You made his penis really big..." Chiaki panted, rubbing one of her breasts through her bikini top. 

"Y-yeah..." you said, fapping while staring at the girl Chiaki made. "I thought you'd like that."

"It'd probably hurt in real life, though. That's why I like yours more," she moaned, watching the two characters fuck.

"I-mmmph, I like your boobs more than your character's..." you said, jerking off even harder.

"Haaah... Then why don't you enjoy them?" She smiled, stepping off her gamer chair before getting between your legs. She brushed your hand from your cock, instead pressing her insanely soft boobs against it.

"Mmmmph, Chiaki...!" you groaned in pleasure, watching the two custom characters pound each other's brains out.

Chiaki bit her lip, pushing her breasts onto your cock, sandwiching it hard between them.

"You have a perfect penis, Anon," Chiaki assured. "...I think."

Before you could even think to reply, Chiaki began pumping your cock hard with her tits, rubbing them in circles on your cock and squeezing them tight against it. You leaned back, unconsciously humping her breasts in time with her.

"Do you like paizuri, Anon?" she asked sweetly.

"Hnnng- YES! I love paizuri, Chiaki!!!"

The gamer girl giggled, continuing her tittyfuck. "I feel like I've learned something new about you. Maybe our relationship just levelled up."

"I think you might've just maxed it out...!" you moaned, surrendering yourself entirely to her big, soft, bouncy gamer boobs.






Chiaki continued playing Death Crimson as you fingered her from behind. She smiled in satisfaction, something that rarely happens while playing the infamous kusoge.

"So, you like bad games, too?" you asked.

She nodded, blasting terrible animated monsters in the game. "I like every game, at least in some way. Even crappy ones like this game, Takeshi's Challenge, Superman 64, Hotel Mario... Even Custer's Revenge."

"I'm not fucking you against a cactus."

"I never said it turned me on. I just like dodging the arrows."

"Any other bad games that you like?"

Chiaki thought for a moment. "Hm... Cyberpunk 2077?"

"Hey, I had hopes for that game."

"Maybe we could play it later?"

"Sure. But I get to customize the genitalia."

Chiaki smiled, chucking both at you and the goofy in-game explosions. "I can't wait to see what you make."






You pushed Chiaki onto the bed, her eyes still glued to her Game Girl Advance.

"You should play Gal Omega too, sometime," Chiaki suggested, spreading her legs for you while still playing. "I think you'd enjoy it a lot."

"Yeah, I love classic games like those," you replied, pushing your rigid cock to her wet, pink slit and pushing in. She squeaked in pleasure, but continued playing her game as you pounded her. Her pale legs and thick thighs trembled with each thrust, but her face remained as stoically focused as ever.

"If you want, you- mmmph- you can borrow some of my games to play in your world. Just remember to give them back, okay?"

You gripped her hips, fucking her even faster. "Mmph, sounds- ah, sounds like fun. You're so- haaah... You're really nice, you know?"

She smiled at you, looking away from her game. "You're nice, too, Anon... I love you."

You immediately started kissing her, making her gasp into your lips. She wrapped her arms around your head as you made out with her, her tongue wrestling with yours in each other's mouths. You both moaned into the intense kiss, your bodies still connected and moving against one another. You embraced Chiaki's soft, nude body as you continued making out with her.

"I love you too, Chiaki," you said finally, gasping for air as you broke the kiss. "You truly are the Ultimate Gamer."

She smiled softly before kissing your cheek. "And you're the Ultimate Boyfriend."

You shared a laugh, full of love and kindness, as you continued making love with her...






"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced cheerily as she barged in. "Guess who got Number 1 in Tetris 99 five times tonight? THIS GIRL!"

"That's really good, Rena," Chiaki said with a smile. "I was playing that game earlier, too."

Yeah, I know... fuckin' Ultimate Gamer... Rena mentally growled as she set the table. "Anyway, I made plenty for both of you, so enjoy!"


You and Chiaki sat close by, enjoying everything Rena made for you two.

"I feel like Anon and I got pretty close," Chiaki said. "Though I'm not sure he finished my route."

"I guess there's still a lot more for us to do," you replied, squeezing her soft hand.

She smiled softly, her eyes meeting yours. "Let's go for 100% completion, okay?"

Dammit, they're adorable together, Rena thought. "Well, you've got a couple hours left before he needs to wake up, so do whatever you like."

"Do you... want to play with us, Rena?" Chiaki asked.


The kitsune girl thought about it. I could... play games with Anon... and to be honest, Chiaki's pretty cute, herself... but I've got work, and... after all...

Rena shook her head.

"It's your time, Chiaki. He requested you, so you should spend the night together."

That's right. Her time. She deserves him right now. But... maybe someday, he...

"But, Rena..." Chiaki protested. "When you're with everyone, games are fun! They're a great way to... to make friends."

Rena jolted at her words. She... wants to be my friend?

You smiled. "C'mon, Rena. A few games won't hurt."

"What kind do you like?" Chiaki asked, excited. "I have fighting games, racing games, 2-player puzzle games... If you want, you can even play arcade games with us, too."

Rena thought for a moment... and sighed. "Fine, you broke me. Let's go."


And so, Rena played games with you and Chiaki for hours.






"HOLY CRAP!" Rena exclaimed, checking her phone. "Anon! It's, like, two hours since you were supposed to wake up!"

"Holy shit, I'm gonna be late for work!" you shouted.

"Oh, you're leaving?" Chiaki said sadly.

You embraced Chiaki. "Sorry, but I wasn't supposed to be here this long. I promise I'll be back though... for you."

Chiaki gasped, hugging you in return. "I know you will. I love you, Anon."

"I love you, too."

"C'mon, c'mon," Rena rushed you. "You're already late as it is!!"



With a quick goodbye and an elevator ride down, you returned to the lobby, where you parted ways with Rena and, by extension, the Hotel. Waking up in your own bed, you checked the time. Yep, you were supposed to wake up two hours ago. Better get ready quickly!

Too bad I couldn't bring any games with me, you thought. Oh well. At least I have these.

You felt Chiaki's 8-bit pattern panties in your right hand, still damp with how wet she was.

Chapter Text

Every night for the past several months, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: Who's next?





As you entered the hotel, you noticed that Rena wasn't at her usual desk. Instead, she was laying on a nearby couch with a superhero comic on her face, completely asleep. You tapped her shoulder, making her jolt awake.

"H-hey, I- Oh! Hey, Anon," she greeted, scratching the back of her head sheepishly. She picked up the comic in her lap and hid it under a nearby pillow. "I was just, uh..."

You smiled, sitting down beside her. "It's okay, nothing weird about reading comics."

"I know, it's just... uh..."

"What's up?" you asked, removing the pillow and seeing the comic: The Lewd Adventures of Anon, Sex Master of the Universe! #4.

Rena blushed. "Um, there's a few comic writers in the Hotel, and they started making... that."

You flipped the page, almost immediately being greeted by a cartoon version of your own penis.

"I see why you like this," you teased, making her blush again.

"Shut uuuuuppp...." she bemoaned, hiding her face.

You laughed, continuing to flip through the many pages of you having sex with various women. "So, a comic about me... but I'm a superhero who has sex with other superheroes... and supervillains, it looks like. Do the girls here like this?"

"W-well... it's pretty new, so not too many people know about it yet..."

You chuckled, reading your cartoon self's incredibly perverted adventures. "Now that I'm reading this, I'm kinda in the mood to date a superhero."

"Great!" Rena exclaimed, yanking the comic out of your hands. "Then pick someone and we'll go! Wanna ask out Supergirl? Wonder Woman? Powergirl? Gwenpool? Catwoman?"

"Nah, nobody from Marvel or DC," you said. "At least, not right now."

"Yeah, Western comics are lame anyway. Everyone knows manga is better," the kitsune said with a smirk. "So, who're you thinking of?"

"I'm thinking... Mrs. Incredible?"

"Ohohoho! Elastigirl it is~" Rena said with wink. "Just lemme message her and we can go!"





"Floor 115, Room 4!" Rena announced, activating the elevator's computer.

You sat on the cushioned seats lining the back wall, leaning back was the elevator ascended. You smiled, imagining what you'd do with Elastigirl when you met her.

Rena smirked, seeing your smiling face. She sat beside you, putting an arm around you. "So, excited to see Helen, huh?"

You nodded, grinning. "I bet there's a lot we could do together."

"Oh, I'm sure~" The kitsune winked at you, pulling you closer to her. "That endlessly stretchy body, going everywhere, teasing every last part of your adorable body~ Isn't that what you want?"

Rena's sexy voice made you tremble in delight, as did her seductive touch. Her fingers trailed up and down your thighs, making you hard before you knew it.

"But, before she gets a hold of you... mind if I have a taste?"

As you felt her three fluffy tails behind you, you leaned back against them. Your eyes met the LED screen above the elevator computer. Floor 10, it read. This was going to be a loooong ride.





"Room 4's not far at all. This way!"

Your legs trembled as you followed Rena, who grabbed your arm to keep you close. "H-hold on, Rena..." you said, panting.

The kitsune giggled, pulling out a handkerchief to wipe your forehead. "Jeez, Anon, I didn't even make you cum. What's gotten you so excited?"

"Y-you know what you did!" you shot back, making the kitsune giggle even more.


"And here we are!" Rena announced as you approached Room 4. "Ready to fuck ElastiMILF?"

"Oh, my- don't call her that," you jokingly reprimanded, playfully punching her shoulder.

Rena laughed. "Well, I better go."

"Gotta catch up on that comic, huh?" you teased.

The kitsune buried her face in her hands as she walked away, blushing. "Shut uuuuup....!!"

You laughed, waving her goodbye before knocking on Helen's door.



Helen Parr examined herself in the mirror, making sure the red and black supersuit fit. She sighed, seeing her large ass in the mirror, hoping you wouldn't mind.


Oh, he's here, Helen thought, putting her black mask over her eyes before walking to the door, her body tingling with anticipation. Showtime.

Helen opened the door, smiling as she met you. Her youthful yet mature face, her auburn hair and brown eyes, and her form-fitting red and black supersuit made her look gorgeous. Before you could even say hi, her long elastic arms wrapped around you in a tight, warm embrace.

"Hey, Anon," she greeted sweetly, her face a mere inch away. "Would you like to come inside?"

"Yes, please," you replied, nodding.

Helen laughed, rapidly pecking your lips with kisses before pulling you inside. Unconsciously, you grabbed her thick ass, making her gasp in shock. She quickly relaxed, though, giving you a naughty smile as she hugged you tighter.

"Like that?" she asked softly. "You're a naughty boy, you know. You're the same age as my daughter, yet you asked out her mommy..."

You grinned mischievously. "What can I say? I like that~"

Helen laughed, letting go of you to squeeze your cheeks. "Ohh, you're so cuuute! So, you like mommies, huh?"

You blushed, nodding with a smirk on your face.

"Well then, Anon... let me be your mommy tonight."

Helen led you to the bed with a slow, sensual kiss...




"So, Violet's the same age as me, now?" you asked, sitting on Mrs. Incredible's bed.

She nodded. "Oh, yeah, she's a big girl now. Of course, she'll always be my baby girl," she chuckled, giving you a kiss on the cheek. "I don't mind if you date her, too."

"Sweet," you laughed. "So, how about a threeway?"

"Oh, no, not with my daughter," she blushed. "Plus, there's no way she'd let me watch."

You chuckled, putting an arm around her. "So, what are we gonna do together?"

Helen gave you a perverted smile. "Whatever you want to, honey."

You blushed, feeling yourself slowly harden in your pajama pants. "Well, then... can we make out some more?"

She laughed, hugging you tighter than ever. "Oh, of course we can, honey!" she said, before pressing her soft lips gently against yours. Before you knew it, her tongue was inside your mouth, dancing with your own. She purred into your mouth as one arm, circled around your torso, crawling under your shirt to your chest. With her hand stroking your heart, the other cupped your cheek.

You felt more of her slick tongue enter your mouth, almost surrounding your own tongue. She gave you the most erotic French kiss you had up to that point, licking all around your mouth. Her tongue wrapped around your own, stroking it back and forth as if jerking you off. You couldn't help but moan into her mouth, making her giggle as she dominated you with her lips and tongue.

The hand that cupped your cheek was now stroking the back of your head, caressing it as she made out with you. Her mind-melting kiss made you drool, made you moan, and made you hard, all at the same time. She repositioned herself to sit on your lap, grinding her crotch into your boner. Helen put both arms behind your neck as she kissed you, her arms stretching to slowly wrap around your torso.

She broke the kiss, leaving you gasping for breath and panting. "Th-that was...!"

Helen laughed, hugging you tight, her stretchy arms still wrapped around you. "Did it feel good? Mmm, you make me feel so young again, honey!" Helen mashed her lips against your own, kissing you roughly and happily.

"Y-you're incredible," you panted, not even realizing your own pun.

You and Helen relaxed on the bed for a while, cuddling against one another.



Helen slowly removed her supersuit, exposing her delightfully curvy body. She grinned at you as you watched her strip, making sure to encourage your lustful gaze by leaning over, shaking her breasts, and swaying her thick hips. You felt yourself getting even harder as she finally removed her pants, exposing her vagina to you. She winked at you, walking towards you seductively.

"Now, Anon," she whispered softly, lifting you chin with one finger. "I want you to call me Elastigirl in bed, okay?"

You nodded in agreement. "Yes, Elastigirl."

She smirked, bending down to kiss your lips. Her hands slowly removed your pajama pants, exposing your erection to the air. She licked her lips upon seeing it before gently stroking, rubbing it up and down slowly with her smooth hands. She bit her lip, watching you unconsciously thrust your hips into her hands.

"Enjoying yourself, Anon?" Elastigirl asked.

You nodded, unable to speak. Instead, you groaned in lust, your body shivering from the Super's touch.

Elastigirl kissed your lips one last time, kissing down your body while stroking your sides. Eventually, she made it to your crotch, throbbing hard and awaiting her. She kissed your cock slowly, leaving small lipstick marks up its underside. Her lips glided against your shaft before eventually making it to the tip. She licked around your head before surrounding it with her mouth, sensually sucking you off.

You threw your head back onto the bed as she increased the speed, pumping up and down your length quickly. You felt her tongue wrapping around you, just as she did when you French kissed earlier. The Super's slick tongue began jerking you off inside her mouth, her lips firmly squeezing your base.

"Mmmph, E-Elastigirl...!" you moaned, your hips shivering with your powerful tonguejob.

She laughed into your dick, before swinging her ass over her head to your face. Her inhumanly stretchy body moved to press her hips to your face, her pussy now pressed against your lips while her legs wrapped around the back of your head.

You could tell what she wanted. You grabbed her hips, sensually licking her vagina as she continued blowing you. Her arms wrapped tight around your waist, circling them over and over. She began purring into your dick, her tonguejob only increasing in intensity. You could tell you were about to cum any second now, but refused to give up. You squeezed her waist tighter, eating her out more furiously now, licking up and down her pussy faster. She moaned, her hips shivering in your face as your own hips trembled beneath her mouth.

The legs wrapped around your head squeezed it tighter, holding you closer to her pussy. Both your hips and hers trembled, eager to cum. Suddenly, you felt Elastigirl's saliva dribble down your shaft to your balls, where her hands began to caress and knead. The sudden stimulation drove you over the edge, bursting into the Super's incredible mouth as a powerful surge of energy shot through your body, blasting her mouth and through with your cum.

Her hips began grinding on your face faster than ever, almost as if using you to masturbate. Your cock remained in her mouth, her tongue still wrapped around you despite no longer pumping you. Suddenly, you felt her moaning into your dick before cumming on your face, her juices squirting onto your face. Her trembling hips matched your own, and she soon retracted her legs and hips, returning them to the floor. Her face slowly lifted from your cock, her tongue no longer wrapping around it. She opened her mouth to show you your cum, before spitting it out into her hand.

"Th-that was amazing," you gasped. "Thanks, Elastigirl."

She chuckled, giving you a smile. "Just doing my job, civilian."

The two of you shared a laugh before once again hugging on the bed, your nude bodies embracing.



Elastigirl lied down on the bed, stretching her legs behind her head. You gazed at her fully exposed pussy, its bright pink color almost mesmerizing.

"Don't worry, Anon, it's still good even after three children," she teased, a naughty smirk on her face.

You chuckled, grabbing her thick ass. "Want it gentle or rough?"

"As rough as you like," she replied sensually, giving you bedroom eyes. "You can't hurt me, no matter how hard you try. Push it in me, and pound me until I can't stand it."

Your throbbing cock lined up with her pussy. "As you wish."

She moaned in pleasure as you thrusted into her, pounding her dripping wet snatch. You could tell just how much she wanted this as her head flung back, gripping the bedsheets. Elastigirl cried out your name with each mighty thrust into her, roaring in desire as you ravaged her. You grabbed her hips with the strongest grip you could muster, your fingers just barely sinking into her smooth flesh. Her nude body shook and giggled with each thrust, increasingly harder each time.

"MMMMPH, A-Anon...!" she cried out. "Don't- ahhhh~ Don't tire yourself out, honey!"

"Heh, don't worry," you growled lustfully. "I can keep go- AH!"

Suddenly, you felt the slick, wet folds of her vagina begin to vibrate against your dick, stroking you at incredible speeds like a million tiny tongues. Your eyes grew wide as you leaned forward, the pleasure overwhelming you.

Elastigirl grinned. "You can keep going, right? I thought you'd be able to handle that~"

She leaned forward, her stretchy body pushing you to the floor. Her forehead pressed against yours as the Super's body began surrounding yours. Her legs wrapped around your hips several times, as did her arms around your head and torso. Her long, wet tongue pressed itself to your lips, begging to enter. You complied with her silent request, opening her mouth and allowing her to completely control you.

Your eyes widened once again, feeling her tongue overtake your mouth as her pussy began milking you. Her shaking, shivering hips clamped down tightly against your own, her incredible vagina squeezing your cock like a handjob, pumping you without her hips even moving. Elastigirl's pussy squeezed your cock like a vise, threatening to milk you dry. You felt her soaking wet pussy jerking you off, up and down, as her long tongue wrapped around your own.

You screamed into her mouth, you hips thrusting involuntarily, unable to control your body. Your arms wrapped around Elastigirl's nude body as her arms wrapped around yours several times more. As her vagina's insane motions sped up, faster and harder than ever, you realized you had no choice but to cum.

Elastigirl growled lustfully into you, gleefully milking your erection even faster than before. Your eyes only grew wider as the intensity somehow increased even further, her body fucking yours furiously and without mercy. You felt your body tremble, shiver, shake...

...and eventually, explode, filling the Super with your cum. She moaned with desire as her pussy filled with your warm, hot seed, her vaginal muscles slowing down to stop milking you so intensely. She lifted off your face with a loud pop, her tongue slowly retracting into her mouth.

Elastigirl grinned at you softly, stroking your face with her hands, her body returning to its usual shape.

"How was that, honey?" she asked sweetly.

You simply nodded, your body shivering from the powerful, intense orgasm.

She laughed, hugging you tight once again. "I love you, Anon."

"L-love you, too..."

She giggled, kissing your cheek while laying down on the floor with you, happily embracing you.





"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced, barging in as always. "I made meatloaf, veggies, and... holy crap, is that-"

"The 78 Position?" you smirked, on the verge of cumming once again. "Yeah, turns out, Elastigirl is- ah! R-really good at this!"

Helen bit her lip, fucking Anon in the mythical 78 position even harder as her body twisted around his erotically. Rena got horny just watching the two of you, immediately jumping onto a nearby couch to masturbate.

Dinner can wait, all three of you thought.



"Mmm, it's delicious, Rena," Helen complimented, savoring Rena's cooking. "Did you really make this yourself?"

"That's right!" Rena boasted, hands on her hips. "Every meal I make for Anon to share is made personally with love!"

"They're always great," you said, smiling at her.

The kitsune blushed, her three tails wagging behind her. "Th-thanks..."

The three of you laughed, with Helen giving you a peck on the cheek.

"Thanks for making me feel young again, Anon," she whispered. "I love you."

"I love you too," you replied, taking her hands.


Just then, you felt another pair of arms wrap around you. You gasped, turning around to see who it was.

"Is... something wrong, Anon?" Helen asked, tilting her head.

Nobody was there. Even so, you could still feel a pair of arms around you, as well as a pair of breasts pressing into your back.

"...No, nothing," you replied, turning back to Helen.

She smirked knowingly, kissing you again while still holding your hands.



After the intense night of mind-blowing sex, you said your goodbyes to Elastigirl. After one final kiss - with plenty of tongue, as you can imagine - Rena took you by the arm downstairs, back to the Lobby, where you returned through the same threshold you entered through.

Waking up in your usual, ordinary bed, you smelled something cooking from the kitchen. Moments later, a certain orange-skinned, feathery-haired girl walked through the door.

"Good morning, Anon~!" the Torchic-girl greeted, holding a plate of cookies. "You hungry for break-ah!"

Torch bumped into something in front of her, something invisible. Suddenly, a black-haired young woman appeared in front of her.

"AH! Omigosh, I am so sorry! Here, let me help you! Ohhh, my mom's gonna kill me...!"

You chuckled at Violet, looking somewhat older than in canon, who blushed profusely upon her eyes meeting yours. "Oh, um, h-hey, Anon..." she said bashfully.


You decided it wouldn't hurt to have Violet stay over for the day.

Chapter Text




Cecil Rivers Entertainment

Proudly presents

A Hotel Fantasia story











Rena smacked the alarm clock beside her bed, shutting it off. 6:00 AM, it read. She groggily sat up, looking around her usual room. Traditional Japanese paintings lined the walls, but her main focus right now was the desk by her bed. Rena turned on the lamp and slowly shambled towards her computer.

"Lemme see..." she groaned, scrolling through her Discord notifications. She chuckled at a few of the memes her friends posted. In particular, her face superimposed onto Mr. Moseby with the caption "NO FUCKING IN MY LOBBY" amused her the most.

After smiling at the memes, she got up to make herself a cup of coffee, glancing at herself in the full-body mirror first.

"Heh, looking good, sexy," Rena chuckled wryly, looking at her unkempt strawberry blonde hair and tails. "Yep. Anon's future wife, right here." She sighed, continuing on her path to the kitchen.

"Yeah, right."



7:00 AM.

As the hot water finally kicked in, Rena began washing her three fox-tails in the shower, gently scrubbing them clean. She always thought they looked gross while wet, more than eager to blow-dry them off later.

I'd love to shower with him someday, she thought, hugging one of her tails, imagining it was a certain someone. Just pay no attention to my hideous rat tails, Anon~

Rena sighed, dropping her tail and continuing to clean her body, lathering her breasts - one slightly smaller than the other. - with liquid soap.

"Still surprised he hasn't noticed," she thought, lifting her asymmetrical D-cup breasts. He'd notice for sure if he saw them, though...

Rena sighed yet again, trying to psych herself up. "Jeez. Anon wouldn't want me complaining like that. Gotta stop being so negative."


After cleaning herself up, blow-drying her tails and hair, and putting on a little makeup - red lipstick and blue eye shadow - she left the bathroom. Back in her bedroom, she scoured the closet for something to wear.

Let's see... blue kimono with a floral pattern or... blue kimono with a floral pattern?

After picking an outfit, she looked in her bedroom mirror once again, this time with a smile on her face.

"Ready to start the day!"



8:00 AM.

The catgirl delivery woman set her final package down in the lobby. "And that should be everything!"

Rena smiled, signing the paper Miyu gave her. "Thanks, Miyu," she said with a grin.

"Hey, anytime!" Miyu Hakobu replied, taking the clipboard back. "Anything for my fellow Hotel ladies. Need me to deliver them?"

The kitsune shook her head. "I'll text them that their deliveries are in the Lobby. You're so nice, Miyu," Rena smiled sweetly.

"Hey, you're the nice one, Ren," Miyu replied, taking off her trucker hat and running her hand through her orange and black hair, between the cat ears on her head. "Back in my world, they'd have me carry this shit the next county over!"

Rena laughed. "'Ren,' huh? I kinda like it."

The anime cat girl chuckled, putting her trucker hat back on. "Welp, better get back to work, then. Remember: 'When you need it today-"

"'-Call Ollo Vae!'"

The girls laughed as they quoted the company slogan in unison. Miyu left, leaving Rena to sort through the packages to see who bought what. She checked the Reception Desk's computer, matching the residents' orders with the packages Miyu delivered.

"Let's see... new custom bras for Tanaka-san, a bunch of video games for Chiaki... Daisy ordered an exercise bike? Must be that big box over there..."



9:00 AM


Princess Daisy exited the elevator, immediately waving to Rena. "Sup, Rena?"

"Hm? Oh, hey, Daisy!" the kitsune greeted. "Your package's over there."

"Sweet, thanks," the princess said, putting her elbows up on Rena's desk instead of grabbing her package. "Sooo...?"

Rena tilted her head, raising an eyebrow. "So... what?"

"When're you gonna ask Anon out?"

The kitsune scoffed, returning to her work on her computer. "That's not how it works, Daisy. I can't ask Anon out."

"Sure ya can! Just go 'Hey, Anon! Want some fuck?' Always works, I promise."

"Daisy, c'mon," Rena insisted. "Asking Anon instead of letting him pick is against the rules. If we had the choice of fucking him, we all would, and the girls Anon actually likes would get thrown by the wayside."

"Yeah, but..." Daisy sighed. "Yeah, I guess it's true."

A moment of silence lingered between the girls.



"Are you... jealous of me?"

Rena stopped working. She didn't say anything for a while.

"I'm... sorry," Daisy whispered.

Rena's eyes welled up with tears. She nodded, looking away from the princess. "I'm... a little jealous, yeah."


Daisy walked around the desk to hug her friend. Rena hugged her back, her head on her shoulder.

"Rens... please don't be sad, okay?" the princess whispered softly, holding the kitsune close. "Anon loves you. He loves you just as much as the rest of us. He thinks the world of you, Rena, trust me."

Rena nodded, still crying. "I just... I just love him so much, and..."

Daisy chuckled, kissing the kitsune's cheek. "Look. Want me to handle the desk today? You look like you could use a day off."

Rena shook her head. "No, I... I..."

The princess held her close, embracing her softly. "In that case, keep working... while I make you feel better.

Daisy kissed down Rena's body before crawling under her kimono, making sure the kitsune girl calmed down.



10:00 AM

Just two more hours until Anon comes, Rena thought, checking the time on her computer once again. Daisy had returned to her room a few minutes ago, carrying the colossal package with her. Damn, she's strong.

Almost every package was taken by now, save for a couple that now sat behind Rena's desk. Rena double-checked to make sure she had messaged the recipients. In her messages, however, she noticed a new one, sent just a minute earlier.





We're having a little trouble on Basement 18. Bowsette is acting rowdy, giving us some trouble. Requesting backup.

-Basement Team XI

Rena sighed. Geez. Can't they do anything on their own? Let's see...

Rena went through the list of available Basement Teams - "Basement Dwellers," she called them - looking for someone available. Unfortunately, everyone seemed to be too busy to do anything.

Tch, dammit, Rena grunted. Fine. If you want something done right...



Rena exited the elevator, and not a minute too soon. The curvy, seven-foot-tall, large-horned Koopa woman was breathing fireball after fireball, knocking the members of Basement Team XI on their asses.

Rena stepped forward, walking towards Bowsette slowly, no expression on her face. "Calm down, ma'am. What seems to be the problem?"

Bowsette didn't respond. Instead, she merely growled at the kitsune.

"W-we were expecting you to send a team, Tomodachi-san," one of the Basement Team members stuttered.

Rena turned to him, a small smile on her face. "Nothing I can't handle."

"I... I..." Bowsette growled, before rushing at Rena, claws at the ready.

Rena simply stood still, analyzing Bowsette's face. Even as the giant Koopa woman approached, the kitsune stood her ground, not flinching whatsoever.

"GRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAA-" Bowsette roared, before immediately stopping.

Rena was hugging her.

"I get it," Rena said, having seen the tears in Bowsette's eyes. "You wanna meet Anon. Don't you?"

Bowsette was silent, before melting into the kitsune's arms, sobbing. "I-I just... I wanna see him... p-please..." she cried, her angry roars fading into a rough yet sweet, princess-like voice.

Rena hugged her tight, stroking her back softly. "I know you do."

This was the usual cause of rowdiness in the Basement Floors, as well as the main reason why the Basement Teams were established.

Rena turned back to the Basement Team XI. "You guys go and recover. I'll deal with Bowsette, okay?"

The women of the team nodded, leaving Rena and Bowsette to return to the latter's room.

We... aren't so different, are we?


In Bowsette's room, Rena sat her down on her bed, standing before her.

"Alright, relaxation time," Rena said, taking a deep breath. "Alright... here we go."

Rena's third tail glowed with a soft light, glimmering as the ambiance of the castle-like room changed. ribbon-like strands of magical energy flowed from the kitsune's fingertips, creating a human-like image in front of Bowsette.

"A-Anon!?" the Koopa woman gasped, eyeing it over.

Rena giggled. "It's just an illusion, but it might make you happy for a while. You can do whatever you-"

Immediately, the illusory young man fell to the ground, his clothes literally ripped from his body by Bowsette. The lustful Koopa woman immediately slammed her hips onto him, violently fucking him.

"F-fuck..." Rena gasped, watching the perverted sight. She felt her hand reach towards her crotch, before quickly pulling away. "W-well, I'll just leave you to it. The illusion should last until midnight, s-so... um, have fun!"

Rena slammed the door on her way out, locking it.

Where the fuck is my vibrator?? Rena thought, rushing back to the elevator.



11:00 AM.

With Bowsette finally calmed down, Rena returned to the Lobby. Anon could be here any moment now... Rena thought as she checked the time.


"Excuse me, Rena-chan. Is my package here?"

Rena looked up, locking eyes with a beautiful, extremely busty Japanese woman.

"Ah, H-Hitomi," Rena stuttered, her eyes fixated on Hitomi's massive cleavage. She forced her eyes away to grab her package underneath the table. "H-here you go!"

Hitomi bowed, thanking Rena before returning to her room.

"...fuck, she's hot," Rena said aloud, grinning as she crossed her legs under the table. "Heh. Bet Anon's gonna request her next..." The kitsune girl's smile faded away. "...Probably won't pick me, though..."

"Is everything alright, Rena?"

Rena gasped aloud, turning around to see a blue-glowing humanoid figure, one with a soft smile and long, glistening hair. Her body looked as though it were made of stars, like a human-shaped portal into outer space.

"I-it's you..." the kitsune said in awe, staring at the goddess before her.

The mysterious deity chuckled softly. "I just wanted to check up on you, Rena. Have you been managing the Hotel Fantasia well?"

Rena nodded, dumbfounded by her.

"Good, very good. Have the lovely ladies of this hotel treated Anon nicely?"

She nodded again.

"There's no need to be afraid, Rena!" The goddess assured. "All I want is for Anon to be happy, and for the girls who love him to be happy. But..." The goddess stepped forward, kneeling in front of the kitsune. "Are you happy, Rena?"

"Uh, y-yeah, I'm happy! I'm-"

The goddess placed a blue glowing hand on Rena's bosom.

"You're lonely," she said. "You want Anon so, so badly, but he keeps asking out other girls. Is that right?"

Rena looked at the floor, closing her eyes. "I'm... i-it's up to him, not me! If it was, then anyone could do whatever they wanted with him, and he'd never get to-"

The goddess wrapped her arms around Rena, surrounding her in a soft, azure glow. The kitsune suddenly felt an aura of comfort surrounding her, making her sigh in peace.

"Rena, you're a very fine young woman. That's why I chose you to run the Hotel, you know. You have a heart full of love, a beautiful and elegant love that Anon deserves."


The goddess nodded. "Rena Tomodachi... take heart. You shall have the love you seek."

As she spoke, the goddess' full, blue lips slowly moved closer and closer to Rena's... closer and closer, until finally...


"Hey, Rena!"

Rena's eyes shot open. Was... was that just a dream?  "Oh, Anon! Uh, good evening, Anon! Welcome back to the Hotel Fantasia!"



10:00 PM.

Your Home.


The orange-skinned Torchic girl panted, still drooling from the incredible orgasm. "Fuuuck, Anon, that was amazing...!"

You chuckled, kissing her forehead as your sweaty bodies cuddled together. "It's your reward for that awesome dinner you made me."

Torch giggled. "You deserved it, big guy! Anything for the best-boyfriend-in-the-world!" she said sweetly, each word interspersed with a kiss on the cheek.

You ran a hand down her cheek over her smooth breasts to her belly, rubbing it. "Think you'll get pregnant?"

"Probably someday," she beamed. "Mmm, I want to lay a dozen Pokégirl eggs for you. Just imagine having a bunch of cute Pokémon kids, Anon!"

The thought of a dozen, fire-breathing children running around your home crossed your mind, as did the price of condoms.

"Let's, uh... hold off on that for a while," you said.

"Awwww, but I wanna have a family...!" Torch whined.

You kissed her soft, yellow lips. "Wait until I buy you that ring, okay?" you replied with a wink.

Torch gasped, blushing a bright red before pouncing on you, just as she had half an hour prior. "Anon!! Ohh, I love you!! Love, love, love, love, LOVE YOU!!!"




11:00 PM.

Your Home.

You turned the lamp off, cuddling next to Torch. Holy fuck, she's so warm...

"You're coming with me tonight, right?" you whispered.

Torch nodded in the darkness, putting her feathery arms around you. "I'm gonna evolve tonight, I just know it!"

You chuckled, kissing her jawline. "I know you will. I love you."

"I love you too, Anon~"



11:00 AM.

Hotel Fantasia

Every night for about half a year, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: Who's next?




You took Torch's soft hand as you walked through the entrance together. As you entered the Lobby, you found Rena asleep on her desk.

Torch giggled. "Somebody's sleepy~!"

"She's probably been overworked," you said, walking up to her with Torch. "Hey, Rena?"

Rena's head shot up, her eyes quickly opening to see you. "Oh, Anon! Uh..." The kitsune adjusted herself in her seat, trying to make herself presentable. "Uh, good evening, Anon! Welcome back to the Hotel Fantasia!"

"What's up, Rena?" Torch asked, a grin on her face.

"Oh, you're here too, Torch?" Rena asked. "I'm surprised to see you here. I think this is the first time I've seen you with your top on."

Torch giggled, before lifting her pajama shirt to flash Rena. "Miss these?"

The kitsune burst out laughing. "Mmm, sort of~" she winked. "So, are you two here to meet someone?"

"Two different people, actually," you said. "First of all, Torch wants to visit May."

"I'm gonna fight Big Sis Blaziken and her friends!" the Torchic proudly announced. "Tonight, I'm gonna level up and evolve!"

"Awesome!" Rena exclaimed, smiling. "I bet you'll look so cuuute as a Combusken girl!"

Torch chuckled, beaming proudly with her hands on her hips.

"So, how about you, Anon?" Rena asked. "Who's gonna be your girlfriend tonight? Someone new, or maybe someone you've already spent a night with?"

"I'm gonna keep it a secret," you told her. "She'll be on May's floor when we get there, so no worries."

"Huh?" The kitsune girl tilted her head. "A... secret? Anon, you know I need to text the girl when we-"

"It's okay, Rena," Torch assured. "Anon's got a plan. You don't have to worry about it!"

"I'm... I'm confused, but alright." Rena typed on her computer, messaging May.




Rena: Hey, May!

May: yo

May: is anon asking me out tonight

Rena: Sorry, but no. He's gonna ask out someone else.

May: oh

Rena: But he brought Torch, and she wants to level grind with you.


May: yes pls i'd love to have her here

May: my pokémon would love it too❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Rena: Great! She'll be right up!

May: tell Anon i wanna hang out again though

Rena: No worries, I will!

May: great, love you

Rena: Ohoho, you love me?😉

May: asdfghjkl you know what I mean

"Floor 96, Room 33!" Rena announced as the elevator began ascending. "Not that we haven't been there before, but you could use the reminder~"

You and Torch sat in the back, relaxing on the long cushioned seat that extended along the elevator's walls.

"This is my first time in the elevator," Torch giggled, her legs swinging as she sat by you.

Rena giggled, sitting beside Torch on the other side. "You're so adorable!" Rena squealed in delight.

"You're adorable," Torch smirked, crossing her arms behind her head.

"Oho, really?" Rena smirked back. "So, Torch, you and Anon have sex every day, right?"

"Every day, every night," Torch boasted. "Sometimes at home, sometimes in motels after a hot date... and sometimes in public."

You blushed. "Torch, don't say that, she'll believe you!"

The Torchic girl laughed, as did Rena.

"In public? Anon, you dirty boy," the kitsune girl teased.

"I-it was only one time," you stammered, making the girls laugh even harder.

"He straight-up ate me out at a bus stop," Torch smirked.

"A bus stop?" Rena growled playfully, making you blush even harder.

"Yep. His tongue went eve-ry-where~"

Rena bit her lip, crossing her legs under her kimono. "Sounds like fun..." she breathed heavily.

"It was~" Torch winked. "His tongue went everywhere. He's eaten you out before, right?"

Rena nodded. "I basically taught him how," she said proudly.

"Ohoho!" the Torchic girl laughed. "In that case, I gotta find out how you eat pussy."

The kitsune girl giggled, her hand rubbing circles on Torch's belly, moving downward slowly with each cycle. "Really? You're interested?"

Torch nodded furiously. "We're both Anon's girlfriends, so it only makes sense."

Rena froze.

"Hm? What's up?

You and Torch looked into the kitsune's red face, blushing more than ever. Her eyes, however, showed that she wasn't quite there at the moment.

Am... am I Anon's girlfriend?

Does he love me like he loves Torch and the other girls?

He... hasn't asked me out, really...

And even though we've kissed and fooled around, we haven't actually had sex yet...

I'm still a virgin, so... am I his girlfriend, or-

"Rena? Are you okay?" you asked.

Rena shot out of her trance. "Ah! Sorry, I was just... oh, never mind." Her perky smile returned once again. "Would you like me to eat you out, Torch?"

Torch instead kissed Rena's cheek. "I think you need a kiss right now," she replied sweetly.


Torch grinned, mashing her yellow lips to Rena's red ones. Rena's full lips pressed tenderly against Torch's soft mouth, the Torchic girl purring into the kiss. Rena quickly got over the shock, kissing the orange-skinned girl in return, pressing her tongue to her mouth in hopes of French kissing her. Torch gladly complied, opening her mouth to take in Rena's, the two girls making out with you just inches away. You could hear them moaning as their tongues glided against one another, the sensations sending shivers down their spines.

"F-fuck..." you whispered, pulling your pajama pants down to masturbate to the scene.

"Mmmmmm~" Torch and Rena purred, wrapping their arms around one another.

Rena pulled away, leaving several strands of saliva connecting their mouths. Torch panted, her eyes wide at the kitsune's powerful tongue.

"Th-that was..."

Rena nodded, winking. "Looks like we weren't the only ones enjoying it~"

Torch turned around, gasping as she saw you with your cock in your hands, beating your meat to the two. She giggled, grabbing your hard-on with her own soft, orange hand, the light-yellow feathers of her arm tickling your thigh as she pumped you up and down. Rena growled in desire, moving to sit on your other side, kissing your cheek as she sat down next to you.

"Like this, master?" Torch winked, gripping you gently. "My trainer deserves only-the-best~!"

"Yes, he does..." Rena whispered into your ear, joining Torch by gently stroking your balls. "Mmmm, don't pop just yet... You should wait until you're with the girl you wanted to be with tonight..."

Torch giggled knowingly at Rena's words, jerking you even faster. "You heard her, Anon. Don't cum until the girl you wanna ask out is right beside you~"

You couldn't help but chuckle, grinning madly at the two beautiful women on either side of you played with your cock and balls, gently guiding you to orgasm. You grunted out as the desire built in your loins, your body wanting to release right then and there.

"I love you, Anon~" Torch giggled, kissing your cheek.

"I love you too, Torch~" you replied, turning your head to hers and kissing her in return. She gasped at first, but giggled as your lips pressed against hers. "Heheh, I'll never get used to how warm you are," you chuckled, putting your arm around her.

"Aww!!" Torch blushed, kissing you on the lips again. "Mmmph, I love you so, so, SO MUCH, Anon! You're just the best!!"

Rena bit her lip in jealousy, still gently massaging your balls but increasing her pace.

"Heheh, I can taste Rena on your lips~" you teased.

Torch giggled. "Tastes good, huh? I can see why you brag about fooling around with her. She's amazing at kissing~"

Rena blushed yet again. Brags? About... me?

You turned around, grinning in front of Rena. "In fact, I kinda wanna kiss the real thing. May I?"

The kitsune girl gasped, before assuming a sensual grin. "Anything for you, Anon~"

You and Rena pressed your mouths together, almost immediately teasing one another's tongues, dancing and wrestling in each other's mouths. Her slick, wet tongue virtually surrounded yours, licking you lovingly as the kiss intensified. Rena stopped rubbing your balls, instead wrapping her arms around you as she kissed you more and more forcefully, as if to keep you closer.

Torch continued her handjob, licking her palm to make it even better. As Rena roughly made out with you, the Torchic girl kissed the back of your neck, giggling with each peck.

"We-love-you, Anon..." she whispered.




Torch pressed one last kiss on your saliva-covered erection as the elevator doors swung open. "Looks like we're here!"

Rena licked up your shaft one last time. "Aw, seems like it. Sorry, big guy, but your raging hard-on is gonna have to wait."

"Y-yeah, guess so..." you stammered, the sensation of their dual blowjob driving you wild.


Torch skipped out of the elevator, going ahead of Rena, who walked beside you.

"Hey, Foxy, think I can request girls, too?" Torch winked. "I wanna fuck a Gardevoir girl, a Jynx girl, a Pikachu girl, a Charizard girl, a Lickitung girl, a Jigglypuff girl, a Garchomp girl, a..."

Rena giggled as Torch continued her laundry list of Pokégirl waifus. "She's so energetic and perky," the kitsune whispered to you, giggling.

"I know, right?" you replied, grinning.

"So, who's the girl you're gonna pick. You said she's on this floor, right?"

You nodded. "Let's just get Torch to May's room. I'll explain then, okay?"

"Um... okay?" Rena tilted her head. "Just so you know, you're freaking me out here."

"Aw, c'mon, there's no problem here."

"Oh, a Vaporeon girl would be fun!" Torch exclaimed, still rattling off her list of dream girlfriends. "And a Sylveon girl, a Bellossom girl, a Miltank girl with big mommy milkers, a Hatterene girl, a Lopunny girl, a Tsareena girl, a Whimsicott girl, a Gothitelle girl..."






"...a Delphox girl, a Primarina girl, a Salazzle girl, a Mimikyu girl, a Pheromosa girl, a Wooloo girl, a Vespiquen girl, an Alcremie girl, a-"

"We're here, Torch," Rena giggled.

"Hm? Oh!" Torch gasped. "Sorry, I was still imagining my Pokéharem."

The three of you laughed. Torch knocked on the door, May opening it shortly thereafter.

"Hey, Torch! Long time no see," May grinned at the Torchic girl in front of her. "And hey to you too, Anon!"

You grinned at her, kissing the cute Pokémon trainer on the lips. May purred into the kiss, stroking your cheek with a gloved hand.

"I missed kissing you like that," she pouted. "We've gotta hang out sometime, okay?"

You nodded vigorously. "I'd love that," you replied, hugging her tight and feeling her soft breasts pressing against you.

"I love you, Anon..." May whispered into your ear.

"Love you too, May," you replied, squeezing the Pokémon trainer tight.

Rena watched the two of you, the kitsune hiding a twinge of envy behind her smile. Fuck, what's gotten me so jealous today? Anon's happy, Torch's happy, May's happy... Usually, that's all I need. C'mon, Rena, pull yourself together here, jeez...

You and May broke the hug as Torch walked inside. "So, is Big Sis and her friends here?"

"They're in their Pokéballs right now," May said, walking inside with her. "I'll see you around, Anon!"

"See ya!" you replied, closing the door just as the Trainer began summoning her Pokémon.


As the door shut, you turned to Rena. "Well, I'm ready to ask out the girl I like."

"Great!" Rena exclaimed. "So, who's it gonna-"

You immediately hugged the kitsune girl, squeezing her tight as your lips pressed against hers.

"Mmmph?!" she gasped into the kiss, her body trembling as you embraced her.

"Rena..." you whispered as you broke the kiss. "I choose you."

Rena's eyes were wide, her face quickly reddening with embarrassment. Her three tails shook back and forth as you took her hands.

"Is... is this a dream?" she asked, her eyes meeting yours.

She stood closer to you, her tall body - three inches taller than yours - pressed softly against your own.

You shook your head, looking up at her. "Tonight's your night, Rena... if you want me, that is-"

"YES!" Rena shouted, before immediately shutting up in embarrassment. "Um, y-yeah, I..." She sighed. "Anon, I... I love you. Please, spend the night with me." And every night...

You nodded. "Shall we go?"



"Um... F-Floor 3907, Room 143!" Rena announced, blushing as she inputted the numbers into the elevator computer.

"Why so nervous?" you asked, inviting her to sit by you. "You fool around with me in here all the time."

"Y-yeah, but..." Rena sat next to you on the red cushioned seat, resting closer to you. "I-it's different when you... ask me out."

You smiled warmly at her, stroking her cheek. "Rena. I loved when you did those things. Kissing you, feeling you jerk me off, eating you out... it was all fun. This is my way of telling you that I feel the same way."

Rena gasped, the words sticking to her. He... feels the same way?

You pressed your lips to hers, savoring their softness. She put her arms around you tight, embracing you as you kissed. Her hands stroked your back as you pushed against her, feeling her boobs on your chest. Her three bushy tails began wagging back and forth excitedly as she began savoring your taste.

Anon... loves me. He really loves me. Anon loves me! Anon! Anon!!

Rena broke the kiss, grinning madly as tears trickled down her cheeks. "I love you too, Anon."



12:00 PM.


The elevator doors opened. You passed through them, proudly holding Rena's hand in yours. Rena beamed as she squeezed your hand, taking you to Room 143.

"I love how your hand feels," you grinned.

"I love hearing your voice," Rena replied.

"I love your fox tails."

"I love your kisses."

"I love the way your eyes light up when you're happy."

"I love your cute laugh."

"I love your skin."

"I love your hair."

"I love your sexy grin."

"I love..." You let go of her hand to grab her ass. "This."

"Ah! Anon, you beast!" Rena playfully admonished, laughing as you squeezed her butt. Mmmph, he can do this as long as he wants....!!


"Room 143, here we are!" Rena said, pulling her key from her kimono's pocket. Opening the door, the two of you stepped inside.

Her room was lovingly decorated with Japanese paintings, a full-body mirror, and a kotatsu in the center. Along the wall was a desk with a computer, a TV with an assortment of game consoles plugged into it, and a couch in front of the TV. On the far back wall was a four-post bed with a pink blanket on it.

"It's, um, it's not much..." she said, guiding you in. "But it's-"

"It's awesome," you beamed.


You turned to her, grinning. "I love it. May I sit on the couch with you?"

Rena's face turned red again. "Sure," she said, a soft smile on her face. "Oh, but... give me a moment."



Miyu Hakobu relaxed in her Hotel room after a long, hard day of work. The catgirl's ears twitched in frustration at the thought of her boss, who made her haul over 200 boxes by herself without any assistance.

"Fucking bitch... Does she think this shit is easy?" the delivery girl groaned, reclining in her desk chair as she turned on her PC. "At least I can relax with some Counterstrike."

As the computer turned on, a notification appeared in the corner.




Lewdstream Active!

"Oh, fuck yes!" Miyu exclaimed. "Screw Counterstrike, it's cooming time! Where's my vibrator?" she asked herself as she clicked the notification, pulling up the browser window. As the livestream loaded, a certain Japanese-themed bedroom came into view.

"Hm? Whose room is..."

The camera angle shifted to the couch, where a certain young man was sitting. Seconds later, a certain kitsune woman sat next to him, placing her hands on his thighs and talking with him.

"Holy. Shit."

Miyu gripped her Hitachi Magic Wand tighter than she ever had before, her work pants dropping to the floor as she pressed the vibrator against the front of her boxers.

"Rena, you lucky bitch!" she laughed, her eyes rolling back as the pleasure overtook her. "I knew ya could do it! GO GET 'IM, GIRL!"


Rena cupped your cheek as her lips met yours, their softness pressing against you eagerly with each smooch you shared. One after another, you exchanged dozens of kisses, before finally opening your mouth and letting her slick, smooth tongue glide against yours, longingly tasting the inside of your mouth. You stroked the back of her head as she kissed you, savoring each other's flavors.

After several minutes, she broke the kiss. "Anon... I've... I've dreamed about this day... ever since I learned what kissing was..."

You chuckled. "You've had dreams about me? That's really sweet."

Rena blushed. "Actually... everyone in this Hotel has had dreams about you. That's... how we learned about you, actually."


The kitsune girl smiled sweetly. "Do you want me to explain now, or show you my boobs first?"

"BOOBS!" you exclaimed. "I mean, I'm dying for that exposition, but this is a lemon first and foremost."

Rena laughed. "Sure, Anon! Anything for my... my boyfriend."

She stood in front of you, blushing as her trembling hands reached for the ribbon tied in front of her kimono.

"You know... the ribbon is supposed to be tied at the back," she pointed out.

You nodded. "Yeah, I think I heard that somewhere."

"Of course, tying it in the front has its uses... like so."

Rena swiftly untied the kimono, slowly lifting it over her shoulders and dropping it to the floor. Her smooth, pale skin glistened with sweat as the fabric pooled around her feet. Your eyes gazed at her breasts, both around a D-cup, but one was slightly larger than the other. Not that you cared, of course; they were Rena's. She wore no bra beneath her kimono, only a pair of lacy pink panties, slowly growing wetter by the second.

"Well... this is... me," the kitsune woman chuckled nervously, blushing redder than ever. "Do you, um... do you like it?"

You immediately stood up, hugging her tight. "You're gorgeous. Thank you, Rena."

Rena gasped, embracing you in return. Of course he'd say that. How could I be so stupid? It's Anon. What's he gonna say? "Girl, you ugly?"

"I love you so much, Anon," Rena whispered into your ear, grinning from ear to ear. "I've... loved you for years. Ever since I started dreaming about you." She led you back to the couch, gently pulling your head into her bountiful bosom. She stroked your head gently, smiling warmly at you as she embraced the one she loved.

"May I... hear about your dreams?" you asked, nuzzling your cheek into her large breasts.

She giggled, hugging you as she closed her eyes. "Well... they all started when I was... maybe nine or ten. I dreamed about this boy, the same age as me, with stunning eyes and a beautiful, heartwarming smile." Rena giggled, squeezing you tighter. "As you can imagine, that was you."

You chuckled. "Stunning eyes? Beautiful smile? You sure that wasn't you?"

The kitsune woman laughed. "Anon, you flatterer! Anyway, as I got older, I kept having these dreams, maybe once every few days or weeks. When I was little, they were about us playing in the park, or dancing together at a party. I quickly fell in love with you, even if you were just a dream. I told all my friends that you were real, and that I was going to..."

Rena trailed off, blushing.

"Hm? You okay, Rena?"

She shrugged it off. "Sorry, just... lost my train of thought. I told them that I'd date you and love you forever, even if you already had other girlfriends."

"Yeah, 'cause you'd date them too," you teased.

Rena laughed. "Hey, I only learned that about myself way later. But yeah, even then I had no problem being in a harem. Of course, I only started having wet dreams about you around my late teen years. Mmmmph, the things we did in those dreams..."

You chuckled, running your hand along her side. "You should tell me about them."

Rena's hands trailed down your back to your butt, squeezing your asscheeks. "I'd rather do them, now that we have the chance~" she growled playfully.

You felt your cock slowly harden with her words and touch.

"Anyway, as I was saying..." Rena continued, still touching your ass. "My friends all made fun of me for falling in love with a dream, and my dad... got really... mad..."

Rena froze, as if all the levity had drained from the moment.


"...Anon..." She sighed. "I... I just want to get my mind off that old life, okay?"

"Oh... alright." You wrapped your arms around her soft, cozy body, squeezing her tight. The three bushy fox tails behind her swayed as you held her close. "I don't know what happened to you where you came from... but you're alright now. I'm here."

He's right, Rena thought, hugging you back. He is here. Right here, beside me. I was right about him. I was right! I WAS RIGHT!!

Rena squeezed you in victory, her warmth and softness only arousing you further. "Ohh, Anon..." she giggled in delight, a single tear rolling down her cheek.

"I think I know something that might get your mind off that life," you smirked, rubbing her back with one hand and her boob with the other.

Rena bit her lip. "Mmmm... I think you might be onto something there, Anon."



You sat butt-naked before Rena, who sat down between your thighs, gazing at your hard-on hungrily.

"All yours," you smirked, leaning back with your arms across the couch's back.

She giggled, licking her lips. "All mine? Every inch?"

"Every inch, centimeter, and atom. All yours."

"Mmmm, you really know how to make a girl happy, Anon!" Rena said gleefully, kissing up your shaft to the head. "You've gotten so hard..."

You sighed in contentment, feeling the softness of the kitsune woman's lips against your boner.

"Hmhm, someone's enjoying himself," Rena teased, rubbing your cock against her cheek with a grin on her face. "I'm enjoying myself, too, of course. You won't believe how wet you've made me."

The fox girl's three bushy tails wagged in excitement as she took your cock into her mouth, her lips sliding over the head and down your shaft. You couldn't help but moan a little at the feeling of being in her mouth, experiencing the fox-tailed goddess pump up and down your throbbing erection. Her tongue rapidly licked back and forth with each push downward and every pull upward.

"Mmmmm, Rena..." you groaned in pleasure, you body shivering from her skills.

Rena happily hummed with your cock in her mouth, vibrating your boner even further. Your legs trembled beneath her seductive blowjob, making you want to burst even more. Her lips slid off your dick with a loud pop, leaving your cock wet with her saliva. She pointed to the base of your cock, where a ring of red lipstick now remained.

"Your cock looks good in my color, Anon~" Rena lovingly joked, winking at you.

You laughed, beaming at the fox-girl before you. "Rena, I wanna cum so bad..."

She winked, kissing the head once again, her soft lips pressing seductively against it. "Hm? You wanna cum? You wanna shoot your load all over my face? Blast me with your cream? Paint me white with your seed? Burst your-"

"YES!!" you cried out, your cock unable to take this much longer. "You're so hot, Rena...!"

She laughed, making eye contact with you as she licked your head, gently holding your shaft to her lips as she played with you. Her slick, pink tongue swirled around your tip again and again, tenderly lapping at it. Her licks were interspersed with soft, tender kisses on the head, full of love and desire. She never broke eye contact, looking you directly in the eye the whole time. Her soft fingers held your boner in place as her wet tongue circled the tip, her warm breath making it tingle more and more.

She pressed her lips to your head again, taking it in and out, pumping her lips over it again and again. Her fingers softly stroked up and down your aching shaft, making you tremble in desire even more. Her soft, red lips squeezed up and down your sensitive tip, causing shivers of pleasure to shoot through your body. Inside her mouth, her tongue continued circling your tip, gliding against your most sensitive part.

"Haah.... haaah.... R-Rena, I..."

She gazed even deeper into your eyes as her lips slid down your cock, just as they had before. She opened her mouth slightly, letting you see her tongue licking your underside left and right as she slowly pumped up and down your shaft. That smooth, wet tongue glistened with saliva as she shook her head in time with her tongue, sending even more shockwaves of pleasure through your body. As her mouth and tongue returned to your head, she licked around your head again, her warm breath surrounding it as her circles got even larger and wetter.

"You're delicious," Rena lovingly smiled, her seductive eyes still locked on yours. Her hands pumped up and down your wet shaft quickly as she kissed the base of your cock, jacking you off quickly. She sucked on your balls as her handjob, lubricated with her own saliva, intensified.

"F-fuck, Rena...!" you grunted.

Rena chuckled before popping off your balls, licking a wide circle around your shaft as she pumped your cock's head, jacking off your most sensitive spot. You moaned, feeling her soft lips run up your shaft to the tip, sucking and licking it harder than ever before as her hand jacked you off. The three fox-tails behind her shook left and right in excitement, eagerly awaiting your first orgasm of the night.

"I want you, Anon," Rena whispered softly. "Do it. Cum on me. Ruin me."

"Hnnnng-GAH!" you exclaimed, a blast of pleasure exploding across your body as you shot load after load onto the kitsune's seductive face. "F-fuck, Rena..." you moaned, your white seed covering her lips and cheeks.

She giggled, leaving one last kiss on your dick as she held it gently, her thumbs making small circles on the underside. "I take it you enjoyed that?"

You nodded, your body drained of energy. "R-Rena, that was... incredible."

Rena beamed at you, her heart full of adoration. "Anything for my... boyfriend."

"Heh... don't hesitate so much to say that, okay?" You leaned forward, kissing her forehead softly. "I love my sexy kitsune girlfriend."

She blushed, her joy evident in her gleeful grin. "And I love... love, love, love my sexy human boyfriend."

"That's right," you teased, kissing her forehead again. "Thanks for that blowjob, by the way."

"Heh, anytime~" she smirked, winking. "So, um... I better wash up so we can-"

"Not so fast," you smirked, getting off the couch. "You should relax on the couch first. Let me make sure you're rewarded~"

Rena blushed, sitting on the couch as you 'ordered'. She bit her lip as your face approached her wetness, eagerly awaiting your lips and tongue. Her soft thighs sat on both sides of your face, trembling with anticipation.

And as your tongue touched the crotch of her pink, lacy panties, she knew this was going to be the best night of her life.



1:00 PM.

"So, everyone in the Hotel's had dreams like yours?" you asked, mashing buttons on the controller.

"Mhm," Rena replied, pulling off a successful combo in the game. "Everyone you've met had beautiful, romantic dreams about you. Eventually, after a while, this goddess appears, and - stop spamming - she asks if they want to come to this hotel, where they have the chance to meet you."

"A... goddess? That's interes-"

K-O! Hakobu Miyu wins! the game proudly announced.

"Dammit," you groaned. "Skill Strikers sucks."

Rena smirked. "Don't blame the game, Anon," she teased. "And it's Skill★Strikers, by the way."

As the character select screen appeared again, you chose a different fighter, while Rena stuck with the delivery catgirl.

"So, is everyone here asleep? Like, a collective dream?" you asked, selecting a very busty fighter, with proportions and jiggle physics not unlike Mai Shiranui's.

"Some are," Rena said, smirking as she saw you slowly hardening. "For the most part, though, the girls can come and go outside of the dream at will."

"Wait, seriously?"

Rena nodded as the battle began. "Okay, so you know the Velvet Room in Persona? It's like that."

You chuckled. "So, what happens when the female protagonist from Persona 3 Portable comes here? Has she ever mixed up the rooms?"

The kitsune girl laughed. "I've never asked. Maybe I should- I said stop spamming."

"Can't help it, I'm new," you insisted.

Rena sighed, a smile crossing her face. "Tell you what: let's make a bet."

"A bet?" you said, successfully using your character's Level 1 Super.

She nodded. "Winner gets to ravish the loser."

You blushed, getting excited. "Ravish, you say?"

Rena bit her lip, imagining what you could do to her... and what she'd do with you. "That's right. If you can beat me, you can do whatever you like with me. How's that sound?"

You smirked. "Heh, sounds like I better start spamming-"


K-O! Round 2, Fight!! the game's announcer exclaimed.

"Ohhhh, that does it!" Rena growled, ready to kick your ass. "Level 3 Super time, go!"

Miyu Hakobu glowed, flashing white as Rena inputted the correct button sequence. Just then, a red truck labeled "OLLO VAE" appeared on screen, driving forward and hitting your fighter for massive damage.

"Tch," you groaned, mashing buttons to get up. "So that's the attack she was talking about.

Rena giggled, continuing to kick your ass.

K-O! Round 3, Fight!!

"Bring it on, Anon!" Rena exclaimed, rapidly running back and forth as Miyu. "Miyu's a high-speed character with a lot of gimmicks. Her Delivery mechanic allows her to use a wide variety of items, meaning there's an element of RNG in her moveset."

"Why're you telling me this?" you asked, trying to dodge the packages being thrown at you.

"Because," Rena smirked, pinning your fighter down, "I want you to understand exactly why you lost~"

You grunted in annoyance. "Just watch, I'm gonna win!"

Fuck, I hope you do, Rena thought, imagining being mercilessly ravished by you. "You might as well just give up now, Anon. I promise I'll be a little gentle with you~"



Madame Maria wins!

Rena sighed in faux-disappointment. Heh. Looks like my "overconfidence plan" worked. Goodbye, virginity~!

You smirked. "What was that about 'being gentle'?" you teased.

She chuckled nervously. "Um, h-hey, Anon, that was, uh..."

You grabbed her by the shoulders, laughing as you pinned her to the couch.

"Aaaaaah!" Rena screamed as you manhandled her. Fuck yes! Exactly what I wanted to happen! That's right, Anon, get angry at me! Get soooo mad at your gamer girlfriend! FUCK ME SENSELESS!

"That's it, Rena," you teased, growling playfully. "I hope you're prepared for the kind of pleasure I'm about to bring you~"

She blushed, remembering exactly where she heard those lines before. "Anon, did... did you...?"

You nodded. "I really like your dirty fanfics, Rena."

She covered her face with her hands in embarrassment. "Noooo...!"

You laughed, lining your raging erection up with her pussy. "Are you ready to... actually, holy shit, you're about to lose your virginity, aren't you?" you remembered, dropping the faux-sexy demeanor.

Rena's face was redder than ever, nodding in anticipation. "I... I know it's gonna hurt... but I don't mind. I... want this. I want this so badly, Anon. I want you to ravish me, to make me your woman. I've wanted this for so long. You're the perfect man, Anon, you know you are. I love you."


The blushing, teary-eyed kitsune girl wrapped her legs around your waist. "Take me."

You happily complied, pushing yourself into her wet pussy. She grunted, wrapping her arms around your back just as her legs wrapped around your waist.

"Does it hurt?" you gasped.

She shook her head. "N-not really. I guess I've read too much fanfiction," she chuckled nervously. "I assumed this was gonna hurt like hell."

You smiled, kissing her. "You feel pretty wet down there," you teased.

"Anon, you pervert!"

"Oh, like you're one to talk!"

You shared a laugh, slowly moving in and out of her as she got used to the sensations.

Rena bit her lip. "Thank you for taking my virginity, Anon. Now, take your reward. Ravish me."

You complied, gripping her hips tight and thrusting into her hard.

"AH!" she exclaimed, throwing her head back. "O-okay, this- ah! This isn't so bad! Y-you can go a little faster, Anon- OHHHH GODS YES! MMMMMMPH, FUUUUUCK!!! THAT'S RIGHT, KEEP GOING!!"

You held her hips tighter as you fucked her pounding her soft, soaking pussy more and more. Her body shook, her huge breasts bouncing with every penetration. You looked her in the eyes, licking your lips to arouse her further. She threw her head back, screaming in love and lust. Her body shook and trembled beneath yours, aching to experience you more.

"You're incredible, Rena," you grunted in pleasure, fucking her faster. "Haah... I should've requested you months ago..."

Rena nodded. "Yeah, you should've," she smirked, before shouting in pleasure. "AH! But I'm glad you're here now! Ohhh, Anon! MY Anon!"

"Hell yeah, I'm your Anon!" you shouted, screwing her even harder. "And you're mine."

You felt her getting even wetter at those words, dripping onto the couch as you spoke.

"YES! I'M ALL YOURS, MASTER! I BELONG TO YOU IN HEART AND SOUL!" she screamed, wide-eyed and drooling as you fucked her.

You pounded the kitsune even harder, addicted to her pussy. Every fold of her vagina stroked you almost perfectly, as if she were built to be your lover. You found yourself addicted to her body, drooling just as much as she was.

"MASTER! MASTER! MASTER!!!!!" Rena screamed, calling you by a different name now.

You pinned her to the couch by her shoulders, fucking her even harder and faster than before. "That's right, Rena. Master's here~"

"F-FUCK!" she exclaimed, her hips shaking beneath yours as she came. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"


Rena panted, wiping her forehead with the towel you provided.

"Th-thanks for that..." she gasped out, blushing like crazy. "But... you didn't get to cum."

You smiled at her sitting next to her with you arm around her back. "I'll cum after the next fight, okay?"

Rena panted in exhaustion before hugging you tight. "Ohhh, Anon... I love you."

You stroked her strawberry-blonde hair, grinning. "I love you, too, Rena. Even if your fanfic version of me doesn't sound anything like me."

Rena laughed, no longer embarrassed by her fanfictions. "Hey, I like when you try too hard. It's cute."

"Oh? So I'm 'trying too hard', even in those stories?"

She nodded. "Every last one."

"Damn, your writing's more complex than I thought."

You shared a laugh, before continuing to play Super Skill★Strikers re:SET IV AWA.KEN+.


K-O! Dark Lord Gigabomb wins!

"Damn," you exclaimed, "how'd they get that attack past the ESRB? Like, this game's rated T for Teen, right?"

"It's more like CERO D," Rena corrected. "Anyway..."

Before you knew it, you were on the floor, the kitsune wagging her tails above you. A hungry look gleamed in her eye as she pinned you down.

"It's ravishing time~" she growled lustfully.

You nodded. "Yes, please."

Rena lined your cock up with her soaking-wet pussy, immediately slamming her hips onto you. You grunted in pleasure, feeling her slick walls surrounding your rigid erection. She licked her lips, gazing into your eyes longingly as she slammed down onto you again and again. Her three foxtails swung back and forth in time with her thrusting, again and again, faster and faster.

"F-fuck, Rena..." you moaned, your body trembling in lust.

"That's right, Anon..." she growled again. "I'm going to fuck you until you can't stand it."

"Oh, you voted Team Top, didn't you?"

She nodded, licking her lips again slowly.

You panted, throwing your head back as her pussy splashed against you. Her huge breasts bounced with each time her hips slammed onto you, sending enormous shockwaves of pleasure through your body. The two of you moaned, becoming a duet of sexual pleasure as the kitsune goddess fucked you.

"I've needed this... for so long...!" Rena shouted, before grabbing your head and smashing her lips against yours. She kissed you repeatedly, each time moaning louder and louder into your mouth. You grabbed her face in return, kissing her and pressing your tongue into her mouth. Her hips only got faster as she French-kissed you, her slick tongue wrestling with yours.

As the need to finally orgasm inside her rose, you hugged her tight, squeezing her torso against yours. You broke the kiss, gazing into her gorgeous eyes as the pleasure mounted in your loins.

"R-Rena, I'm...!"

Rena's hips moved faster, the lust inside her only increasing with each passing second. The walls of her pussy, slick and bumpy, milked you until you just couldn't handle it any longer.










A blast of lust exploded through your body, rocketing through your cock as you burst inside her. Filling her with your seed, you groaned in lust, your sounds mixing with hers to create a symphony of orgasms. You felt her walls squeezing tighter around you as her juices washed over your ejaculating boner, sharing in the climax with her. You moaned together, crying out each other's names as you came.

Rena fell down onto you, hugging you softly. She rested her head on your chest, listening to the sound of your heartbeat. You ran your fingers through her hair, smiling at the kitsune.

"Anon, I... thanks."

"No, thank you."

"I've never... felt like that before," she whispered. "Honestly, I... you... oh, fuck me, I don't know what I'm talking about."

You shared a laugh before kissing her forehead. "I love you."

She blushed, kissing your chest a couple times. "I love you, too... Anon."

"...So, one more match?"

"Oh, hell yeah. Love this game."



2:00 PM.

You sat on Rena's bed, stroking her three tails. "Your tails are so pretty..."

She giggled, putting her arms around you. "Glad you like them. Where I'm from, the number of tails you have determines how powerful you are. Not just in magic, but socially as well."

"Oh, that's cool. Is three powerful?"

"Very powerful. In fact, most of my family has one tail. I did, too, when I was little, but I started growing a second one around the time I started having dreams about you."

"Heh, maybe gave you your tail."

"Yeah, right," she laughed.

You chuckled. "Hey, it could happen! So, what kind of magic can you use?"

She smirked. "Wanna see?"

You nodded. "Sure!"

She hopped off the bed, standing before you. "Now, watch this!" Rena started breathing slowly, focusing on her task. Her rightmost tail began glowing, shimmering with an ethereal glow as ribbons of light erupted from her fingers. The ribbons formed into a humanoid shape, one which looked like you.

"W-woah!" you exclaimed, looking at your doppelganger.

"Like it?" Rena giggled, the ribbons no longer coming from her fingers, though her tail continued to glow. "This is an illusion I created. You ever wonder how there's not a massive revolt in the Hotel of girls trying to fuck you? I just make a temporary illusion to satisfy them. It only lasts 12 hours, but for some girls it's all they need."

"That's... actually really cool, wow."

Rena laughed. "Of course, I can make more than just clones of you. Watch this!"

Suddenly, in a puff of smoke, the illusion transformed from you into Princess Peach, wearing pink lingerie. The illusion Peach smiled at you before climbing onto the bed with you, kissing your cheek softly.

"Ooh... I like this power."

Rena laughed. "I figured you might! Now, why don't we have a little fun?"

Rena snapped her fingers, causing Illusion Peach to wrap her arms around your head, kissing you passionately. It didn't feel quite like the real deal, but her soft lips felt amazing regardless. Her tongue pressed into your mouth, dancing with yours longingly.

Meanwhile, Rena licked her lips, watching your erection come to life. She pressed her lips to your cock, kissing it softly. She giggled, listening to you moan inside her Peach illusion's mouth. The kitsune kissed up and down your cock before taking it all in, pushing her lips to your base... and then further. She took you in as far as she could, lightly gagging from the deepthroat. You moaned even louder, the pleasure increasing. Illusion Peach moved a hand from your head to Rena's, forcing her to deepthroat you harder. Rena moaned on your cock, and you with her. The pleasure made you throw your head back, giving Illusion Peach the opportunity to kiss your neck.

"F-fuck, Rena...! Peach!" you cried out, feeling the desperate need to cum.

Rena lifted off your cock, now soaked with her saliva. She smiled at you, her eyes a little teary from deepthroating you. "That... was fun."

You chuckled, kissing her cheek as Illusion Peach kissed your neck. "Don't overdo it, okay? I don't want you getting hurt."

The kitsune smiled at you softly. "Don't worry, I'm alright."

As she spoke, Illusion Peach transformed yet again in a puff of smoke, turning into a certain Pokémon trainer.


Rena nodded. "Hey, May, why not take off those clothes? Anon wants to see your boobies."

Illusion May nodded, winking at you before unzipping her jacket, revealing her undershirt. Removing her jacket, she lifted her shirt over her head, exposing her large, soft breasts.

"Two pairs of D-cups for our special Anon," Rena giggled, grabbing one of your thighs. Illusion May followed suit, grabbing the other and pulling your legs over the edge of the bed.

The illusory Trainer pushed her huge boobs around your cock, squeezing you between them. You moaned softly as she gave you a soft, loving paizuri, not as good as the real deal but incredible regardless. She squeezed her soft tits together, pumping you up and down at a steady, even pace.

Meanwhile, Rena grabbed a bottle of lotion, squeezing its contents onto your cock. May shifted around, facing Rena, who pressed her own boobs onto your cock. You threw your head back in please, moaning at the feeling of two girls tittyfucking you. The paizuri increased with intensity as their softness surrounded you, the slickness of the lotion intensifying the sensation.

"Mmmm, you like that?" Rena teased.

Illusion May simply winked at you, grabbing her tits and rubbing your cock harder.

"I wanna milk you, Anon~" the kitsune moaned, her three tails wagging in happiness. "I wanna watch you explode all over these tits. Do you like my illusion magic? We can do this for hours..."


And for at least one hour, you and Rena did just that. Illusion after illusion fucked you, again and again, surrounding you in love, affection, and intense pleasure.



3:00 PM

You leaned against Rena's shoulder as you rested on her bed, watching the magical, colorful flames circling the air. Rena's middle tail glowed beneath her, allowing her to create the dancing Fox Fire flames.

You sighed, watching her romantic light show play out above your head. "It's beautiful."

Yes, you are, Rena thought, smiling. "Anything for my Anon..."

"So, each of your tails has a different power?"

"Yep," Rena replied, nuzzling her cheek into your shoulder. "Like I said before, having only one tail means you don't have much magical power... or social power. Because of that, my family grew up in poverty, living in the slums of Kitsunemura."

"Oh... I'm sorry."

She put her arm around your back. "It's okay. After I started growing a second tail, my family was so happy, especially my... my dad."

"Did you... have a bad relationship with him?"

Rena nodded. "He... hated living in poverty. When I started growing a third tail, around sixteen... well, he got excited. A three-tailed relative was basically a ticket out of poverty, even for a one-tail family. He told a royal family about my three tails, and... I was engaged to be married to their son."

"An arranged marriage?"

She nodded again. "Yeah. Now, mind you, the prince wasn't a bad person. He understood that I didn't love him, and promised not to force me to do anything. Honestly... he was in the same boat I was. He didn't want an arranged marriage either. But... dad, he..."

"...Rena, if you don't feel comfortable talking about this, you don't need to."

"I know... but I want to tell you." Rena squeezed your side, her cheek still on your shoulder. "Dad saw my third tail, the arranged marriage, as the ticket out of poverty, his ticket to escaping the life he was born into. But... I refused... because the one I wanted to marry wasn't the prince. It was the boy I dreamed about for years. Because of that, he... he hit me."

"Rena!" You wrapped the kitsune girl in your arms, pulling her into a tight embrace. "I'm so sorry..."

Rena sobbed in your arms, hugging you tight in return. Her middle tail stopped glowing, and the Fox Fire dissipated with it. You and Rena were left in darkness, hugging each other tight.

"He hit me... and knocked me unconscious. I didn't die, but... right now, Anon, I'm... I'm in a coma."

"Rena...!" You squeezed her tighter, crying as you hugged the kitsune. "It's my fault... because you had those dreams about me, you-"

"Don't say that, Anon!" Rena cried, sobbing. "You- it's not you're- you didn't-"

You cried together, hugging each other tight, trying to comfort the other.

"I love you!!!"



"Anon..." Rena whispered as her tears dried. "Please don't feel bad. You never did anything wrong. If anything... I'm happy here. I've never been this happy in my entire life."

You kissed her cheek, still feeling sorry for her. "I'm... I'm glad, Rena," you replied, smiling. "I... I just wish things were better for you with your family."

Rena shook her head. "I'll see them again. Someday, I'll walk though the Hotel threshold and wake up... And who knows? Maybe I'll return with a ring on my finger... and a boy in my arms."

"R-Rena..." you blushed, before nodded. "Yeah. When you're ready to show them, I'll be right there beside you."

Even in the darkness, you could tell that Rena was smiling. "So, Anon, wanna see my last trick of the night?"

You nodded. "Sure."

She hopped off the bed, turning the lamp by her bed on. Turning to you, her first tail began glowing. "You ready? Nin nin!"


A puff of smoke surrounded Rena, and she seemingly vanished. Suddenly, a small red fox hopped onto the bed, curling up beside you.

"Huh? Wait... Rena?"

The fox nodded at you before resting its head.

"...YOU'RE SO CUTE!!!!"

You hugged the fox, falling asleep next to the cuddly creature.



4:00 PM

Torch wrestled with the blue-skinned Mudkip girl, who was quickly forcing her back.

"Hmhmhm," the Mudkip chuckled, a smirk forming across her azure lips. "You may have beaten Treecko-chan, but you can't avoid type advantages."

"C'mon, Sis, get her!" May's Blaziken cheered, her trainer sitting in her red lap.

"This is actually pretty exciting," May observed, resting her head against her Blaziken's huge boobs.

"Grrrr..." Torchic grunted, trying to force the Mudkip back.

"Heh, growling again? Is that the only move you know?"

"Grrrr, no..."

"Oh, really? What's your moveset, then?"

"I... I know Growl, Scratch, Ember, and..."

"Hm? And what?"

"...Quick Attack."

In a flash, Torch broke the arm lock and kicked the Mudkip back, letting her scratch her one last time...!



Mudkip fainted!

"Nice one, Sis!" Blaziken exclaimed proudly.

"You're so close to levelling up!" May cheered.

May's Swampert picked up her little sister in her arms. "You did good, Kip."

The unconscious Mudkip grumbled in her sleep as Swampert carried her to the bed.


May's head shot towards the door. "Come in!"

A pink-haired nurse opened the door, along with a very thicc, cuddly-looking Audino girl.

"Thanks for coming, Nurse Joy," May greeted.

"Anything for you, May," the nurse winked, making May blush. "Now, does anyone need healing?"

"Yeah, Torch 'n Kip messed themselves up real good," May's Blaziken said, hugging her trainer in her arms.

The nurse giggled, stepping over to the bed where Mudkip was. Torch hopped onto the bed beside her, refusing to look at her.

Nurse Joy giggled. "Alright, then. Audino?"

The Audino stepped forward in front of the two girls, with Torch marveling at her pink and ecru skin, her wide hips, and her soft, friendly gaze. Her mere presence made the girls feel more comfortable, as though the lingering pain was washing away.

I'm so telling Anon about her... she thought.

"Heal Pulse!" Audino announced, causing an aura of healing to surround the two. The wounds on their bodies quickly healed, and a wonderfully pleasurable sensation surged through their bodies.

Kip woke up, quickly turning to Torch. "Grrr, just wait, next time I'll-"

However, the sight of the sexy Audino girl stopped her from continuing.

Nurse Joy's Audino giggled, her Trainer quickly joining in her amusement.

"I think they like me, Nurse Joy," Audino said, her disarmingly sweet voice making the girls swoon.

May's Blaziken chuckled at her little sister. "Oh, hey, Treecko needs healing, too."

"I'm on it!" Nurse Joy said, leaving her Audino to tease the newly-healed girls while she took Treecko's Pokéball.




"Mmmmph, Rena's so lucky..." May giggled, watching the Lewdstream on her tablet. She pressed the back of her head further into her Blaziken's huge boobs, sighing contently as her strong arms wrapped around her chest.

"Mhmhm, I see he's discovered the joys of doggystyle..." Blaziken chuckled, watching it with her.

"Oho, I didn't take you for a doggystyle girl," May's Sceptile chuckled, sitting beside May with a green cheek pressed against her shoulder. "Wow... he's really grabbing those tails hard..."

"That Ninetails has probably been thinking about this for ages," May's Swampert moaned, fingering herself on the other side of May.

"She's not a Ninetails," May insisted.

Meanwhile, Torch continued fighting with the Treecko and Mudkip, each one battling for a level up, all while Nurse Joy and her Audino watched.



The catgirl truck driver squirted onto her Magic Wand, crying out in pleasure as the orgasm rocked her body. "Haah... Haaah... fuck, that was awesome..."

On her computer monitor, Rena continued making love to the boy of her dreams, furiously riding him in every position she could conceive.

"Fuck, they're still going at it. They rested for a while, but here they are again..." Miyu sighed, chuckling to herself. "Damn, if I ever get lucky with 'im, I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up! ...Heh, like that'll happen."

She smirked at the screen, watching Anon and Rena continue their sexual escapades.

...Anon and Rena.

...Anon and Rena.

...Anon and-

"Holy crap, there's nobody working on room service for them!"

Miyu quickly typed in the Lewdstream chat, alerting everyone watching.




PornhubOfficial: Fuck his dick is awesome.

PiraPlant: I could make love with him for days...

Yoshizawa2: Anon's so cool

SHSLGamer: :anonchamp:

Brainz1: Zombie nut exprt un dis thing, but think it luk odly cumpelling. Weerd, sins zombie uzuly dont think

VariaSuitor: rena you lucky bitch

田中瞳: I love him so much :anonkiss:

MC.Princess: yeah pull that sluts tail

Shirohime-chan: :yum: :weary: :tired_face: :kissing: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_3_hearts: :kissing_heart: :relaxed:

TruckinNFuckin: GUYS

XxM1str3ss0fFl4m3zxX: i came



TruckinNFuckin: LAID*

PKLust: holy shit

DJSupergroove: Does anybody know how to cook??

沖田杏梨: quick, someone needs to make them dinner

Agent 1: yo they're doing the 78 position

ZanPartizanne1: My liege deserves only the finest food.

SinnohChamp: What's Rena's favorite food?

Alibaba: I dunno, what does the fox eat?

YukariGap: ^Inarizushi and fried tofu

Agent 2: Anyone keeping count on how many times Anon came?

Natsukawa_Emiri: ok wheres the first floor kitchen

SarasalandPrincess: You sure they're hungry? Anon's been eating nothing but pussy for a while now.

dollfucker3: how do i download lewdstreams for later?

MC.Princess: Alt+F4

[dollfucker3 left the chat]

DJ_Hyperfresh: Nicely done, Pearl. :anonheart:

PornhubOfficial: I'm on the first floor but I can't cook, send reinforcements

JoJo6: @PornhubOfficial How are you verified?

Colony9Queen: ^ground floor, not first floor

Gunner4: Hotel goes by America rules, it's first floor

SHSLGamer: Why does it go by America rules?

Konohana398: Actually, where is Anon from, exactly? Has anyone asked him?

麵麵: @YukariGap I can make that, on my way

1cegold: chat is moving so fast nobody will notice i'm gay

麵麵: I'll make them some Ramen too as a bonus

Colony9Queen: whats america

TruckinNFuckin: LET'S DO THIS



5:00 PM

"...Hey, Anon?"


"Um... I think it's past 5 now... normally, I start making your room service around this time..."

You stroked your kitsune lover's head. "It's okay. You don't have to make anything special."

She smiled softly, nuzzling her cheek into yours. "I, um... I think I have some leftovers in the fridge. Do you mind?"

You shook your head. "Nah. As long as I'm with you."

Rena blushed. "Awww, Anon..."


"Huh?!" you said in unison.

"Um... come in?" Rena said.

The door burst open, along with a chorus of voices.


Rena put her hands over her mouth as tears tricked down her cheeks.

"Just another delivery from Ollo Vae!" Miyu said proudly, tipping her red trucker's cap.

"I made inarizushi, fried tofu, and of course the seafood ramen," Min Min proudly announced.

"And I made you a few dishes you're sure to love!" Palutena said, grinning happily.

"I tried to help, but they wouldn't let me..." Chie groaned.

"Have you two had a sweet night so far?" Peach asked, sitting beside you.

"Are you kidding? Of course they have!" Daisy said, putting an arm around Rena as she sat beside her.

"Their blushing faces tell us everything we need to know..." Rosalina smiled softly.

"That, and the Lewdstream showed us plenty," Urbosa laughed.

"I'm expecting you to exercise after this, alright?" the Wii Fit Trainer insisted, a smile on her white face.

"Haha, I think they've been burning plenty of calories already!" Shantae teased, hugging you from behind.

"Ehehehe, I know something even tastier than their cooking..." the Piranha Plant Gal purred, drooling as she squeezed Rena from behind.

One by one, girl after girl entered the room, sharing words of kindness with you and Rena.


Before you knew it, well over forty girls had entered Rena's room, now sharing a delicious meal together. You sat at the kotatsu in the center of the room, sharing it with Rena and May.

"So, how's Torch?" you asked the latter.

May grinned. "I was hoping you'd ask," she said, handing you Torch's Pokéball. "Go on."

You pressed the button in the center, causing it to open, sending a beam of energy shooting onto the floor. A Pokémon emerged from the energy beam, but it wasn't a Torchic girl. Rather, her ass and thighs were much wider, covered in orange feathers as opposed to her yellow skin. Her hands had long, silver fingernails, and her cute face had soft orange lips.

"No... way..." Rena gasped.


"HMHMHM!" the Combusken girl proudly chuckled, her fists on her hips as she puffed her (slightly bigger) chest upwards. "Yep, that's right! It's your favorite girlfriend, Torch!"

Rena and May looked at each other, then back at her. "Hang on, now-"

"You look amazing," you said, spreading your arms wide to invite her into a hug.

"Glad to see you leveled up," a familiar voice said. Turning around, you and Torch saw a tall, curvy, busty Pikachu woman in a wrestling outfit.

"Hey, Libre, good to see you," you said.

Meanwhile, Torch merely trembled in your arms. "P-please, don't hurt me..."

Pikachu Libre laughed, patting the two of you on the head. "Relax! I'm not gonna wrestle with ya!"

"O-oh... okay-"

"Unless you wanna~"

"A-as horny as your tone makes me, I think-I'll-pass," Torch insisted.

You, May, Rena, and Libre laughed.


And thus, with around forty women in the room sharing a meal made with love, the night went on.



7:00 PM.

Hotel Fantasia.

Like every night, the time had come for you to wake up. Rena led you and Torch back to the Lobby, giving you both a deep, passionate kiss goodbye. As you crossed the threshold into the black void, you found your eyes slowly opening, awakening in your own bed, next to a beautiful Combusken girl.



7:00 AM.

Your Home.

"Mmmmng... Morning, Anon," Torch greeted, slowly waking up.

You kissed her, making her giggle. "Morning, Torch. I think I'm gonna like waking up to you like this."

She giggled, her now-yellow body hugging you tight. "Too bad you didn't get anything."


"Like, you know how you usually get a souvenir whenever you wake up? You didn't bring anything this time."

"Oh, I did."


You sat up, kissing her cheek. "Right now, Rena's the happiest she's ever been. She probably grinning, laughing to herself, calling her friends and telling them what happened. That's what I brought back: the knowledge that I made her happy."


Torch pushed you to the bed, straddling you.

"You... are the world's most perfect man."

"Ah! Torch-!"

"Now, then... let's find out how this new form fucks-you-senseless..."

"W-wait! I- AH~!"


After a very long morning, filled with love and affection, you went to work with a smile, knowing that right that moment, Rena was happy.

And in the end, that was all you needed.












30 Years Later.




Rena groggily slammed her fist on the alarm clock before turning around to see you asleep next to her. She smiled warmly before kissing your cheek.

"Still as sleepy as ever, I see," she teased, getting out of bed for her coffee.

As she entered the living room, two young boys - one with Peach's eyes, one with Chiaki's hair - were playing Skill★Strikers NEO SAGA XIII -Final- on the TV.

"Morning, kids," Rena greeting.

"Morning, mom!" they exclaimed.

Rena smiled, pouring her coffee in the kitchen. I love that they call me "mom,"  she thought, beaming at them playing.

Just then, Miyu skipped down the stairs, entering the living room. "Heh, looks like they like my Christmas present," she said with a grin. "Morning, Rena."

"Morning," Rena replied as the catgirl entered the kitchen. Her eyes looked down, seeing Miyu's baby bump. "How many more months, again?"

"Just three more and Jun will have a baby sister," Miyu said proudly, hands on her hips.

Rena chuckled, taking a sip of her coffee. "So, how many are you planning on having?"

Miyu smirked. "As many as Anon wants."

"Damn, girl," the kitsune laughed. "I know he's a great father, but you gotta slow down."

Just then, a younger kitsune girl came down the stairs. "Good morning, mommy!"

Rena beamed at her. "Hey, sweetheart, good morning!"

The young girl bounced into Rena's arms, squeezing her tight. "Are we going to Nintendo Land today?"

"Tomorrow, sweetheart," Rena said, stroking her daughter's ears.

"Gotta be patient, kiddo," Miyu insisted. "Your daddy's got a lot on his plate."

"Okay, auntie Miyu," she replied.

Miyu smiled, patting the little kitsune on the head. "That's a good girl, Yuri. Now, go play with your half-brothers."

"Okay!" Yuri replied, hopping from Rena's arms to go play with Peach and Chiaki's kids.

"Such a cutie," Miyu smiled.

"She gets it from her father," Rena replied.

"Heh, what a coincidence, so does Jun."

As she said that, a tall Blaziken woman walked down the stairs, wearing a set of orange pajamas. "Yo, good morning, kiddos."

"Morning, aunt Torch!" the chorus of three kids rang out.

"Hey, Torch," Rena greeted. "Coffee's done."

"Hell- ahem, heck yes," Torch replied, stepping into the kitchen with the girls. "Is our big guy asleep?"

Rena nodded. "He's adorable, too."

"Heh, as always," Torch smirked. "Well, I'd better make him breakfast."

"Oh, you've made him breakfast for the past thirty years," Miyu pouted. "Lemme do it."

"No way, you'd burn water."

"Tch, said the Fire-type."

Rena laughed at the girls' pseudo-argument, glancing over to watch Yuri having fun with her half-brothers. She smiled, seeing her own daughter having fun, and smiled even more when her father walked down the stairs.

"Morning, dad!" the chorus of happy children exclaimed.

And that was when Rena knew: She got the Best Ending.






Rena Chapter







Chapter Text

Every night for about half a year, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: Who's next?





"Gooooood evening, Anon!" Rena greeted as you passed through the Hotel entrance.

"Hey, Rena," you smiled at her. "Someone's excited today."

"Well, in just a week, we'll be starting construction on a shop in the Hotel."


"Yep! Usually, the guests here order things online and have them brought to their room, but having a shop here in the Lobby will encourage girls to buy things here!"

"That's cool. So, what'll be in the shop?"

"Well, one big thing we wanna sell is power-ups." Rena reached under her desk, pulling out a box with a clear plastic front, labeled "MOOMOOSHROOM" in bright letters. Inside was a mushroom that looked somewhat like a Mario mushroom, but with a cowprint pattern and two horns. "If a girl uses this, she'll turn into a sexy cow girl for a while."

"Woah, seriously? Nice."

Rena giggled. "Seems like the idea of a cow girl interests you. Want me to search for one for you?"

You nodded. "Yes, please."

The kitsune laughed, her three tails wagging happily. "Let's see, where's a nice, busty cow girl... Ooh! Anon, do you like holstaurs?"

"Holstaurs? You mean, from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia?"

"Because I've found, like, a billion of 'em here. They're really cute too- oh!" Rena turned the monitor around, showing you a pic of a very busty young woman with short white-and-black hair, a cute face, and two cow horns coming from her head. "LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS!!"

"Yeah, she's really cute," you replied. "I'll ask her out, then."

"Nice!" Rena giggled, turning the monitor back to her. "Hehe, I might have to have her when you're through."

"I forgot about your weakness for cute things," you laughed.

"How could you forget? It's why I like you so much, you stud~" she said with a wink. "Anyway, baby, I've sent her a message, so let's head over now."



"Floor 59, here we come!" Rena announced as the elevator began to ascend, as always. She skipped over to where you were sitting, putting an arm around you. "So, Anon..." she giggled mischievously, "do you like big milkies?"

You blushed, chuckling. "Rena..."

Rena opened her blue floral kimono slightly, exposing her big breasts to you. "I know what my man likes. Now, how about you practice on my boobs? Give 'em a nice suck, okay?"

You nodded, grinning before grabbing her boobs, rubbing them until her nipples got hard. She moaned softly, smiling at you as you pressed a nipple to your lips. You licked her before taking the small nub into your mouth, sucking her softly and slowly. Rena moaned much louder now, crossing her legs and biting her lips as you pleasured her.

"N-now remember, I can't m-make breast milk... yet..." she whispered, stroking your head as you sucked her tits. "B-but... I want to someday..."

You smiled, looking up at her with her nipple in your mouth, teasing it with your tongue.

"A-Anon... I... I want a family someday... is that okay?"

You hugged her tight, before pulling your face off her nipple with a loud pop. "I'd love that, Rena," you whispered, before kissing her slowly.

"Mmmm! Mmmmm...." Rena purred into your lips, hugging you in return. I love this man... I love him... I want to raise a family with him... I want to breastfeed our children...





Rena quickly put her kimono back on, taking your hand as you left the elevator.

"So, how many kids was that again?" you asked.

"Oh, at least a dozen!" the kitsune proudly declared, her three tails shaking back and forth happily. "Six boys and six girls ideally, but I'm willing to let fate decide~"

You looked away, realizing in horror that fatherhood was inevitable.

"I hope they get along with all their half-siblings," Rena continued. "After all, you've got a lot of girlfriends now... Well, girlfriends for now, since you'll probably marry us all~"

Fatherhood... from well over thirty women...

"You don't mind, right, Anon?"

Your face was sweating like a pig. "Huh? Oh, uh, y-yeah..."

Rena giggled. "I get it. You're afraid of having to raise so many kids."

You nodded nervously. "Yeah... sorry..."

She put an arm around you, squeezing you close to her. "Aww, no need to be ashamed, Anon! Fatherhood's a huge commitment. It's okay to be ambivalent about it."

You smiled, hugging her in return. "Thanks for understanding."

"Hey, no problem," she assured, kissing your forehead. "And just so you know, nobody's tested positive yet."

"You've asked around?"

"Well, everyone you ask out gets invited to a 'Girls Who Fucked Anon' Discord, so I just asked them there."

You chuckled. "Can I get a link?"

Rena winked at you. "Girls only, Anon. We gotta have a few secrets of our own, you know."

"Well, now you have me curious..."

Rena giggled, continuing to walk with you to the holstaur's room.




"Floor 59, Room 105!" Rena announced as you arrived at the door. "Hope you're thirsty, big guy."

"That's my secret, Rena. I'm always thirsty."

Rena laughed, leaving you to knock on the door as she returned to the lobby.


The door opened seconds later, revealing a young woman a little shorter than you, with two cow horns poking out of her short black-and-white hair, green eyes behind a pair of red glasses, and a cow-pattern sweater holding a pair of massive, F-cup breasts. Her legs were large, fluffy cow-legs with well-polished hooves for feet. She gave you an adorable, gleeful smile before embracing you, squealing with delight as she wrapped you in her bountiful embrace.

"Heyyyy, Anon!!" she greeted, nuzzling her cheek into your chest. "My name's Holly! Holly the Holstaur! I can't wait to spend the night with you...!"

You smiled at her, hugging her back as you rested your face on her head, careful to not get poked by her two horns. "I can't wait either. it's awesome to meet you."

"Mmmmm, it's awesome to meet YOU, cutie!" she said, squeezing you tighter. The cow-girl pulled you inside, slamming the door shut behind you.


"C'mon, let's cuddle on the bed!" she said, skipping to the bed in the center of the room, her thin cow tail bouncing with her.

You followed her, laughing with her as she hopped onto the bed. You happily joined her, laying close by Holly. She giggled, pecking your cheek with small pink lipstick marks, again and again, all while pressing her boobs into your arm.

"Mmmm... oh, Anon!" she exclaimed, remembering something. "I nearly forgot. I know girls in the human world don't like being groped, but us monster girls love it!" She grabbed your hand, pressing it to her huge breast, valiantly contained by her wooly sweater. "So feel free to touch us whenever you feel like, okay?"

You smiled, squeezing her boob happily. "Thanks. You're really sweet."

"Mmmmmmm, your grip is so firm~!" she squealed yet again. "I'm so in love with you~! Yeah, just- ahhhh, just grope me like that, okay? Mmmm, feel me uuuuppp..."

You chuckled at her arousal, continuing to rub her massive breasts. She squealed in love and delight, giggling from your arousing caress. They felt so soft... so warm... so cozy...

Before you knew it, your holstaur lover pulled you face into her sweater-bound bosom, stroking your head as your face sunk into her.


"Ohhh, Anon..." she purred, caressing your head just as you caressed her breasts. "I'm pretty sleepy all of a sudden. You can use me as a pillow if you want... any time you want... any..." She yawned. "Any night... I love you, my precious Anon..."

You sighed into her breasts, hugging her as you drifted off to sleep with her.



"Heyyyyy, Anon... wake up..."

You opened your eyes slowly, seeing her standing by the bed. She was carrying a tray with two mugs on it, full of a steamy, sweet-smelling liquid.

"I need you to sit up, okay? I made you hot cocoa."

You looked up at the holstaur's cute face, smelled the warm chocolate drink, and immediately did as she ordered. She giggled, handing you a mug while she sat beside you, taking one for herself. The hot cocoa she made contained two large marshmallows, not unlike the two large marshmallows on her chest. Taking a sip, the warm chocolate flavor filled your mouth with sweetness you had never experienced before.

"It's delicious," you told her, grinning.

She giggled. "I'm glad. I made it with my milk, you know."

Your eyes went wide, staring at the cow girl's massive mammaries, still held back by a woolen sweater. You continued drinking the unimaginably delicious drink, its warmth spreading across your body.

She giggled again, watching you drink so fervently. "Is it that good? I know humans really love Holstaur Milk, but you're acting like it's the tastiest thing ever..." She bit her lip, looking at the slowly-forming tent in your pajama pants. "Hm? Hey, Anon, are you getting aroused? Is my milk making you horny?"

Before you knew it, she had set her drink aside, instead putting one hand behind your back and pushing one hand into your pants, rubbing small circles around your erection. Her pale skin felt unimaginably soft, especially the smooth, creamy hand playing with your cock. You trembled from the touch, moaning softly.

"H-Holly, that's..."

Holly smiled, feeling you get hard beneath her soft touch. "Holstaurs like three things, Anon: Eating, sleeping, and sex. Of course, we can have other hobbies and interests, but those three are things we can't live without."

You chuckled, taking another sip of your hot cocoa. "I'm kinda the same way, come to think of it."

She laughed, kissing your cheek. "Then we should live together! I can provide you as much milk as you like, so you never need to worry about going hungry. Plus, I'm really cuddly, so sleeping together would be so much fun! And..." She started pumping your hard-on up and down, jerking you off with her creamy-smooth hand. "...I can make love with you for as long as you like..."

You leaned your head back, unconsciously humping into her smooth fist. The cow girl giggled, kissing your cheek as she stroked you.

"Th-that sounds nice..." you moaned softly, sighing contently at her touch.

"Mmmm, Anon... you've gotten so hard... Does that mean you want me?"

You nodded before throwing your head back in pleasure.

She giggled. "Alright, then." Holly licked her lips as you set your mug aside, having finished your hot cocoa. She pulled down your pajama pants, her eyes fixated on your hard-on.

"You look so yummy," she teased, continuing to stroke you off. "Hey, Anon? Wanna see my boobies?"

You nodded furiously. "YES."

Holly laughed, grabbing the bottom of her sweater and slowly lifting it, pulling her breasts up at the same time. As she raised her top over them, the massive mammaries bounced out of her sweater, jiggling as she took it off the rest of the way. Her smooth, creamy pale skin looked delicious, especially her breasts.

"Holy crap..." you whispered, making her laugh.

The holstaur girl bounced them up and down for your entertainment, making you jerk off to them. As you pumped your dick up and down, she winked at you, grinning as she shook her boobs left and right.

"Heyyy, no need to jerk off, Anon..." she said slowly, grabbing her boobs and getting between your legs. "Just let Holly take care of everything~"

You gasped in pleasure as your cock was surrounded by the softest, comfiest pillows you have ever felt in your life. Her smooth, cozy breasts squeezed your cock on both sides, wrapping it up in her loving embrace.

"Does this feel nice?" she asked, blushing as she grinned naughtily.

You nodded, smiling. "It's the best...!"

"You can't beat Holstaur boobies~" she teased, winking at you. "Now, enjoy the best paizuri in the world!"

Holly squeezed her boobs together tighter, pumping up and down at full speed. The massive F-cups surrounded you in their warmth, jiggling with every movement she made. You laid down, wrapped in her creamy smoothness, listening to her laughter as she jerked you off with her mammaries.

"Don't these huge, natural boobies make you happy?" she teased. "Don't you just want to pump every last drop between these?"

"Yeah!" you moaned, not even trying to resist her. "I love your boobs!"

She giggled once again. "I'm glad! Mmmm, aren't they the best? The boobs of a monster girl who looooves you~ loves you soooo, soooooo much~"

"I- haah, I love you too, Holly- AH!"

"You do!? You really, really do!?" Her paizuri only got faster, her breasts now stroking you out of sync, intensifying the pleasure. Milk started leaking from her nipples, running down her breasts onto your inner thighs and hips. For some reason, even just feeling her milk made you feel good...

"Mmmmph- ah, H-Holly, I'm-"

"Do it," she growled playfully, uncharacteristically of her. "Cum on me. Give it all to me. Blast your milk into my tits. Mmmmm, give it to me, baby. That's right. Good boy."

You grunted loudly, toes curling and hips thrusting up into her almost involuntarily as the orgasm blasted through your hips and into her breasts. She laughed, squealing in delight as your seed filled her immense cleavage. For a while, it almost felt like you wouldn't stop cumming.

"Mmmmmmm, yes!" she laughed. "My beloved's cum! Mmmmm, thank you, Anon~"

You chuckled, nodding as the powerful orgasm wore you out. "N-no problem..."

"And the best part is, you can have paizuri whenever you want with me! I love using my breasts to pleasure my beloved! And if you like, we can even... Anon?"

You had passed out seconds after you came. Holly laughed, wiping her breasts with a towel before curling up next to you, pressing her tits into your face.

"Sweet dreams again, Anon..."




You woke up yet again, finding Holly laying on the side of the bed, completely naked and squirting breastmilk into a glass bottle.

"Hey, Holly... What's up?"

Holly turned to you with a smile. "Good morning, sleepyhead. I'm just making more milk to sell. Holstaur Milk is very valuable, you know." She squeezed her breast harder, pouring more into the bottle. "Besides just being the tastiest thing ever, it increases your stamina when you drink it. For girls, it makes their skin softer and squishier, and can even make your boobs grow."

"Must be pretty popular, then," you chuckled.

Holly giggled. "Very popular. Every girl wants a big pair of holstaur breasts~" She continued filling the bottle with her milk, now rubbing her nipple to stimulate it. "Back in my world, I worked at a farm where we sold Holstaur Milk. Mmmmmm, so many people wanted to buy it, couples especially. Of course, Holstaur Milk tastes the best when it's milked during... sex. My sisters' milk was more popular because of it, since they were all married."

You smirked. "Want me to help make tastier milk?"

"YES!" she exclaimed. Quickly setting the glass bottle aside, she laid down on the bed, fingering herself. "Take me, Anon!"

You laughed, getting up and standing between her fluffy, soft cow-legs. Her pink pussy dripped with desire, eager to take you inside. You lined yourself up with her, the heat of her womanhood tickling your erection even before entering.

"Mmmmmm, fill me up!" the blushing holstaur cried out, wrapping her thighs around your waist. With her encouragement, you pushed yourself inside, causing both of you to gasp and moan in pleasure.

The slick folds of the cow-woman's pussy surrounded your cock on all sides, her heat and wetness blanketing you. As you thrusted in and out of her, the pleasure of her body sweetly melted your mind.

"Mmmmmmoooooooo~" she moaned, her face red with blushing. She grinned madly, already gripping the bedsheets as you fucked her. Her hips shook left and right beneath you, matching your rhythm. The pleasure between the both of you multiplied with each gyration of the beautiful holstaur's hips.

"H-Holly, I...!"

"Yes, Anon! Keep going...!" she moaned, drooling as she grinned at you.

Your eyes locked onto her massive breasts, bouncing and jiggling with every thrust. Almost instinctively, you leaned forward to suck on one, still thrusting your hips into her. She moaned even louder, exclaiming your name over and over, as your tongue and lips took in her nipple. Sucking on her, you felt her sweet, warm milk fill your mouth, the indescribably delicious taste pouring down your throat. You drank from her, causing her to stroke your head as you fucked her.

Your fucking only became more intense as you drank from her breast, your stamina increasing with every drop of milk that you sucked out. Her screams of pleasure only intensified, as did her grip on your head and waist. Her body trembled and shook before you, and her pussy started vibrating with lust as well.

"L-let's milk each other, Anon!!" Holly cried, squeezing you to her milky breast as her pussy began quivering with you inside.

She was right; you were being milked. The insane sensation of her pussy multiplied, surrounding you in pleasure. Your hips fucked her faster than they ever had before, eager to fill her up. Her body squeezed you closer ever tighter, shaking in rhythm beneath yours, in hopes that she could drain every drop from you.

"Anon~!!!!!" she moaned, dripping wet beneath you. "I just caaaaame~! You made me cum, Anon~!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!"

You forced your arms around her, hugging her tight while your hips slammed into her with incredible strength and speed. Your tongue swirled around her nipple as you sucked, draining her of her milk just as she wanted to drain you of yours. She cried out in pleasure, full of love and lust, squeezing you tighter and tighter. The sweetness of her milk, the sensation of her inhuman pussy, the sexiness of her voice, the tightness of her grip... all of these feelings wrapped around you, blanketing you in pleasure, as your body trembled above hers.

You moaned into her tit as a powerful blast of desire shot through your body, rocketing into her. You cried out, the intense orgasm blasting throughout your body as you came deep, deep inside her.

"ANON!!!!!" she screamed, feeling you fill her up. As she did, a huge wave of milk exploded from her nipples, filling your mouth until it couldn't hold any more. She cried out, again and again, as shockwaves of pleasure filled both your bodies.

You laid there on top of her, still sucking her breasts as the orgasm subsided from her body.

"Mmmmm, Anon..." she moaned, starting to relax. "I love you..."

You sucked her breast a little harder, as if to say I love you, too.

Holly giggled, stroking your head. "That's my beloved. Drink as much milk as you want. They-" She yawned. "They belong only to you..."

And with that, the two of you drifted off to sleep yet again.






Over half an hour later, you found yourself laying on her soft, fluffy lap, her massive round breasts above your face. She pressed a nipple to your mouth, allowing you to suck on her.

"Mmmmmmm... so good..." she moaned, stroking the top of your head as you breastfed.

Her milk tasted sweet and warm, tastier than any milk you had ever had before. You reminded yourself to ask her for a few bottles to take home; you needed to try this cold.

Holly giggled as you drank her milk, gulping it down while relaxing on your lap. As you closed your eyes, you felt yourself getting hard beneath her. She giggled, noticing your erection, and happily grabbed you with her soft, creamy hand.

"Mmmmm, my Anon..." the holstaur purred, pumping you up and down. "Just as you milk me, let me milk you. Mmmmmm, I love you so much... I'd love to live with you... making a nice home... selling my milk... breastfeeding you and... and our children... mmmmm... raising a family... with you..."

"Mmmmm!" you grunted beneath her as she tried to doze off.

"Oh! Sorry, Anon. Nearly fell asleep there," she giggled, continuing to jerk you off and breastfeed you. "Sorry. I told you I liked sleeping... and sex... and eating..." Her eyes drifted to your cock, making her lick her lips. "You know... even though my pussy milked you... I've never tasted your boy-milk before..."

Her handjob only intensified, making you buck your hips up into her.






You and Holly cuddled in the nude, laughing together as you groped and played with her tits, tickled each other, kissed each other all over, and so forth. She squirted milk in your face playfully, making you tease her breasts more. Her blushing face had a naughty grin, turning you on as you play-wrestled on her bed.

All of a sudden, she grabbed your head and plunged it into her cleavage, surrounding your face in her soft breasts.

"Welcome to Marshmallow Heaven, Anon!" she announced, squeezing you into her. The soft flesh surrounded you, making you unable to escape... or even want to.

Holly giggled, keeping your head in her tits while she slowly gave you a handjob. "Milking time~" she teased, pumping your cock with her perfectly smooth hands. "Mmmmm, I could drink a few bottles of this~!"

You laughed into her chest, nearly ready to cum.






Holly sucked on one of her own massive breasts as you sucked the other, gleefully drinking her sweet, stamina-boosting milk. She surrounded you as she rode you, bouncing on your cock with joy. Her fucking intensified, increasing her own stamina as she increased yours. The gorgeous, soft holstaur woman hugged you, embracing you as she rode you cowgirl-style.

You pulled off her breast, leaking with her sweet milk, as you fell to be bed. She stopped sucking on her own breast as well, instead opting to lean forward and kiss you. Her sweet, milk-flavored kiss tasted unimaginably delicious, her slick tongue and soft, full lips playing with your own. As you made out, her hips only fucked you faster and harder, riding you with furious glee.

"Mmmm, like my pussy, Anon?" she teased, riding you harder. "I bet it's better than any human pussy! Mmmmm, human girls just can't measure up to monster girls!!"

You moaned, unable to disagree with the feeling of her addicting pussy. Its warmth and wetness blanketed you in pleasure again and again, her insane walls threatening to milk you once more.

Holly continued kissing you passionately as she fucked you, making you cum again and again.






"ROOM SERVICE!" Rena announced as she barged in.

"Oh, hey, Rena," Holly said softly, stroking your head as you sucked on her tits.

Rena licked her lips, watching you drinking her milk. "Mmmm, maybe I shouldn't have brought food."

"Oh, no no no! I love eating with the people I love~" Holly grabbed her other breast, not being sucked by you. "Heyyy, Rena... Wanna suck my other boobie?"

Rena bit her lip, getting wet from Holly's massive, bouncy, F-cup breasts. "Don't mind if I do!"

Rena kneeled in front of Holly as she sat on her bed. The kitsune opened her mouth, teasing the holstaur's nipple with her tongue. Holly moaned from Rena's teasing, then gasped in pleasure as she began sucking.

"Mmmmm... ooooooooo... Anon... R-Rena..." Holly gasped and moaned, feeling you and Rena suckle her longingly. "Mmmm... two sexy people on my boobies... drinking my milk... I'm.... I'm gonna...!"

The holstaur's body trembled and shook, grabbing both your heads and holding them close to her soft, squishy breasts. She squeaked as shockwaves of pleasure rushed through her body, a powerful and delicious nipple orgasm raging within her.

You and Rena kept drinking her sweet, delicious milk, holding hands all the while.





After a nice dinner made by Rena, you spent several hours with Holly in her room before the time to leave arrived. You gave the beautiful, cute holstaur girl a heartfelt goodbye and a warm (and milky) hug, before leaving with Rena as she led you back to the entrance.

Passing through the threshold, you quickly found yourself in your bed, having dreamed the events of that night.

You slowly, carefully rose from the bed... so as to not spill the glass bottles of Holstaur Milk that Holly gave you.


Chapter Text

Every night for about half a year, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: Who's next?





As you entered the Hotel, you found several people (mostly anime catgirls) hard at work on one side of the Lobby, building the store that Rena said was coming. Speaking of Rena, the fox girl wasn't at her usual place; instead, a certain orange-and-black haired catgirl manned the reception desk.

"Hey, Miyu," you greeted. "Where's Rena?"

"Oh, she asked me to take the front desk while she supervised construction. Hopefully, she'll be back soon, since I'm... still on the clock." Miyu sighed. "My boss is gonna kill me, isn't she?"

"Oof, I'm sorry," you sympathized.

"Hey, tell ya what: Ren'll probably be back quicker if you request someone. Anyone you got in mind?"

"Well, I've been thinking about DJ Candy from MySims lately..."

"Say no more, you got it!" Miyu started typing on the computer in front of her, searching for DJ Candy. "And... found her! Alright, time to send a thought-out, carefully worded message."

Rena: yo, Anon wants to fuck, you up for it?

DJ Candy "Supergroove": YEAH!

"Yep, she's up for it. Ready to go?"





"Floor 7, Room 10," Miyu said to herself, carefully typing the number 7 into the elevator's computer. As it ascended, she quickly sat down next to you on the red cushioned seating at the back wall.

"So, where's your room?" you asked.

"It's on Floor 20, same as a lot of Skill★Strikers girls."

"I played Skill Strikers-"

"Skill★Strikers," she corrected.

"Ah, right, yeah. I played a little bit of... Skill⭐Strikers when I was with Rena."

"Close enough..." Miyu mumbled. "So, did you like it?"

You nodded. "Oh, yeah, it was awesome. I definitely need more practice with it, though. Oh, and your Level 3 Super was great."

She laughed. "I knew you'd love it! Just ram 'em with a truck!"

The two of you shared a warm laugh, before Miyu put an arm around your back.

"Hey, it's okay to hug you in here, right?"

"Totally," you said, snuggling up next to the cat woman. "Rena's done way worse."

"Huh? She has?"

"Oh, yeah, she does all kinds of stuff in this elevator. French kissing, blowjobs, handjobs, facesitting, mutual masturbation, and this one time she made a whole bunch of electrical puns-"

That sneaky-ass bitch...! Miyu thought. And here she is, telling everyone else not to fool around with Anon without him asking. Ohoho, I'll show her!

Before you knew it, Miyu's warm lips smashed against your own, their softness surrounding you in a tight kiss. Her slick tongue pressed into your mouth, wrestling with your own as she grabbed the back of your head, squeezing your face into hers.

Seconds later, she pulled off of you, a thick trail of saliva connecting your mouths.

"Yep, no regrets there," she said with a wink, licking her lips.

"W-woah..." you gasped out. "Miyu, that was awesome..."

"Heheh, let's just say I got some practice," the catgirl teased.

You put your arm around her, pulling her close. "Remind me to only ever order stuff from your company. Amazon can go fuck itself."

She burst into laughter, hugging you tight. "Man, if I knew this was how you got customers, I'd have been doing this for years!"






You took Miyu's hand as you exited the elevator. She smiled at you, squeezing your hand in hers.

"Lessee..." the catgirl said, looking around. "Room 10 is... aha, over there!"

"Got it," you replied, walking with her. "You know, I'd love to play Skill★Strikers with you sometime."

"Yeah, me t- hey! You pronounced it right!" She kissed your cheek as a reward. "Just for that, you earned yourself one hell of a gaming session. You don't even gotta fuck me, I just wanna hang out now."

"You sure you don't want that?" you teased.

Miyu shivered in desire. "H-heh, I mean, I sure as fuck won't complain... Aw, dammit, you got me wet."

The two of you laughed yet again, continuing your walk to DJ Candy's room.




As you arrived at the door to Room 10, a young woman came out of Room 12. Her brown hair was in a pair of pigtails, and she wore several bracelets on one wrist, a pair of blue shorts, and a blue half-jacket over a green tank top that exposed her midriff. She had teal eyes with cyan eye shadow, as well as light pink lip gloss.

As soon as she saw you, she squealed in delight and virtually teleported to you.

"OMIGOSH, IT'S YOU!" she exclaimed, jumping up and down in excitement. "It's really you, Anon!!"

"Ah, holy shit!" Miyu shouted in surprise. "Give a catgirl a heart attack, why don't ya!?"

The girl was too busy glomping you to pay attention to Miyu. "Anon!! You're so cool and handsome and sexy and you smell really nice too-"

"Um, hey, Sapphire?" you said awkwardly, recognizing her. "I'm, uh, kinda here to see DJ Candy..."

"OMIGOSH, no way!!" she squealed. "I'm here to see her, too! She just invited me! I'm her number one biggest fan ever!"

"Huh? She invited you?" Miyu asked. "But, like... she knows Anon requested her, right?"

You smirked at Miyu. "If Rena asks, I requested her, too, okay?" you whispered to the feline delivery girl.

Miyu laughed. "Alrighty, then. I'll leave you to it. See ya, Anon!"

You waved her off as Sapphire nuzzled her face into your shoulder. "Mmmmm, Anon!!! Anon, Anon, Anon!!! Mmmmmm, your name is sweet like candy! Omigosh, speaking of candy, we gotta go see DJ Candy, like, right now!"

You laughed, hugging the hyperactive fangirl in return. "Totally. Let's do this!"


Almost immediately after knocking, DJ Candy opened the door. Short blonde hair, half-lidded green eyes, and an adorably freckled face: this was definitely her.

"What's up, Anon?" she smiled at you. "Glad you could make it. I see you and Saph are getting along."

Sapphire was currently squealing in delight, bouncing up and down while clinging to your arm. "Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh! I'm going to hang out with Anon AND DJ Candy!"

"Heck yeah! How 'bout you two come inside? Let's get this party started!"


You sat on DJ Candy's couch, sitting between the two girls. DJ Candy gave you a naughty smile as she ran her fingers through your hair. "Tonight's gonna be awesome," she purred, eyeing you over.

Sapphire continued squeezing your arm to her soft breasts, giggled and bouncing the whole while. "I can't believe I get to share a boyfriend with THE DJ Candy!!" she exclaimed.

"Heck yeah you do," DJ Candy said, winking at you and caressing your cheek, before pulling your face in to hers. Her soft, smooth lips glided against yours as you shared a loving, passionate kiss.

Sapphire gasped while watching the two of you. "Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh!! You two are, like, the CUTEST couple!"

Candy chuckled into the kiss, slowly pressing her tongue into yours. Your tongues danced together sensually, slowly building the desire inside both of you. Eventually, she pulled away from you, a warm smile on her lips.

"That... was the best kiss ever," she said low, giving you bedroom eyes. "Hey, Saph? Want a taste, too?"

"OMIGOSH, YES!!" Sapphire exclaimed, grabbing your face and pulling it to hers forcefully. Her arms wrapped around your head as she smashed her soft, glossy lips to yours, rubbing her face against your own rapidly. She pushed her own tongue into your mouth, roughly French kissing you. After several minutes, she pulled away, leaving you breathless.

"H-holy crap," you gasped out. "You kiss like a hummingbird!"

DJ Candy laughed behind you as Sapphire licked her lips slowly. Her hand moved down your chest to your crotch, gently rubbing your manhood, which slowly formed a tent in your pants.

"Omigosh, Anon, you're the best kisser in the world!" she laughed, rubbing your crotch faster. "You taste so good! Your tongue, your lips, they're all so... MMMMMM!"

"You got that right," DJ Candy laughed, hugging you from behind and rubbing her breasts into your back. "But this party's just getting started! Let's do this!"



Before you knew it, you found yourself nude on DJ Candy's bed, sitting next to an equally nude Sapphire. You were surprised with how large her boobs were in real life: they were almost a D-cup, and constantly bouncing with her. Damn, the games just DON'T do reality justice... you thought.

"C'mon, Anon, don't stare at her," DJ Candy playfully admonished, standing fully clothed in front of both of you. "The real fun's about to begin now!"

"YEAH!" you and Sapphire cheered.

DJ Candy smirked, her hips swaying left and right as she slowly lifted her red top, exposing her belly even more than before. You and Saph gasped upon seeing more of her skin, the desire building in both your bodies. You found yourself jerking off to Candy, beating your meat to the sexy DJ. Sapphire, meanwhile, was brutally fingering herself at unimaginable speeds, her soaking-wet pussy already splashing with how wet she was.

"Holy shit," you gasped, gazing in amazement at the extra-horny girl beside you.

"Dang, Saph, chill," DJ Candy chuckled, pulling her top even higher. "I haven't even shown you... these!"

Her two large, C-cup breasts popped free from her top, bouncing as her shirt lifted over her head. She laughed, shaking them back and forth enticingly. She gave you a wink, glancing down at your cock before grabbing both her tits, rubbing them all around.

"Like 'em, Anon?" the blonde teased, rubbing her nipples with her thumbs. "All natural boobies~"

You nodded, making her laugh. Meanwhile, Sapphire only fingered herself harder, grabbing her own huge boobs as she did. She moaned DJ Candy's name as her body trembled, a powerful orgasm radiating throughout her limbs as she squirted on her idol's bed. The brunette didn't stop masturbating, no matter how incredible the orgasm was; instead she kept going, drooling as she played with herself.

"S-so hawt....!" Sapphire moaned, turning to you. "A-Anon, you look so... hard..."

You gasped as the hyperactive, horny girl beside you started jerking you off, wrapping her pussy-soaked hand around your cock and pumping up and down your shaft. DJ Candy laughed, watching her jerk you off with the same hand she masturbated with. Candy walked toward you, her hips shaking left and right.

"Well, Anon? Better return the favor," she said with a wink.

You nodded, reaching over to rub Sapphire's pussy, running your fingers through her pubic hair before pushing two fingers in, causing her to squeal in pleasure. She stopped moaning DJ Candy's name, instead moaning your own.

DJ Candy laughed yet again, kissing your forehead and Sapphire's, all while shaking her boobs for your pleasure. "Looks like my boyfriend and my biggest fan are getting along."

The two of you panted in agreement, drooling for each other and for DJ Candy.

"But y'know... it'd be cool if my biggest fan was also my girlfriend, right?" she asked with a wink, kissing Sapphire's cheek. "What about it, Saph?"

Sapphire gasped, blushing a bright red. "OMIGOSH, no way! DJ Candy, you want to- ahhh! Yes! I'd love to date you and Anon! I have, like, the biggest crush on both of you! Ahhhhh!"

DJ Candy chuckled, kissing her on the lips as yet another orgasm raged within her, squirting onto your hand with incredible force.

"That's why I invited you here, you know. I wanted my boyfriend to get to know my girlfriend before I officially asked her out."

"Omigosh, you're so- mmmph, yes- you're so smart and hot and beautiful and I love you, DJ Candy! And- ahhhhhhhhhh- I LOVE YOU TOO, ANON!!!!"

As Sapphire experienced yet another intense orgasm, you felt an orgasm of your own building up inside you, increasing as you watched DJ Candy and Sapphire kiss. DJ Candy turned to you with a smirk before walking backwards and turning around, pulling her shorts down to expose her ass, as well as a pair of black lacy panties.

"Like the panties?" she asked with a chuckle. "I didn't bother with the matching bra today. You're welcome."

You and Sapphire laughed, the latter jacking you off even faster than before, her hand moving at incredible speeds. As DJ Candy's shorts fell to the ground, she started rubbing herself through her panties, teasing the two of you as she moaned.

"Mmmm.... Anon.... Saph...." she purred, winking at you.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum..." you grunted, feeling the need to cum build up inside.

DJ Candy laughed, walking towards you and putting her hands on your shoulders.

"Saph?" the blonde asked.


"Beat him off harder. Make him explode."

"Omigosh, yes."

You grunted loudly, eyes wide as Sapphire's soaking hand increased in speed tremendously. Her hand jacked you off faster and harder than ever before, making DJ Candy chuckle. She pressed her soft, sweet lips to yours, kissing you gently as the most intense orgasm blasted from your erect cock, shooting onto DJ Candy's stomach. The blonde laughed into your lips while kissing you, feeling your cum on her belly.

"WOAH!" Sapphire exclaimed. "Anon just came on DJ Candy! Omigosh, you came a lot, too!"

DJ Candy broke the kiss, laughing at her cum-covered stomach. "Nice job, Anon! Mmmm, looks pretty thick..."

Sapphire leaned over towards your cock, licking the sensitive tip.

"Ah! S-Saph, hang on-" you protested, jolting from the sensation of her tongue.

"Mmmmm!" the brunette purred in approval. "Omigosh, your cum is so tasty and warm and kinda salty but that's okay because it's ANON'S CUM!!" she squealed in delight.

"Well, if you like that so much..." DJ Candy hopped onto the bed and lied down, spreading her legs apart. "How 'bout you lick it off me, Saph?"

"Omigosh... no way..." Sapphire gasped. "This is the best day ever!!" The brunette got between her idol's legs, immediately licking your cum off her flat, smooth stomach.

DJ Candy laughed, putting an arm around you and pulling you close to her. You laid down beside her, kissing her passionately. You moaned into each other's mouths, your lips gliding sensually against one another's as Sapphire continued licking her idol's belly. The DJ's fingers ran through your hair as you kissed her, stroking your head as her tongue slid gently into your mouth, playfully rubbing against yours.

"Mmmmm, Anon..." DJ Candy whispered softly. "I love you so much."

"I love you too..." you whispered back. "You're seriously awesome."

She chuckled, kissing your cheek before turning to Sapphire. "Mmmmph... Saph, I think you licked it all off!"

"Mmmmph, but I can't help it! You're too sexy!!!"

The two of you laughed.

"Well, she's right about that," you said, kissing DJ Candy once more. She smiled at you, her green eyes half-lidded as she gave you a naughty, seductive smile.




"So, who's gonna call dibs on my panties?" DJ Candy teased, standing in front of you and Sapphire yet again.

"Oooh! Me! Me!" Sapphire exclaimed, before quickly turning to you. "If you take them, you're a dead man," she growled.

"Uh, okay," you replied, shocked by her sudden change in mood.

DJ Candy laughed, turning around to pull her panties down, fully exposing her round bubble butt.

"Omigosh, your butt is awesome!!" Sapphire shouted, grabbing DJ Candy's soft ass with enthusiasm.

You laughed, grabbing the DJ's other cheek and squeezing. Your fingers almost sank into her softness...

"Heh. Better than in the game, right?" DJ Candy teased, smirking as she let the two of you grab her butt.

"Oh, definitely," you replied, rubbing and squeezing her smooth rear.

"OMG, Anon, you totally have to woohoo her!" Sapphire squealed, rubbing her finger against DJ Candy's dripping wet pussy.

"Mmmmph, yeah, you do," DJ Candy moaned, pushing her ass further back. "C'mon, Anon... woohoo me."

You nodded, your throbbing hard cock eager to enter her. Sapphire watched with excitement as you stood up, your hard-on pressing against her soaking entrance. Your head teased her before pressing into her welcoming hole. DJ Candy gasped with pleasure as you pushed yourself inside.

"Ohhhh...." she moaned, shaking her ass with you inside her. "There goes my virginity, Anon~"

"Omigosh, you were a virgin?" Sapphire gasped.

"Heh, you know it," DJ Candy replied, moaning as you thrusted into her. She bit her lip, leaning forward and grabbing her ankles as you pounded her. "Ohhhh, I've been waiting years for this... Heh, I wonder if Anon even knew about me when I first came here..."

"We came at the same time, right?" the brunette asked.

"Yeah, we- ohhhhh yeah, Anon, keep it up... Yeah, we both got a room at the same time..." DJ Candy moaned, her green eyes wide with pleasure as your cock filled her up, again and again, rubbing against her inner walls. "H-hey, Anon... now that you're our boyfriend, wanna- ah! Wanna hang with us in our world?"

"We can do that? We can invite Anon to our world?" Sapphire gasped, her eyes fixated on your cock and DJ Candy's pussy.

"Heck yeah!" DJ Candy cheered. "He's never even- ahhhh- never even been to one of my concerts, and video games aren't gonna cut it."

"Fuck, I'd love that," you grunted, the feeling of DJ Candy's pussy overwhelming you.

Sapphire giggled. "Zack's gonna be so jealous~"

"Heh, he doesn't gotta know," DJ Candy smirked, closing her eyes as you fucked her.

You grunted in pleasure, gripping her soft ass as your cock slid against her warm, wet walls. She bit her lip, letting the sensation of your cock wash over her. Sapphire starting fingering herself as she watched her idol lose her virginity in front of her.

"Mmmmph... you know you're next, right, Saph?"

"Omigosh, no way!" Sapphire exclaimed, fingering herself harder.

"She's right," you said, stroking her brown hair as you continued pounding DJ Candy. "I'm looking forward to it, Saph."

Sapphire gasped, grabbing her huge tit while fingering herself even faster. "Mmmm, I'm gonna cum just thinking about it, Anon!" she squealed in pleasure, throwing her head back as yet another orgasm rocked her body.

DJ Candy laughed, grabbing her own boob while you continued pushing in and out of her. "Woohoo, that's hot. I'm looking forward to seeing that- ohhhh, ANON!!!"

You fucked DJ Candy even faster, pounding her hot, wet pussy furiously. You grabbed her tits from behind, your hips still thrusting into her as she shook left and right, shaking her ass into you.

Just then, Sapphire stood up, kissing you passionately as her arms wrapped around your head. Her intense, lewd kissing, combined with DJ Candy's incredible pussy, made it impossible to resist cumming.