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Hotel Fantasia

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Every night for about half a year, you’ve dreamt of the same hotel floating in the void. “Hotel Fantasia,” the sign above the entrance proudly declares. Inside, the beautiful kitsune receptionist Rena leads you to the room of any girl your heart desires, and you spend a marvelous night with them. Here, in the mysterious dream hotel Fantasia, all the worries of the day vanish in the gentle comfort of night.

And so, your slumbering heart asks itself: Who's next?















What A Horny-ble Night to Have A Curse

Rating: Explicit

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Categories: F/M

Fandoms: RPF (Real Person Fanfiction)

Relationships: Female!Reader/Vampire!Anon, Female!Reader/Anon

Characters: Reader, Female!Reader, Anon, Vampire!Anon - Freeform

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"...Interesting tags, here," you observed, looking at the computer screen.

"Shut upppp..." Rena bemoaned, her face in her hands.

"So, you wanna fuck me in vampire cosplay?" you teased, nudging her with your shoulder.

The three-tailed kitsune girl merely growled, burying her face further into her hands. "You weren't supposed to see this..."

"Hey, I happen to like your writing," you insisted, putting your arm around her.

She sighed, leaning back in her chair. "Geez... Ah, well. Speaking of vampires, tonight's girl is the big titty goth queen from Resident Evil: Village."

"You mean Alcina?"

Rena nodded, calming down. "Yep. Don't ask me how she managed to get third place in the Splatfest, though."

"I've learned to stop questioning these things," you replied, making her laugh.



"Going down~" Rena announced as she typed the floor number into the elevator computer. "Basement 6, here we come!"

You sat down on the cushioned couch at the back of the elevator. "You seem pretty upbeat."

"Hm? Aren't I always?"

"Not when the basement floors are involved," you replied.

Rena sat down beside you, smiling as she put an arm behind your head. "Well, you've fucked- let's see, Dark Samus, those three zombie girls, Bowsette- That's five Basement girls already, and nothing bad happened." She kissed your cheek before giggling. "I used to be so worried that something bad would happen to you, but... I guess I underestimated how much we all loved you. Hehe, guess you rubbed off on me."

"I know, right?" you chuckled, leaning your head back against the rumbling elevator's wall. "It's still a shock to me how many girls like me. Hell, you're in love with me. It's... honestly hard to believe."

Rena sighed, nuzzling her head into yours. "It's easy for me to believe."

"I... still feel like I don't deserve you..." you replied.

"Anon..." Rena kissed your cheek, her three fluffy fox tails pushing behind your back. "You're sweet, kind, honest, hard-working, sensitive... Any girl would be lucky to have you. Please don't feel like you don't deserve us."

You felt yourself start to tear up. You hugged the soft kitsune woman beside you, making her gasp.

"Thank you, Rena. I love you."

Rena sighed, embracing you in return. "I love you, too... and so does everyone else. Don't ever forget that, okay?"






"And here we are," Rena announced. "Floor- erm, Basement 6!"

You and Rena left the elevator... and were immediately surrounded by a horde of faceless (albeit very busty) nurses.

"HWAH!?" Rena exclaimed. "A-an ambush? Seriously!?"

"Sex... Anon sex..." they groaned, even without mouths. "Sex with Anon... fuck Anon... ANON FUCK!!"

"Anon, stand back!" Rena exclaimed, her third tail glowing. "I know how to handle these-"

Just then, a nearby door swung open, its giant inhabitant storming out of it and smacking the (admittedly kinda sexy) creatures away.

"Begone!" the giantess roared.

"Huh?" Rena hopped back in shock, her tail no longer glowing.

As the gaggle of Silent Hill nurses were knocked away, making them flee in terror, the woman turned to you.

"Anon... So, we finally meet," she said. The mature, extremely tall (and exceptionally curvy) woman wore a familiar white dress and hat. Her pale-white face looked down at you, her bright red lips curling into a smile. You quickly realized this was Alcina Dimitrescu.

"Hey," you replied.

Just then, she grabbed both sides of your body, making you gasp as she lifted you into the air, pinning you against the wall. Her smile never changed as she held you there, her voluptuous breasts pressing against you. "Mmmm... aren't you a handsome little manthing?"

Before you could even reply, Alcina smashed her lips against yours, nearly overshadowing your whole face with their size. Despite being so much bigger than you, her kiss still felt soft, sweet, and romantic, especially as her tongue slowly snaked its way into your mouth, playfully teasing yours. The kiss continued, only increasing in passion as she held you there.

"Damn, that's hot," Rena whispered, biting her lip. "Gotta find me a giant girl... Oh ffffuck, that tongue..."

Alcina pulled away from your lips, smiling at you. "Care to join me inside, Anon?"

"Yes, please..." you replied, grinning from the intense kiss.

She laughed, carrying you in her arms into her room.

"S-see you later, Anon," Rena said, waving you off before returning to her elevator, fingering herself as it ascended.




The nine-foot-tall woman laid you on her bed before laying next to you. Her white dress clung to her incredible curves, even more impressive than you remembered from the game. You could hardly take your eyes off her wide hips or huge breasts.

She smiled at you yet again, her hand running behind your head to stroke your hair. "How have you been, Anon? Looking forward to tonight?"

"Yes, definitely," you replied, pulling your eyes from her body to look at her face.

Alcina chuckled, before extending her claws and slashing down the front of your shirt, ripping it off. You yelped, surprised by her sudden "attack".

"Sorry, Anon," she smirked. "I didn't mean to frighten you. I just couldn't wait to get a look at that adorable body of yours..." She licked her lips, retracting her claws before running her hands down your body. "Mmm... such a tasty manthing you are..."

You shivered as Alcina touched you, before leaning forward to kiss your chest, leaving a bright red lipstick mark.

"You should feel honored," she teased. "I use very expensive lipstick. Of course, I don't mind covering your delicious body in my kisses..."

"I don't mind either," you replied, chuckling nervously.

Alcina's kisses continued down your body to your crotch, where she gleefully pulled your pants to your ankles, exposing your already-throbbing erection. She licked her lips, making you shudder in anticipation. She looked up at your face, winking at you before kissing back up your body to your face.

"I adore you, my Anon~" she whispered, before getting off the bed. She undid her white dress, dropping it to the floor. Her curvy, thick, pale body was completely exposed to you, from her colossal breasts to her wide hips. She winked at you, leaning forward and bouncing her white breasts for you, cupping them in her hands and squeezing them. She laughed as your eyes scanned her curvaceous form, getting back on the bed with you and putting her arms around you.

"You're so beautiful, Alcina," you said, smiling as you cuddled with her.

"Mmm, I could say the same for you~" she teased, kissing your neck hard. You couldn't help but let out a small moan as the giantess left a huge hickey on your neck. "Oh, Anon... we're going to have so much fun..."




Alcina pushed you against the wall before sliding down your body, smothering you in her massive, soft breasts before kissing you tenderly. Her kisses continued down to your crotch, where she wrapped your erection in her warm, wet mouth, eagerly sucking you off. You moaned, your arms against the wall as she gave you an incredible blowjob, her tongue tickling the underside of your eager, throbbing erection.

"Haah... A-Alcina..." you moaned.

She winked at you, circling your length with her tongue before pulling off of you, a line of saliva connecting her mouth to you. "Does my little manthing enjoy this?" she chuckled, licking her lips. "Mmm, judging by how red your face is, I think you do~"

You nodded, shivering in excitement.

Alcina suddenly slammed her leg above your head, making you face her wet vagina, dripping with desire.

"I know it's not as pretty as other girls' vaginas," she admitted, "but won't you please eat me out?"

You nodded, slamming your face into her crotch and slowly teasing her womanhood. She moaned, feeling your tongue circling her, teasing her clit and gliding against her vulva. She purred, pushing her hips into you, pressing your head against the wall. Your lips and tongue continued to work her, making her even wetter than before. She moaned, grinding against your face, making it difficult to breathe.

"Ahhhh... such a nimble little mouse~" she purred.

Eventually, she pulled away from you, both feet on the ground, before grabbing you in her arms and carrying you to the bed, slamming you onto her bed once again. Your hard, wet cock throbbed, sending shockwaves of desire through your body. The same was true for Alcina, who stood over you as she played with her soaking wet vagina, making her shiver with lust.

"You'll be the first man in over a hundred years to make love to me," Alcina purred. "Of course, if I could change the past, I'd have made you my first and only lover."

You couldn't speak, laying in stunned silence as the tall woman straddled your erection, the tip of your cock kissing her entrance, its warmth and wetness making you shiver in anticipation. She bit her lip, lowering herself over you, surrounding your cock in her wet, warm pussy. You panted, your eyes wide as she enveloped you inside her.

"Ahhhhhhh~" she sighed. "It's been so long... I need you, Anon..."

Before you could respond, she lifted her hips up and slammed down on you again. She smiled wickedly above you as she fucked you from above, grabbing your arms and putting them behind your head. Her body slapped against yours loudly, again and again, her huge tits pressing against your face as her pale flesh surrounded yours.

"Slick... wet... warm..." she moaned, grinding herself against your cock as she made love to you.

Her soaking wet pussy splashed against you, her body conquering yours over and over. She licked her red lips, moaning your name again and again, laughing as the pleasure blasted through her enormous body.

"You're- mmmmph- You're going to cum inside me, Anon," she whispered, almost growling in lust. "Every drop of your seed- AH! will fill me up..."

She embraced you from above, still fucking you fast and hard, her hips slamming against your cock and surrounding you in her soaking heat.

"A-Alcina!!" you cried out, your face smothered in her huge tits. "I-I love you...!"

"Ohhhhhh~!" she moaned, hugging you even tighter. "I love you, too, my little manthing!!"

Just as she said those words, you felt yourself explode inside her, shivering beneath the giant, soft woman above you. You couldn't help but moan as your orgasm rushed through your body, releasing inside her warm, wet pussy.

"Mmmmm..." she sighed, slowing down her hips until finally stopping, resting on top of you as she ran her fingers through her hair. She smiled sweetly at you, caressing you tenderly. "Are you finished?"

You chuckled. "F-for now," you panted.

She smirked, slowly continuing to ride you, still pumping her hips up and down. She licked her lips, giving you yet another wicked grin.

"W-Wait, I-"

"I just can't help myself," she teased, fucking you even harder and faster than before.

Despite your screams of pleasure begging her to stop, Alcina just kept going, laughing as she made love to you.






"So sorry for tiring you out, Anon," Alcina apologized, setting the table before you.

"It's alright," you replied, smiling at her. "I understand."

"Such a sweet young man," she chuckled, pouring a glass of wine. "If only other men were like you. Care for a glass of wine?" she asked, setting the wine in front of you.

"Sure, I'd love som- uhhhhhhhhhhhh...."


"Oh okay," you replied, taking a sip.






Alcina licked her lips as she surrounded your cock with her massive, plump breasts.

"It's so hard finding a bra that fits these..." she bemoaned, rubbing her pale white bosom against your length. "But it seems like that's not the only hard thing~"

"Haaah... th-they're really soft..."

She laughed, winking at you before continuing to beat you off with her breasts. You humped up into them, matching her rhythm.

"You really seem to be enjoying yourself~" she teased, leaning forward to kiss you, all while her soft tits squeezed you tight. "Enjoy yourself to the fullest, my Anon... and cum."







"Hm? Come in," Alcina said.

The door opened slowly. "Room service!" Rena announced, entering with a cart of food. "Oh? Heheh, nice~"

The kitsune walked inside, finding you on Alcina's lap, her breasts in your face.

"Hello, Rena," Alcina greeted. "I was just giving Anon a good time."

"I can see that..." Rena replied, biting her lip. "You're, ah... r-really attractive, actually."

"Oh?" Alcina chuckled. "The feeling is mutual, dear Rena... very mutual..."

"Um..." you chimed in.

Alcina pressed her tits into your face, smothering you. "Quiet now, child! Adults are talking."

"Mmmmph...!" you mumbled in protest, but stopped as you heard the two beautiful women sharing a very wet kiss...





"I'm surprised you didn't invite your daughters," Rena observed, setting the table for you and Alcina.

"While I'm certain Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela would love to make love to Anon," Alcina replied, "I decided that tonight was my night. After all, they're young and beautiful still, while I am... let us say, getting up there in years."

"You're still beautiful," you assured her.

She smiled at you, bending down to kiss your cheek. "Thank you, Anon, but I'm definitely a maturing woman."

"Trust me, you're aging like a fine wine," Rena assured, winking at her.

"Hmhm, such a silver-tongued fox you are," Alcina chuckled.

Rena finally finished setting the table... and soon descended beneath it.

"Speaking of tongues~" the kitsune girl teased. 

Immediately, you felt Rena's soft hand wrap around your length, gently pumping up and down at a steady rhythm. Meanwhile, Alcina began to moan, grinning madly as Rena pleasured her.

"Mmmm, so that's where you learned that technique, Anon~" the tall woman chuckled.

The two of you leaned against each other, sharing a loving gaze as Rena pleasured you both.




Alas, like every night, the time eventually came to wake up. You wished Alcina a heartfelt goodbye before following Rena back to the Lobby. There, after wishing Rena goodbye, you passed through the threshold of the Hotel, wandering through the darkness before waking up in your own bed. Your eyes slowly opened to reveal your ordinary bedroom, in your ordinary home... with an interesting present in your hand:

A tube of bright red lipstick.


"...How much is 6000 Lei in- wait, no, I can't sell this!"














"So, like, which is worse: Being bad at video games, or being worse at video games than someone born before video games?" Pearl asked, sitting down in the cafeteria next to Marina and Rena.

"Quite the question, indeed," Rena replied, taking a sip of her tea. "If I had to choose, probably the latter."

"There's a lot of girls who tried out for the contest, too," Marina chimed in, "yet almost all of them lost to Alcina."

"All but two," Rena said triumphantly. "The final two days of the Splatfest Reward Arc 2 are just ahead!"

"Wow, you really like this announcer persona you're putting on," Pearl observed.

"I like to imagine I'm cool, even if I'm really, really not."