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Hotel Fantasia

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A rough day had passed, full of disappointments and blame, and you were more than happy to rest in your soft, cozy bed, escaping the world of day and freeing yourself in the comfort of the night.

As slumber took you away, you appeared in front of a massive hotel, the top of which you couldn't see. This infinite hotel was known as "Hotel Fantasia," the name of which was placed right above the revolving doors at the entrance. The hotel floated in an endless sea of blackness, standing alone in the void.

Cautiously, you entered the hotel, and found nobody inside save for a tall woman standing behind the information desk.

"Ah, good morning, Mr. Anon," she said cheerily. "We've been waiting for you."

You approached the information desk on the other side of the room. As you did, you noticed the woman had a large pair of fox ears, as well as a set of three bushy tails behind her. She wore a blue kimono, which was tied at the front with a massive bow.

"Um, hi?" you asked.

The woman giggled. "Welcome to the Hotel Fantasia. My name is Rena, and I'll be your assistant in this world."


She giggled again, flashing you an understanding smile. "This is a world created just for you, Mr. Anon. Each room of this hotel is booked by a very beautiful woman, all of whom would love to... spend time with you."

Rena winked, and you could feel yourself blushing. "So, this is a dream?"

The fox-woman nodded. "A very special dream, one where you can make love to any woman you want. Whether a real woman or a fictional one, any girl's on the menu!"

"Woah, 'make love'?" You asked, surprised. "So, if I wanted to fuck, say, Princess Peach, I could do that here?"

"Yes, of course!" Rena's face lit up as she typed on the computer beside her. "Ah, floor 9, room 85! Would you like me to message her about you arrival?"

"Uh, s-sure!" you stutter.

"So cute..." Rena whispered as she continued typing. "And... there! Ooh, she just responded! 'Tell Anon to come immediately, by the Princess' orders!' And then she added, like, twenty different heart emojis."

You could feel your heart pounding as she said that. "S-so, I can go see her now, right?"

"Be patient, cutie," Rena said, moving around the information desk. "I will accompany you to her room, so you don't have to fear getting lost."

"Sounds good to me!" you said as she approached, taking your hand.

"Follow me," she said with a big smile.

As the two of you entered the elevator, you could feel her fox tails stroking your back, making you feel comfortable and cozy. "I hope I don't wake up anytime soon," you tell her.

"You should be fine," Rena said while pressing the elevator buttons. "This is a special dream, after all."

"A... special dream?" You ask.

Rena only giggled before pressing her soft chest to yours. The kitsune woman was just a couple inches higher than you, but when she stood this close, she felt huge.

"I hope you're ready for the princess, Mr. Anon," she whispered into your ear, as your erection grew in your pants.

"I-I'm ready for anything," you stutter out.

"You're so cute... the guests are so lucky to have you here," she continued, hugging you tight.

She reached for the bulge in your pants as the elevator reached the ninth floor. The doors swung open, and Rena sighed. "I was having fun..."

"M-me too..." you say, still reeling from how good it felt for her to touch you.

"Ah, well," Rena said, taking your hand again and leading you out of the elevator. "We'll have our fun another time, I'm sure."

The two of you walked down the hall, searching for the eighty fifth room. At last, the two of you came to Princess Peach's door, which was decorated with her picture and several mushroom and star stickers.

"Here we are!" Rena said, letting go of your hand. "I'll leave you to have your fun," she said. "Have a good time, and I'll come get you when you're done."

You thanked Rena for taking you here as she left down the hall to the elevator. You mustered up the courage and knocked on the sticker-covered door.

"In a moment~!" a cute voice said from inside. A few seconds later, the doors swung open, revealing a young woman about your height, with long blonde hair and a pair of beautiful blue eyes. Her skin was soft and clear, and her soft pink lips looked practically irresistible.

"You must be Princess Peach," you said, trying to sound cool.

"And you must be Anon," she replied, extending her gloved hand to take your own, pulling you inside. "You're even more handsome than I imagined!"

"Haha, thanks," you say, blushing. "And you're a lot more beautiful than in the games."

The princess giggled, before inviting you to sit on the bed with her. Her room was a bright pink, and surrounded with shelves full of Super Mario Bros. power-ups and other trinkets. At the center, against the back wall, was a large canopy bed big enough for the both of you (or perhaps one more).

As you sat there next to her, she put her arms around you and hugged you tight, kissing your cheeks and leaving bright pink lipstick marks on your face.

"Tonight, the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is all yours..." she whispered as she kissed your ear. "And you, Anon, are all mine."

You shudder as she says those words, hugging her tighter in return. You could feel your boner growing harder and harder as the princess cuddled you tighter. She pulled you down onto the bed with a laugh, before holding your face in her gloved hands and kissing you deeply.

Those soft, pink, kissable lips were just as incredible as you had expected. It felt too real to be any normal dream, if it was a dream at all.

"So sweet..." she whispered tenderly as she kissed you, caressing the back of your head as your lips met. "What I wouldn't give for you to rule by my side..."

You can't help but laugh hearing that. "I'd love to be your king," you tell her.

"You sweet boy," she said, gently stroking your erection through your pants. "Oh my! You're so hard!"

You laugh a little more before pulling your pants down, revealing your cock to her. You don't remember it being this big before, though.

Peach gasped. "Anon, your p-penis..."

She grabbed it, wrapping her silky evening glove around your erection and stroking it slowly, up and down, her eyes intently fixated on it. "It's so... beautiful."

While stroking your penis with one hand, she uses her free hand to hold one of yours, intertwining her fingers with yours. She slowly begins to move faster and faster over your throbbing manhood, her full pink lips curled in an adorable smile.

"Ah, P-Peach, I'm gonna-"

Before you could finish your sentence, Peach let go of your cock with a giggle. "Aww, sorry, Anon, but not yet," she said cutely.

You couldn't exactly be angry with her, though, since she got up and began taking her pink dress off slowly. It dropped to the floor, revealing her beautiful pair of breasts. They weren't massive, but they looked so soft and comfortable that you immediately got up and rested your face between them.

"Ah, Anon! You must really like them," Peach giggled, stroking your head as you nuzzled into her C-cup bosom. "I like this quite a bit, too. Maybe even a little too much!"

You started jerking off with your face still in her breasts. When she noticed you were, she pushed you onto the bed.

"Uh-uh-uh, Anon. No masturbating," she teasingly chastised, getting on her knees and crawling to you. "With your royal girlfriend here, there's no need to, after all..."

"Girlfriend?" you asked as she removed her evening gloves, stroking your boner with her amazingly soft bare hands.

"Of course," she replied with a giggle. "You don't mind being my boyfriend, right?"

"O-of course I don't mind!" you exclaim, causing her to laugh and stroke you harder.

"Good boy," Peach whispered, kissing the underside of your erection with those soft, soft lips...

You can't help but pant as her lips kiss your boner up and down, and when she took the whole erection in her mouth without even gagging, you couldn't help thrusting up into her soft, perfect lips...!

"Ah, ah, P-Peach, I'm...!"

Peach winked up at you as she sucked harder on your cock, pumping up and down and covering your shaft in pink lipstick.

"I'm c-cumming!!" you exclaim, releasing your seed into the princess' mouth. Peach swallowed it all, moaning happily as she pulled off your cock with a loud pop.

"Mmmm, yummy!" she said with a smile before crawling onto the bed, resting beside you. "You're so tasty, Anon," she giggled.

The two of you shared a laugh before cuddling on the bed under the covers, your shirt and pants now thrown to the other side of the room as you snuggled with her naked. As the night went on, you sucked her pink nipples as she stroked your boner, hugged and cuddled with her soft skin against yours, and heard her shower you with praise and compliments.

It felt like hours later when the two of you finally decided to have sex for real. She smiled shyly as she spread her legs for you on the bed.

"Please be gentle," Peach asked. "It's my... first time."

"Really? Your first?" you replied, lining up your throbbing erection with her dripping wet vagina.

"Yes... I... I want you to be my first," she said, her face blushing more than she ever had this night. "No, it's more like... I want you to be my only one."

"Peach..." you whisper, thrusting into her.

"Ah!" she exclaimed as you fucked her. "A-Anon! Anon, I love you! I love you so, so much!"

You couldn't stop thrusting into her wet, pink snatch, pounding the princess faster, but with control so as to not hurt her.

"Peach, I love you too!" you couldn't help but shout as you made love to her.

She gripped the bedsheets and cried out in please as you kept on, fucking her more and more. "I'm cumming, Anon- AH!" Peach shouted, her body shaking beneath yours as you felt her cum on your cock.

Her soaking wet pussy clenched down on your cock as you kept slamming into her, over and over, until you couldn't hold on either. You grunt loudly, cumming hard and filling her pussy with your hot white jizz.

The two of you locked eyes while you basked in the afterglow before kissing deeply, in yet another wonderful French kiss. Eventually, even the kiss tired you out and you collapsed on top of her.

"Mmm, peachy~" she whispered into your ear as she held you tight. You fell asleep on top of her, drifting off to the feeling of her stroking your hair with her soft hand.



You expected to wake up in your own home after the incredible night you had with Princess Peach. Instead, you woke up beside her, the princess still asleep with a beautiful smile on her face. You gently stroked her back, gently waking her up.

She yawned, and greeted you with a kiss to the forehead. "Good morning, my prince," she said. "Did you sleep well?"

"Y-yeah, I did," you stutter, still in shock that the night's events actually happened. "You?"

"Oh, very well," she giggled, kissing you again on the lips. "My body's still shaking a little."

The two of you laughed and kissed for a while, then got your clothes on. Just as you did, you heard a knock on the door.

"Room service," the voice said.

"Come in!" Princess Peach invited.

The door opened, revealing Rena, who rolled a cart full of food into the room. "How was last night, you two?"

"It was so sweet!" Peach exclaimed, before excitedly telling Rena all the naughty details.

"Oh my, sounds like you two lovebirds had fun," Rena giggled, handing you a plate with a slice of pie. "I made it myself," she said. "Apple pie for the princess and her prince~"

"Aw, you should've made peach pie," you joked. "Wasted a perfectly good pun opportunity."

"Ah-ah-ah!" Rena said, pulling out a pair of glasses before filling them from a pitcher. "Peach juice, nice and fresh!"

"Thank you so much!" Peach exclaimed, taking a glass and drinking. "Mmmm, sweet!"

As the two of you ate breakfast on the bed together, Rena and Peach continued to talk about how handsome and sexy you are, punctuated with kisses from the princess.

"So, when am I going to wake up?" you asked Rena.

"Whenever you want to," she said with a smile. "Just leave the hotel and you'll wake back up in your bed."

"So, how long have I been asleep? In the real world, I mean."

"Oh, about six hours," she replied. "Time flows differently in the Hotel Fantasia."

"Just two more for a good night's sleep!" Peach said, putting an arm around you. "Which means you can stay here for a lot longer!"

"Aren't you a lucky boy?" Rena laughed. "And just remember, you can have sex with Peach any time you fall asleep."

"Or other girls, too," Peach said, pulling you close to her. "It's okay, I won't mind!"

"You sure?" you asked.

Peach nodded. "Of course! Just be sure to spend time with me every once in a while, okay?"

"He's a good boy," Rena said. "I'm sure he will."


You spent what felt like a whole day, talking with Rena and Peach, before deciding it was time to wake up. You said your goodbyes to Peach, sharing one last kiss - okay, maybe twelve kisses - and walked with Rena back to the entrance.

"Thanks for today," you told Rena.

"Oh, the pleasure was all mine," Rena replied, stroking you with her soft fluffy tails. "Next time, why not ask another girl out? Any girl you want, be they from movies or cartoons, video games or anime, from legends or real life, all are your loving guests at the Hotel Fantasia!"


As you left the hotel, your eyes slowly opened up, revealing the ordinary bedroom you knew so well. You stretched your arms and yawned, slowly leaving your bed to wash your face in the bathroom sink.

You just wish the pink lipstick marks were easier to get off.