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Peak Lord Luo Binghe's Favorite Disciple

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Luo Binghe was a bad man. He knew it. It wasn’t anything new, but it had taken on a new facet; his amorous feelings for his disciple, Shen Jiu. He knew it wasn’t right to be lusting after his disciple, but there was no helping it. He wished there were something he could do about it. It was certainly a troublesome enough fixation to wish it gone, and yet...

He didn’t mind it as much as he should have. How could he when it made him feel so warm and bright? So safe?

Still, every time Yue Qingyuan looked into Luo Binghe’s eyes at a peak lord meeting, Luo Binghe knew, he just knew, that the sect leader could tell that Luo Binghe had gotten off that morning thinking about a certain seventeen-year-old pupil. It was irrational, but every time Luo Binghe and Yue Qingyuan met, the cold shock of shame suffused Luo Binghe’s spine. The disciple in question was, after all, the sect leader’s younger brother. 

The boy had been lost in a secret realm for fifteen years, though Shen Jiu said that only a few hours had passed for him. While he was there, his memories had been mostly stripped away, leaving him with too little even to discern that he had fallen into a crack in time for a decade and a half. He had forgotten his older brother’s face, though he remembered that he had an elder brother named, “Yue Qi,” and that his brother had been planning to try to get into Cang Qiong Mountain Sect.

When Shen Jiu had come to Cang Qiong, hoping to reunite with his older brother, he was taken into the sect, albeit on another peak to avoid accusations of favoritism. However, as if to ensure that there would be no doubt about the existence of favoritism, the sect leader and Shen Jiu took tea together three times a week. Not that the sect leader could be faulted for favoring such a person. Heavens knew that Luo Binghe was in the same boat.

It had started with the skinner incident. Shen Jiu had joined the sect not a month before, so Luo Binghe couldn’t claim to know him well, but he had always been pleasant enough and easy enough on the eyes. Then he had been stripped to the waist, bound in red rope, and blushing all the way to his chest as the skinner caressed the fourteen-year-old’s skin. Luo Binghe experienced a brief inappropriate appreciation for the sight and forced himself to refocus. 

Then, after what seemed to be an ugly betrayal and an inexplicable escape, Shen Jiu had killed the skinner demon and saved Luo Binghe from death. At the time, it had been more of an embarrassing episode than anything else for Luo Binghe. It didn’t move Luo Binghe’s heart much, but, with hindsight, Luo Binghe could see that it was the beginning of everything. 

And then the sect was invaded by demons.

That had been the moment when Luo Binghe had realized how special Shen Jiu was. Luo Binghe had never known someone so loyal and, for some reason, Shen Jiu was loyal to him. Luo Binghe had certainly been lucky enough to know and love many men and women of quality, but none of them would have sacrificed themselves for Luo Binghe the way Shen Jiu had. Even Ning Yingying, Luo Binghe’s fellow peak lord and his oldest lover, had merely turned tearfully away when Luo Binghe had stepped into the ring with his monstrous opponent. By contrast, when Luo Binghe had emerged victorious, the boy threw himself in front of a stealthy blow that he thought, in his ignorance of Luo Binghe’s true heritage, would have killed Luo Binghe. In the aftermath of that poisonous blow, Shen Jiu had almost died, and his cultivation had become stifled and unreliable. 

Such dedication. Such bravery. Such loyalty. To give up so much for Luo Binghe’s sake, and to do so without later complaint or regret… It was everything Luo Binghe had always wanted and had never hoped to have again after his mother died. It was a heady ambrosia, a heavenly nectar to quench a desperate thirst. Finally, there was someone who Luo Binghe could truly call his own. Finally, he wasn’t alone anymore. Shen Jiu was his.

Luo Binghe knew that people were fickle and untrustworthy. Men and women flocked to him, abandoning any pervious “loves” of theirs, both family and lovers, no matter how supposedly treasured they were, for the superior protection and wealth that sheltering under Luo Binghe’s wing provided. Everyone Luo Binghe turned his attentions to “loved” him, but he suspected this was only until someone stronger came along. It hadn’t happened yet, but one day it might. Everyone was untrustworthy. He knew he was that way himself. He knew that he didn’t deserve love of any sort.

But then there was Shen Jiu.

Shen Jiu’s platonic love, given so readily and without reservation, made Luo Binghe hungry for more. It was as if Shen Jiu had torn something open inside Luo Binghe, a yawning void, a vacuum that only Shen Jiu’s presence could fill.

So, to keep the young man close, Luo Binghe made Shen Jiu the head disciple of Qing Jing Peak. He shared private meals with Shen Jiu and talked about the various beasts Luo Binghe had seen over the years, monsters being a particular interest of Shen Jiu’s. He sent Shen Jiu out on worthy missions and accompanied the young man as often as he could, making special efforts to be able to travel with Shen Jiu if the mission would keep Shen Jiu away from the peak for more than a few days. He patted the reserved boy’s head and squeezed his shoulders in praise. He directed Shen Jiu’s movements with a hurrying hand on the small of the young man’s back. He practically draped himself across the oblivious Shen Jiu to instruct him in combat movements. He even installed the young man in the bamboo cottage’s spare room.

But Luo Binghe wanted more than Shen Jiu’s time, more than his small smiles, hidden behind elegant fans, more than his physical closeness, and more than his loyalty. Everything would have been fine if only Luo Binghe had contented himself with those things, but he wanted Shen Jiu’s body, too.

First, Luo Binghe took a jar of agar jelly he had prepared out his sleeve, opened it and placed it on Shen Jiu’s desk. Then, Luo Binghe moved to stand behind the desk in Shen Jiu’s room and pulled out the chair several inches, making room for an invisible body to sit in the chair. 

Shen Jiu had gone to take his regularly scheduled tea with the sect leader. Luo Binghe had come to resent these visits over the years, disliking Shen Jiu’s increasing closeness with his older brother, but he appreciated them for the opportunity they provided Luo Binghe to masturbate without having to mind his voice.

And to do so in Shen Jiu’s room.

Luo Binghe rubbed his dick through the front of his pants and felt the organ thicken under his palm. If Shen Jiu were sitting before him, he wouldn’t be able to see Luo Binghe behaving so obscenely behind him, even though Luo Binghe would be close enough to smell him.

Luo Binghe picked up Shen Jiu’s sleeping robe, which the young man habitually stored over the back of his desk chair, and brought it to his face. He inhaled slow and deep, savoring the scent of Shen Jiu’s soap and, underneath that, the slight, smooth musk of Shen Jiu’s skin. Being half demon might have been a curse, but it came with a few nice perks, including having a heightened sense of smell.

Luo Binghe gently mouthed at the garment, wishing hip lips were on Shen Jiu instead.

“Such a good boy,” Luo Binghe sighed into the robe. “Working so diligently for your master.” He groped himself more firmly.

Shen Jiu would be working on his poetry at this hour if he weren’t with his brother. Shen Jiu had memorized a great many fine poems, but sadly his own creations had no music to them. It was an all too common deficit, one Shen Jiu made up for by being an unusually capable literary critic with a fine, flowing hand.

If only Luo Binghe could teach Shen Jiu to be a carnal creature, everything would be perfect. In only Shen Jiu was always here, always accessible, always ready to take Luo Binghe’s cock, either in his mouth and hands, in his ass, or between his thighs.

Luo Binghe had dreamed about those legs.

Luo Binghe wanted to sink his teeth into them, wanted to squeeze his fingers into the meat of them, wanted to bite and suck a dozen marks into them. The young man was so much smaller than Luo Binghe was, his legs so much shorter, the price of a malnourished childhood, but Luo Binghe like the height difference between himself and his head disciple. Those legs weren’t so long, but they were firm and juicy. Luo Binghe had felt them when he had carried Shen Jiu to the medical peak after being poisoned with Without a Cure, and he had felt them thicken up during sparring practice over the years. It was a pity the young man never walked around without pants on. Just a glance was always enough to set Luo Binghe’s mind on fire all day. Not that he needed any help on that account, especially not today.

Luo Binghe’s skin had been simmering with want all day. It might have been Xin Mo’s fault. There was no particular rhyme or reason to explain his hidden sword’s inconsistent hunger. Some days, Luo Binghe was as clear headed as anyone. Some days, it was all he could do to not find a willing body and fuck into any and every available hole until he came.

Sometimes, that kind of spontaneous passion was appreciated by his lovers, but they had their own lives, and, while an irresponsible afternoon might be desirable every so often, it wouldn’t be if it occurred every day. Luo Binghe had to find a balance. Usually, that meant visiting the same lover no more than once a week, but, for the last three years, Luo Binghe had increasingly turned to his own hand for an outlet. 

Of course, he still had sex with his many lovers, with the smaller, slighter men finding themselves increasingly favored over the others, but he couldn’t have sex with someone else in Shen Jiu’s room. That space was for him and Shen Jiu alone. It was their special space.

“Our private space,” Luo Binghe thought, remembering the most recent time when, with his cultivation enhanced hearing, he could hear the boy masturbating. Shen Jiu almost always preferred to jerk off in his desk chair, for some reason. Luo Binghe knew that Shen Jiu had a stash of pornography for the purpose and he suspected that the boy preferred to indulge in those materials at the desk. Luo Binghe had glimpsed some of it in the past.

Shen Jiu had taken to drawing since he arrived at the peak. His skill was poor, but improving steadily. His style was bizarre, but Luo Binghe found it more appealing recently. It was very expressive, with the characters depicted having unusually large eyes and clear emotions. Shen Jiu almost exclusively drew people and he tended to draw them scantily clad or dressed in very fitting fashions. Luo Binghe considered having a similar outfit made for himself to draw Shen Jiu’s eye, or to have one made for Shen Jiu, but such gifts of lingerie could wait until they were married.

Luo Binghe wasn’t sure where Shen Jiu kept his drawings and Luo Binghe wasn’t going to ferret them out. He was keenly curious about what Shen Jiu fantasized about while masturbating, but he respected Shen Jiu’s privacy. 

Luo Binghe stopped touching himself and loosened his belt instead. Then, he dropped the wide belt to the floor.

Luo Binghe had stopped having his lovers over at the bamboo house recently. It made him itch to watch Shen Jiu placidly observe the parade of Luo Binghe’s lovers without any hint of jealousy, so he had stopped inviting them inside. When he needed to get laid, he sought his lovers out at their own abodes. Also, Luo Binghe didn’t have friends and he discouraged social calls from his disciples, so the only people who had ever visited him were his lovers. Shen Jiu, always a mature boy, had made a few friends, particularly among the disciples of Luo Binghe’s generation, but they never called on him at his and Luo Binghe’s home, and Shen Jiu always went to Yue Qingyuan’s house for their visits. The bamboo house had, therefore, become a very peaceful and private place. Very quiet.

Luo Binghe found he liked it that way. Before, he had been thinking of leaving the sect and establishing a palace with his lovers and followers, of claiming land and establishing himself as a king, or even an emperor, but not anymore. He had recently started to wish that he could hide away from the harsh world with Shen Jiu in their quiet little house all the time.

If Shen Jiu were before him now, Luo Binghe could lean forward and bury his nose in the boy’s hair. Oh, to be able to breathe deep the smell of Shen Jiu’s hair. With one hand on the back of the chair, Luo Binghe leaned forward over the chair and took a deep breath of Shen Jiu’s robe, imagining being so close to Shen Jiu. 

That was so good.

Luo Binghe felt almost hazy with how sedating the play way. He blinked slowly. He loved Shen Jiu’s hair. It was so neat and straight, so smooth. It had become quite eye-catching recently. Three years of nourishing food and guided cultivation had given Shen Jiu’s hair a lustrous shine and increased length and volume. It would take several more years for the old, weak growth to be lost entirely to brushing and natural replacement of the follicles, but the new growth was strong and beautiful.

Luo Binghe was taking such good care of his special boy. He was the reason that Shen Jiu looked so healthy and so strong lately. He was the one who had taken Shen Jiu in, given him an education, and provided for the boy’s every material need. He was the one who was teaching Shen Jiu how to cultivate to immortality. That Yue Qingyuan would have provided the same if Luo Binghe had not offered to take Shen Jiu in was immaterial. Luo Binghe was the one who was giving Shen Jiu what he needed to flourish. Shen Jiu must see that his love was returned.

Luo Binghe untied his pants and dropped them to the top of his tall boots, which his pants had been tucked into. His underwear followed.

Shen Jiu would be sitting there, working on his poetry like a good boy for his shizun. Luo Binghe wanted to breathe Shen Jiu in, to be infused with the young man’s scent. He would gently take hold of the boy’s hair as the young man worked on his poetry, testing its softness between thumb and forefinger. Shen Jiu’s hair would be so soft. 

Luo Binghe mimed this action as he lowered his dominant hand back to his erection and gave himself a teasing stroke down his belly and onto his thigh, before bring his hand back up by the same meandering path, never touching the part of himself that most wanted attention. 

Then he would run his fingers through Shen Jiu’s hair as he brought a handful of the silken strands to his own face and then he could breathe in Shen Jiu’s pure, clean scent, unobscured by the ambient smells of the room.

The ends of Shen Jiu’s hair were a rich brown from years in the elements. Luo Binghe liked the effect, seeing in Shen Jiu’s hair a mirror of his own humble upbringing. Their difficult start in life, though Shen Jiu could no longer remember it, was something they both had in common.

Luo Binghe took a handful of his own hair and caressed his cheek and lips with the satiny mass, imagining it was Shen Jiu’s hair instead. Then, he took a scoop of lubricant out of the jar on the desk and, taking in a slow breath and closing his eyes, he finally gave in to the temptation to stroke his half-hard cock.

It occurred to Luo Binghe that, with Shen Yuan seated, his hair would be at the right height for Luo Binghe to wrap it around his dick. Said organ gave a little jump in eagerness at the idea.

Luo Binghe sighed and began to jerk himself off earnestly.

Shen Jiu would be writing, his long, graceful fingers adroitly grasping the calligraphy brush. He had such beautiful hands. His skin was so pale now that winter had come. It hardly mattered to Luo Binghe. When Shen Jiu had been toasted brown as a farmer at the height of summer from all the swimming he did with his friends, Luo Binghe had found his disciple’s appearance just as delectable as he did now. Still, Shen Jiu’s current pallor lent an aristocratic air to his features.

“He’s like my pet,” Luo Binghe thought. “My pampered little ward.”

Pulling Shen Jiu’s hair aside would reveal his long neck. Luo Binghe swallowed and sighed again at the thought. In the winter, Shen Jiu always wore his hair in a looser style, abandoning the bun he preferred in warmer months and concealing the back of his neck. Shen Jiu had the most delicious looking neck. Luo Binghe wouldn’t be able to see much of it because of the high collar of Shen Jiu’s robe, but he could do something about that. 

As Luo Binghe petted his face with his own hair and fisted his dick, he imagined pulling Shen Jiu’s robes apart roughly, revealing his thin chest and his enchantingly edible neck. Luo Binghe sucked his own lower lip into his mouth and ran his tongue over the flesh unthinkingly, imagining that he was tasting Shen Jiu’s pretty, pretty skin. He would lick all the way from Shen Jiu’s neck up to his ear, he would suck that little ear lobe into his mouth like a sugared treat, and then he would bury his nose behind the shell of Shen Jiu’s ear. 

Shen Jiu smelled so good!

Dropping his own hair, Luo Binghe pulled the sleeping robe to his face and snuffled the honeyed fabric. If only the scent on it were stronger.

Luo Binghe eyed the laundry basket, but dismissed its contents out of hand. Their smell would be too stale when what Luo Binghe needed was something fresh. He needed Shen Jiu himself and the closest thing to that was... He turned his gaze to the bed, where Shen Jiu’s pillow lay, fluffed and inviting.

Luo Binghe stopped jerking himself off, abandoned the robe over the back of the chair, and stepped over to the bed. Luo Binghe lifted the pillow to his face and then-.

“Ahh,” Luo Binghe sighed contentedly. It had been a whole week since the sheets and pillowcases had been changed, so Shen Jiu’s scent lay thick and rich upon the pillow. “Perfect,” he thought, and returned to looming over the desk chair with his face in his prize.

With Shen Jiu’s hair wrapped around Luo Binghe’s dick and with Luo Binghe’s nose against Shen Jiu’s scalp, Luo Binghe began jerking himself off again.

He felt his arousal ratchet higher and higher, but something wasn’t quite right. His mind sought about for the right scene, the right thought to help him get off. The tension in Luo Binghe’s body increased, but he couldn’t cum like this.

He needed to see Shen Jiu’s face.

Luo Binghe put the pillow down long enough to turn the chair around. After he had put the pillow to his face again and closed his eyes, he saw in his mind’s eye Shen Jiu’s face turn red with embarrassment as he stared at Luo Binghe’s obscene display. Luo Binghe’s cock would be just a few inches from Shen Jiu’s face.

“Shizun!” Shen Jiu squeaked.

“Hush, Jiu,” Luo Binghe instructed. “Just open your mouth and let Shizun finish.”

The fantasy of Shen Jiu timidly obeying this command, with his eyebrows drawn up in dismay, his lashes quivering, and his shoulders tensing, but with his small pink lips opening to reveal a hot, wet tongue none the less, sent a flash of sweet fire through Luo Binghe’s groin.

When he came Shen Jiu was going to taste it.

That was such a good thought. Shen Jiu was such a good boy. What face might he make if Luo Binghe put his dick between those soft lips? He’d be shocked. Would he cry? 

Tears at the corners of his eyes, sticking to his eyelashes, running down his face, which was turning splotchy. So pink, so soft, so wet.

Luo Binghe wanted to lick them off Shen Jiu’s face, to taste them. Luo Binghe really wanted to taste Shen Jiu’s cock. Shen Jiu would be hard from watching Luo Binghe jerk off, from having Luo Binghe’s dick on his tongue. The young man should return the favor.

Luo Binghe stepped away from the chair and dropped to his knees, so he could lay his head on the flat pillow that cushioned the seat. The chair pillow didn’t smell like much of anything, unfortunately. If only Shen Jiu were a bit more careless… 

With one hand fisting his cock and the other clutching Shen Jiu’s pillow, Luo Binghe imagined ripping Shen Jiu’s pants open, a move that always impressed. Shen Jiu would gasp and scold Luo Binghe for damaging the fabric, but Shen Jiu would be all the harder for the display of Luo Binghe’s strength. Then, with the adorable cock revealed, Luo Binghe would finally bury his own face in Shen Jiu’s curls. Luo Binghe had done this with many men, and he had a good imagination. He could practically smell Shen Jiu’s cock now. He took a deep breath.

“Ah! Shizun!” Shen Jiu cried out, squirming.

“Patience,” Luo Binghe said, brushing his lips over Shen Jiu’s soft pubes. Turning his head to the side, Luo Binghe placed a gentle kiss at the base of Shen Jiu’s waking member and then he wrapped his tongue around the shaft.

Shen Jiu squirmed again, grabbing Luo Binghe’s head with both hands.

“So eager for me, Shen Jiu,” Luo Binghe purred.

“Yes, Shizun!” Shen Jiu said desperately, brokenly. “Please! Shizun, please! I love you, Shizun! I need you!” The typically aloof Shen Jiu sounded so pitiful, so emotional, so vulnerable.

Luo Binghe was masterful at giving head. He knew how to use gentle suction and a firm grip to unravel a man. He knew how to abandon suction entirely in favor of working his tongue around a dick while taking the whole cock as far as it would go. He knew how to unabashedly step back and leave his partner desperately hanging in order to make a single orgasm take a whole hour to achieve. He also knew how to judge what his partners wanted and how to ask for input. 

“What does Jiu need this master to do for him?” Luo Binghe asked.

“I-,” Shen Jiu began, but covered his face with his hands and said no more.

“This disciple of mine is having difficulties I see,” Luo Binghe said evilly. Then he licked all the way from the base of Shen Jiu’s cock to the tip.

Shen Jiu would taste divine.

Shen Jiu bucked, trying to chase the sensation, but only succeeding in smearing precum across Luo Binghe’s cheek and nose. Luo Binghe wanted that mess all over his face.

“Let Shizun make it easy for you,” Luo Binghe said gently. Shen Jiu took his hands off his eyes, but covered his mouth with them. “I’ll ask a simple question, and all you have to do is nod or shake your head. Is that alright?”

Shen Jiu hesitated for a moment and then nodded.

“Do you want my tongue on your little cock?” Luo Binghe asked.

Shen Jiu glared, but nodded.

“Good boy,” Luo Binghe said. As a reward, Luo Binghe flashed his tongue across Shen Yuan’s frenulum in a quick teasing touch. 

“Shizun!” Shen Jiu scolded miserably through his fingers.

“Do you want my lips, too?” Luo Binghe asked.

Shen Jiu nodded again, taking his hands away from his face and started to run his fingers through Luo Binghe’s hair, dragging his short fingernail gently across Luo Binghe’s scalp and pulling Luo Binghe’s hair out of the way. Even when Luo Binghe’s hair was safe from mess, Shen Yuan continued massaging Luo Binghe’s scalp with slow, soothing motions.

Luo Binghe gave the head of Shen Jiu’s cock an open-mouthed kiss. Sucking on it slightly, Luo Binghe drew back, letting the pretty little cock fall out of his mouth with a tiny pop. Then he did it again. And again.

Luo Binghe suckled on the tip of Shen Jiu’s cock as Shen Jiu played with Luo Binghe’s hair. Shen Jiu visibly relaxed into the teasing blowjob, making short, mewling moans in pleasure. Luo Binghe laid his head on Shen Jiu’s strong thigh as he took his mouth away and began to jerk Shen Jiu off.

Just like this. Shen Jiu would cum just like this. The boy had no sexual partners while he was on Qing Jing Peak, or Luo Binghe would have found out about them. That meant that he hadn’t had sex in at least three years. It could be that Shen Jiu had never had sex before.

He would last no time at all.

Shen Jiu came with a whimper, spilling his cum all over Luo Binghe’s face where it lay on Shen Jiu’s thigh.

The scent of sex would be so strong after that. Luo Binghe fucking loved that smell.

Luo Binghe licked the corner of his lips, imagining tasting Shen Jiu’s spend as it dripped across Luo Binghe’s cheek.

“Shizun,” Shen Jiu said breathlessly. “Shizun.”

Luo Binghe pulled himself up and looked Shen Jiu in the eye. Shen Jiu was distracted, however, by the way his own cum dripped off Luo Binghe’s face.

“Look at me,” Luo Binghe commanded.

“I’m sorry-. I didn’t mean to-!” Shen Jiu began.

“Don’t apologize. You did so well, You were perfect for me, Jiu,” Luo Binghe interjected, whipping the mess onto a sleeve. Some of it would be in Luo Binghe’s hair. He would smell like Shen Jiu’s cum until he washed his hair next. “Did you like that?”

“Yes,” Shen Jiu whispered, blushing hotly.

“Then you should reward me,” Luo Binghe said slowly, making his voice glitter like black glass. “Don’t you think?”

Shen Jiu looked down at where Luo Binghe was still jerking himself off. Luo Binghe smirked.

“Not like that,” Luo Binghe said warmly, drawing Shen Jiu’s eyes back up to his own. “Kiss me,” he commanded.

And Shen Jiu did. Softly, gently, carefully, and totally artlessly. He cautiously coiled his tongue around Luo Binghe’s before retreating. Luo Binghe would have to teach him how to kiss. Shen Jiu would need lots of practice. His dutiful Shizun would provide.

Luo Binghe kissed Shen Jiu again, teaching his sweet boy how to please his Shizun with his mouth. It wasn’t a particularly aggressive kiss, but Luo Binghe made sure it was an overwhelming one. Shen Jiu would be gasping and trembling where he sat before Luo Binghe was finished with him.

“Shizun is going to teach you something new today,” Luo Binghe said against Shen Jiu’s lips.

“What, Shizun?” Shen Jiu asked shakily.

“This master is going to teach you to cultivate your ass, Jiu, “Luo Binghe answered. Shen Jiu could be so oblivious sometimes. Whenever other disciples developed a crush on him, it went right over his head. He also never noticed when Luo Binghe’s behavior was dancing with impropriety right in front of him.

“My ass?” Shen Jiu asked cluelessly.

“With your natural aptitude for learning new things, I’m sure you’ll be perfect for this kind of cultivation,” Luo Binghe lied, running a thumb over Shen Jiu’s lower lip.

“Okay, Shizun. This disciple will work hard,” Shen Jiu said.

“This master knows,” Luo Binghe assured him, brushing Shen Jiu’s gorgeous hair behind an ear. Then Luo Binghe sampled the skin of Shen Jiu’s neck again. He pressed kiss after kiss to the warm pulsing throat of his disciple, letting his tongue dart out occasionally to lathe a fresh spot. Luo Binghe wanted to mark up Shen Jiu, but he didn’t want those marks to be visible to others. He liked the idea of Shen Jiu looking perfectly buttoned up and proper when his clothes were on, while looking like a slut when his clothes were off. Every little bruise Luo Binghe sucked and bit into Shen Jiu’s skin would be their secret. 

Luo Binghe liked the idea of Shen Jiu being secretly slutty. He liked it a lot.

Perhaps one day, Shen Jiu would be willing to go around all day, not only marked up under his clothes by Luo Binghe’s lips and teeth, but wearing a dildo Luo Binghe had strapped into his ass and a sounding rod Luo Binghe had plugged into his urethra. 

Luo Binghe had one lover, a demon woman, who knew where such wearable toys could be commissioned. Sha Hualing really enjoyed being perverted in public. Luo Binghe supposed his tastes were similar enough, but he didn’t like the idea of advertising that Shen Jiu was a sexual creature to the world at large. Too many people found him attractive already. It was enough for Luo Binghe alone to find Shen Jiu attractive.

“Lie on your chair for me like a good boy and spread your ass cheeks, okay?” Luo Binghe asked coaxingly.

“Okay, Shizun,” Shen Jiu said.

And then Shen Jiu got down on his hands and knees and laid his chest on the chair. Then, he took both his hands and pulled his cheeks apart as far as he comfortably could.

“I’m not sure if this is right. Should I hold the chair, Shizun?” Shen Jiu asked.

“No, you’ve done it just right,” Luo Binghe said, stroking himself faster. “Just keep your cheeks spread.” When the time finally came for the two of them to make love, Luo Binghe would spend hours getting Shen Jiu ready for his cock. Luo Binghe knew from a wealth of personal experience that he was larger than the average man and while his lovers, especially the male ones, had loved his prick’s size in theory, they had needed patient preparation in practice.

This wasn’t practice. Luo Binghe wanted to be inside Shen Jiu, so he was.

Shen Jiu gasped.

“You feel that?” Luo Binghe asked as he began to insert himself in Shen Yuan’s tight hole.

“Y-yes, Shizun,” Shen Jiu said with strained passion.

“Just focus on circulating your qi. Meanwhile,” Luo Binghe said, sliding in even further, “I’m going to work on improving your ass. Someday, you’ll be so loose that you’ll able to take me at a moment’s notice. That’s how dual cultivation works, do you understand?”

“Yes, Shizun,” Shen Yuan whispered.

Luo Binghe pressed in, and in, and in, until he bottomed out.

“That’s it. I’m all the way inside you now,” Luo Binghe said shakily. “Now, I’m going to move. You just keep focusing on circulating your qi. Dual cultivation is a very safe way to improve, but you won’t get the benefits if you don’t work at it.”

Shen Jiu whimpered as Luo Binghe started moving at a sedate pace.

“Shizun!” Shen Jiu whined.

“What is it, Jiu?” Luo Binghe asked.

“I- am sorry. I’m getting-. I just-,” Shen Jiu tried to explain that he was getting off on being fucked up the ass by his teacher, but couldn’t. Luo Binghe took mercy on him and shushed the young man.

“It’s perfectly fine. Everything is going just as it should. You’re doing very well and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. In your own time, tell me what you need to say,” Luo Binghe said, taking hold of Shen Jiu’s hair and pulling sharply, but not hard enough to cause pain. He never wanted to hurt his sweet boy.

“I’m,” Shen Jiu began brokenly, “I’m hard, Shizun.”

“That’s good,” Luo Binghe praised. “That’s very good. You’re body is doing exactly what it should. You’re cultivating nicely, I can just feel it,” Luo Binghe punctuated this with a swift press of his hips into Shen Jiu’s ass.

“Ah-h!” Shen Jiu cried out in pleasure. “Mng! Shizun! Shizun, I love you!”

“I love you, too, Jiu,” Luo Binghe said.

“We’ll always be together, won’t we?” Shen Jiu asked insecurely.

“Always. We’ll always be together. We’ll stay here forever, just like this. Forever,” Luo Binghe said.

He was already close. He always came fast when he jerked off in Shen Jiu’s room, but it had only been ten minutes now. He could only imagine how fast he would get off if he were actually humping Shen Jiu, instead of his own hand.

“Let me reward you for being such a good boy, Xiao-Jiu,” Luo Binghe breathed against the chair as he felt his balls draw up tight. 

“I’m going to cum in you now. Do you understand? I’m going to fill you to the brim with my cum,” Luo Binghe thought. “Isn’t that a special treat? I know you want it bad. I know you’ve been hoping for it.” Luo Binghe bit the soft bed pillow, imagining it was Shen Jiu’s neck.

“Yes, Shizun!” Shen Jiu said tearily.

“Be a good boy and receive your prize properly,” Luo Binghe said, taking a deep breath of the scent of Shen Jiu’s hair again.

“Thank you, Shizun,” Shen Jiu said in Luo Binghe’s mind.

The image of his dick pumping cum into Shen Jiu’s ass and Shen Jiu thanking Luo Binghe for it tossed Luo Binghe over the edge into a blinding orgasm. 

Luo Binghe gasped and squeezed his eyes shut.

“Jiu!” Luo Binghe cried. “Jiu! Jiu!”

His dick spilled, and it spilled, and it spilled. 

Fuck, that felt so good!

“Ghuh! Uh, uh-!” Luo Binghe groaned desperately. He didn’t ever want this feeling to stop.

Luo Binghe gasped again as the image of his cum overflowing from Shen Jiu’s ass smothered all other thought.

“Thank you, Shizun,” Shen Jiu said again breathily, folded in half on the floor, lying on his chest and knees with his ass in the air and Luo Binghe’s cum dribbling out of his sweet hole.

Another burst of cum shot through Luo Binghe’s dick and splattered on the floor beneath the chair. If only it was inside Shen Jiu, Luo Binghe lamented as he stared at the wall. If only it was deep inside him.

One day, Luo Binghe thought, as he floated in the afterglow.

Luo Binghe knew from experience that Without A Cure actually had one cure, but he couldn’t give it to Shen Jiu. Not yet.

Luo Binghe sat back on his haunches and grabbed up Shen Jiu’s sleeping robe to mop the floor. He would give the house an airing, have the washing started, and give the floor a quick scrub before Shen Jiu returned, just like he always did.

Luo Binghe smiled in contentment as he put his clothes to rights. One day, things would be different, Luo Binghe knew. One day, Luo Binghe would make everything right for Shen Jiu. He would repay Shen Jiu’s sacrifice with as much service as possible. Luo Binghe would make Shen Jiu happy for the rest of his life. He would hold onto Shen Jiu’s love forever, he told himself, as he took in the scent of sex and Shen Jiu.

One day.