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Paradise [CROSSOVER]

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Since the island was entirely unexplored for Zidane he didn't know where eh and Dagger would go for their first day out. He had been contemplating this as he walked out of the building waiting for Garnet to join him, but to his surprise his choice had been made as soon as he stepped foot outside.

The white sand beach that stretched for a long length was also home to a small bit where large, jagged rocks were on the shore. Waves were crashing into the rocks and created white foam. The rocks themselves were the size of chocobo drawn carriages at their largest but taller than a person at the smallest. The sound of the waves hitting the rocks and the sand were pleasant to the ears and the scent of the ocean was stronger here than back in the building.

"Nice place to start," thought the gentleman thief, putting his hands on his hips. He wore a white shirt and brown shorts given to him by the moogles to wear outside. Glad he did too, as the heat would have gotten to him eventually. Garnet had also been given some clothes, but when Zidane had asked her what she had gotten she had turned him away. The fact that she had turned bright red when she had looked inside the bag had not been lost on Zidane. Personally, he couldn't wait to see what she was going to wear...

"Sorry I'm late."

With a wide grin at the sound of her nervous voice Zidane turned around, and his grin widened.

His beloved Dagger was wearing an orange one-piece swimsuit that conjured up images of what she had worn on their adventures on Gaia. However, this was different in that the fabric was slightly tighter and straps went up around her neck instead of over her shoulders. If Zidane were to be honest Garnet looked dazzling, even though she was obviously feeling awkward in such a garment. She was bare everywhere else and held her hands behind her back.

Her nervousness was apparent as she spoke in a stutter, "W-Would you not stare at me? I feel very uncomfortable with this thing..."

"Well, I think you look adorable," said Zidane trying to comfort her. While he enjoyed a scantily clad beauty like the next guy, seeing as this was his lover he put his libido in the backseat and tried to make her feel better. "If you want we can always choose something else for you to wear. You shouldn't have to go all out just because we're on a tropical island."

Garnet brought her hands to cover her chest, the swimsuit had a V-shaped cut down the middle and exposed the sides of her breasts. She did feel a little exposed than she would have wanted to be but seeing as the moogles had chosen this one for her she didn't want to return a gift. That would have been impolite.

"I think I'll grin and bear it as best I can. At least for today," she said, building up her courage.

Zidane got in close and wrapped his arms around her waist. His hands stayed on the curve of her back as placed a kiss on her forehead. "That's good, but if you change your mind..."

"I don't plan on it," she retorted. The Queen of Alexandria appreciated the thief and his considerate attitude towards her. It was one of the reasons she loved him so much. Then another thought crossed her mind, and it concerned Zidane. "By the way, do me a favor while we are on this trip."

"Anything," said Zidane, not expecting much of it.

"Try and keep your eyes-and hands- off other girls while we are here. Got it?"

While his womanizing had gone down considerably since they had become lovers Zidane had the occasional leer and flirtatiousness he was rather infamous for towards women. It was truly a habit that died especially hard, even though he tried his darndest. And being on an island with a lot of beautiful women wearing next to nothing was bound to test his limits.

Still, he thought he could handle it. "Yes, ma'am."

She smiled up at him and gave his lips a light kiss. "Good, otherwise you're sleeping out here until we go home."

"That doesn't sound harsh."

"In the jungle."

The thought of sleeping next to the animals and wild flora made the thief cringe. "I stand corrected."

Garnet got out from his embrace and walked around him, "You were looking at these rocks. Something interesting about them?"

"Just a place to start exploring, that's all."

The Queen took a few steps forward, placing her hands behind her back. "I suppose it's as good a place to start as any."

"Yeah..." Zidane took notice that her swimsuit had no back to speak of and hugged the curves of her hips enticingly. He crossed his arms over his chest. He was clearly distracted by it and contemplated his next course of action.

"Oh, Zidane! Hey!"

Both the queen and the thief turned around and saw a pair of familiar faces walking towards them arm in arm. Bartz and Lenna were positively glowing as they approached their friends. The adventurer wore a blue and red shirt with white shorts while the Tycoon princess wore a one-piece swimsuit similar to Garnet but she also wore a matching orange skirt that was open in the front. It also had a single strap that went over her left shoulder. The color was also a brighter shade of orange that complimented her short pink hair and emerald green eyes. Both of them were smiling happily.

"What you guys got planned today?" asked Bartz.

Zidane shrugged his shoulders and tried to keep his eyes off Lenna. He did so not just out of respect for his friends but also because of his promise to Dagger, "We were just thinking of what to do first."

"We're in the same boat. Maybe we could brainstorm and figure it out together," said Lenna, trying to help the situation out.

The two couples stood thinking about what they were going to do first. Zidane didn't mind staying in the area for the first day, but a second opinion to make sure wouldn't hurt in his mind.

Luckily there would be more voices to add, as not one but two other couples approached them. One was Squall and his wife Rinoa, while the other was Snow and his fiancé Serah.

Rinoa was pulling Squall along by his hand as he seemed to be more than a little unwilling to do his wife's bidding. "Squall, come on! You need to hang out with friends more often. It's good for you."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," mumbled Squall as he finally broke free of her grip. She had pulled him well along the entire morning and he had not been in the best of moods because of it. From breakfast where they ate their fill of some delicacies given by the moogles to the clothing store where Rinoa made him sit and tell her which swimsuits she should wear (she had tried on six before choosing the one she had on now). She was wearing a light blue two piece tied intricately in the back and was strapless. Squall himself wore a pair of black and blue shorts and was bare chested, and Rinoa never did hide her glee at Squall's lean upper body.

Squall crossed his arms over his chest and nodded at Zidane and Bartz. Memories from a long-fought war entered his mind. 'A case of Deja vu here...' he thought.

While he kept his thoughts to himself Rinoa went and hugged Lenna and Garnet. The Queen was taken by surprise as she had only met her yesterday and being given a hug was a bit out of the ordinary in her mind. Still she smiled and nodded. Lenna was happy to oblige in in the hug.

"You two look cute in your swimsuits," said Rinoa who put her hands behind her back. "Your men help you pick them out?"

The princess of Tycoon bashfully looked away, "Not really..."

"The moogles chose ours," answered Garnet. Zidane noticed that although they were in the same age range that the Queen was a few inches shorter than Rinoa.

The wife of the SeeD commander thought for a moment before taking notice of Serah and Snow. "Oh, I remember you two from yesterday."

Serah was wearing a cute pink one-piece bikini that had an opening in the center of her chest, exposing the sides of her breasts. Snow on the other hand was wearing a black tank top and matching shorts. The swimsuit Serah wore matched her hair in hue and it was because of that reason that she had chosen it. She overlooked the exposed part for the sake of Snow after he had told her he liked her in it.

"Well, the moogles offered me a few, and this was the one I chose," said Serah. She ran her hands from her hips to her shoulders, her feelings over her level of exposure a bit mixed. She peered back over her shoulder and saw that her fiancé was looking her over, specifically on her backside. Serah placed her hands on her bottom to impede his vision and Snow smirked before looking away. "And as long as he likes it I think it will do."

"That beside the point, we were looking to do something interesting for our first day. We saw you guys and thought it'd be fun to hang out," said Snow who scooted next to his fiancé and put his arms around her waist. She was so much shorter than he was she was engulfed by him.

"Maybe we should tag team and explore the island. Spread out and search for anything interesting," Rinoa had spoken out loud and weighed her options.

Zidane however had gotten an idea when he heard the word 'tag'. That and if people wanted interesting, he had quite an idea.

"Tag, huh..."

Garnet had her arm locked with Zidane's asked what he meant by that.

He answered, "Let's play tag."

Squall immediately shot that down. "Sounds too childish. Next."

Rinoa however disagreed with her husband. "I like it. Haven't played that since I was a kid."

Though they didn't speak, both Serah and Snow also liked the idea, Bartz and Lenna also agreed by asking where the game would be played and, more importantly, who would be 'it'.

Still a bit peeved over being overruled by his wife Squall turned his head away. He had no intention of being it. Neither did Snow, but for a very different reason. He sucked at games like this and would rather be the one that would hide.

Two minds were better than one as it turned out, and Rinoa offered a second opinion that helped steer the idea towards reality.

"I think it should be the guys find the girls," said Rinoa as she pulled herself away from her husband and stood next to Garnet and Lenna. Serah got the idea and went to join them. All four women seemed to be filled with glee at the idea of this game.

"Wouldn't that be hide-and-seek instead of tag?" This question came from Squall who finally broke his silence on the issue at hand.

The sudden change in direction didn't seem to bother the ladies who got into a small circle and contemplated their next move. Zidane made his way over to the other guys and watched the women. He didn't know why it was unfolding like this was, but he was more interested in where it was going now. The others were brought together out of the sake of curiosity more than anything.

The girls broke up their huddle and faced the men, and it was fitting for Rinoa to be their spokeswoman. "So, we have a plan, and the challenge will be severely difficult for you guys."

Squall stepped forward with his arms still crossed and stood across from his wife. "What would that be, honey."

"First you guys must close your eyes and turn around."

Snow and Bartz exchanged looks with Zidane but did as instructed without hesitation. The thief even snickered before he did so.

Squall still took some convincing to do so. Only with help from his little lady did he turn around-and she gave him a kiss on the cheek as a complimentary prize before she went back to her friends. "Alright, guys. Your challenge is to..."

They all waited for her to finish her answer, but instead they got nothing but the sound of the waves of the ocean, though Snow thought he heard the women giggling with glee for a second or two. Eventually Squall turned and caught the glimpse of an arm disappearing behind the rocks and into the water.

"The girls have fled!" said Zidane who was the first to turn around. Snow and Bartz quickly turned as well and Snow chuckled. "Guess it's a mix of hide and seek with tag." He walked past Squall, giving him a pat on the shoulder on the way by, "Your wife is rather lively, Leonhart."

'You have no idea, big guy,' thought Squall as images of Rinoa flooded his mind. Being adventurous was one of her best traits, and the fact that she was playful was the cherry on top. It was one of the reasons he loved her so much. He cracked a smile.

Zidane noticed it too and smiled as well, "Well, we better go find the girls before they run off too far."

"Lenna won't be hard to find," said Bartz as he ran past Zidane and into the maze of large rocks. He knew that she wasn't going to lead him on a wild goose chase for very long. He was looking forward to catching her.

Snow was in the same boat, though he knew Serah was more savvy than she led others to believe. She'd make her fiancé work for his reward.

Zidane nudged Squall, urging his friend to join in on the fun before running into the rocks. "Think of this as something new to do with your little lady."

Squall sighed but focused his mind on winning this game. 'I won't let Rinoa beat me on this.'

With that the men took to the sand and went on the attack.

Lenna had been the first to go into the rocks and she had nearly been washed away by a wave. It washed over her entire body and she screamed because of that. As luck would have it Bartz had heard her and zoned in on her. She tried to climb a rock to gain some elevation and hopefully see where he was. She caught a glimpse of Garnet and Serah working together to lead Snow in the opposite direction of her but couldn't find Rinoa.

She peered over the top of the rock she was hiding behind and lost sight of everyone.

"Where did everyone-WAH!" A large wave of water washed over her from behind and she screamed again. She lost her balance which caused her to slide down the smooth surface-

-Where Bartz was waiting for her with open arms. He caught her and while she tried to run away she gave up when they both fell to the sand below. To keep her still he wrapped his arms around her, trapping her own arms to her sides.

"Got you, Lenna."

"I was never good at these games, haha," said Lenna, admitting defeat. "That was fun though."

"Wanna go another round?" asked Bartz before planting a kiss on her cheek.

Liking the sound of that Lenna got herself free from the adventurer's arms. Before she could answer however another wave came and washed over them both, knocking them into the sand with Lenna on top of Bartz. Both of them laughed in between coughing up some water.

Bartz brushed off some sand that was stuck to his arm, "Why don't we wait for the others first?"

They helped each other to their feet, wet and partially covered in sand, before holding onto each other's hands and making their way to the beach.

"Looks like Bartz caught the princess," said Serah from behind a nearby rock and watched Lenna and Bartz walking hand in hand back to the shore. Garnet and Rinoa were right next to her. They had fanned out at the start and met close to the ocean behind a cluster of rocks. Somewhere along the way Lenna had lost touch with them and they were forced to leave her behind.

"So, we're down one and I haven't seen the others yet," said Garnet as she peeked around the corner to see if anyone was there. She didn't expect to be so involved in this kind of game, but now that her team was down one she was a bit anxious.

A wave splashed against the trio, soaking them but unlike Lenna they kept their shrieks low.

Rinoa knew that, though they couldn't see them she knew the guys were no doubt closing in on them. "We should go before they find us-"

"Already did, honey."

The familiar voice of Squall made Rinoa snap her head in his direction. Zidane and Snow hopped out from behind rocks and closed in on them while Squall came in from behind. Garnet playfully shrieked as Zidane came at her before turning and running in the opposite direction. Serah fell backwards, landing in the sand before she too turned tail and ran, thinking of ways to get around her towering fiancé.

Rinoa was a bit more straightforward. "Catch me if you can Squall!"

She got within arm's reach of her husband but managed to avoid his grasp and ran around him.

Squall smirked and walked like a man on a mission in the direction of his wife. "Challenge accepted, dear."

Serah stumbled around a large rock closer to shore where the water was barely ankle deep. She had little options when it came to hiding places. 'Snow's so damn tall he could spot me a mile away...' she thought while cautiously peeking around the corner.

She did so just in time to see Snow walking just feet from where she stood. She would have gone unseen had she hadn't gasped.

"Found you Serah," said Snow as he stomped in her direction.

"I don't think so!" She turned to run but she had underestimated how quick her fiancé was as he grabbed her hand.

"You're not going anywhere," said the big man before pulling her to him. He hoisted her over his massive shoulder and put one hand on her thighs to steady herself.

Serah wasn't too happy with this sudden arrangement, being over six feet int he air and not in control of where she was going next. She kicked her legs madly like a little child. "Put me down!"

"I don't think so." Snow silenced her with a heavy hand landing on her bottom. She squealed and stopped her flailing. She knew he had her and was not going to let her go. With great ease he started back for the spot where Bartz and Lenna waited for them. Before he did that though he called back to his remaining friends. "I got Serah. Meet you guys on shore when you're done."

He turned back towards the shore, tapping his wife's butt much to her annoyance before he took walked in that direction.

Serah crossed her arms over her chest, helpless as his hand kneading her butt, "You've been waiting to do this all day, haven't you..."

Snow smirked mischievously, "Maybe."

As she saw Snow triumphantly carry Serah back to shore Rinoa realized that she was on her own. She had lost Garnet somewhere in the chaos and hadn't seen Zidane. She could only assume that the thief had caught his Queen. 'That just leaves me and my soldier husband...' She slid down the rock she had climbed on, her feet going into the wet sand as a small wave washed into her. "If I can make it back to shore without him at least I can say he never got me."

"Wishful thinking, Rinoa," said Squall as he came from around the corner and faced his wife. She was just out of arm's reach and kept backing up to keep the distance.

"Oh, hey honey. I was know..." Rinoa backed up until she tried climbing back up the rock. If she could keep a pace she could run over the top of the rock and Squall would have to give chase. However, she hadn't counted on the rock's surface being slippery. She only made it halfway up before she slid back down into her husband's waiting arms.

Well, he would have caught her had it not been for her rolling to the side to avoid him.

He hadn't anticipated such a desperate move from her and was initially caught off guard. He reached for her, but he missed.

Rinoa got all giddy from her getaway, "Close but no cigar-damn it!" In her excitement she tripped over not just a random rock hidden by the water but also her own feet. She fell down into the waterfront first, landing with a small splash.

Squall was on her in no time flat. Rinoa had turned onto her back in time for her husband to grab hold of her. The water retreated into the ocean and left the two rolling in the sand, Rinoa trying to get away while Squall tried to stop her from squirming. Rinoa tried to scurry away and nearly did when Squall grabbed hold of her ankle.

"Game's over, Rinoa," he said before he tugged on her leg.

Rinoa got on her back intending to kick him away, "I'll never surrender!" Yet he pulled her to him and gave her no time to defend herself. Being pulled against the sane forced her swimsuit to ride up her bottom and she squealed. She rolled onto her stomach for a last-ditch attempt for freedom, but Squall placed himself on top of her. She was trapped, and they both knew it.

Still she didn't give up, and she heard her husband speak into her ear, "Got you."

Rinoa felt his hips on her bottom and she shimmied herself to try and get free while his hands held hers down.

She conceded, "Fine, you win. That was fun though."

Letting up off his wife a bit Squall turned her onto her back, or maybe she allowed all this to happen. Still she laid halfway on her back with her hips partially turned. Her bottoms were pushed up exposing virtually all of her hips.

Seeing as how they were alone Rinoa's husband suddenly got handsy and placed a hand on her exposed hip.

Rinoa's eyes went wide but soon a playful smile appeared on her lips as she exclaimed in mock horror, "Mister Leonhart!"

She rolled her body onto her back and Squall moved with her, getting between her legs and both his hands went to her sides. He didn't need to speak for his actions were more than enough to make up for them.

Rinoa didn't feel the need to speak right now. She was too into what her husband suddenly put on her. Wrapping her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. This happened just as a gentle wave washed over them both.

Though she had fought tooth and nail in this little game, the fact that Rinoa was now trapped by her loving husband was a reward in and of its own, and she was enjoying it.

Soon though the need to breathe forced her arms to drop to her sides and she tried to regain herself. Her chest heaved while Squall looked down at her with a loving gaze. There may have been a bit of pride exposed in those eyes of his, possibly over winning a competitive game for once in his life without trying too hard.

Rinoa placed her arms over her chest, "So now what do you plan to do now? I am your prisoner after all."

Sitting up on his knees Squall didn't answer his wife, instead placing his hands on her thighs. Seeing her vulnerable and her asking that question made him think about it. But true to his nature he let his actions speak for him in lack of the right words. He reached for his wife's hands and pulled her up to straddle his lap. She put her arms back around his neck while she felt his hands go to her lower back to help steady her.

"Squall, is there something you want?"

Seeing him looking into her eyes with a level of affection he never showed in public made Rinoa want to swoon.

His hands went onto her hips, "Just you."

Rinoa smiled before giving him another kiss. "We'll negotiate about that. Later tonight, okay?"

Squall couldn't wait.

Lenna, Serah, and even Rinoa had been caught, and after seeing the Leonhart's display of affection Zidane knew he had to step up his game.

'Once I catch Dagger I'm gonna give her something she will never forget,' thought the thief with glee.

However, as he began his search he neglected to check his surroundings first as the normally formal Queen of Alexandria had climbed the rock Zidane had been standing next to the whole time he had been watching Rinoa and Squall. She had effectively snuck up on him and pounced when he let his guard down.

She leapt off the rock and tackled the thief from behind. Both of them fell into the ankle-deep water. Zidane had been taken by complete surprise. Still he had enough where with all to roll himself over and grab a hold of whoever it was that surprised him, and any sort of defense he had set up was gone the moment he realized it was Garnet.

"Damn Dagger you scared me!"

Garnet entered a laughing fit as water washed over her and Zidane. "Got you good, didn't I?"

Intending to get the game rolling she tried to get up onto her feet but only managed to get that far before Zidane put his arms around her waist and pulled her to him.

"Now I've got you!"

"H-Hey this wasn't part of my plan!"

"Should have thought a bit more, huh?"

As she struggled to get free, Zidane unintentionally let his hands wander and soon he was grabbing onto something extremely soft. The first squeeze he did made both of them stop moving. Then the second caused Garnet to gasp and Zidane realized his terrible mistake. He let the Queen go and moved back a few feet as she stood up straight and with her arms to her sides.

"Dagger, I am so sorry I didn't know what-"

She turned abruptly, facing him with an expression that showed a fury within her waiting to explode. Her face was red with anger and abject humiliation. Though they were lovers he had never touched her like that without her permission. It had been a sign of respect for her that he never did. Even in the heat of the moment she could give him little forgiveness.

She brought her arms up to cover her chest before she stomped past him.

Zidane knew he had screwed up the mood, and most likely, the entire day with his little stunt.

'I better fix this tonight then...otherwise she'll be mad at me forever.'