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    let's consider this one bonding exercises for vlad and danny

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    “This is off right?” Danny asked, feeling awfully silly for doing so in the first place but the fluttery feeling in his stomach wasn’t going to let him take another step without an answer to that question.

    Clearly distracted Vlad replied, “Danny we both know your father is an idiot, but I like to believe that you inherited your mother’s braincells, by which I mean I wholeheartedly believe in your ability to tell for yourself whether the ghost portal is off or not.”

    The corner of Danny’s mouth quirked upwards. Any other time he might had defended his father or at least given Vlad a reply of the same design, but right now he was more occupied with beating that stupid anxiety to a pulp so he could perform the task he’d been given.

    “And the power has been cut off?”

    “Of course, Daniel,” Vlad sighed. Briefly Danny felt his eyes on him, as if Vlad glanced over his back.

    “Cool,” Danny muttered and gathered all his courage to step into the portal. It was only a little step, but felt much bigger to him. “Just making sure, cause you know, the first time I died it was in one of these fuckers that wasn’t supposed to work...” Within a few quick steps Danny had reached the end of the portal and found the open panel. And just like Vlad had said he could simply insert the card-like devices into the empty slots. “Do you want me to close the panel?” Danny asked, studying the plate which had covered the panel.

    When Vlad didn’t answer and he couldn’t find the screws he shrugged and happily exited the portal again. “I asked if you wanted the panel closed,” he repeated, frowning at Vlad’s stare. “Something… on my face?”

    “You /what/?”

    Somehow, Danny was sure Vlad wasn’t as calm as he sounded when he asked that. “I… died in there?” He offered, glancing back at the portal and vaguely gesturing at it. “Well, not /that/ one, the one my parents built… Vlad?”

    The corners of Vlad’s mouth raised like chews for the briefest of moments to bare his teeth and something cold had overshadowed his eyes. The word that came out of his throat was almost inhuman but Danny understood it perfectly anyway. – “/Jack/.” It was followed by a string of insults.

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