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{The latest news, a national level pro gamer had a terrible accident after Breaking The Sky Company released it}




 Yoo Miah stared blankly at the news displayed on TV, the next second she immediately ran out of the apartment while calling someone.

 "Hyunsung-oppa !!!"

 —Calm down, I'm on my way to the hospital, I'll check it out.

 "Hueeee, what really happened to Jonghyuk-oppa ...."

 Yoo Miah cried as she boarded the elevator and quickly descended into the lobby, she immediately ran for a taxi to the hospital where her brother was taken after the accident.

 She never thought that his careful and meticulous brother would have an accident with his favorite sports car. She found out that a few days ago, his brother's contract and the Breaking The Sky Company were destroyed and his brother was dumped, while all of his net worth was stolen by those bastards.

 Yoo Miah didn't know the reason for the contract annihilation because from the beginning she never interfered in her brother's work as a pro gamer called Supreme King.  Her brother had so many enemies in the real world that he was always cautious, not only that.  Yoo Miah recently learned that before her brother became a pro gamer, he was doing dangerous illegal work.

 And now that he is famous, the dangerous people from the past will continue to haunt him.  Yoo Miah wiped her tears when the taxi she was riding arrived at the hospital in question.

 Yoo Miah didn't waste time waiting at the reception because she already knew where her brother was being treated.

 On the fourth floor, in the hallway to the ICU after wearing the recommended clothes, Yoo Miah ran into someone.


 Yoo Miah bumped into him and she immediately bowed apologetically.

 "I'm sorry," she said.

 The person who was hit replied softly, "It's okay."  then patted her head.

 Yoo Miah felt strange when the person passed her, she turned her head to look at his thin back with a feeling of deja vu.

 For a moment she was like that, then as if she had just been hit in the back of the head, Yoo Miah continued her pace slightly faster into the ICU room.


 Some time before.

 "Sir, what is your name?"  Lee Seolhwa asked the mysterious man wearing a mask in front of her.

 The mysterious man had saved a famous pro gamer who was crushed and had a terrible accident until his life was threatened.  Pro gamers need blood donor type O resus (-) which is very rare and expensive.

 The pro gamer who had been destroyed by his own company did not have a penny to pay so that Lee Seolhwa who became his acquaintance was very worried.  Moreover, the operation must be carried out immediately if no his life cannot be helped, but suddenly someone appears who voluntarily pays for the operation and donates as much blood as requested.

 The man was now standing in front of Lee Seolhwa.

 "Please don't tell him," pleaded the man.

 Lee Seolhwa nodded.

 "And, my name is Kim Dokja, goodbye."

 Lee Seolhwa stood dumbfounded after the man turned around and left with light steps.

 Somehow there was a desire to stop the man from leaving, but Lee Seolhwa had to be professional as a doctor, she immediately started surgery with her team.


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"What time is your consultation schedule?"

A beautiful woman with shoulder-length hair in a black, knee-length dress was asking the man wearing a mask at the table opposite her.

They are currently at the cafe near the Breaking The Sky Company which is famous for its game players.

The man with straight black hair with cute bangs on his forehead took off the black mask he was wearing. He then replied. "Two hours to go." in a flat, expressionless tone.

"You know, I'm a little afraid of your expression, if only I didn't know you, I might feel goosebumps," said the woman.

"Sooyoung-ah, hold my account for a while," asked the man.

Sooyoung jumped from her seat, she stuttered as she replied. "You're crazy! Why do I have to do that, it's terrible enough for me to have to replace you at the press conference!"

The man looked Sooyoung gray eyes then asked one more time. "You know what I'm in, I'm going to see a psychiatrist I know in America in two weeks."

Sooyoung looked like she had just eaten something bitter.

"Seriously? You …… are you getting worse recently?" she asked worriedly.

The man nodded.

"Salvation-nim, I know that the only one you can rely on is me who is lacking, but don't trust me too much. I could just stab you in the back!" Sooyoung threatened with a loud voice until the other visitors turned their heads for a moment.

For a glance, a smile rose on the man's lips, of course Sooyoung knew it was a fake smile. The man in front of her had lost his passion for life and emotions a long time ago, if it weren't for her, that man would have been dead. Sooyoung secretly thanked herself for getting along with this guy.

"Only you I can trust, Sooyoung," replied the man with a soft tone made up so that Sooyoung frowned.

"Ah, shit! Okay, okay. I'll be your account holder, so since it's still two weeks, what will you do before that, Salvation-nim?"

The man took a cup of coffee in front of him until it ran out then answered.

"I want to meet someone."

Sooyoung blinked in confusion and wondered who this doll man would meet?

"By the way, Salvation-nim, a few days ago you did something strange, right?" asked Sooyoung with curiosity on her face.

"I saved my old friend, I do not know if he still remembers me, but I had told my name to the doctor in charge of him if he asked later," said the man at length unlike the previous brief conversation.

Sooyoung could see something was different when the man in front of her talked about his old friend.

"Han Sooyoung," called the latter suddenly.


"Thank you."

Han Sooyoung widened her eyes then hissed. "Why are you acting like you're about to die? You promised not to hurt yourself, right? Did you run out of medicine?"

"No, that's still a lot. It's just that today I feel empty," explained the man.

Han Sooyoung felt cold on her back. She understood very well what he meant by 'a sense of emptiness', which was why he needed psychiatrists and drugs to suppress any symptoms that appeared.

"Look, I'll accompany you around wherever it is, how about to the amusement park, you can definitely get rid of that. If not, oh really, you better sleep with sleeping pills just in case," she advised.

"Okay, let's go to the amusement park. The weather's not that hot, it's almost autumn."

"Hey, Kim Dokja."

The man narrowed his eyes after Han Sooyoung accidentally called out his real name. Han Sooyoung broke out in cold sweat. "E-uh, right. You didn't want to be called by that name, but you said you told the doctor your name, right?"

The man sighed apologetically.

"Already, maybe it's useless now. I'm not 'Kim Dokja' anymore."

"Of course, you are the genius Salvation-nim."

Han Sooyoung was forced to praise him because of him dangerous aura. Actually the person in front of him could be a psychopath, but luckily he met Han Sooyoung who managed to persuade him to focus on something positive.

Therefore, Han Sooyoung was like a nurse who was ready if he needed to be sedated with sedatives. Surprisingly, even though the man in front of him who didn't want to be called by his real name swallowed a lot of sedative, his mind was still bright, even though sometimes there was laziness and a lack of passion.

After clearing their meals at the cafe, the both of them headed to the amusement park with the man's white porche car. It was Han Sooyoung who drove in anticipation of the danger of her colleague's sudden change of feelings.


Surgery room.

Lee Seolhwa and her operations team are working hard to save the lives of famous pro gamer and acquaintances.

Outside, Yoo Miah sat on the bench with her hands tightly tied together, shaking.

"Oppa ……"

Hoping that her brother was successful through this very long operation, Lee Hyunsung who was sitting beside her patted her head lightly as he said. "He will be fine, Seolhwa-ssi ensured that 80% of the operation was successful."

Jung Heewon on the opposite side with Lee Hyunsung nodded, Jung Heewon is Lee Hyunsung's wife who is the owner of a luxury bar in Gwanghwamun, Seoul.

Kim Namwoon, Han Donghoon, and Lee Jihye who sat across from they stared anxiously at the operating room door.

"Hyunsung-ssi, who pays for all those very expensive operating expenses? Didn't those company bidders take all of poor Jonghyuk's money?"

Jung Heewon brought up the most important topic, those who heard were equally confused.

"We will ask Seolhwa-ssi later," she decided to be greeted by their nod of approval apart from Yoo Miah who seemed to be thinking of something else.

"Miah, what's wrong?"

Yoo Miah hesitantly exclaimed. "I think I met someone who happened to be walking from the hallway leading to the ICU room where Jonghyuk-Oppa. I thought I had met it."

"Hnm? Who is it?"

"A woman?" asked Lee Jihye.

Yoo Miah shook her head. "A man, and he's wearing a mask so I don't know his face."

"Too bad, if he really paid for it, then what has he got to do with my Master?"

The others guessed it too.

"Aren't you hungry? I'll buy you some food."

Lee Hyunsung who felt the atmosphere changed slightly spoke up. Then, he left them to go to the hospital canteen.

"I'm sure Master will be fine," muttered Lee Jihye.

"He's got a strong body, so we have to believe that."

Han Donghoon, who had been silent, opened his mouth.

"Only one thing, if he somehow lost his memory, then ……"

Jung Heewon's words sparked their anxiety.

Several hours later, around nearly night, the operation took six hours based on the severity of the patient's condition.

Lee Seolhwa who was sweating profusely came out of the operating room in her operating uniform, she informed them that the operation was going well and the patient will be transferred to the ICU in two hours.

Yoo Miah cried with relief, while the others finally calmed down.

They haven't been allowed to see the patient, so they decide to take care of some annoying stuff, which is the issue. Han Donghoon, as a clever hacker, closed and deleted several posts on the internet that threatened his colleagues. Meanwhile, Lee Hyunsung contacted several colleagues at Breaking The Sky Company who still had consciences.

Yoo Miah returned to her apartment accompanied by Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye to pack food and clothes for Yoo Jonghyuk. Lee Jihye previously told Kim Namwoon to contact the leader of Breaking The Sky Company for the defamation of Yoo Jonghyuk's name with crazy scandals such as he committed fraud, he committed fraud, and he blackmailed his manager, etc.

They forgot who saved Yoo Jonghyuk until the last one asked it.


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Everything is gray, the sky and even the people passing by, everything. In the hustle and bustle of pedestrians around, the small Yoo Jonghyuk stepped towards a place, it was a quiet playground.

Right under the slide, there was a boy occupying it, Yoo Jonghyuk felt familiar, yet at the same time unfamiliar with him.


The boy's face was blurred and obscured, Yoo Jonghyuk flinched back only to receive an emotionless response from him.

"I'm glad you're fine, so get going!"

"Wait, you …… who are you ?!" shouted Yoo Jonghyuk frantically.

In the next moment, he seemed to be flying in the wind and then strongly knocked to the ground.


Yoo Jonghyuk opened his eyes and saw the white ceiling and smelled the medicine around him. His head felt very heavy and painful, his entire body was immovable and was wrapped in bandages.


His drooping eyes turned to the source of the voice, it was his sister, Yoo Miah. The first wanted to say something, but no sound came out, as if his body was paralyzed.

Yoo Miah shook her head to imply that he didn't need to push himself, so Yoo Jonghyuk stopped moving his mouth and just watched his little sister.

His throbbing head messed up his flow of thought, exactly how could he be like this? He couldn't remember well, maybe it was an anesthetic effect.

Yoo Jonghyuk was thankful that he didn't have amnesia or anything like that, it would be terrible for him if he woke up without realizing who he was and where his family was.

His eyes grew heavy and he fell asleep only to be greeted by another gray sight.

This time, different from before, he was in his adult form observing the interaction of two boys who were sitting under a large tree in the playground. Yoo Jonghyuk wonders if this is his forgotten past memory and who is the kid with his young self?

When Yoo Jonghyuk approached and watched him, the boy's face gradually became clear as if the curtain covering his face was lifted.

It was a cute face with a cute bangs on his forehead and his straight black hair that looked soft and his cheeks were slightly flushed. Yoo Jonghyuk somehow felt happy just by looking at him, he tried his best to find out who the child was.

"Jonghyuk," the boy called his little self beside his young self.

"Yes?" replied the latter as if disinterested.

"If we part one day, will you still remember me?" asked the boy with an innocent face.

Little Yoo Jonghyuk gave him a sharp glance, clearly disliking the possibility.

"We're not separating!"

The boy chuckled happily then grabbed little Yoo Jonghyuk's hand quickly. The latter looked surprised for a moment, but immediately calmed down.

The boy had a strange expression on his face then suddenly exclaimed. "If we part, I'll never forget you, you know."

"Kim Dokja!" snapped Yoo Jonghyuk small.

Then everything turned dark, Yoo Jonghyuk who was watching gasped then woke up and gasped.

"M-Master ……"


"Hey, hurry up and call the nurse!"

"What happened, Oppa?"




"Salvation-nim, can you hear me?"


"Hey, did you run out of medicine? We're not going to the amusement park, I'll take you to your apartment!"

Han Sooyoung swiftly swerved the steering wheel and turned the car around. She felt extremely worried about her colleague who was less than an hour ago suddenly unfocused. Her heart was beating fast because she had to drive like crazy, no matter whether she was caught by the police or not, the safety of her colleagues was more important.

The white Porsche was speeding along the busy highway, Han Sooyoung was sweating profusely.

"Shit! Wait a minute, okay?"

It stopped at the red light for the T-junction.

Han Sooyoung reached into the small bag that was brought by her colleague and took several bottles containing pills and injections. She had tried it in person before, and now she has to do it.

Han Sooyoung carefully pulled out the injection then injected a sedative in her colleague's left arm in the right place as she had done before. The liquid in the injection flowed smoothly, the next moment the man she was injecting with closed his eyes slowly, fell asleep.

Triiiiing ~

"What again is this?"

Han Sooyoung whined while looking for her ringing smartphone. After making sure her colleague fell asleep, she calmed down to drive the car to the apartment while receiving a call.


—Salvation-nim, the adaptation for your work will be broadcast soon, can you come to sign a contract before airing?

Han Sooyoung's face turned pale, she nervously asked. "This fast? Have all the filming and such done?"

—That was finished three months ago, didn't I tell you this, Salvation-nim?

She glanced at the man beside him who was like a sleeping prince. "Why didn't you tell me, you idiot ?!" she thought.

In fact the Smartphone belonged to the man beside her, she acted as a substitute while the man calmed down. Han Sooyoung knew him so well that she knew he wouldn't say anything in return and only listened to the other party talk at length. However, this time she had to take the initiative because the sleeping prince didn't tell her this important thing.

"I see, when is the signing?"

—This weekend if you don't mind having a party to celebrate it as well as a promotional event.


—At condo number 41 hotel 73, I'll greet you in the lobby. Thank you for your attention, Salvation-nim.


The phone went dead, Han Sooyoung took a deep breath to prevent herself from feeling nauseous because there were so many things to do in the future.

She glanced once more at the sleeping prince then muttered. "Oh, why am I doing all this for you, Kim Dokja?"


In the luxurious apartment close to Namsang Tower, Han Sooyoung carried the man's thin body up to his room, she was relieved that his body was not that heavy and at the same time worried that this sleeping prince had another problem, namely his appetite.

The door to apartment room number 1864 creaked open after Han Sooyoung placed the tip of the man's index finger on her fingerprint sensor.


Welcome back, Salvation-nim~

The sound of machines and a large, luxurious room greeted them.

Han Sooyoung dragged her steps towards her partner's room, she laid her partner down slowly and carefully then crossed her arms while staring at the man's calm face.

"You have to properly thank me later, idiot!"

She pinched his cheek and then chuckled, which was quite comforting.

Before leaving, Han Sooyoung checked the sleeping prince's medical supplies just in case, but she found something surprising.

It was a shabby notebook hidden under a pile of medicine bottles. Han Sooyoung with high curiosity picked it up and read it.

The title. {All the strange noises I heard} with the sub title {all those strange sounds disappeared after I saw him}

Han Sooyoung dropped the book with a horrified expression.


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Kim Dokja stared at the ceiling of his room blankly, he continued like that for about an hour until the sunlight shone in through the white curtain of the glass door that led to the balcony.

 He straightened his heavy body and then pulled the drawer next to his bed to get medicine.  His expression changed when he saw the notebook he was hiding sticking out as if someone had just taken it and put it in haste.

 Kim Dokja quickly checked if the person was reading the last part he folded, it was still neat, relief filling his slightly anxious heart.  He moved the notebook under his pillow.

 "Sooyoung-ah, you did something useless," he said with a dangerous glint.  "Ugh."  He groaned as he reached for the medicine in the bottle in the drawer and then swallowed it.

 With his withered body, he dragged his steps toward the bathroom and saw his face reflected in the half-body mirror in the sink.  Nothing had changed, it was still the same face as the one who without hesitation jumped from the highest floor of the middle school building ten years ago.  He hated that fact and tried to forget it when his head gave a painful throb.

 Minutes later, Kim Dokja came out feeling clean and refreshed all over his body, nothing to be proud of how thin he is, even women are better than him, one thing that is good is his fair skin and soft.  Kim Dokja doesn't care about his own appearance so sometimes Han Sooyoung often calls him an idiot.

 His smartphone was ringing loudly with a chime tone.  Kim Dokja picked it up without saying anything in greeting.

 —Salvation-nim, you forgot yesterday's consultation schedule.

 Kim Dokja's eyebrows rose, right, he forgot that or maybe he just couldn't come because suddenly woke up in his room, it's clear who made him like this.

 —Do you want to reset today's consultation?

 A woman's friendly voice offered.  However, Kim Dokja is not a gentle or sympathetic person, he has trouble controlling his emotions.

 "No," he replied simply.

 --I see, then the schedule remains the same, I hope you understand your condition well-

 Kim Dokja didn't bother to listen further to the babble of the damn psychiatrist that Han Sooyoung chose, if it weren't for his respect for that one and only friend, he wouldn't have consulted that person.  After all, he had found a pretty good psychiatrist in the United States, and better because he was an acquaintance of him.

 Kim Dokja played his social media and checked messages from Line Chat, he didn't open any messages and only saw how many were intending to chat with him.  That is until he finds one message from the person he will meet today.

 [Yoo Sangah]: Salvation-nim, let's meet at the city library, I have some good recommendations for you.  By the way, because we've never met in person before, so I'm sending this photo.  You can recognize me easily.

 Kim Dokja chuckled and realized that the sedative effect was starting to wear off little by little, but he didn't want to swallow anymore and immediately put on a white jacket and black mask and drove himself to the city library.

 —Kim Dokja ... Kim Dokja …… Kim Dokja ……

 His face paled when he heard that strange sound again, he swerved to avoid another car that he almost crashed.  With trembling hands and sweat pouring out, Kim Dokja persisted in driving his car up to the promised place.

 After parking the car in the space provided, he wiped off the sweat and fixed his expression.  It was a close call, he almost went crazy again without drugs.

 "Did you hear the news?"


 "YJH Pro Gamer were completely kicked out of Breaking The Sky Company. Not only that, the Company's leadership has been replaced."

 Kim Dokja paused upon hearing the conversation on the first floor with a sharp glance at the people speaking.  At first glance, they got goosebumps and stopped the chat.

 He passed the people towards the second floor stairs of the library and found Yoo Sangah, a clear beauty amid the serious faces of the other visitors.

 "Yoo Sangah-ssi," he said.

 The beautiful woman with long brown hair turned her head with sparkling eyes when she saw who was calling.

 "Ah, Salvation-nim!"  she replied enthusiastically.  She is Yoo Sangah, an actress who plays a film adaptation of his work.  Previously, Yoo Sangah was an employee of a game company, but Kim Dokja accidentally got to know her through social media and admired her acting talent from the short video clip that was popular a few months ago.

 Kim Dokja somehow wanted her to be the female lead in his third film adaptation, so he persuaded his director and producer to recruit Yoo Sangah, of course they immediately agreed after seeing the rare acting skills of the video.  Yoo Sangah seems to have a natural talent as an actress, she is not suitable just being an employee of a game company Personnel team.

 Moreover, she is beautiful, that fact is enough to silence the negative comments that have directed film critics to the stage of her popularity.

 "Did you wait long?"  asked Kim Dokja as he took off his mask.  For a moment, he noticed that there was a hint of redness on Yoo Sangah's cheeks.

 "Ahem, it didn't take too long. Ah, I'm sorry, formal -"

 "No need to be too formal," interrupted Kim Dokja.  "Um, right. I don't need to be formal either."

 It was greeted by Yoo Sangah's refreshing laughter, Kim Dokja was too stiff in socializing so he sometimes got insults from Han Sooyoung, but the latter instead went along formally with frills of appreciating his efforts to socialize.

 Kim Dokja felt warm from the response, he took a seat next to Yoo Sangah then explained a few things about the third work that will be adapted after the second work is broadcast.

 "Salvation-nim, why did you choose me from all of them? There are many who are better than me and your work is a very popular masterpiece, I ……"

 Before Yoo Sangah started to express humility any further, Kim Dokja explained the reason in complicated words.

 "Because you have an aura different from the others. Like you are someone who is free-spirited and has his own light."

 Yoo Sangah was flabbergasted then giggled with a look of admiration.

 "It's full of puzzles, you really are a strange Salvation-nim," Yoo Sangah said sarcastically.

 Kim Dokja raised his eyebrows in confusion then realized that the explanation seemed too absurd to understand.

 "Well, I see. Is there anything else you want to ask?"  he offered in a different voice from before, a little low and gentle.  Yoo Sangah was delighted just by hearing his unique voice.

 "No, for now. I brought some interesting recommended books and …… Salvation-nim, let's watch a movie together, I haven't watched your first film adaptation," Yoo Sangah encouraged excitedly.

 Kim Dokja nodded in agreement, he felt calm beside Yoo Sangah today after all.  It's not bad to be with a woman other than Han Sooyoung for the whole day, right.  He hoped the symptoms would not show up for just this one day.

 As they descended the stairs, whispers of  pro gamer YJHwere still milling about everywhere, causing Kim Dokja's face to stiffen.

 Finally they headed to the parking lot, but before they got into the car, someone called.

 "Sir, sorry! You left this on the table," said the girl breathlessly after running to them.

 Kim Dokja stared blankly at the item being shown, it was an ancient pocket watch.  "It's not mine," he replied.

 "Ah, sorry. Then, this is ……"

 At that moment, a man who had a famous face interrupted.

 "It's mine, give it."

 Yoo Sangah glanced at Kim Dokja who was trembling anxiously then looked at the person.  The man was like the poster displayed everywhere, Pro Gamer YJH.  However, that couldn't be, was the accident that was rumored a lie?

 The girl wore an apologetic expression then handed the ancient pocket watch to the YJH-like man.

 For a moment, the man made eye contact with Kim Dokja before the latter turned around to open his car door.  Kim Dokja forgot one thing which was that he wasn't wearing his mask.

 "Kim Dokja," called the man.

 Those who were called did not respond, but instead immediately came in, slamming the door and then driving the car after Yoo Sangah entered.

 The man stood frozen in place, and the girl grinned.

 "Is he really the one who helped Master, Jonghyun-oppa?"


Chapter Text

"Is that really him? His gaze is creepy, I got goosebumps," said the girl with braided hair, Lee Jihye.

The man who looked like a pro gamer YJH narrowed his eyes then looked at the ancient pocket watch in his hand, inside the watch was a photo.

Two boys smiling together in the background of a playground, he saw one of them and recalled a very old memory.

—Who is he, Jonghyuk?

- "Give it! Don't touch mine!"

-Hey! I won't give it if you don't want to tell.

- "He's my only friend, so give it and get lost!"

"Jonghyun-oppa," called Lee Jihye. "Should we investigate about that person?"

Yoo Jonghyun, the famous pro gamer YJH twin brother is an informant who protects his brother from behind the scenes. However, there were times when he didn't succeed in doing it the way he is now, so all he could do as atonement for guilt was to find a savior. Of course, he made sure that his brother didn't find out about him, for some reason YJH hated him.

Yoo Jonghyun shook his head. "No need, I think I'm the wrong person. Maybe not him. Come back, Jihye."

Lee Jihye nodded and followed his steps towards the library again. Lee Jihye was the one who knew about the twin brother's relationship, he was good at keeping secrets so Yoo Jonghyun believed her.


"Salvation-nim, do you know the man?" Yoo Sangah asked in a cautious tone afraid of picking up something offensive.

Kim Dokja recovered his composure and wore a flat expression as he drove his car past the other vehicles quickly. For a few seconds, he was still silent until he finally raised his voice. "No, he mistook people."

"I see," responded Yoo Sangah who felt the change in atmosphere become awkward.

Kim Dokja tried to break the silence which he found a little annoying, especially since he had to make a good impression on Yoo Sangah. "Do you like horror movies, Sangah-ssi?"

Yoo Sangah enthusiastically answered. "Yes, I like it especially in the section on psychology." With a pleasant voice.

"Is that so? Then the film we're going to watch is a little different," Kim Dokja said in a soft contrived tone.

"Really?" Yoo Sangah's bright brown eyes sparkled with anticipation, especially with the attractive man by her side.

Yoo Sangah at the first meeting was attracted to him, not only in his face, but also in his attitude and manner of speaking. Maybe if it had to be said, she would really fall in love with him ……… however, there was one thing that stood in the way, namely her parents intended to set her up with someone without asking for her opinion, so Yoo Sangah couldn't help but obey and try as much as possible not to fall in love with someone other than the person their parents chose.

However, it could not be denied that the man with a cold face and seemed indifferent had knocked part of the solid wall of her heart. Plus that guy is someone she secretly admires online as some of his novels are so famous. To be honest, Yoo Sangah lied about having never seen a film adaptation of the popular Salvation-nim work, she was just trying to find an excuse to be with him a little longer today. Besides, Salvation-nim seemed pleased with her invitation.

Tring ~

Yoo Sangah's excited thoughts were interrupted by the ringing tone of the smartphone. She turned his head to find Salvation-nim taking out his ringing smartphone and taking a quick look before turning on the bluetooth earphone he had put in his ear.

"Yes?" he replied to the caller.

Yoo Sangah wonders who contacted Salvation-nim, is that the editor? No, Salvation-nim looks like someone who works alone.

"I'm on my way to the cinema near the Aileen Art Gallery ... I'm with someone right now, so talk about it later."

He hung up the phone after saying that then glanced at Yoo Sangah while exclaiming. "That was my fellow writer friend."

Kim Dokja himself was confused about why he explained this to Yoo Sangah? To defuse an awkward atmosphere? In truth, he couldn't have any good conversations with anyone.

"May I ask?" Yoo Sangah asked permission to ask in a hesitant voice. Kim Dokja nodded without thinking too much about it.

"Do you have a partner?" asked Yoo Sangah. "Ah! I'm sorry if it's too personal." She felt like she had asked something bad and her joy disappeared.

To be honest, Kim Dokja didn't mind answering it, but seeing Yoo Sangah being so careful, so it might be a sensitive topic for anyone other than him. He had no problem being a bachelor for life because he couldn't really have a positive feeling called love, even Han Sooyoung raised her hand about this.

After considering the correct answer, Kim Dokja answered the question earlier. "No, I haven't decided to have a partner." In a soft, fake tone.

Yoo Sangah's gloomy expression immediately brightened up and she started telling things about herself. "Me too. Isn't it good to live alone? However, my parents will actually marry me off to someone I don't know." She somehow wanted to tell something private to the man beside her, maybe it was a strange sense of comfort so without thinking, she revealed it.

Kim Dokja wonders if such ancient traditions still exist in these modern times? Doesn't everyone have their own freedom? Well, it wasn't like he was going to interfere, but hearing someone share this kind of personal thing made him want to back up her choice.

"You can tell them your choice, right?" Kim Dokja gave her advice.

Yoo Sangah nodded with an exclamation. "Yes, I had intended to do that before, but I haven't found the right timing. It's because they look happy."

Kim Dokja was silent, he didn't know what it was like to see other people happy, no, he actually did, but didn't want to admit it. It was bad enough his mental health condition required sedatives and a psychiatrist, so he didn't want to overwhelm his mentally with something that was beyond reach.

However, his actions betrayed his thoughts of remaining heartless because a few days ago, less than a week ago, he had saved an old friend who probably didn't remember him anymore. Of course it must be, Kim Dokja was sure.

He knew almost everything about his old friend secretly and indeed quite creepy, but he did not intend to meet him even once, not when he was having trouble controlling emotions and strange fears that he did not know why it appeared when he saw the man who was has a face similar to his old friend.

There was silence for so long, but it was still comfortable and not awkward anymore. Yoo Sangah looked out the car window and stared at several digital billboards of buildings displaying product models as well as famous people. Her attention is drawn to one of the digital billboards that delivers shocking news.

{Pro Gamer YJH was kicked out of Breaking The Sky team and Company, the reason is still not certain}

{The cause of the YJH National Pro Gamers to quit}

{Was the accident real or a hoax to gain public sympathy?}

{Some statements have been deleted by other parties}




Yoo Sangah's eyes widened, there was no way she didn't know who YJH was because so far she had watched its live stream every weekend, live streaming of popular games and also games that were used as National e-sports events with his team. In fact, in today's more difficult and sophisticated game development, the name YJH is increasingly recognized for its extraordinary ability to adapt and play amazing games in a variety of games.

Moreover, it is rumored that a new game that will shake the world will be released, and it is planned by the Murim Company which is known for its various advanced digital products and its participation in the latest technology research.

Yoo Sangah only found out about it now because she doesn't like hearing other people's gossip on the street, so she tends to ignore it.

Kim Dokja also saw the same thing, even he for a moment had a dark expression on his clean face. The cinema was visible from the end of the road, and he immediately drove his car towards the reserved parking space. As it turned out, it was almost full. He wonders if the film's reruns are highly anticipated?

"Yoo Sangah-ssi, do you like popcorn and cola?" he asked casually, of course he realized it was a silly question. However, Yoo Sangah politely answered. "It's a must-have meal for movies, Salvation-nim. You don't like it?"

Kim Dokja stopped his car in an empty parking space before replying. "Not too." While opening the door to exit and followed by Yoo Sangah.

Tring ~

Again, his smartphone beeps, he is a little irritated when he picks it up.

—You forgot your medicine, you idiot! Where are you now?!

The angry voice of Han Sooyoung banging on his eardrums, Kim Dokja pulled the smartphone away from his face with a frown. After there was no babble that he didn't bother to hear, he replied. "Are you in my apartment? Incidentally, I forgot, so can you carry it, Sooyoung-ah?" In a flat tone.

—All right, are you mad because I touched your things? I can tell by your tone of voice, we've been friends for a long time, Kim Dokja. No, I'm tired of calling you Salvation-nim, so just stop your refusal !!!

Kim Dokja rubbed his face then let out a sigh that was clearly heard by the caller on the other side. "Let's meet tonight at Mark's restaurant, we'll talk about it," he said coldly before hanging up the call.

He changed his expression when he saw Yoo Sangah staring at him from the side. "The film is about to start," told Yoo Sangah, who didn't want to interfere anymore.

The first one nodded and then invited her into the cinema.


Chapter Text

Kim Dokja didn't forget to take out his gloves and mask when he invited Yoo Sangah into the cinema, the latter looked stunned by that. However, she did not give for any comment, perhaps the man with his cold face was someone who didn't like to be touched or noticed his face.

As they walked side by side without touching each other, Kim Dokja suggested that Yoo Sangah buy popcorn and drinks, while he ordered tickets for the film adaptation of his work which caused long queues in the ticket booking lobby.

Yoo Sangah agreed and immediately went to the popcorn and cola vendor and bought two for each, forgetting that the man doesn't really like popcorn. Even so, the latter did not reject it. Yoo Sangah wished he took off his mask while he was inside, but the man wearing it made her wonder how he ate his popcorn?

Yoo Sangah regretted it a little. However, she looked pleased when she finally sat on the VIP seats that Kim Dokja had previously reserved in the theater room with the dark red chairs lined up, but they were in a comfortable place, not too high and low, in the luxurious VIP audience room.

"I didn't expect you to book a VIP seat," said Yoo Sangah as she shifted her back to comfortably lean on the armchair. Beside her, Kim Dokja let out a hum, "Ng." while looking at the bag of popcorn and cola in his hands with narrowed eyes.

'This is awkward,' thought Yoo Sangah, trying to find a fun topic before the screening started. So, she asked, "Have you watched it here with someone before?"

"No," replied Kim Dokja quickly and succinctly, wearing a formal tone out of habit. Later, he realized that he was too cold to the kind woman beside him, so he added, "I always watch movies alone." With their gaze fixed to the front, saw the shadowy silhouettes of the people who entered the room.

"Ah, I see." Yoo Sangah was sweating in this air-conditioned room, the man beside her was very solid and thick walls. However, she won't give up, at least until the relationship becomes a close friend, well just friends is fine, maybe. No matter how thick the wall was, as long as she tried to write something behind it, then the owner of the wall on the other side would be able to read it.

"Salvation-nim, you don't want to eat the popcorn? I chose a savory taste, so it's worth a try," she persuaded with a bright smile. Kim Dokja was in a daze for a moment, then finally took off his black mask and gloves to obey the persuasion of the beautiful woman on his left.

Yoo Sangah cheered in her heart as she watched the man with the flawless white face enjoy it. The latter glanced at her with slightly raised eyebrows. "You want to see me eat until it's finished?" he asked in a pleasant voice, cold and crunchy, like ice cream with a layer of chocolate on the outside.

The first one giggled in return and ate her own popcorn while occasionally watching Kim Dokja out of the corner of her eye. Without her knowing it, a blush appeared on her soft cheeks and a strange flowery feeling began to bloom.

"This is not bad," the man commented as the screening started, the black screen in front flickered and the room went completely dark in an instant before the lighting was adjusted for comfort.

Movie titles were displayed in beautiful capital letters at the beginning of the screening.

{Tower Of Nightmares}

And the movie started so Yoo Sangah and Kim Dokja stopped eating and focused their attention on the scene. The latter admires the actor who is in the lead, a burly man with an astute judgment on situations. Even though he had watched this film before, it felt different between watching alone and with someone.

Kim Dokja was grateful that his calm could last a long time without medication, he thought of reducing the dosage as he became afraid the longer it took. It was the fear of losing control because of how unstable his emotions were when the voices came.

The film begins with the main character waking up in a tower, to be precise a dark room. Next, the main character searches for the origin of his existence and uncovers the hidden secrets of the tower where he opened his eyes with erased memories.

The beginning was interesting, some parts of the novel were cut and only certain thrilling scenes were taken. Kim Dokja closed his eyes after the beginning ended, he felt dizzy and his head was throbbing. A close call, he regrets not bringing his medicine on purpose.

The naive thought that he could endure without it, his hands trembled and he hid them while clenching tight fists. With almost lost consciousness, he held on to the string of imagination that connected his common sense and emotions.

"Salvation-nim ?!" Yoo Sangah asked in a panic when she saw that the condition of the man beside her was suddenly strange, like someone who was short of breath.

"I… wait here for a moment," whispered the latter as he hurriedly stood up without caring for the popcorn and the drink was spilled and then left the room leaving the dumbfounded Yoo Sangah.


Han Sooyoung swore that when she found her strange friend, he didn't forget, but purposely left all his medicine behind. "You stupid!"

At this moment, she was driving her black chevrolet to the "possible" place where the idiot came, the city library.

She called him an hour ago just to get a robotic response, her worries increased, so she didn't want to wait until evening at Mark's restaurant, she thought the idiot was avoiding her.

However, Han Sooyoung couldn't find him in the city library, in the city park, and in the bookstore or anywhere Kim Dokja used to visit. She was so desperate that she had to contact someone the man treated with respect. And the only one who knows about Kim Dokja, including his condition besides her.

—Uriel-nim, is Kim Dokja at your place?

Uriel's reply came swiftly with a worried tone.

- "No, I called him an hour and a half ago, and he said he was with someone to watch a movie at the cinema near the Aileen Art Gallery, I thought it was Trancender Cinema."

—Thank you, Uriel-nim.

- "Is everything all right? He didn't forget to bring the medicine, right?"

—Yes, he did. Relax, I'll take care of it.

Connection lost.

Han Sooyoung's face hardened, she had never heard of her best friend going out with someone she didn't know. It was dangerous for both of them, so Han Sooyoung immediately increased the speed of her car and turned around towards the place mentioned. She had a bad feeling, and it always meant something bad was going to happen.


—Kim Dokja… Kim Dokja… Kim Dokja… jump out of the window!

"Stop it!" he roared inside one of the bathroom cubicles as he banged on the door, hoping the sound would fade away.

—No one needs you, you should die …… you are the culprit, die… die!

"Arrg !!" he groaned as his body sank to the floor then gasped for breath.

Dak! Dak! Dak!

He kept hitting the door without caring if anyone heard him, which was fine, whoever it was, he begged him to be knocked unconscious.

Headache that struck as if a hammer had been hit hard against his skull. His ears were ringing in a whispered sound from inside his head that he didn't want to hear.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Excuse me? Are you all right?" asked someone on the other side of the door.

He ignored the person while covering his ears and holding his breath for a few seconds.

At that moment, his smartphone fell out of his pocket, with trembling hands he picked it up and turned it on.

Gradually he regained his composure after seeing a photo on his smartphone, the voices also disappeared.

Without his willing, teardrops pooled on the surface of the smartphone screen, obscuring someone's photo.


Chapter Text

Han Sooyoung broke through the crowd in the cinema building, she bumped into several people and immediately apologized. Out of breath, she looked for her best friend while asking the ticket sales staff and other officers.

The ticket sales staff said that the man with the traits Han Sooyoung mentioned reserved a VIP seat in the {Tower Of Nightmares} film screening room, so the latter immediately rushed over there. However, she actually ran into a beautiful woman with chestnut brown hair who looked panicked.

Han Sooyoung stopped her and asked. "Sorry, did you see a thin man, wearing a black mask and gloves, white skin, and ......" Han Sooyoung didn't know if the description was correct, but she continued. "He has the aura of someone unapproachable, ah ... here's a photo!"

She almost forgot to show the woman her best friend's photo, the latter stared at her when she saw who it was. "S-Salvation-nim?"

The two of them stared at each other for a moment, Han Sooyoung was the first to answer. "Oh, right. Are you the woman with him? Where is he? Hurry up and say it!"

Hearing that urgent tone made Yoo Sangah panic even more. "Salvation-nim left twenty minutes ago, I-I don't know where he went!" told her.

Han Sooyoung took a deep breath while closing her eyes for a moment to calm down, it was good that this woman was not with her, but it was more worrying that because that person was alone, there was a chance that that person would do something bad. Han Sooyoung glared at the woman in front of her then exclaimed. "Can you go home alone? Or I'll get you a taxi back later. I -"

Yoo Sangah quickly interrupted. "No, I'm not coming home until I find out what happened to Salvation-nim. And who are you?" she asked while returning Han Sooyoung's sharp gaze.

The latter felt the tendons in her temples twitch to contain the irritation, she reluctantly responded with words full of emphasis. "Fine, because you're the woman he invited, so this time I'm being nice. You better not interfere in personal matters," she threatened before leaving her without caring her reaction.

Han Sooyoung walked around the theater until she found a crowd of people gathered in the corridor leading to the bathroom, her bad feeling screaming. "Kim Dokja," she whispered with a sore heart. She rushed to the place, sneaking into the cracks to see what was going on.

And in the next moment, Han Sooyoung forgot to breathe when she saw him. Perhaps she would have thought it was a corpse had she not seen his moving eyelids. Time seemed to slow down for her, she parted those who were in his way and grabbed him.

Finally she could breathe a sigh of relief when the warmth from the hand was still there. "Kim Dokja," she whispered to the leaning body and blood flowing from his left wrist. Han Sooyoung hurriedly called an ambulance and yelled at the audience who were just silent, damn people.

After she called the local hospital for an ambulance, she wiped the blood from his hand and wrapped a handkerchief around the man's wrist. Then collecting the last of the items scattered around, her face stiff when he found the small penknife and the man's smartphone that was still on.

She noticed the blurred photo on the smartphone screen, then Han Sooyoung took a closer look. The pupils of her gray eyes shook as she looked back and forth between the photo and the man who appeared to be still conscious with his eyelids almost closed. However, Han Sooyoung knew that the latter was not in a healthy mental state. So it's useless to shake or slap her to revive him. Han Sooyoung put away his smartphone and put a pocket knife with blood marks in a plastic bathroom bag.

She has to suppress her emotions in order to save this stupid man until she continues to force her common sense to work on him.

When the ambulance attendant arrived, she took care of some troublesome things such as any news and rumors that might get around. Fortunately, this friend is not someone who is easily recognized because he is always hiding behind a mask, not literally but what is meant is that any activity he does will not be smelled by the public unless he introduces himself or meets someone directly, for example inviting the woman. Well, only Han Sooyoung knew more about him than Uriel.

Han Sooyoung was forced to tell Uriel to help silence the media who intended to include this incident in the news.

—Uriel-nim, I'm late… He will be in this area hospital.

- "I understand. I'll see you after taking care of the media. So, tell me the reason like that!"

-Yes, of course. This idiot is an unpredictable riddle, but I think this time I know the reason.

Han Sooyoung cut off the call then took Kim Dokja's smartphone, she glared at the photo. She recognized who was shown, because it was a very famous person, especially recently. The smart Han Sooyoung couldn't possibly not have known it, the relationship between the two which she thought was not good for her best friend, a one-sided relationship.

- {After seeing it, all the voices disappeared}

Her memory twisted to the shabby notebook in Kim Dokja's room.

- {However, at the same time I lost control of my sanity. Maybe I should have been in a mental hospital for a long time}

And the last sentence hidden with masking tape in the first page of the notebook. It was clear that her best friend was on the line between crazy and sane. Han Sooyoung decided to take better care of him than before by deleting that photo, a graduation photo of someone with the words underneath. It is poison. Han Sooyoung really hated him.


"Who saved me?" asked Yoo Jonghyuk in a hoarse voice, his condition getting better because he received fast and proper treatment and his own strong body. However, blood loss is a different matter.

Yoo Miah who was sitting on the bench beside his bed answered. "I thought it was someone you know, Oppa."

Yoo Jonghyuk closed his heavy eyes, his buried memory burst, and an overwhelming sense of regret haunted him. "I see," he said softly.

If he could, he would go looking for him, hug him, then apologize to him for breaking his own promise to be together. Yoo Jonghyuk wonders why he forgets so easily? No, he actually knew the cause. He thought someone he thought of as a companion was dead. However, now he was sure that the latter was still alive and hiding. Maybe because of the dream or maybe because of the blood flowing in his veins.

In spite of all that, the feelings he buried deep rose to the surface. Makes him hope to see him again and believe that he is still alive.

Yoo Jonghyuk held back his will until he fully recovered and avenged the traitors of Breaking The Sky.


Chapter Text

His vision appeared and sank many times then became clear, the white roof above, the smell of medicine, and the hospital bed smashing into his consciousness. He regained his senses and turned to the side to find a woman sleeping with her head next to his hand on the bed.

Kim Dokja slowly stroked the woman's hair quietly as he said to himself. "I have to speed up the schedule to see that psychiatrist."

He realized his mistake for underestimating his mental illness, being in the line between mad and sane or in terms of being called an inconsistent soul made him hesitate to continue living. In fact, he himself did not know his purpose in life other than obeying his best friend's wishes and seeing people from the past from afar. Because of that, he was determined to do that plus after reading the sentence < I feel like I forgot someone> that was displayed on his smartphone screen.

The thought that no one would remember him, not even his old friend whom he thought would always remember him. However, it couldn't be helped, he himself knew the cause of his old friend forgetting him.

Closing his eyes for a moment then feeling the woman wake up. "Kim Dokja?" Still looks semi-conscious for a few moments. "Ah! You're awake! Thank goodness, you almost made me have a heart attack, you idiot !!! Did you forget your promise to me? Huh ?!" shouted Han Sooyoung with a relieved expression.

Kim Dokja wondered why Han Sooyoung went this far for him?

He tried to get up, but Han Sooyoung stopped him with threats. "Listen! Stay like this or I'll tie your hands and feet!"

Kim Dokja glanced at her with a confused wink, but obeyed his orders. Besides, who else wants to save him besides this friend?

"Thank you, Sooyoung-ah," he said hoarsely.

The shoulder-length haired woman was stunned for a moment, then snorted. "I'll come back later, what kind of food would you like for lunch? Kimbab shop? Sandwich? Or maybe… any food with tomatoes?" she asked with a sly grin.

A frown appeared on the forehead of the man who was lying weakly with an IV stuck to his left wrist. "You know I hate tomatoes!" he whined angrily.

"No, no," said Han Sooyoung while shaking her head. "Try it every now and then, I want to see you cringe when you eat it," she continued again.


Noticing the unhappy expression that was rarely seen on the man's face slightly melted his heart filled with pent-up anger. "Calm down, you fool!" she said as she turned and walked out of the room.

When Kim Dokja realized that he was alone here, it turned out that Han Sooyoung placed him in an individual ward so that he wouldn't be bothered by other patients. Even though it is very quiet, but he likes it. The curtain on his left fluttered in the wind and the light on the other side flashed through his arm.

For a long time, he had a blank expression as he watched the movement of the thin light blue curtain.


"Huh? Are you going to America this weekend? Shouldn't it still be in about two weeks?" Han Sooyoung asked about his sudden decision.

"The sooner the better, right," replied Kim Dokja while eating the meat kimbap in his hand. The taste was so good that he suspected that his best friend bought this at a restaurant not a shop.

His left hand was still sore, but he didn't even blink as the pain grew.

No response from the woman beside him made him turn his head and then startled. He had never seen her cry, no, that was very rare. Why? Kim Dokja stopped eating and stared at her. His back that was leaning was cold.

"Can't you get that psychiatrist over here?" asked the woman suddenly.

"Maybe I can, but I want to go there myself," replied Kim Dokja in a flat voice.

"I see, you won't let me come, are you?"

Han Sooyoung wiped the tears that were flowing then changed her facial expression to be defiant.

The first replied, "Yes, who will attend the celebration party if you don't want to? I know this is too much. But, I can only rely on you, Sooyoung-ah."

Han Sooyoung chuckled before responding. "How long was your treatment there?"

The man in the bed shrugged his shoulders showing that he too wasn't sure. "Maybe a year or two at the earliest, -"


Han Sooyoung tapped his head, it hurt a little. "That's a long time! You want me to be 'Salvation' that long? Oh, okay. My wealth will increase anyway," she said.

The corners of the skinny man's mouth lifted for a moment as he exclaimed, "You can use all the money in my account, without you, I wouldn't be what I am now, a writer with a name that means reader. You don't have to worry, I've prepared all my own needs."

"Okay, okay. Thank me a lot more! Hum," replied Han Sooyoung, crossing her arms.


The room's sliding door opened, the two of them looking up at the person who opened it. A beautiful blonde haired woman with her famous bright green eyes, Uriel, owner of the media and Eden Entertainment Company. And secretly she is a webnovel writer who focuses on… LGBT themes.

"Dokja-ya ~!"

She ran straight to where Kim Dokja was then hugged him tightly, ignoring the other party's whimper. "What other crazy thing are you doing? You can't forget to take your medicine with you on the go!" she warned while rubbing her soft cheek.

"Uriel-nim, I'm sorry," replied the latter with his eyelids widening.

"Yes, yes. Don't be like this anymore. You know, I haven't slept all night," she whispered a little loudly.

Kim Dokja returned her hug and laughed falsely. He regretted his actions, at least there were still those who cared a lot about him. If only he hadn't heard those voices forever. Therefore, he had to recover and give up his attachment to sedatives.

After the hug session ended, Uriel explained her efforts in erasing the traces of news about him, for some reason Uriel and Han Sooyoung paid great attention to the media who intended to include him in the news. According to him it was okay, it's just that he will remember the terrible past. However, it was still bearable.

After all, he is not an actor or anyone who often appears in public attention, but still they are very careful.

Suddenly Kim Dokja remembered one thing and he immediately asked it. "Sooyoung, did you meet the woman who was with me?"

Han Sooyoung blinked, a fierce glint flashed a glance. "Yes, she's a beautiful woman. Ehem, so why? Oh, she can go home alone, so there's no need to worry about it," she explained.

Kim Dokja nodded, not noticing the change in the expression on his best friend's face when explaining about the woman he had watched yesterday. Maybe he should apologize for leaving her without explanation.

In the next moment, he finished the food in his hands then listened to the conversation of two women who knew his condition.

His smartphone was on the side table, he slowly picked it up and turned it on. His expression hardened when he couldn't find the thing he was looking for, the photo.

'Sooyoung deleted it? Is this better? ' he thought.


Chapter Text

Time did not fly by without accompanying events until the weekend when a celebratory party for the adaptation of his second work was held. Before Saturday, Kim Dokja had secretly gone to meet someone, the wound still ached, but it was nothing to worry about.


Gong Pildu, owner of the Chungmuro area who is also a local gangter leader. The middle-aged man who has a wife and child is now shaking his right leg that rested on his left leg when sitting opposite the mysterious man in front of him. The latter is wearing a mask and gloves and a hat, much like an actor slipping away under his manager's nose.

The mysterious man threw a file wrapped in a light brown bag onto the table in the middle of them. "Gong Pildu-ssi," he called out in a low, hoarse voice. "My request was written there, do as before," he pleaded causing Gong Pildu's brow crease to increase.

"I'm not your subordinate, damn it!" he growled. However, he still grabbed the file and read it after carefully removing it, afraid that it might turn out to be a bomb. The mysterious man in front of him has the alias Watcher Of Light and Shadow, and of course he is very unpredictable, through his sometimes strange emotions and actions.

Gong Pildu has connections with the underworld of Seoul so he receives work commissions from clients who know the underworld. The man in front of him gave a piercing gaze as if judging whether this Ahjussi was useful or not, chills rose all over Gong Pildu's body when he finished digesting what this client wanted.

"I won't ask the reason, but if you ask the previous way, then the risk is higher," he explained as he returned the man's gaze.

A low hoarse voice buzzed. "It's okay, let their attention get distracted. I'll take care of the rest at the latest in two years."

Gong Pildu wore a fierce expression. "Huh! During that time? You think I want to hold them that long ?!" he refused.

Watcher Of Light and Shadow chuckled. "I'm not asking you to arrest them, just distract them," he said.

Gong Pildu weighed the weight of this burdened work and then voiced his decision. "I'll do it! And you bastards have to know the risks!" his warning.

Watcher Of Light and Shadow stood up having deemed the deal a success, then he surveyed the dark night scene outside the window. His current place is a secret base near Chungmuro Station. Without further delay, he left the useful Ahjussi behind to work.

Walking quite a distance like a cat being careful for him is very easy, he always slips away when no one is watching. Do what he wants and plan whatever it is. He knows that his life is not clean because it is related to the underworld. However, where else would he get the strongest tranquillizer and best inhibitor apart from the underworld?

Of course there are legally, but he will immediately be admitted to a mental hospital if he asks for the drug. His good friend has chosen the wrong person to hang out with, he gets worried.

Watcher Of Light and Shadow took off his hat after being in a crowd of pedestrians crossing the highway. The journey from the secret base here was quite far. However, he had absolutely no problem ordering a taxi outside the base area to get here. The hospital where he was treated was at the end of the road.

His black eyes dimmed slightly when checking the time. Half past twelve in the evening. Fortunately the schedule of visits was set between one in the afternoon to ten at night. After all he had recovered, it was only a minor wound as a result of trying to see if he could survive a day without the drug. Surely that failed and instead made the woman watch him tighter, so bad for him that he decided to go see a psychiatrist he knew from the underworld who was good at hypnotizing and relieving his illness ahead of schedule.


On Friday Kim Dokja was discharged, it took four days for Han Sooyoung's insistence to relax a little and he was finally able to return to his comfortable apartment.

Tomorrow is the time for his departure to America, after packing important items in a medium-sized white suitcase, Kim Dokja swallowed a larger dose of the medicine because there will be an inspection at the airport. He had no choice but to send all of his medicines by separate special mail instead of being snatched up on the way.

Gradually, he was embarrassed by his life. Affection and the like didn't suit him, so he didn't even know where to go after getting this far. Living in the shadows for ten years and still continuing beyond the care of his best friend.

And his old friend ...

Kim Dokja shook his head, shaking the annoying thought while making something edible, remembering that he had no cooking skills. However, it didn't mean that he didn't know how to cook, it didn't feel like he needed to ask because he ate it to fill the stomach.

Lonely mornings for her, Han Sooyoung took care of her job as a film screenwriter and in addition, she replaced Kim Dokja in a public event tomorrow, so she had to prepare herself, so the Salvation that most people know is Han Sooyoung, except for a few parties who purposely he told himself. For example the woman he invited to the cinema at that time, Yoo Sangah.

That's right, Kim Dokja hasn't apologized to Yoo Sangah for leaving him without explanation. With that he opened his abandoned Line Chat for four days, all the messages he deemed spam were deleted, all that was left was the last chat with Yoo Sangah.

[Yoo Sangah]: Salvation-nim, I don't know what happened to you, I'm worried. Please reply to my message if you are okay.

Kim Dokja typed his reply.

[Me]: Thanks for worrying about me, I'm fine. Sorry for leaving you at that time.

Then put his smartphone on the table to continue his activities, namely cooking anything that can be eaten.

He could have ordered a delivery service, but he somehow wanted to try cooking himself this time.

Ting ~!

The doorbell of his apartment rang causing him to click his tongue. The bully who pressed the bell was his best friend, Han Sooyoung, at ten o'clock this morning with a black lunch box. "Hey, idiot! I bought your favorite dumplings! Eh - are you cooking ?!" she shouted. Han Sooyoung rubbed her eyes repeatedly after placing the box on the dining table.

She looked incredulous when she saw Kim Dokja cooking, it was as rare as she who cried for him four days ago.

"Why do you look like a flying pig?" joked Kim Dokja.

'Well, he's getting weirder. Has he taken a different medicine?' thought Han Sooyoung as she smoothed her messy hair in the wind outside. Autumn was coming soon, so the wind started to change its speed.

"Your cooking tastes like dirt, and I'm surprised you're still eating it. It's not good for your health, so just stop and eat this!" she ordered.

The man just laughed blankly. "This will be the last time I cook until the end of treatment," he said later.

The woman wearing the gray coat snorted, she took off her coat and revealed her knee-length black dress. Kim Dokja wondered why wearing such clothes at this turn of the season the temperature is getting colder?

"Kim Dokja," muttered Han Sooyoung who was observing the man while sitting on a chair at the dining table.

"What?" asked the last one who could hear a low murmur in a quiet room other than the sound of cooking utensils. His hearing made Han Sooyoung shudder.

"Come on out with me today," begged the beautiful woman suddenly.

Kim Dokja glanced at him quickly, he wore an expression as if he had just eaten his poop dish, which of course continued to eat even though he knew it tasted bad, but he thought it was better than tomato taste.

"Sooyoung-ah, did you hit your head?" he investigated.

Han Sooyoung pouted, the next moment she growled. "Just once, you idiot! You're so solid! I doubt you even have a heart!"

The man blinked several times before responding. "Ah, you mean dating like a couple? Are we together for one day?"

Finally the sullen friend smiled. "Well, I see. Since you're leaving tomorrow, so give me special treatment today!" she ordered again.

'That's not bad,' thought Kim Dokja nodding his head.


Chapter Text

Yoo Jonghyuk put together a chain of events before and after the accident. Almost two weeks ago, on a Tuesday midnight. He received a message from an unknown ID on the Line Chat, and it was clear that he knew who it was after reading the contents of the message.

[Unknown User: I kept a great video about you being part of us. And you know what would happen if I made it public?]

Yoo Jonghyuk initially ignored the empty threat, believing that the bastard was not being serious. However, his belief was betrayed after that person also sent the video footage he had.

[Unknown User: Don't worry, all you have to do is come here and welcome our new member and I'll delete this video right away]

Headaches hit him, he thought he was out of that world, but reality said otherwise. Plus the slander the media has launched against him about blackmail was bringing down the popularity he has carefully built. All of this because of those damned, rioters from the Olympus gamer group.

Yoo Jonghyuk did not want to lower his popularity any further, especially if the video was to spread, then not only him, but also Yoo Miah would be in danger. He won't let it happen.

Therefore, he was forced to come to the meeting. However, that didn't mean he'd let his guard down, quite the opposite. Yoo Jonghyuk would attack them if he got a 'backstab stab'.

The secret base was determined by how tight their guard was that Yoo Jonghyuk has to experience what was called a kidnapping, his vision was covered in black cloth and his hearing was stuffed with a headset that plays sickening rock songs. This was the procedure for entering and exiting their base for someone who was 'not a member' of them anymore. However, it was still being summoned for whatever reason.

A chill ran down his back after being placed in the car suddenly when he just came out of his apartment, it turns out he had been intercepted.

Well, he could have strangled or destroyed the kidnapper, but that would cause more trouble and risk the safety of his younger sister, Yoo Miah. This is his fault in being connected to that world.

Inevitably, he lost his way for almost half of his life without parents who disappeared somewhere, not the slightest trace of the two. No, there was one, the little girl who one day appeared right in front of the apartment the month he achieved fame as a professional gamer.

He lives alone and strangely owns a house and huge savings up to Middle School from who knows. Maybe his parents left the money before it disappeared without a trace? He was a little hopeful.

Yoo Jonghyuk quietly gripped the dagger from the inner pocket of his black coat, bracing for an attack. However, unlike his paranoid predictions, those who carried him had no intention of harming him. On the contrary, it might be the opposite based on the attitude of those who took him that it felt not like escorting prisoners, but colleagues.




There was the sound of doors being opened and locks being installed here and there to maintain confidentiality after Yoo Jonghyuk was in a room, according to him because his eyes were still closed.

"Ah, our Conquering King has arrived! Remove the barrier of his eyes and ears!" someone commanded in a loud and cheerful voice as if he'd been drinking sweet wine.

Finally Yoo Jonghyuk could see and realized where he was. It was a sort of interrogation room, with a table in the middle of two chairs and a dim chandelier. His brows writhe and his brain races to find a solution when the worst comes.

He looked at the man sitting in front of him, that man was the one who sent his threatening messages. The modifier (alias) is Dionysus, he's a European who loves ancient Greek history in the tale of the God of Wine and Ecstasy. Of course Yoo Jonghyuk knew him as much as he did the other way around.

Dionysus' sparkling blue eyes bothered him, so he didn't mince words. "Delete the video or I'll destroy your little base!" the threat was sure. He knows some hidden parts of this base that the other members haven't known until now, why is he so confident that only he knows?… Well, because he made it. It's his way of anticipating this kind of situation, Yoo Jonghyuk knows that it is impossible to completely escape from the underworld after once joining, so the principle is to spend the rest of your life in the shadows or die.

Information that is known needs to be paid for at an appropriate price, but this time Yoo Jonghyuk only focused on the goal of his obedient attitude to be herded here like a sheep. He hated that fact to his bone, he wondered why he had to be so careful now? Why not like before, crush and destroy without pity?

There is one, namely the existence of an innocent and loving family member. So, this is how he got started.

"Woah, you have to be patient. And… meet the new members as well as the new leader of our group, right, you're a former member, but you have the title 'King'. The new leader wants to make a deal with you. So, do you agree?" explained Dionysus as he combed his golden blonde hair back.

Yoo Jonghyuk considered the offer for a few minutes then answered. "Let me know who the leader is, then I will think about the deal he offers." With his sharp eyes watching Dionysus's reaction.

In this room there were five people including him, was one of the three in the corner the new leader? The first examined their faces, precisely the masks they were wearing.

The first rule of the underworld is to hide your identity if you are field implementer, informer, and information seeker.

The second rule is that regulators and assassins have their own powers of concealing their identities, that is the risk and privilege they bear.

Yoo Jonghyuk is last on the list so he doesn't have a 'mask'. His work is like an invisible ghost. Therefore, the victim or whoever did not know who did it.

Dionysus chuckled for a moment. "Well, you haven't changed at all, Conqueror King. Then, say hello to the new leader, Mr. Watcher Of Light and Shadow," he greeted to introduce the mysterious person Yoo Jonghyuk didn't realize was standing right behind Dionysus. Maybe it was because of his shorter height than Dionysus and he was burly, or was it the dimness of the room that enveloped his shadow?

Yoo Jonghyuk brushed the thought away when he made eye contact with him.


Somehow his heart ran wild, the eyes staring at him were as deep as the dark and cold sea, and froze bones. However, it felt familiar.

Dionysus stood up and stepped aside to give the chair to the new leader with his odd modifier, Watcher Of Light and Shadow. As terrifying as his expressionless face and obsidian black eyes stared at Yoo Jonghyuk for a few seconds before moving to anywhere but himself.

A feeling of solitude and loneliness radiated from the man in front of him, the mysterious new leader. Yoo Jonghyuk was about to take out his dagger when guilt crept into his heart. As if sliced by something sharp, her beautifully sculpted face frowned.

"Conqueror King, let's make a deal," said the skinny man who was shrouded in an unapproachable aura.

Yoo Jonghyuk paid attention to every side of the latter including his pale face under the dim yellow light. 'He looks like a living corpse,' thought Yoo Jonghyuk.

The face that made him uncomfortable and then the low hoarse voice undermined his calm. It took him a long time to reply to Watcher Of Light and Shadow's invitation.

The latter didn't bother to wait and turned around while whispering something to Dionysus. Then waved his right hand. "We'll talk privately here later," he said before leaving the room.


Outside, Watcher Of Light and Shadow gazes at the stretching night sky then closes his eyes and reaches into his white coat to retrieve his 'special medicine'. With a delay of a few seconds, he swallowed several of these pills.


Chapter Text

It was dawn with a sharp chill and tense atmosphere in the small room where Yoo Jonghyuk and the new leader of Oldest Dream group sat facing each other. The yellow light flashed and illuminated the stiff faces of the first and the flat expressions of the latter.

The obsidian's eyes were still hanging around, reluctant to make eye contact with him. And it took a long time until Yoo Jonghyuk made a decision on the deal offer. "Tell the contents!" he ordered. Watcher Of Light and Shadow looked at him, but not his eyes. Yoo Jonghyuk got annoyed, what's with this person who doesn't want to look him in the eyes?

A forced smile appeared on the man's pale face before replying. "First, I'll tell you the most important thing," he said, emphasizing every word. "You're being targeted," he said.

Yoo Jonghyuk frowned and glared at the skinny man in front of him, growling, "Then? What does that have to do with the deal you want to offer ?!" His loud voice echoed and made the Watcher Of Light and Shadow squint.

"Second, I offer you a favor," continued the latter as he pulled a folded paper from the pocket of his white coat.


And a stamp to mark the agreement of both parties. Watcher Of Light and Shadow pointed at the small paper and stamp then exclaimed in a hoarse voice. "Third, the deal I offered is there, read it!"

Yoo Jonghyuk looked at the white paper for a while then grabbed the paper and unfolded it to read the contents.

Which is listed as follows:

<You can get out of the underworld completely.>

<Instead, tell the location of all the weapons and illegal drug supplies you've been hiding>

Yoo Jonghyuk looked up, finally the man looked directly into his brown eyes. The first one wonders how this man found out?

No, wait. What matters right now is not that, but the content. Yoo Jonghyuk racked his brains to cultivate the meaning of this unexpected offer. Naturally, he realized that there was another great thing that the undead-like man wanted.

And that is …………

"You want to take everything I have here?" asked Yoo Jonghyuk while trying to maintain his gaze. Everything he owns is dangerous.

"That's right," replied the man curtly. "And in addition, I will erase all traces of you from the underworld."

But why? Isn't this a one-sided advantage? Every time his voice was heard, Yoo Jonghyuk swallowed the bitter taste in his mouth. It is very clear now what this agreement means. And he can't take it.

"I refuse," he said. "It's a ridiculous thing to accept, so I don't understand why you want to protect me. Have we been in touch in the past? If so, I don't need your help." Yoo Jonghyuk stated his choice.

Watcher Of Light and Shadow intertwine his hands which are wearing black gloves. Yoo Jonghyuk caught a glimpse of the man's displeased expression before the latter responded.

"Think of your sister."


The first became stiff. One more thing to put on the questionnaire about who this man is, namely how does he know everything about himself?

"And I don't have much time to spend here, so decide right away," he warned.

Yoo Jonghyuk saw him tapping the table with his index finger for a while. "Why? Who are you?" asked Yoo Jonghyuk, it made Watcher Of Light and Shadow stop tapping to reply to his question.

"I am Oldest Dream's new leader, that's all you need to know. So what's your answer?"

Yoo Jonghyuk stood up because he couldn't take it anymore, his feeling was weird the longer he was with him. It was as if it was screaming to tell him that the man in front of him was someone he knew. However, Yoo Jonghyuk couldn't remember who he was no matter how hard he tried to remember.

The headache assaulted him more strongly than before, throbbing painfully until he clenched his left hand.

"I can take care of myself and because you are the new leader, I will tell you all the locations of the items," said Yoo Jonghyuk who noticed the change in expression for a moment on the flat face.

"No need," replied the latter.

In the next second, Watcher Of Light and Shadow sighed softly after putting away the paper and stamp, then stood up and looked at Yoo Jonghyuk and the door behind him. He stepped past the last. When right in line, he whispered, "The deal failed and I respect your decision. Hopefully we ... don't see each other again."

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Yoo Jonghyuk heard his footsteps moving away towards the exit, but the sound of those steps stopped suddenly and was replaced by another soft voice.

"Yoo Jonghyuk, goodbye."


Before Yoo Jonghyuk reacted, the man had left. Yoo Jonghyuk's pupils trembled. Something was digging into his head, uncovering an old memory that was buried deep.

- "Yoo Jonghyuk, goodbye."

—Why goodbye? We'll meet again next summer.

- "Oh, right. See you then."

He held his head and groaned.


It lasted until someone tapped him on the shoulder.


"The leader told me to delete the video, so I did. Conqueror King, the others will take you back," said Dionysus who he realized had entered the room since Watcher Of Light and Shadow came out.



The same method as their kidnapping. However, this time Yoo Jonghyuk was unfocused and only obeyed when they closed his eyes and took him to the car.

After arriving right in front of his apartment room, the men left like cats leaving him in a daze.

Inside, he was greeted by Yoo Miah's worried face sitting on the sofa.


Yoo Miah ran up to him and immediately hugged him while grumbling, "Where did you go earlier and didn't tell me?"

Yoo Jonghyuk slowly recovered his chaotic thoughts, he stroked Yoo Miah's hair while saying, "You're not sleeping?"

It's still early morning, it's worrying because his younger sister woke up because he left, it must have been the rushed behavior when he left earlier that woke up Yoo Miah. His younger sister has strong hearing.

"Don't ask back questions, answer my questions, Oppa!" the last whimper.

"I met someone." Yoo Jonghyuk was forced to ignore his younger sister for now as his head hurt as if it was about to burst. He entered his room and fell on his bed. Actually what happened? Who is he? Why does he look familiar?

His feelings were mixed when he saw the man and he forgot about the other purpose he was going to do there.

It wouldn't be strange for the man to know his name because of his famous face, but more than that it was his attitude that seemed intent on protecting him. The Oldest Dream group made a pact with Yoo Jonghyuk when he decided to stop working with them, that Yoo Jonghyuk should not reveal anything about the group to outsiders and they hid his identity as a former member.

If that undead-like man found out about him, then Dionysus might have broken the agreement or the owner of the strange modifier himself had been stalking him all this time. Either way, the result was the current situation. Dionysus threatens him so that he doesn't fight back when they kidnap him to meet the man.

Then one more thing, Yoo Jonghyuk understood the warning that he was being targeted, sooner or later the victim would dig up information about him, so he felt it was natural because not everything could be covered up. Sometimes Yoo Jonghyuk admits that he could be wrong and careless.

However, -

—I will erase all traces of you from the underworld.

There was something strange about that statement. If the interpretation was correct, then the man's identity was deeper than he thought, could it be that the Watcher Of Light and Shadow is a person who has lived in the shadows of the underworld for a long time? Longer than him? It must have been more than four difficult years, no, maybe not a decisive time, but his abilities.

Yoo Jonghyuk stopped his thoughts from wandering any further and fell into a sleeping embrace until dawn.

The Chevy Corvette ZR1 sports car was speeding along the highway leading to Breaking The Sky Company. The rider is not well, with bulging eye bags under his eyelids and furrowed brows indicating that his head hurts.

The reason he had to head there was to take care of the ruffians of the Olympus group who were recently affiliated with Breaking The Sky, trying to take him down.

Maybe if he paid close attention to his surroundings and the few cars following him, he would stop. Unfortunately, he messed up when that happened. Someone purposely hit his car hard, he slammed into the wheel and the windshield was scattered. Blood flowed everywhere, before his consciousness disappeared, he saw someone he knew, that man.


Chapter Text

A 13 year old boy was looking at the sky that was vomiting freezing snow. Snow crystals fell and occasionally stuck to his skin and clothes that looked shabby. Black hair with cute bangs and a cute face that displays restlessness reflected in the shadow of the frozen pool on the playground.

There were wounds here and there, almost all over his thin body. His thin clothes tormented him even more, plus the new wounds he received from the ruffians who deliberately took their anger out on him whenever he was found. It is early January, a winter with snow almost every day. The child reached for the snowflake stuck to his cheek accompanied by a slight change in him.

Feeling that the night will come sooner, he stepped away from the playground to return to the 'home' which he was reluctant to call home. If only his mother had decided to leave, then he would have happily come along instead of having to live like this. Only his mother who continues to work non-stop every day makes him often wonder why adults are so cruel? Nobody paid attention to him, and his father was nothing to ask. He took more hits from him than the thugs in their neighborhood.

He thought it was okay as long as he still had a little of his mother's attention, even though it was rarely given. Over time, however, he learned that adults have so many complex emotions that young children seem forced to understand.

He was given the name 'Kim Dokja' in the letter Hanja which means 'only child', it is hoped that he can handle things confidently and not depend on others. Now that is a name that is meaningful to him and it also has another meaning, which is 'reader'. However, the two meanings of the name would not be able to change the situation. There is no salvation in this world.

And there is no such thing as a hero, maybe quite the opposite, criminals are everywhere. He, Kim Dokja, had a crooked mind, not once or twice he simulated something he wouldn't want to tell anyone.


Kim Dokja pushed open the front door carefully, then peeked at the slit before entering. Fortunately, it was empty and lonely inside, his mother must not have come home from work yet, while his father ... he didn't feel the need to know.

So, he immediately rushed to his stuffy room then read a book that he marked earlier while writing something on a sheet of paper which he hid under the mattress.

Kim Dokja always learns new things from every book he reads, sometimes he even puts into practice some of the examples that the book mentions. He doesn't have friends, it doesn't mean he can't socialize, but the opposite. He just doesn't want to, most of them will bully him anyway. He's fine with that.

His mother ended up coming home late at night with the exhaustion evident on her face and shaky body. Kim Dokja who ran out to greet his stopped when he saw her like that, his heart ached.

What happened next was a scene that repeated every day. His mother cooked and Kim Dokja ate quietly then he returned to the room only to hide from the sound of fighting again and again. Kim Dokja could hear every word the drunken man shouted.


Of course along with the drink bottles thrown on the floor. It was crowded at night which should have been quiet, surely the neighbors will gossip about this tomorrow until their vocal cords are damaged.


Once again! Kim Dokja couldn't stand it because his head and heart hurt, his tears kept flowing. However, he didn't make a sound. He headed for the living room where the quarrel was, then found his exhausted mother crying on the sofa, while the man had gone out to get drunk a while ago.

"Mother," he called.

His mother, Lee Sookyung, wiped the tears that fell while cupping their hands. "Dokja-ya, it's okay, go back to the room and sleep," she ordered softly.

Kim Dokja complied reluctantly, unconsciously stepping on the small fragments of the scattered bottles. He was grateful that his mother didn't see him, it was okay to add more injuries to him according to him. So, he crept into his room while enduring the throbbing pain of not only his bleeding legs, but his entire body as well.

And he only cleans the blood not cure. 'It'll heal on its own like I've read it,' he thought horribly before falling asleep in a curled up position.


The days continued as Kim Dokja lived, it was strange because the wounds he suffered did not leave a mark. Regardless of the new wounds he received from the beatings of the hoodlums. Winter passed just like the years before, Kim Dokja wondered how he could endure all this just like that? However, that thought passed for a moment and disappeared, replaced by another thought.

Spring arrived and his sickening school days started, he got even more scorns and became a punching bag because his thin body couldn't fight back even if he wanted to. He began to realize something in his mind, namely strength should be matched by intelligence or sustained by it. With a strong urge to search for new things, he learned to observe other humans closely. Their gestures every time they hit him, their cruel faces, their traits he thought were equal to the devil, and their weaknesses.

Kim Dokja was happy to know all that so he wrote it down in a notebook he hid under his bed. He realized that his thoughts were getting more and more dangerous, but he didn't know how to stop them.

That was until he met him one hot summer day.

The boy who was the equivalent of a little idol reached out to pull him out of the darkness that was about to engulf him. Kim Dokja felt strange for the umpteenth time, beyond the strangeness of his body that did not allow any scars. It was a familiar feeling as if he had known the handsome golden boy even before meeting him.

"Name?" asked the boy.

The absent-minded Kim Dokja answered automatically. "Kim Dokja."

"What a strange name," commented the first. "I'm Yoo Jonghyuk," he said introducing himself with a proud expression.

They are in the playground which is always the setting for children's gatherings. Kim Dokja sat on the swing, while Yoo Jonghyuk stood in front of him.

Yoo Jonghyuk turned out to be not the type of person who wanted to bully him, so Kim Dokja was okay with being around him first. After all, they just passed each other and said hello for a moment, that was his estimate. However, Yoo Jonghyuk's behavior betrayed these expectations, he instead tried to make friends and also play together.

Kim Dokja, who had never been treated kindly by other children of his age, became awkward. However, he still accepted the invitation because he felt it was not bad.

Yoo Jonghyuk sometimes forced him to come to his house where he lived alone during this summer vacation. Kim Dokja couldn't understand why Yoo Jonghyuk told him everything about himself that he only knew this week?

Maybe this is what is called a fateful meeting like the one in the novel he reads. Meeting someone who changed you or could even be your partner in the future.

As fast as time flew to the end of summer, so short was their togetherness that managed to make Kim Dokja forget his notebooks and wild thoughts. He's happy to be with Yoo Jonghyuk, even though the latter is a tsundere type sometimes. It was hilarious and Kim Dokja was finally able to laugh after long wandering about his gloomy dreams.

Yoo Jonghyuk studied overseas with his twin brother, so he had to return there at the end of the summer vacation while promising Kim Dokja that they would meet again every year during his holidays until Yoo Jonghyuk graduated from his strict boarding school there and could decide to entered the same school as Kim Dokja. That's the plan.

Kim Dokja knew that the plan would not happen. Why? He is familiar with various novel plots to the point that he visualizes them in reality, he sees, understands, and interprets all the things that 'might' come. Including his current state, he noticed that his mother was getting haggard and wrinkled even at her young age.

He was happy to have this fateful meeting. So he saved the money he earned (worked secretly as a porter) to buy an antique pocket watch and slipped a small photo of him inside. This is a farewell gift.

To Yoo Jonghyuk who had temporarily pulled him out of the pit of despair. Kim Dokja made a promise in his heart that if they could meet again in the distant future, he would protect it as a form of debt payment.

This is how it started.

"Yoo Jonghyuk, goodbye," he said with a bright smile, ignoring his listener's displeased expression.

"Why goodbye? We'll meet again next summer!" snapped Yoo Jonghyuk, disliking Kim Dokja's strange tone.

"Oh, right. See you then." Kim Dokja pretended to correct his words.

Yoo Jonghyuk snorted and pouted. However, it didn't last long. Kim Dokja held out the ancient pocket watch he painstakingly found as a gift, Yoo Jonghyuk of course accepted.

"This is a unique gift," exclaimed the last.

Kim Dokja nodded and told him to go home first as darkness would engulf his surroundings in a moment. Meanwhile, he would be in this playground, sitting on a swing. Unfortunately, Yoo Jonghyuk refused because he felt something was wrong from Kim Dokja's attitude that seemed to throw him out.

'Why?' he asked himself.

Tomorrow, he will be picked up by his twin brother to return to boarding school. That's not what's important, he feels bad. The Kim Dokja in front of him was like someone who would disappear at any moment from now on, as if the Kim Dokja he had known for nearly three months was fake.

Yoo Jonghyuk shook off the annoying premonition and hugged Kim Dokja. The latter looked stiff before returning his hug.

They go home together and part at the intersection because the two are different directions. Yoo Jonghyuk with a heavy heart and a screaming hunch stepped first leaving Kim Dokja there who stopped while watching the back of the first move away with his black eyes turning cold.


Chapter Text

A teenager growing up looks around at the people playing roulette or other gambling equipment in the famous Chalatustra Casino in Las Vegas. Finally, he found the person he was looking for, a blonde woman with blue eyes who was roughly his junior, watching the poker game at the set table.

The teenager, wearing the disguise suggested by the person leading him, with cold black eyes and clothes covered with a mask, he walks over to the woman, the prophet of Las Vegas. As the name implies, she is someone who claims to have foresight abilities based on situation analysis and supporting variables. The teenager needs her skills to carry out the plan he has been working on for a long time.


However, he encountered a problem. Crashing into someone who is in a casino always creates a long problem, especially if that person is one who knows the underworld. The teenager who adopted his alias Watcher Of Light and Shadow after joining the darkness clicked his tongue.

The big muscular person who was hit gave a menacing glare. "How dare you hit me and not apologize ?!" he growled about to hit with his tight fists. Unfortunately, the Watcher is not someone who is weak anymore.

Not physically, it was his cold-blooded swift judgment. "I'm disappointed that the Chalatustra has a muscular person like you," he scoffed with a malicious tongue.

"F*ck !!!" The muscular man shot his fist at the black masked teenager who was insulting him. The Watcher certainly doesn't bother taking such attacks and dodges with ease, he has learned that the best way to attack is to not let the enemy touch your body. Even though your strength is weaker, but intelligence will compensate for it.

The surrounding diners were so attracted to the commotion of this muscle man and a teenager that they shamelessly cheered and even placed bets. The woman called the prophet also paid attention to this rare incident, who is that teenager who dared to make one of the members of the Chalatustra angry? She thought with bright blue eyes. Her smile grew when she recognized who he was.

'The child that Loki talks about him often, he must come looking for me,' she guessed herself as she stepped closer to the battle arena. However, not intervening, she wanted to know the abilities of a boy of his age who seemed unusual.

Or could he be older? Prophet Anna Croft does not know, for sure the child has the appearance of a baby face, it is difficult to guess his age from the height and face behind the mask. However, one thing is certain, that child is dangerous and at the same time very useful.


The muscular man failed to hit the Watcher and instead smashed the edge of the poker player's table, yes, the table where Prophet Anna Croft had been because Watcher had purposely directed him.

The Watcher raised the corners of his lips, bringing out a sly smile. He has thrown away his old identity, no, he will live in both worlds.

The summer vacation in his country is a time for him to work after going through a 'normal' life, namely going to school. The darkness that had engulfed him since he was a child had opened a way for him to find meaning in life. To be precise, he lost his way and got lost. However, that doesn't mean he's stupid.

Therefore, he would not let others take advantage of him at will. The Watcher will charge both those who watch and those in his path. So, he spun the small penknife that he had secretly swiftly pulled out of his black trouser pocket. Then, he stabbed with the familiar sensation he had once done.


Blood soaked his hands that were wearing black gloves, he was relieved that it wouldn't trouble him, the sticky blood always bothered him. Moreover, his emotions were currently in chaos.

The muscular man who was stabbed by his shoulder from the side stared in disbelief at the young man, the look in the latter's eyes terrified him, it was strange that a child could have such a look. As if he had been plunged into a rotten world from birth, no, is that reincarnation? The muscular man who believed in reincarnation groaned and withdrew his hostility.

His gaze shifted to Prophet Anna Croft whose smile grew wider, sickening, the young woman was scary. However, this youth was even more terrifying than her.

"Listen," whispered the Watcher into his ear. The last one got goosebumps, he wondered why this could be? He should be stronger, then why? Something was amiss, the madness hidden in those cold black eyes was creepy.

The Watcher continued his whisper. "I don't know why an idiot like you in here, but I suggest you don't get in my way, understand?"

The man was forced to nod with a stunned expression, the whisper sounded the same as the devil haunting his sleep.

The murmurs of other visitors echoed as if a swarm of bees had returned from hunting for nectar after the man scrambled out of the casino clutching his bleeding arm.

Plok! Plok! Plok!

Prophet Anna Croft applauded then gave a speech. "Welcome to the Chalatustra, Mr. Watcher."

And the Watcher watched as the cheers of the crowd and the Chalatustra among them grew louder, of course they recognized him. Not directly, but through the things he used to do as a good boy. Working as a porter delivering goods to various places, then finally getting to know the underworld when he was on the verge of death.

Chalatustra had a branch in his country, so it was no surprise that they found out about him secretly stabbing several group leaders in the back, then ruthlessly taking over his place while extraordinarily maintaining an 'I don't know anything' facade on the outside. Nobody knows where he lives or what his 'clean' work on the surface is so some hostile groups don't want to risk provoking him.

It's not about age, it's the abnormal intelligence of a young man who questions his world. And more than that, whenever they saw the depths of his dark eyes, something tried to eat away at their souls, a kind of natural hypnosis.

Watcher doesn't want to worry about crowds, so he immediately speaks out his goal without verbose. "Anna Croft, let's work together for a while."

Prophet Anna Croft stretched out her hand and was grabbed by the young man, apart from his bloodstained hand, but Anna Croft didn't mind.

"Sure, what do you want?" asked the last.

The Watcher approaches and murmurs a name amid the noise. Anna Croft's blue eyes quivered, in a muffled voice, she replied, "Plotter? You want to find him?"


"Kim Dokja!"


Han Sooyoung slapped his cheek hard, the latter frowning slightly.

"You scared me, don't daydream like that. Remember! Today you have to treat me well, so don't lose control again, okay?" persuaded the worried Han Sooyoung.

Kim Dokja scratched his hair and pretended to feel guilty. "Sorry, I remember the distant past," he explained.

Han Sooyoung narrowed her eyes as she sucked a glass of lemon juice in front of her. They are currently in a fancy restaurant. However, Han Sooyoung's preferences never changed. Among the expensive dishes on the white-floor table in the middle, she chose simple drinks.

"What is it? Don't mention the incident when you jumped from the building?" she asked and the next second she regretted asking that.

Han Sooyoung found out about it from Kim Dokja who told her about it himself when they finally became friends at a local university.

Kim Dokja chuckled. "Yes, it was a fateful event," he said in a strange tone as if his words had other meanings.

Han Sooyoung gestured her hand to stop discussing the matter. They dated all day and now that it was dinner together, Han Sooyoung was not petty enough to make her best friend exhausted so she wouldn't go away. Well, that was the original intention, but not anymore.

They went to watch the movie Han Sooyoung chose with such taste that Kim Dokja didn't mind if he led her to do what today. Then, go to the mall to buy necessary items and also take a look at the museum, then the aquarium. It was a fun tour with Han Sooyoung arranging it.

Although they used to go out together several times, this is not the same as today where they spend the whole day together without discussing work or heavy issues (ignore the previous slip of tongue about jumping from a building). Kim Dokja was once again grateful to have someone as good as her while enduring the uneasiness inside.

"Fine, the date is enough. You have to rest after fulfilling my selfish desires," said Han Sooyoung.

The two of them finished their lavish dinner quickly, then returned to the apartment. Han Sooyoung's apartment room is next to Kim Dokja's apartment room. So, it is not strange if she often comes or even stays overnight. This time, for the first time, Kim Dokja didn't let the woman who was his best friend stay overnight.

"Sooyoung-ah, you have to go back to your room," he ordered softly.

The woman blinked in confusion. "Huh? Do you feel grudge against me about that notebook?"

Kim Dokja replied quickly. "A little, don't touch it next time. So, get out." He forced Han Sooyoung out. The last one looks like it is eating dirt.

"Kim Dokja, you are evil!" she shouted. "Do you have multiple personalities or something? Your attitude changed 180 degrees!" whined Han Sooyoung. However, the reply that came was a closed door.

Behind that door, Kim Dokja slumped down, biting his lip. "I'm a dirty man," he muttered. "Sorry, Sooyoung-ah."

The more sedative he swallowed no longer had any effect, his best friend would be in danger with him. He took out his smartphone and turned it on to check the time. The medicine sent there by special post should have arrived. With restraint, he rose to his room and wrote something in his notebook, in the part he folded.

<Path Diagram and Plan>

<There's nothing wrong with trying to work with Prophet Anna Croft for best results>

That sentence had been crossed out in red ink beforehand.

<Finding the Secretive Plotter>

There is small writing under the sentence.

<<Oldest Dream group leader> >

And the latest posts now.

<Protect it>

His black eyes stared for a long time at the sentence on the last page of his notebook before deciding to tear the page and burn the notebook.


Chapter Text

Gray beaded eyes stared at the cloudy night sky, the owner is standing at the edge of the outdoor swimming pool which was designated as a venue for the celebration party. There is a glass of Henri Jayer Cros Parantoux Wine which is famous in Asia as the most expensive Wine in her right hand. She substituted for her best friend to attend these kinds of parties and also helped her in hiding his identity.

Han Sooyoung wore a long gray dress with a closed collar and sleeveless. Her hair is in a neat bun and her face is even more beautiful because of her natural makeup. She was trying to get out of the sick circle of conversation among entertainment industry people, fortunately Uriel turned out to be there, considering how busy she is as the Executive Director of Eden Entertainment.

Uriel, who was adored by the men in the party hall inside, was currently accompanying Han Sooyoung while occasionally asking certain things about Kim Dokja who had left for America this afternoon. Han Sooyoung shared it with a bitter smile while remembering what happened this afternoon at Incheon Airport.


"Kim Dokja, are you okay? You don't seem to have slept all night," said Han Sooyoung, worrying about the man with the black mask in front of her. The latter's eyes were pocketed and seemed unfocused, it caused Han Sooyoung to fear that her best friend was enduring his madness so desperately.

However, Kim Dokja ignored his attention like a robot. He stretched out his hand which was wrapped in a thick black glove and met the confused look of the brown mantle woman in front of him.

"Give this to someone who is looking for me at the party," he said as he pulled Han Sooyoung's hand and put a small object in his hand, a black USB.

Han Sooyoung studied the object closely to guess what was in it, but finally she voiced her curiosity. "Is this for your new editor? Can't you email your novel file directly? Is it a secret document?" she asked repeatedly.

Kim Dokja remained calm despite the interrogation. He replied, "Nothing important, but you won't be able to open it, do you intend to know more than this?"

For a moment, Han Sooyoung felt like she saw a strange glint in Kim Dokja's black eyes, and it gave her chills a little.

"Only you I can trust, Sooyoung-ah," continued Kim Dokja, this time his tone was softer than before, which was flat like a robot.

The woman in front of him sighed and then stored the USB safely in her handbag. Then, she told him, "I realize that you are hiding a lot of things from me, but I won't mix it up as long as you promise to come back sooner, okay?"

Kim Dokja chuckled before replying, "I'll work on it. So, see you." He pulled the mask briefly under his chin then slightly lowered his head.

Han Sooyoung's eyelids widened from the wet touch on her left cheek, she dazedly stared at the face of the culprit, her best friend cared for. "Y-you, what is this?" she asked.

"I thought it was good as a temporary farewell," said the man, who the next moment pulled away and adjusted his mask.

Han Sooyoung's face turned red, she was half angry and embarrassed. However, she would not get in the way of Kim Dokja. "All right, hurry up and come back," she said as she pushed the latter toward the entrance of the airline he was about to board. The flight was scheduled for another hour, but Han Sooyoung told him to quickly leave.

"Of course, take care of yourself. Ah, you must be fine," said Kim Dokja as he showed his back to Han Sooyoung while carrying a bag containing several books to the entrance which was guarded by the officers after checking the items and leaving the luggage beforehand.

Han Sooyoung didn't pay attention to Kim Dokja's last sentence, the first one held back her choking feeling when she watched the man's back until he disappeared from her sight.


Regardless of the light kiss and USB, Han Sooyoung finished her story about Kim Dokja who didn't seem to have slept all night with Uriel. The latter is seen thinking about something for a moment before suddenly exclaiming, "What was he like before I met him?"

Han Sooyoung gave a fake laugh. "You wouldn't believe that he was a near psychopath," she said.

Uriel was shocked. "What do you mean?"

The first one patiently explains. "When we were friends on campus, he almost killed someone who was trying to dirty me, you know some guys are scary. However, I was more afraid of him then, so I persuaded him to channel his anger through something else. And he strangely complied, but still. I know nothing about him other than what I saw myself. "

She took a deep breath after telling a long, brief story. Uriel cautiously asked, "What did he do?"

It seemed that the question had offended Han Sooyoung a little, her face creased.

"Salvation-nim?" called a man suddenly from behind them.

She was grateful that someone was interrupting her because she didn't want to answer. And that person is what she's waiting for.

The person stared back and forth between Uriel and her, it was clear what he meant. And Han Sooyoung made excuses.

"Uriel-nim, I have to talk to him for a while," she said while signaling the person to follow her.

"Yes, I'll be in the hall when you look for me later," replied Uriel, realizing that her question was not true regarding someone's injury. She's sorry.


"Salvation-nim, did you have that thing with you?" asked the man in front of her.

Han Sooyoung nodded.

"Can you give it now?"

"Not!" Han Sooyoung answered emphatically to the surprise of the only listener here who was the farthest side of the party hall, a lonely place to talk about secrets.

"Where's the man who sent you?" Han Sooyoung crossed her arms while giving the boy a boy a sharp gaze. She was not a fool for not understanding the meaning of Kim Dokja's 'person looking for me'.

The seeker wouldn't mention his pen name when no one was around, and Kim Dokja wouldn't bother waiting for someone, quite the opposite. This means that the person in question is someone he doesn't want to meet in person even though he should. So, he asked Han Sooyoung to convey the USB which might be the object the other party wanted.

The man smiled faintly as if giving appreciation to Han Sooyoung's foresight, if she handed over the USB to this man, then the task would fail, not only that, it could be that whatever is in the USB will fall to the wrong person.

That man, Loki, admired how smart the beautiful woman in front of him, that's right. He's just here as a volunteer goalkeeper for his colleague because he wants to know what kind of woman is on the side of that hideous shirt who doesn't want to hand over the thing in person.

"He's always in the shadows," Loki replied with meaningful words as he looked into the dark corner next to them.

Han Sooyoung followed his line of sight then jumped in surprise. The man in the darkness took off his disguise and revealed his true form. Famous face. However, there is a line on his left cheek that distinguishes it.

As a reference, the previous disguised face was of a waiter bringing wine on a tray and Han Sooyoung did not expect it to be a disguise, she wondered how such a handsome man hid his appearance without gaps?

Could it be that that person specialized as an undercover expert?

The man's voiceless steps drew closer and finally his appearance was exposed more clearly. Why did he take off his disguise?

"Are you Han Sooyoung?"

The one being asked nodded unconsciously. The chill attacked her back. On closer inspection, this was a strange thing. They weren't looking for Kim Dokja, but instead her?

"You are under my care from now on," said the man.

Han Sooyoung opened and closed her mouth like a fish. Finally she ventured to ask her confusion. "What is this nonsense? Who asked to be watched? And who are you?"

The man frowned as if it was annoying just hearing Han Sooyoung rambling on.

Loki spoke up in his place. "As agreed and requested by the Watcher. For now, you shouldn't need to know. But, trust me you won't be in danger and… that's all."

Han Sooyoung started plotting in her mind after the errand boy's statement. There was silence for a few seconds until the handsome man put his disguise back on and said softly. "You're hanging out with the wrong people, so you can't help but get involved." He slipped away leaving Loki who put on a sly smile and Han Sooyoung who was frozen.

"Ah, right. Give me the USB," said Loki, holding out his hand.

Han Sooyoung, who returned to her senses, handed over the object only to get a sympathetic look. Now he could confirm his suspicions with her best friend.


Chapter Text

- "Everything you need is not our responsibility, understand?"

Han Sooyoung cursed silently while returning the unfriendly call, which was clear from whom she knew, people who did not recognize her as a child.

"I understand, from now on I will live alone, so don't look for me!" she shouted.


She ended the call then sighed loudly until it made a quiet man sitting on the bench reading the book look up at her.

Han Sooyoung blushed a little because she didn't notice the presence of that man, one of her classmates, a strange man who doesn't talk much and his expression is always flat.

Han Sooyoung was nervous because of being stared at like that even though it only lasted for a moment, the man went back to reading his thick book. Well, actually this isn't her fault, Han Sooyoung, who was looking for a quiet place to answer calls accidentally went to where that guy usually was.

With a weak presence that almost thought no one was here, Han Sooyoung confidently cut ties with those who never took care of her. Only sent money and supplies without affection that she wonders why they are? What is wrong with she?

However, later on she realized that the two famous couples did not want to have children and she would not be considered forever.

The problem has been resolved, but Han Sooyoung felt a little guilty for disturbing the comfort time of a man who she thought was not too handsome, but also not bad, he was okay, if it had to be explained, the man had a baby face that seemed cute not handsome, it made her want to take care of him like pets, ah her silly thoughts acting up.

"Sorry," she said to the man who was turning the pages of his book. The latter looked up for a moment then replied in a robotic tone. "It is okay."

Krik! Krik! Krik!

Han Sooyoung could hear the sound of crickets in her head in an awkward silence, she was still standing watching the man enjoying his time reading books seriously without any change in expression.

'Is he a mannequin?' she asked herself.

It was scary just thinking about it, for sure what he was reading was a science book or something that required concentration, that was the possible explanation she interpreted herself.

However, the contents of the flipped pages were familiar, they were novels. Han Sooyoung was taken aback.

'Does he like novels?'

To be honest, Han Sooyoung was already attracted to that person from the first time she saw him in class, introducing himself in a robotic manner and the unique name, Kim Dokja. The rest of the friends strangely didn't dare to get close to Kim Dokja, the first one wondered why. And finally she found out, the cause was the man's apathy who did not bother to speak first and was stiff when answering.

Han Sooyoung silently watched him from afar like a stalker.

And now she came face to face with him.

"Do you like novels?" she asked suddenly expecting no reply.

However, Kim Dokja seems to know how to behave properly, especially when it comes to things he likes.

"Yes, why?" he observed the reactions of the beautiful woman in front of him who of course he recognized as classmates.

Han Sooyoung became embarrassed when she answered. "I'm a webnovel writer , although I quit recently …. — What nonsense am I saying! Ah, forget it, bye!" She regretted the way she tried to get him to talk.

However, -

"Are you a writer?" asked the man.

Unexpectedly, Kim Dokja seemed interested so that Han Sooyoung didn't go and instead explained about her job.

"Yes, that's right. My webnovel is a little famous, you probably already know. It's called SSSS Infinite Regressor," she announced with a proud expression.

Unfortunately, the other party just innocently asked, "There is such a webnovel?" It was as if splashing cold water on Han Sooyoung's proud face.

The latter snorted in annoyance while replying. "Must have had bad taste, oops!" Her frequent tongue-slipping due to her trademark sarcasm that came out naturally. She cursed herself silently.

Despite being teased, Kim Dokja didn't take offense at all instead he showed more interest than ever.

"Sounds interesting, I'll read it later. And um, what's your name?" he asked with a brief change of expression, surprising Han Sooyoung.

"Even though we've been in the same class for half a year, you don't know my name ?!" Han Sooyoung couldn't believe this. At least the man had heard her name repeatedly in class, even the name of the man himself. Is he suffering from forgetfulness? Or is he… a dangerous drug? Hallucinations?

Hopefully the guess is wrong. Han Sooyoung would really regret it if that attractive man had a dangerous disease. Indeed, people who are attractive and look good tend to always have a bad side, she knows that well after observing people secretly for the portrayal of novel characters she wants.

"I have a bad memory," Kim Dokja lied without batting an eyelid. Meanwhile, Han Sooyoung opened and closed her mouth repeatedly before exclaiming, "Shit! Alright, my name is Han Sooyoung."

Han Sooyoung would have realized too late, that by the time she reached out to get to know him, she was indirectly coming into contact with a dangerous world.


"So, I ended up getting involved?" Han Sooyoung asked after turning back the memory of the time when she started her acquaintance with Kim Dokja and then maintained their relationship to this day.

Loki put on a sly smile once again.

"Watcher really trusts you. He decided to tell you his secret through us. Ah, that's why from now on you will join us," replied Loki who turned around to follow the man.

Before completely leaving, Loki told her in a low voice that Han Sooyoung must have heard. "We'll be waiting for you outside, Plotter seems interested in you, haha."

Left in the silence and dim light of the lights from inside the hall, Han Sooyoung took a deep breath trying to calm her running wild heart.

She didn't want to believe that her best friend had gone through a world that was risking her life, rather than worrying about herself, Han Sooyoung cared more about whether Kim Dokja was out there really going for treatment? Could it be that the fool who always worries him digs a hole of death?

"Kim Dokja, you damn it !!!" she murmured.

For several minutes passed like that until she felt that she didn't need to be in this kind of place and left early, of course after speaking a word or two with the director and production leader for the sake of continuing the image of 'Salvation' as Kim Dokja's disguise on the surface.

When she was in the parking lot to find Loki and the man, -

"Sooyoung," called Uriel who was chasing her.

"Uriel-nim, what's wrong?"

"I know," said Uriel.

Han Sooyoung was confused by that statement.

"What do you know?"

"In the end he got you involved," she replied.

Han Sooyoung was taken aback. How did Uriel find out? No, maybe she misunderstood what she meant.

"Uriel-nim, I don't understand what you're saying."

She hoped that her estimate was incorrect. However, the bitter truth always betrays hope.

"Hasn't he told you how we got to know each other?"

Uriel gave her the hardest question, her mysterious best friend rarely told her about himself if he wasn't forced to. And Han Sooyoung didn't have the heart to force him, so she waited until Kim Dokja took the initiative to do it himself.

And how do Uriel and Kim Dokja know each other? Han Sooyoung didn't know because suddenly when Kim Dokja finished his first novel, the latter threw an unexpected notification bomb.

"I have acquaintances at Eden Entertainment who want to meet you."

Then, starting at that time, Han Sooyoung and Uriel got in touch with work reasons and after getting closer, they shared stories about themselves, Kim Dokja couldn't be separated from their stories.

Uriel had said before, maybe a slip of the tongue.

"Kim Dokja is really amazing, even though he looks weak… ah! Forget what I said, Sooyoung!"

Han Sooyoung had to stop being surprised.

"Isn't that right?" Uriel spoke as if she was absolutely sure. "If you believe, this is similar to the munkchin world, every time you turn the pages of the story, some information becomes untrustworthy, but it's real," she continued.

"I believe you are a smart person who can keep secrets to defend lives."

After uttering those words, Uriel tapped her shoulder then went back inside.


Chapter Text

• You must replace them, young master.

Yoo Jonghyun at the age of 14 received news that changed his life. Both of his parents suddenly disappeared and now he must replace their roles in one of the biggest groups in the underworld, Oldest Dream.

Yoo Jonghyun secretly watches his brother playing video games with gameplay and a large LCD screen in their comfortable living room. It was him, Yoo Jonghyuk, who their parents kept hidden. The underworld knows only one child from that couple. This is for his safety as well as Yoo Jonghyun's selfish wish.

It's the end of summer vacation where Yoo Jonghyuk for the first time decides to enjoy his break from the annoying boarding school in their old house.

"When?" whispered Yoo Jonghyun into his smartphone, obviously being careful if his brother somehow found out about his conversation with the other side of the phone.

• Early winter is the time to submit positions.

"I understand. How long is the training period?"

• If it's you, it's about two years.

Yoo Jonghyun grit his teeth. "Too long, every second is precious, after all, I'll find out why they disappeared."

"What is wrong?" Yoo Jonghyuk stopped his game because he heard Yoo Jonghyun's annoyed tone, who had forgotten his caution.

He is just a child who hasn't even reached puberty yet, but he is exposed to a cruel and rotten world by their parents. It was Yoo Jonghyun who persuaded him to be the only one to bear the dangers with them, while Yoo Jonghyuk lived a quiet life on the surface.

That's right, Yoo Jonghyun found out about their parents' secret when he was 10 years old and from then on, he decided not to involve his brother by avoiding it and lying to him that their parents were dead long ago.

All random thoughts assailed him as his brother's brown eyes narrowed, showing suspicion. Yoo Jonghyuk is not his twin for no reason, they are both smart, maybe too smart.

If Yoo Jonghyun excels at hiding something, then Yoo Jonghyuk is the opposite, the latter always has a high curiosity and seems like underestimating the expression of curiosity to kill cats.

"The nanny told us to return to the dormitory sooner," lied Yoo Jonghyun while maintaining his composure.

"Oh, next year I'll be here again," replied Yoo Jonghyuk who took out something from his pocket, a watch.

Yoo Jonghyun was interested in it so he turned off the phone without discussing it further. He immediately grabbed the watch in his brother's hand quickly.

'This ...'

And he was very surprised after checking what the watch was and its contents and the strokes on the back.

"Who is he, Jonghyuk?" Yoo Jonghyun pointed to the photo tucked into his watch while asking in a cold tone. His eyes sharpened.

Yoo Jonghyuk growled and snapped. "Give it! Don't touch mine!" While grabbing the object, it didn't work because Yoo Jonghyun lifted it up. Even though they are almost the same height, Yoo Jonghyun is better at body movements.

"Hey! I won't give it if you don't want to tell." He was threatening because the thing in his hand was something he recognized. Not a photo or a stroke, but a watch.

"Where did he get this thing?"

Yoo Jonghyun swallowed the bitter taste in his mouth when the watch slipped from his hand to the floor.

They scrambled, but Yoo Jonghyun finally reluctantly gave in.

"He's my only friend, so give it and get lost!"

Yoo Jonghyuk blew his watch as if removing the handprints of his twin brother who weren't what they used to be. He realized that the other party avoided him and acted cold to him after their birthday which was celebrated at the dorm three years ago, the reason? He's investigating it.

"Don't touch my things anymore!" warning then he ran to the room ignoring the game that has not been cleared. He hates his brother. Even so, only Yoo Jonghyun was the only family he recognized.

However, now he doesn't care because he already has friends he likes. If only he could force their nanny to change schools, he wouldn't go back to that sickly boarding school with his brother.

Yoo Jonghyun didn't move for a moment before picking up the phone again.

"Investigate the kid named 'Kim Dokja'!"

It was his first commandment as the new leader of the Oldest Dream group. However, -

• Kim Dokja? There is no such thing as 'Kim Dokja' in the underworld. What do you mean on the surface? It's against our rules not to get on the surface, young master.

The instant response from the person on the other side surprised him again. There couldn't be someone who wasn't registered in their records. Oldest Dream has the principle of knowing your enemy and yourself, but Yoo Jonghyun doesn't even know whether this kid named 'Kim Dokja' is an enemy or not?

Maybe by chance, 'Kim Dokja' came across the watch. Well, that was probably ridiculous, because he knew who the real owner of the ancient watch was.

Yoo Jonghyun sighs, he hasn't started his training yet and now he's given a new problem. There were two suspicions he had in mind. First, the boy did happen to find it either by buying or by jackpot in the middle of the road. Second, the child stole it directly from its owner, but it took a huge price to pay for it, namely life.

In the meantime, he would put it aside until he truly understood the underworld. And by the time he found out who the child was, long regrets awaited him.


In the spacious and luxurious room of a hotel, two people sit opposite each other on soft sofas. A mahogany table was between them and on it were two glasses of fruit juice.

The first one sipped the juice while observing the person in front of him who looked so calm, almost emotionless in fact.

"How did you know that I was here, hnm?" he asked.

The second replied, "It's been a while, Plotter. Even though we haven't met in person, you didn't spend a day investigating me thoroughly, did you?"

The plotter gasped. "You… Kim Dokja?" Only one person he still continues to investigate until now. And that person is very mysterious.

The one called shaking his head. "No, I'm not," he said with a fake smile.

The plotter snorted as he replied, "Don't pretend, the Prophet told you where I am, right? Ah, that means you're a Watcher, a dangerous runner." The plotter grinned slyly.

"So what do you want?" he continued.

The watcher chuckled. By the way, he was wearing a face disguise, hiding his age as well as the specific features of his face.

"Plotter, let's work together for a while," said the Watcher.

The listener did not believe the offer, various popular news from the underworld centered on the person in front of him. Who is he? And why did he go that far?

"Why did you destroy our peace?" asked Plotter suspiciously that the Watcher might have something to do with the disappearance of the previous leader of Oldest Dream.

"There was no peace, I just finished the commotion," replied the Watcher with a chill and goosebumps.

"And if you will, I will tell you what really happened to the previous leader of Oldest Dream I think as a witness."

The offer made Plotter stand up in shock and then glare at the speaker.

In the next second, he grabbed the Watcher's collar and threatened him. "Tell me, what is your relationship with the perpetrators? Otherwise, I will kill you here!"

The Watcher still looked calm as he replied, "I am their only survivor."

The grip on his collar was loosened, but not loose.

"What do you mean they died?" The plotter asks what he's been afraid of these five years.

However, Watcher shook his head. "No, I didn't say it was murder."

Then, he forcefully let go of Plotter's hand and straightened the collar of his black shirt.

"Let's discuss how our cooperation works."

The plotter was forced to accept the offer.


Ten years later, Plotter failed to protect his brother for the first time.

Watcher stopped working with him four years ago and is living in hiding somewhere. That was until the Watcher appeared before him a few days ago to claim the position of leader of Oldest Dream in exchange for all the information he had been secretly gathering from Oldest Dream's enemy group.

The Watcher didn't cooperate with him anymore, but it was more like he controlled him and Oldest Dream.

And Plotter never thought that he was the savior of his brother, he believed that this terrible person ended the life of the leader of the enemy group overnight, rather than saving someone.

In the end, Plotter figured out why after finding the ancient pocket watch that his brother kept.

True, he forgot that the Watcher was a child his brother considered his only friend.

In order to make sure that the Watcher is really the same person, he orders Lee Jihye, the one who knows about him as Yoo Jonghyuk's twin, to grab the person's attention.

And Plotter finally saw the real face of the Watcher.


Chapter Text

"You know it's me." The man who was completely covered in black even wearing a mask made sure he was a Watcher.

Plotter with his disguised face tapped the back of the uncomfortable wooden chair in Oldest Dream's small headquarters. Their group had many bases, but the mainstay and the safest was this small place, where the previous Conqueror King was forced to come after about a month out.

Watcher scrutinized his including the fake skin, eyebrows, and mustache taped to Plotter's face, then suddenly asked, "How many faces do you have?"

Responded with a grunt of the only listener in the small, lit room that swayed on the table in the middle of them.

"That's my question. Until now, I don't know who you really are, not the other way around," quipped Plotter, who decided to remove his disguise, it was useless in front of the Watcher.

Watcher chuckles clearly through his black mask, he has always worn a mask since their meeting after their separation four years ago.

"I told you, according to our agreement, I will keep your dear brother safe, then you will look after my best friend," said Watcher in a contrived friendly tone.

"And." He continued after a brief pause. "When I return from my dangerous expedition you will have more surprises, Plotter. By the way, have I told you I owe you my life?"

This caused Plotter to jump from his seat. "Owe your life? Don't be funny!"

However, Watcher was not kidding at the moment. It was in the past when he first plunged into the underworld. Although indirectly, Plotter has saved his life. And in the end he chose to fall deeper into the darkest side of the world, the reason? Watcher received only a brief response from his mother in Soedaemun prison.

"Mother, I should be behind these bars. And you can live a better life outside," he said expressionlessly.

His mother, Lee Sookyung looked up at him from behind the glass that bordered them.

"No, Dokja."

He argued, "Why? It's true that I did it ?! Then why? Even people don't accept me !!! I'm like a cockroach they want to kill!" His loud voice echoed, worrying enough for the wardens outside the room.

"Dokja, have you become a criminal?" asked Lee Sookyung.

And he did not catch a glimpse of the worried expression on his mother's face. However, he still answered her with a fake smile, always.

"I don't know, maybe yes and maybe not."

He stood disappointed. "I can't see you anymore," he decided, turning around.

At that time, he hoped his mother would give him any restrictions or suggestions or whatever so he didn't fall deeper. Unfortunately, all his hopes were always betrayed.

Watcher stares at the still shocked Plotter with a cold gaze before responding, "The past is just the past, why do you have to linger with it? I'm here to tell you our new deal. Ah, I've asked someone to clean all traces of your brother from the world. down and distract 'them'. "

Watcher stood up too as if all he wanted to say had been done. Plotter felt a different way from the person in front of him, completely different from the one who broke through the enemy group headquarters with reckless strategy, but succeeded.

Watcher walked towards the exit casually. However, he stopped right before pulling on the doorknob.

"You can take all the files about your brother's footsteps from my best friend Saturday night at the location I sent him. Then ... take good care of him until I come back," he said.

Watcher didn't bother saying goodbye or anything like that when he stepped into the dark world outside.


There were two Oldest Dream leaders, one of whom came and went at will, while the other had to take care of his fuss as well as his requests.

Han Sooyoung, the beautiful woman who was the man's best friend got into the car with a stiff face. Plotter sympathizes with him a little for being forced into involvement. Now, the stakes are lives.

Han Sooyoung was led by Loki to the front seat beside the driver, Plotter. The first has no reason to refuse. Meanwhile, Loki gets into his own car, his colleague is okay with the woman, but he doesn't allow him to touch his car. Well, a very cautious course, considering that they could turn into enemies at any time with a gun in their throat.

Plotter moistened his dry throat for a while then cleared his throat.

"You start working with us tomorrow, keep your public image up, that's a hard-to-detect disguise," suggested Plotter as he drove up to a limited edition black Sedan from a less obvious brand. He's an expert in hiding and all kinds of disguise.

However, his skills are inferior to the Watcher who he admits has more facets than has been shown.

"How long has he been working with you?" asked the woman beside him who ignored his suggestion.

Plotter overtakes the vehicle in front of him and then replies, "The information is uncertain. Be careful, your best friend may hypnotize others without realizing it."

The last sentence was actually his own conjecture after working with that person for so long.

Plotter didn't know how and what hypnosis was, he could only feel that it was a natural hypnosis, either the scary man was on purpose or worse still the man didn't even notice.

If so, where did his dark feats come from? This is the mystery. Plotter hadn't found a point of enlightenment until their last meeting two days ago.

Han Sooyoung grinned as she said softly. "I know, we're friends. And that idiot doesn't seem to have noticed his natural hypnosis, I'm sure."

'An interesting woman,' thought Plotter as the direction of the conversation turned towards the thing he was questioning.

"You're too calm, did you find out earlier?" His voice was low.

Han Sooyoung stared out the car window, the reflection of her pale face giving herself an answer.

It's been a long time. The first time the stupid man told her he needed a special sedative. Not the sedative that Han Sooyoung learned from her university friend, Lee Seolhwa. What is meant is different and not listed. Why? When Han Sooyoung found out, she wasn't sure what to do with Kim Dokja?

Han Sooyoung wasn't stupid. And Kim Dokja himself seemed to expect her to reveal it herself.

Kim Dokja has asked this several times.

"Sooyoung, don't you ever regret getting to know me? You can make friends who are better than me."

Han Sooyoung felt her heart ache and empty laughter filled the silence of the two of them.

Plotter said nothing, a thought he should have had before flashed through. Plotter wants to check if he has dementia?

"Ah, right. Where's the USB?"

Han Sooyoung turned immediately with surprise coloring her pale face. "W-wasn't that man your subordinate?"

"Damn it, Loki. You're stupid for giving it away!!"

Han Sooyoung panicked. "Is that really important? Regarding Kim Dokja ?!"

"Yes !!! Hope that bastard doesn't betray now."

Plotter picks up speed following Loki's car, which he detects with his smartphone's GPS.


Meanwhile, Loki was humming a song while driving his car in a relaxed manner.

The USB he took from the woman was in his hands, and he was sure that Plotter would catch up with him.

"Kuhahaha, interesting. This is a fun game, isn't it, Watcher?"

The smartphone he puts in the middle of the wheel features the figure of someone who is behind the scenes for all the sly and dirty things.

The person on Loki's smartphone screen frowned for a moment before responding.

• Testing loyalty and trust is important.


The line was immediately cut off.

Loki was still laughing between the monologues. "You're really crazy, Watcher! Kuhahaha!"


Chapter Text

The banquet hall of the special guests invited by the host - a handsome golden-haired man who was sitting casually at one of the assembly tables - was suddenly silent when someone they were waiting for entered the room with light steps. The person stopped and greeted the brown haired woman with a red half-face mask who first came to greet him.

"Mr. Watcher, I am glad you did come," said Selena Kim, who smiled brightly.

Watcher nodded and then looked to everyone present and replied, "Just started?"

Selena Kim will answer. However, someone interrupted her. She is a blonde woman who is known for her cunning, but she does a lot to others thanks to her predictive ability. She, Prophet Anna Croft, naturally followed this delightful encounter. She covered Selena Kim to show that she deserves to welcome him.

"Have a smooth trip?" she asked probingly at the man wearing a black mask in front of her.

Watcher tapped his forehead with his index finger because he felt a little dizzy. He answered after a moment.

"No problem."

Anna Croft, wearing a white half-face mask, grinned while posing like a princess welcoming her king.

"Welcome, we are all waiting for you, Mr. Watcher."

The host had moved from his seat ever since the banquet hall door which was his manor hall opened, he interrupted.

"You're not lying, are you? I know your trick, Watcher. And this will be our 8th dinner," said host Sun.

Watcher chuckled for a moment then approached Sun and whispered softly in his ear. Even Anna Croft and Selena Kim didn't hear what he was whispering. The two of them were very curious.

Sun widened his eyes, which gave off a golden sheen like his cool hair. He took a step back then sighed and wore a feigned disinterested expression on his face.

Watcher admires that astonishing acting talent, the information he shares is a big secret that he secretly picks up on while saving his old friend.

He had changed the flight schedule from Incheon Airport at the last minute before departure, and after confirming that his best friend was not paying attention to the entrance area, he sneaked into the ticket lobby and immediately got the ticket he ordered. His goal was for the Food Loving Empire to attend the gourmet dinners, even though he wasn't part of them.

Watcher postponed his meeting with the psychiatrist he meant until the end of the short trip, perhaps changing according to the successive events that would follow.

The moment of recalling his previous actions stopped when someone approached him, he was a man who looked friendly, yet very cunning. Nobody is sane in this Gourmet Association. Watcher chuckled silently. In fact, he had been questioning about his own oddity for a long time, why were those difficult people so easily conquered? As if he was destined to be liked by anyone! Is it luck or a curse?

If that was the case… wouldn't it feel unfair if that ability suddenly disappeared and he would be hated by everyone? Maybe including 'him' ??

As the Watcher sinks into unwarranted worry, the man opens up a one-sided conversation and intervenes with the host and himself. Sun frowned in annoyance.

"Our great Watcher, come play with me later. Hnm ~," Asmodeus asked.

A code name that made sense to his nature, Demon Lord of Lust and Anger, the Watcher took a little comfort to see it.

Watcher didn't bother to respond, instead he caught the attention of the others with the words, "Look, everyone, we should have our appetizers now, right?"

Sun observed the speaker's sly grin before signaling to several people to take care of the banquet hall, as well as serve their special dishes.

"Let's enjoy this delightful meal," Sun asked Anna Croft and Selena Kim, clearly ignoring Asmodeus, who was stunned because he didn't get a response from the Watcher.

The latter walked past him to the round table in the center and sat without permission on the chair Sun was supposed to sit on. However, Sun didn't mind at all.

There are five round tables filled with different people, depending on their favorite food preferences and desired discussion topics. Watcher stared at the flamboyant man opposite who was smiling.

"I thought you would not come," said the latter.

The Watcher put on a guilty expression and took off his mask, he greeted respectfully. "Master Kyrgios."
Responded by helping him a glass of champagne.

Watcher had a little problem with alcohol, but he accepted the drink offered anyway. After taking a quick sip, he realized that this was no ordinary alcohol.

"Master, what is this?" he asked as he watched the others fill their seats.

Kyrgios snorted. "My stupid pupil, you didn't take your medicine, so I had 'they' give me a liquid version of it distilled like champagne. How does it taste?" he told him and then tapped on a different filled champagne bottle.

"This is great. Master, you found out right away?" asked the Watcher, curious.

He thought he had hidden his condition well. However, it could still be detected.

"Your idiocy is growing. Ah, you have to learn more," suggested Kyrgios who refused to answer.

Watcher gave up because the teacher was very stubborn. Meanwhile, the servants came to bring the special food ordered. Although the present dinner was not as impressive as the 7th banquet, they still celebrated it cheerfully. It is rare to find a break in the midst of a danger that could choke their necks or bombard them each night.

And all these moments are thanks to one surprising person, that person is very young. However, that was not the case, his skill at manipulating the truth and obtaining classified information at lightning speed made them admit it.

The Food Lovers Empire, as its name implies, truly serves dishes that exude delicious aromas and attractive presentation styles. The guests enjoyed the dish while straining their ears to hear 'that person' speaking even if only one word.

Appetizers were replaced by mains after all the guests had finished. The Watcher stands and heads to the balcony behind the closed glass doors. He didn't have to tell them he needed privacy.

Watcher opens a video call with someone after seeing the time on his smartphone. The call was immediately connected, the sickening man with the impression of being old - in fact he was indeed old - opened the conversation.

• Watcher, this is USB you mean?

"Yes," he replied.

• Kuhahaha, interesting. It's a fun game. Isn't that right, Watcher?

The latter didn't like the tone of his voice, so he ended the call after saying with an emotionless face.

"Testing loyalty and trust is important."


The Watcher clutches the balcony ledge and closes his eyes for a moment. Emotions swirled in his heart and the voices came again.

"Very annoying."

Triiing ~

He forced his mind back, after all the liquid had little effect on him. The Watcher stares at his smartphone for a long time, at a contact he hasn't made contact with in so long.

He picked up the phone, his flat voice turning soft. "Mother," he replied.


Chapter Text

"Mother," replied Watcher to the other caller he knew very well. Someone who gave him a chance and finally managed to rule the underworld, almost. He still needed several groups to destroy. Those who did the unforgivable act he remembered from the past in another world.

There was silence for a few seconds before a woman's voice who sounded worried answered.

• Son, do you need more potions?

The term "potion" is meant to be the sedative which is the most effective. Yes, his mother provided the medicine. It had been four years since he last drank the potion. Looks like his emotional control line is about to break.

• Your hoarse voice convinces me, come and get it. Then, we will welcome the 'memories of the dumplings' together.

Dumpling memories are a term of pleasant memories with someone special depending on what happened at that time.

Watcher did not reply for a long time until the other side was worried.

• Son?

"Mother, do I… don't deserve to live?"

As the Watcher said that line, his hoarse voice sounded scared. The voices still bothered him, so it wouldn't be strange for his thoughts to drift away again.

"If that's the case, their reasons for sacrificing me as an offering are quite reasonable."

He raved as if he thought he was talking to himself. A long silence enveloped the space outside the banquet hall. Cold air blew and the bush rustled. The view of the immaculately tended garden is reflected in the Watcher's black irises. It made him aware.

"I have to do something before I see you, bye," he said as a closing greeting, not waiting for a reply. Watcher regrets telling her what his mother shouldn't have heard.


The voices affecting him grew louder. With trembling hands, he stuck his smartphone into the pocket of his black jacket then turned toward the banquet hall to finish dinner.


Yoo Jonghyuk leaned on the bed in the ward where he was treated. Several bandages had been removed from his body to the shocking response of the nurse that the injury was healing so quickly, it was almost abnormal.

Fortunately, Lee Seolhwa, an acquaintance of his helped keep his true condition a secret from the nurses and other doctors, she was the one who handled Yoo Jonghyuk's examination report with the help of Han Donghoon. The latter didn't bother asking why because he didn't like to pry other people's secrets.

Han Donghoon hacked into the hospital system and faked the data, while Kim Namwoon set up a firewall that allowed Han Donghoon to go undetected. They work together as hackers.

At this moment, Yoo Jonghyuk was alone in his ward, the moonlight from behind the window curtain reflected in his shaking brown eyes. The effects of the anesthesia had almost completely disappeared and the aftermath of the operation now hit him, memories that had been buried for so long were rushing out.

He held his head wrapped in bandages, then churned out the jumbled up events in his memory which were like a bomb exploding, inflating his brain memory, no, his subconscious flow was slightly upwards which meant a part of it appeared in consciousness.

It's a very old memory, in a different world. No, should he call this a memory of his previous life? That means he's reincarnated?

The memory chain started from a vague conversation between him and someone from behind a thick glass wall. A familiar face, just like a child in his dreams and his past. Only, that person's face was a little mature, like a teenager.

- "I am the destined sacrificial lamb."

The person spoke emotionlessly, watching the other party respond.

—A sacrificial lamb?

- "Yes, they said I'm a Fallen Dark Age entity."

-Why? You don't have to obey them, I'll take you away from here!

- "I want to go, but you will die if you are near me. Now, there is space blocking us, you know why?"


- "My energy is too big to bear for someone who is not part of 'them'. Maybe, I should change it into something else, but it will take a long time for that. And soon the sacrificial ritual will begin, I suggest that you go away from this place, far away."

The scene stops there because not everything can be remembered. Yoo Jonghyuk tried to turn again, to find out if he in that world really went as suggested or… as he thought?

However, no matter how hard he tried until his head seemed to crack, the next memory was gone. Yoo Jonghyuk was frustrated and accidentally knocked a glass of drinking water on the table beside his bed.


The sound of broken glass resounded in the room filled with only the sound of dripping drips flowing little by little.

Yoo Jonghyuk stared blankly at the broken glass, the next second his eyelids widened and he saw the illusion in the shards.

That's right, the glass and the shards triggered the continuation of the initial round and the reason why he didn't succeed before was that he didn't understand what he wanted to remember, was it the success of the suggestion or something else? No, his way of thinking is wrong. He should have considered some facts from what people said in his memory.

At this time, Yoo Jonghyuk felt like he was hit in the back of the head, the pain grew. That person's face was similar to his childhood friend, and his childhood friend was similar to…

"Watcher?" he muttered in disbelief that what he was looking for was ever right before his eyes. In fact, it was a moment before he lost consciousness in the accident.

"A cruel way to make me think back."

Yoo Jonghyuk knew that it was not the person who did it, but his strong gut is that he directed the incident on purpose.

Everything made sense now, so he continued his contemplation in the dark, obtaining the remnants of his forgotten abilities as well as the secret information in his current world, something about Oldest Dream.

Yoo Jonghyuk rested his mind for a moment then got out of bed easily without faltering. All of his wounds were healed and his eyes glowed golden.

- "I didn't expect that you were one of their golden knights, but you betrayed and took me out. Why?"

—I hate sacrifice.

- "I don't need sympathy. So, stop and come back."


"I didn't do it just for sympathy," he muttered again as he headed for the window and gazed at the ship-shaped moon hanging upside down in the distant sky.

"Kim Dokja, I'll find you."

He smiled and touched the left side of his chest which felt warm.

"And they're in this life right in front of my nose. How can I torture them?"


Chapter Text

Loki tossed and caught the USB in his hand as the beautiful night view of the Han River reflected in his deep blue eyes.  As if to throw away the object he was holding, Loki touched the glass window in front of him, turning his back on his desk.

 Yeouido Hangang Park, at the Walking on the Cloud bar, the place designated as the meeting point for the person the Watcher had ordered.  Meanwhile, for the two fools who were tricked, Loki didn't want to bother anymore.  The USB in his hand was just an empty shell, but that was what was needed to exchange information in an inconspicuous way.

 Outwitting Plotter and the woman was easy enough, he just had to make a fake trail along the road then ride another vehicle to get here, after all the car he was using was a rental car.  Loki had a nostalgic gaze as the lighting towards the Han River outside greeted him.


 That was back then, when he first saw a young man, no, maybe still a snotty boy lost in a dangerous world with a group of potential criminals who have yet to be caught.  The group researches something dangerous and the runny boy is led to their base.  Loki is one of the group, actually he really hates his group, but he couldn't do anything at that time.

 He will never forget what happened at that time and who the group had kidnapped.  Loki recognized two of the victims, and to his surprise, they were both important figures in one of the great organizations of the underworld.

 The two of them were made guinea pigs for someone who has the code name Hermes in his group.  Loki suppressed his surging anger, waiting for the right moment to betray.

 The two people he recognized had helped him, so he couldn't close his eyes, plus the poor boy who looked no more than 13 years old had lost his soul.

 Planning an escape route, saving the victims as much as possible, and most importantly the safety of his own life.  Loki was calculating various things in his head in no time.

 The opportunity came not long after, it was his turn as guard with the other members.  The security system has been designed so that no one can enter, but that means anyone can leave.  Since the victim would not be able to get out in such a condition, they were not worried and their guard was loose.

 They did not know that one of the members would be traitors that night, right after Hermes decided to move the headquarters to another country to make the research harder to detect.  Therefore, leniency in security for the transfer of important items was an opportunity for Loki.

 He secretly removed the metal straps and chains that restricted the movement of the captured victim, then knocked out the other members who were on guard.  Hacking the system is not a difficult thing for him who is one of the compilers of this headquarters security system.  Switch the CCTV of the victim's room with another CCTV with the same view, then deactivate the lock from the secret door leading upwards to the exit.

 Finally the preparation for the escape route was completed and the problem was convincing the kidnap victim.  Much more difficult task.  However, he had to, at least this was his way of getting revenge on his terrifying group.

 "You can still run, right?"  he asked the little boy who stared back blankly for a moment before nodding.

 Loki felt strange when he made eye contact with him, as if something was trying to pull his soul out, like the sensation when someone was being shocked by a ghost.

 'What's with this boy?'

 Despite his frantic thoughts, he still directed the two people he knew towards the exit as fast as possible, whatever happened next, he didn't want to know.  He just made a way for them to escape.

 While the boy who was still in front of him did not move, only watching them escape first without participating.

 "What are you waiting for?"  Loki asked in frustration.

 "They got caught again," the boy replied expressionlessly.


 'How does he know?  No, it's more important that those I save get caught again ?! '

 Loki was at his wits end and was forced to drag the boy towards another exit that was different, that door was another alternative to the escape route.

 At the end of the exit, someone was intercepting.  His plan had almost failed if it weren't for that brat stunned the interceptor for a few seconds with what, hypnosis?  Loki guessed and did not miss the gap.  Beat the interceptor in the neck until he passes out and takes his belongings.

 The time the trap was released drew near, there was a limit to how much he could manipulate through parts of the system.  Loki hopes that the two of them managed to survive somehow.

 They reach outside, infiltrate the car park at the headquarters.  Steal the car owned by the interceptors then break through the open gate with an alarm.

 As a reliable car driver, Loki avoids pursuers who realize too late into a detour and turns around, then eliminates the trail by mingling between the same vehicles.

 "Where do you live?"  Loki asked as he turned towards Chungmuro Station, meeting the person who would help him erase the traces of the escape.

 The boy replied, "Mapo-gu."

 Loki sighed in regret because he only managed to carry the boy.  However, something wasn't right with him, Loki refrained from scaring the boy.

 He first headed for Mapo-gu before heading for Jung-gu, dropping off the little boy beside him.

 Isn't the situation strange?

 Loki pushed the thought away, after all he had made a lot of preparations for this betrayal.  The boy was a victim, so he had to send him home.

 "Hey, kid!"

 After much thought and observation of the boy's strangeness, Loki made another shameless choice.

 "Do you want to work for me?"

 For a moment, Loki sure saw the glint in the boy's black eyes, as if he had been waiting for this question.

 The boy nodded.  And starting from there, Loki can ensure his safety and send several people to finish off his hiding group.  He made the boy a messenger, a porter whom neither his enemies nor allies would care about.



 A hand pressed against his shoulder followed by a deep, cheerful voice.

 "Mr. Loki, I brought the original USB."

 Loki turned his head briefly then clicked his tongue in annoyance, he didn't like to be disturbed when he was deep in thought.

 The carrier chuckled then sat down on a chair and poured a small glass of whiskey and took a sip.

 "Is Big Brother already there? Looks like I have to catch up," he said softly, but Loki could still hear him.

 The smartphone on the table beeps, without waiting for permission, the man carrying the original USB picks it up and connects the call.

 • Where's the USB?

 The man smiled when he heard that then glanced at Loki.

 He realized this introductory game was his Big Brother style.  So, of course he will participate.

 "Just come here, I'll send the location," replied the man.

 The other party was silent for a few seconds before responding.

 • Okay.

 Connection lost.


 On the other hand, Plotter and Han Sooyoung breathed a sigh of relief.  The scheme they had in mind did not happen, what a terrifying game of deception.

 "I'm really going to hit him when he comes back."

 Han Sooyoung laughed with a relieved expression.  Truth be told, considering what Plotter said and how things were connected.  She came to the conclusion that Plotter was only faking panic.  Is this the way to greet him in their group?

 Their intentions were caught by the wrong people.


Chapter Text

The Watcher hands over the latest information he stole from the enemy group's old laboratory.  Those who are part of the Gourmet Association are a team formed on the same hatred of the group.  Even though the Watcher had a different reason than the others, he would make sure the group was crushed from the roots.

 After all the important conversations with Sun and Anna Croft regarding plans to destroy the group from within by planting spies, the Watcher goes to meet his mother at the place he agreed upon earlier, four years ago.

 In a luxury bungalow owned by a couple who are known to be the biggest investors of the Murim Company researching the latest gaming technology.  Not only that, the two of them were members of the enemy group who had secretly betrayed, but did not show it on the surface.  Although sometimes they carry out the tasks assigned by the group.

 Watcher was greeted with a warm hug from a middle-aged woman, yet looked young.  By the way, the Watcher had the ability to speak in multiple languages, that he learned abnormally, no, it was like he just took other people's words and vice versa.  Another oddity.  Of course, he didn't tell anyone about it.

 "Son, are you really serious?"  asked the woman who had the code name Persephone in the underworld.  She still looks beautiful at her age with long black hair and white face and a delicate, motherly impression.

 They sat opposite each other in the spacious and comfortable living room.  Accompanied by soothing music that echoes all around.

 The Watcher did not answer the question, instead asking back, "Where are they currently located?"

 Persephone puts on a stoic face against her adopted son who is so out of control.

 "Your father will take you there and… this isn't what you are talking about in the Gourmet Association, right?"  Persephone glared at him.

 The corner of the Watcher's mouth curled upwards for a moment before replying.  "No, I did say that it was an infiltration attempt. But, I will be the intruder, not someone else who doesn't even know what to do to stab them in the back."  His hoarse voice gradually sharpened and loud as if he was holding back the emotions that were about to overflow.

 In front of him is a small bottle of transparent liquid which is a medicine, based on the distillation of several plants that can provide a stimulus to the brain, the effect of which is to slow down emotional reactions, clear the mind, and fight sleeping pills.  However, the negative effects that he is well aware of are his emotions becoming dull in some aspects and difficulty sleeping, these effects last until the remnants of the medicine in his body disappear.

 And it took years for that, now he even intends to drink it again.

 The Watcher takes a small glass bottle about the size of his index finger and looks at its jiggling contents.  His obsidian eyes flashed the determination he had been harboring for a long time, he was finally on the path to destruction, no, that's not it.  He corrected it silently.  He would finish it within two years, after which he would take care of the few remaining annoying things.

 "This is very dangerous, son. Think again. I know your hatred is well founded, but it is not worth your life," persuaded Persephone.

 "Your mother is right," said the middle-aged man who had just entered the room.  The Watcher looked at him in surprise because his perception was oblivious to the middle-aged man's presence.

 "Their research is more dangerous than you think," replied the Watcher, his gaze locked onto the bottle again.  He weighed the pros and cons of this, remembering his best friend and also someone who did not recognize him.

 Maybe by this time, his old friend had remembered.  Unfortunately, he was a little late.  It was not his intention to design the accident, it was not his wish at all.  He only plays a role in fixing the consequences, not the mastermind behind the causes.  And if his old friend misunderstood that, he didn't bother to explain.

 The middle-aged man crossed his arms while standing at a corner within sight of the Watcher who occasionally glanced at him.  Meanwhile, Persephone stopped cajoling and offered the cooperation the Watcher wanted.

 "Remember to contact us via this device," he told the Watcher, handing him an inconspicuous black button-shaped communication device.

 The Watcher nodded and accepted it and fastened the button to the inside of his shirt pocket.  He closed his eyes for a moment, preparing to swallow the poison, no, take the medicine.

 He took a sip as if he was enjoying a drink and his forehead creased deeply, showing his initial reaction.

 Persephone and the middle-aged man, Hades, were worried.  However, they knew that this child could not be stopped.  He's more stubborn than anyone.

 A few minutes later, Watcher breathed a sigh of relief.  His obsidian eyes became extremely cold and seemed like they didn't belong to humans.  He smiled in a creepy manner as he said, "It will be a fun experience."


 Jaehwan and Loki finished a bottle of whiskey while waiting for Plotter and the woman.  They share new insights on what life is like for ordinary people?  Is it fun to go through an ordinary day without anything challenging?

 "Mr. Loki, are you aware that Big Brother has a strange charm?"  Jaehwan changed the topic of conversation with his face slightly flushed, the whiskey warmed.

 Loki snorted.  "You think I'm an idiot ?! I was the first to interact with him!"  A half drunk Loki spits out a statement that annoys the other visitors.  Jaehwan chuckled seeing that and didn't stop him.  After all, they weren't talking about anything secretive.

 "It took so long, I wanted to eat a horse," commented Jaehwan who turned his attention to the entrance of the bar in a far corner from their table.

 He was very hungry and the bar menu wasn't his taste.  He wanted to leave immediately after becoming acquainted with them and hand over the original USB.


 When Jaehwan's patience was running out and Loki, who was half drunk asleep, Plotter and Han Sooyoung arrived.

 Jaehwan glared annoyed then threw the USB at the Plotter shouting, "Good, we're a bunch of donkeys!"

 Han Sooyoung held back her laughter, especially after noticing the response of the Plotter who moved the corners of his lips, twitching.

 Jaehwan greeted Han Sooyoung by holding out his right hand.  "Hello, miss. Welcome to our world of nights."

 Han Sooyoung shook her hand briefly with a nod of understanding.  She had prepared herself beforehand while in the Plotter car.  Therefore, their arrival was very long.

 The Plotter explains that there is an easier way, namely changing his identity, cutting off his relationship with Kim Dokja, then starting a new, safe life.  Han Sooyoung hated the suggestion.

 How dangerous is the world that Kim Dokja is in?  And why?  Did his best friend stab the noses of some powerful bad guy?

 Snoring grabbing their attention, the three people immediately glanced at the green haired man who was slightly gray at some point.  Han Sooyoung looked at Jaehwan with a question in her eyes.

 "Ah, right, I haven't introduced Mr. Loki. He is the one who brought Big Brother to the night world," Jaehwan explained.  He used a unique term to refer to the underworld.

 'Big Brother?  Night life?'  Han Sooyoung was dumbfounded at the facts Jaehwan conveyed.  In the context of the sentence that Jaehwan said, Han Sooyoung made her own interpretation.

 The next moment, anger welled up in his heart. She broke forward and grabbed the man.  Plotter and Jaehwan who were surprised did not have time to stop her.

 "Damn! It's all because of you ?!"

 Han Sooyoung knew that her anger was wrong, but she just wanted to vent her anger on the person responsible.  The one who dragged Kim Dokja into that world.

 One thing she didn't know, it was the world that saved Kim Dokja.


Chapter Text

"Hey!"  Jaehwan panicked.

 Plotter immediately grabbed Han Sooyoung's arm, calming her down.  Meanwhile, Loki snorted.  "How rude, miss."

 Han Sooyoung insisted.  "Tell me why my best friend went that way?"

 Loki made eyes contact with her.  "Do you think he has any other choice?"  His voice was faint like a devil's whisper.

 Han Sooyoung was stunned.  "W-what?"  While releasing her grip and standing stiff.

 Loki tidied his clothes and got up to leave.  "You don't really know him, but it's a good thing."

 Plotter nodded at Loki and replied, "All the important information is here, right? Or is this just the key?"

 Jaehwan was the one who answered, "The last one. Just access the file that Big Brother is hiding with the password in it."

 Han Sooyoung silently turned around, her shock quickly subsided.  Loki turned his head for a moment.  "Welcome, miss," he said quietly.  A late welcome.


 The apartment room was quiet and dark when Yoo Jonghyuk finally got home.  Yoo Miah temporarily stayed at the house of the Lee Hyunsung and Jung Heewon couple at his request.

 Turning on the light switch and lighting up the spacious living room, Yoo Jonghyuk let out a disappointed sigh.  He was more or less expecting something to surprise him.  For example 'he' suddenly stands in front of him and says "As expected of a stupid sunfish."

 Yoo Jonghyuk shook his head, getting rid of the hallucinations that were bothering him.  He placed his bag of clothes beside the soft sofa and flopped there in silence.

 Seconds turned into minutes, Yoo Jonghyuk continued to sink into daydreams until someone knocked on his apartment bedroom door.  It was the method Han Donghoon and Kim Namwoon used when they wanted to visit him, because it distinguished them from the ordinary visitors who rang the bell.

 Lazily, Yoo Jonghyuk got up and opened a small gap and exclaimed, "Did you guys find enough information?"

 "Nothing is relevant, as if all the data was deleted suddenly and suddenly. And also your traces were completely erased," replied the voice of the younger man, Han Donghoon.

 Yoo Jonghyuk closed his eyes for a moment then responded, "Find the location of the old man who is the contact person in Chungmuro."

 This time it was Kim Namwoon who replied.  "He disappeared a few days ago and his current location was unknown. Perhaps, he was no longer in this country."

 Yoo Jonghyuk widened the gap and looked at the two men who specialized as keyboard warriors and system hackers.

 "Then we'll take care of the Olympus team first," he said before lightly closing the door.

 Han Donghoon and Kim Namwoon are used to Yoo Jonghyuk's attitude, well they know the secret, they are both channels of information that Yoo Jonghyuk used.  In principle more like subordinates than colleagues, of course.

 However, this did not stop them from helping him.  Another problem is knowing exactly who was behind the accident, who was the culprit who accidentally hit the car that Yoo Jonghyuk was driving, and what his motive was.

 Han Donghoon pressed his round glasses then turned around and left first, while Kim Namwoon was still thinking about the latest ways of taking care of urgent matters;  Olympus team, the reason Namgung Minyoung - the previous owner of Breaking The Sky - was removed from his position.  What kind of collusion did the other party use?

 Breaking The Sky isn't just an ordinary Gamers Company, it's controlling things behind the scenes as well.  Gamers are only a cover on the surface.

 With all the related problems, Kim Namwoon decided to meet Lee Jihye to get a connection with the Plotter.

 Yoo Jonghyuk tidied his clothes in the room while taking out the special clothes he had ever worn.  With a nostalgic look, Yoo Jonghyuk cleaned it up and intended to use it again after two months of stopping.

 However, he knew that this was his path, whether he was ever deliberately pushed aside or not, in the end he was still stuck in it.


 Han Sooyoung lay limp on her bed, remembering what happened the night Kim Dokja left, it's been almost a month.  Time seemed to fly to her, so fast and not waiting for her to organize her thoughts.

 Han Sooyoung accidentally provoked Loki and luckily the Plotter stopped whatever might happen at that time.  She cursed himself being foolish.

 Until now, Han Sooyoung occasionally met Plotter to talk about what she should do after actually joining.  Han Sooyoung still wasn't part of them completely.

 "Everything seems so calm ... I think something must be wrong," she muttered as she stared at the ceiling in her room.

 And what worries her even more is that contact with Kim Dokja broke off two weeks ago.  Therefore, Han Sooyoung was hesitant to become a member of Oldest Dream.

 Plotter doesn't tell her anything about Kim Dokja, as if the first one had made a vow of secrecy or something, unlike his personality which seemed to dislike being on the disadvantage.  Perhaps, disclosing information about Kim Dokja could be one of the unfortunate things.

 "But, still, I am his best friend…."


 The dim room fell apart.  The wooden tables and chairs were broken and scattered about.  Glass tubes filled with a certain liquid burst and spewed its contents seeping into the cracks in the stone floor.

 It was a former simple laboratory that someone had hastily made.


 The chair leg brushed against the remaining glass cup then mercilessly cornered the poor person who was shivering in a corner.

 "I don't know anything, so let me go," pleaded the man, who slumped and hit the dull gray wall.

 "Lies," the other party responded, causing the chaos.  He was wearing a black mask and black clothes, his raven hair sticking out irregularly indicating that he had experienced a major event.

 He pulled out his mask and smiled faintly at the shivering person.

 "Where is the code-name test subject Biyoo?"

 "I-I don't know!"



 The first one kicked him in the stomach then without anyone knowing, the shivering person was hypnotized by his gaze after a struggle to avoid eye contact with this demon.

 "Say it."

 He reached for the only special liquid he had purposely set aside in the room.  It's a poison that will produce poisoning effects without signs, shaped like air and viruses.

 "I - really don't know, Wa -"



 The rioter drew his gun and shot the corner where the small hidden camera was located.  His smile froze as he maintained control of the thin emotions that had momentarily emerged.

 "Don't call my code-name," he warned the beaten man.

 Once again, he was channeling the hypnosis he had mastered two weeks ago.  One of the uniqueness he has besides the wound that heals quickly.

 "Where?"  he asked in a hoarse voice, running out of patience, but the muscles in his face, which seemed to be dead, persisted with an expressionless face.

 "It's in… laboratory 41—"


 The speaker died on the spot.


Chapter Text

He saw flames burning everywhere, sharp spears smeared with poison flying from all directions, and all grunts and curses pouring out from all over wherever he looked.

 His blood was rushing downwards, but he didn't feel any pain as if he had gone numb or he was drawing the boundary between his body and spirit.  His hands and feet were nailed to the hard wooden posts while flames licked from below with his blood as slightly extinguishing.

 He forgot what really happened, why could he be in this condition?  Seeing their cruel faces and finally the important memory came back to him.  They had made him a sacrificial lamb, indeed this was something he had known since childhood.

 He has what they call 'misfortune' and 'negative aura'.  Therefore, when he reached adulthood, he had to be offered to their Gods to prevent destruction.

 "Why can't I live?"

 He thought silently, he can't talk now after all.  Previously, he had tried to run away with 'someone' who he didn't know what his current fate was.  He hoped that 'that person' would no longer be involved with him.

 In cheers and blurred vision, he scanned them and his eyes widened as he saw the silhouette of 'that person' among them.  The latter was breaking his way through the crowd in the center of the offering square, but he was blocked by several strong and burly people.

 It didn't matter if he were the only one they killed because of that prophecy.  However, he couldn't accept seeing the person, who saved him previously being, stabbed.

 His blurred vision turned red and the intense emotional turmoil brought consciousness falling back into place.


 The Watcher wakes up with a continuous cold sweat, he sighs of regret as the terrible dream presents a part he has never seen, he forgets.

 Trembling slightly, he got up and put on his favorite white coat and put on a face mask with better skill than Plotter.

 Watcher cleaned up the remains of last night's food and also his temporary shelter which was well hidden thanks to the help of his adoptive father.  Infiltrating their base was quite difficult, let alone getting to laboratory 41, near the research center in a narrow and shabby area, in the underground area.

 He tried to get rid of the memories of that dream, now after consuming the poison which killed all his emotions, the creepy dream kept appearing.  Although he wasn't afraid or anxious, his body's natural reactions were a little troublesome.

 Even though his heart is dead, his body is not.  That should be quite normal, unfortunately the Watcher is no ordinary human.  Armed with a large bag and all the necessary equipment, he exited the hidden residence into a dark street in the middle of the night.

 The houses are crowded together and feel cramped.  However, not a single person roaming the street apart from him.  It made him suspect that they set him up.  However, it seemed impossible.  They knew so little about him, how could they have prepared so quickly.

 'I don't really care if I die.  But, my best friend will be in trouble, ' he thought when he saw the cloud cover half moon.

 The goal is not only to get revenge, but also to stop their dangerous research.  In the modern era where all kinds of strange things can be found, but also very easily overlooked, Watcher thinks that their chances are much greater than he thought.

 What the media displays about scientifically explainable bizarre things is only to hide something bigger.  For example their research mixed with the realm of supernatural powers.

 So, here he is as the only survivor of their experiment.  The Watcher eliminates the possibility of another subject still alive after a long absence of discovery.  Loki and he have agreed to be on the same ship to overcome them.

 Therefore, to keep his friend who cares too much and finds it difficult for him to break up, Watcher asks Plotter to bring his best friend into the Oldest Dream.  Become a member.

 'Looks like it took longer than I expected.'

 The long journey begins.  Perhaps, he didn't make it out alive the next chance.


 Han Sooyoung had eye bags after staying up late for a few days to follow Plotter's directions, it was meant that she could join naturally without arousing suspicion and her martial arts skills weren't that bad, it's just that in terms of weapons, she needed to train.

 That is one thing, while another is that she is honestly more enthusiastic than one might think.

 "It's not bad," she said carelessly while brewing coffee in the kitchen of her apartment.

 Her contact with Kim Dokja was renewed last night, but Han Sooyoung was very upset after reading the heartless contents of her message.

 [Kim Dokja]: I'm fine and so are you.

 "Heh. What kind of text message ?! At least tell me if he's really in the US?"  shouted Han Sooyoung while preparing breakfast.

 Today, she will meet Uriel, to discuss something important and also part of a long-term cooperation.  Han Sooyoung suspected that this had something to do with Kim Dokja again.

 "However, I'm not going to back down because I've come this far!"

 Han Sooyoung made up her mind even though deep down, she felt scared.  Fear of what kind of future might happen.  Or can she prevent that bad future?


 Her meeting with Uriel took place during the day at a cafe famous for its ice cream and sweet treats.  Han Sooyoung ordered lemon cake and lemon sunday ice cream, according to her taste.

 Meanwhile, Uriel only ordered coffee without another dish.  It seemed that something was bothering her to the point that she ignored Han Sooyoung's observations.

 Uriel looked like someone who hasn't slept in days, worse than Han Sooyoung's current condition.  They share their understanding tacitly after realizing each other.

 "Sooyoung, did you get contact from Kim Dokja?"  Uriel asked straight away.

 Han Sooyoung nodded before answering in a languid voice.  "Yes, but he blocked my number after sending me annoying messages."

 "Ahh ...."

 Uriel ruffled her blonde hair, frustrated.

 "Uriel-nim, is there an important matter involving him?"  asked Han Sooyoung, who was worried when she saw her behavior.

 "Yes! He made a mess to distract 'them'. Now, there is an agitator who is clearing the way. This is bad."

 Han Sooyoung wore a blank expression for a moment and was speechless.  She didn't understand what Uriel was talking about.

 Uriel realized it too late and laughed softly to lighten the atmosphere a little.  "Oh, right. You don't know yet. I'm sure Plotter won't tell you. So let me do the job."

 That way, the story listening session begins.  Several times Han Sooyoung was annoyed, then confused, then dumbfounded.  The story of her best friend is more fantastic than the novel she wrote.

 Entering the criminals' den?  Save an old friend?  Pyramid relationship with the Oldest Dream?  And a distraction?


 After calming down and digesting the information, Han Sooyoung cried out in confusion.  "Then, what should we do?"

 Uriel's expression turned serious as the words were carefully crafted.  "We have to drag the instigator out. And to do it, I ask you to convince the Plotter. Tell him he must limit the Conqueror King's movements."

 "Conqueror King?"

 Uriel smiled.  "Yes, he knows who it is. I can't let Kim Dokja's efforts go to waste."

 Han Sooyoung got enlightened because of that sentence.  Is this Uriel's goal in telling about the actions his friend did?

 "I understand. I will. Uriel-nim, may I know how you met Kim Dokja?"

 That was what made her most curious.  Her friends are deeply connected to important people, both on the surface and in the underworld.

 Uriel sipped her coffee and was ready to give a preliminary introduction to the story after a few minutes of thought.

 During the conversation, Han Sooyoung did not waste the lemon cake and lemon sunday in front of her.

 Their side windows show the busy pedestrians and people working on the building on the opposite side of the building.

 "He saved me from a den of criminals surrounded all over the place. At that time, almost all of my family were killed. It was a terrible sight for me and he suddenly appeared among them, he betrayed them. I was still confused about his actions at that time, even though  I'm grateful for it. "

 Han Sooyoung gaped like a fish, she wanted to say something, but finally kept quiet and listened to the end.

 "And with an excuse to return the favor, I investigated about him and collaborated on a number of things. He also often talks about you as a caring friend. My curiosity triumphs over caution, finally I managed to persuade him to introduce you to me."


 Han Sooyoung accepted the story well and did not consider it a lie.  She was worried at the certain thing that was mentioned, namely betrayal.

 'Wasn't he heading for the path of destruction by betraying many parties?'

 If possible, he would like to contact her best friend right away.  Unfortunately, no matter how she messed with the numbers, using another smartphone, the connection couldn't be reached.  That means, her friend has closed the possibility of being contacted by anyone.

 At that time, Uriel provided the most important final information in her opinion.  Han Sooyoung's attention was deliberately diverted to other things in anticipation of her reaction.

 "The old friend that Kim Dokja saved and also caused him to cause chaos right now is Pro Gamer YJH."


Chapter Text

Han Sooyoung stiffened to the truth of her best friend's attitude.  She knew something was wrong with that man, YJH, which was causing her best friend to become even more strange and out of control.

 "Then, I have to go. You can call me anytime, Sooyoung."

 Uriel took a deep breath and then stood up after finishing an important conversation, she was very busy as the Executive Director of Eden Entertainment on the surface, plus she also led relations with the authorities and underworld organizations.

 'I will have Gabriel replace the meeting tonight, there is chaos caused by a new organization that suddenly appeared,' she thought regretfully.  She glanced at Han Sooyoung and sent a sympathetic look at the latter before leaving.

 Han Sooyoung clearly saw how Uriel was acting, she was getting more and more annoyed.  Checking the log of the last message from Kim Dokja, somehow she felt a bad feeling, it felt like Kim Dokja's words contained another meaning of 'I'm fine'.  It was as if she was declaring that she was barely doing well.

 Holding back the mounting irritation, Han Sooyoung opened an app that displayed the payment amount of the novel she wrote personally as well as the novel written by Kim Dokja as Salvation.  Of course, it was Han Sooyoung now who held that identity, so she had to update each chapter according to what Kim Dokja gave her.  The list of drafts for the latest novels of hers and Kim Dokja is stored on both their file drives.

 Han Sooyoung remembers when she and her best friend shared ideas and also reviewed each other's works then decided to save them on a file drive, so they could read each other's works and also stay connected, even if one blocked the message.

 She counted the extraordinary amount of money in her account and Salvation's, and she couldn't help but feel a little satisfied.  If her parents find out that she is becoming successful in her own way, they will get a stomachache!  Han Sooyoung grinned then decided to use some of the money to train herself, a long and tiring training.

 "I will keep updating the chapters of Salvation's novels, but for my own novel ...."

 After all, Kim Dokja wrote it and uploaded it to the drive file every now and then, so Han Sooyoung still complied with her best friend's request to publish it.

 She switched to calling someone, namely the editor is not the editor of Salvation.

 "I will be on hiatus for a while, there are a few chapters left which I will send you."

 - Ah?  Why all of a sudden?

 "Don't call me again until the hiatus is over. I'll bear the cost of the loss later."


 Han Sooyoung got up from her seat and realized that her mood was not that bad.  That's weird.

 She was going to the NGai hotel, a hotel specifically dedicated to Oldest Dream and Plotter and others there.  Maybe she will meet Loki and also that burly man.

 However, before that, Han Sooyoung would take care of a different matter.


 In an underground laboratory with high-tech facilities, a scientist wearing a white coat is investigating a special specimen that is behind a test tube, a corrosive substance his organization developed.


 He looked up from his attention when the door was opened by someone.  Frowning, he said in a low voice that almost whispered, "Son, don't interfere with my experiment."

 The person in question is wearing a full face mask, which is indeed worn by all members of this organization other than researchers.  The man replied, "Mr. Hermes, is the subject of Biyoo's experiment here?"

 The researcher, Hermes, is clearly confused and is wondering who this member is asking about the secret?  He became suspicious and wary.

 "Who are you? Spy?"  he asked almost squealing in contrast to the previous subtle voice.

 The masked person smiled from behind his mask and introduced himself.

 "Forgive my impoliteness, Mr. Hermes. My code name is Forgotten Ones, Mr. Poseidon and Mr. Hades himself recommended that I take care of the Biyoo test subject," he said smoothly in a clear voice that was pleasant to hear.

 Feeling hypnotized, Hermes shook his head lightly and thought of the leader, Poseidon, and also the vice leader, Hades.  It seemed like he doubted the identification of these Forgotten Ones, so he fell silent.

 The Forgotten Ones knew that this old man was being careful, he had already prepared evidence to back up his claim.

 He took out a special object from his white coat that was different from the laboratory coat.  It was a small chip that Hermes recognized as belonging to the vice leader, Hades.

 Then that means, the Forgotten Ones were really recommended by them or perhaps one of them.  Hermes breathed a sigh of relief and nodded.

 "Fine, follow me."

 Hermes stops the corrosive experiment in order to escort the Forgotten Ones to a secret room.

 They enter the room from behind the laboratory wall which is activated by a certain mechanism.  Fluid tubes that hold humans lined up in it.  The Forgotten Ones paused for a moment then continued their steps while hiding their discomfort.

 He tries to be as relaxed as possible and not too clumsy or clumsy.  Seeing several test subjects who were in each of these tubes, he was grateful that he had taken the medicine, otherwise he might have gone insane from shock.

 Hermes kept going all the way to the end and stopped at the green liquid tube that housed the special test subject, Biyoo.

 In this world, no one would think that there is a research scientist is terrible because everyone only cares about their own business.  Dangerous research, that's what the Forgotten Ones thought after observing the condition of Biyoo's test subjects.

 "A very intelligent test subject almost lost control, so I kept it. You will take care of it from now on."

 Hermes touched the thick glass that enclosed the test subject while smiling like someone lost his mind.

 The Forgotten Ones glanced at the old man without a change of emotion then exclaimed, "I will turn it into a deadly weapon, just like your dreams, Mr. Hermes."

 Of course, he was lying.  He firmly believed that he would get an Oscar when the mission was over, it would be a very long journey and exhausted all his energy and emotions.

 The Forgotten Ones recalled those suppressive drug reserves, he had to drink more or he would go crazy and out of control like that old man.

 Even so, he was so calm that it made anyone doubt whether he was human?
 After all he is an observer.

 Hermes who heard it laughed happily.

 "Wait in laboratory 3, Biyoo's subject will be transferred there. I will also check every few times for its progress, don't disappoint me, kid."

 Hermes tapped the Forgotten Ones on the shoulder, unaware that the latter was staring at him with a deep and meaningful gaze from behind the strange white mask.  The mask has a blank face without expression.


 Tit !!!

 A machine sound showing a heartbeat is heard in a small room, laboratory 3 designed for new researchers' experiments.

 The man wearing a white coat and mask expressionlessly looked at Biyoo's test subject, a woman who clearly didn't seem human.

 The Forgotten Ones paid a lot of attention to raising the awareness of Biyoo test subjects.  He reads the linked file over and over, looking for loopholes he could possibly exploit.

 He was still confused about whether the sentences in the files on the tablet were real or not.

 ⸢ Abilities of Biyoo test subjects: Control system quantum networks⸥

 "How could that be?" He muttered to himself in disbelief.

 It was a power that humans couldn't possibly have, it must be a robot.  However, what the data provides is reality.

 He did hear Hades's explanation that no matter what, Biyoo's test subjects must be saved from their hands.  When that happened, then Hades would immediately declare his betrayal.

 'Is this the reason?  My ability isn't even worth it. '

 The Forgotten Ones held his breath and then pushed the tablet to the table, he treated the test subjects like doctors and occasionally received visitors, namely other researchers.

 As someone who is well acquainted with all kinds of dangerous drugs, he has also learned a little about medical and scientific research as well.

 Suddenly, the room had a strange atmosphere and the formless energy fluctuated.

 The Forgotten Ones locked the room and then turned on the energy regulator while he probably received the radiation.

 It didn't matter, he had miraculous recovery abilities which he still didn't know much about.

 'Time to reset this test subject's logic.'


Chapter Text

It was the end of summer vacation at the age of 15.  The sight of the boy's back in the distance was something he would always remember.

 That night, he burned all his notes and started trying to persuade his mother to move and leave, his endurance had long been fragile and depleted, he had held it until now in order to be able to see someone for at least a little longer.

 However, it is unfortunate, even though his mother tacitly agreed, there was a fierce opposition that caused a big fight between his father and his mother's family.  Their family disagreed and she couldn't hope it worked out well.

 When the holidays were really coming to an end and the start of school came again, he had a dangerous twisted mind after secretly working as a people's porter in the dark.

 One lonely night, the sound of broken glass from a bottle was deafening.  He saw her once again from behind the hideout he always used to observe.

 Either because of his mentality as a child or because he really hated the events in front of him, strange thoughts appeared in his head as the voices grew louder.

 Some time until his tolerance stopped working, he picked up the knife he had placed nearby and walked up to them with stiff steps.

 The man swung the bottle against the table and broke it, pointing the sharp tip of the bottle towards his mother.  However, the next person he fell because he was so drunk and the bottle hit his mother's arm.  Blood soaked the floor and that was the trigger.

 The contents of his brain are filled with all the crazy fantasies, in order to stop this evil that is mentally damaging, he is willing to get dirty.  He ... really did, ignoring his mother's screams.


 "Dokja! Stop it! No, Dokja!"

 And he regained his senses when the blood and screams collided with each other.  His mother tugged at him while ignoring the pain in his arm and bringing his mad son back to his senses with tears.

 "Stop, no! Listen to Mother, Dokja!"

 He looked at his mother blankly then at the knife in his hand that was covered in blood and then at the body lying next to them.  Finally, he understood what he had done.

 His ears buzzed to his horror and his head became very painful.  He felt that he had lost his soul and sold it to the devil.  His memory fragments fell apart at once, turning into an irregular mosaic.

 He didn't just vaguely hear his mother say, "You didn't do anything, remember that, huh ?! You didn't do anything! You didn't do anything!"

 As if hypnotized by his mother's voice full of desire, he instinctively nodded, honestly not knowing what he had done.  If the mother says he didn't do anything, then so be it.

 His mother picked up a bloody knife and uttered something confusing like, "This story started from a different side."  Also, "You will have to look at that story later!"

 His black eyes were still blank as he continued to nod like a doll.  Strange voices screaming in his head caused him to pass out.  Don't know what will happen next.


 His mother was imprisoned and he was forced to be cared for by his aunt from his father's family.  It was a new hell and more intense than before.

 He was supposed to see a psychiatrist, but his aunt and uncle forbade him, saying it was completely useless.  He had to bear it for being the son of a murderer.

 The fragments of his memories were still so messed up that he looked like an undead with sensitive feelings.  All that reproof, ridicule, verbal torment, and curse he kept deep in his heart.

 As some time continues, he can still endure it, that is until a gruesome novel is published, a novel of a murderer which emphasizes that the son of a murderer is innocent.

 However, it triggered the opposite reaction from the community and the environment where they live and school.

 He began to have psychiatric symptoms, plus the urges of the people around him made him desperate.

 He felt like he didn't have anything in this world anymore, he didn't have any regrets when he looked down from the window of his classroom, third floor, maybe enough for a kid his age to break down or maybe not, he tried.

 Expect freedom for one leap.


 The fragments of his memory coalesced thanks to the accident, slowly gaining self-awareness and something important.

 He had missed something important because he was too absorbed in a sense of helplessness, not guilt.

 He organized his notes more fully, filled with detailed plans for new beginnings.


 "What an annoying dream," muttered the Forgotten Ones who woke up from his sleep in the break room near the laboratory 3.

 Even though it doesn't affect him now, it's still annoying.

 The dream appeared as a result of the effect of a special medicine such as poison, several times randomly as if forcing him to remember the dark past.

 "Hahhh."  The Forgotten Ones didn't dare to take off his mask in enemy territory, so he propped his chin up and thought hard for the next step on the schedule.  Trying to get rid of any lingering discomfort from the dream.


 "Can you speak?"  asked the Forgotten Ones to Biyoo who had gained awareness of the treatment as a test subject.

 Biyoo answered with a flat expression, "Yes."

 Surprising that this test subject did not live up to his expectations, which is like a robot, it turns out that Biyoo is still human even though her abilities cannot be trusted.

 'Is she some kind of esper?'  thought the Forgotten Ones who had read the classified information about this mysterious creature.

 'He's a weapon that can destroy the world if his abilities develop, should I just kill him?'

 However, of course he wouldn't do it right now at the enemy base.

 "Any other complaints besides the condition of your body and your abilities?"

 Biyoo, who has brownish blonde hair and orange eyes, is looking at him full of strange interest.

 The Forgotten Ones tilted their heads as their eyes met.

 "Ahjussi, you are the same as me, right?"  whispered Biyoo, only the other party could hear her and the voice recording machine in the room didn't work because of her ability.

 The Forgotten Ones's black eyes widened in surprise, he turned his attention to another topic immediately.

 ⸢ Don't you want to leave here? ⸥

 Not through voice but messages directly to the brain via transmission.

 Biyoo smiled.  "That's always what I wanted, Mister."

 The Forgotten Ones looked at the abnormally calm face in front of him seriously then replied after making sure the voice recorder couldn't detect their conversation.  The quantum network manipulation capabilities of systems are truly technological marvels of humans, not robots.

 "Let's make a deal."


Chapter Text

He examined the marks of needles that had pierced his skin, several glass boxes filled with live insects were around him, even the closest one was beside his bed.

 His brown iris contracted as the door opened with a loud creak.  He turned his head, excited.

 A doctor in a full mask accentuating three-line strokes, entered.  The doctor notes the development of the child leaning on the bed in this room.

 In the tablet report, this is the data shown:

 Name: Lee Gilyoung

 Code: Subject Experiment No.  12

 Condition: Stable

 Treatment method: 4th stage

 Treatment time: Three months

 Monitoring report: The patient is currently quite obedient and no longer rebellious, the drugs given can be reduced, but there is a possibility that it is the patient's tactic to escape.  Please be careful.

 After only a few minutes, the doctor came out, not asking questions at all or taking a closer examination.

 On the bed, the boy with light brown hair and dark brown eyes glanced for a moment before examining the needle marks on his arm again.

 He almost forgot how long he had been in this living hell.  He did not understand the meaning of those who casually toyed with his body on the grounds that human evolution was imminent.  That's incredible ridiculousness.

 He, Lee Gilyoung, knows his specialty is that he can communicate with various types of insects and can even trigger changes, one of his body tissues can emit and absorb the same sound frequencies as the most types of creatures in this world.

 God must be very fond of beetles, because more than 50% of the insect population in the world is dominated by beetles.  Therefore, in the special treatment room No. Patient.  12, there are more glass boxes filled with various kinds of beetles.

 Lee Gilyoung, if it must be said, prefers grasshoppers and cockroaches.  One reason is that the two types of insects are always easier to find and communicate with than beetles.


 The door to his ward was opened again, this time he felt astonished for the first time.  Didn't the doctor come earlier?  What is the problem?  Are other experiments scheduled in advance?

 Lee Gilyoung's pupils which have lost some of their light are paying attention to the incoming person, a different doctor.  The expressionless mask on the doctor's face scared him a little.  Moreover, the pitch black eyes beneath it felt piercing.

 However, Lee Gilyoung somehow had positive feelings for the doctor, as if he liked him right away.

 The doctor approached his bed, carrying a tablet and a white box containing whatever.

 "How do you feel? Do you feel uncomfortable here? I can get you permission to take a walk in the park."  The gentle and caring voice surprised Lee Gilyoung.

 Forgotten Ones heard Biyoo's evaluation of No.12 in facilities above camouflaged basement.  In the outside world, ordinary people would think of this area as a haunted abandoned place.  That is why, nobody knows about the forbidden activity here.

 With Hades's permission, he can go in and out of the underground area and the facilities above him, but he must use a special chip and another identity as a doctor.

 According to Biyoo, No.12 has such high potency that he is closely guarded, but not as strict as patient No.  10 and above for which there is no data about them, Biyoo has difficulty finding out what kind of experiment experienced patient No.10 to No.1.

 At the main headquarters, Biyoo's power was suppressed, so only a collection of data that was of little importance but not vital could be obtained.

 Lee Gilyoung blinked in confusion, the doctor who came didn't seem to be one of them.  He already knew the doctors who were conducting experiments on him, but the people in his current room were either acting or had other motives.

 Moreover, the expressionless mask was very strange and unpleasant to look at.

 "Can I come out?"  he asked hopelessly.

 A walk to the park is usually intended to keep the patient from going crazy.

 Forgotten Ones peeked at the CCTV in the corner then walked over to the bed.  He touched his chin as a signal, on the CCTV screens watching the ward where patient No.12 being treated, the screen freezes but time is still running out. As if the doctor was just standing still.

 Forgotten Ones whispered into Lee Gilyoung's ear.  "Will you go with me? We'll go together, to the outside world."

 Lee Gilyoung's dark brown eyes sparkled, he was about to reply, but the doctor's index finger stopped his on cue.

 The Forgotten Ones returned to their original position and the same signal repeated.  CCTV is functioning normally.

 At that moment, he started having other thoughts.

 'It's tougher this time, I'm not 100% sure I will ever make it out of here.  How are you now? '


 Yoo Jonghyuk grabbed the collar of the middle aged man who was the link between the two worlds, Gong Pildu.  Finally, he managed to find this person with the help of Han Donghoon and Kim Namwoon in secret.

 Actually, behind the scenes, Kim Namwoon got hints about Gong Pildu from Lee Jihye.  Meanwhile, Han Donghoon adjusted a detailed location.

 Yoo Jonghyuk growled, "You, was it him who told you to erase all traces of me?"

 Gong Pildu was choking, he had a hard time answering, "No! I ... won't tell you anything! Gramps!"

 Yoo Jonghyuk grit his teeth, tightening his grip on the collar even more, lifting it up high.

 "He will die first before he says anything else," whispered Kim Namwoon at his side.

 Yoo Jonghyuk loosened his grip slightly and asked again.  He gave off a murderous aura.

 Gong Pildu was very tormented, on the one hand he did not dare to divulge anything related to 'Watcher', but on the other hand, he was now threatened with death.

 It was too late for the guards sent by several night world factions to come to their aid.  The terrifying man in front of him actually knew the right time to break into his hiding place.

 "I ... Yes! He asked me to do it!"

 Gong Pildu racked his brains, thinking a delayed death might be better, at least he could prepare.  After all, 'Watcher' is currently on a special mission.

 Yoo Jonghyuk's eyes lit up for a moment.  "Where is he?"

 "We've got to get out of here, they're almost there."  Han Donghoon gave a reminder while typing a series of codes in this building so that the opposing party would be a little late.

 Gong Pildu is betting on loyalty, he prefers his life.  "He's on a special mission, apart from Plotter, nobody knows what he's doing! I really don't know!"

 Yoo Jonghyuk threw the cunning middle-aged man and then pulled his two comrades away.  He frowned the whole way.

 'Plotter ... Familiar name, where have I heard of it?'

 He sorted his memories and separated past and present lifetimes.  And he stopped when he was far from the building.

 Not because he felt safe, but he was too surprised to keep running.

 He had actually heard of that name!

 Like a ghost who always haunts him, but never shows his form.  His twin brother, Yoo Jonghyun!

 All because of an urgent phone call right before his brother disappeared and left him alone.


 Yoo Jonghyuk who returned for his second summer vacation at the house was faced with a scary fact.

 In the local newspaper news, when Yoo Jonghyuk was about to meet Kim Dokja at the park they usually met, it was written that there had been a murder near his area.

 Yoo Jonghyuk discouraged going and read further the newspaper lying on the living room table.

 Then, his pupils shaking, the newspaper fell off.  He shouted 'no', 'no way', 'it must not be him!'  many times.

 In his haste, he ran towards the garden.  Obviously didn't find Kim Dokja again.  He's not there anymore.

 Yoo Jonghyuk felt hopeless for the second time, just like when his parents disappeared.

 Yoo Jonghyuk toured the area, looking for the address listed in the paper.  He asked the people around him, the neighbors, but their answers were full of scorn.

 Yoo Jonghyuk came home disappointed and hopeless.  No one knows where a murderer's son went.  There was a neighbor who assumed that the child should be jailed.

 He was so absent-minded that a telephone ringing sound came from his brother's room.  Yoo Jonghyuk walked over there, his brother wasn't in the room and it was unlocked.

 The black telephone kept ringing as if to indicate that something was very important.

 Yoo Jonghyuk picked it up, then the first word he heard was ...

 • Plotter.

 The voice was strangely familiar.


Chapter Text

Han Sooyoung learned the precedent of dealing with a group of people in the night world, preventing suspicion as well as skillfully keeping away potential enemies and binding colleagues.

 Secretive Plotter abnormally often contacted her to monitor the progress of learning with Loki.

 Han Sooyoung was a little unhappy at first because Loki looked bad, from a personality point of view.  However, after getting to know him a little longer, Han Sooyoung was quite used to it and didn't bother with it anymore.

 Uriel and the Secretive Plotter were in the same camp, she confirmed it from the conversation she had with them.

 What's strange is that Han Sooyoung felt they had a strange obsession with her best friend, not something that can't be said, but it was like they were depending on Kim Dokja for their safety.  It was as if Kim Dokja didn't exist, then they wouldn't be they are now, but people of the underworld who have no conscience.

 There was one task that was entrusted to her for the first time, namely to find out who the Perverted Troubleshooter overturned the Watcher of Light and Shadow settings.

 Han Sooyoung learned a lot about how to negotiate and act like a veteran.  The mission is a test for her to be recognized by the core members of Oldest Dream besides Plotter.

 She teams up with Loki, Uriel, and Plotter, on the search for the annoying suspect.  At the same time, investigating the Pro Gamer YJH who is troubling her best friend.  Han Sooyoung still held a grudge against this person she had never met.

 Han Sooyoung has been with Kim Dokja for a long time and has absolutely no idea about Kim Dokja and Pro Gamer YJH's relationship.  They looked like people from another world who were separated or vice versa.  Anyway, it's a disturbing oddity, especially when Kim Dokja lost control when he saw the man's photo.

 Today, Han Sooyoung will meet Pro Gamer YJH who is popular on social media talks.  Uriel has invited Pro Gamers YJH and Namgung Minyoung, who have reportedly been missing for some time, to Eden Entertainment.

 On the surface, Han Sooyoung and Uriel's plan was to discuss the entertainment business and offer a sponsorship contract.  On the other hand, Han Sooyoung would ask questions with the implied intention of digging up information.

 In fact, Plotter had warned that it shouldn't be done.  However, Han Sooyoung insisted and remained in her stance in order to find out what kind of person caused her best friend to protect him. 

 And their meeting will begin and end with a bitter feud between the two people.


 Yoo Jonghyuk heard that his teacher would come to Eden Entertainment at Uriel's invitation.  He couldn't help but have to participate, he himself was curious about the reason his Master was kicked out of Breaking the Sky Company.

 After being claimed in the negative rumors, Yoo Jonghyuk stopped streaming games.  Even so, its popularity has not subsided, it has increased dramatically.

 The scandal is preferred by his fans as if they can finally accept that Yoo Jonghyuk is a human being not another being.  The prejudice is due to his face that rivals that of idols, his versatility, and his unique personality.

 Yoo Jonghyuk will temporarily suspend matters concerning his twin brother and the Watcher who he believes is someone he has always been looking for.

 He arrived just in time at the special meeting room and there two women were waiting for him.  The teacher wasn't here yet, but Yoo Jonghyuk wasn't worried.

 With the latest style he wears, Han Sooyoung has to admit that this annoying guy is very handsome and his sense of fashion is at the highest level.  Black jacket, jeans, sneakers.... 

 'Why is anyone so perfect at everything ?!  Whatever clothes he wears, no one will comment negatively.  And, Uriel .... '

 Han Sooyoung glanced at Uriel, whose face was flushed, the pulse on her temples increased.  However, Han Sooyoung wouldn't know what Uriel honestly thought was different from what she thought.

 Yoo Jonghyuk sat on the sofa in front of them casually and his expression was cold as if asking to be hit.

 "Hello, Jonghyuk-ssi," Han Sooyoung said first after noticing that Uriel was daydreaming about strange things.

 "Yes, I will wait for Teacher. Before that, I will not discuss any contracts or offers," replied Yoo Jonghyuk succinctly, concisely, and clearly.

 Han Sooyoung's lips twitched.  'What does that idiot love about this b * tch bastard!'

 Uriel finally awakens from a sensational fantasy that no other woman wants to know.  "Apart from discussing the contract, we here also want to ask you something."

 Uriel's emerald eyes lit up and she began to focus on her goal.  Han Sooyoung felt relieved and took a deep breath.

 "Okay."  Yoo Jonghyuk crossed his arms, this arrogant attitude called for a double beating.

 However, Uriel was not at all offended on the contrary.

 'Impossible!'  Han Sooyoung was horrified when she guessed that Uriel was one of YJH's Pro Gamer crazy fans.

 "Do you know who helped you when that horrendous accident happened?"  asked Uriel.  She's serious about this.  She was just as curious as Han Sooyoung, to find out why Kim Dokja cared about this man so much.

 In the series of activities that are being monitored, Uriel is sure that Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk have never met under normal circumstances.  That means, their introduction might take place in the world of night.

 Yoo Jonghyuk narrowed his eyes which cast a piercing gaze at the two women.

 On the other hand, Han Sooyoung barely managed to calm down.  'Didn't we agree to ask quietly and impliedly ?!  Then, what is this? '

 "Why are you asking that? To test me? Or ...." Yoo Jonghyuk paused for a moment.  "Do you know that person?"  This time, his tone seemed hesitant, unlike the previous one, which was firm and precise.

 Han Sooyoung answered, "There's no need to hide from each other, we can each guess, right? Pro Gamer YJH, what is your relationship with Watcher?"

 Han Sooyoung was careful not to mention her best friend's real name.

 Yoo Jonghyuk immediately turned his head towards the questioner with a complex expression.  "What's my relationship with him? I also want to know," he said sarcastically.

 "He helped you. You should know the reason because as far as I know, he won't help anyone who has nothing to do with him."

 Han Sooyoung was indifferent to the original plan, she immediately spat out her curiosity shamelessly.  After all, she wanted so badly to punch that Pro Gamer YJH in the face.

 "So? How about you?"  Yoo Jonghyuk was no longer in denial.

 Uriel was just silently observing the course of this poison-filled discussion while preparing a drink in the cabinet of the room.

 "Haha, me? I have a very close relationship with him, I'm the one who takes care of whenever he does something stupid. For him, I am the most important person in his life."  The cheeky Han Sooyoung lied for the last sentence.

 He checked Yoo Jonghyuk's reaction who looked taken aback for a moment.

 "Cough, cough!"  Uriel was choking on lemon juice.  After that, she gave Han Sooyoung a glass of juice before turning to Yoo Jonghyuk.

 "Jonghyuk-ssi, what do you want to drink? An argument can make you thirsty."  Uriel didn't want to see a fight in a special room next to her office.

 "No need."  Yoo Jonghyuk's atmosphere turned gloomy as if a black aura was crawling from the depths of the abyss.

 Han Sooyoung was happy at the response of that annoying man.  She cheered silently, when her cell phone rang.  "Eh?"

 The ringtone took her by surprise.


 Uriel and Yoo Jonghyuk looked at him at the same time.

 However, Han Sooyoung only paid attention to the extremely rare incoming messages and their contents ....

 [Han Sooyoung, I'm sorry.  I thought, this is the last time I can text you.  You joined Oldest Dream, right?  I trust Plotter, he must take good care of you.  I hope this isn't really a farewell.  And, I'm still alive, don't worry.

 By the way, I never intended to see a psychiatrist.  From the start, it was only a cover for these people to get the wrong target.

 As it turns out, there are Perverted Troubleshooter who are also influencing my actions here.  So, I have to take care of it.

 Better, you don't know any deeper.  From your beloved best friend, Kim Dokja.  Goodbye]


 The phone fell off and the cracked screen flickered.  Han Sooyoung had a blank expression on her face and she looked dazed.

 "Sooyoung-ssi, what's wrong?"

 Without realizing it, Han Sooyoung exclaimed loudly to vent her emotions, "Stupid, Idiot Kim Dokja! Don't tell me, you want to die there secretly ?!"

 Yoo Jonghyuk's brown pupils shrank and trembled.

 Han Sooyoung was too frustrated to care that Yoo Jonghyuk shouldn't have heard her.  She took the handbag, without further ado and hurried outside.  She will meet Plotter at the temporary base which Loki told her a few days ago.

 Uriel turned pale, she saw Han Sooyoung's cellphone left behind.  However, before she could take it, Yoo Jonghyuk took it first.

 The latter checks that it is still usable and turns on its screen.  Searching for the log messages then reading the whole quickly while frowning.


 Several seconds passed.

 "Who is that Perverted Troubleshooter?!"  growled Yoo Jonghyuk as he put away the cell phone and left the meeting place.

 Before that, he said, "If my Master comes, please let him know that I am looking for her."